Jolan's Path - Chapter 108


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 108


Everyone in the room stood in silence, taking in the scene before them, Jolan holding Elijah.

Vera Fontaine walked slowly forward, her hand finding Elijah's back, her tender stroking calming the boy.

"I didn't know the depth of your hurt, my child. You seemed so strong when you came home." she softly said, Jolan gently guiding the young man into her arms.

Calen and his brothers walked up to Jolan and Justin, his father putting his arm around him.

"Hello, Vera. I can't believe you're here." Calen said softly, the woman's covered eyes looking towards his voice.

"I walk with my grandson, through his pain and his confusion. I just never realized its connection to this house, or you. I didn't know of Krayos, only that Elijah had fallen in love and had been hurt." she said, her arms still around her grandson.

"Krayos is gay?" Simus said, Jolan nodding softly at him and his brothers.

"Yes, Uncles. Krayos and Elijah met--then fell in love--at school. Then Krayos turned his back on this young man to follow his father's ideology, hurting their love. What Elijah doesn't realize is that Krayos still loves him. His heart is as deeply hurting as yours, Elijah."

The young man's head raised, his tearful eyes looking at Jolan.

"How did you know of our relationship? Did Athos tell you?"

Athos looked at his friend, Jolan looking between the two.

"No, Elijah. Athos never even told me of his friendship with you." Jolan said, the young man staring at him.

"Then. . .how??"

Jolan sighed, looking into his green eyes, and then at Elijah's friend.

"I am he whom the Dragosans have been waiting for, Elijah. I am the one to destroy the evil that surrounds us."

Vera Fontaine softly gasped, Jolan quietly looking at her, Elijah's face showing surprise as well.

"So Krayos is walking on a blind path? He's not the destined one?"

Jolan stared at the young man, Elijah seeing so much in those staring grey eyes, grey like his Krayos'.

"Why did he walk away from me if he loves me so deeply? Why did he choose his father over me?"

Jolan sighed, his hand going to Elijah's shoulder.

"Because his love for his father is also surrounded by fear, Elijah."

"Fear, Jolan? Krayos fears his own father, our brother Morgan? Why? Because he's gay?" Joel said, Jolan looking at his father, his eyes then lowering.

"Morgan knows of Krayos' love for Elijah. He knows his son is gay. It's what Morgan uses to subjugate the man. Morgan fills his own son with fear. Morgan's changed, Father. His mind has set itself upon a path of greed and power. But what my uncle doesn't realize is that I know the truth."

"What truth, Jolan? Why is he walking away from us, his own brothers?"

Jolan's eyes raised, looking into three sets of identical grey, the young man's bruised eyes turning away.

"He's not walking away from his brothers, Father. He's walking away from himself. And from me."

"You, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan looking into his lover's eyes, Justin seeing the sadness there.

"Yes, Justin. Me. My Uncle Morgan fears me greatly. He fears what I represent."
"Jolan, my nephew. All of us here feel the greatness of your love. Why would he fear that?" Calen said, Jolan quietly looking at him.

"Because he fears what I may reveal. He fears my knowing his true self. He feels me through his ring, as he feels you two, Uncle Calen and Uncle Simus. I believe in my heart he now knows that you have returned as well, Father. Regardless of the fact that I wear your Ring of Servitude. Your joined brotherly connection now surpasses the rings."

Joel nodded, his grey eyes on his son.

"He also fears my using the other one." Jolan said, pulling out the Heart of History, that ring hanging from a gold chain around his throat.

Joel's eyes went to the ring, as did everyone else's.

Joel's fingers went forward, touching the ring, feeling its warmth.

"I thought I had lost it. Clara robbed me of it that night." he softly said, Jolan looking at his father.

"Sheriff Walker found it in her home Father, giving it to me, having known it was yours."
Joel nodded, looking into his son's grey eyes.

"It never was mine, Jolan. I was just its carrier. I believe in my heart now that it's found its rightful owner."

Jolan nodded, staring down at the ring hanging from his neck.

He pushed it back under his sweater collar, his eyes moving to Elijah again.

"You had every reason to lash out at me, Elijah. You blame me for taking Krayos away from you, almost as much as you blame his father."
Elijah's green eyes stared at Jolan in confusion, surprised that the young man would admit his involvement.

"In a way I am to blame. Destiny has thrust me to the center of this stage, Krayos and my uncle following. My being here has made Krayos follow his father. Morgan seeks to supplant me with his son as the leader of the Dragosan and Sumarian brethren. He just hasn't realized yet that he's gotten it all wrong. He's not abreast of one thing."

"And what is that, my nephew?" Calen said, staring at him.
Simus, as well as everyone else stared at Jolan, his eyes scanning everyone, stopping on his father.

"I will not be the leader of my family or my brethren. I never was destined for that."

Everyone looked stunned, Jolan's head lowering.

"I am not a leader, Father. I am not a warrior. I am on another path, my own destined path. It's time all of you--including Krayos and Uncle Morgan--realize that. It is not strength, power, greed, courage or fame I am being led to. It is not what I seek. I only seek peace. Peace within my own soul. Why won't anyone see that?" Jolan said, his eyes tearing up, Justin's arm going around him.

"I see it, Jolan. I see the beauty of your love, your kind soul and your true self. You are none of that. All you are is love."

Jolan smiled, feeling Justin's love surround him.

Elijah stared at the two men, his mind drawing in on the love he saw.

"Yes, Justin. I am just that, and perhaps I'm more than what all of you think I am. I was never destined to be the head of my family, or the Sumsarians. I am the Catre Din Dragoste, the Giver of Love. Before this path ends you will see that truth."

Jolan sighed, Justin's arm tightening around him.

"We all see that, Jo. In every moving, loving deed you've done."

Jolan smiled, seeing and hearing the truth in Justin's words, and the smiles he received from everyone surrounding him.

Elijah stared at the two men, his arm around his grandmother.
"If this is true then Krayos will be proclaimed then. This feud may end." Calen said, Jolan staring at him.
"It shall end, Uncle. But not as everyone hopes or expects."
Justin's eyes went to Jolan's, their grayness filled with tiredness.

And buried in them Justin saw a hidden truth.

"You know what's going to happen, Jo. Just like you knew Elijah would hit you."


The young man stared in shock at Jolan, his grey eyes meeting his green.

"You're getting too good at finding the truth in my eyes, my love." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.

Justin kissed his cheek, Jolan feeling his love, his grey eyes going to Elijah's green again.

"Yes, Elijah. I knew the moment I looked into your green eyes on your grandmother's doorstep. I saw the hurt and pain within your eyes. I saw only one way you could release it. I took that pain unto myself."

The young man looked confused, his eyes lowering.

"You. . .you let me hit you? Why would you do that?"

His grandmother's eyes were trained on Jolan's voice, hers entering the fray.

"Because he is the one, Elijah. The one of love and giving soul foretold. The one the Archanians and Dragosans have longed for."

Jolan's eyes went to the older woman, as did Calen's.

"You are well informed of my foretold coming, Vera. You served your lady well, and her sons.  My grandfather chose well."
The woman smiled, bowing her head.

Her eyes went to Calen's, the man staring at her.

"Lenora, last daughter of the lineage of Ravenia Archania was a lady of grace, beauty, love and giving heart. I see the same traits in her sons. It was a joy and a duty I took with honor, in looking after them. Their love, like hers, I always shall cherish."
The three young Archanians looked upon the woman with looks of loving happiness.

Calen's eyes were looking at Jolan.

"My father chose well? What do you mean by that, Jolan?"
Jolan's eyes met Calen's, then his eyes went to his grandfather's portrait, a soft smile coming to his face.

"Grandfather always looked forward upon the path, Uncle. He knew the line of truth his family would walk, the line of destiny you yourself would walk. He saw your love for Lenora. He saw her accepting the injured you, still loving the man behind the pain, the man denied half his soul. His plan worked very well."

Calen looked confused, staring at Jolan.

"His plan? What are you talking about, Jolan?" Calen said, Justin watching the man, feeling his confusion.

His blue eyes went to his Jolan, seeing deep truth laying within his grey loving eyes.

"Where did you meet Aunt Lenora, Uncle Calen?"

Calen's eyes went to the portrait of his wife staring down from above the fireplace.

"I met her at the Archanian Falls, on the side of Mount Deritannia. Father had taken all of us to Bolta Cerului after I had returned from the home of my Badenwolf brethren. I was still hurting from my lost soul. Recovered in body, but lost in spirit."

Jolan smiled at his uncle, looking up at the portrait as well.

"And then you took a walk of solitude, walking to the Falls. A place where you'd always found solitude and beauty. That day you discovered even greater beauty there."

Calen smiled, still staring at the portrait, lost in the beauty of his lost wife's smiling face, and lost in the memories of his past.

"Yes, Jolan. I saw a winged apparition descend to the Falls, the two of us meeting. I thought she was an angel sent to take me to heaven. In truth she really did. She took me to the heaven of her love."
Jolan smiled, hearing the love in his uncle's words.

"You loved your father, Uncle Calen. And he loved you. And perhaps that love guided him to choose what was best for you. What and who you needed."
Calen's eyes stared at Jolan.

"Your father arranged for Lenora to be there that day, Uncle Calen. His love for you brought the two of you together."

Calen looked stunned, sitting down in the nearest chair, staring up at his wife.

"You mean. . .our love. . .it was pre-arranged?" he said, his brothers looking at him with concern.

"No, Uncle. Your love for each other was a gift that the two of you created together. There was no pre-arrangement in that. My grandfather brought her to you for a different reason. He knew that the magic of the Badenwolves hadn't succeeded in healing his son. That that clan was becoming lost within the same pain as you. One day they'd all be taken in that pain. The pain of the evil demon stalking them. So he took the next step. He sought out the descendants of the Archanians. The healers and mystical beings of old. The descendants of Ravenia's child he'd spirited away to safety. They were his last hope for his son's salvation. His love for you guided him to Lenora."

Jolan's eyes went to Vera Fontaine, the woman standing in silence, listening like everyone else to Jolan's words.

His eyes went upwards to his aunt's portrait again, smiling up at her.

"She was the most gifted of the lineage of Ravenia. The last daughter of her line of love. But even her greatness of magic could not heal your pain, the pain of your lost soul. Grandfather had failed in his original intent, but he'd succeeded in another way. Lenora's love entered your heart, filling the emptiness there with a greater magic. The magic of her love. Your father's love gave you a greater love, Uncle Calen. He gave you Lenora's and then your own three sons' love. A soul wrapped in love, whether injured, lost or empty, is still a soul filled with love."

Calen smiled, looking at his nephew, Jolan smiling back.

"I felt that love always, Jolan. And I feel my sons' love."

The three Archanians were smiling at their father, Jolan and everyone seeing their close family love.

"I can't believe my father arranged our meeting. I can't believe he guided me to her."
Jolan smiled, looking at his two uncles and his father.

"Vilos Dragos' love as I've said before was magical, giving and intense. His love for you four, his sons, would move him to do anything to heal your hurting souls. He watched you fall in love with Lenora, knowing that further down the path you would father three children of beauty and love. His last act of love before following the path to the next life was to join his three newborn grandsons with someone of trusting worth, of protective love. He chose that angel well. Didn't he, child of Archania?"

Everyone's eyes went to the older woman, Vera smiling at Jolan.

"Great is your wisdom and reasoning, Jolan." she said, smiling at him.

Jolan smiled back, looking at the three Archanian youths.

"Magic, through lineages of worth and truth gives us beings of long life. The Archanians as well as the Dragosans are long lived. When were these three born, Uncles?"
The three Dragosan brothers looked at each other, the three younger Archanians looking at them.

Calen's eyes went to Jolan, the young man looking at him with love.

"As we once told you Jolan, the lives of Dragosans have lessened through each generation. Father was seven years to one human year. We four are four years to one. The next generation is confusion. Krayos, Morgan's only son, is two years to one. You and Jennica are normal. And Calen's sons. . .well there's the greater confusion. They're. . .they're four years to one."

Everyone looked surprised at Simus' words.

Jolan smiled at the three young men, the three seeing no surprise on his face.

"The math now adds up. Grandfather saw the birth of all three of you, eighty-four years ago."

Sidney's eyes went to Isaiah's, the young man's blue eyes meeting Sidney's blue.

Jolan saw the exchange, seeing no surprise in Sidney's eyes, knowing the Archanian had told Sidney all of his truths.

Jolan smiled, seeing love's giving depth.

"Yes, everyone. The clans of Dragosan, Archanian and Badenwolves are entrenched in longevity and magic. The last three loving clans of magic left upon this earth. There only remains one clan of evil. The leader of that evil had found the magic of longevity as well. Before this ends goodness will be restored. I shall see to that."

Everyone looked at Jolan, the young man smiling, walking up to Vera.

His eyes met Calen's, the man staring at him.

"Lenora's beauty never faded with age. Her face aged in loving beauty. I see that likeness in her mother's face."


Calen stood up, staring at Vera.

"That's. . .that's impossible!"

The woman stood still, her face showing no emotion.

"No greater love could my grandfather give his grandsons than the love of their maternal grandmother." Jolan said, staring at the older woman.

Everyone looked stunned, Justin's arm going around his Jolan.

"Jolan. . .that's unbelievable!" Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"The wonders of guiding love show many truths, my love. My grandfather was devious in his giving love. So many paths he connected, so many paths of love."
Calen walked over to the woman, staring at her.

"Why. . .why didn't you tell me? Why didn't Lenora?"

Vera's shaded eyes stared at Calen, her hand going to his shoulder.

"The pact of invisibility that governs us, Calen. The pact of secrecy that we must endure.  At an early age we Archanians take that oath, our lives given over to that secrecy. My daughter wanted to tell you, Calen. As she wanted to tell you of our ancestry. I see now that perhaps that was a mistake on my part."
"A mistake?? It was more than that!" Calen said, confusion and anger showing in his grey eyes.

Jolan's hand went to his shoulder.

"You must remember the love, Uncle. The love you shared with her. And the love you share with this woman."
Calen's eyes went to the older woman, her hand still on his shoulder.

"Your father gave me a great gift, Calen. He gave me a lifetime wrapped in my grandchildren's love. In the love I've felt from these three angels. Truer angels than life's worth."
The three Archanians moved, wrapping the older woman in their arms.

Calen stared at his sons, seeing the truth in their eyes.

"You all knew?"

The three nodded, tears in their eyes, the older woman's arms around Athos and Isaiah, Mathias' arm around his father.

"We share a bond of life, Calen. Lenora gave them the oath herself." Vera said, the three looking at her with deep love.
Calen backed up, Jolan seeing the hurt etched on his face.

"I've. . .I've lived in utter ignorance. My own family denying me so much."
Calen's three sons moved, wrapping their father in their arms.

"No, Father! We've never denied you our love, just as you've never denied us yours." Athos said, his father in tears.

"Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't Lenora tell me? Have I been given lies all my life?!"

Jolan's head lowered for a moment, Justin looking at him.

His head raised, his eyes showing determination.

"What you've been given is love, Uncle. You have been loved. By three sons of loving goodness. By a woman who cared for those three as if they were her own, when in truth they were her grandchildren. A mother's love replaced by a grandmother's. Your wife's death shattered all of you, Uncle. Vera took her grandchildren to her heart, raising them in love as she had her daughter."

Calen's eyes went to Jolan, the younger man seeing the depth of confusion there.

"It wasn't your fault, Calen. You were blessed with a great love. . .the love of so many."

Calen stared back at the older woman, Jolan sighing.

"It's time all of this was in the open. It's time your love for each other--and the pain associated with it--was revealed."

The four Archanians stared at Jolan, as did Calen.

Jolan's eyes went to Elijah, the young man having been staring at his grandmother.

"Your grandmother is of Archanian descent, Elijah. The second last of the lineage of wisdom and truth."

Elijah stared at the woman, her hand going in his.

"What does that make me, Gramma?"

Jolan walked up to the young man.

"That makes the truth of your existence more revealing. Please everyone, sit down and I'll illuminate your minds."
Everyone sat down, looking at Jolan, Chris speaking.

"You're one hell of an enigma yourself, Jo. You seem to be abreast of the past and the present."
Jolan smiled at his friend, Chris smiling back.

"The Tome reveals much, my friend."

The Dragosans stared at Jolan, his eyes on his father.

"I have the book, Father. It guides me forward."
Joel nodded, sitting down beside his wife, Jennie and Daphne beside them.

Elijah guided his grandmother to a couch, the two sitting down with Athos and Mathias.

Isaiah sat down with Sid and Bill, Calen sitting beside his son.

Jolan sighed, looking towards his grandfather's portrait.

"Paths of destiny, paths of truth. My heart lays heavy with them."

Justin's arm went around Jolan, the man looking into his eyes.

"Sit with Hay, my love. And our loving friends."

Justin nodded, kissing his cheek, then sat down beside Sandra and Jessica, Hayden climbing off his mother's lap into Justin's.

Jolan smiled at them, his eyes focusing, his face changing into calm determination.

His voice filled the watchful, silent room.


"Lenora Fontaine, daughter of Vera, was an Archanian child of healing love and of giving soul. Her mother raised her in love, and in secrecy. In secrecy under Selaria's Oath. As Vera stated, an oath of secrecy and family honor is bestowed upon every child of Archanian ancestry. It in itself is a pact of finality. Ravenia's daughter Selaria created it, to honor the sacrifice of her mother, and to save her own family from further destruction. Archanians were hunted in her lifetime, for the wrongful beliefs of the Sumsarians. That truth I have already revealed to you. The Sumsarian race sought to destroy them for untruthful anarchy. The Archanians were a race of pure love, of giving soul. Angels of flying truth and joined beauty.

And so Ravenia's daughter--last of the true Archanian blood--created her pact, hiding her children and grandchildren beyond the eyes of mankind. Winged creatures of magic disappearing into the background of life. Awaiting the moment of truth, of the forging of the path. The path of my truth."
Jolan's hand went to the mantle of the fireplace, Justin's eyes intently gazing at him.

He still saw the tiredness in Jolan's bruised eyes, as did several others.

"And so the generations of Archanian nobility lay in silence, hidden from life, but living nonetheless. Creating families, bands of loving souls, brethren of love. They still exist, in areas of the world, living but waiting. Waiting for the approaching moment. Waiting for the coming of freedom."

Vera's head was turned to Jolan, taking in his voice, and his words.

"The family Fontaine was such a family. A quartet of bonded love. Vera and Sheridan, and their children Lenora and Lydia."

Jolan's face changed to a look of compassion, looking towards Vera, walking over to her, kneeling before her.

"Many have lives of hurt and sorrow, walking paths of pain and loss. We share that fate, dear lady. Our courage marks us as brethren."

The woman smiled, leaning forward and touching Jolan's face with both of her hands.

"I feel your courage in your beauty and your loving voice, child of many clans."

Jolan smiled, leaning forward and kissing her cheek, Elijah looking at both of them.

"I feel your courage in your giving heart and strong love, Vera."

The woman smiled, Jolan taking her hands in his.

"When did your husband die, Vera?"

The woman sighed, her body slightly trembling.

"He died a little over ninety years ago, Jolan. In the Great War, the war to end all wars."
Jolan nodded, squeezing her hand.

Everyone looked surprised, Vera sensing their surprise.

"Your husband Sheridan was long lived as well?" Jolan asked, Vera nodding.

"We are long of life, Jolan. But we are not immortal. We die as others die, life taken from us like everyone else. He gave his life serving man and their need for freedom. He died upon the battlefield."

"A noble man, giving his life for freedom."

Vera smiled, nodding.

"How old are you, Vera?" Chris said, the woman looking towards his confused voice.

"Older than life warrants, son. Last May I turned seventy-three in Archanian years, two hundred and ninety-two years in mortal years."

Everyone gasped, Calen's eyes upon her.

"I. . .I never knew." he softly said, Vera looking towards him.

"Such was the oath we had taken, Calen. Even love cannot destroy it. Such is the oath we live with." she softly said, Jolan squeezing her hand.

"The strength of survival, the strength of Ravenia's reasoning runs in your veins, lady of Archania."

Vera smiled, nodding.

"You are so unique, Jolan. So unique in your courage, strength and greatness. And your love. I feel it, as I feel the Archanian blood within you. That is how you sensed me, isn't it?"

Jolan nodded, smiling towards his cousins.

"As I sensed your grandchildren, Vera."
Vera smiled, looking towards them, feeling their love.

"Your grandfather Vilos sensed the greatness of their love so long ago. He himself told me how special he believed they would be."
The three young men stared quietly at the woman and Jolan, Jolan's eyes going to them.

"Yes, they are very special." he said, his eyes focusing back on Vera.

"I remembered the day Vilos came to me in search of the answer to Calen's pain. For the answer to fill his lost soul. His Badenwolf soul that was ripped out of him by that monster Fagin. My daughter Lenora was so gifted in magic, and the ancient art of Charavina; the balancing of life. It was those gifts that Vilos sought out for his son. My daughter saw easily the answer to his pain. She used her own love to balance his life."
Calen was in tears, Isaiah's arm going around him.

"She gave him her love, filling his soul's emptiness. She wrote to me after their meeting, telling me of the instant feeling of life she felt with him. Of her instant love for him. I gave her my blessing, unable to deny her her heart's need. The oath forbade me from seeing her joy. Our connection of family had to remain hidden. For the Oath of Selaria is a pact of life to all Archanians. We must honor it or be lost upon the path of time. Such we accept as we take that oath."

"An oath of life, a true pact with family and life." Jolan said, the woman nodding.

"To be Archanian is to be true to your past and your family."

Jolan nodded, standing up again, looking down at Vera and then at Calen's sons.

"But those of Archanian descent can easily sense others of their race, the Oath a beacon of life. You feel each other."
Vera nodded, as did the three young men.

"When did my grandfather seek you out, Vera?"
Vera looked over towards Calen, the man staring at her.

"A month before his death, Jolan. He was dying even then, I felt it in his soul. He knew the truth in that, we had a long discussion over it. I could not heal him from life's final end."

Jolan nodded, his eyes going to his uncles and his father.

He saw the moistness of their grey eyes, knowing the emotion of that moment in their father's life.

"A strong man finally at the end of his life."
"Yes, Jolan. But indeed strong, and resilient to the end. He came to see me for a reason. To guarantee the future."

Jolan looked at Calen, his uncle staring at Vera.

"What was the reasoning behind his visit, Vera?"
Vera sighed, Elijah's arm going around her.

"He had had a dream, a vision he called it. He had told me of the birth of his triplet grandchildren. My daughter's birth of three sons of Archanian beauty. The first three of his six grandchildren he said he envisioned would come. I see and hear now that he was correct. Athos, Isaiah, Mathias, Krayos, Jennica and you Jolan. Six of worth and love he called you, although he did not know of you or your sister or Krayos. He only said that the six together would be a force of guiding life."

"Even then the future played out before him." Jolan softly said, Vera nodding.

"Yes, Jolan. He was a wise, intelligent man. I could feel from his words and stance that he'd seen the future of all six of you."
"Yes, I'm sure he had. Maybe not the true details, but enough to know what he had to do to ensure our paths remained on course."

Jolan's eyes went to Jennie, the young girl nodding.

"What was the reason he went to you, Vera?"

The woman sighed, lowering her head.

"He told me that my daughter was destined not to see her sons grow into the men they are today. He knew that she would be taken from them."

Calen looked upon the woman with shock, Jolan's eyes going to him.

"That would be a hard truth to hear, dear lady."
"He did not want to tell me, but in the end his soul could not forego his grandchildren. He knew that they needed me to guide them forward on their Archanian paths. And so he asked me to join my daughter in raising her children. It was an easy choice for me to accept. She was my daughter and I loved her. I loved her from the moment I first held her in my arms. A mother's love carries great distances, Jolan. No distance could extinguish our love for each other. It showed again the first day I saw her again. It didn't show in our faces, or our eyes, it showed in our hearts. And in hers I saw the savageness of the disease killing her."
Vera's head lowered, Calen's eyes filled with tears.

"We are not immortal, Jolan. We Archanians are long lived, but mortal to the diseases of this world. My daughter was filled with the cancer. It destroyed the strength within her. But she died as she lived. Courageous, loving and surrounded by love."
Calen sobbed, Athos' arms going around him, Mathias rubbing his shoulder.

"She was courageous, Vera. And her love shines in her sons' eyes." Jolan said, looking towards the three young men.

"I know, Jolan. I kept my word to Vilos. I cared for them from their early youth, watching their love grow, their Archanian souls growing as well."
Jolan nodded, smiling at the three, his eyes returning to Vera's tearful face.

"A grandmother could do no less. As she's done for her other grandson." Jolan said, his eyes going to Elijah, the young man staring quietly at him.

Vera's eyes moved towards her right, her hand squeezing Elijah's.

"You remained with Calen upon Lenora's death, staying here and giving your grandsons your love. And letting them have Calen's as well."
Vera nodded, smiling towards Calen.

"They grew surrounded by our love." Calen softly said, his three sons looking upon him and the older woman.

"She stayed here until her accident, am I correct Uncle?" Jolan said, getting up and walking over to the fireplace, staring up at his aunt's portrait.

"Yes, Jolan. It was Vera's decision to leave here. She never really gave a valid reason. I didn't care that she had been blinded that terrible night. Her loving soul was ours to love." Calen said, his eyes going to the woman, Vera remaining still.

Jolan sighed, his head lowering, looking into the dying embers of the fireplace.

"You love was theirs, Vera. You didn't have to leave, even for his sake." Jolan said, the woman trembling and looking towards Jolan.

"I had to, Jolan. To protect all of them. Most of all Calen."

Jolan turned around, staring at the woman, then at Elijah, the young man's arm around his grandmother.

Calen's eyes were on the two as well, then on Jolan.

"Protect me?"
"Yes, Uncle. Vera's accident was no accident."


Jolan walked across the room, Justin's eyes on him.

He easily saw Jolan's tiredness, but also his resolve.

Whatever was going on here he wanted to show it in the open.

"What accident happened, Vera?" Joey said, Lance's arm around him, the two seated together on a couch behind Isaiah's.

"It. . .it was a car accident."

Jolan knelt before the woman, his eyes going to Calen.

"Come here, Uncle."

Calen rose up, slowly walking over to the three, Jolan watching him.

Calen sat down beside Vera, Elijah looking at him.

"I think it is time the truth was said, the pain of love denied ended."

Calen looked into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing the love shining through.

Jolan's hands went forward, taking Vera's left hand, and Calen's right.

"Loneliness and grief are the two greatest pains that a person can endure. I know the depth of that pain, for I was lost unto myself, lost unto my family." Jolan said, his eyes going to his family, the three staring at him with loving tears.

"But the greater joy is love; deep, true, revealed love. Sometimes you find it in the most unlikely places. I think you both owe Elijah that truth."

Calen's eyes turned, looking at Vera.

"Jolan. . .I. . ."

Jolan's hand went forward, going to Calen's shoulder.

"To be loved is to know love, Uncle. I see before me a man who was truly loved. By so many. By two of individuality as well. His dearest Lenora, the flower of his soul. And then after her a flowering beauty in her own right."
Jolan's eyes went to Vera, seeing the tears falling from behind her dark glasses.

"Lenora was the light of your life, Lydia was the blossoming flame. A flame extinguished far too early, and for such a horrific reason."

It was now Vera's time to sob, her body visibly trembling.

"How. . .how can you know? It's. . .it's so. . ."
"Unbelievable, dear lady?"

The woman nodded, everyone in the room staring in silent confusion at the four joined together.

Elijah's face wore the greatest confusion.
"Horrific reason, Jolan? What does that mean?" Justin said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

Jolan stood up again, staring down at the three seated together, his hands joining together.

"Something lay behind all the silence, behind all the puzzlement I read within the Tome and within this house. I sensed something."

Everyone's eyes were trained on Jolan, the young man looking around the room, and upwards.

"I sensed myself, or my inner self within this house the moment I entered it. It took me some time to sense what I was feeling. At first I sensed it was you, Father. My being here in your family home, that perhaps your soul still lingered here. Justin made me realize it wasn't that I was feeling. It took me a lot of thinking, reasoning and using magic to feel what it was. I now know what it was. Elijah, have you visited here before?"
The young man nodded, looking towards Athos.

"Yes, Jolan. Athos brought me here a few times to play and have fun." he softly said, Calen looking towards the young man.

"I assumed as much. I realize now that it was you I was sensing here."

"Me? Why would you sense me? I am no one of importance, magical or whatever?" the young man said, Jolan's eyes going to Calen, then to Vera, and then returning to the young man.

"You underestimate yourself, Elijah. Everyone is important on the path of life." Jolan said, sighing softly.

Justin rose up, walking over to him, wrapping his arm around him.

"Jolan, you're exhausted. I feel it and see it easily. We should end this for tonight."

Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"It's alright, my love. I shall gain strength from my brother."

Justin looked confused.

Jolan's eyes went to his uncle, Calen staring at him.

"Come here, Elijah. Please." Jolan said, his voice laced with friendship and kindness.

The young man stared at him for a moment, then slowly rose up, Calen staring at him.

The man walked up to Jolan, Jolan smiling at him, pulling him against him, wrapping him in a tight embrace.

Justin stood silent, staring at the two.

"Welcome to my love, Elijah. Brother of my Badenwolf soul."


Everyone looked shocked, staring at the two young men hugging.

"Badenwolf? Elijah's a Badenwolf?" Simus said, standing up and staring at Jolan and the young man as they separated.

The young man looked totally shocked.

"Yes, Uncle. That is what I sensed in this house. The essence of a Badenwolf soul. A free soul. Your soul hasn't been robbed from you. You have your Badenwolf soul, just like myself."

"I. . .I am a. . .I'm a wolf?" the young man stuttered, looking stunned.

Jolan smiled at him, his eyes going to Vera Fontaine.

"May I tell him, Vera? Or would you like to enlighten his confusion?"

Vera slowly nodded, her head lowering, Calen squeezing her hand, their hands still joined.

Jolan's eyes went back to Elijah, the young man staring at him.

"Your grandfather, Sheridan Fontaine, was a Badenwolf, Elijah. Vera's husband was long lived, just not an Archanian. He was of the clan of Dahlia Lantos, her cousin, my grandmother's cousin as well."
The young man nodded, looking at his grandmother.

"Their daughter Lydia was your mother, Elijah. She died in the same accident that blinded your grandmother."
"I. . .I never knew her, Jolan. I was only an infant when she died." the young man said softly, still looking at his grandmother.

He moved from Jolan, walking over and kneeling before her, resting his hands on her knees.

"Why didn't you tell me, Gramma? I would have accepted it. Is it true?"
"Yes, Eli. It is true. Your grandfather was a full Badenwolf, your mother. . .she was half Badenwolf half Archanian." she softly said, the young man moving forward and wrapping his arms around her.

"I. . .I have a past! I finally know who I am!" he said, tears falling from his eyes, hugging his grandmother.

"I'm sorry, Eli! I'm sorry I was a coward for not telling you. But you. . .you would have then. . ." she said, tears on her own face.

The young man pulled back, looking at her.

"I would have then what?"

The woman remained silent, another voice speaking.

"You would have then. . .then wanted to know who your father was."


Elijah's green eyes turned, staring at the man who'd spoken.

He stared into the grey eyes of Calen Dragos.

Calen had risen up, walking over to the fireplace while Elijah had hugged his grandmother.

He'd looked up at his wife's portrait, then had turned and spoken, staring at the young man who now held his gaze.

"You. . .you are my father?"

Calen stared at the young man, Jolan walking up to him.

"It's true, isn't it, Jolan? I. . .I never knew. . .we. . .we were only together for a short time. . .and then. . ." Calen said, his voice trailing off, his head lowering.

Jolan's hand went to his shoulder.

"She arrived a few months after Lenora's death. She was so beautiful, so like Lenora in so many ways. . .so loving, so caring. We spent so much time together, she wanting to know so much about her sister, about her life with me. We became inseparable. I came to. . .I came to love her, not as greatly as my Lenora, but separate. Her love was so like hers." Calen said, his tearful eyes looking upwards.

"And then one day she left, she just walked out of our lives. The boys don't remember her now, they were only small children then."
"She didn't just walk out, Calen."

Calen's eyes turned, looking at the older woman seated alone.

Jolan's eyes were on her as well, the young man walking over to her, sitting down beside her, taking her hand in his.

"A loving child of life, a child running out of time."

Vera nodded, Jolan looking at her.

"The writing was on the wall, Jolan. Lydia was so like Lenora. Two young women of giving hearts, and loving souls. I saw what was going on with her and Calen, I saw her love entering his heart as Lenora's had. He saw in her my Lenora's loving soul. I saw her look at him with longing, a longing she knew she couldn't have."
"Because of her Badenwolf soul?"
Calen's eyes widened, Jolan looking at him.

"She was her father's child, Jolan. Lenora was the Archanian half of our love, Lydia was the Badenwolf. And she knew that to stay here, would endanger Calen and also the child she knew she carried. Calen's child."

Calen teared up, staring at his former mother-in-law.
"Why. . .why didn't she tell me? I would have claimed him as my own."
Vera's eyes moved towards Calen.

"She knew that, Calen. But she also knew what hunted her, what hunted her clan. The evil that still lingers out there in the darkness. The evil that laid claim to so many of them. She left to protect you, Calen. So that Fagin wouldn't be drawn to you again. She knew of the pain within your soul, her Badenwolf soul feeling yours, but your lost soul not feeling her worth."

Calen lowered his head, Jolan looking at him.

"What happened to her, Vera?" Chris said, the woman trembling again.

"If it's too painful, I shall tell them."
Vera smiled, hearing the tenderness in Jolan' voice.

"So giving is your love, Jolan. It seeps from your soul."
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek.

"Lydia walked out of my life as well, Calen. I didn't see her for over two years. Then one night she returned, lost unto herself. She told me stories of horror, of her brethren's falling to the evil of Fagin's torture. She was being hunted by the beast. In her arms she carried little Elijah, my grandson. And also your son, Calen."
Calen's eyes went to the young man, Elijah staring at him.

"We sat and talked all of it through. I knew there was only one place where she and the child would be safe. Here with you, hidden behind the walls of Bloodstone. You were hidden in the protection of your father's home, as I sense you've always known you were."
Vera's eyes went around the room, sensing out the magic.

"I feel it, Calen. I feel his spell of enchantment. You, and your family, have hidden in safety here, lost to the eyes of those hunting you."

Calen looked at Jolan, the young man silent beside the woman.

"Your father's magic lingers here, Dragosans. I feel it in my Archanian soul, as have your sons, Calen."

Calen looked at his three sons.

"I was on my way here that night, Calen. I was coming here to ask you for help. Lydia was with me. We never made it. Thank God little Elijah wasn't with us. They drove us off the road. . .they. . .they were following her."

Jolan's arm went around the woman, Elijah moving to her side, his arm going around her as well.

"My sweet, little Lydia! She was just a child of twenty, such a vision of love and life. . .she was. . .!"

Calen walked over to the threesome, kneeling before the woman.

"My Lydia. . .they pulled her from the car. . .he stepped out of the vehicle, his eyes. . .they were so red. . .so evil!"
"It's alright, Grandmother. He's gone." Elijah said, holding her against him, Jolan smiling at him.

"He took her soul. . .then he. . .he took her. Then he. . .he looked at me. . .he knew I wasn't Badenwolf. . .so he. . .he. . ." the woman said, breaking down, Elijah holding her.

"He knew you weren't Badenwolf, so he blinded you with his magic. He took her after gaining her powerful soul. He is evil incarnate."

Vera nodded, crying against Elijah's chest.

"I'm sorry, Elijah. . .I'm sorry I couldn't save her."
"It's alright, Grandmother. We have each other." the young man said, his eyes going to Calen's.

"She was a beautiful soul, Vera. She was so like her sister. And both were so like you."
Vera moved, Calen pulling her forward, his arms going around her.

"I'm sorry, Calen. I'm sorry for deceiving you."
"All is forgiven, Vera. Your love, our love, has never wavered."

Elijah looked at the man kneeling before him, his grandmother in his arms.

"Hello, Father."

Calen stared at the young man, Vera moving back, Calen standing.

Elijah stood up, the two staring at each other.

Jolan stood up as well, looking at both men.

"They are gone, the past is just that. Their love remains in our hearts. Cherish those we remember, but live for those that remain. I'm sorry for dragging all of this out, but love needs to shine. Truth needs to breathe in order to live. Today I believe a new family can live."

Elijah stared at Jolan, hearing his words.

His green eyes turned, staring into Calen's grey.

They immediately filled with tears, the young man moving forward, his father embracing him.

"I have a father! I have a life!"

Jolan smiled, his eyes going to his own father.

Joel walked up to him, his arm going around him, Justin joining him.

Everyone stood, staring at the two men embraced together.

"You. . .you are remarkable, my son."

Jolan looked into his father's grey eyes.

"Not that remarkable, Father. I am just love."


Justin smiled, Jolan trembling a little.

Jolan looked down at his hand, Justin staring at his ringed finger.

"Jo. . .your ring, it's glowing!"

"As they all are, Justin. The One Council summons, Father."

Simus looked down at his ring, its grey center glowing softly.

Calen broke the embrace with his son, staring at his own ring.

"They summon only in times of trouble, Nephew."

His eyes then met Jolan's, the young man removing the ring from his finger, offering it to his father.

"I return this to you, Father. It is time I took hold of my future."
Joel took the ring, staring at his son.

"Go to them Father, and Uncles. I know what has transpired. I await his reckoning."

Jolan staggered, Justin's arms around him, Joel grabbing him as well.

"I'm so tired, Jus. I need to rest."
Justin nodded, Jolan softly smiling at him.

Elijah walked up to Jolan, the young man staring at him.

"Jolan. . .I. . .what you've given me today."

"I know, Elijah. And I have so much more to give."
Elijah stared at the young man, Jolan moving forward and kissing his cheek.

"Friendship, love and kinship. I have all to give."
The young man smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"We shall talk soon, Elijah. Right now, you need to talk with your family."
Elijah nodded, walking over to his grandmother, Vera rising from her seat.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped, Jolan smiling and walking towards the room's doorway.

"Goodnight, everyone." he softly said, Justin walking with him through the doorway.

Everyone stared after them as the two men left the room, their eyes then going back to Vera.

Vera was staring after Jolan, the woman visibly trembling.

"Gramma, what's wrong?" Elijah said, his arm going around her.

"To feel his love is to see his soul. My eyes look upon love." she said, removing her dark glasses.

Elijah stared into her violet eyes.

"I can see you, Elijah. I see again through his love."



End of Chapter 108


Well, well.

An interesting chapter of renewing family secrets.

It seems the path is woven more tightly than we imagined.

Calen is Elijah's father.

What will that do to his love for Krayos?


Seems our Jolan has somehow healed Vera's eyesight.

Our loving Jolan seems to know everything.

What did he mean by his awaiting his reckoning?


Only I know the answers to those questions.

And you'll just have to keep reading to find out what they are.



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