The trip has taken weeks of planning, and we were finally on our way. After dropping one car off at the trailhead near the crest of Carson Pass on Highway 88, we drove around to the Sonora Pass trailhead on Highway 104. We had allowed two weeks to hike the 75 or so miles back along the Pacific Crest Trail. The stretch we were hiking is well maintained and lies between 7,500 and 10,000 feet elevation. At a pace of seven to ten miles a day we could have shorter hiking days and enjoy the beautiful scenery without the need to hurry. The trail is well used, but even at peak season you might see only one or two other parties a day.

The weather was beautiful with crisp, cool nights and balmy warm days. Though they are quite weighty, we pack a dome tent and double sleeping bags. The extra comfort would pay for the added work, and we allowed for short hiking days. There are many small lakes along the trail, and we hoped to augment our trail rations with native golden trout and berries.

By the time we got on the trail the first day it was already past 2 PM, so we hiked only a couple of miles before we looking for a camp sight. About 4:30 we found a rock outcropping with a grassy basin that looked out toward the west. It was beautifully clear, and we could see Mount Diablo and the Coast Range poking up through the haze over the central valley. We ate dinner watching a spectacular sunset and slept under the stars and nearly full moon.

The nest morning started rather cool so we slept a little late and made love again before starting out. When we finally did get going, it was beginning to warm up. By noon, it was so warm that we had stripped off our shirts and were hiking in our shorts. After about five hours of hiking, the trail bordered a little lake that looked really inviting, so we decided to stop. By the time we got our camp set up, we were very hot and sweaty, so we stripped off our clothes and jumped off from a rock into about four feet of clear water. Wow, was it cold! Donna's nipples shriveled into tiny buttons and my cock almost disappeared. But it was invigorating so we splashed around a few minutes before climbing out onto the rock to sun ourselves dry.

Donna's tiny, hard nipples looked too inviting to ignore, but when I put my lips to them, they were super-sensitive so I started kissing her wet belly and thighs. Donna thought my "little boy's" cock was cute and "just had" to suck it. As you might expect, the "little boy" grew up quickly and we started some serious warm-up exercises. Without letting go, she turned so that I could lick the moisture from her thighs and vulva. A few minutes of this brought her to several orgasms, so she switched around and slowly let her vagina down onto my cock. Once there she pressed her clit hard against my pubic bone and made very small grinding movements. This might have lasted much longer, but her cervix was also rubbing hard against my super-excited glans, and in a minute or so we both had ecstatic orgasms.

Two more days of hiking brought us to a beautiful alpine meadow with a small lake and an altar-like boulder at one end. It was a perfect place to celebrate the night's full moon and the summer solstice. We set up our camp in a small copse near the altar, then had refreshing dip and took a nap in preparation for the night's celebration.

By the time it was dark, the full moon was up casting a soft light over the meadow and our altar. Our neo-Druidic celebration of the solstice calls for the sacrifice of a priest and a priestess on an outdoor altar. All followers attending the rite are fully nude and, on invitation, may join the celebrants. Although there were only the two of us, we planned to perform the rituals on each other.

To prepare a body for sacrifice, it must be totally cleansed by licking the entire body, moistening all the skin and entering all of the body orifices. I started the ritual licking by sucking on the toes of Donna's left foot and had worked up one side to her left breast when I realized that we were being watched. Two men and a young woman were quietly standing off to the side. They were nude and raised their arms in the Druid greeting when they realized that I had seen them. I signed that they should join in our celebration ritual.

The young woman started licking Donna's other breast and the two men started at her toes. We soon finished cleansing all of her external body and each of us, in turn, licked her anus, vulva, and clitoris to prepare them for the final ceremony. By now Donna had had several orgasms and was thoroughly opened for my penis to enter.

The woman slowly sucked my penis for a few minutes until it was completely hard, then the men helped me kneel on the altar. They lifted Donna's buttocks onto my thighs and the woman guided my "knife" into Donna's "wound." In this position, I could stroke her clitoris while making very slow thrusting motions deep inside her. The men then returned to sucking Donna's breasts while the woman knelt over her head with her legs on either side and leaned forward to lick her belly.

Donna reached out for the men's cocks and started licking the woman's waiting vulva. After several more orgasms, Donna pulled the men closer so she could stroke them more vigorously and furiously sucked on the woman's clitoris. We held off briefly until Donna had brought the woman to orgasm, then we all came onto Donna's breast and belly. To end the ritual, we licked the semen from her body and vulva.

We adjourned to our new friends' camp for a meal of cheese and trail mix. It turned out that they were belonged to a clan of Neo-Druids in Los Angeles and that their names were Barry, Roger, and Shelley.

Unfortunately, they were headed in the opposite direction and couldn't stay over another night to do a more complete sacrifice of a priest, but we did exchange addresses. Since then we have visited each other's home clans and shared in many rituals. The indoor ceremonies lack the beauty of the outdoor setting, but in some ways are better. With more participants, the priest and priestess can be sacrificed together, but that outdoor ceremony under the full moon was really unforgettable.

© 1997, Brad Millar

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