Willingly Obedient

It is amazing where a casual conversation can lead. A simple flirtation to the right person can lead to years of friendship and excitement. I am lucky enough to be an example. This isn't exactly how my relationship evolved and much of it is fantasy. Fantasy I don't ever expect to become reality other than in my own very active imagination...

Answering the phone I knew who was on the other end. I was busy but she was my favorite person at work. Whether it is casual conversation or serious work discussion, I would drop anything to speak to her. There was something about her I couldn't resist.

"Yes Ma'am!" I answered enthusiastically.

"Ma'am?" she responded. Then there was silence. She was waiting for me to respond.

"Um, sorry. I was just..." I really didn't know what to say. I was really uncomfortable because she was normally very cheerful when we talked. I could count on zero fingers the times I thought I had upset her.

"Come to my office." She hung up the phone. I too hung up and without hesitation and with disregard to my impending deadline I hurried off to her office. Why was I so nervous?

Her door was closed so I knocked gently. After a brief pause she told me to come in. Opening the door I stepped in and stood silently as she typed on her computer. When she finished what she was doing she turned to me.

"Ma'am?" She said seriously and with a questioning tone.

"Did that upset you? I'm sorry if I did."

"Upset? No, just curious why you used that term. Is it because I am older than you?"

"No, it has nothing to do with age. No..."

"So you were just trying to show me respect or were you just making a joke? Why Ma'am?"

"I don't know. I guess it was respectful. Certainly I didn't mean it in a negative way."

She stared at me for a minute and smiled. "I prefer Mistress."

Her gaze didn't waiver as she watched for my reaction. I had read stories about domination and knew what using that title meant. I even liked watching videos on line of female domination. I felt a twinge in my groin as I contemplated my response. Danielle, or Dannie, and I did occasionally flirt but we hadn't really "gone there" as far as anything other than harmless banter.

"Yes, Mistress." I said in response and now I looked for her response. My heart leaped when I saw a big grin light up her face.

"I like that." She said simply. "Sit."

I sat down. For what seemed a long time, but it wasn't, she just looked at me. I could see there were thoughts running through her mind. If only I could read minds!

"Well, now I have another question." She began. "Why did you say `Yes, Mistress'?"

"You said you preferred it..." I replied. After she stared at me for a long moment I realized she was waiting for me to continue. "Mistress."

She smiled again. "So you want me to be your Mistress?"

At this point my cock was fully erect and my mind was screaming "Say Yes! Say Yes!" I shifted uncomfortably in my chair trying to adjust my erection without using my hands. Dannie noticed but didn't change her expression. Again she was waiting on my response. "I think..."

"No Michael. You don't think. You know. Do you want me to be your Mistress?"


"Really? I don't think you even know what that means." She paused as she thought about what she would say next. "What do you think it means?"

"You tell me what to do and I do it."

"That is part of it. Can you give me an example."

"Um, well..." I easily blush when I talk about sex and my thoughts were leaning in that direction. I am not good at hiding my emotions or thoughts. Dannie knew where my mind was going.

"It isn't just about sex Michael." She admonished. "It is about control. How can I possibly be your mistress when you and I are both married and not to each other?"

I didn't really care about logic at this point. I was excited. More excited than I had ever been. I thought to myself it didn't really matter. If she was my Mistress she would control this relationship so we both would stay out of trouble. My stupid male horniness would be held in check by her calm control. At least that is what I was hoping for. I was prepared to give myself up. Of course all of the blood had rushed from my brain to my groin so maybe I wasn't thinking that well.

"I don't know, Mistress."

I was already giving myself up to her. She recognized it too and fortunately for me she was prepared to take on the responsibility of her pathetic play thing. Yes I am pathetic and need discipline.

"Risky...not for me of course. For you. I'll have to be careful with you."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Okay, first off. You don't call me that at work. That could be trouble. I won't take advantage of you at work, we need to be very discreet. You do your job, I'll do mine but when work isn't involved we can assume our roles. Your safe word is `freedom.' If either of us say `freedom' we stop whatever we are doing and discuss how to proceed. Fair?"


"I'm not sure you know what you are getting in to."

"Me either."

"Drinks after work." She said and it wasn't a question.

"Yes, Mistress."

"What did I just tell you?" she reached out and pinched the back of my arm hard.

"Ow!" I said with real surprise.

"Still interested?"

"Absolutely!" I smiled.

"This is going to be fun." Dannie smiled in a way I had never seen before. It scared and excited me at the same time.

Days and weeks and then months went by. We flirted more at work and we met after work for drinks on occasion. Away from work I called her "Mistress" and at work things were pretty normal. Every once in a while she would pull rank on me at work for fun but really I was left wanting more. Nothing physical would happen when we met but we would talk about sex. She asked about my sexual history and if I had ever been with another man. I told her the truth, I had.

"Did you like it?" she prodded.

With some embarrassment I admitted that I had indeed enjoyed the experience. I also admitted that had I been less inhibited in my early age I probably would have continued the relationship longer. If I had any sexual regrets it was not exploring that side of myself more. Of course it probably saved me a lot of problems as well. She liked hearing about my sexual adventures but only teased me with her own. She said she had her own experience with another woman at a young age but didn't elaborate even though I really longed to hear every detail. She did confess to using toys with her husband and my mind immediately created a picture of her with a strap on dildo fucking not her husband but me.

This went on for several months as I said. Many times I thought we might actually do something besides talk but afterwards it was obvious she was teasing me. She enjoyed teasing me and I enjoyed being teased. My wife would be the beneficiary at times and on those occasions she didn't want to take advantage of my excitement I took care of it myself. Sometimes I would add some visual stimulation from the internet and sometimes I would just take a shower and relieve myself there. When I did watch videos I found myself watching a variety of porn including gay and transexual. When I watched the tranny porn I imagined I was the one being fucked and Dannie was the one plowing my ass. I hadn't

entertained these thoughts for years but now my imagination was flooded with those images and deep buried fantasies.

Then one cool fall evening we met after work for drinks like we normally would do. This time we stayed longer than usual and we had more to drink. Her pupils were dilated and her speech was slightly slurred when she told me to follow her. Without objection I did as I was told. We hadn't paid our bar tab, which was not an insignificant amount, as I followed her out the door. Our waitress saw us and I paused long enough to tell her I would be right back to pay the tab. When she gave me a look like she didn't believe me I handed her my credit card and said I would be right back.

Dannie walked to her car and got in. I opened the passenger side and got in with her.

"Take off your pants."

Looking around to make sure nobody was around I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, slid down my zipper, and slipped off my pants. I was now naked from the waste down. My excitement was evident. She glanced down at my erection. As much as we had been flirting and testing the whole female dominance scene, she had never asked for or seen my cock.

"Nice." she said as she stared at my fully erect cock. "Jack off for me."

In the state I was in it took a while but finally I could feel my orgasm build.

"I'm gonna cum." I whispered.

"It's okay." she replied.

Shortly after my cock erupted. Cum shot out on my hand and on my legs and belly. I continued stroking myself until my orgasm subsided.

"Good job!" Dannie exclaimed. "Use your underwear to clean up that mess."

I did as I was told.

"Open the glove box."

I did as directed and the only thing in the glove box was a pair of black lace panties.

"Put them on."

I slid them on, loving the feel of them and the fact they were in no way masculine. I would do anything she asked at this point. She had teased me and led me on and groomed me to be her pet or slave or whatever the hell it is she wanted me to be.

"How do you like them?" she asked.

"I love them."


After silently thinking about my response for just a short time I said "You gave them to me." I said simply. Then I added "They feel good and more importantly you told me to put them on. I want to show you I would do anything you ask."


"Yes, Mistress."

"I'm going to test that commitment and sooner than you think."

My heart was beating with excitement wondering what her test would be. I was sure I would do whatever she wanted even if I didn't want to do it. Her months of teasing had me exactly where she wanted me. I could tell from her demeanor she knew it and she was proud of the power she possessed.

The following week she asked me what my plans were for the weekend. I told her I was going to play golf. She then asked me a number of questions. What time was I playing. Where was I playing. I thought nothing of it at the time other than she was showing interest in my personal plans. She had asked questions like this before.

Saturday comes and I tee off with my best friend and a couple other guys at our normal course. I am on hole 8 when I get a text.

"I'm in the parking lot. Come see me now." The text was from Dannie.

I was nervous and scared about this sudden occurrence but I told my best friend I had to go to the clubhouse right then. He asked if something was wrong and I just told him I was cramping and needed to use the bathroom. At the clubhouse I told him to just go back out and finish the nine and I would catch them on the tenth hole.

When he left I went to the parking lot and looked around. A car door opened and there stood Dannie.

"Over here" she yelled.

I quickly approached her. "What's up?" I asked as I nervously looked around.

"Get in the back seat."

She opened the door and we both got in. She had on a short skirt which she hiked up over her hips.

"Lick my pussy."

Without hesitation I dove between her legs. She was extremely wet. I started by licking her labia and gently probing with my tongue into the wetness. I sucked on her clit and teased it with my tongue. I was doing everything I could think of to make her cum. She moaned softly. I was excited hearing her, knowing I was making her feel good.

"Can you taste him?"

I hesitated for a second but she grabbed my head with both hands and forced me to continue.

"Can you taste him? He filled me up and I want you to clean me up. Lick me clean."

At first I was disgusted but I was used to doing what my Mistress told me to do. I redoubled my efforts. She pushed me down on the seat and straddled my face to let gravity help push her husband's cum into my mouth. When she was satisfied I had completed my task she opened the door and got out. I followed her lead and exited the car as well.

"You passed." she said. She kissed me gently on the lips, got behind the wheel of her car and left.

I rejoined my friends on the tenth tee. I don't know if they noticed my erection but I pretty much stayed hard the rest of that round. Oh, I didn't play worth a shit either because all I could think about was eating her messy pussy. For some reason I realized it was one of the most exciting sexual encounters I had ever had. Dannie was amazing. I realized at that moment I would indeed do whatever she asked. I think she realized it too.

That week at work we didn't see each other much. She didn't call me or seek me out like she usually did. Finally I couldn't take it any more. Wednesday morning the first thing I did was go to her office and close the door behind me. I dropped my pants to my ankles to show her I had on the panties she had given me. I was showing her I was hers to command. I didn't say a word.

"Put your pants on." She smiled. "I was wondering how long it would take you to come see me. I'm a little disappointed in you. I thought you would be here sooner. Then again I am proud of you for waiting this long to see if I would summon you."

I stood there silently pleading for her to do...something. What was it I wanted? I wanted...no, I needed her now. Whatever it took...

"I need more..." I almost whispered.

"More?" she asked with a grin. "More what?"

I stood there silently. I was too embarrassed to answer her. I just wanted her to make me do something, anything. I didn't want to have to think.

"I know what you need." Dannie looked at me with an almost emotionless face.

"Yes, Mistress."

"I told you that isn't for work!" she grabbed my hand and buried her fingernails in the flesh. Even though it hurt I didn't make a sound. "Go back to your office and do some work."

The whole day I was distracted. My mind raced with visions of her, of me going down on her. Even when it wasn't sexual I was thinking about her. How she talked and how she walked. Her laugh, her smile, and that emotionless stare. I was obviously obsessed.

Desperate I sent a one word email "Please."

No response.

When it was time to go home I called my wife to tell her I was on my way. In the middle of the phone call Dannie walks in. She closed the door and walks over to me. While I am still on the phone she pulled me out of the chair and embraced me. She kissed me passionately and whispered. "You're working a little late tonight."

I tell my wife something has come up and I will be a little bit late. Dannie holds up two fingers. "Probably a couple hours."

When I hung up Dannie said "Let's go."

We walked out to the parking lot together with very little being said. With each step my heart raced faster. Together we walked to her car and she told me to get in. She started the car and drove out of the parking lot.

"Tell me what you are thinking."

"Too much, Mistress. My mind is racing."


"You, Mistress. I thought about you all day."

"That's nice. What were you thinking?" When I didn't immediately answer she continued. "Don't be embarrassed. I want you to be honest."

"Saturday, Mistress. I thought about Saturday a lot today."

Her eyes were focused on the road ahead of her as a smile spread across her lips. "What exactly about Saturday were you thinking about?"

"I think you know, Mistress."

"Yes, but tell me anyway. I want to hear you say it."

"I liked going down on you, Mistress." I thought that was good enough but her silence demanded more. "I liked cleaning you up, Mistress."

"I like that too." She said almost immediately. "Do you know what else I would like?"

"No, Mistress."


"Anything, Mistress. To please you...anything."


We pulled into her driveway shortly. After parking in the garage we got out of the car.

"Strip here and wait."

She entered the house and it was several minutes before she returned. She was dressed in what can simply be described as a dominatrix outfit. All black, leather, with thigh high boots. Her ample cleavage drew my eyes there. I was surprised by the way she looked and how shapely her curves filled her outfit. She normally dressed somewhat conservatively at work. This was a wholly different person.

"Follow me."

We walked through her house and climbed stairs to what appeared to be a walk-in attic that had been transformed to, for a lack of a better term, a sex dungeon. There were a variety of items neatly organized on tables and hanging from the walls. My attention, however, was drawn to the center of the room.

Laying face down and strapped down was a man. He was naked. Dannie walked over and slapped him on the ass hard. I stood there naked and afraid.

There was a perceivable change in how Dannie was carrying herself at this point. She walked over to one table and retrieved something. It was a harness of some sort which didn't take me long to figure out what it was for. After putting it on she grabbed a phallus shaped item. Seeing her with a large cock sticking out from her groin made me more excited and more afraid.

Ignoring me she focused her attention on the naked man. She ran her fingers through his hair and traced a line down his spine and down the length of his crack. I could see what appeared to be lubrication already applied to his ass. Her finger was replaced with her large rubber cock. She slid her cock up and down the crack of his ass and I could see it begin to shine as it became covered with whatever lubricant had been applied there. She positioned herself and pointed her cock at the target. Just when I thought she was going to enter him she turned to me.

"I promised him a treat."

She walked over to me and took me by the hand. After leading me to the table she told me to get on my knees.

"Get under the table."

Following directions I crawled under the table. Immediately I noticed this wasn't a normal massage table. There was a hole in the center big enough to allow her husband's cock and balls to hang freely.

Seeing me hesitate she slapped my ass hard. "You know what to do. Don't disappoint me."

"Yes, Mistress."

My hesitation wasn't because I didn't want to do what she obviously expected me to do. My hesitation was because I needed her permission. I moved into position and gently took his cock in my hands. Touching a cock other than my own has rarely happened for me. Only twice before actually. Once in high school and then later in my twenties. Those are other stories for another time.

I stroked his cock while at the same time Dannie was getting back in position to enter his ass. As she began fucking him, his cock moved back and forth in the hole. I continued stroking him as he continued to get harder. After just a couple minutes Dannie stopped what she was doing and looked under the table.

"Michael, quit teasing him!" She admonished.

I knew what she meant so I guided his cock into my mouth. I began to suck and lick him as I continued to stroke him with one hand.

"That's better. Don't stop until I tell you."

She again got into position and continued to fuck his ass. Her pace was slow and steady, not violent at all. It also made it easy for me to keep my own rhythm underneath the table. It took a few minutes before I heard him groan and ask Dannie for permission to cum.

"Wait just a second." She replied.

Squatting down she watched me as I sucked his cock. I knew she was watching me but I couldn't look at her because I was told not to stop what I was doing until she told me.

"You're doing a great job. I'm going to let him cum now so be ready." After a short pause she said to him "You have my permission."

Almost immediately his orgasm started and he filled my mouth with his load.

"Don't stop!" Dannie ordered. "And don't make a mess on my floor.

I didn't stop sucking and I knew what she meant about the mess. I swallowed what I could and made sure anything that left my lips didn't get on the floor. Even after his orgasm was done I wasn't relieved of my duties. Knowing he had to be sensitive I changed my pace and intensity. I gently nursed his fading erection until Dannie was satisfied with my performance.

"Okay, you're done."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"I think we are out of time for tonight." She led me back down to the garage where I was told to get dressed. She drove me back to my car with very few words exchanged. I opened the door to let myself out.

"You did great. You are full of pleasant surprises."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Good night Michael. Sweet Dreams."