The party

25 May 2018

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Tim Buchanan

Formerly Chapter 18

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The party. Oh, the party

I love it when a plan comes together. Everyone clearly thought I was, in fact, an idiot, as I had little to do. Everyone else was frantic, and by the last few days, Jackson and Sofia moved into the garage apartment. I did notice the kids going over to 'help', singly or in groups, a lot, but what the heck. Fuck away kids.

My responsibilities were zero. Zip, zilch, nada. Well, I suppose I was writing the checks. No, that was Amy. Yep, zip. OK by me.

People had been in and out all week preparing and setting up. I had personally tested the go carts, repeatedly, until they finally told me to leave. I can take a hint. You only have to tell me three or four times, directly, to leave and I will.

Boats were gassed, coolers were filled, food was brought in. The bounce houses were cool. Jackson had even thought to assign a security person to the entrance of the maze. Let's not lose anyone folks. We even had a party app, that everyone could download to schedule things, like when they wanted to go on the boat, or the helicopter, or use a waverunner. Ipads were all around the property to sign up as well. Apparently we had almost bought out the Apple store, much to the delight of the sales person. I don't think someone walks in and asks the question "How many iPads do you have in stock" very often. The answer was 53. Five minutes later, the answer was 1. We left them 1.

The same at the boat supply store. We owned every life jacket they had. Actually, that took two stores.

The helicopters had practiced being on the ground together and refueling. We'd practiced refueling every boat and remembering which took gas and which took diesel. All the storage tanks were topped off.

Blake had bought three shuttle carts. Kind of a cross between what you see at the airport and the thing on Fantasy Island. Four rows of seats, three per seat, with a canopy. They were awesome and would get lots of use in the future. Most of our cars were banished to the warehouse and the garage was party storage central. It looks like a party store had exploded.

We had name tags for everyone, so you didn't have to memorize every name. I was Bob. We had name bands for everyone. You know, like you wear in the hospital. Color coded by age group. The most important was 21 or older, because no beer or wine for kids. No soda for under 11. Yeah, that wasn't my rule, but I didn't have an opinion. It was 12, but Leslie objected. No wait, that's not right, I had lots of opinions. No one cared one whit about my opinions. Yeah, that's more accurate. So, I got to sit around enjoying a latte, while everyone scrambled, but finally our 'leadership team' met in the kitchen.

We were ready.

One additional team we'd added were guides. This place was huge and so they'd use the golf carts and the new people carts to move people around. What no one but us knew is they were all off duty cops too. I think we cleared out two counties of off duty cops. This was a big blow out, we couldn't be too careful. We allows approved guests to invite guests, IF, and only IF, they were approved by Jamie. They had to be someone he or Jeannie knew personally. They knew a lot, as the guest list broke 200. Our place was huge, so it could have absorbed 1,000, but 200 was a good first party.

Heck, I'm not even that social.

Amy or I were at our post when guests arrived. One of us greated everyone and one of our kids was at the post too, so all the kids met at least one of our kids. Parents were told the kids could roam free, if they chose, as there were plenty of minders. Probably risky on our part, but the parents needed to have fun. We did set a minimum age of 7, which threw some families, but we needed to. The kids had to be old enough to be modestly not stupid. After all, there was a LOT of waterfront.

All guests knew the rules in advance. The only real exception was we were not going to panic if an occasional kid lost their bathing suit. Kids are kids. We'd expect someone to tell them to put it back on. We even said we didn't care if girls wore tops, unless they were visibly more than girls. We used Leslie as our example, much to her displeasure. Boobs like Leslie's were covered. Smaller were OK. We didn't dwell on that a lot, as most of the little girls wore little bikini tops or one-piece suits, but some parents don't care and we didn't want to be prudes. OK, that makes me laugh a bit, but you get the idea.

The party started at 10AM and went to after dark, which was about 9PM. We were having fireworks at 10PM. Yes, that's a 12 hour party, but it let people drift in and out. No one did. I'm sure of it. We met all 200 by 10:30 and no one went home. We knew many, if not most, of them, so we got lots of handshakes and kisses. No grinding though, as everyone knew the rules.

Our family got to host in our own bedrooms, and I found plenty of time to have fun, um, entertaining new people I met. I decided, for no particular reason other than I could, that for the day of the party I would not have sex with anyone over the age of 10. unless they were directly related to the person that was 10 or under. I held to that rule. I didn't play with a single adult, just young kids and sometimes their slightly older sibling. Boys, girls, all of them were fun, including one set of triplets. Identical boys and a girl. That. was. hot. 8 years old. Wow. Did you know I could fit two 8 year old cocks and balls in my mouth at the same time? Yes, yes I can, even while their sister was blowing me. I found out that a surprising number of children 10 and under know how to use a strap-on. That was enlightening. I found out that roughly 50% of ten year old boys, in my sampling, could cum. My belly was full and so was my ass.

Amy decided to use a similar system, but the girls were 9 and under and the boys 11 to 13. She wanted reliable cum. What can I say? It was an admirable rule. We had videos to watch for years. Often we played in the same room at the same time, and got to watch each other. Sometimes the kids switched, but we didn't. We had time to do that another day.

I chatted with our kids during the day and they had set parameters for themselves too. Morgan decided that she only wanted threesomes, and it had to include a man, not a boy, and a young girl under 10. That's pretty specific, but it worked for her. Orlando decided today was a bro day, so no women or girls. More power to him. Leslie was the most interesting, I think. Men only. No boys. Threesomes at a minimum, foursomes preferred. Her goal was DP and a cock in her mouth. Do I need to remind you she is 11? Going on 40?

Oh, I forgot to mention two more rules. One was that everyone in attendance had to share a story with either Amy or me about a sexual exploit at the party. It had to be unique, meaning if I had heard the story from someone else that participated, they had to tell one of us another story. Meaning more, um, fun. Now the adults took the rule to heart and came by later. Most of the kids were smarter and found Amy to see if she'd heard the story yet. We figured that out later when we compared notes. Not actual notes. but you get the point. The other rule was way more fun. Our house, our rooms. By that I mean any member of the family, including the kids, could open any door and walk in. The rule only allowed you to watch. If they players wanted you to join, they had to explicitly invite you. Hey, by explicitly I meant ask you, not that other use of explictly. Although most did that too. We all held to our rules, so only a few of those that we watched were groups we joined (Did I mention the triplets?).

I don't think you want me to tell the story of all 200 people, do you? OK, you probably do, but I think I'll pick some of the best ones that Amy and I heard and a few from the family and close friends.

Yeah, I know you want me to start with the triplets. So a new couple to the party was Jake and Emma. They were friends of Sota and Masako. Clearly a fun couple, laughing their way through the day and making new friends. Jake was 37, about 5'10," a little chubby, but carried it well. Emma was 36, about 5'6," also a little chubby but with full D cups spilling out of what might have been a pre-pregnancy top. Spilling out is the operative word. Her laugh was infectious. They brought their four kids. Greg, Peter, Bobby, and Jan. Yes, seriously. They must have been major fans of the Brady Bunch to do that to the kids. Greg was the oldest, at 11 and stood about 5'3." Skinny kid, but I don't know much more, since I never saw him naked, nor did I see his parents, but I did hear about Jake's fat 6 incher. I didn't see it at this party. There is always the next party. The remaining kids were Peter and Bobby, who were identical twins at 8, about 4'6" and I would discoverd nice 3 inch cocks. They weren't just twins, though, as they had a fraternal triplet sister Jan, who had about an inch on them at 4'7." They even went true to their names, with the boys having brown hair and the girl having darker blond hair. I certainly remembered them from the introduction, as who forgets triplets, but when I really met them was when I picked a random guest room door and walked in.

Oh, I walked into a sight. Jan was on the bed, on her knees, and Peter was fucking her doggy style. Bobby was standing on the bed, next to them and Peter was sucking his cock. They were clearly good at this, as they had the motions down. It took them a moment to realize I was in the room, but they did as I approached the bed.

"Don't mind me," I said. "I'll just watch."

"Get those damn clothes off NOW," ordered Jan. What is up with these powerful young girls? I like it! I also followed her orders and stripped quicker than you could read this sentence. As you can imagine, I was already hard.

"Come here. Get your cock into my mouth," Jan ordered. "Peter, stop fucking me and Bobby get your cock out of Peter's mouth. We're changing it up."

I walked over and put my cock near her face. She almost instantly had me balls deep. This child was deep throating me. She only gave me a few strokes and stopped.

"Can't have you cum yet. I have plans for that. Peter, Bobby, on the bed, scissors," she said.

Scissors? What does that mean? Well, the boys knew. They laid down facing opposite directions with their legs scissored. I don't know how else to explain it. They slid closer until they couldn't anymore. What this accomplished was that their balls were touching and their cocks were too. Two cocks, straight up, together.

"You," pointing at me, "On your knees, on the bed, suck them."

Always, or at least sometimes, the rule follower, I climbed up on the bed and started sucking. I understood the point of the position, as I was able to suck them both at the same time. With three inch cocks, wonderful three inch cocks, I was able to get both of them in my mouth, including their balls, and lick away. They liked that. A lot. Jan had other ideas and slid under me and took me back in her mouth. OMG. I had to concentrate on the cocks I was sucking or I would have blown in her mouth in an instant. She didn't suck long, but slid back out. I heard noises, but wasn't sure what was going on until I felt fingers on my ass. She had lubed them up and pushed one, two, then three into my ass, pumping in and out. Wow. But she wasn't done. Oh no. I felt something larger push against me and then slide forcefully in. That's when I learned that an 8 year old girl, wearing a strap-on, is a good fuck. Peter and Bobby had reached over and were stroking my cock and tickling my balls. They clearly could tell I was close, as they both stopped and Peter told Jan to stop. She knew why, so she abruptly pulled out of my ass. Oh no, that was great.

"Don't worry," she said. "You'll like this too. All three of you, off the bed."

We complied, and she laid down, right in the middle, with her legs spread. She was quite a vision, with her hair spread out, her tiny nipples rock hard, and her unformed pussy glistening.

"Peter. Lube me," she said. Which he did, liberally.

"Bobby. Lube him," she said. Which he did, also liberally.

She then pointed at my cock, then pointed at her slit. I got the idea and climbed on. I was sliding in gently when I felt four hands on my ass and they shoved me. Hard. I sank to my balls into Jan, and she let out a groan. A good groan. The boys were apparently free agents now, as she didn't give them any direction. I slowly pumped in and out while they each sucked on one of her nipples for a bit. Then they both jumped up. Peter stood up and offered me his cock, which I eagerly swallowed. I felt fingers on my ass, and Bobby fingered me for a bit, then moved into postion and slipped his small cock right in. He started pumping pretty furiously, which increased my pace too. As horny as I was, it wouldn't take long, but Jan came first. Forcefully. That must have been a psychic trigger for her triplet siblings, as I could feel Bobby cum in my ass and Peter in my mouth. Dry, of course, but just as powerfully. As you can imagine, it pushed me over the top and I filled her tiny cunt with cum, then collapsed at her side.

"Oh no, you're not done," she said. "You made a mess. Clean. It. Up."

So I did. Joyfully. Bringing her off at least three more times. The boys took turns fucking me in the ass while I did. Ah, the recouperative powers of youth. Finally they both came again, in my ass, and the party was over. At least for me. Just as I stood up, Orlando walked in the room with a boy I didn't know. He was about 16, I think, and a big strapping boy. I headed towards the shower, and behind me heard Jan say "Oh, goody." That little girl was insatiable. I think they had that room all afternoon.

Damn, writing that story got me hard. I have to take a break and find someone in the family to fuck. Turns out that was Amy. The best there is.

Back to the story.

I guess I'll tell Orlando's favorite story next. He admitted that his story started with him breaking a major rule - nudity. He decided to take in the sauna, and went in wearing his suit. He said there were five people in there, all male, all sitting in their bathing suits. After scoping this out, he announced to the group "Fuck it, this is a damn sauna" and dropped his shorts. Apparently all the people in the sauna stared, as Orlando was hard, as Orlando usually is. Guess that was a trigger, as he said they all skinned out of their suits. He shared who was in the room.

The aforementioned Jake, which is how I learned he had a fat 6 inch cock. Mason, the waverunner guy, who Orlando said was even more chisled than I imagined. He was also hung, with a thick 9 inch cock. Mason's nephew, Aiden, the little 7 year old, with his 2 inch stiffy. Jesse, Juanita's Dad, with an average 6 inch cock. Lastly Pedro, 13, with a nice 5 inch cock. Three men, three boys. Sounds nice. The men, without a word, sat back down and spread their legs. Orlando kneeled in front of Jake, Aiden knelt in front of Jesse, and Pedro knelt in from of Mason. They all started licking and sucking, really going to town.

Which is how Leslie found them, when she walked in.

"Hey, what about the rules?," she said, getting a sheepish grin from them all. "Put your clothes on, all of you, and follow me."

All of them looked at each other and quickly put their suits on, which is why I happened to see Leslie come out of the sauna liked the pied piper, with three boys and three men following her like rats. I saw them go in the house. Leslie never looked better, head high, breasts, such as they were, pushed out, commanding. If only she'd had them all on a leash.

But this is Orlando's story, so let's pick it up when they went into Leslie's room. Yes, she took them into her own bedroom. She lined the men up side by side.

"Boys," she said. "Get your clothes off, then get their clothes off," pointing at the men.

"Then get them hard, I have to decide what cock goes in what hole."

In no time at all, everyone, including Leslie, was naked and her young fluffers had successfully gotten the men hard. She went over and checked them out like you would meat at the butcher shop.

"Well, this is a tough call," she said. "OK, here is how we'll start. Mason's cock in my pussy, Jesse in my ass, and Jake's cock in my mouth. At least for round one. We're going bareback today, but I don't want to be dripping cum, so all of you pull out before you cum. Cum on them," pointing at the three young boys.

Addressing the boys, she said: "You will heighten my pleasure. That means while they're fucking me, you will me teasing my clit and playing and licking my nipples. Decide amongst yourself what your roles will be. Two for nipples, one for clit."

Knowing who was in charge, the boys decided Orlando and Pedro had nipple duty and Aiden, being the smallest, would squeeze in and play with her clit as best he could.

Continuing her role as the director, she told Mason to lie down on his back and quickly mounted him. She must have been pretty wet, as she slide right on without lube.

"Pedro, lube up my ass. Orlando, lube up Jesse's cock." So they did, and Jesse slid into her ass, so the DP was in place. Jake knew his spot and got on his knees and fed Leslie his cock. The boys jumped on the bed and the two older boys latched on to a tit and Aiden squeezed his arm in for clit dutys.

"OK," Leslie said. "Fuck me. Hard."

So they did. Leslie bounced up and down on both cocks, while Jake pumped in and out of her mouth. She took her mouth off Jake briefly to announce she'd changed her mind and wanted the cum on her. She ordered Orlando and Pedro to kneel so she could give them handjobs. Yes, five cocks at once. Apparently it didn't take long and Leslie had a massive orgasm, which was the trigger. The boys came first, cumming right on Leslie's tits and back. Jake pulled out and gave her a massive facial and Jesse pulled out and covered her back and ass. Leslie could feel Mason reach his limit and lifted up just in time for his cock to erupt, right on her pussy and up to her tits. She sat back on his legs and was dripping, just dripping, with all their cum. From head, including her hair, to her toes. Orlando reminded me to pull the video, because, as he put it, that one is a keeper. I have no doubt he was right.

She sent the men to the shower. She told the boys to leave with specific orders.

"I want 6 more people. Any age, any sex. Find the first 6 people you know are OK and send them in. If they refuse, skip them. Do not stop until you have 6 coming in. Go!," she said.

All the boys shuffled out and closed the door.

The story now moves to Leslie's perspective as it was her favorite story of the day too. When she realized Orlando had already told it, she shifted to the next part of the story. She started by admitting that she had broken her rule by jacking off the boys, but felt it was an OK slip given she had three men's cocks in her at the time. Seemed like a reasonable slip. We'll restart the story when the door opens and six people filed in.

The first through the door was Tim. All 6'8," 12 inch cock Tim. Leslie admitted she smiled at that. Following Tim was Mika, cute little puffy titted Mika and right behind her was Mike, slightly chubby Mike with the incredibly fat cock. The next group through included John, Amy's Dad, then Curt, the furniture salesman. The final two were Terry and Renee, the 9 year old boy/girl twins. I counted that as seven, but I don't think she complained.

What they discovered was Leslie, naked, and covered with cum. That got grins all around. They all wanted to clean her up, but she insisted that she wasn't ready for that and began issuing orders. First she ordered everyone to strip, which happened in an instant. She had the men line up, apparently for cock review. She announced that John would be in her ass, Tim would be in her pussy, and Mike would be in her mouth, which resulted in nods and smiles. The three children were assigned nipple and clit duty, with Terry on her clit. She must have wanted girls licking her nipples. She admitted that what happened next was just round two, but did say that the amount of cum was greater from the men, but no boy cum. She sounded disappointed with that. Finally she was lying back again, but this time with a fresh load of cum all over her. Once the group was ready to leave, with her still cum covered, she made a very specific order.

"Find Bob. This is his mess to cleanup."

Which is how I found her, with 8 loads of cum on her. She ordered me to strip, which I did, as quick as a flash.

"Fuck me, then cum on me," she said. I climbed up on the bed. There were puddles of cum on her belly, just puddles. She pointed at my cock and at the puddles and I got the hint, an scooped up a lot and stroked it onto my cock. I then plunged in her. I could tell she wanted a fast, hard fuck and I gave it to her. I pulled out at the last minute and aimed carefully, ensuring the majority of the cum hit her face. She got the idea and opened her mouth wide, taking much of the load. Once I was done, I leaned in for the kiss I know she was expecting and she pushed much of my cum back into my mouth. As soon as I swallowed, she said: "Clean me up."

So I did. It took awhile, as there was a LOT of cum, but I could tell different flavors as I licked. At this point I didn't know the story, but I know I tasted at least a half dozen flavors. Once I heard the whole story, I understood why.

Have I used the word insatiable yet? Leslie fits the bill. She is also damn sexy. I love to lick her. Everywhere.

Once I was done, she hopped off the bed and headed towards the showers, beckoning me to follow. I knew a good thing, and followed her in. She was in her dominant mood (does she have any other?), and my role was to wash her. So I did, from her hair to her toes, but made time to focus on important areas and bring her off again. With that, she stepped out of the shower, leaving me to clean myself up. Her power was mesmerizing.

I wandered back outside and several people said Lance was looking for me and it was important. Lance, on a Sunday. Odd. I pulled out my phone and saw I had gotten several texts from him. He said to meet him by the pool, so I wandered that way and asked what's up.

"OK, here's the deal. I just got a lead on a car that you're looking for from someone I trust. We have to be there when they open in the morning if we want it," said Lance.

"What car," I asked.

"Well that's the thing. It's not just one. They have a Lamborghini Muira, a Maseratri Bora, a Pantera, a BMW M1, and an original Ford GT40," said Lance.

"Holy crap. All of them? Where?," I said.

"Venice," said Lance.

"Cool, that's just down the coast. We can be there in a few hours," I said.

"Not that Venice," said Lance.

"California? Still not that hard. We'll get a jet," I said.

"Not that Venice either," said Lance.

It took me a minute to understand what he was saying.

"Italy? They're in freaking Italy? And we have to be there when they open? How in the hell," I said.

Just then I heard the whoop-whoop sound of a big helicopter. Our helicopter. I felt a pat on the back and Amy handed me my backpack.

"Passport, cash, wallet, change of clothes. Go. We'll handle it here," she said. "Linda already headed home. That's why the big copter is here. She went off in a little one to get Lance's stuff. She'll meet you at the airport. GO."

Morgan pulled up in a golf cart and shouted: "Get in." Lance and I hopped in and Morgan tore off for the helipad. Alison didn't even slow the rotors, and as soon as the door closed she took off. We quickly strapped in. I was surprised we didn't head to the St. Pete airport, but Alison let us know that the jet was waiting at the Tampa airport. She had clearance to land next to the plane. Another G650, as it is about the only plane with the range and the speed. By the time we took off, it would be about 4PM. That was already 10PM in Venice.

"You should make it in less than 10 hours. That puts you on the ground at 8AM local. I have a car arranged that will be waiting, with a driver. They open at 9AM. You'll make it, barely. Hope for tail winds," said Alison.

The plane was moving down the taxi way before we even sat down. Apparently we had lost a half hour while they found me. Yeah, well, I was busy. Finally Lance had time to explain why there was such a sense of urgency. Apparently the Muira and the GT40, which were about the rarest of the cars, were tentatively spoken for, but the buyer was arranging financing. Amy was working with Lance, our financial advisor, to deposit the required funds in the account of the seller prior to our arriving. Worst case, they send it back. Best case, we buy the cars. Lance shared that the seller was motivated, but not stupid, and a buyer that would take all five, for cash, was unheard of. Well, not quite. Lance shared the total cost and it was breathtaking. Even I was surprised, but he shared the real reason. They were not just cars, they were concours quality, restored flawlessly by the best firm in Europe, with assistance of the factory, in the case of all by the Pantera. Even the Pantera was an extremely rare model, so particularly valuable.

"OK, let's buy some cars," I said. "But how do we get them home? Ship?"

Lance laughed "Not when your wife is in charge. She's making the arrangements for a Boeing BBJ C," said Lance.

"OK, I'll bite, what is a Boeing BBJ C?," I asked.

"It's the convertible version of the Boeing BBJ," said Lance.

"OK, smartass, we both know that didn't help, did it?," I said.

He laughed and said: "You've been on a Boeing 737. The BBJ is the Boeing Business Jet. It's a 737-700. The C, or convertible, version is reconfigurable for passengers or cargo or just about anywhere in the middle. Ours will be configured to take all five cars, plus room for passengers in a front first class cabin. It will cost a bit, but they'll be home in a few days. They're all over 25 years old, so easy to register."

At that point, we made our best efforts to sleep, even though it was only afternoon for us. We both tossed and turned, but finally we solved the problem. Of course, that solution involved a 69, but hey, who doesn't sleep well after they've blown their load. I was glad the pilots didn't choose that moment to hit the bathroom, but doubt it was the most interesting thing they would have seen.

We slept soundly until one of the pilots gently woke us up. He told us we had about 45 minutes to get showered and cleaned up, and he'd have breakfast waiting when we were ready. We got ready fast, and gorged on a surprisingly good breakfast and were settled in our seats in time for our landing.

The driver was waiting, in a beautiful Mercedes S65 sedan, and whisked us to the outskirts of Venice. Apparently auto restorer warehouses are universal, as it looked just like Lance's place. We could have been back in Florida. We were waiting in the car when the Marco, the owner, arrived. He'd gotten a message we were coming and welcomed us in. We shared that we had just flown in, hoping to buy all five of the cars. He surprised us by asking "which five," so Lance rattled them off, and shared that the money had already been deposited, in anticipation of the purchase. This got a raised eyebrow, and a quick logon to his bank's website. Up until then, he had been polite, but we were kind of tired and scruffy. Amazing how his demeanor improved when he saw the deposits.

"I'm curious," I said. "You asked us which cars. What else do you have? We might be interested," I said.

He just smiled and waved us towards a door out of the office. We walked through into a brightly lit warehouse, with the restoration area off to our right. We quickly saw the five cars, but the other cars were just as stunning. A Ferrari F40 and Testarossa. A Countach. A BMW 507. A Jaguar E-type convertible. A Porsche 959 and finally an original Audi Quattro. The final piece was my ultimate dream, a car what would never be street legal, but was so damn beautiful I might put it in the living room -- a Porsche 917. This man had damn near my entire wish list in his warehouse.

8 more dream cars. Lance asked the obvious question: "We already wired full price for the five of which we knew. What would you do for a price to add in all eight."

This resulted in a pretty stunned look: "All eight," he croaked. "Even the 917?"

"All eight," I said.

He walked us back into his office and he started working on the numbers while Lance used his phone to figure out pricing. Some of the cars, like the 959 and the 507 were so rare they were hard to price. The 917 was priceless, and done in the full Gulf livery.

Finally, Lance had calculated his number and our new friend shared his. They were within a whisker of each other, which was interesting. Close enough not to argue.

"Sold," I said. "I'll have the money wired today."

Macro fell back into his chair and started muttering what I could only assume were Italian profanities. Finally he got up, ran around the desk, pulled us out of our chairs and gave us both a big kiss on the lips. Not sure how to take that.

Once we were all seated again, he told us a story that I had heard before, from Lance. Amazing cars, amazing buyers, cash flow challenges, banks that didn't want to make the loans and when they would they were at onerous rates. Going under, but we bought him time. By the time he was done, Lance had a huge grin and I could tell that Victor was offended.

Marco, don't be offended by Lance's grin," I said. "You see, he owns exactly this same business in the US. He told me the exact same story. That's when the light bulb went on. He knew of Lance. They had a mutual respect for each other. We went on to tell him the arrangement we had, with me as the silent investor, and as the story went on, Marco started to smile.

"Would you," he started to say.

Before he could continue, I said "I would" and stuck out my hand. I thought he would shake it off.

"Remember though, when interesting cars come in, I get first shot at them," I said.

"What could be left? You own every cool car in the world," he said, grinning.

"Nope, not yet. Eventually, but not yet," I said. On a lark, I asked "so, if I were looking for a home in the area, something quite nice, who should I talk to?"

This got the biggest grin of the day.

"My Gianna, of course. The best real estate sales person in all of Italy," he said. "And also my wife."

"Is she available now?," I asked.

"Of course! For you, she would show you houses naked!," Marco said. "You saved our business. For what you spent, you can fuck our kids." Hmm, was he joking? Kind of a strange thing to say, but Lance and I did exchange glances.

"Well, that won't be necessary," I said. "But it sure does sound fun." This got a huge grin from Marco and I suspect we'd found a new friend. That kind of friend.

Gianna arrived a few minutes later and the naked comment was pretty tempting. She was stunning. About 5'7," late 30s, C cup, in a sexy dress. Right behind her walked two children. After introductions, we learned they were 11 year old Roberto and 9 year old Angela. Both were pretty touchy feely, again making me wonder.

Gianna introduced herself and asked how she could help.

"Well," I said. "I'm interested in a house. Something we could visit on a regular basis. Something large enough to have quarters for a care taker and at least 7 bedrooms. Preferably with a very large garage, as we just bought some toys and might leave some of them here. Some land would be nice."

Both Gianna and Marco had stunned looks on their faces. Finally Gianna found her voice: "That's quite a request. You realize what you described would be quite expensive."

At that point, Marco interupted and told her of our new arrangement and of the cars we had just purchased. Gianna ran around the desk, sat in my lap and gave me an incredibly passionate kiss. I felt her tongue pressing against my lips and opened up. Oh yeah, her tongue invaded. She was also moving around in my lap, grinding me hard cock. She was rubbing her breasts against my chest too. I had to sneak a look at her kids. They were all smiles, and Angela's hand was in Roberto's lap, rubbing him. Oh yes. Good news. Finally she got up and we continued the conversation as if nothing happened. Of course, my cock was straining at my pants. I looked and Marco and Lance's cocks were too. I realized Lance was actually watching Angela rubbing Roberto. She was looking right back at Lance, smiling.

"Yes, I'm sure. My wife and I have three children and an extended group of family and friends. We wouldn't visit often, but our friends might, so we want some room and privacy. Does any place come to mind?," I said.

"Yes," she said immediately. "I think I have the perfect place. It's been available for a bit, so might be available for a good price. It's VERY expensive and takes a special buyer. You might be that buyer."

She went on to explain that the home was on their equivalent of the historic register, but had been fully restored and modernized. It was actually 11 bedrooms, but arranged with 5 in the main house, plus two cottages with two bedrooms each. In addition, there was a servants house, with an additional two bedrooms. It was also a working winery, and the winery was part of the sale. Apparently the wines were quite good, well known, and regular winners of wine competitions. I am not a wine expert, but like it, but have probably never spent more that $15 on a bottle. I guess I'd learn. The winery was fully staffed, with an a amazing manager/vintner and he and his wife currently lived in the servants quarters and also acted as caretakers. The wife was also the maid, chef, and a little bit of everything else. A sweet couple, in their 40s, and GOOD friends of Marco and Gianna. VERY GOOD friends. They were also VERY GOOD friends of Roberta and Angela. I think I got the point.

"How much," chimed in Lance, ever direct.

Gianna named a price, which was high, but added that the vineyard was almost 400 acres. She also shared that a cash offer of half would probably win the day, particularly if I kept on the couple and the entire staff. Apparently it had been owned by an aging aristocrat who had passed away and the heirs didn't want it and were all fighting. Cash would swing the day.

"Lead us there," I said, and we walked outside. She started towards a small Fiat, and I stopped her and pointed to the S65, and our driver. She smiled and we all got in the back. The kids stayed with Marco, which was slightly disappointing.

We drove for a bit and she shared that the location was unique. Very close to Venice proper, but in a safe, non-flooding region. A reasonable drive to the airport too.

We arrived and drove up an extensive driveway. As we came out of the vineyard, which we had driven through, we saw what looked like an upscale Beverly Hills hotel, but more authentic Italian. Because it was authentic Italian. Gianna took us through the house and it was amazing. Incredible modern and historic, all at once. The Master was amazing, but the remaining four bedrooms would have been a huge master in any other house. Only five bedrooms, but easily 12,000 square feet. We walked through the guest cottages too. Cottages does not do them justice. They were only two bedrooms, with two baths, but were north of 4,000 square feet. Each. She had showed us the 10 car garage. How handy is that? One of the stalls was occupied by what looked like a 1950s Bentley in stunning shape. We found out that was included.

As we walked out of the garage, we saw a couple come out of the only house in which we had not toured.

We were introduced to Antonio and Stella, the two people that Gianna mentioned. They were excited to hear of our interest. There was a little confusion when they thought Lance and I were a couple, but Gianna cleared things up. They took us on a tour of the winery, and we ended at a tasting. Let me tell you, $15 bottles of wine suck. Never again. I found out these wines retailed for between $2500 and $4500. A bottle. Not a case.

We asked about the move-in process. The house was beautifully furnished and apparently the furnishings stayed. Occupancy was upon payment.

"So if I have funds wired today, we can move in and sleep here tonight?"

Three shocked faces looked at us.

"You can do that?," asked Gianna.

"Yes. Can we?," I said.

She assured us we could. Absolutely could. By now it was 3 in the afternoon, which meant it was 9 am in Florida. I stepped outside and called Jason and asked him to wire the additional funds for the cars and the funds for the house. He was a little surprised, but did as we asked.

I went back inside and no more than 5 minutes later Gianna got a text. She read it and looked at me.

"The funds have arrived. I have no idea how you did that," she said. I assured her it was magic. I asked if we could take a break for lunch, as we hadn't eaten. Stella insisted on making lunch and told Gianna to have Marco and the kids come over.

So that's how we found ourselves around a large dining room table, just outside Venice, having a wonderful lunch with new friends. Towards the end of lunch, I found myself with Angela on my lap and Lance had Roberto on his. As we were chatting, the kids ground themselves into our growing cocks. We realized that Gianna meant what she said. This was confirmed when, almost in unison, Angela grabbed my hand, pulled up her skirt, and placed my hand on her crotch. Roberto moved Lance's hand to what must have been his cock.

"Shouldn't we tour the master bedroom again?," asked Gianna. Why yes we should.

All the adults followed, including Antonio and Stella, but just watched. Well, maybe not just watched. I saw a lot of hands in their pants. I found myself with Angela bouncing up and down on my cock, while I played with her tiny little nipples. Next to me was Lance, with Roberto bouncing up and down on his cock, while Lance jacked him off. Finally Angela started to cum, just as Roberto shot his load onto Lance's chest. That was enough for both of us and we filled up our respective sex partners with cum.

Apparently Antonio and Stella had unspoken roles. As soon as the kids rolled off, they dove in. Antonio licked Roberto's cock cleaned, then proceeded to suck the cum out of his ass. Stella performed a similar service on Angela. Marco and Gianna had their arms around each other and just beamed.

After we got cleaned up, Angela declared us 'new friends'. Um, yes. She then declared that all their friends would love us and that she wanted to meet our families and especially our kids. Oh, they will want to me you too, pretty little Angela.

And you thought this was a boring story about cars.

As we all walked out of the bedroom, I sent a text to Amy: "Bought 13 cars. Bought a house. Fly over. You, the kids, Linda and their kids, Matt and his kids. Let us know when you arrive."

It is a testament to our marriage and the ludicrous nature of our lives that Amy simply replied "OK." Not one question about the fact that I had come to buy 5 cars, which in itself was ridiculous, and had bought 13. And a house. And not any house.

We all headed back to Marco's shop and Lance and I began a stupidly fun process of ferrying the cars to the house. He postponed the BBJ C, as we were apparently vacationing in Venice, and anyway had to decide what cars to take and what cars to leave. Roberto shared that the 917 was actually legal to drive as the previous owner had gone through the process to acquire a special license. It even had a plate on the back. Lance didn't know if this would transfer to the US, so we would have to find that out before we brought it to the US. Maybe it was an Italy car, although I doubt it. I meant it when I said it would go in the living room. It is a work of sheer art. If you haven't seen one, Google it. So our movement of the cars was delayed a bit, while we each drove the 917, while the other chased in something equally as exotic. Marco gave us directions to the only place in town that had fuel for it, a form of methanol, and we headed their first. I was in the 917 and Lance chased me in the GT40. Given they were both in Gulf livery, that seemed like the right choice.

When we pulled in, a young woman came out of the office. Did Sophia Loren had a granddaughter? This woman was smoking hot. The fact that her name actually WAS Sophia did make me wonder. She was about 5'8" of italian beauty, with all the right curves. She started speaking to us in Italian, but quickly figured out that we only spoke English. She switched to fluent American English.

"Did you buy the 917?," she asked, pointing at the car. I just nodded.

"Hot damn," she replied. "That thing is sex on wheels." She then noticed the GT40.

"Tell me you didn't buy that too. Tell me. My heart won't take it," she added.

"Um, yes," I said sheepishly.

"I have never seen either of you before and you're clearly American," she said. "What gives. Dish. I need all the details."

She no longer sounded like an Italian princess. We got to talking and found out that her Father was American, from Chicago, and her Mother was Italian. They'd never married, so she had been shuttled back and forth for her entire life. Her Dad had passed away a few years earlier, so it was just her Mom now. Somehow we came to find out that not only was she 18, today was her birthday. I just couldn't resist. I walked over to the 917, opened it up (a complicated process), and just pointed at the driver's seat. She gave me a funny look, and just shook her head No.

"Can you drive a manual?," I asked, which got a giggle and a confirmation that she, of course, could, that everyone in Europe could.

"Do you want to drive it?," which got a surprisingly demure nod. So I just pointed again. "We'll follow you, just to be safe."

Which is how Lance and I found ourselves in a classic GT40, following an even more classic 917, being driven by an 18 year old Goddess. Yes, Goddess. We got back to her station and helped her get out. She immediately launched herself at me, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I had to catch her quickly to prevent her from falling. She smothered me with kisses, then forced her tongue in my mouth. OK, I can enjoy this, as I was holding her up by the globes of her perfectly formed ass. Finally she got down.

"I must repay you. I must," she said, while casually stroking what was my now extremely hard cock. She walked over to Lance, gave him a passionate kiss and said she had to repay him to, while rubbing his equally hard cock. She grabbed Lance's hand and put it firmly on her breast, while repeating "I must."

We assured her we needed nothing in return, but invited her to dinner. She finally realized where we lived and let out another scream.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me. That is my dream house. You bought the damn thing?, she asked. Again, I just nodded.

She said she'd love to come, but couldn't tonight, as she had to watch her young cousins. We suggested that she could bring them, as Roberto and Angela would be there.

"What?," she screamed again. "Marco and Gianna are my very best friends. VERY BEST. But of course you know them, you bought THOSE from them," pointing to the cars.

We agreed on a time, and set off again, after topping off the 917. Both got a place of honor in the garage. We realized all the cars would not fit in the garage, but Marco assured us that was OK for the time we would be there, as the weather was going to be perfect. So we finally spent the afternoon, ferrying the cars, one at a time. One of us would drive a new find over, and we'd return together, until we got them all. When your ferry cars are things like a V12 E-type convertible, or a 507, or a Countach, your life was interesting. We'd told everyone shorts and T-shirts, as that's really all we had brought.

Everyone arrived around 7, which was apparently early for them, but we're Americans, dammit.

Sophia arrived in an older Mercedes 190 in beautiful condition. As this Goddess stepped out, a young man got out of the passenger seat and a tiny girl stepped out of the back seat. We found out the boy was Luca, he was 13, and he was gorgeous. Think Sophia, but manly and younger. But it was Elena that was the vision. Seven years old, but oozing sex. Just oozing it. Long, lush dark hair, tiny shorts, and a spaghetti strap tank top. Yes, I know, she was 7, but I'm telling you, she oozed sex appeal. She ran over and duplicated her cousin's jump, and I found myself with this 50 pound girl in my arms. She started covering my face with kisses. Finally I set her down and she latched onto my hard cock, through my shorts and declared she was glad to meet me. Sophia pulled her away, but saw my grin and returned it.

"Later Elena, later," Sophia said. Oh, tonight was going to be wonderful.

Luca walked over and extended a hand and introduced himself. His English was superb too. He stood very close, in my space, but somehow I didn't mind. As we finished the handshake, he let his hand drop and gave my cock a nice rub. Oh yes, tonight.

Just then a scream ripped through the summer night. I looked over and realied that Sophia had seen the two cars that were sitting out, the Pantera and the 959. Nothing special about the choices, just the last two we'd brought back.

"You bought those two as well," she asked, almost breathless. I didn't say anything, just walked over, took her hand, and pulled her towards the garage. We went in the door, which was right in the middle, and I flipped on the light. She swooned as she gazed over the pulchitrude of automotive sex. She walked from the center, to the end, then back all the way to the other end, then back to me.

"I have no idea who you really are, but will you marry me?," she asked. I assured her I was already married and that she would meet my wife Amy soon, plus our three kids, plus Lance's wife and kids. She asked about my family and I shared.

"But how can you have kids that age?," she asked. I gave her the short version, but ended that I was sure that my wife Amy would be VERY pleased to meet her and get to KNOW her more. I also mentioned that I was confident that Luca and Elena would really ENJOY my entire family. Enough code words in one sentence?

Oh she, understood, as she gave me an amazing kiss and pulled me to the end of the garage, to the older Bentley. She opened the door and pushed me inside the backseat and into the seat. I've never seen anyone strip off their clothes faster. Goddess, yes Goddess. She unzipped my pants, pulled them down and off, and climbed up and ON me. We were caught up in her bouncing up and down when the door abruptly opened and who should be standing there but Elena. Little Goddess Elena. She just smiled, climbed in, shut the door and stripped off. She climbed up on the seat and offered her tiny slit to me, and I lapped it right up. This went on for a bit, until Sophia had come several times and Elena at least twice. Elena then reached over and pushed Sophia's shoulders. She got the hint and rolled off to the other side. This little miniature Goddess climbed up in her place and slammed herself down on my cock. Oh she was tight. Oh so tight, but wet. She bounced up and down at light speed and I didn't last long, filling her with cum. She still didn't say a word, but bounded out of the car and ran out the garage door. It took me a moment to realize she had left all her clothes behind. Sophia and I quickly dressed and headed out and into the courtyard, where everyone was still chatting. Elena was standing there, naked, letting loose a stream of Italian, which resulted in big grins all around. I noticed there was a visible stream of cum leaking down her leg. Just then, Luca must have noticed it too, as he walked over, used his finger to swipe up as much as he could, and then sucked it off his finger. I almost came again.

We all headed into the house, like nothing had happened, with me carrying Elena's clothes. I set them down inside the front door and Sophia asked for a tour. We all walked around together, with naked little Elena in the group. Apparently her being nude was a common occurance.

After a wonderful dinner and pleasant conversation, the evening wound down. Lance and my body clocks were out of whack, and we needed sleep. As everyone gathered in the courtyard again, little Elena piped up.

"Can't Luca and I spend the night?," she said. "Lance hasn't fucked me yet and I'll bet Bob would like to fuck Luca." While all that was true, this was not the night.

"You are all welcome back, lovely Elena," I said. "Our families will be here tomorrow. Why don't we all meet here again earlier on Wednesday and we can get to know each other better" Yes, I emphasized KNOW.

Nothing could cap that ending, so people started drifting towards their cars. I stopped Elena and pointed at the garage.

"Take the Quattro," I said. "It will hold all three of you. Bring it back Wednesday." She tried to say no, but in the end, she ripped out of the driveway in a four wheel squeal. A young woman after my heart. Amy wouldn't mind a sister wife, would she? Oh, who am I kidding. She's insist on a Brother Husband. Hmm, maybe that would work.

So that is how Lance and I ended our first evening in my new house in Italy. I headed towards the master bedroom and he insisted on sleeping in one of the cottages. After all, his family was arriving tomorrow, and the cottage would be perfect for them.

I woke the next morning to the squeal of tires on the courtyard. I had no idea what was going on, but suspected it might be interesting and interesting it was. The door to my bedroom opened, and who should be there but our three new friends, Sophia, Luca, and Elena. All nude. The all talked at once, but the gist was they liked new friends and wanted to welcome me. Suddenly I felt a warm wet mouth on my cock and realized it was Luca. Damn, he was good at it. Sophia pulled a bottle of lube out of her purse and handed it to Elena. She squirted some on her fingers. I had no idea where this was going, but I was up for anything. Oh. Got it. Luca's ass was up in the air, and she shoved three fingers in his ass, getting a moan from him. Given his mouth was around my cock, I felt that moan. Suddenly he stopped sucking, much to my dismay, but he quickly moved up and positioned himself. Elena reached out and stroked my cock a bit, using the remaining lube. She held my cock while Luca slowly lowered himself. She wiped her hand off on Luca's back, and then pushed me back. She climbed up on the bed, and lowered herself on my face. She was so tiny and had such a small slit, but her clit was poking out. It was fucking sexy. I started licking, and she and Luca started making out. Elena was clearly horny, as she started dripping as I licked. Soon she went over, which was all she wrote for me, and I filled Luca with cum. Suddenly they both leapt off the bed, and headed for the door.

"We must thank Lance," said Elena, as she shot out of the room. This left me with Sophia. Lovely Sophia. She got a warm washclothe and washed me off. She climbed on the bed, and knelt over me, offering me her pussy, while she took my cock in her mouth. She had the most beautiful full pussy, neatly trimmed. Big lips, clearly engorged, and her clit was erect. Oh my. I started licking, and she was sucking.

This is how Amy found me. I didn't realize they'd flown all night. Apparently they had. Sophia looked up, and Amy leaned down and kissed her, while tenderly massaging Sophia's breast. Sophia actually moaned, and used that moment to cum and squirt all over me.

"He is good at that, isn't he," said Amy, who was taking off her clothes. "But I'm better." Which is how I got to watch Sophia and Amy pleasure each other, to quite satisfying results. Sophia was on top, so she didn't notice when Orlando moved up and entered her. She looked up and saw I was still sitting there, and looked over her shoulder at Orlando, who was pumping in and out.

"Oh, you must be Orlando," she said, and then returned to licking Amy. Orlando didn't last, and filled up Sophia completely, just as Morgan and Leslie walked in. They took one look at the scene, stripped off, and pushed Orlando out of the way. They laid Sophia down and took turns licking out Orlando's cum. While they did, Amy climbed on and bounced up and down on my cock, quite leisurely. I didn't last and filled Amy with cum.

We ended the fun with Sophia eating out the cream pie from Amy. Finally she looked up, and her face was covered with juices.

"You have a nice family," she said. Yes, yes I do.

We all got dressed and had a nice lunch and a glorious day.

We're going to take a bit of a turn in our story now, but we'll be back to Italy. I promise.

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The man that received the fateful call
Bob's wife
The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
Jim's friend
Juan and Sofia's son
Family personal trainer and more
Amy's Dad
Matt's son
Matt's daughter
Lead Furniture sales
Juanita's Dad
Olivia's son
Waverunner dealer and Olivia's brother
A new friend
A new friend
Jake and Emma's son
Jake and Emma's son
Jake and Emma's son
Jake and Emma's daughter
Italian car restorer
Real estate agent and Marco's wife
Marco and Gianna's son
Marco and Gianna's daughter
Italian Vinter
Antonio's wife
New Italian friend and Goddess
Sophia's cousin
Sophia's cousin


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
6'8" - 250, Black, 12 inches of fun
5'7" - slim, 5 inch cock
5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
6'0" - fit, 8 inch thick cock
4'11" - average, 3 inch cut cock
4'10" - average, just a hint of puffies
6'4" - 225, Black, thin and regal, 9 inch uncut cock
5'11" - 175, Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6 inch average cock
4'0" - 60, miniature Mason, 2 inch cock
6'3" - Blonde, athletic, 9 inch thick
5'10" - a little chubby, fat 6 inch
5'6" - a little chubby, full D cup
5'3" - 90, good looking, 3 inch cock
4'6" - 75, 3 inch cock
4'6" - 75, 3 inch cock
4'7" - 80, flat, cute
5'11" - Very italian
5'6" - beautiful, C cup
5'3" - little Marco, 4 inch uncut cock
4'6" - cute, flat
6'3" - 220, well-endowed
5'8" - voluptuous, A cup
5'7" - stunning, simply stunning, B cup
5'4" chiseled, smaller, male Sophia, 5 inch uncut cock
4'5" - sexy AF

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