Jolan's Path - Chapter 116


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 116


Jolan's eyes were on his Justin, his arm tightening around him.
"Let's dish out the cake, my love." Jolan said, motioning Justin back towards the cake.
Justin moved, his eyes still on Mark Wahlberg's smiling face.
Mark walked over to Usher, the two shaking hands, Nick standing with them.
Justin picked up a knife, beginning to cut into the cake, trying to focus on it.
"What's he doing here, Jo?" Justin softly said, only Jolan hearing.
Jolan felt the trembling nervousness coming from Justin, his hand rubbing his back.
"I don't know, Jus. Just remain calm. I'm here, I won't let him touch you."
Justin's eyes met Jolan's; Josh, Chace, Chris, Britney, Joey and Lance walking towards them.

"Dish out the cake, my love. I'll talk with the guys. I'll deal with Mark."
Jolan separated from Justin, Justin beginning to hand out slices of cake, people now surrounding him, Justin smiling at them, trying to remain happy.

Jolan handed Hay off to Randall, the man smiling at him, walking over to Justin, helping his son dish out plates of cake.

Justin was surrounded by family and friends, the man focusing on the cake.
Jolan was immediately surrounded by his friends, their eyes going to Mark.
"Is this guy for real? Let's throw his ass out of here!" Joey said, Lance's arm going around him.
"Calm down, Joe. It looks like he's here with Nick. We can't just toss him out." Lance said, Joey looking at his lover.
"Yes we can. I'll just pick him up and throw his ass through that door, or out that window." Joey said, Lance looking at him, seeing his protective stance.
"Creating a scene here won't help matters, Joe. This is Justin's night, I'll not have it ruined." Jolan said, Josh's arm going around him.
"The man has no right to be here, Jo. Not after how he treated Justin before. Joey's correct about his leaving."
Jolan nodded, looking at his friends.
"I agree, Josh. And I'm just the one to make him leave. But I'll do it with calmness and in private. I want everyone to remain calm."
His friends nodded, Jolan looking at Joey.
"Alright, Jo. But if he touches you or Justin I'm all over him."
Jolan smiled at his friend, seeing the love in Joey's eyes.

"Thanks, Joseph. I feel your protective love. But I can handle Mark Wahlberg. Trust me on that. And he'll have only one shot at my hospitable nature."

Joey nodded, Lance quietly staring at Jolan, seeing a surprising look in his eyes.

Josh's hand went to Jolan's shoulder.

"We're all here for you and Justin, Jo."

Jolan smiled, knowing the truth behind those words.

"I know, Joshua." Jolan said, a soft sigh coming out of him.

"Keep Justin calm and preoccupied, guys." Jolan said, leaving his friends, walking towards Mark Wahlberg.

Jolan walked up to Mark who was chatting with Usher, Nick at his side.
"I'd like to have a word with you, Mark."
The man smiled, his eyes staring into Jolan's.
"Hey, Dragos. I'm chatting with friends at the moment. Can't it wait?"
"Now, Mark." Jolan said, his eyes trained on the man.
Usher's eyes went between the two, seeing determination in Jolan's eyes and mirthful glee in Mark's.
"Hi, Jolan. I'm Nick." Nick Carter said looking between the two men, extending his hand, Jolan's eyes going to the blond singer, their eyes meeting.
"Nice to meet you, Nick." Jolan said, shaking his hand, Jolan's mind focusing on something he felt when he touched the young man's hand.
"It's nice to finally meet you, Jolan. I see now why Justin's so happy. Justin always did have great taste." the young man said with a smile, Jolan's eyes staring at him.
"Thank you, Nick. Unfortunately I can't say the same for you. Your taste in friends leaves a lot to be desired."
Mark's eyes darkened, staring at Jolan, Nick's face taking on a worried look.
"It's alright, Nick. We walk on the paths we are led onto." Jolan said, his eyes staring at him.
Nick's blue eyes stared at Jolan with confusion, seeing so much love staring back at him.

The young Dragosan folded his arms, now staring at Mark.
"I want to talk to you now, Mark. Either in private or out here in the open. The choice is yours."
Usher and Nick both saw the darkening look of determination on Jolan's face.
Usher looked around, seeing a group of Justin's friends all staring at them as well.
Josh and Usher's eyes met, Usher seeing worry on his face.
Nick's eyes went to Justin, seeing the man still handing out cake, his father at his side, a young boy in Randall's arms, the boy eating cake.
Nick's eyes went back to the two men staring at each other.
Mark's face wore a leering smile.
"My, it's so nice to be so wanted." the man said, Jolan still staring at him.

Mark's eyes went around the room, seeing staring eyes upon them.
"Excuse me, guys. Seems Jolan is dying to talk with me. I'll be back shortly, Nicky." Mark said, Nick's eyes looking away from him, Jolan glancing at the young man.
Jolan moved, heading for the room's doorway, Mark smiling to himself, following him.
Across the room, Jolan's friends were taking in the show, Joey's eyes glued to the two men leaving the room.
"Let's go, guys. I'm not letting that man out of my sight." he said, Lance's hand going to his shoulder.
"Calmness, my love. Let's not draw attention to this. Give Jolan a few minutes. I saw the look in his eyes. He's trying to keep this private. You're right, I don't think we should let them out of our sight for long. Let's leave separately so we don't draw attention."
Chace, Joey, Chris and Josh all nodded at Lance, Chris' eyes going towards Justin.
The man was talking with Janet, she eating a piece of cake.
The cake was cut, Justin's eyes going around the room while he chatted with Janet.
"You go over to Justin, Britney. His eyes are scanning for Jolan. Keep him busy, like Jolan said."
Britney nodded, kissing Chris' cheek, the man smiling at her.
"Keep our Jo safe, Chris."
Chris nodded, Britney heading over towards Justin.
Joey and Lance were the first to quietly walk out of the room.

Mark Wahlberg stared at Jolan, watching the man leaning against a stone railing.
The two had walked out of the dining room and then across the hall into an outdoor rock garden.
The place was secluded, half lit by overhead lanterns, no one walking around.

The garden had been reserved for the party as well, in case people wanted privacy or a place to catch a quick smoke or a breath of fresh air.
Jolan had walked past the center of the garden, walking up to a stone railing, a large pool showed behind it, stone statues and flowered shrubbery surrounding it.
Mark had smiled, seeing the privacy and intimacy of the place.
"Nice spot, Jolan. Justin's got a good thing going here. Nick's right, he does have great taste." the man said, his eyes scanning over Jolan's body.

Jolan's grey eyes were staring at the man, Mark showing a hungry look in his eyes.

"What are you doing here, Mark? I told you on the phone to stay away from me and from Justin."
The man smiled, walking up beside Jolan, leaning against the railing, Jolan's grey eyes staring at him.
"I just wanted to congratulate both of you, on your new arrangement. Justin's lucked out. You are a handsome man." the man said, smiling at Jolan, his eyes again scanning over Jolan's body.
"This isn't an arrangement, Mark. Justin and I are in love. Our openness shows you that. It's time you realized that he and I are committed to each other. To only each other. You can't hurt him anymore, he's free from your control."
The man stared at Jolan.
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"Justin and Lance told me everything, Mark. All about your manipulating ways. Blackmail, coercion, and deceit. You drugged my Justin to get him into bed, then blackmailed him to make him yours. You did nothing more than use him. With Lance's help he's free of that deceit now. I'll never let you touch him or Lance again."
The man smirked, looking out into the pool.
"Lance has a big mouth. Useful, but big. But that's of no matter. It was all fun. Justin enjoyed himself. The man enjoyed my control, and he loved being submissive. But you must already know that. I can see the type of dominant guy you are."

Jolan's eyes stared at Mark, the man not able to read the look showing there.

"Justin is my life. We love each other. But you can't possibly know what that means. So why don't you leave."
Mark smiled at Jolan, his hand going on top of Jolan's hand, which was laying on the railing.

"Do you really want me to leave? I'm sure Justin's told you the greatness of my stamina. And I love seducing a strong man. I can show you an amazing time."
Jolan moved his hand away, the man staring at him.

"Justin and I are together. We don't cheat on each other."
"That's unbelievable. Two hot sluts like you? You two could bang half of Los Angeles. How about the three of us having some fun? I don't mind sharing. Justin would be so delicious between the two of us. And I've got more than enough for both of you." Mark said, the man moving, standing in front of Jolan now, his hands going to both sides of him, resting against the railing, Jolan trapped in front of him.

On the other side of the garden Lance's arms were around Joey, holding him back, the five friends secluded behind a few large, dark trees.

They could hear the entire conversation, Lance quietly watching Jolan's face.

Lance saw the worried looks on all his friends' and Joey's faces, the five seeing Mark now making advances to Jolan.

But they remained still, seeing Jolan's calm face.

Joey was on the edge of anger, Lance knowing his man wanted to stop this, to protect Jolan from Mark's lewd advances, the man also larger than Jolan.

But Lance saw that look again in Jolan's grey eyes.

That look of total love.

His total love for his man.


Jolan's grey eyes were staring into Mark's hungry pools of lust.

"You are unbelievable."
The man smiled, inching closer to Jolan, only inches separating them.

"That what they've all told me. I can be unbelievable."

Jolan stared at the man, then began to laugh.

Mark stared at him, the young man continuing to laugh.

His friends across the garden stared at Jolan, listening to the young man's laughter.

"What's so damn funny?" Mark said, his eyes darkening.

"No egos here." Jolan said, staring at the man.

"It's true. I am unbelievable. I can fuck for hours."

Jolan's face changed, a look of determination captured there.

"Well you won't be fucking me or any of those I love. And that includes Nick."

Mark looked surprised, his hands letting go of the railing, Mark moving back a few inches from him.

"Yes, Mark. I know Nick's your latest victim. I saw it in his eyes, and felt it in his soul."

Mark Wahlberg stared at the young man, Jolan's face a mask of strength and determination.

"You are unbelievable, Mark. Unbelievable in your crassness, egotism, ugliness and hurtful attitude. But today that changes."

Mark's face changed, anger crossing it.

"You little shit!" he said, lunging forward, his hands grabbing Jolan's arms, pushing him against the railing.

Jolan stared at him, his silvery eyes softly glowing, Mark not noticing.

"You think you're so angelic? Well I love fucking angels. I love to fuck the goodness right out of them." he said, his body pushing against Jolan's.

Joey was seething with anger, both of Lance's arms around him, Josh's arms around him as well.

"Wait, Joe! Look at Jolan's eyes! His magic is simmering." Josh softly said, everyone's eyes going to Jolan's softly glowing orbs.

"Well, you won't be touching me or my Jus ever again." Jolan said, Mark smiling at him.

"Oh, I think I will. I still have your Justin's naked ass on tape, and a couple new films of Nick. Little Nick Carter can be a horny little bottom boy as a group of my friends can attest to. How would you like your Justin's naked ass plastered across the networks? The world could soon see what a depraved little gay boy he really is."

"The world will never see those blackmailing films." Jolan said, Mark smiling back, Jolan staring at him.

"I still have them, Jolan. So tell your little slut that I want both of you at my hotel room tonight. I'm going to fuck the smugness off that beautiful face of yours. And I'm game for a second round with wimpy Timberlake."

Jolan stared at Mark, the man now seeing Jolan's glowing eyes, his own eyes widening.

"What the fuck is wrong with your eyes?" he said, stepping back further.

"My eyes show love, Mark. I am a man of love. I'm someone you've never encountered."

"Fuck love. It's not love I want from you."

Jolan stared at the man, Jolan's stature rising, the man standing perfectly erect, Mark staring at him.

"You will receive from me what you deserve, Mark. Only it won't be what you expect."

The man looked around, uncertain of why all of a sudden Jolan was being so defiant.

"First off, your films are worthless, Mark."
Mark's eyes widened in surprise.

"Oh, they're still hidden in the same spot. Locked in that steel box in your basement at home, concealed under your work bench. Hidden away from your wife's prying eyes."

Mark's face showed total shock, Jolan staring at him.

"How did. . .how did. . .that's impossible!"

Jolan stared at the man, walking closer to him.

"I have the gift of clairvoyance, Mark. I felt within your own soul their place of concealment when you touched me. I sought them out and the magic of my soul has erased all that was contained on those tapes. They are now films of snowy static. The scenes of their unwillingness is no longer shown. My friends and Justin are now free from your blackmailing soul."

Mark's face had gone white, Jolan's words so unbelievable.

"What. . .what are you?"

Jolan walked forward, his hands now seizing Mark's arms.

"I am your justice, Mark. I am your repentance and perhaps your salvation."

Mark moved out of Jolan's grasp, his fist pulling back, about to punch Jolan.

Jolan's own body reacted with flashing speed.

Jolan's hand flew outwards, seizing the man's hand, then flipping his body around, Mark's arm pinned behind him.

"Now I shall cleanse your body, and then charge your soul."
Jolan moved forward, his strength taking over.

In one fluid burst of strength, he sent Mark flying through the air, over the stone railing, the man's body landing in the pool, water splashing everywhere.

Lance and his friends stood in stunned silence, watching Mark fly through the air.

Joey's eyes were wide with stunned disbelief.

They'd never seen the strength of their friend's magic.

Jolan walked over to the railing, looking down into the pool below him, seeing Mark's gasping face, the man totally submerged in the watery pool, just coming up for air.

"Your body is cleansed, now comes the soul." Jolan said, the man looking up at him with frightful shock, Jolan's arms moving downward as the man struggled up to the railing.

Both of his hands latched onto Mark's arms, Jolan pulling the man upwards with one mighty motion.

The man went sailing out of the pool, landing on his ass in front of Jolan, Jolan bending down and pulling the man upwards, Mark standing in front of him, staring into Jolan's now brightly glowing eyes.

Jolan's strong grip held the man trapped.

"All my life I have encountered men of unforgiving lewdness. Men who chose to subjugate others they couldn't honor with earned friendship or love. One of those men raped me and robbed me of my soul. I now have my soul back, a promise given to myself. A promise that I'd never allow another to hurt others as I was hurt. It is time I keep that promise. And it starts with you. It is time you see what I've endured."
Jolan's hands released their grip on Mark, Jolan moving forward, both hands going to the man's wet face.

Upon contact, Mark's soul felt the brunt of Jolan's torturous life.

It sank within his soul, every moment of pain, hurt and sorrow.

The man began to sob, sinking to his knees, Jolan's hands then releasing him.

Jolan's friends stood in silence, taking in the scene of repentance before them.

"Walk with that truth now within your soul, Mark. Perhaps it can redeem you." Jolan softly said, the man before him slowly rising to his feet.

The man's face showed confusion, hurt, remorse and emotional distress.

His face was covered in wetness, not the wetness of the water, but of tears.

"Jolan. . .I. . .I. . .please forgive. . ."

"Go home, Mark. Ask your wife her forgiveness. Go back to the trueness of your life. Family is everything. Your past life of depravity is done."

The man's head bowed, Jolan's friends beginning to walk out from their cover, Jolan's hand raising, the five stopping.

"My family. . .l have done so much. . .how can I. . ."

"With forgiveness comes love."

The man's eyes met Jolan's, the man beginning to walk out of the garden, his pace quickening, rushing through the doorway.

Jolan turned around, staring into the pool, his head lowering, looking downward.

Jolan's friends slowly walked up to him, Josh's hand going to his shoulder, Jolan's eyes still staring down into the pool.

"Jolan, that was. . .that was so. . ."

"Truthful, Joshua? Confrontational and illuminating?"

The young man's head raised, his body turning, all five staring into his tearful eyes.

Jolan wiped his eyes, wiping away the tears showing there.

"What did you do to him, Jolan? Was it true what you said about Nick and the tapes?"

Jolan nodded, looking into Joey's questioning eyes.

"Yes, Joe. Nick was Mark's latest victim. The tapes are destroyed, he and others are free from the dominance of Mark Wahlberg. And Mark now walks with a gift within his soul. A gift I was forced to give him."
Lance's hand went to Jolan's shoulder.

"A conscience, Jo. You've given him a conscience?"
Jolan nodded, looking into Lance's green eyes.

"I've shown him in his soul the wrongness of what he'd done. I showed him the other side, guys. I showed him what a life of pain and hurt feels like. I showed him what my life once was. He's seen the other side. He'll never hurt or use anyone again. I hope within his own heart, and his family's heart, one day he can find peace."

Everyone was in tears, Chris actually crying.

Jolan smiled softly at him, his eyes looking at everyone, their grayness now normal again.

"I need to get back to my Jus. He's probably wondering where we all got off to."
Jolan walked past his friends, Joey about to stop him, Josh holding him back.

Jolan quietly walked out of the garden, heading back to the east room and his Justin.

Joey's eyes met Josh's, Josh looking at him.

"Let's leave him be, guys. We all just saw the deepness of Jolan's giving love. Even against Mark's loathsomeness his love gave all. I think he's not happy with what he was forced to do. I feel that within his soul."

"I can't believe he gave that man a second chance!" Joey said, Lance kissing his lover's cheek, their eyes meeting.

"Jolan is love, Joe. We all know the truth of that. I think Mark now does as well."

Joey nodded, that truth sinking into his soul.


Justin felt someone's hand go in his, the man talking with Christina Aguilera and Usher.

His eyes turned, staring into two grey orbs of love.

"I'm sorry, everyone. I had to slip out for a moment of fresh air. How's my man been behaving?"
Christina smiled at Jolan, Usher's eyes staring at him.

"He's being Justy. A new improved and happy Justy." Christina said, Justin smiling at her, his arm going around Jolan.

"That I am, Chrissy! My man makes me beyond happy."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it."
Usher and Christina laughed, Justin blushing a bit, Jolan smiling at him, kissing his lips this time.

"I still can't believe you, Justin. You never showed any signs." Usher said, Justin smiling at him.

"I'm in love, Ush. Being gay or straight doesn't matter. It's the love that makes me happy."

Usher and Christina smiled at Justin, Jolan smiling at him as well.

"So my body doesn't make you happy?"

Justin beamed, his arm tightening around him.

"Let's just call that a fringe benefit."
Jolan laughed, Justin smiling at him.

"Just beyond the fringe, a great place to be."

Usher burst out laughing, Jolan smiling at him.

"Time to open the gifts, my happy birthday angel."
Justin smiled, Jolan excusing both of them, pulling Justin towards a table set up by the fountain.

A stack of gifts lay on the table, Jolan picking up a glass and tapping it.

"If I could have everyone's attention, please."
Everyone in the room quieted down, focusing on the two men standing in the middle of the room.

"It's time for Justin to open his gifts. Gifts given in love by his family and friends. Let's all join him in his happiness."

Justin smiled widely, Hayden running up to his fathers, Justin picking him up.

"You got wots of presents, Poppa! Me helps!"
Everyone chuckled, Justin beaming at his boy.

"For sure, little buddy. I always need your help!"

Jolan smiled, Justin sitting down in an offered chair, surrounded by all in the room, Jolan handing him the first gift.

Hayden grinned, he and Justin beginning to tear off the wrapping paper.


For almost an hour Justin opened gifts, clapping and laughing filling the room.

There were gifts of beauty and touching love, as well as risqué gifts of humor.

Chris had given Justin a set of t-shirts with mirthful writings upon them.

'I'm Jolan's bitch', 'Property of Mr. Dragos', 'Ask him, I'm just blond', as well as other humorous sayings printed on them.

Justin laughed at each one, Justin showing off one that made Jolan laugh the most.

'My man's hands go here' was written across its front, arrows pointing downward and towards the back of the yellow t-shirt.

Jolan smiled, his hands going to Justin's chest, rubbing it, everyone laughing.

"I don't need directions, Chris. I know every enjoyable inch of my man."
Everyone laughed, Chris' the loudest, Justin blushing with love.

Other gifts were opened, including clothing, jewelry, donations to Justin's foundation, as well as other wonderful things.

After everything was opened, Justin stood, Hayden clapping in his arms.

"Thank you everyone, thank you for these gifts and everything. This night, these presents, your happiness and love."
Everyone clapped, Jolan's arm going around his two men.

"I'd like everyone to pick up a glass and toast my wonderful man."
Everyone picked up their drinks, Jolan smiling at Justin, the man smiling with love at him and around at everyone.

"Happy Birthday, Justin. May every day forward be as happy as this day. We gain from your friendship and love, you gain from ours. Happy Birthday, Justin!"

Everyone toasted him, Justin tearfully smiling around at all their love.

Jolan smiled at everyone, looking around, his eyes returning to Justin.

"There's one more gift, Jus. This is from Hay and me." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.

"I have the gift of your love, my two angels. What more do I need?"

Jolan smiled, kissing his Justin's lips, Hayden kissing his Poppa's cheek.

"We gives wuv, Poppa. But we wants to shows it too!"

Justin smiled, Jolan and Hayden both smiling at him.

"This gift comes from our hearts, my angel. You sit right down there, and listen."
Justin smiled, as did everyone else, Hayden climbing into Jolan's arms.

Justin sat back down in the chair he'd just risen out of, Josh and Chace standing behind him.

Jolan walked across the room, his son in his arms, the two walking up to a black grand piano that stood in the corner of the room.

On the piano's lid was a large picture of Justin, Hayden and Jolan, the picture frame surrounded by a wreath of white roses, candles surrounding it.

Justin smiled, having not seen the picture earlier, Jolan having just put it there before the gift opening.

Justin stared at it, remembering the day that photo had been taken in England.

It was taken on the same evening Justin had proposed to Jolan.

The three had sat together on a couch in the Room of Family, Jolan in Justin's lap, their son in Jolan's, the three joined in an embrace of love, three smiles of happiness joined.

Josh had taken the picture, the three smiling together.

Justin smiled towards his lover, Jolan sitting down at the piano, Hayden now in his lap.

Jolan's grey eyes met Justin's, the two smiling at each other.

Everyone in the room sat or stood in silence, seeing the love in Jolan and Hayden's eyes.

"Happy Birthday, my love. This song we sing for you with our hearts and souls."
Justin smiled, a tear showing on his cheek.

"We wuvs you, Poppa. Me and Daddy sings our wuv."

Everyone smiled at the boy's happiness and loving words, Josh's hand going to Justin's shoulder.

Jolan looked down at his son, Hayden smiling up at him, his blue eyes then looking at his Poppa.

The room filled with soft music, Jolan's voice carrying over it.

"I've changed the words to reflect your love, Justin. For you, we sing our love."
Justin teared up, knowing the music and the song.

Everyone watched in silence as two souls sang their love for Justin.




Have we told you lately that we love you
Have we told you there's no one else like you
You fill our hearts with gladness, take away all our sadness
Ease our troubles, that's what you do

For the morning sun and all its glory
Meets the day with hope and comfort too
You fill our lives with laughter, somehow you make it better
Ease our troubles, that's what you do

There's a love that's defined
And it's yours and it's mine like the sun
And at the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray to the one, to the one



Justin was in tears, everyone smiling at the words of love coming from Jolan.

Their eyes widened with surprise when Hayden's youthful voice filled the room.

Justin began to cry when he heard the richness of the love in his son's voice.

Have I told you lately that I wuvs you
Have I told you there's no one wikes you
Poppa fills my heart with gwadness, you takes away my sadness
You makes my heart fly aways



Justin was crying, Hayden smiling at him, Jolan taking over the song again.

There's a love that's defined
And it's yours and it's mine like the sun
And at the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray to the one, to the one

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one else that loves you like Hay and I do
You fill my heart with gladness, take away my sadness
Ease my troubles, that's what you do


Justin's eyes were on his family, Hayden and Jolan both joining together, their voices of love filling the room.


You take away our sadness, fill our lives with gladness
Ease our troubles, that's what you do
Take away our sadness, fill our lives with gladness
Ease our troubles, that's what you do


We wuvs you, Poppa

We loves you, Poppa

Our love is yours forever.




Everyone was on their feet, clapping echoing off the walls, Justin walking over to the piano, Jolan standing up with his son in his arms, Hayden smiling at his Poppa.

"You wikes, Poppa?"

Justin began to cry again, Hayden climbing into his arms from Jolan's, Jolan's arms going around both.

"Oh, Hay! Oh, my Jo! That was beautiful, so beautiful!" Justin said, his face covered in tears.

Jolan kissed his lips, calming his love, the clapping still going on.

"Happy birthday, Justin. We love you."
Justin smiled, encircled in the arms of his life.


The night wore on, good music, good company, and spreading love filling the room.

The atmosphere was one of happiness and partying.

Jolan stayed at Justin's side, the two enjoying their friends' happiness, and their own.

Hayden had fallen asleep in Jolan's lap around ten-thirty, Lynn taking him from Jolan, she and Paul driving him back to the house.

They knew the evening would be given over to the youthful partiers.

The older members of the clan left after eleven, the room filled with youthful happiness.

Jolan hadn't talked to Justin about Mark Wahlberg, only telling him that the man had left at his request.

Justin had stared at Jolan, seeing something in his eyes, the two at that moment separated by their friends.

Jolan had been pulled onto the dance floor by Ally, Justin now in Jennie's happy arms.

The two danced with their friends, and family, the evening progressing.

Later Jolan was getting a glass of champagne for himself and Justin at the fountain, a hand going to his shoulder.

He turned, looking into the blue eyes of Nick Carter.

"I'm sorry for bringing him here, Jolan. I didn't have much of a choice." the man said, Jolan staring into his blue eyes.

"I know, Nick."
Nick's eyes stared into his grey orbs, Jolan seeing the beginnings of tears in those pools.

"Josh told me what you did. . .what you did for me. . .and what you did to Mark."

Jolan's eyes went across the room to Josh, the man staring at him.

"How. . .how did you know that I. . .that he was. . .?"

Jolan's hand went to the young man's shoulder.

"I have the gift for feeling a person's pain, Nickolas. For feeling when they're at the edge of being lost. I guess it's because I have been at that crossroads myself. Kindred spirits and such."
"I was such a fool for letting him. . ."

"Now, my friend. That's in the past. Today, you're free of that man's influence. I think you need to talk to someone who's been where you've been. How about tomorrow you come to our place for brunch? I think it's time all truths are revealed."
Nick stared at Jolan, the man smiling at him.

"I just can't understand how you knew! Did Mark tell you?" the man said, Jolan seeing the searching need in his blue eyes.

"That we'll talk out tomorrow, my friend. Tomorrow you life starts again."
Nick nodded, looking into the grey eyes of friendship staring back at him.

"Alright, Jolan. I'll. . .I'll visit you and Justin tomorrow." Nick said, his eyes going to Justin, the man dancing with Daphne now.

"I. . .I can't. . .are you sure, Jo?"

"I am sure, Nick. The past we'll hash out tomorrow, the future begins then."

The man nodded, walking away from Jolan, the young man staring after him.

His grey eyes focused on someone else who'd been watching their conversation.

Jolan smiled, the other person turning away from him.

Jolan smiled to himself, walking over to a table where Josh and Chace were sitting.

"You're not dancing my friends?"
"Just came off the floor, Jo. My man needs a rest." Chace said, smiling at Josh.

"The old ones usually do."

Josh laughed sarcastically, Jolan plopping down into his lap.

"What's the matter, Joshy?  The truth hurts?"

Josh lightly pinched Jolan's ass, the man jumping in his lap.

"Ask Chace that tomorrow. I'm hungry for his love tonight."
Jolan smiled, seeing the look of lustful happiness on Chace's face.

"So that's not a salami you have in your pocket then?"
Chace burst into laughter, Josh blushing, Jolan laughing, kissing his friend's cheek.

"Lucky Chace."
Josh smiled just as Jolan felt someone grab his arm, pulling him up.

He smiled, staring into the blue eyes of his lover.

"Let's dance, Jo. You can neck with Joshy later." Justin smiled, Jolan smiling at him, pointing to the two glasses he'd set down on the table.

"First, you need a drink, you look parched."
Justin smiled, picking up the glass of champagne and downing its contents.

"There, I am refreshed. Now I want to dance with my man."
Jolan smiled, Justin pulling him onto the dance floor, his arms going around him, Jolan's head laying on his chest, the music slow and romantic.

"A great night, my love. Thank you for all this open happiness." Justin said, Jolan leaning upwards and kissing his lips.

"It's just the beginning, my love. Life shall be unbelievable."

Justin smiled, Jolan's head going back to its place of joy, the two dancing together surrounded by their open love.


Jolan shut off the downstairs lights, walking up the darkened staircase, stopping at the top steps, looking towards his bedroom, then to his son's room.

There was no light on in their bedroom, Jolan smiling, walking over to his son's room, quietly opening the door, smiling at the scene before him.

The room was softly lit by a nightlight beside Hayden's bed.

Justin sat in silence on the edge of Hayden's bed, watching his son sleep.

Jolan smiled, walking over to him, leaning down and kissing his cheek, Justin's head raising, his blue tear-filled eyes staring at Jolan.

"His voice, it was so beautiful. It was like an angel's." he softly said, Jolan smiling, pulling his man up, taking him in his arms.

"He rehearsed for the last two weeks, every time you left the house. He wanted it to be just perfect for his Poppa."

Justin smiled, looking down at the boy.

"It was, Jo. It was perfect."
Jolan smiled, taking Justin's hand in his, guiding him quietly out of the room, leaving the door open.

They walked across the hall, Justin hitting the light switch, their bedroom lamps coming on.

Jolan began removing his shirt, Justin leaning against the doorframe watching him take it off.

"Am I getting a birthday strip show?"
Jolan smiled, dropping his shirt on a chair, his smooth, muscular chest on view, looking at his watch.

"It's two-seventeen, my love. Your birthday is officially here."

Justin smiled, his eyes going over his man's muscular chest.

A few weeks of exercise had muscled up Jolan's body magnificently, chiseled abs now showing.

"You've toned up great, my love. You keep getting more beautiful."

Jolan smiled, his hands going to his belt, Justin's smile widening.

Jolan shook his head, lightly laughing.

Justin smiled, walking into the room, sitting down on the bed, his blue eyes looking at Jolan.

Jolan stared at him, seeing a look on Justin's face.

"Josh told me, Jolan. I know what happened tonight."
Jolan's head lowered, Justin taking his hand in his, pulling him down on the bed beside him, his arm going around him.

"Why did you do that, Jo? Why didn't you just throw him out?"

Jolan's eyes raised, Justin staring into their grayness, seeing the love there.

"I did it for you, Justin. For you and for others. I had to make him see what he was doing. You didn't deserve the way he treated you. No one did."
Justin nodded, looking at Jolan, seeing the struggle going on in his eyes.

"Josh told me about Nick."

Jolan's head lowered, Justin kissing his cheek.

"You know, don't you?"
Jolan's head raised, nodding.

"What gave it away?"
"Your calling him Nicky, Jus. That registered in my heart."

Justin's head lowered now, Jolan's arm going around him now.

"You had a relationship with him, Justin?"

"Yes, Jo. It was brief, but intense. I didn't tell you because it really didn't develop into anything. We just connected a couple of times, when we were both in the bands. It was after I had escaped Mark's clutches. We'd met after a concert, the guys all clubbing together. Nick and I hit it off, and I was really vulnerable. He was so gentle, giving. He brought me back from the brink of despair. For that reason alone we've always remained friends."
"Then he did mean something to you, Jus. I'm glad it was him and not another dominant man."
Justin nodded, Jolan staring into his blue eyes.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you, Jo. You must believe me that I have no interest in him now. I only love you."
Jolan smiled, leaning forward and kissing Justin's lips, Justin feeling his unchanged love.

"You have nothing to apologize for, Justin. I'm glad he was there for you when you needed someone. That was your past, Justin."
Justin smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"There was only him and Lance, Jo. That was basically the extent of my male liaisons. My two friends and Mark." Justin said, his head lowering again.

"Mark won't bother you again, Jus. I've seen to that."
Justin put his arm around Jolan.

"You hated doing that, didn't you?"

"My pain is my own, Jus. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, even him." Jolan said, Justin hearing the emotion in his fiancé's voice.

"I can't believe you did that, Jo. That you used your pain to give the man a soul. It's more than he deserved."

Jolan's eyes met Justin's, Justin seeing tears there.

"We all deserve a soul, Jus. And we all deserve a second chance. I had to show him what he was doing to others. I made him feel their pain, and my own. I think I've reached him."
Justin nodded, looking at Jolan.

"I felt so lost when he used me, Jolan. I felt so lost. If Lance hadn't. . .I don't know what would have happened to me."
Jolan's arm tightened around him.

"That past is over, Justin. Let's only think now of the future."
Justin nodded, looking again into Jolan's eyes.

"I love you, Jo. Only you. I've waited my lifetime for you. No one in my past means as much to me as you do. You are the one to love me completely."
Jolan smiled, moving forward, his lips meeting Justin's, the two awash in their love for each other.

"I've known that for a long time, Jus. I feel your soul, remember? I trust you, Jus. I love you."

Justin teared up, Jolan standing up in front of him, looking down at him.

"Lynn told me you were born at two in the morning, so it really is your birthday right now. Have I got a gift for you!"
Justin smiled, wiping his eyes.

"Lay back and see what I have for you, my love."
Justin smiled, resting back on his elbows, Jolan's hand going to his belt.

Justin watched as Jolan seductively removed it, his hands going over his own chest, over his center, his hips lightly swaying.

Justin lay still, his lover's pants opening, Jolan removing them slowly, standing now in only his boxer briefs, Justin's eyes going to his center, seeing the largeness showing under the black material.

Jolan's hands slowly lowered the briefs, his center popping up, hard against his stomach, then hanging straight out, rigid and hard.

Jolan moved forward, his naked body now on top of Justin.

Justin stared up into two yellowish eyes, the beast within Jolan softly showing.

"Tonight the choice is yours, my love. Your beast or only your Jolan."

Justin teared up, pulling his man's lips down to his, Jolan feeling the answer in the kiss.

"I need only you, my Jolan. I want my Jo to make love to me."
"Consider it your true birthday gift. But it's a gift that will keep on giving."
Justin smiled, Jolan's lips against his again, Jolan's fingers going to Justin's shirt, baring his chest.

Jolan's lips moved lower, Justin feeling the wetness centering on his left nipple, a soft moan coming from his throat.

Within minutes of slow seduction Jolan had removed all of Justin's clothing, the two now under the sheets, Jolan's hardness sinking slowly into Justin, their eyes locked on each other.

"The past is the past, Justin. I am your life."
Justin teared up, his lover's lips meeting his, their passion beginning.


Justin walked into the kitchen, greeted by a flying Hayden, the boy's arms wrapping around his Poppa's legs.

"You's ups, Poppa! Finawee!"

Justin smiled down at the boy, pulling him up into his arms.

"Happy Birthday, Poppa!" Hayden said, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Thanks, little buddy! You all partied out?"

"No, Poppa! My friends are here! Me and Gampa cames in for drinks!"
Justin smiled at his father, the man smiling at him from the refrigerator, a pitcher in his hand.

Justin walked over to him, his father kissing his cheek.

"Happy birthday, son."
"Thanks, Dad."

Justin looked up at the clock, reading ten-thirty.

"Where is everyone, Jo?"
"They're all out on the patio, Jus." Jolan said, at the counter, working on plate of deviled eggs.

Justin's eyes scanned the counter and stove, seeing the abundance of food.

"Feeding an army again, Jo?" he smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"It's your birthday brunch, Justin. I invited everyone."
Justin smiled, Jolan kissing his lips.

"Happy birthday, my love."
Justin smiled, Randall handing Hayden a juice cup.

"Tanks, Gampa."

Randall smiled, looking into Justin's eyes.

"I remember when you were this size, Justin. Now you're a father. Life goes so fast."
Justin and Jolan both smiled, Randall smiling back.

"And now you're a grandfather, Dad."
Randall's smile increased, kissing Hayden's chin, the boy climbing into his arms from Justin's, Randall smiling as Justin took the pitcher from him.

"Yep. Now I can spoil!"

Jolan and Justin both laughed, Jolan handing Justin a coffeepot as well.

"People need refills, Jus. Make yourself useful."
Justin smirked, kissing Jolan's cheek again.

"But it's my birthday! You should be catering to me."
Jolan smiled, lightly slapping Justin's cargo short-covered butt.

"I did that last night. Today you're on your own."

Justin pouted, Jolan smiling, kissing his cheek.

"No worries, my love. It's your day. I'll make it wonderful."

Justin smiled, walking with his father and his son out onto the patio.

Jolan watched them go, his eyes softly glowing.

"I hope you understand what I want to do, Jus. Life has to move forward."

Jolan sighed, going back to his cooking.


"Wow! The buffet table looks awesome, Jo!" Lynn said, Jolan smiling at her as he walked out of the kitchen onto the patio, placing a large bowl of potato salad on the table.

"Well, we have a large crowd today. I swear, this family keeps getting bigger and bigger."

Lynn smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek, Jolan smiling, looking around the patio.

"You keep showing your love, my son. You draw everyone to you."
Jolan smiled, looking out towards the pool, the patio and pool filled with laughter and happiness.

All the boybanders were here, as were their significant others.

Justin and Jolan's families were everywhere, Jolan smiling at their interaction with everyone.

Isaiah and Sid were diving off the diving board, his brothers swimming with others.

"Brunch is almost ready, guys." Jolan yelled out to the pool, Justin waving at him, Hayden beside him in the pool.

Everyone began to move, bodies drying, others ahead of them, heading for the patio.

The front buzzer went off, Jolan smiling at Lynn.

"The last guests have arrived. Be right back."

Lynn smiled, looking around seeing everyone here.

"I wonder who that is?" she said, Chris smiling at her, he and Joey first in line at the buffet.

"Not sure, Lynn. We're all here."
She nodded, shaking her head at the two men carrying double plates.

"Thank God Jolan's made lots." she said, Chris and Joey blushing, Lynn laughing.

Jolan walked down the hall to the front door, opening it.

He smiled, Nick Carter smiling back.

"Good morning, Jolan. I hope I'm not late?"
"No, you're right on time.  As are these two." Jolan said, smiling as another car pulled up behind Nick's.

Nick smiled, handing Jolan a bottle of wine, Jolan smiling.

"You didn't have to bring anything, but thanks Nick."
The man smiled, Jolan smiling back.

Nick wore a tight fitting t-shirt and board shorts, attire for a pool party, Jolan's suggestion given last night.

"Head down that hall, through the kitchen, Justin and everyone's on the patio and brunch is ready."
Nick nodded, Jolan watching him walk down the hall.

Jolan's eyes went back outside, smiling at the two walking up to the door.

"You made it, Tyrone."
Tyrone nodded, his eyes looking around, Jolan sensing a little nervousness in him.

"Hi, Jo. Yeah, he arrived this morning, from Chicago." Usher said, looking at his nephew.

"Hello, Mr. Dragos. Thank you for inviting me. I'll try to make this invitation a better one."
Jolan smiled, his hand going out.

"Welcome again to our home, Tyrone. It's Jolan, none of that mister stuff."
Tyrone softly smiled, looking at his uncle.

"Your uncle told me last night that you were coming back, a new job I hear?"

Tyrone beamed, looking at his uncle.

"Yes, Uncle Usher is letting me help him on tour."

Usher smiled at his nephew, Jolan smiling at both.

"Come on in guys, brunch is ready."
The two smiled, following Jolan into the house.


Nick Carter stepped out onto the patio, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"Nick? What are you doing here?" he said, walking up to his friend.
"Jolan invited me last night, Jus. Happy birthday, my friend." Nick smiled, Justin smiling back, the two shaking hands.

"Thank you, Nick."
The two looked at each other, other eyes staring at both of them.

Joey leaned over to Lance, whispering in his ear.

"What's he doing here?" he softly said, Lance shrugging his shoulders.

Josh walked up to both of them, smiling at Nick.

"Hello again, Nick."
"Hi, Josh."
Jolan stepped out onto the patio behind them, Usher and Tyrone at his side.

"Well don't stand around, guys. The food's ready, fill your plates. The gang's all here."

Jennie got up from her seat, walking up to her brother and the two men, everyone's eyes on Tyrone, the young man feeling out of place..

"Welcome, Tyrone. I'm glad to see you again."
Jonathan's eyes were glued to the young man, the younger Timberlake now at Jennie's side.

Jennie smiled, walking up to Tyrone, wrapping her arms around him.

"I feel your changed heart, my friend. All is good between us." she smiled, walking back to Jonathan, his face showing surprise, Tyrone's showing more.

Usher stared at Jolan, the young man smiling.

"My sister's heart is as giving as mine. Bridges of doubt fall when there is the heaviness of forgiveness upon them. Welcome to our home of love." Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's, the man staring at him.

"Let's all eat, then let's go forward in life. Today's my man's birthday. I think another cake may be in order."
Hayden's hands clapped, everyone smiling at him.

Jolan headed to the table, urging the others standing there as well.

Usher and Tyrone walked up to it, Jolan handing them plates, as well as Nick.

He smiled at all three, diving into the half empty bowl of potato salad.


Jolan sat back, sipping on a glass of the white wine that Nick had brought.

His eyes traveled around the patio and the pool, taking in everyone's relaxing stature.

Brunch had been filling, another birthday cake carried out to Justin, the man smiling at the picture on the top of it.

It was one of Justin when he was a curly haired youth of fifteen.

"Your Mom gave it to me. That was half a lifetime ago, Jus. The next half will be amazing." Jolan said, Hayden in his arms.

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's and Hayden's cheeks, blowing out the one candle on its top.

"Whew! I think I'd pass out if there were twenty-nine again." he grinned, everyone laughing.

Justin had dished the cake out, everyone enjoying its rich flavor, Jolan having made it himself.

"Your man's a fantastic chef, Justin." Nick smiled, seated at the patio table between Justin and Josh.

Jolan smiled, seated across from them, Usher seated beside him.

"I'm a man who loves to cook for my family and friends."
"And you mothers to be are going to do the dishes." Lynn said, Melina and Lisa nodding at her.

"No, Moms. I'll do them."
"Relax, Jo. Spend some time with your man and your friends." Melina said, kissing Jolan's cheek, Jolan smiling at his mother.

The three mothers--along with Auntie Gee, Ally, Daphne and Rachel--began to clean the buffet table, Jonathan and Jennie as well as Tyrone and Mathias carrying in bowls and platters.

"It's nice to see the youth helping out." Randall said, Jolan smiling at him.

"They just want to get done with it fast so they can hit the pool again."
Everyone smiled, and chuckled, Jolan looking around the table.

Nick's eyes were looking at Justin, Usher's eyes looking at Jolan.

"Before this turns into a real pool party, I need to have a little talk with a few people. If everyone doesn't mind, that is?"

"No, Jo. That's fine. We're not going anywhere." Josh said, smiling at him.

"Actually, you're coming with me Joshy. As are you Joey, Lance, Chris and Britney. You as well Nick, Jus and Usher."

All eight looked at each other, Jolan's eyes going to Hayden, the boy smiling at him from his grandfather's lap.

"We'll go swimming soon, Hay. Daddy and Poppa just have to talk to their friends."
The boy smiled, Joel smiling at Jolan as well.

"Okays, Daddy. Me waits for Poppa."

Jennie, Jonathan, Mathias and Tyrone walked out of the kitchen, Jolan smiling at them.

"The pool awaits, youngsters. Enjoy! We'll be back shortly."
Jennie smiled, kissing her brother's cheek.

"Go with love, Jolly."

Jolan smiled, walking into the house, the others following, staring at Jennie.

Tyrone looked at his uncle, Usher shrugging his shoulders.

"Come on guys. The water's wonderful." Jennie said, the other three following her, heading towards Sid, Isaiah and Athos.


Jolan stood at the fireplace, the others seated around him, Justin's hand going in his, their eyes meeting.
"Everything okay, Jo?"

Jolan smiled at his lover, kissing his cheek.

"Nothing that can't be eased with friendship and love."
Justin looked confused, Jolan kissing him again.

"Sit down with Joshy, my love."
Justin nodded, sitting down on the couch with Josh and Britney; Chris, Lance and Joey seated across from them.

On the third couch sat Usher and Nick.

"First off, I want to show you what I see before me."
Everyone looked at Jolan, the young man smiling.

"Before me I see a group of friends. A group of singing friends, a group of deeply bonded friends. All of you grew up together, singing your hearts out together, or with others, or solo. You all were the voice of your generation. Usher, Nick and the Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, along with you Britney."
They all smiled, remembering that time of joy and happiness.

When they'd all been at the top of their game, their music their lives.

"Times change, life goes on. But there was a second tremor flowing through the group of you. A tremor of hurt and pain."

Everyone looked surprised, staring at each other.

"If you'll all allow me, I'd like to show that wave of hurt. I just need your permission to voice some truths."

Josh stood, Jolan looking at him.

"I--and I think I speak for all of us--have felt your love, Jolan. We'll agree to it."
Jolan smiled, Josh sitting back down again, everyone nodding their heads.

"Thank you, for trusting in me to do what has to be done. What's said here remains between all of us."

They all nodded in agreement, Jolan's eyes going to Joey.

"I'd like to start with you, Joe."
Joey looked surprised, nodding.

"You had a deep secret in your heart throughout your time with the band, Joe. Your heart longed for Lance's love."
Joey's eyes met Lance's, the man smiling at him.

"Yes, my heart was lost to a Lance I thought I'd never have. Your love, Jolan, it guided us together."

Jolan smiled, Usher and Nick looking at Joey.

"I walked for years without voicing my love for my Lance. A lot of time was lost, our love lost to us. I promise to make up for all that, my love."
Lance leaned forward, Joey kissing him, everyone smiling.

"Each day is a blessing for both of us, Joe."

"Next, we have our loving Lance."
Lance smiled at Jolan, everyone's eyes on him.

"You were perhaps the greatest joy in this group, my friend. Your love guided another young man to a life of need. I want to today thank you for that. My Justin is the man he is today because of you."
Nick and Usher's eyes widened in surprise, as did Britney's, the boybanders smiling at Lance.

"Yes, it's true. Justin and I were lovers once. He and I shared first love."
Justin smiled, Lance's green eyes staring into his blue.

"And from that love our lives enriched, going forward to find the true love of our lives. We're both better for having known each other's beauty, love and soul." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"Yes, Justin. You went forward to your Jolan, I to my Joey bear."

Jolan and Joey both smiled, looking into their lover's eyes.

"Next up, Britney."
Britney smiled, looking at Justin.

"Justin and I thought we were in love, everyone. We mistook friendship for love. And through our own uncertainty we walked away from each other, hurt by what wasn't true. Friendship was the basis of our relationship, not love. We both lost our best friend."
Justin's eyes met Britney's, the woman smiling, looking at Jolan.

"But our gathering angel of love guided us both back to our friendship. Its bond now stronger than it's ever been. Thank you for giving me back my Justy, Jo."
"Yes, thank you my love. I have my Bitzy in my corner again." Justin said, Jolan smiling at both of them.

"This is becoming a lovefest." Chris said, Britney rolling her eyes.

Jolan laughed, everyone smiling at him.

"That it is, Chris. You're the oddball here. The only thing that happened to you throughout all of this time is that I guided you to someone who'd actually have you."
Joey burst into laughter, Chris blushing, others laughing.

"Yes, true, Jo. You guided me to my heart."
Britney smiled, Chris smiling at her from across the coffee table.

"Next up, Joshua."
Josh smiled, looking around at everyone.

"I do have a secret that Jolan and Justin both know. I was once in love with Justin as well."
Everyone now looked surprised, staring at him.

"It was a misguided love, friendship winning out in the end. But it was part of my heart for a long time. Until I met my Chace. I found the love I knew would make my heart whole. And I almost lost it. I almost lost his love, your guiding love saving me, Jo. Thank you for that. For giving me my Chace back."

Jolan smiled, Justin's hand going to Josh's shoulder.

Jolan looked at Usher and Nick, briefly explaining to them Josh and Chace's moment of hurt and deception.

The two men looked at Josh, seeing Chace's love back in his heart.

"You really are a man of giving love, Jolan." Nick said, Jolan smiling at him.

"You're next, my love."
Justin's eyes met Jolan's, seeing so much love there.

"Well, my life has been a rollercoaster of emotions. You heard of Lance's and Britney's love for me, and the end result of that. But there were other less than glowing moments. A lot of them happened with one man--Mark Wahlberg."
Usher looked shocked, Nick looked totally stunned.

"Yes, Nick. Mark put the moves on me. He blackmailed me into being his sex slave."
Jolan looked at the two men seated together, telling them both of Mark's involvement with Justin.

Nick's eyes never left Justin's face, hearing almost the same fate as had befallen him.

"Everyone but Usher knows your truth, Nickolas."
Nick's eyes met Jolan, the man softly smiling at him.

"I. . .I was just like you, Justin. Mark, he. . .he used me also."

Usher stared at Nick in shock, the man standing up.

"Where is he? I'll kill him!"

Everyone looked at Usher with surprise, the man's face showing deep anger.

Jolan walked up to the man, staring into his angry eyes.

"Mark won't bother anyone again, Usher. I've taken care of him."
Usher's eyes met Jolan's, the love showing there calming his anger.

"That bastard! How could he hurt Nick like that? How could he be so cruel?"
Usher sat down, his hand going to Nick's shoulder.

"It's okay, Nick. You're free of him. I'll make sure he never comes near you again."

Nick's face showed shock, staring into Usher's brown eyes.

"Why. . .why would you want to protect me, Ush?"

The man froze, staring into Nick's blue eyes, a look of nervous fear now showing on Usher's face.

"Because he loves you, Nick. He has for a long time."

Everyone stared at Jolan in surprise, Jolan staring at Usher.

Nick's eyes were staring at Usher as well, the man's head lowering, Jolan staring down at him.

"How. . .how did you know, Jolan?" Usher said, his head still lowered.

"You wear your heart in your eyes, Usher. I only had to look at where you were looking last night. I saw your love directed at Nick."

Usher's head raised, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

He saw love there and knowledge.

"You're in love with me, Ush?" Nick said, the man's eyes meeting his.

Usher's eyes lowered, a soft sigh coming out of him.

"Yes, Nick. I have been for a long time. Since the first moment I met you, seven years ago."

Nick's hand went to Usher's knee, the man's eyes meeting his again.

"For that long? Why didn't you ever say anything?"
"How could I tell you, Nick? Look at me. How could I ever win your love?"
Nick stared at his friend, Usher's eyes not meeting his.

"By being the man I've always known you to be."
Usher's eyes met Nick's.

"I think two souls have been living alone for far too long."

Both men looked up at Jolan, the man staring at both of them.

"I think it's time you both told each other the truth."

The two men turned to look at each other.

"Jolan's right. I've been in love with you for a long time as well, Ush."

Usher looked stunned, Nick's arms going around him.

"Friendship was all I hoped for. Now I see I could have had so much more. . .instead of. . .instead of falling prey to Mark, and others."

Usher embraced the man in his arms, everyone surrounding them looking at the two men.

"That wasn't your fault, Nickolas."
Nick's eyes looked up at Jolan.

"Jolan. . .there's something else you should know."
Jolan smiled at the blond singer, walking over to Justin, Justin standing up, Jolan taking his hand in his.

"I already know, Nick. I know you and Justin had a brief relationship."
Justin looked around at all his surprised friends, his eyes falling last on Nick.

"Jolan sensed our past, Nicky. He loves me enough to trust me. My heart is his, Nick."

Nick nodded, looking at Usher.

"We all have less than glowing pasts, Nick. It's the present that holds our hearts. The present and the future." Jolan said, Usher smiling at Jolan.

Everyone looked at Jolan, the man smiling at everyone.

"I wanted the air cleared, our hearts now giving over to our happiness. We all now know our pasts, and our hearts. Let's all go forward together, and with the love we need."

Couples smiled, Nick looking into Usher's brown eyes.

"I want to get to know you, Ush. And I want you to know the real me."

Usher smiled, looking into his blue eyes.

"How about a date, Mr. Carter?"
Nick smiled, Usher smiling back.

"I'd love one."

The two smiled at each other, Chris walking up to Jolan and Justin.

"How could you, Jus? Sleeping with the enemy?"

Joey groaned, Chris bursting into laughter.

Everyone laughed, the drama evaporating in the room.

Justin's arms went around his Jolan, his man smiling at him.

"Your love knows no end, Jo. What you've done for all of us."

Jolan smiled, kissing his lover.

"I just needed all of us to live our lives free, open and in love. You're all my dearest friends. I want you all to be happy. All of you." Jolan said, tears showing in his eyes.

Everyone stood up, the young man surrounded by all of them.

Nick stared into Justin's eyes.

"You do have good taste, Jus. He's unbelievable!"

Justin smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Yes, Nick. He's delicious."

Chris suddenly piped up, "OK, everyone. . .group hug!!"

Everyone laughed.

Jolan smiled, everyone enveloping him into a group hug.



End of Chapter 116


So Mark gets his comeuppance.

Jolan shows him the right path, the path to love and forgiveness.

And it seems that Jolan sensed love all around him.

His guiding love joins new additions.


I hoped you liked the inclusion of Nick Carter, and the return of Usher and Tyrone.

Let's watch a new love opening, and a redeeming youth finding happiness.


Lots more to come, the path continues.


Hugs, Angel.