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The Doctor

I met this girl at the bar one night, one of the ones us university kids hang out at, a local girl it seemed by her higher than usual air of ownership of the place. She was drop-dead gorgeous, dark blonde hair, great body, and nice tits. Not too much on the personality side, at least to me, but by the end of the night with us both plastered it didn't matter. We were making out and grouping each other so intensely in the back of the bar that we didn't notice our groups leave.

"Hey, its better this way. I live not to far from here." she purred at me, licking her lips and grabbing my thigh. Needless to say, we got a cab and were quickly there.

"Don't worry, it's my parent's house, but they should be asleep on the second floor. They're better than roommates at least for this." she grinned.

I was a little weirded out hooking up with a girl when her parents around. It was a little too much like high school again, but at this point, I didn't care.

"Whatever. Its cool" I said.

We made our way downstairs to the basement, passing pictures of her parents, her dad huge and intimidating, and her mom looking like quite a looker herself, both appearing to be doctors. The basement was nice, like the rest of the house, and there next to the huge flat screen was a big wide couch, she walked over and fell upon it, looking back and beckoning to me. I strode over, noticing the assortment of magazines on the coffee table, 'Urologist Monthly' and something about Dermatology, before turning my attention to the hot broad sliding off her pants before me. I pulled off my shirt, pants, and laid down with her pulling the blanket over us. She grinned as she slid my boxers off revealing my decently large cock. It was already swelling and becoming pretty impressive.

"Nice..." she said with a grin as she pulled over her underwear and straddled me, working her lips against my pulsing and growing cock. Before long she was bouncing up and down, my hefty tool moaning and whipping her hair back with her hands. Her big tits were jiggling in front of her as she moaned and squirmed.

All of the sudden I noticed something behind her, something from the corner of my eye. There coming down the stairs was a large man dressed only in white boxers, his huge muscular frame slouched over as he came down the steps. As he stepped down the last step, he heard the girls moan and whipped his head over. His face suddenly furious and red.

"What the fuck are you doing to me daughter!" His full hairy chest rumbling and shaking as he roared. By this point Sara had jumped off me quickly and pulled her clothes back on under the covers, before turning around to her father.

"Its not what you think, dad!" she exclaimed.

"What do you mean it's not what I think?" he roared, "I see some fucking faggot thinking he can get with my daughter in my house!"

By this time, he's over next to us, staring down intimidating from above. I'm frozen in shock. There could be nothing worse than this. Her father grabs her by the shoulder and shoves her off the couch.

"Get up stairs now!"

"Dad, please - don't do this!"


She quickly grabbed her things and darted across the room, glancing back quickly towards me her face a drunken face of sadness. I was all alone with the beast. He was a massive man; he towered over me, as I lay sprawled upon the couch. We were both shirtless but there was no comparison, I was youth and pretty athletic but he put me to shame, he was built like a tank, probably a former linebacker with a fairly hairy chest to boot, but all I could concentrate on was the fire in his eyes.

"Now you...I know who you are. You think you know how to please a girl, how to show my daughter a good time, eh?" he says.

I say nothing. I'm frozen stiff, and still buck naked under the covers. His chest shakes as his laughs. I have no idea what's going on, and suddenly my eye catches something I didn't notice before. My face was about level with his crotch, and there was an enormous bulge in those white boxers and I couldn't help but stare. I looked away as quick as I could but it was too late - he had noticed.

"Damn, you really are a queer! You like these, eh boy?" he questioned with a cruel smirk on his face as he reached down with his huge hand a grouped the front of his underwear.

"N-no... Sir, I'm not a fag. I like girls! You just saw me-" I tried to stammer but he cut me off.

"I saw a boy whose ass I needed to kick. But now..." he said, his huge features curled into a smug grin. He reached down and ripped off the covers from over me before I could do anything, and there I was completely nude before the man whose daughter he had caught me fucking only minutes before. My dick was still fairly erect but was flat against my chest, and I saw his eyes glance down as he gave a chuckle.

I was horrified. What was he going to do?

He leaned down over the couch, quickly lowering himself over me, trapping me from doing anything as I tried to frantically squirm away. "Uh-huh, boy, you're not going anywhere" he said as he pinned me down. His build looked even more massive now that he was on top of me, his big mug looking confident and dominating. He had be pinned between his legs as reared up over me, his chest muscles flexing and he reached back with one hand and grabbed the band of his underwear and pulled it down and then followed with the other hand until he had lowered his underwear, kicking them off between his legs. The bulge was revealed.

Before me was the largest cock I had ever seen, and being a swimmer in high school, not to mention frequenting the gym and being an avid porn watcher - I had seen a few, and this took the prize. Soft, it hung there like it was a god and had to be around a half a foot of insanely thick dark man meat, the base of which was covered in a mat of dark black hair that spread out all across the man's crouch, down from his lower chest down to his jumbo-sized egg balls. I couldn't take my eyes off it, and he laughed again.

"Shit, s-sir...what are you doing?" I cried my body tense as I attempted to gain a little freedom from the massive naked beast on top of me.

"I'm about to beat your ass," he growled. My eyes widened as his cock twitched, he started to caress himself, working his big mitts over his loose hanging balls, working back up to squeeze and tease his slowly engorging member. It darkened and it plumped up, swelling to as thick around as a beer can, and lengthened as it curled up. It's dark pink bulbous head looked enormous as it burst out from between his fists as he started pumping his cock, the head dripping small amounts of precum.

I exhaled deeply as I started shaking. He stared down at me with his continued smirk and then quickly lunged down at me, gripping my shoulders with his strong hands. I cried as he flipped me over on the couch and pushed me up against the armrest. He leaned his full weight on me with his left arm as he adjusted himself behind me; I glanced back to see his huge dick staring back towards me, his right hand holding its base.

"I hope you're ready boy, because I don't give a damn if your not." he said, afterwards I heard him spit a couple times into his hand and glanced back over my shoulder to see him coat the length of his member in it. I felt the huge tip push between my cheeks, and I closed my eyes in fear. Suddenly he gripped my shoulders strong, causing me to cringe in pain before his fiercely thrusted and I screamed. I felt searing pain as I felt his cock split my cheeks apart and burst into me, his enormous thickness pressing out against my insides. My ass was on fire as this new sensation of being fucked filled my body. He grunted as he worked more of himself in thrusting again, but this time more slowly as he struggled to fit more of his cock in.

Another wave of pain shockwaves through me, I clenched my water filling eyes and teeth as the big man has his way with me. I struggled to look over my shoulder and saw half of that huge cock still sticking out from my ass, and then glanced up to meet the eyes of the girl's father, his red sweaty face grinning as he glared back at me. He chuckled again before pulling me against him as he thrusted his hips again, his cock becoming even more hard and massive as it continued to plow into my insides.

By this time my body was aching and my vision was blurring as the pain was dulling and being replaced by an immense warmness and pressure in my inside. He must have been mostly in by this point because he suddenly reared back, and began thrusting in and out of me in long intense strokes. His chest and hips slammed against me as he completely entered me with another massive thrust, my insides burning but no longer hurting. I looked down at my own cock to see it stiff and throbbing, filling up with blood, and pushing its erect self against the couch, I didn't understand the feelings now throbbing through my whole body. My eyes curled back and I started breathing heavily as I began to work against the man as he continued to fuck me. I felt his massive girth working inside me, throbbing and filling me. He moaned and growled as he reared his head back, and his long controlled thrusts became more primal and fast.

I looked back at the man fucking me, now with lust and desire as I saw his huge muscular frame pressing and thrusting into me as I pushed back against him, clenching my insides around his thick long cock. In and out he continued to pound, my body aching and writhing in pleasure at the same time, he was huge and I never forgot it for a second as he impaled me on his colossal prick, I felt it deep within me throbbing and bursting through my insides.

I let a moan escape me as his arms moved down to me hips and he pulled me against him, thrusting in a furious heat. I gripped the cough tight as he pulled himself completely out and thrusted back in again, his balls slapping against my ass. His cock was throbbing and radiating heat like never before, it seemed to be pushing the limits of my body, and it was so hard and as big as ever. His breath became deep and frantic and his cock twitched within me. At the same time, my own member was hard as hell and dripping precum as it rubbed against the couch with every thrust.

"B-BOY... YOU LITTLE FAGOT..." He growled, between breaths, as he fucked me even harder. He moaned and the thick cock switched and shaked within me again, waves of euphoria sweeping my body as my own cock burned. He thrusted quickly into me as I felt it swell, the head an enormous pressure inside of me. Then I felt it. His cock erupted inside of me as he yelled, moaning loudly as he gripped me hard. My body rippled with his climax and my own cock throbbed and gushed semen as I clenched my face in pleasure. He bucked wildly as I felt my insides being flooded with his burning seed.

He pulled me back with him as he fell against the couch, his breathing long and heavy, and his huge cock still emptying in my insides. I was myself limp and exhausted as my body tingled as I laid back against his large chest, feeling his warm body and chest hair against my smooth skin.

We laid there for a while not speaking, my body raising and lowering with the inhale and exhale of his chest. The intensity of our climaxes still lingered, and eventually his massive member softened enough to retreat my insides with a pop, the warm sticky fluid coating both of our bodies.

He took a deep breath and set me upright, as he leaned up from the couch, my view of his magnificent body now complete with the sight of his big muscular ass. He pulled his underwear back on around his legs, assisted himself with fitting his reluctantly large dick inside, and then glared at me.

"You're not allowed to date my daughter." he said, his voice no longer a growl and his eyes missing a bit of their fiery intensity. "I don't wont to see you around her anymore, is that understood?"

"Yes," I replied quietly, exhausted.

He turned around and walked towards the stairs, my eyes following every step.

"Good. She's a slut." Then he was up the stairs and out of sight.