The Receptacle

I was sitting on the chair in our bedroom looking at our marital bed. There was my beautiful wife Karen, with her head thrown back, mouth open and her lovely long legs obscenely spread wide open while a tall muscular man was between them, pumping his huge cock in her wet, slick cunt. I watched Karen moan with pleasure I had never been able to give her. A sick, sad feeling growing in my stomach as I waited for the signal for me to perform my role in this sick, kinky affair.

I was a typical geeky, nerd kind of guy who had become rich starting a software company several years ago. My time spent in front of a computer had left me pretty soft and I was never considered handsome. Women never even gave me a second look. Two years ago I hired Karen as a contract technical writer for a software manual update. She was smart, confident and stunningly beautiful, way out of my league. When she suggested we go out for a drink after working together for several weeks, I jumped at the chance. We began spending more and more time together after work and then on weekends. Karen always took charge and made the plans. That was fine with me, after being the boss all day at work, I was relieved to let someone else take charge. Little did I know how in charge she would be.

The first time we made out, I unzipped my pants in front of Karen and as she touched my cock I immediately came and spurted semen on her chest. I had always had a “short trigger”, but her reaction shocked me. She screamed, jumped up and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door. I sat there stunned while I heard the shower running. When she finally came out I asked what happened, it was only cum. For the first and only time in our relationship she let herself be vulnerable and told me the story of when she was a young girl visiting her uncle with her parents.

“I was 12 years old at the time when we visited my dad's brother and his wife. I never liked my uncle, he was always kinda creepy, giving me more attention than necessary. I was asleep on the couch in the living room when I woke up feeling someone standing over me. My creepy uncle was standing next to my head with his hard penis in his hand, slowly stroking it. I froze, not knowing what to do. I watched as he stroked his penis next to my face and then suddenly it spurted hot, slimy, white semen all over my face. I was so shocked I couldn't move. He stuffed his cock into his pants, zipped up and walked away. After a few weeks I got up the courage to tell my mother. From then on we never spoke of it again and we never saw my uncle or his mousy wife again. So because of that, I have this extreme aversion to semen and I can't have it on or in me, EVER.”

After that incident, Karen insisted whenever we began having sex I had to have a condom on immediately in case “I had another accident.” It was difficult because they would fall off until I found a size that would stay on me. Once I ejaculated in the condom, I had to wrap it in a tissue and take it outside to the garbage.

I shifted uncomfortably in my chair watching as Karen's new friend Scott picked her up and flipped her over so he could begin fucking her doggy style. Not only was I feeling humiliated, but ashamed as I knew I was hard. Watching my wife being defiled by a strange man right in front of me was turning me on. I quickly put on a condom before Karen saw me getting hard and I got in trouble.

After dating for awhile, Karen said she wanted to get married, but she had two conditions. First, she would not consider a per-nuptial agreement. Second, she didn't want to have children. I was so smitten and felt so lucky to be wanted by such a beautiful woman I immediately said YES. I didn't have much experience sexually with women before Karen. I thought I was pleasing her even though I wasn't exactly well endowed. She only ever climaxed when I went down on her. So I made that my specialty and licked her sweet pussy every chance I got. When I climbed on top and stuck my cock in her she would smile at me and try to look enthusiastic, but I could tell she wasn't into it.

After we were married, Karen stopped looking for writing contracts and spent her days playing tennis and working out at the gym. That was OK with me, I made plenty of money for both of us. I was happy and I thought she was too.

Then 3 months ago when I got home one evening, Karen dropped the bombshell that would change my life forever. She was sitting at the kitchen table and asked me to sit down, she needed to talk.

“Honey you know I love you and I love our life together. Its just I need more sexually, I need to feel filled up during sex and be handled by a strong masculine man. I know you try and I love when you go down on me, but I need more to stay married.”

I felt devastated, sick, afraid I would lose Karen. She said.

“Sweetheart, I don't want a divorce, just a friend or friends who can meet my needs. I don't want to leave you and I don't want to financially devastate you either with a divorce”. So I have decided I will be going out a few evenings a week and entertaining “friends” at home during the week while you are at work.”

At that point I knew I was screwed. She had choices, but I didn't. With no prenuptial I could lose the company and everything. I was going to be a pathetic cuckold and there wasn't a thing I could do about it.

So after that, Karen would dress up in hot slutty clothes, give me a peck on the cheek and skip out of the house on her dates 2-3 nights a week. I would spend my evenings alone watching TV and then lie awake till she came home. I told her early on I didn't want to hear anything about her “dates”, but she would climb into bed, straddle my face and force me to lick her pussy while she regaled me with how her lovers would fuck her, over and over. How Bob like to bend her over the balcony at his apartment and let her tits fall out for the neighbors to see, while he pounded her cunt from behind. Or Jim liked her to lick his asshole and jack him till he was hard enough to fuck her. Meanwhile, my face would be buried in her pussy smelling her fragrance and a man's sweaty body mixed together.

I watched Scott again flip Karen over on her back. He pulled her ass to the edge of the bed, held her legs up and spread them, plunging his cock back into her pussy. As I idly played with my little hard on I knew from the speed and intensity of Scott's thrusting, it was getting close and I would be soon be summoned by Karen.

The dynamics of our relationship changed once Karen began stepping out. In social situations she would go out of her way to humiliate me in front of others, particularly women. I would see her whispering to women and they would both look at me and giggle. For some reason this seemed to turn Karen on. Later when we would get home, she would demand I lick her pussy till my tongue was worn out and if I was lucky, she would let me cum into my condom. So not only was I a cuckold, but became a submissive cuckold. Even though it was killing me, I endured it because I loved Karen and knew I would never have such a beautiful woman again in my life.

After awhile when Karen would leave me home during her dates I decided to take care of my own needs too. I started watching cam girl sites, sitting in front of the computer, stroking myself without the hated condom on, while some cute young thing would perform for me. I would grab a tissue, squirt a load and carefully hide it so Karen wouldn't see or smell it. I felt I was kind of getting a little bit even with her. That is until one night when she surprised me by coming home hours early.

There I was sitting in the dark in front of the computer, watching a cute slutty girl playing with a dildo on the screen. I had my cock out, stroking it, a tissue close at hand, totally engrossed in the scene in front of me. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” Karen screamed as she walked into the room. I quickly shut off the monitor and pulled up my pants, my face turning ten shades of red. “How dare you cheat on me when I am off doing what is necessary to save our marriage”. How ironic I silently said to myself. “I am all you need, you pathetic loser. You could never satisfy a real woman with that little wiener of yours”. Then she stomped off into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. For the next two days I got the silent treatment.

I knew she had a regular date with Scott, a personal trainer at the gym on Thursday nights and on that morning she sat me down and gave me the new rules. “I can't trust you any more when I am out in the evenings, so my dates will be coming here from now on.” Unfortunately for me, I will have to keep an eye on you at all times, but I have an idea so you won't feel “left out” while I entertain my friends. Then with a smirk on her face, she explained my new role.

Scott began grunting and really pounding into Karen, shaking the whole bed. Then I saw Karen glance over at me and beckon me with her index finger. Oh God, the moment I had been dreading all day had finally arrived. I got up out of the chair, stepped out of my pants and knelt down and crawled over toward the bed on my knees, my hard on swaying beneath me, stopping right next to Scott. I watched, mesmerized by the sight of the close up of Scott's huge cock, glistening with Karen's juices pistoning in and out of her sloppy wet cunt. His big balls, like hen's eggs swaying back and forth in their sack. As Karen had explained it earlier in the day, I was to assist Scott. “He doesn't like condoms, they don't feel good for him. And you know I can't have semen in me and not on me either. And I don't want his cum on the bed or our expensive carpet. So....”

Scott suddenly stopped thrusting, pulled out of Karen and turned slightly toward me. There bobbing in front of me was a penis bigger and more impressive than I had ever seen. Rock hard, the head an angry deep red, shiny with cunt juice. Scott reached out with one hand, grabbed a handful of my hair and tilted my head back. I opened my mouth as I had been instructed and waited. Scott used his other hand to fist his cock and with two strokes, spurted rope after rope of hot slimy cum onto my tongue and down my throat. I had never tasted anyone's cum except my own once as a teenager. I was surprised to find it was slightly salty but a bit sweet at the same time. The spurting soon stopped long enough for me to swallow before I choked. Scott then pushed the head into my mouth and I closed my lips over it to clean off every drop so Karen would be satisfied I had done my job properly.

Scott let go of my hair and pulled out his softening penis from my mouth. He said with a sneer “go up and lick your wife clean. I know she likes that from you”. I crawled up on the bed on my hands and knees and bent down to bury my face in Karen's red swollen, freshly fucked, cunt. As I began to slowly lick her lips I could smell that familiar scent of her wet pussy and the acrid smell of another man who had used her recently.

I stuck my tongue into her canal, and then up and around her clitoris, over and over. Hoping I was pleasing her with my efforts. I had so gotten into my task I forgot I was bent over in front of Scott, vulnerable in my position until I felt a couple of rough hands begin to spread my butt cheeks apart. I stopped, eyes wide open as I looked up at Karen. “Oh sorry honey, I forgot to tell you Scott is so virile he usually comes two or three times on our dates. My poor pussy is so stretched out I can't take any more. I promised Scott he could use any of your holes he needed to. Be a good boy and help Scott properly dispose of his semen.”

I felt a hard object begin pressing against my anus, pushing harder and harder as Scott's hands spread my cheeks open. I saw Karen reach over me and hand Scott a tube of lubricant jelly. I felt it being smeared on my anus and then the pressing started again, insistent, until my anus ring opened up and en-golfed the head of Scott's penis head. I had never had anything other than my little finger in my ass before. The pain was making my eyes tear up, but it began to ease up after a bit. I felt filled up as Scott slide completely into me, his huge balls up against my ass.

My own penis, hard inside its condom sheath felt ready to burst. Scott started pumping me like I was a slut for his pleasure. His penis head pushed up against my prostrate and left me feeling dizzy and buzzing with a new and strange pleasure. Pre-cum pushed out of my prostrate dripped into the condom. I was grunting like a pig with every thrust from Scott as I continued to stroke Karen with my tongue. I could feel her tensing up with an approaching orgasm. I looked up and she was staring with glazed eyes at Scott fucking me like a dog. Soon her hips bucked as her orgasm over took her.

Scott increased his thrusting, pounding me hard and deeper than ever. The prostrate pounding had its effect and I began to cum, dribbling into the condom hanging under my penis. Scott gave a final grunt, pushed into me as hard and deep as possible. I felt his cock pulse as he emptied his second load into my rectum.

Scott pulled out of my sore and wrecked anus with a pop. Karen looked down smiling and noticed the pool of cum in the tip of my condom. “Scott dear, it looks like he has had another little accident, please help him dispose of that condom properly”. Scott reached under me, ripped off the condom and flipped me over on my back. He grabbed my hair again and I instinctively opened my mouth without thinking. He tipped the condom over my mouth and squeezed my own semen into my mouth. When it was empty, he unceremoniously dropped it into my mouth. Both he and Karen looked at me laughing.

I felt crushed as I realized my future married life was to be nothing more than a cum dump, a receptacle for my wife's lovers. I also felt shame as my little cock began to stiffen.