Chapter 64 - The Call - Montreal needs a school
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20 March 2019

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Montreal needs a school

Bob here.

After Emma and her crew visited us on the island, I really got to see what impressive kids Ty and Natalie are. Every time I meet kids that are exceptional, but don't have access to our schools, it disappoints me. And I don't like being disappointed.

I was on my way back to Montreal to meet a commercial real estate broker. Nan was with me, of course.

Of course.

I seemed to be spending a lot of time with Nan. The good news is she had worked her way up.

In size.

Got it? Oh, she got it.

Can you hear me giggle? Oh, stop it. I don't mean with me. Five more years. Just five.

Back on track Bob, or maybe that was on track. Hmm.

We landed on the property we were checking out. Apparently, no one warned the real estate broker, because he kind of freaked out. It could be because I was trying out an F-77. I liked the combo of luxury, VTOL, and space travel. There wasn't a commercial version, so a fighter it was. There really wasn't a legitimate need yet for a business space plane, so... I think I was deciding to build the E-78. The business version.

Of course, I was also training with Leslie and Ruby. You know. To blow shit up. Well, not really, but my fighter skills were improving. I'd never be Leslie good, or even Carlina good, but I could hold my own. I had put a lot of hours into the F-35 as pre-training.

It was fucking fun.

So anyway, we landed on the property and it wasn't much. What amounted to a shack and a driveway. Yeah, we couldn't find an appropriate existing school or university to buy. I'd tried, hard, but I wasn't going to use stupid money to put an existing school out of business. Fuck no. So, I did the next best thing and found a large parcel of undeveloped land. It was modestly up the St. Lawrence in a town called Repentigny. It was just north of town and was basically a popular suburb, so that worked.

Wait, no it didn't. Google maps, don't you know? I hadn't counted on traffic. The whole point of this was for Natalie and Ty and the commute would be too long. Given their parents' jobs were living in our house, moving wasn't an option. Much to the disappointment of the realtor, we passed.

What to do, what to do. Well, for today, we were going home. No, not home home, home here. Yeah, that sentence made no sense. Home to our house here in Montreal. We hadn't told them why we were here, not that we were hiding it, just that we hadn't had the opportunity. I suppose we should, because if they were averse to it, what was the point?

This was a topic we had to discuss with parents first, so we sent the kids off for a boat ride. Yes, yes, they could drive the Searay. We walked all three parents through our plan, and they were excited. We all agreed to not discuss it with the kids until we were farther along in the process. We didn't want to get them excited if it took as long as I feared. We would have to build the school and that didn't happen overnight. The kids eventually came back, and we all got to know each other better.

They all liked Nan, but no she didn't get to experience Ty. Too big. Even she knew it. She did, however, show off some of her other skills. Her orals skills. Ty loved it. So did Natalie.

Hell, so did I. I could certainly watch. When Ty came, she was covered from head to, well, pussy with cum. Let me tell you, his big cock came with big full balls. She was covered. She looked like somebody had spread icing on her.

But Natalie had learned our customs. She called cleanup. Oh god. It took her awhile to clean it all up, particularly since she kissed every mouthful to someone. I got my fair share. I loved every bit of it.

Back on track.

Our next step was lunch with the mayor. Of Montreal. We were hoping she would have a suggestion or connect us with the right people that could help. We couldn't share everything about our schools, but the reputation for success preceded us. We met her at a local restaurant that she suggested. It was good. Very good. Had several of our wines good. Of course, I ordered a bottle. Nan was a little pissed, because she couldn't have any here.

That's life, sweetheart. The mayor was a little confused why Nan was here, so I let Nan lead. She explained that we were working to build a school in Montreal but were struggling to find an appropriate location in the area we were targeting. I gave the mayor credit, she listened patiently to Nan, asking good questions throughout the discussion. She didn't question why it was Nan making the pitch.

"So, Nan, are you in charge of the project?" she asked. Wow.

"Indirectly," said Nan. "I'll oversee it, but I am responsible for all our schools, and we have a number under construction globally. I am the Minister of Education." That didn't even get an eyebrow raise. I liked this woman.

"Are you looking for an existing school, or just a large parcel of land?" asked the mayor.

"Of course, we would favor a school, but have not located one that was available, so a parcel would be acceptable. It would just delay the opening of the school," said Nan. "You realize this would be consulate property, so the laws of Dionysus would apply?" Oh, the mayor flushed. Ah.

"Oh yes, very aware," said the mayor in a surprisingly husky voice. Well, we couldn't go there on this trip, but in the future... Nan chose to ignore it, which was a good choice.

"I might have a solution for you," said the Mayor. "We have an albatross, for us, that might be the perfect thing for you. It's a former girls' school, but right now is being used as an administrative facility for the city. It's stupid overkill with minor functionaries having entire classrooms as their offices. It's viewed as a great assignment to be located there and, in fact, it is our least productive group of people. They almost retire there. It's been a place where prior administrations gave gifts to their friends. Jobs. I need to clean it out, but there will be an uproar if I do. So, this could be a win-win. If I announce that in a cost-saving measure, that would add to the city's coffers, we're selling you the school and moving people there to existing office space around the city, it could be accepted. I'll bet half of them leave. They won't want to work. The other half will either work, or we'll find a way to exit them. I could take you both on a tour as visiting dignitaries. Just say all the right words about how impressive it is and how hard working the people clearly are. In other words, bullshit them."

Wow, this sounded perfect. Nan jumped in.

"Where is it located?" asked Nan.

"It's in one of the best parts of town, which is part of its appeal," she said. She rattled off an address and Nan put it into her phone. Google Maps, I'll bet. And yes, the 4-year-old Minister of Education had a cellphone. How else could she do her job? She turned the phone and she'd done a map from our house to the school.

Four blocks. It was four blocks from our house. She took her phone back, touched a few things, and handed it back.

145-acres. Oh boy.

"We'll take it," I said, with a laugh.

"I have no doubt you will, but there are a couple things to talk about," said the Mayor. "First, it is going to be expensive. I can only make this happen by overcharging you. It must be off-the-charts to get it approved by the council. Second, they're historic buildings, so your costs to renovate will be high."

"We don't care," said Nan. "Don't care at all. Happy to pay it. Consider it a done deal. Let's go see it after lunch." Well, Nan was right. We didn't care.

"I guess you did buy an entire country," laughed the Mayor. More than once, more than once. There were some sparks here, and we would explore that. I'd like to explore that.

Powerful Nan

OK, back on track. Bob here.

The mayor needed to set things up, so we had an afternoon free. Nan still thinks the rules suck. Speaking of suck, she keeps reminding me how good she is. Damn. Just nope. So, we went for a long walk in Old Montreal, which was great fun. Just spending time with Nan is life-altering. She is so brilliant and knows so many different things about so many topics.

She is also strongly opinionated. Too bad that she wasn't born in the US. I could see her as President. Oh, she'll be something big. The Minister of Education was just a stepping stone. You know, to something bigger, when she's 5.

I remember when I was 4. I was a smart kid, and I am sure that if I had more opportunities, I would have been farther along but come on. We talked about quantum computing, string theory, and Nan's new theory on the creation of the universe. On that one, she completely lost me, but I followed enough to understand that her thinking was sound. Very sound. What Nan didn't know was we were having guests for dinner. Meg had done some homework for me and had found three scientists that she felt would be perfect for Nan to have a conversation with. Margaret Geller, at Harvard, Edward Witten at Princeton, and Jeremiah Ostriker at Columbia.

So, I had Meg buy dinner with them. She offered them each two things. The first was a million-dollar donation to their research, with absolutely no strings attached other than dinner at our home tonight in Montreal. The second was a ride in space.

I'm pretty sure that last one is what got them to agree. They all knew each other, of course, and their theories didn't always agree, but they knew the group that was coming. We were walking back to the house now, because they would be landing at 1700.

In the driveway.

Now we needed a pilot, didn't we? We decided to push it a little, and Meg did some homework within a Venn diagram of kids. Kids that could pilot an F-77 and kids that would be engaged in the conversation. As it turns out, Tegan was right there, both in her curiosity about theoretical physics and in her ability to pilot a space plane. Pretty cool for, you know, 7.

I had to laugh, because the second person that fit both qualifications was Luca. Her significant other. 7 and 15. Engaged. In a quad group.

OK, the last little bit didn't have to be right out there with this group, now did it?

I'd timed it better than I expected, and we were walking up the driveway when the F-77 floated to the ground. It's fun to watch.

The steps swung down, and the three scientists stepped out. I was impressed, both because Nan clearly knew exactly who they were, but also managed to contain her desire to squeal loudly. She went right up and formally introduced herself, calling them each by their name. No, not their first name. That would have been gauche.

Just then, Natalie and Ty came out of the house and Natalie did not have the same level for squeal control. I thought it was for Luca and Tegan, who she knew quite well, but no, she knew each scientist and as she introduced herself, made a brief comment on one of their recent scholarly publications. Ty was right there with her, and they had a brief discussion on Dr. Geller's recent paper, with Natalie having a strong opinion that there was an error in her underlying assumptions. Then Nan jumped in to challenge Natalie, and explained why the assumption was, in fact, accurate. Natalie got a thoughtful look on her face.

"I hadn't considered that," said Natalie. "That opens up a number of options for future research."

We just had to open the school soon.

By this time, Tegan and Luca had joined the discussion too, with Tegan arguing strongly on a point. They finally decided to leave that until later, given we were in the driveway.

The three scientists just kept looking from one kid to the other as the discussion got spirited. In the driveway.

"Stop," I said, finally. "They're here for the evening and you'll have plenty of time for conversation, but let's at least go inside." Just then Finn, Natalie's dad, walked up and suggested that the 187 was available and that dinner would be onboard. He introduced himself and Natalie beamed. She was proud of her dad. Just then Kacey walked up and introduced himself as Ty's dad.

Finally, Emma walked up and cleared up that she was both kid's mom. Everyone started walking off, but Dr. Witten -- Ed -- hung back a bit.

"I'm just curious. Are they a poly trio?" asked Ed. Dr. Ed. When I confirmed they were, I think he swooned a little.

Scientists are fun. Who knew?

Bob's a hell of a guy

Nan here. Bob did this for me. He's so damn cool. I had no idea that Natalie and Ty were also interested in many of the topics I am. Damn, we needed that school pronto. Tomorrow. We'd buy it tomorrow. One way or another, I'll have it up and running in a month, if I must come back and teach the damn classes myself.

I knew about Tegan and Luca, of course. We were sort of an informal physics club. We went for a lazy cruise up the St. Lawrence. Meg had worked with Finn to find out the favorite meals of our three guests. We had a buffet, with all three choices. It turns out that Dr. Geller was partial to Mexican food, Dr. Witten liked a good steak, and Dr. Ostriker was a vegetarian.

It was quite a buffet.

The adults hung around and listened, but after dinner, the three doctors sat around an outdoor dining table with Natalie, Ty, Luca, Tegan, and me. I described my theory on the origins of the universe. It's a bit complex for the journal, but my theory contradicted the big bang. My theory was that it just was, meaning that there was no true beginning, at least in measurable time, and that the position of all the celestial bodies, while moving, started near where they are today, in life of the universe terms.

What was fun was that my approach built on snippets of research from all three scientists. I don't know how Bob picked these three, but they were exactly the right group. All I had really done was apply all their thinking with a coherent overlay that brought it all together. What was great fun was that the light bulb went on for Natalie and Ty before the other three. They both jumped in and added their thinking, reinforcing my theory. Tegan and Luca did too, but they already knew my research. In fact, they were co-authors on my paper.

"You are impressive children," said Dr. Geller. I could even let the children part slide.

"How long have you been working together on this theory?" asked Dr. Witten. Natalie just laughed.

"We haven't. I'm hearing it for the first time, just like Ty is, and just like you are," said Natalie. "Once Nan explained her thinking, it was just kind of obvious."

"Obvious. You think it was obvious," said Dr. Ostriker.

"Sure," said Ty. He went off on a bit of a monologue approaching it from another angle that just cemented the theory.

"Wait, that's a brilliant analysis of an incredible theory. You're telling me that you came to that realization during this conversation?" asked Dr. Geller.

"Yes, why?" asked Ty. Natalie jumped in from a different perspective and we went through the same dance.

All three scientists got quiet, after the discussion concluded. Finally, Dr. Geller spoke.

Tegan and Luca had been quiet, but finally they joined in and added commentary that just floored our guests.

"Nan, your argument is compelling. I admit I didn't see it until your friends jumped in. It's so simple yet makes a major leap in our understanding. We need to get this to the larger community for discussion. All five of you need to be involved," she said. "If this withstands rigorous review, you'll win the Nobel Physics Prize and there won't be any competition. None. I think I can confidently say you would be the youngest winner and it would be a record that would stand for a while."

The Nobel Prize

Bob again. They were so focused I thought I'd take the pen.

Wow. That's too cool. Nan was just grinning.

"Well, it would include Tegan and Luca, of course," said Nan. "I couldn't have finished my theory without their support and constructive criticism."

"You must speak at the upcoming astrophysics conference in Paris. It's in just three weeks. Can you be prepared?" asked Dr. Ostriker.

"For what? How do I prepare? What is involved?" asked Nan. "I've never been to a physics conference. I just graduated from high school a few weeks ago."

"You graduated from high school?" asked Dr. Geller. "High school."

"Yes, of course," said Nan. "Why wouldn't I?" I took a moment to explain that she attended high school in Dionysus. It was interesting, as all three of them got what I would describe as a sly grin.

"Oh, we're aware of the program," said Dr. Witten. "Very aware. We've been following your work. I saw you opened your campus in Berlin recently. You are truly revolutionizing education. Do I understand that you're expanding into universities for the graduates of your high schools?"

"Yes," said Nan. "We are. Our Madrid university will open in January for the spring semester, followed by our Athens campus for summer classes. It's going quite well. We've been able to recruit a stellar team of professors and support staff. We have been working on developing our research programs and are actively recruiting to fill those positions. Bob and Amy have endowed the research program with $10 billion to ensure adequate capital. I will be attending the Athens campus starting in the summer, because I need to be close to Dionysus because of my role in the program."

That last sentence clearly got their curiosity up. Then again, so did the $10 billion figure.

"What would your role be, Nan?" asked Dr. Geller.

"I'm the Minister of Education. I'm responsible for the entire program, but, of course, I have a stellar team working with me," said Nan. "We're actually here because we are negotiating with the city of Montreal to locate a new campus here." Well, I guess she just announced it to Ty and Natalie. You could tell they understood the significance but managed to hold it in.

I would have squealed.

"Of course, you're the Minister of Education. Why wouldn't you be?" said Dr. Witten, with a small laugh.

"Back to the meeting. In a perfect world, you would have a paper ready to publish on your theory, and would use the forum to announce its publication," said Dr. Geller.

"Oh, I have that," said Nan. "It's ready to go. It does, of course, need to be peer reviewed. You don't suppose I could impose on the three of you to read it? I believe you will find it complete, with all the appropriate citations, many of which come from your published works."

"Well sure, you already have the paper," said Dr. Ostriker. "Why would have I expected anything less? I can't speak for the others, but I'd be honored to read it. Just having my name as a peer reviewer would be wonderful." With that, Nan hopped up and ran into the office. Moments later, we heard the printer start.

Nothing like striking while the iron is hot. She came back in, with five copies, each with a paper clip.

"My apologies for the informality of the presentation," said Nan. She handed a copy to each of the three of them, and one each to Ty and Natalie. Well sure. Luca and Tegan commented that they had read it and Nan pointed out they were named authors.

"I have my presentation prepared as well, but thought you'd prefer to read the paper first," said Nan. "Would you like to stay the night and I could do the presentation tomorrow? Or we could take you home and pick you back up. Space plane and all that." I took the time to assure them we had plenty of room.

"No way in hell I'm leaving without reading this paper and hearing Nan's presentation," said Dr. Witten. The others agreed.

I know you're used to exciting evenings involving s'mores, but ours consisted of the five of them sitting in the living room, absorbed in a hundred-page dissertation. It was well after midnight before they finished and, yes, Ty and Natalie got to stay up late to finish reading.

Although they both finished before the three others. Finn, Kacey, Emma, and I left them to their reading and went upstairs for a little while. We had time to fill. OK, so did Tegan and Luca. They'd already read the paper.

Uh huh.

When we went back down, they were just finishing. Yeah, we were finished too. Was it bedtime?


We sat around until almost 3 am with them peppering Nan with questions. All five of them. At one point Natalie got into a spirited argument with Dr. Witten. It went on for a while, with everyone else listening.

"OK, I concede," said Dr. Witten, to Natalie. "You have a point that I had not considered, and I was wrong."

"But that invalidates your last paper completely," said Dr. Ostriker.

"Yes, I know. And it should," said Dr. Witten. "I will have to withdraw the paper, correct it, and resubmit it with Natalie as my co-author."

"You know I'm in 3rd grade, right?" said Natalie.

"No, I didn't, but it doesn't matter," said Dr. Witten. "You were right, I was wrong, it needs to be corrected, and you should have credit." That got a smile out of Natalie. Finally, the discussion wound down and we all drifted off to bed, exhausted.

Ty joined me.

I was OK with that.

Not much sleep

The next morning everyone rolled out of bed by 8.

Freaking 8. Kings don't get up at 8.

There was amazing energy from a bunch of physics geeks. Somehow, overnight, a presentation room had been setup, complete with projector. It had been setup as a panel, with Nan at a podium, standing on a stool, and the four other kids at the table, complete with microphones. I sat in the audience, with the three scientists. The three parents joined us, although we all admitted we were a bit lost.

Nan's presentation was simply stunning. Passionate, forceful, coherent. Just stunning.

Not one um, ah, or you know.

She knew her material cold. Once complete, she opened it up for questions. That's where the other four kids got involved.

"Before we start," said Dr. Witten. "we're going to be mean, vicious, condescending and make horrible comments about your age. We apologize, but you're shaking up the entire world of physics and they won't like it. So, consider this practice. They're going to come after you. Hard. Very hard. You will literally be invalidating entire careers' worth of research. Heck, half of mine. I'm OK with that, because I want the truth, but many won't be. Are you OK with that?"

All five kids laughed. Yes, laughed.

"Yeah, we're good," said Nan. "Bring it on."

And they did. For over two hours. Their questions were good, but their delivery was just vicious. They were animals.

All five kids kept their composure, and all contributed. It was awesome. Finally, the scientists ran out of steam.

"You were all incredible," said Dr. Geller. "You all have to be on stage, just like this. I can't wait to see your bios published. Tear them up kids."

"No pressure, but I was scheduled to deliver the keynote. Sadly, I can't anymore, because you just disproved everything I was going to present," said Dr. Witten. "My suggestion is that we tell no one. Just register for the event. You'll cause a stir with your mere presence. I'll ensure the stage is setup with four chairs, at a table, just like this. My session was 90 minutes. Once I am announced, I'll tell the truth, that I can't present anymore and introduce Nan. Don't introduce anyone else. That can happen after. It's better that way."

"This is going to be great fun, which is not a sentence I get to use about a physics symposium very often," said Dr. Geller. "Bob, bring along anyone you want, but they'll have to register. Everyone's parents, of course. If you can, arrange to have 500 copies of Nan's paper, bound, with the presentation in the front. Just ship them to the event to me and have them hold them. I'll ensure they're passed out as Nan is speaking."

"Oh God," said Dr. Witten. "I just can't wait."

I loved their excitement. With that, Luca and Tegan took them home.

I texted Mary Lou and had her register Ty and Natalie's parents, Nan's parents, Tegan's parents, and, of course, Luca's parents.

You know, Sophia and Morgan. That will cause a stir of its own, I suspected.

Now I am going to change the subject back to the school, as we had a 1300 appointment with the mayor and a small team. I was going to say we had to hurry, but given it was four blocks away, we were going to walk. We invited Ty and Natalie to come with us. We invited everyone, but the three parents decided to let the kids go without them.

We met the mayor and introduced Ty and Natalie. We went in and the director of the facility met us. The mayor introduced me, but not the kids, and you could see he didn't care who they were or why they were with us. He was smarmy. I don't know how else to describe him. Well, pompous and officious work too. He took us on the tour and kept talking about how it was the best and most productive team in the city. Yeah, the mayor rolled her eyes, but at least he couldn't see it. The kids followed us a few paces back and I would have bet they had the entire school designed by the end of the tour. I would have won that bet. It was an amazing facility and I certainly didn't care that we were going to overpay. Ty and Natalie and a heck of a lot of other local kids needed this. It was a big school and Nan estimated we could handle close to 2,500 students. Maybe even more. Awesome. We ended the tour and later that day the mayor called a special council session and the vote was unanimous.

Stupid money rules.

I headed home but left Nan behind for a few days. She told hilarious stories about how the director became her enemy. I can just imagine the toe-to-toe shouting matches. I had no doubt that Nan won them all.

A great trip.

Kina's first time

Ruby here. Remember Kina? The girl whose parents are asexual? We'd gotten to be good friends since she moved here. I was kind of a big sister to her. Her sexual awakening was continuing, although she wasn't the innocent little girl that her parents thought she was.

She was, however, a virgin and tonight was the night to remedy that situation. Oh, I hadn't pressured her, and she had her head in the right place, for sure. She had a big circle of friends now, who all supported her decision to wait, but she'd made her choice. There wasn't a kid on the island that wouldn't be happy to help her out, and it wasn't the allure of a virgin, it was that everyone was caring and supportive.

And the allure of a virgin.

Kina had gotten close with Yiannis and Dora, Athina's twins. Yiannis was a good choice, with a thin 4-inch (10 cm) cock, but skills to put it to use. Kina wanted Dora in the room too but asked me to join as well. Dora is, yum, developed for her age, given they're 11 years old, with a simply spectacular ass and B cup breasts with big nipples. I could spend hours sucking on those nipples. Oh wait, I have.

Sex play with Yiannis and Dora was common for Kina. I said they were friends. They just hadn't made that final step. I explained the concept of a party, and offered to host one for her, but she wasn't interested.

"Well, I'm not 7 years old," she said. "And how is that an intimate first time?" She had a point there. It was the opposite of intimate. The four of us went out to dinner, at a new cafe in Robertville and had a raucously fun evening. Tomas understood and stayed at home with Tavi and Amara. I suspected I'd find out that he wasn't left out. No, I knew I'd find out he wasn't left out. That cock.

Back on track. We had a great time and then adjourned to one of the 131s that I had reserved. Something about your first time floating out on the water felt like a good idea. We were out a bit and entirely alone, so we gave Kina her choice of a bed inside or a lounge outside, under the stars, on a glorious warm night. Oh, yeah, she picked outside. We'd relaxed in the jacuzzi for a bit, and each had a glass of wine, and it was time. Dora took her hand and led her to the chaise. She had her lay down and laid on her stomach beside her and they started kissing, passionately. From the moans, that was clearly a success. Yannis got between Kina's legs and started teasing her with his tongue. There is no other way to describe it. He kept getting her close, and then backing off. She was bucking against him. I came from the other side and alternated sucking on both of her nipples. Finally, Yannis let her go over and it was spectacular. Dora and I knew that was our cue and slipped off the lounge and sat together on a loveseat where we could watch but be out of the way. OK, we also fingered each other, but you probably knew that.

Yannis rolled Kina and had her sitting on his legs. He patiently asked her, again, if she was sure. She answered by lifting his cock and gently sliding down onto it. She yelped, just a bit, then sat with him fully inside her for a minute or two.

Then they made love. Slowly, gently, with lots of kissing and fondling. It was so wonderful to see. He was giving her all kinds of attention, from her nipples, to her clit, to nibbling on her ear. He is quite a lover and her first time would be memorable. Finally, she sat up and just exploded, and he clearly did too. She fell against his chest and they laid together as he stroked her hair and back. She was wiggling against him and it finally dawned on me what she was doing.

She was getting him hard again while he was still inside her. Oh, I was trying that technique. It clearly worked as she sat up and started bouncing like a maniac. He didn't last at all for a second time and pumped another load into her. She rolled off and laid next to him and uttered the famous words.

"Clean me up," she said. Oh, he did, he did. Once he was done, she hopped up and took his hand and headed back to the jacuzzi, waving for us to join them.

The warm water felt wonderful. She poured us each another glass of wine, which was our limit.

"That was amazing. My parents are fucking nuts for not fucking," said Kina. That was quite a mouthful. "I like cock." Also, quite a mouthful, tee hee.

"Seriously though," said Kina. "That was wonderful and thank you Yiannis for making it special. I do plan on experimenting more. Heck, why else do we have a wrestling room?"

>From her first time to the wrestling room. Sure.

"Just be careful," I said. "Sex is sex and love is love and don't get confused."

"Oh, I won't," said Kina. "I love Yiannis, but I'm not ready to marry him. He's a great friend and a good fuck and I plan on doing that with him often."

Yiannis appeared to like that, because he hopped out of the tub and was clearly hard again. Kina laughed and he led her downstairs. I don't know what happened, because Dora and I gave them space, but they didn't come back up until morning. Dora and I found several spectacular ways to fill our time. Did I mention B cups with big nipples? I think I did.

A little short entry but reflects well on our country. Sex is integral and done right. If only it was everywhere.

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

Bob here. Amy and I were watching an old episode of Wild, Wild West. Not the movie remake with Will Smith. The original TV show with Robert Conrad. I get this is probably meaningless but look it up. It doesn't matter. The point of the post is that they had their own train car and it was pretty darn nice. We talked about how we all flew around in super planes and never got to see anything.

You know me. The weirdest triggers sent me onto tangents. I started researching train rides. Across Europe. Maybe Russia or the US. I finally decided on Canada for our first trip. I found a company that did week-long excursions and they looked cool. You started in Vancouver and ended up in Halifax. The scenery was supposed to be amazing and the solitude would be cool. Take a book and enjoy the rolling train ride.

Amy was in so I started seeing who else wanted to go.

It turned out everyone did. Over 60 people wanted in. The entire tour, if we bought it out, wouldn't come close. I thought about doing multiple trips which would be the easiest. I thought about a lottery.

But then I got into a conversation with Jamie. Jamie and his family wanted in. I was good with that.

"You really need to talk to a friend of mine. He keeps a private rail car over in Orange Park, near Jacksonville. His family goes on the coolest trips on the back of an Amtrak train. Maybe you could do something like that?" said Jamie. It turned out his friend Train lived in Jacksonville now and was semi-retired but had late in life kids. Yes, his nickname was Train. He had a 17-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter. He was in his seventies, but his wife was in her forties. You go guy.

Jamie agreed to set up lunch. Amy and I would fly us all over. We would pick up Jamie and Jeannie first. We said we would pick them up at their house at 11 and could fly over for our noon lunch. Shin made sure we could land at the back of the restaurant lot. Train was a member of the River Club and we promised to buy lunch in exchange for picking their brains. Apparently, Rae was just as into trains. Orlando was into it too, so we suggested they bring their kids Garrett and Autumn.

So, nine for lunch. Train told Jamie it was an expensive place. I'm pretty sure Jamie laughed.

We landed a few minutes early and quite a crowd came out of the restaurant. Something about vertically landing your space plane will do that. Yes, we finally had a civilian space plane imaginatively named the E-78. Our planes needed better names. When we stepped out of the plane, Jamie called out to Train, who had come out with his family and likely every other lunchtime patron. We did the introductions.

"Is this the new E-78?" asked Autumn. "I've read about it and seen pictures but though they were exclusive to the family that owns the factory. Some super rich people."

How do you gracefully answer that question?

"Yes, it is an E-78," said Orlando. "We hear that entire family is a bunch of assholes. Stupid rich people."

Yeah, Jamie couldn't hold it and started laughing.

"Yeah, they're all insufferable," said Jamie.

"You're that family, aren't you?" said Autumn, turning bright red.

"At your service," said Orlando, laughing and letting her off the hook.

"So, I guess my concern about your paying for lunch for all of us was why you laughed Jamie?" asked Train.

"We will tell you the whole story sometime," said Jamie. "But they're the nicest, most normal people you'll ever meet. Generous and fun too. Their adopted daughter is Chris Hayden."

Well that caused a whole different reaction.

"Chris Hayden of the Hayden foundation? The kingmaker?" said Garrett. "She is my hero."

"Ours too," said Amy. "Ours too."

"Wait," said Autmn. "If you're Chris Hayden's parents, then you're the musician and actor", to Orlando. That embarrassed Orlando, which makes me laugh, but he just mumbled he was.

"You have quite the family," said Train. "Let's go in and eat."

Lunch was great fun and the four of them taught us all about the different types of private train cars. It was all very cool.

"So, it sounds like we need two sleeper cars, a lounge car, and a dining car. Maybe a business car too so we have a private place," said Amy. Felt about right.

We realized their entire family was staring at us.

"You realize that's easily a four million-dollar investment," said Train.

"Dad, their plane costs $500 million. They own the factory that makes them. They're the richest family in the world," said Autumn.

"I thought that was Bezos," said Rae.

"Only because they refuse to admit how much they have. Estimates vary from $300 billion to over a trillion," said Autumn. "Sorry, that was rude of me."

We just smiled and assured her it was OK. We sure weren't going to admit we had to change from a B to a T.

Weird. Our life was weird. We gave our money away at a monumental pace. It still just kept growing.

"I guess the $8 or so a mile you'd be charged isn't an issue then," said Rae, with a laugh.

"So, we have to live within the Amtrak schedule?" asked Orlando. "It doesn't allow for lazy, meandering trips, does it?"

"It is a little limiting," said Train. "You can make a trip with multiple different engines, but the connection costs are high. That's not an issue for you but you lose days off your trip from the process."

"Can't we just buy our own engine?" asked Orlando. That sent our four new friends into a discussion amongst themselves.

"We don't know," said Train. "I don't think anyone has ever tried it. A new engine is easily five million and while those of us that own a car are comfortable, we are not five million for an engine comfortable."

Orlando got quiet for a bit and was using his phone. Finally, he finished and smiled.

"Yes, you can, and no one ever has. Basically, you're treated as a freight carrier and pay the rate depending on weight. For our little four or five passenger cars, it would be dirt cheap," said Orlando.

"How in the world did you find that out so fast?" asked Garrett.

"Google," said Orlando, with a laugh. Train jumped in and said that the depot here in Jacksonville had a wide selection of cars that were on consignment and for sale. If we were serious, he suggested we go over after lunch and he could give us a tour and some recommendations. There was raucous agreement at the idea. Orlando was on his phone again and looked at me and nodded. I knew what he meant. We finished up a pleasant lunch and got up to leave.

"I guess you can grab an Uber," said Train. "I'll give you an address."

"Or we could all fly over," I said. It took a moment to register, but then Autumn squealed.

"Can we go into space?" she asked. I looked at Train and he just smiled.

"Sure," I said. They all four squealed at that point. It was hilarious to hear a man in his seventies squeal. We did a complete orbit, which is always fun, because it gives us time. Time to, you know, fuck in space. For his age, Train has some serious skills, at least according to Amy. I was entertained by Garrett and Autumn and entertained well. It somehow felt appropriate to be in the middle of a train on this flight. I took over for Orlando, flying the plane, so he could have some fun too, so I am not sure what happened after that. I just know we all were satisfied before we landed. Quite satisfied.

We landed at the depot, which got us attention, as it always does. We let Train get off first, since you knew there would be some of his buddies there. Oh, he played up his trip in space. We just stayed out of it. Let him enjoy. Once he had his fun, we toured the available cars with the depot master, who also handled consignment sales. It was so helpful to have Train and his family with us, because they caught flaws we never would have found. For example, there was one lounge car that was just beautiful, at least to us, but Train steered us away from it. He showed us the problems in the underlying structure. OK, he showed us something, but none of us had a clue, so we trusted him. In the end, we negotiated deals on three sleeper cars, two lounge cars, a dining car, an observation car and two business cars. Oh, we also bought a freight car for cars. We'd need cars, right? This one was cool, because it had an integrated crane that would lift them up to load them and the process was fast. We mentioned to the depot master that we were going to privately buy a locomotive and saw his eyes light up.

"As it turns out, the freight company that is based here bought a brand-new state-of-the-art locomotive recently, and then their plans changed. Something about financial difficulties. There's quite a fight going on between the manufacturer, the freight company, and the bank, but they told me that if I could find a buyer, they would jointly offer it at a favorable price. It's a new GE Locomotive with every bell and whistle," said the depot manager. Train's eyes lit up too. We walked to a different part of the yard and there it was, painted in white, with red accents.

You know. Our livery.

It was a sign. With Train's help, we negotiated a price for it, and I wired all the money and they were all ours. I tried to convince Train to let me pay him for his help, but he refused. So, I offered him the next best thing. Whenever we or our friends were going on a trip, they were welcome to attach their car for free. That offer knocked him back a bit, but it was nothing to us. Literally. If the engine was running, one more car made zero difference. He asked what we were going to do about a crew.

Oops. Hadn't thought of that. I turned to Jamie and he laughed.

"Give me a few minutes," he said and walked away while pulling out his phone. While he was gone, I asked Train about how a crew was supported and he told us they usually had a crew car, which was self-contained world for them. I turned to the depot manager and he just waved for us to follow.

Yep bought one of those too, but with Jamie's help, I suspected we would find a crew that would be a little more involved with our passengers. Jamie came back and told us we were doing an interview over dinner. Train asked who we were interviewing.

"It's a married couple that has experience with this locomotive," said Jamie. Train's eyes brightened.

"Dario and Rosa," said Train, with clear joy in his voice.

"You know them?" asked Jamie.

"Oh yes. Oh, hell yes," said Train. His family all moaned. I was pretty sure we had found our crew. Train suggested that while dinner was fine, he should have them come right over so they could see the cars and what was going on. The depot master went off to get everything rearranged and our train built. I'd arranged for a private siding just for our train.

Our train. We owned a train. How freaking old school. We all watched the process and it was so cool. It didn't take them long at all and just as they were backing up the locomotive to connect it, we heard someone call out Train's name. We turned and saw a couple approaching. Holy shit they were beautiful. Both. I didn't know anything other than they looked to be in their thirties. He was around 6'1", muscular, with a buzz cut and a big smile. She was about 5'7" (170 cm), athletic, with unfettered C cups in a tight t-shirt. They were truly stunning. A lot of hugs occurred, and then we all got hugs too.

They were huggers. They'd fit right in. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Dario was clearly hard and ground it into me a bit.

Yeah, they were hired.

No, no, we needed to do the interview, but Train's endorsement went a long way. Train did the introductions and explained that we now had our own private train. He pointed to it. Their eyebrows shot up.

"You own an entire train?" said Rosa. "That train? Those are the finest cars in the depot. I know them all. Who the hell are you?" Garrett pointed across the parking lot at our plane. They both laughed and did the little head bob thing.

"Your majesties, we are at your service," said Dario. Jamie and Jeannie couldn't stop laughing.

"People actually say your majesty to you?" said Jamie, still laughing.

"Of course, you peasant," I said, in my kingly voice. OK, that broke everyone up. I suggested an early dinner at the Island Grille.

"I'm not familiar with it," said Train. "Where is it?"

"Clearwater Beach," said Orlando. "I made reservations in 20 minutes."

That got a lot of funny looks until he pointed at the plane. Yeah, more eyebrow bouncing, but we did make it in 20 minutes and had great fun sitting outside eating good food. I'd missed this place. Of course, we were welcomed like royalty. Oh, wait, I guess I can't use that turn of phrase anymore. Damn we had a good time and Dario and Rosa were a hoot. Amy and I took them into the bar and offered them the jobs. We enjoyed a bottle of one of my favorite wines, which caught Rosa by surprise. I was impressed that she knew it, but we did the how can you afford it dance. I won't go through all of that, but yes, they were our newest family members. I showed them the app and how our friends would schedule time on the train and that we'd mostly leave the schedule and location up to them. Our friends would meet them wherever they happened to be. We suggested they set them up as week-long tours, going to places they had always wanted to go. We told them to spend freely and stay in nice hotels if they wanted to. They were a little shocked, as people always are. Dario did call us out on the wine if we were flying, but we laughed and explained that Orlando would fly. Yeah, the 15-year-old space pilot threw them, but they had no idea. They'd learn. We did the whole can but don't have to which got us huge smiles.

Oh, they would, they would. In fact, they suggested that if we didn't have to get right back, we could do a short tour of the southeast on our new train.

Our new train. Yes, we could, but I sent a quick note out and Morgan and Sophia were going to join us and bring Grace. We invited Jamie and his family, but they had to work, but Tyler and Annie didn't. Train and his family could come too. There were fourteen of us, which meant we'd need some vehicles. At least three good size SUVs, so I looked to see what was in Jacksonville. We didn't have much time, but the Mercedes and Audi dealers were willing to move fast, over the phone, but the BMW dealer wasn't. What is it about BMW sales people? We had a GLS63, an SQ7, and an R8 convertible delivered. Just enough seats. I do think that threw Dario and Rosa, particularly when we said we'd just leave them behind for them to use. We told them to buy more SUVs too, since there would often be a lot of people on the train. I'd work with them. I liked buying shit.

We spent the night on the train and left in the morning.

A freaking train

Amy here. Bob bought a freaking train and I loved it. We spent the night on the train, in the yard. Bob and I had our own room in one of the business cars. We all stayed up way too late playing, of all things, Cards against Humanity. It was freaking hilarious with a group as insane as ours. Not only were Train and his family great fun, but Dario and Rosa fit right in. We knew we'd play and do more, but the first night was everyone getting to know each other.

OK, Orlando and Grace disappeared with Tyler, Annie, Garrett, and Autumn for a while. Can you blame them? Sophia and Morgan snuck off for a bit too, but I had no idea who they joined. They did like cock though...

We left Jacksonville and all sat on the comfortable couches in the observation car. We were headed to Montgomery, Alabama for the night, but would stop in Tallahassee for lunch. We'd either pull the cars off or Uber. I figured we'd Uber more often, just because of convenience, but, you know, Bob. Bob and his toys.

You know something? None of us had ever fucked on a moving train. Oh my God it was glorious. The motion and vibration were incredible. OK, I had to laugh, because we were rutting like animals on the couches and floor of the observation car. We even decided to play spin the bottle. We didn't have any of the card games with us, but Bob had put them all in the app.

Of course, he did.

The first spin was fun, because I got to spin. I am the Queen, you know. I spun and it pointed at Grace. Oh, we all love Grace. Bob hit the button and it came up golden arches. Oh, one of my favorites. Yes, yes, we had dildos, so Grace and I faced each other, and she hooked her legs over mine.

I think our audience enjoyed it too.

Bob was up next, and it pointed right between Annie and Garrett. He declared that meant a threesome. Yeah, he made up a rule, but no one complained. He didn't even hit the button. He had Garrett lie down and had Annie kneel over him. They were pleasuring each other when Bob slide right into Annie.

Yeah, we enjoyed that too.

Sophia spun and it pointed at Train. You would have thought he'd won the Super Bowl and the World Series.

I suppose he had. Bob hit the button and got the crab. Basically cowgirl, but the girl leans back which gives her more control and lets her pound harder. It's a great view for the guy too, and he can play with her clit.

Which he did. Sophia went over repeatedly before Train filled her up. Orlando pushed her off and cleaned her out. Of course, he fed it all to Grace. Aww.

One more and I'll let you imagine the rest. It was Morgan's turn and she split Orlando and Autumn. At least she said she did, and we weren't arguing. She got on the bottom and let Autumn experience the joys of an Orlando fuck. Well, until Morgan took it all on her face. Autumn and Garrett both seemed to understand cleanup.

Before we could even finish, Rosa walked in to tell us we were almost to Tallahassee. OK, she did moan when she saw us all naked and sticky, but we promised she could play tonight. That just made her moan again. So, I kissed her. An Amy kiss would tide her over, wouldn't it? I think she might have cum from the kiss. It's been known to happen.

We pulled into the freight yard and onto a siding and Bob lowered the cars. I was confident he'd have an engineer automate the process quickly and when I mentioned it to him, he laughed and said they were already working on it. I am so surprised. Not.

I looked in our directory to find a restaurant that had our wines. I wanted some, OK? There were a few, but the nicest was A la Provence. I called them to see if we could come in our shorts and if they had a private room. They did and we could, if we rented the room. Silly them. Of course, we did. We loaded up and I found myself in the SQ7. Bob had taken off in the R8 with Annie. She probably said please. He's a sucker for polite women. Lunch was just as fun as dinner had been. Of course, the kids and our engineers couldn't drink wine. It pissed off Orlando, but he'd deal with it. It's hard to go from being an adult to being treated like a kid.

Oh, I'd let him fuck me after lunch. Grace would too. That would make him happy.

Tonight would be Montgomery. Tomorrow we'd lunch in Atlanta and have dinner and spend the night in Columbia, South Carolina. Then the next day we'd make the run back to Jacksonville. We all loved this. We didn't see much that was cool on this trip, but it was a taste of future trips. We'd started with planning a cross-Canada trip and oh, we would. Just not on this trip. Before we went back to the train, I made Bob stop at the grocery. Yes, I rode back with him in the R8. He's not that stupid. We stocked up on snacks and all the fixings for s'mores. You must have dessert, right? I also bought out their book section and picked up two copies of each of the top 15 best sellers. We all curled up with a book for the afternoon. It was wonderful. I'd also bought puzzles and games. There was a spirited game of Yahtzee and another of Monopoly. There was even a game of poker that resulted in nudity. In other words, a quiet, lazy, wonderful afternoon with our family and more.

When we got to Montgomery, we were surprised by Leslie, Hunter, Hallie, Chris, and Noah. Yay! They even thought ahead, because after they landed, they bought a car. Well, we'd need it, right? At least the BMW dealer in Montgomery was a little better, because they'd bought an X5M. Dario and Rosa were learning to roll with it. They'd even made reservations for our entire group at Jubilee Seafood. Damn it was good.

After dinner we headed back to the train and, as promised, made Dario and Rosa the focus of our attention. Let's just say that they got sticky from marshmallows and Hershey bars. Rosa was insatiable and one way or another took a load from every cock on board. Damn girl. Dario did his best to give or receive to every single person on board and there were fifteen more of us.

He did like it in the ass. His orals skills were impressive too.

Oh, and he was a good fuck. A good fuck.

The rest of the trip went about the same, just another day and night. It was glorious and we knew we'd found something we, and our friends, would use a lot. We told stories late into the night and Dario and Rosa, along with Train and his family, really didn't believe us. They'd see. Wait until they met Ruby.

I'll end here but come back for more train trips in the future.

I missed cars

Bob here. I missed cars. Not just the modern cars we buy but the classics. I'd built a warehouse on Aether, the airport island, and we enjoyed them but that was limiting. So, two things were happening. The first was Luca's idea. He proposed we build a car museum in the casino. What a perfect audience. He took on that task. After all, we already had an airplane museum.

The second was more fun. Lance, Linda, Matt, Marco, and Gianna all wanted their kids in our school system. They finally made the big decision to give up their companies and move. They figured they could do something here.

But then Luca proposed an alternative. He suggested they go in together and build a large restoration center on Eros and make it a part of the tour. Allow people to see how the restorations were done and allow overflow from the museum. All climate controlled. He even suggested it be connected to the museum which would be in the casino.

Yeah, they liked it. We all liked it. Their kids loved it.

The big discussion was where they should live. Common sense said on Eros, but their kids wanted to live in Robertville. The parents didn't like the commute.

All the kids laughed at their parents as the kids could all fly. Everything, including helicopters. They offered to give them rides because the kids all wanted to live in Robertville where they knew the most people. The kids won.

I insisted that they also build a large apartment attached to their shop. They might not always want to commute and who knows when you might need a nap. A nap. Sure.

The plan was coming together.

One of our big conversations was that the museum couldn't hold all the cars and we liked them, so we wanted more storage room. We had to be careful and label a lot of the cars as on loan so nobody figured out we owned them all.

For once I won an argument. I wanted the warehouse on Prometheus where I could get to it in a golf cart. We drove around a lot looking for the best unobtrusive space and were stymied.

Then Luca came to the rescue. Again.

"Build it in the mountain. The climate control will be easier, and it will be secure as hell," he said. "Might be pricey though."

I called up Elon for advice. After all he was digging huge tunnels for his Boring company. We didn't need a subway, but the concept was the same.

Ok tangent but maybe we did need a subway. We needed to move a ton of people between islands every day and would like to move more. We had given up on the helicopter flights as they couldn't handle the capacity. Right now, there was bus service, but it was a solid 45-minute ride.

Back on the phone with Elon. In the end we decided that we would be the perfect test for the hyperloop. Robertville on one end and Amyville on the other with a stop in the middle. All underground including under the water where needed. We also added a stop at the airport on Aether, which made sense. Ruby insisted we put another stop almost 10 miles past the airport in a totally undeveloped area. I asked her why and she just said it was important. If it was important to Ruby, it was important to me, so we would build it out that far.

He was excited for a couple reasons. First, we had plenty of money and second, we had very little bureaucracy. Then I negotiated that I wanted my garage in the mountain first.

I get what I want. Turns out the machine could fit on the deck of the 475 so Jenny was dispatched to go get one from the plant where they make them.

I did have to explain to Elon that we would do all the hiring. He is not on Jackson's list which I admit was a little surprising.

Sorry. Boring. And I didn't mean that as a pun.

The museum is open

Luca here. Today was the grand opening of the museum and the attached restoration shop. We moved fast around here. Jesse and his team had pioneered some amazing construction techniques. Let me tell you the first set of cars on display was amazing, highlighted by one of Bob's 917s.

One of them.

GT40, old and new.

Muira and Aventador, old and new.

It went on and on. Bob agreed that special guests could tour his mountain museum. The new story was that car owners contacted with us due to the unique properties of being stored in the mountain.

I suppose all the owners do, if you count Bob as all the owners. OK, that's not fair. Some of the cars were clearly Amy's. On any given day you could see Bob ripping around the island in a super rare car.

Why not?

If you remember an earlier post about IndyCar and F1 drivers, you'll understand how we could have a number of them as special guests for the grand opening. One entire wing was dedicated to the history of auto racing. That's where the 917 was. Bob went on a buying spree before the museum opened. He kept having us build new rooms on the museum too. Bob found a list of the greatest race cars of all time on Topgear's site. He was on a quest. He'd found a few more lists too. He liked cars.

The first addition was the McLaren MP4/4 from 1988. Ayrton Senna's actual car. The restoration was meticulous, and Morgan ran it on our track. The second was a Peugeot 205 T16 Group B rally car. Damn it was cool. A little econobox that flew. Orlando and Grace had an interest in rally cars, so they took turns running it. Bob's 917 was already on the list, but he liked the Sunoco livery on their website, so he searched out another one. We had both the Sunoco and Gulf cars in the museum.

Next up was a Maserati 250F from the late 1950s. A Formula 1 car. He said it was tough to find one in restorable condition, but finally did. If by restorable condition you meant trashed out but it was in our expert's hands. Bob then found a 1967 Ferrari 330 P4. It was their answer to the GT40, but it still lost to the GT40 at Le Mans. It was beautiful though.

Bob kept going and going. Next up was another rally car and damn it was so ugly it was beautiful. Bob said it was designed as a rally car instead of being a retrofit of a street car. A Lancia Stratos. That arrived the same day as a truly weird Tyrell P34. It was a Formula 1 car with six wheels. Four in front that were small. It only raced in 1976 because Goodyear didn't keep making the tires. Weird.

Oh, he kept it up and I was loving every minute of it, because it was a huge draw at the casino. Morgan was loving it more, because she was ripping around the track in everything they restored. Bob managed to get his hands on a Porsche 935/78 Moby Dick, which was one of his toughest finds. It had the name because of the huge whale tail, and it was fast as hell. In 1978, it even beat the prototype cars at Le Mans. Oh, I can't forget the pair of Porsche 962 race cars. Damn they were as beautiful as the 917.

OK, OK, I'll let you search for the Top Gear article, but suffice it to say Bob pulled it off. Money helped. I had no doubt the stream of cool cars would continue. Amy mentioned she was going to ramp up her quest for muscle cars.

I couldn't wait.

On to Madrid

Nan again. We just landed in Madrid at the campus. Leslie flew down to join us. We were going to find time for my first lesson. Whoo hoo!

I'd never been on this campus. It was amazing. It was huge, with almost a kilometer of beach. Yes beach. The President's mansion was on the water. I'd bet Bob had a dock built in the next week. He liked buying yachts for people.

I was going to have a tough decision. I loved this campus but was drawn to Magda. I had thought about it all night and would probably go here. After all, she is the boss and I'll be a student. But my plan had been to go to our school in Athens. Oh hell, I'd figure it out. We needed to staff this school now.

I have time. I am 4.

Jackson had setup interviews for the President role. We realized that is all we had to hire. Magda had been a godsend as she had a network in academia. She worked with Jackson to do a cross reference and had three interviews setup for today.

Bob wasn't even sitting in. Just me, with Leslie. She had to get back tonight, since she was in school. I wondered if she would transfer? Oh wait, we wouldn't have graduate programs yet. She would graduate first. Rylee and I had already discussed her leading the computer science program here, once she graduated. She was really pushing it. So hard she might start the first graduate program. Unless she chooses Dionysus Athens. You know. Home.

I liked her kids. Either choice would be cool.

Back to the task at hand. We had three interviews. Man, woman, woman. We didn't care. The first interview went quite well. We kept it professional and he didn't seem bothered by our ages, even though I led the meeting.

"I want to thank you both for your time. This has truly been enlightening. What you are doing in education is revolutionary. I am just sad no one tried it years ago. You are both very special young women. I would be honored to work here. In fact, while my preference is the overall President's job, and I believe I am well qualified, should you choose another direction, I would be pleased to interview for the headmaster role. You are aware my background covers both," said Jorge. Oh, I loved his name.

"Thank you for sharing that. I can confidently say you are in the lead, but given you are our first interview, I wouldn't put too much into that," I said, getting the expected chuckle. "Given that willingness, could you be available again today? Our goal is to fill the position today. We have two more interviews."

"Today? With three candidates and one interview?" he said. "I expected this would take months."

"We are very decisive, and you come with very special recommendations," I said. He got what I meant.

The second interview lasted about 90 seconds. Oh God she was horrible. It surprised Leslie and me to be so disrespected by a woman. She was loud, brash, and annoying and kept insisting she needed to speak to an adult. We had her escorted out.

Bullet dodged.

Our third candidate was simply spectacular. A tall, beautiful woman. Well spoken. Outstanding background. Just perfect. I suspected she would be the President and Jorge would be the headmaster. First, though, I had to understand why she hadn't worked in two years. I was sure there was an explanation.

"One last question," I said. "We see you haven't worked in two years. Could you share why?" Oh boy. Serious discomfort. This was going to be bad. Finally, she squared her shoulders and took a deep breath.

"My name has always been Dana. However, I have not always been a woman. I am a transsexual. To my surprise, even in academia, that affected my ability to get a job. I am hopeful, very hopeful, that will not be a problem, but given the ages of the students, I will not be surprised if it is," she said.

Leslie and I looked at each other and she smiled. I had this.

"Dana we would be honored if you would accept the position. You are perfect. We appreciate you shared the situation, but we don't care. None of the students will care. None of the parents will care. No one in our country will care," I said. "We are hopeful you could start immediately. We would like to turn hiring over to you."

She let out a little yelp. She picked me up for a hug. Then she realized what she had done and set me down.

"I'm so sorry! That was terrible of me," she said. I laughed.

"Why? I like hugs," I said. She and Leslie laughed too. We walked her through the compensation plan and the fact the job came with a home. She was stunned. We were used to that.

"Let's go walk through the house," I said. "I haven't even seen it yet. It may need to be refurbished. Oh, one more thing. We interviewed another candidate that we think would be a perfect headmaster, but it is entirely your call. He is available to interview with you later today." I shared his name. She laughed out loud.

"Jorge is absolutely perfect for the job. He is my best friend and has stayed loyal through all of this. We have been best friends since we were 4. He is the only one that accepted this and told me he just didn't care. He and I would be a powerful team. He is hired as far as I am concerned," she said.

"Why don't you call him and offer him the job. We are comfortable with the same package, minus the house," I said.

So, she did. We heard his scream and laughter through the phone. Oh yeah, he accepted.

I wanted a flying lesson so we told Dana to explore the campus and her house and we would meet her there at 1600. We suggested she invite Jorge to dinner.

"If we are done and I have the job, I have one question. I didn't want to ask yet," she said. Well this could be interesting.

"I have two children that my assessment says are quite special. Would it be appropriate for them to attend the school?" she asked.

"Of course! All faculty and staff children can enroll for free, if they test appropriately. We discussed that the kids are special in many ways. You and your ex-wife are comfortable with that?" I asked

"Oh yes. Very much so. And I may have confused you. We are still married. She was quite accepting," she said. We were so happy for her. We asked about her kids. You could see her light up.

"Our son Berto is 8. Our daughter Alva is 7. Would it be OK if I invited my family and Jorge's to dinner? Oh, it isn't a problem that Jorge is married to Javier?" she said. "They have two adorable kids, a 9-year-old girl Luz and an 8-year-old boy Neron. Oh, you'll love all four kids. Oh, my error. My wife is Dina." Dana and Dina.

"The more the merrier," said Leslie. "You figure out where. Someplace nice. Our treat. We are off for Nan's flying lesson." Yes, we had to explain that I already could fly jets but was learning in a hypersonic fighter. That set her back a bit.

Nan in flight

Leslie here. Nan is too busy flying the plane. I still remember way back in the past, two years ago, when I thought I'd hold the jet rating record forever. Well I didn't. First Gabe, then Ruby, then Elena, then Carlina.

I thought Carlina was the youngest you could go.

Nope. 4. I cannot even believe I typed that. We expected a lot from kids but come on.

It would be easier to maintain my outrage if she wasn't an outstanding pilot. Oh, she might be learning in an F-61 but I already had engineers modifying an F-35.

After all, we had to defend Top Gun. I wondered if they'd even go for it. I had already proposed to Joe D that we would have a large team. The four that competed before, plus Elena and Carlina. Now I was going to propose Nan.

Ok even I giggled. Maybe I should just retire and open a spot. Hmm. Maybe so. Joe had already told me he couldn't take us all. Darn. I had proposed a fly off. A first round competition, if you will. No not just our pilots. Everyone. Earn your way in. Joe liked the idea as there was an opportunity for his pilots to show off.

Yeah right. We had already agreed we would not fly the F-61, 71, or 77. Pretty sure we wouldn't have to even try if we did. It did mean our team was going to need practice. We never flew the F-35 anymore. Sorry off track.

We flew a few hours and Nan didn't need me to ride shotgun anymore. I told her she could fly anything she wanted but no passengers until she had 50 hours in that model plane.

"Awesome," she said. "Can I keep the plane?" Yes, I laughed but it made sense. I told her she could just drop me off in Dionysus. I'd left my F-77 there. I'd miss dinner with Dana but that was OK. I could see the family. I'm out. Pen back to Nan.

Just Nan

Nan again. This is so cool. A year ago, I was in pre-K. 3-year-old pre-K. A year. Now I graduated from high school and am helping to open a new university where I'll be one of the first students. I'm about to take off for Madrid in my own F-61. And yes, Dana said I could stay with her. She had texted me that they were moving into the new house and we should have dinner there.

Cool. It's a short flight so I landed a few minutes later on the driveway. Dana came out with an attractive woman. Behind her was Jorge with an equally attractive man. Then four screaming kids flew out of the house and ran towards me as I came down the stairs. We did the introductions, but Dana kept looking at the plane.

"Why is Leslie still on the plane?" she asked. Oh.

"She isn't. She decided to stay at her parents tonight," I said. Javier hadn't caught up yet.

"Then who flew the plane?" asked Javier. I'd read about these questions in the journal. They are fun. I just cocked my head and looked at him and closed the stairs with the remote. He was still confused but the kids weren't. They started screaming.

We had been walking while we talked and went around the back of the house. Oh, Bob had been busy. There was a dock with an X-26, a 52, and a half dozen waverunners. I just laughed.

"A crew showed up and built the dock in an hour. Then a giant ship showed up and spit all these boats out of a garage. Somebody named Bob said to tell you that a permanent dock would be built soon and told us that you would explain. Then the ship took off and just flew away," said Berto.

Sure Bob. Disappear into the night. I knew the 475 was at their Barcelona house so he hadn't come far. Ok time to explain.

"Bob, who dropped off the boats, is our king," I said. "He paid for all of this. He is also my boss."

"That scruffy dude without a shirt is the King?" said Dana. "Although he looked good without the shirt." Yeah that got her a slap. I asked Dana for a moment and cleared my idea with her. She loved it. I peeled Jorge off from the group.

"I believe it would be nice if you and your family could also live here are the school. I have already spoken to Dana and, with your permission, we will build a house like hers down the beach just a little. I'm confident that Bob will deliver similar boats too," I said. He just stared at me.

"Bob approved building us a house?" he said. "Dana's house is almost 2,000 square meters. You're suggesting something like that? For us?" I just shook my head.

"Jorge, I realize this is hard to accept but you need to get used to it. No Bob didn't approve anything. I didn't need him to. I haven't even discussed it with him," I said. "We are going to have to figure all this out, and we will, but I am the Minister of Education. You and Dana work for me, but I will also be a student in the system. It will all work out but for now is the house OK?"

Well, they're huggers. He swung me around before he set me down and apologized.

"I liked it," I said. "I like hugs. I'll bet you never did that with a boss before."

Dinner was great fun. They were such wonderful families. Once everyone caught on clearly about Dionysus, they were even more, um, fun. I explained exceptions to them and the four kids screamed. Hey, I'm cute, what can I say. The four adults sat on the couch, drinking good wine, which I'd brought back with me, and watched us kids. Oh, they were naked and playing with themselves or each other, but they made it our night. If only I was nine, I would have hopped on all three cocks. They were gorgeous. Then again, Dina...

All four kids make me the focus of their attention. I showed them the position where a girl and I get into a 69 with me on my knees. I started with Alva. Then I wiggled my cute little butt. Neron beat Berto to the prize, but I lifted my head from Alva's cute little pussy to assure Berto that he could go next.

"Oh, I love sloppy seconds," said Berto. I did too, I did too. Wait, Neron was only 8. He could cum? It turned out they both could. Not a lot, but a little.

"Am I correct that this house is legally in Dionysus?" asked Luz. I assured her it was.

"Oh good," she said, and I knew where she was headed.

"Dads, I need your permission to be sexually active with adults," she said. "Once you give it, I want both of you and Dana to fuck me, while I go down on Dina."

You've never seen two men say yes faster. I sat on the couch, between Berto and Neron and gently stroked their cocks while we watched. She had them go in cock size order. Jorge, then Dana, then Javier. Javier's thick 9-inch (23 cm) cock took some effort, but they succeeded. Once he finished, she collapsed on her back, with all three loads still in her.

"Neron, you know what to do," said Luz. Oh good, they understand cleanup.

He was kind to his sister. He was also nice to Berto and me, since we got a lot of cum in passionate kisses.

It was quite a night. The five kids all ended up together in one big bed.

Morning was fun too.

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Character information

Name Chapters Age Description when introduced Stats when introduced
Bob All 25 Dad 6'2" (188 cm) – 165 (75 kg) , swimmer's body, 6–inch (15 cm) cut average cock
Amy All 23 Mom (and the Nanny, to start) 5'1" (155 cm) – 110 (50 kg) , bright red hair, C cup
Morgan All 17 The oldest of the new kids 5'5" (165 cm) – 120 (54 kg) , dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
Orlando All 15 The middle child and the only boy 5'0" (152 cm) – 100 (45 kg) , dirty blonde, 6–inch (15 cm) cut thick cock
Leslie All 13 The youngest 4'6" (137 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , brown hair, flat–chested
Chris 6,8,14-64 13 Boat sales person but becomes more 4'11" (150 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , slim, glorious puffy nipples
Tyler 2,3,34,36,45,64 19 Morgan's high school friend 5'11" (180 cm) – glasses, chiseled abs, 6–inch (15 cm) thick cock
Hunter 2,3,13,27,30,32,34,36,38-39,42-44,47-49,51,56-58,60-61,63-64 13 Leslie's new friend 5'0" (152 cm) – cute as hell, 3–inch (8 cm) cock
Jamie 2,3,34,45,64 Thirties Tyler's dad 5'10" (178 cm) – muscular
Jeanie 2,3,34,45,64 Thirties Tyler's mom 5'5" (165 cm) – sexy as hell, C cup
Annie 2,3,34,45,64 15 Tyler's sister 5'3" (160 cm) – trim, larger A cup
Hallie 2,3,13,27,30,32,34,38-39,42-44,47-49,51,56-58,60-61,63-64 13 Hunter's twin sister 4'8" (142 cm) – small A cup
Juanita 3,6,8-10,15-18,21,23,26-28,31-33,37,41,63 31 Family personal trainer and more 5'9" (175 cm) – athletic, petite, D cup, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Lance 5,8,15-17,29,31,33,47,51,64 Forties Co–owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater 6'2" (188 cm) – reasonably fit, average cock
Linda 5,8,16-17,31,33,47,64 Thirties Co–owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater 5'5" (165 cm) – healthy but not fat, firm C cup
Matt 5,8,16-17,29,31,33,47,51,64 29 Co–owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater 6'0" (183 cm) – average in every day, including a 5.5–inch (13 cm) cut cock
Gabe 6,14,16-19,24,27-29,31-37,39-40,42-43,45,47-52,54,56-59,61-63 13 Juanita's brother 5'6" (168 cm) – Cute AF, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Ruby 6,14,16-19,24,27-29,31-40,42-43,45-46,49-58,61,63-64 11 Juanita's sister 4'11" (150 cm) – 85 (39 kg) , sexy, flat
Julia 6,16-19,24,27,31-34,37,39,42-43,47-49,51,56,61,63 Forties Juanita's mom 5'6" (168 cm) – 125 (57 kg) , stunning, D cup on a small frame
Marco 7,16-17,64 Forties Italian car restorer 5'11" (180 cm) – Very Italian
Gianna 7,16-17,64 Thirties Real estate agent and Marco's wife 5'6" (168 cm) – beautiful, C cup
Sophia 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-43,46-48,53-54,56-58,62-64 20 New Italian friend and Goddess 5'7" (170 cm) – stunning, simply stunning, B cup
Luca 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-40,42-44,46-47,50-52,54,56-57,59,62-64 15 Sophia's son 5'9" (175 cm) – chiseled, male Sophia, 6–inch (15 cm) uncut cock
Elena 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-40,42-47,51-52,54,56-58,60-63 11 Sophia's daughter 4'5" (135 cm) – sexy AF
Noah 17,18,24,27,31-34,36-37,39,41,43-44,48,51,57,63-64 13 Chris' new friend 5'7" (170 cm) – thin, 5–inch (13 cm) average cock. Big balls
Rylee 18,27,32,36-39,48,52,56-58,60-63 13 Cheerleader with Leslie and Chris 5'4" (163 cm) – sexy AF, B cup
Amai 19,21,23,26-30,32-34,36-39,41,47-48,50-52,55-56,63 Twenties The family social secretary 5'4" (163 cm) – beautiful, petite, B cup, 6–inch (15 cm) uncut thick cock
Barb 19,20,26-28,31-32,36,39,42,63 Fifties Amai's mom 5'6" (168 cm) – 120 (54 kg) , stunning, mixed, C cup
Heather 22,41,45-46,48-49,58,63 Fifties Secretary of the Air Force  
Grace 23,29-30,36,38,43-44,48,50,54-57,63-64 16 Just Grace  
Jase 40,41,45-46,52,63 Thirties Dionysus caretaker – Ileana's husband 6'3" (191 cm) – Dark hair, Greek, well–built, 6–inch (15 cm) uncut cock
Ileana 40,41,45-46,63 Thirties Dionysus caretaker – Jase's wife 5'7" (170 cm) – Dark hair, Greek, sexy, C cup
Danae 42,49,63 10 Sister of Sotiris 4'4" (132 cm) – Cute, fuckable
Sotiris 42,49,63 13 Brother of Danae 5'4" (163 cm) – Thin, attractive, 5–inch (13 cm) thin cut cock
Nyssa 42,49,63 Thirties Sotiris and Danae's mom – Resort manager 5'0" (152 cm) – Trim, A cups, sexy
Arion 42,49,63 Thirties Sotiris and Danae's dad – Hiring manager 6'4" (193 cm) – Thin but muscular, 8–inch (20 cm) thick uncut cock
Aaron 42,45,54,63 Thirties Rabbi and Mikka's husband 6'3" (191 cm) – Tall, stately, thin, 6–inch (15 cm) cut cock
Mikka 42,45,49,63 Thirties School director and Aaron's wife 5'1" (155 cm) – Trim, smaller B cups
Gibor 42,45,63 13 Aaron and Mikka's son 5'7" (170 cm) – Aaron's mini–me, 7–inch (18 cm) thick cut cock
Darian 42,63 13 Zoe and Philo's twins 5'4" (163 cm) – thin, sexy, 4–inch (10 cm) thin cock
Dion 42,63 13 Zoe and Philo's twins 5'4" (163 cm) – thin, sexy, 4–inch (10 cm) thin cock (identical twins)
Dora 43,64 11 Angie and Athina's daughter and Yiannis' twin 5'4" (163 cm) – Great ass, B cup, huge nipples
Yiannis 43,64 11 Angie and Athina's son and Dora's twin 5'4" (163 cm) – Also a great ass, 4–inch (10 cm) thin uncut cock
Carlina 43,45-59,61-63 7 Romeo's daughter 4'4" (132 cm) – barely tall enough, blonde, cute, smart as hell
Heather (H2) 45,46,48-49,53,63 Twenties Heather (H1)'s girlfriend. School teacher 5'9" (175 cm) – thin, model beautiful, A cup, amazing
Nan 45,48,50-51,53,57,59,61-62,64 4 9th grade student 3'8" (112 cm) – cute, bubbly, fun
Tegan 46,48,50-54,56-57,59,62,64 7 Gemma and Sean's daughter 4'4" (132 cm) – Auburn hair, cute, fun
Maite 46,61,63 12 Vincente's daughter 5'3" (160 cm) – Cute AF. Sexy and skilled. Nice B cup with huge nipples
Tomas 46,52,55-57,61,63 11 Vincente's son 5'4" (163 cm) – Also Cute AF, sexy, and skilled. 6–inch (15 cm) thick uncut cock
Pablo 48,49,63 13 Thomas and Lucia's son 5'4" (163 cm) – Hispanic, thin, 6–inch (15 cm) cock
Marybeth 51,53,63 11 Amelia and Cobb's adopted daughter 5'2" (157 cm) – Thin, blonde, clearly a twin, small A cup
Richie 51,53,63 11 Amelia and Cobb's adopted son 5'2" (157 cm) – Thin, blonde, clearly a twin, thin 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Kina 53,64 9 Karla and Karl's daughter 4'4" (132 cm) – blonde, cute, bubbly
Horacio 54,63 9 Nuno and Estrela's son 5'0" (152 cm) – Smaller Nuno, with an amazing 9–inch (23 cm) cock
Remei 55,63 10 Sam's friend, formerly Serni 5'0" (152 cm) – Dark hair, beautiful, vivacious, 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Natalie 61,64 9 Montreal caretaker's daughter 4'8" (142 cm) – Gorgeous, petite, nipple bumps
Ty 61,64 10 Montreal caretaker's son 5'4" (163 cm) – Tall, handsome, well–built, 6–inch (15 cm) cock
Emma 61,64 Thirties Montreal caretaker 5'0" (152 cm) – Japanese, petite, cute, B cup
Kacey 61,64 Thirties Montreal caretaker and Ty's Dad 6'6" (198 cm) – Black, strong, stunning, 11–inch (28 cm) cock
Finn 61,64 Thirties Montreal caretaker and Natalie's Dad 5'11" (180 cm) – Hispanic, wiry, sexy, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Jeremy 63 Thirties New cruise ship captain 5'11" (180 cm) – Trim, looked the part, 5.5–inch (13 cm) cock
Francois 63 Sixties New cruise ship CEO 5'9" (175 cm) – Solid, tanned, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Jameis 63 Forties Ruby's friend and an archaeologist 7'1" (216 cm) – Big muscular guy, attractive, 11–inch (28 cm) cock
Cole 63 Twenties Caretaker of the Inn at the end of the road 6'2" (188 cm) – Dark hair, trim, 7–inch (18 cm) uncut cock
Ava 63 Twenties Engineer for the archaeology dig 5'7" (170 cm) – Runner's body, small B cup
Benton 63 Thirties Amy's friend that introduced them to something new 6'0" (183 cm) – Thin, British, aristocratic, 9–inch (23 cm) thick cock
Train 64 Seventies Expert in all things related to private train cars 6'1" (185 cm) – Fit for his age, 6–inch (15 cm) average cock
Rae 64 Forties Train's wife and also a knowledgeable expert 5'6" (168 cm) – Dark hair, womanly, sexy as hell, D cup
Garrett 64 17 6'0" (183 cm) – Tall, thin, athletic, 7–inch (18 cm) thick cock
Autumn 64 15 5'4" (163 cm) – Dark hair, funny, adorable, C cup
Dario 64 Forties Train crew 6'1" (185 cm) – Muscular, buzz cut, 8–inch (20 cm) thin cock
Rosa 64 Thirties Train crew 5'7" (170 cm) – Dark hair, athletic, sexy, C cup
Jorge 64 Thirties Headmaster at Dionysus Madrid 6'2" (188 cm) – Dark hair, handsome, distinguished, 6–inch (15 cm) thin cock
Javier 64 Thirties Jorge's husband 6'4" (193 cm) – Model gorgeous, Dark hair, olive skin, 9–inch (23 cm) thick cock
Luz 64 9 Jorge and Javier's daughter 4'7" (140 cm) – Dark hair, adorable, passionate, puffies
Neron 64 8 Jorge and Javier's son 4'7" (140 cm) – Dark hair, could be Luz' twin, 4–inch (10 cm) thin cock
Dana 64 Thirties President at Dionysus Madrid 5'8" (173 cm) – Blonde hair, stunning, C cup, 7–inch (18 cm) thick cock
Dina 64 Thirties Dana's wife 5'6" (168 cm) – Dark hair, cute, A cup
Berto 64 8 Dana and Dina's son 4'2" (127 cm) – Small, cute, funny, 3–inch (8 cm) cock
Alva 64 7 Dana and Dina's daughter 3'5" (104 cm) – Small, cute too, flat, skilled

End of Chapter