Jolan's Path-Chapter 12

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 12

Jolan opened his eyes staring at a vision of beauty.
Justin was standing at the end of the bed, his body wrapped in only a towel.
The morning sunlight was casting a light upon his sculpted form.
Justin was rummaging through his suitcase which sat on a chair beside the dresser, his back turned to Jolan.
Jolan couldn't take his eyes off the beauty of the man's form.
Justin stood up straight, Jolan looking at the tattoos on his back and lower legs.
The towel dropped, Justin's beautiful rear end on full display for Jolan.
Jolan blushed, closing his eyes immediately, not wanting to invade Justin's privacy.
But he couldn't resist the impact that Justin's body had on him.
He slowly opened his eyes again, Justin just pulling on a pair of boxer briefs, his smooth bottom disappearing under them.
He turned a bit, Jolan's eyes scanning over his smooth muscular torso.
His six-pack was defined and ridged, two small nipples standing out on his sculpted pecs.
Justin pulled a pair of jeans on, his ample package slowly covered by the denim.
Justin grabbed a polo shirt that lay on the suitcase, his head turning towards the bed.
Jolan was smiling at him, his cheeks a bit flushed.
Justin knew that Jolan had been watching him, Justin comfortable with that.
He wanted Jolan to feel relaxed and comfortable around him in all situations, including nudity.
And Justin in his heart hoped Jolan would begin to be excited by his body.
"Morning, Jolan. How do you feel?" he said, a smile on his face.
"I'm fine, Jus. How are you doing?"
Justin smiled, pulling the shirt over his head, then walking over and sitting down on the bed.
Jolan sat up, his legs hanging over the bed, Justin sitting beside him.
"I'm good, Jolan. I slept good last night, once we both settled down."
Jolan nodded, Justin quietly looking at him.
"It seems so different, you calling me that name."
Justin smiled, patting his shoulder.
"It's a beautiful name. Unique, just like you."
Jolan blushed, Justin hoping Jolan would open up his heart to him.
"Want to talk about it?" he said, Jolan looking into his blue eyes.
Jolan told Justin all that he'd witnessed in the dream, every loving–then terrifying– moment.
"I saw my family, Jus. They were all so beautiful."
"And you are just as beautiful, Jolan." Justin said, Jolan blushing.
"I look a lot like my father. But I have my mother's nose and cheekbones."
Justin smiled, knowing his parents must be beautiful as well.
"And my little sister. She was so beautiful, with curly black hair like mine."
"Did you hear her name?"
Jolan looked into Justin's eyes.
"It's Jennica, Jus. I believe she's the Jennie I was looking for out on that road."
Justin put his arm around Jolan, Jolan laying his head on Justin's shoulder.
Justin now began to see the pieces falling together.
Jolan and his family somehow had been separated, Jolan walking in the night looking for his little sister.
Because, being her big brother, he felt responsible for her safety.
Even in a coma Jolan had never shirked that duty.
Somewhere out there by that road Jolan had lost his family.
Or rather they had lost him.
"I don't know the significance of all the blood. I just hope it doesn't mean what I'd hate to believe."
Justin looked at Jolan, Jolan's grey eyes looking back.
"It could be a sign that they're dead, Jus."
Justin tightened his hold on his friend, Jolan's head laying against his chest.
"Let's hold onto hope, Jolan. Let's live with it in our hearts."
Jolan raised his head, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
Jolan moved forward, their lips touching.
Justin sank into Jolan's being, the kiss tender and sensual.
Justin felt Jolan pushing him backwards.
Justin let Jolan guide him until Justin lay on his back, Jolan slightly on top of him.
Jolan's lips parted from Justin's, the two looking deeply into each other's eyes.
"I wanted to thank you for what you did for me last night. For being my rock to hold onto."
Justin smiled, Jolan's hand on his chest.
Jolan was nearly naked, only in briefs.
Justin saw the beauty of his smooth chest, feeling it against his side.
"I'll have to do more good deeds, if that's the way you thank someone."
Jolan smiled, then blushed, standing up quickly.
Justin's eyes took in all of his sensual form.
His eyes zoned in on the largeness of Jolan's center, confined in the now tight boxer briefs.
Justin suddenly realized that he's had a wonderful effect on Jolan's body.
Jolan smiled at Justin, Justin instantly washing those thoughts from his mind.
Jolan's look was of friendship and Justin thought the beginnings of love were in those eyes as well.
"I should shower and get ready. I'll meet you downstairs, Justin."
"That's a plan, Jolan. Trace is working on breakie. We'll wait for you."
Jolan smiled, walking to the door and disappearing out of the room.
Justin laid back in the bed, sighing with a happiness running through his heart.
Jolan had kissed him, voluntarily and with a lot of tenderness.
Justin smiled, sensing in his heart the beginning of Jolan's love.

His happiness was interrupted a few minutes later by his cell phone going off on the nightstand.
Justin got up, grabbing it and flipping it open.
"Hello, Justin here."
"Justin, it's Mom."
Justin froze, hearing the seriousness in his mother's short abrupt greeting.
"Hello, Mom. What's up?"
"That's what I was going to ask you, Justin! Jessica called me last night in tears and emotionally shattered!"
Justin was shocked, deeply surprised that she'd call his mother.
"What's going on, Justin? Why have you hurt that dear girl?"
Justin sat down on the bed, a sense of nervousness coming over him.
"I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't want to hurt her. She left me no choice. I can't trust her anymore. I need someone to love and to trust. I lost that with Jess."
"Ridiculous, Justin! It's only a quarrel, nothing that can't be rectified with a romantic dinner and an evening alone. I want you to call her immediately."
Justin tensed up, his mother's opinion always just.
"No, Mom. I can't. We're finished. There is no going back."
Justin felt the silence on the other end of the line.
"So that's how it's to be? You're going to walk away from the best girl you've had in a long time? I'm so disappointed in you, Justin. I can't believe you don't see your future with that girl. The two of you are perfect for each other. Both of the same caliber of stardom and celebrity status."
"But Mom, you don't. . ."
"Listen, Justin. You're a man now. It's time for you to have a family, and lose this carefree attitude you insist on holding on to. It's time to grow up, Justin. Now call her and forgive her or apologize for whatever you've done."
Jolan walked into the room wearing a robe, smiling at Justin.
He saw Justin on the phone, a defeated look on his face, a look of deep hurt.
Jolan's eyebrows furrowed.
"Please, Mom. You don't know the whole story. . .I just can't."
Jolan instantly understood what the conversation was about.
He walked over to Justin, sitting down beside him, putting his arm around him.
Justin turned, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.
In Jolan's steady gaze he saw so much friendship, encouragement, and an underlying love.
Justin's mind centered, his courage bubbling to the surface.
"What do you mean you can't?" Justin's mother said, Justin hearing the authoritativeness in her voice.
"It's time you knew the truth, Mom. Jessica wasn't the woman you thought she was. She wasn't the woman I thought she was. She cheated on me, Mom. She never loved me for me, she only loved me as the star and prize she thought I was. She was nothing but deceitful in our relationship."
The phone went silent, Justin sensing his mother was shocked.
He continued, his heart full of courage.
"I can't love someone I can't trust, Mom. I'm going forward and I'm going to love the person I want to love. And that person will love me for me, not for the star she and you think of me as."
Jolan sat beside Justin, a surprised look upon his face.
Justin had just opened his heart to his mother.
The truth of what he wanted in life, and what he needed to feel loved.
Jolan smiled at him, Justin smiling back.
"Justin. . .I can't believe what you've just said. Jessica would never do that to you, son."
"I'm sorry Mom, but she did. Maybe it's time you had more faith in your son than in her."
Jolan put his hand on Justin's shoulder, shaking his head.
Justin nodded, sensing he shouldn't have said that.
The phone went silent again.
"Justin. . .I. . .I'm sorry."
Justin was shocked, his mother seldom apologized to him.
"It's okay, Mom. I'm sorry I said that. I know you have faith in me, and that you love me."
Jolan smiled, Justin smiling back.
"I didn't know, Justin. Jessica didn't tell me all of it. I"m sorry, son. Listen, I have to go. But we'll talk soon."
"Alright, Mom. I'll talk to you soon. I'll be back in New York tomorrow. I'll give you a call before I head back to L.A. next week."
Justin sensed that he'd stunned his mother by admitting Jessica's deceit.
That he'd crashed her views on the young woman's goodness.
Jessica had fooled so many.
"Alright, Justin. Talk to you soon."
"I love you, Mom."
"Love you too, son."
The phone went dead, Justin closing it off and looking towards Jolan.
"I'm sorry if I intruded, Justin."
Justin smiled at him, Jolan sensing his calm mood.
"It's fine, Jolan. You actually helped. I was feeling so unsure. My Mom's always had an ability to control me, to push my buttons so to speak.  She was trying to get me to go back to Jessica. Then you walked in and the look in your eyes gave me the strength to stand up to her. To voice my own heart and feelings. Thank you, Jolan. You gave me the courage to stand up for my own life. For what I want."
Jolan smiled, patting his friend's shoulder.
"You didn't need my help. You just needed to find your own courage."
"I found that looking in your eyes, Jolan."
Jolan blushed, Justin gently kissing his cheek.
"Thanks for being a true friend. And for being something more."
Jolan smiled, Justin leaning forward and gently kissing his lips.
Jolan backed up, blushing more.
"I can't believe you like to kiss me. You're so out of my league."
Justin put his arm around Jolan.
"We're both in the same league, Jolan. And you've hit a home run right at my heart."
Jolan laughed at Justin's analogy.
Justin chuckled as well, smiling at him.
"Wait till you see my bat! And the balls I play with!"
Jolan burst into laughter, Justin laughing as well.
Justin smiled, seeing the happiness, and sensing the smiling soul in Jolan.
"Let's go get you dressed, and then see if Trace hasn't destroyed Henry's kitchen."
Jolan smiled, taking Justin's offered hand, the two walking out towards Jolan's room.
A few minutes later, Justin and Jolan walked into the kitchen, Trace at the stove, Cindy and Henry sitting at the table.
Jolan was wearing one of the outfits Justin had bought him yesterday.
Trace turned, smiling at the two men.
"Hey, look everyone! Timberlake twins!"
Jolan smiled widely, Justin shaking his head.
"Uh-oh, Jolan. Trace is cooking, that's not good!" Justin said, laughing.
Trace rolled his eyes, pulling off the frying pan laden with bacon.
Jolan smiled, walking up to Trace and hugging him gently.
"I'm sure Trace is a great cook. That bacon smells fantastic! This Timberlake twin can't wait to taste your appetizing fare."
Trace smiled at him, lifting the bacon out of the grease and onto a plate.
"Justin is right though, Jolan. I'm not much of a cook. Breakfast is about all I can handle. And I sometimes burn the toast."
Jolan smiled at him, patting his back.
"Anytime you need some help or want to learn anything culinary, my friendship and patience are always there."
Trace smiled widely, nodding.
Jolan walked over to the table, hugging Henry and Cindy.
"Where's Shelly?"
"At the diner, she's working this morning. But her days are numbered there." Henry said, Cindy looking at him quizzically.
Henry smiled at her, patting her hand.
"Your mother and I have decided that she doesn't need to work at that job anymore. I've got a good pension, and savings. We're going to enjoy our sunset years. I've always wanted to run a bed and breakfast. We're going to look after her place. No worries, Cynthia. Your mom's going to be well taken care of. It's time you lived your life."
Cindy was in tears, hearing the love and determination in Henry's voice.
"Thank you, Henry. I feel a lot better knowing Mom's going to be okay when I'm gone. I see your love for her, and your wanting to care for her."
Henry smiled, looking at Jolan.
"Well, my Jolan's leaving the nest, too. So I can now devote all my time to your mother's happiness. I love her, Cynthia. And I love you and my dear Jolan as well."
Justin smiled, seeing Henry's giving heart on display.
"Your Jolan has a lot to thank you for, Henry. I wouldn't be where I am today without your love and caring." Jolan said, Henry tearing up.
"It was an easy thing to do, son. I felt your need for me that night on that dark road."
"And I'll never forget what you've done for me, Henry." Jolan said, hugging the man again.
Justin smiled, knowing in his heart that Jolan would always be there for Henry and Shelly.
"When I'm back to normal, and I've found my family, I'll always have room in my heart for my adoptive parents, Henry and Shelly."
Henry was in tears, pulling out his handkerchief, wiping his eyes.
Jolan smiled at Cindy, Cindy smiling back.
"And the same goes for my sister on wheels, Cindy."
Cindy laughed, kissing his cheek.
"So what about yourselves? When are you leaving?" Henry said, trying to lighten the emotional mood around the table.
Trace set plates of bacon, eggs and sausages down on the table, sitting down beside Cindy, looking at Justin.
"Gus called this morning, Justin. He's received the parts for the SUV. He should have it ready late today." Trace said, smiling.
"Then I guess tomorrow we can head back to New York, if that's okay with everyone?" Justin said, looking at Jolan.
Trace nodded, smiling at Cindy.
"I'm  ready, Justin." Cindy smiled, Trace filling her plate with bacon and scrambled eggs.
"If we leave tomorrow that will give you a day and a half to settle into my place, Jolan. Before Friday's appointment." Justin smiled, Jolan's face lowering.
Justin put his hand on top of Jolan's.
"That soon? I guess I'm just still a little apprehensive about this. About seeing those doctors, having them look into my mind. I hate this not knowing. Why can't I just remember and be done with it?" Jolan said quietly.
Henry looked at Justin, Justin sighing.
"Jolan, I have an idea. How about we take a drive out to Cutter's Road this afternoon? Perhaps if you see that place again, it will trigger more of your memories. Something happened out there to you, of that we've no doubt."
Jolan looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing his wanting to help him with this.
"Alright, Justin. Maybe you're right. Memory by association."
Justin smiled at him, Jolan smiling back.
"No matter what comes of this–here today or later this week with those doctors–I will stand by you, Jolan. We're all your friends. Nothing that's happened in the past will change what's in my heart."
Jolan smiled, seeing the caring and deep love in Justin's gaze.
Jolan looked around the table, each person smiling at him.
"I guess you all already know of Justin's proclamation to me in regards to his love."
They all nodded, Trace smiling at him.
"It's not hard to see, Jolan. Justin shows his love easily." Trace said, Jolan nodding, Justin smiling at his best friend.
"I feel overwhelmed. You've all shown me so much caring, so much patience and love. I just can't believe how you've all taken me into your hearts. I can't believe what the last few days have been like. How much love I've felt. Especially you Justin. I feel your love so intensely. It's just overwhelming me." Jolan said, everyone seeing tears developing in his eyes.
Justin's arm went around the young man, Jolan wiping his eyes.
"I'm sorry Jolan. I can't change how I feel. You've entered my soul. I'll always love you." Justin said, smiling at him.
"As will all of us." Trace said, Jolan seeing the sincerity in his eyes.
Jolan smiled, looking at all of them.
"I guess I'm going to have to get used to being loved so much. First my own family, now you crazy lot."
Everyone chuckled, Jolan smiling.
They all dove into the warm breakfast, Jolan giving Trace high marks.
Trace smiled, his eyes going to Justin's.

After breakfast, Jolan and Justin went for a walk around Henry's home, looking at all the foliage and beautiful scenery.
Justin had sensed Jolan needed some fresh air.
He and Henry had agreed that Justin would keep a close eye on the young man, in case his headaches materialized again.
So Justin offered to take the young man for a walk, Justin also wanting to be alone with him.
An old logging road ran behind Henry's garden, Henry telling them where it meandered to.
They left together, the two men walking down the forested road.
After about a ten minute walk, Jolan put his hand on Justin's shoulder, Justin stopping.
Jolan pointed ahead, Justin following his gaze.
In a small clearing ahead of them stood a large deer, its antlered head high and alert.
Justin had never seen such a massive buck.
Its chest was huge, its antlers large and expansive.
The two men watched it for a few moments, Jolan quietly walking forward.
Justin remained still, seeing the large buck staring at Jolan.
Jolan stopped for a moment, about twenty feet in front of the buck, the two looking at each other.
Justin began to worry, afraid the animal would suddenly charge at Jolan if he got too close.
Suddenly Jolan's soft voice was heard, words unlike anything Justin had ever heard coming from him.
The deer turned its head in a confused manner, staring at the young man.
"Ta, data cha bassa. Wachasa manso." Jolan uttered, his voice low and steady.
The animal grunted, then lowered its head.
Justin stood in shock, watching the animal bow its head to Jolan.
Jolan himself bowed a half bow, the deer rising its head again.
It grunted loudly, Justin seeing and hearing sounds coming from around them.
Out of the forest from different directions walked three does and two little yearlings.
They all gathered in a group, looking at the young man standing before them.
Jolan bowed again, the herd as a group lowering their heads.
"Tanay bowsa cha tee nee goola." he said, his hand sweeping to the left.
The buck grunted again, the group moving as a unit in the direction Jolan had indicated.
Justin watched the deer leave, the buck the last to disappear.
It turned its head once more, staring at Jolan.
It grunted a soft grunt, then disappeared.
Jolan waited a moment, then turned and looked at Justin.
Jolan's finger went to his lips, Justin seeing the sign for Justin to be quiet.
Jolan walked back to Justin, standing beside him now, his eyes scanning the forest.
They stood in silence for a few minutes, then Justin heard footsteps coming from his right side.
Out of the forest from a ravine to their right walked two men.
Both carried guns, the two obvious hunters.
"Good morning, boys." said one, a man of about fifty.
"Morning sir. A wonderful brisk morning." Jolan replied, smiling at him.
"Yes, it is." the younger man of about twenty-five said, staring at the two men.
"How goes the hunt?" Jolan asked, his eyes directed at the older man.
"Not good. We know there's a group of does around here, we've seen the signs. And there's a sneaky buck hidin' his ass nigh about these parts."
"Yes, there is. Justin just scared one up from under that brush thicket to your right. And I heard other deer down in that direction." Jolan said, pointing towards where the road veered to the right.
"Great. Thanks so much." the younger man said, smiling.
"They're heading down to the Taylor swamps. Must be bedding down for the day. I feel snow a' cummin." the older man said.
"We won't keep you then. Safe hunting, gentlemen." Jolan smiled, the two nodding and walking back into the forest, heading down the ravine that ran towards the right of the road.
Jolan and Justin stood in silence, watching the two hunters disappear eventually down through the thickening forest.
"Jolan, you've sent them on a wild goose chase. You know the deer went left over that ridge."
"Yes, Justin. I know. That's where I told them to go. I knew the hunters were tracking them."
Justin stared in shock.
"How did you know that, Jolan? I never saw or heard them."
Jolan's head moved around, Justin watching him scanning the forest.
"I guess the best way to explain it would be to say that I sensed them, Justin. I sensed them in the forest, like a presence of danger. Danger for those animals."
Justin put his hand on Jolan's shoulder.
"You talked to them, didn't you? You told them there was danger and you guided them to safety."
Jolan nodded, lowering his head.
Justin put his arm around him, Jolan raising his head.
"Hey, Jolan. It's okay. No worries. Yes, it's surprising, but I'm beginning to think you're a surprising man. A very surprising man. That was totally awesome. I can't believe you did that."
Jolan smiled, not sensing any weirdness or uncomfortable feeling coming from Justin.
He was the same as always.
Loving, kind and friendly.
"So how did you know how to do it?"
"I don't know, Jus. It just came to me in my mind. I think I've always been able to do it. I think it's part of my past. My abilities, I mean."
"You mean, your soul walking around, and talking to animals now."
Jolan nodded, looking around.
"I think it has something to do with The Sun Child."
Justin had heard Jolan mention that name before.
"What is the Sun Child? Is he you?"
"I don't know, Jus. It's just a fleeting thought running through my confusing mind." Jolan said, rubbing his temple again.
Justin picked up on the sign easily that Jolan was having another headache.
"Okay, that's enough excitement for now. We should head back. I don't think we should be walking around out here with hunters walking about."
"Good idea, Jus. Even though the season's not in yet. We just met two poachers." Jolan said, looking towards the area where the herd had disappeared.
"Walk and live in safety, ancient ones." he softly said, Justin hearing him but remaining quiet.
The two slowly walked back to the house.

Jolan went for a nap once they'd returned to Henry's, Justin telling Henry of his headache.
Henry had demanded Jolan take two pills and then rest, Jolan dutifully obliging.
He went upstairs, falling asleep in his bed.
Justin told them all about Jolan's meeting with the deer and the subsequent hunters.
"Must of been Bill Anderson and his boy Jay. They're always hunting the back swamps behind my place. They have no regards for the legality of it." Henry said, smoking his pipe, sitting in his rocking chair in the living room.
"That's an amazing tale, son. About the deer and Jolan's ability to talk to them. You say they all bowed to him?" Henry then said, looking quietly at Justin.
"Yes, Henry. It was the wildest thing to see. Those deer bowing to Jolan. It was as if they thought him some kind of friend or ally. He did indeed warn them, and save at least some of them."
Henry nodded, his mind full of thoughts.
"Well, we all knew Jolan was different. This doesn't really surprise me." Cindy said, Trace smiling at her.
"I think that young man's very gifted." Henry said, standing up and walking over to a bookcase.
He pulled out a couple of books, Justin seeing they were very old.
"I've lived in this area all of my life, having been raised in this very house. This is my ancestral home." Henry said, sitting down again in his chair.
The three young people remained quiet, sensing that Henry was leading to something.
"Now being a local, I've heard all the legends, all the myths and old wives tales from all these parts. It comes with living in a tight-knit community."
Justin nodded, smiling at the older man.
"What's happened here the last few days has been itching at my mind. You all have to admit it's been real eye-opening."
All three nodded, Henry smiling, opening one of the books he'd taken.
"These books are very old. They detail the legends, myths and spiritual goings on of this state and the surrounding ones. Let's see. What's happened today rings a bell with me, I just have to find it. Ah, here it is." Henry said, perusing the book.
"Listen to this."
His kindly voice filled the room.

"On hallowed eve morning Joshua Trumbol, our choirmaster, was walking the fields of Annica, heading to his sweetheart's home on the back lane of Dravis Road.
He was quietly walking along, then stopped, seeing a small group of deer grazing in the meadow along the north road.
He quietly watched them for a while, then spotted something unusual.
Out of the morning mist a young man walked out of the forest walking up to the feeding deer.
Joshua took him to be around twenty-five.
The young man walked up to the deer, gently bowing.
The deer stayed still looking at the young man.
Joshua heard the young man talking, the deer immediately bowing onto their haunches before the young man.
The deer then rose, loping quietly away in another direction far downwind of Joshua.
The young man watched them go, then turned looking towards Joshua.
Joshua stared at the young man, seeing he had bewitching eyes.
He was dressed in buckskins and a bow slung over his shoulder.
The young man raised his arm, his hand flat and facing him.
Joshua took it to be a sign of greeting.
He raised his hand the same way.
In an instant, the man disappeared.
Joshua was stunned, looking around the whole area, seeing no one.
A few moments later, a band of Indians walked out of the forest, greeting the man.
He knew them from the settlement on the other side of Annica.
They told him they'd been hunting a group of deer, but at each moment they'd closed in on them, the deer somehow had been warned of their approaching danger.
Joshua related his story to them, of meeting the stranger in buckskins.
The elder of the band looked at the others, saying only one word.
Joshua asked what that meant, the band remaining silent, leaving quietly down the path, in the opposite direction that the deer had gone.
One young brave remained, staring at the choirmaster.
"Please tell me what's going on."
The young man looked at the equally young man.
"Go home, villager. Today you've met a Romaragi. To see one is to look upon the ghosts of other lands. For they are the walkers of souls. No hunter may prosper, no man shall collect bounty while they walk in our midst. Protect your heart, for they thirst for tainted souls."
The young brave galloped away to join his friends, leaving the young choirmaster standing in shock."

Henry closed the book, looking at everyone.
"That story is from seventeen seventy-five. A story told for centuries. More tales of similar occurrences are mentioned in this same book. Your tale recalled it to my memory." Henry said, setting that book down and opening another.
"This volume is a listing of all the mythical creatures, terms and paraphernalia."
Henry opened the book, searching for what he needed.
"Alright, here is the definition of Romaragi. Written by a scholar near the end of the 19th century, based on accumulated facts."
Henry read out the short definition.

"Romaragi are those who walk through life as two people. One lost in time, one lost in soul. They have high intellect and giving souls. They can communicate with beasts, birds and otherworld creatures. Mark them as similar to sprites, fairies and mystical worldly spirits. They are good, but in a somewhat unclear, uncertain way. They are said to seek what cannot be found. Life and love.
Dated March 17th, 1885."

Henry closed the book, looking at Justin.
Justin was sitting in stunned silence.
"Romaragi? A mystical creature? Are you suggesting Jolan isn't real?"
"No of course not, Justin. Let's keep a level head, son. This definition is based on myth and folklore. Not on genuine fact. A lot of these myths and legends even came from the old world with the early settlers. It may not even be of American origin. Jolan is as real as any of us. But you can't help but see the similarities now. His communication with those deer, his being in a sense two people. Himself and his younger self out on that road. I'm not sure what's going on here, everyone. But I don't sense it's anything evil. Jolan's too kind a person, too loving a young man to be connected with evil. Although, I do believe in my heart that evil has been done against him at some point. I think it's in regards to his family. Once we find them, perhaps we can really find out what's going on."
Justin took the book from Henry, rereading the paragraph.
A lot of if made sense in regards to Jolan.
"So these beings, or whatever they are, have been around for centuries. And somehow, Jolan may be connected with them." he said quietly.
"Yes, Justin. But the book says that they are good, but in an unclear way." Cindy said, Justin nodding.
"Jolan is good, that is a given. I think we better not let him know of this, it will only confuse him more." Henry said.
They all nodded, Justin getting up and looking at the other three.
"Jolan is Jolan. I love him. Nothing of this world or any other will stop me from that."
Cindy smiled, Trace nodding.
Henry remained silent.
"I'm going to check on him. Excuse me." Justin said, walking quietly out of the room.

Justin quietly walked into Jolan's room, seeing Jolan asleep on the bed.
He smiled, walking quietly over, then laying down beside him.
Justin looked at his sleeping face, lost in the beauty of this sleeping angel.
"You're you, Jolan. Nothing will change how I feel for you." Justin quietly said, closing his eyes.
Justin felt a movement, Jolan's body moving against his.
Justin smiled, sensing Jolan's searching him out.
"You need me, Jolan. Almost as much as I need you." Justin thought, snuggling up to the man.
Jolan opened his eyes for the briefest of moments, staring at the man laying beside him.
His mind thought on what he'd just discovered.
He smiled after a moment, snuggling against his friend.
The two drifted into dreamland, both souls attached to each other's love.

End of Chapter 12

An interesting series of events.
Seems there's more blossoming out of our Jolan.
Who is he really?
Is he one of the lost beings known as Romaragi?
Or is he something more?

Up next, a meeting of one's past.
And onward to the Big Apple.
And a meeting of conflicting values and distant minds.

Hugs, Angel.