Jolan's Path - Chapter 117


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 117


The group walked out onto the patio, everyone smiling at them.
Chace walked up to Josh, his man smiling.
"Everything okay, my love?"
Josh kissed his cheek, his arm going around his lover.
"Everything's fine, babe. Jolan's just spreading his love again."
Jolan smiled at Chace, Jennie walking up to her brother and Justin.
"My brother is always happiest when he's spreading love."
Jolan smiled, Jennie kissing his cheek.
Jennie smiled, her eyes going to Usher, Nick standing beside him.
"I'm happy for all who find love along Jolan's path." she said, smiling.
Usher's and Nick's eyes went to Jolan, the man smiling at his sister.
"And how goes your path, my sister?" Jolan said.
Jennie smiled, their eyes meeting.
"Equal in happiness, my brother." she said, Jolan smiling at her.
Jennie smiled, turning and walking back to Jonathan, the two joining hands, both walking back to the pool.
Jolan's eyes returned to his friends, Justin and all of them staring at him.
"What did Jennie mean, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan smiling taking his hand in his.
"She is my sister, Jus. She loves to spread love as well."
Everyone's eyes went to Jennie, the girl now in the pool, friends surrounding her.
Jolan looked around, smiling at Justin..
"Time for some watery fun everyone. Let's get this birthday pool party going. Your son looks eager to get wet." he smiled, looking at Hayden smiling in Randall's lap, Justin smiling at him.
"You entertain our friends, my love. I'll get the refreshments organized. But dibs on throwing Lance into the pool."

Lance looked surprised, Jolan smiling at him.

"I never forget, angel of mirth. I still owe you for that welcoming dunk on the first day I came to L.A."

Lance softly blushed, Joey's arm going around him, Jolan laughing.

"Looks like I'll have to sneak past your teddy bear to get you."
Both men laughed, Jolan smiling at Justin.
Justin smiled at him, Jolan kissing his cheek, the young man walking back into the house.
Josh looked at Justin, as did his friends.
"Jennie's been spreading love as well? Who's she trying to match up?" Josh said, their eyes looking again towards her.
"I think we'll just have to wait and see." Justin said, Hayden climbing down off of Randall's lap, running up to his father.
"Swims, Poppa?"
Justin smiled, leaning down and picking up his son.
"For sure, my wet fishy."
Hayden giggled, Justin heading towards the pool, his friends following him.

Justin sat in the shallow end of the pool, Britney at his side, their kids playing in the water in front of them.
Stevie was splashing around with them as well, Justin smiling at his brother's caring love.
"Our boys have a wonderful big brother in Stevie, Justy."
Justin smiled, watching the three younger boys together with Stevie.
"They follow him around everywhere, Bitzy. He's their hero."
Britney smiled, her eyes going to the other end of the pool.
Jennie was laughing and having fun with Jonathan, Mathias and Tyrone, the friends seated at a table playing a card game.
Isaiah, Athos, Bill and Sid were there as well, standing beside the table chatting, Britney smiling.
"So, who do you think Jennie's matching up?"
Justin's eyes went towards Jennie, the man then looking Britney in the eyes.
"I don't have a clue, Bitzy. We don't really know that she is."
"Oh come on, Justy. She's just as loving as Jolan said. And I believe in my heart she's just as giving. She is Jolan's sister."
Justin smiled, his eyes going towards his lover.
Jolan was in the deep end of the pool, Nick, Usher, Josh and Chace swimming and laughing together with him.
"I'm still trying to grasp Usher and Nick together."
Britney smiled, looking at them as well.
"Yes, another surprising day in Jolan's world of love."
Justin smiled, looking up at the pool's edge, a shadow casting down on them.
Lance and Joey were smiling down at them, the two walking down the pool steps.
"How goes the party of love? Any new joining visions of love?" Joey said, Lance smiling at him as the two sat down in the water beside their friends.
Justin shook his head, Lance looking at him.
"Is everyone that curious?" Justin said, Britney smiling at him.
Lance smiled, Justin staring into his green eyes.
"It's not every day that we get to see new love unfold, Jus. I'm sure we all felt the new love in your living room."
Justin smiled at him, his eyes going forward.
Jolan was now swimming towards them, Justin smiling at his lover.
Jolan swam up into the shallow water, the man immediately surrounded by the kids.
"Everyone having fun, our wet angels?"
"Yep, Daddy! We's playing water dogs!" Hayden said grinning widely.
Jolan laughed, smiling at Stevie.
"It's a fun game for them, Bro."
"I'm sure it is, Stevie. I know you'll keep the boys laughing and happy."
Stevie grinned, the three little ones surrounding him, starting to bark.
Everyone laughed, Jolan laughing, then sitting down beside Justin, his lover's arm going around him.
"So what was the big gabfest a minute ago about?"
Joey's eyes met Justin's.
"We were just trying to figure out who Jennie's guiding love to." Joey said, Jolan smiling at him.
Justin and Britney exchanged glances, Jolan looking at all four of them.
"I didn't realize that I've created a game for you guys out here in the sun and fun. That was never my intention."
Everyone smiled at Jolan, his eyes moving around the area.
"It's not really a game, Jo. We're just wondering, that's all." Britney said, her eyes following Jolan's.
"Relax everyone. You won't really see what's going on in regards to that new love, it's more of a sensory perception on Jennie's part. When they're ready they'll reveal their love."
Justin's eyes went to Jolan's pools of love.
"You know who it is, don't you?"
Jolan smiled, kissing his lover's cheek.
"Yes, Jus. Jennie and I are connected, remember. We believe this love needs to blossom on its own."
Everyone stared at Jolan, the man smiling at them.
"Choices of the heart need to be made with only each other."
Everyone smiled, Jolan's words etched with love.
"So how's my man enjoying his birthday?" Jolan said, smiling at his Justin, steering the conversation away from love.
"It's wonderful, my love. It's awesome actually! I'm here with you and my Hay, and my friends. Doesn't get much better than that."
Jolan smiled, Justin snuggling against him, kissing his neck, then his ear, Jolan feeling Justin's kindled desires.
"Calm down, my love, Your Wolfy doesn't want to get his fur wet."
Everyone laughed, Justin softly blushing, Jolan kissing his cheek.

Joey stared at Jolan, Jolan meeting his enquiring eyes.
"Speaking of which, we've never seen your Badenwolf self, Jo. Would you care to show us?"
Jolan softly blushed, Justin's arm tightening around him, feeling his lover's feelings.
"My Wolfy's furry self is for my eyes only, Joey." Justin said, Jolan hearing the love in his protective words.
Jolan smiled at Justin, his eyes then going to Joey's again.
"The beast within me I can only summon in times of danger or in times of immense desire, Joe. That's when my Jus sees the loving side of that beast. Therein lies the truth of my wolfen soul."
Justin stared at Jolan, surprised by his words, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his.

"A Badenwolf's soul is unique. It is a part of him, his second self. But that soul in itself is a duality. it is both strength and love. It comes out of a Badenwolf's self when threatened or when it feels amorous, when deeply loved. I see now why it would be such a hurt within their souls to lose that part of themselves. To lose one's desires or strength. You know yourself the beauty of the beast's love, Jus."

Justin smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes of love.

"Yes, my Wolfy. I know deeply the beauty of both sides of your love--beauty and the beast!"
Jolan smiled, the others smiling at the two.

His eyes looked around at everyone, Justin looking at him.

"The two sides of a Badenwolf's soul are very different, Jus. You have only seen the beast of love. The Badenwolf of strength is a muscular animal of immense strength, resolve and cunning. The blood thirst takes over its soul. I hope I never have to show that side to any of you, but I feel within my heart that one day I may have to."
Justin's arms went around Jolan, Jolan feeling his love.

"At the final confrontation? You've sensed you'll have to then?"

"I don't know, Jus. I only know that there must be some reason that I have a Badenwolf soul. That other beast is hidden there for a reason."

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's lips.

"It's there to excite me and to love me."

Joey laughed, Jolan smirking.

"I didn't know you were into bestiality, Curly? Should we hide the neighborhood dogs?"

Jolan laughed, Justin blushing.

Lance leaned over, kissing Joey on the lips, the man about to say something else, Lance's kiss silencing him.

The two broke the kiss, Joey wearing a look of intense love.

"Now, my love. I like furry teddy bears, so leave Jus alone."
Justin laughed, as did Britney and Jolan, Joey smiling at his lover.

"Enough said, my Lance. Your teddy bear beast loves you."

The two smiled at each other, the others seeing their love.

"Okay, enough snuggling. I should get started on dinner." Jolan said, standing up out of the water, his lover smiling up at him, taking in every beautiful inch of Jolan's physique.

"Need some help, my love?"
Jolan smiled, leaning down and kissing Justin's upturned lips.

"That would be flirtatiously wonderful, my love. But the birthday boy needs to bask in the adulation of his party guests."

Justin smiled, Jolan walking up the pool steps, everyone watching him head towards the house, ducking his head as he walked through a Frisbee toss between Briahna and Rachel.

"That man's remarkable, Jus. He's so loving and strong." Britney said, Justin smiled, wrapping his arm around her.

"He's the Badenwolf of my heart. Neither beast within him shall I ever fear. There's too much love within his soul of love."

Everyone smiled, the kids swimming up towards them, Hayden smiling as he climbed into Justin's wet lap.


The group enjoyed another large buffet, Jolan seeing to all their needs, the food delicious and plentiful.

No one wanted for food or drink, their smiles and laughter filling Jolan's soul.

After dinner, games were played; everyone enjoying the cooling evening air.

A volleyball net was set up, four teams organized, everyone having fun.

Jolan walked around, making sure everyone was enjoying themselves, Justin seeing his happiness at the largeness of his new family.

The two lovers spent moments together between games and chatting with others.

When darkness began to fall, the party changed over to card games inside, dancing on the patio and couples of love relaxing in separate corners of the large house, pool and yard.

Jolan smiled, walking room to room, then dancing on the patio, then snuggling with his Justin on a chaise lounge after dancing.

"Great day, my love. You've made my birthday so special."

Jolan smiled, kissing his lover, Justin in his arms.

Hayden was out on the grass, Stevie showing the three boys how to catch fireflies, Randall and Paul with them.

"The joys of childhood." Jolan said, looking at his son's beaming face; he, Jayden and Sean staring at jarred lightning bugs.

"He's so happy, Jo. Our boy's so happy."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's neck.

"His Poppa and I make him happy."
Justin smiled, Jolan's eyes going around the patio and the backyard.

Nick smiled at the two of them as he and Usher walked past their lounger, the two men heading into the house.

Justin's eyes followed the two, Jolan pulling him against him.

"I still can't believe that Usher and Nick are attracted to each other." Justin said, Jolan kissing his neck again.

"Love is love, my sweet. We all find our soulmate."
Justin turned, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Some of us find even more."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing him deeply.

The two snuggled, Jolan's eyes zoning in on someone else sitting across the patio.

He saw where that person's eyes were focused, Jolan smiling to himself.

Jolan's eyes met his sister's, Jennie dancing slowly on the dance floor, Jonathan's arms wrapped around her.

Two pair of eyes softly glowed, two smiles of love shared.

Jolan's eyes moved, seeing someone rising up, walking into the house.

He saw the other person he'd been staring at watch that person walk into the house.

He smiled, his lips kissing Justin's neck again, his man sighing a contented sigh of love.


Usher was wrapped in Nick's arms, the two locked in a tender kiss.

His soul was flooded with warmth, the love coming from the man in his arms so intense.

It filtered down through every inch of Usher's body.

The two hadn't planned this moment, fate laying its course.

They'd walked through the kitchen, chatting with Josh and Chace, the two playing cards with Paul and Domo.

After a few minutes they'd walked into the living room, finding the room empty, a moment of quiet relished by both men, both sitting down on a couch, looking at each other.

They then realized who they were with, both men sitting in quiet silence, their inner selves unsure of what to say.

"One of those awkward moments, Nick." Usher said, the man looking at him.

Nick smiled, his eyes lowering.

"We've known each other for quite a while, Ush. Why now are we tongue-tied?"

Usher smiled, staring into Nick's blue eyes.

"I guess we haven't known the beauty of each other's soul."
Nick smiled, seeing the beautiful smile on the man's dark face.

"And we now realize how beautiful each other's smile is."

They both smiled, Nick moving a little closer to Usher, the man quietly smiling at him.

"Thank you for not judging me, Ush. For my stupidity in letting Mark control me." Nick said, his head lowering.

Usher's hand went forward, raising Nick's head.

"You weren't stupid, Nick. You were caught in a situation not of your making. The man drugged you, then forced himself on you. You were trapped. I would never fault you for any of that. If I ever meet that man again he'll know how I feel."

Nick's eyes met Usher's, seeing the calmness in those brown eyes.

"I was so stupid." Nick said, lowering his head.

Usher's arm went around Nick, Nick feeling his compassion.

His head raised again, Usher leaning forward, kissing Nick's lips.

Nick became lost in the tenderness of Usher's kiss, the man slowly moving back.

"There, Nick. You just saw my feelings on your stupidity. Would a man who thinks you're stupid kiss you like that?"

Nick softly smiled, Usher smiling back at him.

'Well, I am blond."
Usher laughed, the two smiling at each other.

"I've. . .I've never met someone who cared about my feelings, Usher. Everyone's always taken from me or wanted. . ."

Usher pulled Nick a little closer.

"All I want from you is your love, Nicky. And all I can give you is mine."
Nick teared up, staring into Usher's brown eyes.

"Oh, Ush."
Usher smiled, Nick pulling him close, their lips crashing against each other.

Here now they sat, locked in an embrace of needful love.

They both felt the love flowing through them, lost in its newness.

Neither heard someone walking into the room.

"Uncle Ush?"

Usher froze, Nick pulling back from him.

Usher turned, staring into Tyrone's brown eyes.

Nick sat in nervous shock, backing away from Usher, then standing up.

"It. . .it was me, Tyrone. I. . .I made a pass at your uncle. . .he's not. . ."

Usher stood up, looking at his nephew, Tyrone staring at Nick with wide eyes.

Usher walked over to his friend, his arm going around Nick, Nick looking surprised.

"No, Nick. You don't have to make excuses for me. Or hide my life or our blossoming love."
Nick looked shocked, Usher smiling at him.

His brown eyes went to his nephew, Usher walking up to him.

"What you just witnessed is true, Tyrone. Nick was just trying to protect my image. Your uncle's in love with this wonderful man."

Tyrone stared at Usher, his head then lowering.

Usher started to walk towards him, Tyrone backing up.

"You. . .you're gay?"

"Yes, Tyrone. I'm gay. I've known for a long time."

"But you're. . .you've always been. . .the women?"

"The entrapment of denial, Tyrone. I'm tired of the denial. I'm not going to hide this anymore."
Usher moved forward, Tyrone backing up, the young man running out of the room.

"I'm sorry, Ush. I'm sorry for putting you in this spot. I always screw things up!" Nick said, walking up beside him.

Usher moved, his arms going around Nick, feeling the man's self-loathing.

"It's alright, Nicky. You didn't. It was time the boy knew his real uncle."

"I hope I haven't ruined your relationship with him." Nick said, Usher's eyes meeting his.

"You haven't, Nickolas."

Both men turned, Jolan standing in the doorway which Tyrone had disappeared through.

"You. . .you were listening, Jolan?" Usher said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I've always been drawn to love, guys. Tyrone went upstairs, Usher. I think you need to talk to your nephew."

Usher nodded, his eyes going to Nick.

"I'll be right back, Nicky." he smiled, Nick smiling back.

"I'll be right here."

Usher smiled, walking over to Jolan, the young man's hand going to his shoulder.

"Talk to him on his level, Usher. He's at a crossroads in his life where he needs you. You and your love."
Usher nodded, walking out of the room, heading up the staircase in the foyer.

Nick walked up to Jolan, his blue eyes meeting Jolan's grey.

Jolan smiled at him, his arm going around him.

"Welcome to the world of real love, Nick. The past can't hold a candle to the present. They'll both see that." Jolan said smiling, his eyes going to the staircase.

Nick stared at Jolan, sensing something behind that smile.


Usher tapped on the bedroom door, slowly opening it.

He looked in, seeing his nephew seated on a large king size bed, Usher walking into the room.

"You shouldn't be in here, Tyrone. This is Justin's and Jolan's bedroom, and it's private."
The young man's eyes raised, Usher seeing tears in his brown eyes.

He then moved his eyes away, staring at the fireplace in the corner of the room.

"Jolan guided me here. I met him on the stairs."

Usher's eyes went back towards the door, a confused look on his face.

"Why would he. . .?"
"He said you and I needed a private place to talk."
Usher looked surprised, slowly walking over to the bed, sitting down beside his nephew.

"We could have talked downstairs, Ty. You didn't have to run away from me."
"I didn't. . .Uncle Usher. I. . .I ran away from myself."

Usher looked surprised, staring at Tyrone.

"From yourself, Ty?"

The young man nodded, his eyes still looking away from his uncle.

"Please look at me, Tyrone."
Tyrone's head turned, his eyes looking into his uncle's face.

"I never wanted you to find out about my other life this way, Tyrone. I should have been honest with you a long time ago, and honest with your Mom."

The young man stared at his uncle, a confused look crossing his face.

"It kind of shocked me, Uncle Usher. You in another man's arms. . .it was so surprising."
Usher's hand went on his nephew's shoulder, the man feeling his nephew tense up.

"I've known for a long time how my soul feels, I just could never be honest with myself. Meeting Nick has changed my soul, Tyrone."

Tyrone's eyes met Usher's, Usher seeing a explosion of hurt hidden in those brown eyes.

"Do you love him, Uncle Usher?"

Usher looked into Tyrone's eyes.

"I truly believe that I do, Ty. We've only begun to open up about ourselves, but my heart feels deeply for him."

Tyrone nodded, the young man standing up, walking over to the windows, looking out into the backyard, his eyes searching every face below him.

"It must be so wonderful to find that special someone. To feel that love wrapped around your heart, and to feel someone else lay claim to that heart. My heart is so sore, Uncle Usher."

Usher looked surprised, the man standing up, walking up to his nephew, his arms going around him, Tyrone turning, his head going against his uncle's chest, a deep sob coming out of him.

"What's wrong, Tyrone?" he softly said, the young man pulling him tightly to him.

"I want to be loved, Uncle. I need someone to love me!"


Jolan and Nick sat in the living room; Josh, Chace and Justin walking into the room.

Jolan smiled at Justin, the man smiling back, walking over and sitting down in Jolan's lap, his lover wrapping him in his arms.

"Missed ya sweetie."
Jolan laughed, kissing Justin's cheek.

"I've only been away from you for, like, fifteen minutes."

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Besides, I haven't had my twenty-seventh birthday kiss yet."
Jolan smiled, pulling his man's lips to his, the two kissing deeply.

Jolan had told Justin earlier that morning that he'd give him twenty-nine deep loving kisses throughout the day, one for each year of his life.

There were now only two left.

Nick smiled beside them, his eyes going to the doorway.

"Where's Usher, Nick?" Josh said, he and Chace sitting down together in an overstuffed chair, Josh in Chace's lap.

"He's upstairs in our room, Joshy." Jolan said, Justin's eyes looking at him.

"Why, Jo? Nick's down here. He can't do the nasty without him."

Nick blushed, Justin laughing, leaning over and kissing Nick's cheek, Jolan smiling at them.

"Just kidding, Nick. Your love is private. I know you're both taking it slow."

Nick smiled, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"He said he wants to love me, Jus."

Justin smiled widely, pulling his friend against him, Nick almost falling into Justin and Jolan's laps.

Jolan smiled, seeing Justin's joy at Nick's newfound love.

"That's awesome, Nicky!"

Nick's eyes met Jolan's, the young man smiling at him.

In that smile Nick saw no jealousy or concern.

He knew the man loved and trusted Justin completely.

"It was kind of overpowering. His love was so intense."

Jolan smiled, patting Nick's shoulder.

"And it was real, Nick?"
Nick smiled, nodding his head.

"The first real love I've felt since you, Jus."

Justin smiled, Jolan smiling as well.

"I want what you and Jolan have, Jus. I feel that deep love coming from Usher."

"Take it a day at a time, Nicky. Love needs to grow. It will be an amazing path. I've never felt anything more beautiful."
Jolan smiled, Nick's eyes going to the doorway.


Usher looked down at his nephew, feeling the emotion flowing from the boy's soul.

"Oh, Ty. You are loved. I love you, your Mom and Dad love you."

Tyrone wiped his eyes, backing away from his uncle.

"They kicked me out, Uncle Ush."
Usher looked surprised, his hands going forward, resting on the young man's shoulders.

"Why, Tyrone? You'd changed, you'd gone forward with your life. You'd walked away from the gangs."

Tyrone lowered his head, Usher staring at him.

"I did, Uncle Ush. I walked away from that life. But I couldn't escape the truth. The truth of what I was."

Usher looked confused, the young man turning, staring out the window.

"What you were, Ty?"
"I wasn't really in the gang. They just kept me around. Because of what I was."

Usher stared at Tyrone, the young man's eyes meeting his.

"I'm not who you think I am, Uncle Ush. I'm garbage, I'm useless garbage."
"That's so not true, Tyrone. You're a young, bright, intelligent man. You've had a hard life, but you've risen above it. I wouldn't give you a chance on my tour if I didn't have faith in you, Tyrone. I love you."
"How can you love me, Uncle Usher? You don't know what I've done!"

"Then tell me, Tyrone. Tell me what's going on here."

The young man was on the edge of breaking down, Usher's hands tightening on his shoulders.

"It was all an act, Uncle Ush. All the bravado, the gangsta stance, it was all an act. I. . .I'm nothing more than a whore."

Usher looked stunned, his nephew falling into his arms sobbing, Usher wrapping his arms around him.

"What do you mean, Ty?"
Tyrone's brown eyes looked up at his uncle, seeing the confusion on his face.

"They used me, Uncle Ush! I let them use me!"

The young man sobbed, Usher gently guiding him over to the bed, pulling him down beside him, the young man crying against his chest.

"I. . .I was raped when I was thirteen by the gang leader. I was used by everyone until I was strong enough to fight them off."
Usher held the young man in his arms, feeling the lost love the young man had never had.

"Oh, Tyrone! Why didn't you tell me? I could have pulled you out of that nightmare."
"It was a nightmare, Uncle Ush. When I attacked Jennie, when she showed me her past, it went right into my heart. It showed me who I was, who I would be if I didn't change. If I didn't have the courage she had. I thank God that she did that for me. She made me see that I'm something more than what they wanted me to be. I'm me. I walked away from that gang. I wanted to be the man I know I am. Then I went home and faced Mom and Dad. I told them everything. I told them the truth of my heart. They told me to get out. They told me to leave."

Tyrone was crying again, Usher's arms around him tightly.

"I'm sorry, Ty. I can't believe they did that to you."
"Please don't throw me out, Uncle Usher. You're all I have!"

Usher's arms wrapped around the young man, his love there.

"Never, Tyrone. You're my nephew and I love you."

Tyrone sobbed, holding on to his uncle, feeling his love.

The young man's eyes raised, looking into his uncle's eyes.

"I need. . .I need to tell you the truth, Uncle Usher."
Usher wiped the young man's eyes, Tyrone staring at him.

"I'm just like you, Uncle Ush. I'm. . .I'm gay."

Usher pulled his nephew against him, the young man feeling a sudden warmth surround him.

The warmth of his uncle's love.

"That would never change how I feel about you, Tyrone. Regardless of what you now know of my own self. You're my nephew and I will always love you."

Tyrone began to cry, Usher holding him in his arms, giving the young man what he needed.

Someone to believe in him.

"It's going to be okay, Tyrone. You have a place to stay, with me. I'll talk to your parents, I'll tell them the truth about myself and you as well. They'll see the man you really are. Their loving son."
Tyrone stared at his uncle, seeing the deep love still shining in his eyes.

"I. . .I was so scared you'd hate me. You'd hate the new me. Then I saw you downstairs with Nick...I saw that you were like me. It. . .I hoped you wouldn't hate me."

"I love you, Tyrone. I'm your uncle and I'll always be here for you."
Tyrone wiped his eyes, his uncle smiling at him.

"This is a different Tyrone I see before me. I see a young man now, not the youth of gangly arrogance the last few years. This is the Tyrone I've always loved. The strong, courageous, loving Tyrone."
Tyrone softly smiled, wiping his eyes.

"Thank you, Uncle Usher. Thank you for loving me."
Usher smiled, leaning forward and kissing his nephew's cheek.

"The real you is easy to love, Tyrone."

Tyrone stared at his uncle, Usher sensing something on his mind.

"Something else you want to talk to me about, Tyrone?"
Tyrone sighed, Usher's hand going to his shoulder.

"Hey, we're brothers of kindred spirit now. You can talk to me about anything."

Tyrone looked into his uncle's eyes.

"Do you believe in love at first sight, Uncle Ush?"

Usher looked surprised, Tyrone beginning to tell him the last part of his truth.


Jolan smiled, hearing footsteps in the foyer.

Jonathan and Jennie walked into the room, everyone smiling at them.

"What's everyone doing?" Jonathan said, Jennie smiling at her brother, the young woman sitting down in Justin's lap, Justin seated beside Jolan now.

Jonathan smiled, Justin smiling back at him.

"We're just chatting, Jon." Jolan smiled, the young man sitting down beside Jolan, Jolan putting his arm around him.

"Cool, cool. Everyone's mellowing out. You old timers sure tire fast."

Justin's eyes went to his brother, Jonathan grinning at him.

Justin turned, staring at Josh, his friend smiling at him.

"Josh, show him what an old timer can do."
Josh grinned, leaping out of his seat, pulling Jonathan up, the young man screaming as Josh began tickling him

The two fell to the floor, Jonathan screaming with laughter, everyone laughing around them.

Jennie was on her feet, diving on top of Josh, the man continuing to tickle Jonathan.

"Ah, two against one. Bring it on, Chace's little groupie!" Josh laughed, pulling Jennie off his back, her and her boyfriend now below him, both screaming with laughter as Josh's fingers met their underarms.

Chace grinned, out of his seat in a flash, his arms going around his lover.

"No worries, Jennie! I'll tame this monster."
Josh grinning, his eyes meeting Chace's, Chace's lips meeting his.

Josh instantly stopped, overcome by the depth of love Chace was giving him.

Everyone smiled, seeing the moment of love before them.

Chace pulled back slowly, their lips lingering, Josh showing a look of total blankness on his face.

"Now's your chance, Jon and Jennie. I've stunned him with my love."
The two younger people grinned, Jonathan moving quickly, knocking Josh off of him, the man suddenly under him and Jennie, both tickling him hard.
The man roared with laughter, Chace laughing above him.

After about a minute, the two younger ones stopped tickling Josh, the man gasping for air.

They both smiled, standing up and hugging Chace.

"Thanks, Chace. The monster's been destroyed." Jonathan grinned.

"Nah, Jon. He's only succumbed to my love. He'll be much tamer now."
Everyone laughed, Chace smiling down at Josh, leaning down and giving him a hand up, his strong arms going around him.

"You blindsided me, my love. That's not playing fair!"
Chace smiled, leaning forward and tenderly kissing him again.

"Hey, you're not an old timer."
Josh smiled, Chace smiling into his blue eyes.

"I'll always blindside you. You're my old man."

Josh laughed, Chace smiling at him as his hands went to Josh's butt.

"I love old tigers."
Everyone laughed, Jolan's eyes going to the doorway.

Athos, Sid, Isaiah, Bill and Mathias walked into the room, Jolan smiling at them.

"What's going on, everyone?" Mathias said smiling, his eyes going around the room.

"Man, is everyone bored around here?" Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.

"The night's waning, my love. Any ideas, sweetie?" Justin said, Jolan smiling.

His grey eyes went again to the doorway, Usher and Tyrone walking into the room.

Nick's eyes went to both, Jolan standing up.

"Everything okay now, guys?" Jolan said, smiling.

"Yes, Jolan." Tyrone said, a soft smile on his face.

"Life is lived as it comes, my friends. The future always gets better with love in your heart."

Usher looked at Jolan, the man smiling.

"You knew?" Tyrone said, staring at Jolan.
Jennie smiled, walking up beside Jolan, her eyes going to Tyrone's brown eyes.

"I knew the day I connected with you, Tyrone. Your heart lay open to me, as did mine to yours."

The young man's head lowered, Jennie moving forward, kissing his cheek.

His head raised, staring into two blue eyes of deep love.

"Life, as my brother just said, needs to be lived. You and I have that chance now. To live a life with love. I have my Jonathan, and you. . .well you have a chance at finding that special person to make your future better."
The young man smiled, Jennie smiling back at him.

Everyone in the room stared at the two young people, Justin trading glances with Nick and Usher.

"Well, as the young go getters here pointed out, we're getting too mellow. How about a lantern-lit swim everyone?" Jolan said, smiling at his Justin.

Everyone grinned, Jonathan's hand going in Jennie's.

"Sounds like fun, Jo." Josh said, Jolan winking at him.

"Hey, in the shadowy darkness we can neck, Joshy ya old tiger!"

Josh laughed, Chace grinning.

Everyone laughed, Justin's arm going around his lover.

"You're my beast, beautiful."
Jolan laughed, everyone walking out of the room.

Justin smiled, his eyes following Usher and Tyrone.


The late pool break was just the ticket to end the night.

Everyone swam, laughed, floated, talked and felt the happiness of the ending hours.

The backyard was strung with lanterns, the area well lit.

After swimming they relaxed at tables around the pool, sipping cocktails and ice water, the night winding down.

"Awesome day, Jolan. Thanks for all the fun." Britney said, Sean asleep in her lap, Jayden sound asleep in Chris'.

Hayden was sprawled across Justin's chest, Justin laying in a lounger, Hayden still wearing only his swim trunks.

"The boys swam themselves into dreamland." Jolan smiled, Britney smiling at him, others as well.

"I'll have to remember that. Make them swim late." she said, Jolan laughing.

"Just let them play in the pool with their Poppa Walrus for an hour or so before bedtime. He's got lots of belly for them to sleep on while he floats."
Everyone laughed, Chris giving Jolan a one finger salute, the smile on his face showing his happiness.

"You should take them all upstairs, guys. The three love sleeping together. And you and Chris are staying tonight, Britney."
Britney nodded, getting up, Chris rising beside her as well.

"Thanks, Jo. You just like seeing my beautiful face in the morning." Chris grinned, Jayden sound asleep in his arms.

Jolan smiled, Chris smiling wider.

"Nah. Just taking other people's safety into consideration. Wouldn't want someone hitting a walrus walking home."

Everyone laughed, the three angels in their midst still sound asleep.

Chris shook his head, following Justin and Britney into the house.

Josh was still laughing, slapping Jolan's shoulder, Jolan wearing a Hawaiian shirt over his muscular torso.

"Don't ever change, Jo. You are so quick-witted!"
Jolan grinned, smiling around at everyone.

At the next table, all the younger friends sat, chatting with each other.

Tyrone's eyes several times in the last hour had gone to Jolan's, Jolan smiling at him each time.

Several other people had been casting glances at the young man and Usher as well, Usher seated beside Jolan.

"A wonderful day, Jolan. A revealing one as well." Usher said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Love reveals when it must, my friend."
Usher and Nick both smiled, Nick's hand going in Usher's.

Usher's eyes were on Jolan, Justin and Britney rejoining them, smiling.

"Chris is tucking them all in." Britney said, she and Justin sitting down again, Justin sitting in Jolan's lap.

"Wow! How much cake did you eat today, Tubby Timby?"

Everyone at the table laughed, others joining in around them.

"Ha. . .ha, sweetie. You love me big boned."
Joey burst into laughter, Justin realizing what he'd said.

"Wow! And Chris isn't here! Oh man! You lucked out!" Joey laughed, others laughing as well.

Jolan smiled, his hand going under Justin's t-shirt, rubbing his stomach.

"So true, my love. So true."
Justin bashfully laughed, Jolan whispering in his ear.

Justin smiled, looking around at everyone, Chris walking out of the house.

"I'd like to thank everyone for this day, and this weekend. It's been the best birthday celebration ever!"
Everyone smiled, clapping at Justin, the man smiling, Jolan smiling beside him.

Jolan tapped his shoulder, his lover turning to look at him.

Jolan leaned forward, kissing him deeply, Justin lost in the love he felt.

"Wow! Number twenty-eight was awesome! Can't wait for the last one."
Jolan smiled, looking into his blue eyes.

"It will hold you until next year." he smiled, others smiling.

"On that note the party's over! Goodnight everyone!" Justin said, beaming.

Jolan laughed, slapping his butt.

"Don't kick your friends out just so you can play with the beast, Justy!" Britney said, everyone laughing, Justin blushing.

"Don't ever change, my horndog." Jolan said, Justin smiling his private smile at him.


Jolan smiled, his eyes focusing on someone walking up to their table, Usher looking at his nephew standing in front of him.

"Please, everyone. I'd like to say something."

Everyone quieted down, Tyrone looking around at everyone, his voice silencing them.

Jolan smiled at him, the young man smiling back.

"I want to thank you, Jolan and Jennie, for inviting me here today. It makes my heart fill with happiness knowing that you've both forgiven me for what I did here before."
Everyone looked at the young man, knowing of what he spoke, seeing Jolan's acceptance of the man's true self.

"That's water under the bridge, Tyrone." Jolan said, smiling at him, the young man seeing Jolan's friendship in his grey eyes.

"Most of all I'd like to thank you, Jennie. For your forgiveness and your courageous, giving heart." Tyrone said, his eyes going to her at the next table, the young woman seated in Jonathan's lap.

She smiled, getting up, walking up to the young man.

"We've already talked this through, Tyrone. You're being here is all the thanks I need." she said, Jolan smiling at his sister.

"I've watched everyone here today, seeing so much united love, seeing so many people happy together, and as couples of love, shining in happiness. I want happiness like that. I'd like all of you to know what you've done for me. How deeply you affected me this day. And how you affected me that day, Jennie. I want you to know what my life was like before, and what it is now." Tyrone said, his brown eyes meeting his uncle's.

Usher nodded at him, Tyrone seeing the tearful love in those loving brown eyes.

"Alright, Tyrone. Tell us all of the life and love now in your heart." Jennie said smiling, sitting down in Chace's lap in front of Tyrone, the man's arm going around her.

Tyrone smiled at the young woman, his voice carrying across the pool, everyone at the tables surrounding him listening.


Tyrone ended his story, his uncle now standing at his side, his arm around him.

Tyrone's eyes were filled with tears, as were a lot of eyes staring at him.

They'd all heard of the life of hardship, hurt and pain the young man had endured, and of the courage in his heart for walking away from it.

They now saw what Jennie had given him that day after he'd tried to hurt her, his attacking her only the bravado of his confused life.

He'd made a play for her as a sign of showing his heterosexuality, in an attempt to hide his confused heart.

The man had confessed his inner secrets, visions of his old life and his hope for a new tomorrow.

Usher stood beside him, prouder than he'd ever been of his loving nephew.

"We go forward now together, Ty. I love you, son."

Tyrone smiled, hugging his uncle, Jennie standing up.

She smiled at the young man, Tyrone smiling back at her.

"I saw the beauty of your courageous soul that day, Ty. I knew this day would blossom, your heart, and soul now filled with life."
Tyrone smiled, Jennie hugging him, everyone smiling at the two.

She pulled back, looking back at her brother, Jolan smiling at her.

"Usher is right, my friend. Now you go forward, your life open before you. I think you need to talk to someone. He's been filled with his own hope all day. His loving eyes give away his own hope."

Tyrone stared at the young woman, Jennie leaning in and whispering in his ear softly, the young man's eyes widening.

Jennie stepped back, smiling at him.

Tyrone's eyes stared into hers, seeing the blue sparkling glow in their centers.

His eyes looked around him, two blue eyes meeting his.

"Excuse me, everyone. I have to talk to someone in private."

Everyone stared at him, some wiping their still tear-filled eyes.

Tyrone smiled at his uncle, Usher staring at him.

The young man walked over to the table Jonathan and his young friends sat at, Tyrone staring at only one young man.

"Can I talk to you for a moment alone, Mathias?"
The young man smiled at Tyrone, nodding his head.

Mathias' two brothers smiled at him, everyone else looking on.

Mathias stood up, walking around the table, the two young men walking out into the darkness, heading for the gazebo.


Everyone's eyes turned, staring at Jennie.

Justin and Jolan stood up, Jolan walking up to his sister, wrapping his arms around her.

"I think your training days are over, little angel. You guide on love's path like a master."
Jennie smiled, Jolan kissing her cheek.

Justin's hand went to Jolan's shoulder, the young man smiling at him.

"Mathias and Tyrone?" Justin softly said, a look of amazement on his face.

Jennie smiled, looking at Justin, kissing his cheek, then looking around at everyone.

"I felt their love, its joining moment. Life's path of love stops for no one. We love as we need to be loved."
Everyone looked at her in surprise, seeing before them again the joining path of love, Jennie its loving guide.

"I just can't believe it!" Josh said, Chace now sitting in his lap.

"Believe it, Joshy. We've all seen Jolan's giving love. It's now twice as bright, his sister of love now joined with him."

The two young Dragosans smiled, Jennie looking around.

"It's a new love, everyone. Let's all give them time to find its core, to find the beauty of each other's souls. I see it shining brightly now in both their hearts."
Everyone smiled, Nick walking up to Usher, his arm going around him.

"Yes, Jennie. I know the feeling." he said, Usher smiling into his blue eyes.


Justin stretched his lengthy frame, walking up the stairs, the lower floor now bathed in darkness.

He yawned, walking up to his son's bedroom, peeking into the room, seeing three angels sound asleep on the car bed, a bigger angel in their center.

Stevie lay sound asleep, the three younger boys surrounding him.

Justin smiled, seeing four brothers of love.

He quietly backed out of the room, listening to the silence around him.

It wasn't totally silent, Justin hearing soft murmurs of love coming from several bedrooms, a smile washing over his face.

The day of happiness had ended, visions of love leaving his home, others now in the rooms surrounding him.

He smiled and walked quietly across the hall, walking into his bedroom, stopping and taking in a vision of love before him.

"Shut the door my love. Our love needs a private moment."
Justin smiled, taking in the vision of his loving Jo.

Jolan sat on the loveseat in front of the fireplace, a soft flame glowing in its center.

Jolan was wearing only a pair of satin boxers, a soft blue in color, his beauty showing openly.

He sat in the center of the loveseat, his legs open, Justin taking in the largeness of his lover's center hidden under the silky fabric he wore.

Justin's eyes ran over every sinewy inch of his smooth muscular body.

A bottle of wine sat in a bucket on the small table before him, two glasses at its side.

"What's this my love?" Justin said, his voice edged with lust-filled emotion, his eyes staring into his soft grey pools of glowing love.

"This is your final moments of birthday love, my angel. You still have one kiss left."

Justin teared up, closing the door behind him, slowly walking towards the vision of love before him, his hands going to his shirt.

"Stop, Jus. I want to undress you."
Justin smiled, walking to the loveseat, gently moving downward, Jolan's hands going to his head, pulling his lips to his.

Jolan stopped, his lips moving, lightly kissing Justin's nose.

"Not yet my love. Sit with me."

Justin shuddered, the edge of desire he'd been building to suddenly taken away from him.

"Oh, Jo. Please. . .I need that kiss."
Jolan smiled, pulling his man down with him, Justin falling into his lap.

Jolan's fingers went to Justin's face, tracing across his cheek.

"Desire heightens when chased with need."

Justin smiled, Jolan's hands running down Justin's leg, the man wearing cargo shorts, his hairy legs on display.

"I love the smooth beauty of your body, my god of desire. But the hairiness of your legs wrapped around me sends shivers down my spine into my soul." Jolan said, his lips gently kissing Justin's neck.

"Oh God, Jo. You're. . .I'm so. . ."

Jolan smiled, taking his lover's earlobe into his mouth, Justin shuddering.

"I'm glad to see I still can grab your attention."
Their eyes met, Jolan smiling at Justin.

"Oh, Wolfy! No one will ever do to me what you just did."
Jolan smiled, patting Justin's cloth-covered butt.

"I know my love. I know. And tonight you'll have only me, your Jo."
Justin smiled, Jolan rising up, Justin moving off him, sitting beside him now, a soft pout showing on his face for the disconnection.

Jolan smiled, reaching for the bottle of wine, pouring each of them a glass of wine, handing one to Justin, taking one himself.

"Don't pout, my love. My passion, my love and my desires are only moments away."
Justin smiled, staring into Jolan's grey eyes, the soft glow still there.

"They glow with your love embedded in them, my angel."
Justin sighed, his heart filling with his love for this special man.

"Here, at the end of this day of happiness, I want to propose a toast, my love."
Justin nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

"Today, you made our love real, Justin. Today, I watched you surrounded by past loves--Lance, Joshua and Nickolas. Three men who once loved you deeply. I saw you interact with all three of them, and felt only your love for me. You truly love me, Jus. And I so deeply love you. We are one, my love. You and I go forward now forever. I love you and trust you completely. You are now forever mine. And I am forever yours."

Justin was in tears, hearing the depth of love coming from his Jolan.

Yes, his Jolan.

His alone.

"I want to toast our love, Justin. A toast to its lifetime of happiness. I love you, my love."
Justin was softly crying, raising his glass, Jolan's tapping his against it, the two drinking the sweet wine, emptying the glasses.

Jolan took his glass from Justin, setting them both down on the table, the young man standing.

"Come my love, walk with me to our heaven." he said, his hand going down to him, Justin taking it, the man pulling him up.

The two walked over to the bed, stopping at its side, staring into each other's eyes.

"Prepare for number twenty-nine, my Jumpy."

Justin smiled, Jolan's lips going to his.

Justin became lost in the feelings flowing through him.

It seemed like Jolan was pulling his heart out of his chest, the flood of desire and love sweeping it away from him.

Justin felt his lips opening, Jolan's tongue entering his mouth, Justin becoming lost in the passion.

Justin felt Jolan's hands all over his body, his clothes being pulled off of him, some even tearing.

Justin felt his lover moving him, Justin falling backwards, Jolan's lips finally separating from his, Justin gasping.

His blue eyes opened, staring up into two blue pools of love.

"You are mine, my Jus. For always. Your blue love reflects in my eyes. Let my glowing soul reflect in yours."
Justin gasped, Jolan sinking downwards, enveloping Justin's total hardness, Justin's mind exploding with love.

For hours Jolan worshipped the god before him--his hands, lips, tongue and body devouring him.

Every moment that Justin tried to turn his love towards Jolan, his lover's strength and loving touch sent him flowing again into his own desires.

Justin felt Jolan tasting every inch of his body, his tongue lapping up the sweat from his skin, his mouth devouring his center, swallowing the juice of his love.

Justin climaxed, then shrank back into Jolan's loving arms, his lover kissing him, caressing him, igniting the passion within him, over and over again.

Four times Justin's orgasm erupted, Jolan devouring all of it, then searching for more, drawing more slowly out of him.

Twice Justin was reduced to sobs, Jolan's love and body surrounding him, his touch and soft words of love stoking the fires within him.

Jolan took Justin's heated hardness within him, riding the passion within his soul.

Finally the passion and desire was saturated from him, the man laying in his lover's embrace, Jolan having ridden him for the third time, the orgasm still deeply within him.

Jolan's grey eyes met his lover's blue, the beauty of his smile sending Justin into a deep sleep, the last words he spoke echoing in his dreams.

"Happy Birthday, my love."



End of Chapter 117


A chapter of new love and joining love, a chapter of real love.

I hope it didn't get too bogged down in romance and love.

They just needed a day of love and fun.


Nick and Usher now together.

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