Little Leslie

31 May 2018

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Tim Buchanan

Formerly Chapter 19

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Morgan knows how to party

Morgan here.

We have all been reading Dad's version of our lives since he started publishing them and, for the most part, he gets it right. I thought you might like to hear my perspective though, so this is the first chapter of my new journal. I think the other kids might do one too, but they want to see what the reaction is to my story. Let's be honest, some of you would love to hear Orlando's exploits and a lot of you would love to hear from my little sister's point of view too. I love them so much and would be lost without them. They're great fucks too!

I started this the night of the big housewarming party, so I'll start with my story for that day. But first I want to take you back a bit and tell you how we got here. Our parents dying was tragic, but honestly not that surprising. I know they told us bullshit to protect us, but they both had a drinking problem. A bad one. I'm willing to bet they were toasted and it ended up killing them. Doesn't matter, I guess. I do miss them, I guess, but thanks to Mom and Dad, the new ones, you know, Bob and Amy, our lives are good. No, more than good, fantastic. We're truly blessed as a family, and I don't mean the money. I once said that we'd all be happy together if we lived in a trailer. Not as much room, but we would have each other. No, let me take that back. I don't miss them and I never did. There, I said it.

So let's go back to that fateful night. I was the classic 14 year old bitch. Yep, I was, and I know it and it still shames me, but I am not that person anymore. I'd just finished 8th grade and where we lived it was 6th through 8th and I was top dog in the school. Have you seen mean girls? That should have been called nice girls compared to me. I tortured other kids and the teachers and the administration and got away with it. I was smart, great looking, and my power over boys and girls, and men and women, was absolute. Do you think you get in much trouble at your school was you've blown the principal? What about after you've eaten the guidance counselor to multiple orgasms. You know the answer is no, no you don't. I fucked anything that had a pulse, and while I kind of still do, I am more discriminating. I'm surprised I never got pregnant, as I was stupid about it too.

Did my parents know? Who knows. Did they care? Hell, no. I know they loved us, or at least I hope they did, but they lived in their own dream world. I know they loved to fuck us, for sure. Dad took my virginity when I was in kindergarten and did the same to Orlando and Leslie. It sucked. It hurt. He didn't care and neither did Mom. Sex with them was torture. It was punishment. But we had each other, and they turned us into sexual beings early, and we made each other feel good. They knew it and didn't care. Can you say self-centered?

Enough about that shit. This is supposed to be a good story. Let's fast forward to the night we flew to Florida. The lawyer, who we barely knew, dumped us on an airplane and told us we were going to live with our Uncle Bob. We looked at him stunned. We didn't even know our Mom had a brother. How could we not know that? He must be some piece of shit, for us not to know him or at least that is what we were thinking when we got off the plane. I didn't even take my headphones out.

The airline dumps us on "Uncle Bob." Well, at least he's nice looking was all I thought. I guess I was in shock, I don't know. He takes us out to his car and, well, it is a cool car. He actually seems pretty nice, which throws me. Why didn't we meet him? Oh yeah, self-centered parents. Then he tells us we're living on a boat. A fucking boat. I imagined this tiny little piece of shit.

Then we got to the boat. Oh, OK, not that tiny. Not huge, but old, and wooden, and kind of cool. Not great, but not bad. We all just went to bed and that was that.

Over the next week, I realized that Bob was a nice guy, that he really wanted to do the right thing, and he had no fucking clue how to do that. At least he was smart enough to hire Amy. Sexy Amy. My God she is hot. Damn hot. Smoking hot. I dream of being that hot and I think I AM hot. Yeah, I know, she's Mom now, but she wasn't then. Turns out she was amazing for us, but all I thought about then was HOT. That first day when she was cool with us being topless was illuminating. And I got to see those tits. Those tits. Well, you know how things developed and it was eye-opening. Yes, I was fucking adults, but they cared about us. They loved us. They treated us well. Pretty damn cool.

Lots has changed since then. Hey, we're mindblowingly rich. Yes, that's fun. I am, of course, a slut, but we're rich enough that people use words like insatiable. A high-end word for slut. But I am careful and damn it's fun.

It's funny. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was a first class bitch because I didn't feel valued. I needed to be that top dog because I was nothing at home. Poor Leslie. She was a lost little girl. I am so proud of her and so pleased that she is growing up to be a strong young woman. Not a bitch, strong. You go Leslie. Orlando is turning out great and you can see he watches closely how Bob treats Amy. Let me tell you, my dream is to find a man that treats me like Bob treats Amy. Then again, she treats him just as well. They're in love, it shows, and they don't give a damn who sees it. I'm also impressed with how they separate sex and love. Oh they like to fuck. A lot. A LOT. They play with all kinds, oops, almost typed all kids, but that would have been right too. But they're gentle, and compassionate, and they care. They would never, ever take advantage of anyone. How cool is that? They are my blessing. They are our blessing.

OK, I'm gushing, but I have grown up. Oh and I'm just as sexy, got it?

I'll come to the present now, but it is my journal and I reserve the right to jump around in history, you know?

My story from that day is fun. I set an unrealitic, but fun goal. I would only play in a threesome, with a grown man and a girl under 10. That's it. Now, I expected that to be hard (no pun intended) but honestly, the opportunities were there. I just didn't take advantage of too many of them. I decided most of the day I'd be a kid at a cool party.

I grabbed one of the golf carts and made it mine. Yeah, I took the key out when I left it. I played on the go-cart track. That was awesome and I'm glad the carts are fixed. I am getting pretty fast. I think cart racing is a real thing, so I may talk to Dad about doing it for real. Who else could practice at home? I played on the wave runners and took a ton of people for rides. Yeah, most of them groped me, but that was OK. I took the 24 out. Did I mention that Orlando and I took the class and are Coast Guard certified to drive it now? Pisses Leslie off, because you have to be twelve. She's close. Oh, she also drives the boats and the waverunners anyway, but always near home and always with someone so we can switch if necessary.

I even took a lot of people tubing behind the 24. It was hilarious. Thay all pretty much sucked at it.

Mostly, though, I just met people. New friends. It was cool. I got to play host a lot.

So, my story. The only thing sexual I did all day. I was standing near the pool, chatting and found myself in a small group. It was Matt, our mechanic friend, Juanita, Chris, the 11 year old yacht sales person, and Chloe, Mason's 9 year old daughter. They were a sexy group and that's when I decided to cheat a bit on my rule. Chris wasn't that much older than 10 and damn she looked fine in a pink bikini. Matt looked great too, in a too-tight speedo. Juanita always looks great. She is sexy AF. But I think it was Chloe that pushed me over the top. Too fucking cute, complete with pig tails. She was wearing tight bikini panties, which had ridden up into her crotch and was topless. Just little pink, hard nipples. Damn. So, I took the initiative.

"Listen, the five of us make a pretty hot little group," I said. "How about we all head back to my bedroom?"

Everyone sort of checked out everyone else and smiled. Chloe sealed the deal.

"Can I lick your pussy?," she asked.

Why yes you can.

So off we went, with me leading the way and Chloe holding my hand. I noticed Chris was holding Juanita's hand. Matt brought up the rear. We got into my bedroom and you would have thought there was a machine that took off our clothes, as we were naked in a flash. I realized that Matt didn't know Juanita had a cock, as he stared a bit. She a laughed, and swiveled, making her cock swing back and forth.

"Do you like it Matt?," she asked.

He apparently thought actions were louder than words, as he dropped to his knees and took her cock in his mouth. Suddenly, we heard a loud stern voice.

"Wait. I am in charge. You will all do what I say," said Chris, with her hands on her hips. "I am the master. On your knees!"

Well, OK, then. We all got on our knees, facing her. Did I mention she is cute as hell. Puffy nipples, just a hint of puffy pussy. Just cute.

"OK, here's the plan. We're all sharing the bed. Chloe, let me ask you first. Do you fuck?," said Chris.

Chloe smiled and said "I'm a great fuck. A really great fuck. I do DP too"

Seriously? 9 year old DP? Chris must have thought the same thing, as her eyes bugged out for a minute.

"Well, we have to see that. Matt, on your back. Chloe, sit on his cock facing his head. His cock in your pussy. Then lean forward and Juanita will fuck you in the ass," she said.

I will sit on Matt's face, facing you and we can make out. Morgan, you're a free agent, do what you want. No cumming cocks though. Let's get Chloe off, then Morgan takes her place. You can get off in Morgan.

Sounded like a plan to me. I went and got lube and lubed up Matt and Chloe. She climbed up and sat all the say down on his cock in one motion. Chris sat on Matt's face, and he started going to town. Chloe bent over, and I greased up her ass and Juanita's cock. I just loved Juanita. A nice cock and cute tits. Juanita slid all the way into Chloe and every one went at it. My hands roamed everywhere, then focused on Chloe and Chris' clits. That was enough and they both went over, falling into each other. Chris and Matt had the presence of mind to stop, as I am sure they were close. Once they recovered, Chris helped Chloe off and ordered, yes, ordered me in her place. Chris cleaned off Juanita, then lubed everyone up. I admit, I was so horny, that I got off when she was fingering me with lube. A pleasant start.

I got into the same position and Matt and Juanita started fucking me. Hard. I think I had one continuous ten minute long orgasm, until I felt Matt cum deep inside me. Juanita came soon after, as I felt her fill my ass. Juanita finally pulled out and I fell over on my back.

"You two shower," said Chris, pointing at Matt and Juanita. They went off to the shower together. Juanita later shared that they took turns fucking each other in the ass in the shower.

Chris pulled Chloe over and they proceeded to do an oral DP. Chloe sucked the cum out of my pussy and Chris did the same for my ass. I was clean as a whistle, so to speak. We went into the bathroom, only to see Juanita fucking Matt, so we three all hopped in the Jacuzzi tub. Let's just say those Jacuzzi jets were popular for us three girls.

After that, we all headed back out to the party. I went out on the 131, which was fun, as we sat in the upper deck jacuzzi. Yes, our boat has a jacuzzi. Then again, it has lots of bedrooms too, including the crew quarters. We don't have a crew, though, so those are for guests too. It was just as we were tying up to the dock that I noticed our helicopter landing. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I just used the phrase 'our helicopter landing'. Our lives, you know. That was weird, as we were using the little helicopters today. I ran over to the golf cart and went screaming towards the house. I still had no idea what was going on, but saw Bob standing there with his backpack and got the idea. I shouted "get in" and both Bob and Lance hopped in. I roared back down the path, as quickly as a golf cart can roar, and they hopped into the helicopter and it immediately took off. I saw it headed towards the main airport, which surprised me.

I went back to the house, at a more leisurely pace, and found Amy and asked her what was going on. She shared that they were going to Venice as Lance had found several cars Bob liked. I was still confused and asked why they didn't just take the helicopter to Venice. It's just down the coast. That's when Amy laughed a bit and said "Italy. Venice, Italy."

Say what? Dad and Lance just left for Italy, in the middle of the party? Our lives are weird.

The party eventually wound down and we were all exhausted. I think every member of the family collapsed into their bed without complaint.

We woke up in the morning to a surprisingly put together house and grounds. A crew had come in early to clean up, under Juanita, Blake, and Alison's direction. Damn we have a nice place. I wasn't up 15 minutes before Mom walked in and announced: "Get dressed, pack a bag, and find your passport. We're all headed to Italy in an hour." She didn't even comment on the fact I was naked. Doors don't mean much in our house. I got up to do as I was told, and she gave me a grin, tweaked my left nipple and walked out.

Which is how I found myself with our family and Linda and her kids and Matt and his kids on something called a Boeing BBJ, blasting across the Atlantic. Mom told me what BBJ really means, but it still makes me giggle. To me it will always mean Big Blowjob. Damn it was nice though. It was setup with a dozen first class sleeper seats, a sitting area and a complete bedroom. This thing was a damn airliner.

Oh, did I mention the bedroom? Yes, yes, by the time we arrived we were all members of the mile high club. It all started out innocently, cough, when Clay and Cindy said they were tired and asked me if I wanted to sleep in the bedroom with them. Sure, why not. We went in and they immediately stripped down and came over and started undressing me. They each took a hand and let me over to the bed. If you recall, Clay is 11 and Cindy is 9. They motioned for me to lie down. Cindy climbed up on to my face, and Clay started licking my pussy.

It wasn't long before Cindy went over the top, and she slid off, and latched on to one of my nipples with her mouth. I felt a motion on the bed, and Leslie climbed up and took her place. I went over the top and Clay took it as a sign and moved up and started fucking me. I could tell he and Leslie were kissing, but then I felt Clay get pushed over a little. Oh, got it. He's getting fucked in the ass. Orlando must have joined us. I felt the bed move again and another mouth latch onto a nipple, while a hand snaked in and went to town on my clit. I think the one more person, maybe Linda or Amy had climbed on, but I could see very well. I think someone was licking the new person. It all went into a blur as I was in one long continous orgasm at this point. Leslie was cumming too and from the moans, others were too. I felt a strong thrust and I think Orlando was cumming in Clay's ass. Not sure, but I know Clay blew a surprisingly big load into me. Everyone fell to the bed, but Amy and Linda quickly recovered, as they took turns eating me out. Did I say continuous orgasm?

So, a little flight to Italy, with a lot of sex in between. I think we all fell asleep right there, but luckily I woke up when I heard a discrete knock at the door and one of the pilots telling us we had a half hour to landing. That roused everyone and we took quick showers. No, nothing happened in the shower. You have a dirty mind. Oh well, we would have, but seven people had to shower in 30 minutes.

We got strapped in and landed shortly after. As we stepped out of the plane, I saw some sort of tall van, plus two of the most gorgeous cars I had ever seen. One was really low and sort of a light blue with orange and a logo that said Gulf. I later found out that was our new to us GT40. The other car I could recognize as a Porsche, but with the most sensuous lines. I found out that was something called a 959. Cool.

Dad told us kids to get in the van, much to our disappointment, but assured us we would all get rides in all the new cars. All? What's up with that. We left the airport, with our van following Dad in the GT40, with Mom, and Lance in the 959, with Linda. I have to admit the van was pretty cool and comfortable and our driver was hot, hot, hot. I think I liked Italy.

We drove for a bit, then wound up a driveway through what I think were grapevines. We pulled up in front of a really nice hotel and all got out.

"This is a nice hotel, Dad," I said and the all the newcomers all nodded. "A main hotel and cottages? All in a vineyard? Cool."

Both Lance and Dad started laughing, and Mom smiled. I guess she was the only one of us in the know. We knew Dad bought some old cars, but what was up? I did see a couple cool cars though. Wonder if those were ours too. One was a damn race car. Huge, flat, mean, and sexy. It was even painted the same way as the GT40.

"Honey, this isn't a hotel," said Amy. "Dad bought us a house."

Wait, what? This hotel was actually our house? Were we moving? What the AF? Everyone started talking at once until Dad had to yell out 'Quiet'. He assured us this was our house but we were not moving, just would come visit often. He waved his arm and suggested we take the tour. And what a tour it was. The house was obviously really old and Dad shared it had been built in the early 18th century. It took me a minute to think that through. The 1700s? Our house was built in the 1700s? He assured us that it was, but had been modernized. Yes it fucking had. It was amazing. The furniture was beautiful and while a bit modern, it fit in flawlessly. The tech was everywhere, including an Alexa in every room. He showed us how to control lights, fans, music, and more by just talking. We could call from room to room too. I'm pretty sure our Florida house would have it soon. Dad clearly liked it.

The living room was enormous. Bigger than most houses and a wall of windows opened to the vineyard. I recognized that wall, and knew it opened all the way up. The kitchen was built to serve an army. We explored some more and got to the first bedroom. Dad had said there were five in the house. This must be the master, as it was at least 1,000 square feet. Mom thought it was too. Dad corrected us, saying no, this was Leslie's room. We all looked at each other confused, until he took us through two more bedrooms, each a little larger. The last of those two was mine and was basically an apartment. A bedroom, a separate sitting room, a dining area, and a small kitchen. Wow.

Dad said the fifth bedroom was a guest room, so we skipped it, and went to the real master. O. M. G. This thing had to be 2,000 square feet. They called it a bedroom, but it actually had two bedrooms, one large, and I mean LARGE, plus one smaller. Dad said he'd make that an office. Their living room was as big as ours in Florida, and that house is damn big. They had an actual dining room and a kitchen you could entertain in. All in their bedroom. I don't think I'd ever leave.

"We need to christen the bed," said Amy.

Dad turned bright red but didn't say anything.

"You didn't!," she shouted. "You did" and then she started laughing. "We'll hear about that at dinner, Mister."

"Yeah, OK. We christened the backseat of the Bentley too," he said with a laugh.

"We have a Bentley?," Orlando asked.

"Yes, yes, we do. It came with the house. A 1954 Bentley I might add," said Dad.

We all trooped into the kitchen to find an attractive couple waiting. We were introduced to Antonio and Stella and found out they lived in one of the cottages and that Antonio ran the vineyard and Stella ran everything else. Damn, they were a fine looking couple. They sized us up, clearly undressing us with their eyes. Leslie clearly caught it.

"Oh goody," she said. "I recognize that look. We're going to fuck later."

Well, that broke the ice. Oh, and they did. We all did. Mom wanted her bed christened. We all took care of that. I actually lost track of everyone who did everyone. I know I counted and there were 8 cocks that night. Dad, Lance, Clay, Matt, Terry, Marco, Antonio, and Luca. They all fucked me. Some more than once. There were 10 pussies, not counting mine. Amy, Leslie, Renee, Stella, Gianna, Angela, Linda, Cindy, Sophia, and Elena. They all got off on my tongue. All more than once. I don't know how the men did it. I'm pretty sure every cock was in every pussy at one point during the night. I know they didn't all cum in every girl, but I asked Dad and he said he did four times. Once in Amy (well, sure), once in Sophia (yeah, see that), once in Luca (oh my), and once in Elena. Two women, one boy, and a girl. Yep, he had fun. I asked him the inverse and he said that Marco and Luca had cum in his ass, and Clay and Antonio had cum in his mouth. Four out, four in. Yeah, Dad had a nice night. Me too. We all did. What's better than new friends.

Afterwards we all sat around and got to know each other. I really bonded with Sophia. OK, OK, she's nice to look at too, but she's not that much older than me. After a little wine, she spilled her secrets. Turns out she wasn't just watching the kids because her Mom was a loser. Oh, and they weren't her cousins, they were her siblings. She was watching the kids because her Mom got mad a month ago and stormed out and she hadn't seen her since. She'd been abandoned. They'd been abandoned. She had kept the station going, but didn't know what to do, because everything was in her Mom's name and she couldn't sign anything. They were about out of fuel to sell and their suppliers wouldn't send more without getting paid. She had the money in the bank, but couldn't get it out, because her Mom was the only signer. Now their rent was due and she didn't have it. They were 48 hours from being evicted and not much more from losing the business. I told her I had to tell my Dad. That he could help. She kept crying and saying no, no, it's not his problem. I pulled her up and took her to the other side of the room and we sat on a small couch. I kissed away her tears and told her that I would make it right. It was my promise to her. I told her the story about my parents, about Bob and Amy, and how they had saved our lives. She sat there, taking it all in, mesmerized by the similarities. Yes, we bonded that night, and not just because I got her off. I finally convinced her to let me talk to my Dad. The only Dad that counted to me. Finally she agreed. I caught his eye and motioned him over. He pulled up a chair and sat close to us. She was still weeping off and on, so I told him her story. Dad being Dad, he didn't just try to take over, he offered ideas for her to choose. He got her engaged in the solution and made it her solution, not his. He was amazing. I never have loved him more.

"OK, Sophia, Morgan promised to help and that means our whole family helps. That's the way a real family works," said Dad. "There are a lot of choices here. The simplest is I just give you some money to buy you time. Not a loan, a gift. You saw the cars and house we just bought, you know I can help and it is something I'd like to do. I think, at least in the short term, we don't have a choice. We need to get your business going and we need to make sure you have a place to stay."

This just set off another round of weeping.

"No, no, you misunderstand. I have to do this. Where else am I going to get fuel for the 917?," he said. This got a little laugh out of her and was the turning point. You could see it. She sat up straighter, wiped her eyes, and her voice strengthened.

"I can't let you do that. I don't want your charity," she said. "We're not that kind of people. We fight for ourselves."

"Listen Sophia, I admire your attitude. I really do. But sometimes in life you need help. Look at Morgan, Orlando, and Leslie. They needed help. They didn't even know I existed and now we're the best family in the world," said Dad. "But what Morgan doesn't realize is that they saved my life, and so did Amy. I don't mean literally, but I do mean it. I was adrift. I was a single guy, doing nothing, living on a boat, with no friends and no family. It wasn't a life, it was existing. The greatest day in my life was the day that I met the kids at the airport. I didn't know it then, but I know it now. An equally important day was the day that we all met Amy. You don't know this, but Amy started off as our Nanny. I know, Morgan knows, and the whole entire world knows that she was so far out of my league we were not on the same planet. But somehow the world did me a favor, and I am blessed to call Amy my wife. I helped the kids, Amy helped me. That is exactly how it IS supposed to work. We came into an unexpected fortune. All this crap is pretty new to us and we probably don't deserve it. We couldn't spend it all if we tried. So, we're going to help you and you're going to accept it. First I need you to agree to that, and then I am going to tell you other things that I'd like to do. I am hopeful that you'll agree. I haven't talked them over with Amy, but that's the thing. I know she'll agree too. That's our relationship. So, will you let us help you?"

This set off another round of crying, but finally she nodded. I saw Amy looking over, but I shook my head and pointed to Dad, without Sophia noticing. She understood -- he's got it.

"OK, here's my next suggestion and it is just that, a suggestion. I think it is a win-win. We're leaving some of this amazing hardware here in the garage and Marco is going to ensure there is going to be more of it. We're also leaving this amazing property and while Antonio and Stella have it under control, our ownership is going to add stress. More than it is fair to ask them to handle. So I need someone that can handle this place. Basically ensure it is all under control and managed. That means having it ready whenever we, or someone we like, comes to visit. I don't mean being the maid, I mean hiring and managing the maid, and the lawn services and the plumber and anything else this place needs. One of the most important jobs is exercising the works of art that are parked in that garage. They'll fade away if they just sit there. They need to be driven and driven pretty hard. That takes a special person. A car nut. I saw you light up when we pulled into the station. Not one person in a thousand, maybe a million, would have correctly identified both a GT40 and a 917 and damn near no one would have understood the significance of the Gulf livery. Then when we walked into the garage, you knew every single car on sight. You knew the year of the Bentley and you were right. I didn't even know what it was. Lance did, but he didn't know the year. You did. You're an insane car nut and I love that. You're the person I need. So, I want to hire you to run this place and to drive the cars and to just make sure it is OK. Now, I need that person to live onsite. You can have one of the cottages. You and your brother and sister live there, and it is included in the job. No rent. No expenses. We'll have an account at a local grocery and you'll charge any food for our guests, and for your family, to that. You can cook for yourselves, or Stella will do it for you. That's her full time job and I have to say, if you don't take advantage of that for most meals, than I'd be disappointed. So, the cottage is yours, but I'm betting there is a better choice. I saw a stairway on the side of the garage. I'm willing to bet there is an apartment we've never even seen. The funny thing is there was one at our house in Florida and we didn't find it until after we bought the house either."

"So, don't make a decision, but you need to tonight and I know what that decision should be. I have to go ask Antonio and Stella a question, and then this whole group is going to go check out that apartment."

With that, Dad stood up and walked over to the group and motioned Antonio and Stella to the side. I found out later that he confirmed the apartment and that it was quite nice, confirmed that Stella was the person for the job, in their opinion, and asked them what their salary was. He asked some key questions to determine what a good wage was in Venice and what a great wage was. Apparently they both made a good wage, and Antonio got a bonus based on the success of the winery. By the time the conversation was over, they both made a great wage -- he tripled their salary on the spot, resulting in a lot of hugs and kissed. I watched Sophia and she saw that, which was encouraging.

Dad came back over to us.

"OK, I talked to Antonio and Stella and they said there is an apartment and they have the key. They loved the idea of you joining the team. I also got an idea of what the job should pay," said Dad.

He named a figure and I saw Sophia's reaction. The blood drained from her face. She stammered that it was too much, but Dad stuck to his guns.

"Listen, I pay well. Antonio and Stella just got a raise to that same amount. Our family is special and you had fun with us tonight, which means you'll keep the secret. That means you're family. You also need to know that playing with us is not a job requirement. No means no. You're welcome to play, but you don't have to and the kids don't have to. That's not us. Not at all," he said.

"So, let's go check out the apartment," he added. With that, he went over to the group and got them all up and out the door, with Sophia and me following behind. Well it turns out that a 10 car garage, that is double the normal depth, creates quite an apartment. As in a 4,000 foot apartment with four bedrooms, a huge living room and five bathrooms. A bathroom in every bedroom and one for guests. The kitchen was spectacular, with gleaming new commercial grade appliances. It was completely furnished down to the towels and whoever decorated it had outstanding taste. It was stunning.

Dad turned to Sophia and said "Will you take the job?" Only a few of us had any idea what he was talking about, but you could see the smiles. She gave Dad a huge hug and a kiss. I took that as a yes.

It took awhile for Dad to sort everything out, but it turned out that their Mom didn't disappear, she'd OD'd. She had been an unidentified body up to that point. Dad got it all worked out that Sophia and her siblings inherited the business. Sophia agreed it should be sold, and he helped find a buyer. Sophia insisted every cent go into a trust for Luca and Elena, for their education. Damn, she's a good person.

They all took it hard, but I got it. This all happened in the one week we were there, and already by the end of the week, they were all brightening. Dad got it pushed through that Sophia was the kid's legal guardian. Apparently that was impossible, and if done would take months, but this is Dad and it was done in 72 hours. I didn't ask, and he didn't offer.

Which is how I found myself laying on a lounge, topless, next to an 18 year old goddess, also topless, next to the pool of an 18th century Italian mansion. Life's fun.

A couple days later, we all went out for a nice lunch. Antonio and Stella, Sophia, Luca, and Elena all joined us. We needed to buy a bigger car.

At lunch, Leslie had something she clearly wanted to say, so we all quieted down. In my experience, Leslie is worth listening to.

"Mom and Dad, I've been talking to Sophia and Stella, and there is a good college here in town and they have a solid business program," said Leslie. Which is how, on the spot, Sophia's compensation packed was amended to include full tuition and books reimbursement and a requirement that she attend at least two classes a semester. Sophia couldn't stop smiling and repeating "I get to go to college."

Leslie wasn't done though: "OK, that's great, but some of the classes are at night," which is how coverage for babysitting and child care was added.

Leslie sat back, having accomplished her goal, but now it was clear Orlando wanted his turn.

"I've been talking to Luca and Elena. They're out of school for two more weeks. The house and cars will survive with Antonio and Stella. Can they come with us to Florida? Sophia too, of course," said Orlando.

Did you know that you can get three Italian passports in 24 hours? Yeah, you can't, but Mom can. And so it was done.

Which was how we all found ourselves on the Boeing BBJ C, with the Muira, the M1, the GT40, and the 959 in the back. That's all that would safely fit, so another trip was happening at Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed my first journal entry.

Leslie and Clay, oh my

And now it is my turn. This is Leslie now.

I was that scared little girl. I was terrified. Now I am a strong young woman, at least according to Morgan. That makes me happy, but I don't always feel strong.

I certainly didn't the day we met Bob. I loved my parents with all my heart. Maybe it was because I was just 10, but I didn't have the same cynicism burning inside me that Morgan did. Looking back, and more importantly, reading her journal, opened my eyes. So did Bob and Amy -- Mom and Dad -- because they are awesome. My bio Mom and Dad weren't. That's all I think of them now. Sperm and egg donors. Bob and Amy are our parents. Is that harsh? Maybe. Fuck'em. They screwed us up, and screwed us, for their own perverted pleasure and never for ours. Do you know that I never had a single orgasm until we got to Florida? How fucked up is that?

OK, sorry, back to the good side. Maybe I'll come back to that later, or maybe I need a therapist, but I know I am happy now. Really happy. Our life is freaking great, in so many ways. I loved Morgan's comments about Orlando learning about being a man from Bob. Well I am learning too, certainly from Amy, but my role model, the woman I look up to, the woman I aspire to be is Morgan. She doesn't realize what a rock she was to Orlando and me. She was our adult. She still is and I love her for it.

Back to the real-world, to real-time. We all read Bob's journal and now I've read Morgan's, so I won't rehash what they have. I admit, reading the journal turns me on, from the memories. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten off rubbing myself while reliving our experiences in Bob's journal. Don't get me started on all the videos. Fuck.

So where were we. Oh yeah, somewhere over the Atlantic, with the family, Linda and Lance's family, and Matt and his kids, and Sophia and her kids. Yes, I'm fine with calling them her kids, even though two days ago they were her siblings. She's Mom now, at 18, to 11 and 9, and it is going to be tough, but she's tough too. She didn't want our help, but Dad is a force for good, so she took it. Oh she'll work for it.

As I write this, I glance over to her, in her seat, sleeping. Damn, she is one fine woman. I see her breasts rise and fall with her breath and...oh, sorry, can't type with your hand in your own pants. As I am watching, little Elena got out of her seat and climbed onto Sophia. It wakes Sophia, but only briefly, and Elena snuggles in, with Sophia's arms around her. I get that. I'll bet the first two months on Bob's old boat, I fell asleep in Morgan's arms. No, don't go there, not because of that. Because she was my rock.

There I go, getting maudlin. Everyone is out here except Bob and Amy, who took the bedroom. After all, they were apart for almost a full day. The horror! Suddenly I heard Amy let out one of her trademark screams. She doesn't do it often, but I am confident that she drenched Bob. There appears to be a direct correlation between the screem and her squirting. A lot. I know, she's done it when she was sitting on my face. Damn I'm wet. Maybe I should go in there, no, no, I'll give them their privacy. I look around and everyone is sleeping except Clay. He's sitting up playing on his video game. Hmm. Everyone else is asleep. Clay's awake.

I'll be right back.

....... I'm back. Oh, you want the details, don't you. OK, I went over and stood in front of Clay and held out my hand. I thought about taking him into the bathroom, but this is MY family. I gambled, I guess, that the pilots wouldn't come out. I took him over to one of the seats in the back row, at the window, farther away from everyone else, and a little darker. I stripped off his clothes, then mine, and pushed him down onto the sleeper seat. Yes, I'd folded it down. This was going to be fast, so I climbed right on. Remember I said how wet I was, well, that was handy as I slid right down on him. He wasn't big, but he knew how to use his hands, and he worked on my clit as I bounced. Suddenly, I felt hands come around and start rubbing my nipples and tweaking them. I looked around and it was Luca. Oh, this is good. 11 year old Clay in me already. I bent over and felt a finger probe my ass. I felt cold gel -- where the hell did he get KY -- and he liberally lubed me up. I felt him slide in, which was harder, as Luca is pretty endowed for 13. They started pumping in unison and I went over. I couldn't stop cumming. I glanced over and saw that Elena was awake and watching up. She gave me a little smile, and I returned it. Just as it did, an incredible orgasm swept over me. Yeah, that was a trigger, as I felt cum fill up both holes. We collapsed for a minute, but eventually sat up. When we did, I saw Elena standing next to us. She pointed at Clay and Luca and made motions for them moving. She pushed me on my back in the space, then went to down. She rimmed me first lapping out Luca's cum, which I suspect was a familiar taste. Then she started licking me, and I started cumming over and over. She must have thought she was done, as she eventually stood up. I wasn't having any of that, and pulled her up to sit on my face. My head went into her little skirt and I started licking her through her little cotton panties. That got her moaning, but it wasn't until I pulled the panties to the side that I had good access. I went to town on that little button of hers, resulting in her firing off orgasm and orgasm. Finally she collapsed onto me and we both fell sound asleep, me naked and still dripping.

Luckily Bob came out to check on us and he woke us up and suggested we at least get dressed. Reluctantly we did.

We landed uneventfully at the St. Pete airport. We had quite the welcoming committee. We had a lot of people on the plane -- four families with 5, 4, 3, and 3, for a total of 15. We have four cars to move, so four of the adults hopped into a fine piece of machinery, leaving us 10 kids and Bob. Not sure how he got stuck with us. Alison met us in the big helicopter, so after we saw the other adults off in the cars, we hopped on board. Sophia, Luca, and Elena were blown away. Only Sophia had ever been on a plane before, so the flight was pretty exciting for Luca and Elena, but even Sophia hadn't been on a helicopter. Oh, don't I sound suave. Yeah, yeah, I was new to helicopters too, but our life was so effing odd that I was getting used to everything. Bob and I got Elena and Luca situated at a window, and Alison let Sophia ride up in the co-pilots seat. Alison took us on a nice sightseeing tour, but too soon headed to the house. When we touched down, we saw that Blake was waiting with two of the people mover carts.

We piled out, with Alison the last one out. She gave Blake a big passionate tongue kiss. That surprised our guests, until we explained they were married. That didn't stop Blake though, as he came over and gave Orlando, then Morgan, then me a similar kiss. Finally he finished by kissing Bob, and grinding him a bit. Ah, I get it, someone had talked to Blake and Alison about our guests being 'safe'. He was just messing with them. By the time Blake got to Bob, they had figured it out too. When we introduced Sophia to Blake, she got into the spirit of things and pulled him in for a kiss. A wet, slopping, tongue filled kiss. Luca followed suit with just as passionate and just as wet a kiss. Elena is a child after my own heart, as after giving Blake just as nice a kiss, she pants him. You know, when you grab their pants and pull them down really fast and their standing in their underwear? She took it to the next level though, as she brought his underwear down with the shorts, leaving him standing there with his clearly hard cock swinging in the wind. We only got to see that cock briefly though, as little 9 year old Elena dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth, all the way to his balls. Yes, this little thing was deep throating Blake. We all just stood there, slightly stunned, and watched. I said slightly because, come on, this wasn't that unusual in our lives.

Elena must have been pretty damn good at it, as Blake didn't last long. Just as he came, Elena pulled off and took a very messy facial. Wow. That was amazing. I couldn't resist, and pulled Elena to her feet an started licking her clean. Luca got into it and did the same for Blake, who quickly pulled up his shorts.

Which is how we got to the front driveway to meet all the car drivers with Elena having a big dollop of cum still in her hair. Amy looked at her, then looked at me, and I just shrugged and grinned. I whispered that I'd tell her later. We all went in and got settled and Orlando took off in a golf cart with our guests to give them the tour of our place.

Leslie and the bus

The story of their visit is amazing, and we can come back to that, or Bob can tell it, but I thought I'd take you back in time a bit. Bob tells our story really well, and damn they're hot to read, but he can't tell all the stories because he wasn't a part of all the stories. You need to hear about how much I enjoy Algebra and, oh who am I kidding, I have stories about sexual exploits to share and I think you'll like them. I noticed Morgan didn't share any in her journal, so I am going to suggest she does and Orlando does too. We have a lot of fun without the 'rents, you know.

I thought I'd start way back, when we first arrived. You know, broken little 10 year old me. Bob mentioned, in one of his early journal entries, about us coming home on the bus 'disheveled'. How great a word is that? This story is about one of those days.

It was about my third day in my new school. I was still pretty shy and inside my shell, I know I was. I still didn't know many people and hadn't made any real friends. I got on the bus and headed towards the back. Our bus was never very full and it tended to fill up towards the front. Weird, I know, most buses are like church and fill from the back. I think it was because our bus driver was hilarious, or thought she was, and told stupid jokes every day.

I headed to the back and slipped into the last row on the left. There wasn't anyone in a seat within four rows of me, except someone in the same seat on the other side of the bus. I hadn't met her yet, but had seen her around the school. She was the classic nerd girl. Kind of mousy brown hair, uncombed and flying everywhere. Her mom must have thought we went to a private school, as she was in the plaid shirt, white peter pan collar shirt, and even wore bobby sox. I am quite confident she got regularly abused for her clothing at our slightly trendy elementary school. It must have driven her into her shell, given she was back here with me. I don't think she realized I was back here though, as she was looking out the window, and I noticed she was absent mindedly rubbing her pussy. Yes, she was masturbating, on the bus. She was just doing it leisurely, so I don't think she was trying to get off. Imagine a toddler sucking their thumb for comfort. That's what she was doing. I realized that I both felt sorry for her and was turned on. That's an odd combination. I also saw through the mousy look and realized that she'd be really pretty if she tried. So, I got bold. At that point in my life, it was a surprising move.

I slid as quietly as I could and sat next to her. I leaned over and whispered in her ear: "I like to rub my pussy too."

You would have thought I shoved a cattle prod up her ass. She jumped, but luckily didn't scream. She looked at me with a look of sheer panic, but I gave her my biggest smile and told her it was OK. I figured in for a penny, so to speak, and thought the fastest way to calm her down was actions, not words.

"See," I said, pulling up my skirt and starting to rub my crotch. I had to be careful, because I know I am a moaner. She watched, wide-eyed, but unconciously licked her lips. Oh, goody. After a few strokes, I was wet as hell, and upped the ante again. I pulled my panties to the slide, and slid a finger in as deep as it would go, stroking in and out of myself. Her eyes never left my crotch. I pulled my finger out, and grabbed her left hand, and pulled it right onto my pussy. I think she was on auto-pilot at that point, because she buried a finger in me and used her thumb to massage my clit. She knew what she was doing, as it didn't take long before she got me off. That was really hard to do silently. Apparently we were both too engrossed in what we were doing, as just then I heard a movement and looked over to the seat I have vacated. Shit, there was a boy sitting in it watching. And rubbing his own crotch through his pants. I brought my finger to my lips in the classis Shhh position and he grinned and nodded.

Looking over, I realized you couldn't have cast a movie with a more perfect nerd. My God, he even had a pocket protector. Who dressed this boy? He was actually wearing plaid pants with a striped shirt. Seriously, did he not have parents? I rearranged my skirt and moved over to his seat, pushing him to the window.

"You cannot talk about this. You cannot," I said. He just gave me a loopy grin. Shit.

"Do you know the famous line from the movie Fight Club?," I asked, and he nodded.

"OK, here's the deal. You keep your mouth shut and we can have our own line. The one rule about Sex Club is you don't talk about Sex Club. Are you in?," I said.

I thought his head would break off his neck from the head bopping in the affirmative. I looked over at Mousy Girl and nodded my head towards the front of the bus. She got my point that she was the lookout. I have got to learn her name.

I turned back to Nerd Boy and unzipped his pants and managed to work his now hard cock out of his pants. It was a nice cock, about 4 inches hard and uncut, pretty nice for a boy about my age. He was already oozing precum, which was helpful. I started giving him what I was confident was his first handjob by anyone other than himself. He wasn't going to last long and I realized I had a problem if he came all over himself. We'd be busted. So, at the last minute, I leaned down and took him in my mouth, just in time for him to cum. I quickly swallowed and am proud to say I didn't miss a drop. I sat back up quickly and motioned for him to zip up. He rearranged and did so. I thought his face was going to burst from the smile. I glanced over at Nerd girl and she had a flushed face. Ah, she did get off. Good for her.

"Remember rule number one," I said, which got me a big grin in return. I grabbed my backpack and moved up to the next row. Shortly after, it was my stop and I got off, walking into the marina as 'disheveled girl'. Yeah, I was, with a belly full of cum.

The next morning when I got on the bus, I headed to the back. Surprise they were both back there. Bigger surprise, she were sitting together and chatting. We did actual introductions and I found out they'd been in the same school for four years and never talked to each other. They were both too shy. Well score one for little Leslie. Yes, I know everyone calls me little Leslie and, yes, I hate it.

Mousy girl was Missy. Damn, her parents did have a preppy addiction. Nerd boy was Lyle. I would later find out his parents had an odd fascination with Lyle Lovett. We won't go there. I shared my name and we had a nice chat for the bus ride. We bacame bus friends and no more, I'm not sure why. We weren't sexual all that often, but let me just share that it is possible to sit on a boys lap and take his virginity in the back row of a bus without anyone noticing. I know that from personal experience. As time went on, though, both Missy and Lyle had less and less interest in me, as they became enamoured with each other. Good for them. I picture them as the King and Queen of prom in a few years. Let me tell you though, they liked to fuck. I said WE weren't sexual that often, but THEY were. I'm pretty sure the entire bus was soon in on it, but no one ever said a thing. How could they not be. Some days the entire bus smelled like sex.

Damn, that story is hot even to me, but I guess I have the advantage of vivid memories. It took longer to type than I expected, but, um, I had to get off a couple times. I do have to laugh, though. I made the mistake of taking Lyle's virginity on the way TO school. Yep, I got off the bus with a pussy full of cum. At one point later in the day, I had to go to the bathroom for an 'emergency'. I'm sure my teacher thought I was starting my period, but it was really because I felt it leaking down my leg. Oh yes, I put a pad in at that point, but it wasn't catching what it was designed for.

OK, maybe one more story. You probably remember the story Dad told about the cheerleading coach liking little girls and how we performed in front of the window for her. I told him that story, but it wasn't the entire story. There is a last part. After we did our little performance, I let all the other girls leave the locker room and then went an knocked on the coach's door. I heard a strained "just a minute" and it was awhile before she opened the door. I looked past her and noticed that our student teacher coach was in there with her. She was standing behind the coach's desk, and I think she thought she was safe, but she was a little taller than she realized and I could see she didn't have anything on from the waist down. I startled them both by pushing past the coach and quickly closing the door. Before I did, I shut off the lights in the locker room, which made the window go dark. Busted and they knew it. Before panic set in, I quickly said: "Oooh, fun, can I play?"

All my stories appear to have big grins in them, as that was what happened, just as the coach locked the door. I walked over to Coach Judy, our student coach. I leaned in and gave her a big kiss, then grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it over her head. Damn, those were some seriously nice D cup breasts on a thin, athletic body. No bra either. Nice.

I turned back to Coach Annie and said: "Strip. Now." in my most stern voice. I guess I was becoming powerful Leslie by then. She looked like she was in a trance, but dropped her sweat pants and pulled off her sweatshirt. Her sports bra quickly followed. I later found out she was 41, but damn, she didn't look it. She was really tall, probably 6'1," but athletic, with nice firm B cup breasts. She was a marathoner, which explains the taut body. I pointed towards the couch and told them both to sit down and spread their legs, which they did. The couch faced the window, which was a little odd, until I realized that's where they sat to watch the 'show', you know, us girls.

I stood off to the side and kept using my stern voice. I had them play with each others nipples, tweaking and sucking them. I had them finger each other, until they both got off. I'm sure they both thought that I'd be naked soon. I kept this up for about 20 minutes and it was great fun to watch. They were both so horny, waiting to fuck with the 10 year old girl. They took orders well.

As they both came down from what looked to be pretty damn fine orgasms, I shared something with them.

"You know, I'll bet there is a feature of a one way mirror that you don't know. See how you can't see anything in the locker room, because the light is off? One way mirrors work, by letting the people standing in a dark room see the people standing in the room that is brightly lit," I said. "This room, right now, is brightly lit," waving my arm around the room.

"That room," pointing into the locker room, "is dark. So, the one way mirror is working, just not exactly how you expected."

I turned towards the windows and gave a thumbs up sign. Suddenly the locker room lights came on, and the usefulness of the mirror reversed. The coaches and I could all see into the locker room, where the entire cheerleading squad stood, watching the excitement in the coaches office.

"Oh shit," said Coach Annie. Coach Judy jumped up and literally hid on the floor behind the desk, getting dressed. Coach Annie turned to me.

"What do you want?," she said.

I was in seriously powerful Leslie mode at this point.

"Watching little girls when they're naked is NOT OK and you know it. You're the adult, we're the kids. Yes, we put a show on for you, but we shouldn't be in a position where that was even possible. You are in a position of authority over us. I'll bet, over the years, you haven't just watch through that window. Hell, you're fucking your student teacher and that's not OK either, even if she is an adult," I said. "You're a predator. We all know it", waving my arm to the window. At this point Coach Annie just deflated, as well she should.

I dropped it back a notch.

"Listen, you're a damn fine coach and you're good to us," I said. "You're good for us. You have helped the confidence of hundreds, if not thousands, of girls. That's good. Our goal is not to stop that, but to have you behave like you should. Like a coach should. We want two things. The first is that this window goes. You'll have a crew in here to remove it and wall it up, this week, at your expense. Just tell the administration that in this day and age, even though there is nothing wrong, you think it sends the wrong message. The second is you're not going to touch a student again. If you do, and it gets back to us, you'll be in jail. Those girls all have cell phones. They recorded this. Yes, I'll probably get in a little trouble, but I'm a kid. I'll tell the truth and you're toast. I don't want to do that, as I'd take Coach Judy down with you, so DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN," I said.

Both coaches almost gushed in agreement. How could they do anything else. I turned to Coach Judy: "Listen you're hot as fuck. In different circumstances, I'd be naked on that couch with you right now. I'm disappointed that can't happen now."

That statement calmed the room, as it was intended to do. I left the coach's office at that point. Within a week, there was no more window. At the end of the year, Coach Annie moved on, which didn't surprise me. I hope she moved on as a better person, but don't know. Liking little girls is hard. I know, I love little girls. My problem wasn't that she fucked little girls, it was that she abused her position of power to do it. That's different. Really different. Maybe not to everyone, but to me. I had to stand up and I did.

Yeah, I get it, not a sexy story, but an important one to understand the evolution of Powerful Leslie, the girl, no woman, I am now. Don't fuck with me.

I didn't tell Mom and Dad this story then, because I knew them and they would have done something. While that's admirable, our family didn't need unnecessary attention. I did something. I fixed it. Coach Annie is gone, and I have no idea what happened to Coach Judy, so I guess I can tell the story now, knowing Dad and Mom will read this. My only regret? Damn, Coach Judy was fine.

Enough of the serious stories. I think my first journal entries needs to end on a high note, and by high note I mean some amazing sexual experiences. Don't you?

So I'll tell one more historic story.

I don't know why Bob never told this story, as I love it. I find it hilarious. One day shortly after we all met Jim and Tim, they were both over on the boat with a friend of theirs that was visiting from out of town. Jim had let us know he was 'cool', so you knew the day was going to go well. Morgan came up with a contest and the prize was Amy. Whoever won the contest got to fuck Amy. That's a prize if I've ever heard of one. Their friend was Lanny. He was mid-20s, about 6'4," 225 and muscular. We would soon learn he had an impressive 9 inch uncut cock. Not Tim impressive, but pretty damn nice. We were all in the lounge of the old boat and Morgan announced she had a game and the prize. Amy gave her a look, but just grinned and nodded. Morgan took control.

"You," Morgan said, pointing at Tim, Jim, and Lanny, "Strip and sit down." So they did.

Lanny was in the middle, with Tim and Jim on each side.

"You," said Morgan, pointing at Amy. "Striptease." With that, Morgan turned on some music and actually found stripper music. Amy got into the moment and did the most amazing strip. God it made me horny. I didn't know where this game was going, but I was hoping it involved my face in her pussy. Once she was naked, Morgan positioned her on the floor, and told her to masturbate.

"What?," said Amy.

"You heard me. Get those fingers going. You're the prize," said Morgan.

"That's a little weird, Morgan," said Amy.

"Fine," said Morgan, in a huff. "Leslie can help for a bit, but she has a job too, so you'll have to live with it. Look at those cocks, you need to have cum a few times.."

She pointed at me and said "Strip. You too Orlando. You might as well too Dad", she then started taking her own clothes off. Pretty soon we were all naked. I'm not sure which one of us the men were enjoying, but damn they were hard.

Once I was naked, she told me to get Amy off. Happy to help, I thought, and dove right in, with my ass pointed at the men. I spread my legs so they had a view of my pussy. It didn't take long to get Amy off, because, well, I'm good at it. Morgan told me to get up and had Orlando and Bob stand next to me. Surprise, they were hard too.

"OK, this is a contest. Leslie, Orlando, and Bob are going to suck these guy's cocks," said Morgan, point at the men, or maybe their cocks. In this case, last person wins. If you cum from the blow job, you're out. When two people cum, we stop, and the remaining guy gets to fuck Amy, right there on the floor, while we all watch, and maybe help. If you're nice about it, Bob or Orlando, or maybe Bob and Orlando, will fuck you in the ass while you do.

Morgan went through some complicated process flipping coins and assigned us. Bob got Jim, Orlando to Lanny, and I got Tim. Awesome, I love to suck his BBC. Love it. Tim had no chance. I am the best there is. It would be a race between Jim and Lanny, as Orlando and Bob were probably pretty evenly matched.

We got on our knees, and just as we went to town Morgan added, "Let's have a prize for second place. Whomever cums second gets to fuck me. The person that cums first, you're outta luck."

I didn't pay attention to the others, I just did my best on Tim. I know he tried to hold off. I know he closed his eyes, and I even heard him muttering multiplication tables. Creative. It didn't help. Faster than he would have liked, I felt his cock swell and pulled off and let him cum on my tits. By the time of the contest, I had nice little puffies, and I was proud of them. Damn, he came buckets, and it dripped down onto my pussy. Awesome. I looked left and was surprised, Jim had cum first. You go Orlando. Bob had realized that happened and pulled off Lanny.

Lanny let out a war whoop. "I get to fuck her, I get to fuck her."

"I'm not complaining," said Tim. "I get to fuck Morgan and I'll bet Jim won't complain either, as I'm pretty confident Leslie or Orlando would be up for a fuck too. You won't believe this family. We'll all be lucky to leave here alive."

No shit.

We all backed off and Amy laid down on the floor. God she's gorgeous. That taut body and that firey hair. Sometimes I wish I had a dick, just so I could fuck her. The double-ended dildo is fun and all, and it is fun, but I'll bet a dick in that pussy is amazing. Orgasm INSIDE her? Heaven, I'll bet. I know Dad would agree with me. I know he thinks he is a lucky guy and you know something? He is.

She laid on her back and Dad put a pillow under her ass. Awe, isn't that an attentive cuckold. Yeah, you're surprised I know that word at 11, aren't you? Don't be. I have internet access. But it also isn't fair. Dad is no cuck. They just have an amazing relationship. Morgan said it in her first journal. We aspire to a husband as great as Bob and aspire to be a wife as great as Amy.

Lanny was still hard. Not surprising given what he got to do next. Morgan took over again.

"OK, Lanny, do you want a cock in your ass and if so, whose?," she said. "You have four to choose from."

"Yeah, he said. I've had Tim and Jim, so I'm up for either Bob or Orlando. Hey, let's start with Orlando. I'll bet he cums before I do. If so, Bob can take his place and enjoy slopping seconds," said Lanny.

Well, there you go. A man that knows his wants and needs. He knelt down and slid into Amy. No surprise there. She was clearly hot and wet. He paused for a moment and bent over and Jim did the honors of lubing him up while Bob lubed up Orlando. Isn't that a cute family portrait, Dad lubing up his son, so he could fuck a friend in the ass that was fucking his girl friend.

Orlando got into position and slid right in. He started pumping pretty fast and furious, just banging into Lanny's ass. This forced Lanny pretty deep into Amy. I wasn't going to miss out, so I got down and started licking Amy's nipples and nibbling on them. Well hell, why not. At this pace Orlando didn't last long, and with a big grunt, emptied into Lanny's ass. I looked up and Bob was ready to go, and glistening with lube. Orlando pulled out and almost without missing a stroke, Dad was in. He kept the pace up and Amy started going off. I kept sucking on her nipple, while tweaking the other one and, I admit, got a little rough. She just kept going and that was enough for Lanny and by Amy's extra loud moan, I knew he was cumming. This was enough for Dad, because with a big grunt, he emptied into Lanny.

They all rolled off to the side and laid there for a minute.

I got up and announced, wait a minute, I need to be fucked. Morgan laughed, and we both laid down right next to each other. I started rubbing her clit and she started rubbing mine. We both gasped as we felt cocks slam home. I love Jim's big dick, but I admit, I know Morgan was loving every inch of Tim's big monster. We didn't last long before both Morgan and I started cumming, which pushed both guys over. We're good, you know. They pulled out and covered both of us with cum. Lots of cum, considering it was their second time in an hour. Amy and Orlando leapt into duty, with Amy cleaning off Morgan and Orlando cleaning off me. Dad helped out too, we're that kind of giving family, and licked the cum off both cocks.

It says a lot about our lives that we all jumped in the water and rinsed off on the swim platform and then grilled some burgers, all while still naked. I think Lanny liked me, because he kept rubbing my puffy nipples. I was OK with that.

Told you it was a hot story.

As Morgan said, I hope you enjoyed my first journal entry.

Characters in the stories








The man that received the fateful call
The new Nanny
The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
Jim's friend
Family personal trainer and more
Amy's Dad
Co-owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater
Co-owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater
Lance and Linda's son
Lance and Linda's daughter
Co-owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater
Matt's son
Matt's daughter
Yacht sales person
Juanita's Dad
Olivia's son
Waverunner dealer and Olivia's brother
Mason's daughter
A new friend
A new friend
Jake and Emma's son
Jake and Emma's son
Jake and Emma's son
Jake and Emma's daughter
Italian car restorer
Real estate agent and Marco's wife
Marco and Gianna's son
Marco and Gianna's daughter
Italian Vinter
Antonio's wife
New Italian friend and Goddess
Sophia's son
Sophia's daughter
Leslie's bus friend
Leslie's bus friend
Jim and Tim's friend


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
6'8" - 250, Black, 12 inches of fun
5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
6'0" - fit, 8 inch thick cock
6'2" - reasonably fit, average cock
5'5" - healthy but not fat, firm C cup
5'1" - skinny, cute, 4 inch uncut cock
4'8" - skinny, smaller version of Clay, flat
6'0" - average in every day, including a 5 1/2 inch cut cock
4'11" - average, 3 inch cut cock
4'10" - average, just a hint of puffies
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'11" - 175, Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6 inch average cock
4'0" - 60, miniature Mason, 2 inch cock
6'3" - Blonde, athletic, 9 inch thick
4'2" - small, flat, blonde and sexy
5'10" - a little chubby, fat 6 inch
5'6" - a little chubby, full D cup
5'3" - 90, good looking, 3 inch cock
4'6" - 75, 3 inch cock
4'6" - 75, 3 inch cock
4'7" - 80, flat, cute
5'11" - Very italian
5'6" - beautiful, C cup
5'3" - little Marco, 4 inch uncut cock
4'6" - cute, flat
6'3" - 220, well-endowed
5'8" - voluptuous, A cup
5'7" - stunning, simply stunning, B cup
5'4" - chisled, smaller, male Sophia, 5 inch uncut cock
4'5" - sexy AF
4'9" - mousy little girl
4'11" - super nerd, 4 inch cock
6'4", 225, muscular 9 inch cock

End of Chapter