Jolan's Path - Chapter 100


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 100


Jolan's eyes lifted, smiling at his Uncle Calen, the man seated at the head of the table.

Jolan sat on his right, Justin seated on his left, Hayden in Justin's lap.

They sat with all their family and friends in a large but exquisitely furnished dining room.

Everyone had followed Athos into the room, one item its central theme, drawing everyone's eyes.

It was a large portrait of a regal woman, seated upon a throne, staring down at everyone with softly glowing silvery eyes.

It hung on the central room wall, above a massive fireplace, a large fire burning within it.

Before the fireplace a long oak table lay, covered in finery and glassware.

"The mother of our dynasty, Jolan. Our great-great-grandmother, Queen Alveena." Athos said, his eyes on Jolan more than the painting.

"She's so beautiful, Jo." Justin said, his eyes taking in her regal beauty.

"And you must be Justin. Our Jolan's partner." Athos said, his eyes now staring into Justin's blue.

Jolan smiled, his hand going in Justin's.

"Allow me to do the introductions, my cousin." Jolan smiled, introducing Athos to Justin and then everyone else, the man bowing acknowledgement to the ladies, lightly shaking hands with the men, his hands covered in grey gloves.

Everyone saw the well mannered stature of this beautiful young man.

"It is a joy to welcome all of you into our home. May your stay be festive, enlightening and memorable." the young man said, bowing to Jolan, his eyes on Justin.

"Getting past the awkwardness of new friendships will see us all happy, Athos. From there our happiness can take wing." Jolan said, his calm silvery eyes staring at the young man, Athos' blue eyes widening in surprise.

"I shall return momentarily, Father. I shall check on Martha's readiness." the young man said, quietly looking at Jolan.

"Please everyone, let's sit down and dine in relaxation. I'm sure you all must be famished?" Simus said, Calen staring at his son, the young man smiling at him, then walking out of the room.

"Yes, Martha's spared no delicacy. She's been our cook for over forty years." Calen said, guiding Jolan and Justin to the lavish table.

Here now they sat, having been served a bounty of food by three waiters, the table laden in brunch delicacies.

Hayden sat in Justin's lap eating off his father's plate, a sausage in his hand.

"The boy's a growing manifestation of you, Jolan." Simus smiled, seated at the other end of the table, Jolan smiling down at his uncle.

"Our Hay's happy when he's filled with food and love." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"This is a remarkable home, Calen." Britney said, seated beside Justin, looking at the younger Dragosan brother.

"It is that, Britney. To me and my sons it is just home. Its lavishness is only a mirror of showmanship. The heart of it is our loving closeness."
Jolan smiled, the door of the room opening, Athos rejoining them.

He smiled at everyone, sitting down at the table between Josh and Jolan.

"Please continue with your dining. Sorry I was detained, Father."
Calen stared at his son, the young man smiling at him.

"The food is delicious, my cousin." Jolan said, smiling at him.
The young man smiled widely, Justin seeing so much joy and happiness in those blue sparkling eyes now.

"Martha is the best cook, with no exceptions. And a joy as all the staff here are." the young man said, smiling at his father, Calen softly smiling back.

"This is a luxurious stately home, Uncle. I never imagined the vastness and stunning beauty of Grandfather's home."
Calen smiled, setting down his fork and knife, his plate emptied.

He took a sip of his coffee, settling back in his chair, smiling at his nephew.

"It once was a grand estate of an old aristocratic British family with royal aspirations, Jolan. My father purchased it in seventeen ninety-two as a sanctuary for himself and his future heirs. It also served as a safe haven for all the Sumsarian and other less fortunate people that he took upon himself to aid. During the wars of this nation, and others, he housed many fleeing people of truth and honor. During the Second World War my brother and I turned it over as a convalescent home and hospital for wounded soldiers and civilians. Father always said that bricks and stone should serve the better purpose of every man. A home should be used as a safe haven of love."
Jolan nodded, everyone quietly listening to Calen's prideful words.

"Grandfather's heart of giving grew within his sons." Jolan said, Calen and Simus both smiling at him.

Calen's eyes went upward, taking in the picture of Queen Alveena.

"We call this the Queen's Room, for the obvious reason. Father always liked to eat and stare at his old friend's kind eyes. He said her eyes were like diamonds of love. They could cut through any heart."

"They are beautiful, Uncle Calen. I can personally vouch for that." Jolan said, Justin looking at him.
Athos' eyes widened, turning and looking at his cousin seated beside him.

"You can? What is that supposed to mean?" he softly said, Jolan meeting his gaze.

"I have met her, my cousin. Her eyes indeed reach into your soul."

The young man's face changed into a look of sudden surprise, Jolan smiling at him.

"I guess I am important enough to be sought out by the ghosts of our past, cousin."

The young man looked at his father, then back at Jolan, softly nodding.

His head lowered, staring down at his plate, looking as if he was deep in thought.

Jolan's hand went forward, going on top of the young man's gloved hand.

"We all think upon the heritage of our family, upon the paths we are destined to walk. Our souls can take comfort in knowing there are those surrounding us who only want to love us and show us life."

The young man's eyes raised, two silvery orbs shining into his blue.

"Jolan. . .I see so much. . ."

Jolan smiled, patting the young man's hand.

"I know, my cousin. I know. I'm here now, life will be better."

The young man softly smiled, his eyes then looking at his father.

"Excuse me everyone, I must see what's keeping my brothers." he said, smiling at Jolan, standing and bowing, then walking quietly out of the room.

Everyone's eyes were on Jolan's eyes, the young man smiling, sipping his coffee, looking around at everyone.

"Interesting." he said, smiling and looking towards his uncles at each end of the table.

"So what's the agenda for our time of happiness and festivities?" he said, Calen and Simus both smiling, the strangeness of the last few moments brushed aside.

"Well today is a day of relaxation for everyone. Time for all of you to familiarize yourselves with this old place. I and Calen are more than happy to show you around. We've left maps in all of your rooms. We want all of you to relax and rest today. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, the holidays officially begin then. There are lots of interests and pleasantries to amuse young and old, as the map shows. There's a billiard room, complete with card tables, and all the amenities. We also have a large indoor pool."
Hayden's eyes widened, Jolan and Justin both laughing.

"Pool, Daddy? We swims inside?"

"Yes, Hay. Nice and warm."
Hayden giggled, Justin smiling at Jolan.

"Niles and Reginald will show you to your rooms later. How are you feeling, my nephew?" Simus said, smiling at Jolan.

"Most of the pain is gone, Uncle. The tiredness seeps in now and then, but I feel well. The chilliness of this snowy place brings a breath of energy to me."
Both Dragosan brothers smiled, Calen patting Jolan's arm.

"It is the beating of the Heart of Life. It energized your soul."
Jolan smiled, the younger Dragosan standing up.

"If everyone is finished, let us retire to the Room of Family. There, we'll relax and go over the festivities. I'm sure these children would love to see the tree?"
Hayden's eyes widened, Sean and Jayden's as well, sitting beside Chris and Britney.

"Kismas tree, Unky Calen? We got big one?"
The man laughed, picking up the child from Justin's lap, Justin smiling up at him.

"Most certainly, little one. A very big one."
Everyone smiled, Calen looking around at everyone.

"Come, everyone. Let us walk across the hall and relax on plush chairs and couches, the Room of Family a den of peacefulness." Calen said, everyone smiling and getting up.

Joey felt Lance's arm going around him, his lips kissing his cheek.

"My teddy bear needs to rest, he's practically stuffed."
Joey blushed, the food nurturing his soul.

"More for me to love, Joey Bear."

Josh laughed, everyone following Calen out of the room.


They crossed the large hall, two large wooden doors before them.

"This room is always open, a room for family and peacefulness as I just stated. For this week it shall be the meeting place of happiness and the center of our Christmas wishes. Merry Christmas to you all." Calen said, everyone replying to his greeting.

Niles and Reginald stood at the doors, Calen nodding.

They opened both doors, everyone quietly walking in, their eyes widening in surprise and happiness.

The room was immense, and filled with a Christmas beauty.

In the right corner stood a massive Christmas tree, decorated in silver and gold, shining lights covering most of it.

It had to be at least twelve feet tall, a green image of Christmas beauty.

"Wow, Daddy! Tree big!"

Jolan laughed, kissing his son's cheek, the boy now in Justin's arms.

"Yes, Hay. It's really big. And so beautiful."

Justin walked up to the tree, Hayden's hand gently touching a glass ball, the boy giggling.
Everyone's eyes roamed around the room, seeing the lavishness and exquisite beauty of the furnishings.

Couches and chairs were set around in small and larger circles, coziness felt in their design.

In the center of the room stood a marble fireplace, immense in its width.

It was over ten feet long, slabs of black marble on both side facings, white marble lion heads recessing out of them.

The mantle was covered in spruce boughs and holly, candles lit along its length.

Above the fireplace hung another painting, this one of a man of immense beauty.

Justin's eyes--and everyone else's--turned staring at Jolan.

"My God, Jolan! That's your twin!" Lonnie said, Jolan looking up at the portrait.

"No, Lonnie. That is my grandfather. Vilos Dragos, the head of the Dragosan clan." he said, staring at the portrait.

The portrait was of his grandfather at a young age, standing upon a field of snowy ground, the man surrounded by visions of military might and adoring greatness.

"On the field of the last battle. Our father's stand over evil." Simus said, looking with reverence at the painting.

Justin's arm went around Jolan, sensing the man's calmness and his love.

"I'm home, Justin. I'm finally in the presence of his love."

Calen and Simus were staring at Jolan, everyone seeing the beginnings of tears in their eyes.

"He's here, Uncles. I sense him in every room. He may have passed unto the light, but the light of his endless love still flickers within his home."

Calen nodded, Simus' hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"I've always felt it here, Jolan. I guess perhaps that's why I stayed away so often. The love was too intense."
Calen smiled at his brother, his hand going to his shoulder.

"And I remained. That sense of his love calmed my soul through the pain and agony of my torturous existence."
"Your torture has ended, Father."

Everyone turned around, Athos standing in the room's doorway, looking at everyone.

The young man walked up to his father and uncle, staring at Jolan.

"We have you to thank for our father's healed physique, cousin." the young man said, bowing to Jolan.

"He is my family. I shall always heal the wounds of hurt and pain beating with their hearts."

The young man smiled, Calen staring at him.

Simus was staring as well, a look of smoldering anger laying within his eyes.

Calen caught his look, smiling at Jolan.

"Come, Nephew. Please sit down and relax your tiredness. The fire gives great warmth."
Jolan smiled, walking over to the central couch, Justin and Calen following.

Everyone sat around Jolan and Justin, Hayden standing between Justin's sitting legs.

"Big room, Poppa! Me wuvs dis place! It feels good!"

Jolan smiled at his son, lightly wiping his face, a few crumbs on his chin.

"It's our family home, Hay."
The boy smiled, looking up at the painting.

"Dat hims?"
Jolan nodded, the boy looking into his grey eyes.

"He wooks like you, Daddy."
Jolan smiled, looking up at the picture.

"Yes, Hay. I am my grandfather's likeness. And I am his love."
Jolan's eyes moved, staring at Athos, the young man standing at the fireplace, his arm resting on the mantle.

His eyes were gazing upwards, taking in the portrait of his grandfather as well.

"You son speaks truth, Jolan. You bear a striking resemblance to Grandfather Vilos."

"We all carry within us a semblance of our forefathers. And our foremothers."

The young man stared quietly at Jolan, his blue eyes sparkling.

"I'm sure you wear the beauty of your mother, my cousin. As I'm sure your brothers do."
The young man smiled widely, looking at his father, Calen smiling at him.

Simus was staring as well, his face a mask of unchanged blankness.

"Excuse me everyone, I shall see what's keeping Isaiah and Mathias." the young man said, quietly leaving the room, closing the wooden doors behind him.

Jolan's eyes followed him, everyone looking at him in silence.

"Forgive him, Jolan. He is the mischievous sort." Calen said, Jolan smiling at his uncle.

"Having only each other, those three young men found happiness and joy in each other."

Jolan nodded, smiling at Hay, the boy looking towards the Christmas tree, his eyes sparkling.

"Thank you, Uncles."
"For what, Jolan?"
The young man smiled, looking into his uncle's grey eyes.

"For bringing a look of happiness and joy into my son's eyes. This Christmas shall be the greatest of his life."
Sandra smiled, seated with Jessica on a sofa across from them, Hayden running up to his mother, Sandra helping him climb up between the two.

Calen and Simus both smiled, everyone seeing the look of happiness on Jolan's face.

Justin smiled beside him, his arm going around his Jolan.

"I sense the tiredness in you, my love. Perhaps you should rest."
Jolan smiled at him, hearing the caring and love in Justin's voice.

"Perhaps that is best for all of you. It was a long flight, and the time change will start hitting you shortly. Let me guide you to your rooms. We'll all relax and meet in the Queen's Room for dinner at six." Simus said, standing up.

Everyone agreed, beginning to rise up.

Jolan stood up, Justin at his side.

Hayden yawned in his mother's arms, Justin smiling at Sandra.

"He'll be happy sleeping with you and Jess, Sandra."

Sandra smiled, Jessica kissing Justin's cheek.

"And you can snuggle with your bigger boy."

Everyone laughed, Justin beaming.

Jolan smiled, looking up at the portrait one last time, then at his uncle.

"Until later, Uncle Calen."
Calen smiled, everyone following Simus out of the room, heading for the staircase.

Calen smiled after them, his hand going to the mantle of the fireplace, his grey eyes staring into the flames.

A few minutes later he felt a hand go to his shoulder, the man looking into his son's blue eyes.

"It's not against your love, Father. We just have to know the truth. He's. . .he's not what I expected."

Calen nodded, embracing his son, the young man's head resting on his chest.

"Embrace his love, my son. It will fill the emptiness."
The young man nodded, his blue eyes tearing.


Jolan opened his grey eyes, wiping the drowsiness out of them.

He looked around the bedroom, taking in all of its stunning richness.

He and his lover lay on a large king size four-poster bed, its mahogany richness filling half the room.

Lavish red velour curtains hung on the large windows that seemed to cover the right wall.

Beyond the windows and glass door in its center Jolan saw a large stone balcony.

The room itself was large but cozy, a marble fireplace against the left wall, a fire burning there.

Jolan felt its warmth, he and Justin laying on top of the red velvet coverings.

Paintings graced the walls, scenes and landscapes Jolan was certain were views of the estate.

Jolan sighed, moving to his left, his body snuggling against his Justin.

Justin lay sound asleep, flat on his back, his head sunken into deep velvety pillows.

Jolan smiled, staring at his man.

He lay there, taking in the beauty of his handsome face, his eyes scanning every inch of his man's muscular physique.

Both of them were still clothed, their shoes laying at the end of the bed.

Justin had dove into the bed, a large sigh leaving him, when they'd entered the room.

Jolan had smiled, his lover watching him as Jolan opened their suitcases, filling the immense chest of drawers on the center wall.

"That can wait my love. You're tired. Time to snuggle with your own teddy bear."
Jolan laughed, shutting the suitcase he'd opened, climbing into the bed beside his Justin, his man taking him into his arms.

"A beautiful place, my love. Its immensity overwhelms me. I never imagined."
Jolan smiled, hearing the awe and wonder in Justin's voice.

"Yes, Jus. It overwhelmed me for a moment as well. But I now see the underlying truth."
Justin's blue eyes looked deeply into his grey.

"What's going on, Jo? I sensed you and Athos were measuring each other up. Is something wrong, my love?"
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's lips.

"No, Jus. Nothing's wrong. In fact, it's just as I thought it would be."
Justin smiled, hearing the calmness and love in Jolan's voice.

He also saw the tiredness in his grey eyes.

"Close your eyes, my love. Let's get some shuteye."

Jolan smiled, snuggling into his man.

"I love you, Jumpy."
"I love you, my wolfen heartthrob. Now relax and sleep." Justin said, Jolan's head laying on his chest.

Here it now was, three hours later, Jolan looking at his watch.

They had about hour before they had to meet everyone in the dining room.

Jolan smiled, watching his Justin's chest rise and fall, staring at his sculpted beauty.

Jolan felt a stirring within him, his hands going forward to the buttons on Justin's shirt.

He slowly undid each one, pulling the shirt gently out of Justin's pants, opening it wide.

Jolan smiled, taking in each inch of Justin's smooth muscular chest, his abs showing predominantly.

Jolan saw Justin move a little, his fingers going to the small nipples that Jolan loved so much.

He gently rubbed both, their tips hardening under his touch.

Justin softly moaned in his sleep, Jolan smiling widely.

He moved forward, his legs gently going over Justin's thighs, his ass sitting on top of Justin's center.

He moved forward, his lips attaching to the left nipple, Jolan taking its hardness into his mouth.

Justin moaned louder, Jolan feeling his center begin to harden against his ass.

Justin's eyelids flickered, their lids finally opening, his head looking downward.

"Oh, Jo! Oh God!"
Jolan released the nipple, his head moving upwards, his lips meeting Justin's, the kiss steeped in love and desire.

Justin broke the kiss, staring into Jolan's now softly glowing yellowish eyes.

"We have an hour, my prey of love. The wolf needs all of you."
Justin teared up, seeing the change begin, his wolfen love appearing.

His loving Jolan was back to full health, Justin seeing the need within his glowing eyes.

He felt the beast pull his pants off him, then he felt the beast lower himself, Justin's mind flooding with ecstasy.


Jolan and Justin walked into the dining room at fifteen minutes after six.

Everyone was seated, smiles going towards the two of them.

Chris stood beside the fireplace, staring out a window at the surrounding grounds.

His head turned when the two opened the door, walking in the room.

"I'm worried, Watson. I thought I heard a wolf out on the Moors." Chris said in a stoic British voice, Joey bursting into laughter.

Everyone else laughed, Jolan and Justin exchanging looks.

Britney shook her head, getting out of her chair, walking up to the two lovers.

"Don't pay any mind to Chris and his twisted sense of humor. He's been waiting ten minutes to do that Sherlock Holmes line."
Joey was still laughing, Chris high fiving him.

"And just what's it supposed to mean?" Justin asked, Jolan smiling at his lover.

Britney kissed both of their cheeks, smiling at them.

"Let's just say that this old castle has great acoustics. Your wolf boy woke all of us up."

Chris was still laughing, walking up to the two, his arm going around Jolan's shoulders.

"Hey, Calen! Do you have a kennel here? This wolf may have to be locked up, if anyone's going to get any sleep around here."
Justin was turning three shades of red, Jolan looking relaxed and smiling widely.

"Hey, deal with it. My passion howls when I have such beautiful prey to devour." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Besides, I'm sure we'll hear some walrus roars at some time over the week."

Everyone laughed, Jolan smiling at Chris, the man staring at him.

"Touché, old boy."

Jolan laughed, the three men and Britney going to the table.

Everyone sat down, Athos walking into the room carrying a large platter, three waiters walking behind him with other platters.

The young man sat the platter down in front of his father, Calen smiling at him.

The waiters set the other covered platters down at different intervals along the table.

Athos bowed to his father, standing behind his chair, his gloved hands folded in front of him.

"Before we partake of this welcoming dinner of love, I'd like to ask my nephew to say grace."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

Everyone bowed their head, Athos remaining behind his father.

"Dear Lord, and giver of love. We are all assembled under your blanket of love. Families joined and basking in the happiness of our new friendships and discoveries. Bless us this day for all that we have received. Friendship, love, happiness, a bounty of nourishment, for the soul and the body. Today begins our time of joined happiness and family love. Let us cherish all the memories we are about to create. Love, truth, trust and beauty surround us. Let us bask in all of that. Amen."
"Amen." everyone said, Jolan smiling at his uncle and Athos.

The young man stared at Jolan, Jolan seeing a single tear rolling down one of his cheeks.

The man moved forward, lifting the lid off the large platter before his father.

Everyone awed, seeing a large pheasant revealed, its browned moist skin glistening.

"We raise them here on the grounds. They are among some of the most prized and coveted birds in England." Calen said, smiling at his nephew.

"And I'm sure they are delicious, Uncle."
Calen smiled, standing and taking the offered knife from his son.

He began cutting the fowl, Athos quietly walking out of the room, the platter's lid in his hand.

Jolan stared after him, a smile on his face.


Everyone lay around the Room of Family, dinner sunken within themselves.

They'd eaten their fill, not wanting for anything.

"My God, Simus. Your cook is amazing." Joey said, laying on a couch, Lance seated on the floor by his head, Joey stroking his blond hair.

"Martha's a treasure, that's a fact." Simus said, smiling at Calen.

"The meal was simply delicious." Lynn said, seated with Paul, Jennie and Jonathan snuggled together at the end of their long couch.

Calen had taken everyone into the kitchen after dinner, introducing them to Martha, Joey practically worshipping her, a wide smile on her aged face.

"Land sakes, the boy loves his food." she said, smiling at Lynn.

"It's his passion, Martha. That and my love." Lance said, Joey smiling at him.

They'd walked from there to the Room of Family.

Jolan smiled at his sister and Jonathan, his eyes taking in the beautiful plush couch they sat upon, a golden edging showing along the top of the couch's center.

He smiled, feeling his lover snuggled against him, Justin's head against his chest, Jolan rubbing his stomach.

Justin had eaten too much, Jolan soothing his tummy.

Hayden sat on the floor between them and the fireplace, Sean and Jayden playing trucks with him.

"Our son ate a lot but he seems untouched by it." Justin said, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"The exuberance of youth, my love. He burns it off faster than he takes it in."
Justin smiled, looking around at everyone, seeing everyone deeply contented.

"I could get used to this life." he said, Jolan chuckling.

"With too much fine dining comes laziness, gout and lethargic reasoning. I'm going to keep you running with happiness."
Justin smiled, raising his head and kissing Jolan's lips.

Calen smiled, seated across from them in a large wing chair.

"A delicious meal, Uncle Calen. And an atmosphere of wonderful happiness surrounds us. This week shall be wonderful."
Calen nodded, smiling at his nephew.

"Yes it shall, Jolan." he said, looking over at his brother, Simus and Cory seated on a couch, Cory's head laying in Simus' lap, Simus stroking his hair.

"But first the theatrics have to end. Our mirthful children need to be reigned in." Jolan said, his grey eyes looking up at the portrait of his grandfather.

Calen's eyes widened a little, their greyness going to his brother's.

One of the double doors of the room opened, Athos walking into the room.

He smiled at everyone, walking up to his father, kissing his cheek, walking over to the fireplace.

He smiled down at Hayden, the small boy smiling up at him.

He opened the screen, picking up a couple of logs and throwing them into the embers, then closing the screen again.

"The night thickens with coldness. It's good to be inside surrounded by warmth." he said, leaning against the right marble panel of the fireplace, his hand resting on the carved lion's head.

"Yes, the coldness outside can't measure up to the warmth of family love." Jolan said, kissing Justin's cheek, asking him to move.

Justin smiled, sitting up, Jolan standing and walking up to the fireplace.

He rubbed his hands together before the fire, his eyes going upwards staring at his grandfather's face.

He turned his head, looking into the blue eyes of the young man standing beside him.

"How are my other cousins doing, Athos?" Jolan said, a smile on his face.

"They are fine, Jolan. They are just playing shy. They shall show themselves shortly."
Jolan nodded, his laughter suddenly filling the room, everyone looking towards the two men.

Justin smiled, hearing the happiness in Jolan's laugh.

"My cousin, my friend. Your merriment and cleverness sink deeply into my heart!"
The young man stared at Jolan, his soft cheeks showing a soft redness.

"I hope I meet your expectations, Athos. And that your brothers saw what they needed to see."

The young man stared at Jolan, a soft smile crossing his face.

"You have piqued our interest, Jolan Dragos." the young man said, Jolan looking towards his uncle Calen.

"Your sons do have a deep sense of mischievous merriment. It lightened this tired soul."

Calen stood up, walking up to his son, staring at Jolan.

"You know, don't you?"
Jolan smiled, looking into Athos' blue eyes.

"A son's individuality is its own self, three together still share their uniqueness. No matter now devised the similarities."
Athos' eyes widened, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"The game is over, Athos. For I name you as yourself. I can name the others their parts as well."
Calen stared at Jolan, his grey eyes meeting his.

"I'm sorry, Jolan. I knew they were plotting, I just didn't know the scheme. Forgive them their outspokenness."

Jolan smiled, then laughed, Calen and Athos staring at him.

"I saw through their worry and love, their souls naming them. But you do have to laugh at their claiming so many victims."
Athos smiled widely, almost laughing, his gloved hand covering his mouth.

"Where are they, Athos? I'd so like to meet all three of you together."
Athos smiled, walking over to the double doors, opening one.

"Come, brothers! The game's over!" he said loudly out into the hall.

Athos walked a few feet back into the room, standing still with his hands folded in front of him.

The door widened a bit, two other young men walking into the room.

The two young men walked to either side of their brother, the three standing together.

Everyone stood up, staring in shock at the three brothers.


"They're triplets?!!!" Chris said in shock, staring at the three men.

The three young men were identical in every way.

Same long blond hair, same wardrobe, right down to their grey gloves.

Justin walked up to Jolan and Calen, his hand going onto Jolan's shoulder.

"You knew, Jo?"
Jolan smiled at Justin, walking over to the three young men.

All three stared at him, Jolan smiling widely.

"It took me only a moment of watching to mark their differences."

The three young men smiled softly, Jolan looking back at everyone, Calen staring at his sons.

"Your sons have their own individual mannerisms and emotions, Uncle Calen. They show easily their own souls."
Jolan walked in front of Athos, the young man staring into his grey eyes.

"Athos was the first we met, his authoritative stance marking him as the steadfast one. The commander of this triad of mirthful merriment."
Athos nodded, his blue eyes staring at Jolan.

"Next up to walk into our midst in the dining room was Isaiah, the giving and sensitive one." Jolan said, looking into the blue eyes of the young man on Athos' right side.
"He showed so much joy and happiness, and thoughtful love, while we dined and talked of Queen Alveena."

The young man softly smiled, a soft tear showing in his blue eyes.
Justin remembered noticing the young man's changed looks, a wider smile on his face.

Jolan walked to his left, standing in front of the last young man.

"And when we rested again in this room after lunch, Mathias, the balanced one, entered. He is a combination of both of his brothers--giving, responsible, stalwart and loving. A perfect balance."
The young man smiled, a warm smile of acceptance.

"Isaiah again entered our presence at dinner, his emotions belying the tear on his cheek after I gave grace."

The young man nodded, smiling at Jolan.

"And lastly, our central young man, Athos, returned here just moments ago, his command and authority shining brightly."

All three young men stared at Jolan, Jolan smiling at all three of them.

"So everyone, you've all been the victims of these three young lions of merriment. I applaud your vigor and intellect, Athos. A well thought out ruse." Jolan said, bowing to all three.

The three looked at each other smiling widely.

"Thank you, cousin. We now ask forgiveness for deceiving everyone." Athos said, his two brothers lowering their heads with him.

Calen looked around at everyone as he walked up to his sons.

"I cannot condone what my mischievous sons have done today, Jolan. I asked them beforehand not to amuse themselves with your welcoming happiness. As their father I also ask your forgiveness. Whatever punishment you request I shall see that it's delivered." Calen said, bowing his head as well.

Everyone stood in reluctant silence, that silence suddenly broken by a youthful laugh.

Jolan smiled, looking down at his son, Hayden standing beside his leg, wrapping his arms around Justin's leg.

"Dey's playing, Poppa! They's funny like Unky Chris!"

Jolan burst into laughter, his loud laugh shattering the awkwardness that had descended upon the room.

Chris was now laughing as well, the three young men standing before everyone, staring at them.

"Dear, Uncle Calen. We are a family. We are bonded in love. When one of us plays us, we take that humor and refreshing love in full stride. There are no necessary punishments or signs of forgiveness. Forgiveness lays within all our hearts. We are family.  We love each other."
Everyone smiled, the three young men looking at each other in silent wonder.

"Yes, cousins. I am love as your father said. I am the Caitre Din Dragoste, the Giver of Love. And my heart fills with joy at seeing your mirthful welcome."
The three young men smiled widely, Jolan looking at Isaiah's hand as it extended.

He smiled, looking into the young man's blue eyes.

"Please remove your gloves, my cousins. The marks of life mark you as more."
The three looked at each other, Athos nodding.

Isaiah removed his gloves, Mathias following, Athos slowly taking his off.

"Raise your hands, brothers of wonder."

Isaiah raised his right hand, a heart tattooed on its palm.

On Mathis' was a tattoo of a tree.

And on Athos' was a lion standing upon a rock.

Jolan smiled at all three, everyone staring at their hands.

"Each of you are marked in life, as you are in love. Isaiah, the heart of love and imagery. A blend of artistic beauty and emotional giving. Mathias, the tree of life. Rooted in your family's love, you move in the winds of change, adapting to the changes of life, giving and steadfast like any mighty oak. And finally, Athos. The young lion, who roars with intellect and bravado. But you are also the rock. The one your brothers cling to in times of worry and doubt. The voice of strength and the hand of might. So mark you three as the Triad of Bloodstone."

Calen stood in stunned silence, staring at his nephew, Simus and Cory now at his side.

"Never in all the years that I have loved my sons has anyone spoken so nobly and with such meaning. You have only just met them, my nephew! How can you know so easily their character?"
Jolan stared at his uncle, then looked at Simus.

"To see love, one only needs to feel it. To sense uncertainty or worry, one only has to live it. I felt all in these three young men of character and love."
The three softly blushed, Jolan smiling at them.
"It is a joy to finally meet all three of you, my cousins."
Isaiah smiled, walking up to Jolan, the young man flinging his arms around Jolan, Jolan smiling and hugging him tightly.

"I feel your love and happiness, Isaiah. My heart now knows you."
The young man's eyes were filled with tears.

Jolan patted his back, the young man breaking the embrace.

Mathias walked up to Jolan extending his hand, Jolan grasping it tightly, the man smiling at him.

"An honor to finally look upon your greatness, Jolan." the young man said, Jolan smiling with a nod.

Athos walked forward now, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I prefer the beauty of your real soul, Athos. The only blue eyes needing to sparkle are Isaiah's."
Athos laughed loudly, shaking Jolan's hand,  everyone looking at him.

"Well played, cousin." he said, his hands going to his eyes, Mathias' moving as well.

The young men played with their eyes for a moment, removing contacts, their real eyes looking upon Jolan.

Athos' were shimmering irises of violet, Mathias' eyes shining like green emeralds.

Isaiah's remained the rich blue all three had shown moments before.

"So beautiful, so filled with character. These I accept as my true cousins. Welcome to my love." Jolan said, the three young men suddenly beginning to cry, Jolan hugged by all three.

Simus walked up to Calen, the man's eyes filled with tears.

"I never thought he'd accept them so easily. It's truly a miracle." he softly said, Simus' arm going around him.

"He is as he is, brother. He is love."

Justin smiled, Jolan's eyes staring at him.


Everyone greeted the three young men, Jolan introducing everyone to the three smiling visions of male beauty.

In each the beauty of their faces beamed from their smiles and their individually colored eyes.

Gradually everyone backed up, Chris smiling at Jolan.

"Funny like me, eh Hay?" he said, the small boy smiling at him.

"Yep, Unky Chris! You and dey's makes us waff!"

Jolan smiled, picking up his son, kissing his cheek.

"Words of truth, my son. Thank you."
The boy grinned, his arms stretching towards Justin.

Justin smiled, taking the boy from Jolan, sensing Hay felt Jolan needed some space.
"Please sit down everyone. The past needs focusing for a moment." he said, his voice filled with quiet calmness.

Calen and his three sons smiled at Jolan, Calen sitting down in his chair again, the three young men sitting on a couch beside their father.

Jolan looked around at everyone, then turned his back on all of them.

He looked upwards, his grandfather's face staring back at him.

He leaned forward, his hands resting on the fireplace mantle, lowering his head, staring into the now ignited blazing fire.

"Why did you remove the picture, Uncle? My grandfather I know in my heart already."

Calen stared up at his nephew, his three sons staring at Calen.

Jolan turned around, staring at his uncle.

"Did you not love her? Are you ashamed of who she was?"

Calen's eyes widened, their silvery centers immediately glowing.

He stood up, staring at his nephew.

"Do not talk to me of my love for her. She was my world. I loved her beyond life."

Jolan stared at his uncle, seeing the stance of defiance he held.

He also felt his uncle's soul.

"Words spoken with deep truth and love, my Uncle. I feel your loss and your love for her."

Calen's eyes softened, the glowing replaced by shining wetness.

Jolan walked up to him, staring into his emotional face.

"She must have been flowing with love, her beautiful sons a truth of that."

Calen's head lowered, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"She was, Jolan. She was love at its best."
Jolan nodded, looking at the three young men.

"I felt your uncertainty before I even walked into this home. The uncertainty of my reaction to whom and what your sons represent. To me, to me your Jolan, they represent the goodness of this world. For I know the truth of their ancestry and their mother's love."

The three young men stood up, Jolan staring at them as they joined their father.

"It fills my heart with happiness to finally meet you three. The last of the Children of Archania."


Calen stared at Jolan in stunned silence, his body letting go, the man sinking back down into his chair, his three sons staring at Jolan in total shock.

Simus was also showing a face of immense shock, Cory's arm going around him.

The three young men stared back at Jolan, Jolan's face showing so much calmness and love.

"Yes, my cousins. I know the truth of your destiny. And my heart and soul remain unchanged. I love you as family."
Athos lowered his head, Isaiah's eyes filled with tears, Mathias' arm going around him, his hand going to Athos' shoulder.

"You couldn't possibly know what that does to our souls, Jolan." Mathias said, Jolan staring at him.

"I know, Mathias. I know."

Jolan moved, walking past Calen's chair, walking to his sister and Jonathan, asking them to stand up.

They stood up, Jolan leaning forward, moving the couch they'd sat upon.

He bent behind it, lifting up something, moving it and walking around the other couches, walking back to the fireplace.

Justin and everyone saw that it was a large framed portrait that Jolan carried, its image hidden by most of his body, the painting against his chest.

Jolan sat the large frame down by the fireplace, its back showing.

He looked at his uncle, Calen staring at the frame, then looking at his sons.

"We warranted its closeness, Father. Athos sensed its need to remain here." Isaiah said, his voice softer than his brothers'.

Calen nodded, his eyes going to his brother.

Jolan saw their look of worry, the young man sighing.

"Tonight is the last night before the coming holidays. Tomorrow begins the festive season of Christmas. I want us to walk forward into that time as a joined family. A family with no secrets. I think it's time we accept what fate has dealt us. I think it's more than what you believe it to be. I see only love."

The three young men sat down again, staring at Jolan.

"Something has bothered me since the first meeting we held, uncles. It was one phrase that Simus spoke of. One phrase lost in the moment of truth. For I now know what that was. What its deep truth of past and destiny was. What the Archanians did."

Simus stared at Jolan, Jolan seeing the look of wonder on his uncle's face.

"You told us of Queen Alveena's summoning the Badenwolves to Vito's side. Of bringing together mankind and the beasts. She spoke to everyone in the center of that camp, asking them to remember the Pact of Archania."

Justin remembered that speech Simus had spoken of, fascinated that Jolan would zone in on that one small moment.

"The Pact of Archania. What was that, uncles?"
Simus stood up, walking up to his brother, his hand going to his shoulder, standing by his brother's chair.

"We do not know, Jolan. That was the only instance that Queen Alveena spoke of it, save one other."
Jolan nodded, looking at his uncles.

"I know of the other time, Uncles. And what that passage revealed."
Simus lowered his head, Calen's eyes going to his sons.

Jolan stared at the three young men, seeing their lowered heads.

"After the last battle, after the Sumsarian bloodbath almost destroyed their lineage, one final act of vengeance was meted out."

Jolan turned, looking up at his grandfather.

"They got it wrong, Uncles. They destroyed those that saved them."

Justin stood up, walking up to Jolan, seeing the sadness on his face.

He turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"What did they do, Jo?" he said, his arms going around him.

"They went against their Queen's love, Justin. She was lost in the battle. The remaining Sumsarians took it upon themselves to destroy those they felt brought them almost to destruction."

Justin looked over at the three young men.

"The Archanians?"

Jolan nodded, looking towards the framed hidden portrait.

"Who were they, Jolan?"

Jolan moved, reaching upwards and lifting his grandfather's painting off the wall, gently handing it to Justin, his lover taking it.

Jolan walked over, lifting the turned painting, carrying it to the fireplace, turning it around and raising it upwards.

He centered it, stepping back, everyone staring up at the painting.

Their eyes widened in shock.

Not at the revealed beauty of its central subject, a vision of feminine beauty.

But at what was behind her.

Jolan stared up at the painting, looking at his now revealed aunt.

"They were magic, Justin. The Archanians were creatures of magic."

Justin's eyes widened, staring at the woman standing in the painting.

"Oh, my beautiful Lenora!" Calen said, his eyes filled with tears, his three sons moving with quickness, surrounding their father.

Jolan was still staring at the painting, taking in the woman's beauty.

She stood beside a half marble column, a basket of flowers set on top of that marble column.

Her face was lit with a smile of immense happiness, her eyes deep violet pools of love. Her long golden hair resting on her shoulders.

Behind her, two large wings were spread out, membranes of soft flesh spreading out from her back.

"Lenora, last daughter of the lineage of Queen Ravenia, sacred loving queen of Archania."

Jolan's grey eyes turned, showing deep love, staring at the three young men staring at him.

"She was the last of the archangels. The last of the flying Archania warriors."




End of Chapter 100


The truth of his beautiful cousins has now been revealed.

Three young men of identical beauty and love.

And three mirthful pranksters, throwing the wool over the eyes of Jolan's family, but not himself.

Seems our Jolan has already taken them to his heart.


And now another chapter of Jolan's past seems to be ready to be revealed.

Who are the Archanians?

Are Calen's sons archangels?

Another bit of spice and intrigue surrounding Vilos' ancient home.

What else lays beneath its surface?

Up next: The celebration of Christmas.

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