Jolan's Path - Chapter 113


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 113


Jolan hit the alarm pad, the beeping instantly silencing.

He smiled, looking behind him, dropping four bags he'd carried into the house.

"Home sweet home, my love." He said, looking into Justin's smiling face.

Hayden was in Justin's arms, another bag hanging from Justin's shoulder.

"Downs, Poppa! Me's home!"

Both men laughed, Justin setting Hayden down as well as the bag he carried, the boy running forward, heading for the living room, Justin at his heels.

Jolan smiled at the scene; Josh, Lonnie and Chace entering the house behind him.

"That's all of it, Jo. Where do you want it?" Lonnie said, depositing three bags, Josh and Chace setting their armloads down as well.

"Just leave it all right there, guys. I'll take care of it all later." Jolan said stretching.

Josh smiled at Jolan, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"We're heading home, Jo. Anything else you need?" he said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Well that kiss is a good start. How about you guys come over later for steaks?"

"Sounds like a plan, Jo." Chace said, his arm going around Josh.
"That's good Chace, because you're bringing them."

Chace and Josh both laughed, Lonnie smiling at Jolan.

"Okay, Jo. Hint taken." Josh said, Jolan smiling.

"We've been away for over a week, guys. There's no food here."

All three men nodded, Lonnie looking out the door towards his vehicle.

"I'll take a raincheck, Jo. Ally wants to spend the night relaxing at home." Lonnie said, Jolan winking at him.

"Ah, is that what they call it now? Relaxing?"
Josh and Chace smirked, the big man looking embarrassed.

"Lucky you, Lon." Jolan smiled, the man now grinning.

"Damn straight, gay boys."
The three men laughed; Lonnie, Josh and Chace all giving Jolan quick hugs, leaving the house.

Jolan smiled, waving goodbye to them and Ally who had stayed in the vehicle, closing the door, leaning against it.

Jennie had stayed in Florida with Lynn, Paul and Jonathan when the plane had stopped there after coming down from New York, Lynn wanting her to spend a week with her, Jolan heartily agreeing.

Jolan's parents had separated from him in New York, the couple heading back to Cutter's Bluff with Karl, Thelma, Bill and Sid.
His parents were going to visit the town again, talking to Sheriff Walker and their friends.
He smiled, looking around the foyer, taking in the remembered love.

It was the second of January, two days after the wedding.

Cory and Simus had left early New Year's Day, two tickets for Bermuda tucked in their coats, another gift from Jolan.

A tropical honeymoon.

That day had been a relaxing down day, the next day their planned departure home.

Jolan had spent their last evening talking with his remaining uncles and family, everyone relaxing in the Room of Family, the path ahead discussed.

Nothing ceremonious would begin until the beginning of the Time of Snow and Truth, until the gathering of the Sumsarian and Dragosan clans--as well as others--at the end of June.

Jolan would stay in contact with everyone, plans made for welcomed visits.

Everyone saw the steadfast resolve in Jolan's grey eyes in his protection of his family.

They all knew he'd watch over them.

Whatever had happened to Jolan on the day of the Rite, it had hardened his resolve.

His Archanian cousins were beyond thrilled when Jolan had invited everyone to visit at the end of the month for Justin's birthday.

Jolan was hugged by all three, Isaiah's face covered in tears, Jolan smiling at him on the front steps of the house.

Sidney's face wore a deep look of sadness as well, Jolan knowing the two had had a private moment of departure earlier, their love entrenched within their hearts.

Jolan softly smiled, knowing distance wouldn't destroy the love he saw.

Calen's calm voice filled the quietness that had descended upon the steps.

"Chin up, my son. His love is in your heart, and absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Isaiah's face showed total shock, his two brothers' arms going around him.

"How. . .how did you know, my brothers? Dad?"

"We three have known you all our lives, Ishy. We know when your heart has filled with love." Athos said, smiling towards Sid, the young man blushing.

"You are my son, Isaiah. Your heart filled with happiness is my joy. Welcome to the family, Sidney." Calen said, Isaiah's eyes filling with tears, the young man hugging his father tightly, Athos and Mathias hugging Sid.

Sid's eyes met his brother's, Bill smiling.

"I'm happy for you, Sid. We'll talk on the plane. I love you always, bro!"

Sidney teared up, everyone smiling at the revealed love, Bill hugging Sid.

Jolan smiled, taking in their love, his eyes looking around the grounds, Hayden now in his arms.

"Until next Christmas, home of cherished heritage." Jolan said, looking up at the stone building, his two uncles smiling at him.

"Wuv this place, Daddy!" Hayden smiled, Justin smiling at Jolan.

Everyone hugged the Dragosans and Archanians goodbye.

They left Bloodstone Manor, their hearts filled with remembered love.


Jolan looked at his watch, reading four o'clock.

He sighed, feeling the jetlag and tiredness threatening to seep into his soul.

It felt like late evening to him, the time difference noted.

He knew his son would be asleep early, a soft smile coming to his face.

He left the bags where they lay, walking towards the living room.

He walked into the room, about to speak, the young man stopping and smiling.

Justin lay on a couch, their son on top of him, both sound asleep.

Jolan smiled, taking in the beauty of his man and son together.

The two had been rather wired on the plane ride, several attempts by Jolan to settle the boy down brushed aside by Hayden's playful love.

He smiled, walking over to a chair, picking up an afghan, spreading it over his two sleeping angels.

He smiled again, leaning down and kissing their cheeks.

"Sleep till dinner, my boys. Play in your dreams." he softly said, smiling, rubbing both their cheeks.

"They look so good together."

Jolan's eyes moved upon hearing the voice, staring into two grey eyes and a warm smile.

"Hello, Era."
The man smiled, standing in the living room's doorway.

His grey eyes looked around the room, smiling.

"I feel the love. A home of happiness."
Jolan stood up, nodding.

"You've been here before, Era."
The man smiled, nodding, looking at Justin.

"His love echoes here. As does your son's. I am glad to see you are well, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, the man smiling wider.

Jolan looked down at his man, then at Erasmus.

"Let's talk outside, my men will sleep."
Erasmus nodded, walking out of the room, Jolan following him.

They walked together in silence, Jolan walking out onto the patio, the older man sitting down in a chair, perusing the backyard.

"You are a remarkable man, Jolan Dragos. What you have done. . .it was so remarkable."

Jolan's eyes met Erasmus'.

"I did what had to be done. My uncle is now free of their evil."

Erasmus nodded, Jolan staring into two grey orbs of love.

"You knew didn't you, Era? You knew the evil was that close."

"Yes, Jolan. I knew the evil had entered the heart of the Dragosan clan. The same evil that has captured so many Badenwolf souls. Evil has a tendency of doing that, of striking deep within its enemy's camp. He now knows the path the Dragosan walk upon and what they hope lays at the end of that path. Fagin Greymount is a shrewd, cold and calculating adversary, Jolan."
Jolan stood up, staring out into the backyard, Erasmus staring at him.

"I felt that man's evil, the depth of its sinful existence. I will do all I can to keep my family and friends safe from his evil, Era. I love them all."
Erasmus smiled, nodding at Jolan.

"You are a remarkable individual, Jolan Dragos. I have walked this world for eons, and have known all of its creatures and souls of worth. You are the greatest beacon of love I have encountered. You draw love to life's center."
Jolan turned, staring into Erasmus' watchful eyes.

"What happens now, Era? What will Fagin do?"

Erasmus stood up, standing beside Jolan.

"You've broken his hold on your uncle, Jolan. And you've cost him his close observing contact with the One Council and the clans. But he's learned the truth of what's ahead, the existence of the Sun Child and that child's destiny. The man is devious. He'll lay in wait, formulating his plans for the final confrontation."

Jolan's eyes went to Erasmus' face, seeing concern there, a dawning reality settling into Jolan's mind.

"You don't know, do you? You don't know what happens next or what that final outcome is."
Erasmus turned, their eyes meeting.

"No, Jolan, I don't. As I've told you, I can walk into the future, as well as the past. But I can go only so far ahead and so far back. I have never been able to go until the end, until the final moments of the confrontation. I've thought long and hard for eons on why that is, I truly believe there's a reason for it, for my inability to see all of it. But one comforting fact calms my heart."

"What is that, Erasmus?"
Erasmus smiled, looking into Jolan's eyes again.

"The path is yours, Jolan. The path of your love. I never imagined how greatly your love would shine. You truly are the one."
Jolan's hand went to Erasmus' shoulder, seeing the calming love shining on his changed face.

The man now looked in his late forties, his physique strong and agile, his face handsome and dashing.

"The one for what, Era? What is the significance of who I am and what I'm doing? What lays at the end of all of this? Sometimes I feel as if it's staring me right in the face. The reasoning behind all of this, what the final outcome is."

"You are an intelligent man, Jolan Dragos. My heart holds a deep truth that you shall figure out what that is."

Jolan's hand went to his shirt, raising it upwards.

"What is the meaning of this, Era?"

Erasmus' eyes stared in shock at the sun emblazoned upon Jolan's chest.

"You. . .there is no way. . .it's impossible!"

"What is impossible, Era? I was informed that I am not the Sun Child, that person has already been revealed."

Erasmus' eyes widened in surprise.

"You know whom the Sun Child is?"

It was now Jolan's turn to be surprised.

"You do not?"

Erasmus shook his head no, staring at Jolan.

"Keep that secret close to your heart, Jolan. Fagin seeks that person, to fulfill his plans of evil."

"My family knows the truth of that person's worth and love."
The man sighed, Jolan looking at him as his eyes met his.

"The path ahead holds many perils, Jolan. Be on your guard for all that lays ahead. Trust in your heart to do what must be done. I wanted to talk to you one last time, child of Dragosan life. My time here on this earth comes to an end. I have been called back."
"Called back? By whom? Called back to where?"

Erasmus lowered his head, Jolan seeing a tear on the man's handsome face.

"We all walk with truths in our hearts, my friend. It is time I walk my own path."

Jolan's hand rubbed the man's shoulder.

"I am your friend, Era. Tell me what's going on."
The man's head raised, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Life is going on, Jolan. Life and love. I shall meet you at the end, my soul perhaps there finding its truth. Farewell until then, son of Dragosan might. The path widens, but its center still remains you. Remember the words passed between us. Look to the past as you look forward. Its reflection wets my vision."
Jolan nodded, unsure of Erasmus' meaning.

"Farewell, Erasmus. Go with my love."
The older man smiled, Jolan seeing so much love in that face, that kind face.

"A lost soul is a soul without love. I am not lost, for I go with your love in my heart."

The man vanished before him, Jolan looking upon his smile until the last.

Jolan sighed, looking out towards the pool.

"Its reflection wets my vision? What the hell does that mean?"
"You want to go swimming, Jo?"
Jolan's head turned, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"Oh! You're awake, my love."

Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around his Jo.

"Yes, sorry for falling asleep. Hayden wanted to lie down after we ran around the living room, I guess I was as tired as he."
Jolan smiled, kissing his lover's lips.

"My boys have been pretty wired all day. It will take us a few days to get back into our time zone."

Justin smiled, returning Jolan's kiss.

"What were you talking about, Jo? Wet visions?"
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin again.

"Sorry, Jus. Just talking to myself. I pictured you in the pool when I stared at it. You are my greatest wet vision."
Justin smiled widely, love sparkling in his eyes.

"Aw, you're sweet, my angel. Later, when Hay's down for the night, maybe I'll show you that wet vision."
Jolan smiled widely, looking around the backyard, Justin's arms still around him.

"God, it's so good to be home."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's neck.

"This is our home, my angel. Our sanctuary of love." Justin said, his lips still kissing Jolan's neck, his hands going down Jolan's back, rubbing his ass.

"Calmness, my vision of love. Joshy and Chace are on their way back with supper."
Justin smiled, Jolan smiling back at him.

"You could have a trio of wet visions to gaze upon, or maybe play with."

Jolan laughed, turning and slapping Justin's butt.

"In your dreams, porn star."
Justin laughed as well, kissing Jolan's lips.

"You are the only fantasy I need, my Jo. My fantasy of real love."

"Reality beats fantasy any day, my love. You get the patio table prepared and I'll start the barbecue."

Justin smiled, kissing him, then walking into the house again.

Jolan smiled after him, his eyes going to the spot where Erasmus had vanished.

"My reality is you, Justin. I'll make damn sure it always is."

Jolan walked over to the barbecue, his thoughts his own.


Jolan smiled, Justin's prophesized vision of wetness coming true.

His grey eyes scanned the lighted pool, taking in the three wet visions of masculine love.

Justin, Chace and Josh were all playing in the pool, Hayden the center of their merriment.

It was after eight, Jolan surprised at the boy's renewed energy.

He stood between the three men, Josh tossing him a beach ball, the boy laughing heartily as it knocked him down into the low water.

They'd had a delicious steak dinner, hitting the pool while Jolan cleaned up, refusing their offers.

Jolan smiled, cleaning off the barbecue, smiling at the three men, Chace's eyes upon him.

"Come on in, Jo. The water's warm and inviting."

"As are the visions of wet beauty I see before me."

All three men smiled, their bodies only covered by wet swim trunks.

"Come on in, my love. I need to hold you in my wet arms."

"Comes in, Daddy! Wawa's fun!"

Jolan smiled, closing the barbecue's lid, walking over to the pool's edge.

He pulled off his t-shirt, his smooth muscular chest coming into view, his body clad in only a pair of navy swim trunks.

All three men smiled up at him, their eyes taking in his smooth form, the sun tattooed on his chest standing out in its yellow glory.

Jolan saw where their eyes had focused, the young man smiling.

"My love shines for all of you." he said, diving into the pool's deep end, surfacing, then swimming over to the three men smiling at him, and his son.

Hayden swam towards his father, Jolan smiling as he swam into his arms.

"My little fishy! You're awesome!"

Hayden grinned, his father swimming with him over to Justin, Hayden climbing into his lap, Justin kissing Jolan's lips.

"You're pretty awesome yourself, Jo." he smiled, Jolan snuggling against his wet body, Josh and Chace smiling at him, the two connected together, seated waist deep in the warm water.

Hayden yawned in his Poppa's wet lap, snuggling against his wet stomach.

"Our little fishy is played out, his little flippers going silent."
Hayden smiled, staring at his father.

"Me tired, Daddy. Tired and happys. Me's home."
The two fathers smiled, as did Josh and Chace.

"I'll take him upstairs, Jus."
"No, Jo. You're relaxing. I feel your own tiredness. I'll put our fishy in his tank."

Hayden giggled, Justin standing up in the water, climbing up the pool steps, his son in his arms, the boy snuggling against his wet chest.

Jolan smiled, watching the wet vision walk towards the house.

"Your man's in heaven, Jo. Being here with you and Hay is his heaven." Chace said, Josh smiling at his lover.

Jolan smiled, his eyes still on Justin's smooth form as it walked into the house.

"He and Hay are my heaven, Chace." Jolan said, Josh smiling at Chace, the two men moving.

Jolan felt their arms go around him in the water, their wet bodies against him.

"And what are Josh and I?" Chace said, kissing Jolan's cheek, the young man smiling.

"Why, heaven can't be anything without angels."
The two men smiled, Josh's lips meeting Jolan's, Jolan feeling the man's love.

As soon as their lips parted, Jolan's were again covered by Chace's, Josh's lips kissing Jolan's neck.

Jolan felt their love surrounding him, their bodies joined in warmth and love.

"Wow! Every gay boy's fantasy come true."

The three men looked up, Justin smiling down at them, his smooth body on display.

"Hay was out before I even put him in bed." Justin smiled, the three smiling up at him.

"Why don't you come in here and make those gay boys' fantasies complete?" Josh said, Justin smiling at his friend.

Justin ran along the pool, diving into the pool's deep end, the other three men moving forward, the four meeting in about four feet of water, their feet on the pool's bottom, their arms around each other, four souls of love joined.

Jolan smiled, watching Justin kiss Josh deeply, Chace's lips going to Justin's neck, licking the water off Justin's smooth skin.

Jolan's hands went forward, going to Josh and Chace's chests, feeling the wet warmth of their smooth bodies.

Everyone's eyes moved to Jolan, the young man smiling at all three.

"The water feels good, my friends. Let's have some fun."
Jolan rushed forward, knocking Josh backwards, sinking beneath the water with him in his arms.

Justin laughed, Chace tackling him from behind, the two sinking as well.


Justin smiled, laying on a chaise lounge, Jolan wrapped in his arms.

Josh and Chace lay beside them on another lounge, Chace spooned against Josh, Josh's strong arms around him.

The four had horsed around for almost an hour, the backyard filling with laughter.

Here now they lay in loving silence, wrapped in their lover's love.

"So what are the plans for this week, Jus?" Jolan said, his lover kissing his neck.

"Back to reality I'm afraid, my love. I've got meetings and sessions with Britney and our song. You've got work organizing your postponed book signing. What did Ally have to say? I saw the two of you deep in discussions on the plane."

"It's been rescheduled for January twenty-third, in New York again."
Josh smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"Awesome, Jo. New York here we come!" Josh smiled, Justin smiling as well.

"Josh, don't you have a life of your own to concentrate on?" Jolan said, Chace smiling at Jolan's loving tone.

"Yes, Jo. I've got tapings for my dance show starting this week. But I am free that weekend. You'll need my support."

Justin and Chace both smiled, looking at each other.

Jolan smiled, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"Thanks, Joshy. Your support I welcome always."
Jolan's eyes met Justin's, Justin smiling at him.

Jolan sat up, Justin sitting up beside him.

"Josh, Jolan's asked Cory to be his best man. I don't have to think twice about whom I want. You've been my dearest friend. I love you, man. Will you be mine?"

Josh rose up, Chace smiling up at his lover as he sat up.

"Jus. . .I love you. I would be honored."
Justin was smiling widely, he and his best friend standing and immediately in each other's arms hugging tightly.

Chace smiled at Jolan, the two standing up, all four still in swim trunks.

"I hope you're okay with me choosing Cory, Chace? I love you, but he's been my dearest friend, since childhood."
Chace smiled, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"I know that, Jo. And it's a perfect choice for you. Besides, you're my best man. I feel your love always."
Jolan smiled, Chace kissing him on the lips.

Jolan trembled, a shiver going down his back, Chace feeling it.

"Sorry, it's cooling down, the night air's chilling."
Justin smiled, his arms going around him.

"On that note, we should leave you guys to yourselves, this first night back home." Josh said, his arm going around his Chace.
Justin smiled, his eyes meeting Jolan, Jolan nodding.

"Please stay guys. We love you. On this night of returned love we need your love." Justin said.
Both men smiled, looking at Jolan.

"Thank you, guys. We'll share our love.  We need yours as well." Josh said, Justin smiling widely, Jolan smiling at the two old friends.

"You know what he's like, Josh. He still snores."

"No worries, Jo. Justin always slept quietly in my arms."

Justin smiled, Jolan's arm going around Chace, Chace's going around his back.

"I guess you're mine, Chace. Guess I lucked out."
Chace grinned, one hand moving downward, cupping Jolan's ass cheek.

"I didn't do too bad myself."

The four laughed, walking together into the house.

They walked upstairs, Justin quietly walking into Hayden's room, the boy sound asleep in his car bed, the other three smiling from the doorway, Justin directing them quietly back out, the four walking across the hallway into the bedroom.

Josh smiled, looking at Justin.

Chace looked into Jolan's grey eyes.

Jolan broke the silence.

"The last few days my mind has been flooded with a reality. The reality that I am still alive. That I didn't die in that room of love. My heart's been filled with that reality and what it now means to me. My soul came back to me so that I could love all of you. I'm alive to have all of your love. My three brothers of love. I need the three of you so much! You the most, my Jus."
Justin walked up to Jolan, pulling him into his arms, Jolan's head falling against his chest, his eyes filled with tears.

Josh and Chace surrounded the two, Jolan feeling all of their love, the three feeling Jolan's insecurities threatening to erupt.

"Let it out, my love. We're here to love you." Justin said, Josh's eyes meeting his.

"I almost died, Jus! I almost left all of you! You my true love, you my loving Josh, and you my giving Chace. I felt the darkness. . .I felt the loneliness!" he cried, Chace's hand rubbing his back, Josh's hand rubbing his shoulder, Justin's arms around him.

"You're here, Jo. You're here to feel all of our love." Justin said, his eyes filling with tears, Josh's arm going around him.

"Please don't leave me, guys! I'll perish without your love!"

Justin's arms tightened around his lover, Josh leaning forward, kissing Jolan's forehead, Chace kissing his neck.

"We're not going anywhere, Jolan. All of our love is here for you." Justin said, his eyes meeting both Josh's and Chace's blue eyes.

Josh smiled, walking over to the bed, pulling the covers back, Justin and Chace guiding Jolan over to it.

"Lay down my love." Justin said with deep love, Jolan laying down in the center of the bed, Justin joining him, his arms going around Jolan, Jolan's head again on his chest.

Josh smiled at Chace, the two kissing deeply.

They smiled again at each other when they broke their kiss, Chace walking around the bed, climbing in on Jolan's left side, Josh climbing into the bed beside Justin, pulling the covers over all four.

"We're here, Jo. All of our love surrounds you. Tonight let your mind go, let yourself sleep peacefully. Our love is here." Josh said, leaning down and kissing Jolan's lips, Chace snuggling against Jolan's back, kissing Jolan's neck.

"Our brother is right, Jo. Sleep the peaceful sleep of love."
Justin smiled, Josh kissing him, Chace kissing Jolan.

"Goodnight, guys. I love you all." Jolan said, closing his eyes, Justin smiling at the other two.

The four settled down, Josh's hand joining Chace's across Jolan's torso.

Four friends of love fell asleep together, their dreams silent.


Justin began to stir, feeling a heaviness upon his chest.

He opened his eyes, staring into two small blue pools of love.

"Wakes, Poppa!"
Justin smiled, Hayden's smiling face greeting him.

The boy leaned down, kissing Justin on the lips.

"Morning, Poppa! You sleeps with friends?"

Justin smiled, his eyes going to his left.

Chace lay against Justin's left side, his hand laying beside Justin's trunks' waistband.

He turned his head to the right, Josh's sleeping face meeting his gaze, his friend laying flat on his back, his smooth muscular chest exposed.

"Where's Daddy, Hay?"
"He making breakfast, Poppa. He tells me to comes in here and wakes yous."

Justin smiled, kissing the boy's cheek, running his hands over his back.

"Thanks, Hay. Poppa's awake."
Hayden grinned, climbing onto Josh's chest, the man murmuring.

Hayden giggled, his small fingers tickling Josh's chin.

Josh's blue eyes opened, looking into the boy's blue orbs, the man smiling.

"What an alarm clock! Hi ya, Hay!"

Hay grinned, kissing Josh's lips.

"Morning, Unky Josh!"
Josh smiled, looking to his left, Justin's face smiling at him.

"Jo sent him in to wake us. Our angel of love is downstairs cooking up a storm."
Josh smiled, Hayden climbing off him, heading for Chace.

"That boy's a treasure, Jus."
Justin smiled, Josh leaning over and kissing him, Hayden lightly slapping Chace's chest.

"Wakes up, Uncle Chace!"
The young man remained silent, Hayden leaning forward and tapping his nose.

Chace grinned, his arms moving forward, tickling the boy's chest.

Hayden screamed with laughter, Josh and Justin smiling, Josh's body laying against Justin.

Chace smiled, his eyes going to the two men.

"Morning, guys. Where's Jo?"
"He's downstairs cooking, Chace. He sent up my son to wake us." Justin said, Josh smiling at Justin using that word.

"Ah, our hyper alarm clock."
Hayden grinned, climbing into Chace's lap, the man now sitting up, smiling down at him.

"You washies me, Uncle Chace?"
Chace looked at Justin, the man smiling back at him.

"Hay loves the shower as much as the pool. Looks like he's found a new rubber ducky."
Josh laughed, Chace smiling down at the boy again.

"For sure, Hay. Let's hit the showers!" Chace said, the boy grinning again.

Chace smiled at the other two, climbing out of bed with the boy in his arms, his swimsuit looking tented.

Justin smiled, watching the young man walk across the bedroom, heading into the bathroom.

"Look's like your man's gifted, Josh. Nice package."

Josh laughed, his body moving on top of Justin.

Justin smiled up at him, feeling Josh's own gift against his thigh.

"I am truly blessed, Jus. He's amazing."
Justin smiled wider, Josh leaning down and kissing his lips, the two smiling at each other when they broke the kiss.

"So what does it feel like, Josh?"
Josh looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the love shining back.

"What does what feel like?"
"Your fantasy came true, Josh. You and me here together, in each other's arms naked, love filling our hearts. We've fallen in love with each other, as you'd always dreamed."
Josh smiled, hearing no mirthful joke in Justin's voice.

"You're right, Jus. You are so beautiful. I have you in my arms, and we have something more."
Justin smiled, nodding.

"We have each other's love, Joshua. I think it's more beautiful than any moment of lust could ever be."
Josh smiled widely, Justin pulling his head down, their lips meeting again.

"You're right, Justin. Your love is beautiful. Jolan's a very lucky man."
"I'm the lucky one, Joshua."
Josh smiled, Justin smiling back.

"I think your man needs you in there. Hay can be an armful, he's rambunctious. He's so like his father."
Josh laughed, Justin smiling at him.

Josh rose upwards, the man standing at the side of the bed, Justin seeing the largeness of the hidden treasure Josh had concealed.

"I'll go give him a hand."
"I think he'll need all of you."
Josh smiled, walking towards the bathroom.

Justin smiled, leaning back into the pillows, looking towards the bathroom's now closed door.

His hand meandered down his chest, going to his center.

He felt his own excitement showing there, the man sighing, closing his eyes.

His hand went under the waistband of his trunks, Justin sighing again.

"Getting off on visions of our friends' beauty, my love?"

Justin's eyes opened, looking into two grey pools of love staring at him from the doorway, Jolan's shoulder leaning against the doorframe.

The young man was fully dressed, wearing a golf shirt and jeans.

Justin sat up quickly in bed, covering his exposed center, staring at Jolan.

Jolan grinned, running across the room, jumping on his lover, pushing Justin back into the pillows.

Jolan's lips met his, Justin lost in the passion flowing from his Jo.

Their lips broke, Justin staring into his grey pools of love.

"Good morning, my horny angel."

Justin blushed, Jolan staring at him.

"It's a big tub in there, Jus. You could join them. But try not to warp our little Hay."
Justin blushed even more deeply, Jolan's laughter filling the room.

Justin stared at him, feeling Jolan's happiness and love.

Jolan smiled, snuggling against Justin's side.

"I know the feeling, Jus. Hard not to get excited around those beauties. I woke up this morning, the three of you surrounding me. I just lay there, looking at the beauty of both of them. And I felt Chace's heat against my leg. They're beyond beautiful, as is their love. But for me, they're not you."
Justin smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"You are the passion of my life, the need of my desires. Eye candy's wonderful, and a big turn on,  but your beauty fulfills my desires."
Justin teared up, Jolan brushing a tear off his cheek.

"Now, none of that. We're home, we're in love, we're surrounded by beauty, and we're happy."
Justin nodded, the two kissing again.

The bathroom door opened, Josh walking out, Hayden in his arms, Chace's hand linked with his man.

Hayden was wrapped in a towel, Chace and Josh each wearing one wrapped around their waist.

"Morning, guys." Jolan said, climbing out of bed, Justin smiling at him, the young man walking up to his friends.

He gave each a kiss on the lips, taking Hayden from Josh, the boy giggling in his arms.

"Daddy, Unky Josh and Unky Chace like having fun in shower too! They keeps kissing each other and hugging."

Both men blushed a little, Jolan smiling widely.

"That's great, Hay! That's because they love each other."
The two men smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"I'll take Hay and get him dressed. Chace still looks a little dirty, Joshy. I think he needs more washing. Maybe you should take Justin with you as well. He was looking really dirty in bed." Jolan said, winking at his lover, Justin blushing again, Josh and Chace staring at him.

Jolan began to laugh again, kissing the two men beside him, blowing a kiss to Justin.

All three smiled, hearing the happiness in Jolan's rich laugh.

"Life is built on love, love is built on trust. Have fun, my special guys."

Jolan's laughter continued, the man walking out of the room, Hayden waving goodbye to the three men watching them go.

Josh and Chace's eyes returned to Justin, Justin climbing out of bed, the two men seeing the state of Justin's center.

"Jolan caught me in the middle of. . .well, I was. . .you guys got me so. . ."

Josh and Chace exchanged looks, then smiled, looking at Justin.

"We should get back in the shower, my love. I do believe Jolan's right. I think I missed a spot." Josh said, looking at his lover, Chace seeing the happiness in his eyes as well.
Chace smiled widely, his eyes going to Justin.

"Care to join us, Jus?"

Justin stared at the two, seeing so much love and beauty in their handsome faces.

"Thanks guys, but your wet love is yours alone. I'll use one of the other bathrooms."
The two men smiled at Justin.

"We'll let you finish what you started. Here's some help." Chace said, his hand going to Josh's towel and his own.

Chace pulled them both off, Justin's eyes widening at the sight of their naked forms.
Justin averted his eyes, the two men laughing, Josh walking up to his friend, kissing his cheek.

"We love you, Jus. Enjoy your shower."

Josh smiled, walking back to his lover, taking Chace's hand, the two walking back into the bathroom.

Justin's eyes were glued to their perfect butts until they closed the door behind them.

Justin's mind went over what he'd just seen, a smile coming to his face.

They were indeed beautiful, but they weren't his Jo.

Justin smiled, walking out of the room.


Jolan stood at the kitchen counter, picking up the last plate of bacon and eggs, walking to the kitchen table.

He smiled at Hayden, the boy grinning up at him, drinking a juice box.

Josh, Chace and Justin walked into the kitchen, Josh and  Chace wore t-shirts and shorts they'd borrowed from Justin, Justin wearing cargo shorts and a polo shirt.

Jolan's eyes met theirs, the young man smiling at all three.

"It's all ready, as I see you three are finally too. About time! Our water bill will go through the roof."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arm around Jolan, kissing his cheek, smiling down at Hayden.

"We took separate showers, sorry for using so much water."
Jolan smiled, kissing his lover's cheek.

"I know, Jus. Next time you should conserve." he said, winking at Josh and Chace.

All three laughed, the phone on the counter going off, Jolan answering it as the others sat down, diving into the breakfast laid out before them, Josh taking Hayden into his lap.

"Hey, girlfriend. You're up before ten? What's wrong? Did the walrus knock you out of bed?"

Justin smiled, knowing it was Britney Jolan was talking to.

Josh and Chace were chuckling at the walrus remark, Josh feeding Hayden off his plate, the boy taking all that was offered.

"Yeah, he's up and eating breakfast. Hang on, sweetie." Jolan said, handing the phone to Justin, sitting down beside Josh, Hayden smiling up at him.

"Let Uncle Josh have some, little piggy." Jolan smiled, Hayden giggling, popping another piece of bacon into his mouth, Jolan smiling at Justin while he chatted on the phone.

After a few minutes of chatting, Justin hung up the phone.

"Britney's booked five hours at Jive's studios starting at noon. We're going to run through your song, Jo."
Jolan smiled, handing Justin the box of cereal beside him, Justin filling a bowl.

"That's great, love. You singing again, what a moment of happiness that will be."
Justin smiled, leaning over and kissing his lover's cheek.

"I have you to thank for that, my angel. Your love guided me to my heart."
Jolan smiled, kissing him back.

"That love for music was always there, Jus."
Justin smiled, eating his cereal.

Josh and Chace chatted with Justin, discussing music and other aspects of their lives, Jolan quietly half listening, his mind on other things.

He was staring forward, his eyes looking at Hayden, the boy still sipping on the juice box.

"Hello, Jo?"
Justin's hand went to his shoulder, Jolan breaking his concentration, their eyes meeting.

"Josh asked you a question, Jo?"
Jolan's eyes moved, looking at Josh.

"I asked you if you wanted to hang with me today, Jo. You kind of blanked out there."

Jolan's eyes went among the three men, looking at Justin last.

"You okay, Jo?" his lover said, Jolan sighing softly.

"Era was here yesterday."
Josh and Justin's eyes met, Josh's hand going on top of Jolan's.

"Everything okay, Jolan?"

Jolan looked into Josh's blue eyes, then began to speak.

He told them of all he and Era had talked of, every moment revealed.

"Wow, he's left for good? What does that mean, Jo? I still don't understand who he was." Chace said, looking at Justin.

"Chace is right, Jo. We--including you--had no idea of who he really was or what his purpose was for connecting with you." Josh said, Jolan nodding.

"I know, Josh. The man was a riddle unto himself. For the life of me I couldn't understand a lot of what he said. But I believe somehow his being here was important. What he told me I believe I will eventually reason out. He's a part of this, somehow. Of my destiny. One day it will all come together."
Everyone nodded, Justin's hand going on top of Jolan's.

"I saw him, Jo. I know he was real. Is real, I should say. I believe he's not totally gone either. I think one day soon we'll all meet the elusive Erasmus again."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"Is everything okay, Jolan? I'm worried about Fagin as well." Josh said, Jolan smiling.

"I'm not worried about the man himself, Josh. I know now that I can deal with him. You all saw the touch of my love and the effect it had on him in the Room of Love's Light. My loving touch hurt him. I believe my love is my greatest weapon against him. It's what he's got planned ahead that worries me. I know I'll have to be very cautious. I have to protect all of you."

Everyone smiled, Jolan smiling back, all of them seeing his determined gaze.

"This won't stop me from living my life, it shouldn't stop you either. We'll go on ahead, our love guiding us."
Josh smiled, leaning over and kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Your love is with me, Jo. That calms my heart, and my Chace's."

"What about the rest of me? Or is Justin's dirtiness enough for the two of you?"
Everyone laughed, the somberness of the moment broken by Jolan's humor.

Justin smiled at Jolan, their love steadfast.

"We're enough for each other, Jo. But who knows, a little Timberlake fun might go a long way!" Chace said, winking at Justin, Justin laughing, blowing him a lustful kiss.

Jolan smiled, looking around at all three men.

"Yes, a little fun goes a long way."
The three smiled at him, Jolan standing up.

"You need to get ready for the studio, Jus. I'm sure you and Josh have some musical discussions to talk through. I'll drive you down, then I'm taking Hay over to Jessica's."
"I'll help you clean up, Jo." Chace said, rising up from the table as well.

Josh and Justin smiled at each other, the two walking out of the room, Hayden in Josh's arms.


Fagin Greymount threw the pitcher across the room, its porcelain delicacy shattering against the wall, water falling everywhere.

Cecil Chamberlain remained still, seated beside the bed, Fagin's anger giving him cause for caution.

He'd been surprised when he'd walked into the bedroom, seeing the man in great pain, laying in his bed, his exposed chest covered in red blotches.

Cecil knew this large room well, having been a victim to the man's needs.

The marks upon the man's body confused him.

To Cecil's keen eyes they appeared to be some type of burn.

Whatever they were, they were causing the man excruciating pain.

"Where is that salve? Where are you, Demetrius?!! You bumbling moron!!" the man howled, rising up out of the bed, standing before Cecil in his nakedness.

Cecil remained silent, the room's door opening, a servant entering quickly, carrying a silver platter, a dish of dark liquid upon it.

"About damn time, Demetrius! Apply it! Now!"

The young man set the platter down, picking up the dish, his fingers going into the dark gooey liquid.

The young man looked up at his master, Fagin's red eyes staring.

Demetrius didn't hesitate, his fingers going to the man's naked chest, Fagin gasping at the coolness of the liquid hitting him.

He felt the instant relief from the cooling icy liquid.

Demetrius applied the liquid all over Fagin's chest, the man staring over at Cecil as he administered the lotion.

"You have the deeds?"
"Yes, Fagin. The properties in the Carpathian mountains have been acquired. The land is ready, the building begun."
"Good. The time draws near. What of my Nathan?"

"He called last night. Brandon has been brought back to the fold. His faithfulness has returned. The man says he's subjugated him." Cecil said, his eyes on the young man attending to Fagin.

"My Badenwolf offspring has achieved his greatness. I would have loved to see that subjugation. Inform him I want to see him."

"Yes, Sire. Is it wise to let that man feed upon his anger? He could become a dangerous and uncontrollable man."

"That is the soul of the beast within him, Cecil. I need that man on the edge of anger. When his beastly soul bursts forth, he will take out his anger on whom I deem needs it." Fagin said, a smile crossing his face, Cecil seeing the madness there.
"What of the matter of Jolan Dragos? Did your plans work?"
Fagin's eyes met Cecil's, the lawyer seeing the depth of anger and something else laying in those now black eyes.

Cecil could have sworn he saw fear.

"Dragos is a crafty adversary. His skills intrigue me. I believe I've finally found an opponent of worth. And I shall not be so easily shaken off next time. I shall enjoy destroying him."

"And Morgan Dragos?"
"That sniveling coward is of no more use to me. I have released him. I have found what I need. We shall venture to the homeland again soon."
Cecil nodded, his thoughts his own.

"And the Sun Child? Have you found him?"
Fagin's eyes glared, Cecil seeing the truth of that question answered.

"Soon, Cecil. Soon I shall have all."

"And what of your imprisoned guest downstairs?"

Fagin's eyes met Cecil's again.

"My reluctant guest comes with me to the homeland. I feel an underlying importance in their regard."
Cecil nodded, the servant stepping back from Fagin, Fagin breathing deeply, his chest expanding outward.

"Very good, Demetrius. The magic salve works wonders. I feel no more the pain of his touch."

Cecil looked in confusion, unsure of whose touch Fagin spoke of.
The young man bowed, Fagin staring down at him.

"Clean up the broken porcelain, slave."

Demetrius rushed over to the wet carpet, taking a wastebasket with him, picking up the ceramic chards.

"Today, I rest. Tomorrow I want to see everything. My plans go forward. Nathan, I need to see as soon as possible."
Cecil stood, nodding at Fagin, bowing a half bow.

"I need to bathe now." the man said, Cecil nodding, his eyes going to the young man on his knees, a basket of broken porcelain by his side.

Fagin's eyes met Cecil's.

"You have the room and him, Cecil. I shall join you both shortly. Think of it as a reward."
The man walked across the room, his naked form walking out of it.

Cecil smiled, his eyes falling on the young man standing up.

Demetrius saw the look in the remaining man's eyes, kneeling before him.

"I am yours to use, master. For my master's love I give all."
Cecil smiled, walking over to the young man, his hands going to his belt.


Justin was in heaven, his arm around Britney, the two finishing the final verse of Jolan's song.

Josh smiled from the studio booth, standing behind the engineers.

The music ended, two smiling faces beaming at each other.

"That was awesome, Jus! We nailed it!"

Justin grinned, hugging Britney, Josh pulling the door to the soundproof room open, walking in.

"You did it perfectly, guys! That was beyond amazing!" Josh said, hugging both of them.

"Did you hear the melody, Josh? The deepness of the love coming from the words?" Justin said, Josh smiling at his friends.

"Yes, Jus. Your man's got an unbelievable talent. That song. . .its message. . .its truth." Josh said, Justin seeing his friend's love for music showing on his now emotional face.

"I know, Joshy. It's unbelievable." Justin said, Britney rubbing his shoulder.

"It's our Jo's love written to music." Britney said, both men smiling at her.

"It's his showing the world the truth of your love for each other." Josh said, both of his friends smiling.

"Leave it to Jolan to show the world the true us, Justy."

Justin smiled, kissing his friend's cheek.

"Would you expect any less from him, Bitzy?"

All three laughed, then smiled, Josh smiling at both.

"I don't think you have much to change, guys. Maybe some minor tone adjustments, but the tempo's perfect, as were your voices. Perfect pitch, both of you."
Both smiled, knowing Josh had a keen ear for minute details.

"I don't think perfection needs tinkering with." Britney said, smiling.

"On that note, I'd like to hear the other tracks you've got ready, Brit."
"Awesome, Joshy. I value your honest opinion." she said, Josh smiling at her, then looking at Justin.

"Cool. Let's tackle them. Johnny was in for a brief moment, Jus. He's waiting for you in his office. Something about an unscheduled interview."
Justin nodded, having seen Johnny Wright walk into the studio, talking briefly with Josh.

"Okay, I'll walk down to his office. You guys start, I'll be back shortly."

Both nodded, following Justin out into the control room.

Justin left them, walking down to the elevator, walking in and hitting the fourth floor button.

He leaned against the back wall, smiling to himself, closing his eyes.

His mind went over every moment of their singing that song, Justin feeling the truth behind the words.

He smiled, knowing his lover had written the song for just them.

To show their love to the world, and to ignite their love for music.

Justin knew in his heart this wasn't the last song he'd sing--with Britney or only himself.

Music was back in his heart, and it would coexist with his Jolan's love.

He smiled, opening his eyes when the elevator opened, the man walking down the hall.

He greeted the secretary, the older woman smiling at Justin.

"Hi, Justin. Johnny's waiting for you in his office, with a reporter. I believe it's an interview. Word of warning, the man looks like a sniffer."
Justin chuckled, knowing Madge Turcott's special words.

"Ah, looking for some dirt is he?"
The woman smiled, Justin kissing her cheek.

"You're filled with happiness this morning, Justin. I take it your new life is working wonders on your heart?"
Justin smiled widely, that smile showing the truth.

"Yep, Madge. I'm in love and I'm happy."
The woman smiled, Justin walking to Johnny's door, opening it and walking into the spacious room.

"Hi, Johnny. Josh said you wanted to see me?" Justin said, seeing Johnny Wright seated at his desk, the large man standing up.

Another man sat in front of Johnny, rising from his seat, turning and smiling at Justin.

Justin stared into the blue eyes of Tim Baxter.



End of Chapter 113



Timmy boy's back!

What will Justin do to this sniffer?


So our family of love is home again.

Seems our foursome of love is getting really close.

Their boundaries of love respected, their deep love for each other more revealed.


What of Erasmus, and his words of coming danger?

What part does he play in Jolan's final destiny?


Up next:  Onward again to New York, and Justin's upcoming birthday.



Hugs, Angel.