Jolan's Path-Chapter 11

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 11

Justin sat beside Joe's bed, quietly watching the young man.
He'd carried him upstairs, gently placing him on the bed.
Justin had felt his forehead, finding a warmth of normalcy there.
Justin was concerned, but not worried.
To him, it seemed more like a fainting spell than anything serious.
The shock of Justin's declaration had affected Joe deeply.
Justin looked at the young man, lost in the beauty of his facial features.
Joe stirred a little, his soft voice music to Justin's ears.
"Don't leave me, please." Joe said softly, Justin quietly watching him, a tear falling down his cheek.
The young man moved a bit, Justin sensing he was deep in some dream.
Justin took his hand in his, Joe's head moving back and forth.
Joe's eyes opened, staring into Justin's blue orbs.
"Welcome back, Joe." Justin said with a smile, Joe staring at him.
"What happened?" he said, his hand releasing Justin's, going to his own forehead.
"You passed out, Joe. Do you have a headache again?"
"Yes, and this one is a killer."
"Lay still, I'll call Henry and see what he can do for you." Justin said, beginning to rise, Joe grabbing his hand.
"Wait, Justin. We need to talk first. About what you told me downstairs."
Justin nodded, sitting down in the chair again, Joe looking at him.
Justin sensed he was unsure what to say.
"I take it my feelings were a shock to you?" Justin quietly said, looking into those grey eyes of uncertainty.
"How can you feel like that towards me? I'm nothing. . .I'm unimportant."
"You're so wrong in that regard, Joe. To me, you're the most important person I've ever met. And I hate you thinking of yourself as nothing. You couldn't be more wrong."
Joe teared up, Justin taking his hand again.
"In your smile, your genuine openness and touching heart, I've found all I've been searching for."
"But you don't know anything about me, even I don't know. You can have anyone you want, Justin. Lance sounds so perfect, and you said you loved him."
Justin got up, sitting on the bed now, Joe moving a little.
Justin still saw the pain in Joe's eyes, sensing the headache was a massive one.
"I do love Lance, Joe. But now it's only as the friend he always was. I'll always love him for being there for me, for being the first. For his opening my eyes to life's love. But my love has grown, as has my heart. It's you that's captured it, Joe. Please be honest with me, Joe. Please tell me what you feel towards me."
Joe looked into Justin's searching blue eyes, seeing the need there.
"I don't know, Jus. First and foremost, you're my friend. I've gravitated to your loving friendship so easily. And I've sensed in my heart the truth of my own sexuality. Of what and who I am in that regard. I know in my heart I'm gay. "
Justin smiled.
One small obstacle overcome.
"That's wonderful, Joe."
Joe looked at the man staring at him, seeing the beauty of his face and his toned body.
"But you're not gay, Justin. You're bisexual. You just ended a relationship with a woman who hurt you deeply. How can you justify falling in love with me? It could be a rebound crush. Your wanting to see if the other sex is more worthy of your love, or more fulfilling. Besides, I'm just so average. I have no specialness. Someone like you deserves so much more."
Justin's brow furrowed, looking at the young man.
"You are special to me, Joe. And this isn't an occurrence of rebounding love. I fell in love with you the moment I first held you in my arms. I've been fighting with these feelings inside me for a long time. Long before I began my relationship with Jessica. Looking into your grey eyes that first moonlit night my heart opened, Joe. Holding you in my arms made me realize who I could really give my love to. In your beauty– and in your love–I want to forever be lost. As for what I deserve, I only deserve to be loved. And in you I hope to find that love."
Justin's eyes were tearing now, his head lowering, his gaze moving away from Joe.
Joe squeezed his hand gently, Justin's eyes looking into his again.
"I don't know if I'm ready for your love, Justin. What you say sounds so intense, as if your heart's on fire. I've never felt that from or for someone. My life is in such turmoil, my own future as well as my past so uncertain."
"I know this is a big shock for you, Joe. I know my heart is on fire for you, Joe. But it was never my intention to upset you. And it also was never my intention to take advantage of you. I just couldn't deny you the truth any longer. I love you enough to let you decide what you want, Joe. But my friendship will not change. I'm here for you in any way you need. I love you, Joe."
Joe smiled at Justin, Justin lost in the tenderness showing on his young face.
"I need that friendship so much, Justin. And I think you need mine even more."
Justin smiled, nodding.
"I don't know where this will take us, Justin. But I do love you. First and foremost as a friend. Let's just see what happens in regards to the rest. I need to get my life back before I can even think of taking that next step. To opening my heart to someone. To opening my heart to you."
Justin smiled, accepting Joe's situation and his feelings.
"That's all I can ask for, Joe. Your friendship and hopefully more."
Joe nodded, closing his eyes for a moment.
"Let's leave it at this: My friendship and my love are here for you. Always. " Justin said, Joe smiling.
Joe opened his arms, Justin smiling and leaning forward.
The two hugged, Justin hugging Joe gently.
They broke apart, Joe staring at Justin.
"If I'm not being too forward, Joe–I know this is new for you–but... could I kiss you?"
Joe smiled and blushed, slowly nodding, their eyes meeting.
Justin's smile lit up the room as he slowly moved forward.
Justin's lips touched Joe's, both men feeling a sudden rush of something flow through them.
Justin became lost in the softness of Joe's lips, Joe lost in the sensuality he felt coming from Justin.
Joe reluctantly pulled back, their lips parting.
Justin and Joe both opened their eyes at the same time.
"Wow!" Joe said, his voice soft and trembling.
"Yeah, wow! You're a great kisser, Joe!"
Joe blushed a little, Justin seeing the pain still in his eyes.
"Lay back, Joe. I'll call Henry. Close your eyes and relax."
Joe nodded, his grey eyes closing, his lips moving together.
Justin saw a little of Joe's tongue move across his lips, Justin smiling.
Joe was savouring the taste.
The taste of his lips against him.
Justin smiled, rising up quietly, walking out of the room.

Joe lay still as Henry injected the needle into his arm.
"This will help, Joe. It's a sedative that should kill the pain."
Joe nodded, Henry smiling at him.
Justin and Shelly stood behind Henry, Justin smiling at Joe.
Henry had helped Joe get undressed, Joe laying under the blankets in his briefs.
"I'm sorry Justin called you and got you out of bed, Henry." Joe said, Henry smiling at him.
"Close you eyes and rest, son. The pain should lessen." Henry said, patting his arm.
Joe smiled a small smile, closing his eyes.
Henry stood up, motioning for the other two to leave quietly.
They all left the bedroom, Joe laying quietly in the bed.
Henry gently shut the bedroom door.
"How's he doing?" Shelly said, Justin hearing the concern in her voice.
"The pain should lessen greatly. And he should sleep straight through until morning. I gave him a powerful sedative that should kill the pain quickly."
Justin nodded, the three quietly walking down the hall and downstairs.
They joined Trace and Cynthia, who were talking quietly in the living room.
"I'm sorry you all had to come back, it wasn't necessary." Justin said, the two smiling at him.
"He's our friend also, Jus. We were worried as well."
Justin smiled, hearing the caring in Cynthia's voice.
"His headaches are getting worse, Justin." Henry said, sitting down beside Shelly.
"What's causing them? Do you have any idea?" Justin said, sitting down beside the couple.
"Without an x-ray or scan I can't say for certain. It could be just post trauma, or it could be something else." Henry said, patting Justin's knee.
"Something else? Like a tumor or something?" Justin said, all of them feeling  his anxiousness.
Henry put his hand on Justin's shoulder.
"Calm down, son. I didn't say that. Let's not worry too much about it. Not until Joe sees the specialists in New York. They'll be able to determine what's going on."
Justin breathed a long breath, nodding quietly and sitting down again.
"Let's just keep a close eye on him and try not to worry." Henry said, smiling.
"I told him the truth." Justin said, more to himself than to those around him.
Trace looked at his friend, Justin remaining still.
"What do you mean, Justin?" Shelly said, Justin raising his head and looking into her eyes.
"I told Joe that I love him." he said, Cynthia smiling at him.
"And what was Joe's reaction?" Trace said, looking at Justin.
"He was totally shocked. That's when he collapsed. I shocked him into a fainting spell."
Shelly put her arm around him, Justin wiping his now tearing eyes.
"We talked all about it. He understands my feelings now. He says he needs to get his own feelings and life under control before he can even think of the two of us trying for something more."
Trace got up, walking over to his friend and pulling him up into a hug.
"I'm sorry, Justin."
"Hey, it's okay Tray. I know that Joe in time will come to love me. First he needs my friendship. Along with that I'm going to show him my love."
Trace nodded, sensing Justin wasn't upset.
He actually felt a new determination in Justin's voice.
Justin looked into his eyes.
"I love him, Tray. I really love him. And I'm going to make him see that love. He needs me, he said so himself. I'm going to show him how greatly I need him, and how wonderful my love can be."
Trace nodded, seeing his friend's resolve.
His resolve to win Joe's heart.
"Alright, Jus. I understand."
Justin smiled, looking around at everyone.
"Thanks for coming back, everyone. You can go back home and sleep. I'll be here for Joe."
They all smiled, each giving Justin a hug.
"I think we should all stay here, Justin. I'd like to be close, just in case." Henry said, the others nodding their caring souls as well.
Justin smiled, agreeing that it would be a good idea.
Justin watched them all walking upstairs to their rooms.
He smiled, locking the front door for Henry.

Justin walked into Joe's bedroom, quietly looking at him sleeping.
The young man hadn't moved, his head laying against the pillow at a slight angle to the left.
Justin sat gently on the bed, looking down at the young man.
He moved his hand upwards, pushing two curls of hair away from Joe's brow.
"Sleep well, my angel." Justin softly said, leaning forward and gently kissing his cheek.
Justin got up, slowly backing out of the room, turning off the light, the door silently closing.
Had Justin looked back into the room, he'd have seen a faint glowing light.
For Joe's eyes were glowing under his eyelids.
Justin walked into his own room, turning on the light.
Within moments, he'd removed his clothing, all save his boxer briefs, setting the clothes on a chair.
He pulled back the covers of the double bed, climbing in, then extinguishing the lamp on the night stand.
He lay under the covers, staring into the darkness.
His mind went over all the events of the day.
The fun they'd had shopping, the smile on Joe's face at Justin's giving heart.
Then the appearance of Jessica, and Joe's revelation.
Who was this man that Joe had seen?
What did he want with Justin's Joe?
Then Justin's mind went through his talk with Jessica.
And her exposed deceitful revelations.
He teared up, his eyes wet with hurt.
Justin curled up on his side, a soft sob issuing out of his chest.
"Why can't my love be enough for someone? Why can't they love just me?"
He sobbed, alone in the darkness.
Then he heard a soft sound, turning his head towards the doorway in the darkness.
In the darkness, he thought he saw his door opening, a shadow crossing the room.
He felt a weight shifting on the bed, a form above him in the darkness.
"Move over, Jus. I'm here for you. Your friend is here."
Justin sobbed, Joe's soft loving voice cutting through the darkness.
"Oh, Joe. I feel so alone."
Joe's arms wrapped around Justin's chest, Justin's head now laying against Joe's smooth bare chest.
"No you're not, Jus. I'm here. Your friend is here. I'll try and keep the hurt from your soul. Lay against my heart and feel my friendship."
Joe tightened his hold on Justin's body, Justin sinking into Joe's warmth.
"I need you, Joe. I need you so much. Hold me and be with me."
"I'm here, Jus. I said that I would be. As you have been for me. Now close your eyes. Concentrate on my heartbeat."
Justin closed his eyes, feeling the steady rhythm of Joe's strong heart.
Joe held him, his eyes open in the darkness.
Justin relaxed, Joe hearing his breathing calming.
Within a few minutes Justin was softly snoring, Joe releasing his hold a little.
Justin moved, snuggling more into Joe's body.
Joe smiled, feeling the warmth of the man against him.
His mind thought about all Justin had said of his emotional love for him.
Justin Timberlake, one of America's greatest stars, was in love with him?
How did this happen?
Joe had been untruthful to Justin when they'd talked earlier of his declaration.
Joe had already known Justin's heartfelt truth.
He'd heard it on a lonely silent road.

Joe's eyes stared into the darkness, his thoughts on what he'd heard Justin say out on Cutter's Road that afternoon.
For Joe had been there, his shadowy form hidden behind Justin's vision.
Or rather his soul's form.
Joe had fallen asleep in his bedroom earlier, Justin beside him.
Justin had left him, going downstairs to his confrontation with Jessica.
Then in the darkness of his dreams Joe had felt Justin's pain.
His hurt of Jessica's betrayal.
In Joe's sleep–and in his mind–he'd felt the moment of Justin's hurt.
And shortly after that, his soul had risen again, flying through the expanse of time, to stand with his friend out on that silent road.
To hear Justin's soulful declaration, sitting on a mound of earth alongside the road.
"Lance was my first love. And I believe in my heart Joe will be my last, and only true love." he had said in the silence of the empty road.
Joe had stood there, listening to Justin's words coming from his truthful soul.
And the truth of his friend's loving heart.
That his new friend was in love with him.
That Justin Timberlake was in love with him.
Joe had awoken in his bed in shock, his body trembling at the reality of his life.
That Justin was attracted to him, emotionally and physically.
His mind had been on that newness of love when he'd returned downstairs.
He'd begun dinner preparations, waiting for Justin's return.
But when Justin had walked into the kitchen and Joe had seen his eyes, his own worries had evaporated, his only concern with Justin's hurting heart.
Now laying here, with the same man against him, the truth now in the open, Joe felt a sense of newness.
A sense of his world more centered.
He smiled, closing his eyes.

Joe stood in the middle of someone's living room.
He looked around, seeing the cleanliness and calming beauty of the furnishings.
It looked like a house well-lived in.
His eyes took in every little detail, all the small items lovingly spread out on tables, mantles and windowsills.
A large black grand piano stood in the right corner of the room, pictures and knickknacks covering its top.
He saw a feminine touch in the decor, but also the signs of children's interaction.
A colouring book lay open on the coffee table.
A boy's baseball glove lay on the wing chair by the couch.
Joe froze, hearing a loud energetic voice coming from another room.
"Jolly! Breakfast! Mommy's made waffies!"
The voice was feminine and youthful.
The word "waffies" a child's take on the fluffy breakfast fare.
Its sweetness ran through Joe's mind as a lost voice from his past.
He knew in his heart he'd heard it before.
Joe started walking towards the voice, suddenly stopping when he heard footsteps coming down the stairway between the living room and the other room Joe took to be the kitchen.
Joe remained still, watching a young man come sprinting down the stairs.
Joe froze, looking as if in a mirror.
It was himself at a younger age.
Joe stared in stunned silence, the young man wearing a smile of beauty.
He then heard other footsteps behind the young man.
An older man, whom Joe knew in his heart must be his father, walked into the room.
"Morning, son. Did I hear Jennie say waffies?"
"Yep! I did too, Dad! It's been so long! I love waffles!" the boy said, smiling widely, his father hugging him.
The older man kissed the young man's cheek.
Joe saw a lot of love and tenderness in the way they held each other.
Joe saw before him his father's giving love.
Joe saw his own features in the older man's face.
The man was beautiful and sensual in his looks, the same grey eyes and black curly hair.
Joe was his father's son.
The two men walked into the adjoining room, Joe slowly following.

He walked into the room, seeing before him a scene of family bliss.
Four people sat at a kitchen table, in the middle of a homey, sunlit kitchen.
Joe's tearful eyes scanned all four.
His father, himself and two other rays of sunshine.
One he knew in his heart was his mother.
She was smiling a smile of unbelievable beauty.
Long golden hair hung over her shoulders, the sunlight's rays spinning it into liquid gold.
Her face was angelic and so beautiful.
Joe saw parts of his own face in her youthful looks.
Same nose, same eyebrows and cheek bones.
Joe realized his looks were a combination of his two parents.
The laughter coming from the last remaining chair brought a smile to his face.
Sitting in that chair was a bowl of sunshine.
Joe took her to be eight or nine.
Her smile was wide and so angelic.
Her hair was black like Joe's but so much curlier.
Her face was smooth and so youthful.
He knew in his heart this was his sister.
His younger sister.
The four were laughing, eating a large succulent breakfast that covered the table.
Joe had his plate filled with waffles and strawberries, pouring syrup over them.
"You love my waffles, don't you Jolan? Almost as much as Jennica." his mother said, smiling at the little girl.
Joe froze, the names sinking into his soul.
His name was Jolan.
And he had a sister, Jennica.
He felt a tear rolling down his cheek, hearing his real name spoken with so much love by his mother.
"My name is Jolan." he softly said, looking at his mother with love.
The room went silent.
The four at the table froze for a moment, all turning their heads towards him, as if hearing his voice.
Then in a heartbeat they were gone.
And what remained shocked Joe to his soul.
The breakfast food and dishes were gone.
The table was covered in something else now.
Joe stared in horror at the redness of the blood that covered the table, soaking into the tablecloth.
Joe trembled, suddenly hearing laughter echoing throughout the house.
"Mom? Dad? Jennie?" he sobbed, listening with all his heart.
The laughter increased, Joe hearing the hatred and meanness in it.
Joe ran out of the kitchen, back into the living room.
He froze, staring at the piano sitting in the corner.
All the photographs were now laying on the floor, as if they'd been thrown off.
The top of the piano was red with blood, drops of it falling onto the white keyboard.
Joe saw hand prints in the blood.
Joe's voice caught in his throat, suddenly feeling arms encircling him.
"I have you again, Jolan. This time I'll eat your heart."
Joe began to struggle, feeling the arms tightening around him.
The room began to darken, Joe's screams echoing in his mind.

Justin held onto the ball of writhing limbs that lay in his arms.
He'd pulled Joe's face into his chest to muffle his heart-wrenching screams.
Joe was still fighting him when Trace rushed into the room, Henry and Shelly right behind him.
Trace stared at the sight before him.
Justin and Joe were wearing only briefs, Justin holding Joe in his arms.
"Joe, calm down! It's a nightmare! You're safe with me!" Justin said, his voice calming and reassuring.
Joe began to calm down, the fight going out of his body.
Joe looked up from Justin's chest, staring into his eyes.
He trembled, then a sob rocked through him.
"So much blood! There was so much blood!"
Justin continued to hold him, his eyes looking at his friends.
Trace stood in only his boxers, staring with concern, and some shock on his face.
Henry walked around him, gently sitting down on the bed.
"Another bad dream, Joe?" he tenderly said, Joe calming a bit.
Joe turned and looked at the older man.
"You were close, Henry." he said, his voice soft and trembling.
Henry looked confused, looking at Justin.
"Close? Close to what?"
Joe smiled a small smile.
"The name Joe."
Justin and Henry exchanged looks, both looking at Joe.
Joe looked around the room, Cynthia wheeling into the room beside her mother.
"My name is Jolan."
Justin looked shocked, staring at Joe.
"That's a beautiful name, Jolan. It's so unique." he said, Joe smiling a little more.
"My mother called me that in the dream. She called me Jolan with so much love."
Justin's arms were still around Joe, his hands rubbing his back.
"I saw them all! My Mom, my Dad and my little sister! I have a family! They were all so beautiful!"
Trace smiled at Joe, Shelly and Cynthia in tears.
"They were sitting down with me, all of us having breakfast. We were all so happy. I think it had to have been the morning of the last day we were together. We were so happy. I was standing there watching myself with them. Then they disappeared, the table instantly covering in blood. There was so much blood everywhere!" he sobbed again, Justin rocking him back and forth.
Henry quietly watched him, rubbing his knee.
"It's going to be okay, Jolan."
Joe moved, looking at the older man.
"I have a name. It has to be my real name."
"I think it is, Joe–I mean Jolan. It's too different not to be." Trace said, smiling at him.
Trace was also looking at Justin.
In his mind, he was trying to figure out how Joe and Justin were together in Justin's room.
Joe had been sound asleep in his own room last night.
Had they been together all last night?
Had Joe accepted Justin's love?
Joe lay against Justin's chest, Justin's arms holding him gently now.
"You need to lay down again, Jolan. Close your eyes." Justin said tenderly.
Joe trembled a little, laying down again.
"It's okay, guys. You can go back to bed. Jolan's safe here with me."
Trace nodded, Henry smiling at Justin.
Trace turned, Cynthia smiling at him.
Trace smiled back, suddenly realizing his attire.
He blushed, Cynthia taking in his whole semi nude form.
"I ran in so fast, I didn't have time to make myself presentable." he shyly said, Cynthia smiling.
"You look more than presentable to me." she said, Trace smiling widely.
"Okay you two, bedtime." Shelly smiled, Henry's arm going around her.
The two younger ones blushed, Henry and Shelly smiling.
The four quietly left the room, Trace taking one last look at Justin.
Justin was staring at Joe, Joe's eyes closed.
"It's okay, Jolan. I'm here for you now." Justin softly said, Trace smiling.
"I have a family, Jus. I have a family." Joe softly said, Justin smiling at him as Joe's eyes remained closed.
Trace nodded at Justin and quietly closed the door.

Simus woke up, the early morning sunshine beaming into the hotel's windows.
He moved in bed, feeling a weight against him.
He turned his head, staring into a young sleeping face.
Cory lay beside him, the young man softly snoring.
Simus lay quietly staring at the young man's beauty.
It had surprised him the previous night when Cory had climbed into bed with him.
Simus' heart that night was troubled, Cory having sensed his hurt.
The young man had held him in his arms, Simus falling asleep wrapped in his friendship.
Tonight, the young man had made no hint of anything out of the ordinary when he'd followed Simus into his room again.
And Simus had welcomed the young man without a word.
The two had stripped, climbing into the bed together, this time Cory snuggling against Simus, Simus wrapping his arms around him.
Simus had been alone most of his life, from the early age of twenty.
When he'd been called into the Seeker brotherhood.
Seekers were lonely individuals.
No time in their lives for a comfortable normalcy.
Simus was the last of that dying breed.
The last chosen by the Council to do the work of Seeking.
Through the last twenty-five years he's devoted that life to finding them.
The lost members of the Dragosian and Sumsarian lines.
For the council was seeking to unite the two lines of Dragos Sumsare (author's note: pronounced Soom-Sari), the ancient king of truth.
Simus knew all the heritage, all the dynastic truth of the family.
And so he'd devoted his life to rooting out the lost tribesmen, finding many in surprising places.
He'd even found Joel's wife.
Simus lay back, thinking of the young woman whom Joel had given his heart to.
Melina Sumsare.
She was beautiful to the point of distraction.
But her greatest assets were her kind heart and loving disposition.
Simus had fallen under her spell of friendship easily, introducing her to his younger brother.
And Simus had seen that love grow between the two young hearts.
It had pained his heart just as greatly when she'd left with Joel as well.
His two greatest loves had walked away from him.
Because of Simus' devotion to the truth, and what Joel couldn't accept about that truth.
Simus felt a hand rubbing his chest, turning his head and looking into two sparkling eyes.
"Good morning, Simus." Cory said, a smile of happiness on his face.
"Good morning, son. We've slept in." he said, looking at the clock on the night stand, reading eight-thirty.
Cory snuggled up against the older man, Simus trembling a little.
Cory felt it instantly.
"Cory. . .we need to talk."
Cory put a finger to Simus' lips.
"I'm here now, Simus. You've been alone for so long. And I can give you the love you need."
Simus sat up, Cory laying back.
Simus stared down at the youth laying before him.
Cory was a picture of youthful grace and beauty.
His chest was toned, slim and muscular.
"How did you know?"
"That you were gay? I didn't. Not until I held you in my arms. I sensed your heart, and I sensed my own needing you so much."
Simus stared down at him.
"I am in love with you, Simus. I fell in love with you the moment you took your sunglasses off and I looked into your beautiful grey eyes."
Simus looked down at him.
"You saw in my eyes the beauty of my nephew's gaze. It's him you're in love with."
Cory sat up, his hand going to Simus' chest.
"No, Simus. Let me speak only once the truth of my heart. I loved Jolan as the dearest friend I ever had. He knew I was gay, as I did he. We shared a bond of loving brotherhood, nothing less."
Simus sat in silence, Cory's words so true and emotional.
"My father died when I was seven. My mother when I was nine. I spent the last few years being cared for by my aunt and uncle. I've always been searching for an older man to replace the love I've lost. A father figure but also a lover of heart and soul. I think I've found that in you, Simus."
Simus' face softened, looking at the young man's tearing green eyes.
"So you need a father."
"No, Simus. I need you. And I sense in your heart you need me. Don't I affect you somehow?"
Simus scanned the youth in front of him.
"Oh God, Cory! You are so unbelievably beautiful!"
Cory smiled, leaning forward and gently kissing Simus' lips.
"Then let your heart go, let it open to my love. My soul, my heart and my body are here for you. I love you, Simus."
Simus looked for a moment into those mesmerizing green eyes.
"I've been so alone. My own family so distant. Not since Joel and Melina have I felt loved." he said, tears flowing from his grey eyes.
Cory's hands went to his hairy muscular chest.
"Then love me, Simus. Let my love recapture your life."
Simus moved forward, Cory moving backward, Simus now on top of the youth.
"I need you, Cory. I need to be loved."
Cory's hands pulled Simus down, their lips meeting in the first of many kisses.
Cory closed his eyes, feeling the older man's fingers moving over his body, then his lips.
Their meager clothing was pulled off, the two beginning their passion.
An old heart and a youthful heartbeat of love united.

Morgan Dragos stood against the wall, staring at his son and his youthful opponent.
Krayos Dragos was inspiring to watch.
His athletic prowess was unbelievable.
Krayos had the other larger man pinned to the mat.
His third attempt at victory.
The other man had at least sixty pounds on Krayos, but the young man was agile and strong.
At six foot two, weighing only one-eighty-five, he was tall and slender.
But his arms and legs had the muscular strength of many.
Krayos smiled, seeing the other large man defeated.
The referee counted him out, breaking the two apart.
He glanced outside the ring, seeing his father's steady grey-eyed stare.
Krayos smiled again, his long blond hair slicked with sweat.
"Let's take a break, my father has arrived." the young man said, the other two nodding.
Krayos climbed through the ropes, walking up to his father.
"You're slowing down, Krayos. You should have had that man at the first sign of weakness. Three times he almost turned the tables on you. Think with your mind as well as with your muscles." the older Dragos said.
Krayos nodded, lowering his eyes.
His father seldom gave praise, even when Krayos had achieved a great success.
"Yes, Father. I shall remember all you've said. Your words are always just."
Morgan nodded, looking at the walking giant that was his son.
"Walk with me, Krayos.  We have much to discuss."
Krayos nodded, walking beside his already moving father.
"Your results and achievements?" the older man said.
"I have excelled in all my classes, and our teams have won all victories. I have been named class president and I am on the path for athlete of the year."
"And your conquests?"
"I have shown my powers, Father. Many women swoon to me, and many men fear me." Krayos said, his heart hiding a deeper truth.
"As it should be. You are a Dragos, we fail at nothing. And none can resist our magnificence."
Krayos remained silent, listening to all his father's words.
"You are leaving school immediately, Krayos."
Krayos stopped, staring at his father in shock.
"It is my last year, Father. The year has only just begun."
"Do not question my words, Krayos. There is something more important than school. The time of the Snow and Truth is coming. You must be prepared for your birthright."
Krayos stared at his father.
"Uncle Calen called me yesterday, Father. He told me the news. That I am probably not the chosen one."
Morgan stopped, turning to face his son.
His hand flew up in a flash, grasping his son around the throat, pushing him against the wall.
"You are what I say you are, understand me?? I am the eldest! Your birthright is as I say it is! No Council or Seeker will change you from that path! I will see you proclaimed! The two families shall rule by our hand! You shall wear the ring!!"
Krayos gasped, remaining still.
"Yes, Father." he said, nearly choking.
Morgan released his son, a look of contempt on his face.
"You still show weakness, my only son. I shall harden you within the next few weeks. And you shall stand and fight this challenger that Simus dreams of. If he is like his father–my foolish younger brother–then you will be victorious quickly!"
"But if he is the true one, to challenge him would be to break the laws of the Council."
"Leave the Council to me. Tolmar shall be made to see the truth. You shall rule, Krayos. As will your children for generations."
Krayos nodded, not looking his father in the eyes.
"You are my son, Krayos. That in itself gives you an advantage. Now listen to me and listen good."
Krayos nodded, silently listening.
"Your Uncle Calen is as much a fool as Simus and my brother Joel. They follow the path of Tolmar's history too obediently. You and I shall change history, Krayos. You and I shall rule unquestioned. We only have to dispose of one person. Your cousin, Jolan. I know Simus will find him. I have no worries on that. We shall destroy him, and any that stand in our way. And then you can have what you've longed for, Krayos."
Krayos looked up into his father's staring grey eyes.
"You cannot hide your secrets from me, Krayos. I know all about Elijah."
Krayos' heart clenched.
Morgan stared hard at him.
"Father. . .I. . .I. . ."
"I do not want to speak of it. Your depravity I care nothing about. You will do as I say. Or I shall destroy that young man in an instant, do you understand me?"
Morgan stared into his son's terrified eyes.
"Your path is set, Krayos. If you achieve the greatness you are destined for, then anything and anyone can be yours. I'll look the other way after that when it comes to whom you desire. At that time it will matter not to me whom you fuck. But until then, wash him from your mind. Our destiny is all that will concern you. If I have to, I'll beat that into you. Do you understand me?"
Krayos nodded, his heart and mind in turmoil.
"Yes Father. The path is mine. I shall be victorious."
Morgan turned his head, seeing a young man walking across the auditorium, heading towards them.
He was smaller built, but beautiful in his looks and features.
He walked up to them.
"Is everything okay, Kray?"
Krayos didn't look at the young man.
Morgan turned, looking at him.
"My son is leaving this school immediately. I'll be in the car waiting, Krayos. You have ten minutes. Just enough time to dispose of the trash."
Krayos and the other man watched Morgan stride out of the auditorium
Krayos looked into the green eyes of the young man staring at him.
He saw the beginnings of tears.
"You're leaving, Kray? You weren't even going to say goodbye?"
Krayos' hand went to the young man's cheek.
"I have to, Eli. My family needs me. I am to be the prophesied head of our clans."
"And what am I? Just a passing moment?"
Krayos' eyes filled with his own tears.
"You are–and always will be–my everything, Eli."
Elijah lowered his head, Krayos wrapping his arms around him.
"I'm coming back, Eli. You mean so much to me. I will be back for you."
"Save it, Kray. I've heard it before."
The young man pulled out of his embrace.
Krayos was in tears.
"I love you, Krayos. Maybe in time you'll realize just how much. Goodbye."
Elijah walked away, Krayos lowering his tearing eyes, his heart breaking.

End of Chapter 11
And so the beginnings of some future drama have unfolded.
Will Morgan destroy Jolan for his son's sake?
Will Simus find Jolan?

What do you think of Cory's confession to Simus?
Seems a new romance has blossomed.
Will Cory find all he needs in Simus's arms?

What was Jolan's dream supposed to mean?
Is it a vision of the future for him?
A bloody future of hurt?

Many questions opened up, and some newness blossoming in the story.
I hope I'm keeping your interest.

Lots more upon the path.
Let's walk with Jolan.

Author's note: The next chapter may be a little later in posting next week as my editor has prior committments.
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