Jolan's Path - Chapter 105


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 105


Joey sighed, the man laying on the floor in front of the fireplace, the warmth of the large fire heating his soul.

"That was a meal of unbelievable richness. I am stuffed!" he moaned, Lance seated on the floor beside him, Joey's head in Lance's lap, Lance's fingers running through his hair.

"Dad, you're never stuffed." Briahna grinned, laying on a couch, her head in her mother's lap, Kelly snuggled against Leo.

They all were joined together in the Room of Family, their meal of togetherness over.

Everyone was in the room, couples joined, their conversation relaxed and joyous.

The meal had been a great success, as had the day, the three mothers of love celebrated for their delicious menu.

Auntie Gee had beamed with pride at the empty bowls and platters that covered the buffet table.

Rich desserts had followed the meal, everyone contentedly filled.

"I've never eaten so much." Chace said, snuggled on a couch with Josh, his lover rubbing his stomach, Chace feeling his loving touch.

"My man's getting a belly. I will have to work that off. Some strenuous exercise lays ahead of you."
Chace beamed, his and Josh's lips meeting.

Jolan smiled at the two men, having walked into the room, his arm around Justin, Hayden running in front of them.

"Two hours on the treadmill of his heart should do it, Chace." Jolan said, The young man beaming up at him.

"We all pigged out, Chace." Jolan smiled, rubbing his own stomach, Justin kissing his cheek, his hand going there as well.

"Food for the fires, my love." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Stored energy for the long winter's night, right Jus? Something tells me I'm getting another present tonight." he winked, Chris laughing from his seat, Britney snuggled against him.

"I'd return that one, Jo. I think it's defective. Its body is shot!"

Everyone laughed, Jolan's arms going around his man.

"Can't, Chris. I just got this one humming like a well-oiled machine."

"Oh I'm sure he's well lubed." Chris said, Joey roaring with laughter, Lance laughing as well, but not as loudly.

Justin blushed, everyone laughing again, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"You're not defective, my love. You are spectacular! Your chassis is classy!"

Justin smiled widely, Jolan looking at Britney.

"Besides, I think your model needs the lube job, Britney. And its shocks are done."

Justin burst into laughter, everyone joining him, the room filled with laughter.

Chris stared at Jolan, the man smiling at him.

Jolan leaned down, kissing Britney's cheek, smiling at her.

"Nah, we both got a pair of classics. Bitzy. A little rough and well-worn but loving nonetheless."
Britney laughed, Justin lightly slapping Jolan's butt.

Everyone continued to laugh, Jolan sitting down beside a laughing Josh and Chace, Justin joining them, the four snuggled together.

Everyone smiled, the group's warmth and love filling the room.

"A perfect day, my love. A Christmas we'll long remember." Justin smiled, Jolan's arm going around him, everyone agreeing to Justin's statement.

"Family love always brings fond memories, my angel." Jolan said, smiling at his lover.

"That's because it always remains in our hearts."

Jolan's eyes moved, taking in the young vision of happiness that had spoken.

Jennie had just walked into the room, her hand in Jonathan's.

"Ah, our sweet Jennica. Where had you two gone off to? A little romance of solitude?" Justin smiled, Jonathan smiling at him.

"A moment alone with Jennie is a moment in heaven." he said, Jennie smiling at Jonathan, kissing his cheek.

"Sit down, my Jon." she said, Jonathan kissing her cheek, sitting down beside his father, Randall hugging him.

Jennie's blue eyes went to her brother, Jolan smiling at her.

"His love surrounds you, Jennie." he said, Jennie smiling at him, her eyes going to the large lit Christmas tree.

She walked up to the tree, smiling up at the star shining on its top.

"A day of love and happiness, my brother. Thank you for its shining light of love."

Jolan smiled, rising from his seat, walking up to his sister, his arm going around her.

Everyone smiled, seeing their deep love for each other centered in front of the tree.

Justin's eyes were on his Jolan, having seen the look in his grey tearing eyes.

"I wanted this day to be special for you, Jennica. To make up for. . .for. . ." he softly said, his voice trailing off, softly laced with emotion.

"For the Christmases lost to us?"
Jolan softly nodded, Jennie kissing his cheek, looking into his grey eyes.

"Thank you, brother. I shall not go into what those lost Christmases were for me. For the desecration of life that I was forced to endure."
Jolan's eyes were visibly tearing now, Jennie's fingers wiping his cheek.

"This one Christmas of love--of your love--washes away all those memories Jolan, my brother of giving love."

Jolan's arms wrapped around her, pulling her against him, her smiling face laying against his chest.

"I love you, my brother and I love your Christmas heart. Thank you for making this day perfect."

Jolan smiled, holding his little sister in his arms, feeling her happiness.

"I love you, Jennie."

"I know, Jolan. Thank you for all the love surrounding me. I'm almost complete."

Everyone surrounding them stared at this special moment of love, a lot of eyes tearful and moist.

Jennie's body moved, separating from Jolan, her hands going in his.

"I told you this morning that I had one more gift for you, Jolan. I'd like to give that gift to you now."
Jolan smiled, nodding at her, her smile filled with love.

"Sit down with our Justin, my brother." she smiled, Jolan smiling and walking over to the central couch, sitting down in Justin's arms, the two men smiling at the young woman, Hayden seated now in Justin's lap.


Jennie's eyes went around the room, everyone smiling at the young woman.

Jennie wore a soft pastel blue dress, its blueness making her blue eyes shine.

A short navy jacket completed the ensemble, her blue heart necklace--that Justin and Jolan had given her in New York--shining around her neck.

Justin looked at Jennie, seeing no gift in her hands, sensing within himself that she had something else planned for Jolan.

Her eyes went around the room, focusing on the painting of her grandfather hanging on the wall.

She sighed softly, her blue eyes meeting Jolan's silvery grey.

"You did not find his treasure, Jolan."

Jolan's eyes widened, staring at his sister.

"You have not found what your heart sought out, my brother of loss."

Jolan stared at her in silence, her blue eyes locked on his.

"I am a Dragosan, and I am your sister, Jolan. I feel your pain, I feel your love and I feel theirs."

Jolan's head lowered, Justin's blue eyes going between the two.

"I have watched you in silence, brother. I have sensed you walking these hallowed halls in the darkness of night seeking out what you feel in your heart is your judgment. I know you are wrong. It is not redemption you deserve, it is love. I know that today you learned the answer. And I know that when you found it, it wasn't there."

Jolan stood up, staring at his sister.

"I have my mother's magic and I have my father's, Jolan. And I have something more." she said, her blue eyes staring at him.

Jolan walked up to her, Jennie's blue eyes filled with calming love.

"I have your love as well, Jolan. Our connection of love. It is more than just our telepathic abilities. It is a conduit of love. And it is a conduit of magic. You and I are so alike, Jolan. In our love, our magic and our destiny. Why didn't you tell me the truth?"

Jolan's eyes lowered, her hand going in his.

"I. . .I wanted you to remain oblivious, Jennica. Oblivious to your destiny."

"How long have you known?"

"Since the day you showed your strength after the trial, in our parents' home. The day you brought me back from the pain."
Jennie smiled, her face showing a mature beauty beyond her years.

"That pain never left, did it Jolan? I sense it deep within you, through our line of connection. It wakes me at night when you walk alone. I lay in bed feeling your pain."

"I carry what I must, Jennica."

Jennie stared at her brother, his eyes not meeting hers.

"To hide love is to deny it, to find truth is to exist."

Calen and Simus both stood up at the same time, Jennie's blue eyes going to them.

"Yes, Uncles. You sense the familiarity in those words."

The two older Dragosans' eyes had gone to their grandfather's painting, the young woman releasing her hold with Jolan, walking past them, walking up to the portrait.

She stared at it, and then at a small brass plaque underneath it embossed into the picture's frame.

Her voice filled the quietness, reading the words engraved there.



                   To hide love is to deny it,

                    To find truth is to exist


"Our grandfather's creed, am I correct Uncles?"

The two men nodded, Calen's grey eyes staring at her.

"It was his motto of honor, Jennica. He never denied or hid his love to anyone, especially his family."

"And his truth exists always within our hearts." Simus said, Jennie smiling at both of them.

"Your father--my loving grandfather--was a heroic warrior and a defender of love and life. He was also a man of intellectual greatness, a mind of incredible knowledge. For within him burned the truth of magic and love. He saw the future and what it might entail. For that reason, today I thank him. For instilling in me his own loving magic."
Jennie's eyes went to her brother, Jolan staring at the vision of his calm loving sister.

"My grandfather, Vilos Dragos, creation of blood and magic, saw this day ahead. And he laid the path for us to follow--mine and my brother's--through pain and darkness. The Dragosan brothers through loss and splintered paths. I know in my heart it was a path he'd fought for us not to walk down. But even a creation of love cannot change destiny. He knew within his heart that we'd have to suffer our pain, suffer our own paths. I fault him not for that. I love him always."
Calen and Simus stared at the young woman, their eyes filled with tears of love.

"I know in my heart now that he did what he could to lessen that pain. And he did it in remarkable ways." Jennie said, walking back across the room through everyone, their eyes locked on her.

She stood again beside Jolan, his grey tearful eyes staring at her.

She smiled at him, her eyes taking in her brother's love.

"He came to you in a dream, Jolan. On the night of your joining love with Justin. He came to soothe your troublesome heart. To show you the truth of your Badenwolf soul. To allay your fears of what that meant in regards to your love for Justin. He showed you his own love for Lava Mora, Badenwolf grandmother of our souls."

Jolan nodded, smiling at Jennie.

"Yes, Jennica. He showed me his love for her, his beast and loving wife. He showed me that I could be loved by Justin in the same way. That my beastly soul still contained my love."
Jennie smiled, her eyes going to Justin.

"And Justin now shows you the same love. A love entrenched in beauty, desire and need. Forever his Wolfy."

Justin smiled, his eyes on Jolan, their eyes meeting.

"Yes, Jennie. Justin loves all of me."
Justin smiled, Jennie's eyes lowering for a moment.

She raised them again, staring into Jolan's.

"He was there for me as well, Jolan. I believe with all of my heart that it was he who brought me--like you--to Bolta Cerului. To walk and run in happiness with Spartacus, through those nights of pain my existence had become."
Jolan teared up, his hand going to her shoulder.

"Grandfather somehow gave me the one thing that I could hold onto. That he knew that that slain creature's love would keep me sane throughout my own pain. Spartacus came to me laced with his love in the darkness of my dreams. For I felt that love within that dog. I felt my grandfather's love on that sandy beach."

Jolan was in tears, Jennie smiling at him.

"I survived Jolan, as did you. We survived the darkness to walk into the light of each other's love. The path was set, our destinies entwined. No monsters of pain or abuse could stop our meeting once again, could stop our joining farther down his path. The path of our grandfather's love."

"I would have given my life to stop that pain, Jennica." Jolan said, pulling her into his arms, holding her tightly.

"I know, Jolan. I know." she said, feeling her brother's emotions, seeing his tearful grey eyes.

"The past is the past, Jolan. We now cannot change that, no more than our grandfather could. But he had one advantage over us."
"What was that, Jennie?" Justin said, her eyes going to his blue tearful orbs.

"He had the future on his side, Justin. He knew the future of his grandchildren's legacy. And the hope for his own children's future. His loving queen told him everything."

Jennie's eyes went to the painting again, Chris' eyes following hers.

"What is so special about that painting, Jennie?" he said, Jennie taking in his steady gaze towards her.

"My grandfather was a man of intellect, Chris. A man of vision and magic. Grandfather brought this painting home for one singular reason."
"And what was that reason, Jennica?" Simus said, sitting beside Cory now, his lover's arm around him.

Jennie smiled, her eyes going to Jolan's.

"All of you look upon it as only a portrait of a courageous man upon the battlefield. To the Sumsarian brethren it shows the strength and courage of a Dragosan warrior, their defender of true and honor, and vindication. The vindication of their Sumsarian birthright."

"And to you and Jolan?" Jonathan said, Jennie smiling at him.

Her eyes went to Jolan, the young man staring at her, still standing before the Christmas tree.

"To us, the children of his son Joelius, it is a map."


Everyone looked confused, their eyes going to the portrait seeing no inclination of any map features showing there.

"A map, Jennie?" Justin said, the young woman smiling at him.

"Yes, Justin. A map of reasoning." she said, looking at her brother again.

"You and I share our grandfather's intellect, Jolan. We both easily saw what we were looking at."
"It seems you saw it quicker than I did, Jennie." Jolan softly said, the young woman beaming at him.

"Coming from you that's high praise, brother."
Jolan softly smiled at her, Chris standing up and walking up to the portrait, glancing over every inch of it.

"How can you say this is a map, Jennie? It shows no paths, land features or anything. It's just your grandfather in the center of his army. " he said, still staring at it.

"It is not a map of geography, Chris. It is a map of quest and adventure."

Chris' eyes turned, staring at her.


Jennie smiled, Jolan's hand going to her shoulder, her eyes looking towards him.

"This is not a game, Jennica."
Jennie stared at him, Jolan seeing the calmness in her deep blue eyes.

"I know, brother. I know all to deeply in my own existence that truth."
Jolan's eyes lowered, Jennie taking his face in her hands, kissing his forehead.

"Loving Jolan. Brother of protective love. Even in the darkest moments of my life I felt your love within me."

Jolan teared up, Jennie smiling at him.

"I believe you have it wrong, my brother. His treasure left here was not for you. Grandfather left it for me."

Jolan stared with surprise at her, the young girl staring at him.

"No, Jennie. He would not have! He would not have risked you in this!"

Jennie sighed, staring into his grey emotional eyes.

"I am already in it, Jolan. You know the truth of that."

Jolan's head lowered, the young man walking over to the fireplace, resting his arm on the mantle, staring down into the burning embers.

"I never wanted that, Jennica. Not for you. Never for you. Why couldn't it have been me?"
Jennie walked up to her brother, her hand going to his shoulder.

"Ever protective, my brother of giving love. Named the Catre Din Dragoste for that giving heart. As I am now named as I was destined to be."
Jennie turned, her eyes staring at her uncles and her grandfather Domo.

"You do not need to seek any longer, Uncles and Grandfather. I am the Sun Child."


 Calen and Simus were on their feet, staring at the young woman.

"That cannot be, Jennica! You do not have the mark of truth!" Calen said, the young woman staring at him, Jolan's head turning.

"Paths walked are paths joined, Uncle. Jennica tells the truth." he said, looking at his sister.

Jennie looked at Jolan, his hand going to her shoulder.

"But the rising sun, Jolan. It was on you, then disappeared." Simus said, Cory now as his side, their eyes on the two siblings.

Jolan looked at his sister for a moment, then stared at his uncles.

"The rising sun, as the writings foretell, is the mark of the Sun Child, a symbol to mark that child as the true Child. I remember my sister from my childhood, the little girl of radiant sunshine. I also remember the tattoo she always wore. I saw it often when we swam together."
Jolan stared at Jennie, Jennie raising her left arm.

There, emblazoned upon her left underarm, was a rising sun, rising over blue water.

Everyone stared in disbelief, Calen and Simus walking up to their niece.

"You. . .you my child?" Simus softly said, Jennie's blue eyes staring at him.

"Yes, Uncle. I am the Sun Child. Jolan's freeing me returned the mark of destiny to me."

Everyone's eyes turned to Jolan, the young man wearing a face of emotional honesty.

"I wore the mark because of that night of terror. Because of what I had done. When I pulled Jennica's soul into my own that night I took with it her mark of truth. I hid the Sun Child within me. I wore its mark until she freed herself."
Jennie walked up to her brother, Jolan staring at her.

"You took upon yourself the danger of that mark's meaning. As you took upon yourself my soul. I love you for that, Jolan. For protecting me from my destiny. But now it is time for that path to continue."

"Paths! I am so tired of being guided onto paths of others' choosing!" Jolan said, emotion etched within his voice.

Justin handed Hayden to Josh, the man rising from his seat, walking up to his Jolan, taking him in his arms, Jolan leaning into him.

"When will my life have some sense of normalcy? When will I be free of the destiny?"

Justin held Jolan, Jolan wrapped in his protective arms.
"It's alright, my brother. No one more than myself feels the responsibility that weighs upon us."
Jolan's eyes went to his sister's, seeing her shining love.

"I never wanted this for you, Jennica. I told Mom and Dad that."
Jennie nodded, Calen's hand going to her shoulder.

"Our brother Joel knew? He knew the truth of both of you?"

"Yes, Uncles. Father and Mother both knew that I was the Sun Child. I was born with the sign upon me. It was that truth that drove them into total seclusion. They disappeared from your family love to protect me. Jolan, they sensed, was unique as well. But I don't believe they sensed how greatly." she said, her eyes going to her brother's.

Jolan stared at her, Justin sensing Jennie was talking to him in their minds, she trying to calm him.

"Father and Mother knew that I had to be protected, that I had to remain hidden. Until the day I could be strong enough to stand on my own. That day is here."

Jennie walked over to the portrait again, staring at it.

"Grandfather knew as well. He knew that one day a child of his heritage would stand in freedom as the Sun Child. That that child would gain strength and courage through pain and hurt, through loss and sorrow. I am that child. Jolan, my brother, was given that identical path of hurt and pain, loss and sorrow. But for a different reason. His was a path of necessary illusion, of deceptive illusion. Created to hide my own truth against the monsters seeking us. Destiny played him as the decoy, truth played him as the most courageous, loving, giving brother I could ever have asked for."

Jennie's head turned, Jolan walking over to her, she going into his arms, his love surrounding her.

"It was a path I would walk a thousand times, Jennica. I will always protect you."
Everyone was staring in silence, a lot of faces covered in tears.

"Thank you, Jolan. For being my brother, for being my equal."
Jolan smiled, his eyes going to the painting.

"I'm not quite your equal, Jennica. You seem to have more intelligence."

Jennie's face beamed, wiping her tear-stained cheeks, smiling at her brother.

"I saw the painting's worth immediately. I saw what it was trying to show. What was hidden."
"Hidden?" Chris said, staring again at the painting.

"Yes, Chris. Something--a map of reasoning as Jennie said--lays hidden within the painting." Jolan said, Chris getting out of his seat again, standing beside Jolan.

"I've always prided myself on my own intelligence, Jolan. I've stared at that painting and I can't see what's there."

Jolan smiled, walking up to the painting, turning and looking back at Jennie for a moment, then staring at Chris.

"It's not what's there that's important, Chris. It's what's not there."


Chris walked up beside Jolan, looking totally confused.

Everyone surrounding them wore the same look, including Jolan's uncles.

Mathias walked up beside Chris and Jolan, looking at the painting as well.

"What's not there, Jolan?" he said, Jolan looking at his cousin.

Everyone began to rise, circling the group, all their eyes taking in the painting.

Jolan's eyes looked at Jennie, the young woman nodding.

"Uncle Calen informed me this morning that this painting was commissioned by Queen Alveena for Grandfather. That the same artist that painted this portrait also painted her own portrait, which now hangs in the Queen's Room."

"Yes, Jolan. The Queen's own cousin, Degas Sumsare." Simus said, looking at his brother.

"Yes, Uncle Simus. That name rang a bell in my mind for some reason. And then it clicked. Degas is the name of the second member of the One Council. Belos and Degas. Alveena's trusted general and cousin. Both were rewarded for their loyalty and devotion."
Simus and Calen exchanged looks, a look of surprise on Calen's face.

"I am the Illuminator, Jolan. But you are so much more." he said, Jolan smiling at him.

"A new chapter revealed itself in the Tome today, Uncles. The story of Degas the warrior artist. It magically appeared this afternoon."
Both men nodded, Jolan smiling at them.

"He was a giving, courageous man. He died from wounds he received, standing at the side of his queen throughout that last battle. He believed in truth and justice."

"Our father told us his story, Jolan. While we sat looking at his works of art. The story of an artist of beauty, lost too young."
Jolan nodded, his eyes going to the painting.

"This portrait, with the other two hanging in this house, are in a sense the map Jennie spoke of." Jolan said, tapping Chris' shoulder, the man looking at him.

"What is missing in this portrait, Chris?"
Chris stared at the picture, everyone else also taking in its vision of warring beauty.

The scene was a portrait of impending war, courageous individuals at the ready.

And standing in the middle of the group was a man of exquisite beauty, strength and courage.

"Tell me what you see, my friend. Reason it out."
Chris stared at the painting, his voice filling the quietness.

"I see your grandfather, standing in the center of the army encampment, the ground covered in snow. It's meant to capture the moments after he'd shown his magic to the human and Badenwolf forces, making it snow in the dead of summer. That magic joining them in Ravenia's Pact of Archania. You see the looks of wonder on all their faces. Their attire marks the two different clans. The Badenwolf are shown in human form, their small native attire showing off their muscular beauty and  strength. You see Lava Mora standing to Vilos' left side, her beauty and staring eyes marking her as Vilos' future wife. You see the love in her blue eyes and at whom they are directed. The other soldiers in armor are the forces of Queen Alveena. The Queen's army. Her army of loyal. . ."
Chris' eyes widened in surprise.

Mathias' hand went to Chris' shoulder.

"What's wrong Chris?"
Chris' hand went up, his finger pointing at the painting.

"Oh my God! She's not there! The Queen's not in the picture!"

Jolan smiled, patting Chris' shoulder.

"Very good, Chris. Astute reasoning. Yes, Queen Alveena is missing. Why would she be missing from such an important moment in her people's history? A moment that she indeed was also witness to, having herself summoned the Badenwolves?"

"It does seem very strange, Jo." Justin said, standing at Jennie's side.

"Does this mean that the queen's portrait in the Queen's Room holds another clue?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Actually Josh, her portrait is the starting link in the chain of three."
"Chain of three, Jolan?" Calen said, marveling at what lay right in front of him, so lost to his eyes for so many years.

"Yes, Uncle. A chain of three portraits of adventure, as Jennie called it. A series of three paintings that lead to a treasure."
"The Sumsarian Treasure, my grandson?" Domo said, Jolan smiling at him.

"No, Grandfather. That great treasure remains hidden. This is a treasure left for me by my great-great-grandmother and my grandfather Vilos." Jennie said, Jolan looking at her.

"Alveena--like my grandfather--also knew the future of this path of destiny. They knew of the Sun Child's destined existence, and of the Catre Din Dragoste's as well. They devised this painted trio, this map of painted beauty to lead me to what I must find."
"And what did you find?" Jolan said, Jennie staring at him.

"I found love, Jolan. I found our ancestors' love."

Jennie's eyes turned, looking at everyone.

"As Jolan said, the queen's portrait in the Queen's Room is the starting point. If you stare at it long enough--for only a few minutes--you take that vision of her with you. When you stare at this portrait after hers, the reality of her missing beauty hits you immediately. I believe it is some spell of magic. Am I correct, brother? That is what I felt, a hint of revealing magic in my vision."
Jolan nodded, Jennie smiling at him.

"That clues you in to her missing from the portrait. And that makes you see the immediate importance of the third portrait. For that portrait is of the queen missing from this second one. The magic of the spell makes you go in search of it. You lucked out, Jolan. You had Uncle's Calen's description and location of it. You found it easily. It took me a few hours during the night, and early this morning, to find it."

Jolan nodded, Jennie's hand going in his.

"The third portrait--which hangs in our grandfather's library in the west wing--shows the queen in full military regalia. As she would have looked upon this snowy battlefield that day. She was missing from this portrait to make you search for her. For she guards a great treasure. A hidden panel hides behind her likeness, that treasure laying within its hidden shelf."

Jennie's hand went slowly into her jacket pocket, pulling out her hand, something laying in its grasp.

Jolan stared at her hand, seeing within it a rolled parchment, ancient in looks, its brown paper surface showing age.

"Words of love and magic, Jolan. The magic of our grandfather's love."

Jolan's hand went out, Jennie's pulling back.

"As I said before Jolan, this was not left for you. It was left for me to seek out. For no one, save the Sun Child, could ever reveal its truth."

Jolan's eyes met Jennie's, the young woman then gently laying the parchment in Jolan's hand.

Jolan untied the small string that wrapped it, slowly unrolling it.

Everyone surrounding him stared at it as well, their eyes widening.

The parchment was blank.

"It's blank, nothing is written upon it." Calen said, Jennie's eyes meeting his.

"Truth is written within its magic, everyone. Truth that I now can see." she softly said, her blue pools of love softly glowing.

Everyone looked with surprise at her, Britney staring.

"Your eyes are glowing, Jennie." she softly said, Jennie nodding.

"Magic lights my love. For it has increased." she said, smiling around at everyone.

Her and Jolan's eyes met, staring in silence at each other for a moment.

"Please, everyone. Sit down again. Let me open your hearts to love."

Everyone nodded, returning to their seats.

Jolan stared at his sister, Justin's arm going around him.

"Let's sit down, my love."

Jolan silently nodded, Justin guiding him back to the couch.


Jennie walked back in front of the Christmas tree, facing everyone.

Hayden climbed down off the couch between Justin and Jolan, running up to his aunt.

Jennie knelt down, Hayden wrapping his arms around her neck kissing her cheek.

"Me wuvs you, Auntie Jennie."
Jennie smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I love you too, Hayden."
"You makes Daddy happy! Me can't waits!"

She smiled at the boy, Hayden smiling back, running back to his fathers, Justin picking him up, Jolan and Justin exchanging looks.

The boy settled into Justin's lap, smiling forward at Jennie.

"A child of love you are, Hay. And you speak a great truth. It is time I made you happy, Jolan."

"You have always made me happy, Jennica. With your love, your smile and your courage."
Jennie smiled, Jolan's words showing their truth on her smiling face.

"I only echo what I am given by you, brother."
She raised her hand, the parchment still in it.

"To understand this treasure you must understand the man who created it. Vilos Dragos, my grandfather and your father, Uncles."

Calen and Simus nodded, their faces trained on the young woman, both showing looks of immense love and emotion.

"My uncles have told you of that man's creation from magic, from magic and greed. The greed of King Dragos the Just. His greed for immortality. An immortality that in the end was denied him. He died in a walled up tomb deep within his own lost kingdom. For that is perhaps what immortality gives you. Abandonment, loneliness, emptiness and a lifetime of self-reflection. Our grandfather's life almost ran that cycle. But he lived that life with something else surrounding him. Love. The love from his queen, his adoptive mother, in truth his grandmother. Then the greater love from his beast maiden, and then his four sons. And every day that Grandfather lived his heart increased with love. The love taken in by him was reflected to all surrounding him. Men followed him into battle, and died to honor his worth, his beliefs and his love. We only need to look at Uncle Calen and Uncle Simus to see in their grey eyes their reflective love for that man."
Everyone stared at the two older Dragosans, both grey sets of eyes showing radiating love.

Their radiating love for their father.

"Father was love, Jennica. He was the personification of love." Simus said, Calen's hand going to his shoulder.

"I know, Uncles. We see it in your eyes. How great his love must have been for it to so easily shine in his sons' eyes, and in his grandsons' as well."
The three young Archanians looked at Jennie, Jolan staring at her as well.

"I see his love in your eyes, my cousins of love. You may be Archanian, but his love shines within you." Jennie said, looking at Mathias, Isaiah and Athos.

The three smiled, looking at each other.

Jennie's eyes turned to her brother's.

"But no greater love shines than the love within your soulful eyes, Jolan. The soulful grey eyes of your grandfather."

Jolan continued to stare at Jennie, the young woman meeting his gaze.

"As I said, Grandfather walked and lived with love in his heart. A deep love for everyone surrounding him. For friends and foes. He walked with a heart of giving judgment and giving forgiveness. To be his enemy you truly had to have no soul of love."

Jennie's eyes went to the parchment still laying in her hand.

"The second half of our grandfather's loving soul was magic. A deep powerful magic, entwined within him, created from the Book of Magic.  From the spells and incantations that created him. For magic breeds magic. Vilos was a man of near immortality. His sons now possessing half that immortality, their children in turn halved again. The sin of King Dragos' longing need is dwindling out of the Dragosan clan. Immortality never existed but for one single moment. The moment of Vilos' creation. At that moment he was one with the magic, and the love. It was a moment of great decision for him. In the end he chose both, halving them within himself. Queen Alveena upon looking upon him that first night of his freedom, saw that conflict within his grey eyes. She chose that night to bring love to the foreground. She offered him a vision of love. Her own giving love. With that realization in his heart, our grandfather strived throughout his life to increase it, burying the magic deeper within himself, sealing it off against the love. But through long discussions and truths with his loving monarch he learned of the future, and what perhaps that magic within him could be used for. What it was originally intended for."
"What could it be used for, Jennie? What was its intention?" Leo said, seated beside Kelly, everyone's eyes and ears straining forward.

"I can be used for life, Leo. For the continuation of the lives of all. He learned that the powerful magic he held within himself could be used for goodness, truth and justice. He accepted in his heart that that magic was not his. That he held it in escrow for someone else."

"For you, Jennie? For the Sun Child?" Randall said, Jennie looking at him.

"No, Randall. Not for the Sun Child. That magic was for the Giver of Love. For the Catre Din Dragoste.  For the magic within Vilos was true magic. And that magic lay hidden within him awaiting the man it was intended for. The Catre Din Dragoste."


Jolan stared at his sister, her blue eyes softly glowing.

"Then why are you holding onto what was left for me, Jennica? Give it to me now." he softly said, everyone's eyes going between the two.

Justin's hand went on top of Jolan's, the young man looking into Justin's blue eyes, then into Hayden's blue pools, his son now in Sandra's lap seated across from them.

Justin saw the confusion in Jolan's grey eyes, and the determination buried within.

The determination to protect his sister from unknown magic.

"This is dangerous, Jennica. You do not know its power."

Jennie nodded, her eyes remaining glued to Jolan's.

"I know its power, Jolan. Its greatness makes me tremble."
Jolan stood up, staring at her.

"Then give it up, Jennica. Give it to me so that I may carry its burden."
Jennie smiled at Jolan, hearing the protective love in his words.

"Your heart already carries a deeper burden, Jolan. A burden of your own mistaken acceptance."

Jolan stared at his sister, then lowered his head.

"Vilos Dragos only used that hidden magic once. On that battlefield he used it to make it snow in the dead heat of summer. To join the two clans of destiny. To initiate the Pact of Archania. The magic that had lain within Vilos he never showed again directly to anyone, not even his own children. But he gave them an iota of it, forged in the ring of love he gave each. The Rings of Servitude as he called them. Four were given in love to those he loved deepest. One ring Vilos held apart from the other. The four Rings of Servitude he gave to his four sons. You yourself wear our father's, Jolan. And you have in your possession the most important of the five, the one Grandfather kept close. The Heart of History."

Simus and Calen looked thunderstruck, their grey eyes staring at their nephew.

"You. . .you have the missing ring??" Simus stuttered, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his.

"Yes, Uncles. My brother has the sacred ring. Sheriff Walker found it in Clara Whitaker's home. She had taken it as a trophy on that night of terror, after she had abused our father. The sheriff gave it to Jolan, having known it was his father's."

The two Dragosans stared at Jolan, his eyes locked on his sister's.

"As I said, Grandfather placed magic, a small amount, in each Ring of Servitude. A magic to help his sons remain united."
Simus, Calen and Jolan looked at the silver bands on their fingers, Jolan's eyes meeting Jennie's again.

"That foursome of brotherly love could not see what they had. That the four united were indestructible.  And so the magic contained within those rings remained hidden, as it had within their father. They felt their father's love, but not his magic. But you felt the magic the moment you put in upon your finger, didn't you Jolan?"
Jolan nodded, looking at his uncles.

"I felt the greatness of my grandfather's love. And the greatness of his magic."
Calen and Simus stared at their nephew, their eyes lowering.

"Do not be ashamed of the past, Uncles. The path walked in truth as always. You walked that path as destined. The four of you were separated, the magic hidden again. But Grandfather knew that further down the path that magic would be found. That's why he left it hidden, for someone to find. He sensed within his heart that his sons were not the ones to find it." Jennie said, staring at Jolan.
Jolan rose up, walking up to his sister, staring into her blue calm, softly glowing eyes.

"You have this wrong, Jennica. His magic is not for you. This magic is beyond your strength. I shall not allow you to even attempt to control it. Release it immediately. Or I shall be forced to act."
Jennie stared at her brother, Jolan seeing no anger or fear in her softly glowing eyes.

Jennie stared for a moment longer, then burst into laughter, Jolan staring at her in surprise.

Her rich laugh filled the room, everyone staring at her in surprise as well.

"Oh, Jolan! You have no need to be courageous, to show your strength! Do not fear for my safety. There is one thing you haven't realized."

"And what is that, Jennica?" he softly said, his grey eyes unsure of why she was smiling.

"I do not have that hidden magic. I cannot release something I was never destined to touch."
Jolan looked stunned, Jennie's hand going to his chest.

"Our grandfather's magic already lives within you, Jolan. It has since you were seven."


Everyone looked confused, Jolan staring at his sister.

"Since I was seven?"

Jennie nodded, her eyes going to Shelly, the older woman seated with her daughter and Henry, Trace standing behind their couch.

"You felt the greatness of that magic within Jolan that first day you met him, didn't you sacred Oracle?"
Shelly nodded, staring at Jolan.

"It was the greatest magic I had ever encountered." she said, Jolan's eyes meeting hers.

Jennie smiled, her eyes meeting Shelly's.

"That magic you felt that first day of staring into Jolan's beautiful grey eyes was only a miniscule amount, Shelly. The true magic of his grandfather radiates ten times greater. And it now thrives mixed with the giving love of the Catre Din Dragoste, as it always was destined to."

Shelly looked totally surprised, staring at the young man standing in front of the Christmas tree.

"Greater? That's impossible!" She said, her voice filled with wonder.

Jolan's hands went forward, taking his sister's in his.

"You're not making sense, Jennie. You're contradicting yourself. You said I had his magic when I was seven, now you're saying I didn't have all of it."
Jennie smiled, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"You are our father's son, Jolan Vilos Joelius Dragos. You were born with a small part of Grandfather's true magic. The magic of his blood lineage. And you only need to think of the one person who gave you the rest, Jolan. Of one person who innocently let that greater magic seek you out, having no clue of what lay hidden in a ring called the Heart of History."

Jolan's eyes widened, his eyes going to his Uncle Simus.


Jennie nodded, staring at her uncle as well.

"Yes, Jolan. That day when you were a child, and she was lost in worry and fear for our innocent lives. She used you to summon our Uncle Simus to her. She put our father's ring upon your small finger, intending to summon Uncle Simus. In truth she connected you to our grandfather's greater hidden magic. To the true magic that was hidden within the Heart of History. It sought you out, having lain for eons awaiting you. Our own grandfather-then our father- wore the ring, the true magic laying dormant within it. It never would have revealed itself to anyone else but you. And fate that day destined the two of you to connect. Our mother brought you together with the true magic. It found in you its vessel of giving love, and courageous worth. That day it named you as the Catre Din Dragoste. And it named you as the Savior."

"The Savior, Jennie?" Uncle Calen said, his eyes staring at Jolan with shock.

"Yes, Uncle. The savior of life and goodness, of love and destiny."
Jennie squeezed Jolan's hands, his still in hers.

"You, my brother of unbelievable love, are a vessel of magic, love and courage. You shall be the Savior of the world."


Jolan stared at Jennie, thunderstruck by her final words.

"I. . .I am no such thing, Jennica. I am not a warrior, a defender of truth and justice. I am nowhere near the man my grandfather was."

"No, Jolan. You are not the man our grandfather was. You are so much more. You are yourself, and you are magic. You are the Catre Din Dragoste, the giver of love. And you are filled with true magic. Within you is a magic of unbelievable worth and awing magnitude. It lays in wait for its final realization. But it also moves on its own."

"Moves?" Chris said, staring at the young girl, her eyes staring back at him.

"Yes, Chris. It moves along our connection. I believe it sought me out this morning. It guided me to this parchment." Jennie said, the parchment still in her hand.

Jolan stared at his sister, her blue softly glowing eyes staring back.

"If I have the true magic, then what lays within you, Jennica?"

Jennie smiled, Jolan seeing the radiating beauty in her young face.

"Love, Jolan. The magical love of our parents, and our ancestors. And I have Queen Alveena's lineage of magic.  You have true magic, I have love's magic."

Jolan stared at her, his eyes going to the parchment.

"What is written upon that paper, Jennica?"

Jennie's hand went to her brother's heart, staring into his silvery eyes.

"Love, Jolan. And the answer to your pain."

Jolan backed up, staring at Jennie.

"It's time, Jolan. Time for us to feel life and their love."
"I. . .I can't let this happen, Jennica. I can't let you. . ."
Jennie leaned forward, kissing his cheek, his grey tearful eyes staring into hers.

"You can't what, my brother? You can't let me voice the truth?"

Jolan's eyes lowered, her hand going in his again.

"Let me read you his words, Jolan. And then I want to give you my gift."
Jolan's eyes raised, Jennie seeing so much confusion in them.

"Alright. . .Jennie."

Jennie smiled, looking around at everyone, raising her hand and releasing her other from Jolan's, unrolling the parchment.

Her eyes looked around, their sparkling blueness glowing, her eyes going to the blank paper.



                                                                For Destiny and for you Child


                                                    To hide love is to deny it, to find truth is to exist.

                If you read these words you shall find the true meaning of your lives, the truth of your salvation.

                                                    Dearest child of destined future, of destined light.

                                                    In you we seek deliverance, in truth we seek love.


                                                    He shall become lost, lost in his own inadequacies.

                                                    Lost in a deception of his own creation.


                                                    Your familiar love is the vindication of his life,

                                                        the instrument of casting his fear aside.

                                            In their love he shall find rejuvenation, love and destiny.

                                                           Search his heart to find the answer.

                                                                Prepare him for his destiny.


                                                            I give to you one meaning of truth,

                                                            to reveal their love within his soul.


                                                                    Validarea prin dragoste



                                                             From one child unto another.


                                                                        Vilos Dragos



Jennie lowered the parchment, her eyes staring at her brother.

"He shall become lost, lost in his own inadequacies." Jennie said, staring at him.

Jolan stared at her, his mind digesting every word she'd spoken, the young man lowering his eyes under her staring gaze.

"I know now what your pain is, Jolan."

Jolan's head raised in a flash, his eyes filled with sudden fear.

Jennie's eyes stared at him, their blueness thriving with sparkling life.

Jolan moved, backing away from his sister.

Everyone's eyes were on him, Justin seeing the sudden fear in his lover's eyes, standing up.

"What's wrong, Jo? What's going on, Jennie?" he said, Jennie's eyes meeting Justin's.

"It's time truth exists, Justin. It's time my brother faced his fears. That is the gift I give him today. The gift of validation. The gift of their love."

Jennie turned from his gaze, walking towards her brother, Jolan backing up against the wall beside the fireplace, trapped against the wall.

"No, Jennie! Please. . .I'm. . .I'm not ready for this."
Jennie's eyes stared at him, her hand going forward, resting upon Jolan's chest.

She leaned forward, her lips touching Jolan's, Jolan feeling the depth of her love sinking within him.

"You fear a lie, Jolan. You fear their hatred. A hatred based on falsehood. The falsehood of your giving heart."
Jolan's eyes met hers, Jennie smiling at him.

"I know where they are, Jolan. I know where you've sent them."


Jolan's eyes suddenly glowed, Justin and everyone else standing, seeing the fear etched on his face.

Jennie remained still, staring at her brother.

"It is time, Jolan. It is time for their love to shine."

"No. . .no Jennie! I can't face them! I just can't!"

"You have to do this, Jolan. The magic within you knows all. It is time to face life, and to destroy the fear. It is time to have the gift of their love."
Jolan sobbed, his whole body trembling, his eyes brightening.

"Let them go, Jolan!"

Jolan's whole body now shook, Justin moving forward, Josh and Chace at his sides.

"Stop! All of you!" Jennie said, her blue glowing eyes staring back at them, all of them stopping, seeing so much determination in those blue eyes.

Jennie's eyes turned, staring at her fear-filled brother.

Jennie moved, backing away from her brother, standing in front of Justin, Chace and Josh, Justin's hand going to her shoulder.

There now was a distance between Jennie and Jolan, her voice echoing in the stunned silence.

"Validarea prin dragoste. Validation through love." She said, her blue eyes brightening.

Jolan screamed, the room suddenly filling with light, a light coming from Jolan's whole self.

Everyone stared in silent shock, a white circle of light erupting out of Jolan

It stood between Jolan and Jennie, a white circle of glowing brightness.

It enlarged, standing now over seven feet tall, its whiteness becoming almost blinding.

Everyone began to turn away from the light, it suddenly disappearing.

Standing where the light had once been stood two individuals of astounding beauty.

A man and a woman, both radiating a light of love in their staring eyes.

"Papa! Mommy!" Jennie screamed, rushing forward, enveloped in their opening arms of love.

Everyone stood in stunned silence, staring at Jennie's crying form, the young girl sobbing against her mother's chest, her father's arms around her.


"Joel? Melina? Is it really you??!!" Simus said, his voice etched with emotion, his face covered in tears, Cory's arm around him feeling his lover's trembling soul.

"Yes Simus, my brother. We have returned through our children's love." Joel said, his face a vision of handsome love.

Justin's eyes stared at him, seeing the beauty on Jolan's father's face, his beauty identical to Jolan's.

Justin's eyes turned, looking towards his lover, his face changing to emotional love.

Jolan stood against the wall, his head lowered, his body wrapped in his own arms.

Joel Dragos' eyes followed Justin's, the man turning from his wife and daughter, staring at his son standing against the wall.

"Jolan? My son of love. . .is it really you?" he softly said, Jolan's head remaining lowered, Joel staring at him.

Jolan's head raised, Justin seeing the depth of emotional fear etched within his grey tearing eyes.

"Please. . .Father! I. . .I am so sorry! I'm sorry I hurt you!" he sobbed, Joel moving forward.

Jolan staggered, his strength letting go, the young man falling forward, his father joining with him, taking the young man into his arms, gently holding him.

"Father. . .I. . .I. . .forgive me. . ." he softly said, Joel holding his son against his chest, Justin at the man's side, staring into his lover's tear-soaked face.

Jolan's eyes closed slowly, Joel Dragos kissing his forehead, his son locked in his strong arms.

"I love you, Jolan. Forever my son." he said, his wife and daughter now beside him.

Jennie's eyes met Justin's, Justin seeing so much happiness in her blue pools of love.

"Validation through love, Justin. Our Jolan's life of happiness begins."

Justin's eyes moved, staring into two other blue pools of love, Jolan's mother staring at him.

"I feel your love."
Justin smiled, his eyes going to his Jolan, the young man's eyes still closed.

His eyes then met two grey eyes of intensity, and deep determination.

Justin stared into the staring eyes of Jolan's father.

"Who are you? And what have you done to my son?"



End of Chapter 105


How's that for Jennie's gift?

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Why has Jolan collapsed, and why was he so afraid?


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A letter from their grandfather.


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