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It was another normal day.

Birds were chirping, people were moving from place to place and little Jamie was on her knees servicing her master.


Jumping the gun a bit here let's back up a bit to the beginning:




Jamie walked out of the school yard to head home, school had just ended and she was eager to get home and try out what her friend had told her about during lunch,

"If you rub your cunny just right it will feel really good" her friend had said.

Being only 11 years old Jamie didn't know much about sex or anything related to it, as far as she had known her cunny was where her pee came out and that was it.


The young girl arrived home and quickly went inside, her mom was at work still and wouldn't be home for at least another hour. Jamie went into her room,

dropping her bag near the door before pulling off her school uniform, she undid the buttons one at a time, the shirt slid over her shoulders and down her arms

as she went. Once the last button was undone she fully took the shirt off letting the cool air brush against her bare chest and dark chocolate nipples, the skirt

quickly followed leaving the preteen in nothing but her shoes and socks and a pair of pink cotton panties with little white dots all over them.


Jamie sat down on her bed and pulled off her shoes and socks, she then flopped onto her back and lifted her butt off the bed. Her thumbs slipped under the

waistband of her panties and pulled them down over her dark skinned butt, down her thin legs and off her feet before throwing it across the room.


The young girl laid along her bed and spread her legs; Jamie leaned forward to see her dark little cunny up close.

"This is the first time I have really looked at it" she said to herself,

Reaching down she rubbed a finger over her slit sending a shiver up her body

'Oh that felt different' she thought and she continued to rub her slit.

Good feelings washed over the little girl as she rubbed her cunny when she suddenly brushed her clit which sent a bolt of unexpected pleasure through her.


She continued to play with her small slit for the next half hour occasionally hitting her clit as she went which she quickly changed to rubbing it completely since

it gave her even more pleasure, pretty soon Jamie was shuddering and bucking her slim hips as she had her very first orgasm.

Jamie laid on her bed, her flat chest heaving as she came down from her orgasm, after a few minutes Jamie got up from her bed and got dressed into her normal clothes.


"Hi mom" she greeted when her mom came home from work,

"Hi darling" replied Jamie's mom putting her gear down as she came through the door "how was school?"

"Same as ever" said Jamie not wanting to tell her mom about what she had learned from her friend.

"That’s nice darling" said her mom.


The rest of the afternoon went as normal, Jamie's mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner and Jamie was in her room where she was meant to be doing homework.

Instead she was on the Internet looking up anything to do with sex, she couldn't believe all the stuff that was there (she had managed to disable the adult filter)

and soon enough ended up in a chat room about it after chatting for a bit with random people she was sent a request for a private chat;

Accepting it she began to talk to a person who with the name "sublover56".


Sublover56: hi there I see u have been asking about sex.

Curiousdark11: yeh I just want to know about it and stuff

Sublover56: well I would b glad to help out if u want?

Curiousdark11: rly? Cool!

Sublover56: so tell me what u want 2 know 1st?


The 2 continued to chat for an hour, Jamie learned a lot from her new online friend and soon saw that it was close to dinner time and said she had to go:


Curiousdark11: sry g2g dinner time.

Sublover56: ok no problem, I will give u my email and u can contact me again when u want to talk more about sex and stuff.


Sublover56 told Jamie his email address and she wrote it down and promised to email him soon before logging off. All during dinner Jamie thought about

what Sublover56 had told her about sex, he had gone over the basics like the differences between boys and girls and how sex works, he even explained

general sex acts like oral and vaginal sex and had promised Jamie that he would tell her more if she chose to talk to him again.


Just thinking about the conversation made Jamie feel all tingly between her legs and she couldn't wait to contact her new friend again, finishing off her

food the young girl helped do the dishes before going back there room and jumping back onto her computer and fired off an email to sublover56:


'I couldn't stop thinking about what u told me earlier and I would love to know more about sex and stuff'

Jamie thought about what else to say and an idea came to her mind, which she quickly typed down,

'I would love to know y ur username on that chat site was sublover does it mean anything?'

Finishing her email Jamie sent it and waited with anticipation for a reply.


She didn't have to wait long as a few minutes later she got an email from sublover56; giddy with excitement she opened it:


'I am glad u want 2 know more and I will teach u everything I can, as for my username on the chat site it relates to my fetish... A fetish is something that

 a person really likes that makes them feel good sexually. My big one is included in my name; I like girls and guys that love to be told what to do during sex,

ppl like that r called submissives; they feel good when being told what to do during sexual play. While I am what is called a dominate, who is a person who

likes to tell ppl what to do, during or outside of sex.'


Jamie took in what she read, amazed that people like to be told what to do, with another question she replied,

'How do u know if ur submissive or not?'

Sending off the email she waited for the reply.

Instead of a reply she got an IM request from her new friend so she accepted.


Sublover56: It is easier to talk like this.

Curiousdark11: oh okay.

Sublover56: u can usually tell if a person is submissive by telling them to do something sexual if they do it without question then they r most likely to be submissive,

y do u think ur submissive?

Curiousdark11: I don't know

Sublover56: ok how about I tell u to do some sexual things and if u do them without question no matter what the things r then u r probably submissive

Curiousdark11: um... Ok.


Sublover56 gave Jamie a short list of things to do:

1) Strip naked

2) Stand in front of an open windows and expose urself through the window

3) Take a picture of urself naked in the mirror with a piece of paper with ur username on it (don't have to show face but if u r truly submissive u will show it)

4) Send pic to me.


Jamie looked over the list with her mouth open, the first 2 she could do without much fuss but the last 2 she wasn't too sure on, getting out of her seat Jamie

stripped off her clothes so she was naked

'Ok #1 is done' she thought before walking over to the window and standing right in front of it so that anyone looking into it would see her naked chocolate body,

'#2 done' she thought.


The young girl struggled to decide whether or not to do the third thing but something inside her compelled the girl to grab a piece of paper and write "Curiousdark11"

on it and a little note underneath it. Grabbing her iPhone she stood in front of her full body mirror she held the sign over her belly, Jamie aimed the phone and took

the picture with her head fully in the pic with a smile on her face. She then uploaded the pic onto her computer and attached it to an email and sent it to sublover56.

"I can't believe I did that" Jamie said to herself as she waited for a response,

And ding sounded and Jamie looked at the IM that had arrived.


Sublover56: u look beautiful, such a lovely chocolate colored skin, and the answer to ur little not is "yes u r",

An image popped up in the IM, it was her pic, Jamie standing naked holding the sign that had her username on it and the note:

"I guess I'm submissive huh?"

You could clearly see Jamie's dark brown nipples and her smooth cunny in the pic. Seeing herself like this made Jamie feel an even stronger tingle between her legs, knowing

that a stranger had seen her naked.


Another IM came,

Sublover56: do u have a web cam?

Jamie replied that she did and a moment later she really received a video chat request, the young girl turned the cam away from her as she accepted the request,

on the monitor 2 video feed appeared, one was hers showing part of her room the other was of a man whose face did not appear in the screen.


"why don't you show yourself?" came the man's voice through the speaker

"I'm a bit nervous" replied Jamie into her own mike that was built into the webcam

"don't be" replied the man "now turn the cam and let me see you",

With shaking hands Jamie turned the cam back around letting sublover56 see her face and bare naked chest

"good girl" he said simply

Jamie smiled at the compliment she was given

"now how about you angle the camera down, spread your legs and show me your cunny"

The compelling feeling took hold again and Jamie did as she was told, she tilted the cam down and opened her slim legs giving the man a good look at her preteen slit.


Sublover56 gave her another order, this time to turn around, bend overall design show him her butt and butt hole. Following the order Jamie quickly displayed her dark

butt and slightly darker butt hole that seemed to wink at the cam.

Over the next hour sublover56 had Jamie do various poses and actions, what Jamie didn't know was that sublover56 was recording the whole thing for his private collection.


After doing a heap of poses and actions sublover56 unzipped his pants and pulled out a 9 inch cock which looked absolutely massive to the 11yo girl

"is that a penis?" she asked staring at it in wonder

"yes it is" came the reply "your cute sexy body made my cock hard"

Jamie didn't understand the word


"cock is another name for penis" sublover56 explained "the penis has many names, but you just need to know cock for now".


"the last thing I want you to do tonight is rub your cunny as I stroke my cock"

Jamie happily agreed and lent back in her chair, hanging her legs over the arm rests completely showing her now wet cunny.


The little girl began to rub her cunny and occasionally rubbed her clit which made her shiver and gasp, while on the screen sublover56 stroked his hard cock as he watched

this little girl be drawn into the pleasure of sexual play.

"that's a good girl" he said "rub your cunny for me"

"yes sir" Jamie replied speeding up.

Her fingers were almost a blur over her cunny and clit, quickly bringing her to the edge of orgasm and soon over it.


The little girl cried out a bit as she came, her body shivering in post orgasmic pleasure. Looking at the screen she watched the man stroke his cock

"her it comes baby" he said "watch me shoot"

Suddenly several jets of white cream erupted from sublover56's cock covering his chest and belly, Jamie watched in fascination,

"is that semen?" she asked remembering her earlier talk with the man

"yes" he replied "but I call it cum"

"cum" repeated Jamie.


"indeed" said sublover56 "now what town do you live in?"

Jamie was a bit taken aback by the question since she knew not to give out personal information online but she figured since he had seen her naked and doing naughty stuff

it shouldn't matter

"I live in Gamonda" she said

"I live there too" replied sublover56 "I would very much love to meet u in person, i will be at Fulshim park tomorrow at 2pm if you want to meet, sit by the toilets in a skirt

and top but no panties, when I see u I will lead us into the toilets".


Jamie couldn't believe it, an adult wanted to meet her after seeing her do naughty stuff, it excited her in a way and she simply replied,

"ok I might see you tomorrow"

"if u really are submissive I will see u there with no panties on, bye for now"

Logging off Jamie sat naked in her chair not completely believing what had happened today, she started by learning to play with herself from a friend and suddenly she

was letting a stranger see her naked and doing naughty things on web cam and now he had asked to meet her tomorrow.

"oh damn".