Jolan's Path - Chapter 107


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 107


Justin awoke feeling a warmth surrounding him.

His blue eyes looked to his left, staring into Chace's blue eyes.

"Morning, Jus." the young man said, smiling at him.

Justin smiled, feeling someone kiss his right cheek.

His eyes turned, staring into the blue orbs of his best friend.

"Morning, Jus." Josh said, smiling at him.

Justin smiled back, taking in the two handsome faces surrounding him.

"Thanks for letting me crash here guys." Justin said, Chace kissing his cheek now.

"No worries, Jus. You're always welcomed in our arms." the younger of the three said, Josh smiling at his lover.

Justin had shown up at their door just as the two men were nodding off in bed, Josh climbing out, opening the door in only his boxer briefs.

Justin's beautiful face had greeted him, his friend explained to them of Jolan's father's wrapped love, Josh pulling his friend into their room.

"The floor's too hard, Jus. There's room for you with us." Chace had said, still laying in bed.

Justin had smiled, removing his clothes, climbing into the center of the bed, Josh extinguishing the lamp, climbing in after his friend.

Justin had immediately gone to Josh's chest, the familiarity of its beauty and warmth sinking into his soul.

There had been many nights in his youth when Josh had held him while he'd slept.

Chace had snuggled into Justin's back, his arm wrapping around both men.

Here now the three had awakened the next morning, wrapped together in love.

"I'm sorry for coming between you two." Justin said, both men kissing him on the lips tenderly.

"Think nothing of it, Jus. We love you. We'll always be here for you." Josh said, Chace smiling at him.

Justin smiled, leaning upwards and kissing Josh's soft lips.

"I know, Joshy. Thank you both."
Josh smiled, Chace kissing him tenderly.

"So, a revealing day yesterday, Jus. Our Jolan looked so happy when he went upstairs with his father last night." Chace said, stretching his arms.

Justin smiled, remembering the scene in his bedroom.

"He has his father's love back in his heart. And his mother's. He's finally whole." Justin said, a tear falling down his cheek.

"He has your love, and ours as well." Josh said, Justin smiling at him.

"I'm so happy, Joshy. My Jolan's finally happy."
Josh smiled, sitting up in the bed.

"Well I think you need to go find him. He's only totally happy in your arms."
Justin smiled, Chace climbing out of the bed, his smooth near naked form revealed.

Chace wore a black pair of trunk briefs, their center filled out.

Justin's eyes took in every inch of the muscular man, Josh's eyes taking it all in as well.

"We should hit the showers first. Then I need breakie."
Josh laughed, Chace winking at him, his blue eyes going to Justin.
Justin smiled, watching Josh climb out of bed, his smooth body shown, his boxer briefs also tented.

Josh blushed for a moment, Justin smiling at him, climbing out of bed.

His briefs showed the same effect.

"It's love, guys. Love does that to you."
Both men smiled at Justin, Justin smiling back.

"I'll let you two have some wet fun. Meet you in my room." Justin smiled, grabbing his discarded clothing.

Chace wrapped his arms around Josh, Josh feeling his smooth heat.

"Okay, Jus. Love ya." Chace said, kissing Josh's cheek.

Justin smiled, seeing the two looking only at each other.

"Love ya back, guys." Justin smiled, walking out of the room.

Josh and Chace watched him leave, Josh kissing Chace's neck.

"Think we shocked him?" Josh said, Chace smiling.

"Nope, Joshy. I saw only happiness and love in his eyes."
Josh smiled, Chace kissing him deeply.

"Come on, Joshua. I need you wet."
Josh smiled, pulling his man towards the bedroom door.


Justin smiled, walking into the Queen's Room, Josh and Chace on both sides of him.

After leaving Josh's room he'd walked into his own, finding Jolan and his father both gone.

He assumed they were downstairs with the others, Jus having met Sid in the hallway, the young man having told him everyone was downstairs.

Josh and Chace met him in his bedroom fifteen minutes later, Justin smiling at both, seeing their love shown.

Upon stepping into the dining room Justin saw only the briefest flash of movement, his body immediately wrapped in someone's strong arms, two lips devouring his.

He instantly felt the love of his Jolan.

He became lost in the kiss, his two smiling friends joining hands behind him.

"All is right in Justy's world. True love has joined." Josh said, Chace smiling at him.

Everyone in the room was taking in the tender scene at the doorway, Jolan's arms wrapped around his lover.

The two slowly broke the kiss, tasting each other's love in their wetness.

"Good morning, Jus. I love you."
Justin smiled, Jolan's arms still around him.

"I love you too, my Jo."
Jolan's smile was large, his grey eyes sparkling.

Justin saw so much newness, so much revealed happiness there.

And so much love.

"Thank you guys for taking care of him for me." Jolan said, his grey eyes now on Josh and Chace.

Both smiled at Jolan, seeing the newness in those silvery eyes as well.

"He's our brother of love, Jo." Chace smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

Justin smiled, Jolan kissing both of the men's cheeks, his grey eyes sparkling at Josh.

"Love you both."

Both smiled, Jolan's hand taking Justin's.

"Breakfast is ready, my love. Mom's cooked up a storm!"

Jolan led his Justin towards the table, Josh and Chace following.

Everyone smiled at the four, Jolan's father standing up, smiling at Justin.

"Good morning, Justin." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Good morning, sir." he smiled, Joel's face smiling back.

"Thank you for last night, Justin." the man said, Justin seeing so much love in his grey eyes as Joel glanced at his son.

"Last night my Jo needed his Dad, sir. I'm happy you've both found your love again."
Jolan smiled, staring at his father, Joel's eyes staring at Justin.

Joel pulled Justin into his arms, hugging him tightly, Justin smiling, wrapping his arms around him.

"Thank you, Justin. Thank you."
Justin smiled at Jolan, his lover's eyes filled with tearful happiness.

"You're welcome, sir."

"Please, Justin. Call me. . .call me Dad."

Justin looked surprised, slowly nodding.

"Alright. . .Dad."

Justin's eyes went to his own father, Randall smiling at him, nodding.

Justin smiled, his eyes returning to Jolan's.

Jolan's face wore a smile of total happiness, Justin's arm going around him.

"I've never seen you look so happy, Jo."

Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I've got so much love in my heart. My family's and my Jus'."
Justin smiled, two arms wrapping around his waist, Justin smiling down into two blue eyes.

"Morning, Jus. Now the whole family loves you!" Jennie said, Justin grinning and kissing her forehead.

"One big happy family, right Jennie?"
Jennie laughed, others smiling.

"Okay, enough lovey dovey! I'm famished!" Joey said, seated at the table beside Lance and Chris.

Lance rolled his eyes, his arms around his teddy bear.

Jolan laughed, the other doorway into the room opening; his mother, his grandfather, Lynn and Auntie Gee walking in.

They all carried bowls and platters, Jolan smiling at his mother.

"Get ready, Joe! You're going to burst!"

Melina laughed, setting down a large platter in front of Joey, the tray laden with sausages, bacon and ham.

Joey's eyes widened, as other food joined it.

"Oh wow! Awesome!" he said, Lance smiling beside him.

"I thought bears liked honey?" Jolan said, Joey smiling at him, sticking out his tongue.

Melina laughed, walked up to Justin, hugging him tightly.

"Good morning, son."
Justin smiled, and blushed, Melina smiling at him.

"Good morning, M'am."

"Now, none of that. It's Mom, Justin. You're part of my Jolan now. That means you're a part of this family."

Justin smiled widely, Jolan smiling with tears in his eyes.

"Thanks, Mom." Justin said, his eyes going around to his mothers.

"Wow, I've got three Moms and Dads! How awesome is that!?"

Lynn and Lisa laughed, Melina chuckling.

"And I've got more children! I feel even more lucky." she smiled, Jolan kissing her cheek.

He saw his mother look around the room, and to where her eyes rested.

"Everything looks delicious, Mom."

Melina smiled, looking back into her son's eyes.
"It's been a while since you tasted my food, Jolan. Let's all sit down."
Jolan nodded, sitting down beside his mother, Justin joining him on his other side.

Sandra smiled across the table from them, Hayden in Randall's lap beside her, the boy smiling at his fathers.

"Morning, Poppa and Daddy! Me misses you last night!"

Both men smiled, their love directed at the small boy.

"Morning, son. We missed you, too." Jolan said, winking at him, the boy giggling.

"Me's hungy, Poppa."

Justin smiled, his father standing up and carrying the boy around the head of the table to Justin, the boy sitting down in his lap.

"Then let's get our boy fed, Hay." Jolan said, Justin smiling at his man.

Randall smiled, returning to his seat.

Joel smiled, seated at the head of the table, his wife at his right side, Jennie on his left.

"Dad, would you say grace?" Jolan said, Joel smiling at his son seated beside his wife.

"It would be my honor, son. Let us bow our heads."
Everyone bowed their heads, Joel's voice carrying across the silent room.

"Dear Lord, you bless us with your love this day, its opening light guiding us onward. Blessed are we for what we have surrounding us--family, love and hope. As well as this bountiful meal prepared in love for all of us. Blessed do I myself feel for what surrounds me--my children, my wife and all of my family, those familiar and those new. Let us walk with the love we gather close to us. Life is good. Love is greater. Amen."
"Amen!" everyone said, Jolan smiling at his father.

Hayden banged his spoon on the table.

"Hungy, Poppa!"

Everyone laughed, Lance smiling from down the table.

"My Bear's got a hungry look, too." Lance chuckled, everyone laughing more, Joey grinning.

"I think if you teased that bear with some honey he'd do anything for you, Lancy." Justin said, Joey smiling as he picked up a bowl of scrambled eggs.

"Nah, my man's got his own sweetness." Lance said, Joey smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

Everyone smiled, beginning to eat, the food passed around, Justin filling his plate for his son and himself.

Jolan smiled, looking around the table, his eyes going to his father's.

Both wore an immense smile of happiness.

Jolan smiled, Melina handing Jolan a covered platter.

She removed the cover, Jolan staring at the square fluffy treats laying on the plate in his hands.

"Waffies, Jolly! Mom's made her waffies!" Jennie said, smiling at the revealed plate.

Jolan stared at the waffles before him, tears beginning to fall.

Justin's arm went around him, Hay's eyes looking up into his father's tearful ones.

"I've missed them so much." he softly said, his mother kissing his cheek.

"I made them especially for you and Jennie. I remember how much you loved them." she said, her blue eyes meeting his grey.

"I always loved them, Mom. And I love you."

Melina smiled, laying two on Jennie's plate.

Jennie beamed, Jolan placing four on his own plate.

Justin smiled, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"Our son's got your appetite, Jo." Justin said, Hayden putting a sausage in his mouth.

Jolan grinned, patting his son's head.

"Eat your fill, son. I'll never deny you food, especially Gramma's."

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek, the boy picking up a strip of bacon with a smile.

"You have to try these, Jus. My Mom makes the best waffles. All homemade."

Justin nodded, taking the plate from Jolan.

Jolan smiled, pouring syrup over the waffles on his plate.


The group filled themselves on the good food, conversation flowing around the table.

The Dragosan parents were filled in on other stories and new beginnings, Jolan quietly watching both of them taking it all in.

He blushed a few times when stories of his courage and giving soul were spoken of.

He saw Melina's eyes going down the table a few times, Jolan quiet in his own thoughts.

Just as the meal had ended and Lisa and Lynn were refilling everyone's coffee cups, he saw her looking again towards the end of the table.

Jolan's hand went on top of his mother's, Melina looking into his grey eyes.

"Renewed life begins with one step, Mom. One step to rebuilding the love." he said, Melina smiling softly at him.

"I'm. . .I'm so unsure of what the reaction will be, Jolan." she softly said, almost a whisper.

Jolan smiled, leaning in and kissing her cheek.

"Trust in me to guide you along the path. Come with me, Mom." he said, rising from his seat, Justin looking up at him, Hayden smiling up from Justin's lap.

Melina rose as well, Jolan taking her hand in his, moving her around the table.

He walked down the far side of the table, Melina silently following.

Domo smiled looking up, seeing Jolan's smiling face approaching him.

"Hello, Grandfather."
Domo smiled, looking at his daughter, Melina smiling at him.

"It is good to see you with my daughter, Jolan. I see the identical love in both of your eyes."

Jolan smiled, nodding.

"My daughter and I talked last night, after you went to bed. Her love again is in my heart. It never really left." Domo said, Melina leaning down and kissing her father's forehead.

Jolan smiled, seeing their unconditional love.

Melina teared up, everyone around the table smiling at them.

Melina's eyes then went to Daphne.

"Hello, Daphne."
The young woman smiled softly, her blue eyes staring into Melina's.

"Hello. . .Mother." she softly said, Domo looking at his granddaughter, Rachel putting her arm around her.

"I know it is not a name you're comfortable with, Daphne. You have no reason to call me that. But I. . .I just thought that maybe we could get to know each other again. I'd like to be your mother again. You have every reason to deny me that right, you have no obligation to accept anything I have to offer."

Melina's head lowered a bit, Jolan sighing.

"The past is the past, ladies. The present and future walk their own path. Before me I see my mother and my sister, two visions of giving love, of similar beauty and giving heart. I love both of you. I hope in time you can both feel that love I have for the other reflecting into your souls, and maybe you can give it back to each other. You just have to take that first step."
Daphne's eyes raised, staring into Jolan's grey orbs of love. 

She saw so much love there, the unchanged love of her brother.

Her eyes moved, staring into two blue pools of almost identical love.

"I'd like that, Mom. I'd like to get to know you. I believe I need your love in my life."

Melina's eyes filled with tears, Jolan smiling at Daphne.

Daphne rose up, pulling the older woman into her arms, Melina beginning to cry, Daphne's arms going around her.

"I've missed you, Mom. I've missed your love." Daphne said, Jolan seeing the tears in her eyes.

His eyes moved, two older blue eyes staring up at him, Domo's face covered in tears.

"Families lost, now joined. Love reunited. It's been a wonderful holiday."

Jolan smiled at his grandfather, walking back to his seat, Justin smiling at him, having taken in the touching scene along with everyone else.


After breakfast everyone walked from the Queen's Room into the Room of Family, relaxing on couches and on chairs before the fire.

Henry stood at the fireplace with Calen and Simus, Henry lighting his pipe, Calen smiling around at everyone.
Daphne, Melina and Domo sat on a sofa with Jennie, the foursome chatting away.

Jolan smiled at his uncles, walking up to the fireplace with his father.

"Your giving love always surprises me, Jolan. You join so many lost on love's path." Henry said, Jolan softly blushing.

"It's what I do best, Henry." he smiled, Joel smiling at his brother.

"So what's on the agenda for today, Calen?" Joey said, seated with Lance, his lover kneading his shoulder and rubbing his stomach.

Calen smiled, looking at his two brothers.

"Well, this is England, Joseph. December twenty-sixth is traditionally Boxing Day."

"We're going to box? Dibs on fighting Justin, he's a pushover." Chris laughed, Britney rolling her eyes.

Justin stuck his tongue out at Chris, Hayden giggling, seated on the floor in front of him, he and his friends playing with trucks in front of the Christmas tree.

Calen laughed, as did Simus, the older brother smiling at his two younger brothers.

"It's not that kind of boxing, Chris." Simus smiled, Jolan smiling at his uncles.

"Boxing Day is the long held tradition of giving alms to the poor on the day after Christmas. Wealthy patrons go around on this day and give boxes or hampers of food, clothing and money to those less fortunate than themselves. Our father always held to that tradition, he and we, his four sons, distributing aid to the local charities and those less fortunate. Simus and I have kept up the tradition since our father's passing. Niles has compiled the list this year again, it seems to increase every year. We have over four hundred hampers to deliver."

Everyone looked surprised, Jolan's hand going to his Uncle Simus' and Calen's shoulders.

"You are just as giving, Uncles. I would be honored to assist you today." Jolan said, his father agreeing.

"I'll help too, Uncles." Justin said, others answering the call as well.

"Thank you all. The staff is off today as usual, but everything is organized. But your assistance would be most welcome." Simus said, smiling at Joel.

"Everything's packed and ready in the east warehouse, five trucks at the ready. We usually start at eleven." Calen said, his two sons Mathias and Athos smiling at him.

Simus smiled looking around at all the able-bodied men.

"Thank you all for your offered help, it should go rather quickly if you all pitch in."

"Athos, go and find your brother and let him know we're going ahead as planned." Calen said.
"I'll find Isaiah, Uncle. I have to get my sweater from my bedroom anyway." Jolan said, smiling.

"Thank you, Jolan." Calen said, smiling.

"No problem, I know where he is." Jolan said, beginning to walk out of the room.

"Need some company, Jo?" Justin said, smiling at him as he walked by.

Jolan smiled, leaning down and kissing Justin's cheek, Justin smiling.

"Stay and play with the kids, Jus. It's your playtime, sweetie."
Justin smiled, Jolan's mother smiling at the two, Jolan walking out of the room.

"Seems my son has two kids." Melina said, Jennie kissing her cheek.

"Justin's a big kid with a big heart. What a brother!"

Daphne smiled, Melina smiling at her, the three going back to their conversation.


Jolan pulled a black cashmere sweater that Justin's parents had given him over his naked chest, walking out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

He smiled looking around, then quietly walked down the hall away from the grand staircase.

He'd walked past a few doors, stopping at one door, standing in silence.

Behind the door he hear soft voices, and ruffling sounds.

He smiled, gently rapping on the door.

He waited in silence, hearing movement behind the door.

A few moments later the door swung open, Jolan smiling at the face greeting him.

"Hello, Sid. Where did you disappear to?"
"I. . .I was just changing my clothes, Jo." he said, Jolan seeing a flushed look on his face, the man wearing a golf shirt and baggy jeans, the shirt looking a bit wrinkled.

"Can I come in?" Jolan said, walking past the young man, not waiting for an answer.

Sid looked around, then closed the door behind him, walking up to Jolan.

"I was just going to head downstairs. What's going on?" he said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Love, Sid. Love's going on. My uncles are organizing a gift delivery around the community. All us able-bodied young men have volunteered."
"Count me in as well, Jo. Sounds like an awesome idea."
"It's tradition, Sidney. Our family's giving heart. Thank you for volunteering. I'm sure Isaiah mentioned it to you?"

Sid looked a little confused, his eyes glancing around the room.

"No, Jo. He didn't mention it."
Jolan smiled, then chuckled.

"Yes, I suppose he didn't. I'm sure he was preoccupied with something else." Jolan said, smiling.

Sid stared at his friend, Jolan's smile widening, then the young man started laughing.

Sid looked confused again, Jolan continuing to laugh.

He walked up to his friend, hugging him and laughing.

"Sid the Kid!" Jolan said, Sid smiling at Jolan's old name for him.

'I'm. . .I'm sorry, Sid. I shouldn't laugh at love." Jolan said, breaking his hold on his old friend, sitting down on Sid's bed.

"Mmm, still warm. You can come out, Isaiah." Jolan said, smiling at Sid.

Sid looked thunderstruck, staring at Jolan.

Jolan's head moved around the room, seeing the closet door slowly opening.

He smiled, watching his cousin step out of the large wooden closet, the young man staring at him.

"How. . .how did you know?" Sid said, Jolan smiling at both men.

"You give too much away in those beautiful eyes, Isaiah. I saw where your gaze has gone for the last two days. And I saw the same gaze coming from you yesterday, Sidney. Something you'd like to talk about?"

Isaiah walked up to Sid, Sid taking his hand in his, the young Archanian smiling at him.

"Isaiah and I have been talking, Jolan. We're developing strong feelings for each other."

Jolan smiled, standing up and walking up to both men.

"I'd say you were doing more than talking, Sid. Judging by that mark on Isaiah's neck."
Isaiah's hand went to his throat, the young man blushing.

Jolan laughed, his hand going to the young man's throat, a soft blue glow developing, the tell tale mark disappearing.

"There, the evidence is gone. I'll leave you both to return to your 'talking'." he smiled, beginning to walk to the door.

"Jolan? We. . .we need you to. . .?"

Jolan turned back, both men seeing a large smile on his handsome face, a sparkling glow in his silvery eyes.

"Your love is your own, my friends. I trust you to divulge it when you so wish. Until then it will stay in my heart. Until you're ready to open the door together."

"Open the door together?" Sid said, Isaiah's arm going around him.

"Literally! Especially coming out of there, my cousin." Jolan said, the two young men staring at him in confusion.

Jolan laughed, pointing towards the open closet door.

The two young men saw what Jolan meant, smiles coming across their blushing faces.

Jolan laughed and winked, walking out of the room.

Sid turned, staring into Isaiah's eyes.

Isaiah smiled, pulling Sid against him.

"You had to push me into the closet?"
Sidney smiled, looking into Isaiah's blue eyes.

"Well as Jolan just implied, you've come out of the closet, so to speak."

Isaiah smiled widely, staring into Sid's blue eyes.

"Now where were we before we were so lovingly interrupted?"
Sid smiled, his lips meeting Isaiah's.


Jolan was smiling widely, Justin seated beside him in the front of the large delivery truck.

Jennie and Jonathan were behind them in the second seat, Jolan driving.

"This is so much fun, Justin! Did you see the looks on that family's faces when we dropped off those two boxes? They were looking at us as if we were angels heaven sent." Jonathan said, his brother smiling back at him.

"In a way we are, Jon. We're Dragosan angels today."
Jolan smiled, Justin's hand on top of his on top of the gear shift.

Calen had divided the five vehicles between groups, each heading in a different direction, filled with happy volunteers and packages of love.

"How's the driving, love?"
"Not too shabby, babe. Took me a bit to get used to the steering wheel on the other side of the car and the opposite driving lane, but I'm beginning to love it."
Justin smiled, seeing the happiness on his lover's face.

It had been his suggestion for Jolan to drive, knowing driving relaxed Jolan.

They'd been delivering boxes and hampers all afternoon, the hour close to three-thirty.

"Well, we've got two more deliveries then we're done. Next up, St. Theresa's Orphanage for twenty boxes, and then the last hamper goes to the Fontaine residence on Beacon Hill Lane." Justin said, looking over the map and list he held in his other hand.

Jolan smiled, turning the truck onto a small side road, driving up towards a large stone building.

Justin smiled, seeing the name on the wooden sign by the house's front door.

"Wow, a real English Orphanage! I hope it's not like those ones in the Dickens tales." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I'm pretty sure it's not, Jus. Uncle Calen said it was a reputable establishment, just needing some assistance."

Justin smiled, Jolan stopping the truck at the house's front door.

Everyone climbed out, a large jovial man walking out onto the front steps, smiling at all of them.

"Welcome, my friends. Ah, you've come from Bloodstone Manor.  His Lordship Dragos said we'd be looked upon with favor again." the man smiled, seeing the Manor's name on the truck, shaking all of their hands.

"My name is Reverend Francis Albright. It's a pleasure to meet all of you."
"I am Jolan Dragos, Reverend. Lord Dragos is my uncle."
The parish priest smiled wider, shaking his hand again.

"Ah, yes! His nephew from America. I am your uncle's pastor, Jolan. He told me of your coming visit. Welcome to our country and our loving community, my young friend."
Jolan smiled, liking the older man immediately.

"I'll summon up a few of the boys, they'll give you a hand unloading." the man smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Everyone's waiting in the hall for this moment. It's such a festive day for the little ones."
Jennie grinned, the priest smiling and waving his hand towards the open doorway.

Everyone smiled, walking into the warm house ahead of the minister.


An hour later Jolan drove the truck out of the orphanage's front driveway, gearing down and heading down the street.

Reverend Albright and four of the older boys stood in the doorway waving goodbye to them all.

Jolan sensed the quietness in his fellow passengers, seeing the looks of quiet reflection on their faces.

"Tough times flood many souls, everyone. But you saw the sparkle behind those sad young eyes. We brought some sunshine into their lives today."

Justin looked at Jolan, his lover looking at him for a moment, then back at the road.

"I truly feel why my grandfather--and now my uncles--do this. You get a deep feeling of worth and happiness within your soul. To do good for others is to do good for your own soul."
Justin smiled, his hand squeezing Jolan's.

"You're remarkable, Jo. You see the love in any circumstance."
Jolan smiled, his sister kissing his cheek from behind him, Jonathan patting his shoulder.

"Those children are lost, but soon they'll be found by love. I sensed it in each of their souls." he softly said, Justin looking at him.

"Really, Jo?"

"Yes, Jus. Call it a hunch, or call it a vision, I saw only happiness ahead for them."

Justin nodded, remembering something that had happened just before their parting with the jovial Reverend.

"What did you give Reverend Albright when you came out of the bathroom, Jo?" Justin said, having seen Jolan press something into the old minister's hand.

"Oh, that. I just found something on the floor of the bathroom when I was using the facilities. I told him to find its rightful owner."

"What was it, Jo?" Jonathan said from the backseat, his arm around Jennie.

"Not sure, Jon. Looked like a ticket or something." Jolan said, his eyes scanning around him.

"I think we're close to Beacon Hill Lane, aren't we Jus?" Jolan said, Justin looking at the map.

"Yes, two streets further down, turn right."

Jolan smiled, looking ahead, turning at the appropriate street.


Jolan brought the truck to a crawl, the vehicle stopping against the curb in front of a small house, one of many similar houses lined in a row together.

Jolan removed his seatbelt, smiling at Justin.

"Last stop, my love. Then it's back to Bloodstone for another rich evening of happiness." Jolan smiled, Justin grinning.

"We've earned it, my love." Justin said, opening his door just as Jolan opened his.

Jolan smiled, climbing out of the truck, Jonathan following behind.

"I don't think we all have to go." Jolan smiled, Jonathan and Jennie smiling, hands now together.

"Last stop, Jo. We've seen all of them through, we'll see the last." Jennie said, smiling.

Justin pulled the door down on the back of the truck, walking around the vehicle, the last large hamper in his arms.

Jolan smiled, walking towards the house, walking up a small path, looking around.

The house looked well lived-in, the late winter day and snow hiding the beauty of the yard.

He smiled, walking up to the front door, knocking gently on it.

He waited, hearing someone moving inside, then two locks being unlocked.

The door opened a little, two green eyes staring out at Jolan and the others.

"Yes? What do you want?" came a rather youthful voice.

"Is this the Fontaine residence, the home of Vera Fontaine?" Jolan said, looking at the list in his hand.

"Yes, that is my grandmother. What can I help you with?" the young man said, opening the door a little wider.

Jolan stared at the young man, taking in his stunningly beautiful features.

"We've come with a basket of cheer for your grandmother. It's given with love from a giving soul." Jolan said smiling, the young man looking surprised.

"Who is it, dear?" a voice could be heard in the background, Jolan assuming it was Vera Fontaine.

"It's a basket being delivered, Grandma. Were you expecting it?"

"Oh, really? Well, I believe I know who it's from. Tell them to come in." the voice in the distance saying.

The young man looked at Jolan again, staring into his grey eyes, his eyes then going to Justin's blue, Justin holding the basket in his arms.

"Come in then." the young man said, opening the door wide.

Jolan smiled, walking into the home, everyone following.

The young man's eyes were still on Jolan, a look of guarded confusion on his face.

He looked to be in his early twenties, youthful, slim and hauntingly beautiful.

"Please come down here, everyone." a woman's voice said cheerily, Jolan smiling and walking down the hallway.

He took in all the pictures lining the wall, a couple of photographs standing out for him.

He remained silent, walking through a doorway at the end of the hall, into a cozy small living room.

A woman sat in front of the window in the room, seated in a rocking chair.

Her head turned, smiling at everyone, the woman wearing dark glasses.

"Hello, everyone. Please make yourselves at home. Would you like some tea?"
"Thank you, Madam. But we've just stopped by for a moment, to deliver this hamper for you. A gift from a well-wisher." Jolan said, everyone smiling at the woman.

The woman looked around the room, Jolan quietly watching her.

"Ah, yes. My annual gift of friendship and thanks. How is his Lordship?"

Her young grandson's green eyes were staring at her, a look of surprise crossing his face.

"This is from the Dragos'?" the young man said, his voice edged slightly with anger.

"Yes, my grandson. Calen Dragos is a dear friend, you know that. He's always taken interest in my welfare."

The young man folded his arms, Justin seeing the agitated lightning in his eyes.

"Please drop the basket and go." the young man said curtly, the woman looking towards him.

"Forgive my grandson's impertinence. You are welcome in my home, friends of Calen." she said, her head moving around.

"Thank you, Madam. I am sorry for your loss." Jolan said, sincerity in his voice.

The woman smiled at him, Jolan moving forward and taking her hand.

"I don't think of my eyesight as a loss, son. I think of it as God's will."

Justin, Jennie and Jonathan looked on in surprise, wondering how Jolan had clued in on the woman's disability.

Jolan nodded, the blind woman's hands going to his face.

"You feel handsome, my young friend. I sense the nobility of the Dragosan clan within you. Who are you?"

Jolan smiled, the woman smiling at his face's movements.

"My name is Jolan Dragos, Madam. I am Calen's nephew, son of Joelius."
The woman's face took on a look of awe.

"Little Joel's son. Remarkable! Fortunes have come to pass, I take it?"

Jolan quietly looked at the woman, aware of the young man behind him.

"The path leads onward, Mrs. Fontaine."
The woman nodded, her head moving around as if she was sensing something.

"Athos told me of your coming. You survived the Archanians' welcome?"

Jolan smiled, then chuckled, the woman listening to his voice.
"I saw the love behind it all. They are loved, by me most of all."

The woman smiled, her conversation with Jolan interrupted by her grandson.
"You are Jolan Dragos?"

Jolan stood up, sighing, then turning and looking at the young man.

"Yes, I am."
Jolan didn't get a chance to speak another word.

The young man's fist hit Jolan squarely in the face, Jolan propelled backwards, falling onto a sofa, rolling onto the floor.

"Get up you bastard! I want to kill you!"

Justin was at Jolan's side in a flash, helping him regain his bearings.

Jonathan had wrapped his arms around the young man, propelling him up against the wall.

"Back off! You have no right to hit my brother!" Jonathan said, Jennie seeing Jonathan's protective love for Jolan.

The young man was staring at Jolan, his face etched with anger.

"I have every right! He's ruined my life! He's taken the love out of my life!" the young man said, his face changing, a look of immense hurt crossing his face.

The young man got his bearings, pushing Jonathan back away from him, the man rushing out of the room.

"Are you alright, Jo?" Justin said with worry, Jolan slowly nodding, his hands covering his face.

Jennie's arms had wrapped around Jonathan, the young man looking towards the room's doorway to where the man had fled.

"I'm okay, Jus. It's just my eye and nose." Jolan said softly, his hands still on his face.

Justin gently moved his hands, seeing Jolan's eyes swelling, blackening bruises starting to show.

"You need to go back and rest, Jo."
"I'm sorry, Jolan. I don't know what's gotten into my grandson. He had no right to hit you, regardless of his hurting soul." the elderly woman said, Jennie looking at her.

"Why is he so angry? Why at my brother?" she said, the woman looking towards Jennie's voice.

"I don't know all of that reasoning, child. He's changed so much lately. Your friend is right, Jolan. You need to go back to the Manor and rest. I'll try to talk to him. He owes you an apology." the woman said, Jolan's injured face looking towards her.

"He only owes me his friendship." he softly said, Justin and Jennie's eyes meeting in confusion.

The woman looked towards Jolan, Jolan looking at his Justin.

"Let's go back, Jus. I need to lie down."

Justin nodded, Jonathan beside his brothers, Justin and Jonathan helping Jolan stand up, his equilibrium shaky.

"I'm sorry that this has happened, Jolan. My grandson's soul is loving, not hurtful. I wish we could have met under better circumstances."
Jolan looked at the woman, nodding.

"Tell him I owe no ill will towards him. Hearts erupt when love is denied."

The woman looked towards Jolan, the three men moving out of the room.

Jennie stared at the woman for a moment, she sensing her there.

"I feel his goodness and his generosity. The one has come."

Jennie stared at the woman for a moment, then quietly walked out of the room.


Jolan lay on the couch, surrounded by many, Justin at his side.

Justin had placed a wet towel over Jolan's eyes, the young man sighing.

"I'm alright, Jus. The dizziness has faded, I'm just bruised."

"You're relaxing, my love. You should be in bed, Jo."

Jolan softly smiled at Justin, Justin taking that as a sign his man was okay.

"I still don't understand why this happened. Who is this guy?" Josh said, standing behind the couch, Chace's arm around him, both men looking down at Jolan.

Josh and Chace had been with Athos and Henry, their deliveries the first completed.

They'd been shocked when Justin had walked into the house, he and Jonathan guiding Jolan between them.

The look of Jolan's face had sent Henry off in search of his bag.

He'd examined Jolan, finding no breakage, only bruised tissue.

"You're lucky your nose wasn't broken. A larger, stronger man could have done some damage." he'd said, smiling at Jolan, the young man laying on the couch, where he'd asked Justin to guide him.

"There was too much love behind the hurt, Henry. Bravado gave way to pain." Jolan had softly said, Justin looking at him, Jennie as well.

"Jolan. . .what's going on here?" Justin said, his lover's eyes covered now by the warm compress.

Jolan lay in silence, Justin's eyes meeting Jennie's.

"You knew, didn't you? You knew he was going to hit you." Jennie said, Justin's eyes going to his Jolan's face.

Justin's mind thought back to two other instances when Jolan had been hit, once by Joey and once by Josh.

In Josh's case, Jolan had known he was going to hurt him, and he'd let Josh release his pain and anger on him.

"Jo, is that correct? Was this like what I did?" Josh said, looking down at his friend.

Jolan's voice sighed, Justin's hand going in his.

"Yes, Joshua. Hurt erupts when a soul is hurting."
Calen, Athos, Cory and Simus walked into the room, smiling at everyone.

They were followed by Sidney, Bill, Isaiah, Mathias and Chris and Britney.

The last six were the last of the delivering joy to arrive back at the Manor.

Joel and Melina, who stood at the end of Jolan's couch with Jennie, both looked at Joel's brothers.

"I hope everyone had fun? I'm sure you saw lots of happiness today, and thankful hearts." Calen said smiling around at everyone, his eyes going to the smaller group surrounding one couch.

He stopped, seeing his nephew laying on that couch.

"What's happened? Are you okay, Jolan?" Calen said, his grey eyes of concern looking towards him.

The returning friends and family stared with concern at Jolan, the young man removing the wet towel from his face.

"My God, Jolan. Who did that to you?" Calen said, sitting down as Justin stood up.

Jolan's bruised eyes looked up at his uncle.

"You children's former governess is a woman of great love, Calen. Her heart is filled with her love for you four." Jolan said, his eyes going to the three Archanians, Athos walking forward, his brothers joining him around the couch.

"Eli did this to you, didn't he?" Athos said, kneeling beside the couch, looking into Jolan's bruised eyes.

"I felt his pain the moment I looked into his green eyes, Athos."
Athos lowered his head, Mathias' hand going to his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, cousin. I didn't know Father would give her hamper to you for delivery. I'd forgotten about her hamper!" Athos said, his voice filling with emotion.

Jolan smiled, his hand going to Athos' face, brushing a tear away.

"It's alright, Athos. You've forgotten destiny. I walk where I must, I take on what I must."
Justin had stood in silence watching this exchange, his blue eyes looking down at his lover.

"What's going on here, Jo?"

Jolan sighed, the young man rising up, sitting up and looking around.

"Destiny, Jus. Another walks upon my path. I feel his hurt and pain. And I feel that perhaps I deserved what I was given."
Justin sat down beside his lover, his arm going around him.

"You never deserve to be hit, Jo. You're a giving soul, a loving man. He had no right to hit you."
Jolan looked at his lover, then around at everyone.

"Perhaps he did, Justin. Out of sheer frustration at what's he's being denied, he took his anger out on me. For perhaps it's my fault that his life has been shattered."

Justin looked into Jolan's bruised eyes, seeing a deep sadness there.

"Alright, Jolan. What is he being denied?"

Jolan sighed, a new voice breaking the silence.

"He's being denied love."

Everyone's eyes went to the room's doorway, staring at a young man of singular beauty.

He stood in the doorway, his arm around his grandmother.

Calen stared at the two, as did Joel and Simus.

The three Archanian youths stared as well, looking upon their former governess.

"Vera? You've returned?" Calen softly said, the woman smiling.

"I've brought my grandson here to give his apologies, Calen."
The woman looked around the room, sensing everyone staring at her.

She felt her grandson's love surrounding her.

"It's time to seek forgiveness, my grandson."

The young man's head lowered, Jolan standing up and moving towards him, Justin like a second skin to him.

Jolan stopped a few feet in front of the two visitors, the young man's head lowered still.

"Is that you, Jolan?" the woman said, Jolan looking towards her.

"Yes, Vera. And your grandson needs to seek no forgiveness. Love can wrap our hearts in fragile emotions. He only needs to see beyond that fragility to know that I'm here for him. That I can aid him in his need. I still feel the love he's lost, it's still out there in the darkness of the path. He hasn't lost his love for you."
The young man's head lifted, his emerald green eyes filled with tears, those eyes locking on Jolan's grey.

"His love is still yours, Elijah."

The young man sobbed, releasing his grandmother, her own face showing tears falling on her cheeks under her dark glasses.

"I love him, Jolan. Why did he leave my love?" he sobbed, moving forward into Jolan's opening arms.

Justin and everyone in the room stared in silence, watching Jolan holding the young man in his loving arms.

"Because of me, Elijah. Krayos left your love to end mine."




End of Chapter 107


And so Elijah Fontaine, the love of Krayos' tortured soul walks onto Jolan's path.

How can Jolan aid this young man?


A confrontation is building between Jolan and Krayos, Elijah's lost love.

A confrontation of ideology between Morgan and his loving brothers.

Whom shall be victorious?

And at what cost?


I hope you enjoyed the concept of Boxing Day.

A national holiday in Britain, steeped in factual tradition and lore.

It was originally a day of the rich giving aid to the poor.

I thought it a touching inclusion in the hearts of the Dragosan legacy.

Wealth taken in should always be given out, surrounded by love.


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