Jolan's Path - Chapter 122


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 122


The day's morning warmth gave way to late afternoon coolness, the infallibility of March's weather calling the group back inside Henry's home.

Jolan smiled at everyone's quiet concern for him, the young man resting in the living room, Justin and his son at his side.

Henry's phone--as well as Justin's and Lance's--had been continually going off, their friends and family all calling after having been called by Justin and others in the group.

Jolan talked to most of them, Justin's family all sending their love.

Josh had called, he and Chace both giving their love to Jolan.

Jolan and Justin both smiled at that, their dear friends' love missed.

They had offered to fly in, Jolan declining the offer, their doing that he deemed unnecessary.

Jolan sat quietly on the couch, his son in his lap, Hayden's hand rubbing Jolan's bandaged arm.

"You gets hurt, Daddy? Bad man bites you?"

"Yes, Hay. But Daddy's going to be okay."
Hayden nodded, snuggling against his father's chest.

"Auntie Jennie makes you better, Daddy. She has special touch."

Jolan smiled towards his sister, Jennie seated with Shelly, the older woman's arm around her.

"She did, Hay. She's already made Daddy better." Justin said, smiling at the boy.

Jennie smiled, Shelly smiling at her.

The front doorbell rang, Henry answering it, the doctor walking back into the room, Jordan at his side, Jolan smiling at him.

The police officer hadn't been seen since last night.

He stayed at the crime scene last night, then went back to New York with forensic evidence.

"You must be tired, Jordan?" Justin said standing up, the man smiling at him, his eyes showing his tiredness.

"That I am, Justin. But I had to come back and make sure you were alright, Jolan."

Jolan smiled, the two men smiling at each other.

"I'm healing, Jordan. The wolf's teeth didn't sink into my heart."
Justin's eyes met Jolan's, the young man looking at him.

"Nathan Livingstone is a dangerous wolf, everyone. He's a wolf of created evil."
"Created evil, Jolan?" Justin said, Jolan nodding at him.

"Yes, Jus. Fagin Greymount is complete evil. He created Nathan's Badenwolf soul out of necessity. I believe that man can see the future as well as I can. He has the gift of intuitive reasoning and high intellect. He is guided by destiny as well. His path is a path of evil."

"So you're saying he's matching your goodness with an equal amount of evil. How can you change that, Jo?" Joey said, he and Lance seated on another couch, Joey's arm around his lover.

"I can't change it, Joe. All I can do is balance it. I shall have to do that until the final confrontation."
Justin's hand squeezed Jolan's, the man smiling at him.

"What exactly will happen on that day, Jo?" Lance asked, Jolan's eyes meeting his green.

"On that day good will face evil and destiny will show itself."

"Meaning what, Jolan?" Jordan said, the man sitting down in a chair offered up by Lonnie.

"Meaning that the truth in all this will be revealed. And perhaps goodness will show its greater beauty."

Everyone nodded, unsure of Jolan's meaning.

The young man sighed, Justin quietly watching him.

"That day is still off in the future. Until that day we should all walk our paths of love. Life goes on my friends. Trust in me to love and protect all of you. Fagin Greymount's plans of conquest and victory shall fail against my wall of protective love. I think he'll now see the futility in trying to hurt any of you to capture me. He just learned yesterday that my resolve is complete. I won't stand by and let any of you be hurt. You are my family and I shall protect all of you."
Lance smiled at Jolan, Joey getting up from his seat, walking across the living room and kneeling in front of Jolan, Hayden smiling at the man.

"We all believe in your love, Jolan. Yesterday proved to me how great that love is. You gave me back mine. I'll never be able to thank you for that. All I have to give you in return is my love."
Jolan smiled, Joey leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"That's all I've ever wanted, Joe. Your love. All of your love." Jolan said, his tired eyes going around the living room, everyone smiling at him.

"I think I'll lie down for a bit, Jus. The tiredness is seeping in again." Jolan said, Hayden smiling at his father.

"Me too, Daddy. Long drive up here."

Jolan smiled getting up, Justin at his side, Joey rising as well.

"You stay and relax, my love. Hay and I are going to dreamland."

"Meets bear again, Daddy?"

Jolan laughed, Hayden giggling.

"Perhaps, my son. His love is welcomed."

Justin smiled at both, Jolan walking out of the room, heading for the staircase, his son in his arms.


Joey's eyes went around the room, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"Jolan risked his life yesterday for my love, Justin."
Justin smiled, hugging his friend.

"He'd risk that for any or all of us. That's just my Jo's loving, giving soul."
Everyone smiled, Justin meeting Jordan's eyes.

"Any news on Nathan, Jordan?"
The man looked around at everyone, then sighed.

"He was reportedly seen in central New York earlier this morning, Justin. And that was only because he was with someone else."

"With someone else?" Lonnie said, Jordan meeting his eyes.

"I received a phone call on my way here. Brandon Diablo was spotted on security cameras leaving an upscale hotel in upper Manhattan very early this morning. The man with him matched Nathan's description. My men investigated and the suite he came out of was registered to a man named Cecil Chamberlain. I did a background check on him and I just received it as I pulled into Oberson Falls. The man's a very rich Upstate New York lawyer. Apparently he now only handles one client. Any guesses as to who that client is?"

"Fagin Greymount?" Domo said, walking into the room.

"Yes, cousin. Apparently Cecil's his private legal council. He handles all of Fagin's legal affairs. And from what I've learned they are extensive. I've put one of my men on his tail, hoping that that man may lead us to Greymount. I'm also going to find out what Greymount's been up to, financially and criminally.  I'm sure Diablo and Nathan won't be far from him."

"So Brandon's still around Nathan." Justin said, Joey's arm going around him.

"Yes, Justin. It was a positive I.D. The security guard was a fan of his, that's how he recognized him. He called it into the precinct."

Justin nodded, Lance walking up to him and Joey.

"I'm sure Diablo won't come near you, Jus."

"I know he won't, Lance. I've no fear of him anymore. Not when I have my Jo to love and protect me."
Lance and Joey both smiled, Domo smiling at all of them.

"Dinner should be ready in about an hour. Daphne's becoming a greater cook than I am."
Everyone smiled, Justin smiling at his soon-to-be grandfather.

"No one can outdo you, Dominoso." a voice said at the room's doorway.

Everyone smiled, Trace and Cindy walking into the room, Justin grinning at his friend, Trace pulling him into a hug.

"Full circle, Jus. We're back in the thick of the mystery. Only this time your Jo's wide awake."
Justin's smile widened, Trace seeing tears beginning in his friend's eyes.

"He's been spreading the love and protecting our souls again, Jus."
Justin smiled, looking at Cindy who'd spoken.

"As always, Cindy. And you're right, Tray. We've come full circle as Jolan once said he would."

Cindy smiled, hugging Justin.

"Not long now you two. Less than a month." Justin grinned, Trace smiling, Cindy breaking her hug on Justin.

Their wedding was planned for March twenty-seventh.

"We've finalized everything, Jus."
"Then let's hear all about it." Justin grinned, pulling Trace and Cindy down on the couch.


Justin quietly opened the bedroom door, his eyes looking for Jolan on the bed.

Hayden lay sound asleep on the bed, his small body covered with a blanket.

Justin's eyes went to the one window in the room, Jolan standing there, his body leaning against the window's frame, staring out into the darkening evening.

Justin quietly walked across the room, his arms tenderly wrapping around his Jo.

"You should be resting, my love." he softly said, his lips kissing Jolan's neck.

Jolan's head slowly turned, his eyes meeting Justin's, his head going against his chest.

Justin had been surprised by the tears showing in those grey orbs.

"Why does pain and hurt always follow me, Jus?"

Justin wrapped his arms around his lover, Jolan sinking into his chest.

"Oh, Jo. You are not a conduit for pain. Don't dwell on something you have no control over."

"I. . .I didn't want him to die, Jus! I just wanted him to stop the madness!"

Justin nodded, his arms holding his lover.

He now sensed the simmering turmoil that he'd been feeling within Jolan's soul all day was about to crest.

Jolan's loving soul was goodness at its best.

His love was great enough to forgive those who harmed him.

And the emotional impact of what had happened last night was now seeping into his soul.

Justin stood in silence, letting his lover voice his emotions to calm his soul.

"And Nathan? Why couldn't he accept my offer of help, of love and forgiveness? Now he's lost to the evil. . .the god damn evil that continues to hurt me! I'm so tired of the pain, Jus! When can I live free of the pain?"
Jolan was sobbing, Justin's arms of strength and love holding him close, his own eyes filled with tears.

"I'm so tired, Jus. Tired of all this uncertainty, all this waiting. I just want all of this to be over and no one else to get hurt. I already have enough blood on my hands! Clara and now Thornton!"
Justin held Jolan in his arms, hearing the tiredness and desperation in his voice.
"There is no blood on your hands, Jolan. They chose the path they walked and goodness and justice answered them for their evil. God watches over all of us, Jolan. Those that choose evil shall answer for it."
Jolan's arms wrapped around his Justin, his grey eyes looking up at Justin.
"When I walked into that place as a Badenwolf I felt so much hunger, Justin. So much hunger to devour them. If. . .if there hadn't been that square of magic I truly believe in my heart that I would have ripped them to pieces. That feeling scares me so much, Jus! That I have that hunger within me! It makes me no better than them!"
Jolan was crying again, Justin tightening his love around him.
"That's so not true Jolan, and you know it! Let those feelings go, my love. Yes, you have a beast inside of you, and yes he's strong, powerful and hungry. But it's evil he hungers to devour, to stop their hurting others. Last night he walked into that clearing determined to save two of his own. Last night he and you both showed your love for Lance and Jennie, and in turn that Badenwolf's love for all of his pack. I and everyone easily see that, my Jo. Both sides of that beast are here for all of us. Protection and love. But the loving side of the beast is the side we'll always love. The side I'll always love."

Jolan wiped his eyes, Justin kissing his forehead.

"Evil shall always answer for its pained existence. That's what happened last night."
Jolan's face stared into his lover's, Justin smiling at him.

"Right now you're tired, Jo. You need rest, and you need to only concentrate on one thing." Justin said, his eyes going to the bed, Jolan's following his gaze.

"Right here is what's important to you, Jo. Your son and me. Our love is all you need."

Jolan smiled softly, Justin kissing his lips tenderly.

"You need to lay down and hold your son, Jo. Our Hay needs his Daddy's love."
Justin guided Jolan over to the bed, the young man gently laying down on it, Justin lifting Hayden onto Jolan's chest, the man sitting down beside both of them.

Jolan's arms wrapped around his son, his head going against Justin's leg.

Justin began to softly hum, Jolan's eyes closing, his hold on Hayden tightening.

Justin's blue eyes gazed at both of them, his soul filled with the love he felt for both.

Hayden wore a small smile, the boy wrapped in his father's love.

Within a few minutes Justin heard Jolan's breathing soften, sensing his lover lost in sleep.

Justin smiled, leaning down, kissing his and Hayden's foreheads.

His blue eyes stared at Jolan's beautiful face, his mind filling with his own pain.

You are goodness on all levels, Jolan. And I love all of you.

I'm so happy that you weren't hurt last night.

You mean everything to me, Jolan.

Please don't ever leave me, that would destroy my soul.

I love you and Hay so much, my love.
Justin wiped his own tearful eyes, the man rising up, staring down at his family.

He quietly walked out of the room, closing the door softly.

Two sets of eyes opened, Hayden's head raising, meeting Jolan's loving gaze.

"Poppa be okay, Daddy. We never leaves him."

Jolan smiled, the boy lowering his head, snuggling against Jolan's chest.

Jolan's eyes went to the door, a soft smile on his face.

"Yes, Hay. We'll never leave him."
The little boy smiled, his hand going to Jolan's face.

"Me ready for path, Daddy."
Jolan leaned forward kissing his son's forehead.

"Me too, Hay. Me too."
The boy smiled, closing his eyes.

Jolan closed his as well, the two walking together into dreamland.


Justin sat at the kitchen table, his shoulders surrounded by Joey's arm.

He'd spent that last few minutes telling everyone about Jolan's breakdown upstairs.

Of his realization of what had happened last night, and of his own fear of his Badenwolf soul.

"My grandson carries much within him, Justin. Anger, hurt and pain. But he also carries much love. To carry all that would weigh on anyone's soul, especially someone so young. And to also be a duality of animal and man, well that's just so unbelievable. Upstairs lays my grandson of giving love. I don't think there's another person on this earth who could give so much and take in so much for others. We are all blessed to know that love. I thank God everyday for my being able to gaze upon his love."
Justin smiled, Domo's eyes glistening with tears.

"Domo's right, Jus. We all love him and know him for what he is. He's love, pure and simple. We all are blessed indeed." Shelly said, Justin nodding at her.

"That boy I once met so long ago has changed into a man of loving grace. The path he follows, I believe, will show us such wonders, only now we are seeing just that. The next few months may be the most unbelievable of them all. Prophecies and destinies surround us, him the most."

"He walks where he must, everyone."
Everyone's eyes went to Jennie, the young girl seated beside Justin.

Her eyes met Justin's, her smile softening his worry.

"You knew what was going to happen yesterday, didn't you Jennie? I remember the strangeness of some of the things you said on our way back from shopping." Lance said, her eyes going to him, the man on her other side.

"Yes, Lance. I sensed the greatness of a changing moment coming to myself and to you. The magic singled you out. I just didn't know the suddenness of the danger that faced us. I just sensed the coming of destiny."

Lance's arm went around her, Jennie smiling at him.

"I told Jolan about my sensing it the day we arrived back in New York City. My magic is a magic of foreboding. Jolan I believe, was on guard after that. I feel his magic has increased, his senses heightened. That's why I wasn't totally afraid yesterday. I sensed the coming of his Badenwolf self, the coming of his loving protection."
"I was so surprised when he walked out into that clearing. The vision of. . .his beauty and muscular form. . .the strength."

Jennie smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.

"They are a race of beauty and grace, Lance. The Sulfenwolf the most stunning. My brother has matured to that beauty."
Justin smiled, his thoughts on that beast of love.

"He was beautiful, Jennie. The beast and the man were both exposed to me." Lance said, his mind on the dual vision of beauty he'd beheld.
Joey smiled, his Lance smiling at him, no jealousy in Joey's heart.

"Lucky you, Lance." Joey smiled, Lance smiling with a soft blush.

"My Jo is indeed beautiful, in every soul he bares." Justin said, Lance and Joey smiling at Justin, their friend smiling back.

"I need to tell you something, Justin."
Justin's eyes went to Jennie, the young woman staring at him.

"Jolan is more than just himself and that Badenwolf soul, Justin."
Justin looked confused, Jennie sighing softly, looking around at everyone.

"You've forgotten the third soul in the triad of destiny. Jolan hasn't shown his Archanian soul. I sense it under the surface of his conscience."
"But Jennie, Jolan has no wings like his cousins. How can he show that soul?" Justin said, her eyes meeting his again.

"Magic moves as it must, Justin. When and if that soul is needed it shall show itself. I just wanted you to be prepared for it."

Justin nodded, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

"Wow, my man's got another part of him to reveal. How can he top the beauty of his other two souls?"

Jennie laughed, Justin smiling at her, she seeing his unchanged love showing for her brother.

"That reminds me, Jennie. Yesterday you said that Jolan had found another Archanian. What did you mean?" Lance said, Leo and Ally's eyes widening.

"You know, Jennie?"
Jennie smiled at both of them.

"You forget our connection of love. He told me through our link. Please, let everyone know about him."

Ally and Leo spent the next few minutes telling everyone about Reinhardt Bachmann.

"Wow! Talk about fate." Joey said when they'd finished, Jennie smiling at him.

"Not fate, Joey. Destiny. All lines of destiny flow to Jolan. It was meant to happen, their meeting. From that, Jolan shall move to the meeting of the clan of winged warriors. The Wingshola shall show himself to all of them, just as the Sulfenwolf shall show himself to his clansmen. As will the Catre Din Dragoste reveal himself to the clan of man. The triad of the clans shall be bonded by all three. The three souls of Jolan."

Everyone stared at Jennie with quiet awe.

"The Wingshola? Another mysterious individual?" Leo said, Jennie smiling at him.

"Not mysterious, Leo. Just our Jolan. That is the greatness of his Archanian soul. Another ancient clansman of prophecy."
"Reinhardt did talk about a lost one that his people were long hoping for." Ally said, remembering those words he'd spoken at Jolan.
Jennie nodded, Justin smiling at her.

"Jolan is the lost one for all three clans. The hope of destiny and life."
"And you are the Sun Child, Jennica." Domo said, the young woman nodding at him.

"Yes, Grandfather. The Child of his Sun."

Justin smiled, pulling something out of his pocket.

"Lonnie found this on your bedroom floor by your bed, Jennie." he smiled, Jennie looking into his hand, her face widening with a large smile.

She took the brooch from Justin's hand, looking down at it now in her hand.

"Thank you, Justin. But there was no concern in my heart. I knew where I had left it."

Justin looked confused, as did Lonnie.

"You mean. . .you left it there. . .on purpose?" Lonnie said, Jennie nodding at him.

"Yes. I couldn't take it with me. For to do so would have been disastrous."
"Disastrous, Jennie?" Lance said, the young girl nodding now at him.

"I could not risk the magic within it being lost within the trap."
"You sensed the trap as well?"

Jennie nodded, looking at Joey who'd spoken.

"Yes, Joey. I sensed what lay before me in my own bedroom, and what lay ahead in the darkness of the square. My brother's magic made it clear to me."

Justin stared at her, Jennie's blue eyes meeting his.

"Jolan told me on the drive up that he knew a trap lay in wait for him."

"Yes, Justin. And I sensed it in him through our bond. My brother's magic draws to me. You wouldn't believe the greatness of it. It's like touching a live wire. How he controls it awes even me. It is so powerful."

Justin looked with concern at Jennie, her smile softening his worry again.

"He was destined to control and use it, Justin. There is no fear of it overpowering him. And there should be no worry in his heart for what has happened or will happen. Destiny is in motion, the path is set now. We all go forward on it until its end, and then after it. I truly believe in my heart that all of us shall survive whatever lays ahead. My brother's love confirms that in my soul. The path shall be lined with love."

Justin smiled, Jennie's eyes going around the table and then to her bonded sisters standing by the counter--Daphne, Cindy and Rachel smiling at her.

"And love comes soon in the event of my sister of love's marriage. What color will my dress be, Cindy? I so want to look so beautiful. But not as beautiful as the bride." Jennie beamed, Justin laughing beside her.

Cindy smiled, walking over to the table, smiling at Jennie.

"How does a deep blue sound? To match those blue eyes of love."
"Awesome!" the young girl beamed, those around the table smiling at her happiness.

"Let's eat and talk about it, everyone." Cindy said smiling, her eyes going to Trace's smiling face.

Justin and Jennie both smiled, Daphne and Rachel bringing platters to the table.


Jolan's eyes opened, the man surrounded by warm sunshine, standing on a forest-surrounded path.

"Lots of trees, Daddy."

Jolan's eyes went to the two blue pools staring up at him in his arms.

"Hayden?  You're here too?"
The boy grinned, his smiling face bringing a smile to Jolan's face.

"Yep, Daddy! We dreaming?"

"I think so, Hay. I remember this path."
"Gampa's path?"

Jolan's eyes widened a bit, his eyes moving forward on the path, seeing the rise ahead.

"Yes, Hay. Your great grandfather's path."

Jolan took a deep breath, feeling the rejuvenated life within himself.

Here in this place of dreams he felt no pain.

He looked down at his arm, the bandage gone from it.

His son grinned up at him, struggling a bit in his father's arms.

"Downs, Daddy. Me wants to runs on path!"

Jolan smiled, hearing the happiness in the boy's voice.

He set the child down, Hayden giggling, running ahead of his father, Jolan's eyes scanning everywhere, staying close to his son.

Hayden reached the crest, the boy stopping, his hand raising, Jolan's taking it in his.

"Walks up hill, Daddy. Me feels love."

Jolan smiled,  the man slowly walking up the cresting hill, his son at his side.

They reached the crest, Jolan staring ahead, out into the beauty of the valley below him.

He stared at the lake, and the mountain ahead of it.

"Nice place, Daddy! Me likes!"

Jolan smiled, his eyes going down to the boy, his son's grinning face meeting his.

"It is beautiful, Hay. But it is a place of danger as well. You stay right beside Daddy."
The boy smiled, his arms wrapping around his father's leg.

Jolan smiled down at the boy, a voice raising his head.

"I don't think the child can get any closer to your love."

Jolan's eyes met two pools of shining yellow.

"Grandmother!" he smiled, staring at Lava Mora, the she beast smiling at him.

"Hello, Jolan. And hello, Hayden." she smiled, her beautiful eyes taking in the child's smiling face.

"Hi, Gamma!"

The woman smiled, Jolan seeing soft tears in her golden eyes.

"Yes, I guess I am your great grandmother. How the seeds of life continue. It is with a heart of great joy that I meet you, child of loving beauty. You are as beautiful as your father and your grandfather."

Jolan smiled, Lava Mora's eyes meeting his again.

"And his great grandfather as well."
Lava Mora smiled, her eyes going towards the mountain behind her.

"He is as beautiful, yes Jolan. The beauty of the Dragosan male shines for all to see, through every lineage."
"Where is Grandfather?"
"He patrols the palace boundaries below, Jolan."
"Danger still lurks?"
"Always, my grandson. The bonds hold but her magic is evaporating."
"Queen Alveena's?"

His grandmother nodded, her eyes looking downwards to the palace's stone walls.

"She encased the valley in a dome of magic, on her last visit here. No one has breeched it since then."

"And you feel it breaking?"
"Magic cannot last forever, Jolan. Nor can those who yield it."

Jolan nodded, his eyes scanning the mountain and the stone palace carved into its side.

"I was inside, Grandmother. She guided me there herself."
Lava Mora's eyes widened, another voice speaking.

"To walk with her is to walk surrounded by love."
Jolan's eyes turned to his right, staring into his grandfather's grey pools of love.

"Grandfather! It is a joy to see you again." he said, the man smiling at him, his body going down to his knees, the man a few feet away from Hayden.

"And who's this?"
"Me Hayden, Gampa!"

The man's face changed into a wide smile, the boy letting go of Jolan's hand, running into the older man's opening arms.

Jolan stared in complete shock, the boy enfolded in his grandfather's loving embrace.

"I. . .I thought we couldn't touch?" he softly said, his grandmother going to her husband's side, the man rising up to his feet, Hayden smiling in his arms.

"We cannot, Jolan. That is you and us. But your son's love is a special love. It is a love that connects across eons of life. And across paths of death. It brings a warmth to both of our hearts." Lava Mora said, Hayden moving from Vilos' arms into hers, the woman's face covering in tears.

"Oh, you are such an angel!" she said, Hayden kissing her cheek.

"Me loves you, Gamma and Gampa. You are in my heart now."

They both smiled, Jolan smiling as well, seeing the emotion flood both of their faces.

Vilos' eyes turned, staring at his grandson.

"We both feel the emotion in your heart, our grandson. Yesterday's truths cannot weather against the love. It is time that you resolve yourself to the inevitability of your destiny. You are on the path of destiny. There is no going back."
Jolan nodded, his eyes lowering.

"I am tired of the pain, Grandfather. I don't want to watch others hurt or even worse."

The man walked up to Jolan, a few feet separating them.

"We all walk with pain in our hearts, Jolan. And we all have to make choices in our lives, some for the greater good. You know of what I speak, of the choices I had to make."
Jolan nodded, remembering the aftermath of the last battle and the choices of life and death his grandfather had to make.

"We both carry the greatness of our destiny, my grandson. As does this child in my wife's arms. You are a shining light in my soul, Jolan. For in you I sense the greatness of our love. You walk with us in your hearts. I am glad you have found Joelius again. My and your grandmother's hearts are filled with the joy of our bonded sons' love again surrounding you."
Jolan smiled, seeing the happiness in his grandparents' eyes and faces.

Hayden giggled, playing with the shell necklace Lava Mora wore around her neck.

"Why have you brought me here again, Grandfather? And why was Hayden brought as well?"
Vilos smiled, Lava Mora setting the boy down, Hayden running up to his father, Jolan picking him up, the boy smiling at his great-grandparents.

"The path has solidified, Jolan. Last night's truths have locked you on the final path. We wanted to meet Hayden before the path unfolds. We wanted to bask in your love for each other."
Jolan smiled, looking into his son's shining blue eyes.

"Love is the core of your path now, Jolan. His and your mate's love shall be the center of your soul. The triad of destiny is about to unfold, and the path goes forward. Always remember that you have my courageous heart, strength and love within you. We both stand by you and your destiny. Soon that shall be shown in all its greatness. Soon we shall pass into the beauty of God's light. We both are so happy that our children's lineage is blessed with our love and their own beaming greatness. You and Jennica have our unending love. And Hayden as well." Vilos said, Jolan's eyes filled with tears.

"I would give anything to feel the warmth of the loving embrace you just gave my son. I love you both."
Both of his grandparents smiled, Jolan staring into their softly glowing eyes.

"One day that dream shall come to pass, my grandson. Until then we give you and Hayden a gift of love. It's for Jennica as well. May all three of you be blessed with returned happiness."

Jolan saw the edge of the sunshine begin to darken, knowing their time with his grandparents was ending.

"We love you both." he said, the two beautiful visions wrapping their arms around each other.

"We love you as well, Jolan and Hay. Go with our love."
Jolan smiled, his arms around his son, Hayden waving at the two vanishing images before them.

At the last moment before the vision faded Jolan's eyes widened with shock seeing a running vision coming right at him.


Supper was just ending when a scream shattered the conversations going on around the table.

Justin was on his feet, heading out of the kitchen doorway, followed by Jennie, Trace and Joey, the others following behind.

Justin took the staircase two steps at a time, rushing down the hallway to his Jolan's bedroom door.

He threw open the door, his eyes scanning the room.

Hayden sat in the middle of the bed, his face covered in a wide laughing grin.

He was pointing towards the other side of the bed, Justin rushing around it.

Justin stopped in shock, staring at Jolan laying on the floor, and what sat upon his chest.

In a flash the beast was moving, tackling Justin, the man sent backwards falling to the floor.

Jolan's laugh filled the room, everyone pushing in the doorway, Jennie at their lead.

Her eyes widened with disbelief, her screaming voice filling the room.

"It. . .it cannot be!" she sobbed, a golden vision of furry beauty leaving Justin's fallen chest, rushing towards her.

"Spartacus! Oh, our Sparty!!" she screamed, the dog enfolded in her arms, Jennie on her knees.

Jolan stood up from the far side of the bed, everyone staring at the dog now in Jennie's arms, his tongue licking her face.

Jolan smiled down at his lover, extending his hand, pulling Justin to his feet.

"I'm sorry everyone. Hayden's scream of happiness was even louder than Jennie's."

Justin stared at Jolan for a moment, then at his son.

"He mine, Poppa! Daddy says he's ours!"

Justin's surprised eyes met Jolan's, his lover smiling at him.

"He came back with us, Jus."

"Back with you? From where?"

Hayden smiled up at his father, his blue eyes meeting Justin's.

"From Gampa's love, Poppa! From the mountain!"


Everyone sat in the living room, Jennie and Hayden seated on the floor, the large Golden Retriever laying on the floor between them, Hayden rubbing the dog's head.

"It's. . .it's so unbelievable, Jo!" Joey said, seated on a couch with Lance and Leo, everyone staring at Jolan.

Jolan had just finished telling them of the dream and the dog's coming back with them.

"My whole life and all its wonder is unbelievable, Joe. And this is its magic and love. Spartacus was once a part of me. A treasure of love and courage. My grandparents have given us a great gift of love. My son can now experience his giving love, just as I and Jennie have."

Everyone's eyes returned to the dog, Jennie smiling at her brother.

"He hasn't changed at all, Jolly. He's just as I remember him."
The dog moved, raising his head, licking Jennie's cheek, the young woman wrapping her arms around him.

Jolan smiled, seeing Jennie's happiness at having the dog in her arms again.

And he also sensed the dog knew that she was happy because he had returned.

Jolan thought on how that dog had loved her through all her pain near that mountain.

"How. . .how in all that's great is this possible?" Jordan said, his eyes staring at Jolan.

"It is destiny, Jordan. This animal of love stood steadfast through my life, his loyalty unwavering. After his death, he too was pulled to that mountain of magic, as my grandparents had been. His destiny was to bring love to my Jennie through her pain. And now he's here to bring love to all of us." Jolan said, smiling at the dog, the dog rising up, walking over to Jolan, Jolan leaning forward and hugging him, the dog's big golden eyes staring at Justin.

Jolan released his hold on the dog, Spartacus moving upwards, climbing onto the couch, his head going into Justin's lap.

"He feels your love for me, Jus. You gain his love through mine."
Justin smiled, stroking the dog's head and neck, smiling down at him.

"It really is unbelievable, Jo. His finding his way back to you like this."

Jolan smiled, Hayden running up to Jolan smiling up at his father.

"He comes home with us, Daddy?"

Jolan's eyes met Justin's, his man smiling at him.

"Of course, Hay. Spartacus is part of our family. Always has been." Justin smiled, the dog barking in his lap.

"There, see! He agrees!" Justin laughed, Hayden clapping his hands.

"Jolan, you look surprisingly well. What's happened to your bandage and your scar?" Henry said, his trained eyes staring at Jolan's arm, now free of any bite mark.

"The magic of Bolta Cerului heals all who gaze upon its love."

Justin stared at Jolan as well, his lover smiling at him.

"I'm healed, Justin. I feel fine. I think we'll head back to New York tomorrow." he said, his eyes going to the dog laying in his lover's lap.

"With a larger family now." he said, smiling at Hayden.

Hayden grinned, everyone smiling at the boy's happiness.

"It's just so. . .so unbelievable." Joey said again, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, Joe. And you ain't seen nothing yet."

Everyone stared at Jolan, the dog  rising up, moving around and climbing into Jolan's lap.

Jolan smiled, the dog licking his face.

"Love you too, Sparty. Love you too!"


Nathan sat in silence, the room he found himself in lost to him in his pain.

His back ached from the lashes from the whip that had scarred his wolfen body.

Fagin Greymount had been unforgiving in his anger and cruelty.

He and Brandon had been summoned to the master's lair, the two reluctantly answering his summons.

Where Brandon was Nathan no longer cared.

He had his own pain to deal with.

Fagin's anger had been unleashed upon him, his master's superior strength no match for even his Badenwolf strength.

Fagin had beaten him for hours, the pain and emotion within Nathan's soul filling his thirst for dominance.

Nathan now lay alone in an empty room on a single mattress, licking the wounds of inflicted failure.

In his soul he felt he deserved all of them.

For he'd failed the one man whom had always believed in him.

His father of twisted evil.

The door of the room opened, Nathan's yellow eyes staring out from the darkness, two red pools of intensity staring back at him.

"You are awake again, my Black Wolf of Death?"
Nathan growled within himself, the man smiling at him in the shadowy darkness.

"Anger feeds me, Nathan. You know that well. Brew it within your soul, and I shall dine forever."
The Badenwolf rose to its feet, Fagin smiling.

"Prepared for round two, are we?"
Nathan sighed, knowing he would not be victorious in that regard.

"No, Master. I have failed you and I have been given my due reward. I only wish I could have feasted on Richard's cowardly heart before I left."
The man smiled, folding his arms in front of him, wearing a long dressing robe.

"Yes, that would have been a real treat for you, and for me. For I would have sucked his blood from your soul."

Nathan remained silent, feeling his master's judging gaze.

"I fault you not for this outcome, my wolfish beauty. I blame all this on one man. One man of surprising magic. I've underestimated this man greatly. I'm still trying to figure out how he bested my grandfather's magic."

"I do not know, Master. He just walked out of the square. I then took it upon myself to flee. I felt his magic so greatly."
Fagin walked up to the beast, his hand going to Nathan's hairy cheek.

There was no fear shown in the man's eyes.

"You were wise to leave, Nathan. That man's magic, I fear, may be too great for you. We'll bide our time and see what takes place. But I hold true to the prophecy. You shall bring me the power I require. Your wolfen self shall acclaim me to my greatness."
Nathan went to his knees, the man staring down at him.

"Forgive me for my failure, Father. Give me a second chance and I shall not fail you again. I shall rip the heart out of that beast of cowardice."
Fagin smiled, his hand rubbing Nathan's cheek again.

"I feel your soul, my child of wolfen pride. I feel the loss within it."
Nathan's head lowered, the man's hands going to the beast's shoulders, pulling Nathan up and pushing him back against the wall.

"Do not cloud your heart with love and desire, Wolf! Your bitch one day may be yours but only if I desire to give you a rewarded morsel. Follow me and my path and keep your mind focused!"
Nathan sobbed, nodding at the man holding him.

"Yes, Master."
The man smiled, his strong hands pushing the beast to his knees.

Fagin's hand went out, pulling the silver pendant off Nathan's neck, throwing it on the mattress.

"Now to give you your final penance.  I have longed for this moment. For tonight I take a Badenwolf as my mate."

Nathan's yellow eyes raised, staring into the man's red eyes.

"No, please! I. . .I love another!"

Fagin's hand slapped Nathan across the face, the beast sobbing.

Fagin moved, throwing the beast across the mattress, the man removing his robe, his nakedness now shown, Nathan's eyes going to the phallus of hardness showing.

His soul remembered the countless times this monster had taken him through his youth, never though in the beastly form he now showed.

Nathan began to struggle, his Badenwolf strength equaled by the monster now on top of him.

"Fight me, Wolf! It will only increase the pleasure I take from your soul. You will be mine after this night. Mine forever!! I claim you tonight as my mate. We shall rule forever!! And you shall love me. And our wedding feast shall be the man you once loved. I shall devour his heart!"
Nathan howled and screamed, the monster upon him sinking its hardness into his soul.

A Badenwolf warrior taken by a monster of evil.

Nathan sobbed in anguish, his last thoughts before the evil flooded his soul through the seed spilling inside him, were on one man.

One man of beauty perhaps forever lost to him.

His Lance.



End of Chapter 122


Seems our Nathan is now totally lost in the evil, claimed as Fagin's mate.

What will that entail?


Spartacus has returned!
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