The following story is for adults and contains descriptions of sexual contact between males. If you are a minor, then it is illegal for you to read this story. If you find the subject objectionable, then read no further. All the characters, events and settings are the product of my over-active imagination. I hope you like it. Mail me or if literary analysis interests you visit Eliot's Space.


by Eliot Moore

Chapter Four

Table of Contents

Nine Point Three (Seventeen Point One)
Nine Point Four (Seventeen Point Two)
Nine Point Seven (Seventeen Point Five)
Nine Point Ten (Seventeen Point Eight)

Nine Point Three (Seventeen Point One)

In the end it was easiest for Vance to carry the drugged child up from the car park draped limply against his shoulder. The boy's light scent was tantalizing. Feel the burn Vance, it was unaccustomed excersize. At quarter to twelve he had counted on having the elevator to himself. It stopped with an unwelcome ping on the ground floor. The child's dead weight pressed against his throbbing heart as an older couple stepped in. Vance imagined the scene screamed abducted child. The husband gave Vance a cursory nod before resuming his conversation. His garrulous voice was abruptly checked by his wife's soft touch and a nod in the direction Vance's slumbering load. The woman smiled at Vance.

Vance offered her a strained smile. The child -- his puppy -- was heavy and any moment Vance was sure he would slither through his arms. You can hardly sling him over your shoulder in a fireman's carry. Don't drop him. You'll never be able to explain why he is unconscious. Vance cleared his throat. "My cousin's kid; mother just died; cancer. He's all played out."

"Oh the poor thing!" The woman whispered back.

They continued upward in silence until they reached his floor. He gratefully slipped past his unwelcome companions. As soon as the elevator door closed Vance let the heavy child slip to the floor. He lay twisted on the carpet as Vance attempted to get his breath back. After a bit Vance lowered himself down to the floor beside the child. Sean slept peacefully, arms by his side and legs splayed awkwardly where he had landed. Vance ran his fingers through the puppy's sweat-soaked hair marvelling at the blond waves. The puppy's chest rose and fell gently. Vance moved his hand down and brushed his finger tips across the worn fabric covering Sean's belly. He let his fingers walk the fabric up away from the nine-year-old's faded jeans and then stared at the richly tanned skin stretched over a small tummy. The puppy's slack muscles fell away to reveal a band of white underwear. The thin denim hinted at what lay beneath. Vance recollected his situation and gathered the child back into his arms before struggling back to his feet. After an effort he made his way down the hall, fumbled with the door combination and almost fell into his apartment when the door gave way.

With the door safely closed behind him, Vance struggled to get the slender body down the hall and into the bedroom he had prepared. Sean bounced once on the firm mattress and then lay splayed out on his back on the bed as Vance leaned against the wall trying to catch his breath. Friggin sack of potatoes, this kid; so fucking beautiful though. Vance's heart swelled with joy. The puppy might sleep for hours. Vance considered what needed to be done.

Vance was dripping from the unexpected effort. How long was the kid supposed to be out of it? He did not think he had much time. He wanted to be presentable when his little puppy regained consciousness. Vance decided to chance slipping away for a shower. He paused at the door. Should I leave him lying on his back? Is that safe ? Vance returned and rolled the limp boy onto his side and into a rest position. As a precaution, he pulled the pocket door closed behind him. It locked with a soft click.

Vance showered hastily. He was anxious to return to his new puppy. The steaming water revived him. Thoughts of the slumbering Sean revived him as well. He came out of his reverie with one hand flicking jets of stinging water across his groin and the other slowly massaging an iron erection. He smiled at the idiocy of his actions and slipped the shower head back on its bracket. His laughter broke loose as he rinsed off. The long wait was over, his dream had come true. None of the people he worked with, not even Moira would have understood the passion he was feeling or his overwhelming need to have this child accept the love he had to share. They saw him as an insular curmudgeon, something of an office drone; nothing to inspire passion in others. Some of his joy evaporated when he considered his pudgy reflection in the bathroom mirror. Worry creased his brow. How would the puppy react to him? He considered the problem a moment. He won't care. It came to Vance that children measured these things with a different yard stick. Vance was a man and the contours of his body were far less important to a vulnerable child like Sean than his reassuring strength and the security he could provide. Vance looked at his turgid organ still stimulated by the shower and the anticipation of Sean's available body. Sean would be captivated by his obvious masculinity and fascinated by the erotic world Vance would introduce him to. Vance would be the template of male love for the impressionable young boy. The breeder at the kennel had prepared Sean for physical love; Vance would teach him true love.

Vance settled on a black polo shirt and black slacks. The puppy Sean was still unconscious when he returned. There was some indication of life. Sean had rolled over and flung one arm out as if his small hand might gather in some comforting treasure. Vance wondered if the child missed some cuddly toy. Stop thinking of him as a child, he's a puppy. Donald's words echoed in his head. If you want an ordinary boy live in your imagination or risk everything for some kid on the street. There were things to do before his puppy awoke.

Vance sat beside his puppy and ran his hand from a boney hip down to a sock-covered ankle. The runners were old and scuffed. He pulled then off and massaged the damp soles of Sean's feet before tugging the socks off. He checked the puppy for a reaction as he held the socks to his nose to draw in the boy-rich aroma. He set the socks aside near the shoes and pulled Sean uptight with the front of his t-shirt. The tight fabric rolled free and Vance felt the thrill of his open palm against Sean's silken back. There was the softness of youth, but Vance was struck by the strong muscles he felt beneath the damp flesh. His puppy felt almost feverish. Vance wondered if it was the result of the medication he had been given. When the shirt came free of the puppy's head hair cascaded down about his face. Vance cradled the puppy and combed the hair back with his fingers before kissing Sean's smooth forehead and then laying him back gently. Vance chanced a small kiss that fluttered over Sean's parted lips. His foray elicited a flicker of a smile from the sleeping puppy.

Sean's torso was a lean wedge sheathed in young muscle. Vance's fingers traced a line around Sean's tiny nipples and moved down to the soft belly he had briefly explored in the hallway. Sean's lean flesh allowed for only the smallest pucker. It was worth a kiss and Vance reminded himself that he took no liberties. It took his breath away. This small creature would be totally open to him. Vance was suddenly sensitive to the brush of soft denim against his cheek as his tongue probed the cute belly button. He sat up and considered how he wanted to proceed.

This would so be worth a picture, or a video, but he had rules. There were never pictures. With Sean there would never be a need for pictures. Vance rolled Sean over onto his belly. The puppy's back was an erotic curve from sharply defined shoulder blades to the swell of his denim covered bottom. Vance licked his way down the crease of Sean's backbone. He relished the salty flavour of the tanned skin. Sean was still deep in his drug induced slumber. Vance contented himself with his solitary pleasure. Soon he would be able to tango with the puppy; lead him in an erotic dance and feel his body ripple and convulse -- feel the innocent wonder of his body coming alive to his own sexuality.

Vance's heart fluttered as he straddled Sean's thighs and caressed the worn jeans. The big reveal. He could not remember the last time he had felt this alive. His cock strained against the fabric of his slacks. It was ecstasy in slow motion. It was the long hour between waking and present time each long ago Christmas morning, Vance remembered it, and as the years went by he came to appreciate the sweet pain of anticipation. Sean's loose jeans and the white briefs beneath moved down an inch and the muscled swell of his two cheeks were revealed. Vance kissed the small of the puppy's back.

Vance continued his game until the pants hugged Sean's narrow thighs. The sight of the twin globes and the thought of the hidden flower were too much for him. Vance fumbled at his belt and tugged his slacks open. When his cock was free he planted his hands on either side of the puppy's shoulders and slid his aching member along the soft fold of the puppy's treasure. His scrotum rasped against the taught waistband of Sean's pants as he massaged himself. Sean's small body, his exquisite frame, jerked limply beneath Vance with each grinding thrust. Vance's naked member was alive. He spent himself across the puppy's back. He watched the thin trail glisten as he pulled his satisfied member down along one perfect swell. Poetry, perfection, Vance crooned to himself.

Sean's back still glistened with the residue of Vance's love when he finally drew the puppy's pants free. He took time to carefully fold the clothes his puppy had been delivered in and put them away in a drawer. They were worn. Vance imagined the breeder acquired them at some thrift shop. They were not really adequate. Inevitably his little Sean would need better clothes. He closed the drawer and turned back to consider his puppy. He was as he should be: free of the confinement of clothes. Sean could be uninhibited and natural at all times, Vance's little nudist. Vance understood the psychological rationale behind the nudity too. It set the boy apart and marked him as special from other boys. No matter how many toys Vance might let him play with, he really had nothing. Vance's eyes travelled up Sean's legs to the final mystery.

Sean rolled easily onto his back. When Vance paused to brush the tangle of hair off Sean's face he caught a slight flutter of long lashes. Sean crinkled his nose and then his face relaxed. He was surfacing finally. Vance turned all his attention to the puppy's miniature manhood. The man fondled the nine-year-old into an erection. He marvelled at the sight. The little cock thrust up and Vance enjoyed the sensation of its pressure against the palm of his hand. He touched the small globes hugging the root.

Sean shifted suddenly and the limp frame he had been exploring came to life. He felt the muscles gathering form and Sean was transformed into a dynamic presence in the room. Vance turned and found himself transfixed by a pair of glittering eyes that seemed to search his depths. He was disquieted by the intensity of the look and cocked his head. His hand squeezed the puppy's erection and Sean's body responded with a small jerk. The brown eyes never left his face. He resumed messaging the ridged member in a familiar manner that implied ownership. "Hello Sean, I'm your father."

Gus or Mel? Ethan watched the man wondering what the future held. Oh Peter and then it all came crashing down on him. Ethan closed his eyes as a spasm shook him. He recalled the long last night with Peter. Peter had kept him awake through the night. He had not known as he drifted to sleep across Peter's chest that that would be their last night together, but he had sensed a sort of desperation in Peter. The journey had been shattered fragments of consciousness recalling the long trip to the kennel. It had been a journey he had taken in solitude. During the long hours he had worried about his new home and the new father Gus said was waiting for him. In the darkness of the van he had cried for Peter. In the moving vehicle Ethan had held the blanket to his nose to draw the familiar scent. Peter was there in the blanket, but the memory brought him little comfort. Peter was lost to him and he was alone.

Ethan opened his eyes. The man, his new father, smiled at him. "You're beautiful Sean David Sylkuis, welcome to your new home." Their eyes met and his new father was the first to break contact. The man cleared his throat nervously and met Ethan's eyes again. There was an awkward pause between them.

Silence is dangerous, Peter's old fear, Ethan's mouth tasted bitter and he needed a drink of water. He forced his tongue around the dryness and after a swallow; he ventured his first word, "David?"

The man suddenly seemed embarrassed. "I like the name. It was the name of my best friend." Ethan nodded. It was just another name to get used to. "My name is Vance Sylkuis. You can call me father. I think it is important you show me respect since I am now your father. Do you understand?" Vance tugged gently on Ethan's testicles to get his attention.

"Yes sir"

"Try calling me father for a while."

Ethan lay completely still. Vance patted the bed awkwardly. Ethan sat up, rose to his knees and then sat on his ankles expectantly.

Vance was momentarily awed at the quickness of the boy's response. Gus had emphasized the importance of early physical contact so he reached out with a hand to stroke the puppy. He started with the damp hair. Sean's hair brushed his lightly muscled shoulders in a shaggy mane of straw blond waves. Sean flinched a little when Vance ran a finger along the curve of his eyebrow and down along his smooth cheek. Sean's deep brown eyes glittered back at him for a moment before they shifted away toward the hallway and the light beyond. "Come closer"

Sean shifted closer to Vance and stopped when his knee touched Vance's thigh. He quivered slightly when Vance began to use both hands on his firm chest and belly. Vance finally settled his hand on Sean's groin again. Sean's breaths became deeper as Vance massaged the small scrotum until the small testicles rose up tightly against the base of the puppy's extended penis. Vance had never had a boy this young and his own penis rebounded quickly from its earlier pleasure. He imagined the pleasure of the puppy's soft mouth enveloping his head. He continued to massage Sean as he reached for his pants with a free hand.

Ethan knew what he wanted. He leaned forward and helped the man open his pants. The man was big like Gus and Melvin, but he was cut like Peter. Ethan forced these thoughts away but not before he was washed away by another wave of longing. The man was ready for him so he leaned down and grabbed the cock in a tight fist and swallowed as much of the head as he could.

Vance closed his eyes briefly when the puppy made contact with his penis. The puppy's hand was clammy and pressed down against his scrotum. Vance's organ seemed massive against the small digits; it seemed to swell bigger as he watched. The puppy's mouth could barely contain his engorged head and he felt his body shiver as Sean's teeth made contact with the soft flesh. Vance had to resist the impulse to force his penis deeper down the nine-year-old puppy's throat. It was professionally done. When the puppy sat back up a little of Vance's semen, mixed with Sean's saliva, dribbled down the puppy's chin.

Vance was entranced by the glistening rivulet of his own semen sliding down the puppy's smooth chin. The puppy's lips seemed red and full after his exertions. He reached a finger out to scoop the dribble and returned it to the puppy's mouth. He liked the feel of the puppy's soft lips and tongue enveloping his finger in their warm embrace. The puppy met his stare with his brown eyes briefly before letting them drop to the floor. Well trained, the thought saddened Vance suddenly. He searched for the innocence in Sean's face and imagined he saw nothing but a sad resignation. There would be no gentle initiation into the ways of love and the power of Sean's sexuality.

The man reached out suddenly and thrust his fingers into the tangle of hair. He brought the boy's head up and forced him to meet his searching gaze. Vance read Sean's surprise. He pulled him quickly forward; Sean's hands instinctively reached out to his chest to cushion the forward motion, and Vance kissed the soft lips. When he broke the kiss, he held the boy's head close and felt Sean's soft breath caress his mouth. Sean settled back on his heals when his hand slipped away. Sean sighed gently and their eyes met. Vance finally found the innocence he was looking for. He read the anxiety in the child's eyes. Sean's trembling hands clawed at his thighs. Vance smiled a reassurance at the young boy. Sean was searching for reassurance. It warmed Vance's heart. It was as he thought; he did have something to teach his puppy.

"There you go, come give me a hug." Sean came readily forward and accepted Vance's embrace. Vance held him close. "You have had a long trip and everything must seem strange. It is very late; best to sleep again." Vance pushed Sean reluctantly away. His puppy obediently lay back down on the bed. "Sleep well Sean."

Thin arms circled the pillow and the small head burrowed into its softness. Vance cupped a soft mound and then let his fingers slip between the warm fold protecting his puppy's flower. Vance felt a tingle down his back. He cursed the necessity of the day's work and knew each quiet moment during the day would be an agony of anticipation. He focused on the erotic curve of the buttocks. Soon it would respond to his probes with eager anticipation and the puppy would strain for release.

"I have to leave you alone for the day. When I get back we can get to know each other better."

"Yes sir," the voice was muffled by the pillow.

"I hope you can get used to me being your father."

"Yes dad"

"Dad is disrespectful. I am your father now and I always expect your respect." The child was older than he had hoped for. Young boys this age could be so disrespectful to their parents, he saw it all the time. There would be problems if Sean began to think there was no control.

"I'm sorry father" Vance reluctantly suspended his probing. What did he know about raising a boy? He was suddenly tired. He slid the pocket door closed and flipped the lock. He had whiled away the long months waiting for Sean renovating the room by himself. He was all white-collar now, but it was good to know his early training still remained. His bed called to him. There was time for a few hours of sleep and then he faced the start of a long and frustrating day.

Sleep eluded Ethan. Thirst drove him from the unfamiliar softness of the bed. He sought the small bathroom sink and slurped cold water directly from the tap until the rasp in his throat was finally soothed. A blue plastic cup caught his attention. He experimented, carefully filling it. After trying a small sip, he dumped the remaining water and cautiously returned the cup to where he had found it. His reflection surprised him. He didn't look like himself anymore. His eyes seemed smaller and his face was thin. The mop his mother had favoured had been replaced by a mass of hair that fell across his face and tangled in broad waves around his shoulders. He watched himself as his hand ran down the hard surface of his chest and stomach. As Neville had gotten softer, Ethan had gotten stronger. Ethan wondered how Neville was doing. There was a toilet with paper, and when Ethan tried it, he found the water in the shower ran hot. He had a towel. Ethan paused to consider the features of the strange boy in the mirror once more before taking another long pull from the water tap.

Ethan was disappointed to find the window had been frosted. He tried to imagine the view beyond the heavy glass. A shelf above a small bare desk held a few binders and a small collection of books. He glanced at a few titles, Lord of the Flies, Oliver Twist; he flipped one open and quickly lost interest as complicated word piled on complicated word. He returned the book to where he had found it. There was nothing on the walls. Ethan took a fistful of blanket and pulled the soft fleece off the bed. The blanket trailed behind him as he moved to the corner farthest from the door. Ethan huddled on the floor for the rest of the night wrapped tightly in the blanket.

Nine Point Four (Seventeen Point Two)

Vance found Sean sleeping with a dildo caught between his sweet cheeks. He stood in the door admiring the athletic curves of the puppy's body. He stepped into the room and turned off the television and Xbox Sean had left running when he dozed off. The floor was littered with games. Vance sighed and took a moment to stack them neatly beside the flat screen. One of the binders stuffed with downloaded stories lay face down the small writing desk. Vance glanced at the contents to see what story his puppy had been reading. He neatly folded a corner of the page and closed the binder. Sean's literacy was appalling. Not much of a surprise perhaps. Vance's favourite childhood books were too hard for the puppy. Vance tried to set aside time each night to read together.

Sean had turned out to be high maintenance. The small nine-year-old body seemed to vibrate with energy. He was too well trained to complain, but Vance was aware his puppy was bouncing off the walls during the day. Another sort of man might wrestle with his boy or shoot hoops in the park after work. Vance never felt up to that. He needed his quiet time. He realized his need for Sean was confined to short periods and for the rest, he was quite content to have the puppy curl up beside him on the couch.

But Vance did need Sean. He was consumed by the enchanting waif. His body responded with vigour unparalleled by any of his casual relationships with women or the nasty moments with slutty boys off the street. Sean was freshness and warmth without the fear.

Sean stirred and the dildo fell away as he rolled on his back. Vance smiled as Sean stretched his body to shake off the sleep. He was so lean and well proportioned. The stretch defined his narrow ribcage and the childish concave of his tummy. He frowned slightly at Vance from between thin arms. Vance tweaked the small penis and then slid his hand between the puppy's tense thighs. Sean relaxed obediently.

Two weeks and Vance was still awed by Sean's presence in his life. The back of his hand brushed up over the puppy's crinkled package as he reluctantly pulled it free. He returned to the door and felt his desire for the puppy swell. He needed to possess him completely. "Sean come" The puppy came alert and rolled free of the bed. Sean assembled a hesitant smile; trust still eluded their relationship. Vance remembered to keep his voice gentle and snapped his fingers impatiently. Sean came at that and stood before him. What was the phrase? "Heel boy" Sean followed him out of the room and toward Vance's bedroom.

A short time later Ethan sat straddled across Vance's hips. The sense of fullness drained away from him as his father's manhood faded. It left him open and his father's fluids slid along one leg lubricating and then bonding his fine hairs to the coarse hair of the man's thigh. Ethan's groin mashed into Vance's dark thatch as he leaned forward and ran his fingers through the sweat-soaked hair covering his father's chest. Vance was still prostrate from his recent orgasm. One hand brushed Ethan's hair back only to fall limply to his side. Ethan caught the slight nod that signalled his father's desire to be kissed. He slid forward releasing the last of Vance's penis and covered the man's lips as best as he could with his own small mouth. Vance's stubble rasped against his cheeks. A large tongue invaded him for a moment. Two fingers slipped into him, came free and drew a cool trail up his back. The room was rich with the smells of sex. Ethan pulled away from Vance's mouth to catch his breath.

Vance rolled Ethan's light body off to one side and turned toward him. Ethan assessed his mood and opted to lie passively open to the man's endless curiosity about his body. "Always so silent Sean" Vance's large hand obeyed a compulsion to trace the grooves distinguishing Ethan's defined muscles. Thirty months in the Kennel had burned off the last of Ethan's childhood softness. Peter had loved the strength of Ethan's hard body but Ethan was unaware of his new father's lingering dissatisfaction with his lithe form. There was something savage and uncontrollable about Ethan's body that spoke to some hard core that might never give way and melt to be remolded in the fire of Vance's passion for the boy.

Ethan blanched slightly at the implied criticism.

"Do I make you feel good?"

Ethan considered the question. Peter had taught him to find pleasure in their play. Just being with Peter was a joy to the small boy. The hours roaming around the kennel helping Peter with his work were his best memories. Giving Peter pleasure had been his only gift it seemed. Ethan thought of the other puppies in the kennel. The puppies exchanged what they knew and as the days and nights dragged out in their punishing sameness they entertained themselves with all they had, their bodies. Indeed, Ethan knew how to feel good. "Yes" he reassured his father.

Vance's fingers began working on his penis and when it was strong they shifted between his legs to his swollen anus. Vance paused. "Tell me to fuck you."

"What?" Ethan looked at the man. His eyes were wide with surprise.

"I want to hear you beg me to fuck you." Ethan turned his head and stared out at the sunlight beyond the window.

"Fuck me." It was said without feeling and a small hesitation.

"Show some respect"

"Fuck me father"

"Be polite, always please and thank you"

"Please fuck me father" Ethan didn't understand why the man wanted him to say these things. Gus simply used him and he had learned to endure it silently. Melvin, well Ethan chose not to remember about Melvin. Peter and he had spoken what needed to be said between them and the rest was silence. The man kept rubbing his fingers against his bum hole so he guessed Vance wanted him to keep saying it. Ethan repeated the phrase a few more times.

"Tell me you want it in your boy pussy." Ethan wasn't sure what he meant by that but he repeated it anyway. The man was beginning to call forth memories of Melvin. Vance was frightening him.

"Father fuck me please. I want it in my boy pussy." Ethan's voice trembled. He was getting scared of the man's tension. He repeated the meaningless phrase over and over as the man pushing his fingers deep into him. The man groaned in a familiar way.

Vance flipped him over and his body fell to the floor with a crash. His father pulled him to his knees and then he was harshly impaled. The man sounded like he was having a hard time breathing and he started to tell Ethan to say more things to him. Ethan just repeated what he heard. He realized his bum was a cunt now. It took him a while to work that out. "Thank you for fucking me. Thank you for filling my cunt. I want to feel your spunk in my pussy please." When the man stopped talking to focus on his loving Ethan babbled a few phrases to keep him happy. Vance came with a rush then collapsed across Ethan's back with his heavy weight.

His father left him alone for two days. When he brought him back to his bed the incident on the floor seemed forgotten. Ethan thought a long time about silence and the way the odd words inflamed his father's passion. He introduced a few of the phrases into their play and he was rewarded by a smile.

He was resting on his bed he heard the doorbell ring. After a few minutes father called him to the living room. He had not been warned about visitors so he slipped the worn jeans and faded t-shirt on before he left his room. A man and an older boy sat in the living room. The man seemed younger than father and barely noticed him when he slipped in quietly. The boy sat on the floor and watched him as he sat beside father. "Clothes Russ" the stranger commented. The other boy stripped quickly and Ethan realized he was a young hound. The hound's father turned to where Ethan stood uncertainly waiting. "Come here boy." The man paused until Ethan stood beside him. "Christ Vance, look at these clothes! He looks like you picked him up behind a dumpster for a quick shag. It's been weeks since you got him. Didn't you take him shopping? Man I would be embarrassed to take him to McDonalds looking like that."

"We have not been out yet Don." Vance confessed. The man named Don gave his father a sharp look and turned his attention back to Ethan. "Off with this stuff anyway" Donald pulled the t-shirt over Ethan's head and simply tugged the pants down past his waist. The hound named Russ sidled up to him as he sat and suddenly nuzzled into Ethan's groin to taste him. "Back Russ; sit" Ethan watched the hound back off and sit down with his chin in his hands. "He's a cute puppy Vance. He'll make a sweet hound in a few years. Russ wants to play, what do you think?"

Vance had been to enough parties to enjoy this part of ownership. "Sure, go play Sean." Ethan looked at his father and then turned to the hound just as Russ reached him and pulled him down onto the Ottoman. Russ slipped quickly into Ethan's open butt and began vigorously pumping.

"Russ, slow down. You have plenty of time." The hound slowed down until he was almost still. The pair lay locked together as the two men talked together. After what seemed a long while Russ started whimpering quietly into Ethan's ear. "Cum Russ" Ethan felt the sudden frenzy of pumping and the flood of warmth that followed. Russ finally pulled out and started licking Ethan's butt. Despite the hound's youth, it was utterly different from play with Peter.

"The kid makes me so hot." Father commented. "Here boy, come" he patted his lap and pulled his erection free when Ethan climbed onto him. As Vance bounced the puppy on his lap Ethan mumbled phrases he had been taught. Donald frowned slightly at the sight. Russ and Donald exchanged a look and then the randy hound sucked his cock to distract him.

Nine Point Seven (Seventeen Point Five)

Russ rolled off Ethan and Ethan turned to look at the hound. "Does Donald take you outside?" Ethan rolled on his back and put his arms behind his head. Russ had headed for the bathroom to clean himself. "I miss going outside. I go out on the porch sometimes and sit in the sun, but I miss the woods. I walked around the island once. Did you ever walk around the island?"

Russ didn't talk much. He splashed water on his groin to rinse off the soap before replying. "Nope" he came in and sat beside Ethan before reaching for the Xbox controls. "Vance is really nice to you. You have some cool games here." Ethan rolled on his side to watch Ross as he played. They were locked into Ethan's room as usual. They were not to be trusted together alone in the apartment. "Have you been out at all?"

"Father says he will take me for a drive. The snow will be gone soon." Ethan was restless. He sat up and reached for a pad and pencil. He liked to practice writing and he was working on a picture of Peter. In the beginning he wrote messages to Peter. As the months passed it became harder to imagine they would ever reach him. "Father says he is having a party again." Parties discouraged Ethan. Father liked to see him play with the other puppies and hounds. They were all much older than him. Everyone seemed to use Ethan because he was so new.

"Donald takes me out all the time. We go shopping, movies, we swim and play in the park."

"I wish father would take me out."

"You're still little Sean. When you are older I bet he will take you out too. He'll probably take you to the Christmas party next year."

"What's the party?" Ethan put the pad to one side and watched Ross play.

"We go to the mountains and stay in cabins for a few days. There are puppies from everywhere. We get shown off and everyone plays with each other. Do you have any new games? I've played all of these." Ross dropped the controller and picked up a dildo. "Let's play again. I'll pretend to be Vance and you show me how you beg."

"No, I don't really like to do that."

Ross pushed the smaller boy over and sat on his chest. He twisted Ethan's nipple. "Stop Ross, that hurts, please. I'll play the game. Please Russ, fuck my cunt. Please, I want you inside me." Ross released Ethan's nipple and climbed off his chest. He made Ethan beg repeatedly before grabbing his cock and balls in one hand and ramming the bone deep into the puppy with the other. Ethan lay with his face on the bed. Tears blurred his eyes as Ross manipulated the dildo with rough tugs. Ross replaced the dildo with his own cock and pushed the little boy onto the mattress. He held him by his wrists and stretched him out as he dug into Ethan as much as he could. It felt good to fuck the puppy. Donald rarely let him fuck. Ross pounded at Ethan until he felt the orgasm burn through him. When he pulled his dripping cock out of the puppy he rolled Ethan onto his back. He began to suck the puppy's cock and bite at his balls.

Vance watched Sean carefully as he drove to the mall. Sean sat looking out the window with obvious excitement. It was time to train Sean outside and that meant finding proper clothes. Vance's outward control masked an anxiety that left him physically ill. He had delayed this moment as long as he could. Sean had gone willingly down the elevator to the quiet parking lot. It was later when they were in the mall that he knew he was in greatest danger. He's not my father . Vance saw himself standing helpless as suspicious clerks scrutinized him. A police officer listens to Sean's story and his life is ruined. He turns his back for a moment and the boy runs off. Each intersection is an invitation to turn the car around.

As he had hoped, the mall is nearly empty. He didn't want to complicate things. Sean seemed disoriented but he stayed close to Vance as they traveled his carefully planned route to Blue Notes. Sean seemed delighted with the selection and Vance talked calmly with the clerk while Sean tried on a variety of colourful outfits.

Afterward, Ethan bounced down the mall in his new runners. Father had let him wear one of the outfits he had picked. Everything seemed so bright and busy. He had forgotten what it was like to be surrounded by strangers. There were few kids in the mall. They passed the food court and he breathed in the aroma of the fast food. His stomach churned at the thought of fries and a hamburger. He turned to look at the food and bumped into someone, "Watch where you're going Sean!" He turned back and stared up at the blue uniform of the security guard. The woman smiled down at him.

"What's this? Not in school?" Ethan couldn't think what to say and simply stared back the woman.

"Oh, you know how it is; appointments" father replied for him. Ethan felt father's hand grip his shoulder and he led Ethan away toward the car. Ethan saw a game store and his feet dragged as he studied the display carefully. Vance noticed his interest. "Let's buy you a new game." He followed father into the store. "Take a look around boy; see what you like."

Vance gratefully sank down onto a ledge and trembled as he pulled a tissue out of his pocket. He took his glasses off and cleaned the lenses with shaking fingers. He knew he was sweating profusely. Rivulets dripped down his back. He watched his puppy wander the store puzzling out the descriptions on the backs of the games. The salesman approached Sean and asked him if he needed help. The puppy stared at him for a moment shyly before asking a question about the game he was holding. The trip actually seemed to be going well. Vance's heart slowly returned to its normal pace. Sean seemed to be torn between two games so Vance joined him at the shelf. "We'll take them both" he told the salesman. Sean rewarded him with a smile.

Nine Point Ten (Seventeen Point Eight)

Gus had started taking him on the summer hunting trips when he was thirteen. The summer months in the city became the focus of his year. He dreamed of being free. Gus planned on leaving him behind soon. He didn't think Gus realized he had said anything. In one of his rare evenings with the hound he had mumbled that he could trust Peter to run things on his own better than he could trust Mel. It made Peter sad. The seventeen-year old would miss the world. The kennel held nothing for him now.

It struck suddenly while he was sitting on the rocks watching the birds play with the waves. He was not happy with this bleak future. In fact he was quite the reverse. The winter had been long and lonely. He missed Ethan terribly. There had been other friends over the years. When he was eight and nine he had cried when each of his friends was taken away. When he first came into his manhood it had been exciting to play with the boys. For a time his companions meant nothing to him and he used them as freely as Gus or Mel. As he grew older he realized he was alone. The boys became younger and he got less pleasure playing with them. The constant passage of the boys left him indifferent. Ethan was different. All the boys needed his sympathy and attention. It became a satisfaction to him to fill their need; but Peter loved Ethan. The tears clouded his eyes and his grief competed with the anger. He thought of all the strange and esciting cities and towns he had passed through, and he thought about where Ethan might be.