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Chapter 1 Beginning

Dean wakes in a cold sweat, the nightmare already fading from his mind, only to be replaced with the living nightmare that has become his life. A week ago, he was a normal guy with a normal if dissatisfying life. Now he is a slave to the state, sentenced to spend the rest of his life being physically punished and made an example of to the world, for murdering his wife's lover. He glances at the clock on the wall of his cell 5:30 am. The date, April 21st 2097. The first day of the rest of his life. The day his punishment begins.

Over the last few days he has undergone several medical procedures. Nothing has changed on this outside, but in order to facilitate his punishment, certain changes needed to be made to his inner workings. His entire digestive system has been remade. He is now fed, once a week, with a series of pills that slowly release nutrients and fluids in to his body. He no longer needs to eat or drink. He likewise doesn't produce any faeces, as there are no waste food products, though he does still urinate. This means, the doctors told him with cruel smiles as they were prepping him for the procedure, that he can be locked in stocks or in a cage for days on end without needing to be fed or cleaned out. And if he pisses himself, well that will just add to the humiliation, won't it? The final procedure was to fuse metal bands around his wrists and ankles, and a larger one around his neck.

An hour after waking, Dean is taken from his cell by two big guards. His wrist bands are linked together behind his back, and his ankles are connected by a 1 foot chain, reducing him to a shuffling gait. From his cell, he is put in a windowless van, with his neck band locked to a ring on the side of the van. After a half hour drive, he is one again taken from the van. As he comes out in to the daylight, he gets a look at where he is punishment square. He is roughly led to the whipping post. As he stumbles along, he becomes aware of a low roaring noise, which he identifies as the muted conversations of the thousands of people that have gathered around the square. Gathered to watch him be whipped. The impact of this nearly makes him collapse. This is his life now. People will gather and watch him be beaten. Then they will beat him themselves, and do who-knows-what to him. The guards catch him as he falls, and drags him the rest of the way to the whipping post.

The post is actually a `T' shape, with chains hanging down from the ends of the cross bar. His wrists are attached to these chains, which then slowly retract in to the post, pulling his wrists up with them. The lifting continues until he is just balancing on his toes, most of his weight taken by his wrists. In this position he is barely able to move, and definitely will not be able to escape the lash. He is wearing only an orange jumpsuit, but as he hangs there, he feels the zipper down the back parting as his only protection against the elements is taken from him. He is now hanging naked from the post, with thousands of people staring at him.

"People of Newmarket," one the guards announces, "Dean Porter has been found guilty of the murder of William Smith. He has been sentenced to a lifetime of state servitude during which time he will endure public punishments and punishments by the community. His initial punishment will be 20 lashes, followed by 3 days and nights of restraint. During his restraint, any member of the community may participate in his punishment in any way, provided there is no risk of maiming or seriously injuring. An officer will be on duty for the entire time to ensure this restriction is not broken. Anyone breaking the restriction will be subject to a punishment of 100 lashes. No person under 18 may be present during this time. The whipping will now begin"

Immediately, Dean felt a searing line of heat across his back, as if a red hot poker had been lain across his flesh. He contorts his body and a scream tears loose from his chest. He is stunned to hear the crowd, who had fallen completely silent during the reading of his sentence, erupt in to a cheer as the whip lands. Dean has attended public punishments before, usually for petty theft, and the crows usually watch quietly. But he is a murderer, and they hate him for it. His pain is their pleasure. The guard waits until the cheering dies down, and then the next lash comes, crossing the line of the first. Dean screams again, tears squeezing out from his eyes, and the crowd cheer and laugh and jeer at him. Suddenly, the lashes come thick and fast one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight all crossing different points of his naked back. The pain is unbearable for Dean and his screams have now merged in to one long howl. He knows they are only half way through this whipping, and his back feels like it is burning with napalm.

The guard pauses again, and Dean senses him changing position as the cheers and the laughter wash over him, exacerbating the physical pain he feels with the knowledge that this community where he grew up and has lived all his life, despises him and is enjoying seeing him suffer. The next moment his upper thighs explode in pain, as the lash lands across them. He bucks and writhes to no avail as the lash comes down a further four times on his upper legs, once more never hitting the same spot twice. With five lashes left, the guard shifts his aim again, and the final five land across his buttocks. Dean is unable to scream any more as his throat is raw all he can do is hang there, tears streaming down his cheeks as he takes the final lashes of his punishment. Once more the crowd bursts in to cheering as these blows land. Dean looks up and sees a large screen in front of him, displaying his naked and abused body for those who can't see. He sees the 20 livid red lines crisscrossing his body and can see the sweat glistening on his skin as he hangs, limp and broken.

After a few minutes, Dean feels his wrist being lowered. The guard catches him as he sags down, unable to support himself, and he is carried over to the pillory. Dropped on to his knees, his head and hands are placed through the padded holes in the steel pillory, and before he knows it, he feels the top bar being lowered and locked, trapping him there, exposed and vulnerable.

The crowd has begun to dissipate slightly, with many not wanting to take part in the community punishments, and those with children taking them home. Most though are remaining where they are, as if willing to take part but uncertain over what to do. Suddenly, a woman breaks from the crowd and walks towards him. He groans as he realises this is his wife Michelle. The look of hatred on her face is like a kick in the groin. "Dean you worthless piece of shit. You are no longer my husband. The court has granted me a divorce because of your stupid selfish crime, and have granted me all of your assets." She grins as she starts to slap his face, back and forth, punctuating her words. "You. Are. A worthless. Piece. Of. Shit!" Dean then notices a table off to one side, which contains various implements of punishment. Michelle saunters over and picks up a thick, bendy looking cane. Glaring at him, she walks out of his field of vision. He tenses as he feels the cane rest against his buttocks. She begins lightly tapping, getting the feel for it, then suddenly the cane cracks down once, twice, three times. Dean screams again and again and hears Michelle laugh and several encouraging cheers coming from the crowd. He feels Michelle kick his knees apart and then feels a sudden constriction around the base of his testicles. His balls and cock are pulled back between his legs and locked into a bar that rests across the top of his legs. In mounting terror he feels the cane rest across his now completely exposed scrotum. He is vaguely aware of the guard telling Michelle that excessive force to the scrotum will result in serious injury, which would be a breaking of the restriction and would result in her being punished severely. The cane goes away and he breathes a sigh of relief.

His relief is short lived though, as Michelle comes back in to view, and swaps the cane for a wooden paddle, grins evilly at him, and then disappears again. Suddenly his balls explode as he feels the paddle strike. He had thought he was all screamed out, but another one comes bursting from his chest as Michelle viciously paddles his balls, obviously being careful not to hit too hard, but hard enough that he feels like his scrotum is going to explode. As she continues, Dean suddenly becomes aware that there is a man in front of him. He feels the man putting something in his mouth. His teeth have been covered by some kind of soft silicone padding, and he cannot close his jaw all the way. "Wouldn't want you biting would we?" The man growls at him. "I'm Brian. I'm one of your wife's other lovers. It could have easily been me you killed that day. Yes, you worthless piece of shit, Michelle has had lovers for years now. Look at you. You fat piece of crap. You think you could hold her attention for long? Think you could satisfy her? Well, now you have the chance to satisfy ME, and if I'm not satisfied well, there's quite a lot I can do to you over the next few days."

Michelle had stopped hitting his balls which Brian spoke to him. Suddenly, Brian's trousers are down and a large, veined, erect cock is right in front of Dean's eyes. Suddenly he knows what was going to happen and he tries to squeeze his mouth closed against the restraint. Then he feels Michelle's paddle come down again on his balls, and he opens his mouth to scream involuntarily. But the scream doesn't come as his mouth is suddenly filled with hot, hard cock. Dean tries to bite down but the silicone and the wire on his jaw makes it impossible. As his balls continue to be pummelled, the cock in his mouth seems to swell, as it begins to slide back and forth over his tongue. Brian tells him that he needs to make an effort if he wants this to be over quickly. He refuses for a while, as Brian continues to fuck his mouth with no sign of tiring. The large cock regularly hits the back of his throat making him choke and gag, to the amusement of the crowd. Realising that Brian could go on like this for a while, Dean starts to co-operate. He uses his tongue to massage the cock as it goes in and out. He tightens his lips around the shaft, and he tries desperately to relax his throat. As he submits, he realises with horror that his own cock is getting hard. Despite being raped and having his balls pounded, he is getting a massive erection. Michelle notices and comments loudly to Brian, causing the crowd to laugh again, and Dean turns a deep shade of crimson in his shame. Suddenly, Brian's cock slips past his relaxing muscles and rests in his throat for a moment, before sliding back out. Brian groans loudly and his pace increases, now truly fucking Deans' throat. His balls slap against Dean's chin as his pace picks up and he goes deep, deep in to Dean's throat. Suddenly, he thrusts deep and his cock swells, spasming and Dean feels hot, salty liquid shooting down his throat and filling his mouth. As the spasms subside, Brian withdraws, wiping the cock across Dean's face. As he can't close his mouth, Dean can neither spit nor swallow the cum in his mouth, and instead it trickles out between his lips, making him look like a whore. Michelle gives one final whack to his balls and then quits, to his relief. "I'll be back soon, you piece of shit. Enjoy the rest of your punishment!". As she and Brian saunter off, he sees others coming towards him. Men and women, all looking excited, the men with bulges in their trousers.