Travels Part 2

This is a continuation of the story Travels.

Billy jumped into my arms. "You mean it you're staying here and want us to live with you?" "Yes I am, my promotion came through, and I just bought a house close to your surfing beach. If you stay with me you don't have to take a taxi anymore. Just skin up in your wet suit and walk to the beach. I'm not sure but it has to be close to your mate Jimmy's house".

Claire said "The only house that I know of for sale in that area is that monster of a place, more like a governor's mansion than a house really; the bloody thing has been vacant for years". "Well that is what I own and its way to big for me to live there alone. I will convert part of it into an office, the boys can have their own rooms, that goes for you as well, plus a guest room or two I don't know how it will end up yet but I plan on gutting the place and starting over. It has a nice property and is away from the neighbors enough to have privacy. I like the location and it does overlook the ocean".

"Are you going to bring your young friends from Thailand to live with you?" "No, they decided to stay in Thailand with Zxio who is my assistant and his wife to be. They are very happy there, so I am happy for them. I am going to miss Kim's shaved pussy though".

Claire thought about something and said "My niece and nephew might be willing to play along. Katie is fourteen and Cody is ten. They are in a similar situation as Billy and Thomas; they have no father or at least no father figure in their lives". "What about their mother, won't she get upset that a strange man wants sex with her children?" Claire said "Karenna is my identical twin sister, if you fuck her like you fuck me she will be willing to share. When we were growing up we use to eat each other's pussies, it has been a long time but she might go along with it. I don't know if Katie would shave her pussy for you but you never can tell".

I said "So you do want to move in with me?" "I will move in but I will keep my house I'm not ready to make that much of a leap of faith just yet, I will talk to my sister to see if she wants to send the kids up for summer holiday, they live in Sydney"


The house was still under construction, but I had six of the ten bedrooms complete. I knocked out a few walls downstairs to give a more open environment.

"Mike this is my sister Karenna, Katie and Cody my niece and nephew. This is Mike Walters, call him Mr. Mike".

Jesus, I looked at the blonds in front of me. Claire and Karenna are truly identical twins. Looking at Katie and Cody standing next to Billy and Thomas I wondered if the twins shared more than each other. The four kids looked like they have the same father. All I know is I am becoming a dirty old man and a full blown ped. These kids are fantastic and I can't wait to get them undressed and have my way with them; that goes for the mom twins as well.

"Its nice to meet you Mike, my sister has told me quite a bit about you, I do have to wonder how you can afford such a place?, this house is huge you should turn it into a hotel or a bed and breakfast". I said "I am happy to meet you as well. I have the means to maintain the house. Actually it has been vacant for so long the price was well within a reasonable market price. Plus since I am converting part of it for office space my company is subsidizing the cost. The west wing lower level is being setup as the regional office. It has its own entrance and parking area, so none of my engineers or support staff will have access to the main part of the house".

Billy started to giggle. "Does that mean we can run around the house naked?" I said "You wouldn't hurt my feelings if you did". He said "But what about outside, the property is huge?" Cody said "Are you crazy cousin?" I said "The only windows on the west wing face the front of the wing, if you decide to run around naked just stay to the east side. Besides my engineering staff won't be here much anyway, they all have laptops and I have found that as long as the work gets done I really don't care from where or when its done, as long as schedules are met. Billy, why don't you show your cousins around the house and property". "Okay, Mr. Mike". The four blonds left the kitchen area.

Claire said "Karenna, like I said he's cute and well mannered, but he does have a fetish or two. One being that he likes little boys, the other is he likes shaved pussy, should we give him what he likes?" "Are you thinking a little two on one sister, shave our pussies in front of him, see if he can tell us apart?" "Yeah something like that, care to join us master of the estate?"

Both with long blond hair, blue eyes, about five foot six, shapely hips, grapefruit sized tits, one hundred ten pounds or so. I followed the two to one of the large bathrooms upstairs. The two stripped each other, playing with each others nipples, I leaned against the counter and watched as Claire used a lotion on Karenna's legs and her pubes and slowly shaved her sister clean. Karenna did the same to her twin. One blond started to suck the other's tits, and to lick the now bald pussy. Each took a turn. "Is this what you wanted master? Does this turn you on?" They focused their attentions on me and my hard on. They had my belt open and my cock out of my trousers. The two started to suck my cock; one of them pulled my shoes off and took my pants off. "Why don't we go to my bed ladies"? I pulled my shirt off and led them out of the bathroom. They pushed me down on the bed their tongues licking each other and also my cock. One of the twins sucked my cock, the other licked the now shaved pussy, by this time I have no idea which is which and it didn't really matter. "Can you eat us both, and then finish us off with your cock in us Mike?"

The two lay next to each other and my tongue went to the wet pussies. I put my cock in one of them, the other cupped my balls and licked the shaft of my cock and the pussy as it got fucked. I blew my load like never before.

"Your right Claire, he is worth it". I guess it was Karenna.


The kids came back inside the adults were at the kitchen table. Cody said "This place is huge Mr. Mike, I think I'm going to like it here mate". I said "I hope so Cody, I hope you all have fun". I reached for the boy and said "You are as cute as Billy and Thomas, well so is your sister. You know that Billy and Thomas take a bath together, and they let me help them in the bath. Would you like that as well?" He said "Mum told us about you, its okay I'm not afraid, you can touch me if you like". "Thank you Cody". Katie said "yeah, we know what to expect, mum says I have to stay on my birth control pills while I am here".

I slid my hand under the boy's shirt to feel his skin. He leaned back against me. I put my hand to the waistband of his shorts, and slid my hand into the front of his shorts and started to fondle his package. Karenna said "Come on Claire, let's get supper going and leave Mr. Mike here to play with the kids for a while".

I turned Cody to face me and pulled the shirt over his head, his little nipples the size of a nickel. I lowered his shorts and undies at the same time. He is completely hairless. Cody is ten, four foot three inches tall; short cropped blond hair, a true toe head, blue eyes, seventy pounds. His uncut cock extended three inches straight from his body; his balls are high and tight. "Very nice Cody".

"Will you all come here please? I would like to see how close you actually look a like". "Sure mate".

I undressed Billy his five foot one inches tall, eighty pounds, blond hair and his blue eyes, his uncut three and a half inch cock pointing at his chin, then Thomas the shorter version of his brother at three feet nine inches tall and fifty-five pounds with his two and a half inches at a forty-five degree angle, and stood them next to Cody. "You too sweetheart".

Katie fourteen years old is five foot five inches, long blond hair, bright blue eyes, about one hundred pounds or so, long slim legs, and her hips flair enough to prove she is growing into a woman. Her breasts are a perfect handful, not to small, not to large. Her nipples are the size of a half dollar coin. I played with her tits and her blond pubes patch over her thin pussy lips. "Katie honey, Mr. Mike likes shaved pussy; would you shave yours off for him?" "Yes mum".

I said "You don't have to Katie, but they are right, I do like a hairless body, except for you head of course I wouldn't want you to shave that beautiful head of hair off". Katie said "Its okay, I don't mind to shave".

I said to Claire and Karenna "Can I ask you two, two very personal questions?" "Go ahead Mike". "First I know it is wrong to ask a woman's age, but how old are you?" "Thirty-six, what's the other question?" "Don't take this the wrong way, but these four look more like brothers and sister than cousins is their father the same person?" The two women looked at each other deciding to answer the question or not. "No but close, they were brothers, not twins but one year apart. Any other personal questions before supper is served?" I started to laugh "Yes but I think I will keep it to myself before I get into anymore trouble". Karenna answered my question anyhow. "The answer is yes, we slept with both of them on a regular basis, and so either one could technically be the father of all four kids, does that answer your question?" "Yes it does, thank you".

She said "Okay I have a couple for you then". "Alright". "How old are you?" "Forty-six". "If the right situation came along would you want to have a child of your own?" I said "I have a seventeen year old son in the naval academy, and I don't know if I would want another child. I guess it would depend on the situation".

The twins looked at each other. "Come on everyone lets eat".

The evening ended with Karenna and Claire eating Katie's bald pussy, my cock in Billy's ass, while alternating between Thomas's two and a half inch hairless cock and Cody's three inches in my mouth.


After a week when Karenna was ready to leave to return to Sydney for work she kissed the kids and me. She said "It does seem that you can afford this house and to take care of the kids. The question that was not asked the first night is Claire and I are at the end of our child bearing years, not over them but if we decide to have more children we have to do it soon". I waited for her to finish.

"Claire and I are identical twins, but have chosen different careers for ourselves, I am a teacher, she is an administrative assistant, bottom line is we can work just about anywhere so if this is going to be your home that is fine. The question I am alluding to is would you father both of our children if we decide to have another child?"

I said "That's an interesting concept, how am I going to explain that to Mike Jr. `Hey Mike how is it going at the academy. Guess what, you now have three brothers a sister, two mothers and two babies on the way'".

Claire said "You would not have to adopt our children or marry us, just father a child for each of us".

I said "I wouldn't do that with out taking responsibility for those children. As you can see the house is big enough, I am in love with the children and I make a good salary to support my family. I will father your children and adopt the others as my own. Claire can keep her own job or work for me here at AER. Karenna if you can get work here in Brisbane that is great, if not stay here an home school the children. Legally I can't marry you both but I think that would just be a technicality. I think we can all take care of each other. I will still have to travel but this is my home now. Mike Jr. can make up his own mind he is trying to become a fighter pilot anyway. If he wants to come to Australia then there will always be a room for him".

I had two crying, hugging blonds hanging on me. "What are we going to tell the kids?" I said "To stop calling me Mr. Mike and start calling me dad".

Soon I had six blonds all trying to help dad get mum and auntie pregnant.


"Come on dad you can do it". Well I learned a valuable lesson I am a better father than a surfer. Billy could pop right up on his board, and ride the wave in; Katie and Cody were pretty good as well. Thomas and I well we were wiping out more than surfing but still having fun. Billy's mate Jimmy was with us along with a bunch of other surfers. Karenna and Claire were sitting on the topless beach sunning themselves and watching the family surf.

I finally gave up on the surfing and let Thomas have the board himself. I sat down between my pregnant blonds and opened a Foster's to watch the rest of them. They finally gave up. I tossed all the boards in the Ute including Jimmy's. Its not like its far to the house from the beach but the driveway is pretty steep and carrying the surf boards wouldn't be easy, especially for Cody and Thomas so that would mean I have to carry them, no dice I'm an engineer not a lumberjack.

"Jimmy are you coming up to the house or do you have to go home?" "I can come up for a spell Mr. Mike" "Hop in, how was your vacation?" "Pretty good, Uhm Mr. Mike can I ask you something I think Billy is yanking my leg again". "What is it Jimmy?" "Are you really going to adopt him and Thomas? He said you were after you left to come ashore".

"That is the plan Jimmy, not just Billy and Thomas, Katie and Cody as well". "No way mate, that's insane". I said "You're right about that Jimmy so is getting Miss Claire and Miss Karenna pregnant at the same time". "No way mate" the boy looked at the adult twins "You're both pregnant? Both from Mr. Mike? And at the same time?" "Yes we are Jimmy. Mr. Mike just went from a lonely old man to an instant family man". Jimmy started to giggle. "I don't think Mr. Mike has been very lonely at least not when Billy and me were around him. Maybe a dirty old man but definitely not lonely". The boy burst into laughter and started to run away.

Katie said "Yeah, we know all about you, Billy and our dad. You can join us if you want we're willing to share some of him, unless mum and auntie want him first".

Jimmy got a wicked look on his face "Is there anything else to share since I have been gone?" Katie said "Maybe you're kind of cute. That is if it is alright with mum and dad". "Don't forget about Auntie Claire sweetheart, I get a say what goes on in this family too you know". "Yes ma'am". I said "Katie, Jimmy here has a pretty good package for a twelve year old". "Really?" "Yes, five inches and hairless". "Then I guess he will fit right in with the rest of us". The four blonds broke into a fit of laughter leaving Jimmy missing the joke". "Mike you're an evil person, now will you please take us home, the kids can walk since you have the boards in the back". "Yes dear, or is that yes dears". Now everyone was in fits of laughter.

I drove up to the house Claire and Karenna headed for the showers before starting supper. I pealed the wet suit off and headed upstairs myself to get a shower as well. I went into the master bath to find my wives, or wives to be, legal or otherwise rubbing each others tits and pussies in the shower, then lathered the other from their legs to their pussies to have a nice clean shave. I said "Do you need help or shall I use a different shower". Karenna responded, "Let us get nice and hairless for you, then you can have us later unless you plan on taking one of the children first, you seem to have an eye for that Jimmy boy". I said "Jimmy is cute, he has already fucked Billy but I think his eyes are set on Katie, but I'll leave that up to you to decide. He does give one hell of a blow job though". Claire said "Better than Billy?" "Yes dears better than Billy, Billy needs some improvement on his cock sucking skills". The twins continued to pleasure each other on the other side of the shower glass. I said "I need a shower I think I will make a cold one. Oh and for Jimmy apparently his uncle taught him how to suck cock, he swallows too". "We will work on the children's ability to suck your cock to meet your satisfaction daddy dearest, but for now leave your mistresses to our pleasure and our shave".

The kids showed up about forty-five minutes later, obviously not in any hurry. I was outside putting things away on the east side of the house when they came bounding up the driveway. My suspicions seemed to be correct. Jimmy and Katie were walking side by side holding hands.

I turned the hose to each of them to get the salt water off of them and the wet suits. I got Thomas out of his first, stripped him naked and hosed him down again; his cocklet sprang to life as soon as it was free of his restraints. Cody went next with the same results, followed by Billy. Jimmy was hesitant. I said "Jimmy I have seen you naked before and I don't think you will scare Katie away". He stepped under the hose and removed his wet suit but left his Speedo in place, his cock was straining to be released. I turned the hose to Katie who pealed her wet suit off with no shame in front of Jimmy.

She revealed her breasts to him first. The boy's eyes lit up and opened wide like saucers. Katie saw his reaction and decided to tease him a little and slowly lowered the rest of the wet suit but turned her back to him as she lowered it off her waist. She turned her head back to him to see his reaction as she showed her left ass cheek first, then the rest of the suit came off. She turned to face him again showing her bald pussy to the boy. His cock was definitely straining to be released from his red Speedo.

Katie said "What's the matter Jimmy haven't you ever seen a girl naked before?" Jimmy's face was turning as red as his Speedo "No, only in magazines but that doesn't seem to be the same now that I see you". Katie reached forward and grabbed his package. "Show me or I will rip those Speedo's right off of you" he loosened the drawstring and dropped the Speedo releasing his five inch uncut cock pointing at the blond girl that was four inches taller than he was. "You're right dad he does have a nice package. Are you going to let me play with him?" I said "I left that decision to your mother my only requirement is he wears protection. I made him do the same thing with Billy".

Jimmy's face was returning to the tan shade of normal. He said "Can I touch your breast?" she guided his hands to her lemon sized breasts. She moved forward him pressing her body to his. His five inch cock, just long enough to touch her bald pussy. I turned the hose on both of them. "In the house all of you, your mums should be working on supper". Five naked happy and horny kids headed for the door. I hung up the wet suits and the red Speedo to dry and turned off the hose.

Claire and Karenna were in the kitchen making supper. They were both wearing see through sun cloaks with no panties on underneath. The kids were drying themselves in the utility room as I went past them. Jimmy's eyes bulged even more on entering the kitchen. The adult twins looked at the five horny kids and the look on Jimmy's face. Karenna said "Jimmy do we make you uncomfortable?"

"Uhm, I guess I'm not use to such nudity, I never saw a girl naked until ten minutes ago and now you're not wearing anything either and your adults. Wow things have certainly changed since I went on holiday Billy. You now live here, have a dad and a big family. We use to sneak up here to wank off and hope not to get caught; now if I don't wank I'm going to explode".

I said "Jimmy you are welcome to our house at anytime. I do ask that what you see or hear stays here". "Yes sir, can I ask a question?" "Go ahead". "Like I said outside, I have only seen naked girls in a magazine, but in the magazine the women had hair around their, uhm, their". Claire said "Vagina is the word you are looking for Jimmy, boys have penises or cocks, and girls have vaginas or pussies. There are plenty of other terms for them but if you use them in my house I will wash your mouth out with soap. To answer your question of why we do not have hair is because we shaved it off". Jimmy looked at Katie she said "I had a full bush of pubic hair, but dad likes a shaved pussy so we all shaved it off".

Jimmy walked over to me and put his hand up the leg opening of my shorts. "How come Mr. Mike still has hair then? Shouldn't he have to shave it off too?" "That would be his choice Jimmy". Jimmy grabbed my cock. "Uhm Mr. Mike would it be okay for me to suck your penis, I haven't had the chance for a month". Karenna said "Oh yes Jimmy, give us a good show, kids pay attention, we want you to be able to satisfy daddy as well. Supper can wait a little while".

Katie pulled my shorts down. I sat at the table Jimmy knelt between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. The six blonds watched, encouraged him on and made pointers on how to satisfy a man with a mouth. I unloaded my balls down his throat. Everyone washed up for supper.

Jimmy and Katie got their wish after supper, him with a condom on his five inch boy cock, his tight ass moving in the same rhythm as mine, his and now my hairless cock penetrating a shaved pussy, it does feel different. The seven of them seemed to have a blast shaving my chest and my groin area.


"Where are you off to this time Mike?" "Thailand first, then the Philippines for a week. After that I need to be in Kansas City to meet with Cal Murray and Bill Daniels at corporate for a couple of days. I figure since I am flying around the world I will stop in Annapolis to see how Mike Jr. is doing. There is a new project starting in India then I will be back to Brisbane"

"When are you coming back daddy?" "I'm going to be gone for about a month Cody". "That means you're going to miss my birthday". "I know son, and I am sorry but it can not be helped" Karenna said "A month? What are you going to do with out girl or boy pussy for a month? You did promise Cody that you would penetrate him soon so he can be like his big cousin/brother. Katie also is waiting for you. You know Thomas will want you". I said "I know, Katie is not the problem, I was going to wait for Thomas to get a little older, he's not even four feet tall yet, I don't think his cute little butt is ready for me yet". "Well you should try, he will feel left out if you don't".

I said "Okay, I can push my trip back a couple of days. I will make love to all the children and my mistresses before I leave. That should take care of everyone until I return". I held my hand out to the four foot three, ten year old blond. "Come on Cody let's see if we can't take care of you today. If I start to hurt you tell me to stop". "Okay dad". The boy put his hand in mine and we headed to the master bedroom. "Cody do you want me to cum in your butt or not?" "Not this time daddy, the next time I want it inside me".

I lubed him up and used my fingers to loosen him up before sticking my cock in his tight ass. I pulled out just before cuming and shot my load onto his belly, cock and balls.

Fucking Katie is pure joy, her tits are perfect size for her thin body and her pussy is tight and wet.

Billy's ass is use to my cock so he decided he needed more practice giving me blow job. He managed to swallow my load without choking on it.

The twins fucked me for everything I had, one in the morning one in the afternoon. That still gave me the evening for eight year old Thomas.

Thomas took my cock in his little mouth, I finger fucked him for a while to see if I could fit in him. I lubed up my cock and tried to push into him. "Daddy that hurts". "Its okay baby, you're just not ready. We will try again when you are a little older. I am proud of you for trying though". The boy just smiled at me as I shot my load onto his face.

Monday I was on a plane.


I returned to my family a month later with some careful explanations to Mike Jr. of how I have changed since I took the travel job for AER. Mike Jr. had no problems with his father having two wives, four more kids and two babies on the way. He actually is looking forward to coming to Australia and meeting his new family when he gets a break at the naval academy.

The adoptions of Katelyn (Katie), William (Billy), Cody and Thomas Tyler were complete all became Tyler-Walters as a sir name.

Claire and Karenna both delivered the same day by caesarian section had their tubes tied, and added Travis and Tanner to the Tyler-Walters clan. "Dad their wankers look funny". When the pseudo-twins were brought home their older siblings couldn't understand why I wanted them to be circumcised. I said "It's a personal preference, be careful I can have the same done to you so you look like they do" My three older boys looked at each other then at me. Billy said "Is that what you would like dad?" "Thomas said "Will it hurt?" I said "It doesn't hurt to be circumcised as a baby like Travis and Tanner. It might hurt boys your ages a little but not for long". All three looked at each other again.

Katie sealed it when she said "I like dad's penis better than Jimmy's. Jimmy's gets all junked up and red on the tip". I said "That is because Jimmy doesn't wash his penis properly, that is one reason I pull your foreskin down when I give you boys a bath, to make sure your clean otherwise you can get inflamed like Jimmy does". Cody said "That's not the only reason you play with our foreskins in the tub, but you can have mine cut off if you want daddy". Billy and Thomas nodded. "Yeah us too daddy, make us look like Travis and Tanner". "Go ask your mothers".

"Daddy my wanker itches". "Don't play with it son, you have to let the scar heal for a couple of days". Jimmy said "You're a bloody fool mate, I can't believe you actually had your wanker cut just to look like your dad and your baby brothers". "Shut up lets go surfing, Katie might cut yours for you if you don't wash it".

Karenna found a teaching job here with the school system, Claire works for me as an engineering assistant and both their houses have been sold. Life is good.