Jolan's Path - Chapter 110


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 110


Justin stared in shock, as did everyone else, everyone having risen out of their chairs.

"He's here, Jo? Your distant uncle? The man who wants to hurt you?" Josh said, Jolan's grey eyes going to him.

"Yes, Joshua. My Uncle Morgan has returned to Bloodstone. I know it took every ounce of his courage to do it. And every iota of his cunning mind to articulate the deception."

"Deception, Jo?" Chris said, looking at his friend.

"My father's departure and my uncles' absence were intricately planned. Uncle Morgan designed our meeting to be face to face with no Dragosan intrusions. I shall give him his victory in that part. His strength of mind is remarkable."

"Jolan I don't like this. This sounds like a trap or something." Justin said, others nodding their heads in agreement.

"In a way it is, Justin. But it's a trap I am prepared to walk into. For the path leads right through it."

Justin stared into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing determination there, and behind that, sadness and love.

"What's going on, Jo? You knew he was coming, didn't you?"

Jolan sighed, Justin's arm going around him.

"I love you, Jo. Please let me into that closed mind of yours. You don't have to walk this path alone."

Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"There comes a time in everyone's life when you have to face the reality of life, and what it means to you and your family. Awaiting me in that room across the hall is part of my family. It's up to me to join all of my family together. That's the path I have to walk. Trust in me to do what needs to be done. You're all a part of my family. You all will have my love."

Everyone nodded, hearing the calmness in Jolan's words.
His grey eyes went to the door, another sigh coming from him.

"Some of my family just needs to be pulled back onto the true path. Regardless of how wounded their souls are. I shall return shortly." Jolan said, beginning to walk towards the door.

He stopped at the doorway, looking back at a group of people following him--Justin, Jennie, Chace and Josh at their head.

"You talk of family, Jo. Well, we're your family. And families protect each other."
Jolan smiled at Justin's words, looking at his family and friends.

"Thank you everyone. Your love surrounds me. Just let me do and say what must be done."
Everyone nodded, Jolan looking at Lynn and Lisa.

"Hay should stay here, as should all the kids."

The two mothers nodded, the kids running up to them.

Jolan smiled at all of them, turning and opening the door, walking across the Grand Hall, followed by family and friends.


Jolan walked into the Room of Family, his eyes going to a man standing in front of his grandfather's portrait.

The man did not move, his eyes staring up at Vilos Dragos' portrait.

Jolan took him to be in his early fifties, rugged in his looks, a older version of his pictured grandfather, although with a larger build and a taller frame.

He appeared to be muscular, his stature erect and noble.

His side profile showed a graceful nobility and ancient beauty.

He was his father's son.

"A portrait of servitude and courage washing away fear. My father, the warrior of truth." the man said, his voice steady and strong.

"My grandfather, the beacon of love and courage."
The man's head turned, Jolan and everyone behind him staring into two searing grey eyes.

"At last, I look upon my brother's son."

Jolan stared quietly at the man, his eyes going to another man seated on a couch by the fireplace.

This man was a strikingly beautiful young man, soft blond hair cascading down over his shoulders, his grey eyes staring at Jolan as well, the young man standing up.

Jolan took the man to be well over six feet in height, his body showing muscularity in all areas.

The look in those grey eyes garnered more watchfulness from Jolan.

For in them Jolan saw so much turmoil, anger, and uncertainty.

"It is an honor to meet you finally, Uncle Morgan. And you as well, Krayos Vilos Dragos, cousin of my heart."
The young man looked surprised at Jolan saying his full name, and at the title of endearment.

The older man stared past Jolan, taking in the staring faces behind the young man.

His eyes locked on Jennie's young face, and then Justin's.

"Only a coward brings strangers to the reacquainting of his family."

Jolan looked behind him, everyone staring at the older man.

Melina's blue eyes had met Morgan's, the man's eye burrowing into hers.

"They are my friends, and my family. They are always at my side. Family walks with love surrounding them." Jolan said, his eyes on his uncle.
The older man laughed, walking over and sitting down in a wing chair in front of the fireplace.

"Sentimental like Joel. A true romancer of flattery and the forgotten past. You need to look to the future before the past destroys you, Nephew."

Jolan walked forward, sitting down in a chair across from the older man, Krayos' eyes on Jolan.

Everyone walked into the room, taking seats and staring at the three before the fireplace.

Melina and Jennie sat down on a couch behind Jolan, Justin joining them.

"Hello, Morgan. It has been a long time." Melina said, the two staring at each other.

"I thought I'd never have to look upon your face again, Melina Sumsare. My brother's cowardly retreat I thought a guarantee of that."

Jolan looked between the two, sensing their simmering confrontational anger.

"I am surprised you are here, Uncle. I know what this place means to your heart."
The older man's eyes narrowed, Jolan staring at him alone.

The man's eyes looked around the room, settling back on Jolan.

"They say you cannot walk away from your past. All circles of life go round again." Jolan said, the man leering at him.

"Words, words of insignificance. The time of words has ended. Strength and courage is needed to make the Dragosan name upheld in honor again." Morgan said, his grey eyes on Jolan.

"Do not try to bait us, Uncle. Your words of igniting bravado do not faze me. My soul sees and gives what it must."

The older man stared at Jolan, the young man's eyes filled with calmness and determination.

Jolan's head turned, looking towards Krayos.

"How does the night find you, Krayos? You are the one I have been eager to meet. A young man of similar worth and friendship I look forward to knowing."

Krayos' eyes widened in surprise, looking at Jolan.

His eyes immediately went to his father's, Morgan ignoring his son.

"You do not need to exchange pleasantries with my son, Jolan. You shall  know him but only as an adversary."

Jolan sighed, standing up and walking over to his grandfather's portrait, looking up at his calm face.

"Adversaries and drawn lines of finality. Why can't we strip away all the hidden innuendos and falsified walls of secrecy and get to the truth in all of this?"

Jolan's head turned, Justin and everyone watching the young man's staring grey eyes.

"You planned this very well, Uncle. You don't have to meet their accusing eyes. Those of insinuating truths denied a voice."
The older man stared at Jolan, a quiet look of softening surprise now showing on his previously stone, statuesque face.

Jolan moved, walking towards his cousin, Krayos staring at the smaller built man.

"I do not fault you for where you stand, Krayos. One follows those one loves. And perhaps one sacrifices even greater love in doing so."

Krayos stared at Jolan in surprise for a single moment, then towards his father, the young man's body heightening, bolting upright.

"I am my father's son. I am the strength and courage of the Dragosan lineage. I carry within me my grandfather's might and courage." the young man said, the words coming out of him in a string of cold emotionless tones.

"Words of honor and rehearsed bravado, becoming of your father, Krayos."
Krayos' eyes narrowed, staring at Jolan.

"To insult my father is to insult our heritage, Jolan Dragos. You are not fit to carry that name."
Jolan stared with calmness at Krayos, their grey eyes zoned in on each other.

Justin and everyone else stood in silence, Justin's eyes taking in the tension seeping in around them.

Jolan's eyes moved, meeting two older grey stones of watching interest.

"A well-laid plan, Uncle. Sending your brothers off on an errand of family duty to remove them from this moment of truth."
The older man stared at Jolan, Jolan nodding his head.

"Yes, Uncle. I sensed the path you would walk upon. You've turned your back on that which threatens to flood your heart. In time, you will see the right path you must walk on. I know where you have previously walked."

The older man looked shocked, slowly rising out of his chair.

"You are a disillusioned man, Jolan. You know nothing of the life I've led. Or what I seek for my son."

Jolan stared at Morgan for a moment, then looked at Krayos, then back to his uncle again.

"You seek greed and power, Uncle. Power is but an illusion cloaked in falsehoods. And the greatest falsehood is that which lays within your own heart. That which you hide from your own son."

Jolan turned upon hearing a sudden sound, a fist connecting with his jaw.

Jolan was propelled backwards, his body falling over the chair he'd been sitting in, Jolan landing on the floor.

Krayos stood beside his father, his fists still clenched, his face a mask of anger and violence.


Justin moved, at Jolan's side in an instant, Melina and Jennie beside them.

Lonnie, Joey, Chris, Josh and Chace now stood in front of Jolan, blocking him from his wrathful cousin.

"Say those words again and I'll finish this. No one insults my father!" Krayos said, Lonnie staring at him.

"Step back, or you'll have to go through me." the large black man said, staring at the equally muscular man before him.

Lonnie had sized up the man, seeing a muscular, strong young man of equal fortitude.

He had instantly seen the quiet goliath as no match for Jolan.

Jolan struggled to his feet, Justin helping him up.

"Are you alright, Jo? Your chin looks swollen." Justin said, Jolan hearing the concern in his lover's voice.

Melina's eyes had gone to her brother-in-law's, Morgan staring at her.

"Have you lost your senses, Morgan? Has our family now come to violence against each other?"

"Your son has but one choice, Melina. He stands in the way of my own son's greatness."

Jolan's arm went around his mother, Melina looking into his grey eyes.

She saw calmness, love and determination in them.

Jolan kissed her cheek softly, Melina feeling his love.

"Sit down everyone." he said, everyone slowly returning to their seats, Lonnie returning Jolan's chair to its upright position, standing behind it, staring at Krayos.

Jolan felt Lonnie's protective love, his grey eyes going to his Justin.

Justin saw Jolan's love directed at him, Justin slowly returning to his seat beside Jennie and Melina.

Lonnie remained in his position, Jolan smiling at him, rubbing his chin.

His eyes returned to Krayos, the young man still staring at him in defiance.

"Strong of body and of mind. You've shown your love for your father, Krayos. Commendable." Jolan said, still rubbing his chin.

"I mean what I say, Jolan. No one insults or threatens my father."

"I was not insulting him or threatening him, Krayos. I was stating truths. Truths that both of you must face."

Krayos' eyes went to his father, Morgan laughing.

"Words, words and more words. You are a Dragosan idealist like my younger brothers. Your heads filled with tales of past and history. It is time to walk into the future, Nephew. A future filled with power and acceptance."
Jolan continued to stare at his uncle, Morgan's eyes moving to his son.

"You have a decision to make, Jolan Dragos. Take the path of your father, or perish."

Jolan walked over to his grandfather's portrait again, his eyes going to the man of beauty.

"Flee in cowardice like my brother Joel did, or perish on the path of my son's ascendancy to the Dragosan and Sumsarian throne."

Jolan began to laugh, everyone--including the Dragosans--staring at him.

"Paths of ascendancy. You have a fondness for words as well, Uncle. But I do have another choice."

The older man stared at Jolan, his grey eyes now softly glowing.

Jolan's eyes saw the edge of anger in his uncle's grey eyes.

"There are only two choices, Nephew. Cowardice or honor."

"There is a third choice, Uncle. Cowardice, honor. . .or love."

Morgan stared at the young man in surprise, Krayos' eyes on him as well.

Jolan walked up to the two men, staring at both, the two standing together.

"I choose my own path, Uncle. A path you know of and fear. The path of love."

Morgan's face changed, returning to its stone clarity.

"Love? You are then a foolish man. Love has nothing to do with this. This is a decision of family ownership and truth. You must decide by our family's rules. I have asked for the Rite of Truth. What say you, Jolan Dragos? Are you Dragosan or are you a coward?"

Jolan stared at both men, then looked around the room.

"Well played, Uncle Morgan. In the center of your past you seek to seal the future. You've robbed your brothers of their intrusion into my decision, their protective love gone. You knew that they'd never allow me to make this choice. That my father wouldn't let you say those words to me."
Morgan remained silent, staring at Jolan.

Jolan sighed, looking into his uncle's softly glowing eyes.

"I am Dragosan, I am my father's son. What you name cowardice is in fact a truth unknown to you. This shall end but in one way. In your acceptance of that truth. The truth of your son's love and of mine."

Morgan remained still, staring at his nephew, Krayos' eyes on Jolan as well.

Krayos' thoughts were on something that confused him.

He saw no fear, no courage or trembling bravado in his cousin's face.

He only saw deep love in those staring grey eyes each time they met his.

"What is your decision, Jolan Dragos?"

Jolan's eyes went around the room, stopping lastly on Justin's staring blue eyes.

The two exchanged a look of total love, that love sunken into their souls.

Jolan turned, staring with finality at his uncle.

"I choose love, Morgan Dragos. You seek truth in the Rite of Truth. I shall give you that truth.  I shall fight you, Krayos Dragos, for the love of my family."


Josh was on in feet in an instant.

"No, Jolan! This is totally barbaric!"

Jolan's grey eyes went to Josh's blue, seeing the fear and worry etched in those beautiful eyes.

"This is destiny, my friend. The path moves forward." he said, Josh's eyes staring at him.

Jolan's eyes turned to his uncle, Morgan showing a soft smile on his face.

Justin rose from his seat, walking up to Jolan.

"You knew of this finality, didn't you? You always meant to accept this barbaric rite."

Jolan stared at him, his head then lowering.

Justin's arm went around the young man, Morgan and Krayos watching the two.

Morgan's thoughts were on what shone before him.

His nephew was in love with this man.

Krayos' eyes were on the two as well, seeing before him the dawning truth of love.

His cousin was surrounded by love.

"Your weakness shows before us, Nephew. You disgust me."

Jolan's eyes raised, the two staring at each other, Krayos staring at his father.

"You know not love, Uncle. To not know it is to not know life. The day its presence is known to you will soon come. I would sacrifice my life for you to know it, as would your son. It has now come to that."

"Words, more words of love. You have three days, nephew. On the thirtieth the Rite shall come to being."

Jolan nodded, staring at his uncle.

"I am charged with upholding my family's honor. I have the choice of place."
The older man nodded, Jolan staring at him.

"In the Room of Love's Light honor shall come to pass, as shall love."

Morgan looked totally stunned, his son looking confused.

Jolan stared at both, Justin staring at Jolan.

"You walk into your father's home seeking power, Uncle. Here, in that man's love you shall find truth."

Morgan's face changed back to its stone facade, the man nodding.

"So be it, Jolan. I fear not this house."

"Then why did you sneak into it while we were gone?"

Everyone's eyes turned, Joel Dragos standing in the room's doorway, his two brothers at his side, Jolan's father having spoken.


The three Dragosans were staring at their brother, Morgan's grey eyes upon them all.

"So you are found, brother. The three again together." Morgan said, his voice edged with anger.

Jolan's eyes were going between all four, the young man leaving Justin's embrace, walking between the two opposing groups.

"His question has been answered, Father. The path is set. I am charged with honor and truth." Jolan said, staring at his father.
Joel's eyes widened, going to his eldest brother.

"Was it not enough that you destroyed our brotherhood, now you seek to rob me of my son's love and life?"

Morgan stared at his three brothers, his grey eyes pulled to the youngest.

"That was our childhood of fantasy, Joelius. We are now men of power and honor. The Rite is the final truth of our future."

Joel's eyes flooded with glowing anger, Calen's hand going to his shoulder.

Jolan's eyes turned to Morgan's, the older man looking at him.

"So correct are you words, Uncle. Your future begins with truth. You have succeeded in your plan, I think you should now leave."

The man nodded, looking briefly at his son.

"Come, Krayos. We have overstayed our welcome. Look upon your cousin and his trembling acceptance. Soon you shall walk with honor and he shall be no more."

Krayos looked at Jolan, seeing his grey eyes soften with love as their eyes met.

"Walk with love in your heart, Krayos. I forgive you."

Krayos' grey eyes lowered, then his body stood erect.

"Prepare for truth, Jolan Dragos. I shall serve it to you within my strong hands."

Jolan remained still, Morgan moving towards the door, his son following him dutifully.

The three Dragosans stared at Morgan, his grey eyes staring at all three.

"I shall never forgive you for this, Morgan. You are no longer my brother." Joel said, his eyes looking only at his son.

Morgan's eyes went to his youngest brother, then to the other two standing behind him.

"So say I." Simus said, Calen nodding his agreement.

"So be it." Morgan said.

The two visitors walked past them, leaving the room in silence.


Joel stared at his son, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his.

"Why, Jolan? Why did you accept the Rite?"

Jolan's head lowered, the young man walking to the fireplace, staring down into the flickering embers.

"For all of you, Father. To end this path of destruction, this path of lost souls."

Joel's eyes met Justin's, the older man walking up to his son.

"Jolan, Krayos means to kill you. To honor his father, he shall do it."
"I know, Father. I know the truth laying within my cousin's soul. And more importantly, I know the truth of my uncle's soul."

Joel's hand went to his son's shoulder.

"I. . .I do not want to lose you, son. Not now. . .after I just found your love again." Joel softly said, his voice edged with emotion, his grey eyes filling with tears.

Jolan turned, swept into his father's arms, the older man wrapping him in love.

"Oh, Father! I would give all to have all of you together again. Your shattered love tears at my soul."
Joel's eyes moved, staring at his two remaining brothers.

"My brother has walked onto the path of hatred, our love is forever destroyed."
Jolan's head raised, looking into his father's tearful eyes.

"You are wrong, Father. He hasn't left your love, he's only buried it deep within him. A greater emotion has filled his soul. And it's an emotion I shall destroy. I shall give all to see my family joined in love again."
Joel teared up, his two brothers walking up to the two men.

"This is a fight that you should never have been swept into, Jolan." Calen said, Simus nodding in agreement.

"Our brother is lost to us, and now he seeks to rule all. His heart isn't capable of love, Jolan." Simus said, looking into his nephew's grey eyes.

"You're wrong, Uncles. This was a fight I was destined to enter. And your brother remains your brother within his soul. And I'm just the man to show him that."
The three Dragosans stared at Jolan, the young man looking around the room.

"You were correct, Justin. I knew what he was planning to do. And I knew that I had to accept this decision. For from this perhaps a truth of greater destiny shall come to fruition. I am prepared for what I must do. Trust in me to know that."
Justin walked up to them, taking Jolan's hand in his.

"Alright, Jolan. You seem to have totally accepted this path. I only hope you haven't accepted more than you can achieve."
Jolan leaned forward, kissing Justin softly, the man's arm going around him.

Justin felt his unchanged love, the two breaking their kiss.

"This is so barbaric, as Josh said, Jo. This isn't a game, your life's on the line here." Chris said, Jolan's eyes going to his friend.

"I know, Chris. I know all too well the finality of this Rite."
"No you don't, son. One of you must perish. It is the law of our heritage. One of you two shall die. That is the finality of it." Melina said, Jolan's eyes going to his mother's.

"Melina is right, Jolan. The One Council shall preside over the Rite to guarantee its eventuality." Calen said, looking at his nephew.

Jolan's head lowered for a moment, then raised, looking into the Dragosan eyes, and his mother's tearful gaze.

"No, my family. The outcome of this Rite shall be of my doing. I have changed many paths, another shall bend to my love."

Everyone stared at Jolan, hearing determination and love in his calm voice.

Justin stared at him, their eyes meeting.

"You seem so sure of something, Jo. What's going on?"

Jolan softly smiled, kissing his lips again.

"Trust in me to seek truth and love in this. The final outcome will be their truth."
Josh walked up to them, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"Why did you choose the Room of Love's Light, Jo?"

Jolan smiled, looking towards his grandfather's portrait.

"That room contains my grandparents' love, Joshua. They are a part of all of this as well. Under their love my family shall unite. Under their love I shall give all."

Josh nodded, unsure of the truth or meaning of Jolan's words.

"You're a man of mystery, Jolan." Chris said, Jolan smiling at him.

The tension in the room seemed to dissolve under that smile, others softly smiling at him.

"Trust me, all of you. In three days my family shall be whole. And then we shall walk together to the final truth."
Justin stared at Jolan, Jolan smiling at him.

"Our son awaits his supper, Jus. Let's get our boy fed."

Justin nodded, Jolan taking his hand, the two walking out of the room, everyone looking after them.

Josh stared at the three Dragosans.

"Your family is shrouded in anger, violence and greed, Dragosans. I shall not let that destroy Jolan." he said.
The three looked at Josh, the younger man walking out of the room, Chace walking after him.


Chace walked into the room, seeing his Josh seated on the pool's edge, his feet dangling in the water, his shoes and socks beside him.

Chace walked over to him, removing his shoes and socks, rolling up his pant legs and sitting down beside him.

His feet went into the water, his Josh snuggling up against him, Chace's arm going around him.

"I'm sorry for walking out of that room like that, I just. . ."

"You just wanted to voice your love for our Jolan, Joshua."
Josh looked into Chace's blue eyes, Chace's lips meeting his, the two kissing deeply.

"I'm scared, Chace! What if Jolan dies from this? This isn't a game, it's so real! Did you see how strong and large Krayos is? Jolan is overpowered before he even begins."
Chace rubbed Josh's shoulder, the touch calming Josh's emotions.

"I know, Josh. I see the truth in its realness. But I also saw something else."
Josh looked into Chace's eyes.

"I saw Jolan's determination and acceptance, Josh. Our remarkable friend is so sure in what's going to happen. In that I trust in his doing this. Whatever lies ahead, I'm certain Jolan knows the outcome."
Josh nodded, hearing Chace's words.

"That doesn't mean I can't be scared for him. I. . ."

Chace looked into his lover's eyes.

"You love him, Josh."

Josh stared into Chace's blue pools of love.

"Yes, Chace. I love him."
Chace smiled, kissing Josh tenderly.

"So do I, Josh. But I've watched you and I've sensed your feelings. There's a greater love here."
"Chace. . .you are my life."
Chace smiled, nodding.

"I know that, Joshua. I know your real true love is mine. I'm marrying you, remember?"

Josh smiled, Chace tightening his hold on his man.

"The bond you and Jo share, I believe, transcends that. It's more than love. Justin told me about something, of a bond between a magician and his confidant."
"The bond between a wizard and his familiar."

Chace's eyes widened, surprised that Josh knew of it.

"I've done research, Chace. When Jolan asked me to aid him, to be his close friend of knowledge as he called it, I leapt into it feet first. I've been doing a lot of reading."
Chace smiled, knowing his Josh would take that bond seriously.

"You amaze me, my love. Your capacity for truth and friendship is great."
Josh smiled, snuggling into Chace's embrace, kissing his chest.

"I. . .I don't know if that's all of it, Chace. I just have these deep feelings for Jo. I love you totally, you are my life. But I just feel this deep love for him and Jus as well."
Chace nodded, kissing him again.

"I feel the same, Josh. We really are becoming a foursome of love."

Josh nodded, looking into his blue eyes.

"You are my life, Chace. I would never. . ."

Chace smiled, kissing his Josh again.

"I love you, Josh. And I trust you. I trust you and I trust Jolan. As does Justin. I love all three of you."
Josh smiled, looking into Chace's blue eyes.

"Let's get back, I'm starving. And Jo needs our love. You need to talk to him." Chace said, Josh smiling, standing up and helping Chace up.

The two kissed again, putting on their socks and shoes again, walking hand in hand out of the pool room.


The meal had turned into a rather somber affair, everyone's mind on Jolan's meeting with his uncle.

Jolan had looked around the room during the meal, taking in all their worried looks.

"Please, everyone. What's done is done. Let's focus on the delicious meal we're eating. I'm calm, so all of you should be calm as well."

Everyone softly smiled at Jolan, his returned smile softening their moods.

Towards the end of the meal, as everyone was drinking coffee, Jolan's eyes met his father's, the two staring at each other.

"This should never have happened, son."

"It was destined to happen, Father. Everything is laid upon its course. The wheels of destiny are in motion. Life stops for no one."
"Death stops for no one either, Nephew." Calen said, Jolan's eyes moving to him.

"What would you have me do, Uncle? Walk away from my destiny? Run like a coward?" Jolan said, his voice softened with anger.

Justin's hand went in his, Jolan sighing.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Calen. I just have a lot on my mind."

Calen nodded, remaining silent, Simus looking at Jolan.

Jolan rose from his seat, Hayden looking up at him from Justin's lap.

"You no worries, Daddy." the boy said, Jolan softly smiling down at him.

Jolan walked around the table, standing in front of Queen Alveena's portrait, staring up at his ancestor.

Everyone's eyes were upon him, Simus standing and walking up to his nephew.

"You'll need to learn to fight, Jolan. I can help you in that regard." the older man said, Calen looking at his older brother.

"Simus is well-skilled in combat and the martial arts, Jolan. Father taught all of us, Morgan and Simus coming by it second nature."

Jolan nodded, looking at Simus.

"Will three days be enough, Uncle?"

Simus shook his head in the negative, Jolan nodding.

"Then I shall have to get by on my cunning and own resources."

"You cannot use magic, Jolan. It is forbidden." Calen said, Jolan looking at his uncle seated beside his father.

"I assumed as much, Uncle. Then I am by myself?"
Simus nodded, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"We shall all be with you, Jolan. You are our family."
Jolan looked into his uncle's grey eyes.

"So is Krayos, Uncle. He is your nephew as well."

Simus' head lowered, Jolan leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"I know the sorrow that fills your soul, and your brothers', Uncle Simus. Trust in me to lighten it."
Simus raised his head.

"How can it be lightened when our own children do battle, Jolan?"
"It can be lightened by the love we share together, and the love we create together." Jolan said, Simus looking into his grey eyes.

"Your eyes betray you, Jolan. I see no fear there. How can that be?"

Jolan sighed, looking around at everyone.

"I have had a vision, Uncle. I know what I must do. And for it to succeed I need to remain secretive."
Simus nodded, his eyes going to his brother Joel.

"Your son carries his thoughts as you did, Joel. He confides in no one. But his love still shines."
Jolan smiled, his eyes going to his father.

Justin walked up to his lover, Hayden in his arms, Hayden climbing into Jolan's arms.

"Alright, Jolan. We'll await the outcome of this. I trust you on my love for you."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"We'll begin training tomorrow, Uncle."
Simus nodded, Jolan's hand going in Justin's.

"Come, everyone. Let's enjoy the rest of the evening. Want to take another flight, Chris?" Jolan said, winking at Athos, the young man smiling at his cousin.

"No thanks, Jo!" Chris said, shaking his head, his eyes on Jolan.

Everyone sensed Jolan's need to change the subject, his mother's arm going around him and Hay.

"Let's go next door. My grandson's in need of some fun."
Hayden giggled, Melina and Jolan walking towards the Room of Family, Justin and Simus following.

Everyone rose up, following the four.


Justin sat on a bench, Josh and Chace beside him.

It was the next afternoon, Jolan working out in the weight room with his uncle.

In front of them Jolan was wrestling with Simus, the older man pinning the younger man to the mat.

"You need to watch both of my hands, Jolan. Always be on guard for movement." he said, Jolan nodding as the older man released him.

Simus began to stand up, Jolan moving in a flash.

He tackled the older man, Simus caught totally unaware, Jolan flipping him over, pinning his arms behind his back.

"Better, Uncle?" Jolan said, smiling towards Justin.

"Yes, Nephew. Average."

Jolan's eyebrows raised, Simus rolling to his left, upending Jolan, the younger man releasing his arms, Simus rolling on top of him, his hands going to Jolan's throat.

"Remember, your foe is not helpless as long as he breathes. Fear of death can bring renewed strength to the weakest man."

Simus released the young man, standing on his feet, Jolan looking up at him.

"Understood, Uncle." he softly said, Simus smiling down at him, offering him a hand.

Jolan smiled, his uncle pulling him to his feet.

"Your coordination and balance is very good, Jolan. In fact, stellar. Your only weakness is your size. Krayos towers over you."

Jolan nodded, looking into his uncle's grey eyes.

"Brains over brawn, Uncle?"

Simus nodded, smiling.

"You must rely on your intuitions. Think of what he'd do, of what his next move is. Always try to stay ahead of his thinking, it shall keep you alive."
Jolan nodded, Simus patting his shoulder.

"We've been at it for three hours, let's take a break. We'll take a breather and get a drink, and we'll do some sword work after." Simus said, Cory walking up to him.

Simus smiled at the young man, Cory's eyes scanning over his man's sweating torso.

Jolan and Simus both only wore shorts, their gleaming chests on full display.

Cory handed Simus and Jolan both a large bottle of water, Jolan opening his, drinking half of it in a rush of gulps.

Simus smiled, he and Cory walking over to a bench, Cory beginning to towel off Simus' back.

Jolan lowered the water bottle, smiling at the two, walking over and sitting down between Justin and Josh.

Justin kissed his cheek, beginning to wipe Jolan's face and chest, Josh rubbing down his back with a towel.

"Good movement out there, Jo. You're very quick and agile." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I feel invigorated, Chace. My heart and lungs are pumping. I feel so alive." Jolan smiled, Chace smiling, his eyes taking in Jolan's sweating form.

"You keep it up and Justy will have an accident." Chace said, smirking, Justin blushing.

Jolan's eyes met his, Justin's obvious needs shown.

"My man getting turned on?"

Justin smiled, Jolan leaning in and kissing him tenderly.

Josh and Chace both smiled, Josh still rubbing Jolan's back and shoulders.

"Is this like a ménage a trois? Chace must feel so left out."

Chace laughed, picking up a towel and kneeling in front of Jolan, beginning to towel off his legs.

"Correct position, Chace." Jolan smiled, everyone laughing, Jolan's the loudest.

Simus and Cory sat across from them, Simus' eyes on his nephew.

"So, how prepared is he, Simus?" Cory said, still rubbing his lover's shoulders.

"He's fast, agile, intelligent and resourceful.  And he's tenacious. I just don't know if it will be enough, Cory. Krayos is strong, muscular and on a mission. Jolan has a real fight on his hands." Simus said, his eyes lowering.

"Jolan seems confident, Simus. All my life I've seen that confidence in his eyes. When he sets his mind to something he's very tenacious. I think we're in for a revealing day on Wednesday. And I think Krayos and Morgan don't see it."

Simus nodded, thinking of his brother.

"I still can't understand why he's doing this. It's like the man isn't the man I've known all my long life. Morgan was always headstrong and courageous, but never like this. It worries me so. It worries Joel even more."

Cory's arm went around his lover, feeling the moisture on his body, Cory kissing his lips.

"I am here for you, Simus. My love will always try and destroy the worry in your heart."
Simus smiled, a shadow falling over them.

Simus looked up, Jolan's smiling form before them, the young man gleaming with radiating love.

"Shall we tackle the swords, Uncle?"

Simus nodded, standing up again,  Jolan smiling down at Cory.

"Take it easy on him, Jo."
Jolan laughed, the two men smiling at each other, walking over towards two steel swords laying on a bench.

Simus picked up both, offering one to Jolan.

"This is an archaic weapon of family truth. All of our ancestors were masters of the sword. It was bred into them from an early age. Father trained all of us in its manner and worth. Morgan, I am certain, has molded Krayos into a sword master. It will be the weapon used in the Rite of Truth." Simus said, Jolan staring at the weapon in his hand.

"Then I should become familiar with it, Uncle." Jolan said, slashing the sword around, Simus looking at him.

"Good movement, Jolan. You've used a sword before?"

Jolan's eyes met Simus'.

"Only in my dreams, Uncle. Let us begin."
Everyone looked at the two men, the two facing each other, raising their swords.

"En Garde, Jolan!" Simus said, charging at him.

Jolan raised his sword, planting his feet on the floor.

Their swords connected, Jolan waving off his uncle's thrust at him.

The two began to fight with the swords, the clanging of their blades the only sound in the room.

Justin and Josh stared in stunned shock at Jolan's movements, the young man moving with fluidity and grace.

Simus seemed just as surprised, his swordplay increasing in its intensity.

Jolan met his thrusts and slashes, deflecting them with grace and cunning quickness.

The two men battled for over twenty minutes, Jolan suddenly moving to his left, his sword catching his uncle's sword's guard, the sword flipping out of his hands, sailing through the air and embedding blade up on the floor a few feet in front of Josh, Chace and Justin.

Simus stared at his nephew, Jolan's sword pointed at him, the young man bowing.

"Where in all that's sacred to my heart did you learn to yield a sword like that, Jolan?!!" Simus said, Jolan lowering his sword, staring at him.

"I am a Dragosan, Uncle. It is bred into my heart. And I have the history of our clan within my soul."

Justin got up, walking over to his lover, Jolan's eyes moving to his.

"That was amazing, Jo! You were like. . .like a swashbuckler!" he said, Jolan smiling at him.

"How could you see the swordplay when your eyes were on my body?"

Justin blushed, Jolan smiling and kissing him.

Simus walked forward, standing in front of Jolan.

"You. . .your skill. . .it is as great as my father's."

Jolan smiled at his uncle, raising his hand.

Simus' eyes went to his ring finger, a white band showing where his father's Ring of Servitude once laid.

"I felt my grandfather's love and courage within that ring, Uncle. I also drew from it. His love, his courage and his skills I now possess."

Jolan smiled, Simus staring at him in stunned shock.

"It. . .it cannot be!"
Jolan's hand went forward, resting on his uncle's shoulder.

"Trust in me to be prepared for all eventualities, Uncle. I shall lay the truth before them."

Jolan smiled, looking at Justin.

"I think we've trained enough for today, Jus. How about you give me a rubdown in the shower?"
Justin's eyes lit up, Jolan smiling at him.

"We'll see you at dinner, everyone." Justin said, pulling Jolan out of the room.

Josh, Chace and Cory walked up to Simus, the older man staring after them.

"I cannot believe what I have just encountered. Jolan is a sword master!" Simus said softly, Cory's arm going around him.

Josh looked after Jolan and Justin as well, Chace's arm going around him.

"What's wrong, my love?"
Josh looked into Chace's blue eyes.

"I think Jolan's more prepared that any of us know."


The next two days were long days of training, relaxing and talking.

Everyone took turns watching the training sessions, their eyes drawn to Jolan's sudden strength, agility and courage.
The man seemed to turn into a seasoned warrior overnight.

Joel and Calen stood in silence, watching Simus wrestle and fight with the young man, the two Dragosans talking among themselves.

In down times Jolan and Justin spent time with Hayden, the trio forging a deep family bond.

Everyone saw the family before them, seeing the three happy.

Jolan talked with everyone, their fears gradually lessening, his love filling their hearts.

Before anyone knew it, Wednesday morning had dawned.

They all joined for breakfast, the mood again sinking into melancholy.

Jolan sensed their feelings, smiling around at everyone.

The Rite was scheduled for six o'clock that evening, the day certain to be a day of building dread.

"The meal was delicious, Martha." Jolan said, the woman smiling at him as she cleaned up the table after everyone had finished.

"I cooked your favorites, sire." she said, Jolan smiling at her, seeing a glint of tears in her blue eyes.

"All were delicious. I feel strong and invigorated."
She smiled, quietly walking out of the room, following the other waiters.

"You've got a fan, Jo." Chris said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I've got a friend, Chris."
Chris smiled, as did everyone else, Hayden climbing into Jolan's lap from Justin's, Justin rubbing his small back.

Hayden's blue eyes looked towards his mother, Sandra smiling at him, winking.

Jessica's arm went around Sandra's shoulders, the two looking across the table.

"Jo, I'd like to say something."

Jolan set down his coffee cup, smiling at the two women.

"Certainly, Cassandra. You have the floor."

Sandra smiled at the tenderness in Jolan's calling her by her full name.

"We've all felt your love flowing around us, Jolan. You've helped so many of us unite in bonded pacts of love. You really are the Catre Din Dragoste. You give love to all of us."
Jolan smiled, looking around at everyone.

"You are all family to me. I love my family."
Everyone smiled, Sandra looking at Jessica, the woman pulling a bunch of folded papers out of her bag which hung on the arm of Sandra's chair.

"And we all love you, Jolan. Where would I be now if not for that giving love? You've given me so much. My loving Jess, my loving child. And now life. A life, a future filled with love. I couldn't think of anything that I could give to you to thank you for what you've done for me." she said, her eyes filled with tears, Jessica rubbing her back.

"You've given me your friendship, Cassandra. And your love. There is no greater gift."

"Yes, Jolan. But I believe I've found a greater gift."

Sandra took the offered papers from Jessica, reaching across the table and handing them to Justin.

Justin smiled at her, taking them.

"Those are legalized writs to full guardianship. I'm rescinding all my claims and entitlements to Hayden. I had originally intended this for after I was gone, but you changed that. You gave me a new life, and I want both of you to have the life of fatherhood. You are his father, Jolan. And you are the happiness of his soul. I want you and Justin to raise him in your love. You both have full entitlement to that. I'll never separate him from your giving love."

Justin looked shocked, Jolan staring at Sandra.

"Sandra. . .there's no need for this." he softly said.

"Yes, Jolan. There is. I want Hayden to remain with his fathers. With you and Justin. That document, in the courts, binds both of you to him. From the moment you sign it, you both will forever be his fathers. I shall always be his mother, and I shall always love him, and be there for him, but you two will be what he needs most."

Jolan's eyes filled with tears, Justin already crying.
Hayden moved, climbing back into Justin's lap, hugging him.

"No cries, Poppa! Me your son!"

Justin sobbed, kissing the small boy, Jolan wiping his eyes.

"Thank you, Sandra. For what you've given Justin, I thank you so much."

Sandra smiled, Jessica kissing her cheek.

"Jess and I love all three of you, and you'll always be in our hearts."
"You're already in ours, both of you." Justin said, wiping his eyes, Hayden smiling at his mother.

His blue eyes looked into Justin's.

"Me stays with you always, Poppa! Me wuvs you!"
Justin grinned, kissing the boy's forehead.

"I love you, son."
Jolan smiled, looking at Sandra.

"Sign the documents, both of you. So that we can watch this family grow."

Justin grinned, taking a pen from Josh's offered hand, signing the papers, handing them to Jolan.

Hayden smiled at his father, Jolan leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"This is what you want, my son?"
"Yes, Daddy. You and Poppa needs me."
Justin began to cry, Jolan's tears falling down his cheeks.

"We do, Hayden. We need your love."
The boy smiled, Jolan signing the document.


An hour later, Jolan walked into the Room of Love's Light, looking around the half lit room.

He walked around, taking in the shadowed pictures, looking upon scenes of valor, landscapes and nobility.

"In a room of love evil stands no chance." he softly said.

"You're quite amazing."

Jolan turned, staring into two grey eyes.

"As are you, Erasmus."
The older man smiled, a smile of giving love.

"Ingenious deception, my boy."
"It is not deception, sir. I am only withholding the truth."

The man smiled, then chuckled, patting Jolan's shoulder.

"You risk everything in this, son. You don't know if this shall even work."
Jolan's eyes met his, the man staring at him.

"Do you?"
The man's head lowered, his eyes then raising again.

"No, I don't, Jolan. I. . .I applaud your courage in risking it. You may amaze everyone, the One Council most of all. Old Tolmar will be beside himself. He doesn't like to be overshadowed."

Jolan nodded, the man patting his shoulder again.

"Ingenious. That you are, Jolan Dragos."
Jolan stared at the man, seeing that his looks had changed again.

"When you recede to my age will the truth then be known?"

The man smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's cheek.

"I believe you already sense the truth, Jolan."

Jolan stared at the man, Erasmus smiling.

"You only have an instant in time to change the path, Jolan."

Jolan nodded, staring into the grey eyes staring back at him.

"Good luck, Jolan Dragos. I shall be watching."
The man instantly faded, Jolan again alone.

He looked up at the ceiling, the lights softly twinkling.

"I hope you shine like the heavens this evening. I only hope I don't rip out my Justin's heart to do it."




End of Chapter 110




A sentence of impending doom, or a moment of unfolding love about to be revealed?


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