Travels 3

Travels 3 by RJT

(Authors note: This is the continuation of adventures of Mike Walters and his new adopted family and his twin wives. His own son Mike Jr. joins the cast of characters as well as his estranged brother and his sons. There is a twist to the story that I hope the readers can appreciate because this story line is also being told from Mike’s nephew Jamie’s (16) perspective at the same time as ‘Fathers and Sons III’ under the Gay\Adult-Youth section of the Nifty Archive. From all of the email feedback for the two stories ‘Fathers and Sons’ and ‘Travels’ I a have decided to bring all the characters together as one big happy but strange family. Enjoy. RJ. Feedback welcome at (I would open both stories in separate viewing panes if you like them both. That is how they were written).


I was in my office in the house catching up on expense reports and other paperwork; the west wing office was empty since it was Sunday. I heard the door bell but ignored it, none of the kids friends bother to ring the bell, they just barge in like they live here or come around the back of the house through the utility room dropping wetsuits, board shorts, speedos or bikinis in the process before attacking the ice box as if they don’t have parents to feed them at home. It does make for an interesting household.

Cody opened the door “Can I help you mate?”

The voice at the door said “I sure hope so little brother, I am starved. You’re too big to be Thomas so you are either Billy or Cody; it’s hard to tell you apart from the pictures”.

“Are you Michael? Are you my big brother? I’m Cody”.

“The one and the same little brother, where is the old man? Are you going to let me in or do I have to stand out here?”

Cody screamed at the top of his young lungs “DAD MICHAEL IS HERE”.

I dropped what I was doing and went to the front door. My pen wasn’t the only thing I dropped I could feel my jaw hit the floor in amazement. I wrapped my arms around him “Michael for gods sakes what are you doing here?” 

Michael said with a huge smile on his face “ADFA, Australian Defense Forces Academy in Canberra just accepted its newest recruit and a transfer from the US Naval Academy. Midshipmen Michael Evan Walters Jr. is to become second year ADFA Cadet as part of an exchange program with the Aussie’s and so he could meet his new family and be closer to his father, well at least on the same continent anyhow. Canberra is 1200 kilometers away from Brisbane but it is a lot closer than the other side of the world”. Mike Jr. didn’t tell me and figured the surprise would be a better approach.

“My god Michael I am so glad you are here, Cody say hi to your big brother and then take his bags to one of the bedrooms, and you are staying for a while aren’t you?”

Mike Jr. said “I report at ADFA in three weeks where is everyone?”

Cody hung his head and said “Surfing. I wish I was”.

Mike Jr. said “Oh I know that sound, you got grounded didn’t you; it’s one of dad’s favorite punishments”.

Cody said “It wasn’t dad, it was Auntie Claire, I brought a frog into the house yesterday and it got away on me and scared the crap out of her when she found it in the kitchen, my butt still hurts. At least dad kisses our butts after he spanks us”.


I said “Cody please go take Michael’s things to his room, and then run down to the beach and get your brothers and sister out of the water they have been out there long enough. You can catch a few waves for yourself. Your grounding is over but be back soon. Grab your wetsuit but use Billy’s or Thomas’s board. I know what they will say just tell them I said so. If they have a problem with that then their butts will need kissed as well”.

“Yes dad, I’m glad to finally meet you Michael, see you soon”.

Cody grabbed the bags and shot up stairs and then came flying down the stairs with not a stitch of clothing on and his three inch now cut hairless cock pointing the way to the utility room to get his wetsuit on. He ran right by Michael with a smile on his face and a distinct set of hand prints on his tight ass cheeks. I didn’t think the frog thing deserved such punishment but I was in the west wing office when the crime was committed so I didn’t have any say in the punishment of the boy. And when you take identical twins as the mothers of your newest sons and adopt their children as your own some things are better left unsaid.

“Uhm dad?”

I said “Michael we need to talk. I know you turned eighteen but around here, well come on let’s get you something to eat and we can talk before everyone else gets back. Claire and Karenna took the babies for a walk they should be home anytime”.

“Dad Cody is naked and has a hard on”.

I said “Get use to it Michael that is one thing we need to talk about. I hope I don’t upset you but that is how we live our lives around here. You are my son and I love you very much. I told you that I was taking on an interesting family and I love them just as much as I do you. Since the AER merger and me bouncing around the world I have become a different person. I have found pleasures in life that I would have never thought of before”.

Mike Jr. said “Do you really kiss their butts after a spanking? You never kissed mine just kicked it”.

I said “That isn’t all I do to their butts. Thomas is still too small but Billy and Cody are old enough for other things”.

Michael looked at me and was going to pursue the issue further but Claire and Karenna walked in the house carrying the five month old babies.

I said “Michael meet your step mothers and your baby brothers. Claire, Karenna, Travis and Tanner Walters. This is your step son Michael”.

After the introductions with Michael, Claire and Karenna sat on the sun deck of the house each with a baby boy sucking on a nipple being fed. I pulled a couple of Foster’s out and got Michael something to eat and then joined the women on the sun deck. Michael was looking at the blond women who had no shame of taking their tops off to reveal their grapefruit sized tits to feed the boys.

Michael said “How do you tell them apart?”

I said “Travis and Tanner probably won’t know which mother is actually theirs because with both women nursing they are interchangeable for breast feeding, sometimes Claire will feed both boys then Karenna will take both boys each sucking a tit to get milk. The only way to tell the pseudo-twins apart is Travis has a small birth mark just below his diaper line on his left hip; otherwise they look just like their older siblings with blond hair and blue eyes”.

He said “I meant Claire and Karenna, how do you tell them apart?”

I started to laugh and said “They are interchangeable as well. Sometimes I don’t even try to tell them apart”

Claire said “Michael if you must tell us apart Karenna’s nipples are slightly larger than mine”.

Karenna said “One other difference Michael is Claire is much more of a screamer in bed than I am”.

Michaels face started to redden from blushing. The door to the utility room opened and the four beautiful blonds walked in and pealed the wetsuits off and hung them up to dry. Cody dragged the rest of them outside. He piped up with as much pride as he could, “This is our brother Michael”.

Billy said “Cool mate”. The four naked blonds gabbed Michael’s ear off. Billy sat on my lap taking sips of my Foster’s. His three and a half inch hairless and now also cut dick popped to attention in my hand. Thomas climbed on Michael’s lap showing off his two and a half inch cut boycock.

Michael seemed uncomfortable or maybe it was him getting a hard on he had to keep adjusting himself. I said “Cody please get a couple of more beers for us”.

“Can we have one too?”

“Yes, you can have a beer, but just one. Michael I hope the kids aren’t making you nervous, but like I said this is how we live. Most of their friends run around naked as well, speaking of that where is Jimmy?”

Billy said “He had to go home”.

Katie took Travis from Claire and started to burp him. He spit up a little so Katie freed the baby from his clothes and diaper. She held the naked baby and then moved him to her own budding nipple. Travis locked his lips on her nipple. Katie is fifteen and not lactating but the babies enjoy her tits and her long blond hair. Katie enjoys the sensation of the babies sucking her nipples. She handed Travis to Billy and picked Tanner up and repeated the burp removed his clothes and his diaper as well and led the infant to her other tit. She held Tanner over her thin hips that flair slightly showing the fact she is growing from a girl into a woman.

Claire and Karenna now freed from the infants feedings stool up and removed the rest of their clothes to enjoy the warm Australian sun for the afternoon.

Mike Jr. couldn’t take his eyes of Katie’s five foot five frame, long blond hair, her tits and her bald pussy. Well I can say the same thing for Claire and Karenna’s five foot six frames, long blond hair, large tits and shaved pussies as well.

I said “I will show you to your room, you can get more comfortable if you want”. I put Billy down and Michael put Thomas down and he followed me upstairs.

He looked around the house as we went. “Dad this place is huge”.

I said “Yeah it use to be an old manor. I got if for a real good deal.  Here this will be your room. You will have to share the bathroom across the hall with the boys. The girls use the other bathroom down the hall”.

“Dad can I ask you a question?”

“Sure ask me anything you want”.

“How do you manage to have two women, and I saw you touching Billy your hand was on his boner”.

I said “Michael I touch all the children in a sexual manner, I have sex with everyone in the house and some of the kids friends. You can too if you want. If you want to have sex with Katie, then you must wear a condom. I haven’t seen you in a while so we might have to get you the right size. It will be the same if you want to have sex with Billy or Cody. Thomas is on the small side so I will wait until he is older before I fuck his ass. He does like getting his little pecker sucked though. They all do”.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting arrested? I would be.”

I said “Billy was the first to seduce me, well it was mutual, and then his friend Jimmy, Claire knew all about it. It was her idea to invite Karenna, Katie and Cody. It was Karenna’s idea for both of them getting pregnant at the same time. Let me tell you I am having the time of my life. Michael you do what you are comfortable with. If you do not want to go around naked that is fine. If you want to experiment with them just ask. My rule is simple everyone must agree to it. Anyone says stop it means stop”.

“Dad I’m still a virgin. I know I said I did things when I was younger but the truth is I lied about it. I’m not sure if I know what to do. I will tell you that looking at Claire, Karenna and Katie I am horny as hell, I need to jerk off or something.  I would have expected them to have hair around their pussies though”.

“Okay Michael, it’s your call if and when you’re ready. And as for the hair I like the baldness of them. They all shave to pleasure me. They even shaved my chest and my groin once. It is an interesting feeling. I’ll tell you what since you have a boner pull your pants down so I can see your size. If you want to jerk off that is fine. I bet Billy or Cody will help you if you want”.

Michael undid the button on his pants and lowered the zipper “I can’t believe I am doing this in front of my father”. He lowered his boxers to his knees. I reached for his cock and rolled it in my hand.

I said “About five inches, my condoms may be too large for you I will get one size smaller for you. Actually Jimmy’s might fit you he is about the same size as you, not bad for a thirteen year old”.

“Gee thanks dad compare me to a thirteen year old. Dad if you don’t let go of my dick I’m going to cum in your hand”.

I said “I can live with that son, and don’t worry about size, there will always be someone bigger and someone smaller than you, you have what you have so be proud of it”.  I started to stroke his five inch circumcised cock and I grabbed his balls with my other hand rubbing his balls. Michael put his hands on my shoulders to steady his five foot six one hundred twenty pound frame as I jerked him off. He didn’t last another minute before he cried out and shot his cum into my hands.  I left him in his room to decide his own fate. I went into the master bedroom, washed my hands of my eighteen year old son’s cum and took my clothes off to rejoin the family outside to enjoy the rest of the day.

The boys were running around chasing each other with their little hard ons in full swing when Michael decided to join us. He was wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts.  Cody shouted out “Come on Michael, you’re it”. Michael chased his little brothers around the back of the house catching and picking each boy up and spinning them around in circles. Which made the giggles and laughter like a sweet melody in the air.

Karenna gave Claire Travis. Karenna and Katie came to my lounge chair. Katie straddled my chest offering her young breasts to my mouth and her bald pussy for me to eat while Karenna sucked my seven inch circumcised cock into her mouth, licking my balls. Just as I was about to cum Katie lowered her wet tight pussy onto my cock. Karenna licked the small pussy and my shaft that was not buried in the girl. I filled my little girl up with my cum, it was dripping down her legs when she pulled off my cock. Claire and Karenna keep Katie on birth control pills, so I am the only one that can fuck her without a condom on. Any of her friends including Jimmy know better to even think of not using a condom and Katie enforces the rules just as much as I do.

The boys ganged up on Michael to get the t-shirt and shorts off of him. He could have fought them off but I think he just gave in to the younger boys and let them get him naked adding his five inch hard on with a fair amount of brown hair around and above his cock and his walnut sized balls hanging below. They chased each other until all four boys dropped to the grass and declared a tie or at least a timeout. The three younger boys examined Junior’s privates that he no longer was ashamed to show to the younger boys. Thomas was the first one to reach for Michael’s cock. He wrapped his small nine year old hand around the shaft.

Michael said “Thomas that feels really good but you’re going to make me cum again”.

“Again Michael?”

“Yeah dad jerked me off upstairs. I only lasted a minute. I guess I am use to my own hand not someone else’s”.

Katie picked up the boys to put them down for a nap. Claire and Karenna started to work on supper. I started the barbie up to grill some prawns and steaks.

Cody moved his little brother’s/cousin’s hand and replaced his lips and tongue on Michael’s shaft. Thomas started to rub his balls as Cody sucked him. Michael was rolling around on the ground as his little step brother gave him a blow job, moaning and panting. Billy got up and came to me to help with the grill.

Thomas still rubbing Junior’s balls said “Michael is this your first blow job?”

With difficulty speaking he moaned out “No. But it has been a very long time”. Michael didn’t last any longer then his first cum of the afternoon in my hand. He unloaded in Cody’s mouth whatever was left of his juice. Cody never missed a beat and just sucked and swallowed whatever Michael would give him. They left the virgin teen cadet laying on the grass trying to figure out what just happened to him, and headed for the house to clean up for supper. Michael got up and said “I need a shower”.

Claire brought out the steaks and the prawns and said “Michael you have to make yourself at home please, if there is something that you need just ask”.

I said “You have to share the bathroom with the boys, Cody and Thomas are in there now, or you can just join them and thank them”.

Michael said “Dad I can’t do what Cody just did. I do have a question for you though. How long has it been since you talked to Uncle Frank?”

I said “You know the answer to that Michael”.

He said “Yeah I know, you said you would never talk to him again because of what happened. I was five and Jamie was three. But haven’t you become the same as Uncle Frank?”

My son just stabbed me through the heart and twisting the blade for emphasis to make sure the scar will never heal. But he is right. I have become just like my little brother who is nine years younger than me and I haven’t seen or spoken to him in thirteen years and I threatened his life if he ever comes near us again.

Claire said “What is it Mike? What’s wrong?”

I was speechless with my head spinning. I have become exactly like my brother.

Michael said “Uncle Frank molested me and his son after a bath. That was the first blow job I ever had but I had no idea what was going on. Uncle Frank wanted to play with our thingies during the bath and sucked our little stuff afterwards. Dad caught him doing it and punched him in the face and threw him out of the house. They haven’t spoken or seen each other since. Dad I have to be honest with you. I saw Uncle Frank and Jamie six weeks ago. I had a liberty weekend so I drove up to Pennsylvania to see them. Since you are doing the same thing they do can you please stop the war between you and at least call him. Send him an email saying you don’t hate his guts or you won’t kill him. It would be nice to have the Walters family whole again. And now that I have met the rest of my family I think we all have a lot in common and could get along just fine”.

I had to sit down. Billy climbed into my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck. “Daddy what you do to us is not bad, we want it and you want it. Michael did your uncle hurt you when he touched you?”

“No he didn’t he played with us and sucked us before putting our pajamas on. I didn’t know what or why he was doing it but I didn’t mind, but what would a five year old know.  If I had to guess Jamie probably wouldn’t even remember what happened at all”.

I had to admit that Michael was right. Thirteen years is a long time not to talk to family. “Alright I give. I will contact Frank sometime and talk to him”.

Claire said “Mike maybe you can use some of your frequent flyer miles and fly them down”.

“Yeah maybe, let’s get the steaks and prawns going I’m hungry”.

The women and Katie took care of the babies getting them ready for bed, they coo and smile as Katie changes and washes them in the basinet helping mum and auntie with the baby chores.

I took on the boys to get them ready for bed as well, which included a bath for Thomas and Cody together playing with their hairless cocks and balls in the tub as I washed their soft pale skin and their blond heads. Cody who is eleven and four foot four inches tall, seventy two pounds, and a three inch circumcised cock, was sitting behind his little brother/cousin Thomas who is nine, three foot eleven inches tall, sixty pounds and a two and a half inch circumcised cock.

I pulled them out of the tub and dried them off and brushed their blond hair. They brushed their teeth and led the way to their bedroom. I have ten bedrooms in the house on the upper floor so each child could have a room of their own, but the boys decided that being together in one room was good for them. I do make them go to bed at the same time on school nights, which it was. Michael was shadowing me as I worked to get them clean, well they did shower before supper but that was just for the salt factor, this time they had to use soap as well. There nothing better than a clean smelling boy, the smell of shampoo in their hair.

I pulled fresh pajamas from each boy’s dresser and started my good night ritual to put the boys to bed. First was Thomas sucking his tiny nipples with him giggling the entire time, then his belly button causing fits of laughter and finally his boy cock and balls and licking his tight still virgin little ass driving the boy wild until I returned to his cock to give him the tingles, holding my hair until his little dry climax in my mouth. I dressed him in his mid weight pajamas and tucked him under the covers and kissed his forehead saying goodnight son. I moved to Cody patiently waiting his turn to repeat the process on him. Cody isn’t as ticklish as Thomas but he has his spots.

Michael went to Thomas and kissed him good night on his forehead. “Good night little brother, I’m glad I finally got to meet you”. He turned to Cody and I “Cody do you cum yet?” “No”. “I can’t do to you what you did earlier, at least not yet. Dad, slick him up and let me say thank you in my own way”.

I sucked Cody’s cock leaving him slick with saliva and moved away so Michael could have my spot. He sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed the boy’s hard on and started to stroke it, playing with his hairless nut sac.

I said “Run your finger through his ass crack and touch his ass while you masturbate him. Then get his pajamas on him. I am going to get Billy ready for bed”. I leaned over to Cody’s head and kissed him. “Good night son”.

“Good night daddy” from both the boys.

Billy being thirteen got an extra hour before having to go to bed, just like Katie did. They each had their own rooms and so did Claire and Karenna. The baby boys shared the nursery room that was between Claire’s and Karenna’s rooms. I always have the master bed room not knowing which of my loving and giving family will be joining me to share my bed, but since the kids are back in school they are restricted to the weekends for pleasures with their father. As I walked down the hallway leaving Cody and Thomas’ room I heard the pleasant sounds of ‘That feels good Michael’ and ‘Will you do that to me tomorrow big brother’. As I passed the pussy section of the bed rooms of the house Claire was sucking on Katie’s lemon sized tits and Karenna was rubbing her fingers along and inside her twin sister’s pussy giving complements to Katie for her outstanding work as big sister to her baby brothers.

I walked into the master bedroom and Billy was waiting for me. “I rinsed off all the salt water and cleaned my butt up real good dad. Can I sleep with you tonight? If not can I sleep with Michael?”

I said “No and no, it’s a school night and Michael is still adjusting, he is trying to repay Cody for the blow job, give him time. When you get out of school tomorrow take him surfing with the others. He can use my wetsuit and board. The suit might be a little big on him but it should keep him warm in the water.  Keep an eye on him when you’re out there, he is a good swimmer but won’t be use to the big waves and rip currents. All he is use to is the New Jersey shore or the beaches at Annapolis in Maryland”.

Billy said “Okay daddy we will take care of him, we all like him”.

I said “Now what can I do for my second oldest son before he has to go to bed?”

“Daddy don’t tease me you already had Thomas and Cody it’s my turn. I want you in my butt, but don’t fill me up I want to watch you cum all over me again”.

I said “Alright son, but I am going to start up here and we’ll make that the grand finale”.

I sucked his nipples causing him to squirm in my bed moving down his pale body to his three and a half inch cock with just a few peach fuzz blond whiskers at the very base of his dick that you could not see unless your face is right there. I licked the pink and purple tip admiring the craftsmanship the doctor did leaving no scar when the older boys agreed to be circumcised to look like their baby brothers and me. I licked his shaft and licked his balls before I took his cock as a whole in my mouth, sucking and licking him giving him the most pleasure I could.

I spread his legs apart so my face had easy access to his ass crack and boy hole. I probed him with my tongue sending spasms through my boy. I tried to leave as much saliva behind as I could I sucked each of his nuggets before returning to his cock and pushed my finger into his hole and twisted it inside him while my mouth finished him off and he arched his back trying to push himself further into my mouth. Billy dropped back to the bed panting. I pulled my mouth of his cock to see a tiny droplet of watery boy nectar at the tip of his dick. I licked it off tasting his wonderful juice.

Billy pulled his knees up to his chest opening his ass for me “I’m ready daddy”. I spit on my hand a couple of times and rubbed the saliva on my cock for lube purposes. I put my cock to his hole and gently pushed in until I was all the way inside him with my seven inch cut cock. When my balls touched his ass Billy closed his sphincter muscles around my cock trapping my cock inside him. Billy released and I started to slide out of him and pushed back in, when I was all the way in he closed his ass muscle again and then released. I pulled out and pushed back in to get clamped on again. It is the same sensation as getting sucked and fucked at the same time. When Billy clamps his ass muscles it is like getting sucked further into the boy’s ass. Our motions continued, Billy climaxed again and another droplet of watery cum was on the tip of his dick when I pulled out of him.  Billy grabbed my cock with both hands to finish me off pumping my cock and aiming at his face. I let loose a volley of cum, the first hitting him in the chin the rest was on his chest and the last of it dripped on to his pubic area, his cock and his balls. Billy rubbed my cum all over his pale chest with a huge smile on his face.

I said “Come on let’s get you cleaned up and ready for bed”. I led him to the master bathroom and showered with him soaping us up and washed his blond hair. I dried him and combed his hair and led him back to his bedroom to put his pajamas on and tuck him into bed.

I checked on the other boys and Thomas and Cody were sound asleep. I looked in Michael’s room and he also conked out.

I headed back towards the master bedroom, Claire’s door was semi closed and so was Karenna’s. Katie’s door was still open; she was sitting up reading a magazine wearing a pink lacy see through nightie top with pink panties to match. Her fingers were in her panties playing with her bald pussy.

I went into her room “Honey I thought mum and auntie took care of you?”

Katie said “They did, we all climaxed I was just reading this hot article and it got me horny again”.

I sat on the edge of her bed and opened the three small buttons keeping her nightie together to reveal her lemon sized tits, I slid my fingers into her panties, she lifted her butt and I slid the knickers to her knees. I sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy and played with the clitoris as she read the hot story aloud. I thought about fucking her but she had already showered for school and I didn’t want her to smell like sex all day. I fingered her until she climaxed. Smelling like a wet girl is okay at school.  I put her panties back in place and buttoned the top, kissed her good night and tucked her away for the night.

I went to my office in the west wing to finish up the paperwork I was working on earlier, looked at the clock and thought about what Michael had said about me and Frank and the fourteen hour time difference between Brisbane and Pennsylvania. It would be 9:00am Sunday morning there.

I opened my contacts list, picked up the phone and dialed the number.

A young voice answered “Hello?”

I said “Is this Jamie Walters?”

“No this is Jeremy can I help you”

I thought who’s Jeremy but left it alone, I said “I am looking for Frank Walters is he available please?”

The young voice without covering the phone yelled “Uncle Frank the phone is for you”.

The voice changed to a deeper voice “Hello?”

I said “Frank its Mike Walters how are you?”

The voice said “Mike as in my brother Mike that swore to never to speak to me and threatened my life, is that the Mike Walters I am speaking to?”

I said “Yes I want to let you know that Mike Jr. is here with me in Brisbane. He said he stopped by to see you a few weeks ago. He asked me to call you and tell you that the war and hatred is over between us. That we should talk and see each other again”.

Frank said “What about the past Mike?”

I said “Lets leave the past behind us. Michael made it very clear to me and my family today that I have changed. To be blunt and to the point he said I have become exactly like Uncle Frank. And unless you have changed your ways then Michael is exactly correct and that I have become the same”.

Frank said “What are you trying to say Mike?”

I said “If I am still correct about you then you are a bi-sexual with a strong desire and have sex with children, preferably boys. If I am wrong then I apologize and I confess that I am the same. A year and a half ago I would have never thought of having sex with a minor, but that has changed for me”.

Frank said “Yes Mike I am still the same, but I don’t understand why you are telling me this now”.

I said “Frank I am trying to make peace with you; I want to be your brother again, see Jamie again, and have you a part of my new family’s life. I have two identical twins that are not legally my wives but they are my wives, I am the father of their sons, I have adopted the four older kids as my own. So including Michael I have six sons and one daughter. I have sex with the entire family except for the babies who are five months old. I have not penetrated the nine year old boy but he is looking forward to it when he is a little bigger. The eleven year old and thirteen year old boys are regulars for me and so is the fifteen year old girl”. 

Frank said “Wow Mike I guess you have changed. And yes I am bi-sexual and at Jamie’s request I took his cherry when we were on vacation in Florida a few months ago. Jamie is actively gay well at least he thinks he is. My nephew Jeremy is eleven and I will leave the choice to him. He has been staying here with us since his father my brother in-law on Jill’s side sort of dumped him on our doorsteps so to speak”.

I said “Actually I am calling to see if you would like to come to Australia for some time. If you are interested I will fly you down. I have a new family, a huge house. I know school should be getting out soon for you, ours is in full swing but my wife Karenna is a teacher, if you come I will pull my kids out of school and have them home schooled. You can do the same, send or bring school assignments for the boys and we will make sure their education does not suffer. I should mention if you can come it should be soon. Michael has to report to the Australian Defense Academy in three weeks”.

There was a long pause on the phone. Frank said “Alright big brother I accept your invitation. I have things to arrange, give me an email address and I will send the information. Its Sunday morning can you give me the week to get things worked out?”

I said “ I will have my other wife Claire setup flights. With the date line in the way the flights from the USA leave at night from the west coast. If you can fly Friday then you will land in Brisbane Sunday morning. On the return it’s the other way you land four hours after you take off. You will be on a plane for fourteen hours to Australia plus the six hours to get to California”.

Frank said “We will manage the flight. You work for AER?”

I said “Yes, I am the Director of Operations Pacific Territories. I run all the Engineering projects for AER for the pacific. We can talk shop when you get here. I don’t want to cut you off but I have a huge day tomorrow. It’s good to talk to you again brother”.

Frank said “I understand, It’s good to talk again Mike. I will send information, keep in touch Mike”.

The kids got on the school buses and I put Michael to work in the office helping to file drawings and even update some of the drawings using the AutoCAD programs and to help out the engineers without getting in their way.

When the kids got home from school Billy said “Michael this is my mate Jimmy, Jimmy this is my older brother Mike Jr. Dad said we should take you surfing with us if you want?”

Michael said “I love you dad but I think I have filed enough drawings for the day. Nice to meet you Jimmy, lets go”.

I said “Use my wetsuit and board, be careful out there the rip tides can be tough”.

I watched them as they stripped the school clothes off. Jimmy’s five inch uncut cock started to inflate as soon as the underwear was freed. Billy was the next to be naked and his cock started to fill with blood as well. Katie was next then Thomas and Cody. Michael hesitated for a moment. I helped Thomas into his wet suit and then Cody. Michael finally gave in and lowered his jeans and underwear with his five inch cut cock pointing straight out from his body.

Billy looked and said “Come on mates find out which one of you is bigger, put them together”. Jimmy stepped forward to Michael. Jimmy is five foot two inches tall so he is shorter than Michael. The two faced each other Michael’s cock over Jimmy’s. Katie became the referee and grabbed both cocks, one with a patch of pubes above it the other still hairless. She said “The first one to touch the other belly has the longest wanker”. 

I said “Make it fair roll Jimmy’s foreskin back so it’s crown to crown”.

Katie rolled the foreskin back and lined the teens up again and led them forward by their dicks. She was looking between them to see who would touch skin first. Michael and Jimmy were looking down as well. Jimmy’s tip touched Michael’s leg before Michael’s touched his belly. Katie said “Jimmy’s is longer”.

Michael looked upset for a second but shook it off. He said “Katie your hand feels very good around my dick, Uhm would it be okay if I touched your breast?”

Jimmy jumped back and put on his mean face “Easy there mate that’s my Sheila you’re trying to feel up”.

Michael stammered “Uhm sorry” and pulled his hand back. Well to Jimmy that struck his funny bone to no end and busted out laughing which didn’t take much to get Billy in the same fit of laughter. 

Katie quickly fixed the situation by grabbing Michael’s hands and leading them to her breasts and closed them around her tits. “Jimmy just thinks or wishes I’m his Sheila” Her hand returned to the five inch shaft in front of her and started to pull on it. “He is fun sometimes but he isn’t my only beau so you have my permission big brother”.

Michael’s hands felt her tits and started to move around her body and around her waist and back up to her tits. He ran a hand through her long blond hair as his other hand ran over her tits. I came up behind him and put my hand over his and squeezed her nipple lightly with his hand. I took his other hand and directed it toward her hairless pussy. I bent his finger inside of her and my finger was under his also inside of her. I whispered to his ear “Nice and easy make her feel good like she is making you feel good”. I pulled my finger out her hand took over as the instructor for Michael.

He must have gotten the idea because Katie reached for Jimmy’s five inch dick at the same time and stroke him with the other hand. She said “I like both of these beau’s” Jimmy’s hands joined Michael’s exploring Katie’s body. I put Billy in his wet suit while the three masturbated each other. They became a triangle Jimmy faced Michael his left hand on Katie’s right tit, his middle finger of his right hand joined Michael’s left middle finger inside her pussy, Michael’s right hand on her left tit.

They were moaning and feeling each other Jimmy leaned in and up to Michael’s face. Jimmy opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out flicking it at Michael like a snake. Michael didn’t back away from it. Katie put her tongue out to touch Jimmy’s and Michael put his to theirs the three tongues dancing together in mid air. The three moved closer so their bodies touched Katie continued to stroke them with their fingers inside her. Michael was the first to cum on her as soon as Jamie saw Michael cum he let loose his tiny amount of boy cum as well. Katie climaxed and the three released each other they smiled at each other and grabbed the wetsuits pulling the rubber skins over their cum soaked skin.

The six of them grabbed the surf boards; Michael grabbed Thomas’ and tucked it under his other arm as they headed down the east side driveway. Michael has been here a day but he acts like he has had this family all his life. I guess maybe he wishes he did.

When the kids came back they hosed themselves off with the hose outside and came bounding in through the utility room door hanging the suits up as they came in to the kitchen butt naked. Claire was at the sinks and Karenna had the babies each on a tit nursing.

Jimmy said in his comic voice “Hi ya mums what’s for supper?”

Claire turned and said “Jimmy we are having corned beef and cabbage would you like to stay for supper?”

“Oh yes mum, yes mum indeed”.

Michael said “You know Jimmy might be right, it was funny but you both are my dad’s wives even though the state might say something else about it but screw them. I really can’t call you Aunt Claire or Aunt Karenna so I’m just going to call you mums or moms as well. That is if it is alright with you two”.

The four naked blonds looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Katie spoke for the group “We like it mums we are one big family”.

Claire said “I have no problems with you just calling us mum or mums as the case may be”.

Billy piped up “Yeah now it’s just us and our mums and dad”.

Mike Jr. said “Well if our stubborn dad would talk to his brother then it might even be our mums and dads”.

I said “Alright smart ass, I spoke to him last night if the plans work out the three of them should be here next Sunday morning. That is if your mums can take time out of their busy schedules, one has to get them airline tickets and the other has to prepare for a school house of her own. I will pull you out of school while they are here but everyone will have work assignments to do to keep up at school”.

Karenna corrected me “They will not keep up in school, they will be ahead of their classes when they return to the education system, won’t you my little darling children?”

All six kids said “Yes Mums” and burst into laughter. Jimmy stopped for a second and said “Is there any way I can be included? I think this house is the best education center ever built”.

The three adults looked at each other. Mum Claire said “We’ll see Jimmy that will be up to your parents now all of you go wash up for supper and set the table. Katie when you come back I could use some help”.  A giggle and a ‘yes mum’ was the answer. “Mike do you have any travel information yet for our guests?”

I said “I will check emails after supper. Book them business class at least and see if my upgrades can’t get them into first class. I told Frank to plan on flying Friday so they will get here Sunday morning. Kar we will need your teaching credentials to send to them as well. Make sure they have me listed as the sponsor incase customs gives them a hard time. They don’t need visas anymore but they do need passports. Frank can get them in Philadelphia in a day if necessary. His nephew Jeremy might be a problem though. I don’t know anything about him but Frank said that he basically got dumped on the door step by his brother in-law so we will have to play things by ear”.

I didn’t get the email until the morning but everything was in the works. I told Claire to send a car and have an AER escort meet them to get them through the airports with as little problems as possible. Which meant being able to blow through security checks like executives of billion dollar companies are use to, the same security is still there, just without the cattle lines of people being herded, scanned, wanded, and patted down, if it happened it was at least in private. Michael was right this war had to end between me and my brother so I will use the resources I have to make it a pleasant trip for them.

The week was insane for busy. I was at work before the kids got out of bed and they were asleep before I came in from the west wing to the main house. Bill Daniels wanted me to fly to Singapore. Actually it wasn’t a request, I argued my point and he argued his. We agreed that I would fly out Wednesday night and fly back Sunday morning. If the stars are in alignment and the airlines can keep a schedule I will land ten minutes after Frank. Since we both had to clear customs I might just catch them at customs. I also had a conversation with Mckinsey to find a larger more suitable office space since the west wing was over crowded and we still need more engineers and he needed more sales representatives for our ever growing business in the pacific.  As it turned out our planes landed two minutes apart. I headed for the executive lounge to wash up and relieve myself from the four hour flight.

A boy at the mirror at the sinks was trying to tie his tie and couldn’t get it right. He was getting frustrated and kept untying it and tried again. I felt sorry for the lad so I said “Can I help you with that I am pretty good at tying a tie, this must be a special occasion most people come to Australia for holiday not a business meeting”.

The boy said “No thanks my uncle will fix it. I am not supposed to talk to strangers no offense mister”.

I chuckled and said “No worries young man I am glad to see a young man with principals and sticking to them. I try to teach my sons and daughter the same things. I was just trying to help I meant no harm to you”.

I left the boy alone and grabbed my carryon luggage and headed to customs to hopefully meet up with Frank, Jamie and his nephew. Claire had arranged cars for both of us if we missed each other or a flight got delayed. I checked the flight board and their flight had arrived status on it so I knew it was on the ground but that doesn’t give much information. Of all the times I have traveled I have never been caught in a random customs search but this was the first. I protested and the security detail got more aggressive demanding that I obey their wishes, I said I am an executive traveler and have to meet people flying in from the USA and time is of the essence, that just slowed them down even more. I got pissed off and asked for a supervisor and the woman said she was the supervisor and if I didn’t behave myself then I would be spending the entire day in their care if not longer, with plenty of references about all travelers are treated equal regardless of how many miles you may have traveled or what kind of credit card is in your wallet.

I bit my tongue and managed to get out of customs words flying on both sides of the turnstiles. Mackie my usual driver was waiting for me and I said “Has my brother come through customs yet?”

He said “I do not know sir, Ms. Claire sent four cars just in case I will call to find out. What happened to you? You are never late sir?”

“Make the call and don’t ask Mackie. If they are still at the airport we will wait for them. If they left then you will break every speed law back to the house”    

“Yes sir one moment. … Sir they left in car three about twenty minutes ago, Mehe is driving them to house as we speak”.

I said “Tell Mehe to stop at the beaches and give them a great view and delay them until we get there, when we pass them then he can go up to the house. I want to see them first. Say it in Pilipino not English”.

Mackie did his best to catch them but the black limo was in the east driveway as we pulled up. The doors opened on the car and the front door of the house opened at the same time. I opened the back door of the car and got out to Mackie’s disliking.

A boy got out of the limo in front and pointed at me. He said “Uncle Frank that is the guy from the bathroom at the airport, he wanted to help me tie my tie”.

Frank said “Well then Jeremy I guess you already met your Uncle Mike. Mike it’s good to see you again”. He extended his hand. I took his hand and pulled him to me in a hug.

“I’m sorry Frank, it’s been too long. Hello Jamie it’s been too long for you as well”.

“I’m sorry too Mike. This is Jeremy my nephew”.

I said “Mackie Mehe please take care of the bags, last two bedrooms near the west side please. Shall I introduce you to the rest of the Walters clan, this is Claire the mother of Billy, Thomas and Travis, Karenna is the mother of Katie, Cody and Tanner. I do believe you know the brunette of the bunch since it was his idea to contact you. The kids have recently given up on the mum and aunt thing so they are just moms now as we are one big happy family”.

Everyone hugged and kissed like they have known each other all their lives. Billy and Michael grabbed Jamie to show him around Cody and Thomas followed three steps behind with Jeremy in tow.

I said “The suits are a nice touch Frank but I suggest you get the boys out of them before the wrestling matches start I guarantee both of yours will be as dirty as my four in no time at all. If they want to go surfing or snorkeling, Rico’s board shop is right by the beach he is expecting you and will get everyone suited up”.

Frank said “I’m sure your right but first impressions are lasting impressions. Thanks for the flight”.

The adults congregated in the big library with the big leather chairs. Katie brought out beers and glasses of white wine for the mums. We talked and talked about nothing or everything in general.

Frank said “Be careful with Jeremy he is in an emotional state right now. His dad dropped him on us with the pretense that he had to go to Europe on business and would be back. I knew something was wrong when we picked him up at the airport and he had three large suitcases with him. Well the truth is John went to find his wife and they both have a terminal cancer and they didn’t want Jeremy to see them die. They might still be alive they could already be dead I don’t think we will ever find out”.

I said “Are you going to adopt him then?”

Frank said “I guess I should. When you called last week I didn’t know if he had a passport or anything. He went to his room well their room my house isn’t anything like this monster, and he brought out a large sealed envelope that was basically his life and giving me power of attorney and everything else. I had to take him into Philly to get him a passport. I had all of their work assignments sent to your email. Ladies you will have to forgive me but I don’t know how to tell you apart which one is the teacher?”

 Karenna laughed and said “I am. Since we go around the house nude most often then I have larger nipples than my sister Claire. As for the babies Travis has a birth mark on his hip”.

Michael walked into the library and picked up the naked Tanner who gave him a smile and then a golden shower to everyone’s amusement but Michaels.

I said “Where are the boys?”

Michael put the baby down, pulled the now wet shirt off revealing his hairless muscular chest and said “Uhm you could say Billy and Jamie are getting to know each other in Jamie’s room and the other three are playing in Thomas and Cody’s room”.

Frank said “Do they still have there good clothes on?”

Michael said “No I took Jamie’s clothes off and hung them in the closet. Jeremy’s are lying on the bed along with Cody’s and Thomas’. Billy’s are on the floor”.

Travis gave Katie a golden shower as well. She put the other boy down and pulled her shirt over her head showing her lemon sized tits to her newest uncle.

Michael said “Uhm dad remember what we talked about earlier in the week. Uhm Katie would you be willing to let me loose my virginity with you?”

Katie said “Yes Michael I told you that before, but dad said we had to wait until he got back from his trip”. Katie lowered her shorts.

I said “Mums, since Frank and I are burying the hatchet so to speak would one of you like to take my little brother on a sensual adventure while my oldest son and my daughter have an adventure of their own”

Claire said “Frank what about it, are you a shy person that likes privacy or are you and exhibitionist?”

I said “Fair warning Frank Claire is a screamer”.

Frank said “In for a penny in for a pound I will leave that option to you to decide. I have had group sex with multiple partners including my own son which I am sure is upstairs either sucking one of the boys or trying to suck all of the boys cocks or trying to get a cock into his ass”.

Michael said “I left Billy and Jamie in a 69 position, and the three younger ones each have someone else’s dick in their hand. Since I am still a virgin I asked dad to guide me”.

Claire went to Frank and bent in front of him and opened his belt and trousers and fished his dick out and licked the tip Karenna moved to me and did the same thing. Katie came to Michael and said “I can guide you big brother”. Katie undid his pants and pushed his pants and underwear to the floor. Michael’s dick disappeared into Katie’s mouth just as ours did. I pulled the top off of Karenna and lowered her shorts, my top came off, my shoes, socks and my trousers and boxers. Frank and Claire also got naked.

The women/girl sucked our cocks as we played with the long blond hair in front of us. Michael’s five inch cock, my seven inch cock and Frank’s six inches all getting sucked and our balls being licked before each woman moved away from the man/boy and laid on the carpeting opening their legs wide.

I said “Michael you have your condom?” “Yes father”. I rolled the condom down his shaft. I said “Please her like she was pleasing you, suck her nipples, lick her bald pussy, get her good and wet”. I sucked on Karenna’s tits and played with her pussy before I stuck my tongue to her clit. Claire was getting the same treatment and was moaning louder than the others. Michael lapped his tongue at the bald pussy in front of him”.

Michael said “I’m going to cum”.

Katie said “Hold it, think of something else and put your dick inside me. I want to climax too”.

Frank said “I will be back in a second I need to get a condom on”.

Claire said “It is okay without it Frank, but you must wear one if you have sex with Katie or the boys”.

The women/girl spread their legs wide apart and three cocks entered three bald pussies. I knew Michael wasn’t going to last long so as I fucked Karenna on the carpet I put my finger in Michael’s ass crack and he immediately blew his load crying out ‘Oh my god, oh my god’.

My brother and I seemed to have pleased the twins. None of us knew we had an audience. The five younger boys were standing in the entranceway watching the show.

Billy asked if I could take the Ute so they didn’t have to carry the boards. I offered the Ute to Michael and Frank said he would go with them. I told him where to park and to put the equipment on my account at Rico’s. He argued but I quickly shut him up.

I said “How does an Aussie lobster and clam bake sound to everyone?”  They all agreed. I said “I’ll have the pots boiling when you get back. Watch out for the rip tides. This is not the Jersey shore”.

My kids suited up and loaded up the Ute with all the boards, leaving me and the twins and the babies still at home to prepare a feast.

Everyone came back and hosed off and hung up the wetsuits to dry. We had lobsters and clams and just about anything you could imagine for supper. Everyone was trying to help moving lobsters into and out of pots. I put Thomas in charge of the cold Fosters’ which he obviously sampled more than his allotted one can of beer. Well I think all the kids did. Thomas was clearly drunk. I picked him up and carried him to bed. He had his arms wrapped around my neck as I carried the naked three foot eleven, sixty pound angel up the stairs.

He said “Daddy I feel funny, I can’t feel my fingers or my toes”.

I said “That is because you had too much beer tonight”.

Thomas said “Daddy when are you going to make love to me like you do the other boys”.

I said “I don’t want to hurt you Thomas, you know that”. I put him on his bed.

He giggled “Daddy then now is the perfect time. I can’t feel anything so it won’t hurt”.

I almost could agree with his logic, but wouldn’t that be taking advantage of him. Well don’t you do that anyway Mike.  Dilemmas, dilemmas. Your nine year old son has been begging you to make him like the older boys and take his virgin boyhole. I grabbed a pen and a note pad from their desk. ‘Cody Thomas will be sleeping in my bed tonight. Feel free to invite your cousins if you want’.

I picked up the glazed blue eyed boy and put him over my hip and my arm under his ass, I walked across the hallway to the bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush, his toothpaste and his hairbrush, carried him to my bedroom. I put him down in front of me at the toilet holding him steady while I aimed his small cocklet so his piss stream would make the bowl. When he finished I started my stream. Thomas reached out and took my cock he said “I can help daddy”. He swayed a little but we didn’t miss the bowl with my stream either. I took a warm soapy washcloth and ran it over his face and body ending with the crack of his ass making sure it was nice and clean. I spread his toothpaste on his toothbrush he brushed his teeth with me holding him around his small chest.

I opened the medicine cabinet and pulled the ‘KY Sensations’ and a couple of condoms out and picked Thomas up with one arm again. He wrapped his arms around my neck again. “I love you daddy”.

I said “I love you too Thomas, you are going to sleep in here tonight with me. We will try and see what happens, if I start to hurt you, you must tell me to stop okay?”

“Okay daddy”.

I laid the blond boy in the middle of the bed and removed my shorts and shirt leaving the lube and the condoms by one of the pillows I lifted his head and pulled a pillow beneath it. He was smiling with a look of wonder on his face. I went back to the bathroom to run a washcloth over me and brush my teeth as well. I returned to the bed and crawled next to my little boy and I kissed his forehead, each of his little cheeks and kissed his rose colored lips. Thomas opened his mouth instinctively and my tongue went into his mouth touching his teeth and his tongue. Thomas closed his mouth around my tongue and sucked my tongue further into his mouth.

With the alcohol in the boy the tickle spots that would drive the boy crazy were much more subdued. He wasn’t in fits of giggles and tickles as I moved my hands and my lips around his body, down his chest to his nipples. My lips settled on his nipples and my hand continued to rub his belly and chest. Thomas cooed a pleasant noise as I sucked each nipple.

I sucked his two and a half inch circumcised hairless boycock and balls into my mouth. Thomas’ head rolled on the pillow as if he was high, which he was. I took to other pillows from the bed and lifted him so he had one under his back and the other under his ass so he was higher off the bed sheets. I opened his legs; Thomas was like a Raggedy Andy doll what ever position I moved him to he stayed in that position just letting daddy take his body and his virginity from him.

I returned to his cocklet and balls sucking and licking every inch of the boys inner thighs his cooing and moaning increasing somewhat. I opened his legs some more and my tongue went into the boys ass, pulsing my tongue forward further inside him. I sucked his cock again and he shivered and climaxed a dry climax in my mouth.

His starry eyes and sweet voice said “I love you daddy I am ready”. I took the KY Sensations and spread a small amount on my middle finger and lined my finger with his hole. I slowly pushed in to the first knuckle letting him get use to it, then to the second knuckle. Thomas reached up and grabbed his toes legs and arms raised as wide as he get go trying to make a much room as he could. My middle finger went all the way in slowly twisting inside of him. I pulled out of him and slowly pushed my finger back inside of him twisting my finger again. I worked him for ten minutes before I tried another greased finger inside him.

Thomas just continued to smile and coo as more of me entered his cute little behind. After another ten minutes or so with two fingers in him I said “Thomas are you sure you want me to try to get my dick inside you?”

“Please daddy, I want to feel you inside of me, I want to be Billy and Cody”.

I said “Okay my prince”. I reached for a condom and the lube. Thomas stopped my hand “No daddy all the way don’t stop, even if I hurt I want it all. I want you to fill me up”.

I dropped the condom but kept the lube, Thomas’ smile returned and his hands returned to his toes, his knees and ankles up and away from his body as far as the boy go spread them. I lubed up my cock and put more lube in his ass. I aimed my cock to his ass and pushed in. Thomas’ face contorted as he pushed himself to take my cock. I gave positive pressure to his anus and his ring started to open and the tip of my dick started to enter the boy’s rectum. I grabbed his hips and pulled him to me as I pushed forward, my crown disappeared into him. I stopped, Thomas panted a few times to get air, he took a deep breath and pushed out again and more of my cock went inside him.

I said “You’re doing it Thomas you’re doing all he work”. He stopped and panted to catch his breath.

He took another deep breath and screamed “Push into me daddy take me please” he held his breath and pushed out again and I pushed my cock all the way into his ass. Thomas screamed in pain, my balls touching his smooth skin. I was going to pull out of him because I hurt him.

He just hissed “Don’t pull out, I’m okay daddy, don’t pull out”.

I let him rest and get use to me “That’s it Thomas you did it, just rest and get use to me, you tell me when I will go real slow”.

“I’m okay daddy, I’m okay I did it, go ahead make me Billy and Cody”.

His smile returned along with the glazed eyes, he was in euphoria as I slowly pulled out of him leaving the crown still inside and pushed my seven inch long and as thick as an old silver dollar into my boy. I held his hips as I repeated the process of as slowly as I could fuck my nine year old son. His hand moved from his toes to his own little hard on jerking it as I continued to penetrate him. I fucked him for twenty minutes nice an slow.

I said “Are you sure you want me to cum in you Thomas?”

The sparkle and mischiefness in his eyes lit up. “Daddy can you stay inside me and carry back down stairs I want everyone to see me when you cum inside me”.

I pulled him with me so I could get to the edge of the bed to get my feet down on the floor, I picked him up under the arms brought him to my chest he wrapped his legs around my waist, my cock still inside him, his arms around my neck, I moved my hands down to support his weight. I almost fell out of him but he jammed himself back on my shaft. Walking down a flight of stairs is no easy task with a boy attached to your cock.

I managed to get outside with him where everyone else was still enjoying the evening telling stories. The boys started to clap when we came outside and I laid him down on the picnic table and filled his ass with my cum.

Jamie said “Look dad, another first on a picnic table”.

Billy said “What does that mean?”

Jamie said “Dad took my cherry on a picnic table in Florida. Way to go Thomas, how does it feel?”

I pulled out of him my cum dripping from his ass and down his legs. His brothers, sister and his cousins all were congratulating him. I kissed his forehead and said “I am very proud of you Thomas”. The boy just beamed a smile at everyone and himself.

I said “Michael if you haven’t indulged in to many Foster’s will you please take Thomas upstairs and get him cleaned up and then tuck him into bed, it can be my bed but he has taken a few too many sips of beer and needs to sleep it off as for the rest of you, you all have school work assignments to do in the morning before we go or do anything else so you might want to think about retiring for the night”.

“Sure dad, come on sport that is great you have wanted that for a while”.

Thomas giggled “Yeah and the beers sure helped to ease the pain”. Michael picked him up and carried him upstairs for bath and bed.

The kids thought that going to bed was a great idea. They all caught the wrath of the twins “If you all think that you can surf all day and leave this mess to the adults you are wildly mistaken, kitchen and garbage detail all of you. Michael has his task the rest of you get busy”. There wasn’t much left in the way of argument or debate. Katie took the babies after a slight skirmish about changing diapers from the boys and decided dishes were better than diapers. It was more for show to their cousins than reality because they all take care of the babies.

The wives retired with a glass of wine in hand. We all know alcohol is not good for nursing mothers but we also figured that maybe the babies would sleep through the night after getting breast fed. We were correct the house was silent except for Frank and I in the library with snifters of brandy in our one hand and a cigar in the other. I had the exhaust fan running not to stink up the house. We talked until three in the morning when we called it quits and climbed the stairs for bed. Thomas was in my bed sound asleep with a smile on his face. Michael put him in his pajamas and tucked him away for pleasant dreams. When I got in bed he rolled over still asleep and tossed his arm over my chest.

In the morning Claire and Karenna fed the army of kids, made them clean up breakfast and Karenna broke out the schoolwork for everyone. Frank asked to borrow a car so he could get special swimming glasses made for Jeremy. I had to go to the new office and Claire and Karenna had plans and shopping to do so they dropped Tanner and Travis off at the nanny. We figured that the six remaining kids could fend for themselves for the day, not counting Jimmy and who knows who else might show up afterschool.

When I walked in the door I was right. I went around the room kissing wives and kids that belonged to me, shaking hands with my brother and his two kids and the kid that never goes away Jimmy.

I said “So how was everyone’s day?” 

The six that I left alone said “Shitty” five of them were laughing about it, the youngest of the group wasn’t laughing at all. I got the gory details of Thomas and his problem with getting impacted bowels and how the other five had to use an enema bag to flush him out, shit flying everywhere in the bathroom. I figured I caused his problem and would be responsible to clean it up. To my surprise when I went upstairs to change out of my business clothes the boy’s bathroom that took the carnage was spotless.

After supper Billy said “Anybody want to shoot some pool?”

Jamie said “Dad you have to see the rec room downstairs, the one room is bigger than our whole house”.

The boys agreed to shoot pool or hang out in the basement, so did Frank. The girls decided to do something else. As I descended the stairs and turned on the lights there was a used condom on the floor, two boxes of condoms, regular and small along with two dildos and a tube of KY and shorts and shirts all around the sitting area.

I said “Someone care to explain this, not that I care but at least have the courtesy to clean up your mess, if mums came down here and saw this they would freak on you. And by the way whoever cleaned up the bathroom after the enema incident thank you”

Michael said “Katie and I cleaned it up. As for down here well we were, we were messing around then mums came home yelling about groceries so we just sort of dropped things and ran up stairs. I’m sorry dad we should have cleaned this area up too”.

I started to pick up shirts and shorts. Jamie reached for the used condom “That is mine I’ll take care of it”. He picked it up.

Billy said “There is a garbage can behind the bar”.

I said “Since your back there get me a Foster’s and Thomas if you plan on having one then one is the limit that goes for the rest of mine, Michael can have two because he is eighteen”.

Frank picked up the boxes of condoms and the KY he looked at me and said “Since these are here maybe we can put them to good use”.

I picked up the two dildos and said “Do you have other plans brother or shall we let them use these again”.

Jamie said “One of them was for me, Katie was using the other on herself at the same time. If I have any say in the matter I would prefer the real thing in my butt. How about a little father and son swapping, Uncle Mike can do me and Jeremy and Dad can have his choice of a willing participant or participants”.

I said “Anyone interested?”

Billy said “Uncle Frank can have my butt, Jamie had it earlier”.

Jimmy said “What about you Michael, do you want some boy butt?”

Cody said “I’m in”.

Jeremy said “You are only going to play with my wiener right Uncle Mike I don’t want you in my butt”.

I said “What ever you are comfortable with that goes for all of you, say stop and it stops”.

Michael looked confused, he said “I said earlier that I wouldn’t have sex with Katie anymore, I also said that no one is going to plug me because I have to report to ADFA in less than two weeks. But if Jimmy and Thomas are willing then so am I”.

Frank said “Mike do you have a camcorder or at least a camera it could be fun to watch again sometime”.

I said “Cody please go get the camcorder and the tripod. See if your mums and your sister want to come down I would hate not to at least invite them”.

Cody shot up the stairs, ten minutes later Cody carried the camcorder and the tripod, Katie had the two baby seats which she put on the bar and Claire and Karenna each had a baby and a strap on dildo and a couple of other pleasure toys to play with. Katie took each baby and stripped them naked before putting each into the baby seat.

Claire said “Cody told us what you were planning so we decided to join our family what do you have in mind”.

Frank said “A little son swapping with some leftovers”.

I set the camcorder up and tested the image that gave me an idea. I said “How about the corners of the pool table, Billy get some pillows”. Billy got four small throw pillows from the couches and put a pillow on each corner of the pool table. I turn on the recorder and grabbed a condom the KY and led Jeremy and Jamie to one corner.

I said “Jeremy I am going to pick you up I want you to face me, Jamie bend over the table”.

Jamie bent over the corner of the pool table on the pillow and spread his legs and grabbed his ass cheeks spreading his ass showing off his red and pink boy hole. I picked up Jeremy and he straddled over his brother so his dick and balls were face high for me. I rolled a condom on and put some lube on it.

Frank said “I like it brother, Billy Cody if you please, take the same positions as your cousins”

Michael picked Thomas up and put him on the pool table as well. Jimmy bent over the third corner and opened his ass for penetration.

Katie sat of the fourth corner facing out and spread her legs wide open. Claire and Karenna both had strap on dildos around their hips ready to take turns on Katie’s bald pussy.

Thomas said “Michael you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to”.

Michael said “I know little brother, if I have to stop I will. If I am going to be a cock sucker than I will start with the smallest there is”

Cody said “That wasn’t nice Thomas’ wiener isn’t that small”.

Mike Jr. walked over to the bar and said “I know its not but Tanner and Travis’s are”. Mike Jr. bent over the baby seat on the left and put his face in the crotch of one the pseudo-twins and started to suck the five month old boy. He picked his head up and moved to the other baby seat to suck that boy. He must have done alright because both of their little feet kicked as they cooed and reached for his face with their tiny hands.

I lined my covered dick to Jamie’s waiting ass and pushed in with ease Jamie said “Michael I hope they remember their first blow jobs for the rest of their lives”.

Michael released the baby and came back to the pool table saying “I don’t think it will matter much with this family cousin, I don’t think it will matter at all”.

I pulled Jeremy to my face and started to suck his hard and hairless dick and balls. I got my mouth and my waist in rhythm both of my nephews moaning and groaning as I sucked and fucked them. Billy and Cody were making the same sounds as Frank fucked and sucked them.

Michael aimed his five inch dick at the ass of Jimmy and pulled Thomas to his face and sucked his third cock in ten minutes.

Claire and Karenna changed off fucking Katie, one would fuck her for a while the other squeezed and sucked her lemon sized tits or licked her pussy and clitoris before sticking the dildo back into the blond teen.

Each corner of the pool table had the Walters family plus one sucking and fucking, moaning and begging for more Jamie, Billy and Jimmy all begging to be fucked harder. I reached down and grabbed Jamie’s cock and started to jerk him off and play with his balls, Jeremy took over the thrusting motions and fucked my face as I fucked his new brother’s ass. Frank was doing the same to Billy and Cody and Michael was doing his best with the other two boys.

Jeremy grabbed my face holding it still as he shoved in one final time before the quivers started for him. Jamie shot his load in my hand and I rubbed his cum back onto his dick driving the boy wild as I continued to fuck his ass. All the boys dropped a nut dry or otherwise and when Katie had her orgasm Claire and Karenna dropped the strap ons and grabbed a double sided French tickler dildo and inserted one end into both of their pussies. Katie moved from one large tit to another with her lips and tongue. Frank dumped his load and so did I. Claire and Karenna brought up the last of the orgasms and pulled the dildo out.

I pulled out of Jamie and put Jeremy to the floor. Jeremy walked over the bar and stood on the ledge to get his face high enough to put his mouth on Travis’s little dick then moved to Tanner’s seat to do the same. Jamie was right behind him.

I turned the camera to the bar and the baby seats as the line of Walters got ready to suck the babies dicks and balls.

Michael said “The will definitely remember the first time they had their dicks sucked now”.

I pulled a pair of Foster’s out and tossed one to my brother. I gave one to any of the kids that asked for one after they passed the babies. I was the last of the line to suck and lick the tiny dicks and balls. I picked the two baby seats up and put them on the coffee table in the center of everyone else that has now taken seats, some on laps others sitting side by side. Looking down at the infants I said “Yep, definitely Walters they both have boners” as soon as I said it Travis shot his piss stream out of the baby seat onto the table and floor and his brother Tanner was about five seconds behind him.

I said “Now the Walters orgy is complete”. Everyone was in fits of laughter.

I said “So what is the plan for tomorrow?”

Billy said “This may sound dumb but does anyone want to shoot a game of pool?”

Claire, Karenna and Katie took the babies upstairs. Karenna said “Remember it’s still a school night so don’t stay up to long. Jimmy you have half an hour then home you go do you want to shower before you go?”

“Yes mums I will see you mates afterschool tomorrow. Mr. Frank, Jamie, Jeremy welcome to Aussieland”.

I racked and let Jamie break, saying he wasn’t very good with a cue stick would be an understatement so I helped him after the third whiff trying to break the rack. Jamie had no idea how to hold the cue so I came behind him and held the cue stick with him. His freshly fucked ass sticking out my dick was in the crack of his ass and I started to get hard again.

He still couldn’t break the rack so I broke while holding his hands on the cue stick “Good job Jamie let someone else try”.

Billy went next and put three balls in until I said “Billy enough everyone gets to play”. Jeremy went next and I was behind him with my hands on the cue with him and my now almost hard cock in Jeremy’s back. Thomas took a shot and missed so Frank decided to help him. Cody didn’t need any help but Frank and I tried to assist all the boys. Everyone’s dicks all boned up again as Frank and I moved from boy to boy to help with a shot.

Michael took a cue stick and checked it for straightness, put chalk on it and banged five balls in including a rebound shot and a shot behind his back. I said “That’s enough show off where did you learn to shoot like that?”

Michael snapped to attention with the pool cue held tight to his body like it was a rifle, saluted with his hand and his almost hard cock and said “The United States Naval Academy, Annapolis Maryland, Sir. Cadets don’t get much free time, and are paid even less Sir. One has to learn ways to make a dollar or two. It is also only one of a few things we get to do for recreation Sir”.  Everyone chuckled. Thomas turned to face Michael and snapped to attention and mimicked his older brother returning the salute to the cadet. Michael released the salute and went to parade rest. Thomas did the same.

I said “At ease cadet, run the table out and rack em and don’t hustle your brothers, sister or cousins for money”.

Michael relaxed and laughed “If I can’t hustle them how about my old man do you know how to use one of these. My allowance doesn’t seem to go very far anymore”.

Frank said “Mike the suit I am wearing doesn’t have any pockets but I will put a hundred dollars on the boy that he kicks your butt from what I have just seen. Besides you’re an Engineer and travel all the time, when do you get to shoot pool?”

I said “Alright I will take the challenge my suit is also lacking pockets so we will use something else. How about best of three games winner takes all flip for the first break and if you win then you can call the next game. Sound fair young buck?”

Billy said “We can use the poker chips to keep score and make it the best of five. You pick the stakes but every ball counts. The one that has the most chips at the end wins the pot. If you scratch you lose your turn and two chips”.

Frank said “I will back Michael for the stakes. My sons do not ever try this they are all hustlers. I may have misjudged my older brother but I haven’t known him in a long time things do change”.

Michael said “I’m feeling pretty confident in myself right now so Billy racks the games and how does ten dollars a ball sound, shoot for the break closest ball to the back cushion gets the break and calls the first game. No wait sorry Billy but how about Jamie racks the games and anyone can help him to get a good solid rack”.  I nodded in agreement.

I handed the one ball to Michael and he took the two ball, Cody cleared the table so they could do the shoot out to see who starts and called the game. Michael was cocky in all senses and shot and the ball rolled to less than an inch of the back rail. “Beat that pops”. I chalked the cue and shot the ball and it came back to the back rail and rested on the bumper and never moved off of it.

Michael said “I’m in trouble aren’t I?”

I smiled at him and said “Nine ball; call your shots, the last shot has to be a bank shot”.

Jamie was just as bad at racking the balls as trying to break them but with a little help he managed.

I broke the rack. I ran the table and never giving Mike Jr. a chance. When I dropped the nine ball Michael’s head sagged.

 Jeremy said “Nine balls ninety dollars for Uncle Mike”.

I looked at Michael and said “Eight ball call your shots”. Jamie racked again with Billy’s and Cody’s help getting the balls in the right order. The rack was loose as nothing moved.

I smiled to myself when Michael had to waste a shot to break the lousy rack. Jamie was so upset at the rack he said “I’m sorry don’t ask me to rack again”.

I said “Jamie it is not your fault, this is a lesson just as much as your schoolwork is; you have to learn from a mistake and turn it into a positive thing. You will continue to rack as best you can without help. My son wants to be a fighter pilot, he will learn a hard lesson that a cocky young bull that wants to be fighter jock will come across an old bull that has been flying and fighting longer than his opponent has been alive and has more experience more cunning and more tactics up his sleeve then the young bull ever imagined in his life. What should have Mike done instead?”

Jeremy answered my question “Take a lousy shot and make you break the balls up then Michael would be in position to control the table. You called call the shot. Even if a ball went in it wouldn’t count unless he called every combination that the ball would hit before it went in”.

I said “Very good Jeremy, you are correct. Sometimes a good defense is better than a strong offense”.

Jamie said “Now look who is showing off. You know that Jeremy came to my high school with me for a couple of days and aced every class and every test when he came to stay with us”.

Michael finally cried “Uncle” knowing he had no chance to beat his father.

Frank said “Present”, which got a laugh. Everyone had enough so I sent them off to bed.

In the morning I was supposed to be on vacation but that doesn’t always work out as planned, so I ended up in the office for a few hours, all the kids went down to the ocean in the morning. I packed everyone into a 15 passenger van that AER has and took everyone to the Brisbane zoo.

With twelve plus the two babies I let them break up into smaller groups, Billy and Katie both had their cell phones just in case. Katie’s friend Samantha had the day off of school so she joined us. Sam is a good kid, seventeen, five foot four inches, short brown hair, hazel eyes, about one hundred ten pounds; small breasts the size of small limes. About the only fault I can give her is she refuses to shave her pussy.

Sam has also taken a liking to Michael which is a good thing when we got back to the house Michael said “Dad can I borrow a car to take Samantha home, Katie can come along”.

Katie said “Not on your life big brother you’re on your own for this one. Make sure your packing and the drive-in is a good spot to start off at”.

Michael’s face turned beet red. Thomas said “Can I go?” Everyone busted up laughing.

I said “Not this time champ”. I handed Michael a couple of twenty’s and the keys to one of the cars. “Try not to strip the gears this time and remember to stay on the wrong side of the road”. Everyone got the joke except for Thomas. Frank said “We drive on the right side of the road and you drive on the left side of the road. One is right so the other must be wrong”.

Thomas said “I still don’t get it but my legs hurt”.

Frank picked Thomas up and said “I think I can help you with that” carrying him up the stairs.

I reached out for Jeremy and Cody. Katie said “Can I come too”. I nodded. I led the three of them to my bedroom pulling shirts over their heads, pulled their shoes and socks off then the boys’ shorts and underwear followed by Katie’s bra and panties I stripped myself and placed myself in the middle of the bed. Jeremy and Cody started to lick my shaft their tongues going between my shaft and each others mouth. Katie joined in with the tongue playing.

I pulled Jeremy toward my face and sucked his three inch hairless cut cock and his balls. I brought Cody to the other side so the boys were facing each other. I moved my head from one boy’s cock and balls to the others. Katie lowered her bald pussy onto my shaft, raising herself and lowering herself each boy took her lemon sized tits into their mouths as she continued to fuck herself on me and I moved from boy to boy sucking cock and licking balls.

Both boys climaxed dry orgasms in my mouth. Katie’s orgasm was loud and wet, she continued to ride my pole until I filled her up with my cum.

I was going to tuck them all into bed when Frank and Thomas came out of his room with his six inch hard on.

Katie walked into Frank’s room and aimed his six inches at her bald pussy and fucked him while he sucked on Thomas’ boy cock. Frank pounded the already dripping pussy until he added his cum to mine. 

To Be Continued…

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