Oh Chris

21 May 2018

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Tim Buchanan

Formerly Chapter 17

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Seriously a helicopter?

We woke up lazy the next morning and everyone was just doing what they wanted to do. Breakfast was on your own, and a few had done the big breakfast and a few had cereal.

I spent a few minutes reviewing our portfolio online. We had an amazing financial advisor, Jason, who had managed my meager portfolio before 'that day'. Let's just say he got rich right along side us, just from his fees from us. He kept offering to lower his fees, and I wouldn't let him. We didn't need it all and, hey, why not. By now, he'd moved all his other accounts to other people in the firm, and he and two juniors were dedicated to us. I didn't know what I was doing, so I was glad he did. He had us nicely diversified, but strained at our being so conservative. I had given him $100 million to play with and create our own venture capital fund, as long as we remained anonymous. He'd laughed and said no one had found us yet, which was good, as if they did, we'd soon be on the Forbes 400. Our money grew faster than we could ever spend it, and we now sat at about $1.7 billion. The B still startles me.

I heard the noise of a small engine drifted into my thoughts and I went out to investigate, to find Alison in a small gas golf cart. Apparently I had again missed something, and one end of our garage was a smaller garage with five of these things. They were to get around the property.

She smiled when she saw me.

"Do you have a few minutes? If so, hop in," she said.

I did, and we went ripping down a path in a direction I had yet to explore. Eventually we got to a concrete circle that I recognized was the helipad. She reconfirmed I was serious, and I assured her I was and that it was now a condition of her employment and she had to do it on work time.

She laughed and agreed, pointing at a small building with a garage door. What's with all the garages? She explained that not only had she found out we were properly licensed for a helipad, but that in the garage was a fuel tanker full of fuel for which we were also properly licensed. Once again, a new surprise. We headed back to the house and she took off for the airport. On Sunday. She was motivated!

Everyone drifted off by lunch, leaving just the seven of us. Yes, seven, as Vicky had left Jimmy and Jackie with us with promises to be back tomorrow morning. She did push us to get licensed as an emergency foster home, because, as she put it, there were always unique cases with which she could use short term help. Worth considering. I was pleased at lunch to see them arrived clothed. They asked if they could talk to Amy and me, and we knelt down to listen. The kids had made progress, as Jimmy and Jackie told us they understood and they would follow the rules and they knew that Morgan was in charge of them. Morgan, not us. OK, you go Morgan.

As soon as lunch was over, I got a call, and saw that it was Alison. I picked up, but she was hard to hear.

"Tell everyone to stay back 100 feet," she yelled. "100 feet."

Before I could even respond she hung up, and I heard a loud sound from over the gulf, and it was getting louder and louder. We all ran outside and saw a helicopter heading our way. Not a small helicopter either. I saw that not only was the golf cart parked in front, it's twin was parked next to it. That Alison, prepared for anything. We all hopped in, with me driving one and Morgan driving the other. New drivers, huh? I knew the way, so set off in the lead, stopping a good 150 feet from the circle. If 100 is good... The helicopter landed, exactly on top of the H. As the rotors slowed down, Alison jumped out, and someone we didn't know got out too. They didn't hop out of little doors on the side of a small helicopter. They came down the stairs of what was one of the largest helicopters I'd ever seen, not that I'd seen any beyond on TV. She ran over, and the stranger came up beside her.

"This is Mick," she said. We didn't need more of the introduction to know he was ex-military. Turns out he was formerly the commander of an Army helicopter training unit and had recently retired as a full colonel. He didn't look old enough to be retired, but laughed and shared he was 52. Seriously? Damn, he is now my goal for 52.

"Isn't it a beauty," Alison said, waving her arm at the helicopter. "It's a Airbus Eurocopter EC155. 200mph, which is hot for a copter, and a 500+ mile range. Usually sits 13, plus the pilots, but this is configured for 10, as it is super luxurious. It's amazing."

She turned to Amy and me and said "Wanna buy it?"

The kids screamed, and Amy and I were puzzled. A helicopter? Alison went on to tell the story. It was a bank repo, from a formerly super-rich douche. Yes, she used the word douche. He'd managed to turn a $10 million helicopter into an almost $20 million helicopter with the work he had done on the interior. Then he went bankrupt before he ever rode in it. The bank had owned it for awhile, and had asked Mick to, in his words, "dump it." He said they were only asking $5M, which is a steal. Mick offered to do the tour and provide all the details and mechanics records. He had more to say, but I stopped him.

I turned to Alison: "Two questions. Do you like it and should we buy it?"

Alison screamed: "Yes and Yes," laughing as she did.

I turned to Mick, stuck out my hand and said "We'll take it." He was clearly stunned. We hadn't even looked inside and I'd just told him I'd take it. I didn't share that we probably made $5 million YESTERDAY.

"I'll be damned," he said. "I think I like you people. I just made $500K, which is a shock to me." At that point, he finally took the time to size up the family and we did the introductions. I was impressed that he took the time to shake the hand of each child, getting down to their level, and asking each one a question or two. Super sweet. Now, being me, I was looking at his reactions too. He liked the older kids. He LOVED the younger kids, including Leslie, Jackie, and Jimmy. He's intentionally saved them for last, and Jimmy last of them all. By the time he was done, I am sure he was aware he was tenting out his shorts. A lot.

"I just love kids," he said, emphasizing love. "But being in the army, I never had a family. I did spend a lot of time in Southeast Asia, and got to meet a lot of kids and have a lot of fun."

I'm pretty sure those were code words for fucked a lot of kids. Seeing how flushed he was, I'm positive it was, but like always, we'd ease into it. Or at least we thought we would, but apparently Jimmy wasn't quite clear on the concept of discretion.

"Can I suck your cock?," said Jimmy, right to Mick. We were mortified, but Mick sized things up pretty quickly, by looking at all the kids. When he saw not one of them even flinched, and that Orlando was getting hard, he turned back to Jimmy and said "I'd like that a lot."

Ah, a new friend.

Jimmy being Jimmy, he reached out and unzipped Mick's shorts and fished out his cock. That's how we all ended up standing there, watching Mick get a blow job from 9 year old Jimmy. He didn't last long, and Jimmy took every drop, eventually standing back up and licking his lips. Mick dropped down and gave Jimmy quite the kiss, I suspect scooping a little back out of his mouth.

"Thanks," stammered Mick. "That was awesome. I really think I like you folks now."

Alison broke the ice and shouted: "Let's go for a ride." So we did. By then Blake had driven up in another cart, arriving just in time to see Jimmy drop to his knees, and he joined the flight as well. It turns out that our pilots were the only ones that had ever been up in a helicopter. And a nice helicopter it was. Luxurious doesn't begin to cover it. We played 'tourists in a helicopter' for awhile, then invited Mick back for lunch. We landed our new helicopter on our new helipad, which were words I never thought I'd say.

While we were getting lunch together, Leslie and Orlando offered Mick a short tour. I noticed Jackie tagged along. I somehow suspect that this 'tour' involved one bedroom and not much more of the house. The reason I am sure is that Jackie came back naked, with a stream of cum dripping down her leg. I had to shoo her back to the bedroom to get dressed. Leslie and Orlando were both smiling and Mick was just beaming.

Yep, pretty sure he was a new friend. Leslie shared that he was an animal (her word) in bed and had managed to fuck her, Orlando, and even Jackie. He had a long 7 inch cock, but quite thin, which worked out well for the kids. Orlando shared that he fucked Mick too, and that Mick was walking around with a load himself. They shared all this in front of Mick, who just kept giggling. Yes, this Army Colonel was giggling.

After lunch, Mick offered to Uber to the airport, but Alison offered to fly him. No surprise there. Blake went along and they were gone for awhile. They both came back grinning, so I'm guessing they got a tour of their own. I was impressed. Mick managed to cum four times in an hour in our house, and still had stamina to play with Alison and Blake. I had to learn his secrets. Was cumming five times a day required? I could live with that workout regimen.

The rest of the day was uneventful, but I kept looking across the property as I could just see the rotors. A helicopter. Just bought a helicopter on a whim. Sure. Why not.

Amy and I did have another sit down with Jimmy and Jackie, and had to tell Jimmy that as fun as it was, he could have gotten us in a lot of trouble. They both cried and promised to not go there again, without asking Morgan permission privately. They also promised not to come out naked, unless they cleared it. Again with Morgan.

The rest of the day was uneventful and Monday rolled around soon enough. All of our kids left for the bus, leaving us with Jimmy and Jackie. We had another talk with them, and felt like they understood. Vicky came by soon and off they went, waving out the back window. Maybe we did need to consider foster care training. We thought we'd have them for a few more days, but Vicky thought Morgan's efforts had worked.

I decided that blowing money on a helicopter wasn't enough, and headed out to look at boats. Amy was headed back to the furniture store, with Alison, as we had four more newfound bedrooms, plus three we had not furnished yet to deal with. Seven more. Curt was going to be happy. When I saw the short-shorts and white spaghetti strap tank tops that Amy and Alison were wearing, both sans bras, I suspected Curt was going to be happy in more ways than one. They were a vision. I don't knew where they both got shirts that were at least two sizes too small and thin enough to be nearly illegal, but there you go. They rocked them. Not only could you almost see everything, but their nipples were rock hard and they were showing a good amount of belly. They were both wearing cheer shorts, which explained the source of the clothes -- Morgan. Let's just say the camel toes were impressive. So there I stood, hard as a rock, staring like a school boy. They both looked and laughed, which does wonders for your self-esteem. They walked over, literally laughing and pointing. Yep, feeling good about myself.

"What do we have here?," said Amy. "Do we look that good?" She topped it off by stroking my cock through my shorts.

"I think we do," said Alison. "And his little friend seems to think so too." Alison one-upped Amy by reaching into my loose shorts and stroking my cock a few times.

"Just to let you know, since we promised no surprises, Alison and I both plan on having Curt fuck us. We're excited," said Amy.

"Yes, I can see that," I said, reaching out and tweaking one nipple on both women.

"Oooh," they both said. "That's nice. Jinx!"

I made them promise to tell me all the juicy details and they promised they would both not only tell me, but planned on bringing some of those juices home for Blake and me to enjoy. They were quite clear that we were expected to lick their cream pie right out. I could live with that.

Off they went, driving the L88 Corvette, with the top down. I am sure they would be popular at stop lights throughout town. As they drove by, Alison flashed me, and they were both laughing as they pulled out of the driveway.

What to drive, what to drive. I finally decided on the Sunbeam Tiger. A little old school British for the morning. I decided to fit the mood, and changed into khaki shorts and a blue oxford cloth shirt and deck shoes. I wasn't British, but I was American faking British, sort of. I thought I looked dashing. Amy would have laughed at me, but that's OK.

So off I went too, closing the gate on the way out. Yes, we'd found the remotes. I went straight to the marina where we'd bought the Sunseeker 131. Our sales person that we had used for the 131 wasn't available, but he'd assured us that the perfect sales person would cover for him. All I knew was to ask for Chris. I was pretty confident I wanted the 131's little brother, the Sunseeker Manhattan 52. I'm not sure it is fair to call a 56 foot boat 'little', but in comparison, well, it was. And yes, the 52 model is 56 feel long. Three bedrooms, with just enough room for the family and fast. It had an upper fly bridge deck with seating for at least 12. I like a flybridge. A middle deck with seating for that or more. A lower deck with two queen bedrooms and a double-twin bedroom. 460nm range, giving us all of the Caribbean, and a 31 knot top speed. That's almost 36 mph, which is rocking for a boat that size. I liked the huge swim platform too.

I arrived and parked the car and got out. An older gentleman wandered over and introduced himself. I said that I had been told to ask for Chris. He smiled and said she was his granddaughter and he'd fetch her. As he left, he turned and added "you must be a special client" and smirked.

I had no idea what that meant, but it sure was odd.

Moments later, Chris flounced out of the office. Yes, I used the word flounced. She was wearing a top very similar to Amy and Morgan's, except this was paper thin and I could very clearly see the dark pink of the nipples. That's really all she had was seriously puffy nipples. Damn. She wasn't wearing short-shorts either. She was wearing a pair of sheer panties and I mean sheer. I could see everything and it was worth seeing. I had absolutely no idea how old she was. She had that tight body that could have been anything from 12 to 22, but those nipples. I had to assume she was at least 18, if she was the salesperson, but she sure had that pedo thing going. She did have to be 18, right?

Her grandfather had followed her out and gave Chris one last look, up and down, that was leering. He turned to me, smirked again, and walked back in the office.

"You must be Bob. I'm Chris," she said, holding our her hand. I took her hand to shake it, and she grasped mine with her other hand, gently stroking the back of my hand with her fingers.

"My uncle said to expect you and that you were his best special customer and I should treat you well," she added. "He said you wanted to see the Sunseeker Manhattan 52. A fine boat. I know you'll like her."

Just then, more bounding happened. A little boy came running out of the office, wearing nothing but tighty-whiteys. Wet tighty-whiteys. I could see every bit of his little 2 inch cock (cocklet?). I would have bet money he was a swimmer, as he had nice form for his age.

"Oh, this is my cousin Billy. I'm watching him today," she said. "I hope you don't mind that he comes along. I understand you have enjoyable young kids yourself." Yes, she used the words enjoyable. What was curious was she then winked at me. What the hell was up?

She turned to Billy and added: "I told you to wear a bathing suit. We can see everything. Oh well, come on." Like she should talk. She might as well have been nude. I liked it. I liked Billy too.

He returned her smile sheepishly, but walked directly up to me and held out his hand. I shook it and he said "My name is Billy, I am 9 years old, and I'm a lot of fun." I looked over at Chris and saw the same smirk her grandfather gave me.

Chris took my arm and led me towards the water, pressing her small breasts against my arm. I had no idea what was up, but by now I was. My cock was painfully hard.

Chris took me on the tour of the boat, which was fantastic. I already knew I'd be buying it.

"Let's take her out," said Chris. "Billy, cast us off," which he proceeded to do.

She backed us out, giving a running commentary on the thrusters. I shared we had the 131 and the controls were identical, which got a smile from her.

"I wondered who bought the 131. I hope you don't mind, but I lost my virginity on that boat," she said, giving me another one of her smirks.

We weren't in Kansas anymore. This was interesting and odd. Oh, and I've never been to Kansas anyway.

We were offshore and she ran the boat through its paces. Damn, it was fast for a big boat. I admit I spent more time looking at Chris than at the boat, but hey, she was cute as hell. Can you blame me?

She finally slowed and shut the boat down and put it in hover, just like the 131. Just then Billy ran up. He was stark naked.

"Chris, I'm horny. Will you suck my cock?," he said.

Chris looked at me and gave me a little smile and said: "Not right now Chris, but maybe Bob would like to suck your cock. I'm hoping he'll fuck me soon."

"By the way," she said as she turned to me. "My Dad and Jamie are friends. Best friends. THAT kind of best friends. Our families get together all the time," with an emphasis on together.

"Billy does like his cock sucked and I'm a great fuck, so you should dive right in," she added. She stood up and peeled off her top and panties, standing there gloriously naked. That's when I realized she didn't shave. She just didn't have hair down there yet. Yet.

"Well now, that's great news," I said, peeling off my clothes too. "How old are you?"

She laughed and said "I'm good with the boat, aren't I, given I am only 11."

Eleven. She said eleven. Oh my. Oh my God. Wait, didn't she say she'd lost her virginity on the 131. What a special day this was turning out to be.

She took Billy's hand and guided him over to the lounge and had him lay down. She waved me over, pushed me down, and said "Suck, now," in a tone that surprised me and made me realize exactly what I was supposed to do. So I did. I took his cock and balls in my mouth and sucked. It was glorious. He got hard, but didn't grow that much, maybe 2 1/2 inches. I loved it. Then I heard that telltale sound of someone squirting a tube of KY. You know the sound. I felt a finger, which had to be Chris, push against my ass. I was on my knees, sucking Billy, so she had complete access. In went one, then two, fingers. It was heavenly as she stroked in and out. I pulled back from Billy and turned to give her a smile and saw she was wearing a strap-on. Yes, an 11 year old hottie, wearing a strap-on.

"I know you like this," she said. "Jamie told Dad you liked to be fucked in the ass. Billy wouldn't be much fun, so I'll do the honors."

With that, she plunged, yes plunged, that rubber cock into my ass, all in one stroke. It was that amazing hurts so good feeling, until she got a rhythm going. Oh God, it felt good. I went back to sucking Billy, and he finally got off. He didn't really cum, but did leak a few drops, which I licked right up. With that, he threw himself down on the deck and slid under me, taking my cock in his mouth.

I hate to say it, but I didn't last long. He knew it too, so he pulled off and I just covered him with cum, from head to toe, almost literally. Chris took the opportunity to pull out, and I heard the strap-on drop to the floor. She pushed me to the side a little, then pushed my head down. Her point was clear and I started licking up my cum. She joined in and we ended up swapping cum and we both swapped some with Billy. It was wonderful. Once he was clean, Chris pulled me up and had me sit on the couch.

"You're not done. I need to get you hard. I want that in me," she said. She was a vision, standing there, she could have been an Italian statue, she was so beautiful. The sight helped, but what really got me hard quickly was when she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. Oh, I guess Billy licking my balls helped. Yes, yes it did. In no time at all, I was hard again and Chris quickly positioned me so I was lying flat on the couch. She climbed up over me and Billy grabbed my cock, aiming it at the right spot. She slid down, with a loud moan. Billy didn't move an inch, as apparently his job was to play with her clit and her nipples while she bounced up and down. For Chris, it was one continous orgasm. She got off early and I am not sure she ever came down. I lasted a long time, given I'd just cum, and she quickly added I could cum in her, she wanted me to cum in her.

So I did. Buckets. We ended the fun with Billy and I taking turns sucking my cum right back out.

Finally, I stood up, and announced "I'll take it," which set all three of us off in gales of laughter.

"I'll bet you do," Chris added.

We went back and Grandpa (I never did learn his name) did the paperwork. While I was waiting, I texted Amy: "I broke the rules. I'll tell you all about it. It was amazing and you'll want to too." She replied back with a smiley face. I guess that's OK. Given I was pretty sure she was fucking Curt, I was confident it would be OK.

I tried to make arrangements to have my car dropped off, but they didn't have anyone that could do it.

"I can deliver the boat," chimed in Chris. "Just tell me where and I'll meet you there."

So, with that, I entrusted our new million dollar plus boat to an 11 year old to deliver to my house. Weird be thy name.

I got home just as Alison and Amy arrived. Yes, they both had that freshly fucked look on their faces and stupid grins. The wet spots dripping down their legs was also a give away. They dragged me into the house and into our bedroom, leaving clothes all the way down the hall.

"You have a job to do," said Amy.

"Get to work," said Alison. "Blake is not here. It's all up to you."

So I did. Joyfully. They were still pretty fired up, as they both came again, pretty explosively. I hadn't even undressed yet, but heard what was unmistakably the horn on our new boat. I hopped up and told them to come with me to see the new boat.

They started picking up their clothes and I told them not to bother. They wouldn't really need them. They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders and followed me out to a golf cart. We headed down to the dock, just as Chris expertly put the boat onto the lift. I mean expertly. She didn't touch a thing. Billy threw off the lines and we tied it up. Billy was staring at Amy and Alison and we could tell he enjoyed the view, as he had a little stiffy. Yes, he was still naked. Just then, Chris climbed down from the fly bridge, also quite naked.

"Ah, you did break the rules," said Amy. "And you enjoyed yourself too, I'll bet. Maybe now it is our turn."

Both women just grinned. There I was, the only clothed person in sight. We were lucky, because the way our property was situated, there was no one on shore that could ever see us, and the proper channel didn't go around our end of the island. It would be incredibly rare for a boat to pass by. So, naked it was. I dropped my clothes on the dock, and the three of us got on board. I did have the presence of mind to scoop up my clothes. I didn't know where we'd go, but one of us might need clothes.

Billy walked over and stuck his little hand out and introduced himself to both Alison and Amy. He was a forward little guy, because as soon as he had shaken the second hand, he reached out and tweaked one of the nipples of both women. Chris came up about then and did the same handshake routine, and upped the ante with a quick stroke of their clits.

Amy looked at me, then pointed at Billy.

"Sucked him," I replied.

She then pointed at Chris.

"Fucked her," I replied. "Oh, and she fucked me with a strap-on."

That got raised eyebrows and laughter from both women.

"Yes, the strap-on is a gift from my Dad. I cleaned it up and left it in the master stateroom. I can get it if we want to use it again," said Chris.

"We might, we might," chimed in Amy.

"I know how to fuck too," said Billy. "I might be small, but I have skills."

Yes, I suspect he does. I commented that the boat was on a lift, but I didn't know how to use it.

"I do," said Chris. "Hold on." With that she hopped off the boat and went over to the controls. She looked in a box attached to the post and pulled out what looked like a garage door opener and hopped back on board.

"You should take the key out and put it someplace safe. You won't need it with the remote," she said.

She then pressed a button and we felt the boat settle into place. She stopped and told us that while you were on board, that's all your do -- get it positioned in place. Then you put it up out of the water once you're off the boat. Otherwise it is too hard to get off. With that, she pressed the button and held it until we stopped. We looked over the side and we were indeed completely our of the water. We were only a few feet from the 131, but visibly higher than we were. She lowered us down until we could feel movement, then brought it back up and stopped.

"Right here," she said. "You'll get the feel of it. Want to go out now? I will need a ride back eventually, but we're in no rush. We can, um, help you out more."

With that, she lowered us all the way and I backed us out. We went for a nice cruise and everyone was impressed with the speed. I'm sure we were sucking fuel at an alarming rate, but it was great fun. At some point, Alison shared that we also had diesel and gas on the dock, so could fill up at our convenience. They were remotely monitored, and were resupplied automatically whenever they got a little low. Cool beans.

"Hey, it's lunch time," said Chris. "Dad stocked the freezer with hamburgers and the pantry with everything else, if we want to grill out."

Love it. That's great service. That's why I went back. So we had a pleasant lunch, of cheeseburgers and chips, with the kids having a soda and the adults a beer. Billy implored us for a beer, but we wouldn't go there.

"Why not. I'm a better fuck when I'm tipsy," he declared, with a stubborn look on his face. With that, Alison got up, took him by the hand, and led him downstairs.

That left Chris, Amy, and I and we watched them head down.

"By the way," said Chris. "Dad had cameras installed everywhere for you. You'll get to watch. In fact, if they didn't go into the master, let's go down. I'll show you."

We went below and they had gone into the second suite, so we all piled onto the bed in the master, with young Chris between us. She grabbed the remote and fired up the big screen on the wall. She switched channels and showed us all the cameras, including in the showers, and finally settled on the other state room. Apparently Billy was serious, as he was pounding Alison doggy style, and from her moans, he did have some skills.

"You know there are cameras on the 131, right?," said Chris. We do now. She explained how they all worked and where the controls and servers were and brought us up to speed on both boats. This was one impressive 11 year old.

With that, Amy leaned over and kissed Chris. They really got into it, with lots of tongues firing. Amy reached over and pushed my head down towards Chris' feet. I got the hint, and shifted myself and started going down on Chris. She started moaning, loudly, into Amy's mouth and I kept thinking about the cameras. This would be fun to replay, maybe even for Chris' Dad. Chris went over the top, and Amy pulled my head to a new location, and I started going down on her. She didn't take long either, and squirted all over me. Then both of them grabbed me and pulled me up and pushed me on my back. Amy literally lifted Chris up in the air and dropped her on my face, while simultanously dropping down on the my cock. I was licking Chris, Chris was kissing and, I think, mauling Amy, and Amy was bouncing up and down on my cock. I felt a weight shift the bed and Chris and Amy shifted a little. I couldn't see well, but I could feel Amy bending over. Suddenly the bed was shaking more and I realized that Billy was fucking Amy in the ass. DP with a 9 year old. Sure, why not. Alison had climbed up and Chris was eating her out at the same time. Somehow we synchronized and all came almost at once, with me filling up Amy. Chris pushed the rest of us out of the way, and sucked it all back out of Amy, while Billy and I lazily stroked each other's cocks.

That was the way to christen a new boat and that video was going in the save folder.

We made our way back in, and by now the kids were home from school. Chris must have guessed my confusion, as she shared that her Dad and Uncle had kept her and Billy home from school, to, in their words, close the deal. Well, they did, quite well.

The kids bounded up on the boat, and were surprised by Chris and Billy, particularly that they were naked. I got a look with one raised eyebrow from Morgan, then a laugh. After introductions all around, Chris shared that she and Billy really did have to get back and produced actual clothes for them both. I offered to drive them.

"Wait," said Alison. "Where are we taking you? Is there a big empty parking lot or field?"

"You're taking us back to marina and yes, by now, the lot is really empty, and is just a big open area."

"I'll take them," she said. "Anyone want to ride along?"

We all agreed to go, but kept Chris and Billy in the dark. The kids had brought another cart, so we all piled in and went up to the house so everyone could get dressed. We all knew what Alison meant, so piled back into the carts, just as Blake pulled in the driveway in the E63S. He didn't even ask what was going on, just got into a cart. We headed towards the helipad.

As we got close enough for them to understand, they started squealing.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me," said Chris. "What in the absolute holy fuck do you do for a living? You're just a kid too!"

We just shared that we had money from investments and left it at that. We strapped in and Alison offered Chris the co-pilot's seat, to Billy' disappointment. We promised him the seat another time. Once we were at altitude, Billy commented that he had to pee. Orlando pointed at the bathroom (yes, there was a bathroom), and got up and took Billy's hand and led him over. Orlando waited patiently for him, almost as if he was the big brother. We had nice kids. Billy came back and they walked over to their seats. As soon as Orlando sat down, Billy kneeled in front of him. We ALL knew what was about to happen, although Blake was a touch surprised, as he wasn't in the know. Billy pulled out Orlando's cock and we all watched as he gave him an expert blowjob. Orlando blew into Billy's mouth, who swallowed it all. He then calmly got back in his seat and strapped in.

"Ah, some new friends," sighed Orlando. "I can't wait to fuck Chris. I can't wait."

"Me too," chimed in Leslie, dreamily.

"Uh huh," said Morgan. "She's sexy as hell."

That didn't seem the time to correct her for profanity.

The trip was a short one and soon we landed at the marina. Grandpa came out of the building as the rotors slowed and you could see his surprise as Chris and Billy bounded down the stairs. We did all the appropriate introductions, and found out he was Bill. In fact, Billy was officially William III. Just at that point, Billy Jr., in other words, the owner of the marina, walked out of the office.

"I thought you were gone for the day," I said.

"Nah," he replied. "Once Jamie and I realize we both knew you, I figured Chris and Billy were better sales people than I would ever be. Don't do it often, but when I do, they have a 100% close rate."

Yes, yes, I'll bet they do. I sized up the group, and realized that even Billy Sr. was only in his early 50's, and looked good. You could see the family resemblence. Looks like we have new people to invite to our next party. We shared that we'd just moved in to a new house and that we'd be having a special open house soon, with emphasis on the word special. That got grins all around.

"You won't fucking believe their house," said Chris, getting her an admonishment for her language. "Yeah, yeah, but this house deserves the word fucking. And lots of actual fucking."

We flew back to the house. Yes, I just used the words: we flew back to the house. Wild AF.

Alison had dinner already going and we all sat down for a wonderful dinner. Alison and Blake started to step out and I stopped them.

"Listen, you're welcome to go, but we wanted to make sure you know what you are always welcome to join us," I said. "You're a part of our family now. We know you want privacy and respect that, so if we're ever pushy, just be honest and tell us. We promise, we'll do the same. Maybe we'll want a family only dinner, and we'll say so, but I suspect that's a pretty rare occurence." Everyone else around the table jumped in supporting what I said. Alison and Blake looked at each other and smiled, and came back and sat down.

"That might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to us," said Alison.

"Yes, the previous owners were dicks," said Blake. "This is a great gig, but they treated us like dirt. Lower than dirt. We're still getting our heads around how nice you are and the fact that you include us at all, let alone consider us a part of the family. You see, neither of us ever had a family. We're both products of the system. We actually met in a foster home in high school and have been inseperable ever since. To hear those words is life changing for us, so we thank you."

"You ARE our family," said Amy. "Let's face it, we're not exactly traditional. We want you to consider this whole place to be yours. Take a boat out. Fly the helicopter. Literally anything you want, just do it. Never ask. You'll piss us off if you ask." Everyone laughed at that last comment.

"Heck, you bought me a helicopter," laughed Alison. The conversation went on, about this and that, with the kids sharing about school but wanted all the details about Chris and Billy. We willingly shared and they were excited that there were cameras in both boats.

"I'm going to go watch some video later," declared Leslie. Morgan and Orlando agreed, they'd go too.

"I'll bet I can interconnect the boat systems with the house system," said Blake. "Does everyone know about the house and grounds cameras?"

I'd forgotten to share, so we had a spirited conversation about the location of the cameras. Even the steam room had a special camera that could sort of look through the steam. All of the cameras supported infrared too, so could see in the dark. A side effect was that during the day, the cameras could often look through thin clothes. Interesting.

Bob needs a trainer. He really does

I woke up the next day, a bit stiff and sore, for no apparent reason. It did remind me, though, that I really needed to get back in better shape. Amy and I talked about it over breakfast, after the kids left for school.

"Why don't you hire a trainer," said Amy. "Another idea is to start a basketball league. We have a freaking indoor basketball gym. You did find that, didn't you?"

"Yes," I laughed. "We have an outdoor one too - the tennis court converts. I think I'll call up Jamie. He can suggest a trainer, um, that 'gets' it. He might know people that want to play. Let's make it co-ed. That way we can both play."

"Great idea. Make the short girl play," Amy laughed. "But I've got mean ball handling skills. I'll bet Blake and Alison will play too. Let's try to start with about a dozen. That way we can field two teams and have a couple extras, in case people have to miss a night. Let's see which night works best for everyone. I'm OK with a weekend afternoon too. We can expand it and open up the gym more as it gets going."

Blake and Alison were in, so we needed 8 more, plus I needed a trainer. I guess I should say we, as everyone wanted in, even the kids.

"You know," said Blake. "You really need someone full time. You're talking about a trainer for 7 people, plus a basketball league, plus you really need a facilities manager, at least for the sports and boats. I can do a lot, but I can't reasonably do everything."

Amy agreed, and, honestly, so did I. It would have to be someone special, you know, SPECIAL, as they already had to be comfortable with the circumstances.

I gave Jamie a call, since he was our contact with the informal network and we also wanted to invite him to our house-warming in a couple weeks.

"Bob! It's been too long," said Jamie when he picked up. "Rumor is it you even moved onshore and own a house."

"Yes," I said. "We do and that's part of why I called. We're having a house-warming party a week from Saturday and wanted to invite you and the family, plus everyone that was at your last party. I just don't have the contact info. Also, one more thing, we're looking for a full-time personal trainer that can also run a basketball league and do some other things. Which also leads me to, do you and Jeannie want to play basketball? We're getting a group and figure we'll start with 12, which gives us two full teams plus two spares. Not everyone can come every time."

"Sure, that sounds great!," said Jamie. "Jeannie and I both played in high school. We're out of shape, but have modest skills. Where would we play?"

"Our house. We have a court," I said.

"Seriously? You have a court for full-court 5 on 5?," he asked.

"Well, it's kind of a special place we bought," I said. "We have an indoor and an outdoor court."

"What the fuck?," he almost screamed. "Are you telling me you have a full-size gym, with a full length basketball court?"

"Yeah, I am. You'll see a week from Saturday. Any ideas on the trainer?"

"Oh yeah, the absolute perfect person. All-star high school athlete, great shape, experience as a personal trainer. Former Athletic director at a high school in Ocala. Available now too."

"That's amazing. What great timing. What's their name?"

"You already know her. Intimately. It's Juanita. The school system fired her when she went from Juan to Juanita. You can do that in Florida. She hasn't been able to find a job in her field, even given her background. It sucks. She's such a great person and amazing with the kids. The kids were devastated. They staged a walkout, even though they knew they could get suspended. The school district literally suspended every student in the high school. It spread and there was a district-wide walkout the next day. The high schools and half the middle schools were empty."

I remembered reading about that and thought how badly it sucked at the time and how proud I was of the kids involved. The kids are our future.

"I had no idea that was Juanita. Call her and give her my number. Have her call me as soon as she can," I said. "And plan on Saturday afternoon in two weeks for the party, but we might do basketball before then. Let me talk to Juanita."

I hadn't been off the phone for 5 minutes before Juanita called. I just told her that we were looking for someone full-time and that Jamie had recommended her. I told her we knew the story, and thought she'd probably be perfect. I suggested she drive over now, if she was free. She said she could, but watched her little brother and sister in the afternoons. Could she bring them? They were cool, really cool. She was blunt that they'd seen and done everything, so nothing would surprise them. I assured her it was fine to bring them along and that the kids would be home from school by the time she arrived and would happily entertain them.

About 20 minutes later, everyone arrived at once. Juanita pulled in driving what looked to be an ancient Corrola. Looked to be was the operative word, as every body panel was a different color and some didn't quite fit right. She got out of the front and two kids spilled out of the back. Damn, they were adorable kids. Gabriel was a boy, who I found out was 10. He was about 5'0," 90 pounds, which was a big kid for his age. His sister was Ruby, and was a slightly smaller version, 4'11," 85, maybe. Really close. Flat as a board, of course, but cute as a button. They were both sexy as hell, and Juanita had already said they played, so my mind was running. I glanced at Amy and she was looking at the kids with her mouth open. I saw her nipples were hard against her t-shirt, so I knew what she was thinking too.

The kids all swarmed around, introducing themselves to Gabriel and Ruby. They literally ran away, all five of them, down the hall towards the game room. That left the three of us in the living room.

"I know this is a little hard to understand," I said, waving my arm at the house. "Honestly, it is for us too. We made a stupid amount of money from one investment and it keeps growing. We don't work, and don't need to, and need help. You'll meet Alison and Blake, who live onsite, in a smaller house. Alison is the cook, and the cleaning staff and anyone related to the house works for her. Blake runs the property, and maintains the cars and boats and runs the grounds crew. You'd officially report to one of them, but we're pretty informal. They're part of the family, and if you choose to take the job, you would be too. That means you have the run of the grounds, and use of any of the toys, whenever you want, on or off duty. You'll see what I mean by toys when we show you around. You can decide, after you get to know them, which one you'd prefer to be your official boss, but you always have access to us. There is NO chain of command. We're family."

I quickly made a decision.

"The job comes with a car, and everything is covered, including insurance and gas. We just ask that no one that isn't permanent staff or family drives it.," I added. "We'll talk about what kind of car works best for the job and will want your input. Could be a pickup truck or an SUV. Could be a regular car, but I'd bet a larger vehicle would work better. You also have access to any of the cars, so you have a lot of choices. I'll bet the kids would like rides in the Lamborghini." Amy laughed at the last remark. I just couldn't let her drive that piece of shit she arrived in. I made a mental note to add a car to Alison and Blake's package.

"Yes, there are a lot of choices," added Amy, who then described the job. "Your job would primarily be responsbility for the toys and being a personal trainer. All seven of us, including Blake and Alison, want a proper exercise program developed. You'll see we have a full gym, and you'll have a good size budget to add or replace any equipment. You won't have to ask, just do it. By managing the toys, I just mean making sure everything is ready to go, not that you'd maintain it. That's Blake's job. Keeping them stocked, gassed up, ready to go. We'll show you what we mean. There's a lot of stuff, including boats, and golf carts and I am sure more. Beyond the gym, there is a full indoor basketball court and an outdoor court that is both a tennis court and a basketball court. You would also manage our new basketball league, and would be welcome to play in the league. We can work out all the details."

"The job pays $150,000 a year and we expected significant year-end bonuses," Amy added. We'd given both Alison and Blake a raise to $150K and we had decided that it was a nice figure for Juanita too. It was stupid money for the job, but we had stupid money and we wanted to share it with people that helped us out and that we liked.

"The job is yours if you want, starting whenever you want. Today, now, if you'd like.," I said. "Oh, and you're welcome to bring the kids anytime, literally any time. It's never a bother. I suspect they're having a great time with our kids right now. That could mean playing video games or fucking, you just never know."

That made Juanita laugh, and she agreed that was true. She was betting on fucking, knowing her siblings. She was a bit stunned at the offer and told us that it was too much.

"Listen," said Amy. "We have the money. We can't spent it all. Just can't. We need help and we know we're overpaying and we're just fine with it. One reason is that we have secrets, big secrets, and we need you to keep those secrets. You already know what we mean. Blake and Alison know, and play, so they're cool. We know you are too. Which leads me to the most important thing I can say. You know us, and you know what we like, and I do mean sexually. Blake and Alison play with the whole family. We just want to make sure you know that is NOT a requirement. You say hands off, we are hands off. That said, you know Bob and I both find you sexy as hell, and we'd take you into our bedroom right now if you want, but you can always say no. It can be 'no for now' or 'no, never' and we, and everyone else here, will respect that absolutely. You can change your mind any time and as often as you want. We're just not that kind of people and want to make sure you know it."

"I second that," I said. "It's important for you to understand. Critically important."

Juanita sat back, taking it all in. Finally she sat up.

"I accept. I wholeheartedly accept. You have no idea what happened to my life. It wasn't just getting fired. I became a scandal. I was threatened and even beaten up a few times. I had to move away from a city I loved and I feared for my life. I live in a hellhole, with my parents, and watch my brother and sister when I can. I drive a piece of shit car. I am at my bottom. Even I can't believe I'm not on drugs. It sucks and it shouldn't suck and you just offered my a big tall ladder to climb out of the pit. I am grateful and will be forever grateful and you will never, ever have a harder worker. Trust me on that. I do appreciate your comments on sex. I get it. Not required, but easily available. So, to end my speech, which one of you is going to suck my cock?"

We all laughed, and Amy moved at the same time I did. We got on our knees, pulled out Juanita's cock and shared it. Just then, Leslie walked into the room and watched us for a bit. She walked over and pushed us both out of the way and took over, sucking Juanita deep into her throat. We moved to the side to watch.

"She's pushy like that," said Amy.

"Yes, I see that, but damn she's good at it," said Juanita. "Get your clothes off girl. Climb on board."

With that, Leslie stood up, stripped and did as suggested and climbed up and dropped on Juanita's cock. She unbuttoned Juanita's top and started playing with her breasts.

"This is cool," said Leslie. "Tits and a cock. I like this a lot."

I don't know if it was those words, but it pushed Juanita over the top and she started filling Leslie with cum, which pushed her over the top and she let out a scream and fell onto Juanita.

That brought all of the kids, including Juanita's siblings, running into the room. They all stared.

"I guess you got the job, huh," said Gabriel, in a dry voice.

"I guess I did," responded Juanita, which led to both Gabriel and Ruby to clap, which led to all the kids clapping. Leslie climbed off, and Orlando leaned down to clean up Juanita's cock. Gabriel pushed Leslie down onto the couch and he and Ruby cleaned her out completely, pushing her over the top again.

"I'm glad you got the job," said Ruby, which led to everyone dissolving in laughter.

Just then Alison walked in, and took in the scene.

"Ooh, more fun," she said. "If anyone is interested, dinner is ready. I made enough for everyone." So, with that, we all crowded around the table and enjoyed one of Alison's amazing meals. Everybody talked at once and it felt like family. That was the point, wasn't it?

As dinner broke up, we spoke to Juanita.

"Why don't you start in the morning. First go find yourself whatever you want to drive. Your choice and entirely your choice. Our only requirement is that it be new and it be really nice. We don't want crappy cars around. If you want an SUV, we're partial to Mercedes or BMW, but it is your choice. If you do get a Mercedes, get the GLS63. The big dog AMG model. Don't skimp. If you get the BMW, do the same, whatever the top of the line M model is. If you want a pickup, I think the Ford Raptor is supposed to be amazing. Remember, we WANT you to get the top of the line vehicle. Don't skimp. Try to blow $100K if you can and if that's not enough, that's OK too. Tell them to deliver it here and tell them if they can't do it by the end of the day, you'll shop elsewhere. They will. Be pushy. They won't even want to show you a car. If the Mercedes is interesting, ask for Sara. She'll help you. No, make that she'll HELP you. You met her on the boat. We don't know anyone at Ford or BMW, but if they don't jump, call me. I'll come over and put the fear of God in them. All that said, buy anything nice. We don't care what."

As I ended my long-winded comments, both Gabriel and Ruby exploded. "A new car? A nice new car? What?"

"Oh, one more thing," said Amy. "What do your parents drive?"

"We all share the Toyota," said Juanita.

"Well shit, that won't do. Go home and find out what they like. Buy them both something nice. The smaller Mercedes and BMW SUVs are nice. So are the sedans. The E400 is really nice and so is the E550. Don't skimp. Try to blow another $200K. Put them in their names. We'll pay the taxes too. Consider it a signing bonus. They'll be expensive to insure, so we'll put them on our policy," said Amy.

Once again, Juanita looked stunned and the kids were hopping up and down.

"You can't do that," said Juanita, softly. "It's too much."

"Sure they can," said Blake. "And you're going to let them. They can afford it and they like doing it. They'll be pissed if you skimp out and don't buy your parents awesome cars. Buy them the AMG or the M, if you want. Hell, buy them both a Bentley. I know Amy and Bob and nothing would make them happier. Now get the hell out of here and go tell your parents you have a new job. Leave that piece of shit Toyota where it is. I'll take care of it."

Blake walked into the laundry room and came back with a set of car keys.

"This is in the second garage from the left. The door in the middle is unlocked. It's the white Mercedes GLS63 SUV. You might as well see if you like it. Take it home tonight. Just bring it back once you buy three cars. THREE cars," added Blake. "And don't hurry. Buying cars is fun. Drive a lot of them. Take a couple days. Bring your parents along. Make sure THEY pick their own cars. You'll have to fight them, or they'll buy a Kia. DO. NOT. LET. THEM."

I had to laugh at Blake's audacity. He was right and sending them home in the GLS63 was brilliant. Blake and Alison were amazing additions to our family, and I know Juanita would be too.

Over the next few days, Juanita kept checking in and telling us her progress. We kept telling her to take her time and that she was already on the clock. She laughed, a lot. It was great to hear, as her entire personality had changed for the better. I can't imagine what she went through. Finally on the afternoon of the second day, we heard horns in the front drive and walked out.

Three new vehicles were there and Juanita hopped out of a beautiful coal black Ford Raptor. She quickly shared that the Ford dealer near us sucked, but the one up on 19 was great. A man that was obviously her Dad, stepped out of a dark gray BMW M5, with black wheels and blacked out trim. It was smoking hot. I had to laugh at the third car. It was an E63S wagon, in brilliant blue. I don't know if Juanita saw ours in the garage or not, but it was a great choice. We knew. It looked great in the blue, almost making me rethink the our color choice. Her Mom hopped out of the wagon.

Her Dad made it to us first, and swept Amy off her feet, and gave her a big, passionate kiss. About that time, her Mom slammed into me, giving me equally as passionate a kiss. Then they switched, and I found myself getting tongue from her Dad, while he ground his pelvis into mine. I couldn't see, but was willing to bet Amy was getting simiar treatment from her Mom. Amazingly, none of that was abnormal in our lives.

They both stepped back, beaming. We did introductions all around. They were not at all what we expected. Not even close. Jesse was about 5'11," maybe 175, and muscular. Imagine Vin Diesel, but with close cropped hair. Julia was about 5'6," maybe 125, with impressive D cups. Imagine the most beautiful Latina woman you've ever seen, and she would not do Julia justice. Seriously. But these couldn't be Juanita's parents, anymore than we could be Morgan's. I know Juanita is 29 and these people couldn't be over 35.

They were. They were both 43. If you do the math, they were 14 when Juanita was born, which explains why they have kids that are 10 and 9. Juanita got pregnant at 13 and their parents split them up. When they reached 18, they'd both run away and had been together every since. Imagine, being 18, no job, and with 4 year old Juan. Wow. It explained their circumstances a bit.

They both started talking at once, but Jesse quickly deferred to Julia. Smart man.

"You are our heroes," started Julia. "This was too much. Way too much, but Juanita assures us it is OK. I've never even driven a Mercedes before. I've never even ridden in one! It's like driving a castle."

"I know," shouted Jesse. "I saw cars like this before, but I could only lust after them. I could never afford one, never would afford one. Now I drive one!"

"But none of that is important," said Julia. "You have given Juanita hope. She had lost hope. We can't thank you enough. It's not about the material gain. It is about Juanita. You've saved her."

Juanita stood their blushing, and quietly added: "She's right. You've truly given me a new life. I will repay you with my effort. Now shoo Mom and Dad, I have work to do."

Amy laughed and added. "Hey, I'm the boss and I say they stay. We were doing burgers on the boat tonight, so everyone is welcome. Where are Gabriel and Ruby."

Julia pointed at the wagon.

"What!," said Morgan, who had once again snuck up on us. She ran over and opened the door and almost pulled Ruby out. Gabirel took the hint and climbed out his side. Ruby leaped up and put her arms around Morgan's neck and her legs around her waist and kiss her madly. Morgan set her down and laughed and then took them by the hand and headed towards the golf cart garage.

"Send the others out. I'll take these two. Big or little," said Morgan.

Before I could react, Amy shouted "Big" and headed in to get the rest of of the kids. She turned to me and said "Text Alison to meet us at the boat."

All this flurry of activity was clearly confusing to our guests. I took a moment to text Alison and then returned to what was now just Jesse, Julia, Juanita, and me.

"Well, that's our life. Messy and complicated and kind of loud. You're a part of it now, as Juanita is the newest member of our family. Her family is our family. Come with me," I headed towards the golf cart garage just as Morgan shot out in one of the carts, with Gabriel and Ruby at her side, laughing. She took off down the trail towards the docks.

We went in and grabbed another cart. Julia sat in the front with me, and Juanita and Jesse sat in the back, facing backwards. I drove out a little more leisurely and headed back towards the boats. I noticed Amy, Orlando, and Leslie come out the front door, just as Blake and Alison came around the corner in a cart. We had a regular parade heading towards the boat. Once we all got there, we had four carts parked. I think we needed more carts, and suggested it to Blake. He laughed and said he had a better idea and would take care of it.

I noticed all my passengers gazing up the side of the 131 hull, with their mouths open. In unison they looked over to the 52. Finally Jesse spoke.

"That's the little boat?," pointing at the 52.

I laughed and said that yes it was. I promised him that he'd get used to it, but they all got on board the 131 shaking their heads. Juanita had been on board before, so wasn't as surprised, but hadn't seen the 52 before.

"Oh, Juanita," I said. "Tomorrow's first task is four waverunners and a ski boat. We'll talk in the morning. I think I know what I want, but will leave the final decision to you."

She just shook her head and walked on.

We had a pleasant evening on the boat, just floating offshore. The men made the burgers and everyone enjoyed the evening. At one point, Leslie got up and said she was taking Jesse on a tour. Julia just smiled and nodded. They came back about 20 minutes later, and Jesse's fly was unzipped and Leslie's t-shirt was on backwards. This was Orlando's cue and he stood up and held out his hand to Julia. She hopped right up and they headed down. Morgan waited a few minutes and then got up and just held out her hand to Juanita, who followed her down the stairs like a puppy. Morgan turned her head as they were just about to disappear.

"After all, there are lots of places to tour," she said, with a laugh. This was a trigger to the younger kids, as they got up and went over to Blake and Alison. Gabriel held his hand out to Blake, and Ruby held out her hand to Alison. They both got up and headed downstairs together.

Orlando and Julia came back first, properly dressed, but slightly sweaty. Morgan and Juanita came back next, and Morgan had done a bad job of cleaning up, as she had cum in her hair. Visible cum in her hair. I guess they had fun! Blake and Alison came up the stairs next, both with big smiles, Gabriel and Ruby popped out from behind them, stark naked.

"Gabe and Ruby," called out Julia. "Where are your clothes?"

They both looked down and then at each other and laughed. They ran back down the stairs and reappeared shortly with clothes on. So used to being naked you forgot your clothes.

"Welcome to the family," I said.

Yes, nice additions to the extended family. Blake later shared that both kids sucked a mean cock and that Gabe liked it in the ass. Ruby was all about pleasing others, and got Alison off repeatedly. He did share he was surprised that Gabe actually came, and that he'd found out the truth by experiencing a facial. He laughed at the memory. Me, I got hard during the story, but hey, I guess I'd be forced to just fuck Amy tonight. I guess I could live with that.

We drifted in and the extended family headed out, in their three new vehicles. Juanita promised to be back early, but I assured her 9 was fine. She said she'd start work on our exercise plans first thing. Oh fun, exercise. Didn't I get enough fucking?

No, no I did not.

Exercise? Shit, I signed up for this

Juanita arrived at 9 on the dot, in the new Raptor. Damn that is a fine truck. She had clearly stayed up late, as she had complete exercise programs for all seven of us planned and charted on calendars. She adapted the kids around school, but assumed the rest of us were flexible, which is true. She said the best way to do the program was in teams, so we could do two at a time or four. The adults decided to work out together, so we set 10 as our starting point. Juanita and I disappeared into my office. No, don't go there, we went in to look at waverunners and boats. It wasn't exactly Juanita's area, but I had done my research and decided on a 24 foot Yamaha wake boat and four top of the line Yamaha waverunners. We actually had popup docks for the waverunners. You drove them up on the dock, and they floated them out of the water. We needed the salt water, closed loop versions of all five new purchases. Juanita promised to go purchase them after lunch and would have them delivered as soon as possible. Nice to have someone manage that. I was so busy, you know, doing nothing at all.

At 10, we all met in the workout room. I think I was already sweaty. Juanita led us in stretching exercises and then I knew I was sweating. She walked us all through the entire circuit of exercise machines and then handed us a personal schedule on a clipboard. She didn't believe in leg and arm days, so we would work everything. The schedules had us staggered at different spots on the rotation, so no one had to wait. I realized she had her own clipboard and did the circuit with us. No, more accurately she did the circuit and the four of us bitched and moaned and tried. Finally after a solid hour, she called time and pointed to the treadmills, telling us we had to cool down safely. Oh goody, running. Yay.

Finally we were done and Juanita started stripping down. I thought this was the part of exercising I liked, but she cut me off cold. Steam, sauna, a short swim, then showers, she said. Soon we'll add swimming to the rotation. You have six months to train, then you'll do your first 10k. At 9 months, you'll do your first marathon, and at a year, you'll do your first triathalon. The thought of a 10K made me laugh, but a triathalon? Get real.

So off to the steam room and sauna, where we all laughed and talked and shared more about our stories. We were all so different, but becoming so close. We did our short swim, which included a a lot of splashing and then hit the showers. We all ended up in the girls locker room (yes, we had locker rooms), taking a community shower. Let's just say we ended our first workout on a bang. A big bang. I guess I do like exercise, if by exercise you mean taking Juanita in my ass while going down on Amy.

I do suppose that knowing I would likely get off every day after exercise was a good motivator. I was really starting to enjoy Juanita's cock too. So was Amy.

I did mention that I'd started inviting people to a house warming part in about 10 days and that caused a complete silence in the sauna.

"Are you fucking crazy?," said Amy "In 10 freaking days? There's no way. We need help. We need help now. Call Jamie. Find a party planner. Everyone, I'm sorry, but we meet at 7 tonight to create a game plan. Can everyone make it?"

They all looked at me like I had grown horns and agreed they could make it. I called Jamie quickly and he laughed when I told him about the party. I believe his words also included the phrase 'fucking crazy'. He did say he had the perfect party planner and would ensure he was there at 7pm. He said he'd come too, as we were going to need a lot of people and he had the best list of acceptable people, highlighting the word acceptable. He signed off with the words "you fucking idiot, I'll see you at 7."

Uh oh.

Juanita took off after lunch and returned about 3 towing a boat behind her truck.

"It was just easiest to bring it," she said. I hopped in and we drove around to the spot where we had a boat launch. Of course we had a boat launch. We dropped it in and went for a short ride. This thing was a hell of a lot of fun. I stopped and floated for a minute and thanked Juanita for picking it up. She was grinning as much as I was. I don't think her background had much boating in it. She looked around and saw no one was around and quickly stood up, dropping her shorts and offering me her cock. I greedily sucked it in and used my best skills. She didn't last long and came in my mouth, and I shared most of it back to her. I realized all that had happened without one word. Less talk, more sucking.

We got back, just as two pickup trucks pulled in, each pulling a trailer with two wave runners. A woman hopped out of one and a man hopped out of the other. If they were not related, I was going to be shocked. Out of the passenger seat of both hopped a kid. A boy came out of the woman's truck and a girl came out of the man's truck. They were adorable and were clearly also related. Since I'd found the dealer through Jamie, my hopes instantly went up, but I was wary.

The woman introduced herself as Olivia, and was a co-owner of the store where we bought the boat and the waverunners. She thanked me for the business and told me that Jamie has suggested that she, her brother Mason, and their kids deliver the waverunners personally, with a strong emphasis on personally. Jamie had suggested it, huh. If there was any doubt, it dissapated when she pulled me close and whispered in my ear "Chloe is an amazing fuck." I think I stammered hi at that point.

Mason stuck his hand out and introduced himself as Olivia's co-owner, and pulled me forward the same way and whispered "Aiden loves his cock sucked."

I think I fainted briefly at that point.

Chloe came up and stuck out her hand and announced "I'm Chloe and I'm 8. Would you like to fuck me?" I just smiled.

Aiden came up and also stuck out his hand and similarly announced "I'm Aiden and I love my cock sucked. I also suck cock really well, or so Uncle Mason says."

Oh good lord. 7 and 8. That's young. Really young. Could I? Oh who was I kidding, of course I could. I looked both kids over and they were tiny images of the adults, and let me tell you the adults were a blonde God and Goddess. Just the thought of little Chloe bouncing up and down on my cock while I sucked off Aiden was overwhelming. Good overwhelming.

"Listen, we can't stay today, but let's meet again soon," said Olivia, with an emphasis on soon.

I, of course, immediately invited them to the party. If I am going to fuck things up, I do it big.

"Our kind of party?," asked Mason. I assured him it was. I invited their spouses too, which is when they shared that they were both divorced and bringing up their kids together. As she said this, they stood really close and Mason put his arm around Olivia. Oh, I see. Got it.

7PM rolled around and everyone showed up for the 'Bob is an idiot emergency meeting'. I'm not kidding, that's what they called it.

I knew everyone but the new party planner. He introduced himself as Sparkle and was incredibly flamboyant. Tall, skinny, black hair with pink paint and glitter flamboyant. We all made the introductions and sat in a semicircle on the outdoor couches. Even the kids pulled up chairs, as they might be helping.

Something trigger me about Sparkle though, so I was direct.

"This," waving my hand at Sparkle, "is bullshit, isn't it. This is an act. Maybe I just offended you, but I'm not buying it for a minute."

He laughed, and his voice went down about two octives. "OK, consider me busted. I'm Jackson and while I am bi, this is my party planner persona, not me. I find that my business is much bigger, because all the society women expect a flamboyant gay man. I guess I assumed you'd be the same."

We all laughed and Blake piped up "You have no idea how off base you are. Amy and Bob are not like anyone you have ever met, trust me. I've only known them for a short time and already consider them family, and I WORK for them." That broke the ice and now we had Jackson as our party planner. He promised to be at the party in regular preppy clothes, with his natural hair color, which was apparently a dark blonde.

"It's not like you are in the society crowd," he said. "Um, you're not are you."

That really broke up the group, who assured him that no, not at all. Jamie jumped in and said we were part of a totally different crowd.

That got a sparkle in, um, Sparkle's eye (OK, couldn't resist).

"Oh," he said, taking the time to carefully check out Morgan, Leslie, and Orlando, in that order. "Oh," he said again. All three kids beamed back at him. Jackson was on board now.

"So tell me what you want in a party, and I'll patiently explain you can't have any of that and what you can have," he said.

"OK, let's all get past the fact that my husband is an idiot," said Amy. I'm not sure she was kidding. "What we want is simple, but complicated at the same time. It's going to be a pretty big party, probably 100+ people, but simple burgers, hot dogs, and chicken sandwiches on the grill. I've already given it a lot of thought, so this is what I think we need. Let me lay it out, and then we can discuss it."

Oh thank God, my wife is a planner. Whoo hoo.

So, she listed it off, with assignments, and Jackson took notes.

"Did you say eight guest rooms?," Jackson asked. Amy assured them that yes, and that didn't count the apartment.

And yes, she spoke in a bulleted list.

"What else have I missed," asked Amy.

"Listen everyone," said Jackson. "I know Amy gave you assignments, but I need to be in charge. Before you do anything, bring it to me. I need to be involved. I'm bringing in my business partner Sofia. This is bigger than me, and budget doesn't seem to be an issue. I'll tell Sofia to be Sofia, not her 'gay girl' persona. She's cool and let me tell you, you'll all like her. A lot. She's, um, fun. Well, I am too. Let me know if you want a taste, so to speak." We all laughed at that and assured him we did, we did.

"I need the staff lists very soon. We do FBI background checks on everyone. Anyone iffy, or worse, in financial trouble, is off the list. Too risky that they'll turn. I hate to do this to you for this big party, but it is NOT clothing optional. No outward sexual activity either. People can play, but it is in one of the bedrooms and the door is closed. Period. I cannot control a 100+ person party and this much staff. I can try, but the risk is high. That means whoever is invited must know this rule. That means everybody gets a personal call from someone in this room. Consider this more a meet and greet for future activity in smaller groups. Oh, and I need to tour the boats, if I can call them that. That big one is a damn ship. We need maid crews on those too, don't we? That might be the safest place for fun. Only guests and people assigned to the boats get on the boat. No other staff get boat rides. I can vet the boat staffs and the maids and be good. Beyond that is impossible. Jamie will be a big help."

"Also, please don't fuck the staff, at least at the party. Feel free to get names and phone numbers for future fun, but don't immediately assume they're safe. Vet them again with Jamie or me first. Again, not worth the risk. The staff will all be immediately identifable, as I'll get some kind of uniforms. I'm thinking khaki shorts and polos for all, in matching colors. I'll pick a color that is too weird for anyone else to wear, or do some form of logo, so there is no confusion. I will let you in on a secret. When you call Jamie for a recommendation, he only calls one person. Me. I am the source of all magic. This group can call me in the future if you want. I take my cut either way. I will say that Sofia and I personally interview every staff member. And by interview, I mean fuck their brains out. We also ensure they're cool with kids. By that I mean no one gets hired until I see them fuck with a kid, on tape. They know that. That still doesn't mean at any given moment they're safe. Odds are good, and they'll go down if they fuck up, but be safe, don't be sorry. That's it for tonight, so everyone, take off your clothes"

With that, everyone stood up and started taking off their clothes.

"I was kidding," Jackson screamed. "But what the hell." He started taking off his clothes. He was damn near assaulted by the entire group and by the time the evening was over, everyone was worn out. I'll just say my cock AND my ass were sore. I was impressed though. Jackson was insatiable.

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5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
6'1" - Just a good looking guy
5'10" - swimmers body, sexy, 6 inch thin
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4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
4'10" - 80, 2 inch cock
5'0" - 90, cute, 4 inch cock
4'11" - 85, sexy, flat
5'11" - 175, Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6 inch average cock
5'6" - 125, stunning, D cup on a small frame
5'7" - Blonde, athletic, C cup
4'0" - 60, miniature Mason, 2 inch cock
6'3" - Blonde, athletic, 9 inch thick
4'2" - small, flat, blonde and sexy
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5'3" - petite, Eurasian, stunning, A cup

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