Jolan's Path - Chapter 109


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 109


Jolan woke up, feeling a warmth resting against him.

He looked down, Hayden's head laying against his chest.

Jolan smiled, the boy's body laying completely on top of him.

Justin murmured in his sleep, his arms pulling the two against him.

Jolan sighed, feeling the warmth and love of his two men sleeping with him in their bed.

His head moved, Jolan's eyes going to the large windows, seeing dawn's early light cascading into the room.

He sighed, his thoughts going over the last few days, and their revealing truths.

His family was together again, his parents and Jennie again in his life.

His grey eyes teared at that thought, a soft smile gracing his face.

Justin's arms tightened around Jolan, Jolan  knowing the man had sensed his emotions.

The two of them were getting very close with their souls and their feelings.

Jolan's eyes went to the man's face, taking in the beauty of the man he loved.

His heart filled with the realization that this man loved him back equally.

Jolan's smile widened, his eyes taking in the vision of Justin's beauty.

Jolan smiled realizing that it was more than the man's beauty he'd won.

It was his beauty, his love, and his soul.

Jolan's eyes went to the young boy sleeping on top of him, the boy's eyes closed, lost in dreamland.

His son, and his life.

Jolan's fingers went through his curly hair, feeling the softness of its beauty.

His eyes closed, thinking of his Uncle Calen and Elijah.

So many years of lost love needing to be recaptured.

I love you, Hayden. I'll always show you that every day, he thought.

"Me wuv you too, Daddy."

Jolan's eyes opened, two blue orbs staring up at him.

Hayden's face was covered in a wide smile, the boy moving upwards, his lips kissing Jolan's.

"Morning, Daddy. Me knows you wuvs me."

Jolan smiled, tears in his grey eyes, his arms going around the boy's small frame.

"I do, Hay. You're my special boy."
The boy smiled, snuggling against his father.

Their eyes met again, Hayden smiling.

"Your eyes okays now, Daddy."

Jolan smiled, kissing the boy's cheek.

"I'm fine now, my special little boy."

"That's good to hear, Jo."

Jolan's eyes moved, Justin's blue pools staring into his.

"If Hay's your special boy, what am I?"

Jolan smiled, as did Hay.

"You are my special angel!" Jolan sang, Justin smiling widely at Jolan's musical answer.

Justin laughed, leaning forward, his and Jolan's lips meeting, Hayden smiling.

"Me gets kissies too, Poppa!"

Justin and Jolan laughed in mid-kiss, Justin's lips going to the boy's chest, Hayden beginning to laugh.

Jolan smiled as the boy leapt on top of Justin, his two men beginning to play.

Hayden's boisterous laughter filled the room, Jolan smiling at Justin's love for the boy.


The boy calmed down, snuggling on top of his Poppa, Justin smiling at Jolan, his man snuggling against him.

"Feeling better, my love? Your eyes are back to normal. The bruising is all gone, with no surprise, my healing lover."

Jolan smiled, staring into Justin's blue concerned filled eyes.

"I'm fine, Jus. Back to normal, as normal as I can be."

Justin's eyebrows furrowed, not liking Jolan putting himself down.

The man smiled.

"Yes, I'd call you abnormal."
Jolan looked confused.

"A Beautiful normal."

Jolan smiled, then laughed at Justin's use of the A.B. initials in the word.

"You're corny, my love. That's why I love you."
Justin smiled wider, Jolan kissing him again.

The two snuggled more, Hayden's hand on Jolan's chest, playing with the ring hanging around his throat.

"Pretty ring, Daddy."
Jolan nodded, his finger going to it as well.

"The ring of history, Hay. The history of our family."
The boy smiled, Justin's eyes meeting Jolan's.

"Another revealing day, my love."
Jolan sighed, slowly sitting up in bed, Justin's hand rubbing his back.

"Yes, my love. My mind floods with truths, the book and this place revealing them to me." he said, looking around the room, then out the windows at the sunlight beginning to fill the room.

"And your love joins others, as it always has."
Jolan smiled, looking back into his lover's blue eyes, Justin and Hayden looking at him.

"I just had to let them know, hearts needed life."

Justin smiled, hearing the love in Jolan's voice.

"And your healing love works wonders."
Jolan's head lowered, Justin sitting up, Hayden climbing off him, sitting down between them, grabbing Tigger off the bed.

The two men smiled at the boy, Hayden talking to the stuffed animal.

"After you fell asleep, Josh knocked on the door. He told me about Vera's happiness."
Jolan's eyes met Justin's.

"She was blinded by evil, Jus. An evil I could easily remove."

Jolan climbed out of bed, pulling on his robe, Justin staring at him.

The young man walked across the room, pulling open the balcony door, walking out into the cool morning sunlight.

"You play with Tigger, Hay. Poppa needs to talk to Daddy." Justin said, the boy smiling up at him.

"Okays, Poppa. Me waits for yous to baths me."
Justin smiled, kissing the boy's cheek, the boy pulling the stuffed tiger against him, laying back in the pillows.

Justin got up, pulling on his robe and slippers, walking out onto the balcony.


Jolan felt two strong arms wrap around him, two lips kissing his neck.

"It's freezing out here, Jo."

Jolan looked out onto the snowy covered grounds of his father's home.

"Coldness covers the world, and many hearts."

Justin spun the young man around, staring into his grey eyes.

"Let my love warm yours, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, their lips meeting, feeling that warm love flood both of them.

Jolan broke the kiss, his head laying against Justin's chest.

"Your love gives so much, Jo. To so many."

"I need to give it, Jus. They are my family, friends and brethren."
Justin nodded, his arms wrapped around his life.

"Your mind lays heavy with worry, my love. I feel it."
Jolan's head raised, looking out into the morning sunlight.

"There's so much ahead, Justin. So much danger, worry and drama."
"And there's love, Jolan. I sense the dawning of a great love." Justin said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"And you're the center of it, Jolan. You are the nexus of the path, as you said. Your love draws in and radiates back."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"Yes, Justin. My love is the center of it all. I hope you're okay with that?"

Justin smiled, his lips again meeting Jolan's.

"I love you, Jolan. I feel the very center of that love. It's right where I want to be."
Jolan smiled, snuggling into his man's embrace.

"The path widens, Jus. Whatever happens always remember that I'm yours. I'll never leave you."

Justin teared up, pulling the man deeper into him.

"And I'll never leave you, my angel."

Jolan met his lips again, their love flowing.

They broke their kiss, their eyes meeting.

"Let's get our boy ready, Jus. He hasn't hit the pool yet. Four days here and no swimming? He's like a fish out of water!"

Justin laughed, Jolan smiling at him, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Jus. And I love Hayden. You two are my life. I do all of this for you."
Justin smiled, taking Jolan's hand in his.

"We love you back, Jo. Our lives are fulfilled."

Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's lips lightly.

"And they need to be filled with my cooking. Come on, let me feed my men!"

Justin smiled, pulling Jolan back into the warm bedroom.


Lynn laughed, walking into the room, seeing so many smiling, wet faces.

Melina, Daphne and Domo followed her, all three carrying platters of food.

Everyone was relaxing around the pool, an afternoon pool party in full swing.

Jolan had cooked everyone breakfast, the clan meeting in the Queen's Room for the meal.

The discussions had been all about the day before, Jolan answering as many questions as he could.

Calen had hugged him tightly, Jolan feeling the happiness within his soul.

"Thank you, Jolan. For giving me my son, and for healing Vera's tortured soul. We talked long and truthfully about all of your revealed love." he said, his eyes filled with tears.

"You are my family, Uncle. As they are now as well. I always give everything to those I love."

Everyone had smiled at those words, Jolan's eyes meeting all of theirs.

The meal had been happy, Jolan the center of everyone's love.

After breakfast Joel, Calen and Simus had departed for London, their meeting with the One Council arranged.

Jolan did not go, the three hearing his determination on that point.

Everyone had seen them off in the grand foyer.

"They won't like it, Jolan. They fully expect you to appear before them." Simus said, his arm around Cory, the young man going with them.
"My former declaration still stands, Uncles and Father. I will see them soon enough."

The three Dragosans nodded, Jolan hugging all four, the four receiving kisses on their cheeks.

"Hurry back, my family. Time is of the essence." he said, quietly walking away from the four, everyone watching him disappear into the Room of Family.

"Something's going on, Justin. The Council summons only in times of trouble." Simus said, staring after his nephew.

Justin's eyes met his, Calen's hand going to his shoulder.

"Is Jolan alright, Justin?"
"His heart lays heavy with troubled thoughts, Uncle. I think he knows why you've been summoned. He wouldn't say time is of the essence if he didn't mean it."

Calen nodded, releasing his hand from Justin's shoulder.

"Then we should get going. We'll be back soon, it should take about five hours. London's two hours away."

Justin nodded, everyone hugging the four goodbye.

Justin--followed by everyone else--walked across the grand hall into the Room of Family.

They saw Jolan standing in front of his grandfather's portrait, Hayden running past Justin, his father kneeling as the boy climbed into his arms.

Jolan stood up with the child, kissing his cheek.

"I have a wonderful idea, Hay. Let's go swimming!"
The boy's face lit up with a wide smile, everyone unable to not smile at the boy's joy.

"Really, Daddy? Insides?"

Jolan smiled widely, looking at everyone.

"How about a pool party, everyone?"

Everyone agreed, smiles widening.

Justin's arms went around his two men, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"Four days, Jus. Four days and our fish hasn't hit the water!"

Hayden laughed, Justin and Jolan both smiling.


The three women and Domo sat down the platters, looking around at everyone.

"There's more, Martha's cooked up a storm. Lunch should be ready momentarily." Lynn said, the four heading back towards the kitchen.

Calen's staff had returned that morning after breakfast, Martha commandeering her kitchen again, the mothers and others relinquishing their aprons to her.

Jolan smiled at all four as they left through the pool house's doorway, his eyes scanning the pool area.

His family and friends were having fun, many in the pool, others relaxing in chairs or on blankets.

Justin sat in the shallow end of the pool, Hayden and Sean between his legs.

Britney sat beside him, Stevie and Jayden splashing in front of her.

Jolan looked around, seeing all the masculine, muscled forms before him.

Chace and Lance were diving off the diving board; Joey, Chris, Bill and Lonnie were swimming in the deep end, Sandra, Jessica, Ally, Rachel and Kelly with them.

Leo, Randall, Paul and Auntie Gee were playing cards at a table, others seated around them, the air filled with friendly laughter and talk.

Jolan's eyes went to his three cousins, the three laying in loungers Sid seated beside Isaiah, the two talking.

All three Archanians still remained out of the pool, their sleek torsos covered in t-shirts and baggy shorts.

Sid was wearing a pair of black swim trunks, his nude torso muscular and smooth, Isaiah's eyes going to it often.

Jolan smiled, someone sitting down beside him.

His eyes moved to his left, Josh's smiling face staring at him.

"The water's warm, Jo. You haven't gone in yet."
Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's wet cheek, his eyes scanning his almost nude body.

Josh wore a small black Speedo, almost identical to the one Chace and Justin were both wearing.

When the three men had removed their robes, Jolan's eyes had gone immediately to his lover standing between the two other men.

His Justin's body had never looked so revealing, and appealing.

His smooth, taut, muscular body had filled Jolan's heart with desire.

And the two masculine visions that stood around him only added to Jolan's desires.

All three had smiled at Jolan, their beauty taken in by him.

"I've been relaxing, Joshy. Just watching everyone having fun. My boy and man are happy, so I'm happy."

Josh smiled, his white teeth gleaming with happiness.

"Know the feeling, Jo. Chace is beyond happy, so I'm happy."
Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"We've decided on a date, Jo. What with your and Justin's engagement, and the last few days of excitement, we thought we'd save our announcement till later. But we want you and Jus to know first, since you're our best men."
Jolan smiled, his arm going around the man.

"Awesome, Joshy! So, when?"

Josh smiled, seeing the happiness in Jolan's face, and the intense love.

"April twenty-fourth. It will be the second anniversary of when we first met."

Jolan smiled, pulling the man into a deep hug.

"That's fantastic, Joshy! But time is short. So much to do!"

Josh smiled, hearing Jolan's excitement.

"Yep, lots to do. I'll need your help so much, Jo."
Jolan smiled, leaning forward and kissing the man on the lips.

"I'm here for you in all ways, Josh. Use me and abuse me."

Josh laughed, Jolan smiling.

"Is that an offer?"

Jolan laughed, slapping Josh's wet chest.

"I'm making you an offer you can't refuse." Jolan said, in his best Marlon Brando imitation.

Josh laughed, Jolan joining him.

"What's the joke, love?"

Jolan's eyes went upward, Justin standing in front of him, his wet smooth body in full view.

Jolan took in every inch of his man, his heart filling with desire.

"Jo's going Mafioso on me, Jus. I think he's about to put a hit on me." Josh laughed, Jolan grinning.

"Oh, yeah. I wanna hit that!"

Josh erupted in laughter again, Justin looking confused, Jolan smiling at him.

"Inside joke, Jus. I'll tell you later."
Justin smiled, sitting down in Jolan's lap, Jolan trembling.

"You're all wet and cold, Jus!"

"I thought you liked me wet?" he said, seductively.

Josh grinned, his laughter receding.

"Oh, I like you wet, and I love you in that Speedo. Woof!"

Justin laughed, his lover kissing his wet chest.

"Why aren't you coming in, my love? The water's great, and Hay's been looking for you."
Jolan smiled, his eyes going to his son, the little boy waving, sitting in Lance's lap in the pool.

Jolan waved back, Justin kissing his neck.

"I was just relaxing, taking all the love in." he said, Justin looking at him.

"Are you still tired, Jo?" Justin said, beginning to get up off him, Jolan pulling him back into his lap.

"I'll never be tired of your love, my angel."

Justin smiled, Jolan kissing him tenderly, Josh sitting beside them smiling.

"Wonderful." Justin said softly when Jolan broke the kiss.

"Josh just told me they've set a date. April twenty-fourth."

Justin grinned, pulling his friend up with him, hugging him tightly.

"That's awesome, Joshy! We're going to make it the best wedding ever!"

Josh smiled, Justin's arms still around him.

"It will be the best, with my Josh in my arms." Chace's voice spoke, the man walking up to the three.

The three men smiled, Chace's arms going around Josh, Jolan smiling up at the three.

Josh smiled, Chace kissing him tenderly.

The four heard a loud groan, the three standing men's bodies turning, Chris, Britney and Joey standing in front of them.

"Do you gay guys have to tongue so much in public?" Chris said, Britney slapping his shoulder, Chris blushing a little.

Jolan smiled, looking at the man.

"What a wonderful idea, Frosty! Let's start spreading the saliva, guys. Come here, baby." Jolan said, looking seductively at Justin.

Justin grinned, plopping down on Jolan's lap again, the two wrapping their arms around each other, Jolan's tongue licking all over Justin's wet chest.

Chris rolled his eyes, his face looking like he was about to throw up.

"I think I'm going to be sick! Nasty, Jo. You'll get sick on all that Timberlake scum!"

Jolan laughed, Justin grinning.

"I'll be okay, Frosty. Justin can take my temperature with his thermometer. Stick it in deep Jus, so you get a good reading."

Everyone burst into laughter, Jolan's the loudest, Chris blushing deeply.

"You are sick, Dragos! And not in a healthy way!"
Jolan laughed, he and Justin getting up, Jolan walking up to Chris, the man folding his arms, staring at him.

"You always make me laugh, Frosty. My smile widens with your loving barbs."
Chris slowly smiled, nodding at him.

"I'll keep it up then."
Jolan smiled, looking towards Britney.

"That should make Bitzy happy."
Chris rolled his eyes, everyone sharing their laughter.

"I meant the barbs!"

"Please do. But remember your icy butt, Frosty."
Everyone laughed, Chris blushing.

"Can you drop the Frosty stuff? It's getting old."

Jolan smiled, looking towards Britney.

"Yeah, I guess I should. I know Britney's love has melted that snowman."

Chris smiled, Britney's arm going around him.

"Yep. And under all that snow, was a loving man."

Chris' smile widened, Britney then kissing him deeply.

"Ugh, more tongue! Speaking of nasty!" Jolan said, everyone laughing, including Britney in mid-kiss.

Chris backed up, Britney blushing, Chris then laughing.

"Okay, I'll cave on the tonguing. I see your point, Jo."
Britney smiled at Jolan, Chris wrapping his arms around her again.

"We just came over to see if you were okay, Jo. You haven't been swimming." Chris said, Jolan smiling at their concern.

"Okay, I get everyone's concern. Gee, a guy can't even relax around here." Jolan said, Justin's arm going around him.

"We just care about you, love."
"I know, love. I know you all love me."
Everyone smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Actually, I just wanted to relax and watch all of you having fun. I've picked up on something I need to do."
Everyone looked at Jolan, the young man smiling.

"Be right back guys."

Jolan moved, walking over towards his cousins.

"What's he up to now?" Chris said, everyone's eyes following the young man.


Jolan smiled, looking down at his three cousins and Sid, the four smiling up at him from their loungers.

"Everyone says the water's warm, guys. Why haven't you enjoyed your own pool?" Jolan said, smiling at his three cousins.

The three men's eyes lowered for a moment, Isaiah's head raising.

"We. . .we just feel out of place here, Jolan. Everyone looks so perfect, so filled with happiness and love. We. . .we didn't want to intrude on that happiness."

Jolan smiled, sitting down on the edge of Athos' lounger.

The young man looked into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing the continuing love shining back.

"Do your remember the last time we met here?" Jolan said, the three slowly nodding.

"It was a revealing moment of love and acceptance. You three accepted my loving friendship, and my giving love. I found the same acceptance. Nothing's changed in that regard. And it won't change for any of them, either. They will accept the real you." Jolan said, his eyes going over to his Justin, and their friends, all looking towards him.

"I saw the beauty of all three of you, un-winged and winged. Neither apparition differed from the other. You guys are beyond beautiful, it's time you realized that. Others already have."

Sid's eyes met Isaiah's, the young Archanian smiling at him.

Jolan smiled to himself, not looking at the two, respecting their secret.

"We're family and friends here. We accept each other for who and what we are. But word of warning, I'm sure Chris will have some smart ass remark to say."
The three young men laughed, Sidney smiling at Jolan.

"So what say you guys? Want to race me to the pool?" Jolan smiled, Isaiah standing up, smiling down at him.

His hand went to his t-shirt pulling it over his head.

Sidney's eyes were drawn to his perfect, sculpted, muscular chest.

His shorts met the t-shirt on the lounger, Isaiah standing in a blue Speedo, his beauty revealed.

"I'll give you a head start, Jo. You are older, you know."

Jolan laughed, as did his cousins, Athos and Mathias standing up, removing their clothing.

They wore the same Speedos as the last time Jolan had taken in their vision of beauty.

Jolan took off, his smooth muscular form racing towards the pool, three Archanian beauties and Sid chasing him.

Jolan dove into the water, almost immediately followed by four muscular men.

Everyone stood around the pool or in it, staring at the three muscular visions that had disappeared under the surface.

"Wow, did you see their bodies? They are walking Adonises." Chace said, Josh's arm going around him.

"And you are their God."

Chace smiled, so much love showing in his eyes as he kissed Josh, Justin smiling.

"Visions of beauty, revealed in love by my Jo." he said, Britney smiling at him.

"Your man saw their bashfulness, his love destroying their fear."
Justin smiled, Britney kissing his cheek, Chris walking towards the pool's edge.

"I didn't see any wings though. I think that's all fantasy." he said, everyone looking towards him.

Chris turned, staring into the pool, watching a form glide under the water, the water right in front of him opening up, Jolan's wet form propelled upwards out of the water, one hand grabbing onto Chris' right leg.

Chris screamed, falling forward, hitting the water with a big splash.

Everyone laughed, going to the pool's edge, Jolan smiling up at them, Chris rising up out of the water, breaking the surface.

"I just got dried off, you schmuck!"

"Dry minds need wetting constantly." Jolan said, three young men swimming towards the two.

Isaiah smiled at Jolan, Athos and Mathias swimming beside him.

Athos' eyes went to Chris', the man staring at him.

"We heard your words, Chris. Our hearing is acute, and focused. I believe it's time we revealed ourselves. Thank you, Jolan, for showing us that."

Jolan smiled, looking into the young man's violet eyes, Sidney having swam up beside Isaiah.

"You only have to reveal your love, Athy. And that we already see."
The young man smiled, nodding at his brothers.

"I think I'll take a nice dive. Care to join me, Chris?" he said, looking at Chris.

"No, thanks." Chris said, Athos smiling, then turning and swimming towards the deep end of the pool.

Chris, along with everyone else looked after the young man, taking in the soft shell now revealed on his back.

Chris' eyes widened, Chris then swimming to the pool's edge, climbing out and standing up beside his girlfriend.

"Did you see his back? No wings, but it looks strange." Chris said, his eyes looking after the swimming youth.

Jolan smiled, watching everyone watch the young man climb out of the pool beside the diving board, his beautifully sculpted, smooth body on display for everyone.

Athos climbed the diving board's ladder, reaching the top, his smooth muscular body revealed on the plank, his center covered by a white Speedo.

He stood at the edge of the diving board, looking down at everyone in the room staring up at him.

"I am Archanian, I am me." he said, running forward, two webbed membranes flowing out from his back.

He dove off the diving board, his smooth sleek body airborne across the pool, his wings expanded in flight.

The young man flew over their heads, circling around the room, everyone's surprised eyes upon the young man.

Jolan and his other two cousins were smiling upwards at Athos, the young man circling back, descending gracefully in front of Chris and his friends, Justin's eyes on the muscular youth as he landed in front of him.

"Graceful and beautiful, Athos." Jolan said from the pool's edge, still in the water.

The young man smiled, looking towards Justin and Chris.

"Thank you, Jolan." he softly said, his violet eyes staring around at everyone.

"Very graceful, Athos. You're so remarkable, and beautiful." Justin said, the young man smiling at him.

His violet eyes went to Chris', the man staring at him still in shock as the wings disappeared from behind Athos.

"You. . .you really can. . .you have. . .oh wow!" he said, stuttering.

"Well said, Chris." Joey softly said into his ear, Chris blushing again.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Athos. I didn't mean any disrespect, it was just so. . .so surprising."

The young man smiled, Jolan climbing out of the pool in front of them, his taut smooth body gleaming with water.

He smiled, walking up to the two men.

"My cousins' beauty shows in many ways. Their forms, their smiles and their hearts. They are no different than any of us. A person is as they are. I welcome their winged beauty into my heart."
Athos smiled widely, Jolan smiling at him, then looking at Chris.

"Being a walrus you should understand that, Chris."

Everyone laughed, including Athos, Chris blushing again, his arms wrapping around his own body.

"Point taken and shown, Jo."

Jolan smiled, his arm going around his friend.

"You are loved by Britney, Chris. She sees all of you and loves you."
Chris smiled, understanding what Jolan was saying.

"Understood, Jo. You are a handsome man, Athos. The wings only enhance your beauty."
The young man laughed, smiling at Chris.

"I have an admirer, Jolan. Is Chris bi?"

Jolan laughed, Britney's arm going around Chris, the man blushing again.

"No, Athos. He's straight, and he's gone straight to my heart."

Everyone smiled, Chris' smile widening.

"Yep, I'm straight. You'll have to find another boy to play with."

Athos chuckled, and smiled at Chris.

"Too bad, I have a fondness for snowmen."

Everyone laughed, including Chris.

"Good one, Athos." Chris smiled, looking down into the water at Isaiah and Mathias, then at Athos again.

"I'm glad you've revealed your true selves guys. So I guess you could say your beauty's been waiting in the wings?"

Joey groaned, as did others, Chris smiling widely.

Jolan shook his head, looking towards Athos.

"You got this one coming, Chris. Go for it, Athy."

The young man grinned, rushing forward, his wings opening again in a flash, his arms seizing Chris, the Archanian rising with him in his arms.

Chris screamed, his feet leaving the ground, the man carrying him over the pool, rising six feet above it.

Athos released him, Chris screaming again as he hit the water, dead center.

Everyone burst into laughter, Justin's arms wrapping around his Jo, Chris coming up for air.

"I'm surprised at the screaming, Chris. Walruses love water." Joey yelled at him, everyone laughing again.

Justin kissed Jolan's cheek, the young man smiling at him.

"Your love knows no bounds, Jo. They've never looked happier." he said, his eyes on Athos, Isaiah and Mathias' smiling faces.

"They have friends and family now, Jus. Our son's waiting." Jolan said, diving back into the pool, Justin joining him, the two swimming over to Lance and Hay.


Lunch was a joyous affair, laughter and talk of Chris' airborne flight replayed.

Chris sat in their center, his smile returned, he and Athos clapping each other on the back.

Jolan smiled, seeing the three young men now accepted and loved by everyone, their fear and bashfulness gone.

He smiled, seeing Isaiah's and Sid's eyes going to each other constantly, someone tapping Jolan's shoulder.

Jolan smiled into Josh's smiling face, Hay seated in Josh's lap, a hotdog in his hand.

"Love seems to be blossoming around us. More of your handiwork, Jo?" Josh's own eyes having seen the looks as well.

Jolan smiled, Josh smiling back.

"No, Josh. They found their hearts on their own."
Josh smiled, giving Jolan a peck on the cheek.

Justin smiled beside Jolan, unsure of who the two were talking of.

"What's going on, Jo?" he softly said, Jolan smiling into his blue eyes.

"Life, my Jus. Love and life."
Justin smiled, returning to his meal.

Everyone enjoyed the meal, the group separating, going off in different directions, some staying at the pool, some going to the billiards room, other couples just walking through the house.

Justin excused himself and Jolan, pulling his man out of the pool room.

He led him upstairs, walking into the bedroom and closing the door behind him, locking it.

Jolan stared at his Justin, Justin opening his robe, his smooth body on full display.

Jolan's eyes went to the black Speedos, seeing the largeness easily revealed.

"Jus. . .you look so. . ."

"I look as I feel, Jo. Beautiful and filled with need, my need for you."

Justin rushed across the room, pushing Jolan backwards, Jolan falling on their bed.

Justin's lips were on Jolan's, Jolan feeling the intensity of desire flowing through his man.

Justin broke the kiss, his hands opening Jolan's robe, one hand going into Jolan's swim trunks.

"My God, Jus! You're on fire! What's gotten into you?"
Justin's lips met his again, his blue eyes staring into his grey.

"I saw all that youthful beauty down there, yours being the most beautiful. Seeing so much beauty filled my heart with a sudden realization. I have the most beautiful man in the world, and I need him. I need him so much!"

Jolan teared up, his body moving, flipping Justin over, staring down into his blue tearing eyes.

"Then I shall give you all you need, Justin. I am yours and you are mine."
Justin pulled Jolan down to him, their lips meeting in passion, tongues sinking into mouths.

Jolan became lost in the duel of desire he and Justin were battling.

Jolan pulled back, his head sinking downward, latching onto Justin's right nipple.

Justin gasped, feeling Jolan's hands going to his Speedo.

In one downward push Jolan pulled them off Justin, discarding his own robe and trunks, joining with his man again.

Justin felt their erections join together, his legs wrapping around Jolan's back, Jolan's lips meeting his again.

They kissed deeply again, Jolan breaking it, staring into his Justin's blue eyes.

"You are mine, my singer of love. I need you."

Justin moaned, feeling Jolan lifting his legs upwards, a sudden hardness positioning itself in his center.

With one slow thrust Jolan sank within Justin, Justin gasping.

"I love you, Jo. Please love me. . .please."
Jolan's lips met his Justin's, Jolan beginning a rhythm of desire, of need and want.

Justin became lost in Jolan's kisses, in his taking him, lost in the love he felt flowing into him.

Lost in the hardness of love he felt sinking into him.

Justin exploded at the same moment as Jolan did, their lovemaking too erotic to sustain any longer strength.

The two lay gasping, Jolan slowly pulling out of his Justin, moving up and snuggling against his left side, Justin's arm pulling him inward, Jolan's head laying on his chest.

"Fantastic as always, my love. You take me to the edge of abandon always."

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's curly head.

"Sorry for being so desperate, Jo. I. . .I just needed you so much."
Jolan smiled, lifting his head.

"Spontaneity is great, Jus. I love being surprised."
Justin smiled, their lips meeting in love.

Jolan released his lips, feeling his way down Justin's body, taking Justin's center into his mouth, the organ beginning to harden again.

"Oh, Jo! That's so good. . ."

Jolan continued sucking, one hand tweaking Justin's right nipple, the man soon rock hard again.

Jolan released Justin's cock, moving upwards, their lips meeting again.

Jolan broke the kiss, looking into Justin's hazy opening blue eyes.

"I love you, Jus."
Justin was about to speak when Jolan moved back, Justin's hardness sinking into Jolan's center.

Jolan gasped, all of its largeness filling him.

He sat on Justin's center, Justin staring up at him, his chest gleaned with sweat, his own hardness standing out.

"Oh God, Jus. You're so hard, so filling. I love it." Jolan moaned, beginning to lift up and down on Justin's center, his hands going forward, tweaking Justin's nipples again.

Justin moaned, his hands going out, attaching to Jolan's cock and balls.

The two began a rhythm of stroking and sinking, both lost in the touch of the other, both soon sent over the edge again.

Jolan gasped, falling forward, feeling the explosion of love deep within himself, just as he lost his own control, his juices splashing all over Justin's chest.

Justin's arms went around Jolan, the young man clinging to him, their lovemaking an emotional rollercoaster.

"I love you, Jus." Jolan said, Justin kissing him again.

"I love you, Jo."

The two men smiled, holding each other in their glowing after love.


Joel, Calen and Simus walked into the dark chamber, Cory remaining outside the closed door, awaiting their return.

Before the three men stood the high wooden tables, three robed men staring down at them.

"Welcome again to the hallowed halls of justice and truth, Joelius Dragos." Tolmar said, his two councilors staring at the man.

"My son has returned me to life, great ones." Joel said, the three nodding at his truth.

"Yes, youngest son of Vilos Dragos, father of the Dragosans. We know of his acclamation. The Catre Din Dragoste walks among us."

The three Dragosan brothers nodded, Tolmar looking down at them.

"I see you have regained your Rings of Servitude. Was that of his doing as well?"

The three men looked at their rings, Simus and Calen looking at each other's.

Theirs had disappeared the last time the two brothers had been in this room.

They had magically appeared again last night in the Room of Family when Justin had seen Jolan's glowing.

They hadn't mentioned to anyone their disappearance, and Jolan hadn't mentioned their reappearance.

"I do not know, learned ones. They appeared again last night, Jolan returning his to Joel." Calen said, Tolmar staring at him.

Calen thought he saw a look of surprise in the man's gleaming eyes.

"Where is Jolan Dragos? Why does he insist on angering the judges of truth?" Belos said, Tolmar looking towards him.

"My son said that he stands by his first proclamation to you. He shall show himself when he must." Joel said, Tolmar staring down at him.

"That time may be soon at hand, Joelius. Morgan is seeking him out."

The three brothers looked at each other, Simus walking forward.

"Where is our brother? What is he planning to do?"

"He is here, in this city. He has not walked to our call. He has his nephew's contempt. They both are walking down a path of trial and tribulation. We shall have to bring them to task."

"My son says that he walks his own path, a path laid out for him. He has been to the Chamber of Ascendancy."

The three councilors looked at each other in surprise, Tolmar gazing down at Joel.

"That. . .that cannot be! No one has stepped within that room for eons!"
"That is all good and true, Tolmar. But our nephew has been there. He has seen the four tablets.  He knows the four prophecies written therein."

"That is impossible, Simus. No one is allowed to see all four, it is forbidden by Queen Alveena's hand."
Joel walked forward to his brother, Calen joining the other two.

"She herself took him there, Tolmar. Jolan walked with her in that chamber."

Belos gasped, Degas trembling.

"She. . .she would not. . .she never told us of this plan." Tolmar said softly, the three Dragosans looking up at him.

"Plan? Is this all a plan?" Simus said, looking up into Tolmar's confused eyes.

"No Simus, son of Vilos. This is a path of life and destiny. Queen Alveena and all of us are just followers to his destiny."

Tolmar's eyes went to Joel, the man staring up at him.

"Morgan is ready, Joelius. The Rite of Truth he demands. Your son must comply."

"I will not let my son and my nephew fight for an unjust truth. I shall not watch my son or Krayos die."
Tolmar folded his hands, staring at the three.

"The laws of life are unmoving. One must perish, one must be victorious. So Morgan has requested. One of your nephews' or son's life is destined to end."

"Why have you summoned us here?" Simus said, his eyes going to Joel in concern.

"Joelius Dragos, you have much to answer for. As does your brother Morgan. That is inevitable. But we have summoned you here for a warning."
"Warning of what?"

"The Fangoros are moving, more than half have returned to Europe. The time of truth is at hand. Their master is on the hunt. And your son and daughter are his targets, Joelius. The Sun Child is his greatest desire. As is the death of your son, Joelius. Fagin has created a monster to seek him out. The man has created a Badenwolf."

Calen looked stunned.

"A Badenwolf cannot be created! He is bred from the Badenwolf clan." Calen said, the three looking down at them.

"I know the truth in that statement, Prince Calen of the Badenwolves. We do not know how this has happened, only that it has happened. That wolf shall seek out your son, Joelius. There are many factors mounting against Jolan Dragos. A vengeful wolf, a monster of evil, and his own uncle and cousin. Jolan Dragos is in grave danger. He must come to us to seek guidance. We are the advisors of truth. He needs to be trained in his destiny and in the arts of defense. Krayos is a formidable foe, as will this Badenwolf be."

Joel lowered his head, then raised it.

"I cannot change my son's path. He walks where he says he must.  All I can do is love him, and watch his truths unfold. I believe in his love, Tolmar. He is the chosen one to end this."

The three councilors glanced at each other, looking down at the man.

"So he shall do as he must. So shall we do as we must."

Joel stared up at the three sets of determined eyes.

"Where is Morgan, Tolmar? I must stop my brother from killing my son or his own. I must pull him back from this madness."

The three Dragosans looked up at the head councilor, seeing a tear falling from his eye onto his cheek.

"You have been deceived, Dragosans. It was Morgan who requested this meeting, not us. And now he has not shown."

The three Dragosans gasped, looking at each other.

"He's pulled us away from Bloodstone! Jolan stands alone!" Calen gasped, Joel's eyes widening.

Joel rushed out of the room, his brothers following, the One Council watching them go in silence, the three suddenly vanishing.

Justin and Jolan joined their family and friends in the Queen's Room, dinner nearly ready.

The three Dragosan brothers had not returned yet, everyone wondering what was keeping them.

Everyone was waiting for the meal to start when the room's doorway opened, Nigel walking into the room, walking up to Jolan who sat with Hayden in his lap.

"Sir, there's someone here to see you. They're waiting. . .he's in the Room of Family, sir." the man said, everyone taking in the surprised look on Nigel's face.

The manservant's face was etched with worry as well.

Jolan sighed, nodding at the manservant.

"Tell them I shall show myself shortly, Nigel."
"Sir. . .I. . .I don't know if this is wise? You should wait for your uncles' return, and your father's."

Jolan's eyes raised, their grey centers showing determination.

"The path waits for no one, Nigel. It's destiny."

The man nodded, nervously walking out of the room.

Jolan looked around the room, everyone's eyes upon him.

"If you'll excuse me, someone's waiting." he said, the young man rising up, handing Hayden to Randall, the man seated beside Justin.

Justin's hand went in Jolan's, Jolan staring down at him.

"What's going on, Jo? Who's waiting? I see worry in your eyes."
Jolan smiled at Justin, leaning down and kissing him.

"No worries, my love. He's played this very well. The man has courage."

Justin stood up, Jolan looking at him.

"Who has, Jo?"
Jolan sighed, looking towards the doorway.

"My Uncle Morgan, Jus. He's returned to his home."



End of Chapter 109




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