Note: I am keeping company names out of the story for legal reasons. HZE is a fictional company name and so is AER.

All the Vice Presidents, Directors, Senior Managers, Managers and the Senior Engineering staff got called to a mandatory meeting with the President and CEO. It was made clear that the meeting was mandatory, it didn't matter if you were on a job site, vacation or any other reason. It is a medium sized company but that was about to change very soon. Everyone heard the rumors about the merger, or buyout, possibly forthcoming. We have a large customer base in the US and Canada but that was also about to change. We sat at the executive conference table and the Admin staff handed out sealed envelopes with our names on them and `Confidential' marked all over them. Hard copies of the presentation and note pads also distributed around the table and to the people sitting along the back and side wall of the conference room. We idly chatted waiting for the boss and the reason why half the people in the room had to jump on a plane to be here at corporate at 8:00 in the morning.

Sr. Vice President and COO Cal Murray started the presentation with current sales, forecasted projects, and expected revenues. CEO Bill Daniels took over the controls and the presentation. He presented the five year and ten year business plans if the company stays as is. It was all good news. The engineering staff travels quite a bit but that is to be expected in the line of work we do. That was about to change.

Bill Daniels said "The merger is in the final stages and will be completed this week with AER. AER is putting a lot of money into this company; they manufacture everything from a switch to a jet engine and more. They have a global presence and are continuing to expand into different markets and uncharted territories around the globe. They have business plans to build power stations, water recovery and purification facilities, manufacturing facilities around the globe".

Oh great, more business leaving the U.S. for cheap labor overseas. I didn't say it out loud.

"Why does such a huge diversified company like AER want to invest in our growth, bottom line is HZE is one of, if not the best in the business. We can design it, build it, start it up, validate it, train the people to run it, and then move on to the next project. With that said AER is fast tracking seven new facilities world wide, Australia, Thailand, Netherlands, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and India. Other projects will follow".

He continued "Before you all start bellyaching about jobs lost, what gets manufactured in these areas stays there to build their own economies. Nothing comes back to the USA for resale; we are going to help build and manage these facilities and continue our current business platform here. Of the seven locations I have mentioned we need onsite technical and manager staff starting in a couple of months once the merger is completed. You are all here today to think about the opportunities in front of you. This facility will be closed. Our headquarters will be merged with AER and move to Kansas City".

"There is an envelope in front of each of you. In there is an incentive signing bonus and your annual salary contracts. There are also summaries of the positions available to you. Each position will need to be applied and interviewed for. If you are interested please let my staff know to get you on the schedule. If you do not wish to be a part of this merger and wish to venture elsewhere than nothing but praises and recommendations will be provided for you. You should expect at least two years overseas to get these facilities built and operational. Please read the proposal carefully, we will meet again next Friday. The information in front of you is extremely confidential do not share information between you or outside the company. Are there any questions?"

Boy, were there questions.

After a barrage of questions from twenty some execs and seniors Bill Daniels put a stop to it. "I understand you may have family issues, mortgages, kids dance lessons, soccer practices, or even the school play. Whatever the case may be, weigh your options carefully. Some of you are here and wondering why, mostly the engineers, you're here because you're the backbone of this business. You get the job done. I need the engineers and managers to work as one please review the information in front of you and we can discuss things on a one to one basis".

"I will make one final comment, the packages in front of you are very generous in the offerings, they vary from person to person, if you want in, plan on and arrange for two years overseas, you can take your family with you if you wish, please do not come to me and say `My son can't leave his soccer team and his friends', if you do you will not get selected and you will be out of a job, you will have a very favorable recommendation and help finding a new job, but you will not be part of `Helger Zegmond Engineering Enterprises a wholly owned subsidiary of AER Corp."

Bill Daniels never did put up with much bull shit. The room dispersed, each carrying the sealed envelope like it was a newborn baby.

Cal Murray grabbed my arm and cornered me along with two other senior engineers. Bill joined the small group and said "You guys are the best of best as troubleshooters, I know you can design, engineer and build anything, most of the speech was for the execs and managers that will take station as general manager for the build site. The others will find new jobs. The engineers will remain; I am offering you three to take on the world. Travel site to site, 2 weeks or 6 months what ever it takes. If your onsite you run the show, need resources make a call. If a project is behind schedule, we send you in. If something doesn't work, we send you in. You will have almost unlimited resources at your disposal. We will talk in private during the week".

I went back to my office and closed the door. I opened the envelope. Wow. 2.5 million dollars as a bonus plus high six figures for salary. I called and set an appointment with Bill Daniels. We worked out the details and as soon as my son graduated from high school this year I would be on the road, bouncing from one site to another. Bill used some influence to help get my son into the naval academy as well. At least I didn't have to drag a seventeen year old around the globe with me.

Thailand was the first place I would be sent. My interpreter and personal assistant would meet me at the airport. I landed in Bangkok and was met by Zxio (pronounced Zow) my new assistant.

"We have an office here in Bangkok and an apartment for you, the facility is quite a distance away, and we have made arrangements for a house at the facility location. The standards of living here are probably not what you are use to. This is a poor country that is why the power plant and water treatment facility are so important. Anything you need can be arranged, your profile says you are not married but have a son, I have also arranged for a Land Rover for you". He barked some orders and all my bags, tools, and computer were picked up and carried to his Land Rover. He drove to the office first. "Mr. Mitchell is expecting you sir, I will take you to your apartment when you are finished". "Thank you Zxio".

Two hours later, after getting the updates on the project Zxio drove me to the apartment. Not bad. Zxio said "Mr. Walters, if there is something of a personal interest to you, I would suggest a service versus local girls, or boys what ever is your pleasure. If you want companionship I will arrange things, the locals will try to trap you, get pregnant and try to force you to marry them so they can go to America. For only a few pennies of your money a service will be clean and no pregnancies. Just discrete pleasures will be provided. I work for you; I am paid by the company but what ever you wish". "Right now Zxio the only service I would like is some food, a hot shower and to climb between the sheets of my bed".

The next day Zxio showed me a portfolio of possible services. The catalog showed pictures of women, men, young girls and boys of all ages. I didn't pick any specifics but I guess I might have lingered over some of the choices. I told him I would think about it.

I awoke to an aroma that I could not place, also light music, pleasant, relaxing, something from a health spa, the sounds of a waterfall or a babbling brook. Candles, scented candles, not overpowering, just soothing. As I returned to consciousness, small but strong hands rubbing my shoulders and back. I was getting a massage; I opened my eyes to find a young girl in her teens rubbing my back. She said "I am Kim; I hope you enjoy your massage". I tried to focus on the time but her hands kept my mind on the pleasure and the relief in my back from being on an airplane so long. The next smell I could recognize was tea and eggs.

I rolled over to look who was rubbing my back. Young petite girl, shoulder length black hair, dark eyes, "How old are you?" "I am fifteen". Her breasts the size of small fruits, lemons, maybe small oranges, two dark spots with her nipples hard, a contrast to the Asian skin color. My morning piss hard on getting in the way, I rolled out of bed not concerned that a naked teen is in my room giving me a massage. She stood up when I stood, maybe five foot three, one hundred five pounds, and slim hips and legs a patch of black pubes over her pussy. I walked to the bathroom to relieve myself. I came back to the bedroom. "Why are you here?" She said "We are samples, Mr. Zxio has arranged for us to be here to take care of you". I said "Huh? Samples? Who is we?"

A naked boy walked into the bedroom. She said "This is Hon. If you do not wish to have us we will be replaced with a more suitable choice for you sir". The boy poured tea. "How old are you?" "I am eleven sir". I shook my head, to clear it, a fifteen year old girl and an eleven year old boy what was Zxio thinking. Well I looked at the two Asians and I don't know why but my little head was thinking more than my big head. My erection returned at full mast.

The boy was about four foot six inches tall, dark hair and eyes, maybe seventy-five pounds, no hair on him except for the top of his head, his cock looked to be around four inches and circumcised. The boy handed me the tea, I took several sips then put the cup down, and reached for the boy. I ran my hands over his chest, down his sides to his hips; I squeezed his round ass before reaching for his cock. I played with the tip with my fingers; I spread his legs so I could cup his small balls. I pulled the boy to me as I lay back on the bed. I smelled the boy, he smelled clean, and I guided his cock to my mouth. I licked the head and down the shaft, I licked each of his balls before taking his four inches into my mouth. As I sucked the boy the teen girl sucked my cock into her mouth. She said "Would you prefer my lips or my pussy? I am clean and on birth control, Hon is also available to pleasure you in all manors".

I pulled off the boy "Can you cum, Hon?" "Very little sir, a drop or two may come out". I said "Kim your lips are doing fine, but your pussy looks inviting as well". "Yes sir". I returned to the boy's shaft, squeezing his ass muscles as I sucked his cock. Kim returned to the blow job, and then lowered herself onto my cock with her twat. She rode my cock and squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles. She reached back and gently squeezed my balls as well. Hon said "Sir I am going to cum, if you do not want it in your mouth". I continued to suck his cock until he gave me his juice, very watery and mild, a few more squeezes on my balls and I was filling the girl's pussy up with my cum.

They washed my cock and balls, with warm soapy water and returned with warm eggs and more tea. I put on a robe; Zxio was in the living room when I came out of the bed room. I said "How did you know?" He said "I am trained to be observant sir. You seemed to linger with the boys and girls. I took a chance that I would be correct, I hope they were to your satisfaction sir". "Yes they were very good, just one request I like shaved pussy". "Yes sir, Kim will be clean shaven for you or another of your choice".

Zxio said "Are we going to the office today sir?" "Lets take a trip to the facility; I would like to see what is going on". "Yes sir".

I followed Zxio in my Land Rover, we could have just taken the one, but I need to figure out the route anyway. Basically the road is non-existent, just a dirt path that leads into the mountains. After inspecting the site and meeting with the respective construction crews, I settled into the trailer that is now my office.

I was introduced to my new house, more like a bungalow shack than a real house but it at least had indoor plumbing, running water, and electric, some places the toilet is nothing more that a hole in the floor with footprints painted on the floor. Mine also was further up the trail for the construction crews allowing a little more privacy but not much. Zxio said "Sir you will find it common here to have a mousse, someone to cook, clean, as I said before a service is better than a local girl, if you want a local boy that is fine, houseboys are just as common, most of the job foremen or managers will have someone to take care of the house as well as sexual favors".

I said "Okay what about Kim and Hon? I can't believe that I am into little naked boys, but sucking his cock did turn me on, Kim is talented as well". "Yes sir, if you wish I can bring them back in the morning. There are supplies for a few days here and the water supply is clean. You may want to use bottled water for a few days so you do not get dysentery though it is very common especially with the Americans here". "Yes I suppose you're right Zxio, and how I am supposed to pay for their services?" "I will set up an account for you, say five hundred dollars, everything will come out of the account, supplies the children, and I will give you detailed accountability of where your money is being spent". I handed him the money.

"Sir do not keep large quantities of cash here, it will be stolen, keep your computer with you and lock your tools in the trailer tool box, remember this is a poor country. The job site is the safest place with the security but everyone can be tempted here. It is expected that materials from the job will disappear. Piping, tin, things that can be used in someone's house. The Land Rover can be used to lock your valuables as well. If Kim is not a suitable cook would you like me to bring a replacement, shaved as requested of course". I said "Let's give her a chance first; I have been cooking for a long time myself". "Very well sir, I will be back in the morning with more supplies, I take it you will not be going to the Bangkok office on a regular basis, or the apartment". I said "This is where the job is, I can't fix it from two hours away, I will stay here during the week and in Bangkok for the weekends, if the bosses need to know what is going on then they can call me on the satellite phone or they can get their boots dirty as well". "Yes sir".


My first week on the job site was hell trying to get the construction crews in the right places doing the right things in the order they needed to be done in. But I now have three valuable assets to help. Zxio has proven to be invaluable with his multilingual skills, I bark an order and it is immediately translated into whatever language is necessary to keep the project on schedule.

Hon and Kim are also useful, I keep Kim at the house and I take Hon with me to the job. They are both fluent in English and Thai. Men are not accustomed to taking orders from a child but they all figured it out quickly that I am giving the orders and if Zxio is not around then Hon is translating for me. I'm the boss, no questions asked, do as I say or I will replace you in a New York second. Steal from my jobsite and you're gone even faster.

The fringe benefits of having a mousse and a houseboy were paying off as well. The hardest choices to make were which one and which orifice would get my cock, which became morning, lunch and evening every day.

I'm not sure which is the better cock sucker, they both do it like a professional and both swallow my cum. Kim is not a bad cook and her shaved pussy is fun to play with and eat, along with her soft tits. Hon's ass is just as much fun to fuck. As Zxio promised both are clean and well kept. No nasty pussy smell, both use a douche to stay clean. I never thought that fucking a boy could be so enjoyable, but I do like his tight ass around my seven inch cock.

I guess my favorite is to fuck her bald pussy and suck his four inch hairless cock. I never thought I would be a cocksucker either, but they do know how to provide pleasure. His young cock in my mouth, playing with or sucking his balls until he gives me the sweet boy nectar hidden inside, just a drop or two of his watery juice. I know I could not suck on an older cock that can shoot a full load of cum. I would gag and choke if I tried.

I know my electrical foreman has different tastes. He has two houseboys both around sixteen or seventeen. I can hear them from my bedroom; you can also smell cum on them when they are outside. Jeez take a bath will you, but that is the life of construction.


Three weeks into the project the high voltage power poles were being constructed properly, and the water piping was actually fitting together correctly as it was being assembled down the mountainside. The road was now gravel and passable for the trucks bringing in the heavy equipment. The foundations were almost complete for the power and water facilities. The distillation tanks and the piping were ahead of schedule and still under budget. The water tower was still being welded but also on schedule. The transformer field was also on track, but I know that this will be a major headache to get working properly.

My sat phone rang. "Walters, get your shit together and get to fucking Brazil, it's a god damn mess down there" It was Bill Daniels, it wasn't a request.

"Zxio I am heading for Natal, Brazil. I will be back, I do not want Kim or Hon to return to the streets as service providers, take them back to Bangkok, make sure they are taken care of".

"That will be difficult, there is no place to keep them other than with the others, and it is a sort of community that tends to the children's needs". "Then you take care of them, stay at the apartment until I return". "Sir the company owns the apartment; they will give it to someone else until you return". "Talk to Mitchell and work it out, I don't share". "I will do my best".


Natal, Brazil

Natal, Brazil is on the coastline with an oil processing facility. Bill Daniels was right, the job was cluster fuck, nothing on schedule, nothing working. I called in engineering support with six engineers coming down from the states. Eight weeks later and a new general manager I left the project to Ed Meyers to finish up the cleanup work.


Brisbane, Australia

I landed in Brisbane for more troubleshooting, and getting the project back on track. On a weekend that I didn't have to work I hung out at the beach, it was January so it is Australia's summer months.

I was sitting at a sidewalk café not too far from my hotel enjoying a few cold beers and eyeing the scene around me. Topless women sunbathing and half a dozen people with surf boards trying to catch the perfect wave. The surfers had wet suits on. Since my experience in Thailand with a boy a young blond surfer boy caught my eye. He was cute; I pegged him to be eleven or twelve. I watched his form paddle out and ride a wave in. After about an hour and a couple of beers the blond broke from the group and headed to shore.

He put his board in the sand and unzipped the wet suit and peeled it off of his chest and arms revealing his young milky white chest. He picked his board up and carried it under his arm. He was walking right towards me. The bottom half of his wet suit showed a nice package between his legs. He put the board down right behind me, so he was standing right next to me. I said "You were doing great out there". He smiled showing his white teeth, "Thanks mate". His blue eyes sparkled. He started to dig into a pocket. "Shit mate, my pocket was open; I lost my wallet out there, now I have no money". I said "What were you going to buy?" He said "I was going to get a pop, but I also lost my taxi money, my mum is going to kill me".

I said "I will buy you something to drink, my hotel is only a short ways from here, I have at Ute, and I can drive you home if you want". "Really mate?" "Sure what's your name?" "Billy, Billy Tyler". I said "Nice to meet you, Billy, Billy Tyler. I'm Mike, Mike Walters" repeating my name the way he did. He started to laugh. I extended my hand to him, he shook my hand "Thanks mister, I'm kind of in a bind" I took a shot, "Yeah I can understand that, you're kind of cute too". He looked at me but didn't say anything.

I stood up and opened the café door he went in first giving me a look at his ass still in the wet suit. I got another beer for me. I said "So what would you like Billy, Billy Tyler?" He said "A couple of those would do nicely" pointing to the Fosters I had in my hand. I picked up a twelve pack. I said "I have a refridge in the room". He picked up a soda and waited for me to pay the cashier.

We got back outside and he peeled the rest of the wet suit off leaving only a blue Speedo on his five foot one frame. I looked at his blond hair and his blue eyes that matched the color of the Speedo he was wearing. I said "You're not kind of cute mate, you're very cute, and can I help you carry something?" "Yeah, you can carry this". He handed me the wet suit and he put his board under his arm "Which way?" I started walking to the hotel with his wet suit and the twelve pack of Fosters. He got in step right next to me. "So how old are you Billy, Billy Tyler?" he laughed "Will you stop calling me that, its just Billy and I'm twelve, how old are you?" "Forty-six".

We got back to the hotel and I locked his board and suit in the Ute. He said "So Mike, Mike Walters are you going to let me have one of those Fosters?" I handed him a cold one. "Cool, thanks". I said "Are you going to get in trouble or need to be home soon?" He said "No and I'm good for a while. Where are you from Mike?" I said "Philadelphia originally, but I work all over the world, I was in Thailand, then Brazil and now here, from here I don't know or maybe back to Thailand. I may not get back home to the USA for a couple of years".

He started to gulp his beer. "Wow, that's a lot of traveling". I said "Do you want to come in for a while; I should put these in the refrigerator to keep them cold". "Yeah". He followed me upstairs to my room. I put the beer in the fridge. He gulped more beer and let out a roaring belch and busted out laughing. "Can I have another please?" "Yeah help yourself and make yourself comfortable". "Thanks, hey Mike can I use the shower to get the salt water off?" "Help yourself".

"I have a better idea; I think you do to that's why we are here isn't it?" I said "Did you just give me permission to touch you?" "Yes, I'm horny as hell; it looks like you are as well". "You're right Billy I am, you're a very good looking boy and I would like to make love to you". He said "I still have to get the salt off, but you can come with me". He reached out to my crotch and felt my hard cock.

I knelt in front of him and reached into the top of his Speedo for the string, he kicked off his beach sandals, I loosened the draw string and lowered his blue Speedo to release his three and a half inch uncut cock that was pointing straight up his body. He has no pubes visible. He stepped out of the Speedo. He reached for my belt "Show me". I kicked my sandals off, pulled the polo shirt over my head and undid my belt, button and zipper and lowered my shorts and boxers in one motion letting him see my seven inch cut cock, hairy chest, balls and legs. "Wow". I said "I can say the same for you Billy, let's get that salt off of you so we can play a while". "Okay".

We both went into the bathroom and started the shower. I climbed in right behind him. He rinsed himself first then turned to me. He let me soap him up; I played with his nipples on his smooth white chest. My hands got down to his waist, his hips, each ass globe and down and back each leg and arms before grabbing his hard on and rolled his foreskin back and forth, then his small balls, I ran my soapy fingers through his ass crack and touched his hole. He rinsed himself off. "Come on mate, we are going to need a shower later, lets get dry". I turned the water off and handed him a towel and dried myself.

We came out of the bathroom our hard ons raging. Billy splayed himself right in the middle of the king size bed arms and legs at full distance I moved next to him "Have you done this before Billy?" "Not with a man, only with some of my mates, but I have wanted to". I started to rub his chest; I put my lips on his left nipple sucking the small disk into my mouth. "Oh, my god that feels awesome". I took his other nipple into my mouth. I moved down his torso to his belly, smelling and licking his belly button, I moved to his pubic area and I could see and feel super fine blond pubes that someday will become a patch. His boyhood was rigid against his pubic area pointing up to his chin. I licked the insides of his thighs, and then his acorn sized balls, then the underside of his shaft before I got to his foreskin. I rolled the foreskin down and licked his piss slit, then taking the whole 3-1/2 inches into my mouth. "Oh, my god that feels awesome mate" he wrapped his hands into my hair as I sucked his nail and his nuggets.

The boy didn't stand a chance "Oh yeah mate, this is fantastic". He lasted a few minutes more before raising himself, arching his back off the bed; I grabbed his hips to support his weight as he tried to get more of him into my mouth. I pounded his cock with my lips and tongue until he released a small amount of boy cum in my mouth. With his climax spent he collapsed back to the bed, breathing heavy. I let him rest to get his breathing under control. His 3 ˝ inch nail never deflated so I sucked him off again but I added licking his ass crack and tonguing his asshole. The boy was making so much noise I thought for sure that hotel management was going to throw me out for disturbing the other guests. He had his second cum of the afternoon.

As he rested I laid next to him. He reached for my cock and wrapped his hand around the middle of my shaft. He was looking at my crown. "Yours is different than mine". I said "Oh you mean because I am circumcised?" "I guess, I have never seen one like it, all my mates look just like me". I said "It's common in America, maybe fifty percent of boys are circumcised as infants". "Oh okay" He licked the bottom of my crown then moved his tongue all around the crown; it was like he was licking a lolly pop instead of sucking a cock. He kept going around the crown. I didn't know how far he was willing to go so I put my hand on top of his and started to stroke my cock with his hand under mine. "You're not going to sperm in my mouth are you?" "Not if you don't want me to, I will warn you when I am about to ejaculate". He finally put his lips around the tip of my cock, and gradually put more of it in his mouth.

I said "Billy have you ever had anal sex before?" He shook his head and mumbled a `no', he pulled off and said "No, but I have thought about it, won't it hurt?" "Not if it's done with care". He put his mouth back on the tip, and then went back to lolly pop style. He started to pump my cock more "Are you getting close?" I said "If you rub my balls at the same time with your other hand I will be". He obeyed. "Okay Billy here we go". He pumped harder and got his face out of the way. I exploded on myself and dripping down my cock covering his hands. "Wow, that's a lot of junk".

He lay down next to me; he said "How long are you going to be here?" I said "Probably a few more weeks, why?" "Well we did see you watching us surf and it is summer holiday so I try to come to this beach as much as possible, maybe we will run into each other again". "I would like that Billy, I would like that a lot". "I think my mate Jimmy might want to meet you as well. I told him that I had to go early today, he is probably still on his board". I said "The brunette boy with the red and blue wet suit?" "That's him; he's the mate I mess around with, can I have another Fosters".

"You can have whatever you want as long as we don't get into trouble for it". "Naw, mum's cool about a beer or two".

I said "So you saw me sitting and watching a group of surfers trying to catch a wave, you talked to your mate, came in, and came up to me and decided to practically get naked in front of me and the café, was losing your wallet part of the plan as well?" "No and that sucks that I did, you were watching the Sheila's as well". "Yes, Australia has some wonderful sights to look at for someone my age. Now should we get cleaned up and take you home?" "Yeah I guess".

We showered washing each other. Billy put on his Speedo, he had a shiver. I said "Are you chilly?" "Yeah, a little". "Here put this on" I gave him one of my t-shirts with the AER logo, it was too big on him but it did make him even cuter even though it hid his body, just his smooth legs and arms sticking out from the dark blue t-shirt.

He gave me directions and I drove him home. A very attractive woman greeted him. He said "Mum, this is Mike Mike Walters" with a chuckle. "Huh?" "Nothing mum, kind of an inside joke, I lost my wallet surfing so he offered to give me a ride home. He travels all over the world".

"Nice to meet you, thank you for bringing Billy home Mr. Walters, and for you young man its Mr. Walters or Mr. Mike you don't have the right to call an adult by his first name casually, you know better than that. Now get your stuff and get inside for supper". "Yes mum, do you want your shirt back?". "No keep it, its good advertising someday you'll fit into it. I have plenty more". At that moment the front door opened and an exact copy of Billy just smaller came out. "What's going on mum?"

Billy said "This is Mr. Mike, he gave me a ride home because I lost my wallet surfing. That is my brother Thomas this is my mum Claire Tyler. Thanks for the ride, maybe I'll see you around sometime". I said "No problem". I was being dismissed. I opened the back door of the Ute and pulled another AER t-shirt out. "Here's one for your brother too. Take care". I got behind the wheel and pulled away, two cute blond boys waving and a blond mother looking like who was that man.

Every night that I got back to the hotel I was hoping to find a blond boy waiting for me naked on my bed, but that would be unrealistic since I was working long hours and got back to the hotel usually well after dark. By the end of the week things were more in control so I told the project manager that I would not be on site, but available if necessary. I worked from the hotel room sitting on the balcony with a beer next to me, my satellite phone and my laptop.

Every night that I got back to the hotel I was hoping to find a blond boy waiting for me naked on my bed, but that would be unrealistic since I was working long hours and got back to the hotel usually well after dark. By the end of the week things were more in control so I told the project manager that I would not be on site, but available if necessary. I was working from the hotel room sitting on the balcony with a beer next to me, my satellite phone and my laptop.

I heard the scuffle below me, "He's here mate, that's his Ute we can leave the boards here". I leaned over the balcony to see Billy and his friend with their boards, still in wet suits, Billy's black with a blue strip, the other boy in the red and blue. I said "Do you want to lock your boards in the Ute?" "Yeah that would be great". I dropped the keys to the blond standing below me. "Come on mate, you have to meet him". The two boys ran up the stairs after locking the Ute to the second floor. Billy banged on the door. I got up from the balcony and opened the door to the breezeway. The Ritz Carlton it is not, but comfortable and affordable.

Billy said "Cheers Mr. Mike, this is my mate Jimmy; I told him all about you, can we stay with you for a while?" I smiled "Sure, nice to meet you Jimmy and Billy you can just call me Mike when we're here". I closed the door behind the boys. Billy went right to the fridge for a pair of Foster's and settled on the edge of the bed. Billy said "Mate you have to see his wanker it's not like ours, besides it's twice as big as mine". I went to the balcony and shut down the laptop and brought everything inside. I closed the sliding door and the curtain.

I said "Well Jimmy if you want to see mine, then I would like to see yours, why don't you boys get out of those wet suits". The two started to peel off the wet suits, soon only Speedos were left.

Billy said "Uhm Mike, remember what you asked me about last time when I said I haven't but have been thinking about?" I nodded. "Well I think I'm or we're ready to try but I don't want you junking in my butt". I said "I will wear a condom, but if you two are going to try it with each other than you should as well. I have condoms that fit me, but not you Billy, what about you Jimmy?" He shrugged. I stepped forward "Are you alright with this?" "Yes". I undid his Speedo and lowered it down his legs. His uncut cock popped out sticking out from his hairless body almost five inches in length. I wrapped my hand on it; it's as thick as a quarter. I said "Impressive, how old are you?" "Twelve". Billy's suit came off next, for his three and a half uncut boycock as thick as a nickel.

Jimmy and Billy are the same height and size, other than brown hair versus blond, Jimmy's skin color a little darker than Billy's.

I said "Now I know what sizes to get I'll be back in ten minutes, don't start without me, keep the door closed". I went to the convenience store on the corner and got the condom sizes for both of them. I was back in less than ten minutes.

Billy and Jimmy were drying themselves in the bathroom. Billy said "To get the salt off". "Good idea". I took my shoes off and let the boys discover the rest. Jimmy said "You're right mate, it is different, bigger too" Jimmy wasted no time, he had his hand on the base of my shaft and most of my cock in his mouth, bobbing up and down like a pro.

I said "Wow, Jimmy you certainly have done this before". He pulled off and said "My uncle taught me". "Okay but let's get comfortable on the bed shall we". I grabbed the condoms and the lube jelly and put them on the night stand. We got into a three way position, Jimmy had my dick in his mouth, and Billy did his lolly pop routine on his mate Jimmy. I took Billy's cock in my mouth. I also lubed up my finger and inserted it into his ass.

Billy was the first to orgasm in my mouth. I released him and said "Jimmy do you want me to warn you when I am going to cum?" He said "Billy can't swallow but I can its okay". I said "Do you cum yet?" "Not really, about the same as Billy does" "Well since Billy is resting why don't you get on top of me, I will suck your dick for you". Jimmy turned on top of me and resumed on my cock. I took his cock in my mouth and kept a finger in Billy's ass. Jimmy gave me his few drops of boy juice. He kept sucking me until I shot ropes of cum into his mouth.

I said "Jimmy have you had anal sex before?" "No, I just suck dick and swallow" Billy said "Mike, since Jimmy is smaller than you can you let him go first in my butt. If I get use to him then I should be able to take you". "Good idea, it doesn't have to be today if you don't want" Jimmy said "I have to leave soon".

I pulled my finger out of Billy, put some more lube on a second finger and slid them into his ass. "Does this feel okay?" "Yeah I'm okay mate". I pulled my fingers out and grabbed a medium condom, I rolled Jimmy's foreskin back and rolled the condom down his shaft I put more lube on the condom. "Put the pillow behind you Billy so your butt is off the bed". Jimmy got between his legs and aimed his cock to his mates' ass. "Nice and easy Jimmy this is supposed to be fun for both of you". Jimmy started to fuck his friend. I sucked Billy's dick while he got fucked. Both boys climaxed at the same time.

The boys showered, dressed and said goodbye. Jimmy walked home where ever that might be somewhere close to the beach.

I drove Billy home. Claire invited me to stay for supper. Why not, a home cooked meal for a change. "Are you a family man Mike?" "Just my son, he is in the US Naval Academy for the next four or six years so I guess the answer is no not really. That is one reason I can do this job with all the travel". She said "I understand the boys' father was a peace keeper with NATO, killed in Somalia when Thomas was still a baby. I'm not sure Billy even remembers who he was, he was four at the time". That answered my question how old was the younger brother, that makes him eight.

Billy wanted my attention sitting on my lap. Thomas not be left out took the other side I had a hand on each under their shirts rubbing the soft skin. We chatted pleasantly for quite some time. Claire or Billy refilling my wine glass on a regular basis. Billy moved my hand down from his belly to his crotch, the t-shirt was out far enough that I hoped she wouldn't notice that her son had a hard on and a stranger had his hand on it fondling it through his track shorts that he put on when he got home.

I said "Thank you for the hospitality, but I should be going". Claire said "You can stay if you like, and it's my fault but I should warn you that the drunken driving laws are very strict here, besides you are good with the boys". Billy jumped right on it "Please Mr. Mike, I want you to stay". Of course he did I was fondling him. And for Claire, the boys got their good looks from her. Long blond hair, blue eyes, about five foot six, shapely hips, grapefruit sized tits, one hundred ten pounds or so.

I said "Then I guess I will have another glass of wine, I accept your invitation. I do not have to be onsite, I have my laptop and phone in the truck and I always have clothes". "Billy get Mr. Mike another glass of wine please". Oops. I released him and he got down from my lap. His boner stretches straight up to his belly but the front of his shorts showed enough of a tent to know that he was boned up. Claire had to have noticed.

We continued to talk. She said "The boys need to bathe and to get ready for bed, since they are both attached to you would you like to assist them Mr. Mike?" I said "Sure why not". I put the boys down on floor "Lead the way" Claire said "Boys don't splash him, I will clean up the kitchen while you clean them up if that is alright with you?" "Come on boys lets go". I grabbed my wine glass and followed the boys to the bathroom. I put my glass down on the counter and reached for Billy's t-shirt and pulled it over his head. Thomas's shirt came over his head. I hooked Thomas's shorts and then his underwear. Billy dropped his own shorts onto the pile, reached into the tub to start the bath water. "Billy your peepee is hard again".

"I know yours will be to in a minute little brother".

Sure enough Thomas was just a smaller version of his brother. The only noticeable difference is that his two and a half inch uncut hard on doesn't stretch to his belly like his brothers, his sticks out a forty-five degree angle pointing at the ceiling.

Both boys got in the tub and Billy insisted that I wash him. Thomas said "Yeah, me too Mr. Mike" so I washed and fondled both boys until the water started to cool off so I rinsed them with a cup, and opened the drain. I picked Thomas up first and stood him up and wrapped a towel around him making sure to get every spot. Billy got out wrapped a towel around him and wanted me to make sure every spot was dry. Thomas leaned his little pecker into my hand as I dried the eight year old. The boys brushed their teeth, combed their blond heads and led me to their bedroom.

Billy pulled out two pairs of pajama shorts and short sleeve snap down pajama tops. Both boys stepped into the shorts and let me snap the tops closed. My cock was rock hard and visible in the leg of my shorts. Claire walked into the boys' room. "Everything alright?" I said "They were angels in the tub, my son Mike Jr. would have had me soaking wet it was part of his game". Claire said "If you are around them enough they will do the same thing to you". I said "I could get use to that". She said "Okay boys say goodnight and into bed". She kissed them both. "Goodnight mum, goodnight Mr. Mike". "Goodnight boys, see you in the morning".

I left the room and Claire closed the door leaving it open just a crack. Claire walked toward the kitchen, grabbed the bottle of wine, turned to me. "Now about that problem in your shorts Mr. Walters would you like to follow me, or would you prefer the couch?"

"No I think I like your suggestion Mrs. Tyler". "Just Ms. Tyler". I went into the bathroom to take a piss and grab my wine glass and followed her into her bedroom which door she did close. She poured more wine and set the bottle down. She said "I am not in the habit of sleeping with everyman I meet just to let you know". I said "I can respect that, sometimes things just happen". She pulled her top over her head showing the bra holding her tits in place, with quickly went away giving me a view of her grapefruit sized tits and a large nipple area. My hands went to her chest my thumbs rubbing her nipples to hardness. She pulled my shirt over my head, her hands rubbing my hairy chest as I played with her nipples.

My mouth found her nipples as my fingers found the button and the zipper of her jeans. She had my belt out and my shorts undone at the same time. She stepped out of her jeans, I stepped out of my shorts revealing my seven inch hard on for her. She guided us to the bed; I slipped her panties off her revealing her thirty something pussy with a bikini wax trim. I moved from her tits to her lips, we kissed. She flipped me over to my back and climbed on top of me, rubbing her blond bush against my cock while her long blond hair dangle and teased my face.

She moved down and took my cock in her mouth, sucked on my balls then lowered herself onto my cock with her pussy. She rode my cock like a bucking bronco, her hair flying in all directions as she ground her pussy on my pole. I grabbed her tits squeezing the nipples. She leaned forward and dug her fingernails into my back; she put her lips to my ear. "Fuck me Mike Walters, fuck me like you want to fuck my randy son" She dug her nails in further and rolled us so I ended on top again. "Fuck me Mike Walters, my randy son or sons can have you but I want you too". I pounded her pussy, my balls slapping against her ass. Her head was rolling back and forth. "Yes, that's it fuck me, fuck me hard". She wasn't screaming but quite loud when my balls burst filling her up, as soon as I started to climax she hit her orgasm, her pussy dripping with a mix of cum and pussy juice.

When my cock went soft and our breathing came back to normal I pulled out of her and rolled to one side of the bed. I propped myself up by a couple of pillows and just looked at this blond maniac that I fucked for everything I had. She came down from whatever psycho trip she was on. She propped herself next me, she grabbed her wine glass and took a sip. I did the same. She said "Sorry, it has been a very long time and I think I may have gone a little too wild for you". I took another sip and said "What was all the screaming about, and what is your randy son?"

She said "Billy is randy; Thomas may be or could be as well". "I don't get it?" "Billy is gay, down under we call it 'Randy' if Billy brought you home he probably has already had sex with you, if he hasn't he will, did he seduce you or did you seduce him first?"

I said "A little of both I guess, he came out of the water carrying the board, lowered the top half of the wet suit. He came to the café and put the board behind me. I said he was cute and he smiled. He lost his money; I bought him a soda and beer for me. The rest of the wet suit came off and I told him he was exceptionally cute. Twenty minutes later he was in my hotel room with his cock in my mouth, and mine in his" Claire said "If you hurt my boy or boys I will cut your cock and balls off and make you eat them. Other than that Billy hasn't stopped talking about you since the last time you brought him home. I also find you a kind person and I am sure Thomas will fall in love with you as well".

My head was spinning. I said "Claire, yes I am fond of Billy, and you and Thomas are great too. But you must understand what I do for a living, I travel the world as a troubleshooting engineer and if you talk to anyone that I have business relations with I am the meanest, nastiest person alive. That said I have no intention of harming your beautiful boys. In all honesty I may never see them again; once my job is complete I am off to some other hotspot". She settled into my chest and played with my hair she said "Whatever happens I am glad you are not completely randy, that would be such a waste".

I said "I was completely straight until I got to Thailand a few months ago. My assistant and translator arranged for special services, she is fifteen and he is eleven. Now they are my mousse and houseboy. If I wasn't with Hon I would have never looked at Billy. Same thing with Kim and her shaved pussy and small tits. Now things are different, boys are fun, so are girls and women. I'll leave the men for you or someone else". "I can live with that arrangement, goodnight". "Goodnight". I finished my wine wondering what just happened to my life.

Needless to say I didn't get a whole lot of sleep. Two boys came out of their room rubbing the sleep from their eyes. "Good morning" "Morning, Mum you were really loud last night". Claire said "I'm sorry boys, Billy you can have him now I trust him. Come get some breakfast". Billy still rubbing his eyes said "Are you going to make me sound like mum?" I said "Not if you don't want me to. Excuse me I need a shower and need to get work done". She said "Help yourself fresh towels are in the closet". Her day went back to normal with her two boys. I don't think I will ever know what normal is again.

I was on the balcony of the hotel, laptop, cell and coffee in hand. A taxi pulled up right below my room with a surf board strapped to the roof rack. Billy got out of the back seat and paid the driver. He got his board and a bag from the trunk. He looked up at me and smiled. "Mum says I can stay if I want and if it's okay with you. Otherwise I can get the taxi later to go home". All I could say was "Come on up". He left the board downstairs and brought his bag up. He dropped the bag and jumped into my arms.

My cell started to ring on the balcony so I put the boy down. "Yeah Walters". "Walters, its Cal Murray and Bill Daniels with some others, you are on speakerphone do you have a few minutes to talk?" I said "Yeah, I'm not onsite today, catching up on the validation paperwork and other project work, enjoying the ocean view, what's up?" Well I was enjoying the view because Billy started to strip to put his Speedo and his wet suit on. (AER/HZE) "How fast can you be finished down there, we need you to get to Germany as soon as possible". I thought Christ another trip around the world. Then the Epiphany hit me.

I said "I'm glad you both called. I have an idea that will benefit all of us and not kill us at the same time. I know what I signed on for but flying around the world is going to kill me. I have gone from the US to Thailand, then to Brazil and now Australia, now you want me to globe trot again to Germany. How does this sound. You already have Meyers in Brazil with six engineers. Let him have the Americas North and South. Send Kilpatrick to Europe and Africa if it comes on line. Give him the same number of engineers. Leave me to the Pacific Rim; give me six engineers for starters and I can start an office here in Brisbane as home base. It's easy to get flights more North and South than around the world".

Billy dressed and waved. He lipped I'll see you later and quietly closed the room door. I waved as he left.

(AER/HZE) "Why Brisbane? We have an office in Bangkok, not to mention other places" I said "For one I don't need a translator to run an engineering department from here. Put your top people in the jobs we're good at. We send in the young kids for project work and we come in when the shit hits the fan or as necessary. Right now you have the three of us circling the globe chris-crossing each other. Break it into territories, large territories but still in the same general time zones. Instead of taking on the world as you put it at the Sr. Manager/Engineer meeting I'll take on one third of it".

(AER/HZE) "Jesus Walters, I knew I paid you good money for a reason, can you get this idea on paper so we can pass it through the board". I said "Do I need to include every nut, bolt and screw we need on a job site, not to mention the quantity of toilet paper and paperclips to run an office or would a high level synopsis be enough?" (AER/HZE) "What about John McKinsey he is a vice president and the general manager of the area, he is not going to like working for you or losing his job". "John is a good business man but sales oriented, he can run the office and bring in new business just stay out of the engineering department. You already gave me the power to overrule him or anyone else. As you said if I am on the job I am the boss. If he brings in new work then it gets scheduled through engineering. If we need more resources then we justify the cost to corporate, hell hire local if we can, not everyone has to be a Yank to conquer the world".

"Walters, Bill Daniels I like it, give me a paperclip count of your plan. No just bullshitting when can you get me your plan?". "Give me 24 to 48 hours for first drafts of the territories and a first pass of our own people that should be running the show. I get to pick my own people and I'm sure Meyers and Kilpatrick will require the same. If we fight for the same resource you play referee. I have two guys local and two in Thailand that I will go after first. There are a couple in Brazil but Meyers can have them. Kilpatrick is on his own since its virgin territory".

"Good idea and good work Mike, we will take care of Germany. We will be talking soon". The line went dead. I've worked for the bastard for 22 years and he has never called me by my first name. It makes it more interesting when your last name is Patel and the boss wants `to talk', he is more pissed off then he was because he has to find the right Patel to unload on.

Billy came into the room after surfing. He yelled out to the balcony "I'm going to shower". I pounded away at the keyboard putting my plan to electronic paper and cyberspace, he came out to the balcony, looked around to see no one could see him and he stepped out naked with his boyjoy pointing to his chin. "I'm ready" holding his arms spread apart high above his head and a smile that would melt the snowman. I pulled him toward me and kissed his forehead. "I'm working on something important Billy, if you're hungry get dressed and take money from my wallet, actually I haven't eaten all day so bring me back something if you will please".

I crushed the boy with ten thousand tons of bricks in one unfocused statement. The boy burst into tears running into the room. "You don't want me" the boy bawled, trying to get out the door but he closed the privacy latch when he came in. He yanked at the door knob trying to escape my terror still completely naked and a hard on. "Billy stop" he continued to yank the door knob "Billy please stop, I do want you, I want to make love to you, but that doesn't mean only when you're ready, that means when we are ready. I am working and that is important. What I am working on could be even more important, please come here". The boy released the door knob and turned, tears pouring down his face.

He sobbed "You're going to leave me aren't you, me and Thomas, you're going to leave us". I said "Billy let's take one thing at a time, one step at a time. I met you a week ago, things can work out but sometimes time is a good thing. When we first met I knew I didn't have a lot of time and that worked out for my intentions, yours as well, we shared our bodies for the carnage of sexual pleasure. I would like to continue that pleasure but that is not the only thing I have to focus on. I need you to understand that, I cannot give you the attention you need at any moment that you choose, I understand you're interested, probably confused because I know I am. I never touched or even thought about touching a boy a year ago. We need to understand each other, our wants, our needs, for right now can we just be friends or mates as you call them with no strings attached, that goes for your mum, Thomas and Jimmy for that matter as well. No more `You have to see his wanker' and that stuff. Where I come from the word `mate' has a different meaning than the Aussie's use it as. Let's take time to find the meaning for both of us".

The boy burst into tears again and leapt into my arms wrapping his arms and legs into a death grip around me, his head on my shoulder. "I'm sorry Mr. Mike sometimes I can't help myself". "Hey we will take one second, one minute, hour, day, week, month or year one at a time and see how the cards play, now can I interest you in some food so we have some energy in us when the time is right for both of us to explore each other". "Yeah, I'm sorry". I picked the boys face from my shoulder and kissed his lips. "You don't have to be sorry, you need to learn from a mistake and turn it into knowledge, now get dressed and I still have work to do". I put my finger to his asshole. "This can wait another second or another year, make sure you're ready, messing with your mate Jimmy is one thing, messing with a man is a whole different world entirely".

When we got back to the room Billy got himself a Foster's and I cracked a bottle of wine. I worked on the territory synopsis for a couple of hours and contacted Zxio for an update on the project status and on Kim and Hon. Zxio said "They are here with me, would you like to speak with them". "Yes please, and thank you Zxio". "Thank you sir, I never had the experience of having children around that weren't mere objects, Kim and Hon have greatest respect for you and wait your return". "Soon Zxio, soon. Please give the phone to Kim and Hon, then leave the room, you and I will discuss business another day". "Yes sir".

"Hello Kim and Hon how are you?" "Hello sir, we fine thanks to you, how are you and when are you coming back?" I said "I don't know yet, hopefully soon I called because I wanted to talk to you but I also want you to talk to a friend, his name is Billy Tyler, I want, excuse me make that I would like you to speak freely about anything and ask questions of each other and answer his questions honestly" I handed the satellite phone to Billy. "You just heard what I said, answer them honestly, ask any question you can think of, meet Kim and Hon, Zxio may be in the background but don't worry about him. I am about to make him extremely busy with emails".

I said "Hold on one second before you all make AER a billion dollars of satellite air time coming out of my paycheck, Billy give me the phone and put on your best pose I am going to send them your picture so they know what you look like. Zxio did you catch that?" "Yes sir, I have the phone, Kim and Hon are now standing and smiling in front of the couch in your apartment. I am taking the picture now and sending it to your phone". Billy did a stupid pose but I took the picture anyhow. The flash bar indicated new mail with attachment. I showed him his picture that he was about to send and then showed the one I just received from Thailand ten seconds ago, tan tropical shorts and white polo shirt, standard fare for the area, young teen girl and younger boy smiling and happy waving at the camera holding each other for the photo.

"Wait don't send it. Can you give me a couple of minutes and maybe call them back, if not can we send a picture later, I don't want them to see that, actually I don't want anyone to see that picture its stupid". "Kim and Hon, we will call back in ten minutes okay?" "Yes sir". I disconnected the phone. "This better be worth it young Mr. Tyler I just hung up on two young people that come to the top of the list of I want to be around other than my son. What do you have in mind?" "Please do not call me mister, I just want to show off Aussieland a little let me get into my wet suit and holding my board, is that okay?"

I started laughing and said "Billy, I think that is a great idea, get skinned up but put the Speedo's on as well. We will send a few photos but we don't have much time. Wet suit, Speedo and if you want to hang it all out that's up to you" He took off running at full speed.

It gives new meaning to `Flesh and Flash Gordon' all at the same time, just for grins and giggles I started my stopwatch when he pulled his Speedo on and ran out the door to get his board, came running back upstairs then got into the wet suit like it was part of his skin. I said "Well done the rest is up to you". I hit the speed dial number on the phone and the stop button on the watch. I handed him the phone.

"Hello, Is this the Mr. Walters residence and if so my I speak to Kim or Hawn (Hon) this is Billy Tyler calling". "I'm Hon, Kim is also here" "Hi I'm Billy Tyler and Mr. Mike or Mike or Mr. Walters said we should talk, honestly I don't know what to call him and I don't know what I am suppose to talk about but if Mr. Mike will help me I'm about to or he will send a couple of photos of me and what I do for fun in Australia when I'm on summer holiday what about you...

Two hours later Billy disconnected the call and climbed into bed next to me. He tossed his arm over my chest and nuzzled his naked body next to mine. "They sound great I would like to meet them someday" I kissed the boy's forehead and said "Maybe you will". I worked on the computer for hours on my plan, with the naked boy sound asleep next to me. I keyed in my plan watching his chest rise and fall in contented sleep. I turned off the computer in the early hours of morning, turned off the light and settled in for needed sleep with the blond angel wrapped over my body.

We woke about the same time in the morning, both with piss hard ons. I let my piss stream go and Billy came behind me and grabbed my cock and aimed it for me. "I can help with that" I have to say it is hard to piss when someone else is holding it for you. His smaller bladder couldn't wait any longer and he aimed at the bowl next to me. "I'm sorry I acted so badly yesterday, I want to be with you but maybe your right I can't rush or expect too much" "Wow where did that come from?" "Kim and Hon said how much you work but take care of them at the same time. You haven't seen them in months but you got them off the streets, no more sex with anyone but you I'm willing to wait if that is what you want except for Jimmy. We're still going to mess around I enjoyed having his wanker in me, I want your wanker in me but I will wait, but not forever. Mum trusts you and so do I" "Come on my little blue eyed angel let's settle that curiosity of yours".

I grabbed a condom and the lube, he said "I'm not afraid anymore you can sperm in me if you want to". "One step at a time, today I wear a condom. All you have to say is stop". He put his hand in mine and led the way to the bed. I didn't even have to touch his wanker, he climaxed three times on himself with me inside his cute little ass before I dropped my load. I rolled over and pulled him on top of me. He slept like a baby on my chest.

Two weeks later I was on a plane again.


Bangkok, Thailand

Zxio said "Welcome back sir, you will be very pleased on the progress of the project site. The road is paved and clean water is flowing into the area and into the city. I must also congratulate you on your promotion". "Thank you Zxio, it is good to see you again we need to talk in private when we get a chance, for now let's get the job done. I have to be in the Philippines on Thursday". "Yes sir the Land Rovers are waiting at the door, so are Kim and Hon, they wouldn't stay behind for your arrival, they have missed you very much. I have hired an Aupair for their care they are doing very well" "A what?" "An Aupair, a nanny if you will, a child provider to take care of them in your absence, your request to keep them out of the services business. She cooks and cleans and an educator as well. Thanks to you they will be well taken care of". "What are you talking about?" "This way to the cars sir, I will explain on the way"

"Since the merger of AER and ZHE, Vice President Murray has given me direct orders to take care of you and your personal assets while abroad. He has created a financial account for such things. Since you have an interest in the children they became part of your assets, all completely legal of course". "That was what I wanted to speak about can I get Kim and Hon out of the country?" "Yes, a few documents and you will have them permanently, you are not adopting them, just becoming a legal guardian and responsible for their care. The moneys for your assets will come from the overall account, not your personal finances". "How does that work?" "How should I say this, Mr. Murray realizes that men in your line of work, always traveling require comfort. Sometimes your comfort leaves behind a baby nine months later. He has developed a plan and a financial program to take care of the `comforts' left behind. In your case your babies can already walk and talk. This is not for all employees, just the highest level people, since you have been named `Director of Pacific Operations' you now certainly qualify for such benefits although you were already covered before".

Zxio pulled his phone out and pulled up the pictures of Billy. "Sir, this boy would make a fortune in the selective services business". "You can't have him and he has a younger brother that looks just like him, he also has a friend that is cute as hell. If you would like to meet them then you have to come to Brisbane with me and join my team". "Technically I am already part of your team but I would prefer to stay here, this is my homeland, this is where I can do the most good for my people". "Alright Zxio I can understand that". We walked out the doors and Kim and Hon were waiting for me. They both ran up and hugged me. "Welcome back we missed you". "I missed you too".

After a very long day at the office we got back to the apartment. Zxio said "This is Mie Chong, she is the Aupair of the children". I had a mental picture of an old woman as a nanny, not this woman she is young and beautiful, long black hair, five foot two, slim body, nice round hips and an ass to die for. After the normal greetings were completed the kids and the nanny were in the back of the apartment, I said to Zxio "The nanny isn't what I expected" He said "Mie also comes from the services so you do not have to worry about her saying anything that you do". "She's cute I wouldn't mind fucking her either". "You can if you wish, but she is to be my wife". "Oops, never mind I'm sorry and congratulations let me know if there is anything I can do for you. You have a beautiful bride and I wish you the best of luck"

Zxio said "I could not say something earlier, too many people around. If you wish to take the children it will be arranged, if they wish to stay then Mie and I will take care of them. When you come to Bangkok they will always be yours for your pleasure. I understand you have a similar situation in Brisbane". "Zxio move into the apartment, consider it a wedding gift. You have a wonderful family I will not take your children away from you. I thought I could provide a better life for them but I was wrong. If I need comfort as you put it I am sure you can arrange something for me".

He called out something in Thai that I didn't understand. Mie, Kim and Hon came from the back. He continued in Thai. Kim and Hon came and hugged me. Zxio said "I asked them what they would prefer, to go live with you or stay here". Kim said "I will always love you but I want to stay here, this is my home now, Hon is like my brother, this is where we belong". I kissed her forehead "I am happy for you both. I will do anything I can to help you". Hon said "You already have, we are not whores any more, now we have a family".

I said "I need to get a hotel room. I will see you all again soon. Take care of each other".


Brisbane, Australia

"Claire, I just bought a house. Would you and the boys like to come live with me? It is quite close to Billy's surfing beach".