Sergeant Lilli's Pet

The first of the spring sunshine shone down on the 13th squad and their chatter was as bright, the men enjoying a moment of peace. Sam, a young camp follower attached to the squad, smiled at the jibing going back and forth between the men as he cleaned and oiled a suit of armour. The soft squeak of the rag against the now shining armour was a somehow reassuring undertone to their faux heated arguments. A good day, this.

"Oh, Sweetlips!" a female voice called mockingly from outside the camp.

Sam's smile slid from his face, and he resolutely kept his gaze on the armour and rag as he heard the squad sergeant approaching him, mainly from the low sniggers now being shared amongst the men more so than her footfalls. It was a tell-tale sign Sergeant Lilli had eyes on her oft used prey, Sam. If only her name was suggestive of a sweet nature...

The squad called her "Hellion". Appropriately so.

Her armoured feet now looming into his vision, Sam quit his pathetic pretence and looked up, face burning, into her face. A seasoned soldier of over a decade, Hellion had picked up a few nicks, as well as a bit of age. But it somehow only improved her wicked, often smiling face. As it did now fairly smirk down at Sam. Sam noticed the bundle of clothes or rags, perhaps, in her arms, but said nothing. Much like not looking at her, he hoped this would somehow dissuade her from further tormenting him.

Of course, it did no such thing. "Aw, shining my armour, aren't you such a sweet thing?" she gushed loud enough for the surrounding soldiers to hear, their laughs louder now at their sergeant's teasing. "Well," she continued, her voice going low and husky for Sam alone, eliciting her wished for reaction as his cock swelled to its pitiful full two-inch length in his trousers, "follow me into my tent, and I'll reward you. Come on, now."

It was always framed as a suggestion, or a request at times, but it wasn't; amply proven be her reaching down and dragging him to his feet by his shirt, and then leading him into her tent.

Her tent wasn't a whole lot bigger than a private's, but enough that she could stand at her full height, which was half a head higher than Sam. She pushed her burden into Sam's arms, shocking Sam with its softness. "Go on!" she urged, laughing, "look at it!"

Sam's face, if possible, fell further as he shook out the garment to let it fall, revealing it for... a red, short stain dress. Sam's ears fair rang with the blood pounding in his face as Hellion laughed at his reaction, for, as they both knew...

The dress wasn't for her.

"Strip," she said simply. Sam looked at her to find her face now flushed, biting her lip as she looked at him in his eyes.

Most men would refuse this. But most men hadn't been claimed by Hellion the way Sam had. On paper, he was attached to the full squad as a servant, in reality Hellion had quickly made him her own slave, having him see to her needs first before any other. At first, reasonable enough ones; oil her armour, whet her weapons, fetch food or drink, set up her tent... soon they became depraved. Though never anything to do with his cock; when she first saw him naked, "standing to attention" as she called it at the sight of her also bare, she'd laughed and made it crystal clear to him at that moment; she, as well as any other woman who'd ever see him, wanted him for his mouth and meekness. Nothing more.

She'd stayed true to that embarrassing promise. He only ever touched her with his mouth (and sometimes hands, though that hardly made it better), a fact she enjoyed sharing with the troops and her frequent lovers. She'd worked on his mentality, making him more servile by the day, to the point now where, when fronted by a command to strip, with the obvious insinuation it was to don the none-too innocent looking dress in his hands, he couldn't help but think of the alternative; another (literal) dressing down in front of the squad and any nearby soldiers looking for a distraction, being put across her lap and being "disciplined" with the leather sap she kept until he wouldn't sit without pain for a week.

And the answer was obvious. "Y-Yes, Sergeant Hellion," he mumbled, shaking as he laid the dress down on the tent floor carefully. She at least had closed the tent flap, he reflected numbly, undressing himself quickly by the now lit wick of her lantern (doing a task slowly or obviously petulantly for Hellion was another sure way to invite punishment). Trying to ignore her laughter, he clumsily found the bottom of the dress, righted its orientation and drew it on, with some degree of effort (it was skin-tight), finding it came down to his mid-thigh. Finally, he stood upright for her, painfully conscious of how his "little soldier" (another one of the endearing things she called his cock) tented it. Even if it was a slight tenting.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed, bursting out laughing at the sight of him. Sam stood trembling as she slowly calmed herself down. "Well!" she finally sighed, clearing her throat after her hilarity, biting her lip for a moment again as she drunk in Sam's profile, "you can get to disrobing me, Sweetlips."

Sam mechanically did as he was told. First untying her armour, then drawing off her clothing, trying not to stare at her firm, fit body, finishing his task as always with her boots, and as was tradition, while drawing off the second one, she arched her leg right up close to his face. He couldn't help but look up at her as she stared down, her eyes and mouth hungry, as she purred, "Kiss me and tell you who you worship."

"You, Sergeant Hellion," Sam said without hesitation. And it was, if even, merely half a lie; he had come to worship her, as perversely as she treated him. As she inspired her soldiers with her barely contained ferocity in battle, so had she had captured his soul sexually. Sam had begun, piece by piece, to crave the humiliation she heaped onto him. Finding no other thought got him hard anymore. He found himself having both waking and sleeping thoughts of servicing her orally...

"There's a good little girl," she purred, her emphasis unmissable. She allowed him to draw off her second boot, and then eased herself down onto her back, spreading her legs out wide. Sam stared at her trimmed (another task he saw to) sex, silently begging her to give the order.

Which she did. "Come here, Sweetlips!" she almost sang, rubbing herself down there to direct him. His scramble brought a fresh scornful laugh, but as his mouth pressed down hungrily onto her, she let out a soft breath, and her hand gripped a handful of his hair, the other pressed at the back of Sam's neck, making sure he knew where to stay.

Needless, as far as Sam was concerned. The sweet taste of her took over as always. He licked and kissed at it nearly frantically before settling in for slow movements of his tongue, licking inside of her as far as he could, flexing his tongue with every withdrawal. Though he wasn't aware, lost in the taste and smell of her, Hellion's moans filled the tent, and her grip grew gentler on his head and hair, almost stroking him like a pet as he serviced her, his small, girlish hands rubbing her inner thighs slowly.

Sam could've (and in the past had) happily stayed there for hours, except for Hellion suddenly pulling his off her. He looked up at her, dazed and confused for a few moments, before realising she was urging his gaze behind himself with her eyes. Her hands eased their pressure enough to allow him to look around, laughing at his gasp.

Kaldar, one of the soldiers of Hellion's squad (as well as one of her frequent lovers) stood grinning inside the closed again tent flap. He'd already stripped down to just his trousers, and as he bent to that task, looking up at Sam and Hellion in turn, he said, "Hello, my little cute thing... and Hellion, too."

Sam just stared at him, their laughter ringing in his ears. As always with Kaldar, and indeed with all the men Hellion fucked, he was struck by just how masculine the man. A wide jaw, muscular body, over six feet tall... and with a cock over three times the length of Sam's pathetic two inches, and much thicker. This feeling of inferiority to these men, normally reinforced by watching them fuck Hellion after "preparing" her pussy for them orally, was made even worse for him wearing the flame red dress he now became aware of. Slouching as if to somehow hide himself from Kaldar only made them laugh harder.

"I invited Kaldar here to join us for the evening, Sweetlips, you don't mind, do you?" Hellion asked. Obviously a rhetorical question, she didn't wait for Sam to answer. "In fact, I proposed a little idea of mine to Kal here... want to guess what it is?"

Looking up from the tent floor, he gaped as he watched Kaldar massage his thick, half hard cock in his calloused right hand. The man was grinning down at him. Slowly, horribly, Hellion's insinuation became clear to Sam. "P-Please, Hellion..." he began stutteringly, only for her hand to grip tight at his throat from behind, stopping him. "Now, now," she warned, her voice carrying a fury even while whispering in his ear, "Kal here is our guest... so do right by him."

She didn't wait for an answer after releasing him, rising behind him to pull the gasping boy onto his knees. Suddenly Kal's cock, now a bit harder, was very near to Sam's face indeed. The boy's body froze as he looked up the length of it, the man's rigid hard body and smirking face almost foggy in Sam's hazy vision past the gently throbbing mass so near to his face, his mouth...

Hellion's hand appeared on it around its hairy base, rubbing it slowly, as her other hand pushed him so it pressed against his face. "Look up..." she bid in his ear softly, his body responding as if hypnotised, gazing up at Kaldar's face. "Isn't he something?" she asked breathily, Sam nodding feverishly. "Isn't he so masculine? So strong?" Again, Sam nodded helplessly as the man smirked down, apparently happy with the situation and with letting Hellion take control.

"Isn't he so much more of a man than you'll ever be?" she whispered, her mouth so close to his ear he almost felt wetness against it. "Yes, yes! Yes, Sergeant Hellian!" Sam exclaimed, closing his eyes as his body shook.

"Then... ask him to fuck your mouth," she whispered, actually kissing his ear.

"P-Please, Kaldar, f-fuck my mouth, please sir..." Sam stammered, brainless against the surge of emotions and chemicals flowing through him right now, turning his head in Hellion's grasp so he could kiss the side of it.

"Well, how can I say 'no' to that?" Kaldar queried mockingly, chuckling. His hand came down against the back of Sam's head, his other replacing Hellion's on his cock as she released him and Sam. As Hellion rose and pressed her naked flank against Kaldar's, the man slowly, surely guided Sam's gaping mouth over and onto the throbbing, mushroom head of his cock.

Sam immediately closed his mouth, a touch painfully stretched, around the man's cockhead and then shaft as Kaldar pushed more of himself inside Sam's mouth. Sam was struck by just how different Kaldar's cock tasted compared to Hellion's pussy; where her sex was sweet, his was pungently strong, leaving Sam almost gagging as he became used to it. Once he did...

He adored it. It tasted like heaven. So strong and manly, he knew that nowhere on his own small, sleek body tasted anything like it, how could it? The sweaty, musky smell of Kaldar filled Sam's nostrils as he bobbed his head back and forth on it, just like he'd seen Hellion do, licking the salty, wet taste at the tip each time he pulled back, but then instantly wishing for more of it to fill his throat, caught between lusting for both.

Vaguely, he became aware of another hand now gripping his hair familiarly. Slowly prising his eyelids open, Sam looked up, not stopping his fevered movements on Kaldar's cock to do so. He watched Hellion, her head tipped back to do so, kissing Kaldar deeply, their tongues wet, glistening flashing between their fused lips occasionally, her free hand stroking his defined, muscular chest and collarbones.

A moment of purest envy and jealousy hit Sam then. Sam wished it was him kissing Kaldar in that moment, stroking his body... getting him wet before the man threw him down on his bed to fuck him!

As if to steal him away, Sam bent back to his task with renewed passion, striving to take in even more of the man's cock, to lick and suck harder at his cock. There was a sharper, tarter salty taste coming from Kaldar's throbbing member now, and Sam licked hungrily at it. A thrill went through Sam's body as he heard Kaldar grunt, "Fucking hell, that's good", knowing it was he and not Hellion he was referring to, moaning himself now around the man's cock, thrusting his hips minutely with each movement of his neck, his own cock throbbing.

"Like your new fucking hole?" Sam faintly heard Hellion ask Kaldar. "You trained him well, Sarge," the man grunted, the compliment sending another spasm through Sam's enthralled body. "You nearly done with him?" Hellion asked with sugar in her voice. "Nearly... done..." the man grunted, thrusting himself now into Sam's mouth almost violently, his hands gripping Sam's skull tight. Sam's own hands and arms drooped limply down his sides, surrendering all control to Kaldar as the man fucked his throated mercilessly. Kaldar grunted now in a new way, and Sam felt a thick saltiness flood his mouth, gagging on it, but the man held him there for what felt like ages as more of it flooded his mouth, so Sam instinctively swallowed, feeling the man's cum coating his throat as it went down. The grip softened and pulled him away with a wet sound from Kaldar's cock, something warm and gooey hitting the boy's face on the cheek. Sam, eyes closed, tilted his head up, tongue coming out, trying to blindly catch the stuff as it hit him again on the face. His throat working, he pulled back his tongue and tried to swallow the rest of what was left in his mouth.

Slowly, the sounds of his panting reached his previously deaf ears, as well as chuckling and near shrill laughing. Flutteringly, his eyes opened, and he stared up, completely spent, at Kaldar and Hellion as they laughed at him. The full weight of what he'd just done, so very willingly in the end, came to him slowly, and his eyes closed again, head drooping as he listened to settling down atop each other, the young boy forgotten, on Hellion's bedroll.