Jolan's Path - Chapter 120


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 120


Jolan smiled, walking into the large plush office, Ally at his side.

It was Tuesday afternoon, Jolan meeting with his publishing firm at their headquarters in New York.

His smile increased, seeing Leo stand up from a large leather couch.

"You've made it, Jo!" Leo smiled, three other men rising from their seats on another couch, one other man rising from behind a desk.

Jolan smiled at all four, walking up to Leo.

"Let me introduce you guys." Leo said, smiling at his friend as he hugged him, Leo introducing him and Ally to the three men standing across from them..

"This is Bill Waxman, editor-in-chief of the New York branch of Halston Publishing. Ted Phillips, Vice President of Marketing and Jim Watson, President of Publishing and Distribution."

Jolan and Ally both smiled, shaking the three gentlemen's hands.

"And finally, this is Reinhardt Bachmann, CEO of Halston Publishing." Leo said smiled, the man behind the large ornate desk walking around it, walking up to Jolan.

Jolan smiled, the man's hand going into his.

"A great pleasure to meet you, Jolan. I feel I know you from your book and from your notoriety of late." the man said, smiling at Jolan, then at Ally, shaking her hand as well.

Jolan smiled, staring at the young man.

Reinhardt Bachmann was a youngish looking man, his blond hair wavy and enticingly beautiful, surrounded by a handsome face.

Two blue eyes of deep penetrating beauty shone with a steely stare of confidence.

Jolan sensed the man to be in his late twenties, a surprising youthfulness for such a powerful job.

"Halston seems to take great stock in the youth of our generation." Ally said, smiling at the young man, surprised by his youth as well, the executive laughing.

"Yes, the Beast needs a youthful heart. It comes in good handy when reigning in all the ancient execs stumbling around this place."
Jolan laughed, as did the three other execs standing across from him and Ally, no looks of blushing hurt on their faces.

Jolan sensed this man had an intelligent mind, and a giving countenance.

"Please sit down, my friends. I'm so happy to finally meet you, Jolan. Our number one best-selling author." the man smiled, guiding Jolan and Ally to two plush chairs in front of his desk, the man sitting down behind it.

"Number one, I still cannot wrap my mind around that." Jolan said, a soft blush on his face, the CEO smiling.

"Yes, but it's not surprising, giving the wonder of this book, as well as your notoriety."
Jolan smiled, looking into the man's blue eyes.

"Notoriety sometimes comes to those not seeking it, Mr. Bachmann."
The man smiled nodding, looking towards the three executives.

The three men sensed the man's gaze, all three smiling and standing up.

"We have work to do. A pleasure meeting both of you. Thank you for your diligence in giving us a chance." Jim Watson said, Jolan smiling and standing, shaking all three men's hands again, the three walking out of the office, closing the door behind them.

Jolan traded looks with Leo, Leo remaining silent.

"I was talking with Leopold before you came in, Jolan. Halston is overjoyed by the success you've given us. With your novel hitting number one this weekend, in all major markets, you've become the cornerstone of our fiction department. Halston wants to reward you for that."

The executive opened a folder on his desk, picking up an item, handing it to Jolan.

Jolan smiled at the man, lowering his eyes and staring at the item in his hand.

His eyes widened, his face showing shock.

In his hand he held a cashier's check.

"This is. . .this is unbelievable!" he softly said, Ally's eyes trained on the check in Jolan's hand, her eyes widening as well.

"That's only one percent of the profits here in America, Jolan. The book is just being distributed overseas. We've had orders from there totaling over one million copies. This novel is unlike anything we've seen. Your words have awoken the heart of tolerance all over the globe."
Jolan looked stunned, Ally staring at him, seeing the total surprise on his face.

"I. . .I never imagined that it would. . ."
"That it would ignite the world's mind?"
Jolan nodded slowly, Leo smiling at his friend.

"I knew you were special the first day you welcomed your love to me, Jo."

Jolan smiled, Leo's words calming him.

"I'm only me, Leo. I'm love."

The two men smiled, Ally smiling as well.

"So I've heard, Jolan. You are a remarkable man." the young CEO said, folding his hands in front of him.

Jolan smiled at him, his grey eyes going to his blue.

"Thank you, Mr. Bachmann."
"Please, it's only Reinhardt."

Jolan smiled, the two men staring at each other.

"I believe you are just as remarkable, Reinhardt. My brother of worth."

The man looked confused, Leo and Ally exchanging looks.

Jolan smiled, staring into the beautiful blue eyes of confusion staring back at him.

"It always fills my heart with happiness when I meet an Archanian."


Lance smiled, pulling into a parking spot on 59th street.

He parked, smiling at the young woman beside him.

Jennie's blue eyes met his, her smile equal to his own.

"This is great, Lance. You and me together having fun."
Lance smiled, nodding his agreement.

Justin was in meetings with William Rast today, Jolan having asked Lance last night to spend the day with Jennie.

Everyone had departed from New York on Monday morning, the family of four left alone.

Hayden had gone with his Poppa and Uncle Trace to William Rast, Jolan knowing that Justin didn't like to be far from the boy.

He thought it a nice idea for the two of his heart to spend the day together.

He was sure that Hayden's heart would be filled with joy all day with his Poppa.

That left only Jennie, Lance the perfect companion for her today.

Jolan had heard Joey stating that his Lance would be alone all day Tuesday, Joey having family matters and work related concerns.

So he'd asked Lance when he and Joey had come over to watch Jimmy Fallon's show late Monday night.

Lance had heartily agreed, the young woman part of his heart now.

Here they now were, about to go shopping at Bloomingdale's.

Lance smiled seeing the happiness in the young girl's eyes.

He'd sensed something at the party on Sunday, a feeling of the girl's love entering his soul.

She'd smiled at him and cuddled with him several times that day.

Towards the end of the evening he'd had a nice talk with her, asking her why she was being so cuddly with him.

"Kindred spirits" she'd said, her blue eyes filled with love.

Lance had smiled, the two talking with open hearts, Lance finding a lot of intelligent beauty in the young woman's heart.

Jennie's eyes went around the street, stopping at Lance's green pools of love.

"Everything okay, Jennie?"
She smiled, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"I love you, Lance. Our hearts are locked by truth."
Lance smiled, the young woman climbing out of the vehicle, Lance exiting as well, hitting the lock button on his key chain, Jennie's hand going in his.

"Let's have a fun day, Lance!" she grinned, Lance smiling, walking with her towards the department store ahead of them.

Neither saw a man across the street from them, sitting in a dark black car.

His green eyes had been locked on Lance's handsome face when the man had climbed out of his vehicle.

The man's heart had trembled, seeing the beauty of the blond star's face and green eyes.

Nathan Livingstone had smiled, seeing his soulmate join hands with the young woman standing beside him, the two walking down the street, Nathan's eyes following him.

Nathan's cell phone flipped open, the man dialing a number.

"It's me. They've just parked at Bloomingdale's. I'm on my way over. You have the keycard? Good. We'll wait for them there. I don't care about the risk, it happens today. I'm sure I can keep you occupied until they return. Then we move on."

Nathan closed off the phone, his eyes seeing Lance and Jennie disappear into the store.

His young face changed into a wide smile.

"We'll be together soon, Lance. Your life begins today. And a few others end."
The man smiled, pulling his car out into traffic, heading to destiny.


Carlos knocked on the condo's door, waiting in silence, another man standing beside him.

The two waited for a few minutes, the man nodding at Carlos, the attendant knocking again.

Again they were greeted by silence.

"No one's home, Carlos. Let's get going."

Carlos nodded, staring into the green eyes staring back at him.

The eyes of his master.

Carlos pulled a set of keycards out of his pocket, finding the one he needed, inserting it in the slot.

The door unlocked, the two men entering the apartment.

Nathan's green eyes looked around the condo, silence greeting them.

"Well planned. No one is home. This couldn't have worked out better. We now just wait for them." Nathan said, walking towards the couches, Carlos standing at the door.

Nathan turned, looking at the young man.

"Close the door, Carlos. We have to be discreet."
Carlos closed the door, remaining in the foyer.

"Get moving, Carlos. Check out the place. We don't want any surprises."

Carlos moved, rushing into the kitchen, Nathan sitting down on a couch.

Carlos came back out, nodding at Nathan, then moving down the hallway.

He searched each bedroom, walking into Justin and Jolan's bedroom last.

He stared at the bed, knowing who'd slept there last night.

A desire flooded his soul, his center hardening.

"Imagining his beauty?"

Carlos turned, Nathan standing in the doorway, Carlos' hand on his center, staring at the bed again.

"Man you've got it bad for Timberlake. Did you cum in your pants?"

Carlos blushed, Nathan smiling.

"Patience, my pet. You'll have your reward soon enough."

Carlos smiled, Nathan grinning.

"It will be a few hours. That slutty tramp looks like a shopaholic. My Lance will be dragged around for a while." Nathan said, walking towards Carlos.

Nathan stood behind him, his hand going to the young Hispanic man's face, rubbing his cheek.

"Do you smell him, Carlos? Do you smell your man's scent?"

Carlos nodded, staring at the bed.

Nathan smiled, pulling the covers back off the freshly made bed.

Nathan's eyes went over the man's body, a smile of lust crossing his face.

"Take your clothes off, my pet. Now!"

Carlos' reaction was instantaneous, his clothes hitting the floor, his mind flooded with his master's lust.

Nathan smiled, staring at the revealed tanned body of a Latino youth.

Nathan pushed Carlos downwards, the man falling forward on the bed, his face going into Justin's pillow.

"Take his scent in, my pet. Envision this is him behind you."

Nathan's hands went to his belt, his own pants dropping, moving forward, his hardness finding the man's center.

Carlos' face was taking in Justin's lingering scent as the master behind him sunk into him.

In Carlos' lost mind his thoughts were drawn to one vision.

To the man taking him.

His Justin.


Ally and Leo sat in stunned silence, Reinhardt Bachmann staring into Jolan Dragos' staring grey eyes.

"I don't know of what you speak?"

Jolan smiled, looking at his friends.

"Calmness, angel of lost worth. My friends know of your family. And I do even more."
The young man's face showed confusion, his eyes darting around the place.

"I am a Dragosan, and I am a Badenwolf. I am also an Archanian. I am three parts of one soul. I sense out all of my kinship. I feel your Archanian soul. It is as worthy as my three cousins'."

Reinhardt stared at the man before him, his eyes now softly glowing.

"It. . .it cannot be. . .I would sense you." he softly said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I am lost in the three realms of destiny, Reinhardt. I can sense all three clans, but they cannot sense me. Only if I deem they must."
Reinhardt stood up, Jolan rising as well, the other two staring at Jolan in disbelief.

"He's. . .he's a relative of Athos, Isaiah and Mathias?" Leo said, staring now at the young CEO.

The man stared at Leo, those names not known to him.

"Who does he speak of? I do not know these men." Reinhardt said, Jolan smiling at him.

"They are shadows of truth, Reinhardt. Forgotten children of your clan. Lost to the Archanian clan."

The man looked surprised, staring at Jolan.

"But you found them?"
Jolan nodded, looking at Ally and Leo.

"Yes, Reinhardt. For they are my cousins. Hidden from their own clan, hidden from me. It is time all those hidden come out of their hiding places. The time of Snow and Truth is upon us soon."

Reinhardt sat down again, a look of total shock on his face.

"You. . .you are he who. . .the lost one?"

Jolan nodded, staring down at the man.

"You have heard of my life of hardship and pain. It is time you heard the other side. The side of whom I am."
Reinhardt nodded, Jolan returning to his seat, his friends staring at him.

Jolan began to speak, the past and present of his life unfolding before their eyes.

After half an hour, Reinhardt's head rose, two eyes filled with tears staring into Jolan's softly glowing grey eyes.

"You. . .you are the lost one. The one we have waited for."

Jolan nodded, staring at the young man.

"Yes, my cousin of truth."

Reinhardt's eyes went to Leo and Ally, both smiling at him.

"We are a people of hidden necessity, Jolan. We are hidden throughout the world. We always assumed that that time of truth might never come. Here now before me I see that it now is at hand. Fate and destiny have walked our coming savior onto our path." the man said, his eyes filled with tears.

Jolan lowered his head, Leo staring at his friend.

"I am not a savior, Reinhardt. Our Lord is the only savior I know of. I am just a man charged with a path of destiny. It lays at my feet the task of joining the clans. To stand on the side of good against evil. On that day I shall need all of you."
The man stood again, walking around the table, Jolan standing up as well.

The man knelt on one knee before Jolan.

"I stand at your side, chosen one. My family shall bear witness to the truth of your coming."

Jolan blushed, Leo seeing his usual reluctance at worship, Ally seeing it as well.

"Please, Reinhardt. Please stand up. It is not devotion I seek, it is friendship and love."

The young man stood up again, his blue eyes staring at Jolan, a look of total awed worship in those wet eyes.

"You have both, my new friend."
Jolan smiled, taking his hand in his.

"You have missed our cousins, they have returned to England."
The man nodded, wiping his eyes.

"A sad fate, my cousin. I am sure they shall be welcomed within the clan.  I will alert my family, the word shall spread."
Jolan smiled, his hand going to the man's shoulder.

"I ask for a meeting of the clan, Reinhardt. The week before the end of June I shall meet you all at Ravenasia."
The young man's eyes widened.

"You know of. . .of the place of renewal?"

Jolan smiled, the young man seeing so much love in that smiling face.

"That place of renewal is a place older than time, Reinhardt. You beautified Queen Ravenia by re-naming it for her. Before that is was named Archania."

The young man smiled, sensing the man before him knew all.

"You are steeped in our family's lore, cousin."

"I am steeped in much knowledge, Reinhardt. For I must know all to change all."
The three stared at Jolan, seeing a depth of knowledge in those grey eyes.

"All in good time, my friends. But first, I want to know all about my brethren of winged beauty. Please tell me all you know, Reinhardt. You have given me greatness here today, I wish to give you freedom."
The young man smiled, Jolan again looking at the check laying on the desk, shaking his head.

Reinhardt smiled, seeing before him a man of calmness, intellect and giving greatness.

And also a man of reluctant greatness.

He sat down again, the three before him hearing his family's story.

Reinhardt talked, two grey eyes of loving taking in every word.


Nathan stood on the balcony, staring down at the sidewalk below him.

He stood on Justin's bedroom balcony, again fully clothed, watching below for the coming of his love.

He heard the patio door slide, not turning his head.

Carlos walked out onto the balcony, pulling his attendant's shirt over his chest, hiding the marks of brutality showing there.

"They should be here soon. It's been almost five hours." Nathan said, looking at his watch.

Carlos walked up beside his master, staring downward.

"All is ready, sir."
Nathan smiled, patting the man's shoulder.

"Did you enjoy the fantasy, my pet?"
The man nodded.

"We'll take care of these two, then we'll get you going towards your reward." he smiled, Carlos' eyes meeting his.

Their greenness was showing only calm determination, Carlos seeing the underlying madness behind them.

He was thankful in his soul that he was not the one Nathan longed for.

For the past four hours he'd felt the need of domination and beastly desire contained within the monster standing beside him.

He wouldn't wish that life upon anyone.

Its passion was almost as totally maddening as the other monster who'd claimed him with Nathan.

That man named Fagin, a monster of total madness.

"I have given you the beast's desires.  My Lance will only feel my total love."
Carlos' eyes went to Nathan's, knowing the man was locked within his mind.

"I feel all your thoughts, Carlos. I satisfied briefly your hunger for him. My own hunger is so much greater. You desire Justin's lust, I desire Lance's love. And I'll have it. And my master will have her. She's as good as dead and Lance is as good as mine. Let's not fail in this. For if you do, your life ends here, today."

The young man nodded, staring downward.

He saw Lance's SUV coming down the street, pointing towards it.

"He's coming." he said, Nathan pulling Carlos and himself back away from the railing, his hands going to the young Hispanic's throat.

"That was close! You almost revealed us, you fool!"

Carlos stared at the man staring back at him.

He saw the insanity revealed, the man's one free hand going to Carlos' center, squeezing hard.

"Don't fuck this up, Carlos!. To her room!"

The man nodded, Nathan releasing him.

Nathan smiled, a smile of intense desire and hunger.

Carlos moved, walking back into the bedroom, his eyes going to the trashed bed.

Nathan was behind him, the man pushing him forward.

Nathan smiled, the moments of uncertainty dissolving, his Lance's time at hand.


Lance smiled, walking into the elevator, Jennie at his side, the two carrying bags.

"Thank you so much, Lance. The guys are going to love their gifts! And I love mine!" she smiled, leaning over and kissing Lance's cheek.

"Making you--and them--happy brings happiness to my heart."
Jennie smiled, her eyes closing for a moment, then opening, a large smile going to her face.

"Jolan's found more family, Lance."
Lance looked confused, the young woman smiling at him.

"Archanians do walk among us. Jolan's found one."
Lance looked surprised, Jennie's smile widening.

"He'll tell us all about it at dinner tonight. He said you're cooking."
Lance laughed, two bags of groceries at his side.

"You two are sneaky."
Jennie laughed, the elevator doors opening, the two walking down the short hallway towards Justin's condo.

Jennie stopped just before the door, Lance looking at her.

Her face showed a flash of concern.

Her eyes met his, Lance seeing the blueness softly glowing in them.

"What's wrong, Jennie?"
Jennie stared at him for a moment.

"The path moves forward. I love you, Lance. And I trust Jolan."

Lance stared at her, her face changing into a soft smile.

"Home sweet home." she said, her card going into the door's slot, the door unlocking.

Lance followed her into the condo, his mind on her words.

The two dropped their bags by the doorway, Jennie heading towards the hallway, Lance carrying the groceries into the kitchen.

He set the bags on the counter, looking around.

The kitchen was spotless, Lance smiling at Jolan's meticulous cleanliness.

It matched his own.

He thought he heard a soft gasp, the man walking out of the kitchen, looking down the hallway.

"Jennie? Everything okay?" he shouted.

Silence greeted him, the man standing still.

He slowly walked down the hallway, stopping at Jennie's doorway, gently rapping on the door.

"You there, Jennie?" he said, silence surrounding the hall.

He turned the doorknob, walking into the room, staring in shock.

Jennie lay on the floor at the end of her bed, her eyes closed, Carlos the garage attendant standing over her.

His brown eyes met Lance's green, Lance's face changing to protective anger.

"What the hell do you think you're doing??!" Lance screamed, rushing forward, making it a few feet before two arms surrounded him, a cloth going to his mouth.

Lance gasped, the chloroform-soaked cloth doing its work.

Lance began to sag, the arm surrounding him turning him, Lance's clouded vision taking in two green eyes of intensity staring at him, the cloth still over his struggling mouth.

"Hello, my love. It's me, your Natty." the man said, Lance seeing the depth of madness now showing in those green eyes.

The last thing Lance felt was the cloth replaced by two lips crushing against his, his mind then going into darkness.


Justin walked into the condo, carrying Hayden in his arms, Lonnie following behind him.

He smiled, putting the boy down, Hayden running towards the kitchen.

Justin smiled at Lonnie, the big man shutting the door behind him.

"Jolan? Jennie? Anyone home?" Justin yelled, walking into the kitchen.

Hayden was standing at the counter, looking up at two grocery bags that sat on the counter, a stream of liquid ice cream dripping off the counter from one bag, Hayden's hand covered it in, his fingers in his mouth.

"Forgot to puts food away, Poppa? Not like Auntie Jennie." he said, his blue eyes looking up at his Poppa, Justin seeing deep concern in them.

Justin picked up the boy, staring at the groceries.

"Jennie? Lance? Anyone here?" he shouted again, walking out of the kitchen, meeting Lonnie in the living room.

"Everything okay, Jus? Where is everyone?"
"The groceries are just sitting on the counter, ice cream leaked out all over the counter. Why wouldn't they put away the groceries?"

Lonnie looked confused, his eyes looking around.

"Jolan? Jennie? Lance?" his thunderous voice echoing in the room, Hayden staring towards the hallway.

"Down there, Poppa. Me feels something."
Justin and Lonnie's eyes met, Justin walking towards the bedrooms.

He walked right down to the end of the hall, Lonnie at his side, Justin walking into his bedroom.

He stared around, his eyes widening, seeing the bed's covers tossed around.

"Jolan made that bed this morning, Lon. What's it doing messed up?"
Lonnie shrugged his shoulders, the big man walking towards it, looking it over.

His eyes caught wet smudges in its center, the man lowering his body, sniffing them.

"Man, Jus. This smells like. . .like sex."

Justin's eyes widened, staring at the sheets.

"Sex? But that's wrong, Lon. Lance and Jennie were the only ones here."

Lonnie nodded, the man moving, taking charge, searching the bedrooms one by one, Justin following with Hayden, the last room they walked into being Jennie's.

Her bed was made, the room neat and totally empty.

"Where is everyone, Lon?" Justin said, Lonnie hearing concern and confusion now in Justin's voice.

Lonnie's eyes looked around the room one last time, a whiteness catching his eye at the end of Jennie's bed.

The large man stooped down, picking up a white cloth that had lain almost completely under the bed, only its corner catching the man's eyes.

Lonnie's eyes moved, catching a golden object laying just under the bed, his large hand picking it up as well.

He stood up, staring at a golden sun brooch, knowing immediately who it belonged to.

"Jennie's brooch? What's it doing under the bed? She had it on this morning when we left. She was gleaming with its golden happiness on her chest." Justin said, Lonnie nodding, feeling wetness on the cloth in his hand, bringing the white cloth up to his nose.

He sniffed for only a moment, the truth of what it was immediately registering with him.

"This is covered in Chloroform, Jus. Someone's taken her!!"

Justin's eyes widened in shock, his son's blue eyes staring around the room.


Justin sat on the couch, his arm around Jolan.

It was two hours later, the two surrounded by their friends Lonnie, Ally, Leo and Joey.

The police had been called, Jordan Foreman walking into the living room from the hallway, two policemen standing in the living room.

"It's chloroform alright, Benson's analysis proves it. It looks like someone's taken them." Jordan said, his eyes going to Jolan, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"But there's no signs of forced entry or struggle. It's totally confusing." the policeman continued, Joey's eyes meeting his.

Joey had been trying for over an hour to reach Lance on his cell phone, only getting his message service.

"Lance takes his phone with him everywhere. He always answers. He's in trouble, I know it. And my finger points to Nathan!" Joey said, Lonnie's arm going around his friend, hearing the worry in Joey's words.

"Calm down, Joey. We don't know yet if that's true." Lonnie said, feeling for his friend.

"It is true, Lon."
Everyone's eyes went to Jolan's, his grey tear-filled eyes looking at Joey.

Joey moved, sitting down on Jolan's other side.

"You know it's him?"
Jolan nodded, looking around the room.

He'd come into the condo at the exact moment Justin was calling him, their eyes meeting across the room.

In Justin's eyes Jolan had instantly seen the worry, and the brooch in Justin hand brought it all together.

Justin had quickly been at his side, his arms going around him, quietly telling him what they'd found.

Jolan had pulled out of his embrace, rushing down the hall to Jennie's room.

Justin had followed, Lonnie remaining in the living room awaiting the police.

Jolan had walked into the room, his eyes scanning every inch of it.

Justin had stood in the doorway watching Jolan's glancing eyes, sensing the man was searching out for his sister in the darkness of his mind.

"She doesn't answer, Jus. She won't or can't answer." he'd softly said, the man moving towards their bedroom, Justin following.

He'd walked into the room, staring at the bed, walking over to it, sitting down on its side, staring at its tossed center.

Jolan stared at it, Justin watching him.

Justin saw Jolan's face change, his eyes going softly yellow, his nose enlarging.

Those flared nostrils were sniffing deeply.

Jolan had stood up, walking out of the room, going to the living room, sitting down on a couch, lowering his head.

There he'd sat, Justin at his side, until this moment.

Jolan's eyes went to Jordan, the man seeing the determination in those deep grey eyes.

"Taylor, Stoughton. You two go back there and see how Benson's doing on the bed sheets." Jordan said, the two officers in the room walking down the hallway.

Jolan stared at Jordan, the man smiling at him with concern.

"Nathan was here. I smelled his Badenwolf scent. As was another man, that man under Nathan's control. They took Jennie and Lance."
Joey's eyes widened, Jolan seeing the anger brewing there, his arm going around his friend.

"They're safe, of that I'm certain. Nathan's hunger for Lance will guarantee his safety, Joe. It's Jennie that concerns me. I think I know who's behind that."
Justin's arm tightened around Jolan, the man looking at him.

"Fagin and Thornton are behind her disappearance, of that I'm certain. They've drugged both, that's why you can't reach Lance, and why I can't reach Jennie through our connection. I feel the chloroform in her mind."
"They're going to be alright, Jo. We'll find them." Justin said, his voice filled with encouragement and worry.

Jolan kissed his lips, Justin feeling his love.

Jolan's eyes went to Jordan, their eyes meeting.

"I know how to find out where they are."


Carlos knocked on the condo's door, the door opening, Justin's face greeting him.

"Hello, Mr. Timberlake. I've just heard! Is there any word?"

Justin stared at the attendant, opening the door wider.

"Not yet, Carlos. Come in. Inspector Foreman wants to ask you a few questions about anything you've seen."

"Certainly, Mr. Timberlake. But I've been down in the garage all day. No one unknown entered there." the man said, walking into the condo, looking towards the couches.

People sat there, Carlos knowing most of them.

He walked towards them, looking at Jolan.

"I'm sorry about your sister, Mr. Dragos. I was downstairs washing your new car when I heard the news from Charles."

Jolan nodded, staring at the attendant.

"Hello, my name is Inspector Jordan Foreman. I'd like to ask you a few questions, Carlos. I've already talked to Charles, the doorman." Jordan said, Carlos meeting his gaze.
Carlos nodded, Jolan's eyes staring at him.

"Certainly, Inspector." Carlos said, sitting down in a chair in front of the man.

"You've been here all day?"
"Yes, sir. In the garage and on several floors, doing deliveries. I go up and down all day."

"I'm sure you do." Jolan said, his grey eyes staring at Carlos.

Carlos' eyes went to Justin, the singer staring at him.

Carlos smiled at him, the smile leaving his face when he met Jolan's judging eyes again.

"Did you see anything unusual today, Carlos?"
"No sir, just another typical day." he said, smiling at the officer, his eyes briefly glancing at Justin.

Jordan's eyes met Jolan's, the officer shrugging his shoulders.

Jolan stood up, staring at Carlos.

"Thank you, Jordan. I can take it from here."

Jordan looked confused, his eyes going to Justin.

Jolan moved in a flash, the young man seizing the attendant's arms, pulling him out of his chair and throwing the man across the room, Carlos flying over a couch, landing on the carpeted floor towards the hallway.

Jolan moved again, everyone on their feet in stunned shock.

Within seconds Jolan was at the man again, picking him up, pushing him up against the wall, everyone too stunned to move.

"Where are they, Carlos?! I know you were here! I smelled your disgusting scent in my own bed! Yours and Nathan's! The two of you fornicated in my bed!  How long has he been your master?!"

Justin looked shocked, Jordan moving towards the two men.

"Release him, Jolan. Is that true, Carlos? Are you involved in this?" he said,  looking at the terrified man.

"Please let me go! I don't know what you're talking about!"
"I feel you, Carlos. I feel every depraved thought within you. You will never have my Justin."
Justin looked even more shocked, Ally at his side now, Hayden in her arms.

Leo and Lonnie were beside them, Joey walking up beside Jordan.

"What. . .that's not true. . .?" he stuttered, Jolan's eyes glowing grey.

"It's true Carlos, and you know it! I've felt your ogling gaze at my Justin since the day I met you."

Justin looked at the young attendant, his brown eyes staring at him.

"It. . .it. . .it was only fun. He's so hot." the man said, Jolan glaring at him.

"Was that their reward for you, Carlos? My Justin if you aided them?"
The man trembled, Joey's glaring eyes now on him.

"You. . .you helped him take my Lance?" the man said, rushing towards Jolan and Carlos, Jordan's arms going around Joey.

"Stop right now, Joey! Jolan what's going on here?" the policeman said, Jolan's eyes still on Carlos.

"Nathan's Carlos' master, Jordan. He aided him in taking Jennie and Lance, with my Justin as his reward. Where did Nathan go with them, Carlos? Tell me right now or I'll rip it out of your mind!"

Jolan's hands went around the man's throat, Carlos feeling the strength in the man's grip.

"Please. . .I. . .I don't know!" he trembled, Jolan's eyes now glowing yellow.

"Please. . .not another one! You're animals!!"

Jolan smiled, staring at the man.

"So it's true? Nathan's beastly self has claimed you?"
The man was crying, nodding his head.

"Please don't hurt me like he does. It's so painful! He's in my mind!"

Jolan released the man, Carlos sagging to the floor, his hands going to his own red throat.

"Say it. . .say the truth!"

"I. . .I helped him. I drugged Jennie, when she walked into her bedroom. Nathan he. . .he drugged Lance from behind when he walked into that room looking for Jennie." he sobbed, the man trembling on the floor.

Everyone stared at him, realizing the truth now.

"Where are they, Carlos?" Jolan said, his face emotionless, his yellow eyes staring at the man on the floor.

"I. . .I don't know. We took them down to the garage, putting them in Nathan's car. He drove away with them. He said he'd talk to me later today."

Jolan moved forward again in quickness, the man once again against the wall, Jolan's hands on his shoulders.

"Tell me everything he said!"
"I. . .I don't remember it all! He didn't really say anything! He just fucked me in your bed for hours waiting for them. Then he took them!"

Jolan's hand went forward, attaching to the man's skull.

Carlos gasped, the man's eyes widening, a soft yellowness showing in them, everyone staring in shock.

He trembled for a few minutes, Jolan then releasing him, the man falling to the floor, sobbing.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I just wanted..  .I just wanted you to like me, Justin. I just wanted you so bad!" he sobbed, Jolan stepping back from him, his eyes turning to his friends and Justin.

"Fagin's control on the man is gone. As is Nathan's." Jolan said, the young man walking over to the couch, sitting down.

"Stoughton, Taylor! Get out here!" Jordan yelled, the two officers rushing out, staring at the man laying on the floor.

"Pick him up and take him downtown. He's to be held for accomplice to kidnapping." Jordan said, the officers helping the man stand up, taking him out of the room and out of the condo.

Jolan watched the man walk across the room, his brown eyes staring at him.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!" he sobbed, Jolan's head lowering.

Joey walked over to Jolan, the young man's head raising at hearing the man walking towards him.

"What are we going to do, Jo? I need to find Lance!"

Jolan stared at him, Joey seeing tears falling from his eyes.

Jolan shuddered for a moment, Justin staring at him.

He thought he'd seen his eyes glow softly blue.

"I know where he is, Joe. I know where he and Jennie are. And I'm going after them."


Lance opened his eyes, a hand touching his face.

"Oh, thank God! You're finally awake!" Jennie said, Lance staring into her tearful eyes.

"What happened. . .where. . .Nathan!" Lance said, Jennie staring at him.

"I know, Lance. I saw him as well."

Lance tried sitting up, the man laying on a cot.

Jennie's arm went around him, Lance's hand going to his head.

He had a throbbing headache, remembering the chloroform he'd inhaled.

"Lay still, Lance. I'll fix your headache." Jennie softly said, her fingers going to his forehead.

Lance felt the instant relief, the headache dissipating immediately.

"Thanks, Jennie. It's gone." he said, Jennie smiling at him, his arm going around her.

"Where are we?" he said, the young woman looking at him.

"I think. . .I think. . ." she softly said, Lance holding her close.

She sighed, her blue eyes staring into his green.

"I hear birds and other noises. I think we're in the country. I think we're back at that cottage."

Lance stared at her, realizing what that meant.

"It's alright, Lance. I felt them coming, I just didn't know when. I feel him here as well. The path comes full circle."
"Jennie, you mean. . ."

"They have me again, Lance. And Nathan's lost within their madness."

Lance pulled her against him, his eyes moving around the darkened room.

They were in a darkly lit room, Lance judging it to be a bedroom, only one window in the room, its glass blackened by paint, no light coming into the room.

He had no idea of the time of day, his eyes going to his wrist watch, his other finger hitting its lighted display.

The watch read eight o'clock p.m.

"We've been gone for about six hours. I'm sure Jolan and the others are aware and looking for us."
Jennie's eyes met Lance's, the man staring into her determined eyes.

"Jolan is aware. I just talked to him before you woke up."

Lance stared in surprise at Jennie, the young woman kissing his cheek.

"He's coming, Lance. We just have to hang on to hope. He's coming with his magic."

Lance stared at her, Jennie softly smiling.

"You knew this was going to happen, didn't you?"
Jennie nodded, staring into his green eyes.

"I had a feeling that they were close, that something was going to happen. When I put on Alveena's brooch I learned that it was you that was in danger. I just didn't realize how close they were."

Lance nodded, staring at Jennie.

"I'm sorry, Jennie. I'm sorry Nathan's need for me drew you in as well."
Jennie smiled, patting Lance's shoulder.

"None of this was your fault, Lance. Your kind heart had no say in this. It is and has always been destiny. They just haven't realized that yet."
"They?" Lance said, surprised.

"I heard something else outside, Lance. The paths are lining up."
Lance looked confused, his thoughts broken by the sound of the door unlocking.

Light filtered into the room, a man walking in, his face covered in a wide smile.

Lance recognized the man immediately having been in the courtroom at Jolan's trial.
Richard Thornton smiled, his green eyes pierced with happiness.

"Hello again, little sweetness." he smiled, Jennie staring at him.

Lance's arm went around her, his body showing a protective stance.

"I have you once again, little flower. And I am going to make certain you pay dearly for what you did to my Jeffy." he smiled, his eyes glaring at Jennie.

Jennie felt Lance's protective love surrounding her.

"But first, we'll wait for your brother. I'm sure he's well on his way."
The door opened again, Nathan walking into the room.

Lance's eyes went to the young doctor, Nathan's eyes staring at him.

"Hello, Lance. We're finally together."

"Together? You drug me and kidnap me? I have nothing to say to you." Lance said, his eyes moving away from the young man.

"I'm sorry you feel that way, Lance. But in time you'll come to accept my love, as you'll accept our life together. You are mine now."

Lance turned staring into the man's staring eyes.

"I am not yours, Nathan. Joey Fatone has my love. He's earned it by giving me his own."
Jennie smiled, hearing Lance's love for Joey, and his courage.

Nathan's eyes darkened, Jennie staring at him.

"Joey is gone, Lance. He will only be a memory after you accept my love."

"I'll never accept anyone who has to hurt someone to force them into love."

Nathan moved across the room in a flash, pulling Lance away from Jennie, pushing him up against the wall.

Lance stared into his now softly glowing yellow eyes.

"You'll love me as I tell you to love me, Lance. I've waited so long for you. I'll have you and that's a guarantee." the young man said, his lips going to Lance's, Lance struggling against his touch.

Nathan pulled back, releasing Lance, walking back to Richard.

He turned, staring at both of their captives, Jennie again at Lance's side.

"This ends tonight for you, Jennie. And it begins for you, Lance. Accept your destiny." he said, Richard smiling at Jennie, Lance's eyes meeting Nathan's.

The two men smiled, walking to the door, Richard smiling back at both of them.

"Your brother's walking into his fate, Jennie. He should have never remembered who he was."

The man smiled, shutting the door behind him, locking it.

Lance's arm went around Jennie, the young woman looking up into his green eyes.

"You need to warn Jo, Jennie."
Jennie smiled, Lance looking into her blue eyes.

"He already knows, Lance. He's coming and he's bringing his love."

Lance stared at her for a moment, walking back to the cot, laying down again, Jennie snuggling against him.

"Let's get some sleep, Lance. We'll need our energy soon."

Lance stared at her, Jennie snuggling into his chest, her blue eyes closing.



End of Chapter 120


Did you see that coming?
Nathan now has his Lance.


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He's seen through Carlos' deceit, and seems to know what's going on.

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It seems Jennie is showing resilience in her time of trouble.

Does she know what's going on?


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