Chapter 63 - The Call - Gamma on the high seas
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16 March 2019

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G7? No, G8

Chris here. My life is complicated. I am both the Prime Minister of Dionysus and the UN ambassador for the US. So far there haven't been any conflicts, but you know that was going to change.

Given Carlina and Gabe's debate, I suspected it will happen sooner rather than later. Near the end of the debate, I got a text from Kyrsten that just said got your back. A bit surprising considering the topic and, you know.

But I'll come back to that. I'd just finished a meeting of the security council. Another pretty useless meeting where the standing members opposed each other. We always did. Put the US, Russia, and China on the same committee and basically nothing happens. OK, Russia was easier now, given Orlando's direction. I had some ideas there, but they would take time and might work better when I wasn't in this role. Let Carlina do it. It is impossible to say no to Carlina. I love all the news photos of her and other world figures. She is so tiny they all must bend down. There are already two classic photos of her.

The first is her meeting with Kyrsten and Angela. Are they at a conference table? Oh no. They were sitting in a circle on the carpet, all sitting crisscross. Carlina is clearly doing the talking and the other two are leaning forward listening with rapt attention.

I asked Carlina about it and she couldn't stop laughing. It looks like they're solving a great world problem.

Turns out she was telling them about using s'mores. You know. Well, now that it's out there about her and Gabe, it is worth teaching.

The other is from a cocktail party at a UN meeting. You see several world leaders all listening to the speaker. At first you think they're listening to Justin Trudeau, who is at the center of attention. Then you realize they're all listening to Carlina.

Who is sitting on Justin's shoulders. The most amazing thing is that it is clear they all are focused on what she is saying and the fact that she is 7-year-old on his shoulders truly isn't important.

Her reputation as someone to pay attention to is amazing.

So back to the phone call. It was Angela. She was supposed to host the upcoming G7 meeting, but they had a credible threat. At first, I thought she wanted us to provide security but that wasn't it.

"There are actually two topics for my call," said Angela. In German, of course. "The first is we would like you to attend the meeting as a guest country with anticipation of a vote for full membership at the meeting. Second, and I assure you it is unrelated, we would like to have the meeting in your conference center. Not the one-off Sweden. Your home in Austin. We thought we would make a big splash about having it in your fortress but do a switch," said Angela.

Fortress. I like that. Forevermore it will be called the Fortress. Yes, that made her laugh. The repairs were not completely done, but the underground facility didn't have any damage.

"Sure," I said. "Just point the coordinator to me and I'll connect them with Cam, who runs the property. And thank you, I would welcome the opportunity to attend," I said. "But I have to get out front of an issue. Given the recent debate, do you think the timing is right?"

"Yes. In fact, it is a major topic of discussion on the agenda and you should take that as good news, not bad. You will find unanimous support," said Angela. Seriously? Wow.

"We would like to ensure that all three of your NYU students attend and be part of the conversation. Your King and Queen are encouraged to attend as well," she said.

Another wow.

"I have to run but will leave you with this. We all know a lot more than you realize and you will be surprised at the acceptance," she said and then hung up.

Did she mean? No, she couldn't have. Could she? It made me curious, so I asked my Boss out to lunch. No, not Mom and Dad. Kyrsten. See how having two bosses is confusing?

I didn't mean lunch today. You can't get a same day meeting with the President. I'd gone through formal channels and requested the lunch through her Chief of Staff.

You know, Barb.

I'd asked for it at the Falls. Privacy seemed important. Barb was invited too, of course.

I was shocked when I got a text that said your house, 11:30 to 1:00, today

Not from Barb. From Kyrsten. Given it was 10:30 and I was in New York, I needed to bust it. It wasn't exactly a challenge given my F-77 was outside. Ever since Tokyo and Boreas, we could park them pretty much anywhere we wanted. Everybody wanted us on their side. I had a little roped off spot in the back of the parking lot. I hopped on one of the golf cart shuttles and they ran me back. No need for a flight suit for this short jaunt.

I got there barely in time but given Marine One was parked on our lawn, I was the last to arrive. At least they'd left me room. I think I'll leave this entry short. Nothing too exciting happens. Between the meeting with Kyrsten and the meeting in Austin, it was clear that the world was becoming much more accepting. Not publicly yet, but there was great encouragement for us to continue opening schools. It was easy to assume that people just wanted to have sex with 9-year-olds, and I am sure that was part of it, but there had already been empowerment of kids around the world. There were a dozen members of the German legislature that were under 18. There were over 100 state legislators in the US that were under 18. There was a constitutional amendment to change the age for the Congress and Senate to 13 and the President to 17 and it had already been approved by 22 states. It was happening around the world. Over 40% of all 13 to 17-year-olds in the world could vote now. 40%!

All because Bob bought a freaking island on a whim.

Oh, and yes, Dionysus was a member of what was now the G8.

But lunch was a lot of fun. We'll just leave it there.

The high seas

Bob here. I was grabbing a coffee and the shop was packed. I wanted to sit down for a minute, and there was a small two-person table with just one person at it. Oh, I was over on Eros. I walked over and asked if he would mind if I sat with him. I introduced myself and he laughed.

"Well nice to meet you Bob," he said. "No way I could have possibly known who you are, right?" Yeah, we laughed about that.

"I'm Jeremy. It is a pleasure to meet you and I thank you for the opportunity to live here," said Jeremy.

Yeah, I get that a lot, so I changed the subject. I asked him what he did.

"I run the marina for you, sir," he said. Yeah, I gave him a hard time about the sir. We talked about boats for a while, and it turned out he grew up on them. Literally. His dad was the captain of a cruise ship, and he had been born on a cruise and lived much of his life on the ship. That was kind of cool and I told him.

"Well, it was different, but the crew kind of adopted me and taught me everything. I can do every job on a cruise ship, from changing the sheets to sitting in the Captain's chair, although I have never been a captain. I do have my license, because I have been a XO," he said. "I've always wondered. You have the fantastic cruise terminal, but don't even use it. Why don't you own a cruise ship line? You could make it an extension of the resorts. You could even have cruises that were Alpha, Beta, or Gamma and rotate them, but use the same ship."

"Damn," I said. "That's a fantastic idea. I have no idea why we don't do that." I texted Julia and it turned out she was free, so I asked her to come over to the coffee shop. It had thinned out a bit, so I dragged another chair over to our table, just as she walked in.

Jeremy was hilarious. Suddenly he got all tongue-tied. Yeah, talk to the king, no problem. Talk to the beautiful head of the resorts, not so much. We finally got him started on the idea, and it seemed to calm him. He ran through his thinking.

"Is your Dad still active as a captain?" asked Julia.

"No, he works in the home office now. He's responsible for the overall operations of the ships for the small cruise ship line where he has worked for many years. Unfortunately, they're having financial challenges and are close to going under," said Jeremy. "Although from what he says, it is ridiculous. He believes the CEO and the Board are skimming and taking the company down for their own profit."

Julia looked at me and I just smiled.

"What's your Dad's name?" asked Julia.

"Francois. French to the core," said Jeremy. "He's such a cool guy. I've been trying to convince him to move here, and he loves visiting, but he keeps hoping there is a way to save the company." Julia asked Jeremy the name of the company, then pulled out her phone. I guessed she was texting Jason. My guess would have been right. This wasn't an impulse buy, so it would take some research.

Wouldn't it?

Julia got another text and smiled. Well, I guess we owned a cruise line. Julia shared that she had been looking at several cruise lines and Jason had done the in-depth due diligence. It was the information about the skimming that made the decision. She had liked this cruise line, but the numbers didn't make sense. They should have been more successful than they were. She shared that forensic accountants were on their way and the entire board and leadership team would probably go to jail. Well, they deserved it. Julia had made sure they understood that Francois was not a participant.

So, what exactly did we buy? Realistically, we'd bought the ships. We'd have to vet the crews to see who could still be a part of the team. You know. Julia shared that we had bought six ships. All were smaller than the megaships of the big cruise lines, but still big to us. Four had a capacity of 800 passengers, one had a capacity for 1,000 passengers, and the largest had a capacity of 2,200 passengers. It was the last one that had helped kill them as a company. They didn't have the marketing muscle to fill it.

We did.

Julia turned to Jeremy.

"So Jeremy, you mentioned that you were an XO on a cruise ship. Did I understand that correctly?" asked Julia. He confirmed he had.

"So, who is going to replace you running the marina? Do you have a strong number two?" she added. He looked confused and then got a shocked look.

"You're offering me an XO position on one of the ships!" he almost shouted. Julia shook her head no and his face fell.

"I'm offering you a captain position on one of the ships," said Julia. Wow, that's a series of conflicting facial expressions. Back to happy now. No, back to jumping up and down. Literally. I do love Dionysus though. No one even stared. "Now go pack a bag. We're off to inspect our property in an hour."

Guess it is time to pass the pen to Julia.

Off to Malta

Julia here. Yes, we were off to Malta, which was the current home base of the cruise line. We would probably keep the home base there, and only use our cruise ship terminal for picking up passengers. Even there, it wasn't that convenient, so we would work it out. I had a glimmer of an idea to build a day resort which would focus on cruise passengers. It would have everything of a resort, but not the sleeping accommodations. That would be on the ship. It could be whatever type of resort it needed to be, depending on the cruise. First, I needed to see what we had bought. My suspicion was that they would need to be heavily refurbished but at the price we paid that wasn't a problem. The ships were in Valletta, which was the primary port of Malta. It was beautiful as we headed in to land. I'd used the app to find pilots. Maybe I'd learn to fly one of these days, but I was content with random pilots. For one, they tended to be damn fun. On this trip, it was both Richie and Marybeth, so we were a foursome with Jeremy. I guess I never described Jeremy, but I find it easier to do once I see someone naked. Oh, come on, you knew I'd seen him naked by now. I am Julia!

OK, sorry. He was average all-around, but that wasn't bad. About 5'11" (180 cm), average shape, dark hair, and a pleasant 5.5-inch (13 cm) cock. Yes, average. However, his skills were above average. I asked him about it, and he laughed that growing up on a cruise ship he had found plenty of opportunity to practice.

I think I was going to like owning a cruise ship company.

We landed quickly and had permission to land in the back of the parking lot of the hotel. Our planes landing here and there were becoming common place. We were in one of the nice E-62 business jets. By the time everything had gotten organized, it was a bit late, so we booked the Palace suite at the Corinthia hotel. It was quite nice, but only had one bedroom. Oh no.

It's not like we needed more than one King size bed, right? While I'd met Richie and Marybeth, I didn't know them well. Now I did. Can you hear me giggle?

The night was amazing. The kids asked if they could put on a show. Of course! The started by putting on some music and standing facing each other. They ever so slowly undressed each other. A peek here. A peek there. Anytime something new was exposed it got a kiss and a lick. Her nipples. His nipples. Then ended up on the end of the bed, sideways, on which Jeremy and I were laying. They were in one hell of a 69, but Marybeth stopped after she came, to the moans of Richie.

Oh, she had better ideas. One nice thing about flying a private plane was you could bring toys, which is how Jeremy and I ended up on our knees, side-by-side, kissing, while Marybeth pounded me, and Richie pounded Jeremy. Oh my. Then we returned the favor, except that I fucked Richie and Jeremy made love to Marybeth. It was sweet and sensual, right up to the point that he came all over her.

But I liked to clean up.

The next morning, the hotel limo dropped us at the offices of our new cruise line. We were a bit a rag tag bunch, in shorts and polo shirts, wearing flip-flops. Hey, this was dressed up for us. After all, we had clothes on. We presented ourselves at the reception desk and they tried to blow us off. They even called security, but Jeremy texted his dad, who came out to meet us.

"I am Francois," he said. "It is a pleasure to meet you all. I am temporarily in charge of the cruise line, as everyone else was arrested yesterday. As you can imagine, morale is quite low. We are hopeful that we can announce the purchase soon. I have prepared a list of employees that I have personally vetted and I believe should receive offers of employment. I have confirmed each selection through Jackson, with whom Jason connected me. Honestly, the line was overstaffed, and many of those that did not pass the vetting were associated with those that were arrested and were in many cases family members. I recommend we eliminate their positions and move forward with the list I have prepared."

All this in the lobby. He was well-prepared. He escorted us to his small office, but I asked him to give us the tour of the executive suite. It was quite nice. There was a large corner office overlooking their docks at the port. It was glorious. The previous CEO certainly didn't skimp on himself.

"I am sure you will want this as your office, Miss Julia," said Francois. Oh no, I won't.

"Let's all sit down," I said, pointing at the conference table. We all sat down, including Marybeth and Richie. I appreciated that neither Jeremy nor Francois thought that was worth a comment.

"May I, Julia?" asked Marybeth. Oh, I was curious, so I assured her she could go ahead, and I'd jump in if I need to change anything.

"We're prepared to move forward with your recommendations, based on Jackson's approvals," said Marybeth. "We'd like to offer you the position of CEO and suggest that you move into this office. Julia's responsibilities are much broader, and you would report directly to her. Her offices will remain on Eros. We would like to tour the ships and get an understanding of any required investment, then discuss the next steps for planning future cruises. For now, it is imperative that you continue operating, at least for the near future, as you have made commitments. We would ask that you stop taking future reservations, as we would like to take the ships out of traditional service and move them to our planned cruises as soon as possible. We have offered Jeremy a captainship but will leave it to you to choose which ship would be his. We intend to be very hands-off and allow you considerable freedom. For now, we suggest maintaining the registration and home port here on Malta but will be offering you a home in Dionysus. The commute is quite simple, and we suggest you stay here during the week and weekend on the islands, at least for now. Your pay will be adjusted upward, significantly, once we have had the opportunity to review the financials. I think that's about it for now."

He looked at me and I just smiled. It all worked for me. I could tell he was a bit shocked, but I gave him credit for extending his hand in agreement.

To Marybeth.

Yeah, I knew I liked him. Only two of the ships were in port, as the other four were mid-cruise. By chance, one of the small ships and the largest were here. He shared that the largest was out of service as they had been unable to operate it profitably. Well good, that made it available to us as soon as it was ready. We took the elevator down and walked out to the ships. Yeah, they might be smaller than the megaships, but they were freaking huge. The small ship wasn't that much bigger than Bob's 475, but the big one was at least half again larger if not more. The big difference was height and width. There were a lot of decks. We started on the smaller one. I ignore the names of the ships, since we would likely rename them, even risking the curse. You know, of a new name.

"You mentioned a need for refurbishment, but that would surprise me," said Francois. "We are a boutique luxury cruise line, which I believe will fit into your model quite nicely. All the rooms are quite large, and more than half are suites. Our capacity is modest, on purpose, because our experience is at a different level. The crew size is also quite small, because we have automated everything that can be automated. Let's start with one of the smallest rooms and then go to the Presidential suite. The others are all in between."

He took us down several levels to show us an interior room. I expected a shoebox, but it was quite nice, and roomy, with two large king-size beds and a full bathroom. There was even a small sitting area with a couch that could fold out to be another bed for two. This wasn't at all what I expected. We stopped and he showed us their mid-tier rooms, which he said were the most common. Think a small one-bedroom suite. There weren't little portholes. The entire side of the room was glass. The view was incredible from both the sitting room and the bedroom. Finally, he took us all the way to the top. The Presidential suite was a penthouse. I don't know how else to describe it. It was spectacular. Views in every direction, from up high. Three bedrooms, a living room, a full kitchen and dining room. It came with a staff, both a butler and a chef, who were available 24/7. It was light, and airy, and modern. I could live here forever.

It was damn nice, and this was the small ship. Yeah, I think it would do.

"How fast can you have a crew ready?" I asked.

"Immediately. We could sail today," said Francois. "I would need Jeremy to be the captain, but before you make that decision, let's visit the largest of our ships." We went back down to the dock and walked and walked to get to the entrance of the bigger ship. It was big. Bigger than at first glance. Two or two and a half times the 475. Big. I had done some research and was surprised the capacity wasn't larger, so I asked Francois. He laughed.

"You'll see why. Be patient," he said, leading us onto the ship.

Holy fuck. There were no interior rooms. All the suites, and they were all suites, were on the exterior. One side was smaller suites, if luxurious two-bedroom suites were smaller. The other side was all three and four-bedroom suites. There were even a few five-bedroom suites. Think the Presidential suite we saw and make it an entire ship of them.

But then we saw this Presidential suite. Easily 10,000 square feet. We were going to make a fortune. Our prices would be off the charts and we'd get them.

"This ship is also ready to go," said Francois. "If my belief of your clientele is accurate, you could fill this in a week or less. I suggest we provision it and staff it with our absolute best and begin the cruise in Barcelona and end it at Dionysus. Have you considered a day resort?" I shared that I had.

Oh boy. This was going to be fun. I texted Bob that he needed to add the cruise ships to the member's app and that the first cruise would be in a week and it would be a Gamma cruise. I asked Francois to provide Bob with all the information, and he sent it immediately.

"I reserved the Presidential suite for the family," said Bob. "We're going cruising."

With that, I left everything in Francois and Jeremy's capable hands and the kids, and I headed home. You know the funniest thing? None of us had ever been on a cruise. Oh, we'd been on Bob's boats, but nothing like a cruise ship.

Yoga, Dionysus style

Heather here. H2 to my friends.

I fucking loved Dionysus. Not only was I with the love of my life, but damn it was a lot of fun. I live in a mansion, on the water, with boats and waverunners and my own tennis court and so much more.

My job is incredibly fulfilling. These kids are awesome. It is stunning how much kids can accomplish when you don't constrain them with an artificial age-based learning system. Freaking Carlina already graduated and she's 7! In most places, she'd be the aberration. The weird kid. The socially inept nerd.

Not here. Yes, she was one of our most advanced students, but she is decidedly not an aberration. Hell, she's married to a 13-year-old, who is just as smart, and the strangest thing is that I can type that sentence and think it is just normal.

Because it is. Here.

I lived my entire life in fear of being found out, all because of my relationship with Heather. H1. Now I am finding out, finally, that there is a place in the world that recognizes that I was capable of a rational decision at that age.

Fuck yeah. These kids will rule the world, and I don't mean that as a throwaway line. I mean it as the truth. Our country's Prime Minister is 13-years-old and is recognized on the world stage as perhaps the most powerful politician in the world. Our Minister of Defense is 13 too and bought more islands to establish a world-wide defense force. Dionysus is a global power, all because Bob bought an island. On a whim.

About Bob. I love the guy. I have never met someone more self-deprecating and unwilling to accept his place in the world. He still sees himself as this programmer kid that got lucky. Bullshit. Bob's relationship with Amy is amazing, and yes, Amy leads in the day-to-day decision making and Bob is not only fine with that, he enjoys it.

Bob makes the big plays. Of course, all of this is based on his programming that made him rich. He's just spent the last few years sharing that wealth. He bought Dionysus. He bought Vino. I'd say those two big bets worked out well.

I think it is karma. He took in the kids, then Chris, then, for a while, Luca and Elena. He's a good man. That's it.

I've never met someone more deserving of being the king.

Yeah, yeah, he'll read this, and he'll be embarrassed, but deep down he knows it is not only true, but we all believe it, in our hearts. I know his family does.

I guess I'm family now, aren't I? I'm honored.

OK, OK, my post is about yoga. How was all this related?

It wasn't. Just thought it needed to be said. You go Bob. Hey, drop by and I'll thank you more intimately...

So, yoga. I loved yoga. It's important me. It helped keep me of both sound mind and sound body. When I moved here, I discovered there was no yoga class anywhere. Yesterday I mentioned it to Amy, and she reminded me that in my new world, voids were filled by action. She suggested that the two of us start a class and see how it went. If it was popular, we'd hire a full-time instructor to run the program. Well OK then.

This afternoon was our first class. Yeah, one day later. We were holding it in the gym at the school because we had a bit of a larger first class than I expected. 30 people were registered, and we had more than 200 on the waiting list. We didn't have any age limits, since, well, this is Dionysus, so we had all ages signed up. Our only rule was that you needed to bring a mat and a towel. Clothes were optional, but then again, think about where we are. I am confident that some store in Athens had a run on yoga mats. We'd order a bunch more and just provide them. It was a nice mix of big and little and boy and girl. I am still working my way around the terms. Adult isn't always clear. Carlina is an adult here.

Amy and I stood at the front of the class. We'd spent a late night putting our class program together. We'd been slowed down by two things. The first was we couldn't stop laughing. A lot. The second was that, well, it was Amy. And we did all our prep naked. Which meant we took very frequent breaks. Sex with H1 is special but Amy has skills. It didn't help that we did it in their living room and pretty much anyone that walked by fucked us. It seems that some yoga positions left you, um, open. Something about that appealed to us, so we did research and then some adaptations. We had ten poses for, um, regular sex. You know, penis in vagina. I wasn't sure how exactly to say that, given we have quite a few women with penises on the island. We also found 10 each for girl/girl and boy/boy, some of which you could use with different, well, equipment. Anal sex is flexible, you know.

So, we added something to our workouts. We created little round cards. About four inches. One side was bright red, and the other side was bright green. You placed it beside your yoga mat. If it was red, your workout was just normal, and the interesting positions were just yoga positions. However, if you flipped it over to green, then when we did one of those positions, it meant you were open to take advantage of the position, so to speak. We recruited some people that had signed up for the class to practice them in advance, meaning this morning, and we'd scatter them around the class as extra teachers. Damn, practicing was fun. You know H1 was signed up, and we practiced at home, but we had some people over early for training classes at our house. Yes, before class had even started, I'd been fucked four times today.

See why I like it here?

Let me tell you, Orlando is both flexible and talented. Oh, and some of the positions worked well with three. We practiced.

So, it is the first day of class. Faithful readers of the journal should know everyone. As I walked around, I realized every single circle was green.

Oh boy.

I guess the first thing we should do is teach the positions, shouldn't we? Amy beat me to it.

"OK, everyone. We're going to start slow. We'll only learn a few positions today, but they're useful," said Amy. "Given you all have your circle green, we get the idea of the first positions you'd like to learn. So, I need two volunteers. One man, one woman, any ages, as long as they're allowed."

Every single hand in the room went up. Including mine. Amy laughed.

"Put your hand down H2," she said. "You're the teacher." Yeah, but still...

"OK, I anticipated this," said Amy. She reached over and picked up two bowls. "For our class to be useful, you need to learn yoga poses. So, we'll teach you a few today. We're going to start with two poses." She named the poses.

"The first one is good for cock and pussy. The second is good for two pussies. Sorry to be so blunt, but let's face it, we're a diverse society and we have men and women with cocks and men and women with pussies. So, blunt," said Amy. Didn't I just say something to this effect? I admit I was disappointed that Amai was on the waiting list. Damn.

"H2 would you do the honors? I need one from each bowl and then two from this bowl," asked Amy, shaking the larger bowl. I reached in and pulled on of each. Aaron and Rylee. They both cheered and he walked over to her mat. If you remember, Aaron is our community rabbi. Rylee is a smoking hot 13-year-old. Nice pairing. I pulled two more and got Ileana and Danae. Danae is an adorable little 9-year-old. Oh yeah, I'd do her. They cheered too, and Ileana moved over to Danae's mat.

"OK, we're going to start with Aaron and Rylee," said Amy. "We'll start with a simple downward dog." Amy demonstrated and I'm sure the men had to hold back from taking her right there. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was naked, so she was putting it all out there, and the moisture dripping down here leg didn't help.

Rylee assumed the position, quite well I might add. I moved over and positioned Aaron. He got the idea, and she held the position while he slipped right in. By then the entire class was in a circle and the two couples had moved their mats to the front. We all just watched for a bit, because, damn, it was hot.

"OK, have you decided who gives and who receives?" asked Amy, of Ileana and Danae. They indicated that Danae would do the pose. Oh god, I was going to like that.

"Good, good. This pose we're going to do is the plow pose," said Amy. "Danae, lie on your back, and throw your legs up and over your head. Try to keep them parallel to the ground." She followed the instructions perfectly and it opened her right up. Amy motioned for Ileana to get on her knees and started using her fingers and tongue.

"We were going to demonstrate more poses," said Amy. "But let's move slowly. Let's just match you all up and have some fun. H2, let's pull the rest of the names."

With that, we matched everyone up. Bob and Elena. Twelve-year-old Darian and Chris. She will rock his world. Noah and Sophia. They both seemed pleased. Twelve-year-old Gibor with Ruby. Oh my, would he survive? Luca with Mikka. She's so damn sexy. Darian's twin Dion, with Nyssa. Jase with H1, which got them both smiling. Gabe with Carlina. Damn they're cute together and they were just so happy to be matched together. They're just the cutest couple. Hunter with his twin sister Hallie. I wasn't sure if that would be OK, but clearly it was, because by the time I looked over to ask the question, she was in position and he was pumping away. Orlando was with Leslie, which also appeared to be OK. I loved this place. Sotiris was with Morgan and looked like he had won the lottery. I guess he had, in a way. Arion was with Grace. That was fun to watch. I really liked Grace. I want to get to know her better, if you get my drift.

I didn't realize it, but somehow, we had an almost exact match. Just one girl/girl couple in Ileana and Danae. Amy and I just walked around commenting on their pose and everyone was doing better than expected. It didn't take long, and everyone seemed to go off at once. There was some dripping going on.

"OK quickly girls, assume the plow position like Danae demonstrated. Men, it's your job to find someone other than you were partnered with and clean them up. Move it," said Amy. So that's how we watched the women go over again and again. I saw Danae whisper something in Amy's ear, with Ileana close by. Amy looked around and grabbed Hunter and Orlando, who were conveniently hard again and had them go a second round. Danae was clearly thrilled to be matched with Orlando. Hell, I would be too.

"Nice job everyone, but the men need to practice the pose too. Men, assume the downward dog," said Amy. "Girls, you'll discover that you can slide right underneath and take them in your mouth. If necessary, they can drop the pose a little. It's more difficult, but I doubt they'll mind. We're going to choose with a variation of musical chairs. All the women in a circle and the men form a circle around them," said Amy. She pulled Orlando and Hunter off and put them in the circle. She leaned down and said something to Ileana and Danae, and they just smiled and laid on their backs.

"Now, walk in opposite directions," said Amy. She waited a bit and said "stop" an explained they were next to their partner. They all got into position and it was sexy as hell. Oh, it all was. She came over to me.

"We're going to help them out," said Amy. "We'll do the 69 downward dog over them." Hell yeah. I'm sure you can figure it out.

There was lots of groaning, and I don't think it was sore muscles. Finally, everyone was done, well exercised and sticky. We sent them to the showers. The girls just followed the boys right in the locker room. Yep, one big communal shower. Not everyone was done, you know, so we got to all watch some more fun. Orlando had one more in him. For me.

Bob had one more in him for Amy. How sweet.

Looks like yoga class was a success. Word spread and our waiting list swelled to almost 700 people. Even with five classes a week, we couldn't touch that. So, being the helpers that we are, Amy and I spent the next four weeks interviewing volunteer teachers.

If, by interviewing, we meant teaching them the poses and fucking their brains out.

Interviewing Dionysus style. Did I mention Amai volunteered? I signed up for her class.

A call from Ruby should be answered

Bob here. I got a call from Ruby. Jameis, who is a professor at the University of Athens and lives on Artemis, had been chatting with her at the coffee shop and had a proposal that Ruby thought needed a second opinion from the ruling council and given the topic thought it should be me.

That was intriguing.

Jameis is a fascinating guy. He is the sweetest most engaging guy and I am confident his students love him. He is an archaeologist and can make history come alive again. We have had dinner with him several times and it is so much fun.

He is also huge. I admit I asked, and he is a little over 7-feet tall and over 300 pounds and none of that is fat. He also has a hilariously bad resting bitch face. Just looking at him you might run for your life.

I told them I would be right over and hopped into my newest toy. It is called a Hoverwing. Think of a four-passenger hover craft. Then add wings. If can operate as a standard hovercraft up to 50 mph but the wings let it fly up to 75 mph although it is limited to about 8 feet off the ground. Basically, to jump over objects and handle big waves.

No, I didn't need it and yes it was fun as hell. Although it is a 20-mile drive around and over the bridge and just 5 over the water. I parked at the coffee shop and a bunch of people stared.

Until they saw it was me and then they just shook their heads and walked away.

Apparently, I am an eccentric King.

I walked in and as soon as I did someone handed me my favorite coffee drink. Plain coffee, a shot of caramel, and a little whipped cream although I don't know why you needed to know that. I turned and saw Jameis and Ruby. They would have been hard to miss. They were in a spirited conversation and laughing. It was fun to see. Such an odd pair together but they were close friends and I knew Ruby looked him up whenever she was around. I'm not surprised he proposed something to her. I'm surprised she thought I needed to agree. It's not like she had a dollar limit.

I sat down and they were so focused they didn't even notice until I cleared my throat. Finally, they did, and I got a quick hug from them both.

"Ok I'm intrigued. What do you want to do that is so expensive you thought you had to ask me?" I asked.

"Nothing," said Ruby and then left me hanging. I just sat back and waited her out. Finally, she laughed.

"It isn't the money. It is the location. I'll let Jameis explain," said Ruby.

"You may not realize this, but these islands and the waters around them have long been considered historically significant. When they were government owned, they were controlled by the military and off-limits to everyone. Everything interesting on the mainland has been explored," said Jameis. "The islands are truly an untouched sanctuary. I'd like to bring it into my curriculum and do regular digs on the islands. If I had the money, I would do underwater explorations too, but that requires unmanned subs and even manned submersibles and all that is way too expensive."

Yeah Ruby laughed. I gave her a stern look, but she laughed at that too. Such insolence. OK then I laughed too.

"So, I have a proposal to both of you," said Ruby. I had no doubt she did.

"What do you make at U of A, Jameis?" asked Ruby.

"A strange question but public knowledge," said Jameis, naming an embarrassingly low figure.

Ruby thought about it for a minute.

"I propose that you leave the U of A and become the director of the new Earth sciences and archaeology department at Dionysus Athens. The base compensation would be four times your current salary and you would move to a larger home on the water, with all the amenities like yachts, etc.," said Ruby. "In exchange, Bob agrees to fund regular expeditions on any current or future part of Dionysus including any underwater expeditions you suggest."

Jameis just stared at her. Finally, he found his voice.

"But that makes no sense. If I accept my dream job at four times the pay, and a mansion, you'll fund everything?" said Jameis. "Don't I win both ways?"

That got him a devastating Ruby smile. Jameis looked at me and I just smiled and shrugged.

"So why did you need me?" I asked.

"I didn't. Just hadn't seen you in a while," said Ruby which got a laugh from Jameis.

"Can she do that?" asked Jameis.

"Sure," said Ruby. I didn't even get to answer. "Where do you want to start?"

"Oh, that's easy," said Jameis. "There has always been lore about an undiscovered civilization on the north end of Prometheus. It's difficult to navigate and completely overgrown. I'll bet neither of you have been on the north 50 kilometers of the island."

"I haven't," I said, and Ruby just smiled. "The road ends and I've always just turned around. I've flown over it, just to see what's there, but you're right, it's overgrown with some kind of vine or weed and you can't see a thing. It's lush but a little scary."

"That's kudzu," said Jameis.

"That's what I thought," I said. "We saw it whenever we drove through the Carolinas. It's incredibly invasive. How do you manage it?"

"We probably don't, at least well, although there are a number of techniques that have been perfected, particularly spraying it with a fungus, but we'll hold off on that. We'll use aerial thermography from drones to map what's under the kudzu first. Then we'll use backbreaking manual labor to carefully clear the area we want to explore. There is really no safe way to manage it without being careful and manual," said Jameis. "At least that is what I propose, but the drones are expensive."

Yes, Ruby and I laughed again.

"Why don't we go sit on my porch and talk through this some more," said Ruby. I didn't know where she was headed, but I liked them both, so if it was just discussion archaeology, I was cool with that.

It wasn't.

Next steps

Ruby here. Hell, no it wasn't just discussing archaeology. I meant it that I missed Bob and damn, have you seen Jameis? OK, you haven't, but damn. Tomas was busy today and I was, well, Ruby. I loved getting the attention of two men, particularly two men that were as attentive and caring as those too. They took turns going down on me until I couldn't take it anymore, and I have a high threshold of not taking it anymore. I rolled onto my knees and did my little wiggle. Bob slid right in and then I could feel it as he did a little wiggle. Damn, this was quite a train. They were really pounding me when Tomas came out onto the deck. Well good, my love was home. He dropped his shorts and slid underneath. He was licking me, and Bob, and I was sucking him.

A pleasant afternoon for sure. Once that train was done, we traded around. Oh yes, I enjoyed Jameis' nice thick 11-inch (28 cm)es. He enjoyed Tomas too. What girl doesn't enjoy three men? Only those that haven't tried it.

We jumped into the sea to clean up and then showered in the outdoor shower. I had to slap Tomas hands, since he wasn't done. Just then Amara came home, and I sent the two of them off to enjoy each other so we could talk, but only after I promised Amara that she could borrow Jameis and Bob when we were done. From their grins, that appeared to be an acceptable compromise. They needed to rest anyway.

We worked out all the details while lying on the big chaise lounge, with me in the middle. I used my phone to order a lot of equipment to get started, particularly the drones. I didn't think it was fair that the men kept playing with my clit and nipples. It was hard to get the order right when you kept having orgasms. It just made them laugh. Jameis said he could begin work immediately and suggested that select people from his old program at the U of Athens would likely follow him. He knew he had to be carefully selective, but that just got a big smile from him. In fact, things moved fast, so I'll pass the pen to Jameis.

What did we just find?

Jameis here. My own journal entry. I could write pages about the afternoon I had with Bob and Ruby. Oh, I've read every journal entry and understand how special Ruby is but even all that underestimates her innate power. For this entry, though, I'm going to focus on what happened next in our quest. Ruby moved fast, let me tell you. I met with the dean at U of Athens and resigned, but on good terms. I wasn't the first professor he had lost to Dionysus Athens, but I know Nan was being careful. We might even do some joint work, but our screening process, you know. I did agree to continue to teach my classes through the end of the semester, since that seemed fair.

By the time I could devote any time to my new role, two weeks had passed. Ruby had been busy. Very busy. It was particularly impressive since I knew she was in college and not here. She did share that she was almost done with her program and her PhD. I pushed her on that, and she laughed. She was a few months, yes months, into the program. She just smiled. Damn that smile was powerful. She shared she missed being home, with her family, so she'd gone fast. Um, a four-year program in a few months. These kids were amazing. I loved working with them and was thrilled at my new opportunity.

By the time Ruby and I met again, she had four drones and had pilots trained. She also had a larger unit mounted to a helicopter. The plan, with which I agreed, was to do sector by sector scans with the drones, then home in on any finds with the stronger system on the helicopter. She did share that the equipment on the helicopter was experimental and should have a clear view. Of course, it was. In two weeks, Ruby had located an experimental system and had it installed. I hadn't even chosen students yet, but Ruby had.

Yeah, well, Ruby.

She had a small base camp built at the end of the northernmost road too. By base camp I mean a surprisingly complete small hotel. I don't know how else to describe it. Sort of a bed and breakfast style, with a dozen rooms, with en suite baths, and a living room and dining area. She had arranged a small staff too.

In two weeks. She had a small hotel built and staffed in two weeks. I pushed her on it.

"Even I can't build a hotel in two weeks," said Ruby. "We started construction six months ago."

"Why?" I asked. "Why would you build a hotel at the end of the road to nowhere?"

"I don't know," said Ruby. "I just knew I would need it, so I built it. I don't ignore those feelings, since they've never been wrong yet."

Ruby is special and I told her that.

"Nope. Nothing special," she said. "I just follow my feelings." Well they sure work. She left me with four pilots, at the base camp.

"Don't kill Jameis guys," she said, with a laugh, as she took off in her F-77. What did she mean by that? Oh, she couldn't have, could she?

I'd never met any of them, but they sure were personable. We got to know each other over lunch. This place is nuts. I was staying at a small hotel with four kids and I'd never met their parents. I mentioned that and they all laughed and pointed out they were all adults. Even the ones that weren't thirteen yet. Adults. One of them laughed at me and pointed out that I'd gotten hard and she'd be happy to help me with that. They all offered to help.

"Maybe after our first flights," I said, trying to contain myself. Oh, who are they?

The young woman that pointed out my problem was Remei. She said she was 10-years-old. She was a touchy young thing. Oh my. The second pilot Horacio, who said he was 9-years-old. He also was wearing shorts that were a little too tight and I could tell he liked the idea of entertaining me. He liked it a lot. Damn. The third boy was older, at 13-years-old. Yes, that's older. He was Pablo. I guess a 7-foot guy shouldn't swoon, but damn. The fourth pilot was Maite. She said she was 12-years-old but had at least B cup breasts pushing out a too tight tank top. Her nipples were incredible. I wanted to taste those nipples and it sounded like soon I could.

Down boy. Two boys, two girls, all cute as hell, and all interested.

I understood Ruby's point about not killing me. We went outside and prepared the equipment. Ruby had purchased five Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6 trucks. Each drone was mounted on the roof of a G63 and there was a seat in the pickup bed in front of a large monitor. It had sort of an automated convertible top that would enclose the bed to protect both the stationary equipment and the drone itself. It looked like a freaking transformer. The fifth truck was mine, and had a similar seat, but four very large monitors, so I could watch all four drones at once. We had headsets so we could talk. Oh, and sitting nearby was a helicopter equipped with better equipment. I didn't know where we would find the pilot for that, but I'm sure Ruby had it arranged.

She'd pulled this all off in two weeks. Oops, not quite. Maite told me that the equipment had been delivered three months ago and Ruby had started them in the training program. Three months ago. I had never even met Ruby three months ago. I don't quite get this place, but I have learned a term from the journal entries.

Roll with it

It doesn't translate quite as well to Greek, but you get the idea. We all got in position and the drones took off. Ruby had shared that they had an experimental propulsion system that she was testing for the engineers on Vino. Someone named Lawrence, I think, but they could fly essentially forever without any fuel. She wouldn't tell me anything more. Experimental. She used that word a lot. One by one the drones took off. The grids were programmed in, so the kids didn't have to fly them, just monitor them, although Ruby assured me they could, if they found anything interesting.

"Jameis, we're confirmed with four good signals. We don't have to sit here. We'll get an alarm if there is anything worth looking at," said Maite. "The grids are big. It's all automated. Why don't we go back inside for a bit."

Did she mean?

Oh yes, yes, she did.

Much to my pleasant surprise, Remei also had a cock. A cock I truly enjoyed both sucking and having fuck me. Maite was an animal and had me on my back in a heartbeat and was bouncing up and down. They all focused on me, which was thoughtful. Horacio offered his 9-inch (23 cm) cock. 9! He's only 9-years-old. Remei and Pablo did too. In the end, I filled up Maite and all three cocks came all over us.

Remei and I took turns cleaning up the mess.

Well that couldn't have been timed better. We'd all, um, finished just when an alarm went off on Maite's phone. Maite. That's another name that should be famous in the journal. She looked at her phone and smiled and headed out of the room.

Naked. I pointed that out to her, and she just laughed. Yes, all five of us trooped outside naked, although Pablo did suggest that once we figured out what it was, we should all put on sunscreen. Hell, even that sounded like fun. Maite led us to my truck and we all climbed up. There was one giant image across the four screens. That's cool. It made them one giant screen. What showed was a crystal-clear image of what looked to be a castle. A freaking castle. The drone pulled up and we could see it was at the end of what looked to be a good size village. This wasn't possible. There is no way an entire village was lost on this island. No way. I thought we might find some crumbling buildings. This just can't be true.

"I'm going to release the drone to continue mapping. We need to get the helicopter up and survey it again. The tech on the helicopter is amazing. It makes the kudzu just disappear and we'll have a full color 3-D image. She reached into a storage unit and handed a VR headset to each of the rest of us and kept one for herself. VR? Too freaking cool.

"These are tied into the helicopter's systems. We're still working on making them remote, but for now, they only work inside the helicopter," said Remei. She hopped off the truck and started walking to the helicopter and all the kids followed her.

"Wait," I said. "Don't we need a pilot?" All four of the kids laughed.

"Maite and I can both fly it," said Horacio. Of course, they could. We all piled in and he took the pilot's seat and Maite took the co-pilot's seat. The rest of us strapped in and we quickly took off. Yes, I was in a helicopter being piloted by a 9-year-old, riding with three other kids, the oldest of whom was 13. We quickly got to the spot and Horacio moved slowly over it, while we put on our headsets.

Holy shit. It was like watching full color HD video after we removed all the vines. They just disappeared. I pointed this out and Remei laughed.

"HD. Try 8K," said Remei. "This stuff is good." Horacio did a little pattern and we could clearly see what looked to be a true castle. There was another large building, plus what looked like a stable. There was a grouping of a dozen or so smaller buildings, that looked like they might be houses. The entire thing was walled in, with what looked to be a moat. Suddenly a line of text was displayed at the bottom of the video.

16,400 B.C.

What? I asked and Pablo explained that the tech could date what it saw quite accurately and that other tests would confirm what we saw.

16,400? No castle has been discovered that is older than 5,000 years. None. This would rock the world of historians if it turned out to be true. Just then Maite's phone when off. She nodded at Horacio and he let her take the controls. She flew for a bit, maybe a kilometer or two, and did the same search. We were looking at a large amphitheater. A very large amphitheater and from the video it looked to be perfectly preserved. Maite's phone was going off repeatedly, but she suggested that we head back and have the helicopter map it all in autonomous mode.

Well sure, the helicopter would fly itself around. We landed and headed back inside as the helicopter took off. I pointed out that it was headed in the wrong direction.

"It needs fuel," said Pablo. "It's flying back to the airport. It will be back. Why don't we all go for a swim?"

Sure, every dig has an indoor heated swimming pool. Doesn't it? It goes perfectly with an autonomous helicopter, don't you think? Could this get weirder?

Oh, yes it could. The kids had broken out the wine and the edibles. As Maite put it, we were done for the day, so why not?

Sure, this afternoon I had mad sex with four kids, one of whom was an adorable girl with a very nice cock, and this evening we're lounging naked in the jacuzzi drinking wine and nibbling on cookies that the kids assured me would make more even more horny.

Like that's possible.

Oh, and I never introduced the staff. Our staff. Our entirely fun staff. Everything associated with the house was led by Cole. As our lunch had shown, he was one hell of a cook and assured us we would enjoy the filet mignon he was preparing us for tonight. We, of course, insisted they join us. His wife, Ava, was an all-purpose engineer. She managed the drones and the electronics and everything else we would need for our expedition. They were both in their late twenties and, um, fun. Both were from Patras, in western Greece, and had emigrated for these jobs. Ava was also an amateur archaeologist, and this was a bit of a dream job. She hadn't been around this afternoon, having been out picking up a new piece of an equipment that she told us she would share tomorrow. They were both excited about our finds and after our jacuzzi we all sat in the living room watching the results of the additional helicopter scans. Our castle find wasn't even the only castle. Unless I was being punked, this might be the most amazing find in history. Farther out from here was another village, but smaller buildings and in a little more decay. The tech, which couldn't possibly be right, dated it at 18,700 B.C., which was insane.

After dinner, the kids taught the three adults a game involving s'mores.

I am now quite sticky and quite satisfied. I commented that I was going to need to work out in the morning, which is when Cole mentioned the gym. Of course, the gym. Every dig has a gym in bizarro world. Right now, I was off to the showers and to bed. As I climbed into bed, I realized that Maite was already in my bed.

"I hope you don't mind," said Maite. No, I did not mind at all. We just cuddled and fell asleep. Let's be honest, I'm a 7-foot tall big guy. I don't exactly attract the ladies. Oh, I've put my big cock to use off and on, but I'd never been in a relationship.

I'd never spent the night cuddling before. I think I could get used to it. I think Maite purred when I rubbed her back.

Clearing things up

Jameis here. I woke up incredibly well-rested. Maite wasn't in my arms anymore, but that's because she was between my legs giving me an incredible blowjob. I tapped her head and motioned her to turn around. That's how we ended up getting each other off before we even got out of bed. We wandered into the kitchen to the smell of bacon and eggs.

I could get used to this too.

Just then we heard a helicopter land.

"Did it fly all night?" I asked.

"That one did, but this is a different one," said Ava. She motioned us to head outside. There was a second, identical helicopter sitting in the yard, except this had a dish aimed down under it.

"That's the new tech," she added. She handed us all goggles and told us to put them on. She led us over to my truck and sat in the control seat. We all crowded around her and watched as she controlled the helicopter from the joystick. It took off and hovered over a field near us that we could see.

"There's nothing of value under that spot," said Ava. "I just wanted to test it out." The field was absolutely covered with kudzu, including a tree that it had essentially killed. Ava hit a button on the joystick and there was a huge flash of light. Now I understood the goggles. When our vision cleared, we could see that the kudzu was gone. Gone. There looked to be a fine ash all over the ground, but the tree was standing tall, although admittedly still dead.


"It's a new technology that our engineers on Vino invented. It's coded to the DNA of a specific plant. The ray itself is harmless to humans, but the flash it creates for a moment is really, really bright, as you saw," said Ava. "If we use this over the ruins, the kudzu will be gone, but everything will be covered with a fine ash. It feels like that would be easier to manage than the kudzu."

We walked over to the area that had been treated. We walked across a huge mat of kudzu until there wasn't any. Just, as Ava said, a fine ash. It was amazing. Nothing else appeared to be disturbed. The area was dirt, since the kudzu had killed any other vegetation.

"This could have a big impact on farming too," said Ava. "It can clear the field, but it doesn't eliminate any of the nutrients in what it burned. The farmer can just till the ash under and plant again."

Wow. This was huge.

"You're sure it doesn't damage the underlying structures?" I asked.

"Not in their testing. They've been working on it for a while and put everything you can imagine underneath. The flash doesn't do damage as it really isn't fire. They've put silk and other fabrics underneath, directly underneath, and they're fine. Even tissue paper and cotton are fine," said Ava.

"Can we clear a small area and see what happens?" I asked. "We need to document everything with pictures and video too."

"Everything that has been done by the drones and helicopter has been recorded in 8K," said Maite. "So will the application of this tech." She handed out small badges to us all.

"These bodycams will also record 8K, so wherever we're facing will be recorded and transmitted back," said Maite. They were tiny. Too cool. "What do you want to clear first?"

We had a spirited discussion. Some wanted to clear a small part of an older village. Others wanted to clear a castle. The newer castle was just too tempting, and we decided to clear a path to the castle, and then the castle itself. Ava smiled and picked up the joystick and the helicopter took off. We all put on our goggles and like magic a path started forming that was exactly the width of the road. Then the helicopter disappeared around the bend. It was gone for no more than ten minutes and then flew back and landed.

"How did it clear just that width?" I asked.

"It's very focused and adjustable. I set it to clear this width road and then clear the exact dimensions of the castle. The path should lead right to the entrance," said Ava. She climbed out of the truck and over to a grouping of golf carts. Yes, golf carts.

"We'll take these. They're very light and shouldn't damage anything over which we drive. No more than two to a cart. There are seven of us, since Cole wants to come too. Just as she said that, Cole came out to join us. Everyone jumped in carts, leaving me to lead the way alone. We opened the gate and drove down the new path and around the corner. I don't know about anyone else, but I gasped. Holy shit, there was a freaking castle and it looked to be perfectly preserved. It was palace sized. I've seen Buckingham palace, and this was larger. Much larger. Not a single stone was decayed or crumbling. It could have been built yesterday. We pulled to a stop and Ava handed us all large torches. Oh, wait, Americans call them flashlights. We walked to the steps leading up into the castle and walked up and in. We were the first people to do so in thousands of years. We didn't know if it was structurally sound, so we were very careful, but we were completely unprepared for what we found when we went inside. It looked like the occupants still lived here. This made no sense if the dating was correct. This was the castle of the 16th or 17th century, not thousands of years older. I stopped everyone.

"Listen, we're not uncovering anything else until we bring in more experts. This is too unbelievable. It has to be witnessed by others in the field," I said. Hell, I didn't believe it and I was standing in it. We were in a huge open room, a giant foyer, I guess. The floor was intricate stone and there were beautiful woven rugs scattered about. They looked like they had a Persian influence, although I guess it would have been the other way around. We continued and there was a huge open hall. This appeared to be a gallery of some sort, because there were statues and incredible framed paintings on the wall. Just stunning in their realism. Once we go through the corridor, we found another corridor that went both ways to the side. We went left and there were large windows. We saw there was a huge courtyard and once we explored, we realized it was on both sides of the gallery corridor. We found dozens of rooms, with furniture. There were sitting rooms and bedrooms and more. We found the back stairs and carefully went upstairs to discover a warren of complete apartments, including what looked to be surprisingly modern kitchens, with stone fireplaces and wood burning stoves. I wouldn't have been surprised to find a refrigerator at this point. We wandered around for several hours, but left when our lights warned us they were running out of juice. We all gathered outside.

"I'm no archaeologist like you are but isn't this messing up the timeline of the world?" asked Ava.

Yes, yes it was. With that we retreated to the base camp to come up with a plan.

It was day two of our dig.

Oh it's going to shower

Bob here. Amy and I were having a quiet dinner, just the two of us, which is rare. We talked about this and that and just had a nice time. As we were finishing up, Amy popped something on me.

"I invited Benton over after dinner," said Amy. "He should be here soon. He had a suggestion for something for us to try. It's a little weird, but we're pretty open for anything." Just then the doorbell rang. Good timing. Amy went and let him in, and he came and sat at the table with us.

"Did you tell him?" asked Benton.

"I was just doing that," said Amy. "We're going to try golden showers. Tonight, we're going to pee on you. If you like it, I might try it too. Benton is into them and thought we might enjoy them. I don't quite get it but am willing to try. Are you in?"

I thought about it for a minute, but Amy knew if she wanted to do something, I wanted to do something. This was on the edge of weird, but it wouldn't hurt me. I just smiled at her. She got up and headed towards our bedroom, shedding clothes along the way.

Benton and I weren't stupid. We followed her. By the time we hit the bedroom, we were all naked. Benton was a fascinating guy. He was a radiation tech at the hospital on Eros. Around 6 feet, thin, and British. You know the type. Uncombed blonde hair, the great accent, thin and fit, but not too muscular. A tennis player's body, which made sense, because he was a tennis player. A nice thick cock hanging down; a solid 6 inches soft, and almost 9 hard.

Yeah, we both liked Benton. We headed right into the shower and Amy had a waterproof cushion of some sort on the floor of the shower. She just pointed at it.

I knew she meant me. I wasn't sure about this, but admit my cock was damn hard. I laid down and she squatted over me.

And let loose. I hadn't noticed but she must have really pounded down liquid at dinner, because she just kept peeing and peeing and peeing.

All over me, but particularly focusing on my cock. It felt amazing. This warm liquid right on my cock. While I was enjoying that, to my surprise, I got hit by another stream on my chest.

Benton. He was leaning over me, because it is difficult to pee when you're as hard as he was. They both just kept going. He aimed at my chest and it felt just as wonderful. I know it is supposed to be degrading and all about power, but I just liked how it felt. They finally finished and I wasn't sure what to do, but Benton briefly stepped out of the shower, but I didn't know why. Amy took the shower sprayer and rinsed me off and then sat right down on my cock.

I'm surprised I didn't cum.

Benton stepped back into the shower and kneeled next to me and offered me his hard cock. Got it. It still had an interesting tang on it that I knew was fresh pee and damned if I didn't find that interesting. Well, I liked cum, so was this that big a stretch? Amy must have enjoyed it too, because my gentle stroking of her clit took her over. And over. And over.

Just the sight of it was amazing and I couldn't hold back, and neither could Benton. He pulled out a little and gave me a massive facial. He offered his cock to Amy, who quickly cleaned it off, but then she leaned over and started licking his cum off my face and kissing it back to me, all with me still inside her.

Oh, I got hard again. So did Benton. Amy lifted up and off and in a movement that looked choreographed, Benton took her place and slid right down on my cock. That put his cock right in from of me, so I started stroking it. Wouldn't you?

Amy pushed my hand away and took him in her mouth. She wiggled around a little so I could reach her clit with my fingers. Even though it was our second time, we didn't last. I filled him up just as Amy pulled away and, you guessed it, I got another facial.

This time Benton cleaned it off, on his knees, while Amy cleaned out Benton. I got it all back in kisses. We all stood up and took the most sensual shower, washing each other. I washed Amy's hair, which is kind of a thing with us, then she and Benton both washed mine, and Amy and I washed Benton's. There is something so empowering about washing someone else's hair. You've read about that by now.

We dried each other off and, sure enough, both hard again. Amy dropped to her knees and positioned us side-by-side, then took us both in her mouth. That woman had skills. She used he hands on our asses to show us the motion she wanted.

Oh boy.

We managed to get into a rhythm that one of us would pump in, all the way into her throat, while the other pumped out. Back and forth. Back and forth. We were basically frotting, inside her mouth.

I might have to do this every day. We came simultaneously, just flooding her with cum, which was surprising given it was our third cum each. Amy showed another talent by swallowing it all and not missing a drop.

She still had her cravings, you know.

I still didn't quite understand it, but it had led to some of the best sex we've ever had and that is a bar that is hard to achieve.

But then I realized I really, really had to pee. I took Amy's hand and led her to the shower. She laid down and I peed on her from breast to toes.

She laughed, but it didn't do anything for either of us. Just nothing.

It didn't fit our relationship at all, and I don't mean that badly. I love our connection and it so works for us. She showered and yes, I dried her off. Now we had found the most amazing towels from D. Porthault. What's the point of being rich if you can't spend $400 on a bath towel?

We all got cleaned up and went out to the kitchen for a cup of nice tea. We sat around the table and talked about our experience.

"I admit, I enjoyed the sensation of peeing so freely," said Amy. "But getting peed on didn't do anything for me. I was so full and needed to pee so badly that it was sort of heavenly."

"Well, I thought it was odd when we started, but the warmth over my cock, and then my chest, felt amazing. I know it is supposed to be a power move and degrading, but that's not what I felt at all. I felt loved, like you were both making me warm and comfortable," I said. "I know that doesn't make sense."

"No, it makes complete sense. I think people that use it to degrade are completely missing the point. If they need that power dynamic in their relationship, then there is something wrong. I think the ones that are the most messed up just like to see other people pee on each other. What's the enjoyment out of that?" said Benton. "I find it sensual too. I usually am the one peeing, but sometimes like to be peed on too, but it must be with someone I care about. I don't mean someone with whom I am having a relationship, although that's the best, but someone I truly like. Both of you certainly qualify, but I didn't have another one in me."

I laughed. Amy laughed.

"Me neither," I said. Amy laughed some more.

"I'll bet, given you'd already cum three times today," said Amy. Benton looked shocked.

"Six times! You came six times today and had that much left?" said Benton. I just pointed at Amy.

"Oh. Yeah, that makes sense," he said, with a smile. "I don't know how you survive. It's a good thing you're in such good shape. The sex alone would kill you."

"Yes, it would," said Amy.

"Oh yes, it definitely would," said a voice. We looked over and who should be standing there, naked, but Juanita. Amy screamed. We hadn't seen her in so long! But I guess we had to wait, because she walked over and held out her hand to Benton and led him away. They were gone for quite a while and Amy and I enjoyed our tea and chatted. They finally walked back into the kitchen.

"I guess six times is possible," said Benton. Juanita just smiled.

"Yes, it is," said Juanita.

Wow. We spent the rest of the evening sitting around the kitchen table chatting, still naked. Chris and Noah wandered in and so did Morgan and Sophia. They made themselves tea and sat down. The fact that they all wandered in naked just wasn't that surprising in our house. We had a spirited discussion about what Benton had taught us. I think they were all surprised about it, but then I noticed Sophia was blushing. I looked at her and just raised my eyebrows.

"OK, OK, busted," said Sophia. "We don't do it often, but I like it too. Usually just Morgan and me, but sometimes Orlando and Grace join us. I'm the only one that likes to, well, receive, but the sex is powerful afterwards, and making sex with me more powerful is pretty unbelievable."

That got actual moans from almost everyone at the table. What stunned me was I got hard. Sophia noticed and laughed. She stood up and walked over and stood in front of me. Damn. Amy is my soulmate and the most beautiful woman in the world, but Sophia...

She held out her hand and led me away.

Seven? Eight. Freaking eight.

We might have to try this again.

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Character information

Name Chapters Age Description when introduced Stats when introduced
Bob All 25 Dad 6'2" (188 cm) – 165 (75 kg) , swimmer's body, 6–inch (15 cm) cut average cock
Amy All 23 Mom (and the Nanny, to start) 5'1" (155 cm) – 110 (50 kg) , bright red hair, C cup
Morgan All 17 The oldest of the new kids 5'5" (165 cm) – 120 (54 kg) , dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
Orlando All 15 The middle child and the only boy 5'0" (152 cm) – 100 (45 kg) , dirty blonde, 6–inch (15 cm) cut thick cock
Leslie All 13 The youngest 4'6" (137 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , brown hair, flat–chested
Chris 6,8,14-63 13 Boat sales person but becomes more 4'11" (150 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , slim, glorious puffy nipples
Hunter 2,3,13,27,30,32,34,36,38-39,42-44,47-49,51,56-58,60-61,63 13 Leslie's new friend 5'0" (152 cm) – cute as hell, 3–inch (8 cm) cock
Hallie 2,3,13,27,30,32,34,38-39,42-44,47-49,51,56-58,60-61,63 13 Hunter's twin sister 4'8" (142 cm) – small A cup
Juanita 3,6,8-10,15-18,21,23,26-28,31-33,37,41,63 31 Family personal trainer and more 5'9" (175 cm) – athletic, petite, D cup, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Gabriel (Gabe) 6,14,16-19,24,27-29,31-37,39-40,42-43,45,47-52,54,56-59,61-63 13 Juanita's brother 5'6" (168 cm) – Cute AF, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Ruby 6,14,16-19,24,27-29,31-40,42-43,45-46,49-58,61,63 11 Juanita's sister 4'11" (150 cm) – 85 (39 kg) , sexy, flat
Julia 6,16-19,24,27,31-34,37,39,42-43,47-49,51,56,61,63 Forties Juanita's mom 5'6" (168 cm) – 125 (57 kg) , stunning, D cup on a small frame
Sophia 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-43,46-48,53-54,56-58,62-63 20 New Italian friend and Goddess 5'7" (170 cm) – stunning, simply stunning, B cup
Luca 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-40,42-44,46-47,50-52,54,56-57,59,62-63 15 Sophia's son 5'9" (175 cm) – chiseled, male Sophia, 6–inch (15 cm) uncut cock
Elena 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-40,42-47,51-52,54,56-58,60-63 11 Sophia's daughter 4'5" (135 cm) – sexy AF
Mario 12,19,62 Sixties You know, Mario  
Marco 12,19,62 Thirties and Marco  
Timmy 13,62 19 Manager's son 6'0" (183 cm) – hot, muscular
Noah 17,18,24,27,31-34,36-37,39,41,43-44,48,51,57,63 13 Chris' new friend 5'7" (170 cm) – thin, 5–inch (13 cm) average cock. Big balls
Rylee 18,27,32,36-39,48,52,56-58,60-63 13 Cheerleader with Leslie and Chris 5'4" (163 cm) – sexy AF, B cup
Amai 19,21,23,26-30,32-34,36-39,41,47-48,50-52,55-56,63 Twenties The family social secretary 5'4" (163 cm) – beautiful, petite, B cup, 6–inch (15 cm) uncut thick cock
Barb 19,20,26-28,31-32,36,39,42,63 Fifties Amai's mom 5'6" (168 cm) – 120 (54 kg) , stunning, mixed, C cup
Heather 22,41,45-46,48-49,58,63 Fifties Secretary of the Air Force  
Grace 23,29-30,36,38,43-44,48,50,54-57,63 16 Just Grace  
Amelia 33,34,36,41,50-51,53-54,61-62 21 BBF grant reviewer 5'1" (155 cm) – Size 0, A cups, blonde
Jase 40,41,45-46,52,63 Thirties Dionysus caretaker – Ileana's husband 6'3" (191 cm) – Dark hair, Greek, well–built, 6–inch (15 cm) uncut cock
Ileana 40,41,45-46,63 Thirties Dionysus caretaker – Jase's wife 5'7" (170 cm) – Dark hair, Greek, sexy, C cup
Danae 42,49,63 10 Sister of Sotiris 4'4" (132 cm) – Cute, fuckable
Sotiris 42,49,63 13 Brother of Danae 5'4" (163 cm) – Thin, attractive, 5–inch (13 cm) thin cut cock
Nyssa 42,49,63 Thirties Sotiris and Danae's mom – Resort manager 5'0" (152 cm) – Trim, A cups, sexy
Arion 42,49,63 Thirties Sotiris and Danae's dad – Hiring manager 6'4" (193 cm) – Thin but muscular, 8–inch (20 cm) thick uncut cock
Aaron 42,45,54,63 Thirties Rabbi and Mikka's husband 6'3" (191 cm) – Tall, stately, thin, 6–inch (15 cm) cut cock
Mikka 42,45,49,63 Thirties School director and Aaron's wife 5'1" (155 cm) – Trim, smaller B cups
Gibor 42,45,63 13 Aaron and Mikka's son 5'7" (170 cm) – Aaron's mini–me, 7–inch (18 cm) thick cut cock
Darian 42,63 13 Zoe and Philo's twins 5'4" (163 cm) – thin, sexy, 4–inch (10 cm) thin cock
Dion 42,63 13 Zoe and Philo's twins 5'4" (163 cm) – thin, sexy, 4–inch (10 cm) thin cock (identical twins)
Carlina 43,45-59,61-63 7 Romeo's daughter 4'4" (132 cm) – barely tall enough, blonde, cute, smart as hell
Heather (H2) 45,46,48-49,53,63 Twenties Heather (H1)'s girlfriend. School teacher 5'9" (175 cm) – thin, model beautiful, A cup, amazing
Max 45,46-48,52,62 8 Cara and Cael's son 4'6" (137 cm) – cute, funny, impossible to tell from Martan, 3–inch (8 cm) uncut cock
Martan 45,46-48,52,62 8 Cara and Cael's son 4'6" (137 cm) – cute, funny, impossible to tell from Max, 3–inch (8 cm) uncut cock
Nan 45,48,50-51,53,57,59,61-62 4 9th grade student 3'8" (112 cm) – cute, bubbly, fun
Tegan 46,48,50-54,56-57,59,62 7 Gemma and Sean's daughter 4'4" (132 cm) – Auburn hair, cute, fun
Maite 46,61,63 12 Vincente's daughter 5'3" (160 cm) – Cute AF. Sexy and skilled. Nice B cup with huge nipples
Tomas 46,52,55-57,61,63 11 Vincente's son 5'4" (163 cm) – Also Cute AF, sexy, and skilled. 6–inch (15 cm) thick uncut cock
Pari 48,49,62 9 Alea and Sargon's daughter 4'10" (147 cm) – cute, sexy, breast bumps
Pablo 48,49,63 13 Thomas and Lucia's son 5'4" (163 cm) – Hispanic, thin, 6–inch (15 cm) cock
Kevin 49,50-53,56-57,62 13 Homeless kid that Leslie rescues in New York 6'0" (183 cm) – Tall, really thin, 6–inch (15 cm) cut cock
Bill 50,51,54,62 2 Bob and Amy's son  
Jessica 50,51,54,62 2 Bob and Amy's daughter  
Marybeth 51,53,63 11 Amelia and Cobb's adopted daughter 5'2" (157 cm) – Thin, blonde, clearly a twin, small A cup
Richie 51,53,63 11 Amelia and Cobb's adopted son 5'2" (157 cm) – Thin, blonde, clearly a twin, thin 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Horacio 54,63 9 Nuno and Estrela's son 5'0" (152 cm) – Smaller Nuno, with an amazing 9–inch (23 cm) cock
Remei 55,63 10 Sam's friend, formerly Serni 5'0" (152 cm) – Dark hair, beautiful, vivacious, 4–inch (10 cm) cock
TJ 62 12 Sick boy in the Indianapolis hospital 5'2" (157 cm) – Sick, very sick
Morgon 62 6 TJ's sister 3'8" (112 cm) – Adorable and outgoing
Tam 62 Forties TJ's Dad 6'1" (185 cm) – Average but distinguished, 6–inch (15 cm) cock
Alice 62 Forties TJ's Mom 5'3" (160 cm) – Mom bod, but rocked it, D cup
Jeremy 63 Thirties New cruise ship captain 5'11" (180 cm) – Trim, looked the part, 5.5–inch (13 cm) cock
Francois 63 Sixties New cruise ship CEO 5'9" (175 cm) – Solid, tanned, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Jameis 63 Forties Ruby's friend and an archaeologist 7'1" (216 cm) – Big muscular guy, attractive, 11–inch (28 cm) cock
Cole 63 Twenties Caretaker of the Inn at the end of the road 6'2" (188 cm) – Dark hair, trim, 7–inch (18 cm) uncut cock
Ava 63 Twenties Engineer for the archaeology dig 5'7" (170 cm) – Runner's body, small B cup
Benton 63 Thirties Amy's friend that introduced them to something new 6'0" (183 cm) – Thin, British, aristocratic, 9–inch (23 cm) thick cock

End of Chapter