The following story is for adults and contains descriptions of sexual contact between males. If you are a minor, then it is illegal for you to read this story. If you find the subject objectionable, then read no further. All the characters, events and settings are the product of my over-active imagination. I hope you like it. Mail me or if literary analysis interests you visit Eliot's Space.


by Eliot Moore

Chapter One

Table of Contents

Six Point Eight (Fourteen Point Six)

Picking the perfect puppy

First, decide whether a male or female suits you best. Females tend to be smaller than males, to wander less, and to be less dominant.

Temperament: Dominant or submissive

Next, decide if a quiet puppy, a submissive one, or a dominant one is more to your liking. Even though temperament, size, and level of activity is constant within a breed, there is plenty of room for individual differences. The same is true of any breed, for all individuals in a breed are not clones of each other.

Depend on the breeder

You need a good rapport with the breeder. You will need to count on his to help you choose your puppy. The breeder has watched the puppies grow. He knows which ones are dominant and likely to be a handful; which ones are shy and likely to need special handling; and which ones are the most curious and likely to get into the most mischief.

Winning Your Puppy's Trust, Respect and Confidence

Many people try to win their new puppy's love by letting the puppy always have its way. The pup is showered with affection and attention because he is so cute and cuddly. Buckets of affection are a wonderful thing for most puppies, but it must be tempered with respect. If you give in to your puppy's every whim, your pup will never learn self control and self discipline. Your puppy will never learn to respect you. If your puppy does not respect you, it will have no reason to do anything for you. Other people have an equally erroneous misconception of this issue. Instead of showering the dog with love and affection, they think that to earn the dog's respect they must bully dominate and terrorize the dog into being submissive. A dog treated this way will eventually bite their owner.


Responsible owners do not let their dogs roam. It is your responsibility to assure that your dog cannot escape from your property. No dog is perfect so do not expect your dog to always be able to resist the temptation of running. The escape act itself may be a form of entertainment. Many dogs escape just for the fun and challenge of it. Schedule daily exercise, play and training sessions with your dog. A good, hardy play session especially with other dogs will tire your dog and give him the exercise he needs. A happy, well-exercised dog will contentedly sleep the day away while you are not home. Make your property escape-proof.

Puppy adolescence: trials and tribulations

Young puppies are very dependent on people and other dogs for instructions. They have a strong instinct to follow and to fit in. As they get older they start to think for themselves and test their independence. This is also the time when they start to question your authority. Most of these problems could be solved if the owner understood what was really going on and how to handle it. Your puppy is testing you. If she learns that you won't enforce your commands and that she only has to obey when she wants to, you'll be setting a pattern that will be very hard to break. Be consistent.

Six Point Eight (Fourteen Point Six)

Ethan woke slowly to the sounds of crying. There was a dim light and warm air blowing across his body. He sat up and realized he was naked. He searched around in case his swim suit was nearby and became conscious of the leather belt around his neck. He felt around it until he discovered a chain. He couldn't see what it was. The crying came from a boy sitting on the floor near him. He was about Ethan's age and as the tears dripped down his cheeks he struggled with the belt and chain around his neck. Ethan watched him in silence.

"It won't come off. Your head is too big." Ethan looked over at a fat boy sitting quietly against the wall. "The collar has a lock on it." Ethan felt along the leather belt and found a small lump of metal. The boy next to him started to crawl away. He was stopped suddenly and jerked backward. "You're chained to the wall stupid." The fat boy's voice reminded Ethan of a smart boy in his class who always talked like the rest of them were stupid. Ethan hadn't liked the sarcastic barbs. The boy beside him started to cry again. Ethan suddenly smelt piss. "Oh shit, you didn't just piss did you?" The boy pushed himself back into the wall and sobbed quietly. Ethan unconsciously shifted away from him.

Ethan counted four other boys in the space. They were lying very still and it frightened Ethan more than the dark space or the boy sobbing quietly next to him. "You were not here the last time I was awake." Ethan's eyes snapped around to stare at the fat boy. "Where do you come from?" The fat boy was persistent. "What's your name? I'm Neville." Ethan didn't want to talk. He looked at the chain connecting him to the wall and decided it would let him stand up. He felt dizzy as soon as he was on his feet. "I'm from Chicago. My name is Neville. I'm eight. How old are you?" The fat boy kept talking at him and the other boy wouldn't stop crying. Ethan felt the tears start and he slipped down against the wall and hid his eyes. His dad always said, don't cry, big boys don't cry, but it didn't matter. He was alone and he didn't know what was happening.

He heard the murmur of voices from across the room. The other two boys were waking up. What was his mom doing? She had told him to stay by the pool. She would be mad he had taken the money from her purse and gone for ice cream by himself. I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry. Come get me and I won't do it again. The tears flowed silently and he shut out the other boys whispering among themselves.

Ethan was startled when the floor began to move. The boy next to him stopped crying a moment and when he resumed the sharp cries gained volume. Ethan braced himself against the new movement and wondered where he was being taken. In the movies kidnappers asked for money and the parents paid to get their children back. Sometimes the police saved the children. Sometimes the really smart children got away. Ethan didn't feel smart like the kids in the movies.

He had been standing near the ice cream truck waiting his turn. He remembered that. The man kept ignoring him as he stood there trying not to get angry at the other kids getting their ice cream first. Finally the man had listened to him. He was tearing the wrapper off while he waited for his change and... then he couldn't remember anything else. The gloom concealed him a little from the other boys. It was a small comfort. Ethan was shy. His mom and dad scolded him if he did not put his bathrobe on when he went to the toilet in the morning. Conscious that the other boys might see his privates he turned away from them and shielded his nakedness. A few of the other boys spoke softly among themselves prompted by the boy who called himself Neville. Ethan paid little attention. He still felt a little sick and the smell of urine was strong. As the boy next to him switched to gentle sobs Ethan curled into a tight ball and closed his eyes. He drifted between sleep and fear-filled wakefulness as the floor beneath him vibrated and jostled his body. Time passed with a monotonous uncertainty.

Ethan finally surfaced as a shift in the motion pushed his body into the wall behind him. He was thirsty. It seemed like they had been moving for a long time. He also needed to pee. He realized he had been pinching himself for a while. It had started as a small discomfort, passed into an ache and now it had begun to hurt. It didn't seem right peeing on the floor. The space already smelled bad. "Hey kid, can't you talk?" Ethan stared back at the dark shadow at the other end of the room. He didn't want to talk to the strange boys. He just wanted to be left alone until his mom and dad came for him. He couldn't hold it in any more and peed. The hot pee spread across his thigh and he turned away from the other boys overcome with embarrassment and relief. He squirmed as the rough wooden floor beneath his butt became soaked. He tried to move farther into the corner where it was dry. The boys were talking again and occasionally a boy would raise his voice or one of them would laugh quickly. The conversation stopped abruptly when the boy next to Ethan, the one who had been crying before, violently began jerking at the chain in the wall. It frightened Ethan and he watched as the boy braced his feet against the bare wall and lifted himself free of the floor, his muscles quivered. "You can't do that. It's bolted to the wall. It would take a crow-bar to pull it out." Ethan agreed silently. The boy named Neville continued to add sharp and sarcastic comments until the straining boy screamed shrilly at him to shut up. The fat boy had the last word and everyone else fell into an uncomfortable silence. Ethan watched the boy settle back against the wall. He turned his attention to the other two boys ranged around the walls. One of them seemed older, like the boy Neville and the boy next to him. The other was smaller like him. Their eyes met and Ethan broke the gaze first. He guessed they were in a truck. He wondered where he was going and hoped his parents could find him there.

It wasn't until some time later that they stopped and the door opened. Ethan had no way of telling how long it had been. The truck would stop and he would wait in fear for the door to open. It would go on and he would be left oddly disappointed. He slept repeatedly, but he never knew for how long. He became desperate for water; more than he had ever imagined. He looked out the door and took in the large space beyond. Three adults stood outside with Halloween masks over their heads. The grotesque masks frightened Ethan instantly. A figure with a twisted face hauled herself up into the truck ignoring the complaints and questions from the other boys. She moved silently from boy to boy taping their mouths shut. Ethan shrank back when the woman returned to slip a bag over his head. He mewed convulsively behind the tape and stuffy cloth. She took the leather collar off and snapped a line to the thin chain around his neck. When she pulled on it he felt like he was being choked and peed himself. He understood that she wanted him to get up so he struggled to his feet and let her lead him out of the door. Someone stopped him and he was lifted down from the vehicle.

Everything was quiet and he shivered every time a hand touched him. The ground felt rough on his feet like cement and he thought he must be inside because there were echoes. He gasped when cold water hit his body. He could feel it play over him and he tried to push it away when it stung his peter. A hand held him firmly by the shoulder as he felt the end push against his butt. Finally someone threw a towel at him and he dried himself off. When he tried to wrap the towel around his waist it was taken away from him. He thought about his thirst as he was pulled toward another location. All that water and he never had a drink, beneath the stuffy mask he started to cry again. He stopped against the cold metal of a truck. "Just lift him up to me." It was a young voice, maybe a teenager. He felt hands pass him up and he was guided somewhere. "Just sit down on the floor and wait for me." He found himself sitting beside another boy and quickly shifted away from the close contact.

Ethan sat for a long time with the mask over his head. Even Neville was finally silent. With his eyes covered Ethan focused on the sounds around him. The adults spoke a little among themselves. They were waiting for something but Ethan did not understand what. Two of them were men and one of them seemed to want the teenager to do something with him. Ethan could tell because the man said "boy" and it was the young voice that replied. Ethan heard movement near him and then echoed footsteps moving away. The sound of the other man and women talking almost drowned out the strange animal grunting noises drifting across the large building. The sounds disturbed Ethan and he hoped that the man did not want to take him out too. The man talking with the woman made a joke to her about "fucking" the boy. It was a dirty word his dad used when he was angry, but Ethan did not understand. It was a soap word the older boys used when they jerked their hips at each other. It was the finger word. The woman snapped something back about the boy's age and used a big word Ethan did not know. They started talking about money after that until a cell phone rang and after a series of metallic noises an engine came closer. It brought a new voice that reminded him of the calm voice of his grandfather. Ethan strained to understand what was going on. He heard water splashing and then more movement in the truck. Somewhere close there was the sound of a struggle. Ethan thought the angry boy must be fighting the chain again. The tired voice of the teenager told him to settle down but the boy continued. A few of the boys began whimpering as the floor shook. A door had closed and the voices of the adults became muffled. Ethan could hear heavy objects being dropped and the scrapes as they were moved around.

When the bag came off Ethan was in another poorly lit room. He had been sweating under the bag and the moisture had loosened the tape across his mouth. His eyes watched the boy as he tugged the tape off before moving on to the next naked boy. Two more boys had been added to their number. The seven boys sat along the walls eyes following the naked teenage boy as walked past them to the far side of the room and though a rough door. The truck had begun moving before he came back to check on them. He tugged each boy's chain and checked the clip attached to a ring mounted along the wall. When he was done he turned to the boys and looked them over; his body swayed back and forth with the motion of the truck.

"We are going to be together for a while so let's get a few things straight. If you need to go to the bathroom ask me and I will take you to a toilet. Otherwise you puppies stay right where you are."

"Can I have some water?" Neville asked. Ethan looked at the fat boy. He was desperate for a drink too. The teenager looked at him a moment before answering.

"In a minute, my name is Peter."

"Have you been kidnapped too?"

"No, I'm just here to take care of you puppies."

"But we can see your face. We could identify you. You are supposed to wear a mask, didn't you know?" Ethan could see the teenager was tired of Neville's comments as soon as he was done.

The teenager named Peter ignored the comment. "Tell me your names." He pointed at the first boy along the line.

"I'm Walter Pearson." replied the boy softly.

"Just your first names" The boys went down the row and when he looked at Ethan, Ethan looked back silently.

"He doesn't talk." The teenager and Ethan looked at each other for a long moment before he skipped over him and took the other three names. He went into the other room swaying a little with the motion of the truck. When he returned he had seven bottles which he distributed to the six other boys. Ethan looked at the bottles enviously before turning his head toward the wall beside him. He started crying silently. "This looks like a dick." One of the boys commented. "Gross" But the boys all began sucking at the bottles.

Ethan felt the teenager's hand on his shoulder and he jumped a little. "Heel boy" Peter said softly as he unclipped the chain from the ring. Ethan felt a slight tug on the collar around his neck and got to his feet. Ethan let the boy lead him through the door and into the other room. It was crowded with cardboard boxes and a portable toilet like the one in the family camper. Ethan's eyes were fixed on the bottle of water with the strange top that the teenager picked up from one of the boxes. The young man sat and held the bottle loosely between his legs. "Are you thirsty?" Ethan looked into his eyes and then down at the bottle. The problem was he also had to look at the teenager's peter. It seemed big, but his body was hairless like Ethan's. Ethan wondered how old he was. The teenager's peter seemed to grow bigger as he stood there. He was getting a "stiffy" Ethan realized. "Tell me your name and you can have the water." The teenager pulled on his chain drawing Ethan between his legs. Ethan was stuck. He didn't seem to have the will to speak. Tears began dripping down his face and his nose started to run. "Scared?" Ethan sobbed once and then swallowed the sound as his shoulders shook. He wanted this to be a dream. The teenager took the long chain off his collar and pulled him into his lap. The ridged peter was squeezed against his leg as he felt drawn to the teenager's chest. He let his head fall against the warm chest and relaxed in the comfort of an older person's arms. The teenager stroked his hair until he stopped sobbing. Peter reached for a piece of toilet paper and wiped Ethan's nose carefully. "What's your name bright eyes?"

"Ethan" the boy whispered back. Ethan cupped a hand over his peter.

"I'm Peter, Ethan. Here, drink some of this. You'll feel better." He went back to stroking his hair as Ethan sucked on the broad head of the water bottle. The clear warm liquid washed the dryness away and left him feeling tired. "How old are you Ethan?"

The boy clutched the bottle to his chest before replying in the same soft whisper "six". He looked down at Peter's peter, he suddenly was struck by the word and realized that the top of the water bottle seemed to be about the same size as the teenage boy. He squeezed the cream-colored tip of the water bottle and the little plastic mouth opened as if it wanted to say something. Ethan froze when Peter let his hand wander down to Ethan's small penis and touch it. The touching stopped and Peter pushed him onto his feet. Ethan moved back a bit as the teenager moved to the small mattress against the wall. He lay down on it, his penis still hard and his nuts like large rocks tight against the base. He snapped his fingers and then patted the space beside him.

"Here boy" Ethan hesitated a moment and then came and sat beside Peter. Peter took the water bottle out of his hand and pushed him down until he was lying close beside him. Ethan watched Peter's face as the boy began to stroke his body. He played with Ethan's peter again. He made it hard and it tingled pleasantly. "You have a beautiful cock." Peter's penis lay heavy against Ethan's belly. "See it looks like mine." Ethan's eyes were drawn to his ridged dick. It seemed thin next to Peter's huge member. "What do you think?"

"Your peter is big." Ethan watched as the two rods touched and rubbed against each other.

"Call them cocks." Peter rolled the boy over on his stomach and began to stroke his back. Ethan rested his head on his arms and closed his eyes. The contact was reassuring. Peter's cock was hard against his leg and Ethan opened his eyes when the teenager shifted himself suddenly in a motion that spread Ethan's legs apart and allowed Peter to lay his cock along the length of Ethan's butt-crack. Ethan felt the cock stroking along his crack sliding deeper until it seemed to touch his butt hole. He didn't know what to do so he lay still. Peter reached down and pulled Ethan's belly up against the gliding cock pressing his butt into the dick.

It all ended with Peter groaning softly and jerking his body. Ethan felt hot spatters on his back. He didn't know what had happened but Peter's peter, his cock, had become slick against his butt. He lay still as Peter licked his back and even let his tongue slip along the crack of Ethan's butt. When he was done he rolled Ethan over and gave him a hug. "Hug me back Ethan." Feeling confused, Ethan gave Peter a hug. "Come, you need to go back now. Take your water too." Ethan grabbed the bottle and let Peter lead him back to the other room. Peter chained him to the wall again and Ethan watched him check on the other boys before he went back to his little room. Ethan lay down at his place and thought about what had happened.

Peter lay back down on his mattress and reached over for a bottle of water. He washed the taste of the man in the warehouse out of his mouth with the first swig. It was ordinary water. Not the laced water he had given the seven boys. He had dropped an extra tablet into the one he gave the noisy boy. He reached down and fingered a dribble of cum the man had left. He absently brought it to his lips. It was an old habit. It was tinged with red. The man had been rough. He took another swig to clear the fresh flavor from his mouth. This was his third trip with Gus. The small boys were predictable now. He would have to check on the one boy. He would probably try to get out. The others were adjusting to the situation. Some were always shyer than others. Peter's thoughts drifted to the little one, Ethan. Ethan's eyes had caught his attention; every once and a while one of the boys would gain his sympathy. He shook the thought away. There was no choice. Gus had picked them all and there was nothing Peter could do to help them.

The boys had no sense of time in the truck. Peter distributed water and plain food whenever they were hungry. Sometimes the water was clear and other times it was cloudy with a hint of salt and sugar. When they drank from the cloudy bottles with their mushroom heads the boys felt happy and they got stiffies. They were self-conscious about it at first, and then joked among themselves. Eventually they stopped noticing it. The teenager would sit and listen to the boys as they talked among themselves. Ethan found he could talk when Peter was there. When he left them alone Ethan found himself lapsing into a silence where his fear became all he could think about. Peter took each of the boys into his room at one time or another. Ethan would watch the door and wonder if Peter was rubbing his cock up against them too.

Ethan got used to being naked. Between meals the boys were let off their chains and Peter would organize games or wrestling matches. Everyone except Neville got tired of sitting around all the time. Peter usually sat back and watched the play. Once while three of the boys were wrestling they noticed Peter laughing at them and they decided to jump on him. The three boys struggled to pull him down as he kept peeling them off his arms and legs. Ethan watched for a bit and then jumped on Peter's back. The four boys and their teenage prey collapsed to the floor of the moving truck. Ethan forgot himself enough to begin giggling with the other boys. Peter pulled him off his back and he fell to the bottom of the pile. Ethan wrapped his legs around Peter's waist and tried to push the heavy body off of him. Even without the extra weight of the other three boys he couldn't have manage it. He stopped giggling when he realized Peter had another stiffy. It was pressed against his belly and he could feel it rub against his own cock. Ethan stopped wrestling and became still. Peter looked at him and suddenly began rubbing himself. The other boys continued to wrestle at Peter but his arms were firmly planted on the floor and his legs were ridged. Ethan pressed his legs tight around Peter and their eyes locked. Ethan felt the spatter across his stomach and let his legs slip free. Peter froze for a moment before commanding the other boys to get off. They fell away laughing among themselves and ignored Peter as he scooped up the limp Ethan and carried him to the mattress in his room.

Peter laid him down and told him to lie still. When he stood Ethan saw that his cock was still big and that some of the stuff was still covering the little mouth of his cock. Peter looked at him for a moment before returning to the other boys. Ethan propped himself up on the mattress and looked down at the wet spots on his body. It seemed like jelly to him. He had talked about stiffies with his friends, but the jelly was unexpected. He glanced at the door where the sounds of Peter settling the boys drifted through to him. He put a finger in the jelly and moved it around a little. Peter had licked it last time so Ethan took a taste. It didn't taste like much. It was salty instead of sweet.

Peter returned and dropped down next to Ethan. Ethan watched him as he licked the spots off his body. He even licked Ethan's cock and nuts. It felt strange and Ethan shifted between the impulse to close his legs and spread them farther apart. He knew Peter was trying to make his cock hard. Peter was hard again. Ethan watched the cock bob near his face wondering if it would go off again. Peter stopped licking and turned to Ethan. "You are so pretty bright eyes. I wish you were older and I could taste your cum." Ethan realized that was the name of the jelly.

"It's salty"

"Like your tears, bright eyes."

"Why do you call me that?" Ethan watched Peter's face.

"Because your eyes shine; you are one of the sweetest puppies I have ever seen." He touched Ethan's face.

"I'm not a puppy" Ethan replied.

"Yes you are Ethan"

"I'm not a dog, I'm a boy." Ethan reached out to touch the chain around Peter's neck. It reminded him of the leather collar. He noticed the little metal tag with Peter's name written on it. "Are you a puppy too?" Peter shook his head.

"I'm a hound now." Peter touched Ethan's cock and nuts. You are going to be a beautiful hound too. Don't eat so much; start wrestling with the other puppies. I know they are bigger, but you want to be strong don't you?"

"You always give Neville as much as he wants." Ethan thought the boy was too fat. "He's the one that needs a diet and exercise." He lapsed into silence because Peter was playing with his butt hole.

"Neville is a pooch. He's a lap dog. Some people like that." Ethan's eyes widened and he gasped when Peter stuck a finger up his butt. "You are going to be a sleek hound like me."

"Where are we going?"

"To the kennel"

"Where is that?"

"I don't know."

"How long until we get there?"

"I don't know." Peter took his finger out and pulled Ethan onto his lap. "You need to go back to the others. I need to stop playing with you." Peter got up and put Ethan on his feet. He started toward the door with a quiet command, "Come boy, heel." Ethan watched him from the mattress, reluctant to leave the solitude of the room. Peter turned back at the door and snapped his fingers. Ethan followed him.