Jolan's Path - Chapter 102


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 102


Justin felt a small hand upon his face, small fingers rubbing his cheek.

"Wakes, Poppa! Me needs your wuv."

Justin smiled in his heart, his blue eyes opening, two small blue eyes of love looking into his.

"Morning, my little man. Where's Daddy?" he said, the small boy smiling, his small frame sitting across Justin's naked chest.

"Me no knows, Poppa. He gones when me wakes. Just you and me's here." the boy said, Justin rubbing the boy's small shoulder.

"Great! Our special time of love, Hay. Poppa and Hay's time of love."
The boy giggled, Justin smiling, his fingers going to the boy's chest, beginning to tickle him.

The youngster's laughter filled the room, the boy falling to Justin's side, Justin continuing to tickle him.

He finally stopped, the small boy smiling at Justin, Justin looking down at him.

"Me's happys, Poppa. Me likes dis place."
Justin smiled, the boy rising up, climbing into Justin's lap, snuggling against his warm chest.

Justin smiled, seeing the boy's deep love for him, Justin feeling the happiness of fatherhood.

"Today's Kismas, Poppa?"
Justin smiled, hearing the wonder and happiness in the boy.

"The beginnings of it, Hay. Today is a day of love and joy. And tonight Santa comes."
The boy's blue eyes widened, looking up into Justin's blue eyes.

"He finds me here, Poppa?"
Justin smiled at the boy's innocence, kissing his forehead.

"Yes, Hay. Santa's love finds all the little boys and girls of goodness all over the world. He brings toys and joy to all the little children of goodness."
Hayden smiled, playing with the necklace around Justin's neck.

"Me tries be good, Poppa. Me give friends my toys to play with. Me no be's selfwish. Me likes seeings Sean and Jay happies. Me gots wots to share nows!"

Justin smiled, hearing the happiness in the small boy's words.

"Yes you do, Hay. Daddy and I will always make sure you have lots to give and share. You make both of us so happy with your goodness and happiness."
The small boy smiled, leaning upwards and kissing Justin's lips.

"Me got gweatest gift from yous. Me be's happy with just your wuv."
Justin teared up, the boy smiling at him.

"Then you'll be happy forever, my son."
The two looked to their left, Jolan standing against one of the bed's mahogany posts.

They both smiled, Jolan sitting down on the bed's side, still wearing his velour robe.

"Good morning, my angels."

The two smiled, Hayden moving and climbing into his father's lap, kissing him on the lips.

"Morning, Daddy. Poppa's talking to me's about today, about Kismas today!"

Jolan smiled, his and Justin's eyes meeting.

"Today is about love, Hay. We're going to make your first Christmas with us unbelievably joyous."
Justin smiled, Jolan leaning forward and kissing his soft lips, Justin's arm going around him.

"What a way to start Christmas Eve. Wrapped in love."

A knock came to the door, Jolan saying enter.

Jennie's head popped into the room, another coming into view as well.

"Morning, Bros!" Jonathan said, the two men smiling at the two.

"Morning, Jennica and Jonathan." Jolan said, Hayden smiling at his aunt and uncle.

Jennie walked into the room, running over to the bed, climbing in beside Jolan, kissing his and Justin's cheeks, Hayden kissing hers.

"It's Christmas Eve, Jolan! I can't believe it!"
Jolan smiled, looking into her blue eyes, seeing so much joy and happiness there.

"Yes, Jennie. Christmas at last. Our first Christmas together."
She smiled, Jonathan leaning down and kissing the two men's and boy's cheeks.

"Timberlake Christmases are awesome, Jo! Dad always made it a time of great love, faith and joy." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I'm sure you're right, Jon. And wait till you see a Dragosan one." Jolan smiled, the other four smiling at him.

"Okay, Hay! Let's get you dressed and cleaned up." Jennie said, Jolan smiling at her caring love for her nephew.

"Thanks, Jennie. I've laid his clothes out on that chair over there."
Hayden giggled, Jonathan picking up the clothes from the chair, the boy climbing into Jennie's lap.

"Me wants play outsides today, Aunt Jennie! Daddy said he'd helps me makes snowsman!"
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"For sure, Hay. After breakfast we'll enjoy the snowy whiteness of Bloodstone's lands."
Jennie and Jonathan smiled, walking out of the room, Hay in Jennie's arms.

Justin's arms tightened around his man, kissing his neck.


"And where did you disappear to this morning, Wolfy? You left me and Hay without your loving warmth."
Jolan smiled, kissing his lover's lips, Justin feeling deep happiness in Jolan's soul.

"I walked the place in silent darkness this morning, my love. I walked and felt his love surrounding us."
Jolan looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing love and concern there.

"I'm alright, Jus. I feel contented, happy and alive. I also feel the love increased around me."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's lips again.

"Our new cousins of happiness?"
Jolan smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"They're your family, Jo. That makes them mine."
Jolan smiled, his head sinking into Justin's chest, the man's strong arms going around him.

"And they're visions of beauty. I saw that wet beauty this morning."
"Oh? And where did you see them wet?"
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's chest.

"I found them in the pool early this morning, Justin. I was greatly surprised."
Justin's eyes looked down at his lover, Jolan's arms wrapping around him.

"Surprised by what? Did you see their wings?"

"Yes, Jus. I saw the strength of their hidden flying greatness. It's truly breathtaking how God designs his visions of beauty and grace."
Justin smiled, hearing happiness in his lover's voice.

"I see. I sense my man took in visions of exquisite beauty. I'm sure they're beautiful."
Jolan smiled, raising his head, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"They hold no candle to the beauty of your soul, Justin. I see only total beauty in you."
Justin teared up, Jolan kissing him, then returning to his chest, Justin's love surrounding him.

"They have hope now, Justin."
"Hope, my love?"
"Yes, Jus. Hope for a life of happiness. Their once feelings of singular loathing are gone. I've shown them their past, the greatness of their heritage. I'm going to show them visions of their ancestral love. This morning they felt their worth, their worth in the scheme of things. And they saw the true me."

Jolan's head raised, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"They needed to see that they're not alone, Justin. That there are others in this world like them. Unique in magic, faith, love and worth. I showed them my Badenwolf self. And that brought happiness and joy to their hearts. We now are cousins of life, love and worth."
Justin smiled, hearing the joy in Jolan's voice.

"That was a beautiful thing you did, Jo. Showing them yourself. I've felt the love of that beast."

Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his lips softly, Jolan moving with quickness, pushing his man back into the bed, his young muscular body now on top of him.

"My, has the vision of their beauty stirred passion in the heart of my Wolfy?"

"You stir the passion of my soul, Jumpy." Jolan said, his grey eyes staring into his soul.

Jolan leaned forward, kissing Justin with a passion of intense desire.

They slowly broke the kiss, Jolan's lips lingering on Justin's moist ones.

"I worshipped you last night, my prey of love. I'd love to do it again, but unfortunately our son waits for no one. He's dying to play outside." Jolan said, Justin smiling at Jolan's love for his son.

"I understand, Jo. I know what this day means to you, and to him."

Jolan smiled, sitting up, Justin rising and wrapping his arm around him, Jolan looking towards the door.

"I've forgotten what this day means to Jennie as well. Her first Christmas free of the pain." he softly said, Justin's arms tightening around him.

"I can only imagine the pain she endured her last Christmas with that monster." he said, Justin feeling the anger and hurt in his voice.

"The past is gone, Jolan. Today is what matters. I know today you and I shall see Christmas joy fill her blue eyes. She and Hay will remember this day--and this week--with joy and happiness. The week of their Jolan's love."

Jolan smiled, tears in his grey eyes.
"They will remember more their Justin's child-like happiness. It will be matched only by theirs."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan again.

"You love my being child-like, Jo?"

Jolan smiled, seeing that look in Justin's eyes.

"Yes, my man-boy. It stirs my heart with happiness. I love the real you, young at heart, masculine in love."
Justin smiled, standing up, Jolan staring at the vision of the man before him.

"There's no child in the vision I see before me. Damn, my love! You get better looking each time I gaze at you."

Justin smiled, hearing the need and love in Jolan's voice.

"We might have time for a little wet fun ourselves, my Jo." he said, Jolan grinning, Justin pulling him towards the bedroom door.


Jolan laughed, taking in the vision of happiness before him.

He stared at six children, surrounded by whiteness.

It was now an hour after breakfast, everyone outside in the wintry wonders of Bloodstone.

Justin and Britney were helping the four kids build a snowman.

Hayden was laughing, packing the snow against the snowman's side.

Sean and Jayden were adding to the other side, all three giggling and laughing.

Stevie was putting branches in the snowman's sides, his wooden arms sticking upwards.

Jolan smiled, putting the finishing touches on the round ball of snow he'd been packing.

It was to be the snowman's head.

"Ready for the piece-de-resistance, my workers??" he said, picking up the medium-sized ball of packed snow.

Everyone grinned at him, Jolan setting the ball on the top of the other two large balls of snow.

He packed around the base of the ball, sealing the third ball to the other two.

"There, our man's got a head!" he smiled, his son's arms going around his leg.

"He big's, Daddy! But he no gots face!"

Jolan laughed, leaning down and picking up the child.

"You're right, Hay! So who would you guys like him to look like?" Jolan said, staring down at the other two boys, Britney smiling at him.

"How about's like you's, Daddy?" Hay said, Jolan nodding.

"I'm not that beautiful. And I do have a large nose!"

Hayden laughed, rubbing his father's nose, the others laughing as well.

Jolan pulled out something from his jacket pocket, pressing it forward into the ball of snow.

An orange carrot now stood in its center, Jolan grinning.

"There! As big as mine!"

Hayden laughed, clapping his mitten-covered hands together.

"Eyes, Daddy! Him needs eyes!"

Justin smiled, Jolan pulling out something else from the same pocket.

Justin realized his lover always came prepared.

Two large buttons now showed above the carrot, two plastic eyes staring back at them all.

"There, he's seeing our happiness, boys!"

The three little ones laughed, and clapped, Jolan adding a mouth of smaller buttons to the snowman's face.

"There, my kiddies! He's smiling at the joy in our hearts."

Hayden climbed into Justin's arms, the man standing beside Jolan, Britney and Jolan picking up the other two small boys, everyone standing back and looking at their creation.

"Hello, Mr. Snowman!" Britney said, Jolan smiling at her.

"Come on, Britney. We've got to be more creative than that. He needs a real name!" Jolan said, smiling at his friend.

"Christy, Uncle Jo? After Christmas?" Stevie said, standing beside his brother.

"Awesome name, Bro!" Justin said, the boy smiling up at his brother.

"Welcome to our hearts, Christy!" Jolan said, everyone clapping at the snowman.

The silence of their revelry was interrupted by the sounds of mechanical loudness.

Jolan smiled, turning his head and seeing snowmobiles heading towards them.

"Seems your man's found a new toy, Bitzy." Jolan said, Britney smiling, seeing Chris on the front snowmobile, the other sleds pulling in around them.

"Awesome place, Jo! Calen's got some fantastic machines here!" Chris said, pulling off a helmet he wore, the others with him doing the same.

Justin went over to Chris' machine, his eyes taking in its caliber and expensiveness.

"Man, top of the line! How fast, Joshy?"
Josh smiled at his friend, seated on another machine.

"Haven't hit the top speed yet, Jus. We've just been cruising the road from the garage to here. We were about to hit the open fields."
Jolan smiled, looking at everyone else.

Bill, Sid, Leo, Chace, Joey, Lance and Jonathan were each on their own machine, Jennie seated behind Jonathan, her arms wrapped around him.

"A pack of friends about to dive into a winter wonderland."
Justin smiled, his eyes seeing the happiness on Jolan's face, Jayden still in his arms, Hayden in Justin's.

The small boys had wide eyes looking at the snow toys before them.

"After they have their fun, I'm sure they'll take all of you for some rides, kiddies."
Everyone smiled, Chris smiling at Justin.

"There are more in the garage, in case you want to ditch the ole ball and chain, Justy!" he smirked, Jolan smiling at Chris.

Justin's eyes met Jolan's, Jolan seeing the longing and childish joy in Justin's sparkling blue eyes.

"Go on, my love. I see the need within your soul. Have fun, but take Stevie with you. Our bro needs to bond with his brothers."
Stevie's eyes gleamed, a wide smile on his face, Josh nodding at him, the boy climbing up on the snowmobile, sitting in front of Josh.

"Won't be long, my love." Justin said, kissing his cheek, handing Hay to him, Jolan embracing two little boys.

"Enjoy their companionship and happiness, my snow bunny."
Justin laughed, rushing over and climbing on the back of Chris' sled.

Britney and Jolan smiled, watching the band of friends take off, their snowmobiles flying through the snow.

"Poppa have funs, Daddy?"
Jolan smiled at his son, the two boys in his arms waving goodbye to everyone.

"Yes, Hay. Poppa going to have fun, and so are we!"
The boys laughed, Jolan dumping them in the snow bank beside him.


An hour and a half later, Jolan and Britney sat on a bench a few feet from the snowman they'd created, watching their three little boys playing in the snow.

The day was sunny, bright and surprisingly mild, Britney smiling up at the sun.

"A cool, mild day. It's almost perfect for outside fun. Not too cold, sunny and bright."
Jolan nodded, smiling at the three boys playing together, the three having built a small snow fort, playing happily together.

"They're so happy together, Jo. Our boys shall be lifelong friends."
"Just like their parents."
Britney smiled, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"So how goes the world of Britney?"
Britney smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek back.

"It's damn near perfect as well, Jo. Chris is so loving, so totally in love with me."
"And you? How deep lays the love in your heart?"
Britney smiled, staring at her sons.

"I'm whole, Jolan. My heart, soul and love have united under Chris' love. I love him so much. He and my boys, they're my life."
Jolan smiled, looking into her blue eyes, seeing so much happiness and love there.

"Perfect. Just as I assumed it would be.."
Britney smiled, looking into his grey eyes.

"From that first day, right? I remember when I drove you to Justin's that first day we met at the supermarket. You said that life changes as destiny guides us, that the person we are inside doesn't change unless we let it. You knew the real me, the me I still am, that first day, didn't you?"

Jolan smiled, his arm going around her.

"I felt the real you, yes. The loving, giving, sweet woman I've seen every day since. You've returned your love to my Jus, he's a happier man today because of that. And you've given that love to our mirthful Chris. I sensed both of you were destined for each other, two souls of love and happiness. I took it upon myself to guide you to each other. I think I did the right thing."

"The right thing? My God, Jo! You gave me something I've longed for for so long. Trust and love. Someone I could totally trust and love. He's so different from the other men I've met. He's kind, loving, mirthful, and so deeply giving. He listens to me, Jo. He actually listens to me. I've opened up my whole tragic life to him and he still loves me." she said, tears showing in her eyes.

"That's because he loves the real you, Britney. Not the image of fame and notoriety, but the woman of beauty, need and love. In you he's found his soulmate. I wish both of you a lifetime of love."
Britney smiled, looking at the boys playing.

"I have it now because of you, Jolan. Thank you." she said, her lips kissing his.

Jolan smiled when their lips parted, the moment suddenly erupting into chaos.

A snowball hit Jolan right in the face, its force knocking him right off the bench.

Others followed, Jolan and Britney inundated by snowy missiles.

Laughter erupted in the sunshine, Britney standing up from the bench, glaring towards their point of trajectory, her jacket and head covered in snow.

Jolan lay on the ground, snowballs still hitting him.

"Keep your hands off my woman, Dragos!" came a laughing voice, Chris standing up from behind a stone wall a few feet away, others joining him from behind its hidden security.

Joey, Lance, Josh, Leo, Sid and Bill were surrounding him, the group having attacked the twosome.

The group had snuck up, catching the twosome unawares.

"Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick, I'm going to tear you a new one!" Britney said, her blue eyes glaring at Chris and his friends, Britney brushing the snow from her hair and jacket.

Joey and Josh laughed, throwing more snowballs, their friends joining in their laughter.

Britney dove behind the bench, snowballs hitting her again.

"Jo, Help!" she screamed, looking towards Jolan, the young man laying on the ground motionless.

"Jo?" she said again, a look of worry crossing her face.

He hadn't moved since the first snowball had hit him in the face.

Chris was laughing, his eyes now looking towards Jolan.

The young man lay motionless on the ground, having not moved.
"Get up, Dragos! I'm going to cover you in snow!" he laughed, Jolan still not moving.

Everyone looked at the young man, a sense of concern now flooding their minds.

"Jo? Are you okay?" Britney said, her voice filled with worry, her eyes going to his face, the young man turned towards her.

She stared at his unmoving face, one eye suddenly opening.

Its grayness winked at her, relief settling into her soul, a sudden realization entering her mind.

Jolan's faking it.

She smiled to herself, certain the others hadn't seen his face.

She stood up, her actress' soul taking over.

"Oh my God, Chris! He's not moving! You've hurt him, he's out cold!" she said, starting to cry.

Everyone looked shocked by her worried face and words, Chris leaping over the stone wall, the others following quickly.

They failed to notice the three small boys taking in the scene before them, Hayden whispering in his small friends' ears, the three boys smiling.

Chris rushed past Britney, seeing Jolan still not moving.

He lowered himself in the snow, immediately at Jolan's side, great concern crossing his face.

"Jolan, please. . .a-are you okay?" he stammered, his hand going to Jolan's chest.

The moment his hand had gone to Jolan's chest, Jolan's body moved with lightning speed.

He was on his feet in a flash, Chris bowled over in the snow, laying at Jolan's feet.

Chris was stunned, Jolan stooping down and picking the man up in his strong arms.

Everyone stared in surprised shock, Jolan's face covered in a wide grin, Chris laying in his arms now.

"Oh, someone's going to be covered in snow, and it isn't me!" he grinned, his body turning with great speed, the man he'd held in his arms thrown forward.

Chris sailed through the air about fifty feet ahead of Jolan, the man screaming in surprise as he landed head-first into a large snow bank that had been pushed up in front of the Manor's stone wall.

Due to the fluffiness of the newly moved snow, the man totally disappeared into the bank, Jolan's loud laugh echoing in the sunshine.

"There ya go, Bitzy! You have your own snowman now. You just have to dig him out! Let's name him Frosty!"

Everyone burst into laughter, Britney covering her mouth, trying not to laugh at her man's predicament.

Jolan wrapped his arm around her, kissing her cheek.

"Kudos on the dramatic performance. Worthy of a snow Oscar!"

Britney laughed, walking towards Chris, the man's hands coming out of the snow, his head appearing, covered in snow, only his eyes showing.

"Frosty the snowman, had a happy jolly soul!" Jolan began singing, everyone joining in, the kids running up to Jolan.

"Me laughs, Daddy! You makes Unky Chris snowman's!" Hayden laughed, Jolan picking him up.

"Yep, Hay. Your uncle's a regular frosty treat!"
Josh laughed, kissing Jolan's cheek, watching Britney helping Chris to climb out of the snow.

"He'll be out for blood, Jo."
Jolan laughed, Josh's arm going around him.

"Let the games begin, Joshy. I think I'm going to enjoy his mirthfulness all week."
Chris stood in front of the bank, brushing off the layers of snow on his clothes.

His eyes went to Jolan, everyone walking up to him and Britney.

"Well played, Jo." he softly said, Jolan smiling at him.

"You'd better get him inside, Bitzy. Don't want our walrus catching cold."

Everyone chuckled, Chris softly blushing.

Jolan leaned forward, kissing his cheek.

Their eyes met, Jolan smiling at him.

"Don't ever change, my friend."
Chris smiled widely, his arm going around Britney.

"Come on, my love. I need to change." he said, the two walking towards the house, Sean and Jayden running ahead of them.

"Don't keep him in too long, Bitzy. And no necking! Frosty melts when he's warmed up!!"

Sid burst into laughter, falling in the snow, everyone following his lead.

Hayden screamed with laughter, he and his father joining them.


Jolan smiled, seated beside Justin, the two snuggled on a couch in the Room of Family.

Lunch was long over, everyone having dined together.

It was late afternoon now, just after four o'clock, everyone in different parts of the house, enjoying the amenities.

Chris, Joey, Chace and Lonnie were in the billiards room, enjoying a friendly, competitive game, the older members of the clan deep in card games there as well.

Others were walking the house, or in private meetings, Jolan smiling at their surrounding love.

Josh lay on the couch across from them, smiling at Jolan, the three alone in the room.

Justin, Jonathan and Jennie--along with Stevie--had spent the morning snowmobiling, Jolan sensing their bonded love.

Justin was snuggled against him now, lightly chuckling.

"What's so funny, my Jumpy?"
"I was just running through my head the vision of Chris in that snow bank. You should have taped it!"
Josh laughed, remembering the moment as well.

Josh had filled Justin in on Chris' attack on Jolan and its final surprise at the luncheon table.

Chris had blushed, everyone who'd not been there laughing heartily.

"I think I still have snow in my pants." he said, everyone laughing again, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"That's Britney territory, Frosty. Let her dry those parts."
Everyone laughed again, Britney blushing, Chris bursting into laughter.

"Good one, Jo!"

Britney's eyes met Chris', the man blushing.

She kissed his cheek, he smiling at her.

Everyone saw their complete love.

"You totally blindsided him, Jo." Josh said, laying on the couch now, Jolan smiling at him.

"He got what he deserved. A wet ass, and my love."
Justin smiled, Calen walking into the room.

"Excuse me for a moment, my love." Justin said, the man getting up from Jolan's embrace.

"I have time now, Justin." the older man said, Justin smiling.

His blue eyes went to Jolan, his man smiling at him.

"Uncle Calen's going to show me something special, my love. I shall return in a bit."
Jolan folded his arms, a pout crossing his face.

"Fine! Ditch me, my pop singer."

Justin laughed, leaning down and kissing him on the lips.

"I'll leave you in Joshy's care. Let another pop singer keep you happy."

Jolan's eyes went to Josh's smiling face, his eyes going back to Justin's.

"Sweet! Play time!"

Justin laughed, kissing his Jolan again, walking over to Calen, the two walking out of the room.

Once the door closed, Justin looked into Calen's smiling face.

"Show me the place, Uncle Calen. I hope it's perfect?"
Calen smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"For him and your love, it shall shine with beauty. It's been far too long." Calen said, his arm going around the younger man.

Justin smiled, the man's embrace guiding him down towards the west wing.


Josh smiled at Jolan, laying on his back on the couch.

"So what would you like to do, Jo?"
Jolan smiled, seated across from him, the man suddenly moving with lightning speed.

He jumped on the couch Josh lay upon, the young man's body now on top of Josh's, the older man showing surprise.

"I'd like to do you, Joshua Chasez!"

Josh looked totally shocked, Jolan bursting into laughter.

"Relax, Joshy. I think you'd be too much man for me. Chace always looks so tired, but contented."
Josh blushed, then smiled, Jolan leaning forward and lightly kissing his lips.

"I love you, Joshy. Your love is all I need from you."
Josh smiled, his arms going around Jolan's back, slipping downwards, squeezing his ass cheeks.

"But I have so much more to offer."
Jolan's rich laugh filled the quiet room, his body moving, the young man snuggling against Josh's side, the couch wide enough for the two of them.

Josh held the young man in his arms, his head laying on Josh's chest, hearing his heartbeat.

"So what's he cooking up?"

Josh looked down at Jolan, the young man's grey eyes looking up at him.

"I felt a sense of nervous happiness lurking behind my Jus' blue eyes of love when Uncle Calen came in. What's going on, Joshy?"

Josh remained silent, Jolan's head returning to his clothed chest.

"Okay, keep his secrets." he said, lightly slapping Josh's chest, the older man smiling.

"He's my best friend, Jo. And he wants to surprise you with his love."
Jolan smiled, a tear showing in his eyes.

"He does that every day, Joshua. His love always surprises me."
Josh smiled, leaning down and kissing Jolan's forehead.

"He loves you, Jo. I've never seen him so happy."
Jolan smiled, thinking of a surprise he held within himself.

"I feel his happiness, Joshua. I know it's me that makes him happy."
Josh smiled, Jolan snuggling more into him.

"Of course, you're a close second. Your arms are just as loving."

Josh smiled, Jolan's body moving again, his lips against Josh's.

The two kissed, Jolan snuggling again against him.

"I need a nap."
"Close your eyes, Jo. My love's here until he returns."
Jolan smiled, closing his eyes, Josh closing his own.


And that's where, over an hour later, Chace and Justin found the two, sound asleep in each other's arms.

The two men had walked into the room, seeing their lovers sound asleep together.

"Our men look so contented, Jus." Chace said, Justin feeling Chace's arm go around him.

The two smiled at each other, Justin leaning forward and kissing Chace's lips.

"We're all contented, Chace." he said, Chace smiling back at him.

"Yes we are, Jus." he said, the two sitting down across from them.

Justin's eyes went to his man's sleeping face, it nestled against Josh's chest, his friend's protective arms around his lover.

Chace smiled, seeing Justin's gaze of love.

"Everything set up, Jus?"
Justin smiled, looking into Chace's blue eyes.

"Yes, Chace. I hope he feels the love behind it."
Chace smiled, his arm going around Justin again.

"I need your help, Chace."

"You have it and my love, Justin."
Justin smiled, leaning forward and whispering in his friend's ear.

"I can do that, Jus. Let me take charge of him. I'll guide him to your love."

Justin smiled, the two looking into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Chace. Thank you for loving both of us."
"You three--my Josh and you two--are my life now, Justin. I'll thank all of you every day."
Justin smiled, the young man pulling him against him, their lips meeting in friendship.

"Hey, get a room!"
The two broke their kiss, Jolan's grey eyes staring at them, a wide smile on his face.

"How could you, Jus? The minute my eyes close you're groping an angel?"

Justin and Chace both laughed, Jolan raising his head, looking into Josh's sleeping face.

"Oops, guess I'm no better." he said, sitting up, smiling at all three.
Justin smiled, standing up as Jolan stood up, Chace moving to his lover's side, kissing Josh's sleeping lips.

The man stirred, his blue eyes slowly opening, staring at three faces smiling down at him.

"Sorry, I must have dozed off." he said, smiling at Jolan.

"We both fell asleep, Joshua. A refreshing sleep of love." he smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"We should go, Jo. Dinner's almost ready, it's almost six. We should freshen up for the evening's festivities."
The four smiled, all standing up, soulmates going into their lover's arms.

"See you shortly, guys." Jolan said, his Justin leading him out of the room.


The two walked into the dining room a short half hour later, after a soft session of groping, kissing and changing clothes.

Everyone smiled at them, Jolan noticing that Josh and Chace weren't there yet.

"Our brothers of love must have been as flirtatious as we two." he softly said into Justin's ear, his lover smiling and winking.

They joined their friends and family, the table now a little larger, an extra leaf put in to accommodate the three Archanian young men, all three now joining them.

Jolan smiled at all three, the three smiling back.

Josh and Chace walked into the room, joining everyone, trading smiles with Justin and Jolan.

"A winter wonderland we enjoyed today, Calen. This place is so much fun!" Jonathan said, Calen and Simus both smiling at him.

"We're glad you're all enjoying our home, everyone." Calen said smiling, everyone smiling back.

"If you'd allow me the honors Uncle, I'd like to propose a toast before we dine on this exquisite meal I'm sure we're about to partake of." Jolan said standing up, Calen nodding.

"Certainly, Nephew." he said, Simus nodding his agreement.

Jolan smiled, looking around at everyone.

"I would like to honor my uncles--and my cousins--with a toast of thankfulness and happiness. Today we enjoyed the outer and inner hospitality of their generosity. I'm sure tonight's and tomorrow's Christmas cheer and love will echo in our souls for years to come. Perhaps it will be the first of many times of joined celebration. The Dragosan and Archanian hearts of love calling us home. To my uncles and my cousins. Happiness, love and life!" Jolan said, raising his glass, everyone standing and raising theirs, toasting the five.

They then began to clap loudly; Calen, Simus, Athos, Isaiah and Mathias all bowing, their faces flushed with honor and humility.

"Thank you, Nephew. Words of deep love and truth." Calen said, standing up now, everyone staring with smiles at him.

"Tonight, this meal officially begins the time of Christmas reverence. Happy Christmas to all of you, my family and friends." he said, toasting all of them, they acknowledging his toast.
Simus now stood, smiling around at everyone.

"Family. It is a word entrenched in truth, heritage and love. Tonight, and from this moment on, all of you seated here shall be a part of our family. We, the brothers of Dragosan love, welcome all of you into our hearts."
Everyone smiled, the older man bowing.

"Simus is right. We dine tonight as a family. A family of love." Calen said, his three sons smiling at everyone.

Calen rang the bell that lay beside his plate, the room's doors opening, waiters carrying in trays and platters of food.

Everyone smiled, a meal of succulence about to show itself.

They joined as a true family, dining on Dragosan love.


Jolan smiled, taking in the contented smiles of all those surrounding him in the Room of Family.

His eyes went to his son, the boy and his three compadres all seated in front of the large Christmas tree.

The tree was now fully lit, its shiny brilliance illuminating the warmth of the room.

The bottom of the tree, and the sides, was filled with presents, everyone having filled its emptiness after dinner.

It only awaited the early morning deliveries of St. Nicholas.

The boys were feeling gifts, shaking some, everyone smiling at their glows of childlike wonder.

Justin smiled, standing beside Hay, the boy's eyes scanning the presents and the tree.

"Wots of presents, Poppa! We gots so much!" he smiled, Jayden grinning beside him.

Justin smiled, kissing Hayden's cheek, picking the boy up.

"Yes, Hay. So much love and happiness."
The boy smiled, snuggling against his father, whispering in his ear.

Justin smiled, walking over to his lover, Jolan seated on a couch in front of the fireplace, everyone surrounding him drinking eggnog.

Josh and Chace sat beside him, Justin snuggling down beside him on the other side.

"It's so beautiful, Jus. The tree, the room, all of our smiling faces. It's the Christmas of my dreams." he said, his words filled with happiness, everyone smiling at him, seated around him.
Justin smiled, his eyes going to his mother.

Lynn smiled at her son, her eyes going to Jennie.

The young woman smiled, her eyes meeting Chace's.

The young man smiled, looking at Jus, the man nodding.

"Um, Jo. Can I speak to you for a moment in private?" Chace said, the young man looking at him.

"Certainly, Chace. Will you excuse me, my love?" Jolan said, Justin kissing his cheek, Hayden doing the same.

"Hurries back, Daddy!" he said, Jolan smiling at him, setting his glass of eggnog down.

"For sure, Hay. I don't want to miss a minute." he smiled, getting up with Chace, Chace winking at Justin, the man smiling at him.

The two men walked to the one opened door, Chace smiling as he closed the door behind him, Jolan disappearing out into the hall with him.

Chris stood up, smiling widely, clapping his hands together.

"The game's afoot! Let's get moving!"


Jolan smiled at Chace, the young man walking up the staircase, Jolan following.

They walked down the hallway towards their rooms, Jolan looking quietly at Chace.

"We don't have to go all the way up here to talk, Chace."

Chace stopped, facing Jolan, the young man looking at him, Chace wearing a soft smile.

He leaned forward, kissing Jolan on the lips.

"Please follow me, Jolan. I want to show you something."

Jolan nodded, feeling Chace's calm loving soul.

He followed the young man, Chace entering Jolan and Justin's room, holding the door open for Jolan.

Jolan entered the room, looking around, Chace closing the door.

Jolan's eyes fell upon the bed, seeing a large garment bag laying on top of it.

"We need to get you presentable, Jo." Chace said, smiling at Jolan.

"Presentable, for what?"
Chace smiled, walking up to Jolan, smiling at him widely.

"For Christmas, and your Jus."

Jolan looked confused, Chace's hand going to his golf shirt, pulling it out of the waistband of Jolan's pants.

"Must I strip you down? That's your attire laying on the bed. Hurry, your Justin is impatient for your love."
Jolan looked confused, sighing and pulling off his shirt nonetheless.

"What's going on here, Chace?" he said, Chace smiling as he watched Jolan remove his pants, the man taking in every inch of Jolan's tight, muscular body.

"Your man said you'd ask that question. This is for you." he said, taking an envelope out of the suit jacket he wore, handing it to Jolan.

Jolan looked at the envelope, one word written on its cover.




He looked at Chace, opening the sealed envelope, unfolding a single page of paper, standing almost naked before his friend.



My dearest love.


Tonight begins a special night of love, my angel.

Our brother has guided you away from me to ready you for my surprise.

Take in his love, and his guiding heart.

Let he that loves both of us ready the vision I long to see.

Our other brother of love stands with me, awaiting the vision of your beauty, and his love.

I await below, in a room of beauty.

Come to me my love, wrapped in beauty, wrapped in their love.

Another path awaits you, Jolan.

The path to my eternal love.


Your Justin.



Jolan stared at the words, tears showing in his eyes.

"Josh helped him write the words, Jolan. It is steeped in his and our love for you." Chace said, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his blue.

Chace smiled at him, gently guiding Jolan over to the bed, opening the garment bag laying there.

Out of it he pulled a black suit with satin lapels, a black silk shirt, and a new pair of shoes.

"It gives me great joy that Justin asked me to ready you, to ready you for this pilgrimage to his love."
Jolan teared up, Chace smiling at him, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's lips, the shirt in his hand.

"Stand still, Jolan."
Jolan remained in place, Chace helping him into the black silk shirt.

Chace's hands went across Jolan's smooth chest, feeling the heat of the smooth flesh.

He smiled, beginning to close the shirt and button it.

"I've never seen his so filled with happiness, Jolan. Your love and beauty makes him come alive." Chace said, smiling at him as he buttoned the shirt.

"I love him, Chace. Thank you for doing this for him, and for me."
Chace smiled, picking up the pants, Jolan remaining in place as Chace dressed him in black.

He helped him on with the black jacket, Chace leaning down and pulling one more item out of the bag.

In his hand he held a white rose, the young man pinning it to Jolan's satin lapel, smiling into his grey tearing eyes.

"The whiteness of purity against the blackness of beauty. You are breathtaking, my brother of love."
Jolan smiled widely, Chace's hand going into his.

"Walk with me, Jolan Dragos. Walk the path of our love."

"Just a moment, Chace. I need something." Jolan said, walking over to the nightstand by his side of the bed, pulling something out of the drawer, pocketing it in his suit jacket pocket.

Jolan smiled, quietly following Chace out of the room, and down the hallway.


They walked downstairs, Jolan surprised that they didn't head for the Room of Family where everyone was.

"As our Justin said in his note, it is a different path you now walk, my brother. Trust me to guide you to happiness."

Jolan smiled, letting Chace guide him forward.

They walked down another hallway, Jolan having walked the same hall last night.

It was lined with paintings and murals, lavish visions of scenery and majesty.

At the end of that hall were two double doors, a pillar standing at each side of them.

Last night the pillars had held carved ancient busts.

Tonight each held a large basket of blue and white roses.

"Flowers of beauty. Blue roses for his blue eyes that await you. White for the purity of your love." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"What awaits me behind those doors, Chace?"
Chace smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek as the two stood before them.

"A room of beauty offered by your family. Five souls who love you and now love Justin. He requested this of them, and they gave with love. For you are theirs, in heart and love."

Jolan's eyes teared, moved by the depth of his family's love, and by Chace's moving words.

The young man smiled.

"Your cousin Isaiah's words, Jolan. You've entered all of their souls."

Jolan smiled, Chace gently rapping on the door.

The two double doors opened, Jolan staring into Joey and Lance's smiling faces, each holding a door open.

"Walk into love, my friend." Lance said, Jolan looking into the room.

It was filled with total darkness, Chace gently guiding him into the room, Lance and Joey closing the door, Jolan now standing in complete darkness, feeling his three friends surrounding him.

"What's going on? I can't see a thing!" Jolan said, feeling three sets of lips kissing his cheeks.

"Feel only love, Jolan. It awaits you in the darkness. Walk forward to life." Lance's soft voice said, Jolan hearing deep emotion in it.

Jolan took a deep breath, walking forward.


The darkness was immediately evaporated by a sudden brightness coming into existence right in front of Jolan.

A single spotlight shone downward, a solitary figure standing in its center.

Jolan smiled, staring into two small sparkling blue eyes ahead of him.

His son Hayden stood before him, a wide smile on his face, the boy dressed in a small black suit.

The boy grinned, running forward, into his father's kneeling arms of love.

Jolan stood up, his son in his arms, Hayden kissing his cheek.

"Me wuvs you, Daddy! Dis for yous! Dis our wuv. Dis Poppa's wuv!"

Jolan smiled, looking into the boy's blue eyes.

The spotlight immediately disappeared, darkness surrounding them again.

Hayden giggled in Jolan's arms, his lips kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Dis for you, Daddy! Dis our wuv!"

Another spotlight exploded into brightness, Jolan's eyes taking in a vision of unbelievable beauty.

In front of Jolan and his son stood Justin.

The man was in a complete suit of white, the whiteness almost gleaming like a wintry blotch of snow.

His smile was wide, filled with love, his blue eyes sparkling in the bright light.

"Oh, Jus! You. . .you look so beautiful." Jolan stuttered, emotion filling his soul and voice.

Jolan slowly walked forward, joining his lover in the center of that spotlight of love.

Jolan smiled through blossoming tears, Justin leaning forward and kissing him tenderly on his lips.

"Put Hayden down, my love." he said, the boy smiling as his father set him down, the small boy standing between them, smiling up at both.

Justin's hands went out, taking Jolan's in his.

Jolan saw a blue rose on Justin's lapel, its blueness matching the blue pools of love staring at him.

"Look around you, my love. I created this illusion to signify the truth of your life, my Jolan. Surrounding you is darkness, the darkness that had been entrenched within your soul. The darkness of your coma, and the darkness of your forgotten past. You awoke from that coma and walked into the light of your remembered past. Hayden and I now stand in the center of the true love shining within you. The brightness of the light of our love. We are your center. Hayden is our son, and I am your Justin. For he and I love you with all of our joined hearts."

Tears were streaming down Jolan's cheeks, Justin smiling at him, a calmness showing on his face.

"You once walked in darkness, unloved and forgotten. You now are free of that darkness. For now surrounding you is the love that's now within your soul. And the love that you've given so freely in the dark, igniting other loves."

Jolan saw a flickering of light off in the darkness, soft glows beginning to ignite.

The first vision he saw was Josh and Chace, their faces lit by a candelabra in front of them, held in their joined hands.

"You joined our broken love, Jolan. It beams out from the darkness, now here for you." Josh said, his face showing tears.

Another candelabra ignited, Cindy and Trace's faces showing in the darkness.

"You joined our love with destiny. It shines together for you." Trace said, Cindy in tears.

Other candelabras ignited, other joined couples stating their flowing love for Jolan:

Lance and Joey, Chris and Britney and her two boys, Sandra and Jessica, Simus and Cory, Lonnie and Ally, Leo with Kelly and Briahna, and Rachel and Daphne

The last twosome of love to show themselves were Jennie and Jonathan.

"You freed my soul, you shattered the pain within me, my brother. I bask now in love, deep love from you, Justin, Hay and Jon. My family of love." Jennie said, Jolan showing tears, his sister smiling at him with tearful happiness.

"We are surrounded by joined love and also welcomed love." Justin said, other groups showing in lighted flickering candles:

Randall, Lisa and Stevie.
Lynn and Paul, and then Domo, Sid and Bill.

Then Calen, and his three sons.

Jolan looked around, seeing Justin, he and Hay surrounded by a circle of joined love.

Their candlelit love now brightened the room immensely, Jolan finding himself in a large ballroom.

It was immense in size, shadowy paintings lining the walls.

"This is the center of the home of Vilos Dragos, Jolan. Father and Mother called this room The Room of Love's Light. Tonight, I believe your Justin's light of love will illuminate it greater than it's ever shone." Simus said, Cory kissing his cheek.

Justin smiled at the older man, he and Jolan staring at each other, Hayden running over to his aunt, Jonathan picking up the child, smiling at him, their eyes gazing at the couple standing in the center of the room.

Jolan's eyes stared into Justin's blue pools of love.

"Look around you, Jolan. See the light of love that you created, and that now reflects back to you. The light of our friends' and family's love."
Jolan smiled, looking around at all the smiling faces surrounding him, his eyes finally returning to his Justin's loving blue eyes.

"Here in the center is the truth for us, Jolan. The truth of what you and I mean to each other. We shine best in the center of our own love. We, joined together, are one, one soul of love. I love you, Jolan Dragos, forever my Wolfy."
Jolan teared up, hearing the love in Justin's words.

"I love you, Justin Timberlake, forever my Jumpy."

Justin smiled widely, his eyes going to his mothers and fathers, the four walking up, the two couples standing on each side of their son.

They were joined by Jonathan and Stevie--after Jonathan had set Hayden down beside his aunt--the two standing in front of both sets of parents.

Justin's eyes moved again, smiling at two others.

Jennie smiled, taking Hayden's hand,  the two walking into the center light of love, both going to each side of Jolan.

Jennie took Jolan's hand, Hayden taking the other, the young man smiling at each of them.

"We are your family, Jolan. We love you, and we love Justin." Jennie said, smiling across at Justin.

"Wuvs you and Poppa, Daddy!" Hay said, everyone smiling with tenderness at the small boy.

"I am Justin's mother, Jolan. My son's life I. . .I now see given over to happiness, the happiness of your and Hayden's love." Lynn said, her face covered in tears, her words broken by emotion.

"I am Justin's father, Jolan. I see the vision of my son's faithful heart, a heart now increased by your and Hayden's love." Randall said, tears showing in his eyes as well, his hand on his son's shoulder.

Jolan smiled at both, Justin pulling Jolan a little closer to him, their hands joining together again.

"I love you, Jolan. Your love entered my heart so easily, destroying the fragileness of its insecurities. In you I've found trust, love, joy and happiness."
Britney and Jessica both teared up, their lovers' holds tightening on them, their smiles of friendship for Justin crossing their faces.

"I love you as well, Justin. Thank you for this illumination of the love surrounding me. I feel all of your love here now on this Christmas Eve of love. Thank you all." Jolan said, smiling around at everyone, Justin continuing to stare at Jolan.

"Uncle Calen told me this afternoon--when he showed me this room--that this room is called the Room of Love's Light for a singular reason. There are no electrical lights in this room, Jolan. It only brightens when love fills it. When true destined love fills it. It hasn't shone brightly since the last time your grandfather and grandmother last danced here."
Jolan nodded, looking around the room, seeing the shadowed darkness behind the candlelit circle, his eyes going upwards for a moment, seeing the ceiling lost in darkness.

"It's time this room shone with the light of true love again. Our true love, my Jolan." Justin said, releasing Jolan's hands.

His right hand moved, Jolan watching as Justin pulled out a small box from his inner jacket pocket.

Jolan stared in stunned silence, staring at what lay within that box when Justin opened it.

Jolan gasped as he saw Justin sink to one knee, his blue eyes staring upwards, into two grey pools of shocked wonder.

Jolan stared at the ring in Justin's hand, its blue center of crystal diamonds matching Justin's own blue pools of love.

"We have true love, Jolan. I love you with all of my heart, my love. Will you, from this moment on, pledge that love to me forever? Will you marry me?"

Jolan stared down into those pools of love, a deep sob erupting from his soul, Justin standing immediately, taking the man into his arms, looking into his tear-stained face.

"Oh, Jus! I can't. . . I can't. . ." he sobbed, his voice stuttering, pulling Justin against him.

"What's wrong, my love? I'm sorry. . .I only wanted to show you how much I love you. . ."

Jolan stepped back, everyone surrounding them in quiet concern, seeing the emotional state of Jolan's tear-drenched face.

Jolan trembled, his left hand going into his suit jacket pocket, Justin's eyes following those fingers.

Jolan slowly pulled out a velvet covered box, Justin's eyes widening in surprise.

Their eyes met, then Justin watching as Jolan raised the opened box to Justin's gaze.

Inside the box was a ring of sparkling silvery diamonds, matching the tear-filled eyes of his lover staring at him.

"I can't. . .I can't believe it, Jus. You beat me to the proposal. Oh God, I love you so much!" Jolan sobbed, the two wrapping each other in their arms, the group surrounding them staring at both men with tear-filled smiling faces.

The two men parted, both smiling at each other.

"Yes, Justin. Yes my love and my life. I will marry you! Will you marry me?"
Justin began to cry, staring into Jolan's grey silvery pools of love.

"Yes, my Jo! I shall marry you, my angel of magical love!"
Jolan smiled, his face taking on a look of immense love.

The two men took their rings, placing each onto the other's finger, their eyes filled with tears.

Jennie stood beside them, Hayden smiling in her arms.

"Kiss Poppa, Daddy!"

Jolan smiled with happiness, pulling his Justin into his arms again.

"Welcome to our next adventure, Jus." Jolan said, Justin smiling with tear-filled joy.

Jolan's lips went to his, the effect immediate.

The large ballroom suddenly erupted in light, the ceiling shining with a thousand shining stars of bright light.

Everyone looked upwards, the room now showing its lit beauty.

"Amazing. . .it's so amazing!" Chris said, staring upwards, Britney's arm going around him, her eyes on the couple lost in love in the center of all of them.

"Yes, Chris. It truly is."



End of Chapter 102



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