Jolan's Path - Chapter 103


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 103


Jolan was the first to break the kiss he and Justin had become lost in.

They stared into each other's opening eyes, seeing the depth of the new love showing within.

The love of a pact written for eternity.
Their gaze was broken by someone pulling Jolan away from Justin.

"Congrats, Jo and Jus! I wish you a life of love and happiness!" Josh said, his face covered in tears, hugging Jolan against him, Justin smiling at his best friend, seeing the tears of happiness in his blue eyes as he stared at him.

The couple was inundated with hugs and kisses, their eyes constantly drawn to each other as others congratulated them.

Hayden climbed into Justin's arms from Jennie's, Jolan hugging his sister tightly, she kissing his cheek.

"Congratulations, my brother. His love will surround you, and your life will be filled with joy. I welcome him now as my real brother."
Justin smiled at her, Hayden looking up into his eyes.

"You be's my real Poppa now, Poppa?!" he said, Justin's eyes filling with  tears.

"Yes, Hay. I'll be your father now." he smiled, tears now threatening to explode onto his face.
Jennie smiled, her arms going around Justin, kissing his cheek and Hayden's.

"Welcome to our family of love, my brother." she said, Justin smiling.

Everyone hugged them, Jolan and Justin feeling their love, Justin's eyes going upward when he saw everyone looking now and then towards the brilliant ceiling.

"What makes it shine, Calen?" Randall said, his arm around Jolan, Jolan smiling at his uncle.

"No one knows, Randall. It's shone like that since my father built the Manor. It shines luminously when this room is filled with happiness. I and Simus both have investigated every inch of it, no reasoning found behind its reality. It is a vision of magic." he said, Simus nodding as well, his grey eyes going upwards.

"There is reasoning behind it, Uncles."
Calen's eyes met Jolan's, his nephew smiling at him.

"What could it be, Jolan?" Randall said, Jolan smiling at him, Justin's arm around his father now.

"It's love's magic, Dad. The magic of my grandparents' love."
Calen and Simus smiled, Jolan now looking upwards.

"Their essence, the essence of my grandparents' love, still emanates from this room. I think the magic above us captures love's light. The light of happiness. Uncle Calen said that the last time it shone like this was the last time they danced in this room. When was that, Uncles?"
Calen teared up, Simus' hand on his shoulder.

"It was on their anniversary, Jolan. Their four hundredth wedding anniversary."

Everyone stared at the man in surprise, Calen smiling at all of them.

"We threw a ball in their honor, we their four sons."

Jolan smiled at him, his eyes going upwards again, Justin's arms now wrapping around him.

"Imagine a lifetime of love, Jo. Four hundred years of loving happiness. I envy them, Jo." Justin said, Jolan smiling and kissing his cheek.

"We have something better, Jus. We have forever."
Justin teared up, his eyes going to the silver diamond ring now glimmering on his finger.

"I love you, Jolan."

"Tell me something I don't know."
Justin smiled, Calen clapping his hands together.

"Champagne! We must have champagne to toast your love!"

Everyone smiled, Calen guiding the two younger men over to a lavishly set up table.


Food was spread out, festive Christmas centerpieces covering the table.

Bottles of champagne and wine were chilling in buckets, glasses at the ready.

Chris and Joey began to pass out glasses, Leo and Bill beginning to fill them.

"I'd like to propose the first toast, if I may?" Lynn said, Jolan and Justin nodding with smiles, their hands going together.

Lynn nodded towards Paul, as well at Randall and Lisa and their two sons.

They all came together, standing in front of Jolan and Justin, everyone else surrounding them, their glasses filled.

"Today our family love increases. My son now makes a commitment of love with a man whom we all have come to love as a new son and brother. Today we welcome you completely to our family, Jo. Your love--as well as your sister's and your son's--will bring joy and happiness to all of us. I cannot believe that a short two months ago your love didn't flow through all of us. I want to thank you for entering all of our hearts. For showing that love to all of us, especially to my son. Your love is now entrenched in all of our hearts. Welcome with love, Jolan. Welcome to the Timberlake family."
Lynn was in tears, everyone raising their glasses, Jolan moving forward and hugging her, the woman beginning to cry against his chest.

"Thank you, Mom. My Justin's mothers are now my mothers."
Lisa smiled a teary smile, she hugging Jolan as well.

Justin's face beamed a smile of complete happiness, seeing before him now his family's complete acceptance of Jolan.

Jolan was hugged by Randall and Paul, Justin smiling at their fatherly love for Jolan.

The three broke their hug, Jonathan and Stevie both hugging Jolan, the man wrapping his arms around both of them.

"Love ya, Bro!" Jonathan said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Love ya back, Jon."
Stevie pulled on Jolan's suit jacket, the young man smiling down at him.

"Love ya, Jo!"
Jolan smiled, kneeling down, Justin smiling at his youngest brother.

"I love you too, Stevie. I'm so happy my Hay's going to have such a loving, protective uncle. Your love will make him so happy."
The young boy smiled, Hayden wrapping his arms around Stevie.

"Me's got Unky Stevie's wuv, Daddy. Me be's okay from now ons!"
Everyone laughed, sipping from their glasses, Domo guiding everyone to the food, his daughter and he having prepared it in Martha's kitchen, the kitchen staff off for the holidays.


Everyone dined and enjoyed themselves immensely, the large hall filled with laughter and conversation.

Everyone walked around, looking at the luxurious paintings and murals covering the large walls, their gaze going upwards as well, the ceiling still filled with twinkling bright stars.

Justin and Jolan separated, mingling with their friends at seated smaller tables, their eyes seeking each other out constantly.

Justin was helping himself to another piece of cake off the dessert trays when two sets of arms surrounded him.

He smiled into two sets of blue eyes, attached to two beautiful faces.

"Your man's in heaven, Justin. Today you've united your love completely."

Justin smiled, staring into Britney's smiling face.

"Britney's right, Justin. We all see the complete love you both show in your eyes. We both wanted to wish you a lifetime of happiness with his love, Jus. Our hearts are happy that you've finally found happiness."
Justin smiled, staring into Jessica's beautiful smiling face.

Both women smiled, seeing the tears showing in Justin's eyes, sensing the truth of his happiness.

"I love him so much, Bitzy and Jess! He's so beautiful, so giving and loving."
Both smiled, kissing his cheek on both sides.

"And he's now yours, Justin. We wish both of you happiness."
Justin smiled, pulling both women into a tight hug.

Sandra walked up to Jolan at the same moment, smiling at him

"Congratulations, Jolan. His love you deserve deeply." she said, Jolan smiling towards his Justin, Justin surrounded by Britney and Jessica, who both he saw Justin was hugging.

"Yes I do, Sandra. I finally believe in my soul that he's mine. I love him completely."
Sandra smiled, seeing the love-filled gaze Jolan wore, his eyes still on his Justin.

"Thank you as well for all of this, Jolan. For all that you've given my son. Not the glamorous surroundings, but the richness of your and Justin's love. I've never seen him smile so much. His hard past is now forgotten, he'll only have love now."

"Yes, Cassandra. He'll have our total love now."
Sandra smiled, her eyes going to her son, the boy running around the hall, Sean and Jayden at his sides, their laughter bringing a smile to her face.

Stevie was with them, Jolan seeing his loving protection.

"That's all I ever wanted for him, Jolan. Love and happiness."
Jolan's arm went around her, looking into her blue eyes.

"He has that, and shall always. And he'll have something more. Christmas is a time of love and miracles, Sandra. I just saw one tonight. I saw the miracle of my Justin's complete love. I think it's time everyone sees the magic of mine. Excuse me, Sandra. There's something I have to get."

Sandra smiled, Jolan kissing her cheek, then walking across the room, the young man whispering in Justin's ear when he walked up to him.
Justin smiled, nodding.

Jolan kissed his cheek, quietly walking out of the room, Jessica and Britney looking after him, then at Justin.

"My love's on a mission. A Christmas mission. Or so he just told me." Justin said smiling, the two smiling at him.

"What that means I haven't the foggiest." Justin smiled, the two laughing.

"Our Jo's a man of surprises, Jus. I don't think he could be anything else."
Justin smiled at Britney's words, his eyes going to the door where Jolan had exited.


Ten minutes later Jolan walked back into the room, walking up to Calen, talking to him.

The two talked for a few minutes, everyone casually glancing at them.

Justin noticed two items in Jolan's hands, Jolan handing one of them to Calen.

The other Justin identified easily as a gift in Jolan's hand, carefully wrapped, a red bow over its green paper.

Jolan and his uncle parted, Jolan smiling as he walked over to Justin, his lover standing with Chace and Josh.

Calen walked over to one corner of the large room, opening a cabinet standing against the wall.

Within a few minutes soft music began to fill the immense hall, everyone smiling.

Justin realized there was a stereo system hidden within the cabinet.

The room was acoustically phenomenal, the music radiating from every direction.

He saw Calen putting the item Jolan had given him into the stereo, Justin realizing it was a CD.

Jolan stopped in front of Justin, his hand extending.

"My beauty, my angel of love. May I have this first dance of engaging love?"

Justin smiled, seeing the beauty of his well dressed Jolan, the man stunning in his black suit, the white rose gleaming on his lapel.

"Yes, my Jolan."
"To dance with love is to dance forever. Let me lead you to my eternal love." Jolan said, Chace and Josh's hands going together, lost in the love they felt in Jolan's voice.

Justin took Jolan's hand, the two men walking into the center of the room.

Everyone surrounding them stopped talking, taking in the vision of the two men about to dance together.

A man dressed in white, taken into the arms of a black vision of masculine beauty.

Jolan nodded at Calen, his uncle smiling and hitting a button on the stereo.

Another song began, the two men beginning to dance.

Justin became lost in the music, its richness and melodic tone sending him on a voyage of musical love.

Its tempo captured Justin's soul, his lover holding him in his arms, his grey eyes staring into his blue.

"That music is so beautiful, Jo. It's so magically beautiful."
Jolan leaned forward, kissing him on his lips, continuing to dance, his lover in his arms.

They broke the kiss, Jolan's fingers going to Justin's cheek.

Justin felt the grace and beauty of his lover's dance, Jolan a master of ballroom dancing.

"It is the music of my love, Justin. A concerto of vindication; the vindication of my healed soul. Your love heals me and inspires me, my angel. I wrote that music last week, thoughts of your Christmas love entering my soul. This is my gift to you tonight, my Jus. A Christmas gift to honor your engaging love. I call it Justin's Dance."
Justin's eyes filled with tears, Jolan's arms tightening around him.

"Let the music guide us to heaven, Justin. A path of love now begins for us. An eternal path of our love."

Justin remained quiet, his voice choked silent with emotion.
And his mind began to fill with the music sinking into his soul.


Everyone stood around the hall, their eyes on the two men dancing.

Britney walked up to Josh and Chace, her eyes on the two men in the room's center, and the hauntingly beautiful waltz they were now dancing.

"Do you see that, Josh? Do you see Jolan's form, his technique? It's. . .it's unbelievable! He's dancing like a professional dancer!" she said, Josh's eyes glued to the twosome.

"I. . .I don't think it's just the dance, Brit. I think it's the music as well. Have you ever heard such moving, beautiful music? It feels like love set to music." Josh softly said, his eyes showing tears, his mind and eyes locked on the music and dance before him.

Jolan moved around the room, his Justin following him in his arms.

Jolan's moves were graceful, ballet-like in their fluidity and smoothness.

Everyone remained entranced by the twosome dancing around the room.

Joey's eyes raised upwards, seeing the lit stars above brightening, their light intensifying.

Lance's lips kissing his cheek, Joey turning and looking into his emerald eyes.

"It is a lovers' dance of love, Joe. Their love is brightening the heavens. That music is love."

Joey smiled, his arm going around his Lance.

"Well then, let's let it guide us to heaven as well." he said, pulling Lance towards the center of the room.

Jolan's grey eyes caught Joey's, the two smiling at each other.

Joey pulled his man against him, the two beginning to dance.

The signal was given, other couples joining the quartet.

The music seemed to heighten a bit, its tempo increasing with the joining love.

The starlit ceiling continuing to brighten.

Everyone smiled, watching and dancing.


The music finally ended, everyone clapping, Jolan smiling at Justin when they stopped.

Justin's eyes opened, having been lost in Jolan's arms, looking into Jolan's grey.

"Oh, Jo! It. . .it was so beautiful! The dance. . .the music! It felt so alive!"

Jolan smiled, Josh's arm going around him as he walked up to the two.

"Jo, that. . .that was unbelievable! Where did you ever learn to dance like that?" Chace said, standing at Justin's side.

Britney and Chris, as well as Joey and Lance, were also surrounding them, everyone staring at Jolan.

"I've never professionally danced, everyone. This is the first time I ever remember dancing."

Everyone looked surprised, Jolan smiling at Justin.

"As I once said, when I compose my music the magic within me enters it. That's what just happened, I believe. Justin and I became lost in the magic of the music. In the magic of my love written within its melody."

Justin smiled at Jolan, Josh staring at him as well.

"That music, Jo! It was. . .it was so moving, so unbelievable! I felt I was in heaven." Josh said, his voice soft with wonder.

Jolan smiled at his friend, knowing the meaning of music to Josh's soul.

"Heaven is what we make it, my friends. My heaven is in Justin's arms."
Justin teared up, Jolan kissing his cheek, everyone smiling around them.

"Thank you for your dance of love, my Jo."

"Thank you for my inspiration. That song shall forever be Justin's Dance."

Hayden ran across the room, his arms going around his father's leg, Jolan smiling down at him.

"You's dance great, Daddy!"

Jolan laughed, leaning down and picking up the small boy.

"Thank you, Hay. Your love inspires me, yours and Poppa's."
Justin smiled, the small boy smiling at both of them.

"Times for Mommy's Kismas gift now, Daddy?"

Jolan smiled, his son's eyes looking towards Sandra.

"Yes, my boy. Our special gift." he said, kissing his son's cheek.

Everyone around them smiled, Justin looking at Jolan.

Justin watched as Jolan walked over to the table, picking up the wrapped gift he'd carried into the room, having placed it on the table just before he'd asked Justin to dance.

He handed the gift to Hayden, the boy clutching the small box to his chest.

"In other room's, Daddy! Has to haves Kismas Tree for gift!"
Jolan laughed, smiling at his son, his grey eyes looking around the room.

"If everyone would please follow my son's love, let's adjourn to the Room of Family for a Christmas moment. I think it would be a wonderful ending to this day of love. " he said, smiling at Justin, then at Sandra, Jessica's arm around her.

Justin walked up to Jolan, the two joining hands, Hayden smiling at his Poppa, the three walking towards the doors, everyone taking their drinks and following them, joyous conversation ensuing.


Jolan stood in front of the Christmas tree, his son in his arms, the little boy smiling at all the brightly lit lights.

Everyone had followed them into the room, smiling at the beautiful Christmas joy filling the room.

They all sat down at Jolan's request, couples joining, others grouping up on couches.

Jolan smiled at Justin, kissing his cheek, his lover sitting down then with Chace and Josh.

Hayden remained in Jolan's arms, the boy snuggling against his chest, a small yawn coming from him.

"My boy tires from all the excitement. He'll sleep tonight in joy and happiness, awaiting Santa's visit."
The boy smiled against his father, the small gift still in his hand.

"But before he goes to dreamland, he has a special gift for someone."
The boy's head lifted, smiling at his father, Jolan smiling at the joy he saw in his small blue eyes.

Jolan lowered his body, setting the small boy down in front of the tree, Hayden smiling up at him, then looking around the room at everyone.

Everyone smiled, seeing the joy and happiness in the small boy's blue eyes, those eyes zoning in on his mother's smiling face.

"Mommy, me wuvs you. Me gots gift for you!"

Sandra smiled, Jolan smiling at her, motioning her forward.

Sandra looked at Jessica, the young woman shrugging her shoulders.

"Please come up, Sandra. You as well, Jessica." he said, his hand on his son's shoulder, smiling at both women.

Both rose from their seats, walking with hands together up to the tree, Sandra smiling at her son.

The little boy nodded, looking up at his father.

"Just like we rehearsed, Hayden." he softly said, Sandra and Jessica smiling at the young man, and Hayden.

"Kismas is wuv, Mommy. Today's me gots so much wuv. Daddy, Poppa, Aunt Jessica and you, Mommy!"
Sandra smiled, looking down at her son, the woman kneeling down to him, the boy smiling into her blue eyes.

"I wuv you, Mommy. Me made special gift for you. Mare-wee Kismas, Mommy!"

Sandra smiled, Hayden handing her the small box he still carried, Sandra taking it from him..

Everyone smiled, Sandra smiling around the room.

"Thank you, Hayden. My special little boy." she said, leaning in and kissing his forehead.
The boy smiled, looking up at his father, then back at his mother.

"Opens, Mommy! It for now! It from me!"

Sandra smiled, her smile filled with motherly love, still kneeling beside her child.

She smiled again, her fingers going to the green wrapping paper, gently removing the red bow and ribbon.

Jessica and Jolan looked at each other, Jessica seeing a deep love shining in his now softly glowing eyes.

Sandra removed the paper, staring at a small flat red box.

She smiled again at Hay, opening the box.

Everyone was watching the young woman and child, a sense of seeing an impending moment of love.

Sandra lifted the box's lid, staring inside it.

Folded inside it was one single sheet of paper.

"Me writes dis for you, Mommy. Me knows."

Sandra stared at the small child, his face still showing so much love and smiling happiness.

Her eyes raised, Jolan's grey glowing eyes staring at her.

"This was his idea, Cassandra. This part of it. The rest is mine. Please read of your son's love."
Sandra nodded, Hayden's hands going upwards.

Sandra picked up her son then stood up, Hayden jumping into Jessica's arms, the woman smiling at him as he snuggled against her, his blue eyes on his mother.

Jolan smiled at Sandra, Sandra lifting the sheet out of the box, Jolan taking the box and gift wrap from her, setting it on the Christmas tree beside him.

Sandra's eyes went around the silent room, quietly opening the single sheet of paper.

She looked at her son for a moment, her voice breaking the silence as she read her son's letter.



Mommy, me wuvs you.

It's Kismas and me so happies!

Me sees you happy and me sees all those who wuv me.

We both happy now, even though you not feels good.

Me knows, Mommy.
Me knows you goings to weave. Me knows you sick.



Sandra's eyes moved to her son's face,  then turned, looking at Jolan, the young man nodding.

Sandra's face showed the emotion of what she now realized, her eyes returning to the letter.



Me knows you sads you weaving me.

Don't cries, Mommy. I be's okays, with Daddy and Poppa.

Me tells Daddy me knows and Daddy understands.

I wuv him and I wuv you, Mommy.

Daddy asks me whats me wants to give you for Kismas.

Me wants to give you my wuv, Mommy.

Me writes my wuv and me wuvs you forever.

Daddy helps me writes letter for you.


Daddy says Santa gwants wishies.

Me wish for Santa to gives you special gift.

And me writes letter to Santa to asks for it.

Daddy says wishies can comes true.

Santa coming tonight, Mommy.

Make a wish, Mommy.



Wuv you, Mommy.






Sandra was crying, her voice letting go at the end of the letter, Jessica's arm around her now, Hayden's hand on her face.

Everyone in the room was showing emotion as well, the boy's innocent words steeped with love.

"Mommy, okay?" he said, Sandra's blue eyes looking into his blue smaller versions of hers.

"Oh, Hay! Your words, so much love!" she said, the boy kissing her cheek.

"No cries, Mommy. We gots wuv."

Sandra smiled, taking the child into her arms, everyone smiling at the touching scene, several others in the room crying openly.

Justin smiled at Sandra and Hayden, seeing their connected love.

"Jolan, thank you for helping him." Sandra said, wiping her eyes, turning to look at the young man.

Everyone looked towards him as well, their eyes widening in surprise.

Jolan was gone.

Justin looked around the room, his lover nowhere to be seen.

"Jolan?" he said, standing up still scanning the room.

Josh stood as well, his eyes scanning everywhere.

"He must have stepped out for a moment, Justin. The emotion of the moment, and all." Sandra said, looking at him.

Justin looked at Hay, the small boy smiling.

Their conversation was silenced by a sudden sound.

It was the jingling sound of bells.

Sleigh bells.

"Where's that coming from?" Chris said, everyone looking around the room.

"I believe it's coming from the hallway." Athos said, Isaiah beside him walking towards the opened doorway.

He stopped in his tracks, looking out into the hallway.

"Oh, my! It cannot be!"

The jingling sound became instantly louder, Isaiah's eyes wide with surprise, the young man backing up.

Sandra and Jessica--along with Hay--were in full view of the open doorway, their eyes widening in total surprise.

Everyone started to rise from their seats, drawn towards the doorway, stopping as well upon seeing the apparition now walking into the room.

"Merry Christmas, everyone. Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!"

Into the room walked a vision of Christmas history and love.

Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Pere Noel; names given to him, steeped in history and folklore.

Santa Claus, the toymaker and legendary gift giver.

"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas, everyone! Hello, little ones." the man said, his face wearing a wide smile, covered in a white beard.

He was dressed in a red suit, his white beard gleaming against the scarlet cloth, a red and white fur-lined hat covering his head.

Hayden's eyes were wide with excitement, Sean and Jayden staring in disbelief.

Stevie was clinging to his father, his blue eyes wide with wonder.

Briahna sat in her father's lap, smiling widely.

Over his back Santa carried a sack, bulging with hidden treasures.

The man smiled at everyone, his cheeks glowing rosy red, walking up to the Christmas tree, Sandra and Jessica staring at him, their faces still showing wonder.

"Hello, Hayden. Merry Christmas, little one!" the man said, his voice deep and filled with jolly mirth.

"Merry Kismas, Santa." he softly said, his body snuggling into Sandra's chest, the man laying a finger against the child's cheek, Hayden suddenly smiling at him.

"You've been a very good boy this year, Hayden. As have your little friends here. Merry Christmas, Sean and Jayden. And you as well, Stephen and Briahna." the mirthful man said, smiling at the other children.

The four smiled, seeing the love and happiness in the old elf's face.

"Merry Christmas, Santa!" the four said together, Santa smiling back at them.

Justin was staring at the man, his eyes searching every inch of the man's face.

It held no clue as to his true identity, other than the image he showed so openly.

His eyes were blue, deep piercing blue, the man smiling at him.

"And I know all you bigger kids--and older youthful beauties--have been extra good as well. Ho, ho, ho!" he chuckled, everyone smiling at him, his cheeriness infectious.

"It's Christmas Eve, everyone. I've got a major trip ahead of me tonight, but I had to stop by here first, the love I felt drawing my gaze.  And I want to give everyone special gifts of love and happiness." he said, pulling the large sack off his back, smiling around at everyone.

Everyone smiled, the man opening his bag, pulling out a gift.

"Britney? Ah, there you are angel. Merry Christmas." he smiled, extending the gift towards her, Britney smiling and walking up to him, taking the gift.

"I know it's not an Easy-Bake Oven, like I gave you when you were seven." he smiled, Britney's eyes widening.

"Thank. . .thank you, Santa." she said, staring into his blue smiling eyes.

He grinned, pulling out the next gift.


And so Santa continued, handing out gifts to everyone in the room, everyone smiling at him, soft words of joyous Christmas cheer coming from him.

They all felt a sense of wonder and love in the old man's twinkling gaze.

Chris stood beside Joey, his eyes staring at the jolly image before him.

"That has to be Jolan, Joe! He's pulling one over on us! He disappears then this guy shows up?"

Joey stared at the red-suited man, no image of Jolan showing on his face.

"It can't be him, Chris. He looks nothing like Jolan under that beard. He has blue eyes, and that beard looks so real!" Joey said, his eyes staring at Santa in wonder.

"Well, I'm going to make sure."
"Chris, keep it clean. Remember, he's here for the kids."
Chris smiled, winking at Joey, Lance walking up to his lover, looking after Chris and shaking his head, Joey's hand going into his.

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." Lonnie said, standing on Joey's other side.

Both men smiled at the larger man, Ally standing beside him, each holding a gift.

Chris walked up to the red-suited old elf, the man's head turning, a large smile on his beaming face.

"Christopher, my boy! I'd wondered where you were hiding. You're the last one." Santa smiled, Chris staring deeply into his face.

"What about Jolan? Don't you have a gift for him?"
Santa smiled, winking at Chris, Chris staring at him.

"Why he already has his gift, Christopher. And I heard he was making special snowmen today. A rather large special one comes to mind, Frosty."
Chris blushed, the man continuing to smile, his hand pulling out the last gift from the bag he'd walked in with.

Chris looked at the kids, his voice whispering.

"It's you, Jolan. And I'll prove it."
Chris' hands went forward, tugging on the man's beard.

The man smiled, a gruff ouch coming from his lips.

Chris' eyes widened in surprise, the man chuckling.

"Merry Christmas, Christopher." Santa said, handing the gift to Chris, the man taking it in his hand.

Santa smiled, leaning in and whispering in Chris' ear.

Chris' face changed, a look of total shock coming over his face.

Santa winked at him, his hand going into the bag one more time, pulling out a black satin hat.

"You need a top hat, Frosty. You can't come to life without it!" he laughed placing the hat on Chris' head, his whole girth shaking with his deep laughter, everyone surrounding them smiling and then laughing.

Chris stared at the man, his face still showing a shocked look, Britney's arm going around her man.

"Thank Santa, Chris. For the gifts, sweetie."
Chris stared at the man, his eyes taking in the twinkling blueness of his eyes.

"Thank you. . .Santa."
Santa smiled, his finger going to his nose, then the man snapping two fingers in his other hand together.

"Oh my! I've forgotten one gift. Now where did I put it?" he said, looking around at everyone, a large smile on his face.

"Oh yes. Where is my head? I swear the cookies are making me have insulin induced episodes."

Everyone laughed, the man grinning.

He walked over to the Christmas tree, smiling at Sandra, she kneeling in front of it, Hayden in front of her playing with a large truck in front of him, his gift from Santa.

"I almost forgot the most special of gifts." the jolly old man said, his eyes twinkling as he looked at her.

Sandra stared at him, standing up, looking deeply into his eyes.

She'd been debating whether it was Jolan hiding behind that costume.

But now those eyes of deep blue seemed so different.

There seemed so much love and joyous giving emanating from their blueness.

"Everyone has a gift except you, Cassandra. What can Santa give you for Christmas?" he said, his voice filled with deep calmness and love.

Hayden stood up, tugging at his mother's dress.

Sandra looked down at him, the boy smiling up at her.

"Make wish, Mommy. Dat your gift! Santa makes it comes true!"

Sandra stared at the boy, her eyes going to the man standing beside her.

"Jolan?" she softly said, the man smiling at her.

"Jolan. Everyone keeps asking me about him. Last I saw him was when he was nine. He thought he could stay up and see me Christmas Eve. Children are so devious, but loving." Santa said, smiling at Hayden.

The boy grinned, running over to Justin, Justin leaning down and picking up the child, Hayden snuggling in his arms.

"Make wish, Mommy." he said again, Sandra staring at her child in Justin's arms.

"A Christmas wish for a gift, Cassandra?" Santa smiled, his eyes twinkling.
She stared at Santa for a moment, her eyes closing, her thoughts on only one thing.

"I love him so much, and I love Jessica just as much now." she softly said, the red-suited bearded man smiling.

Jessica softly smiled, hearing Sandra's love for her and Hayden.

"I feel your wish on the sands of time, Cassandra." the old elf said, winking.

"Oh wait, there it is!" he suddenly said, snapping his fingers again, his hand going into the tree beside them, the man pulling out a small box, wrapped in golden paper, a deep emerald green bow on top of it.

"Merry Christmas, Cassandra." Santa said, handing the gift to her.

Sandra stared at him, taking the offered gift.

"Open it, it's nearly Christmas." Santa said smiling.

She softly smiled, her eyes steeped with tearful wonder.

Jessica's arm went around her, Sandra feeling her love.

Everyone had stood up, their eyes on the two women standing beside Santa Claus.

Sandra unwrapped the gift, a small white box laying within the paper.

Her eyes raised for a moment, staring into the blue eyes of Santa Claus.

"Christmas begins in the heart, Cassandra. And the heart can be a treasure trove of wishes. Tonight God answers your single one."

Sandra lowered her eyes, opening the box.


She stared at a chain of pure gold laying within the box, a pendant hanging from its center, laying against the white velvet background.

It was a heart, carved out of a single blue diamond.

Its blueness seemed to be softly glowing, its brilliance wondrous.

"That is the Heart of Hope. It is an amulet of beauty and life." Santa said, his voice filled with love.

Sandra stared at him, Santa nodding at Jessica.

Jessica removed the pendant from the box, slipping it around Sandra's neck, fastening it behind her.

Sandra's breath caught, a soft gasp coming from her throat.

She trembled a little, Jessica's arm going around her.

"Are you alright, Sandy?" Jessica said, the woman looking into her blue eyes.

"I suddenly feel refreshed, like I've awoken from a dream."

"The past is a dream, Sandra. The future is real. A long life will need constant love. You have your wish."

Sandra looked stunned, Jessica feeling her trembling frame against her.
Santa smiled, walking over to his empty bag which lay upon the floor.

He bent down picking it up, walking over to Justin, Hayden still in his arms.

"Thank you for the letter, Hay. It's not often Santa is given a gift."
The boy smiled, Santa rubbing his cheek.

"Merry Christmas, Hay. Merry Christmas, everyone."

The man chuckled, walking towards the door, then stopped.

He smiled, his finger going to his nose, giving a wink.

Then his hand waved towards the Christmas tree.

The tree suddenly intensified in its brightness, new lights of shimmering colors radiating off of it.

The star on its top seemed to radiate like a sun.

Everyone stared in awed wonder at it, the silence broken by a new voice.

"Wow! That's so beautiful."

Justin turned towards the fireplace, Jolan leaning against it.

"Jo??!!" he said, his and everyone's eyes going toward the door, Santa no longer standing there.

The man had disappeared in an instant, the doors now shut.

Chris' head was going back and forth between the fireplace and the doors, a great distance showing between them.

Justin walked up to Jolan, his lover smiling at him.

"Sorry, everyone. I was overcome by something. I just had to step out for a moment." he said, Chris walking up to him, his eyes going to the door again.

"That. . .he was. . .you're. . ?"

"What are you saying, Chris?" Jolan said, smiling at him.

Chris stared at his friend, then at the tree, then at Justin.

"He was. . .you were. . .oh hell, I don't know!" he said, his voice silencing, the man sinking down on the couch behind him.

Jolan smiled down at him, smiling then at Justin.

"Wow! Chris rendered speechless! This is a Christmas miracle!"

Joey walked up, Lance at his side, Josh and Chace joining the two men.

"You didn't see him, Jo?"
Jolan smiled at his friends, looking confused.

"See who, Joe? I, as I said, had stepped out into the night air to get a breath of freshness. When I came back into the room you were all staring at the tree and its new brightness."

Justin stared at his lover, seeing a deep calmness in Jolan's grey eyes.
"What just happened here, Jus?" Lance said, Jolan looking into his green eyes.

"I think we just experienced some Christmas magic, guys." Justin said, his eyes looking at the gifts in his friends hands.

Jolan smiled at Justin, his eyes going to Sandra and Jessica standing beside the tree.

His eyes went to the pendant hanging around her neck.

"Oh my. What a lovely pendant, Sandra!" he said, walking across the room to the two women.

He smiled at Sandra, his fingers touching the pendant laying on her chest.

"The Heart of Hope. It is real."

Sandra looked into his grey eyes when they met hers.

"What is it, Jolan? I sense so much warmth and love coming from it, sinking into my soul."
Jolan smiled at her, then looked towards his son.

"Someone gave it to you?"
The woman nodded, showing Jolan the box, paper and bow that she still held in her hand.

Jolan took it from her, flipping the paper over.

"There's a card on here, Sandra." he said, pulling off a small card that was attached to the ribbon.

"I missed it there." she softly said, Jolan smiling at her, flipping the card over, his voice carrying across the room, reading the small card.



                               For Sandra.


                        Hope gives way to life.

              Your son's wish came true as well.

                         Live life to its fullest.

     I shall visit your grandchildren, sitting in your lap.


                       Merry Christmas, Santa.




Sandra stared in stunned shock, her eyes going to her son.

"Me wishies for you's to gets well, Mommy. Me wants you to stays with me."

Everyone looked shocked, staring at the woman standing in front of the Christmas tree.

"It can't be. . .Jolan, it can't be?" Sandra stuttered, Jolan looking at the pendant on her neck.

"It is, Cassandra. The Heart of Hope is an ancient amulet, long thought lost. It once was thought to be filled with magic. The magic of life. Whoever wears it is healed of sorrow and pain."

Everyone looked shocked, their eyes on the diamond around her neck, then on Jolan.

"Is this your doing, Jolan? Is this your magic?" Jessica said, her eyes filled with hope.

"Hope lays in its blue shimmering gaze. So says the legend. I see hope within two other sets of blueness." Jolan said, both women staring at him.

Hayden wanted down out of Justin's arms, Justin setting the boy down, Hayden running to his mother and father.

"Me gets wish, Mommy! Me knows Santa makes you better!!"
Sandra stared at her son, then at Jolan.

"I do. . .I do feel better."
Jolan's hand went forward, touching her face, his grey eyes softly glowing, then closing.

In a few moments they opened again, their normal silvery warmth returned.

"I feel no illness or pain within you, Sandra. Hope has given way to life." he said,  the woman sobbing, pulling Jolan against her.

"No, it can't be. It can't be my greatest wish!" she cried, Jolan gently guiding her to Jessica's tearful embrace.

Everyone walked forward, surrounding the threesome, Justin's hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"Jo. . .was it you?"
Jolan looked into his blue eyes, then around at everyone staring at him.

"Hey, I just went for a walk. Magic walks on its own."

Sandra's wet eyes met his, she feeling a tug at her dress, leaning down and picking up her son.

Hayden smiled at her, kissing her lips.

"Wuvs you, Mommy. We's going to be big happy famwee!"

Sandra sobbed, kissing her son's cheek, Jessica crying beside her.

"Yes, Hay. We're going to be a big happy family." Jolan said, his calm loving smile making everyone smile.

Everyone surrounded Sandra, their love and happiness showing.


Jolan sighed, snuggled on the couch in front of the fireplace, his eyes going to the sparkling Christmas tree.

It was almost midnight, everyone having retired.

The children had been hustled off to bed after the loving moments had played out, the adults gradually dwindling off as well.

Sandra had taken Hayden to her room, at Jolan's request.

He knew in his heart that she needed the boy with her tonight.

And Jolan needed only his Justin.

Here he now sat alone in the Room of Family with his lover, the two the last of the Christmas revelers.

"A wonderful evening, my love. It started with our joining soul of engagement, and ended with a new moment of hope." Jolan softly said, Justin kissing his cheek.

Justin had talked with Jolan, as had Josh and Chace, the young man's smiling face showing no sign of mirthfulness or cunning deception, in regards to Santa Claus' appearance.

What had happened in this room was in itself perhaps magic after all.

Several moments through the remaining hour or so of merriment sleigh bells had been softly heard, hushed silences following.

Everyone retired that evening with a sense of wonder and love within their souls.

Jolan had seen the look on all of their faces.

More so on Jessica and Sandra's.

He felt in their souls the meaning of that night's revelations for their love.

Justin kissed Jolan's cheek, his grey eyes staring into his blue.

"I love you, Jolan. For everything you've given me, and for tonight's moments of love."
Jolan smiled, his lips meeting Justin's.

The grandfather clock beside the door began to chime the hour, midnight now at hand.

"It's Christmas Day, my angel. Merry Christmas, my Jus. I love you."
"Merry Christmas, Jolan. I love you, my own Christmas angel."
The two kissed deeply, their desires and love intensifying.

"Our bed awaits, my Jus. I want to unwrap my first Christmas gift. My Jumpy's beautiful body, and his deep love."

Justin teared up, Jolan kissing his lips again.

"And I need my Wolfy's hunger. I shall be easy to catch tonight. My Badenwolf's beauty, I need greatly."

Jolan smiled, rising up from the couch, offering Justin his hand.

They stood for a moment in front of the Christmas tree, Justin wrapping Jolan in his arms.

"It's so beautiful. This tree, this house, our families, our lives."

Justin smiled, the two walking out of the room through the opened doors.

They smiled, seeing Athos walking across the hall.

"Everything is closed down for the night, our family home protected. I shall see you both on the morrow. It's now after twelve, I wish both of you a Merry Christmas Day." he said, smiling at both.

Jolan smiled, breaking his hold on Justin, his arms going around his cousin.

"Merry Christmas, Athos."
The young man smiled, his embrace tightening on his cousin.

"Merry Christmas, Jolan. And you as well, Justin."
When Jolan released the young man, he was enclosed in a deeper hug from Justin.

Jolan smiled, seeing the surprise registering on his cousin's face.

"Merry Christmas, Athos." Justin said, kissing his cheek when he broke the hug of love, the young man smiling at him.

"Merry Christmas, Justin. Goodnight, my cousins." he said, Jolan taking Athos' hand in his, smiling at him.

Athos smiled back, seeing a twinkling in Jolan's silvery eyes.

"Thank you, Athy. Goodnight." he said, taking Justin's hand, the two heading up the right staircase.

The young Archanian watched the two ascend the stairs, the young man smiling.

He looked down at his hand, opening it.

He smiled, looking at two blue contact lenses laying in his open palm.

He smiled, then laughed, walking towards the Room of Family.


End of Chapter 103



A chapter of revealing hope.

Is our Sandra now indeed healed?
If so, what could that mean for Justin and Jolan's guardianship of Hayden?

Will a mother's love and need allow their joined love to shine?


I hope you liked the interactive merriment of Jolan and Chris' one-upmanship.

We need joy and laughter in our souls.

And I hope you enjoyed the inclusion of Santa Claus, and his magical wonder with kids of all ages.

Who was he really?


And so a night of magic, wonder, love and hope now ends in the rooms of joined souls in Bloodstone Manor.

They awake on the morrow to the light of Christmas Day.

Will other wonders play out?



Read on and walk the path.


Your guide, Angel.