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After logging out of the chat Jamie sat in her chair completely naked still not believing what had happened today,

she exposed herself to a complete stranger and played with herself as he watched and gave orders.


She debated about going to the park tomorrow, struggling to do the good thing and not go or do the naughty thing and go to the park

and see the man she had just talked to. The naughty side won out as she was too curious about what the man might do if she showed up.

As Jamie went to sleep she pictured the man's large cock and what it would be like in person, these thoughts made her cunny wet again

but since she was worn out from everything she had done earlier she ignored it and went to sleep.


The next morning Jamie got up, slipped on a simple green top and a short black skirt that sat just above her knees, leaving the panties

out then headed into the kitchen. Her mum sat at the table in a loose fitting robe, little Jamie was use to seeing her mum half naked

since nudity was not much of an issue in the house, quite a few times Jamie had walked into her mums room and seen the older

woman in nothing but panties and she never got in trouble.


Fixing herself some toast Jamie sat at the table and started to eat

"I'm going out for a while today mum" she said taking a bite out of her toast

"ok dear, just be careful of strangers" replied her mum

Jamie nodded fully aware that she was meeting a stranger who planned naughty stuff for her to do that day.

"I will mum" she said out loud.


After finishing her breakfast she headed out to the park, the man wasn't going to be there until 2 o'clock so she had time to walk about,

the knowledge that she was out in public with no panties on made the girl feel naughty and excited at the same time. Arriving at the

park she walked along the trail for a while which took her till lunchtime where she went to a vending stall and bought a hotdog to eat,

she sat under the shade of a tree near the toilets sublover56 had said he would come and get her.


Jamie finished her lunch and sat waiting, she didn't have to wait long as a man about 50 years of age walked up to her wearing shorts,

a t-shirt, a hat and sunglasses and said

"hello Curiousdark11, follow me"

The little girl was startled that the man knew her chat room name, but then realized that he must be sublover56. So getting up sheet

followed the man out of the park and to the public pool on the other side of the street

"um I thought you were gonna take me into the toilets at the park" Jamie said as they reached the pool,

"I decided it would be too risky there" came a reply.


Sublover56 lead Jamie to the change rooms and ushered her into a handicap change room before coming in and locking the door behind him.

"lift ur skirt" he said facing Jamie "show me you followed my order"

With a blush on her cheeks Jamie gripped the edge of her skirt and lifted letting sublover56 see her dark slit up close and in person.

She didn't understand why but she felt compelled to obey the man before her.


"good girl" he said removing his sunglasses and hat,

With a slight gasp Jamie recognized the man: It was her neighbour from across the street, Mr Duncan.

"Mr Duncan?" Jamie gasped "it's you"

Mr Duncan smiled

"glad you recognize me, Jamie" he said sitting on the seat by the handicap shower.

"I didn't know you like little girls Mr Duncan" said Jamie walking up to him

"not all little girls" said Mr Duncan "just you, when I saw you in the picture you sent I couldn't believe it. My cute little neighbour who

I watched grow up was posing naked for me even though she didn't know it".


"I just had to see more so I made you go on camera and perform some naughty poses for me and I just had to jerking off"

"jerking off?" asked Jamie "oh you mean masturbation, you told me about that"

"yes I did" replied Mr Duncan "now if you're still willing to do stuff with me; I want you to strip naked right in front of me, and you

will then stand with your legs apart and your hands at your side".


Jamie felt tingly all over her body as she obeyed her neighbour; she pulled her top off showing Mr Duncan she bare nipples before undoing her skirt,

letting it drop around her feet. Since she wasn't wearing panties she stood completely naked in front of the man, kicking the skirt away she took the

position she was told; legs spread to shoulder width and her hands at her sides giving Mr Duncan a complete view of her naked front.


Mr Duncan's eyes travelled up and down the naked girl taking in her preteen beauty,

"turn around and bend over" he said

Without a word Jamie turned around and bent as if to touch her toes, now bent over Jamie gave the old man a perfect view of ur small ass.

Not saying anything Mr Duncan Reached up and grabbed Jamie's dark as, making the little girl gasp in surprise but remained in position.

Mr Duncan groped and squeezed the twin orbs of dark flesh in front of him, spreading them wide so he could see Jamie's puckering back hole.


Mr Duncan finished playing with the little girl's ass and released Jamie allowing her to stand up, without a word he stripped out of his clothes

and revealed his hard 9 inch cock. Jamie stared at the large piece of flesh bobbing in front of her face,

"time for you to learn some new stuff Jamie" said Mr Duncan sitting back down, his legs spread.

"what will I be learning Mr Duncan?" asked Jamie, her eyes still on the older man's cock.


"get on your knees between my legs" he simply said

"yes sir" Jamie replied dropping to her knees and scooting up between Mr Duncan's spread legs

"take my cock into your hands"

Reaching up Jamie tentatively grasped the man's cock which jerked slightly as she touched it; the sudden movement startled the little girl

and she yanked her hand away making Mr Duncan laugh.

"no need to be afraid" he said "it is just happy you're going to play with it"

Nodding her head Jamie reached over and gripped the cock,

"it is hard but still a bit soft, it is weird" said Jamie giving the cock a bit of a squeeze.


Mr Duncan instructed the girl to gently move her hand up and down the shaft; Jamie nodded her head and did as she was told,

and she gripped the cock lightly and moved her hand up and down.

"that's it baby girl just like that" he moaned as Jamie jerked him off.

"so I am doing good?" asked Jamie looking up at the older man.


"oh yes you are doing very well" replied Mr Duncan" but now I will teach you how to give a blowjob",

The naked girl looked at her neighbour in confusion,

"what is a blowjob again" she asked still stroking the cock in her hand "I think you told me before"

"I have, it is when you sucked on a cock like a lollipop" explained the older man.

"oh yeah" smiled Jamie still stroking.


Mr Duncan instructed Jamie in what to do next; the little girl held the base of the man's cock and leaned forward so it was just millimetres

from her mouth. Mr Duncan felt the girl's hot breath on the head of his dick,

"give it a kiss" he said.

"yes sir" replied Jamie leaning in and planting a kiss right on exposed cock head making the man groan.

Jamie pulled her head back

"was that ok?" she asked

"perfect" Mr Duncan said "give it another kiss then pick my cock from the base to the head"

Jamie did as she was told; she planted another kiss on the head before tilting the cock up, leant down and stuck out her tongue.


Jamie's tongue touched the older man's cock and she slowly ran it up the shaft until she reached the tip where she gave it another kiss,

which made Mr Duncan moan a bit in pleasure

"how was the taste?" he asked

"it was nice" replied Jamie

"good, now I want you to lick my cock again then take the head into your mouth and sucked on it".


The little girl nodded and went to work, giving the cock another long lick. Her small pink tongue ran along the underside of the shaft

and over the tip of the head before she opened her mouth and slid the large cock between her dark lips and into her eager mouth.

Mr Duncan moaned as he felt His cock enter Jamie's hot mouth, the little girl felt him place his hands on the back of her head and push

her further onto his cock so that she had the head and an inch of the shaft inside her mouth.


After being given more instructions Jamie went to work and started to sucked on the cock like she would a lollipop or an icy-pole,

even using her tongue to lick it at the same time, electing a moan from Mr Duncan.

"good girl" he groaned "keep that up and try to move my cock in and out of your mouth as you suck",

Jamie nodded her head without taking her mouth off of the cock. Lightly popping her head up and down on the shaft as her tongue

danced around the cock head.


Mr Duncan gently guided Jamie's head up and down his cock and slowly was able to fit another half an inch inside her mouth.

Jamie eagerly sucked on the hard cock hoping to please him, after several minutes Mr Duncan grunted,

"I'm gonna cum soon Jamie" he groaned "I want you to keep sucking".

Jamie just nodded and doubled her efforts, moving her head and tongue faster sending more pleasure through the older man's body,

"that's it baby" he groaned "I'm gonna cum".


Jamie's eyes widened as she felt Mr Duncan's cock jerk inside her mouth, and she gave a muffled cry in surprise as the cum shot out,

hitting the top and back of her mouth causing her to gag a bit as she swallowed it in a hurry. Mr Duncan pulled his cock out of Jamie's

mouth and launched a couple of volleys of cum onto her cute face which stood out against her dark skin.


"how was it?" asked Mr Duncan, his cock slowly going limp.

Jamie finished swallowing the cum in her mouth

"it was weird when it first shot out but it tasted yummy" she said "kinda salty and sweet at the same time",

"well you got some on your face you can eat too" he pointed out.

Jamie scooped up the cum and ate it with a smile "yummy".


The little girl quickly took Mr Duncan's withered cock into her mouth and sucked it clean for him, which he loved since she did it all on her own.

When she finished cleaning his cock Jamie sat back on her knees with a big smile on her face,

"did I do good Mr Duncan?" she asked

"you did great" he replied "I think we better get moving since we don't want people to get curious about why we have been in here so long"

Jamie had a disappointed look on her face

"aren't you going to make me feel good too?" she asked

"we will head to my house and I will gladly make you feel good".


Jamie's face lit up with a big smile

"ok" she said getting up, grabbing her clothes and getting dressed,

Mr Duncan did the same and once they were dressed the older man unlocked the door and looked out, seeing the coast was clear he lead

Jamie out and to his house for more play.

Jamie was so happy to be learning about sex first hand and happily followed her neighbour to his house,

'I wonder if he is going to put his cock inside my pussy?' she thought as they walked along the foot path

'oh golly'.