Jolan's Path - Chapter 115


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 115


Hayden smiled up at his fathers, the two men smiling down at him.

"Me be's on TV agains?"

Jolan looked at Justin, Justin's eyes on his son's smiling face.

"I don't like this, Jus. Our son's not a flavor of the month that needs to be paraded in front of the cameras. He's a four-year-old bundle of happiness. He's our bundle of happiness."
Hayden smiled up at his father, Justin kissing Jolan's cheek.

"That's not why we're doing this, Jo. We're doing it to show the world we're happy. That we have the family of our dreams. I think Johnny's right."

Jolan stared at his son, then looked at Justin.

It was the next day, Sunday afternoon, the two men seated in their bedroom, awaiting their interview with Billy Bush.

The television crew had arrived just after one, transforming the condo's living room into a set once again.

Johnny Wright had arrived just before brunch, the man hugging both men, kissing Hayden's cheek, the boy grinning at the large man.

"The boy's an angel, Jus! And the spitting image of his father." Johnny had said, Jolan smiling at Justin's manager.

The three had joined others in the dining room, surrounded by Justin and Jolan's immediate family.

Everyone had been invited for brunch, the family of three surrounded by love.

Jolan had prepared a feast, everyone seated around two tables that had been set up, Jolan thankful for the condo's spacious dining room.

"So the interview's set for four, your living room's skyline backdrop perfect, Justin. The familiarity from your first interview recaptured." Johnny had smiled, seated beside the two men.

"It's going to be an open interview, Johnny. Justin and I aren't going to hide anything. Billy can ask anything." Jolan had said, Justin smiling at him.

"That's great, Jo. Hayden should be there as well. Like Jennie was before." Johnny said while filling his plate again, Jolan staring at him.

"I will not let my son be thrust into fame's light, Johnny. I want him to have a normal life."
Justin looked at Jolan, his lover softly smiling at him.

"I'm sorry, Jus. I didn't mean to imply your life's been abnormal."

Justin smiled, knowing that wasn't what Jolan had meant.

"The world needs to see that you and Justin have more than a gay relationship, Jolan. That it's not all about sex. They need to see the love you have for each other, and the family you've created. Hayden's presence would show that. The boy's an angel."

The boy had smiled, seated in Justin's lap, eating a sausage.

"We'll discuss it, Johnny. But my son's happiness and protection are paramount."
The man nodded, everyone eating and quietly talking.

Here now it was a couple of hours later, the two men cuddled together, their son playing on the bed before them.

"I see Johnny's side, Justin. I see what he means."
Justin nodded, his man snuggled against his chest.

"Hayden is part of us, Jo. We three are a family. I don't mind showing the world that. And showing the world the man I love."
Jolan smiled, his lips meeting Justin's, Hayden smiling up at them again.

"It's okay, Daddy. World sees me, I okays with that!"

Jolan smiled, breaking the kiss, the two men smiling down at their son.

Hayden moved, climbing into Justin's lap, smiling at his fathers.

"We's wuv each other, Daddy and Poppa. We's family."
Justin smiled, Hayden kissing his lips, then his father's, snuggling into Jolan's lap now.

"Guess our son's fine with it." Jolan said, Justin smiling.

There was a light knock at the door, Justin bidding enter.

Josh's head popped into the room, smiling at all three.

"Billy's here, Jus. He wants to talk with you both."
Jolan nodded, Justin climbing out of bed, Hayden climbing off Jolan, jumping into his Poppa's outstretched arms.

"Come on Hay, Gamma's got a juice box for you."
Jolan smiled, climbing out of bed, Josh smiling at him.

"Ready to take on the world, Jo?"

Jolan smiled, wrapping his arms around his friend.

"Well, if I can seduce the great Joshua Chasez, I think the world will be a peace of cake."

Josh laughed, Justin smiling at the two.

"You two need some alone time? Make up the bed after, Jo."

Both men laughed, Jolan's hand going under Josh's shirt, tickling him.

"Nah, we'll leave it messy for you and Chace. Ya both can lick up the sheets."

Justin crinkled up his nose, both men laughing again.

"Ew! Nasty picture, Jo!"

The three were now laughing, Hayden smiling at all three.

The four left the bedroom together.


Billy Bush smiled, standing in the living room, a woman beside him, his hand in hers, Jolan and Justin greeting him.

Justin handed Hayden to Lynn, his mother lightly talking with the boy, heading into the kitchen.

The set was finished, Jolan and Justin's friends and family milling around the living room, seated everywhere.

"Hello again, guys. We've come full circle." Billy said, smiling as he shook Jolan's hand.

"Yes, Billy. From a day of determination to a day of love's truth." Jolan said, the interviewer smiling.

"Love's truth. A revealing concept. Speaking of which, I'd like to introduce you both to a friend of mine."
Jolan smiled, looking at the woman standing beside him.

"This is Christina Wainwright, a dear friend."

Both men smiled, shaking her hand, the young woman smiling back.

She was around twenty-five, long black hair, a very beautiful young woman.

Jolan smiled, staring into her blue eyes.

Billy stared at Jolan, their eyes meeting.

"Friendship is a good cover for love."

Both looked at Jolan with surprise, Justin looking between the three.

"You knew that day, didn't you?" Billy said, staring at the young man.
Jolan smiled, his hand going in Justin's.

"I have the talent for seeing love, Billy. For seeing its future."

Billy stared at Jolan, remembering something, everyone around them staring at the two.

"I remember the words you said that day in that interview here. We were talking about you guiding people to love. I had asked you if there was anyone out there for me. You then said 'When you look in her blue eyes of sparkling life, your own shall sparkle more. Your act of chivalry will endear you to her heart.' You somehow knew we'd meet?"

Jolan smiled, looking at the young woman.

"And how did you and Billy meet, Miss Wainwright?"

The woman smiled, her eyes meeting Billy's, taking his hand in his.

"We met on a downtown New York City street, Jolan. William pulled me back just before I absentmindedly walked in front of a bus. He saved my life that day. It was a spectacular introduction."

The two smiled at each other, Jolan smiling as well.

"Very chivalrous, William. And I see now the sparkle in both your eyes. I'm happy for both of you." Jolan said.

The interviewer stared in wonder at Jolan, as did the young woman.

"We're ready for your makeup, Mr. Dragos and Mr. Timberlake." the makeup artist said, walking over from the set.

Jolan smiled at the woman, walking back with her towards the set.

Billy and Christina stared after him, Billy's eyes looking at Justin.

"That man's. . .he's so. . ."

"Remarkable? Yes, my Jolan truly is." Justin smiled, walking towards the makeup area.

Josh smiled, looking at Billy.

"Jolan's love spreads everywhere."
Billy stared at him, Christina kissing Billy's cheek.

"I agree, Mr. Chasez."

Josh smiled, his eyes going to Chace's.


"Good evening, everyone. We're again sitting overlooking the late evening skyline of New York City, in the home of one of America's leading talented singers slash actors. It is also the home of one of America's up and coming writers. Welcome to the home of Justin Timberlake and Jolan Dragos."

The two men were across from Billy, the two seated on Justin's white couch, their hands linked.

"It's nice to see both of you again, Justin and Jolan. We've come full circle as I mentioned earlier to both of you. And you, Jolan, replied that we've come from a day of determination to a day of love's truth. The world now bears witness to that truth, the love both of you share."

Justin smiled, squeezing Jolan's hand, his lover smiling at Billy.

"It's a love we now share openly, Billy. I'm sitting here with the man I love." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.
The interviewer smiled, meeting both their eyes.

"Yes, as you so openly stated on Ellen Degeneres' show a few weeks ago, Justin. You caught the world by surprise. It was a revealing moment."

"It wasn't surprising for Jolan and myself, or our families.  Our love has always been open in front of them. This was the logical next step. We were never going to hide our love. My Jolan's love is too great to remain hidden. He left it up to me as to when I wanted to be totally open. Such is the giving love he has for me."
The two smiled at each other, Justin's arm going around Jolan.

"It was a courageous step, Justin. You're in the spotlight of popularity and stardom. Haven't you risked all of that?"
Justin smiled, Jolan watching him.

"I haven't risked anything, Billy. I'm still a singer, actor, businessman, and entrepreneur. And most of all I'm still myself. Nothing's changed in that regard. What's changed in my life is my happiness. The happiness I've found with Jolan."
Billy nodded, leaning forward.

"But aren't you afraid of the backlash? Of the possible erosion of your fan base? Of how those fans would take to your new relationship? It's not every day that a star of your magnitude comes out on national television. There was no lead up, it came as a total surprise to many."

Justin smiled, Jolan feeling his complete calmness.

"My fans love me for who I am. For what I do and for what I believe in. They only ever want to see me happy. And I am. I know in my heart my fans will welcome Jolan into my life. They'll see the love I see and have for him. If they don't, then they never truly were fans."
Jolan smiled, Billy looking at him.

"What is your view on what Justin did, Jolan?"
The young man smiled, looking at Justin.

"What Justin did was totally surprising to me. Yes, we'd always promised each other that one day we'd be totally open in our relationship. I always had full confidence in Justin discovering that time for himself. It just surprised me when he did it. He did it to show his happiness and love at my success. We share our successes together. From now on openly and lovingly."
Justin smiled, snuggling against Jolan, kissing his cheek.

"My man's a talented writer! We've both been blessed."
Jolan smiled, Justin's eyes sparkling at him.

"You both show your love so intimately now."

"That intimacy has always been there, Billy. I'm so glad I can now show it everywhere. I will never hide my love for him." Justin said, the interviewer nodding.

"What lays ahead for both of you?"

For the next few minutes both men discussed their careers and their commitment to standing beside each other throughout their successes, failures and lives.

"I think you'll both have a wonderful future together. I see clearly your commitment to each other. Let's turn to something else. The dynamics of your home life. I understand there's someone else close to your hearts? That the two of you now are a family of three?"
Justin practically beamed, his posture going erect.

"Yes. We have our Hay!"

Billy smiled, as did Jolan, Justin's happiness captured on video.

"Yes, Jolan's son. He's a big part of your life now, Justin?"
"He is my life, Billy. He's accepted me as his father as well."

Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's truthful love for his son.

"Well, can we meet him?"
Justin's eyes went to Jolan's, Jolan seeing the hopefulness showing there.

"My son's my life as well, Billy. I'll always be protective of his privacy, his life of normalcy my top priority. My son's going to grow up happy and loved. As I was before my life took a different course."
Billy nodded, staring at Jolan.

"I hear there's joy in that regard as well, Jolan. You've found your lost parents?"

Jolan's face was covered in a wide smile.

"Yes, Billy. I found my parents in England. All my family's love once again surrounds me."

Justin smiled, hearing the happiness in Jolan's voice.

"That's wonderful, Jolan. I'm sure everyone's happy with that outcome."

Jolan nodded, looking towards his parents, who stood on the fringe of the set, Hayden in Melina's arms.

"I'm finally whole, Billy. I have my life back, I have my family, and I have my Justin."

Justin smiled, the two kissing each other tenderly, the camera zooming in on this touching moment.

The two parted, Jolan smiling at Justin.

"I'd love to meet all of them." Billy said, Justin looking at Jolan, the young man nodding.

Justin smiled, waving towards Jolan's parents.

"Please come in, my new family." he said, Joel and Melina walking forward.

Billy stood up, as did Jolan and Justin, the three newcomers walking onto the set,  Melina setting Hayden down, the boy making a beeline for Justin.

Billy smiled, seeing Justin swoop the boy up into his arms, the interviewer shaking Joel's and Melina's hands.

"Please, join us." he said smiling, Joel and Melina sitting down on both sides of Jolan, Hayden now in Justin's lap, the boy cuddled against Justin's chest, smiling at Billy.

"So this is the angel of love? Hello, Hayden." Billy said, smiling at the boy, Hayden smiling back.

"Hi, Billy!"

The man smiled, meeting Jolan's eyes.

"So, who's this with you, Hayden?" Billy said, the boy's eyes going up to Justin's.

"This my Poppa! And that's Daddy, and Gamma and Gampa!" be said, his voice filled with happiness, all five adults smiling at the boy.

"You sound very happy, Hayden."

Hayden smiled, standing up in Justin's lap, his arms going around his Poppa's neck.

"Me is! Me gots lots of peoples to wuv me, and plays with mes. Me's happy!"

Justin smiled, kissing the boy's cheek, the cameras continuing to roll, capturing the family love.

"He seems so happy, Jolan." Billy said, Jolan smiling at him.

"He is, Billy. Justin's love makes him happy. I have two children of mirthful, playful happiness to watch over and love."

Justin and Hayden both smiled, Hayden climbing across his grandmother and into Jolan's lap.

"You all seem so happy. I take it being with your son again fills both of your souls with happiness, Mr. and Mrs. Dragos?"

"We are beyond happy, Mr. Bush." Melina said, smiling at her son.

"My son's love is again in our hearts, Mr. Bush. We have our Jolan and Jennica's love surrounding us, although it never left us the whole time we were lost."  Joel said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Where were you lost?"

The two met Jolan's eyes, Jolan answering for them.

"They were lost in the darkness of life, Billy. My love brought them back. My family's whole again, that's all that matters to us. Evil could not destroy our love. A greater destiny lays before us, but our love remains strong. We're never going to lose each other again."
Billy nodded, smiling at all five.

"That's wonderful, and mysterious. There's always been a sense of mystery around you, Jolan. I assume you'll shed no more light on what those words mean?"
Jolan smiled, looking at all those surrounding him.

"It's a family matter, Billy. Our destinies are entwined, our love solid. We are together now, our love ours."
Billy nodded, sensing the love in Jolan's touching words, and his stance at not revealing what lay behind them.

"On that note I want to thank all of you for showing us that love surrounding you. I do see a family of love before me. I wish you and Jolan a lifetime of that love, Justin."
Justin smiled, leaning forward and shaking Billy's hand.

"Thank you, Billy. Being with Jolan and our son guarantees that in my heart."
Jolan smiled, Hayden climbing back into Justin's lap.

"Dis over now, Poppa? We plays now?"

Everyone lightly laughed, seeing the smile on Justin's beautiful face.

"Yes, Hay. We plays, always."

The boy grinned, clapping his hands, snuggling into Justin's loving embrace.

"Thank you all for this open evening. My guests have been Justin Timberlake and his life partner Jolan Dragos. As well as Jolan's parents Joel and Melina Dragos. And Jolan and Justin's son, Hayden. A family of love now shown before us. Goodnight, everyone."

Everyone smiled into the camera, joined together on the couch.

The light went off, the interview finished.


Justin smiled, walking into the bedroom, his eyes going to his Jolan's naked form seated on the bed.

Jolan sat cross-legged, wearing only boxer briefs, his grey eyes staring at his sleeping son in the middle of the bed.

"Hayden down for the count?" Justin said, opening his oxford shirt, his smooth chest revealed.

"He fell asleep the moment he lay down after his bath. His Poppa tired him out today."
Justin smiled, folding up his shirt and removed pants, setting them on a chair, his shoes and socks under it.

He walked over to the bed, climbing in, his arms going around his lover's body.

"Mm, my man in my arms. Doesn't get any better than this."
Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's love, his man's lips going to his neck.

"So what's on your mind, my reluctant star? You've been relatively quiet all evening, Jo. Josh and I both picked up on it."
"Just lost in my thoughts, my love."

"And what's got you thinking? Something bothering you, my love?" Justin said, his lips continuing to kiss Jolan's neck, moving to his ear, a light touch of sensuality in Justin's purpose, Jolan feeling his love.

"Just everything, Jus." Jolan said, his eyes briefly glancing at the Tome sitting on the nightstand.

"Everything, Jo?"
Jolan's eyes met Justin's, the man seeing the tiredness there.

"I have a feeling, Jus."
"Is it a vision, Jo? Is something wrong?"
"No, not a vision. Just a feeling. Like something's coming. I'm not sure what it is, only that it's coming."
Jolan's eyes met Justin's, the man's hold on him tightening.

"I don't sense worry in you, Jolan. Just concern, and tiredness."
Jolan nodded, sighing softly, Justin staring at him.

"It's not about us, Justin. About you and Hay. We're safe. Of that I'm certain. But it does concern me. I think someone we love may be in trouble. I'll do all I can to protect them."

Justin felt Jolan's love for everyone surrounding them.

"Your love will protect them all, Jo."
Jolan smiled, his body sinking more into Justin.

"I feel your tiredness, Jo. Lay back and I'll give you a massage."
Jolan nodded, his body moving, laying down beside his son.

Justin kissed his lips, his hands going to Jolan's shoulders.

Jolan sighed, feeling Justin's fingers sinking into his muscles, the feeling wonderful.

Justin smiled, seeing the reaction to Jolan's body, continuing his massage.

His fingers worked on his back muscles, working downward across his thighs and down his legs.

Jolan remained quiet, Justin smiling at the warmth and muscles he felt under his fingers.

After a few minutes, he lightly tapped Jolan's shoulder.

"Turn over my love, and I'll do your chest."
Justin's words were met with silence, the man looking at Jolan's face.

His Jolan was sound asleep.

Justin smiled, gently moving in the bed, going to the other side of Hayden.

His two men were both sound asleep, Justin pulling the covers over all three of them.

He smiled, gently moving Hayden, the boy sound asleep, Justin laying him on top of his chest.

Justin moved against his Jolan, the man in his sleep snuggling against him, his arm going around Justin and Hayden.

Justin smiled, settling down for the night, covered in the love of his two men.

"Goodnight, my Jo and Hay. I love both of you."

Justin smiled, closing his eyes.


Tim Baxter sat in the corner of the bedroom, his knees tucked up before him.

The man was naked, staring across the room, a large mattress strewn across the floor.

On the sheeted mattress lay a young man of muscular beauty.

Baxter's eyes took in every inch of the man's sleeping beauty.

A beauty he'd devoured for hours.

Tim--even though he'd known who was waiting for him--had been surprised when his eyes had met Brandon Diablo's.

The young man was as erotic, beautiful and muscular as he'd remembered him from photographs.

Nathan Livingstone had smiled at both, introducing each to each other.

"A reporter? You've brought a reporter here? Are you nuts, Nathan?" the singer had said, Nathan's eyes meeting his, Baxter seeing the singer's eyes lower.

Baxter's reporter instincts had easily seen that Nathan had some kind of hold over Brandon.

The reporter smiled, his desires brewing.

"It's okay, Brandy. Tim here's a friend. He's hunting you now for his own reasons. And I need him." Nathan had said, looking towards the reporter.

"Hello, Diablo. You've kind of fallen off the face of the earth. Everyone's looking for you, Brandon."

Brandon's eyes remained lowered, Nathan smiling.

"Yes, our Brandy's been a bad boy. Trying to kill Jolan Dragos. His master isn't happy with how things turned out." Nathan grinned, lightly rubbing Brandon's shoulder.

"How things turned out? You mean Dragos was supposed to get hurt?"

Brandon's eyes raised staring at the man before him.

"Yeah, that's part of it. Our elusive Jolan seems so adept at getting out of intriguing situations. What are we going to do about him?"

"How do you know Jolan, Nathan?"
The young man smiled, staring at the reporter.

"All in due time, Timothy. You'll learn what's important in that regard. But first you need to receive your benefits. This job has its perks."

Baxter's eyes went to Brandon, Nathan smiling.

"Tim here's a friend, Brandy. You know how to make friends happy. My, how the tables have turned. I remember a certain night I made you and your friend happy. Turnabout's fair play, right Brandy?"
Brandon's eyes met Nathan's, seeing a soft yellowish glow behind his blue eyes.

"Please, Natty. Not again."
Nathan's eyes glared now, Brandon seeing the futility of the moment.

His face turned, staring at the reporter eyeing him.

The singer walked over, kneeling before Baxter, Tim feeling the man's mouth going to his clothed center.

His eyes met Nathan's, the man grinning at him.

"I told you our Brandy loves to please. And he likes it rough. Tonight, all of your desires can be fulfilled. By both of us."

Tim Baxter stared at the young man, Nathan pulling off his shirt.

"Bring him into the bedroom, Brandy. We've got a real man tonight."

Nathan had laughed, walking into a room across the living room, Brandon getting up off his knees, taking Baxter's hand in his.

"Come, sir. I am yours and Nathan's tonight." the young man said softly, Baxter hearing no emotion in the man's voice.

Brandon guided the man across the room, Baxter's eyes going to the mattress on the floor, Nathan's naked body laying across it.

Baxter smiled as Brandon began to remove his clothes.

Here now it was hours later, Baxter having explored every inch of the two young Adonis' bodies.

He'd taken both repeatedly, both objects of submissive desire.

Nathan and Baxter had both used Brandon, the young singer submissive to all their desires.

And Baxter had taken Nathan as well, the young man giving into his needs, pleasing him.

It had been a night of unbridled passion, all of Tim's fantasies realized.

On the bed, in the shower, on the floor, then back to the bed again.

Brandon had fallen asleep a few minutes ago, Nathan having gone into the shower by himself, Baxter here now seated in the corner, staring at the naked man before him.

His mind was now going over everything that had happened.

His keen intuition sensed that there was something more going on here.

"You look deep in thought, Timothy."
Baxter's eyes raised, meeting Nathan's, the man standing in the room's doorway, totally naked, Baxter taking in every inch of his slim compact body.

"Still haven't had enough? I never realized I was so desirous to others." the young man said, lightly chuckling, walking across the room and sitting down beside Baxter.

His eyes went to Brandon's sleeping form.

"Our Brandy's insatiable, isn't he? You took him pretty rough, and he loved it."

"Yeah, he's a fine slut. I'm still trying to figure you out, though."

The young man smiled, his blue eyes staring at Baxter.

"And what have you come up with?"
The reporter stared at Nathan, the young man's eyes on Brandon.

"You've got some hold over him. Why are you hiding him? Why haven't you gone to the police? What makes you think I won't?"

Nathan smiled, meeting Baxter's eyes again.

"Because I feel the hunger within your soul, Timothy. I felt your hunger as you devoured Brandon, even as you tried to devour me."
Baxter's eyes went between both young men, Nathan smiling.

"You and I are alike, Timothy. We both have a great need within ourselves. A need to devour the world. What would you say if I told you I could give you many nights like this?"
"With Brandon?"

Nathan smiled, looking into the man's desirous eyes.

"With Brandon, and others as well. I feel your lust within your soul for Justin and Jolan. You're a celebrity stalker, Baxter. You stalk celebrities in hopes of enticing them into your bed. Whether through your own sexual style or even blackmail."
Baxter stared at Nathan, the man looking into his soul.

"I. . .I don't know. . ."
"Please, Timothy. Don't try to gloss over what I know is true. I know you've been on more famous beds than chocolate mints."

Baxter stared at Nathan, seeing the calm stare coming from his now yellowish eyes.

"Your eyes. . ."
The man smiled, looking towards Brandon.

"My eyes tell the truth of my uniqueness. I am not someone to be trifled with."
Baxter felt the hairs on his neck stand up, hearing a determination in Nathan's voice.

"What. . .what do you want from me?"

Nathan smiled a smile of leering keenness.

"I need you to be a thorn in Jolan Dragos' and Justin Timberlake's side. I need you to increase your bothersome tactics. I want them sidetracked, their focus on you."
"Why me?"

Nathan smiled, his hand going to Baxter's naked shoulder.

"Because we are kindred spirits, Timothy. We both seek our greatest desires. Mine is one man."
Baxter stared at Nathan.


"That is my business. For now, your focus is on digging up any dirt on Justin Timberlake or Jolan. I want them distracted. I have my own plans in regards to what I want. You're going to help me achieve that."
Baxter nodded, looking towards Brandon.

"What else is in it for me?"

Nathan smiled, knowing he had the man hooked.

"How does two hundred and fifty thousand sound?"
Baxter's eyes widened.

"That much for just doing my job?"
Nathan chuckled, smiling widely.

"I pay my accomplices well. The money plus our young friend here. All I need from you is discretion, secrecy and obedience."

Baxter nodded, looking at Brandon again.

"Alright, Nathan. I'll agree to your terms. The money, Brandon and you."

Nathan stared at Baxter, Baxter seeing his eyes were now even more yellow.

"I am not part of the agreement. You have had all of me that you shall ever have."

"But you were. . .you were so submissive."

Nathan stood, the man staring up at him.

"I gave what I must to achieve what I needed. You have had your fun with me, it is finished. From this moment on I am pledged to only one."

Baxter stood up, nodding at Nathan, his eyes going over every inch of the man's naked body.

"Chin up, Timothy. You still have Brandon. And I'll join you in taking him again."
Baxter's eyes went to the mattress, a smile crossing his face.

The man moved quickly, moving on top of the sleeping singer, turning the man over, Brandon's eyes opening.

Baxter grinned, sinking into the man roughly, Brandon screamed as he awoke.

Nathan smiled, his face changed, the animal within him showing briefly.

His mind focused, ignoring the scene before him.

Thank you, Timothy.

I shall feast on your deviousness and then on your throat.

With your cunningness their minds shall be distracted and I shall have my chance.

I am coming, Lance.

Your Nathan is on his way.

Nathan smiled, joining the two naked men on the mattress.


Jolan smiled, the water cascading down his back, its warmth sinking into his soul.

It was almost a week later, Saturday morning, the day before Justin's actual twenty-ninth birthday.

Jolan had had a busy week, moments of secrecy hidden from Justin.

For all intents and purposes, Justin was under the impression that Jolan was having a small family gathering on Sunday for his birthday.

In truth a rather large gathering was completely organized for tonight, Saturday evening, the element of surprise so far intact.

Jolan smiled, thankful for Josh's help and organizational skills.

His friend had taken possession of the whole gathering, invitations sent to many of Justin's celebrity friends.

He and Chace had organized the venue, decorations and food, the other boybanders pitching in as well.

Jolan sighed, his thoughts on the night's festivities.

Tonight he would be in Justin's forte.

Stardom and celebrity status, the glittering spotlight of fame, an arena uncomfortable to him.

But he knew in his heart that Justin deserved this night, this night of happiness and stardom.

He'd picked up on all that Justin missed.

Jolan knew that stardom was a part of Justin's life, that it was part of who he was.

Jolan would make both worlds fit together.

Family and fame.

For his Justin he'd do that.

Jolan smiled, hearing the shower door open.

"There you is, Daddy!"

Jolan smiled, his son leaping into his arms from Justin's, both of his men nude.

"Hello, my sleepy Hay." he said, kissing his son, pulling him under the shower spray, the boy giggling loudly.

Justin smiled, stepping into the shower, his arms going around his wet Jolan.

"Morning, Jo. You didn't wake us?"
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing him deeply, Hayden smiling at both men.

"You needed your sleep. Jennie's got breakfast warming."

"Washies, Daddy!"

Jolan smiled, breaking the kiss, grabbing the soap, beginning to wash his son.

Justin smiled, his hands washing his man with a sponge.

"So what's the plan for today, Jo? When do we go to the airport for the Archanians and your uncles?"
Jolan smiled, kissing his man.

"Their flight gets in at four. I'm so happy they're coming for tomorrow's party."

"Me too, Jo. They're family."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin again, Justin's hands rubbing his back.

Jolan smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"So how does it feel to be turning twenty-nine, Gramps?"
Justin laughed, slapping Jolan's butt.

"I'm only eight years older than you, Sonny."
Jolan chuckled, smiling at Justin.

"Just joshing with ya, sweetie."

"Speaking of, do I get some time with you today? You seemed to be Joshy's shadow all week. Should I be worried?"

Jolan looked at Justin, his man smiling.

"Well he's got a hot butt, but yours is tighter."

Justin laughed, Hayden giggling, Justin smiling at the boy as he climbed into his arms.

"Well, I work my muscles harder."
Jolan laughed, taking the sponge from Justin, starting to wash him.

"I'm yours all day, baby."

Justin grinned, kissing Jolan's lips, then kissing Hay's forehead.

"Cool! A day with my boys!"
Hayden grinned, the three smiling.


The day was a day of fun, Jolan spending it with his men.

Hayden and Justin spent the morning with him in the pool and playing baseball, Jennie joining them.

Jolan had slunk away a few times, trivial excuses given, calls made, everything on track.

The plan was in motion, devious angels organized, their assignments given.

What Justin didn't know was that most everyone was already in town, having arrived the night before, staying at their friends' places.

Homes had been opened, Lynn and Paul staying with Sandra and Jessica; Randall, Lisa and Stephen staying with Britney and Chris.

Jonathan, Simus, Cory and others were divided among Josh, Joey and Lance's places.

Today would see the final guests arriving: the three young Archanians, Calen, Morgan, and Krayos with Eli.

After a late lunch, Jolan made his final call, the signal given.

The four of them were relaxing on the patio, Justin's phone going off around three.

He talked for a few minutes, Jolan playing jacks with Hayden.

Justin closed off his phone, staring at Jolan.

"Something wrong, Jus?"
"That was Johnny. The contracts have been finalized for my next two movies. I have to go to his office and look them over, then sign them. Universal needs them for Monday."
"No problem, Jus. It's important to you."

"But I wanted to go with you to pick up everyone."

Jolan smiled, leaning over and kissing Justin's lips.

"I'll pick them up, and bring them all back here. We'll have a late barbecue."

Justin nodded, sighing.

"Relax, Superstar! Your fame waits for no one. Our love waits for you."
Justin smiled, hearing the love in Jolan's voice.

"I'll try not to be too late, Jo."

"No worries, Jus. We have all evening to snuggle."
Justin beamed, kissing everyone goodbye, heading into the house.

Hayden looked up at Jolan.

"Party now, Daddy?"
Jolan laughed, kissing his son's cheek.

"Very soon, Hay. Very soon. First, we have to dress up!"

The boy clapped his hands, Jolan's smiling face meeting Jennie's.


Justin sighed, sitting beside Johnny in his SUV.

The contract meetings had gone on longer that Justin had anticipated.

For over two hours he'd sat through the talks, his signature finalizing the deals.

Here now it was almost seven, the two having just left Jive's complex, Johnny driving him home.

Johnny's cell went off, the man picking it up from his dash.

Justin looked out the window, his thoughts his own.

A few moments later, Johnny closed off his phone, looking at Justin.

"That was Jolan, Jus. Wondering where you were."
"You let him know we're on our way?"
"Yep, but he's not at home."
Justin's phone went off, Johnny smiling.

"That will be him."
Justin opened his phone, smiling.

"Hey, Jo. Where are you? Did you meet everyone?"

"Yeah, Jus. I picked up everyone. How did your meetings go?"
"I'm under contract with Universal, Jo."
"Cool! My movie star husband-to-be!"
Justin smiled, hearing Jolan's praiseful tone.

"We kind of have a little problem at the house, Jus."
"What's wrong, babe?"

"The barbecue's gone down. Morgan says the hoses are toast. So we've decided to go out for dinner. I made reservations at the Chi restaurant. Josh said he knew the owner."
Justin laughed, knowing Jolan knew the restaurant was owned by Justin.

"Cool, babe. My place!"

"I know, Jus. I figured I'd impress my family at your fine establishment."
Justin smiled, looking at Johnny, the man smiling at him.

"Head for Chi's, Johnny."
The man smiled, turning at the next intersection.

"I'll meet you there, Jo."
"We're already here, Jus. I'll meet you at the entrance. I've brought along a suit for you."
"There goes my babe! Always thinking ahead."

Johnny smiled, knowing that Justin didn't realize how much Jolan thought ahead.

"I got you, babe. See you shortly!"

Jolan chuckled, remembering their Halloween duet.

"Love ya, Cher. My Hollywood heartthrob."

Justin laughed, shutting off his phone.

Johnny smiled at him, seeing Justin's happiness.

"You got it bad for him, Justin."
Justin grinned.

"He's my life, Johnny. And he's one of a kind."
"Ya got that right."
The two men smiled, Johnny heading for the restaurant.


Jolan stood in the restaurant's inner entrance, Justin and Johnny walking into the place.

In Jolan's hands was a garment bag, the man smiling at his Justin.

Justin smiled, seeing his man dressed in a black suit, the color enhancing his grey eyes.

Justin glanced back outside, seeing the reporters they'd fought their way through.

"The paparazzi's really intense tonight, Jo."
"Must be a big celebrity here. Oh wait! It's you, Mr. Movie Star!"
Justin grinned, kissing Jolan on the lips.

"Everyone's seated, Jus. Eli's fallen in love with the shrimp appetizers."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek, the hostess standing at the maitre'd's  desk, smiling at him. 

"Hello, Justin. Welcome back." she said smiling, Justin smiling back.

"Hello, Lorraine."
"Your party's in the east room."
Justin smiled, Jolan taking his hand.

"Change first, my love. I'll come with you. Later, Johnny."
Johnny smiled, Justin and Jolan both hugging him.

"Later, guys. Enjoy your dinner."

The two men walked across the entrance, walking into a bathroom across from the desk.
Johnny stood in his spot watching them leave.

He smiled then, looking towards the young woman, Lorraine guiding him towards the east room.


Jolan's lips were against Justin's, Justin trying to unzip the garment bag Jolan held in his hands, Jolan's hands already having pulled off Justin's polo shirt, his fingers attached to Justin's nipples.

"Whoa, babe! We're not exactly in private here." Justin smiled, Jolan's lips pulling on his bottom lip.

"I've missed my baby."
Justin smiled, hearing the love in Jolan's voice.

"I missed you, too. Man, you're excited tonight."
Jolan smiled, sighing a small sigh.

"Let's see. I'm in my future husband's own restaurant. About to dine with my family. A beautiful vision of manliness at my side. I don't think it gets much better than this."

Justin smiled, Jolan pulling on the zipper on the bag, opening it, pulling out a silvery grey Armani suit.

It matched Jolan's perfectly, Jolan's being black, a soft grey shirt underneath.

"Wow! Awesome suit, Jo. We'll be twins. Two visions of beauty."

Jolan smiled, his hands going to Justin's pants.
Justin remained still, Jolan undressing him, his eyes going to the bathroom door.

"Relax, sweetie. It's locked."

Justin smiled, Jolan stripping him down, then starting to dress him.

Justin sighed, feeling the loving touch of his man's caressing hands.

"I don't know which is nicer. Dressing or undressing. You make both so enjoyable."
Jolan smiled, continuing his loving task.

Within a few minutes Justin was fully dressed, Jolan tying his navy tie over his baby blue shirt.
"There, let me have a look at you."
Jolan stepped back, taking in every inch of his man.

"Something's missing. Oh, wait."
Jolan reached into the empty garment bag at its bottom, pulling out a small box.

"An early birthday gift, my love."
Justin smiled, Jolan handing him the box.

Justin opened it, finding a blue rose in it, along with a small velvet box.

Jolan smiled, pulling out the rose, pinning it to Justin's lapel.

"A flower of blue to match your blue pools of love."
Justin smiled, pulling out the velvet box, slowly opening it.

His eyes widened, seeing within it a golden tie clasp.

On its surface was a blue wolf's head, centered in a circle of diamonds.

"Oh, Jo! It's beautiful."
Jolan smiled, taking it out of the box, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"It was my grandfather's, Justin. Uncle Calen gave it to me just before I left Bloodstone Manor. He wanted me to have it, as a symbol of my Badenwolf heritage. I want you to have it as a symbol of your Wolfy's love for you, for the beauty of my soul."

Justin teared up, Jolan smiling at him, pinning the clasp to Justin's blue tie.

"There, my man's stunning."
Justin's lips met Jolan's, Jolan feeling his deep love.

"Thank you, Jo. I'll treasure it and its meaning always."
Jolan smiled, taking Justin's hand in his.

"Our family awaits, Jus. And I'm starving."
Justin smiled, Jolan guiding him out of the washroom.


Lorraine met them in the hallway in front of the east room, her eyes going to Justin.

"Everyone's waiting. I've held off the ordering, they're dining on appetizers." she said, smiling at Justin.

"Charge it all to my account, Lorraine. I want them to have all they desire." Justin said, the young woman smiling.

"Already taken care of, Justin." she said, Jolan smiling at her, Justin looking at Jolan.

"I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, Jolan kissing him, Lorraine smiling at their open intimacy.

"I love you too, Jo." Justin said, smiling at Jolan's voicing his love so openly.

"Tonight we're just us, Jus. Tonight, our love shines in the open."
Justin smiled, Jolan opening the door to the room they stood in front of, motioning Justin forward.

The man smiled, walking into the darkly lit room.

It didn't stay dark for long, the lights coming on immediately.

Justin jumped back, shocked at all the faces staring at him.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Justin, happy birthday to you!!" everyone sang, Jolan's arm going around his man.

"Happy birthday, my love."
Justin's wide eyes took in everyone standing before him, seeing Hayden in Jennie's arms, his own family, Jolan's as well, their friends, as well as numerous celebrity friends of his.

His eyes met Jolan's, the young man smiling at him.

"Worlds join, my Justin. Family, friends and fame. Happy Birthday, Justin."

Justin pulled him into his arms, hugging then kissing him, their friends and family walking forward.

The two men parted, Hayden climbing into Justin's arms.

"You surprised, Poppa?"

"Yes, Hay. Poppa's surprised. And Poppa's happy!"
The boy grinned, Jolan taking the boy from Justin, Justin pulled into other wishful welcoming arms.

Everyone congratulated him, Jolan smiling at seeing his man's happiness.

Janet Jackson came up to Jolan's side, smiling at him.

"Justin's never looked happier. I sense your love does wonders."
Jolan smiled at her, having already met her earlier.

He'd met most of the celebrities, realizing that most of them were just like Justin.

Outgoing, friendly, and non-egotistical.

"No one's happier than I, Miss Jackson. To see my Justin so happy is my life's ambition."
The woman smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"It's just Janet, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, the woman kissing Hayden's cheek, then heading towards Justin.

Josh walked up to Jolan, smiling at him.

"Snuggling up to the stars, Jo?"

Jolan smiled, pulling Josh into a hug.

"No, just talking with friends."
Josh smiled, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"Everything looks great, Josh. The decorations are perfect."
Josh smiled, looking around the room.

Streamers of musical notes hung everywhere, balloons and glitter everywhere.

A fountain stood in the room's center, champagne running down into its basins.

A buffet of food stood at the ready, everything organized.

"I think you man's being overwhelmed. You and Hay should be at his side."
Jolan smiled, walking over to Justin, his man smiling at him as Hayden climbed back into his Poppa's arms.

The two joined hands, talking with everyone.


Jolan's eyes took in his lover's happiness.

Justin had walked the two of them around the room, Jolan and Hayden meeting all his celebrity friends, Justin hugging all of his family and Jolan's.

Justin introduced Jolan to Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson and others, stars that Justin had previously worked with, Josh having invited them all.

Usher was in the room, Jolan and he having spoken earlier, catching up on Tyrone's life.

Jennie had welcomed the singer, the past forgotten, the man smiling at the Dragosan siblings.

The Archanian youths, on the other hand, were beyond starry-eyed, Jolan smiling at their blushing wonder.

"Relax, guys. They're no different than my Justin."
The three young men smiled, Sidney's arm around Isaiah.

Sidney and Bill had flown in with Henry and Shelly, along with Joey and Lance.

Jolan had seen the two young men wrapped in each other's arms all evening.

Jolan was introduced to other singers, all Justin's music friends.

Janet, Timbaland and Rihanna, along with Christina Aguilera; A. J. McLean, Brian Littrell and Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys in attendance as well.

Jolan's own family mingled with the celebrities, a consensus of warmth and happiness bubbling through the room.

They dined on rich food, the restaurant providing a buffet of Asian, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

After everyone had dined and enjoyed the rich food, a large cake was wheeled out, Justin smiling, Hayden in Jolan's arms beside him, everyone chorusing the birthday song again.

"Big cake's, Poppa! Wots of candles!"

Jolan laughed, Justin eyeing him, Jolan blushing.

"Make a wish, Jus."
Justin smiled, closing his eyes for a moment, blowing out all twenty-nine candles.

Hayden grinned, beginning to clap, everyone surrounding them joining in.

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan on the lips, then his son.

"My wish came true. I wished for you both."

Jolan smiled, Hayden grinning.

"Congrats, old man!"

Justin turned, looking into Nick Carter's blue eyes, the man having walked into the room as he'd blown out the candles.

"Nicky! You came!" Justin smiled, hugging him, his eyes then moving to the man standing just behind his friend.

The smile went off Justin's face, Jolan's arm going around him.

The two men stared at the man smiling at them, his arms folded.

Mark Wahlberg's face wore a large grinning smile.



End of Chapter 115


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