Jolan's Path

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 1

The forest came alive with the sounds of his haggard breathing.
He struggled through the dense brush, running from death.
He felt the closeness of the darkening sky.
His young lungs pumped with ever struggling breath.
Through the dense undergrowth he staggered, falling, then returning to his feet.
There was a sense of urgency in his erratic path.
For behind him, he felt death; its icy claws reaching out for him.
His body glistened with sweat, covered in a myriad of caked dirt and wet filth.
He'd fallen often in his need to escape.
And his need to find her.
He'd promised to protect her, to love her and be her rock.
He had to find her.
He stumbled, the forest now drenched in darkness, no light to guide him forward.
He moaned, laying on the wet dew-filled earth.
Where was she hiding?
A cloud moved slowly above him, the golden moon of the October sky lighting the clearing.
The full moon lightened the forest, opening before him the old trail he's been following.
He staggered to his feet again, his breath ragged and deeply gasping.
His body ached in dark places, deep wounds of hurt within himself.
He moved with a renewed strength, a soft voice calling him forward.
Her voice.
Jennie's innocent youthful voice softly filling his pounding ears.
"Where are you, Jolly?" it spoke with an urgency entrenched in love.
The voice lay somewhere ahead of him.
He felt a renewed light in his heart, his feet speeding forward.
He came out of the forest in a mad rush, falling forward onto a concrete slab of wet road.
He gasped and coughed, his nearly nude body feeling the dampness of the concrete road against it.
He staggered slowly to his feet.
His vision instantly filled with the brightness of day, a throbbing light of mechanical making.
He felt the sudden contact with the moving vehicle.
The impact propelling his body upward.
His body flew through the night's dampness, landing in the roadside ditch.
He heard the slam of brakes, the opening of a door and the rushing of feet.
The darkness enveloped him in a blackness he'd only experienced once before.
The suffocating blackness of death.
A face came into his line of vision.
It was old and tired, a man of about seventy, but tenderness filled its beautiful blue eyes.
Eyes filled with concern and worry.
He struggled to speak, his own voice sounding so distant.
"Jennie? I have to find..... my buttercup."
The blackness engulfed him, the kind face disappearing, along with his life's hope.

Forward in Time - Four Years Later

Justin Timberlake sat on the comfortable couch, Jay Leno smiling at him.
They were on a break, the interview almost over.
"Awesome interview Justin. Glad you could make it. I've one more guest and then you both can sing." Jay smiled, Justin smiling back.
Justin had been making the talk show rounds, promoting with his newly signed artist to his recording production company.
Brandon Diablo sat beside him in the chair beside Jay, the young man smiling as well.
The young man looked in awe of his surroundings, his eyes scanning everywhere.
Justin smiled, remembering when he'd had that look on his face, so many years ago.
At twenty-eight Justin was no longer a new shining light.
He was a matured, industrious and very talented star.
He'd delved into all fields of the entertainment industry.
Singing, acting, songwriting, producing, and now a recording mogul.
His production company was booming, new artists joining his clientele.
Justin looked quietly at Brandon, the young man's blue eyes making contact with his, the young man smiling.
The boy was stunning at nineteen.
Black curly hair, chiseled good looks.
A slim sculpted body, muscular and well-framed.
Trace, Justin's best friend, had discovered him in a club in lower Manhattan, dragging Justin along to see him.
Justin had been impressed.
The young man had the talent of a blossoming Bob Dylan.
His voice rich and soulful.
Justin had signed him immediately.
That had been a short six months ago.
And now here they were, on national television, the young man's career about to ignite.
And he had Justin to thank for all of it.

"We're back ladies and gentlemen, talking to Justin Timberlake and his new prodigy Brandon Diablo. Brandon will be singing with Justin later in the show, I'm sure we'll all love it."
Brandon beamed hearing the clapping and shouting from the audience.
Justin smiled, remaining calm.
"My next guest is a new writer, his book number one on the New York Times list, ladies and gentlemen please welcome,  Richard Thornton."
The audience clapped loudly, a man of about thirty walking out onto the stage.
Justin and Brandon stood up, the writer shaking hands with all three men.
Justin and Brandon moved onto the couch, Richard sitting in the chair beside Jay.
"Welcome to Los Angeles, Richard. This is your first time here? Where are you from?" Jay smiled, Richard smiling back.
He was thirty-one, handsome in a professorial kind of way.
A small trimmed beard and moustache, and two sparkling green eyes.
"I'm from upstate Massachusetts actually. Born and raised."
Jay smiled, picking up the man's novel, showing the cover to the camera.
"Oh, wow. You wrote that book! It's fascinating, Richard. I've read it and your looks surprise me."
Richard smiled, looking at Justin, who'd just spoken.
"Why do his looks surprise you, Justin?" Jay asked, intrigued.
"Well it's just it's a story of a teenager's life and trial, his hopes and dreams. I had just assumed it had been written by a younger person." Justin said, smiling at the author.
Richard smiled back at him, taking the book from Jay.
"Well, that is true Justin. But you're not a teenager either, why did you read it?"
Justin blushed, staring at the man.
"Someone gave it to me and I just read it. It truly is an inspiring book. I'm sorry if I implied anything derogatory. That wasn't my intention."
The man smiled, staring at Justin, and then looking at Brandon.
Brandon smiled at him, the writer smiling back.
"Thank you, Justin. I wasn't offended by your remarks. I wrote this book a long time ago, just lately finding the courage to see if it was noteworthy enough to publish. I'm as surprised as you are that it's been so successful."
Justin smiled, Jay asking the author more questions.
Justin and Brandon sat back listening, giving small comments when drawn into the conversation.

After the last break, Brandon and Justin sang Brandon's new single.
Justin sang the background vocals, Jackson's voice the central theme.
The audience was deafening when it was finished, Jay shaking hands with both of the young men, Richard Thornton as well.
The show was over, Justin thanking Jay, talking for a bit, then leaving, Brandon staying to talk to Kevin and the band.
Justin hopped into his Viper outside the studio, his cell phone going off in his pocket.
"Hey, Justin here."
"Hey, sweetie. How'd it go?"
Justin smiled, hearing the sweetness of Jessica's voice.
"It went great, Jess. Brandon outshone even his usual boisterous self."
"That's great. What about you? Still idol to millions?"
Justin smiled, knowing she was trying to lighten his spirits.
"I'm good. They still love me. But they seemed overwhelmed by B.D."
"Aren't we all? So I'll watch the show tonight here. You and Trace still coming up on Friday to my parents' retreat? I still need you here first thing Friday morning to meet my aunts."
"Yes, I should land in New York Thursday night late and make it to your parents' place sometime Friday morning if we drive all night."
Jessica's parents owned a secluded retreat in Upstate New York, the place a private getaway.
Jessica was filming in New York, using the place on the weekends.
It was about six hours away from New York City near the Canadian border.
"Okay, Babe. Love ya. Gotta go, have a rehearsal."
"Okay, love. Kisses and hugs."
The line went dead, Justin dropping his phone on the passenger seat, gunning his car out of the parking lot.
He drove, his mind on different things.
He and Jessica Biel had been together for almost two years.
They loved each other dearly, but Justin felt that something was wrong.
Jessica had become very demanding of late, in certain ways.
Expecting certain things from Justin.
To him, at times, it seemed she was only with him because of his status.
She enjoyed walking around with a famous musician on her arm.
Living the glamorous life of a movie star.
Justin was tired of the glitz and glamour.
He was more interested in settling down, creating a home life.
Sure they lived together, but their careers were constantly interfering with each other's togetherness.
Justin smiled, looking forward to the weekend, having her with him for most of it, even though he knew her family would be there, and fawning all over him.
He hated being objectified, Jessica knowing that.
He drove through L.A. heading towards his own home.
His mansion lay in a secluded area, behind stone gates.
A short thirty minutes later, he jumped out of his Viper and walked up to his front door.
He walked into the home, shut off the security system, and dumped his keys into a bowl on the foyer's table.
He walked upstairs, pulling off his shirt, his bronzed smooth chest glistening with a light sheen of sweat.
The day was hot and humid.
He walked into the bedroom, throwing his shirt onto the bed, his jeans joining the shirt.
His cell went off again, Justin pulling it out of his jean pocket.
"Hey, Justin here."
"Hi, Justy. It's Lance!."
"Hey, Lancy! How are ya? How's New York?"
Justin smiled, chatting with his friend, whom he hadn't talked to in over two months.
Their schedules made their friendship long distance.
"Going good. New play beginning. I hear you are hitting the city again?"
"Yeah, I'm heading up there on Thursday. Going to Jessica's parents' retreat."
"Ah, I see. No chance of us getting together?"
Justin lay back on the bed, his naked body exposed, save for the boxer briefs he wore.
"I wish I could, Lancy. It's been too long."
"Make the time, Jus? I miss you."
Justin teared up, hearing the loneliness and love in Lance's voice.
"We decided a long time ago that our friendship came first, Lance."
"I know, Justin. That doesn't mean I still don't miss all of you."
Justin smiled, remembering his loving friend's gentle touch.
"I know, Lance. I miss you too."
"Alright, Jus. You know I love you, and I'm always here as a friend."
Justin smiled, laying back further into the pillows.
"Yes, I know Lance. But I'm only in New York to be picked up by Trace. We're heading to Jesse's parents' retreat right off."
"Understood, Jus."
"I have to go, Lance. Things to do."
"Okay, Jus. Take care. Love ya."
"Love ya back, Lance."
Justin closed off the call, laying back on his bed, his eyes closing.
He thought about Lance, and all they'd been through together.
Wonderful loving Lance.
He remembered back to when they'd just formed their group.
Justin was the youngest, and the loneliest.
Lance had become his friend almost immediately.
His green sparkling eyes had shown such warmth and love, Justin easily falling under their loving spell.
And Lance's temperament and personality drew Justin to him even more.
J.C. was Justin's dearest friend, but Lance became so much more.
Lance had awakened Justin's eyes to love and life.
Lance had been Justin's first lover.
And Justin had been his.
Lance had opened Justin's eyes to sex, desire and erotica.
That had been so long ago.
The two drifted apart because of Justin's reluctance to open himself up, Lance having opened Justin's mind and body to both sexual worlds.
Justin couldn't bring himself to open up totally to those feelings with another man.
In time, Justin had surrendered to the hetro world's demands.
Through the knowledge of his family's beliefs and his own education, he's hidden that part of his life away, only he and Lance sharing that secret.
And on several occasions, the two friends had met in seclusion at Justin's request, Lance fulfilling Justin's hidden desires.
When Justin was with Lance, it seemed so real.
So genuine.
And it made Justin  hunger for something more.
For perhaps real love.
Oh, he loved his Jessica.
The two were inseparable when together.
It was just that Justin found something missing, something he only felt when he was with Lance.
He couldn't put his finger on what it was.
It wasn't the masculinity or the roughness or passion, in his mind he felt it was something else.
Lance's own sexuality had now finally been revealed to the world.
Justin smiled, so proud of his friend for opening his heart to his true needs.

Justin sighed, sitting up.
He saw himself in the mirror of his dresser, standing up.
At twenty-eight, Justin was still slim, muscular and youthfully beautiful.
He knew his body was well-defined, and that people desired him.
Only recently, another young man had taken to Justin's desires.
He stared at himself in the mirror, taking in the vision that was himself.
His phone went off again, Justin leaning over the bed and picking it up.
"Hi, JT How's she hangin'?" the youthful voice said.
Justin sat down on the bed.
"Where are you, Brandon?"
"Aww, my boss missing me?"
Justin rolled his eyes.
"I thought you wanted to go over the song arrangements for your upcoming tour? You were supposed to come here with me right after the show."
Justin felt the smile on Brandon's face through the phone.
"There's only one thing you want me to go over, and you know what that is."
Justin blushed a little, hearing the huskiness now in Brandon's voice.
"Yeah, okay. Whatever. Are you coming over?"
"I'll come over and over again for you babe. I'm actually just pulling into your driveway." Brandon said, parking behind Justin's Viper.
"OK, the door's open." Justin said, hanging up the phone.
He looked at himself in the mirror again.
What was he doing?
The guy was unbelievable.
His thoughts went through his mind like bolts of lightning, his body trembling.

Justin had made a very foolish mistake.
On one rainy night he'd let Brandon thank him for all he'd done for him.
Justin had been sleeping that night in a hotel room in New York.
The two–along with their record company–had been partying at a local club.
After the club closed, the two had retired for the night, going to their own rooms.
Justin had fallen asleep alone.
And Brandon was supposedly sleeping in the next room.
Brandon didn't stay there long, crawling into Justin's bed.
Justin had woken up to a feeling of deep pleasure, Brandon deep-throating him.
Justin had been too stunned to stop it, and Brandon had been very talented.
Justin had orgasmed with ferocity and trembling passion, Brandon doing the same right after him.
Brandon had made indications of wanting more, Justin kicking him out of his room.
For days Justin had felt guilty, finally talking to Brandon.
Justin had backed away from him, not wanting to hurt the young man.
Brandon, for his part, had told him he'd wanted him from the first moment he'd met him.
But Justin couldn't let go of his love for Jessica, and his own feelings.
So he'd backed away.
And Brandon had become a flirting dynamo.
For the last five months he'd been enticing Justin every moment they'd managed to be alone.
It now was at a crest, heightening to this moment.

He heard the door downstairs opening and closing, Justin laying back on the bed.
He closed his eyes again, hearing the footsteps on the stairs, and then he opened his eyes.
Brandon stood in the doorway, his arms folded together, smiling at him, actually leering.
"My, what a wonderful sight! Justin Timberlake ready for the taking!"
Justin looked up, not moving.
Brandon walked into the room, staring down at Justin's smooth body.
"You look delicious, JT  And this time there's no confusion. You know exactly what you want. And I know what I want."
Justin stared up at the young man, watching him as he pulled off his shirt.
Jackson's chest was smooth, muscular and taut.
Justin stared at it, seeing before him a vision for the taking.

Justin stared up at the young man, seeing the need and desire in his blue eyes.
"I want you, Timberlake. Let me have you."
Justin's eyes roamed over the smooth torso, trailing down to the light dusting of hair on his abs, his eyes wandering over the large mound hidden beneath the young man's jeans.
Justin rose out of bed, backing away from the young man.
"Relax, JT Don't get stressed. I won't tell anyone. This is between you and me. You're all I've been thinking about. I know you'll be one of the best."
"One of the best? You've been with other guys?"
"Hell ya. Since I was sixteen. But never as often as in this industry. Man there are some fantastic men out there. You'd be surprised how easily I can line up a hot fuck. I just had one an hour ago. And now hopefully you! Fantastic!"
Justin looked stunned, staring at the young man.
"An hour ago??"
Brandon smiled, his eyes staring at Justin's naked chest.
"Yeah. That writer on the show. Ricky or Rich, whatever his name was. He fucked me in a bathroom at the studio. I could see his lust in his eyes during the show. He wanted me and I gave him what he wanted."
"Good, God! Brandon, that's unbelievable! Do you know how dangerous that is? You have to think of your career, the business!"
"Hey, chill. It's okay. I'm always careful. And I love getting fucked. Hell I have a different man every night. Ever since I came here to L.A. with you."
Justin stood up, grabbing his robe.
"I think you should leave, Brandon. This isn't going to happen. You might like that kind of lifestyle but not me. I am in love with Jesse. This was a mistake from the beginning. All I ever offered you was my friendship."
Brandon looked at Justin for a moment.
He walked around the bed, standing in front of Justin.
"I don't think it was, Justin. Not by the way you enjoyed my blowjob before. You needed it and you took it. Maybe you're the one who's looking for a change in lifestyle. My ass is yours anytime you want it. I see you're still hard. I'll be at my condo when you need me again."
Brandon smiled, picking up his clothes and walking to the doorway.
He bent over just before he left, Justin seeing his tight butt.
"It's an offer you can't refuse. Just ask your friend Lance."
Brandon smiled, walking out of the room.

Justin sat down, staring at the floor.
He replayed all that had happened in his mind.
Lance had been with Brandon?
Justin remembered them meeting him in New York, Justin having to leave back to L.A., Lance taking Brandon under his wing.
Justin now realized Lance had shown Brandon a very good time.
"Oh, Lance. I should have taken him back with me."
Justin was positive that Brandon had probably seduced Lance; Lance was always an easy mark.
Justin sighed, going to his window, looking down on the front driveway, seeing Brandon driving through the front gates, the gates closing.
"I'll not fall under your spell. It's not just sex I'm looking for." Justin softly said, his own mind wondering where that had come from.
He sighed, walking into the washroom.

Justin's plane landed in New York late Friday at one o'clock in the morning, the flight twenty minutes late.
He walked off the plane, scanning the disembarking area.
He smiled, seeing a shorter, stockier man waving towards him, walking in his direction.
Justin walked up to the man, the two hugging tightly.
People around them were looking at Justin, the singer trying not to stand out.
He wore a ball cap and dark shades.
"Hey, Trace. How's my bro?"
Trace Ayala smiled, his hand on Justin's shoulder.
"I'm cool, and I'm happy to see ya, JT!"
Justin smiled, seeing his best friend's smiling face.
He and Trace had been friends since their teen years.
Their friendship was steadfast and unbreakable.
The two had joined forces creating Justin's clothing line, William Rast.
Trace's creative designs and Justin's fashion sense worked well together.
Justin and he had always tried to remain outside the glamour and glitz, two friends of kindred spirit.
"Only two bags, Jus? Staying for only half a day?"
Justin laughed, Trace smiling.
He'd seen the tired look on Justin's face, sensing his friend's mood.
"Let's get to the SUV and outta this place. The crowds are leering."
Justin nodded, people looking at him and pointing.
The downfall of being a star.
Total openness.

The two friends rehashed their current lives to each other, Trace driving his SUV through the New York night.
"Saw Leno. Brandon's got a  voice."
Justin nodded, his eyes scanning the darkness.
"Yeah, he's a great singer. But still unseasoned." Justin said quietly, Trace looking at him.
"So can you tell me something, Jus?"
Justin looked at his friend.
He knew what Trace was going to say.
"Why are we driving out into the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night? It's not like you to do such things. This could have waited until daylight."
Justin's eyes met Trace's.
"Jessica needs me there first thing in the morning."
"Regardless that you're dog tired and beat. Man, Jus. I never knew you to be so easily tied down."
"I'm not tied down, Tray. She needed me there so I said yes."
Trace shook his head.
Trace didn't see eye to eye with Jessica.
And Justin knew it.
On several occasions he'd had to referee their quarrels.
"I don't like her taking advantage of you, Jus."
"When you get a girl, you can judge me."
Trace looked at him quickly, his eyes turning quickly away.
"I'm sorry, Tray. I shouldn't have said that."
Trace and his girlfriend had recently broken up, Justin knowing his friend was still hurting.
"It's okay, Jus. What's really going on? I've sensed something has been bothering you for a while. Are you and Jessica having problems?"
Justin's eyes turned away, looking out the window.
"I don't want to discuss it, Trace. Let's leave it be."
Trace looked over at his friend, seeing Justin's reluctance to talk.
"I'm your best friend, Jus. I'm here whenever you need me."
Justin smiled, looking at his friend.
"Thanks, Tray. I know that."
Trace smiled, Justin turning on the radio.

They drove for a couple of hours, a comfortable silence between them.
Trace needed to get his friend talking.
Talking about what was bothering him.
Trace knew all Justin's friends, having tagged along with Justin throughout his career.
"I saw Lance last week at the Hilfiger show."
"Yeah, cool. I talked to his this week myself."
"He's doing good, starting that new play."
Justin smiled, nodding.
"I still can't believe he's so open now about his lifestyle."
"Yes, he's got a lot of courage, and I'm happy for him." Justin said, smiling.
"Yep, he's happier than I've ever seen him. It must feel so free to open your heart like that."
Justin looked over at Trace, Trace staring at him.
Justin's eyes met his, then Justin turned back to the road.
"Trace, look out!!!"
Trace's eyes flew back to the road, both men seeing the man standing in the headlights.
He was standing in the middle of the road, right in their path.
Trace pulled the wheel sharply to the right, the vehicle veering in that direction.
Justin closed his eyes, waiting for the impact, knowing there was no time for them to miss hitting the man.
Trace struggled with the vehicle, feeling the wheels hit the shoulder, the vehicle heading into a ditch.
Justin heard the thud just before the vehicle left the road.

Trace looked up, then to his right.
Justin was moving, Trace's hands going to his shoulder.
"You okay, JT?" he said with great concern.
Justin looked up at him, nodding.
"Yeah, I'm fine. How about you?"
"I'm okay. Oh God, Jus. I think I hit him!"
Justin put his hand on his friend's shoulder.
"Let's get out and see how bad it is. Calm down, Trace."
Trace nodded, Justin seeing the fear in his eyes.
Trace turned off the engine, pocketing his keys.
The two tried opening their doors, Trace's door unable to open.
Both men climbed out of the stationary vehicle through Justin's passenger door.
Justin looked towards the front of the vehicle, seeing they'd run off the road and slid into the ditch.
The front end was resting against a bunch of jagged rocks.
"Those rocks stopped us from rolling down over that embankment." Trace said, looking down at a deep trench beyond the rock mound.
"Lucky for us, my friend."
Trace looked at Justin, both men looking behind them.
They saw the black top of the paved road, but not much else.
Justin walked around the back of the SUV, Trace following.
They walked up a small incline onto the pavement.
Justin looked down the darkened road, seeing something laying in the center of the road fifty yards away.
It looked like a human form.
Trace's breath was ragged, Justin putting his arm around him.
"Stay here, Trace. I'll check it out."
Trace took Justin's arm in his hand, Justin looking into his eyes.
"I didn't meant to hit him, Jus! He just came out of nowhere! He's dead, Justin! I've killed him!"
"I know, Tray. I know you didn't mean it. Stay calm and focused." Justin said, trying to calm his friend down.
"Stay here."
Justin let go of his friend, slowly walking towards the still form.
His eyes adjusted to the gloomy darkness, the full moon sneaking out from behind clouds, Justin gradually making out the features of the person laying on the road.
He appeared to be male, wearing only a pair of shorts.
He was laying on his side, his back to Justin.
Justin felt the coolness of the October evening, wondering what the man was doing half naked in the middle of nowhere.
Justin slowly walked forward, the distance between them shrinking.
At around ten yards, Justin stopped in his tracks.
The man was beginning to move.
Justin watched as the man turned over, laying now on his back.
His head turned towards Justin, Justin staring at a young beautiful face.
A face etched with undeniable beauty.
Justin quickly walked up to the young man.
He heard Trace's feet on the pavement behind him, knowing that Trace had seen the man moving also.
Justin knelt beside the man, looking down at his face.
The man opened his eyes, Justin staring into two eyes of liquid grey.
His eyes were the strangest Justin had ever seen.
They seemed to be almost white, the greyness of their irises almost metallic silver.
And the young man's face was that of an adonis.
Smooth, blemish-free, although caked in mud in places.
Justin scanned his whole body, seeing mud evident everywhere.
The young man was smooth, lean and muscular.
Justin took him to be about seventeen, maybe even younger.
"Are you alright? Are you hurt?" Justin softly said, looking down at the young man.
Justin silently watched as the man's grey eyes scanned his face, looking into his blue eyes.
"Where is she..... Where is my Jennie?"
Justin felt a hand on his shoulder, Trace at his side.
"Is he alright?" Trace said, his breath blowing on Justin's face.
"I think he's in shock." Justin said, his hand going to the young man's face.
Justin felt the coldness of his skin, realizing the young man had been outside for quite some time.
Trace moved, going around to the other side of the young man's body.
The young man searched all around them, looking at both of them.
"I have to find her... she's with him...."
"Shhh, it's okay. We didn't see anyone else. Who are you? What are you doing out here?" Justin softly said.
Justin felt the young man trembling, his coldness sinking into Justin's soul.
"Please help me.... please lead me to the light..."
Justin looked at Trace, Trace shrugging his shoulders.
"He's definitely in shock, that's for certain. Let's check out his body to  make sure nothing's broken." Trace said, with caring.
Justin and Trace gently felt all around the young man, the man trembling but remaining silent.
"Nothing appears broken. But we should get him to a doctor, Jus. I don't like his colour or his body temperature. I think he's suffering from exposure. Why he's out here nearly naked is beyond me." Trace said, Justin nodding.
"See if you can get the car out of that ditch, Trace. I'll stay with him. Do you have a blanket?"
Trace nodded, standing up and rushing back to the vehicle.
Justin gently raised the young man up, the young man leaning against Justin's chest.
"It's going to be okay. I'm here. My name is Justin. That's my friend Trace." Justin smiled, seeing Trace coming back with a blanket.
The young man looked up into Justin's blue eyes.
Justin smiled, feeling the trembling now more acutely with the young man leaning against him.
Trace returned, helping Justin lift the young man up, both men gently carrying him off the road to safety, Justin and the young man sitting down on an outcropping of earth on the side of the road.
Trace was at their side, wrapping the blanket around the young man, Justin helping.
"Be right back, Jus." Trace smiled, Justin seeing the happiness in his teary eyes that the young man wasn't seriously injured.
Justin held the young man in his arms, Trace returning to the SUV.
Justin quietly watched the young man, his head laying against Justin's chest.
"What's your name?"
The young man was silent.
Justin looked at his smooth face, Justin's fingers wiping the mud off its cheek.
The man was breathtakingly beautiful.
Curly black hair, shoulder length, with no sign of shaving fuzz on his cheeks.
Justin found that odd, that sign belaying the young man's age.
He might even be fifteen.
But the young man's body was that of a teenager, slim, sleek and well-formed.
Justin felt a tingling inside him.
He felt a sudden feeling coming over him.
As if he wanted to protect this young man, to help him in any way he could.
Justin looked down at his staring eyes.
His mesmerizing, staring eyes.
"Yes, my friend?"
"Why can't I find her.... why can't I go back...."
Justin still couldn't understand what the young man was talking of, or whom he was seeking.
"I don't know, friend. I don't know."
The young man's body trembled.
"The darkness was so scary.... the ground so thick.... I didn't think I'd get out...."
Justin saw the dirt and mud covering the young man's body.
Had he been trapped somewhere?
Was this Jennie there also?
Justin heard Trace starting the vehicle, Justin's eyes going towards the sound.
He quietly watched, holding the young man in his arms.

Trace put the vehicle in reverse.
He gunned the gas petal, the vehicle spinning a bit, then Trace feeling the wheels catching the dirt.
The vehicle moved slowly, backing out of the ditch.
Trace backed out, back onto the highway, backing up towards Justin and the young man.
Trace stopped in front of them, cutting the engine.
He climbed out, seeing steam coming from the front of the engine.
"I think the rad's been punctured. I need to check it out. Get the boy into the back seat, I've turned on the heater."
Justin nodded, helping the young man stand up.
Trace came up to them, helping Justin guide the young man forward.
The two men gently laid the young man down in the back seat, his trembling body covered with the blanket.
Justin gently shut the door, looking at Trace.
"He's in shock, and he's freezing. We need to get him to a doctor right away, Trace."
"I know, Jus. I'm just hoping the engine's going to last to get there. Come on, let's check it out."
Justin nodded, the two heading to the front of the vehicle.

Ten minutes later, Trace closed the hood, wiping his hands.
"Well, the rad's punctured and I think there's something wrong with the fuel inducer. I'm hoping it will last until we come to the next town, however far that is, I haven't a clue."
"Let's get going, Trace. I think time's of the essence."
Trace nodded, the two climbing into the vehicle.
Justin looked into the back, the young man staring at him.
"It's going to be alright, we're driving you to the hospital. You're going to be alright." Justin said in a soothing tone, his hand going into the young man's in the back seat.
The young man tightened his grip on Justin's hand.
"Come back for me please... .don't leave me in the darkness..."
Justin looked at Trace, Trace gunning the gas.
They drove forward, Trace picking up speed.
Justin looked back, the young man's eyes now closed, his breathing calm and relaxed.
"Hang in there, my friend. I'll see you safe."
They sped down the highway, Trace catching a passing sign.
"Oberson Falls is two miles ahead, let's hope they have a doctor."
Justin nodded, smiling.
He turned back, staring in silent shock.
The back seat was empty.

End of Chapter 1

How do you like it so far?
What's the story with the young man?
Where did he go?

And what's going on with Justin?
Even Trace feels his friend's troubled mind.
A few questions to think on.

Let me know how you like it.

Hugs, Angel.


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