Jolan's Path - Chapter 114


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 114


Justin stared in shock at the man walking towards him, the man's face covered in a leering smile.

"Hello, Mr. Timberlake. It's nice to finally meet you." he said, his eyes scanning over Justin's body.

Justin stared at him, the shock coming off his face.

"What are you doing here?"

The man smiled, Johnny walking up to the two men.

"Hello, Justin. How was your trip?"

Justin's eyes weren't on Johnny, his blue focused pools staring at the reporter, Johnny looking between the two.

"Mr. Baxter's here for a one on one interview for People magazine, Justin. Jive's agreed to it and three other magazine interviews this week. Remember, we decided you needed to do some in-depth interviews once you came back from England. The media blitz hasn't really died down. You and Jolan are still big news."

"I'm fine with that, Johnny. But I won't speak to this man. Leave now, Baxter. Leave before I throw you out of here."

Johnny looked surprised, staring at Justin, seeing the determined, glaring stance his friend was now taking.

He sensed Justin was on the edge of exploding.

"It's alright, Justin. Mr. Baxter comes with high recommendations from People. He's a freelance reporter, but he's associated with them."

Justin continued to stare at the man, Tim Baxter's eyes glancing to Johnny, then back to Justin.

"I don't care if he's come with Pulitzer recommendations, the man's an asshole!"
Johnny now looked shocked, walking up to his friend, putting his hand on his shoulder.

He'd never known Justin to swear so openly, the man seeing the anger now open in Justin's glaring eyes.

"Calm down, right now Justin! What's going on here?"

Justin's eyes finally moved away from Baxter, staring at Johnny.

"This is the guy who attacked Jolan, Johnny. The reporter he met in that bathroom. You must remember him from the interviews in Cutter's Bluff?"

Johnny face again changed to surprise, staring at Baxter, the man looking nervous.

"I knew I remembered your face from somewhere, Baxter."

"I. . .I don't know what you're talking about, Justin. I. . .I never met Jolan Dragos in a restaurant bathroom. I'm just here to do an interview with you."

Johnny stared at the man, Baxter feeling cornered.

"Justin never said it was a restaurant bathroom, just a bathroom."
The man looked surprised by Johnny's picking up on his slip of the tongue, Johnny continuing to stare at him.

"Do you know how you affected my Jolan, Baxter? You attacked him. You emotionally hurt him, you bastard!"
Johnny saw Justin's anger on the edge of igniting, the large man's hand tightening on Justin's shoulder.

"I'm here to do an interview as I said. I can't remember ever little tease I meet in a bathroom. I must have been pretty good if he remembers me."

It was like a dam broke in Justin's head, his anger boiling over, the man moving forward, just as Madge walked into the room, investigating the shouting she'd heard.

Justin's fist hit Baxter in the face, the man falling backwards.

Johnny rushed forward, pulling Justin back off the man now laying on the floor.

"Back off, Justin! Now!" Johnny said, pulling his friend further back against the wall, away from the man.

"You. . .you've hit my face!"
"Great! How about I hurt the rest of you? No one hurts my Jolan!" Justin shouted, Johnny holding him against the wall, Justin unable to break free from his friend's stronghold he had on him.

Baxter staggered to his feet, his hand covering his nose.

"I'll sue! This is unprovoked aggression! I'm going to the press, Timberlake!"

"Calm down, Baxter. There's no reason to do that!" Johnny said.
The reporter stared at Johnny, the large man staring back.

"I think there is! Your little Prima Donna here hit me, I didn't attack him!"

"It's your word against ours, Baxter. Same as it was Jolan's word against you in that bathroom. I have more faith in my Jolan that I have in you." Justin said, Johnny staring at him.

"Your cock tease of a boyfriend played hard to get. It wasn't my fault he couldn't handle a real man."

Justin's anger flared, Johnny's stronghold on him holding.

Baxter smiled, Madge looking between the three men, having seen everything.

"Is everything alright, Johnny?"
"Get some tissues, Madge. Mr. Baxter had a little mishap."
Madge nodded, staring at the man, then quickly walking back out of the office.

"Mishap my ass! Timberlake hit me, and I'm going to make him pay for it!"

"What do you want, Baxter?" Johnny said, still holding Justin back from Baxter.
The man smiled, staring at Johnny, his eyes looking over Justin.

"I want a complete open interview, and I want to be paid for it, by Timberlake. Or I go to the press and nail pretty boy here to the wall."

"Nail him for what? As Justin said, it's his and my word against yours."
Madge walked back into the room, Baxter smiling at her as she handed him a box of tissues, the man wiping his nose.

"Yes, but your dear secretary here saw Justin hit me as well. I don't think she'd deny it. Am I correct, Mrs. Turcott? You look like you have an honest face."

The woman nodded, looking at the man.

"Yes, sir. I do have an honest face. I guess that's why I can usually pick a sniveling sniffer when I see one."

The man looked surprised and confused by her words, Johnny nodding to his secretary, Madge smiling at him.

"Everything worked fine, sir."
Johnny smiled at his secretary, the woman staring towards Baxter.

"Close the door, Madge. We can take it from here."
Madge smiled, walking out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"Justin is correct, Baxter. I should have remembered you from the trial. Fortunately, I did."
Justin looked at Johnny, the large man releasing his hold on Justin.

"I never forget a face, Justin. Never. I remembered this guy. And I know what type of reporter he is. Madge pegged him perfectly." Johnny said, his eyes going to the man.

"So it's blackmail is it? Money in exchange for silence?"

The man leered at Johnny.

"A man's got to make a living."

Johnny folded his arms, staring at the man.

"And a manager has to protect his client."
The reporter smiled, Justin staring at him.

"Good point, Wright. So we should be able to do business then."

Johnny stared at the man, Justin staring as well.

"No, Mr. Baxter, we won't. I don't condone blackmail and neither will the police."

The man stared at Johnny, his face changing into a sneer.

"Go to the cops, and I'll tell them what Timberlake did to me!"

Johnny walked back over to his desk, leaning against it.

"I've been in this business a long time, as has my secretary Madge. She saw through you before your ass hit that chair. That's why she called me out of the room about those files just before Justin arrived. I knew something was up, that's why I took the precaution of having her tape all our conversations in this room."
"Tape? You mean I've been recorded?"

Johnny walked over to the man, his large face taking on a menacing angry look.

"Yes, Baxter. Every word you've said is on record. You confessed to blackmail and extortion. And the tape will prove you enticed Justin into venting his anger. Justin had every good reason to hit you because of what you did to Jolan, you scum! So I suggest you get your ass out of my office before I do call the police. You'll never be given an interview with my client or Jolan. And I'm going to make damn sure People knows that. I'll protect both of them from your nastiness. You come around here again and I'll let Justin finish what he wanted to do."

The man backed up, a nervous scared look on his face, Justin and Johnny both glaring at him.

The man grabbed his bag off the floor by the chair he had sat in, hastily walking to the door.

His eyes met Justin's, the reporter glaring at him, a moment of daring showing in his eyes.

"This isn't over, Timberlake. I'll get what I want."

Johnny started moving forward, the man disappearing through the door.

Madge walked into the office, staring after the man fleeing down the hallway.

"Everything okay, Johnny?"
Johnny smiled at her, the secretary returning his smile.

"Everything's perfect, Madge. Thanks for your help."
The woman smiled, Justin's eyes meeting hers.

"We protect those we love, Justin."

Justin softly smiled at her, Johnny's hand going to his shoulder.

"Thanks, Johnny. Thanks, Madge."

Both smiled, Johnny nodding at Madge, the woman quietly leaving, closing the door.
"I'm sorry I didn't know that Baxter was the reporter who had accosted Jolan. If I had I would have hit him myself."

Justin smiled, hearing Johnny's protective love for Jolan.

"It's alright, Johnny. We didn't tell anyone outside of the family, as Jolan had asked me not to."

Johnny nodded, hugging his friend.

"You just showed me your protective love for Jolan, Justin. That man's changed you."
Justin smiled, looking at his friend.

"His love completes me."
Johnny smiled, patting his shoulder.

"Let's sit down and discuss the other interviews. I'll call People and tell them what's happened. Baxter's lost all his credibility as far as Jive's concerned."

Justin nodded, Johnny guiding him to his desk.


Jolan pulled into the driveway, driving up in front of the house, the gates closing behind him, paparazzi cameras going off again.

Justin sat in the backseat with Hayden, the boy strapped in his seat, Justin's eyes going to the reporters milling around their home.

Jolan's eyes met Justin's in the rearview mirror, Justin's eyes returning to Hay, Hayden talking to him about his day at his mother's.

Jolan had sensed a quietness in Justin when he'd picked him up at Jive's studios, the trip home rather quiet between them, Justin focused on his son.

Jolan parked in front of the house, Justin climbing out of the backseat, Hayden in his arms.

Jolan smiled at both, the three walking into their home.

"Swims, Poppa?"

Jolan smiled, seeing the smile on Justin's face.

"Okay, little bud! Let's get changed." he smiled, carrying the boy upstairs, Jolan watching them go.

Jolan sighed, walking into the kitchen, picking up the phone.

Twenty minutes later he walked into the backyard, seeing his men in the pool, Hayden's happy voice filling the quietness of their family yard.

"Wawa's warms, Daddy! Come on ins!"

Jolan laughed, pulling off his t-shirt, his body fully revealed, Justin smiling up at him, the man seated in the shallow end of the pool, Hayden swimming in front of him.

Jolan climbed down the pool steps, walking into the warm water, sinking into its wetness beside his Justin, Justin's arm going around him, their lips meeting.

Hayden smiled at both, both men focusing on his smiling face.

"Swims, Poppa?"

"Yes, Hay. I'll follow you." Justin said, the boy smiling, beginning to swim, his torso covered by his red floatation vest.

Jolan smiled, watching Justin at Hayden's side, his protective love for the child shown.

Justin's protective love.

Jolan sighed, watching his lover and his son.

Jolan had called Josh first, then Johnny, the day's revelations now known to him.

Justin hadn't said anything to Jolan about it, Jolan now knowing what was bothering his man.

Jolan had gently coerced the truth out of Johnny.

Justin and Jolan played with Hayden in the water for over an hour, the boy finally starting to yawn, Justin gently removing his floatation vest, carrying him to a lounge chair, the boy falling asleep on top of his Poppa's chest.

Jolan sat beside the two, Justin's and his eyes meeting.

"Care for a little wet alone time, my angel?" Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.

Justin gently got up, laying the boy back down on the lounge, the boy softly snoring, Justin positioning an umbrella over him, shading his sleeping form.

The two men dove into the pool, swimming together, kissing when they joined, snuggling together under the water.

They playfully played with each other, no real sexual agenda on their minds.

Just two men in love, and together.

They ended up snuggled together, seated in the shallow end, not far from the vision of their sleeping son.

"He enjoys the water so much." Justin said, Jolan smiling towards his son.

"His Poppa enjoys swimming with him."
Justin smiled, Jolan gently kissing his neck, Jolan's arm around him.

"He's so cautious too. I don't think we'll ever have to worry about him around the pool alone." Justin said, Jolan nodding.

"I know, Justin. I've talked to Hayden about safety. Not surprisingly he already knew our thoughts of worry, our protective love."
Justin smiled, his eyes on the boy.

"He's so special, just like you Jo."
Jolan smiled, their lips meeting, a kiss of love exchanged.

"And you're pretty special yourself, my protective angel."

Justin's eyes met Jolan's, Jolan smiling his special smile at him, Justin's heart filling with love for this special man.

"I called Josh, Justin. And he directed me to Johnny. I know what happened today between you and Tim Baxter."

Justin looked surprised, Jolan kissing his soft lips again.

"I'll always know when you're bothered by something, my love."

Justin's eyes lowered, Jolan kissing his neck.

"Out with it, my love."

Justin sighed, Jolan's grey eyes staring into his blue.

"I wanted to kill him, Jo. I wanted to beat the living hell out of him! When I saw him, when I thought of what he'd done to you, the anger took hold of me. If Johnny hadn't pulled me off him I think I would have beat him senseless."

Jolan nodded, kissing Justin's cheek.

"My loving Jus. My protective angel. That anger surprised you, didn't it?"

Justin nodded his head, Jolan pulling him closer to him, Justin's head now on his shoulder.

"Do you remember the day it happened? The day Baxter attacked me?"
Justin nodded, Jolan kissing his forehead.

"You told me that day that you'd make him pay for what he did. I love your voicing your love for me by wanting to protect me, Jus. The anger you felt was your own protective love bursting out of you. But as I told you that day, anger and hurt isn't the answer. I know you love me, and that you'll always protect me. I love you so much for that, Jus."

Justin nodded, their eyes meeting.

"That man today scared me, Jo. That man of anger I felt within myself."

Jolan nodded, hugging his man to him.

"I know, Jus. I briefly felt him that day, the anger within you for what Baxter had done to me. It's the protective love within you. I know in my heart that I would do the same thing if anyone ever tried to harm you. It's called love, Justin. Protective love."
Justin nodded, Jolan kissing his lips again.

"We all walk around with less than glowing truths within ourselves. Anger is one of them. But your anger today was ignited by your love for me. You lashed out at someone who had attacked me. I know that you are not an angry, vengeful man, Justin. The only anger within you is your protective anger of love. So don't dwell on that anger, just on the normalcy of it. Your voicing your protective love for me, that's all it was."
Justin teared up, hearing the love coming from the man holding him.

"I'm a giving, loving man, Jo. That man today just surprised me, I never knew I had that anger within myself."

Their eyes met again, both seeing their deep love.

"You're not mad at me for hitting him?"
"I wish you hadn't, but no, Justin, I'm not. Thank you for standing up for me."

Justin smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"I love you, Jolan. I now see how deeply. I'll always stand up for you, you are my everything."

The two stared at each other, their lips meeting in a kiss of deep love.

Justin broke the kiss, his head going to Jolan's chest, Jolan kissing his forehead.

"Baxter said this wasn't the end. I don't think the man's going to stop bothering us."
Jolan's eyes stared out into the pool's blueness.

"Don't worry about Tim Baxter, Jus. That man will get his comeuppance."
Justin's head raised, staring into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing only calm determination and deep love there.

"Johnny told me about the other interviews. I'm ready to do them with you. It's both of us going forward, Justin. The two of us are one."

Justin smiled, seeing Jolan's courageous love, knowing his man wasn't fond of that spotlight.

"Thanks, Jo. And you're right, it will always be the two of us together."

Jolan smiled, their lips meeting again.

"Hungy, Daddy!"

Both men looked over towards Hayden, the boy sitting up on the lounge, smiling at both of them.

"Our boy's hungry, Jo."
"Hot dogs for everyone. I'll start the grill."
The boy clapped, Justin getting up, heading up the stairs towards him.

Jolan smiled as the two joined, the boy in Justin's arms.

Within his own soul a bubble of anger was capped by Jolan's resolve.


The next two weeks flew by, the threesome of family love enjoying the quietness of their home.

Justin and Jolan did several interviews for magazines, a joined live interview scheduled in New York for when Jolan went there for his book signing.
Billy Bush was given the honors for that interview.

The press was still showing unrelenting need, the two men unwavering in their love for their privacy.

Their friends and family stood by them, keeping their own privacy in regards to the couple.

On the twenty-second, the couple--along with Hayden, Lonnie, Leo, Ally, Josh and Chace--headed for New York.

Both airports on both coasts were inundated with paparazzi, Jolan shielding Hayden from their intrusive cameras and shouting, Justin at their side; Lonnie, their friends and airport security surrounding them.

At six-thirty they walked into Justin's condo, Jolan greeted by a rushing ball of youthful happiness, his sister knocking him to the floor, Justin laughing with Hay in his arms.

Jolan was inundated with kisses, his sister and Jonathan now both on top of him.

"Help, I'm being attacked by young love!"

Everyone laughed, Jennie climbing off of him, Jonathan still on top of Jolan.

"Hi ya, Bro!" Jonathan said, Jolan smiling up at him.

"Hey, Jon. What are you two doing here? I thought you were all still down in Orlando?" Jolan said, Jonathan climbing off of him, helping him up, Jennie in Justin's arms, kissing him and Hay.

"We got in around ten this morning, Jolan." Lynn said, smiling as she walked out of the kitchen.

"You too, Mom? Awesome!" Jolan said smiling, the woman hugging him, then heading for Justin, Hayden's face covered in a wide smile.


Lynn smiled, taking the boy from Justin, her son kissing her cheek, then hugging Jonathan.

"We had to come up for your big day, Jo." Jonathan smiled, Jolan touched by their encouraging love.

"Aw, that's sweet guys." Jolan said, his sister hugging him tight.

"I missed ya, Bro! I'm glad you're here." Jennie said, Jolan smiling as she kissed his cheek.

"Missed you too, Jennie. Home hasn't been home without you."
Justin smiled, seeing their sibling love in full bloom.

"I've got dinner ready, everyone. Lance and Joey are on their way over." Lynn said, greeting everyone else, taking their coats.

The door buzzer went off, Lonnie answering it.

Carlos stood in the hallway, a cart of bags beside him.

"Come on in, Carlos." Lonnie said, the young man smiling at him, guiding the cart into the foyer.

"That's everything, Mr. Timberlake." Carlos said, Justin smiling at him, handing him a couple of bills.

"Thanks, Carlos."
"Welcome back, Mr. Timberlake. You as well, Mr. Dragos." the man said, smiling at Jolan.

"Thanks, Carlos. It's good to be in New York again." Justin said, Jolan wrapping his arm around his lover.

The young attendant smiled, his eyes going between the two.

"Good to have you back, sirs. Your cars are ready, all gassed up and cleaned."
Justin smiled, Jolan rolling his eyes, knowing Justin's love for speed.

"Great, Carlos."
"Anything else you need, just give me a call." the young man said, smiling at Justin, then looking at Jolan.

The young man smiled back at the Hispanic attendant, Carlos opening the condo's door to leave, Lance and Joey standing in the hallway.

"Good evening, Mr. Bass. Mr. Fatone." the young man said, smiling at Lance.

"Hello, Carlos." Lance said, smiling at him.

"Charles walked us up." Joey said, his eyes watching the man eyeing Lance.

"That was kind of Charles." the young man said, bowing to the two men, walking past them and heading for the open elevator, walking into it, turning and smiling back at them, the doors closing.

"I still don't like that man." Joey said, Lance's arm going around him, kissing his cheek.

"Relax, babe. He's harmless. Besides, he's not huggable like my Teddy bear." Lance said, Joey looking into his green eyes.

Joey smiled, the two walking into the condo, hugging their friends.

Jolan closed the door behind them, his eyes briefly glancing down the hall towards the elevator.


Jolan stood on the balcony, staring out into the dawning light of a New York morning.

He heard the bedroom door slide open, then two strong arms wrap around him.

"It's early, my love. What's got you out of bed and out here in this coldness?"

Jolan smiled, turning around, wrapping his arms around his lover.

"I couldn't sleep. Nothing to worry about, a little case of the nerves."
Justin smiled, Jolan's arms feeling so warm and inviting around him.

"You've already done this signing session, Jo. You wowed them in L.A."

Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's praising love.

"I know, Jus. But don't you get nervous before a performance?"
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's lips lightly.

"Always, my angel. Comes with the territory. You never get totally relaxed around it. I can understand why you couldn't sleep."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin again.

"I couldn't sleep in there with all that wood being sawed. I don't know who snores more, you or Hay."
Justin blushed, Jolan lightly chuckling, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Like father, like son." Jolan said, Justin hearing the love in those words.

Justin sighed, Jolan's arms wrapping tighter around him.

"Isn't this the best, Jo? You and me in bed, our son sleeping between us. I finally have the family of my dreams."

Jolan smiled, touched by the honesty in Justin's words.

"And I have the love I've searched my whole life for."
Justin smiled, the two kissing deeply, their love flowing.

"Well, the search is over. You lucked out." Justin said, beaming.

Jolan laughed, smiling at his lover.

"Oh, so I lucked out? And what about you?"
Justin smiled, taking Jolan's hand in his.

"I must be in heaven. I have an angel's love."

Jolan stared at Justin, the two beginning to laugh.

"Corny, Jus. But heartfelt nonetheless."

Justin grinned, Jolan staring at him.

"I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, winking at him.

"Come on, lover boy. Let's make breakfast for everyone."

"You start the coffee, Timbercheeks."

Justin laughed, the two walking back into the bedroom.

Jolan smiled, sitting down on the bed's edge, looking at Hayden, the boy sound asleep in the middle of the bed.

"He sleeps soundly just like you, Jus. Your habits are rubbing off on him. Snoring, deep sleeping. What's next, beautiful singing?"
Justin smiled at Jolan, discarding his robe, Jolan taking in his lover's beautiful boxer briefed form.

"Nah, he'll be a famous writer like his father."
Jolan smiled, Justin pulling a t-shirt over his smooth muscular chest, his bottom disappearing under a pair of Joe Boxer lounge pants.

Justin leaned down, kissing Jolan's lips.

"I'll get the coffee started. Hurry my love, I like kitchen cuddling."

Jolan smiled, Justin blowing him a kiss, quietly walking out of the room.

Still smiling, Jolan looked back at Hayden, the boy sleeping, a soft smile on his face.

Jolan leaned over, kissing his son's cheek.

He sat up again, his hand moving to the nightstand, picking up the Tome which had lain there since last night.

He'd fallen asleep with worried thought, one new passage sinking into his soul.

He opened the book, finding the page.

He stared at it, the words' truth now known in his soul.
He hadn't told Justin that he'd slept very little last night.

For in the book he'd found the next part of the path.

And to walk that path, Jolan would have to return to hell.

Jolan closed the book again, a tear falling down his face.

"For them, I'll risk all."


Justin's face wore a wide smile, his arms wrapped around his son, his blue eyes staring at the wide smiling face seated across from him in the limousine.

Jolan's face wore an expression of total happiness.

The book signing event had been spectacular.

Over ten thousand people had crowded into the largest book store in New York City, Strand's Book Store.

Justin and their friends had been awed by the largeness and civility of the crowd, the place in absolute silence hanging on every word Jolan had spoken after his thunderous introduction.

Seven hours later, they'd climbed back into the limousine, the day having been a roaring success.

"Unbelievable, Jolan! I've been to hundreds of these events, but man, that has got to be the crown jewel!" Leo said, Jolan smiling at him.

"It was okay, I guess." Jolan said, everyone in the limo looking at him with shock.

Jolan burst into laughter, ruffling Leo's hair.

"That was the best! Did you see the fans? The looks on their faces? They. . .they looked at me like I was a god!"

Everyone smiled, hearing the joy in Jolan's voice, Justin's smiling across from him.

"You're my god, Jolan. My god of love."

Joey made retching noises, Lance smirking.

Josh and Chace were seated on both sides of Jolan, their eyes filled with happiness for their Jo.
"Amazing day, Jo. You overwhelmed them with your words and your love."  Chace said, Jolan smiling, everyone agreeing.

"I feel like celebrating, Jus! Let's go home."
Justin smiled, Hayden smiling at his father.

"All in good times, Daddy! We gots surprise for you!"
Jolan smiled at his son, then at Justin.

"Sweet! What is it? Is Nick Carter hiding in the trunk?"
Joey groaned, Lance holding in a laugh.

"Way to ruin a day, Jo." Joey said, retching again.

Jolan laughed, Joey's eyes meeting his.

"What, Joe? You're not attracted to that hot Carter boy? Why he looks like Lance's twin. Blond, slim, a damn good singer. I thought you'd go for him?"

Joey smiled, his arm tightening around Lance.
"There's only one blond singer that I love." he said, kissing Lance's lips, the man smiling at him.

"I know the feeling, Joe." Jolan said, smiling at Justin, his lover smiling back.

"So, what's the surprise?"

"You'll see, lover boy."

"Okay, Jumpy."

Justin smiled, Jolan's happy face smiling back.

Josh pulled something out of his pocket, Jolan looking at him.

"Now it has to be a total surprise. No peeking." Josh said, a blindfold in his hand.

"You just want to grope me, Chasez."
Josh smiled, winking at him, Jolan sitting still, Josh putting the blindfold over his eyes.

"Into the darkness of your surprising love I go." Jolan said, everyone smiling.


Two limousines pulled up in front of an establishment, the first limo containing Jennie, Jonathan, Lonnie, Ally and Lynn.

They'd sped ahead of Jolan's limo, on Justin's request.

"We're here, my love. Let me guide you out." Justin said, Hayden climbing into Chace's lap.

"Okay, Jumpy. I love being fondled in the dark. But keep it low brow."
Justin laughed, his hand going into Jolan's, Jolan letting the man guide him out of the limo, the door opening.

Jolan felt the coolness of the late afternoon wintry day.

"You guiding me into a meat locker, love? I feel the coolness."

"You'd be stamped prime grade A if that was true." Justin said, standing beside Jolan, his arm around him.

Jolan laughed, the young man hearing Joey's laughter behind him as well.

"Well, you've tasted my rump roast, so you must know what you're talking about."

Joey's and everyone's laughter filled the area, Jolan smiling, certain of Justin's blushing face beside him.

"Oh, Jo." Justin softly said, indeed blushing.

"They say it's not fattening if it's lean." Josh said, Jolan laughing now, Joey and others joining in.

"Don't ever change, my sweet." Jolan said, squeezing Justin's hand still in his.

Justin smiled, nodding at everyone.

"Walk forward, Jo. I'll guide you inside."
Jolan nodded, walking forward.

He heard a door open, then felt a warmth surround him, sensing he'd walked into a place.

His nose took in different scents, the richness of different foods catching his senses.

"Well, we're in a restaurant. Of that I'm sure." Jolan said, Justin's fingers going to his lover's lips.

"Silence, my love. You talk too much."

Jolan smiled, nodding his head.

Jolan was led forward, guided to a spot already designated for him.

He stood in silence, sensing around himself.

He felt love, deep entrenched love.

And he sensed something else.

He smiled, sensing what it was.

In his mind and his heart he felt happiness.

He felt Justin's hand let go of his, another taking it.

He remained silent, hearing movements around him.

A voice suddenly cut through the darkness, Jolan feeling the love entrenched within it.

"Three months, Jolan. Three months is such a short time to know so much love. For that is what you have given all of us. Four months of happiness, love and joy. We all love you, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, hearing Josh's tender words flowing in the darkness.

"One among us feels the greatness of your love. I've never known his heart to soar so much. For all you've given him. Your love, a new family, a reawakening of his heart. And a renewing of his love for music. This he and our dear friend give to you with their love and thankfulness."

Jolan felt Josh's fingers going to the blindfold surrounding his eyes, the cloth pulled off his eyes.

Jolan blinked, adjusting to the flash of light going off around him, sensing it was cameras.

He stared around him when he'd regained his vision, taking in the love surrounding him.

Jolan stood in the middle of Dor de Casa, his grandfather's restaurant.

Surrounding him were all of his family.

Domo, Daphne, Rachel, his uncles Simus, Morgan and Calen.

Cory, Athos, Isaiah, Mathias, Krayos and Elijah, along with Henry and Shelly, Trace and Cindy, Sid and Bill.

Chris, Joey, Lance, Chace and Josh, Leo, Auntie Gee and Kelly stood on his right, his friends smiling at him.

Lynn, Randall, Lisa, Stevie, Jonathan, Sandra, Jessica, Lonnie and Ally smiled at him from his left side.

And standing right in front of Jolan were his father and mother and Jennica.

Joel Dragos smiled at his son, Jolan's grey eyes staring into his identical loving eyes.

"Dad? Mom? This is. . .this is such a surprise. You weren't supposed to be joining us till next weekend."
Joel smiled at his son, his hand going forward onto his shoulder.

"Your Justin's love drew us here for this special day, my son. We stood in the background, watching your greatness today, my son of literary accomplishments. Your words bringing love to all. I'm proud of you, my son."
Jolan teared up, his father's words echoing in his heart.

His mother walked up to him, kissing his cheek, her arm and Joel's going around him.

"This day is for you, Jolan. For the greatness of your words. We here--your family, friends and loved ones--share your happiness and joy. We see today our son's love shining through."
Jolan was getting emotional, Jennie walking up to him, hugging him tight.

"This was Justin's idea, Jolan. A day of family celebration. Today, we celebrate you."
Jolan's eyes looked around the room, seeing so many smiling faces of love.

Hayden ran up to his father from the spot where he'd been standing in front of his mother, his little friends at his side.

"Surprise, Daddy! We's here to wuv you!"

Jolan smiled, going to his knees, scooping up his son, Jennie smiling at the two.

"Where's Jus? He was beside me a moment ago." Jolan said, Jennie smiling.

"Come, my brother of love. There's a seat waiting for you."

Jolan nodded, Jennie guiding him and Hayden over to a chair set up in front of a small stage.

Jolan noticed that all the tables in the small restaurant had been pulled back, only his family and friends in the place.

Domo smiled at his grandson, Jolan smiling back.

"A day of family celebration, Jolan. We alone shall bask in your love."
Jolan smiled, sitting down in the seat he'd been led to, Hayden seated in his lap.

Jolan saw everyone else step back, sitting down in chairs arranged around behind him, a semicircle of love surrounding him.

Jennie smiled, walking up to the stage before him, smiling at her brother.

"Today, you captured the hearts of all the people out there who took solace and love from your written words, Jolan. Through the last three months our hearts have captured your love. We all love you, Jolan."

Jolan smiled, his eyes filled with tears.

"But one single person of deep love has captured yours. Has felt the center of your love. Your loving Justin."
Jolan smiled, Jennie smiling at him.

"This he gives to you as a gift of reflecting love. You gave it to him so that he could reflect it back to the world. Today he wants to give it to you alone. To thank you for the love you've given him. The love of total happiness."
Jolan smiled, Jennie walking over to Jonathan, sitting down beside him, his arm going around her.

Jolan's eyes remained staring forward, two people walking out of the private dining room's doorway.

His eyes were transfixed upon his Justin, his lover's hand in Britney's.

Justin wore a completely black tuxedo, his slim body accentuated by its stunning masculinity.

Jolan stared at a vision of beauty.

His vision of love.

Chris' eyes were following Britney, the woman dressed in a long black dress, her body's curves molding the dress.

The two walked up onto the small stage, smiling at Jolan who sat before them.

Justin smiled at Britney, the woman smiling at Jolan.

"Friendship, love and respect. We two have gained that from your love, Jolan. You guided the two of us again into the past. Into the past of our always steadfast friendship. We lost that for a while, but now it's returned to us. Returned to us by your love. How can we thank you for that? You've given us so much. You've joined us in friendship, love and something more."

Britney smiled, her eyes going to Justin.

The man smiled, Britney kissing his cheek.

"Tell him from the heart, Jus. What this moment means to you."
Justin smiled, squeezing her hand, staring into his Jolan's grey eyes of tearful love.

"Today I feel whole, Jolan. Today, in a few moments, my soul will be filled with its hidden need. The need you found so easily hidden there. Your love sought it out and drew it forward. You've opened my heart to music again, Jolan. You've opened my heart to love, life, openness, and music. I want you--and you alone--to hear the depth of your love. This is what your love shows."

Jolan stared at the two standing before him, Josh rising from his seat, walking over to a stereo set up on the stage's right.

"This is for you, Jolan. It's time your love reflects back."

Hayden smiled, his eyes on his Poppa.

"We didn't change anything, my love. Your magic, your magic of love is embedded in all of it. I hope our love can do your magic justice. As the song's truthfully named, Your Love Walks Beside Me."

Jolan smiled, Justin's blue eyes going to Josh, the man nodding at him.

Josh smiled, hitting a button on the stereo, then walking back to his seat.

The room began to fill with music, everyone listening in silence, the room swept away with soft music.

Justin smiled at Jolan, Britney's voice filling the room.



In evening shades and morning glows,

my love hid behind lost shadows

We walked apart down paths of sorrow,

reality our dawning tomorrow.


I hid behind my own self doubt,

visions of untruths falling about.

And through the path of lies and tears

a vision of your love appears.


For your love walks beside me,

your love guides me,

It's in a form of truth,

from our forgotten youth

For friendship won,

a new day now begun,

the two of us forever one,

your love walks beside me.


Justin's voice took over the words, his voice filled with love.


Falsehoods, lies and untruths,

we hide behind our star filled youths.

Our hearts once filled with friendship,

our souls love's vessel of worship.


We tried for love,

a greater need.

Through mistakes and denials,

we didn't succeed.


And from that pain and loss,

our friendship was the cost.

But through his loving heart,

a friend's words gave us a second start.


Justin's hand went in Britney's.


For your love walks beside me,

your love guides me,

It's in a form of truth,

from our forgotten youth

For friendship won,

a new day now begun,

the two of us forever one,

your love walks beside me.


Their voices joined together, the last chorus filled with their joined love


The path ahead now begun,

our friendship we have sung.

We live with love,

our hearts reviewed.

Our love for others,

forever renewed.


For your love walks beside me,

your love guides me,

It's in a form of truth,

from our forgotten youth

For friendship won,

a new day now begun,

the two of us forever one,

your love walks beside me.



Justin and Britney ended the song, their arms around each other, the two looking forward, taking in a scene of emotional love.

The room was filled with loud clapping, everyone's eyes now focusing on Jolan.

The young man had sat in silence in his chair, his head lowered, his eyes closed.

Hayden had remained snuggled in his father's lap, his blue eyes of love focused on his Poppa throughout the song.

After the ending notes, Jolan's head had risen, his eyes opening, filled with tears.

Justin had walked forward off the stage in worry, Britney at his side, the woman picking up Hayden from Jolan's lap, Justin pulling Jolan into his arms.

Jolan's head fell into Justin's chest, loud sobs coming from him.

The clapping had died down, everyone's eyes on the couple standing in front of the stage.

"It's okay, Jo. It wasn't that bad, was it?"
Jolan trembled in Justin's arms, his head slowly raising.

Justin stared into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing so much untold awe there.

"Jus. . .it was. . .it was just as I'd pictured it in my mind when I wrote it. The two of you were so magical together. I can't believe you both sang my song. . .the song. . .the song I wrote for you that day. The day I realized I had that magic within myself. I just never realized it would be this magical, this beautiful. You both sang so wonderfully." Jolan said, tears falling down his cheeks.

Justin and Britney both smiled, everyone surrounding them, Jolan's grey tearful eyes staring at both of them.

"We sang as we were always destined to sing, Jo. With your loving words, and love, in our hearts." Britney said, Hayden climbing into his mother's arms.

Jolan moved, hugging Britney tightly, Justin smiling at both of them, Josh's arm going around him.

"You both still have the magic. It was perfect. You did Jolan's love proud."
Both smiled, Chris walking up to Jolan, the two smiling at each other.

"Who'd of thought it, Jo? Your devil and my angel together."

Jolan laughed, Chris' arm going around Britney, kissing her deeply.

Justin smiled, pulling Jolan into his arms.

"That's my surprise, my love. Your music, our love."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing him.

"On that note, hit it Domo!"

Dominoso smiled, snapping his fingers.

Daphne and Rachel walked out of the kitchen, a cart ahead of them.

Jolan smiled, seeing a large cake on the cart, the two smiling at him, wheeling it in front of him.

Jolan's eyes stared down at it, everyone surrounding him and it.

His eyes went over the cake's frosty saying, tears again in his eyes.





                                      Success lays ahead

                                    Love lays in our hearts



Justin smiled, his arm going around his lover.

"Congratulations, my love. Your success lays ahead of you, your love lays in all of our hearts, as ours does in yours."

Jolan smiled, Joey's loud voice rising above the clapping.

"Speech! We want Jo's words!"

Jolan smiled, others chanting as well.

"Wow, I have my own groupies now."

Everyone laughed, Jolan smiling around at everyone.

"Thank you, everyone. This is such a surprise! The cake, Justin and Britney's beautiful song. I'm sure my grandfather's prepared a feast." Jolan said, looking at Domo, his grandfather nodding with a large smile on his face, Jolan seeing him standing in front of a large buffet set out against one wall.

"I thought this day couldn't get any better, but you've all proven me wrong. For it's been capped by the circle of love surrounding me. They say a man is made happy by those who love him, not by those he loves. I think they've got it wrong. I think it works both ways. I am so happy to feel all of your love, and I am so happy to give my love to all of you. Thank you all for sharing this day with me, this day of my happiness. The love reflects both ways. I love you all, and I know you all love me. Now let's enjoy this day, and the love of each other."
Everyone clapped, Jolan pulled into his parents' arms, Justin feeling Jennie's go around him.

"He's happy, Jus. Our Jo's happy."
Justin smiled, Jennie pulling him towards the buffet.


Tim Baxter sat on a small stool, seated at a well-varnished oak bar.

He'd found this bar quite a while ago, knowing it was one of the best cruising spots in Los Angeles.

The urban professionals frequented it regularly, as did the Hollywood mainstay.

Models, actors, singers and the political and judicial types, lawyers and city staff.

A mix of young arrogant and ambitious partiers.

Baxter watched as a young man sat down beside him, the reporter leaning back in his stool, a quick glance over the young man's features.

"So what can I do for you? Looking for some fun?"

The young man smiled, Baxter taking in his rugged good looks.

"I make my own fun, Mr. Baxter."

Baxter's eyes went around the room, the late afternoon crowd sparse.

"How do you know my name?"

"I run in various circles. They've informed me that you're somewhat important."

Baxter stared at the young man, his eyes filled with determination.

"I may have a job for you, Mr. Baxter. Would you be interested in working for me?"

Baxter folded his arms, staring at the man.

"What are you talking about? I'm a freelance reporter, I sell to others, I don't work for anyone directly."

"Yes, I know that. I've been informed that you've recently had a few run ins with a man named Jolan Dragos."
Baxter's eyes widened, the man staring at him.

"I don't know what you're talking about." the reporter said, going back to his drink, not looking at the man.

"I like men who take charge, Mr. Baxter. Men who go after what they want. I've recently become such a man myself."

"Whatever, weirdo."

"Jolan Dragos is a delicious morsel, I can see why you'd want him. But I advise you not to challenge him. He's somewhat gregarious in his commitments."
The young man's hand went forward, an envelope landing in front of Baxter, beside the glass in his hand.

"Money talks, Timothy. As do certain benefits."
Baxter picked up the envelope, staring into it, his eyes widening.

His head turned, the man smiling at him.

"What benefits?"

The man smiled, leaning over, his lips close to the man's ears.

"You lost out on Dragos and your new lust for Timberlake. But I can give you every erotic desire you've ever longed for. I have a certain young singer waiting at his place for you. He loves it rough."

Baxter stared at the man, seeing lust and more in the man's steely eyes.

"You can have him for hours. All I ask in return is your agreement to give me your services."

"Who's the singer?"

The young man smiled, leaning forward again, whispering one name in the reporter's ear.

Tim Baxter's face took on a look of utter shock.

"Brandon Diablo? That's impossible!" Baxter said, his voice rather loud, the man quieting down quickly.

Nathan Livingstone stood up, staring at him.

"You heard right, Mr. Baxter. I can give you everything. You just have to want it bad enough. I'll be waiting outside if you want to accept my offer."

Nathan walked out of the bar, the door shutting behind him.

Tim Baxter sat at his stool, staring at the envelope still in his hand.

His mind went over everything he'd just heard.

Brandon Diablo, the fugitive singer accused of threatening Jolan Dragos' life.
To find him would rocket his career skyward.

He remembered the young man, the erotic beauty of him.

The reporter smiled, his own libido deciding his future for him.

Baxter smiled, getting up, throwing a couple of small bills out of the envelope onto the bar, pocketing the envelope, walking out into the late afternoon gloom.

Across the street he saw the man standing against a car's passenger door, Baxter walking across to him, the man smiling at him.

"Okay, I'm in. You and Diablo, I want both of you."

"That should be interesting. You drive. I'll introduce you to our beautiful Brandon."

Baxter nodded, Nathan handing him the keys.

The two men got into the car, Nathan smiling to himself.

Baxter looked into oncoming traffic, not noticing Nathan's eyes staring at him.

His yellow hungry eyes.



End of Chapter 114



Seems our Timothy has found a new friend.

What is Nathan doing with him?

What has he planned for him?


And so Justin and Britney have sung Jolan's song for him.

A beautiful gift to a beautiful man.

I hope you liked it.


Up next: The television interview, then back to Los Angeles for Justin's birthday, a few surprises thrown in, of course.



Hugs, Angel.