Jolan's Path - Chapter 119


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 119


Justin stretched, his gangly form walking into the kitchen.

Jolan's eyes met his, the two smiling at each other.

"You let me sleep in, my love." Justin said, his arms going around his man, the two exchanging a good morning kiss of tenderness.

"My tiger needed his rest." Jolan winked, Justin smiling.

The night had ended with Jolan taking Justin to that place of intense desire, Jolan giving in to all of Justin's needs.

His loving beauty had settled the concern in Justin's heart, after last night's confrontation.

Justin smiled, walking over to the table, hugging and kissing Jolan's parents, then his Mom, Dad and Lisa, and finally Jennie and Hayden, the boy in his aunt's lap.

Jennie smiled up at him, a glass of milk in her hand, Hayden sipping out of it through a straw.

"Morning, Poppa."
"Morning, son." Justin smiled, kissing the boy's cheek, Hayden grinning..

"Everyone is on their way over, Justin. Lonnie's picking up papers and Ally's checking the news reports. Hopefully last night's moments won't be too sensational." Lynn said, smiling at her son as he sat down beside Jennie.

"I'm sure it will be, Mom. I put my foot in it last night." Justin said, Jolan walking over to the table, smiling at his man.

"You reacted with good cause, Justin." Randall said, smiling at Jolan.

Jolan smiled back, setting a glass of orange juice down on the table for Justin, returning to the stove.

"Your father's right, Justin. You were protecting Jolan from that lecherous cad." Lisa said, Jolan smiling at her.

"I agree. There's no forgiveness for what that man was doing. You showed all of us your protective love for our Jolan." Lynn said, helping Jolan at the counter, the two placing the last platters in the warming oven, heaps of warm pancakes and muffins filling them.

"Your parents are right, Justin. In a moment of insolent pawing at me, Baxter got his comeuppance. You showed him forcefully that you won't put up with his antics."

Justin smiled up at Jolan, pulling him down into his lap, kissing his cheek.

"I love you, Jo. I'll always stop anyone from trying to hurt or touch you."
Everyone smiled, Jolan smiling at his lover.

"Aren't I the lucky one?"
Justin smiled, Jolan softly kissing him.

"Poppa and Daddy loving." Hayden grinned, Jolan smiling at his son.

Jolan stood up, going back to the stove, pulling out a couple of trays from the oven, filled with biscuits and hash browns.

"Daddy makes the best  potatoes, Poppa. I want some!"

"Then lots you'll have, my boy!" Justin smiled, Jolan smiling back at him.

"Can you help me carry out all these platters, my love? The tables are set up in the living room."
Justin smiled, getting up and walking up to his man.

He smiled at his mother, picking up two platters, following her out of the kitchen.


Everything was set up, Jolan carrying out the last warming tray, heaped full of bacon and sausages, a knock coming to the door.

The phone had rung, Justin letting their first guests in.

He walked to the door opening it, Lonnie and Ally walking into the condo, their hands together, Johnny Wright following them.

Johnny had his arms full of newspapers, Justin taking half of them from him, greeting his manager, Johnny smiling at him.

"When did you get into town, Johnny? I thought you wouldn't be in till midweek." Justin said, taking the papers from him, setting them down on one of the tables Jolan had set up..

"Last night's altercation changed that. I flew in late last night after Ally called me."
"You'll need some coffee then, Johnny. There's lots of food as well. We're just waiting for everyone to show up. You lovebirds sit down and have a coffee as well." Jolan said, Lonnie smiling at him, giving him a hug, then sitting down at a table with Ally.

"Thanks, Jo. That would be great. Sleeping on a plane is fleeting at best." Johnny said, sitting down as well, saying hello to everyone.

Everyone was now in the living room, sipping their drinks.
"You can crash here after brunch, Johnny." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.

Johnny smiled, thanking both of them, looking at the stack of papers.

"It's all over the news and papers, Justin. Video recaps playing all over YouTube as well."

Justin sighed, Jolan's arm going around him, Jolan picking up the top newspaper off the stack.

It was a copy of USA Today.

There, on the bottom half of the front page was a photograph of Justin, his fist connecting with Baxter's jaw.

The caption left little to the imagination, Jolan reading it out loud:



                            Justin Timberlake Punches Out Paparazzi

                            Star's Explosive Temper Injures Reporter



"Wow, Jus. You're in need of therapy."

Justin stared at Jolan, the man's face covered in a smile.

Justin laughed, then smiled, in spite of himself and the situation.

"Yeah, I need some love therapy from my Wolfy." he said, Jolan laughing as well.

Everyone chuckled and smiled, Johnny looking around at everyone.

"Ally filled me in on what happened, Justin. We'll go after this bastard! He was groping Jolan for Christ's sake!" Johnny said, Jolan smiling at him, seeing the man's concern for him.

"There's no real proof of that, Johnny. Only Justin and my Dad saw it. It's their word against Baxter's."
"I know, Jolan. And that's unfortunate. But that won't stop us from letting people know the truth. I think Justin needs to come out swinging. He needs to show everyone why he did it, and what the leech was up to." Johnny said, Justin nodding, smiling at Jolan.

"Everyone now knows that Jolan is my partner. I hope they'll easily see my reasoning behind what I did, regardless that we're a gay couple or straight. I will not stand by and let someone I love be touched like that."

Jolan smiled at Justin, seeing his calmness, knowing his lover was totally fine now with their relationship.

They were together forever.
Jolan leaned down, kissing Justin's lips.

"Together in all things, my love." he said, Johnny smiling at both.

"Precisely, Jo. That's your best stand."

Jolan smiled, handing out the papers to everyone, everyone reading the stories.

"Here's Baxter's own byline, Jo." Lonnie said, handing the paper to Jolan, a concerned look on the big man's face.

Jolan perused the column, sighing.

Justin stood up, his arm going around him.

"The man's tenacious, if nothing else." Jolan said, handing the paper to Justin, the young man walking over to the coffeepot, picking it up and filling everyone's cups while Justin read the man's comments out loud.



"Hello faithful readers.

Last night your defender of truth was sidelined for trying to gain that truth.

Justin Timberlake, the brooding singer-slash-actor, apparently is starting to show his true colors.

At the moment they are black and blue, and I'm wearing them.

I approached the singer outside his fame-seeking friend's family restaurant in New York City last night, hoping to get some information from him on the recent drama surrounding his friend-slash-flavor of the month, Jolan Dragos.

Dragos has slowly been gaining fame in the literary world for his supposedly written best-selling book Path of Life.

I had only asked Mr. Timberlake if he felt threatened by his friend's newfound success.

Apparently he did, and his temper showed it.

For no sooner were the articulate words out of my enquiring mouth when the man punched me in the face.

I was totally stunned by the force and anger coming out of the star.

No fear, faithful defenders of truth, your champion is recovering.

Bruises and lacerations will not stop me from staying the course.

The course to exposing the fantasy life this new flavor of the month is trying to lead.

It's time we the public ban together and expose Jolan Dragos for the celebrity clinger he seems to be.

It's just so sad that a talented man like Justin Timberlake can't see the writing on the wall.

And that may cause the end of Timberlake's career.

Jolan Dragos' star is rising, Justin Timberlake's may be fading.

And Jolan had led Justin down that path.

Justin Timberlake can't see the man for who and what he is.

He'll tire of our favorite singer's flavors and move on to bigger fish.

Let's hope his next fish sees the conniving individual for what he is.

I'll recover and make it my ambition to show truth in all facets of our heroes' lives.

Let's hope we can save Justin from the pretty boy's manipulations."



Justin's eyes met Jolan's, Justin seeing the calmness in his lover's grey eyes.

"We'll show him truth!" Johnny said, his angry eyes meeting Justin's.

"I think that's enough, Jus. We don't have to hear the rest. Lies can go on forever. Truth ends their deception." Jolan said, Justin putting the paper down on top of the others.

"That's damn near slanderous, Jolan! We need to litigate his sorry ass!" Ally said, Jolan smiling at her as he filled her cup.

"He's clever, Ally. He didn't overstep the bounds towards litigation. And as Johnny said, there's no proof of the truth, only Baxter asking Justin the question, then Justin decking him."

"Yes, but he can't just insinuate those falsehoods about you, Jolan. He's trying to paint you as a celebrity stalker." Randall said, Jolan smiling at Justin.

"We all here know the truth of that. Justin's fame holds no place in my heart. The real Justin is all I need."
Justin teared up, Jolan smiling at him.

"So what do you want to do, Jolan?" Johnny said, the young man looking around at everyone.

"I want to do what I have to do."

Justin walked up to Jolan, his lover's grey eyes meeting his.

"Meaning what, Jo?"

"There's something else going on here, Justin. This, to me, just seemed so preordained. His showing up there last night, then his confronting you. It was like he was trying to entice you to attack him. Now look at those papers." Jolan said, his eyes looking deep in thought.

"You think Justin was set up?" Johnny said, staring at Jolan.

"I think so, Johnny. Now I just have to find out why."

"You think Baxter is playing some kind of game? That he's after you again, Jo?" Lonnie said.

"That man shows only crassness and bravado. I think it's time he realizes that I'm not going to stand for it. In regards to myself or my Justin."
Johnny smiled, hearing the conviction in Jolan's voice.

"Any way you want to handle this, Jive and I will be behind you one hundred percent, Jolan." Johnny said, Jolan smiling at him.

"You're right, Johnny. Justin needs to make a statement, and fast. And I'll be by his side." Jolan said, his arm going around his man.

Justin smiled, hearing Jolan's calmness and determination.

"Together in all things, my love." Jolan said, Justin nodding.


Jolan smiled, looking across the table, seeing Joey and Chris at the buffet table again.

"They're gluttons, Jo." Josh said, chuckling, cutting up a hash brown for Hayden, the boy in his lap.

Hayden had made the rounds, everyone making the boy smile, and also feeding him.

"Speaking of gluttons, our boy needs to stop." Jolan said, Josh smiling at him.

Hayden grinned, smiling at his father.

"I am full now, Daddy. I want to play, Uncle Chace!"

"There you go, Jolan. He'll wear it off." Chace said, smiling at his friend.

Josh smiled, Chace's arms lifting the boy up, the man standing behind Josh's chair.

"Let's race, little man! Where's your posse?" he said, putting Hayden down, the boy running towards the living room couches.
"We's here, Uncle Chace!" Jayden said, climbing off a couch, Stevie and Sean rising from their seats as well.

"Let's head into a bedroom and play hide and seek!" Chace grinned, the boys clapping together, rushing towards the hallway, Stevie at Chace's  side, the two following them.

Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around Jolan who sat beside him.

"There's what's important to me, Jo. Our boy's smiling face."

Jolan smiled, others smiling as well.

The topic of the day had been rehashed by everyone, last night's revelations discussed, a consensus reached.

Justin would go on the defensive, Jolan at his side.

Johnny had made a few phone calls during brunch, the man smiling as he ended his last one.

"How does tomorrow night sound, Jus? Jimmy Fallon's available. He tapes at seven."

"So soon?" Justin said, Jolan quietly looking at him.

"Johnny's right, my love. We need to voice our side of this immediately. We can't let Baxter chip away at this. Our silence would only spread doubt."

Justin nodded, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I know you don't like this, Jo. This being in the spotlight."
"Times are what they are, my love. But I love watching my hero in the spotlight."

Justin smiled, others smiling as well.

They all finished their meal, chatting, talk echoing throughout the condo; Justin and Jolan milling around their friends and families, playing good hosts.

Jolan smiled, seeing the three Archanians and their friends seated together, the young man smiling at Athos.

"Your brothers have found love, eldest Archanian.  How flows your heart, Athos?"

Athos smiled, Jolan sitting down beside him.

"My heart flows well, cousin. And it's still my own. But I harbor no envy to my brothers. Their happiness is my happiness."
Mathias and Isaiah both smiled, their men beside them.

Jolan smiled at Sid and Tyrone, seeing the happiness on their faces as well.

"Enough said, cousin of love. Your heart walks its own path. I believe your love will be as spectacular as theirs."
Athos smiled, Jolan kissing his cheek.


An hour later Jolan smiled, watching Jennie opening her birthday gifts, the two seated together on a sofa, Justin on Jennie's other side.
Jolan had been opening gifts as well, his family and Justin's showing their love for both Dragosan siblings.
Lynn and Melina had bought Jennie new clothes and accessories, the girl hugging both women tenderly, Melina smiling at Lynn.
Others had given the young woman gift certificates, personal things and clothing, the young woman beaming with happiness.
Justin had given her a new iPad; his brother giving her perfume, a necklace and a new watch.

Jennie had hugged Jonathan, the two then tenderly kissing.
Jolan had smiled at Justin's brother, Jonathan beaming with happiness at her loving the gifts.
Jolan had received many gifts as well, everyone smiling at his happiness.
"That looks like everything, thank you all so much!" Jennie said, her smile wide and infectious.
"Not quite, Jennie. There's still my gift." Jolan smiled, the young woman smiling at her brother beside her.
"Your protective love is the greatest gift I can have, brother." she smiled, Jolan kissing her cheek, pulling out a small wrapped gift from his pocket.
"You have that, always. Plus, I know my sis loves shiny trinkets. Happy birthday, Jennica."
Jennie smiled, taking the small gift from Jolan's hand, his grey eyes filled with love.
She carefully unwrapped the gift, finding a blue velvet box under the paper.
She smiled at Jolan, slowly opening the box.
Her blue eyes widened with surprise, a soft glow instantly showing there, Jennie's eyes then meeting Jolan's.
"Oh, Jolly. It's. . .it's beautiful." she softly said, everyone around her staring at the small box.
Jennie lifted its contents out of it, everyone seeing a small brooch in her hand.
It was shaped like a golden sun, its center brilliant yellow diamonds.
"Oh, Jo. That's beautiful." Britney said, smiling at him.
"You are the sunshine of our hearts, Jennica. Your happiness now destroys the clouds of hurt within your soul. May this be a symbol of your shining love." Jolan said, Jennie tearing up, pulling her brother into her arms, seeing the tears already showing in his eyes.
"Your love chased those clouds away, brother. I shall always wear it as a symbol of your love." she said, Jolan hugging her.
Jennie stood up, going up to her mother, Lisa and Lynn, all of them admiring the brooch.
She walked around, everyone looking at the brooch, Jolan's eyes going to his Uncle Calen, seeing a look of mild shock registering on his face.
Their grey eyes met, Jolan smiling at him.
"Destiny flows on the path, Uncle."
Justin's eyes went to Calen, seeing a look pass between the two men.
"Everything okay, Jo?"
Jolan smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"Yes everything's fine, Jus." Jolan said, Calen's eyes lowering.
"Look, Dad. Isn't this beautiful?" Jennie said, showing her father the brooch.
Joel's eyes went to it, a similar look of surprise showing on his face.
"Yes, Jennica. It's. . .it is beautiful." he said, Jennie smiling, asking him to pin it on her blouse.
Joel softly smiled, unclasping the brooch, pinning it to her white blouse, Jennie smiling looking down at the golden sun now showing on her chest.
"Lights of brightness now beam into my heart." she softly said, her blue eyes glowing brightly.
She smiled, walking over and sitting down in Lance's lap, the man surprised, his arms going around her.
Jolan stared at Jennie, a look of surprise crossing his face now.
"What's going on, Jo?" Justin asked, sensing something amiss between Jolan and Jennie.
"Destiny, my love. I think I'm seeing the truth."
Jennie smiled, snuggling into Lance.
The man looked at Jolan, Jolan's eyes showing deep compassion and love.
Calen stood up, staring at Jolan.
"Where in this world did you find it, Jolan?"
Jolan softly smiled, Jennie smiling at him.
"Destiny--as always--guided it into my hands."
Calen's grey eyes looked at Jennie, the young woman having spoken.
Jennie stood up, her Dragosan elders staring at her, Simus and Joel having risen as well.
Her blue eyes went to her brother's grey, Jennie smiling at him.
"Life is a path of journeys. Forwards and backwards. That which we lost once more shall blossom, in the sun's rays of hope. Love flows from heart to heart." she said, smiling at her uncles and father.
Jolan froze, staring into Jennie's blue eyes, the young woman smiling, taking Jonathan's hand.

"Let's go out onto the patio, Jon. I want to feel the spring's coming breath." she said, Jonathan smiling at her, the two excusing themselves, walking down the hallway towards the bedroom's patio deck, hands still joined.

Jolan stared after her, his uncles looking after her as well.

"Our niece has a sense of mystery around her as well, Jolan. Her words seemed steeped in it." Simus said, his eyes returning to Jolan's grey.

Jolan sat down, Justin sensing surprise in him.

Justin sat down beside him, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"Something bothering you, my love?"
"Those words, Jus. They are on one of the Beacons of Directional Truths. One of the stone tablets hanging in the Chamber of Ascendancy."

Justin looked surprised, everyone showing the same look, staring at the young Dragosan.

"But, my son. No one has been in that chamber in eons. You were the only one to visit it in your dreams, the place layered in dust. Yes, Jennie apparently was pulled to Bolta Cerului by Spartacus, but she's never set foot in that chamber, or even the palace." Joel said, Jolan's eyes meeting his father's.

"I know, Father. But she just spoke that written prophecy word for word."

Calen stared at his nephew, the Dragosan moving, walking down the hallway, Jolan knowing where his uncle was going.

Everyone sat in silence watching Jolan lost in thought, his head lowered.

Calen returned a few moments later, the Tome of Alveena in his hand.

Jolan's head raised, their eyes meeting.

"I think the answer to that question lays within this book, Jolan. Let me find the page." Calen said, perusing the now opened book laying in his hand.

Calen found the page, smiling.

"Ah, here it is. It is one of only a few passages that Queen Alveena wrote about non=prophesized moments, a moment of directional description. Listen to her words and digest their meaning. They were written after King Dragos' death, when Alveena was formulating the battle to win the kingdom from her grandson."
Everyone nodded, Jolan staring at his uncle.


"The dimming light of twilight I find fills my mind with sorrowful memories.

It is at that time of day when I remember my son the most.

Dragos was a child of happiness and merriment, a ray of sunshine when at that age.

Whom of us back then knew of the path of destruction he would be carried onto.

No mother could have had a more loving son.

That is the child I shall forever remember.

I wear upon my breast his love ever enshrined.

A gift given with love to me on my fortieth birthday when my child was on the edge of manhood.

He favored me as the ray of sunshine in his life.

He gave me this gift of yellow diamonds, golden rays surrounding their brilliance.

The sun of love as he called me, the sun of his heart he gave to me.

My son's love shall forever echo in my heart.

Though he traveled a path to destruction, his love I feel perhaps comforted him in the end.

Sleep in darkness, my love surrounding you.

As your golden gift surrounds my heart."


Everyone stared at Jolan, the young man staring at Calen.

"Don't you see, Jolan?? You've found Queen Alveena's brooch! The gift her son--the future king of Moldavia--gave to her when just a young man! That gift you given Jennica is the same brooch Queen Alveena spoke of! Yellow diamonds surrounded by golden rays! It has to be hers!" Calen said, Jolan staring at him.

"It is, Uncle Calen."
Justin looked surprised, as did others, Jolan meeting his gaze.

"You knew it was hers when you bought it, Jo?"

Jolan nodded, his eyes looking at his relatives.

"I sensed her the moment it was placed in my hand."

Justin's arm went around Jolan, Jolan smiling at him, seeing no wonder in Justin's eyes, only love.

"Hayden guided me to it, Jus. The path claims another piece of the puzzle. The back of it is inscribed."

Calen and his brothers exchanged glances, Jolan looking at all three.

"Written on the back are only initials and a small saying:


                                  Given in love

                                      to you


                                from your son

                                  of devotion



"The initials stand for Alveena Archania Sumsare and her son Dragos Athos Sumsare."

"It is so unbelievable, Jolan! That this item would find its way back to you!" Calen said, slowly sitting down, his grey eyes staring in wonderment at his nephew.

"Destiny forges all things to join on the path. That brooch was meant to be guided to Jennie. Hayden saw it, pointed it out to me and then I felt its true worth. I knew in my heart that it was destined for my Jennie."

Everyone nodded, marveling at how fate and destiny were intertwined within Jolan's life.

"It plays a part in all of this, of that I'm certain." Jolan said, Justin's arm tightening around him.

"You guide people and objects of love to you, my Jo. Your love joins all."
Jolan smiled, Justin's words calming his soul.

His eyes went to his uncles again, the two staring at him.

"Queen Alveena's magic, I believe, still lingers in that brooch. That's why Jennie's eyes softly glowed when she put it on herself. It also symbolized who Jennie is as well. The Sun Child now wears her sun of love. The path now has its center."
"I thought you were the center of this path, Jo?" Joey said, Jolan smiling at him.

"There are more than one paths parallel here, Joe. Jennie walks her own, walking beside mine. We both soon shall join at the crossroads."
"The confrontation?"
Jolan nodded, his eyes looking out onto the sunny skyline of New York.

"In four months destiny plays its final card. I just hope I have the higher hand."
Justin's eyes met Jolan's, his lips moving forward, joining with Jolan's.

"I'll stack the deck, my love. Every heart in it will be mine."
Jolan smiled, Justin's words breaking the concern flooding the room.

"Together forever, babe."
Jolan's smile increased, his eyes going to his uncles and his father.

"Let's leave this talk with one absolution. Destiny forms as it must. I have faith in that keeping all of us safe. Queen Alveena's magic is given to Jennie, and I have my own. Both of us will protect all of you."
Everyone smiled, Jolan smiling at all of them, his eyes lingering on Lance's smiling face.

Lance smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Okay, now you have one gift left also, my love." Justin said, pulling something out of his pocket.

Jolan smiled, seeing the small gift-wrapped box.

"You've given me a ring of cemented love, my angel. And your true love. There's nothing more I need."
Justin smiled, then laughed.

"You're as much a trinket lover as our Jennie."
Jolan laughed, Justin handing him the gift, Jolan taking it.

"I feel no magic, so it must be filled with love."
Justin smiled, Jolan opening the wrapped gift.

When he pulled the paper off he found a slender wooden box.

"Open it, my love. I knew in my heart it was perfect for you."
Jolan smiled, opening the box, staring at what lay within it.

"Oh, Jus. It's beautiful. And I see why you thought that."
Justin smiled, everyone looking at the two.

Jolan pulled the gift out of its box, everyone staring at it.

In Jolan's hand was a beautiful pewter pen.

Its carved end was in the shape of a wolf's head.

"My Wolfy's a talented writer. I know there's more than one book inside you, my love. Maybe this pen will release it. The Badenwolf in you joining with the written love within your soul."
Jolan smiled, staring at the pen.

"It's beautiful, Jus. Thank you, my love. I shall indeed love writing with it."

Justin smiled, happy that Jolan loved it.

The two joined, everyone smiling, happiness again flooding the room.

"And I have one more gift, my love." Justin said, Jolan's eyebrows furrowing.

"More, Jus? You're spoiling me."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's lips, standing up and pulling him up with him.

"This one's hidden. And I have to take you somewhere."
Jolan's head cocked, Josh walking up to the two men, smiling at Justin, a blindfold in his hand.

"Ooh, kinky!" Jolan smiled, Josh laughing.

"I'm too hot to handle, sexy."

Jolan laughed, Justin kissing his cheek.

"I need you in the dark for this, my love."
Jolan smiled nodding, Josh putting the blindfold on him, Justin winking at everyone.

"Let me guide you to this surprise, my angel. Please everyone, follow me."
Everyone smiled, standing up, Joey walking down the hallway to get everyone else.


Jolan remained quiet, the darkness giving him no clue as to where his lover was leading him.

He knew--or felt--that they'd entered the elevator, descending downwards.

He sensed Justin was taking him to the garage, to drive him somewhere.

"I hope you haven't set up another party, Jus? One was more than enough, especially when shared with my Dragosan brethren, that made it even more special."
His family smiled around him, the elevator rather crowded, the others filling the other one descending downwards beside them.

"Hush, my angel. Just go with the flow of love surrounding you." Justin said, his hand still in his.
Jolan smiled, feeling an arm going around him.

"You're right, Joshy. You do feel hot!"

Josh laughed, his arm around Jolan.

"How did you know it was me?" he smiled, Chace at his other side, Hayden in his arms.

"You have your own wonderful scent, my friend. It's masqueraded by your cologne, but my Badenwolf senses can easily track you. It's rather enticing. Lucky Chace!"

Chace grinned, kissing Josh's cheek, Jolan hearing the smooch.

The elevator stopped, the doors opening.

Justin led him out, Jolan following with a quiet smile on his face.

The other elevator opened, all of their family and friends now joining them.

Carlos stood by Justin's vehicles, nodding his head at Justin, Justin's eyes focusing on something.

Justin smiled, guiding Jolan across the garage, stopping by his two vehicles, everyone surrounding him and Jolan.

Jolan stood in silence, wondering why they weren't getting into the vehicle he knew he now stood beside.

"Okay, Jus. We're in the garage. Where are you taking me from here?"
Justin smiled, the others grinning, Jolan hearing soft laughter.

"Was it something I said?"

Justin leaned in, kissing his lover's lips, Jolan feeling his deep love.

"Happy Birthday, my love."

Justin's fingers went to the blindfold, removing it, Jolan's grey eyes staring forward, their grayness widening with surprise.

"Oh, Jus!"
"It's for you my love."

Jolan's eyes stared forward, everyone surrounding him seeing the sparkling happiness in his eyes.

"New car, Daddy! We gets you new car!" Hayden shouted, clapping his hands together, the boy now in Justin's arms, both smiling at Jolan.

Everyone was smiling, seeing the total joyous shock in Jolan's sparkling eyes.

Before them was a young man who'd never had a new car before, the age old look of new ownership gleaming in his grey focused eyes.

Justin knew that it would be the one gift that Jolan had never had.

Jolan slowly walked forward, staring at a brand new Porsche 911 Speedster convertible parked in the middle of the garage right in front of him.

It was silvery grey, Jolan's hand going forward, touching its gleaming hood.

"Oh, Jus! It-It's beyond beautiful! It's really m-mine?" Jolan said, his voice stammering with awe, his eyes filling with tears.

Justin grinned, walking up to Jolan, Hayden smiling at his father.

"Yes, Jo. It's yours completely. My man needs his own car. For driving around by himself." Justin smiled, Jolan's eyes meeting his blue.

"We have vehicles for our family, you needed your own little car for private drives of reflection. I know you've felt cooped up at home at times, this is your ticket to freedom. I have to keep my man happy."
Jolan teared up, his arm going around Justin.

"It's. . .it's so perfect! And it looks so expensive!"
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"As you said at Tiffany's Jo, you deserve this at any cost."
Jolan teared up, remembering his words about Jennie to the clerk, Justin smiling at Hay in his arms, the boy pulling something out of his pocket.

"Here, Daddy! Keys for your car!"

Jolan smiled, taking the keys from his smiling son, Justin's smile matching his.

"Let's take it for a spin, Jo." Justin said, handing Hayden off to Josh, Hayden grinning at his parents.

"Haves fun, Daddy!" Hayden said, Jolan kissing his cheek, Josh smiling at him.

"It's perfect for you, Jo." he said, Jolan kissing his cheek.

The two men climbed into the convertible, Carlos holding the driver's door open for Jolan.

Jolan's eyes went to him, then to Justin.

"So, yesterday it was this car you were talking about buying?" he said, Justin grinning.

"Hey, I told you the truth, right to your face. I just didn't divulge I was buying it for my man."
Jolan smiled, Carlos smiling at Justin, closing Jolan's door.

Jolan put the key in the ignition, starting the sports car.

He and Justin both smiled, Jolan driving towards the exit, their friends and family waving goodbye.

Jennie was standing in silence beside Justin's SUV, Jonathan's arm around her, his other hand waving goodbye.

Her softly glowing eyes were on one man.

Carlos stood by himself, smiling after the disappearing car.

Jennie's eyes moved from him after a few moments, her eyes going to someone else.

Lance stood with Joey, his arms around him, Jennie quietly staring at him, her own thoughts filling her mind.

I feel the presence of evil, Lance.

Destiny awaits us, but I feel his protective love shall save us.

He would risk all for your happiness.

And I shall be brave and strong.

Her eyes went downward, staring at the golden sun pinned to her chest.

In her mind someone's soft words soothed her worried soul.


Jolan sat in the makeup chair, the artist putting on the finishing touches of his makeup.

"Looking good, Jolan." Johnny Wright said, smiling at him, he and Lynn having just walked into the dressing room.

Justin smiled at him, he and Lonnie seated on a couch, Justin's makeup already done.

It was now early Monday evening, their interview on Jimmy Fallon's show almost at hand.

"You're on in five, guys. Jimmy will be in momentarily." Johnny said, Lynn sitting down beside Justin, Justin smiling at his mother.

They'd watched the intro to the show on a big screen television in the room, Jimmy's monologue and opening comedy skit finished.

Jimmy had cracked a few jokes at the start of his monologue in regards to Justin's altercation two days ago.

Justin and Jimmy were old friends from Saturday Night Live, Justin having hosted the show a few times.

The door of the Green Room opened, Jimmy Fallon walking in, Justin getting up, the makeup artist pulling off Jolan's apron.

"There you go, Mr. Dragos. All ready." she said, Jolan smiling at her, thanking her.

Justin and Jimmy hugged, Lynn receiving a kiss from Jimmy.

"And this must be the mysterious Jolan Dragos?" Jimmy smiled, extending his hand, Jolan smiling as he shook it.

"A pleasure, Mr. Fallon."
"Hey, it's just Jimmy. Justin and I go way back. I see you've straightened out this boy. Or should I say you've un-straightened him?"
Jolan laughed, Justin blushing, his arm going around Jolan.

"He's more than straightened me out, Jimmy. He's captured my soul."
Jimmy smiled, seeing the smile on Justin's face.

"Great to hear, Justin. I've keep abreast of your recent fame. You've surprised a lot of people, Justin. But I see the love completely. Congrats to you both."
Both men smiled, Jimmy smiling back.

"So you're both on when the show comes back from this break. I hope I can ask anything, Jus?"
"Ask away, Jimmy. Jolan and I are open in life and in love now."
Jimmy smiled, his producer rapping on the door.

"One minute, Jimmy."
"Okay, Gus. See you both in the bright lights." he smiled, walking back out of the room.

Justin looked into Jolan's grey eyes, his lover's eyes fill with love.

"Back in the limelight, my love."
"Back into Timberlake's world. I can't wait to get back into just Justin's."
Justin smiled, Jolan kissing his cheek, Lynn and Lonnie smiling, following the two out of the Green Room.


Jimmy Fallon smiled, bouncing in his chair to the intro music, the show back from its first commercial break, the stage director cuing him.

"Welcome back, everyone. My first guests tonight are taking the entertainment and news channels by storm. Their recent brushes with fame and notoriety have pushed both into the glaring lights of fame. I've known one of these men for quite a while, and what's happened recently seems so out of character. I hope he and his new friend can shed some light on those happenings.

Please welcome my first guests--Justin Timberlake and Jolan Dragos."

The crowd cheered and clapped, on their feet, the curtain off to Jimmy's left opening.

Justin and Jolan walked out onto the stage, their hands linked.

The cheering intensified as their linked hands became obvious, the two walking up to Jimmy, Jimmy shaking both men's hands, Justin giving Jimmy a tight hug, Jolan smiling at him.

"Please sit, my friends." he said, smiling, Justin and Jolan sitting down on the couch, Jolan sitting down on Justin's right, Justin seated beside Jimmy's desk.

"Great to have you back, Justin. And it's nice to finally meet you, Jolan." Jimmy smiled, Justin and Jolan both smiling at him.

"Great to be back, Jimmy." Justin smiled, Jimmy smiling at him.

"A lot's happened since you've last been on this show, Jus."
"Yes, Jimmy. My life's changed so much. So much for the better!" Justin said, smiling.

"Yes, you've really sparked a lot of media attention--trials, danger, love and romance. And a new lifestyle." Jimmy said smiling.

"My life has changed, but I haven't. I'm still the same man, only a new man filled with so much love. I have this man beside me to thank for that." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him, Justin's love returned in his smile, the audience clapping.

"Wow, you really are open with your happiness now, Jus. It's great to see that."

Justin smiled widely, everyone seeing the happiness in his smiling face.

"So, fill us in on all the happenings, Justin." Jimmy said, Justin beginning to talk about the last few months.

Jolan sat quietly at his side, Jimmy looking towards him, the camera zooming in on both of them as Justin talked.

After a few minutes Justin had progressed up to Saturday's confrontation, Jolan making eye contact with him.

"Wow! You guys have gone through a lot together. I'm amazed--and I'm sure the audience is also--that you still are so in love after such drama."
Justin smiled, taking Jolan's hand again, smiling at Jimmy.

"Our love for each other only grew deeper. I love Justin as greatly as he loves me." Jolan said, the audience clapping.

"This latest instance of that drama seems so unreal, Justin." Jimmy said, Justin nodding at him.

"It appears as it's been made to appear, Jimmy."

Jimmy nodded, his eyebrows showing confusion, his left hand reaching under his desk.

"I have something for you, Justin. To make this evening a little easier on you." Jimmy said, his hand coming up, holding a pair of boxing gloves.

Jolan laughed, Justin blushing a bit, a wide smile on his face, taking the gloves from Jimmy.

"Put them on, Jus." Jolan smiled, Justin smiling at him and putting the gloves on, striking a boxer's pose, the crowd clapping.

"If he asks too many pointed questions take him down, Jus!" Jolan said, Jimmy laughing.

Justin grinned, smiling at Jimmy.

"Ask away, Fallon." Justin grinned, glaring at him.

The audience laughed, Jimmy and Jolan laughing as well.

"All kidding aside Justin, Saturday's excitement here in New York has totally surprised a lot of people. You're not noted for being an aggressive star against the paparazzi. A few minor skirmishes in your earlier career, but you're now thought of as a highly respected celebrity. If our audience or viewers are unaware, we'll show this clip.  Watch this everyone." Jimmy said, a video clip brought up on the viewing screens.

Justin and Jolan watched, seeing the meeting with Baxter play out, his actions hidden by Jolan's body.

"What happened that night?" Jimmy said, Jolan hearing the concern and friendship in his voice.

Justin's eyes went out into the audience, the camera zooming in on his face.

Jolan's hand went in his again, the camera zooming in on both of them now.

"That night, my Justin came to my rescue. My hero of love was protecting me." Jolan said, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"Protecting you, Jolan? From what? The surrounding paparazzi?" Jimmy asked, Jolan looking at him, then into the audience.

"No, Jimmy. I was protecting him from the unwanted advances of a lecherous individual."
Jimmy's eyes widened, as did a lot of the audience's at Justin's words.

"Advances? You mean. . ."
"Yes, Jimmy. That reporter, Tim Baxter, was touching my Jolan. And not in a good way. You can't see it from that angle, but I saw what he was doing. His hands were groping my Jolan. I just won't put up with that. Not after all the pain and hurt he's gone through. I'll never let anyone hurt him like that again." Justin said, his arm now going around Jolan, the two smiling at each other.

"So that's why I hit him, Jimmy. I was only thinking of my Jolan's pain, and what that man was doing to him at that moment. I'll always defend his honor. I love him."
Jolan smiled, the audience standing up and applauding, Jimmy smiling at both.

Jolan now talked, telling the audience and Jimmy about his own encounter with the reporter in that bathroom in L.A.

"Wow, that explains a lot, Justin and Jolan. In an instance like that I can understand your reaction. Aren't you afraid that its now your word against his in this?"

"That's where it stands, Jimmy. Jolan and I just wanted to voice our side of this. I'm not a man of violence, but I'll protect those I love that I sense in danger." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I--along with our audience--see the protective love you showed for Jolan." Jimmy stated, Justin smiling, Jolan smiling at his happiness.

"He's part of my family now. He and Hayden are my life. I'll always protect those I love."
Jimmy smiled, the audience clapping again.

"You seem to be so centered now, Justin. Looks to me like Jolan's made you a better man."
"Hey, I was always a good man. Jolan just completes me."

"Hey it doesn't hurt that the man's gorgeous!" Jolan grinned, Justin beaming, Jimmy laughing.

"You ain't half bad yourself, Dragos." Justin smiled, winking at him, the audience laughing.

"I want to thank you both for coming on and setting the record straight with what happened.  I hope that's the end of it for both of you." Jimmy said, Justin smiling at him, Jolan nodding.

"We live our lives free and filled with love. Nothing will stop us from having that happiness." Jolan said, Justin's hand going in his again.

"I wish you both the best. My guests have been Justin Timberlake and Jolan Dragos. We'll be right back with musical guest Joss Stone."

The music cued, the show going to another commercial break, Jimmy shaking both of their hands, the cameras going off.

"Great interview guys. And I'm totally behind you on this latest incident. No one needs to have to put up with lecherous people like that. I hope he sees that."
Jolan smiled, liking Jimmy.

"Thanks, but I think the man's beyond that point."

Jimmy nodded, his director walking up to the couch.

"Your free to stay, guys."
Jolan and Justin both smiled, nodding their wanting to.

The two sat back, the cameras coming on again, Jimmy introducing Joss Stone, the singer now standing in front of the band.

She began to sing, Justin's eyes meeting Jolan's.

Jolan saw the happiness, love and beauty of his man seated in the open love beside him.

Jolan smiled, his mind focusing on the future.

A future he now sensed that was on the brink of exploding.





End of Chapter 119


And so our Dragosan siblings celebrate a birthday of joined love.

Gifts of destined love given to smiling hearts.


There seems to be a change coming over Jennie.

Is the gift of Alveena's brooch changing her?
What is her concern with Lance?

Are our two siblings of magical truth playing with destiny?

Or is Jolan the master of his own path?


Up next: We get going on a path of surprises and drama.

Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!!

Who knows who will jump out at you!


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