Camping With Ziggie

                                    By ovdoc                                                                    July,2011

     Note: This story is based on a true story, but of course can’t legally be true, so you decide. Thanks to Mikey, I have to add this one. I said I would. If you want to know why, read “Then Came Pete”, Nifty, Adult/youth, July 2011. All the usual

I first met Ziggie at a Girl Guides meeting. His mom drug him along to her girls’ meetings along with his sister. He was 13, but looked to be about 11. He had light brown hair and blue eyes. He was thin, not showing any muscle definition, and was usually quiet when with a group. Surprisingly Ziggie seemed more at ease with the girls than with boys. They chatted away openly around him, probably because he knew they would depantse him again if he tried to play macho.

Ziggie had been depantsed numerous times, especially when the leaders were away. I’m sure all of the girls in the group knew that he was a late bloomer with a small penis, and no hair. At 13, he was not happy about that, and knew the girls wanted to see him blossom. They also liked to play with his “cute little thingie” to watch it get stiff. It did that even though Ziggie tried to stop it. So far, Ziggie had managed to keep from shooting off for them. I don’t know how. He had shot off a few drops when Pete, his best friend had screwed him. But then, Ziggie had a crush on Pete. No matter that Pete was three years older. He had been having sex with Pete for over a year. And when he found out I was having sex with Pete, Ziggie eagerly included me in his plans. He was impressed that I was an adult who agreed that Pete was gorgeous. Ziggie had never slept with an adult. He proudly let Pete know he wanted to go camping with us, and let me have my way with him.

It was on that first campout with Ziggie and Pete - and the girls- that I had spent the night sharing Ziggie with Pete. I hadn’t even played up to Ziggie. As soon as the lamp went out, Ziggie had slid into place between my legs, taking my dick in his mouth. As he began sucking on it, 16 year old Pete slid a wet six inch slender dick up his butt. Ziggie expected it. He simply paused long enough for Pete to get comfortable, then continued sucking away. I could tell Pete had taught him well. Ziggie was soon bobbing up and down on my dick while Pete was moaning in pleasure as his dick slid in and out of Ziggie’s butt. It was very obvious all three of us were having fun. Although it was not much, Ziggie shot his little load into a sheet as I shot a load down his throat. A short time later, Pete unloaded deep in Ziggie’s butt. The three of us hardly moved after that. Happy and exhausted, we dozed off.

When I woke a few hours later, the sun’s rays were streaming through the nylon dome tent lighting it up. I looked down at Ziggie, still laying on his side facing me, and still sound asleep. I had a morning woody hard as steel that demanded instant attention. I really needed to pee. Placing the head of my dick against Ziggie’s lips, I moved it around hoping he would take the hint. He did. Not wanting to wake up yet, he opened up allowing a few inches of the shaft to press inside. Wrapping his lips around it, he began to gently lick and suck on it. I just had to try it. I allowed enough pee out to fill his mouth without overflowing. Ziggie blinked his eyes, looking up at me briefly, then he swallowed. His eyes remained closed as he quickly swallowed until I had emptied my bladder. Then I held his head as I began pushing my dick in and out, pushing the shaft into his throat. He gagged a little at first, but opened up and worked my dick like a champ. A few minutes later, I was unloading my first sperm load of the day down Ziggie’s throat. He held on until my dick began to deflate, then let it slide out.

Sliding up until we were eye to eye, he whispered: “You peed in my mouth?”

“You did good.”, I answered, letting him know it was no accident, and would probably happen again.

Not sure how to react to that, he laid back for a few minutes. Then he pulled on some shorts and headed out to the latrine to empty his bladder and his butt. That finished our first night togather.


Saturday was a fun day and a busy day. It started out with a great breakfast served by the girls anxious to please all the leaders. After eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee, the girls giggled and chattered about everything. They loved the woods, the training, the games, the activities, you name it.

I would find out from Ziggie, Pete, Sis, and the others that Ziggie had been a part of the group for about two years - ever since his sister had joined them. That’s when his mother became a leader. Even before that, Ziggie had been a part of the program. He admitted he had been active since he was eight. His mother had pretty much let him fend for himself. Thats hard to do if you are as small as Ziggie, and are left at the mercy of girls who want to prove they are as tough as the boys in the program. To make things worse, Ziggie was far outnumbered. There were too many girls. He learned quickly that he could not stop them if they ganged up on him. Only recently had he complained to his mother that he needed his privacy. He had stayed in his mother’s tent when they first started camping, but of course that brought sneers from the girls. He was now staying in his own tent unless there were other boys or men along. For Ziggie, nudity was mostly a big deal among other people. At home, he lived with females, who could care less. His mother saw no reason to hide “what nature gave you”.

Ziggie had been depantsed a dozen times, and had had his clothes hid from him at least that many times as well. When he was ten, he had been alone on a campout with the girls. His mother simply instructed him to shower after the girls had finished. It was bad enough that there was no hot water left when it was his turn. He had hoped to dash in and out quickly as the night air was chilly. No such luck. Several girls had grabbed his towel and clothes without his knowledge. When he came out of the shower, there was no towel to dry off, and no clothes. As he searched the area trying to find his things, the girls stepped into the dressing room. They held the towel and clothes looking him over, and giggling. Poor Ziggie stood there, his shriveled up little two inch dicklet covered only by his hands. They made him move the hands to get his stuff back. Ziggie stood there totally exposed while they stared and played touch games with him. When his dicklet didn’t respond, they called him “gay boy”. Tiring of the game, they gave him his stuff back. They would later tell the other girls at school that Ziggie didn’t get erect when they played with his thingie. Bad enough that the girls knew, but word somehow leaked to the boys as well. Gay boy Ziggie all over school. The guys moved away from him or made crude comments when he stood next to them at the urinal. His future was sealed - gay or not.


When Ziggie’s sister joined the Girl Guides, Ziggie met Pete. Pete’s sister was in the group. And his step-mom was a leader.They became friends. Pete took up for Ziggie. Ziggie had a crush on Pete. To show his love for Pete, he wasted no time giving in when Pete wanted a blow job or more. Pete went camping when the girls did. That kept the girls from going after Ziggie. Pete was older, and the girls were more interested in getting a peak at Pete’s goodies. They had seen enough of Ziggie’s. Pete was smart enough to let them see just enough to keep them guessing. The only one of them that knew what Pete had was his sister. She wasn’t talking. The other obvious person that knew what Pete had to offer was Ziggie. Ziggie was now more valuable, not only because he slept in Pete’s tent, but he was Pete’s friend. Pete was a looker. Every girl in the group loved him.


For the first time in his life, Ziggie had an advantage over the girls. If they only knew. It would break their hearts. Ziggie had blew Pete the first night they spent at camp. He was available for whatever Pete wanted. To know he had something they wanted was sweet. He would play games by staying by Pete’s side. When the girls talked about Pete, Ziggie would smile and tease them that he would let Pete know they liked him while they were “playing” in the shower. The girls ignored his implication as foolish. Pete was to much an athlete to be gay. Ziggie was gay.


Ziggie and I knew we both had a crush on Pete. We were coy about it, but we knew we were competing for him. I had the advantage of both age and experience. I knew Ziggie was submissive. He would play up to me to keep Pete. Of course, I used that. We never discussed our feelings for Pete, or each other. No need to. As Pete’s mentor, I was there to teach Pete to be a leader. Pete and I needed each other. Ziggie’s crush on Pete was different. It was one sided. Pete considered Ziggie a friend. Ziggie considered Pete a lover. Besides, Ziggie needed an adult male in his life. Pete was like a big brother. I was like his uncle. Ziggie was more than willing to keep both of us.


For some six months or so, things went well with the three of us. Pete and I took Ziggie camping with us, and went with him on camp outs with the girls. In return, he had no problem keeping us busy. We always slept in the same tent. In warm weather, he would sleep between us, usually in the nude. That way, we could take turns with him, or both use him. Ziggie didn’t mind. He really liked serving the two of us.

Of course, there were times when the girls popped in and out of our tent “unexpectedly”. We got accustomed to it. I understood it was mostly out of curiosity. There were times when one or more of us boys would be partially or even totally nude. While the girls were in the tent, we would half=heartedly pretend to cover up to some extent while maybe innocently showing more than we should. For instance, I would slip into a pair of boxers knowing full well that my family jewels were clearly visible through the opening either partially or fully. Often we would sit around in the tent with our legs crossed so the girls got a good view. None of the girls in our group was offended. None of them missed an opportunity to look either. Even if one of us had a hardon, or more likely a semi, they would give us a smile, then pretend to ignore our exposure, never missing a chance to sneak a peek.


There were also times when I would use Ziggie to set things up with the girls as well. If one or more of the girls was interested in going further than just looking, they would either sit in front of you with their legs open so you could see their white cotton panties, or maybe a little more. Just enough to get your attention, mind you. Young girls can be very sexy if they want to. After all, they’re really curious. Even after I explained the reasons boys and girls had sex, the girls knew the difference between masturbation and sex was huge. Sex alone or with other girls had to be different than real sex, and waiting until they were “old enough” was asking way too much.


Pete was the one that got most of the actual attention. He was sixteen, and therefore still a teen. I was an adult, and the girls were only twelve. Some were afraid I might be to big around for them to handle. Pete was also easier to get aroused although he was more interested in guys although the girls didn’t know that. They thought he was just more interested in older girls. That wouldn’t stop them from trying.


Ziggie, on the other hand was safe. He was still not shooting although he was getting very close. He also seemed to get more excited around me and Pete than he did around the girls. The only time Ziggie got a hardon with the girls was when they played with him until it got stiff. Even then, it went soft quickly. They decided it was because Ziggie wasn’t ready for girls yet. Most of them didn’t understand what gay guys were like. Boys playing with boys, and girls playing with girls was the way it was supposed to be until you got older. It was a game. Adults didn’t understand that. They got all hyper when the girls asked about sex. Thats why young kids don’t discuss their sex stuff with adults. The adult who is an exception to the rule, and is at ease with kids just starting to go into puberty is a mentor who can lead them into a whole new world.


These young girls knew that Ziggie was playing sex games with us on camping trips. They had been in the tent when Pete or I were in bed with Ziggie. They weren’t sure how that worked although they knew about blow jobs. I’m sure they knew that Ziggie knew how to do that, and that we would let him. Boys like to have their thingie sucked or played with. If they did that, they knew we would like it. But how do you sneak into bed and not get caught? And what if the boy wants more than a blowjob? What if you decide to go all the way? What if mom finds out you know too much? What if Ziggie tells the other girls?





When Pete’s family moved away, I continued to go camping with Ziggie and the Girl Guides. The girls knew Ziggie had started puberty, and remained interested in him mostly out of curiosity. Ziggie’s thingie was getting bigger and longer. His balls were dropping. Still no hair though. I’m sure a few of the girls wanted to play with him. They continued to tease him. They still liked to visit our tent unexpectedly to see what they could see. Ziggie felt safe with me there, so he wasn’t worried. Both of us liked watching the girls accidentally show off their panties or position themselves to see our goodies.


One night after the campfire, several of the girls joined me and Ziggie in the tent. The girls had stripped down to their night wear. Two of them had chosen not to wear blouses. Neither had much to hide anyway.Both had cute little raised buttons. Both knew I liked to see them. It was not unusual for the girls to wear only their panties. They had on their white cotton ones. Neither had any pubic hair yet. It was a game for them to show their wares in exchange for seeing what we had as well. The girls knew I got a hardon watching them get sexy. They liked that. We played a game. They would silently pose by showing their privates. I would do the same. Then they would go back to their tent to play girlie sex games.


But on this night, they were especially playful. Ziggie was wearing his sister’s white cotton panties. They were a little small on him. His little three inch dick would stand out so the girls could see it. That didn’t bother him. The girls had seen it up close and personal. Tonight though, the girls wanted Ziggie to wear his silk panties. Of course, that meant he would have to change panties. No problem. The girls would watch him change.


Ziggie suspected something was different. He looked at me for support. I thought it would be neat to watch Ziggie put on a private sex show for us. I asked him to do it so we could see how sexy he was. Reluctantly he slid out of his panties and looked for the silk ones. The girls were amused. Ziggie’s dick was circumcised. It hung limply over a pair of balls that had started to grow and were dropping. While Ziggie looked for the silk panties, the three girls groped his dick and his balls. He wound up laying on his back protesting as they played with it, measured it, and even stroked it.


But it was the third girl that would be the problem. Her name was Chrissie. She had just turned thirteen. She had also started puberty. She was a sandy blond doll with big baby blue eyes. She now had very cute little mounds with nice passion pink aerioles begging to be played with. Her chest tapered down to a dainty little waist. Like Ziggie, Chrissie was into puberty. Like Ziggie, she was also aware that her body was somehow different. Like the other girls, Chrissie was having fun teasing us, but unlike them she wanted to go further than just touching. She wasn’t sure how to go further, but seeing Ziggie nude was making her horny.


When the sex play caused me to get really erect, Chrissie became more interested in the stiff tent in my boxer shorts than she was in Ziggie. Several times, she managed to slide a hand under the shorts to feel me up. I responded by pulling back, but I was getting excited that this doll was coming on to me.


At this point, my dick took over my thinking, my actions, and my desires. All I could think was that I needed sex, and I needed it now.


Without waiting, I slid out of my shorts exposing everything. Probably just out of habit, I pushed Ziggie down so that his lips were in front of my throbbing dick. He knew what that meant, and he slid his lips about half way down the shaft. Licking and gently sucking it in, Ziggie went about doing what he was good at. I responded by groaning in pleasure.


This was something the girls hadn’t seen before, and they watched fascinated. I was too far gone to realize I was screwing Ziggie’s mouth in front of the girls. All I could think of was getting off. The girls had removed Ziggie’s panties, and took turns playing with his stiff thingie and even sucking on it. They must have liked it because they took turns at it.


Chrissie jumped at the chance to go even further. She pushed Ziggie aside and took over his place on my dick. I think this was when Ziggie realized he was still stiff, and had a girl sucking his dick. At any rate, they kept him busy. I think that was the first time I saw Ziggie get excited with girls. The kissing and sucking had taken on a new meaning for him.


For me, things had also changed. Chrissie had worked way up my body, kissing everything she found on the way. As her lips found mine, we held each other close and I could feel my dick sliding into place at her entrance. At first, I slid over the slit, feeling it open slightly but not sure she was aware that we were about to take that final plunge. She knew. She slid back into place, and this time as the slit opened, she pushed forward a little more firmly causing the tip of my flared dickhead to slip inside.


Even at this point, I paused to look into her eyes questioning what we were about to do. All I got was a smile of approval. As I said, my dick was doing the thinking. Without a word, I pushed firmly. The mushroom glans suddenly felt warm and wet. I was in. She remained still as I pushed in further until about half the shaft was inside. There was little resistance as I began my stroke, sliding slowly until I was all the way in.


I paused for a moment when I felt my pubes pressed against hers. Then I rolled on top of her, almost covering her entire body.


That was when the others realized I was screwing Chrissie. They paused their play with Ziggie, who also looked surprised. The other girls had also removed their panties, so that now there were five nude campers busy exploring each others fun places at the same time in the same tent.


There was no way I was going to last long inside Chrissie, and no way I was going to stop now. She must have felt the same way because she kept the rhythm going until I reared back, and plunged forward repeatedly rocking her body back and forth until I suddenly lunged forward and held her pinned as my dick jerked and spewed its load several times. Chrissie had taken my load moaning in pleasure. She had already climaxed several times, but she knew this was it. She had taken my load.


The two of us collapsed, then relaxed. Only then did it occurr to me that we might be in trouble. Sha admitted that she had started her periods, but was O K with it. I was not so sure. Explaining to her parents that she was pregnant because a scout leader about ten years older than her had sex with her on a campout was not going over that easy. To make matters worse, Ziggie had also screwed not one but both of the other girls in the tent. In fact, we were not done until dawn the next morning. The female leaders had woke up about the time the girls had returned to their own empty tent. They had not found anything suspicious.


The girls and I didn’t even speak of the night the next day. In fact, we sort of avoided each other. Both of us felt more than a little guilty. Although I continued to have sex with Ziggie, he admitted that he was now having sex with all three of the girls, as well as several other boys he had befriended. He even boasted that he was now popular with the guys because word had gotten out abot the girls. He still liked being gay, but wasn’t called gay much now that his popularity was known. Chrissie did not get pregnant. The girls did not say much to anyone about me, probably because teens pretty much restrict sex to other teens. They don’t include adults in their sex life. That changes as they get older, but young teens don’t like to admit an older adult took their cherry. Some insist that they still are cherry until they get married, but that is not so important today.


Ziggie did have an affair a short time later with a young adult scout leader that took over his troop. That affair ended tragically when the new leader was shot at a motel following a lover’s spat with another male lover. The killer was never found officially since no one chose to talk. Probably just as well. The scout leader had married. Some stories are better left untold. Ziggie and I met at the funeral, and I gave him one last hug, then said my farewells.