Jolan's Path - Chapter 111


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 111


Jolan walked into his grandfather's library, his eyes taking in a vision laying on a couch in the late morning sunshine.

The man laying there was engrossed in a large book which lay in his lap, its ancient bindings looking moldy in the bright light.

Josh's head raised, his blue eyes meeting Jolan's grey.

Jolan smiled at him, walking slowly across the room, Josh sitting up a bit, Jolan sitting down beside him, his grey eyes taking in the book in Josh's hands.

"Found a lost treasure, my friend?"

"It's a volume entitled Tactical Battle Strategies of the Sumsarian War, one of a set of seven. It was written after the Sumsarian campaign."

Jolan nodded, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"Looking for something to aid me?"
Josh's eyes lowered, Jolan's hand going to his cheek.

Josh's head raised, Jolan smiling at him.

"This is a dangerous place you've maneuvered yourself into, Jolan. This is real, and it's dangerous."

"I know, Joshua. The path is now set for this confrontation. There's no way I can avoid it. And I choose not to."

Jolan's eyes met Josh's again, the man staring into the calm centers of silvery love staring back at him.

"But I have something that does aid me greatly. It's something my uncle hasn't felt in a long time."
Josh's eyebrow raised a little, Jolan leaning forward and kissing Josh's cheek.

"I have love surrounding me, Joshua. My Justin and Hay's, and my Chace's and yours."

Josh softly smiled, Jolan leaning forward and kissing his lips softly.

Jolan broke the kiss, Josh softly blushing a little.

"You do love me, right Josh?"
Their eyes met, their love for each other showing.

"Yes, Jo. I love you very much."
Jolan smiled, his eyes running up and down Josh's seated form.

"Then stand up and take those clothes off. I want to taste all of you."

Josh's eyes widened, moving back a bit.

Jolan burst into laughter, his smiling face surprising Josh.

"Josh, I love you. As does Justin. But Chace has your true love and your body. I only want your giving love."

Josh softly smiled, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"I wanted to make you smile, my friend. I've sensed your worry these last few days, Joshua."
Josh's eyes met Jolan's, Jolan smiling at him.

"Your man asked me to talk to you." Jolan said, Josh sighing.

"He's been worried about you, my friend, and so have I."

Josh stood up, walking over to a bookshelf, placing the book back in its place where he'd taken it from, next to the other six in the set.

"I'm scared, Jolan. I'm scared that we're going to lose you."

Jolan's eyes met Josh's glimmering blue pools, Jolan standing up and walking up to his friend.

"Yes, I've felt the same feelings in a lot of my family, and dear friends. But in you I suddenly feel the greatness of that feeling."

Josh's eyes met Jolan's, the young man smiling at him.

"In you I've sensed a closeness of cemented love. That's why I had chosen you as my confidant."

Josh's hand went to Jolan's shoulder.

"Your familiar."

Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Yes, Josh. My familiar. For in you I see a man who's familiar with my love and trust."

Josh's blue eyes met Jolan's.

"Yes, those I know and accept. But what of what lays within your mind, Jolan? Why can't you trust me with what's going on up here?" Josh said, tapping Jolan's forehead.

Jolan sighed, his grey eyes staring at Josh.

"I know now the truth, Josh. For that's why I wanted to talk to you. It's time our bond became ironclad."

Josh stared at Jolan, the young man's hand going to his shoulder.

"You are my familiar, my friend, my confidant, and more importantly my loving Josh."

Josh stared into Jolan's eyes, seeing the depth of love shining back.

"In no other one--besides my Jus and your Chace--do I see the depth of faith, love and trust I see in your blue eyes. I have total faith and trust in you, Josh. Your love of familiarity binds us now forever."

Josh smiled, Jolan leaning forward, their lips meeting, Josh feeling that depth of love flood his soul.

The two men parted, Josh's eyes scanning Jolan's body.

"Maybe it's you that should strip down, Jo."

Jolan laughed, Josh smiling.

"Well said, my Josh."

Josh smiled, Jolan's face changing, a look of seriousness and loving acceptance crossing his face.

"I need your help, my familiar friend."
"You have it, Jolan. And my love."
Jolan smiled again, his hands taking Josh's.

"You need to know the truth of what I've realized, and the truth of what I now have to do."

Josh nodded, Jolan guiding him back to the couch, the two sitting down.

Josh's arm went around Jolan, Jolan feeling his love and support.

"I've found the truth of what's going on here, Josh. And I've found a solution to its answer."

Josh and Jolan's eyes met, Jolan's eyes filled with sadness and truth.

"For all of them I shall walk the path of death."


Morgan Dragos stood in front of the fireplace, his eyes staring at the flames before him.

Krayos walked into the room, his father standing in only a robe, the young man staring towards him.

"A late brunch is ready, Father. Won't you eat something?"

"My mind and body must remain cleansed today, Krayos."

The young man nodded, walking over towards his father, remaining silent behind him, awaiting his father's words.

"You are ready, Dragosan warrior?"

"Yes, Father. I am mentally and physically at the ready."

Morgan turned, staring into his son's grey eyes, Krayos seeing a look of confusion there.

The man's older stone eyes returned to the flickering fire.

"Why has he chosen that place? Whatever is the reasoning behind that?" he softly said, more to himself that to Krayos.

"What is the Room of Love's Light, Father? You've never spoken of it." Krayos softly said, unsure if he would anger the man.

"It is the room where my family always gathered in times of celebration. The room's magic captures the love that shows within it. Love lights it, as my mother always claimed."

"Why would Jolan want this battle of truth in the midst of such a room?" Krayos said, his father's eyes turning quickly, staring at him.

"I. . .I do not know, Krayos. It doesn't make any sense." Morgan said softly, Krayos seeing that confusion again in his father's grey softened eyes.

"What's wrong, Father? You seem confused?"

Morgan sighed, his hand going to his son's shoulder.

"I. . .I am sorry, Krayos. I am sorry for the path I have led you down."

Krayos stared with shock at his father, seeing actual tears forming in his eyes.

"Father, I. . .it's alright. I walk forward to our victory. Our family's honor I shall show."
Morgan's grey eyes stared at his son, Krayos seeing a look of troubled worry there.

"My life I have filled with violence, my son's life now may mirror mine. When shall this end? When can I escape?" he softly said, his cheeks laced with tears.

The clock behind his father on the fireplace mantle began to chime the hour of twelve, Krayos staring at his father.

His hand went forward, going to his father's shoulder, Morgan's head lowering, Krayos seeing the man in turmoil.

"Father, I love you. Let's end this. . .let's not do this. I saw something in Jolan's eyes. I saw a knowledge of acceptance and truth. He's so not like I imagined him. He seems so focused, so giving. And I felt his love."

Krayos felt his father's body tremble, then the man's frame heightened, now standing erect.

His father's hand raised, slapping Krayos across the face, the man staggering back in shock.

"How dare you say those words! You are my son! He is an abomination on our sacred name! Today he dies at your hands. On your knees, you coward!"

Krayos immediately went to his knees, shock still showing on his face, his father towering over him.

"I. . .I am sorry, Father. Forgive me for doubting!"

Morgan stared down at his son, his hand moving forward, taking a large swath of his son's blond hair in its fingers, pulling tightly.

Krayos flinched in pain, but remained silent, staring up into his father's stone grey eyes.

"You shall lose your fear this day, Krayos! I want you victorious! You shall be your father's son!"

Krayos cringed, seeing the anger now on his father's face.

His father released his hold on his hair, the standing man removing his robe, Krayos staring at his father's body.

On his chest were old slashed scars, some deep in their markings.

"I am a warrior, like my father! You shall wear many scars in life, Krayos. Starting with this one."
In a flash Morgan grabbed a knife that had lain on the fireplace's mantle, his hand slashing across the young man's cheek, the young man feeling the pain of the knife's slash, blood showing immediately.

He did not move, in fear and in anger.

Morgan smiled, setting the knife back upon the mantle.

"Strong, silent and watchful. Good. Now to beat that cowardice out of you."
Krayos stood still as his father's fist hit him in the chest.


Justin's eyes looked into Jolan's grey, the two seated out in the afternoon sunshine.

Hayden was playing before them, the boy laughing in the afternoon snow.

It had been Jolan's idea after lunch for the three to have some private time outside.

He knew his son's love for the snow, and his lover's love for their private moments.

"Our Hay loves the snow, Jo." Justin said, Jolan's body against his, Justin's arm wrapped around him.

"He likes to play, like his father."

Justin smiled, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"This is nice, Jo. The three of us out here, alone. I feel like I have a family."

Jolan smiled, Hayden smiling at his two fathers, the boy making snowballs and throwing them at a tin can Justin had set up for him on a low stone wall about ten feet in front of them.

"We are a family now, Jus. You, me and our Hay."
Justin nodded, his eyes looking into Jolan's grey.

"Privacy affords us words of love, Jolan."

Jolan nodded, snuggling against his man.

"So speak your mind, Justin. I have felt your love and your worry."

Justin sighed, tightening his hold on the man of his life.

"I'm wondering what's going to happen, Jolan. What happens if I lose you today."
Jolan's eyes met Justin's, Jolan seeing the acceptance of that reality in those blue pools of love.

"You shall never lose me, Justin. I've already told you that."
"So am I just supposed to stand in that room today and watch my Jolan fight for--or maybe lose--his life?"

Jolan looked into Justin's eyes, seeing the fear of that one reality showing now.

"I hate all of this, Justin. All this drama and historic destiny I've become entangled in. I never wanted this for us, Justin. You know that."
Justin's arm tightened around his man, Jolan feeling his love.

"I know, Jolan. But as you've said repeatedly, destiny forces its hand. I know you never wanted this final confrontation. And I know in my heart there's no way any of us can now stop it. I'm just scared of losing you. I've tried to be strong these last few days, but every time I look at you, I see you vanishing before me."

Jolan moved, now wrapping his arms around his Justin, the man sinking into his chest, holding him tightly.

"Our love will never vanish, Justin. It is forever."
Justin raised his head, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"That sounds like a statement of finality, Jolan."
"It is, Justin. I love you. I will always love you. Nothing--not family, anger, hatred, truth or destiny--will ever change that fact. I love you. And I need to give you hope today. Hope that all will be alright."

"I have your love in my heart, Jolan. I see a deep acceptance and calmness in your loving eyes. That is the hope I shall hold onto."

Jolan teared up, feeling two small hands patting his knees.

He and Justin both looked down into Hayden's upturned smiling face, his blue eyes filled with love.

"Wuv you, Poppa and Daddy. You no worries. Me sees wuv coming."

Justin smiled, pulling the boy up into his lap, Hayden smiling at his father.

"My son of seeing love." Jolan said, Hayden smiling at him.

Jolan and Justin's eyes met, Jolan leaning forward and kissing Justin on the lips, Hayden smiling up at them.

"Hope lays in our Joshy's blue eyes of love, Justin. Look into them when your heart needs hope most."

Justin nodded, staring at his Jolan.

Hayden giggled, the two men looking down at him.

"Be's okays, Poppa! Daddy shows wuv!"

The two men smiled, Hayden looking up at Justin.

"Play with me, Poppa! Me wants to throw snows balls!"

Both men laughed, rising up from the bench, Justin setting Hayden down, the boy heading for his small pile of snowballs, his two fathers of love following.


At five o'clock everyone sat in the Room of Family, Jolan seated with Hayden in his lap, Justin at his side.

Josh and Chace sat beside them, the room quiet and smothering with worry.

Simus, Joel and Calen had disappeared around four o'clock, heading for the Room of Love's Light, in preparation for the coming of the One Council.

Jolan had disappeared himself for a few moments, having said he had to make a phone call.

He'd returned a few minutes later, sitting now where he sat, his thoughts on the One Council.

Today, Jolan would meet Queen Alveena's council of guiding worth.

Today, that council would sit in judgment of a rite of barbaric finality.

Jolan had had a private meeting with his father and his two loving uncles; the pomp, traditions and sanctity of the Rite of Truth laid out before him.

He was informed of the decorum and traditions of this old rite of barbarism.

Only once in the history of the Sumsarian and Dragosan families had this rite been called upon before.

That first rite was lost in the history of time, spoken by no one, the One Council the only witnesses to it.

Jolan looked around the room he now sat in, knowing all his family and friends would bare witness to the second use of this rite.

In his heart he felt it would be the last time such a barbaric rite would be called upon.

His heart was hardened into making that a reality.

He sighed, Justin's arm around him, holding him close.

"It's almost time, Jo."

Jolan nodded, looking around the room.

"Whatever happens today, know that I love all of you. I have been so blessed to have all of your love."
Everyone stared at him, feeling his love radiating out to them.

"I want to voice Josh's words again, Jolan. This is barbaric." Chris said, Jolan nodding at him.

"I agree with you, Christopher." Melina said, Jolan's eyes on his mother.

"It shall be the last time for such a barbaric rite, Mom. I am the man to see that done. Three councilors of worth shall hear my truth in that before this is done."

Their conversation was interrupted by Jolan's father walking into the room, staring at his son.

Calen and Simus stood behind Joel, three sets of grey eyes glued to the young man.

In Joel's arms was a garment bag, shrouded in black.

"The One Council has come, Jolan. This is your attire for the Rite." Joel said, Jolan rising out of his seat, walking up to his father.

"Thank you, Father. I shall change into it."
"I'll go with you, son. We need to talk."

Jolan nodded, looking at his uncles.

"All is prepared, Jolan. Morgan and Krayos are on their way. The One Council is here. The room has been prepared. It only awaits the coming of the two combatants." Calen said, the Illuminator's voice seeped in tradition and love.

"It awaits truth and love, Uncles." Jolan said, his eyes going to his Justin, the man staring at him.

"Love you, Jus. I'll see you soon."
Justin nodded, Simus looking at his nephew.

"Who have you named as your second, Jolan?"
Jolan's eyes went to Josh.

"Joshua is my right hand of love. He honors me by being at my side as I walk towards truth."

Josh stood up, looking at Jolan.

"Come with us, Josh." Joel said, Josh nodding, following Jolan and Joel out of the room.

The two remaining Dragosans looked around at everyone, their grey eyes met with worried stares.

"You need to be informed of the protocol and tradition of this rite. Let me tell you what must happen." Calen said, everyone nodding, then waiting for him to speak.


Joel's eyes stared at his nearly naked son.

Jolan had removed his clothing, standing in only his black boxer briefs, handing his clothes to Josh.

Josh set the clothing on the chair beside Jolan's bed, the three in Jolan and Justin's bedroom.

Joel's grey eyes took in the muscular beauty of his son's smooth physique.

"You have grown since last I looked upon you, my son. You now are a man of stunning beauty."
Jolan smiled, staring into his father's beautiful face.

"I mirror my father's and my grandfather's beauty."
Joel smiled, handing Josh the garment bag he still held in his hands.

Josh smiled at him, taking the bag, opening it and pulling out two pieces of clothing, a pair of socks and a pair of leather boots, placing it all on the bed.

The clothing was totally black, the boots of black shiny leather.

Jolan smiled at Josh, standing still.

Joel sat down on the edge of the bed, watching Josh begin to dress Jolan, his son remaining still.

Josh pulled a pair of black sleek pants up Jolan's legs, the pants skin tight, showing off Jolan's muscular legs.

He pulled the pants over Jolan's ass, pulling them in at the waist, buttoning them at Jolan's center, zipping up the fly, Jolan's bottom half now covered in black.

Josh's eyes met Jolan's as he pulled up the zipper, Jolan's eyes smiling back.

Josh picked up the second article of clothing, pulling it over Jolan's head, his muscular smooth chest and arms disappearing under it.

It was a totally black, tight, long-sleeved t-shirt, Jolan's muscular form shown in all its beauty.
Josh met Jolan's eyes, Josh bending to his knees, pulling the socks onto Jolan's smooth feet, the man massaging both tenderly.

He rose again, picking up the leather boots, kneeling again and pulling them onto Jolan's feet.

Josh zipped the boots up, side zippers now closed on the totally black smooth leather boots.

Josh stood up, stepping back, standing beside Jolan's seated father.

"Wow, Jo. You look like a sculpted god of muscular beauty." Josh said softly, Jolan smiling at his friend's gazing love.

"Men shown in their beauty, fighting with muscular strength and grace." Joel said, staring at his clothed son.

"Men fighting with love in their hearts also, Father."

The two sets of grey eyes met, Josh looking between the two.

"I'll step out for a moment, guys." he said, Joel shaking his head no.

"No, Josh. I see your love for my son, a love of familiar beauty."
Josh smiled, sitting down on the bed beside Joel.

"I love him, Joel. He is my dearest friend."

Jolan smiled at his father, Joel smiling back.

"You have chosen well, my son. I see his love, intelligence and trust shining in his blue eyes."
"He is my friend, and I love him, Father. As I love you."

Joel's eyes lowered for a moment.

"I. . .I need to tell you something, Jolan."
"No, Father. I already know what lays within your heart."
"Please, Jolan. Let me say this. I feel I haven't much time."

Jolan nodded, looking at his father.

"I'm proud of you, my son. I see before me a man filled with love, courage and worth. The life that's happened I never wanted for you to endure, Jolan. As I never wanted this fight for you. I'm sorry that I walked you onto a path of destiny. I should never have walked away from my family and my own fears. I want you to know that I love you, my son. I love you as a father loves the greatest son of his heart."
Jolan walked over to the bed, pulling his father up, pulling him into his embracing arms.

"You walked your own path of destiny, Father. As I now walk mine. It's time to join all the paths that follow me, that cross my path of love. Today the crossroads meet. And I stand alone in my love for all of you. Today my family lives. I love you, Father. For your returned love and your returned courage."

Jolan released his father, walking over to the dresser, opening Justin's jewelry box on its top, pulling out the gold chain carrying the Ring of History.

He opened the chain's clasp, pulling off the ring.

"My destiny is here, Father. It is time."

Joel's and Josh's eyes met, Jolan's grey eyes on the ring held in his hand.

"I have felt the power of that ring, Jolan. It holds a magic unknown to any of us. I do not know what it shall do to you."
Jolan's eyes lifted, staring into his father's grey.

"It shall bind me to destiny, Father. And it shall show me the truth."

Joel nodded, his hand going to Josh's shoulder.

"We stand by your love, Jolan. Our love is here for you."
Jolan smiled, looking into his Josh's eyes.

"That is all I can ask." he said, slipping the ring onto his finger.

Jolan's whole body trembled instantly, the young man sinking to his knees.

Josh meant to go forward, Joel's hand on his shoulder holding him back.

The two stared at Jolan, his head raising, his grey eyes like sparkling diamonds, their silvery centers glowing brightly.

Jolan's whole body trembled for a few moments, the young man gasping, his head flying upwards, tears etched on his face.

Jolan fell forward, Josh rushing to his side.

"Are you alright, Jo?" he said with worry, his arm around his friend's shoulders.

The trembling had stopped, his friend's head raising.

Their eyes met, Josh staring into two silvery centers of deep shining love.

"I am fine, Joshua." the young man said, rising up to his feet, Josh at his side.

Jolan's eyes turned, staring at his father, Joel Dragos staring back at him.

"You forgot to mention the love, Father. The magic of love in this ring."

Joel nodded, Jolan softly smiling at him.

"I need to talk to Joshua, Father. I shall see you on the field of truth."

Joel nodded, his and Josh's eyes meeting.

"I love you, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, nodding, his father kissing his cheek as he stopped in front of him.

"I know, Father. Your love is part of me."

Joel smiled, tears in his eyes, the man walking out of the room, Josh following him to the door, shutting it when Jolan's father left.

Josh leaned against the door sighing, feeling two arms envelop him from behind.

He turned around, staring into Jolan's grey eyes of love.

Jolan's lips met his, Josh lost in the love flooding his soul, in the strength of the arms holding him.

They parted from the kiss, Josh staring into two eyes of silvery love.

"It is time, Joshua. I need your love."

Josh nodded, Jolan guiding him towards the bed.


Justin sat in silence, his eyes scanning the room he found himself in.

He and his family and friends sat as a group in silence against the western wall of the Room of Love's Light.

The kids were in the Room of Family with Rachel and Ally, away from the ensuing drama.

His eyes moved forward, seeing three elevated tables, like a row of judges' benches, the center one the highest elevated, erected against the eastern wall.

Three men in long robes were seated there, the three already in place when the group had entered the room, following Calen and Simus.

Calen and Simus had stood before the three tables, both bowing deeply.

"Welcome children of Dragosan heritage, and guests of noted worth." the left councilor had said, Domo's eyes going to his ancient ancestor.

Belos Sumsare stared down at him, Domo bowing his head.

"Sit in the sun's embrace on the western side of truth, children of his love." Degas had said, Calen guiding all of them to the benches now in place against that wall.

"You two in the center, a moment before the tribunal." Tolmar had said, his eyes on Justin and Jennica.

Simus remained beside them, Calen and everyone else walking over to the benches.

Justin stared up at the central councilor, the man's eyes beacons of determination.

"You are his love?"

Simus stared at Tolmar, the man ignoring him, staring only at Justin.

"I am." Justin said, his voice direct and firm.

"To watch truth is sometimes hard to do. I hope your heart is courageous?" Tolmar said, Simus' eyes on him.

"My heart is filled with his love. I have the courage of that." Justin said, the councilor nodding.

"Well said, young man. Walk with that in your heart." Belos said, Tolmar's eyes going to Jennie.

"You are a child of Dragosan blood. You are Jennica, sister of the one of honor."

"Yes, I am his sister."
The three councilors looked at each other, Tolmar staring down at her.

"The sun shines in your eyes, little one."

"It radiates through my love, great ones." she said, Tolmar's face softening into a smile.

"Such is the ray of youthful love, Jennica." he said, Jennie nodding.

"Where is your eldest brother, Simus?" Degas said, Simus looking at all three now.

"His clouded heart I feel coming, ancient ones." Simus said, the three nodding.

Simus directed Justin and Jennie towards their family, the three councilors bowing their heads in joined silence.

Here Justin now sat, awaiting the presence of Morgan and Krayos, and soon his Jolan.

He felt a hand squeeze his, his eyes looking to his left.

Chace smiled at him, Justin smiling softly back.

A few minutes later the double doors of the room were opened by Niles and Arthur from outside, Joel walking into the room.

The man stared towards the three tables, bowing softly.

"Father of the one of honor, where is your son?"

Joel's eyes met Tolmar's.

"He comes, ancient one. On his own path."

Tolmar's eyes darkened, Joel ignoring the look, bowing again and walking over to his brothers.

His and Justin's eyes met, Justin seeing the love showing in those grey orbs.

Joel sat down between Calen and Simus, the three Dragosans awaiting their brother's and nephew's appearance.


Ten minutes later the doors opened again, everyone's eyes going to the sudden sound.

Morgan Dragos and his son Krayos walked into the room, both walking erect and with nobility.

Three sets of Dragosan grey eyes stared in silence upon their brother, Morgan dressed in a completely black suit, his son dressed in the identical outfit Jolan now wore, Krayos' in silvery grey instead of black.

Justin took in every sinewy inch of the handsome man's physique, seeing his muscular strength shining through.

The young man was a vision of beauty, strength and courage, his long blond hair cascading over his wide shoulders.

Justin looked into his youthful face, seeing a fresh slash mark across his cheek, his grey eyes filled with emptiness.

Morgan and his son walked before the One Council, three sets of eyes staring down at him.

"Welcome to truth, child of Dragosan blood. Thou hast named this as a sacred Rite. This is your last chance to back away from the truth of this day."

Morgan tapped his son's shoulder, Krayos' eyes looking at him, then at the One Council.

"I seek truth and I seek honor. Call my cousin to justice." he said, his voice emotionless.

"So be it, child of Dragosan blood. I summon Jolan Dragos to truth and honor. Where is Joelius Dragos' son?" Tolmar said, looking at Joel Dragos, the youngest of the Dragosan brothers standing.

"My son comes, his honor and his love walks within him."

Tolmar nodded, looking down at Krayos.

"Stand on the northern point, child of blood. The sun's warmth you shall not feel."

Krayos bowed, walking with his father to the north side of the room, standing in soft shadows, facing the closed southern doors, awaiting his cousin's entrance.

Joel sat back down again, his two brothers' hands going to his shoulders.

Justin lowered his head, awaiting his lover's moment of truth.


Several minutes later the double doors opened again, everyone's eyes going to those doors again.

Into the room walked a vision of black masculine beauty.

Justin's eyes took in every inch of his lover's sleek, toned physique.

The blackness of his outfit and long curly hair drew your eyes to his smooth handsome face.

Two eyes of silvery beauty and love shone as they looked around the room.

At Jolan' side walked Josh, the man showing a calm, centered beauty himself.

Jolan's eyes met Justin's, a silent look of love for him alone.

In that look Justin saw truth, love and acceptance.

His lover was walking the path of his own choosing.

Jolan walked forward, stopping before the tables, staring up at Tolmar and the other two councilors.

"My name is Jolan Dragos. I stand before you to uphold my family's honor."

Tolmar stared down at him, their eyes glued to each other.

"Finally the central figure in their destiny walks upon the stage."
"I am my own destiny, ancient ones. She graces me with her love."

Tolmar's eyes were glued to Jolan, the young man's scanning all three.

"Honor me with your judging truth. I shall honor my family with mine."

Belos and Degas looked at each other, then at Tolmar.

"You have been summoned to stand on that honor, Jolan Dragos. Have you accepted the Rite and its final truth?"

"I accept the truth of love's finality. My cousin and uncle shall see that, as they must."
Tolmar's eyes went to Morgan and Krayos, then to those seated between the two factions.

"Whom has been chosen as Second? Whether in victory or defeat, thy duty is determined. Step forward."

Morgan walked forward, staring at the councilors.

"I stand by my son. I shall praise him in victory, or drag him away in defeat. My voice shall today rise in praise, I have no doubt of that."

Jolan stared at his uncle, Josh walking forward as well.

"I stand by my friend. I shall praise him in victory. . .or drag him. . .drag him away in defeat. Forever shall I love him."

Jolan's eyes met Josh's, seeing the emotion there.

"So named you are, you shall stand behind your warrior. It is time to walk the path of truth, Dragosan warriors. Walk to this table and accept your warrior's vessel of truth, Seconds."

Morgan and Josh walked forward, Tolmar standing up.

From under his long robe he produced two swords, laying them on the table.

"A sword of truth, a sword of justice. Pick that which shall enhance your champion. Morgan, you shall pick first, eldest of thy clan."

Morgan smiled, staring at the two swords.

One was of gleaming titanium, long and thick, shining on the mahogany table before Tolmar.

The other was a bit shorter, sleek and thin, its blade edged from silver, gleaming as well.

"My son is strong, tall and proud. His weapon shall match his strength. I choose the Titanium Sword of Dertannia." Morgan said, picking up the titanium blade, walking to his son.

He handed the sword to Krayos, the young man taking it, holding it upright before him, the blade vertical to his face.

Josh stared at the remaining sword, looking towards Jolan.

"I take the remaining blade, the Silver Sword of Archania. May my friend's heart fill with his ancestors that forged this blade in love." Josh said, picking up the blade, walking to Jolan, handing him the sword, Jolan staring into his blue eyes.

"Thank you, my friend. My love increases with my heritage." Jolan said, Josh smiling at him, a tear in his eye.

Morgan staring across the hall at Jolan, a sudden sound breaking the new silence.

The room's door opened again, a solitary man walking into the room.

Krayos' eyes took in the man's form, the young man walking towards the benches containing the spectators.

"Sorry I am late." the newly arrived visitor said, sitting down on the bench beside Simus, Simus staring at the man in surprise.

Jolan's eyes were upon Krayos and Morgan, Jolan seeing two different looks upon their faces.

Morgan's face showed a look of utter hatred, Krayos' showing a look of thunderous shock.

"To walk late into a battle is to lose one's life, young man."

"My apologies, ancient ones." the young man said, standing and bowing.

Elijah Fontaine's eyes met Jolan's, the young man smiling at him, the silver sword raised in front of him.

Tolmar waved his hand, both of the opened doors slamming shut.

"This room is now sealed from outer interference. The Rite goes to its end. Stand on your marks, warriors." he said, still standing, looking at both young men.

Krayos' eyes were still on Elijah, the young man's blue eyes staring back at his grey-eyed lover.

Morgan slapped Krayos' shoulder, the young man looking now at his father.

"Put your eyes back in your head, fool! Concentrate on victory not lust. Or I'll kill you myself!" the man said, Krayos' eyes returning to Jolan, standing across the room from him.

Tolmar's erect form stood , looking between the two warriors, his voice echoing across the hall.

"Truth begins, etched in wisdom, faith and history. Go to thy destiny, descendants of Moldavia and Archania. May God's love take thy souls. Begin!" the man said, sitting down.

Krayos was the first to move, his young athletic body bursting across the room, heading straight for Jolan.


To fight a battle for honor is to fight for an illusion.

        Honor only exists within a lost soul.

            Truth exists within love.


Jolan remained still, those words filling his mind and soul.

Words written long ago by Alveena Archania, sister of Ravenia Archania.

Queen Alveena, last queen of Moldavia.

Jolan stared at Krayos, the young man descending upon him, his gleaming sword ahead of him.

Jolan focused, his body set in readiness, his hand going forward.

The two swords connected, their metallic clanging the only sound in the room.

Both men fought each other, their weapons of war clashing together.

Jolan moved around the center of the room, their swords deflecting each other.

Their eyes met often, Jolan staring into the focused eyes of a seasoned warrior.

Krayos staring into the calm loving eyes of his cousin.

Jolan deflected every thrust Krayos lunged at him; the taller, more muscular man beaten back by Jolan's mastery of the silver sword in his hand.

Jolan met Krayos' next forward thrust, deflecting the titanium blade going for his heart, Krayos' other hand moving with lightning speed, hitting Jolan's shoulder, Jolan stumbling backwards.

Krayos lunged again with his sword, its tip slashing towards Jolan's chest.

Justin stood on his feet, seeing the thrusting stab.

Chace was at his side, his arm going around Justin.

Others stood, their eyes on Jolan's predicament.

In a moment of miraculous wonder, Jolan dipped his shoulder, the blade only lightly slashing his arm.

Jolan rolled across the floor, on his feet again in an instant, Krayos staring at him.

"You are agile, little cousin. And very fast. But no speed or grace can stop the might of my Dragosan heart!"
Jolan stared at his cousin, seeing the young man breathing deeply, Jolan also breathing deeply from the rigorous swordplay.

"You are strong of courage and might, my large cousin of worth. But strength must give way to something more. His blue eyes stare into your heart."

Krayos stared at his cousin, his eyes briefly glancing towards Elijah.

"I do not know what your game is here, cousin. But my game is victory."
The young man rushed forward, their swords meeting again, Krayos' free fist lunging at Jolan's head.

He hit Jolan in the face, Jolan propelled backwards, rolling again across the floor, half regaining his balance, Krayos following him, lunging down with his sword.

In the briefest of moments Jolan moved, Krayos' sword missing his chest by less than an inch, Jolan's body almost bending backwards to escape the lunging thrust.

Jolan was on his feet again, his fist hitting Krayos in his side, the young man gasping from the strength of the blow to his ribs.

Krayos rose upwards, his elbow hitting Jolan in the ribs, Jolan gasping, knocked to his knees.

Krayos gained his bearings, his fist moving forward, aiming for Jolan's face.

Jolan's hand went upwards, making contact with Krayos', stopping its forward momentum.

Krayos stared in shock, feeling the strength of the smaller man stopping his own strength.

"I am the strength of love, Krayos. No one can destroy that."

Krayos stared for a moment into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing a glowing truth.

Jolan lunged upwards, totally shocking the man, Jolan's sword catching Krayos' sword hilt.

Jolan thrust forward, Krayos' sword flying out of his hand, sailing across the room, landing in front of Morgan, Morgan staring at his son in shock.

Krayos fell backwards, Jolan landing on top of him, knocking the wind out of the larger man.

Krayos lay on the floor on his back, Jolan rising upwards, his sword coming down on the large man's chest.

Its blade lay at his throat, the large man laying in subdued panic.

Jolan stared down at him, seeing the fear and confusion in the young man's eyes.

Everyone had risen out of their seats, staring at Jolan hovering above the defeated man, Krayos unarmed and at Jolan's mercy.

"The Rite has played out. Jolan is the victor. The Rite's finality must be observed. You have forfeited your son's life, Morgan Dragos. Live with that finality in your heart." Tolmar said, staring at the elder Dragosan, Morgan's eyes on his son and Jolan.


Tolmar and everyone else's eyes went to Jolan who had spoken, the man staring up at the One Council.

Jolan's eyes looked down at his cousin, Krayos' grey eyes staring up at him, Jolan seeing the hope in those grey, now tearing, eyes.

"I love you, Krayos. I shall not kill you."

Jolan dropped his sword to the floor, its silver blade clanging in the silence.

"I am not a warrior, I am not a murderer. I am the Catre Din Dragoste. I am the Giver of Love. I give love, I do not take souls."

Tolmar and the other two councilors stood, staring down at Jolan.

"The Rite must be observed. A life must be given."

"And truth must be shown." Jolan said, Tolmar catching a movement on his left side.

Jolan turned upon hearing Justin screaming three words.

"Jolan, look out!!"

Jolan gasped, feeling a hardness in his chest, staring at the man in front of him.

His Uncle Morgan's grey eyes stared back at him, Jolan lost in what he saw there.

Morgan stood in front of Jolan, his hand clasped around a titanium sword, that sword's blade sunken into Jolan's chest.

People screamed, Jolan's uncles moving forward, tackling their brother, pulling him to the ground, the sword's blade pulling out of Jolan, the young man gasping, Krayos leaping to his feet, Jolan falling into his arms.

Justin rushed forward, kneeling beside his Jolan, as Krayos gently lowered him to the floor, staring in shock at Jolan's gasping face.

Justin's hands were on Jolan's chest, trying to stop the flow of blood seeping out of the wound in its center.

"Lay still, my love. Please lay still." he softly said, tears falling down his face.

Krayos' eyes went to his father, the man on the floor, his brothers' arms around him, holding him down.

"Oh God, Jolan! Father. . .why??!! He spared my life!! Why??!!!"

Krayos stared at his father, staring into two eyes of anger and menacing truth.

"You are a coward, Krayos! You are not my son."

Krayos lowered his head, his eyes going to Jolan in Justin's arms.

Jolan's pained grey eyes were staring at him, Krayos seeing the pain and trembling reality there.

"I. . .I am sorry, Jolan. I never wanted this!" he began to sob, two arms going around him.

He raised his head, staring into two blue eyes, his Elijah's gaze filled with love.

"Oh, Eli! I. . .I'm so sorry!" he sobbed, the young man pulling him against him.

Jolan stared at the two men, his body trembling, his eyes moving, staring into two blue eyes, blue eyes filled with torturous love.
"Jus. . .my love. . .my everything."
Justin's face was covered in tears, Jolan's finger going to his cheek, rubbing it.

"Please don't go, Jo. . .please don't leave me."

Jolan's eyes moved around, seeing staring faces, the faces of his family and friends, each covered in tears.

He met his mother's and father's eyes, sweet Jennica staring at him.

"Family. . .honor and. . .truth. For all of you. . .I. . .I am sorry."

Melina's sobs filled the room, her face sinking into her husband's chest, his arm around her and Jennica, the young woman's face staring at her brother in shock.

"This. . .this cannot be the end. . .Jolan's love. . .it can't end. . .not now." she softly said, Jonathan at her side, the young man staring at his brother with Jolan now in his arms.

"Justin. . .I must go back. . ." Jolan softly said, his eyelids lowering.

Justin pulled his arms around his lover, feeling his breathing slowing.

"Please don't go. . .please, Jolan." he sobbed, his mind flooding with the love of the man dying in his arms.

Justin felt Jolan's body go slack, his man slumping against him.

Justin closed his eyes, lost in the grief surrounding his heart.


Everyone stood in silence, staring at the two men laying on the floor.

Jolan's lifeless body lay in Justin's arms, Justin seated on the floor, alone in his grief.

His eyes were closed, locked on the face in his mind.

The face of his loving Jolan.

Justin focused on that face, seeing the beauty he so loved.

His soul flooded with the love he felt for this beautiful man, and within himself he felt a hope rise.

His mind focused on it, words spoken that morning by his love coming back to him.


"Hope lays in our Joshy's blue eyes of love, Justin. Look into them when your heart needs hope most."


Justin's eyes opened, staring into his lover's silent, unmoving face.

His eyes lifted, searching around him, seeing so many emotional, crushed faces.

His head moved, staring into the blue eyes of his dearest friend.

Josh stood away from everyone, his blue eyes staring at his best friend laying on the floor with Jolan in his arms.

"He's gone, Josh." Justin said, his voice trembling.

"His love shall never be gone, Justin. His love is love." Josh said, everyone's eyes going to Josh.

Josh's eyes raised, staring at the three councilors staring down at the young man laying before them.

"Your Rite is finished. Honor has been vanquished by blood. Blood and evil." Josh said, walking over towards Jolan and Justin.

Josh stared down at his friend, his voice filling the quiet room.


"To fight a battle for honor is to fight for an illusion. Honor only exists within a lost soul. Truth exists within love."


Josh's head raised again, looking over at Morgan.

"Prepare for his love. For you have destroyed the illusion."

Josh's tearing eyes lowered, everyone's eyes following his to Jolan's motionless body.

Jolan's body faded in an instant, Justin seated alone on the floor, his arms empty.

Justin gasped, rising to his feet, everyone standing in stunned silence.

Suddenly the two doors on the southern wall opened, everyone's eyes going to the entrance.

Jolan Dragos walked into the room, staring at everyone.


Justin stared in stunned silence for a moment, then rushed across the room, wrapping his arms around his Jolan.

"Oh, Jo! I thought. . .I thought. . ." he sobbed, Jolan's arms enveloping him, holding him tight.

"I promised you I would never leave you. I love you, Justin."

Justin smiled at him, Jolan's grey eyes filled with love.

Justin stared into those eyes, seeing also a singular truth shining in their silvery centers.

"Your soul. . .it walked into this room. It wasn't the real you!"

Jolan nodded, his eyes looking forward.

He walked forward, his Justin's arms around him.

Jolan's eyes went to the left, the three councilors staring at him it total shock.

"The Rite is finished. I have shown its truth. My soul died for honor. I return for truth."

Tolmar stared at Jolan, stuttering.

"You. . .you are. . .how is this. . .it cannot be!"

"I am a true Soul Walker, a walker of truth. And now I walk towards truth. Release him, Uncles." Jolan said, his grey--now softly glowing--eyes staring at Simus and Calen, and at the man held between them.

Morgan Dragos' eyes glared at Jolan Dragos, his nephew.

Simus and Calen traded looks, the two men releasing Morgan from their grasp.

Joel stepped forward, staring into his son's eyes.

"Jolan. . .there is a. . .you're alive!"

Jolan smiled at his father, his gaze going to all the tearing faces surrounding him.

"I am sorry for my deception. I had to play it just right. I had to fall to rise again. Fall from honor to rise against evil." Jolan said, his eyes moving to the two grey glaring eyes staring at him.

"Step back everyone. Step away from the evil."

Everyone stared at Jolan in confusion, Jolan's eyes on his Uncle Morgan.

"Release him. Now."

Everyone looked at Morgan, the man staring at Jolan in silence.

Jolan moved forward, standing in front of his uncle, a few yards separating them.

"They say that people can become prisoners within their own hearts. You have imprisoned him under the deception of his own shattered heart. It is time you see the truth, Uncle."
Morgan's eyes flickered, confusion showing there.

"The voice within you is not your own, Uncle. The deception is one of evil. Your thoughts of guilt and pain are untrue. His evil festers within you. It seeps out of you, taking control. I felt it the moment you entered your lost home of love."

Krayos stood up, Elijah at his side.

"What are you talking of, Jolan?" the young man said, Jolan's eyes going to him.

"Your father is enslaved, Krayos. The anger, hurt and control he leveled upon you is finished. It was not your father who hurt you. It was the evil within his soul. The evil of Fangoros."

The Dragosan clan gasped, all eyes staring at Morgan.

Jolan stared forward, Morgan's eyes glaring at him.

"Do you remember the night of your capture at the hands of the Fangoros, Uncles and Father?"
"Yes, Jolan. It is etched within our hearts." Simus said, his brothers nodding.

"Why did you walk into that trap, Father?"

Joel's eyes went to his brother Morgan.

"Morgan told us he had found their lair, through spies he'd employed."

"No, Father. There were no spies. Morgan led you into that trap. He led his own brothers almost to their death."

The three brothers stared in shock at Morgan, Jolan's eyes going to them.

"Fear not, Dragosans. Your brother did not betray you willingly. He was forced into doing it."

Simus stared at Jolan.

"Forced? Morgan? That is impossible, Jolan. Morgan is intelligent, courageous, a warrior of worth and truth."
"Morgan was trapped himself. Standing before you is not your brother, Uncle. Or should I say not the true essence of him. You are not the only one lost of soul, Uncle Calen. Your brother Morgan was taken over by evil long before you lost your soul."

The three Dragosans gasped, staring at their brother.

Krayos stood beside Jolan, staring at his father, realizing the truth.

"You mean. . .he's not himself? Those mood swings, those moments of emotion. . .my real father. . ."
"Your real father lays within the evil, Krayos. And I am going to release him."
Jolan's eyes went to Morgan's, the man staring at him.

"You have shown your true self Fangoros. I set the trap and lured you to show your true evil. My loving uncle would never try to kill me. Release him, or I shall purge you from him."
Everyone stared at the man now singled out among them, everyone backing up, the man standing alone.

The man stared at Jolan, his face changing, a smiling crossing his face.

"Bravo, Jolan Dragos. You are the adversary I have been informed of. Very resourceful in your deviousness."

"Release him, Fagan."
The Dragosans and the councilors stared in shock at Morgan, his grey eyes scanning all of them.

"And they call you wise. I have walked among you with total freedom. I have listened to all. I know the truth of what I now need. Very clever, Jolan. You bring pride to my soul. At last I have someone of equal worth to conquer."

"You shall not conquer any of us. Your time of justice comes soon. Release him."

Morgan smiled, his grey eyes softly glowing.

"I could kill them all, right now. I have that power."
"Not here, you don't. You are in the heart of our love."

Morgan's eyes looked around.

"Love? You step away from power, to talk of love. Maybe you are not as intelligent as I have taken you to be."

"And maybe you are the same, Fangoros."

Jolan's eyes looked upwards, Morgan's rising.

The ceiling above them was softly glowing, its glow intensifying.

"You stand under the love of the Dragosan hearts, Fagin. Vilos Dragos' love remains here. As does his wolfen bride's. As does all the love of their children, Morgan's included. I felt all of it the day I entered this room to join in love with my own soulmate."
Jolan's eyes glowed brighter, Morgan stepping back a bit.

"Do you fear love, Fagin?"
"I fear nothing."
"Release him now, or I shall show you the power of love."

Morgan's eyes looked around, everyone staring at his obvious wariness now showing.

"I am leaving, and you shall not stop me."

Jolan's eyes moved, staring at Krayos.

"Do you love your father, Krayos?"
Krayos stared into Jolan's eyes, seeing the truth shining there.

"Yes, Jolan. I have always loved him. He is my father. My father of love." Krayos said, staring at Morgan.

The lighted ceiling seemed to intensify its brightest, Jolan smiling.

"Do you three of the Brotherhood of Vendica love your brother of bonded love?"

The three Dragosans stared at Jolan, truth dawning in their souls as well.

"Yes, Jolan." Simus said, three sets of glowing grayness looking upon the man.

"We love you, our brother."

Morgan stepped back farther, distress now showing on his face.

"We all surrounding you love you, Morgan Dragos. Son of Vilos, brother of Joelius, Calen and Simus. Father of Krayos. Our love shines for you within our hearts." Jolan said, beginning to walk forward, Morgan now backed up against the northern wall.

"Look up to the ceiling above you, Morgan. Look up to the shining love of your family."
Morgan's eyes raised, the ceiling now shining brightly.

He gasped, his face covered in sweat, anguish showing on his face.

"Fight the evil, Uncle. Walk into our love."
Morgan gasped, a scream filling the room.

"My heart has love! I am loved!" he screamed, the room erupting in a soft glow of redness, a redness rushing out of Morgan Dragos.

It flew past Jolan, Jolan's hand going forward, the same hand where Jolan wore the Ring of History.

"Feel the strength of my family, vile monster. Leave with it scarred upon your soul!!" he said, the ring touching the glowing redness.

The room filled with a screeching scream, its tenor sinking into everyone's soul.

The redness hit the doors, exploding them outwards.

Morgan gasped, collapsing to the floor, into his running son's arms.

"Father!" Krayos said, his eyes filled with tears.

Simus, Joel and Calen were at the young man's side, Morgan laying in his strong arms.

His grey eyes slowly opened, Krayos staring into them.

"Krayos. . .my son. Forgive. . .me." he softly said, his eyes looking upon his brothers.

"You are loved, Morgan. We surround you with our love." Joel softly said, his grey eyes staring upwards towards his own son.

Jolan's eyes moved, meeting Tolmar's.

"The Rite is finished, Tolmar and brothers of justice. Barbaric rites hold no sway amongst our love."
Tolmar stared at Jolan, nodding.

"You are the one, Dragosan. We shall talk again."
"Only when truth warrants it, ancient ones. She guides me herself."

The three councilors sat down, instantly vanishing from the room, everyone staring at them in silent wonder.

Their eyes turned to Jolan, his eyes meeting Henry's.

"Check my uncle out, Henry. And then help me." Jolan said, staggering a bit.

Justin's arm went around him, staring into Jolan's eyes.

"Courage gives way to exhaustion, my Jus. I have a burning pain within my chest. Illusions of death still leave scars."

Jolan staggered, Justin picking him up in his strong arms, Josh aiding him.

Justin stared at his Jolan, Jolan smiling at Josh, closing his eyes.



End of Chapter 111


Was that a surprise?
Am I a devil for doing that to all of you?


Having Jolan die, only to have him be an illusion.

His soul risking injury to save his uncle from the clutches of evil.


Any thoughts, or angered threats?


Hugs, Angel.