So, where do I begin? First of all, a little bit about myself. My name is Shawn and I live in a rather large and unique apartment complex. I am in my mid thirties and take great care of my physical being. My hair is brown and I keep it short in a military style cut and have green eyes. Without a question, I am a die hard bisexual hound! I love men and women equally and really don't have a problem fulfilling my sexual greed. The vast majority of my sexual partners know about my bisexual tendencies and to the best of my knowledge, no-one has a problem with it. In a feeble attempt to show some modesty, I am proud to say that I have a very thick 8-3/4" cut cock.

Here is where this story begins. I had been having regular sex with a woman who I have known for a long, long time. The story doesn't start with her, but her 14 year old daughter, Bridgett. Bridgett was not your average teen young lady by no means. It seems her step father is doing time in a local prison after being busted having sex with her by her mother. It wasn't Bridgett who cried wolf, but her step father's own stupidity. Like a fool, he had video taped one of their hot sessions and left it in the VCR for the mother to accidentally hit the play button. The rest is history and since that time, I had become best friends with Bridgett and her mother.

At this point in time in my life, I had not even considered Bridgett to be a sexual interest, only her bombshell of a mother. Living in the same apartment community afforded me plenty of time to get to know Bridgett on more of a one-on-one basis. Standing a proper 5'5" and weighing no more than 105 pounds, she too, was just like her knock-out gorgeous mother. Bridgett has long wavy brown hair that ends at the top of her crack line and her breasts are just a tad more than a handful. She has emerald eyes and a perfect body to match. Her smile is breathtaking and her walk is pure graceful. She has a little tight bubble butt that makes your eyes dizzy while following the muscular cheeks ripple up and down with her every step. On many occasions, I couldn't help not to notice the half inch gap between her legs as she stood upright.

Not one time during her many, many visits did I once ever try to come on to her. Our friendship grew into more of a father/daughter, best friend relationship. She was well aware of my bisexual ways and fully knew that I was plugging her mother on a regular basis. She also knew that I had no desire to partake in any sexual relationship with a minor, male or female. Bridgett became more and more relaxed in front of me and started telling me about her sexual experiences. In a round about way, I figured out that she was definitely her mother's daughter. Bridgett loves to suck on a hard cock and just like her mother, enjoys having her asshole filled with prime beef. Our conversations became more intense and more explicit. I quickly discovered that Bridgett was into all various forms of sex and really didn't care if it was with a guy or a girl.

It became a regular session after Bridgett would leave my apartment that I would pull my raging boner out and squirt my load all over while thinking of her in a sexual manner. My animalistic passion soon saw Bridgett naked every time she entered my doorway, although she was fully dressed. Now that Bridgett was a burning desire in my mind, to make matters extremely worse, I now had new neighbors who had just moved into the apartment below me. It was a mother, who was in her mid thirties, and her son, Sam, I guessed to be about 12 years old. The mother was kind of pretty, but the boy was absolutely adorable. I took great pain in helping them move in while studying every feature of the young gorgeous Adonis walking in front of me. Sam was kind of short for his age, standing about 5'2" and couldn't have broke the 100 pound mark. His blond hair melted your heart at first glance and his entrancing deep blue eyes stole your breath. His teeth were perfectly straight and was in the purest of a natural bright white.

His burning blond hair was feathered back to form a perfect overlapping point just above his neck line. His blue jeans were an out-of-date extra tight that wrapped and contorted around his tiny bubble butt. Although I stole many glances, I was not able to detect a noticeable bulge in his crotch area, but one thing was for sure, the boy had a good one inch gap between his slender legs. I did find out that they had moved here after his mother divorced his alcoholic and abusive father. Sam's soft voice was angelic and each verbal cord stroked my every senses causing shivers to crawl up and down my spine. I spent the entire day making sure that they were moved in before heading to my apartment and blasting another load while thinking of young Sam.

In less than two weeks after Sam and his mother moved in, I was slamming the meat to his mother on a daily basis. Before our first session, I explained to her in vast detail that I was bisexual. Sam's mother didn't have a problem with that and came to my apartment every morning before heading off to work. As time dragged on, so did my desire to have sex with Bridgett and Sam. Sam and I evolved into a budding relationship where he would tell me things knowing I would never tell his mother what he said. During many of our casual conversations, I brought out some gay terminology and Sam sort of shrugged my comments off. I did tell him I was bisexual and he was old enough to know what that meant. I did find out that he was 13 and not 12. Even after knowing about my bisexual tendencies, Sam always visited me after school. Just his being in the same room with me, caused my upset cock to grow angrily hard. I never wear underwear so my cock would always be visible if he ever cared to look further south.

Looking at Sam from a short distance, one could say that he was a spitting image of a young Aaron Carter, but more graceful and a hell of a lot prettier. I have always been a butt man, whether it be a guys butt or a girls butt. My sexual dilemma intensely grew as time passed on. Like a sick animal, I found myself sniffing the seat where either Bridgett or Sam had been sitting. It got to the point that I simply couldn't control myself with sniffing their recently vacated seats. Never before, had I been so overwhelmed with curiosity, especially over two minors. Not once during our many conversations did Sam ever ask me anything remotely close to a gay question. I tried to drop subtle hints to him numerous times, but he simply ignored my statements and quickly changed the subject.

I tried playing one with the other, asking Bridgett about Sam and vice versa. Both agreed that the other was either pretty or cute, but neither said anything else. Bridgett was the one who said that Sam was too young for her and that she preferred guys somewhat older. From the way Sam reacted and sounded, I guessed he was pretty much still a virgin. My cock ached painfully when both of them visited me at the same time. As usual, after they departed, I sniffed the lint off the seats where their hot little butts once impaled the cushion.

It was an early Saturday morning when Bridgett walked in. Living by myself, I had grown accustomed to walking around naked, and there I was standing at the refrigerator and never heard her come inside. When I turned around, both of our eyes locked temporarily and her eyes fell onto my swaying cock and cum filled balls. This was the first time she had ever seen me remotely close to being nude and I was somewhat a tad embarrassed standing there naked in front of this young gorgeous bombshell. With one hand holding the coffee pot and the other holding the gallon of milk, there wasn't a whole lot I could do to cover myself. Bridgett didn't seem or act upset about my nudity, in fact, she seemed more interested than anything else. When soft, my cock is still thick and hangs over my two medium sized balls a good five inches. My cock head looks like a large bell, pink in color, thicker than the shaft.

I sat the coffee pot and milk jug on the counter while keeping my eyes on Bridgett. Her eyes never left my cock and I watched passionately as her lip struck out and swiped both her top and bottom lips. To break the ice, I simply said, "Take a picture, it lasts longer!" Her eyes trailed up and met mine and she nervously responded, "Shit Shawn, you got you a big one!" My heart was pounding a mile a minute as I studied her facial expressions as her eyes left mine to go back to my hardening cock. I did my best to will it to remain soft, but the creature between my legs had a mind of his own. Her eyes widened as my cock strained to grow another half inch or so while pointing straight out in front of me with a slight downward slope. Bridgett spoke what she was thinking, "Fuck, it's thick too!" I asked, "Where's your mother?" I had to repeat myself twice to get her attention. Keeping her eyes glued on my bouncing cock, she replied, "Work, uh, she's gone to work."

"No wonder momma screams when you fuck her! I can tell when you shove it up her ass from the way her screams sound too. Damn, your cock is fucking big!" I stated, "Yeah, but there's a lot bigger ones out there than mine." Bridgett smiled and said, "Uh huh, might be, but I never seen one so big before!" Gaining my adult thought process, I replied, "Bridgett, I shouldn't be standing here in front of you like this. I'll go put some clothes on." Her legs twitched from side to side, covering her half inch gap and said, "You don't need to change on my account. I like seeing you the way you are." Shaking my head and before I could utter a word, she implied, "I know you have been thinking about Sam, I mean in a sexual kind of way and he is cute, but I'll make a deal with you, that is, if your up to it." I asked, "What kind of deal?" Bridgett brought a finger to her lips as if she was in deep thought and said, "If you give me some of your cock, I'll get Sam to drop his pants so you can see him naked, and who knows, maybe, just maybe, some other things as well." With my palms getting sweatier by the second, nervously I said, "But, but you are not old enough and if someone finds out, I will go to prison for a long, long time." Shaking her head from side to side, Bridgett smiled and replied, "Just don't take any pictures or videos and don't tell anyone and no-one will ever know."

Before I could reply, Bridgett dropped to her knees and began licking my shaft while fondling my cum filled balls with her loving soft hands. Her right hand reached around my butt and began digging inside my crack while her tongue traveled the length ever so gently of my rock hard shaft. Pre cum began dripping from my piss slit all the way to the floor as her hot breath melted my cock and her exploring tongue drenched the flesh of my cock. The exciting and soft sounds escaping her precious lips began driving me crazy with furious lust. I watched her tongue as it trapped my escaping pre cum and started working its way up to the point where my pre cum was blistering out of my piss slit. My knees began trembling as her mouth opened and she forced the head and three or four inches inside her oven hot mouth. Bridgett was whimpering and I was moaning as she used her mouth to rock back and forth on my aching and throbbing cock. Her left hand caressed my balls while her right hand, more so fingers, dug into my crack in search for my butt hole.

While her burning hot mouth melted my shaft with each blinding stroke, I could feel her devoted tongue as it rolled along my shaft with the utmost of skill. In less than two minutes, I could feel my cum boil as I stood on shaking legs looking down at this beautiful angel worship my man tool with the best of care. She was so young, but definitely skilled in the art of sucking cock. Using both of my hands, I gently guided her sucking mouth off of my cock before I shot a huge thick load down her begging throat. Her eyes looked up and I saw how glossy they had become while she had been sucking on my hard cock. With her loving mouth completely free of my hard cock, her tongue continued to flicker out, striking my piss slit with precise accuracy.

After guiding her to stand up, I lowered my mouth and began licking along and over her succulent lips. They were moist and ever so soft. Her warm breath teased my every senses as my nose flared to capture her every intoxicating exhale. Within seconds, our tongues collided and embarked in a bitter battle to gain entry into the other's panting mouth. Her hands caressed my over loaded balls while her other hand softly stroked my raging hard-on. With our lips sealed around each other and our tongues frolicking inside the other's mouth, my hands traveled down her slender back and clutched onto her firm blue jean covered bubble butt. Her butt was so tight concealed inside her pants as my hands kneaded into the material to latch onto as much of her juicy flesh as possible. The more my hands clutched and grabbed her butt, the hornier I became.

As our tongues and hands searched the other's body, Bridgett managed to kick off her shoes while I was backing her up towards the bedroom. With our mouths still securely locked around the other's mouth, I tugged at her shirt to lift it over her head. After tossing her shirt to the floor, my hands glided over her silky smooth flesh of her stomach and chest while tugging at the latch in front of her bra. My fat fingers finally unlatched her bra and I began sliding the straps free from her body to reveal the soft, perky mounds of her young breasts. Her nipples were stiff as a board, protruding outwards a solid half inch or so. Using both hands, I teasingly tweaked both of her nipples at the same time as she moaned in ecstasy from the pinching sensation.

Our lips broke their seal and I softly whispered, "I want to make love to you!" Bridgett shook her head from side to side and said, "No, I want you to fuck the living shit out of me!" Her hands left my cock and balls and she quickly tore off her jeans and my eyes watered as she ripped her tiny panties off and tossed them to the floor. My eyes burned an everlasting impression while fixed on her nearly hairless pussy. She shaved her pubic hair to the point that it was just a small Mohawk of tiny black hairs. Her pubic hair was shaved to the point that it was no more than an inch long and less than a half inch wide. I could see her pussy lips as they glistened from her wetness and the half inch gap between her legs looked so inviting.

I lowered my head and greedily sucked in her left nipple while using my teeth to gently bite down while my tongue flickered over the very tip of her sweet nipple. Bridgett moaned loudly as my biting pressure increased. My right hand rolled across her body in search of her tiny bubble butt. The soft, yet hard, flesh was soothing to the touch and an inspiration of what would soon be to come. The harder I bit her nipple, the higher her toes arched her body upwards. My left hand joined my right hand on her bubble butt and soon my fingers began spreading her tight cheeks apart. Her crack was ever so soft and free from any moisture as my index fingers traveled closer and closer to her forbidden backdoor entrance.

Bridgett screamed as my index fingers pressed against her smooth hairless bung hole and my teeth grinded the sensitive flesh of her erect nipple. She flung her head backwards and began shouting, "Oh yeah, yes Shawn, ah fuck, oh God, yes, yes, FUCK, FUCK, that's it!" My fingers were dry and I did not want to shove a dry finger up her poop chute, but she was grinding her ass onto my probing fingers forcing the tip of my right index finger to dive into her shuttering hole. The burning heat and clamping muscles attacked my finger immediately. With just the tip of my finger inside her hot asshole, my left hand cupped her sobbing wet pussy and began gently stroking it back and forth. Bridgett's fingers grabbed my balls and she began pulling while turning them as her other hand stroked my cock with intense pleasure.

It was Bridgett who sort of pushed me backwards causing me to fall onto the bed on my back. Before I could do anything, she jumped across my body with her ass sticking out right over my face and her mouth dove onto my pre cum dripping cock. Her pretty pink pussy lips slightly spread revealing the pinkest pussy I had ever seen. Even her asshole was a bright pink in color and the tight sealed circle was indeed a perfect closed circle. It looked so tiny from my bird's eye view and her wet pussy smelled so heavenly as my hands wrapped around her butt, driving her sweet smelling pussy to my hungry mouth and pussy eating tongue. My tongue shot up her delicious pussy while my nose pressed against her tiny bung hole, inhaling with every stroke of my tongue. Without a question, Bridgett had the best tasting pussy I had ever had the privilege of dining on. She was moaning and whimpering and her butt was gyrating on my nose, almost to the point that she was trying to fuck her asshole on my ass sniffing nose.

Bridgett was forcing more and more of my cock down her throat and I could hear her gag numerous times, but her hot mouth felt so great as it baked my hard cock. My tongue bathed her insides while my nose stroked the softness of her sweet smelling bung hole. Letting my tongue slip out of her sobbing wet pussy, I raised my head and stabbed her tiny asshole with my thick pointy tongue. Bridgett's mouth jumped from my cock as she began screaming, "Shawn, Shawn, yes, oh baby yeas, eat my ass, lick my hole baby, oh fuck yeah, ah shit baby, eat my asshole!" To hear someone so young use so much profanity turned me on more than I could have ever suspected. The more she screamed out, the further my tongue slipped inside her muscle clamping asshole. With my tongue buried inside her hot little ass, I used my thumbs to slide in and out of her slick pussy. Even her young pussy was tight and I already knew she was far from being a virgin. I felt her young body shutter as her climax reached a superior high, forcing her to scream as her cream overflowed from her young hot little body. Hearing and feeling her reach an intense climax caused my cock to erupt, sending gallons upon gallons of my man juice into her sucking mouth. My hips were bucking and her ass was pounding against my face as we both were experiencing an intense orgasm. Up to this point in time, I had never felt like I had exploded so much cum before. Just when I thought my orgasm was subsiding, my cock decided to fire more rounds of thick cream down her sucking throat. What was more amazing to me was Bridgett's skill at swallowing so much sperm without allowing any of it to drip free. She was swallowing and whimpering at the same time and it felt like her ass muscles were going to rip my tongue right out of my mouth.

Finally, my sperm shooting cock tired and I felt it go limp inside her milking mouth. I was gasping for air as Bridgett wasted no time in hopping off of me and crawling between my shaking legs. She used her hands to push against my thighs, forcing them to rise higher and higher, wider and wider. My mind shot off like fireworks as her hot little tongue dashed between my ass cheeks and began drilling away at my asshole, while her left hand caressed my limp sperm free cock. She wasn't just licking the very outer portion, Bridgett was doing her best to pry open my bung hole to explore its inner chamber. Inhaling deeply as her tongue ripped through my sealed asshole and probed my anal walls with the utmost of intensity, it was my turn to start whimpering and moaning. I could feel her thumb as it dug into my crack to spread my cheeks even farther apart.

A little while later, having her tongue impaling my anal canal and her soft hands massaging my limp cock, my cock rapidly revived to its fullest state. Bridgett retrieved her exploring tongue and quickly straddled my hips with her precious face facing mine and guided my hard cock up towards her spread pussy lips. I could feel the heat as it seared across my cock head as it struck her moist lips as she gently inserted the mushroom thick head inside her. The facial expressions she was making while shoving my thick cock up her pussy was absolutely priceless. "Oh fuck, ah shit Shawn, it's soooooo fuck-----------------------------ing big!" I remained perfectly still while enjoying the tightness of her soaking wet pussy as inch by thick inch slowly pried its way up her hot pussy.

It took a short time, but Bridgett managed to swallow my entire cock inside her hot, extra tight pussy. Placing her face against my chest, she began slowly milking my cock with her pulsating teen pussy. She was moaning and whimpering as her young body rose and fell onto the man cock impaling her young quivering pussy. My left hand reached behind her and grabbed the silk like smooth flesh of her bubble butt while my right hand latched onto her long sweet smelling hair. With the softest and gentlest of tugs, I began pulling onto her hair causing her to moan in sheer ecstasy. Her hips gyrated back and forth and up and down while her vocal cords became louder and louder upon each stroke. "Oh fuck Shawn, ah shit, yes baby, this feels sooooo good, I, I, fuck yes your cock feels so fucking goooood!"

The more she screamed her profanities, the harder I tugged on her hair. Within seconds, her hot little body shivered as she screamed while one hell of an intense orgasm seared through her body. As her body convulsed, my left index finger circled her tiny little, hairless poop chute while my right hand yanked on her hair. Bridgett was besides herself, lost in her own little world as her pussy juices flowed like a heavy rain. She was biting her lips while groaning and cooing and I watched in awe as she yanked on her left nipple as if she was trying to tear it from her skin. Her right hand dug into my chest as her orgasm flooded from deep within her. Sweet little tear drops began slipping from the corner of each eye as her body twitched and jerked, beyond any of her own control.

While her eyes were tightly closed, I rolled Bridgett onto her back with my cock buried deep into her teen pussy and began drilling away like a mad man lost in a world showing no compassion for the sweet piece of meat his cock was pounding. With little energy, I placed both her knees beyond each ear and pressed them firmly into the mattress while slamming my thick cock in and out of her panting pussy. For two or three solid minutes, I tore into her pussy with vengeance before realizing I was getting really close to busting one hell of a nut. Bridgett tossed her head from side to side as my cock plunged fast and furious in and out of her hot little cunt. Her finger nails tore into the flesh of my back and her body shivered with one orgasm, one right after the other. Her hot breath ripped through my nostrils and the rich fragrant aroma from her fresh breath aroused every pore of my body. Not wanting to cum just yet, I pulled my man cock out of her teen pussy and slid backwards. The hot aroma spewing from her well fucked pussy was more than I had ever expected. Unlike the adult females before her, the sweet smell was more refreshing and my tongue tingled at the thought of exploring inside the area that my cock had just pounded.

I crammed my tongue as far as it could go inside her hot cunt and became feverish in delight with the hotness and divine taste. Hearing her scream in pleasure was more than music to my ears. Using my left thumb, I raised the protective hood concealing her clit and could only admire the small pink morsel of tender meat as it glistened from being uncovered. My tongue stabbed at the tiny bud while two fingers toyed inside her dripping wet pussy. The more pussy juice that entered my mouth, the harder and longer I wanted to suck all of her sweet freshness from out of her hot little body. Covering her clit with my lips, I began sucking and sliding my tongue over the tiny, tasty bud, causing Bridgett to scream, moan, whimper and cry. The knuckle of my right hand was pressing against her tiny bung hole while I was working her clit over prime and proper like. Her body shook and trembled as severe and intense orgasms rushed through her body. After 30 minutes or longer of working on her clit, she begged me to fuck her many times.

Releasing her clit from my sucking mouth, I lowered my tongue onto her pale pink asshole and wasted no time in forcing it inside her hot little canal. I was somewhat surprised at the ease of my tongue penetrating her asshole, but soon found myself overly enjoying the extra tightness and erotic aroma as my tongue plundered inside her young butt hole. My left hand reached up her smooth body and my fingers began pulling, pinching, and twisting her left nipple like a beast in the night. With my tongue drilling inside her asshole, my eyes caught her pussy lips as they forced out pearl drops of her sweet teen juices by the gallons.

After spending a long time tongue fucking her hot asshole, my tongue slid upwards and immediately gathered her tasty juices. With my tongue back inside her cunt, I slipped two fingers inside her slick poop chute causing Bridgett to gasp at the sudden intrusion inside her asshole. She experienced one intense orgasm after the other and her body shook as if she was experiencing convulsions. Bridgett was unable to speak any English as the words that slipped from her clutched lips made no sense at all. Her chest was rising and falling sharply as my tongue and fingers twisted, drilled, and rammed her hot cunt and tight asshole. While she was lost in her own little world, I rolled her onto her stomach and positioned her into a doggie-style position. The beauty of seeing her this way almost brought tears to my eyes. Her head was flat on the mattress and her ass was bunked up for all the world to see. Her nearly hairless pussy looked so beautiful as it glistened from her sweet juices and her tiny asshole, a pale pink in color, nervously twitched as the cool air pounded the exposed flesh.

Placing my left hand on her hip, I guided my cock to her pussy lips and slid about five inches inside her steaming cunt in one motion. Using a little force, I slammed the rest in and paused as she was choking on air while trying to adjust to the thickness of the man cock that impaled her teen pussy. After my cock was buried in her cunt, I placed my right hand on her hip and began slowly fucking the living shit out of her, using her own little hips as a tool to cram my meat in and out of her hot cunt. In less than three or four minutes, the more experienced Bridgett took over as she began slamming her hot little bubble butt onto my impaling cock. The speed and tempo changes drastically as I was now rifling my cock in and out of her pussy at a mind boggling speed. The sound of flesh crashing against flesh filled the room, only mixed with her screams, and moaning.

I put my right thumb up to my mouth and soaked it in my own saliva. After it was thoroughly slick with my spit, I crammed my thumb up her asshole. With my cock ripping into her pussy, my thumb was fucking her tight little asshole. Bridgett was screaming very loudly while gasping for air as the combination of thumb and cock worked well together inside her pussy and asshole. I could feel the shaft of my cock with my thumb as the two twisted, turned and ripped through both of her hot, tight, little holes. Bridgett was slamming her face from side to side and pounded her face into the mattress while slapping the bed covers with both hands. Her young body was wreaked with orgasms and my throbbing cock was saturated with her pussy juices.

I had tore into her pussy with my cock for a long, long time, changing speeds due to my desire and burning need to bust my nut. Sliding my thumb out of her asshole, I pulled my cock from her pussy and placed it at the entrance of her asshole. I paused for a brief second to see if Bridgett would complain or react to my cock pressing against her asshole, but she did nothing but pant for air. My left hand grabbed the cheeks of her butt and spread the left cheek wide while my right hand steadied my cock for penetrating her tiny little poop chute. In one grunt and one heave, the thick mushroom head forced her bung hole open enough to slide in. Bridgett sucked in some air and screamed as about three more inches traveled up her tight canal, spreading her anal canal wide for the rest of my cock to follow. "Fuck, FUCK, shit Shawn, it's, it's so fuck---------------------------ing big, humph, ah, ah shit!" I eased more and more of my cock up her asshole and watched as her body trembled and shook with every thick inch plunging inside her shit track. It took some doing, as well as time, but I finally had my entire cock buried all the way inside her cock crushing asshole. A short time later, she had been accustomed to the large object inside her butt and she began slowly rocking her precious ass onto the impaling invader. I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked it towards me while drastically slamming my hard cock in and out of her clamping asshole.

Bridgett reached under her and started to aggressively stroke her pussy while I pounded her asshole like a savage monster. My balls slapped against her pussy stroking hand as I whaled away inside her asshole. I fought back the evil necessity to shoot my load as long as possible, but the clamping of her ass muscles, the extra tightness, her age, and just her, was more than I could bare as my sperm flew deep and wild into her cock filled poop chute. Wad after thick wad sprang forth, drenching her anal walls with my thick load upon every throbbing stroke. My mind went blank at the intensity of the orgasm and she was lost in her own intense climax as well. What seemed like hours of spraying her asshole with my man sperm, my cock finally spilled its guts and began deflating rapidly. Her own precious little body slowed to a crawl as my cock slipped out of her asshole and I basically collapsed on the bed on her right side. Bridgett rolled over onto her back and we both lay there panting like dogs exhausted from running.

We lay in my bed motionless, with the exception of our chests rising and falling rapidly. In a move the more unexpected, Bridgett leaned over and sank her lips on mine. Her snake like tongue washed around inside my mouth as my tongue slid inside hers. Our hands re-explored the others body while our tongues bathed in the others mouth. As our lips broke their passionate seal, Bridgett softly whispered, "I'll get Sam to show you everything tonight. I promise!" I asked, "How?" She leaned back on her back and said, "Don't you worry. By the time I'm done with him, he'll be putty in my hands!" Bridgett got up from the bed and went and cleaned herself up before leaving to go home.

I spent all day wondering how she could get Sam to drop his pants in front of me, must less see him sporting a raging hard-on. Speaking of erections, the entire day my cock stayed stiff as a board just thinking of seeing both Sam and Bridgett naked. Sam had been the object of many wonderful cum splattering eruptions and I was more or less foaming at the mouth praying that I just might see this golden gorgeous boy completely nude, as well as seeing hot little Bridgett naked once more. After soaking in a hot bath for sometime, I put on a pair of loose fitting shorts, leaving my underwear in the drawer intentionally. I had no idea when Bridgett or Sam would arrive, but I had made some extra sweet Kool-Aid for their refreshments.

It was around four in the afternoon when a light tap on the front door brought my perverted mind back into reality. Upon opening the door, my heart pounded severely and my cock immediately sprang into an erect state. It was my golden dream boy wearing a blue tank top and baggy shorts with sandals. With just a quick glance, even Sam's toes looked delicious. This was the first time I had seen him wearing a tank top and my eyes watered as they flickered along his smooth tanned exposed flesh of his chest and hairless arms. I wanted to drop to my knees and yank his shorts to his ankles and suck the living daylights out of his twelve year old cock, but thought better and invited him in. As he walked past me, my eyes admired his concealed muscular little butt. Thanks to the bagginess of his shorts, the outline of his butt was very difficult to get an accurate account of a rewarding description.

I had placed some snacks on a tray on the coffee table in front of the sofa and Sam leaned forward to retrieve a snack. I was within inches of the blond beauty and saw no trace of underarm hair whatsoever. He smelled as though he just soaked in some enhanced enriched sweet smelling bath soap. The aroma shocked my every senses as they careened throughout my glands forcing my cock to jump in rhythm with my pounding heart. Sam would have had to have been legally blind not to have noticed my throbbing erection, tenting my shorts outwards for all and any to see. Only a precious smile slithered across his face, melting my heart even more for this young sexually attractive treat.

Sam had only been in my apartment for about ten minutes when Bridgett knocked on the door. Upon opening the door I damn near fainted as this lovely and delicious teen goddess stood before me wearing a skimpy pink top and extra tight silk shorts. She gave me a wink as she walked past me and sat down right next to Sam on the sofa. With Bridgett sitting to Sam's left, I sat on the recliner opposite both of them, giving my eyes a bird shot view of their crunched up crotches. Sam's legs glistened in the soft light of the room and I could see several small blond hairs traveling along the front and sides of his shins. His thighs looked completely hairless and mouth watering delicious. Bridgett looked delicious as well as she sat next to Sam with me awaiting whatever it is she was going to do to get Sam to drop his shorts and show me, us, his cock.

As we sat there passing the time away with small talk, Bridgett placed her right hand on Sam's left thigh near his knee. He showed no signs of anything leaving his own hands resting on the cushion next to his legs. His right arm rested on top of the armrest of the sofa and I could tell that Bridgett's soft hand on his leg was causing some unexpected enjoyment. His legs was spread about shoulder width apart and so was Bridgett's. My cock leapt in boundaries as they glued on both crotches. Bridgett's hand began slowly drawing mini circles along his thigh just above his kneecap. Bridgett caught both Sam and me off-guard by asking Sam, "Do you have a girlfriend?" Sam was nodding his head from side to side and almost silently whispered, "No." Bridgett smacked her lips and said, "I find that hard to believe. Sam, you are one fine hot looking guy and I bet you have had plenty of girls beg you to hold their hands." Sam was still shaking his head and replied, "Yeah, right. No girl has asked me to do anything like that, not ever."

Bridgett gave me a wink and softly asked, "You mean to tell me no girl has asked you to let them suck your dick before?" Bridgett's hand crept higher up Sam's appetizing thigh as Sam nervously said, "I, I, uh, no, not really." Bridgett wasted no time by saying, "Come on Sam, be honest with me. I bet you get your dick sucked all the time!" Unable to speak, he just shook his head in an affirmative no. I couldn't tell if Sam was looking at me or looking right through me with glassy eyes. Bridgett's small soft hand was doing the trick on his thigh, but thanks to his baggy shorts, I couldn't tell or see any life form between his luscious thighs.

Softly and with the utmost of directness, Bridgett asked, "Has anyone ever sucked your dick before?" Sam's expression on his face was priceless as he offered, "No." Bridgett followed up his answer with, "Have you ever seen a girl's pussy before, I mean in person and not in some magazine?" Sam shook his head as Bridgett picked up his shaking left hand and dropped it onto her thigh, just above the crotch line of her shorts. The next move surprised me and Sam both as Bridgett put her right hand directly in the center of Sam's crotch. His legs immediately spread even wider and his eyes almost completely closed as her hand softly stroked and squeezed his obvious erection. Bridgett said, "My oh my, you got a nice dick hidden inside your shorts. It feels like it is all cramped up in your underwear." My cock was spitting pre cum out by the gallons and I felt like putting it in my hands and busting a nut at the sight before me.

I could tell that Sam's throat was getting dry from all the nervousness, so I went to the kitchen and fixed up some sweet Kool-Aid and upon my return, saw Bridgett lean to Sam's side and apparently shoved her hot little tongue inside his nervous mouth. Her little bubble butt was up off the sofa and her left hand was really working overtime on Sam's concealed cock. I could hear the faint sounds of moans spewing from Sam's mouth and Bridgett's soft whimpers as their tongues rolled around in the others mouth. I wanted so desperately to touch Sam's cock but thought better as I sat their drinks on the coffee table in front of them. I did however, rub my right hand all over Bridgett's gorgeous little butt while her tongue was doing the obvious to Sam's mouth.

I was just about to sit in the recliner when Bridgett's left hand darted under Sam's shorts and I saw it as it fumbled around for a few split seconds. Never sitting down, I inched myself closer to them just in time for Bridgett's left hand to pull out Sam's gorgeous cock. It was slender and a good five inches with the mushroom head looking like the top of a torpedo. The piss slit was rather small, but a single pearl drop of pre cum had bubbled up from the entrance. Her hand gently stroked the shaft of his cock and more pre cum appeared from his splendid piss slit. While they were cooing and groaning, I inched to my knees in front of the sofa, between Sam's legs and stuck my tongue out as far as it could go.

I could smell the sweet fragrance as it spewed from between Sam's golden legs as my tongue slid under his cock head without actually touching it. His view was completely blocked by Bridgett's head as I slowly captured the glob of pre cum and held it inside my mouth becoming intoxicated with the sweetness of his pre teen pre love juice. It was hot and refreshing as I slowly allowed it to travel down my throat. After sampling his pre cum, I already knew I craved at the real thing and wanted passionately to drink from his fountain of cock. Sam was either too lost having Bridgett's tongue inside his mouth and her hand on his beautiful cock to notice that it was my tongue who literally slid under his mushroom head and gathered his delicious pre cum. I could see that his legs were trembling and Bridgett's aggressiveness became more aggressive. She was all over the golden boy with her hands and from what I could tell, Sam was rubbing her pussy through her shorts and I already knew that Bridgett was wet with her own sweet juices.

The more Bridgett's hand stroked on his love missile, the more pre cum oozed out. With each deliverance, I happily licked up the lubricating sweet juice. Sam was far more delicious than I could have ever dreamed of. His pre cum offered no hint of salt and it sure wasn't in anyway bitter. It was superbly delicious! Sensing that they were going to break their kiss, I quickly sat down on the recliner as Bridgett sat back on the sofa. Looking at Sam, I could see his chest rising and falling sharply with his eyes all glassed over. His cock was still securely wrapped in Bridgett's right hand and he showed no signs of embarrassment as I gleamed at the two of them. Bridgett looked at me and licked her lips very slowly, giving me another wink in the process.

Bridgett looked down and saw Sam's bubbling pre cum forming at his piss slit and wiped it up with a finger and brought it up to her lips. With one loud smack, she embellished, "Um um delicious!" Sam was too far gone to care about me being in the room. Bridgett asked, "Have you ever tasted your own sperm or pre cum before?" Sam was speechless and only nodded his head in a no response. Bridgett's hand softly squeezed his young slender cock, forcing more pre cum to reveal itself. With her index finger, Bridgett scooped the delicious liquid up and slowly raised it to Sam's partially opened lips. As her finger slid inside his mouth I almost shot my load in my shorts. Her finger slowly fucked his mouth while her right hand continued to softly and slowly stroke his boy cock. Sliding her finger out of his mouth, Bridgett asked, "So, how was it?" Sam simply said, "It's alright I guess." Bridgett quickly said, "Alright, just alright, are you fucking crazy. Your shit is fucking delicious and I don't know of a single person who wouldn't want to suck you up!"

Sam was still dazed and confused as Bridgett said, "You know Sam, you are kind of lucky. Not only would a lot of girls want to suck your dick, but I am positive that there are a hell of a lot of guys who would love nothing else than to suck on your pretty dick." I knew where Bridgett was going with her last statement and we both waited for Sam's response. "Really" was all he said and my hopes reached an increasingly high to service this young gorgeous boy in all his sexual needs and desires. Bridgett stood up, sipped her drink and began pulling off her skimpy top. As soon as her young breasts popped into view, I saw Sam's eyes extend wider. He had not noticed that his straining cock was still exposed for my eyes pleasure. Bridgett quickly yanked down her shorts, and like me, wore no underwear. Sam's breathing became more erratic as her teen pussy came into view. I watched intently as his left hand dropped to his cock and began to stroke it as if I was not in the room at all.

As if putting on a show, Bridgett turned around for Sam and leaned way over, exposing her little bubble butt and pulled the taunt cheeks apart for his eyes to capture the beauty between her legs. I could see Bridgett toying with her wet pussy lips and one finger rubbed circles over her spread asshole. Looking at me, Bridgett licked her lips and like before, offered another conquering wink. She turned and walked over to where Sam was sitting and I saw her slip a finger inside her super wet pussy while displaying a loud moan. Pulling her pussy juice soaked finger from her cunt, she slid her finger straight inside Sam's open mouth. His first taste of pussy must have been heavenly as he moaned loudly as her finger slid in and out of his sucking mouth.

Bridgett reached down and grabbed his left hand and brought it up to her spread pussy. His first touch of pussy shocked his entire young body as one finger slid in and began exploring this brand new adventure. Bridgett moaned in ecstasy as Sam began sliding his finger in and out of her pussy at a rapid speed. Taking the time, he brought his pussy juice covered finger out of her teen cunt and sucked it dry before shoving it back inside Bridgett. Needing to see better, I took the chance and walked over to the sofa and sat down just a few desirable inches to Sam's left. He paid no attention to me as I watched the show unfold before my very eyes.

Bridgett screamed softly, "Stick your finger up my ass!" Sam slipped his finger out of her dripping wet pussy and shoved it up inside her tiny hole in one motion. Bridgett gasped at the quick intrusion and I could tell Sam was even more confused at this new feeling of Bridgett's super hot little body. His finger fucked her asshole for a short time and Bridgett squealed, "Taste my ass, put your finger in your mouth and get your first taste of ass!" Sam did as she instructed and moaned in delight as the sweet taste tingled his tongue in glorious delight.

While savoring the taste from Bridgett's sweet ass, Bridgett looked at me and whispered, "Pull your big cock out. I want to see your big fucking man cock!" In one stealth motion, I pulled my cock out from the right side of my shorts. Out of the corner of my eye, I could clearly see Sam staring at my thick erection. Bridgett grabbed onto Sam's tank top and almost ripped it from the boy's body as she tossed it onto the floor. Sam was still looking at my cock and Bridgett began tugging on Sam's shorts to slide them down. Sam and my eyes met as Bridgett began sliding his shorts and underwear off his amazingly gorgeous body. His stomach muscles rippled as he raised his butt up off the sofa to allow Bridgett to completely remove his shorts and underwear, tossing them to the floor in front of us. My eyes capture his young hairless balls as they were the size of a solid half dollar. His balls were big and looked more impressive hanging below his slender five inch cock. I could also tell that his pubic hair had not began to grow just as of yet. With his shorts and underwear off, his slender cock jutted up towards the ceiling with the mushroom head shining brightly from all his dripping pre cum.

I needed no help yanking my shorts off and Sam and I soon sat, side by side, completely naked. Now all three of us were in the living room naked with Bridgett standing directly in front of us with a sexual smile dashing across her lovely young face. I was so close to Sam that my right leg was pressed firmly against his left leg as Bridgett dropped to her knees and began taking turns licking our dripping erections. Sam was looking at my cock and I was looking at his as Bridgett slowly licked the slender length of Sam's cock before licking up his sweet pre cum. My right hand was almost buried in the cushion and it almost rested directly under Sam's muscular and smooth left ass cheek. I could feel the heat from his young body and the sweet aroma of his youth as it crashed through my perverted body. She took turns licking both of our shafts and sucking our cocks. As soon as Bridgett's experienced mouth engulfed his young virgin cock, Sam's body immediately went into mild convulsions. Her left hand held Sam's cock and her right hand held mine.

Sam had gotten close to busting his delicious nut and Bridgett was too experienced to allow him the satisfaction of releasing his load just yet. She began working on my cock trying to swallow as much of the thick cock as humanly possible. Sam watched with great intensity as she bobbed up and down on my man cock. I wanted to bring him closer to me and slide my tongue inside his sweet looking mouth so bad, I could damn near taste it. Our eyes met a few times, but Sam would always look somewhere else upon contact. I saw Bridgett take a hold of Sam's left hand and guide it towards my hard cock. Sam seemed more confused than ever as she wrapped his hand around my thick shaft. His little fingers couldn't go around it, but the thought and feeling of his pre teen hand on my cock almost caused me to send my load into Bridgett's cock sucking mouth.

To my surprise, Sam began stroking my cock while staring at Bridgett bob up and down on it. He didn't seem offended holding my manhood, so I struggled to free my right hand and once doing so, slid it across his smooth body and latched onto his hard boy boner. The skin almost melted in my hands at the soft silk like texture, although he was harder than a piece of steel. Sam showed no signs of disgust or any signs of a negative reaction to my hand on his boy cock. The feeling of having Sam's gorgeous piece of pre teen boy cock in my hand almost forced my nuts to explode its juices inside Bridgett's cock worshiping mouth. My left hand stroked Bridgett's hair as she licked and sucked on my thick cut cock while lovingly stroking Sam's hard meat. Looking into his glassy eyes sent shivers up and down my spine. Sam was lost in the horniness of the moment and seemed as though he had not a care as long as he was going to experience some form of sex.

Sam leaned his head back against the cushion of the sofa while maintaining eye contact with me the whole time. This boy was indeed, the most gorgeous boy my eyes had ever seen and I was the luckiest man alive to see him naked and touch his torpedo shaped cock. Bridgett released her mouth from my cock and shoved her mouth over Sam's cock in less than a second. One thing about Bridgett nobody can ever say is that she has no problem sucking cock. Her saliva dripped onto my hand as she sucked on Sam's hunk of boy meat. Somewhere in the moment, Bridgett softly whispered, "God, your cocks are delicious. Let me see you two guys kiss. Come on, let me see you swap tongues!"

Sam made the first move to lean towards me and I took my right hand from his cock and placed it across his shoulders. My nostrils flared as our lips inched closer and closer, inhaling his sweet inner aroma spewing from his partially open mouth. As our bodies turned towards one another, our lips met and our tongues softly began roaming across the other's slippery wet tongue. His hot breath was superbly divine as it rushed through my body and his sweet saliva dripped down my throat as I did my best to dry his tongue with my sucking perverted mouth. My left hand reached across my body and gently tugged and pinched his right nipple, causing Sam to moan, sending the vibrations coursing throughout my body.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Bridgett swallow Sam's slender cock up to his pelvic bone. From the sounds he was making, both Bridgett and I knew he was getting really close to busting his boy nut. She released his cock and I saw her as she lifted his heavy hairless balls and sucked both of them into her hot oven like mouth. Sam squealed as the heat from Bridgett's mouth seared his young balls while his tongue probed my mouth, and my tongue explored his. The more of his mint flavored saliva that slipped into my mouth, the need for more of his freshness I craved. Without a doubt or a question, Sam was delicious from head to toe and I couldn't wait to taste the rest of his sweetness.

We had been kissing for a long time while Bridgett took turns sucking on his dick and mine. She licked our balls and whimpered as our pre cum drained into her teen mouth. At times, she crammed her own finger up her pussy while orally worshiping our hard cocks. It was Bridgett who said, "How about we take this to the bedroom!" She stood up on shaking knees and I followed her by standing up with my cock stretching straight from my body with a slight downward angle. I waited for Sam to stand up so I could see his little muscular bubble butt for the first time without it being hidden by his damn clothes. He stood up and I saw that his cock was stiff as a board as it jutted from his hairless body with a slight curve causing it to slightly angle upwards. Just looking at this beautiful boy standing in my living room totally naked was more than breathtaking; it was absolutely priceless!

His balls had only dropped a few inches form his scrotum, but they were gorgeous and perfectly egg shaped in their hairless sac. Bridgett turned to walk towards the bedroom and my eyes made love to her simply divine perky little bubble butt. As Sam turned to follow Bridgett, my eyes blinked a million times at the ass that tormented them. His butt was definitely small, but muscularly bubbly. With each step, each butt cheek rippled from the muscles inside causing my heart and cock to dance wildly. The little crack looked as though it had been welded shut, sealing two perfect globes of boy butt meat together. I followed Sam wishing upon the heavenly stars he would bend over long enough for me to cram my tongue up his pre teen boy ass. As we walked, my mind convinced me that Sam was just like everyone else; he took a shit at least once a day, but in my perverted mind, I persuaded myself not to believe a word my brain was telling me. This boy was too gorgeous to do something as natural as take a crap!

Bridgett flopped onto the bed onto her back with her legs already spread and her knees up. Sam stood by the left side of my bed staring at the beautiful girl posing before us. Bridgett smiled and asked Sam, "It's time for you to learn how to eat some pussy!" Her finger was playing n the wetness of her pussy while smiling at us. Sam crawled up onto the bed and walked on his knees between her spread legs. My eyes never left his butt and his butt never once spread for me to see the golden fruit of my long desire. Bridgett was directing Sam on what to do and by the squeals and moans flying from her panting mouth, Sam was obvious a good student and a fast learner. Her hands latched onto the back of Sam's head as she cried, "Fuck yeah, yeah, shit Sam, eat my pussy, oh fuck yes!" I could hear Sam slurping away at the juicy teen pussy, but my eyes never left his magnificent mouth watering ass.

I was fixing to make my move and spread his sweet ass apart when Bridgett screamed, "Oh fuck Shawn, let me eat your ass, sit on my face!" I stepped up onto the bed and straddled her shoulders while looking at Sam dining away on her super sweet and creamy wet pussy. Bending my knees, I squatted over her face and felt her hands lock around my thighs as her tongue drilled into my asshole. I could see Sam's eyes as they stared at the teen girl lapping at my bung hole. Just to see what he would do or how he would react, I said, "Yeah Bridgett, eat my asshole, fuck yeah, shove your tongue up my shit hole!" Although I said that for Sam's benefit, the tongue sliding in and out of my asshole felt tremendously great. Sam only blinked his eyes a few times and continued eating Bridgett out without so much a concern in the world.

While Sam was snacking on Bridgett's wet pussy and Bridgett tongue fucking my asshole, I latched onto her erect nipples and began pulling, twisting, and pinching. The harder I tugged and pinched, the louder Bridgett squealed in pleasure. Her young hips bucked wildly and Sam found it difficult to keep his tongue and mouth on the bucking pussy. The boy's face matched her wildness and his slurping noises increased drastically. With her tongue shoved up my butt, I could tell from her erratic sounds that Bridgett was having one long and intense orgasm. Her body shook and bucked violently and her fingers dug deep into my thighs.

Her long orgasms subsided and I needed desperately to see what lies between Sam's milky white muscular bubbly cheeks. Bridgett realized what I was doing and she asked, "Sam, has anyone ever tasted your ass before?" With his mouth still locked onto her pussy, he shook his head back and forth as if saying no. I crawled on my knees behind him and he was almost laying flat on his stomach. It was Bridgett who said, "Sam, get on your knees so your ass is in the air!" Sam's tongue and mouth was having an affect on Bridgett as she was panting and clutching at the bed spread with both hands. I watched in awe as Sam shifted his body onto his knees and slowly began arching his sweet ass up in the air. As with the most skill in the world, the boy never slipped his tongue or mouth from her shaking pussy as he was getting into position. Finally, with his knees tucked under his stomach and his legs spread about shoulder width apart, his slender crack spread ever so slightly. I placed my hands on his cheeks and admired the firmness of the muscular skin, yet they felt like clutching a sheet of silk. Not a blemish, freckle, or a pimple graced his gorgeous butt, not to mention a single strand of peach fuzz was visible to the human eye.

From my angle, I could see his balls as they swayed with his body movement. This boy was unbelievably perfect in every way known to mankind. Sam didn't react or act to my hands sliding across his butt cheeks, so I leaned my face nearer and nearer to his little split between his mind boggling crack. Sniffing like a dog at a family cookout, I inhaled every aroma steaming from within his creamy cheeks. The more I sniffed his intoxicating enriched aroma, the more the burning passion to dive in controlled my every thought. The aroma was more like a strawberry scent that graced my hairs inside my nose. Even with my nose pressed against the center portion of his muscular little crack, the strawberry flavored aroma sparked weird sensations throughout my perverse adult body. My index finger slid into the crack of his ass and I quickly discovered the softness that rested within. His crack was as dry as dry could get with no signs of moisture present at all.

Sam was lost in his own little pussy eating world as my tongue slowly slithered its way up his tiny crack. The tingling sensation that struck my tongue as it snaked its way up his crack was unbelievably awesome. His skin was so silky smooth and free from any blemish whatsoever. My hands trembled as they slid across his virgin butt cheeks as my tongue dwelled just on the inside of his strawberry scented tiny crack. His little butt wiggled due to my tongue tickling an area of his body untouched by another, other than himself. Bridgett was moaning in delight and Sam was groaning from a mixture of pleasure and a mild tickling affect, thanks to my ass worshiping tongue. My thumbs slid in between his delicate crack and ever so softly and gently began spreading the muscular, hairless cheeks.

Upon first glance at his hidden bung hole, my heart pounded with unforeseen delight as my eyes gazed upon the most precious and gorgeous poop chute know to all mankind. It was a perfect sealed circle embraced with the purest of pink coloration appearing only to be something like an invisible dot, smaller than the eye of a needle. No wrinkles, just a perfect enclosed circle enhanced by the most enriching strawberry scented fragrance ever to grace my flaring nostrils. Waiting no longer, my tongue snaked out and embraced the perfectly formed circle and upon first touch, shock waves coursed throughout my body. Sam groaned loudly as my tongue slithered over and over his forbidden and untouched fruit. Bridgett had her hands locked around his head and whispered, "Eat my pussy and enjoy Shawn eating your asshole!" His little butt wiggled preciously, more vigorously, as my tongue increased the pressure on his closed backdoor.

With my tongue roaming freely on his boy bung hole, my right hand reached under his small body and softly caressed his cum filled nuggets. His hard cock bounced with his every breath as my tongue plundered and stabbed at his ever so delicious asshole. Bridgett was moaning as loud as ever as Sam was slurping away on her super wet pussy. I too, began whimpering in perverse pleasure knowing what my tongue was doing to the boy I had so often fantasized about on a daily basis. Taking my time and enjoying the ass in front of me, I began licking up and down on Sam's little crack, savoring every possible thing I could obtain from him. The boy was simply flat fucking delicious!

Bridgett was nearing another intense orgasm, thanks to Sam eating her sweet teen pussy and I was in a feverish state sliding my tongue all over his hot little butt. My tongue prodded at his asshole until the tiniest little opening gave way, allowing just the tip of my tongue to separate his sweet hole and flicker inside. Sam groaned and his body jerked as my tongue applied more and more pressure to his muscular asshole. The tip of my tongue felt as though I slid it in an open over door; the searing heat from within his hot little asshole greeted my exploring tongue with its guardian flames. He was on fire and I yearned for the source of the flames as my tongue pursued its animalistic behavior, digging and grinding deeper and deeper inside uncharted territory.

The anal walls embraced my tongue and a battle soon began, forcing my tongue to slide in and out of his virgin hole, one inch at a time. Something inside Sam gave and my tongue slid all the way inside his fiery hot asshole. He grunted and moaned and I whimpered like a whipped puppy as my tongue snaked and probed the ever so sweet asshole before me. Being no stranger to rimming a fine ass, Sam's ass by far, was the most divine and most challenging. The farther my tongue dove, the tastier and sweeter Sam had become. My chin was firmly pressed between his crack and my tongue was deeply rooting his bowels as far it could go. His little body shivered and shook violently and his balls tightened to the point that they felt like they were going to explode. The farther my tongue explored his asshole, the wider Sam spread his slender and smooth legs. He stopped eating Bridgett's pussy long enough to preciously whisper, "Oh fuck, your, your tongue, it's, ah shit, Oh God Shawn, it feels so fucking good!" Bridgett reached up and grabbed his head and brought his sucking mouth back down on her pussy. Bridgett followed his statement once Sam began eating her out once again, "You like that Sam? You like the way Shawn's eating your ass? His tongue feels good inside your asshole, doesn't it? Yeah, yeah, fuck yes, that tongue rooting inside your sweet ass does something for you, doesn't it? I can't wait to see Shawn's big cock sliding in and out of your little ass!"

She never waited for Sam to answer her questions and I was too busy slamming my tongue inside his virgin delicious poop chute. His sweet ass juices flowed into my mouth as if I were drinking from a water fountain. It was Bridgett who yelled, "Shawn, don't be so greedy, let me get some of his ass too!" She was on her back and Sam stood up facing her feet and slowly squatted over her face. Bridgett wrapped her hands around his slender thighs and I almost died at the expression on his face when her tongue slid inside his asshole. He groaned while his eyes flickered a million times and Bridgett moaned at the sweetness that was flooding her hot young mouth.

I crawled in between Bridgett's legs and inserted the tip of my cock into her glistening wet pussy. She moaned as my cock slipped in and I held it there while leaning down and shoving Sam's pre cum covered cock into my mouth. With a pointy tongue slithering inside his asshole and my mouth bobbing up and down on his torpedo shaped cock, Sam cried out in pleasure and I knew the young boy would soon have to relinquish his built up load. My cock was on fire inside Bridgett's hot pussy and Sam was nearing the stage where his young boy cock would soon give me what I craved for. Bridgett used her hands to aid Sam in humping up and down, sitting on her extended tongue as it shot in and out of his bobbing asshole.

Sam bit his lips as he let out one long grunt and several moans. His head flung back and his already hard cock became even harder inside my mouth. Sam's body shook and I felt the first squirt as it struck the roof of my mouth, followed by six to eight strong missile like spurts. It was extremely hot and somewhat watery, but I was more than amazed at just how much of his pre teen sperm he could deliver. After the volleys of spurts, his boy cream oozed out onto my welcoming tongue by the gallons. Soon, my mouth trapped his sperm while still maintaining suctioning on his spewing cock. His head was flinging all over as his cock drained his balls of all his precious boy cream.

At the last of his pre teen sperm dropping onto my tongue, I allowed just a small portion to slide down my throat. Just as I had fantasized about; sweet without a trace of any salt and definitely not bitter by any means. I looked up into his entrancing eyes as a smile tore across his face. Sam was watching me drink the life he had just given me and my own eyes were glassy as I became intoxicated with the sweet flavor of his delicious young sperm. His young cock bounced up and down and never lost its hardened state. A single drop of cum slid free from the piss slit so I eagerly licked from under his gorgeous cock head until the sweet liquid slipped onto my tongue. Just like the wonderful load he had given me, the single drop was just as delicious.

The young gorgeous boy was breathing heavily and still somewhat dazed from his massive orgasm, as well as the hot tongue digging away, inside his fiery hot asshole. My own heart pounded from lust, completely overwhelmed from the sweetness of his boy cream, the absolute mouth watering taste is beyond any true description. My cock was still sliding slowly in and out of Bridgett's cock eating pussy while my eyes watched her fabulous tongue disappear and reappear from within his boy bung hole. As I lay down beside Bridgett, my eyes trailed the two most gorgeous creatures that graced the earth in all their naked beauty. Bridgett wiggled on her back and Sam slid off of her face and sat down on the edge of the bed awaiting the next sexual experience with the host anxious anticipation a young boy could possibly have.

Bridgett crawled between my legs and took a good hold of my man sized thick cock and began slowly using her tongue to lather the shaft with her saliva. Looking at Sam, she softly whispered, "Come on, help me suck this big cock!" The heat from Bridgett's mouth tore through the skin of my shaft sending explosions throughout my already quivering body. I watched as Sam inched closer and closer, sliding alongside me, resting on his right side with his feet towards my face. His hand reached out and began softly squeezing my large mildly hairy balls while running his tongue through my trimmed pubic hairs. Bridgett began bobbing up and down on about five inches of my cock while Sam worked his tongue to the base of my cock and began sliding it ever so gracefully along the shaft. His breath was searing hot and his soft moans of getting his first taste of cock was simply divine. Bridgett pulled my cock out of her sucking mouth and pointed it towards Sam as if offering him a portion. He opened his mouth and my heart almost jumped out of my chest as his little mouth expanded, inserting three or four inches into his fiery oven. Bridgett began licking my balls while Sam was slamming his precious little mouth onto my hard as steel cock. My right hand fell onto his muscular little bubble butt and began caressing the silk like flesh while the two worked savagely on my cock and balls.

By now, Sam had inched his body up into more of a doggie-style position while making hot passionate love to my cock using his inexperienced mouth. At times, his teeth grazed the shaft forcing moans to evade my lips. Slipping my right index finger into my mouth, I coated it with my saliva and quickly lowered my saliva slick finger to his spread butt cheeks. As soon as my finger struck his pretty asshole, Sam wiggled his body while groaning loudly. I was trying to be ever so gentle, using just a little bit of pressure on his backdoor, but it was Sam who was driving his young ass onto my finger. After several failed attempts to penetrate his anal chamber, Sam reached back with both hands while still sucking on my cock and spread his ass cheeks apart and lowered his body onto my finger. The heat and the tightness of his ass was mind boggling. Sam groaned and whimpered as my finger slid to its depth inside his extra tight piping hot asshole.

I left my finger buried all the way inside his poop chute, but it was Sam who began rocking his tiny body back and forth, causing my finger to fuck his asshole rather savagely. Sam's hot little mouth tightened around my cock head as his ass exploded with new and uncharted delight. Bridgett had joined him and they began taking turns licking and sucking my cock like two wild animals after a fresh kill. Their hands played with my balls and it was Sam who began drawing little circles on my asshole, forcing my balls to withdraw in preparation of a soon to be one hell of an orgasm. His anal muscles clinched and squeezed my finger while their hot mouths took turns milking my cock.

While Sam was sucking my cock, Bridgett whispered, "Do you want to drink his cum?" Sam grunted as if saying yes due to his mouth being filled with my raging hard-on. I had fought back the urge to shoot my load until I could not fight any longer. With one mighty grunt, my balls unleashed a volley of sperm torpedoes in which both Sam and Bridgett took turns catching the flying load with their mouths wide open. Their lips were so close it looked as though they were kissing one another, but each fought for the next load to shoot out of my piss slit. While sending my man sized load free, Sam had slipped his slender little finger inside my asshole and not knowing, was pressing my prostrate. The harder he pressed, the more sperm I fired. As the sperm torpedoes subsided, both Sam and Bridgett began wrapping their mouths over my cock head, sucking the remaining oozing sperm out. By the time they were done, I was completely spent and totally empty of any sperm. With my finger still rooting inside his hot asshole, Sam turned to look at me with his beautiful eyes and I could see some of my sperm coating his top lip as if he was trying to grow a moustache.

Upon looking at Bridgett, she had a sperm moustache as well. Bridgett leaned over and began licking Sam's top lip and within a split second, both youngsters were locked into a loving tongue battling embrace. Their tongues lashed out at the others face causing my confused cock to jerk and twist itself back into a hardened state. I was gasping for air but was unable to see anything but the two tongues whipping the others gorgeous face. Sam was still rocking his ass onto my anal invading finger and their soft and precious moans whispered sweet passion to my ears.

After their tongue bathing stopped, Bridgett looked at me and demandingly said, "Okay, I need to get fucked!" She straddled my body, facing me, and shoved my boner all the way inside her wet and creamy pussy. She moaned as inch by inch of thick man meat crammed her pussy, filling her with the pleasure she so deserves. Once she lowered her body all the way onto my cock, she raised herself onto her heels and began bouncing up and down like a bull rider on a wild bull. She reached out with her right hand and guided Sam to step over my body with his left foot. I was looking up at him and admired his boy cock as it stood straight out while his young balls looked like they were hiding somewhere in their socket. His ass was facing her and his cock was facing me.

Bridgett spread his ass cheeks and slipped her tongue inside his asshole, causing Sam to unintentionally bend over. As he bent over, I raised up and swallowed his hard cock to the hairless pubic bone. Sam whimpered as the tongue plundered inside his asshole and my mouth was bobbing up and down on his hard young cock. Bridgett was bouncing her body wildly onto my cock and she was whimpering and moaning at the cock inside her pussy and her tongue dining on one hell of a delicious asshole. Sam's small hands fingered through my hair in a feeble attempt to steady his balance. He was to the point of tears as the ecstasy of both, cock and asshole, were being stimulated at the same time. My right hand found his retracted balls and pushed them out of their hiding space and I began pulling down on them, ever so gently.

Bridgett's hot pussy convulsed as her orgasm ripped through her body causing her to cram more of her pointy tongue up Sam's wonder hole. She was whimpering, moaning and groaning as the climax reached a feverish high. I could feel her glorious pussy juices as they ran the length of my rifling cock. Sam's hands gripped the back of my head as I felt his slender cock expand and he screamed a grunt as jets of hot sperm sprang into my cock sucking mouth. Five hard blasts, followed by numerous oozing globs, and then three more jets flew before residing to a steady flow of sperm oozing out of his sperm shooting cock. Just like before, I trapped the wonderful tasting sperm in my mouth patiently awaiting the time to slowly sip on his fountain of youth. Stronger than his first, but ever so delicious as well. His sperm was a solid mixture of thick and chunky mixed with slippery and watery, but a mighty fine treat none the less.

Theoretically, I should have let Sam slip his slender young cock into Bridgett's teen pussy first, but I was simply too lost in the moment to think straight. While the two youngsters were getting ready to move into another position, I took the time to slowly sip on Sam's boy cream like a professional wine connoisseur. To say the least, his sweet sperm was increasingly delicious up to the last drop. Bridgett had rolled over and got into a doggie-style position. Her pussy looked so mouth watering delicious as she spread her legs and shot a finger and twirled it around inside of her glistening wet pussy. Showing no mercy, I rammed my thick meat straight up her hot cunt and began fucking the dog shit out of her like there was no tomorrow. Bridgett was screaming at the top of her lungs as I pounded my cock into her fast and furiously.

Sam inched over to her ass and my cock on his knees and slammed his sweet little tongue inside Bridgett's fiery hot asshole. As soon as young Sam slammed his tongue inside her poop chute, Bridgett's teen body bucked wildly in a desperate passionate frenzy. With his tongue in her bung hole, Sam cupped my swinging balls with his right hand and gently squeezed them while pulling them down. The heat from his hand almost caused me to flood Bridgett's cunt with my man seed, as well as watching him stab at her asshole with his young pointed tongue. Bridgett was screaming in absolute delight as my cock plundered and tore into her tasty sweet twat and Sam's pre teen tongue grappled inside her tight asshole.

I slipped a finger in my mouth and wet it thoroughly with my saliva before reaching to my side and shoving it all the way inside Sam's unbelievably tight bung hole. He cried out as my finger dug deeper and deeper inside his young ass, being restricted by movement caused from his constricting ass muscles. The harder my finger plunged inside his sweet hot butt, the faster his tongue dove in and out of Bridgett's poop chute, and the more groans filtered from his precious lips.

Since I had busted a nut a short time earlier, I knew all good and well it was going to take some time before I could be able to muster another a load. My cock rifled in and out of her muscle clamping pussy with no signs of remorse, only sheer vengeance and desire of fucking her brains out. Sam reached up to Bridgett's flaying left nipple and began pinching it extremely hard, just the way she loves it. Bridgett's cries only matched her rampant bucking body as my cock slammed and plowed her young pussy and Sam drilling away at her hot poop chute with his devoted tongue. Sam's muscular ass felt like it was going to pull the skin right off of my finger as he began to rock his pre teen ass back and forth on my extended finger exploring his sweet smelling anal canal.

Bridgett had reached a height of another long and intense orgasm as she began screaming and pounding the mattress with both of her hands. I could feel her pussy juices flowing over my pounding cock as I did my best to shove both balls inside her young twat to accompany my thick member. Several long and intense seconds eluded before she started to settle down. Sam slipped his tongue from her asshole and eased his gorgeous asshole off of my finger. He scooted off the bed, somewhere behind me while I continued to pound the daylights out of Bridgett's juicy pussy. Sam had got on to his back and crawled under my pivoting ass, with both hands wrapped securely around my thighs. My swinging balls rolled across his button nose upon each stroke when suddenly I felt his tongue slap against my tightening asshole. The pre teen boy was licking and probing my butt hole as if he had been eating ass for years. I felt his tongue slip inside my rocking butt and the sudden intrusion forced me to lean further into Bridgett already folded body. I was panting at the tremendous feeling rewarding my asshole with his lapping and diving tongue. With my cock ripping inside her young twat and my asshole being invaded with his exploring tongue, I felt the sperm rapidly increase inside my already heavy balls.

Bridgett was still on her back and I had pressed her hot little body with my own forcing her knees to go over her head and beyond her delicate ears. My hard thick cock ripped into her moist cunt like a runaway pile driver. Sam's tongue was stabbing and sliding in and out of my asshole matching pace with my fast and furious pounding of Bridgett's delicious pussy. His button nose acted like a stimulate as my heavy cum filled balls slid across it sending more shockwaves rippling throughout my already trembling body. Bridgett was panting and screaming as my cock plundered like a maniac inside her hot little cunt and Sam began sliding out from under me. As soon as his little young body was free from under me, I felt his hands grip the sides of my rocking hip. I was holding my body with my arms so I wouldn't crush little Bridgett with my weight when I felt a sharp and sudden pain rip at my saliva covered asshole. The breath in my body quickly evaded me as Sam forced his slender boy meat all the way up my tortured asshole. The pain slowly crawled up my body and Sam had not a clue of the pain I was going through, cause he quickly started stroking his pre teen vessel in and out of my shocked asshole a mile a minute. His little hands tore at my hips attempting to spread my butt cheeks even further as his young cock hammered my asshole with a vengeance.

The pounding of his cock in my butt hole forced my own cock to travel in and out of Bridgett's juice flowing cunt at a wild and furious speed. His hairless pubic region slapped at my butt cheeks with each and every stroke, causing my asshole to retaliate by choking the boy meat that invaded its territory unannounced. All too soon, the boy cock inside my bung hole began to feel more than pleasant and my own pussy pounding motion began to fall in unison with his own deliverance of a good ass pounding. Bridgett had no control of her body as her mind boggling orgasms overflowed like a waterfall. She was screaming in delight and her body was shaking violently as my cock rifled in and out of her pussy as Sam drilled away at my asshole with his splendid pre teen boy cock.

A few minutes later, Sam must have gotten really close, so he pulled his hard meat out of my bung hole and I rolled both Bridgett and I on my back. My cock was still buried inside Bridgett's extra wet pussy and I watched with a passionate gaze as Sam stepped up behind her and shoved his precious cock all the way inside her exposed poop chute. Bridgett's fingers dug into my chest upon Sam's hasty entry into her poop chute and her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her head began flaying from side to side. Her face was laying flat on my chest as Sam pounded her bung hole showing no mercy in the process. His young slender cock was slamming her asshole at a mind boggling speed, causing her pussy to slowly constrict around my cock that inched in and out of her cunt following the speed of Sam's blazing cock.

She was yelling and crying as her pussy juices flooded her system and her breathing became more and more erratic as both cocks filled her sweet pussy and tight asshole. Bridgett screamed, "Fuck my asshole Sam, shit yes, fuck me good, ah damn, fuck, fuck, that's it, slam your cock into my asshole!" As the words form Bridgett traveled up to his ears, Sam began really pounding her asshole to perfection. The smashing of flesh slapping flesh bounced off the walls and screamed down the hall out of control. Placing my hands down by her sides, I began pinching and pulling rather hard at both of her extra erect nipples. Her teeth sank into the flesh of my chest and she was whimpering and moaning as the wild sensations exploded inside her young body.

Sam cried out, "Oh fuck, here, here it cooooooommmmmmmeeeeeesssssss!" He was grunting and whimpering as his young and priceless cock blasted his sweet load deep inside Bridgett's sperm hungry asshole. His little body contorted and twitched and his gorgeous face made all sorts of weird and beautiful expressions as his little balls emptied his tasty cum by the gallons with each hump from his tiny hips. The fiery hot sperm from Sam sent goose bumps up and down Bridgett's back as her pussy erupted into another long and violent orgasm, coating my hard cock with its glorious love juices.

Once Sam was finished sending his load inside Bridgett's bung hole, he allowed it to slip out. To my surprise, his torpedo shaped cock was still harder than ever, but his piss slit was still wide open and leaking a drop of his sweet semen at the very opening. Bridgett rolled off of me and was gasping for air as I guided Sam to me and inhaled his extra tasty cock into my mouth. The taste of his sweet cock mixed with Bridgett's mouth watering ass juices only heightened my animalistic instincts. I sucked his young cock with high hopes for more of his delicious cream while his chest rose and fell sharply with each rewarding breath. Bridgett was trying to catch her breath and lay silent, watching me suck Sam's cock with all the love and care in the world. Even with his cock buried inside my sucking mouth, my tongue raced across his hard nuggets with each downward stroke of my perverted mouth. His young hands gripped my head for added balance as he softly whispered, "Yeah Shawn, suck my dick, suck it, shit yes, ah fuck man, suck my dick!" Just hearing the young boy use his soft spoken words of profanity sent chills darting all over my body.

It was Bridgett who said, "Sam, fuck my pussy and Shawn, give my asshole your cock!" I let Sam's wonderful cock fall from my mouth and Sam inquisitively asked, "Holy shit Bridgett, his dick is too long and fat to fit up your butt. That thing (pointing at my cock) will rip your guts out!" Bridgett smiled and quickly responded, "Only if I'm lucky. Now, give me your cocks!"

Sam lay on his back and Bridgett wasted no time in straddling his tiny body and sitting firmly onto his erect pre teen cock. Once she sat on his rigid meat, she lean all the way onto Sam to the point that she began licking his succulent lips. Sam was softly moaning as I inched my hard cock towards her jutting and pouting asshole. Not really realizing it, Sam helped my by taking a solid hold on each of her butt cheeks and inadvertently spread them wide, making her butt hole an easier target for my thick cock to penetrate. Her little ass was slowly rocking up and down, riding the boy cock that searched her pussy's inner moist chamber. Their lips met and their tongues tore into the others hot mouth as I placed the head of my cock against her tiny pink bung hole.

Timing her rocking, I shoved the head of my cock hard and about three inches dove in, tearing her anal walls to accommodate the anal invasion. Bridgett grunted and moaned, but whatever words she attempted to say was being muffled by their mouths tight seal, locking one face to the other. Slowly, but not stopping, I fed the teen girl all of my cock until my pubic hair mashed firmly against her smooth butt cheeks. I could feel Sam's hard little cock, sliding in and out of her pussy as I began slowly fucking Bridgett's poop chute.

The slippery and sticky sperm belonging to Sam that had been deposited inside Bridgett's asshole earlier, teased and tormented my throbbing cock. I could almost taste his wonderful sperm as my mouth began to tingle and water just knowing my cock was now being coated with his young sperm and Bridgett's hot ass juices. Both boy and girl were whimpering and cooing while their tongues roamed inside the others mouth. Bridgett wanted my cock so bad inside her asshole that she started slamming her ass onto both cocks at a mind blazing pace. Grabbing her hips as a tool, I began pounding and slamming my thick cock while enjoying Sam's smooth legs embracing mine. Upon each retraction of my cock from her asshole, I had to gaze at her anal ring as it fought to keep my cock inside her juicy bung hole.

With one hand on her hip, my left hand reached up and grabbed a handful of Bridgett's soft hair. Using just a little force, I yanked her hair towards me and she screamed inside Sam's mouth with each yank. I knew she kind of liked sex rough and that she really enjoys having her hair yanked while having her pussy crammed with cock, but now both pussy and asshole were filled with cock. Sam grunted softly and I knew he had just busted another nut, only this time inside Bridgett's orgasmic pussy. As my cock tore into her poop chute, it seemed as though Bridgett maintained one long and steady orgasm, one right after the other. Her anal muscles clutched and grasped my thrusting cock with amazing strength, milking my nuts to the point of bursting.

Unable to hold back any longer, my cock unleashed a savage load of hot sperm inside her constricting bung hole by what felt like, gallons upon gallons. As the last of my man seed drained inside her asshole, my soft cock slipped out and slapped rather hard against my aching balls. Bridgett rolled, more so, fell to Sam's right, landing on her back with her chest heaving for air. Sam's cock was dripping wet from her pussy juice and some of his sperm as it lay soft a good two or three inches to the left on top of his shriveled up balls. I too, was panting for air, but the sight of his glistening soft cock dripping wet from Bridgett's pussy juices and his own sweet and tasty sperm forced me to slam my greedy mouth over the boy's tasty treat. The tangy sweet taste of pussy juice mixed with boy sperm ripped through my tasted buds like a butcher's knife, awaking every tasty gland in my body.

I was working on his slow growing cock when Bridgett quietly asked, "Sam, you ought to let Shawn fuck you in the ass. Shit, I bet once he gets that big thing all the way in, you're going to beg for it from now on." Sam's soft hands played with my hair as he replied, "Oh hell no. His cock is too fat and long and it will rip me apart. It just wont fit, I can look at it and see that." As they continued their precious conversation, my mouth continued to suck his cock back into an erect state. Bridgett said, "It's going to hurt, at least at first, but once the pain goes away, and it will, I promise you, the pleasure of having a big cock fuck your asshole is indescribable." I was looking up at Sam's gorgeous face, paying close attention to their conversation and the look on his face was one of curiosity, not totally confused. Bridgett pursued the topic by adding, "Damn Sam, you already let him suck your dick. For Christ sakes, he sucking your cock now. You already sucked his and don't forget, you must have liked the taste of Shawn's sperm cause you was kind of greedy for it when he shared his load with us. Shawn has licked your butt hole and I know you have tongue fucked his too, so what's the problem?"

Sam sat there rubbing his hands through my hair, apparently in deep concentration as to the words spoken by Bridgett. Finally, he uttered, "But, but it's going to hurt too bad, I just know it will." Bridgett reached out with her left hand and softly stroked his face while saying, "Yes, at first it will hurt kind of bad, but then something inside you takes over and your whole body completely fills with more pleasure than you will ever know or feel. I promise that once the pain goes away, your body will experience something more pleasurable than words could ever describe." Sam sat silently while I passionately worked on his tasty cock, thinking of allowing me to pop his virgin asshole.

Using his hands, Sam guided my mouth off his cock and asked Bridgett to get in the doggie-style position. Bridgett eagerly jumped into position using her own little hands to spread her smooth and silky butt cheeks apart. I sat on trembling knees watching Sam as he walked on his knees behind her spread ass and lower his face onto her cum filled poop chute. I watched as his tongue plundered in and around her sperm drenched asshole while keeping one eye on his tiny muscular silky smooth butt. Within seconds, Sam had spread his legs wide and lowered his upper body to dine on Bridgett's asshole and pussy in more comfort. I got in behind him and immediately spread his smooth solid cheeks and slid my tongue inside his extra tasty and more than delicious asshole. In seconds, Sam's little butt began wiggling side to side and up and down as my tongue traveled as deep as it could go inside his anal cavern.

Bridgett was whimpering and begging Sam to suck the sperm out of her asshole. I could hear the boy slurp and my ears caught the faint sound of his mouth as he tried in vain to suck the sperm from her poop chute. My own cock grew harder than before and I took a chance by slipping a finger inside his bung hole alongside my digging tongue. If I were going to get the opportunity to fuck his hot little ass, it would be up to Sam to invite me to pop his cherry, and not my strong desire to invade the pre teen boy's gorgeous asshole thanks to my perversion. Both tongue and finger darted in and out of Sam's extra tight and super hot asshole forcing the young boy to groan in absolute ecstasy. My saliva coated the boy's bung hole allowing me to use my middle finger to slide with some strain inside his virgin ass. With two fingers and my tongue sliding in and out and all around his pucker hole, Sam's little butt began to gyrate back and forth and up and down forcing my fingers and tongue to fuck his delicious boy hole with great speed.

Sam was taking turns eating her hot ass and tongue fucking Bridgett's cum soaked pussy while I worked desperately on his backdoor area. His little left hand slid behind him and grabbed his left butt cheek and yanked it wider apart. By his actions and his moans, I knew he was getting into being finger and tongue fucked. The harder I slammed my tongue and fingers in his asshole, the faster his ass moved up and down, as well as louder his groans and moans became. Taking a bigger risk, I slipped one more finger in his asshole causing the young boy to take a rather deep breath and quite a long forceful groan. He was too busy eating Bridgett's pussy and asshole to offer any words of encouragement, but the sounds evading his mouth was evident enough as to his extreme pleasure.

Bridgett screamed, "Shit Sam, oh fuck, that's it, make me cum, oh fucking yes, eat me!" The anal canal surrounding my fingers and tongue was extremely hot and the muscles inside squeezed like a boa constrictor starving for food. During my ass devouring session, I had pretty much came to the conclusion that Sam was definitely incapable of taking a shit. The deeper my fingers went inside his poop chute, the stronger the strawberry flavored aroma graced my nostrils. Even the young boy's flowing ass juices tasted like no other ass juices I had ever tasted. The bottom line was that Sam was sweeter than a chocolate cake, and a hell of a lot prettier too.

The teen girl screamed out once more letting everyone within ear shot know that she was having another intense and pleasurable orgasm. Both Sam and I dined on our perspective parts with pleasure while Bridgett rocked her body violently thanks to the ravishing tongue of Sam. With one final act of desperation, I spit on a fourth finger and pressed it against his already finger and tongue filled asshole. Sam grunted loudly as the fourth finger accompanied the others, as well as my probing tongue. His body shook and quivered out of control and his whimpers became painfully loud. The heat from inside his ass felt like it was burning the flesh off of my fingers, as so was his gripping ass muscles.

After Bridgett's orgasm dwindled, she flipped around onto her back and positioned her lovely face directly under Sam's hard cock spreading her legs wide so that he could snack on her still super wet pussy. Bridgett's soft hands wrapped around Sam's luscious butt cheeks and aided me by spreading them wider apart. In one stealth move, she sucked in the boy's rock hard slender cock all the way to his pubic bone. I could see her legs as they trembled while she sucked and slurped on his hot little cock while he crammed his tongue in and out of her sweet and juicy pussy. My cock was harder than a brick and dripping pre cum by the bucket loads anxiously awaiting for his approval to root his uncharted asshole with my thick piece of man meat.

Bridgett yelled out to Sam, "Let Shawn fuck you! You know you want to feel his big cock pound your asshole! Come on, fuck the pain! Feel all the pleasure!" Sam stopped eating her pussy long enough to softly whisper, "Fuck me! Shawn, give me your cock please. Fuck the pain, I want to feel your big dick inside my asshole!" Those words uttered from his precious lips were priceless to my ears. Slowly, I withdrew my fingers and tongue, not before kissing his asshole with my puckered lips. My cock throbbed with excitement as to what experience lies before me. Hopping off the bed, I damn near ran over to my nightstand and retrieved a bottle of "WET". Upon my return behind Sam on the bed, I noticed his legs were spread farther apart, awaiting my man meat to pop his cherry asshole. Squeezing an ample amount of the slippery lubricant on my fingers, I eased two fingers inside his sweet hole and slowly worked them back and forth. Sam moaned and groaned as the fingers greased up his cherry anal canal with all the love in the world.

Taking my time, I managed to get four very well greased up fingers inside his rocking ass, constantly applying more and more of the slippery lubricant inside his tasty and tight asshole. Within five minutes of fucking his hot little hole with four fingers, I extracted them and greased up my cock thoroughly. Just prior to placing the tip of my thick cock to his asshole, I squeezed a great deal of lubricant on his rapidly closing asshole just to ensure he would be properly lubricated. His young body shook from fear, nervousness, and excitement as I placed the head of my cock against his shaking asshole. Bridgett's fingers gripped the inside of his ass cheeks and I could see the white of her knuckles as she spread the young boy's butt cheeks far and wide.

I placed my left thumb just over his greasy asshole while steadying my cock with my right hand. I pushed and pushed, but my aching cock only traveled up and under his asshole, not in like I desired. Several attempts later and more lubricant being applied, I retained my position and slowly applied even more pressure. I could feel the head of my cock as it strained and struggled to pry his muscular asshole apart. Sam was grunting from the force being applied to his asshole and although he stood on all fours perfectly still, my cock was way too thick to gain entry. Almost to the point of frustration, I hunched my hips back and slammed my cock forward. Sam cried out as the head of my cock shot inside his tight little asshole a good four inches.

"Oh fuck, oh, oh, fuck it hurts, shit, ah hell, ah damn it burns, oh fu--------------------ck it hurts!" Bridgett wrapped her legs around the top portion of his arched back and guided his pain stricken face back to her pussy. Looking in the mirror, I could see the pain on his face with his mouth wide open, in a perfect circle, and his eyes flashing a million times a second. His mouth went from a perfect circle to clenching his teeth and biting his lips as I held my cock perfectly still, hoping against time that the pain he was feeling would soon subside. The young boy's tight anal canal was so tight it felt like it was crushing the four inches of my cock with sheer vengeance.

He would eat her pussy for a second or two, then scream, "Shit, shit, it fucking hurts!" I pressed forward shoving at least two more inches further and wider up his virgin asshole. As each inch sank deeper into his rectum, Sam arched his back and tossed his gorgeous head to and fro while basically screaming, "It fucking hurts, shit, it's, it's too fucking big, oh fuck it hurts!" I held my position, not moving a muscle, watching his body shake violently and looking at his precious face contort with mad pain caused from the thick cock spreading his young asshole farther than he had ever experienced before in his young life.

Approximately ten or fifteen minutes later, I had slowly managed to bury my cock inside his super tight asshole. Sam tried in vain to keep his mouth on Bridgett's pussy, but his little body was still wracked with severe pain thanks to my cock throbbing inside his sweet smelling and delicious asshole. Bridgett sucked harder on the boy's cock as I began to slowly move my hard cock in and out of his muscle gripping asshole. I slipped my cock almost all the way out of his asshole to the point I could see my cock head as it briefly appeared from within the depths of his rectum. Slowly, I shoved it back to the deepest depth forcing Sam to exhale and blow air from his facial cheeks as if trying to blow out candles on a birthday cake.

Now, I had placed both hands on his tiny hips and had slowly picked up my ass fucking pace. With each downward stroke of my cock, my pubic hair smashed up against his smooth butt cheeks, burying my cock all the way up his ass. Finally, the pain that tortured his precious body must have evaded him because his young little ass started slamming against my cock with great force. Sam yelled out, "Oh shit, oh shit Shawn, it feels, it feels good now! Ah fuck, fuck me, fuck me hard, oh shit yes, I, I fucking feel it, fuck my asshole harder, harder man, fuck me!" Gripping his hips tighter, I began slamming his little body onto my heavy thrusting ass fucker, causing a loud bone crushing thud with each thrust. Sam did his best to continue eating Bridgett's pussy, but his thoughts forced him to concentrate on what his asshole was sending to his brain, over flowing with pleasure. I am sure Bridgett's sucking mouth on his rigid cock was helping matters because soon enough, I could hear her gulping down his sweet pre teen sperm as it fired round after round from his gorgeous cock.

Sam was inadvertently pounding his young ass onto my thrusting cock, overwhelmed by the pleasure his once virgin asshole was giving him. The sperm in my balls had built up quite a load and a powerful urge to blast my fiery load up his tight and tasty asshole became rather overwhelming. Being so big and Sam being so small, I held my cock inside his asshole while rolling him onto his back. Bridgett knew what was coming, so she straddled his flaying head, covering his mouth with her pussy once again and leaned back. Her legs had pinned his arms over his head and I had his legs forced way behind his precious head with his knees hovering on the mattress by his ears. With my cock pounding his tight hole and seeing and hearing him slurp on her pussy juices, my eyes fell into a trance watching his young soft cock bounce all over while I plowed his tender asshole.

Bridgett leaned far enough towards me so that I could implant my lips over her erect right nipple. Continuing my anal assault on Sam's hot little hole, I began sucking and biting on Bridgett's steel like nipple, causing her to moan and whimper rather loudly. Sam was moaning and slurping and I was riding his young asshole as best as I could, straight to the moon and on the brink of one hell of a powerful ass filling sperm explosion. His tight little ball sac held his tiny nuggets in place even from the force of my pounding cock as it crashed in and darted out of his hot, extra tight, sweet bung hole.

I had fought and fought the necessity to spew my load up to the point of no return. With one mighty heave, my cock erupted, sending gallons upon gallons of hot man seed deep inside the anal walls of the most beautiful boy on earth. To the best of my knowledge, I had never creamed so much with so much of a mind shattering intense orgasm. Just when I thought my balls had been completely drained, more thick sperm missiles blasted off, coating his muscular anal walls. Bridgett fell into another long and intense orgasm as I clamped down on her nipple and Sam's tongue slithered all over her spread pussy. Sam's soft cock had danced back into a one fine boner as the last of my seed pumped into his asshole. The vision of his young hard cock bouncing freely while I fucked the sperm out of my cock deep inside his sweet butt hole was absolutely priceless.

My cock went completely soft while still inside the hot comfort of his young cum filled poop chute. Using no effort, but his anal muscles did its best to keep my dying cock inside, my limp muscle slipped out of his amazing bung hole. Covered with the my sperm and Sam's aroma intoxicating ass juice, Bridgett flipped off of Sam and slammed her little mouth on my cock and began cleaning it free fro all debris. Sam's little body unfolded from his contorted position, keeping his slender and silky smooth legs spread far apart, while his hairless chest heaved massively for the precious air it so desperately needed. His eyes were closed tightly and I could see the soft tear stains as they had rolled from the corner of each eye. His asshole was void of my cock and he was still shaking like a leaf caught in a summer breeze.

Though Bridgett was experienced at sucking cock, my man meat was completely dead as her hot little mouth and tongue cleaned it thoroughly. I too, was trembling, but the sight of his hard little cock sticking up in the air made my mouth water with perverted greed. Leaning down, I inhaled his hard boy cock all the way to his hairless balls. Bridgett followed my lead and used her left shoulder to lift Sam's right leg up high in the air and she immediately began licking and sucking on his cum filled asshole. Bridgett stuck two fingers inside his creamy asshole and soon she was digging while sucking my sperm from his well fucked bung hole.

My left hand rolled over his young balls while my mouth sucked passionately on his delicious and gorgeous boy cock. Together, both Bridgett and I worked on Sam's cock, balls, and asshole for nearly ten minutes when Sam tried to cry out, but only faint words screeched out as his hard cock delivered just a few spurts of his pre teen boy cream. It was a really small load, but I was more than thankful that he had shot it inside my mouth as I savored the hot substance before allowing any of it to slide down my throat. His young cock was still hard as a brick and he had drained his hairless balls completely, but he arched his body violently as his cock blasted off with another round of sweet and creamy boy seed. Bridgett's fingers was traveling in and out of his ass at a mind blistering speed while her tongue lashed out at the oozing sperm from his poop chute.

I soon discovered, rather quickly, that Sam was sperm free, but his bladder unleashed a violent load of his young piss straight into my cock sucking mouth. He was flaying all over the bed, thinking this was the most intense orgasm to date, unknowing that he was actually pissing in my mouth. At first, I was kind of shocked and somewhat revolted in the idea of hot piss in my mouth, but at the first sampling of his young boy piss, I soon eagerly opened my throat and let the hot, salty fluid fall down to my stomach. Though it was salty, it was not as salty and degrading like I had imagined. After all, this was the same boy my perverted mind told me who was incapable of taking a shit, like everyone else.

Bridgett was whimpering as my sperm dripped out of his finger plunging asshole and I was moaning in delight as his hot piss slowly diminished into a constant dribble. Sam's hot little body shook even more out of control as the last of his sweet and tangy piss left his body and entered mine. Bridgett removed her ass digging fingers and raised herself onto her knees while looking at the both of us. By this time, my mouth let his deflated cock fall lovingly onto his drained balls. Sam was laying on his back in the middle of the bed and I was to his right and Bridgett, to his left. Silently, we lay there in an attempt to catch our breath.

After nearly ten minutes of silence, Bridgett leaned onto her right side and asked, "Well Sam, how'd you like it?" With the most precious smile ever, he replied, "Like it, shit, I loved it! You were right, Shawn's big dick felt great fucking my asshole." Bridgett gave me a wink and excused herself to the bathroom to take a well needed shower. I was still on my back when Sam rolled over and locked his sweet lips around mine, shoving his tongue inside my mouth in the process. My hands automatically slid over his silky smooth butt cheeks while our tongues played inside the others mouth. A few minutes later, our lips broke their tight seal and with his moist lips ever so close to mine, looking me directly in the eyes, Sam lovingly whispered, "Can we do this forever and ever?" My eyes watered as I replied, "Anytime you want to. My door will always be open for you!" With that being said, our tongues traveled in the others mouth once again.

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