Jolan's Path - Chapter 106


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 106


Henry pulled the ends of the stethoscope from his ears, looking up at those surrounding him.

"His heartbeat's normal, as is his breathing. I believe he's just physically exhausted." he said, Justin's blue eyes going to his Jolan's sleeping face.

"He's in a deep sleep, his body's spent. Whatever happened downstairs has taxed his strength greatly. He'll sleep for a while, I think." the doctor said, closing up his medical bag.

He sat on the edge of Jolan's bed, surrounded by several people.

Justin, Josh, Lynn, Sandra--with Hayden in her arms--and Chace stood around the bed.

Jolan's parents stood at the bed's end, Jennie in their arms between them.

Everyone else remained outside the room in the hallway awaiting the doctor's prognosis.

Jolan's father had carried the young man upstairs, Justin following with Melina, his arm around Jennie.

Josh had rushed ahead of them, retrieving Henry's bag from his room, meeting the doctor and everyone in Jolan and Justin's room.

Henry stood up, his hand going to Justin's shoulder.

"Will he be okay, Henry?" Josh said, the doctor seeing the worry in his blue eyes.

"I believe so, Josh. He just needs rest and sleep. He'll sleep all night, he's that exhausted."

Justin nodded, sitting down on the bed's edge, taking Jolan's hand in his.

Jolan's parents stared at the man, seeing his obvious love for their son.

Sandra moved towards the bed, Hayden climbing out of her arms into Justin's lap.

"Daddy be okays, Poppa?"

Justin's arms went around the small boy, kissing his cheek.

"Yes, Hay. Daddy will be okay. He's just sleeping. He's very tired."

The boy smiled, snuggling into Justin's chest.

"Daddy?" Joel Dragos said softly, staring at the small boy sitting before him.

Hayden's eyes met his, Joel staring into the boy's blue pools of love.

"Hi, Grampa!"

Joel's eyes widened in shock, his wife standing beside him beginning to cry, tears on her face.

"My boy has a child?" she cried, Jennie's arm going around her mother.

"Yes, Mom. Our Jolan's love shines in his eyes."
The small boy smiled, his arms going upward.

Melina Dragos slowly walked around the bed, picking up the child gently from Justin's lap, the boy snuggling against her chest.

"Wuv you, Gamma. Me's Hay!"

Melina began to sob, her daughter's arm going around her again.

"Welcome to his love, Mom. Hayden's love is so beautiful."
Everyone surrounding them smiled at the woman, her unknown grandson in her arms.

"Hello, Hay. I. . .I'm your grandmother."
The boy smiled, snuggling more into her chest.

Justin looked up at the two, smiling at their instant bond.

His eyes moved, meeting Joel's.

"You never answered my question, young man. Who are you? And what's going on around here?"

Joel felt a hand go to his shoulder, his grey eyes turning, staring into two other eyes of silver.

Calen had walked into the room, standing now at his brother's side.

"You have missed so much, brother. Let's all go downstairs and we shall try to illuminate your souls."

Joel stared at him for a moment, his eyes going around the room, stopping on Sandra.

"I know you. I remember you from that night. That night of terror."

Sandra's eyes lowered, her head then raising, her eyes glistening.

"Yes, sir. I was as lost as you were that night."

Joel stared at her, her eyes going to Jolan's sleeping face, then to her son's smiling one.

"Your son saved all of us that night, Mr. Dragos. And he's given me so much."

Melina looked at the young woman, Sandra smiling at her.

"Calen is right. You need to hear all of it." Jennie said, Lynn's arm going around her.

Melina stared at Lynn, seeing her love for her daughter.

"Let's all go downstairs then. Jolan needs peace." Lynn said, everyone beginning to walk out of the room, Justin still seated at Jolan's side.

"I'll be down shortly. I just want to stay with him for a while."
Lynn nodded, Jennie smiling at Justin, Jolan's parents then looking at Justin for a moment, Calen guiding them quietly out of the room.


Melina Dragos was sobbing, her daughter held tightly in her arms.

"Oh, my child! My little Jennica!" she cried, the young woman's eyes filled with tears as well.

"It's okay, Mom. I survived. And I've found you again." she cried, everyone in the room tearfully staring at the two women seated on the couch.

Joel Dragos stood at the fireplace, his tearful grey eyes staring at his daughter.

Joel's eyes moved, staring at Sandra, now knowing the pain and torture she had endured, and the resulting love she had gained from that pain.

Jolan's forgiveness and their son's love.

Calen stood beside Joel, his hand on his shoulder.

Calen and others had been speaking for over half an hour, the two parents having learned the torturous past of their children, the pain and suffering the two had endured.

"Oh, Jennica! The pain, we never wanted you to endure that." Melina said, Jennie kissing her cheek.

"You could not stop it, Mom. No one could. Destiny guided us forward. I'm just so glad you're both here now." she said, her blue eyes looking towards her father.

Jennie moved, rushing across the room, Joel enveloping her in his arms, holding her close.

"My little angel. Little Jennie now grown. Grown through pain and hurt." he said, tears covering his face.

"I didn't feel the pain, Papa. Jolly saved me from most of it." she said, Joel hugging her tightly.

"Our son, our son of love." Melina said, her blue eyes meeting her husband's grey.

Joel's head lowered, Calen staring at his brother.

"We failed both of you, Jennica. We didn't protect or save you in the end." he said, Jennie looking up at her father.

"Your son holds the same feelings."

Joel and Melina both looked towards the Room of Family's open doorway, Justin now standing there, having just spoken.

Hayden climbed down off of Sandra's lap, running over to Justin, Justin picking him up, the boy kissing his cheek.

"Wuv you, Poppa."

"Poppa loves you, Hay." he said, the boy smiling.
Justin smiled, walking over to his mother, Hayden climbing into Lynn's lap, snuggling against her.

Justin walked up to Joel and Jennie, the man staring at him.

"I think it's time everyone stopped feeling guilty for what's happened in the past. A past that now cannot be changed. Your son has held within himself a similar pain. The pain of his own self-deluded feelings of guilt for not doing more that night, and perhaps for causing that night. And now I see the two of you hold similar feelings. Jennica is the only one who's accepted the truth."
Jennie smiled, wrapping her arms around Justin, the man smiling at her, kissing her cheek, his blue eyes meeting Joel's grey.

"And what truth is that, young man?" Joel said, Justin staring at him.

"The truth that there was nothing you could have done that day or night to stop the path you were guided upon. The path of Jolan's life of destiny."
Joel stared at Justin, the two locked in a gaze of uncertainty.

"You love my son?"

Justin smiled, Joel taking in the happiness now spread across the younger man's face.

"With all of my heart and soul, sir."

Melina stood up, walking up to the four, Justin quietly looking at her.

"I feel it, Justin. I feel your love in his soul."
Justin smiled, meeting the woman's now smiling gaze.

Joel stared at his wife, her hand going in his.

"They are in love, Joelius. You must feel it also."
Joel nodded, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"To love our Jolan would be to take on much. His soul is unlike anyone else's."
"His love is mine, sir. We are two of the same soul and heart. I've asked him to marry me."

Melina teared up, kissing Justin's cheek.

"You have a heart of unending love, Justin." Melina said, Justin smiling at her.

"His heart has captured mine, Madam."

His eyes met the staring silvery orbs of Joel Dragos.

"Why do you love my son?"

Justin stared at the man, seeing the measuring gaze directed at him.
"Because he completes me. He gives me his love, a love that I need and cannot live without. I love all of him. His spiritual, his giving and yes, his beastly self. We love each other for who we are inside." Justin said, his hand going to his own heart.
Joel lowered his eyes for a moment, his wife's hand now going to his shoulder.

"We knew our son was gay when he was fifteen, Justin. He told us that himself. It did not change our love for him. It is nice to see now that he's found someone who can love the real him." Melina said, Justin smiling at her.

Joel raised his eyes again, Justin seeing deep wetness in those silvery orbs.

"My son is still in pain, Justin. I and my wife both feel it behind the love. Why is he in pain?"

Justin's eyes met both of their now tearful gazes.

"He is in pain because he believes that he's hurt both of you. By taking you away from this life."

The three met each other's gaze, Justin's hand going to each of their shoulders, both looking at him.

"What happened to you both? That's what we need to understand." Justin said, Melina looking at him.

"I'm not totally sure myself, Justin. I think our son possesses perhaps the greatest magic this world has ever seen."
Joel stared at his brother, Calen lowering his eyes for a moment.

"The magic of the Book of Magic. The true magic that created all of us." Jennie said, Joel's eyes meeting his daughter's.

"Yes, Father. The magic of life and love."

Jennie's eyes met her mother's, Melina kissing her cheek.

"Our little Jennica. How you have grown. I see so much wisdom, love and happiness in your beautiful blue eyes." Melina said, Jennie smiling at her.

"I have grown indeed, Mother. My heart is now on its true destined path."
Joel stared at his daughter, Jennie looking around at everyone, the room silent and pensive.

"I have been revealed, Father. The Sun Child now walks upon her path."


Joel Dragos sat down in the nearest chair, staring at his daughter, Melina Dragos staring at her as well.

"The final path is now set then?" Joel softly said, Jennie walking over to him, sitting in his lap, the man's arms going around her.

"Yes, Father. The path to truth now lays before all of us."

Joel looked around the room, everyone quietly looking at him.

"I feel the love surrounding you, Jennica. Forever my child of sunshine."

Jennie smiled a radiant smile, Justin sensing it was a smile she'd only ever shown her parents.

The smile of parental worship, the child feeling her parents' lost love now surrounding her.

"Jolan has wrapped me in love, Father.  From the moment he rescued me."
Melina tearfully smiled at her daughter, her mother now standing beside Joel's chair.

Lynn looking at her as well with tearful eyes.

Melina's eyes moved around the room, briefly stopping on Lynn's blue eyes.

The two mothers felt in each other their common love for this special child.

"Thank you all for loving her, for loving both of them."
Lynn smiled, as did everyone else, Melina's eyes going to Justin.

"And in you I feel the greatest love, Justin. Thank you for healing our son's heart."
Justin smiled at her, his blue eyes staring at both of Jolan's parents.

He knew the heart of the matter needed to be discussed.

"What do you remember about that night?"
Melina looked at her daughter, her fingers running through Jennie's long curly black hair.

"I remember the feelings of hurt and sorrow that night, our helplessness in not being able to stop our tortured son's pain. Our watching that monster's destruction of his soul. That vision of Spartacus' death and Jolan's haunting song. And even then, after all their torturous hurt he still had so much love in his heart. I remember seeing it in his glowing silvery eyes moments before we were consumed by that blinding light of brilliance." she said, her head lowering.

"What was that light, Melina?" Simus said, walking up to her.

Melina's eyes raised, staring into his grey orbs of compassion.

"It was love, Simus. It was the light of love. I felt it surround me instantly, completely surrounding myself and Joel. It was like being wrapped in God's light of love."

Simus smiled at his sister-in-law, Melina's face showing a soft happiness and joy.

"When the light melted away we found ourselves in a surprising place. We stood in the middle of a lost sanctuary."
Simus looked at Calen, their eyes meeting hers.

"Bolta Cerului?"
Melina looked surprised, as did Joel, Joel standing up after Jennie rose out of his lap, staring at both of them.

"How did you know we were there?"

Calen's eyes went to Jennie, the young girl staring at him.

"It seems that place is the center of all of this. Jennie--and even Jolan--have been there in their dreams."

Joel and Melina stared into their daughter's eyes, their blueness sparkling with happiness.
"None of us were really there, Papa."
Joel's eyes widened a bit, Jennie smiling at him.

"Then where were we, Jennica?" Melina asked, Jennie smiling at her.

"We were in the protective center of his love. In the place of love he created for all of us."

Jennie smiled, her eyes going to Justin.

"He's very clever. And very giving. I just realized what was hidden before me. It wasn't Grandfather who guided me to that wonderful mountain and Spartacus. It was Jolan."
Justin looked surprised, his arm going around her.

"But, Jennie. You were lost to each other throughout all that time. Jolan was in a coma. There's no possible way that Jolan could have done any of that."

Jennie smiled, her eyes going to her father's.

"Sulfetul n alearga propria cale de lumina."

The three Dragosan brothers looked shocked, Melina as well, her blue eyes staring in shock at her daughter.

Jennie looked around the room, her eyes meeting Justin's.

"The Soul Walker walks his own path of light."

Justin as well as everyone else looked at Jennie, that name familiar.

"I once said that Jolan was a Soul Walker, Justin. I revealed that that day of his pain in our home, on the day of his recollection of the night of pain. It took me a while to realize the truth of what he's done, of what he's been doing."

"What he's been doing?" Justin said, staring at the young woman.

Jennie smiled, looking at her father, the older man still showing a look of surprise on his face.

"It's true, Father. You know the legends, the myths and all the stories your own father told you as a child. The same stories you told Jolan and myself. The stories of the Shadowers and the Soul Walkers."

"But, Jennica. . .those are just that. Legends, stories and myths."

Calen's hand went to his brother's shoulder.

"No they are not, Joel. Jolan himself is being watched by a Shadower. The ancient Erasmus."
Joel's eyes widened, looking at his brothers.

"The Watcher of Man? The lost one? He's an even greater myth, Calen."
"I have seen him, sir. He's very real." Justin said, the man's eyes staring at him.

"You have. . .s-seen h-him?" Joel said, his voice staggering.

"Yes, sir. He came to me with a warning. A warning to save Jolan. My love saved him from being lost."

Joel stared at the younger man, Simus' hand going to his other shoulder.

"You need to hear the rest of it, brother."
Joel nodded, he and Melina and their daughter walking to the couch, sitting down together.

Simus looked at Justin, the younger man sitting down in Joel's vacated chair.


Half an hour later the story had been told--the past, the present and the possible future divulged.

"So many signs and paths aligning to our son. Our son, the Catre Din Dragoste." Melina softly said, Jennie smiling at her mother.

"Our giver of love. Our beautiful Jolan. He has given me happiness and love."
Jonathan smiled at her, Jennie smiling back.

Melina's eyes took in this exchange, Lynn smiling at her, mothers understanding the signs.

"Where did Jolan send us, Jennica? If not Bolta Cerului, then where were we? It looked so like that place of our birthright." her father said, seated beside her.
"That night, Jolan used an ancient magic. He used a long lost enchantment to seal you off under his protective love. As long as he lived, you would be protected. You would be safe in the place of beauty he created for you." Jennie said, her blue eyes going to her father's grey.

"I remember the old stories you yourself told us at bedtime, Father. Of the place of beauty etched into the mountain of greatness."
Joel nodded, his eyes meeting his wife's.

"Jolan sent you to a place of love and happiness, having seen that place within your own eyes."

"You mean he sent us to a place we held in our memories?" Joel said, looking at his daughter.

Jennie nodded, staring into her father's silvery eyes.

"But why there?" Melina said, her daughter smiling at her.

"Because in both of your loving souls he felt the specialness of that place. The place where both of you first met each other. A place of singular love and memory for both of you."
Melina stared at her husband, seeing the love in his returned stare.

Both returned their gaze to their daughter, Melina speaking.

"He focused on the love. But why did he have to leave us there?"

"To protect you, Mom. To protect you with his magical love. The same as when he drew me into himself. He surrounded us with his love, but in the end he realized within himself that perhaps that might not be enough. And so he then decided on one course of action."

Jennie sighed, her eyes moved around the room, settling on Shelly's blue eyes.

"He did what he thought he had to do to keep us safe within that place. He had to make sure they didn't find any of us." Jennie said, Shelly covering her mouth with a gasp.

Jennie stared at Shelly seeing a dawning truth cross her face, the woman looking into her blue eyes.

"That night. . .he. . .he really did. . .?"

"Yes, Shelly. What you've always sensed in your heart was indeed true. That night of his accident, he purposely ran in front of your vehicle."

Henry looked stunned, Shelly's hand going in his.

"Why would he do that? He could have been killed! He indeed almost died!" the doctor said, Shelly kissing his cheek.

"I saw the look in his eyes, Henry. Just before we hit him. I saw the look of acceptance."

Henry's arm went around his girlfriend, Shelly looking at Jennie.
"I knew it wasn't fate that caused that tragedy. It was his path, wasn't it?" Shelly said.

"Yes, Shelly. Jolan knew they would eventually discover the truth. That he had climbed out of that grave they'd thrown him in. That the monsters would then never stop in their search for him. He saw only one recourse that night. One way to seal himself off from their watchful gaze. And also to keep his parents and myself protected. He lost himself to save all of us."

Jennie stood up, walking over to her grandfather's portrait, looking up at his handsome face.

"The giver of love gave all that night. And the magic within him gave its protection. That night his heart took a leap of faith. And God delivered his answer. Jolan became lost to the world--and to himself--but not lost to the magic within himself. The Soul Walker walks his own path of light. You all saw for yourselves his apparition of light. Jolan's soul walking that dark road above Oberson Falls. His body may have been dormant, but his soul continued to walk the path. It searched out for truth, it searched out for love. It found both in you Justin."
Justin stared at Jennie, his eyes filled with love.
"In me, Jennie?"

Jennie smiled, walking over to Justin, the man standing up and putting his arms around her.

"Yes, Justin. God then gave our Jolan you, your love and your truth."
"And what is the truth that I have given Jolan, Jennie?"
Jennie smiled, staring into his loving blue eyes.

"You have made Jolan see who he is, Justin. You have made him accept his own true self. His Badenwolf and later his Sulfenwolf self, his walking soul, his Archanian and Dragosan birthrights. The man that he is has been strengthened by your love, Justin."
"I love him, Jennie. I love all of him."
Joel and Melina smiled, Jennie smiling at them.

"That's the truth he accepts, Justin. That you love all of him."

Melina looked at her daughter, seeing a young woman of high intellect and beautiful grace and nobility.

"Why did Jolan not release us sooner, Jennica?"

Jennie sighed, looking at Justin.

"As Justin earlier stated, Jolan holds within himself a great pain. The pain of failure, a failure he can't accept."

Jennie looked at Justin, the man staring at her.

"He's voiced that failure and I thought he'd totally accepted its wrongness. I sense now I was wrong. He still blames himself for that night of terror, for letting them find us. The night before that night when he'd used his magic to stop the beast attacking Sidney. That use of power drew the monsters around us. Fagin was drawn to us."

Sidney looked at Jennie, a tear falling from his cheek.

Isaiah sat beside him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Do not feel guilt for that, Sidney. Jolan that night saved a friend. As he would have done for any of us, regardless of the consequences." Jennie said, smiling at the young man.

Joel stood up, looking at Jennie.

"I refuse to let him accept that blame, Jennica. As you said he acted for a friend. Those monsters were closing in on us regardless of what he did. Jolan is not to blame for this, it was fate. It was destiny."
Jennie smiled at her father, his arm going around her.

"It's time my son releases that untrue pain, Jennica. It's time he feels his parents' love again."

Jennie smiled, wrapping her arm around her father, Joel kissing her cheek.

Justin smiled, seeing the happiness on Jennie's face.

Her parents' love radiated from her soul.

Justin only hoped to see that same radiating love in his Jolan's eyes.

Chris stood up, walking over to Melina, the woman smiling at him.

"Hello again, Christopher."

Chris softly smiled, looking into her blue eyes.

"You remember me? It wasn't a dream I had then, was it?"

Melina smiled, standing and putting her arm around him.

"No, Christopher. We walked together following him. One night in shadowy darkness I almost broke free of his protective love. My own magic almost overcame his greater magic. Perhaps because of his moments of anguish in that darkened forest. I was almost able to reach out to him, to give him my own protection. I then felt myself being pulled back, his magic strengthening, forcing me back. I now believe for a reason. For I was destined to follow my son to his salvation."

Melina's eyes moved, staring at Justin.

"You were his salvation, Justin."


Justin stared at Jolan's mother, Melina walking up to him, taking his hands in hers.

"That dark night--the night of Jolan's sacrifice, as I now know it to be--I felt a hidden presence surrounding me. You remember the darkened shape we saw in the shadowy darkness standing back from the road, Christopher?"
Chris nodded, staring at his friend.

"We both sensed in ourselves that it was the monster following Jolan, the monster that was driving him to his final desperate act of self-injury. His final act of loving protection. I think we were wrong, Christopher."

Chris looked surprised, staring at the woman.

Melina's hands squeezed Justin's, his blue eyes looking into her blue.

"I feel in my heart it was you, Justin. The shadowy figure was your soul. You were following our Jolan. Even then, your love was seeking him out. When you were younger did you have vivid dreams, Justin?"

Justin looked stunned, everyone staring at him.

"Dreams? I. . .I don't remember." he softly said, his mind flooding with thoughts.

Melina smiled at the younger man, Jennie smiling at him as well.

Justin's mind flooded immediately with a long buried recollection.

"I do remember dreaming of a river. A river that flowed over a cascading waterfall. It was so beautiful. The falling drops of water were like tears, I stared at it for hours. I dreamt of it several times."
Justin's eyes met Britney's, the woman smiling at him.

"From that dream I got the inspiration for the title of my song Cry Me A River."

Melina's head turned, staring into Joel's grey eyes, and his stunned face.

"The Archanian Falls. Where Ravenia once saved King Athos." she softly said, everyone's eyes widening in surprise.

Melina turned back to Justin, the younger man's eyes staring at her.

"You dreamt of the Falls that run over the western side of Mount Deritannia, wherein Bolta Cerului lays. My husband and I spent many days of solitude at its watery side over the last few years. It was a place of beauty and love for both of us."

Justin's eyes looked at the Dragosan clan, and at the Archanians.

"Are you trying to tell me I dreamed of that place years before I even knew Jolan? That sounds so unbelievable! And why would I? I've never been there, and I never knew of Jolan's existence at that time."
"Paths, Justin. Paths of intricacy and destiny. All paths lead onto Jolan's path."

Justin stared at Jennie who'd spoken, the young woman looking around at everyone.

"I'll try to explain it in simpler terms, Justin. Jolan, my brother, gives off a central energy, a radiating magic of love and giving beauty. He stands at the nexus of the path, drawing to him all those whom he needs."

"Needs? Am I just an implement to him? A person of necessity?" Justin said, Jennie walking up to him.

"Of course not, Justin. You are his love. It's quite simple really. Let's call it divine intervention. The path we all walked forward on is not just his."

Jennie's hand went to Justin's cheek, brushing away a single tear falling on his cheek.

"It's both of you, Justin. Jolan is the magic, you are the love."

Jennie smiled at him, kissing his cheek.

"Jolan had spent his whole dormant life searching for you, his love seeking you out. It wasn't fate that chanced your meeting on that deserted road that night. It was his soul walking in search of you. For four years he walked that desolate road waiting for you."

Justin sat down in the nearest chair, his face showing shock and wonder.

"You mean I was always meant to meet him there?"
Jennie nodded, looking at her parents.

"Yes, Justin. Destiny always meant for the two of you to meet. For love and magic to intertwine. So destiny sent Jolan on his quest, his nightly visages out onto that dark road, a road that one day would be a connecting point for your and his souls to meet."

"But why me?"

Jennie's hand went into Justin's, the man looking up into her blue piercing eyes.

"Do you love him, Justin?"

Justin smiled, a look of happiness coming over his face.

"With all my heart, Jennie."

Jennie smiled.

"Therein lies the truth of your question. You were always meant to be his love, his second half. Your love was always meant to join with his magical soul, the two creating an even greater magic. And an even greater love. A love we all feel."
Justin nodded, understanding now what Jennie was saying.

"Divine intervention."

Jennie nodded, smiling at him, her eyes turning towards her parents.

"Jolan, I believe, has never known the trueness of his soul, the path that he walked, and the joining paths running towards him. It all plays out as it was meant to be. The reasoning behind it all one day we may learn. I feel in my soul it may be unbelievable. Jolan's love, magic and giving soul wouldn't guarantee anything less."
Jennie smiled, walking up to her parents, both wrapping their arms around her.


Chris stared at the three, his eyes glancing at Justin.

"So you're saying that Justin was guided on a predetermined path to Jolan? That greater forces guided the two to meet? That's pretty deep spiritual stuff, Jennie."

Jennie chuckled, Melina smiling at Chris.

"Your own dreams I'm sure made you realize that, Christopher. There are greater forces at work here."

Chris nodded, looking deep in thought.

"I just don't understand what my being there with you in that dream that night meant. Why me? I, like Justin, hadn't met Jolan before that vision."

Melina smiled at him, her arm going around the younger man.

"You walked a path as well, Christopher. A path that later linked with Jolan's, Justin being the connection point. This is how destiny works. Several paths joining at certain points, continuing together to reach a certain goal."

Chris nodded, understanding her reasoning.

"But what is the goal in all of this?" Chris said, others nodding their wanting that answer as well.

"I don't know, Christopher. Only time, and I sense Jolan, will unveil that." Melina said, Chris smiling at her.

"Please, Mrs. Dragos. It's just Chris. My mother's the only one who calls me Christopher, and that's usually when I'm in trouble."
Melina laughed, smiling at the younger man.

"Then she must call you that quite often."

Everyone's eyes turned at the sound of the new voice in the room.

Standing in the room's doorway was Jolan.


Everyone rose up from their seats, Justin on his feet first, walking up to Jolan.

His grey eyes were locked on his parents' staring eyes.

"You should be in bed, Jo. You're exhausted." Justin said, his arm going around him, staring into his grey focusing eyes.

Justin felt a soft trembling in Jolan's body, sensing his man was still deeply exhausted.

"I heard voices, murmuring voices in my mind." he softly said, his eyes again going to his parents.

Melina's eyes were filling with soft tears, her body about to move, Jennie's hand going to her shoulder stopping her.

Jennie slowly moved forward, walking up to Jolan.

"I'm sorry, Jolan. I'm sorry for destroying your barricade. You needed to end this."

Jolan's grey eyes stared into her blue, then lowered.

"You don't know what you've done, Jennica."
Jennie's hands went forward, taking Jolan's in hers.

"I know, Jolan. I know that life is about making choices, albeit hard ones."

Jolan's eyes lowered, not wanting to look at her blue eyes, Jennie speaking again.

"Protection without life isn't really protection."
Jolan's body trembled, Jennie looking at Justin.

Her eyes went back to her brother, then her head turned looking into her parents' loving eyes.

Her face wore a look of sudden comprehension, as if she'd realized a great truth.

"Why didn't I see it before?. I know what the pain is inside you, Jolan. It wasn't your sense of failure at what happened to all of us, or your guilt at your believing it was because of you."
Jolan's trembling was now visible to everyone, Justin's face changing to worry.
"It's time for you to accept life and its choices."

"I can't, Jennie! I didn't want to. . .to risk them. . .to. . ."
"To let them back into life with the fear of losing them?"

Jolan sobbed, his parents moving forward, stopping a few feet from him, at Jennie's raised hand's insistence.

"That is what I feel in you, Jolan. The pain within your deepest soul. It's a mind-numbing fear. The deep painful fear of losing your hold on them."

"They were safe there, Jennie! They were safe lost in that place! Here now in the open. . .they. . .they're not safe!" he sobbed, Jennie moving forward, wrapping her arms around her brother, her parents moving forward as well.

"Oh, my son!" Joel Dragos said, his arms pulling the young man into his tender embrace.

"I'm sorry, Father! I'm sorry for not protecting you!"
Melina was crying, her arms going around him as well, Justin standing back and watching his Jolan.

Everyone stood in silence, seeing the young man wrapped in his family's center.

"Oh, my loving son. You did protect us. You kept us safe within the light of your magical love! You saved our Jennie! You protected all of us." Joel said, rubbing his son's back, Melina running her fingers through his hair, Jolan's head laying against his father's chest.

"I kept you safe! Safe from the monsters! They didn't get you! Now. . .now. . .now you won't be safe!"

Joel nodded, hugging his son to him, his grey eyes meeting Justin's.

Justin saw so much love in his grey eyes for his son, so much fatherly love.

Justin's eyes went to his own father, Randall staring at him with a similar deep look in his eyes.

"My son, my loving Jolan. We are safe, safe in each other's love. We are together, finally together again. Your love protected us then, and it protects us now. We feel the deepness of your loving magic. Our son's not a child anymore. Our Jolan's a man. A man with a connected soul." Melina said, her eyes meeting Justin's.

"Lift your head, my son. Stare into the eyes of love."
Jolan slowly lifted his head, staring into his father's grey eyes, identical to his own.

He then stared into his sister's and mother's blue pools of love.

Melina's head moved, Jolan following her gaze.

He then stared into two pools of blueness that matched his mother's and sister's.

His Justin's.

Joel leaned forward kissing his son's cheek, Jolan's eyes still on his Justin.

"Let go of the pain, Jolan. Your parents love you, have always loved you. They saw behind the pain and protection, they saw the unending love. And they saw and felt your love growing, growing with the love of another. With my love, Jolan."
Jolan was in tears, moving into his lover's arms, sinking into Justin's love.

"I need to protect all of you, Jus. I need to make all of you safe!"
Justin nodded, his Jolan's head against his chest, his blue eyes meeting Joel Dragos'.

He understood now the pain that lay at the heart of Jolan Dragos.

The fear of not being able to protect those he loved.

"We all feel your loving protection, Jo. You yourself feel the enormity of what lays ahead for you. But you need to know the truth, brother."
Jolan's eyes met Jennie's, the young woman smiling at him.

"Life is fate, life is destiny. Both are God's plan."

Jolan's head raised, Justin's arms still around him.

"You can't stop destiny, brother. It has a way of returning to the true path." Jennie said, walking up to her parents, both wrapping their arms around her.

"Mom and Dad are here now, Jo. This is right where they're supposed to be. God and love will protect all of us."

Jolan stared at his younger sister, his eyes then meeting his parents'.

"We love you, Jolan. From the first moment of holding you in our arms, until this moment. No fear or pain could ever stop us from that. You and Jennie are all to us. We love you, son." Joel Dragos said, Jolan's eyes filling with tears.

He left Justin's arms, rushing into the center of his family, his parents and Jennie surrounding him.

Everyone stood around them, seeing the sudden happiness on Jolan's face.

His father had said the words that had destroyed the fear and pain within his soul.

"I love you all so much, I love you!" he sobbed, his parents holding him and Jennie.

Justin stood watching the scene before him, tears on his own cheeks, Sandra's arm going around him, Hayden in her arms now.

Hayden climbed into Justin's arms, the boy smiling at his father and his family.

"Daddy be's okays now, Poppa. He gots all of our wuv."
Justin smiled, watching his lover's head turn, his grey eyes meeting their two sets of blue.

"Mom, Dad? I have something to tell you."
Melina smiled, kissing her son's cheek.

"We feel their love, Jolan. Thank you for our new son and grandson."

Jolan's eyes met his father's, Joel's face wearing a large smile.

"Hayden has your looks, and Justin has your love."

Jolan's face changed into a large smile, the young man watching as Justin and Hayden walked forward, Justin's arm going around him, Hayden climbing into his father's arms.

Jolan's eyes met Justin's, their love shared, Hayden kissing his father's cheek.

"Wuv you Daddy."
Jolan smiled, kissing his son's cheek.

"And Daddy loves you, Hay."
Hayden smiled, yawning and snuggling against his father.

Jolan's eyes met his father and mother's smiling faces.

"They are my life, and they have my love. Justin's asked me to marry him, and I've said yes."

Melina smiled widely, walking up to Justin, kissing his cheek and hugging him.

"They are both visions of beauty and love, my son. Welcome to our family, Justin. And you as well, Hay. We love both of you."
Justin smiled, tears still showing in his eyes.

Hayden yawned again, Justin feeling a slight trembling in Jolan.

"Our son needs his bed, Jo. And so do you. I feel your tiredness. It's been an emotional day." he said, his arm going around both of them.

Hayden's arms went out, Melina smiling at his offered need.

The boy climbed into her arms, snuggling against her.

"I think he wants his grandmother to put him to bed." Joel said, Melina smiling at her husband.

"And I think our Jolan needs his own father to put him to bed."
Joel smiled, his arm going around Jolan, his son laying his head against his chest.

Justin smiled, releasing his hold on his lover.

"I'll take him upstairs, Justin. Come on son." Joel said, leading Jolan towards the door, Melina following with Sandra, Hayden already asleep in Melina's arms.

Everyone watched the five walk out of the room, Justin feeling an arm wrap around him.

He looked down into two raised blue eyes, smiling at Jennie.

"The pain's gone, Justin. Our love brought it out of him. He's healed finally. Mom and Dad, you and Hay and I, we will all show him the love he needs."

Justin smiled, the twosome immediately surrounded by everyone.


Morgan Dragos sat in front of a large fireplace in an old overstuffed wingchair, his grey eyes staring into the burning redness of the flames.

His son Krayos stood behind the chair, looking intently at his father.

"The day's been long, Krayos. You should go to bed."

Morgan continued to stare at the fire, his face devoid of emotion.

But the inner soul and mind of the oldest Dragosan was in deep turmoil.

He'd instantly felt the sudden presence of his youngest brother flood his soul after dinner.

"Father, what's wrong? What made you collapse after dinner? What's happened?"

Morgan sighed, reaching for the glass of scotch that lay on the table to his left.

He picked it up, downing the strong fluid in one long gulp.

He stared at the fireplace, throwing the glass into the flames.

"Sit down on the hearth, my son. I need to look into your eyes."

Krayos moved immediately, walking around his father, sitting down on the marble hearth in front of the fireplace, his body now in front of his seated father, their grey eyes staring at each other.

Morgan Dragos stared at the man seated before him.

His son was a vision of masculine beauty, of strength, courage and muscle.

"You don't think much of your father today, do you Krayos? On this sacred day of Christmas you hold contempt within your heart for me."

"That is not true, Father. I love you. I am happy to be with you on this day of love."

Their eyes met, Krayos seeing uncertainty and perhaps even a soft glow of fear within those staring silvery orbs.

"Love. It keeps seeping into all aspects of our lives. It's been a long time since I've felt loved."

Krayos remained silent, his father's words having shocked him, the young man trying not to show that shock on his face.

He'd seen his father drinking all day, knowing the man was on the edge of intoxication, his fear for the man's wrath keeping him silent.

"Do you know why I've been working you so hard, my son? Why I've tortured you into the man you now are?"
"For power, Father. For me to succeed in your plans?"

The man's older eyes stared at his son.

"That is part of it, Krayos. You are my son. I am the eldest of the Dragosan brotherhood. You are the rightful heir to the Dragosan and Sumsarian clans. I only want to see your receive the greatness I feel you deserve. You are my son." the man looking around for another glass of scotch.

Krayos stood up, walking up to the sideboard, pouring his father another drink quickly, walking back and handing him the glass.

Morgan stared up at his son, the man's strength and masculinity overpowering him.

"Kneel before me, Krayos."
Krayos went down on one knee, staring into his father's grey eyes.

"My brother has returned, Krayos. Joel is on the path again, as is Melina. They are all together again. I stand alone, forgotten." the man said, Krayos staring in shock as he saw a tear fall down his father's cheek.

"Oh, Father. You are not alone. I am here, I love you."

Their grey eyes met, Morgan leaning forward, kissing his son's forehead.

"I know you love me, Krayos. I know you will do as your father demands."
"Always, Father. I am your son, I am your instrument of greatness."
Morgan stared at his son, his face suddenly changing.

The man stood up suddenly, pulling his son up with him.

"Stand on your feet, Krayos! You are a Dragos! You kneel to no one!" the man said with ferocity.

"But, Father! You told me to. . ."
Morgan's hand went forward, slapping the young man across the face.

"Are you such a coward that you'd listen to a drunken old man?"

Krayos remained silent, hearing the anger and hurt in his father's words.

The young man straightened his body, zoning in on his strength and discipline.

"No, Father. I am not a coward. I shall rule the world."
Morgan staggered, his bravado suddenly gone.

"Remember that, Krayos. The world lays at your feet. Only one bleeding carcass stands between you and your destiny."

 Morgan suddenly lurched forward, Krayos grabbing hold of him, his father sagging against him.

"Joel? Is that you? Forgive me. . .for being afraid." his father mumbled, the intoxication taking hold of him.

The man collapsed in Krayos' strong arms, the young man lifting his father up.

Krayos stared down at his father's closed eyes, staring into his somber face.

"What were you afraid of, Father? I have never known you to be afraid of anything." he softly said, carrying him quietly out of the room.

The young man carried his father to his father's bedroom, placing him down gently on his large bed, pulling a blanket over him.

He stared down at the sleeping man, lowering his body and kissing his forehead.

"I love you, Father. Please don't make me follow this path."
Krayos raised his body, walking quietly out of the room.

He walked into the room across the hallway from his father's, closing the door.

He shed his clothing, his now bulked, massive, strong, muscular body walking to the large window that looked down onto the streets below.

He stared down into the darkness, looking for something or someone who wasn't there.

His eyes raised upwards, staring at the moon rising in the late night sky.

"Forgive me, God. Forgive me for what I must do."

Krayos began to cry, his large frame falling onto his bed, lost in the agony of his own pain.


It was after midnight when Justin opened his bedroom door, smiling at the scene before him.

His Jolan lay in their bed fully clothed and sound asleep, his body laying against his father's.

Joel Dragos lay in the bed as well, his son wrapped in his arms.

The older Dragos was sound asleep as well, having falling into slumber himself while guiding his son there.

Justin quietly walked into the room, pulling a blanket off the end of the bed, covering the two men.

He stood in silence, smiling at the two sound asleep in each other's arms.

"I love you, Jolan. I see you've found the love you've always needed." he softly said, quietly turning to leave the room.

I'm sure Josh and Chace won't mind me sleeping on their floor, he thought smiling to himself.

A movement caught his eyes on the balcony outside in the darkness.

Justin quietly moved to the glass windows, a face showing outside in the darkness.

Justin opened the glass door, walking out and closing it behind him.

Justin walked out onto the balcony, a shadowy figure standing against the railing, staring out into the darkness.

"You've been hiding on us, Era."
The man turned, Justin taking in the calm smile that shone on the man's face.

Justin took in his looks, seeing the man had aged again, his face that of a forty-year-old.

"Do spirits age towards beauty?"
The man laughed, a genuine laugh of strength and happiness.

"No, we just walk towards life. Your man asked me the same thing once."
Justin smiled, looking towards the bedroom, feeling a hand go to his shoulder.

"He walks now on the right path, Justin. All is as it should be." Erasmus said, standing right beside Justin now.

The man's speed was phenomenal, but Justin sensed this man was unique.

"Where does he go from here, Era?"
The man folded his hands in front of himself, his eyes looking again out into the darkness.

"He shall now walk through the forest of doubt, the path of wisdom and truth at his command. His disappearing life shall reveal all."
"What does that mean? Riddles again?"

The man smiled, patting Justin's shoulder.

"Forgive me, I've always had a wicked sense of humor. And a disillusioned heart."

The man walked over to the glass windows, staring into the room at Jolan.

"I never thought I'd meet such an unbelievable soul, Justin. He overwhelms me at times."
"What's really going on here, Era? What is the purpose of all of this drama, these paths of pain and hurt? Why can't we just know what lays ahead? Why can't I just have my Jolan and his love?"

Era crossed the patio, taking Justin into his arms, Justin feeling so much love wrapping around him.

"You have him, Justin. And his love. No one else will ever feel that truth." the man said, kissing Justin's forehead.

Justin broke their touching embrace, staring into the man's grey eyes.

The man smiled, leaning forward and kissing Justin on the lips.

Justin reacted, backing away from the man.

Erasmus smiled, then laughed.

"Don't be afraid, Justin. It is not your body, or your desires I seek. Or even your love. I only need one thing."

Justin stared at the man, unsure of what he meant.

"What do you need?"
The man turned, looking again towards Jolan and his sleeping father.

"I need Jolan to find the key."
"The key? The key to what?"

"To the Sumsarian Treasure, Justin. The key to happiness and a love the world could never imagine exists."

The man's eyes turned, staring at Justin.

They were softly glowing.

"Dear sweet Jennica had it right, Justin. He is the Savior. The world shall see that one day."

The man smiled again, looking out into the darkness.

"Tell him that I want him to trust that hurting heart. A knife embedded there shall show the truth."
The man instantly disappeared, Justin standing alone.



End of Chapter 106


Family love, isn't it grand?

Our Jolan now has his family's love back within him.

Joel Dragos and his family are back together again.

Their love has healed Jolan's pain.

He can now walk forward on the path of his destiny healed.

What is the key Era spoke of?


What is bothering Morgan?
And his son?

Are they following a path of greed or does another path lay before them?


And so our clan gets larger, Jolan's parents now upon the scene.

Another guest awaits on the morrow.

And the coming New Year's festivities may be spectacular.

Fireworks go off in hearts as well as skies.


Let's watch a few starbursts unfold.


Hugs, your Archanian Angel.