Jolan's Path - Chapter 123


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 123


Jolan smiled, his eyes on the vision of family happiness before him.

Justin sat on the grass in their backyard, Hayden before him, the boy on his tricycle driving in circles around his Poppa, Spartacus on his tail, the dog barking in happiness.

Jolan smiled, seeing the large smile on Justin's beautiful face.

His lover was zoned in on the happiness of his son's smiling face.

For Justin these were the moments of the day he cherished.

The love of his family surrounding him.

It was late afternoon, about an hour before dinner, Justin having returned from his busy day.

It was late March, three weeks after their return from New York, the family of love now home again in Los Angeles.

The last few weeks had been a time of rejuvenation, change and happiness.

Jolan had regained his strength and purpose after the vision of his grandparents' love.

Spartacus was again at his side, the dog taken easily with the new members of his family.

The dog was Hayden's constant companion, the two inseparable.

Jolan easily saw the dog's total devotion to the small boy.

In Hayden he sensed the dog had found his Jolan's love continued.

There were many nights where the boy fell asleep against the dog's body, Spartacus' love sending him to dreamland.

Jolan and Justin had both seen their total love and devotion for each other.

As for the two lovers, the last three weeks had been another media barrage.

The death of Richard Thornton--as well as the kidnapping of Lance Bass--had been fodder for all the media outlets.

All had been inundated with interview requests, trailed by reporters and captured in photographs.

Throughout it all they all remained steadfast in their love and togetherness.

No interviews were given, statements were issued, and life went on.

The press was left to devise their own truths and assumptions.

Jolan and Justin remained true to themselves and their family.

Jennie had returned to her usual loving, happy self.

She and Jolan had talked together often, their own truths and love cemented deeper.

All of their friends had stood by them as well, their love surrounding them.

Jolan's eyes went towards the pool, Josh and Chace both laying in lounge chairs together, their hands joined, watching Justin and his son with the dog.

Jolan smiled, standing at the barbecue, the steaks and hotdogs almost ready.

"The meat's almost ready, guys. Can you bring out your salad, Joshy?" he said, smiling at Josh and Chace.

Josh stood up, leaning over and kissing Chace, his man getting up as well, Chace heading over to Justin and Hayden.

Josh walked up onto the patio, going to Jolan's side, smiling at him.

"Smells great, Jo. You know how to season and cook steaks just right!"
Jolan smiled kissing Josh's cheek, the man wearing a wifebeater and shorts.

Josh smiled at him, walking towards the house's patio doors.

"Tell Jennie dinner is almost ready."
Josh nodded, walking into the house.

Jennie was upstairs, talking to Jonathan, the boy camming with her.

Jolan heard the phone going off, knowing Josh or Jennie would get it.

He pulled off the steaks from the barbecue, joining them with the dogs on the platter, walking it over to the patio table.

"Food's almost ready, my backyard buddies!" he smiled, yelling at them.

Justin grinned, Hayden waving at his Daddy.

Chace smiled, seated on the grass beside Justin.

"Jo seems to be back to his regular self. No aftermath from the attack on him?"
"No he's totally back, Chace. That vision with his grandparents healed him completely. I guess the magic from that place must be unbelievable."
"A good place, Jus. It matches our Jo."

Justin grinned, Chace smiling and kissing his cheek.

"So how's Joshy doing, Chace? It's only a month now until you join forever."
Chace beamed, his face covered in a wide happy smile.

"Yep, the time's just flying by." he said, a softness coming to his face.

"Everything okay, Chace?"
"Yeah, Jus. Everything's fine. With the days passing so quickly it's just starting to catch up to me. The finality of what it means."
Justin's arm went around the younger man, smiling at him.

"Well, we all know you love Josh completely."

Chace smiled, his eyes going towards the house.

"I do, Jus. He means everything to me. His love completes me."
Justin smiled, looking towards his own Jo.
"Know the feeling, my friend." he said, Chace looking towards Jolan as well.

"So no narrowing down of your wedding date yet?"

"Jolan at first wanted to wait until after all this uncertainty of the clans was finished, after the confrontation. But we've been doing a lot of talking. He's left it up to me to decide when."
Chace nodded, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"I know how much his love means to you, Jus. I'm sure you'll decide soon."
Justin smiled, his eyes on Hayden, the boy climbing off his bike, Spartacus at his side, the boy's arms going around his neck in a hug.

"Hayden will be my son when we marry. I'll have everything I've dreamed of. I just can't wait."

Chace smiled, Hayden walking up between Justin's legs.

"Hungry, Poppa! Sparty hungry too!"

Justin laughed, his fingers going to the boy's armpits, Hayden screaming with laughter, Spartacus barking at them, rushing around them.

Justin stood up, Chace as well, Hayden in Justin's arms.

"Let's get our piggies fed!"

The three and Spartacus headed towards the patio.


Justin smiled at his Jo, Jolan placing the last piece of apple pie on his plate.

"There, that should fill our son's bottomless pit." he smiled, Justin chuckling, Hayden in his lap.

Hayden grinned, his fork lowering into the rich piece of pie.

Justin smiled at the boy, those around them smiling as well.

"He is indeed bottomless, Jo. But he's not gaining much weight, although he's growing." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"He's young, energetic and a live wire. He burns more than he consumes. He'll be an athlete no doubt." Jolan smiled, Justin agreeing with him.

"Me be's ball player, Daddy. I can hit ball and catch!" the boy said, a piece of apple on his cheek, Justin wiping it.

Jolan smiled, his thoughts his own.

"You can be anything you want to be, Hay. The world's waiting for you."
Justin smiled at Jolan's words, Josh smiling as well.

"The world's waiting for you too, Jo, and your magic."
Jolan nodded, smiling at his friend.

"Yes, I know Josh. In a short three months all that will be over, and I can focus on just my own life. My life here with all of you."
Everyone smiled, Jennie leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"The better of the two, Jolan."
He smiled, looking at his Justin and Hay.

"Got that right."
Justin beamed, Hayden grinning as he put another piece of pie in his mouth.

"But before that we've got to get a few people hitched." Jolan smiled, Justin smiling as well.

"So you're all ready for the weekend, Jus?" Josh said, Justin smiling.

"Yes, Josh. We had our final fittings for the tuxes the last day we left New York. All that's left is the rehearsal party Friday night, then the service on Saturday. Jo, Hay, Jennie and Mom are flying up on Thursday, helping Shelly and Cindy with the last minute stuff. I've got meetings so I'll fly up with you and Chace, Joshy."

Josh and Chace smiled, they flying up Friday morning for the wedding and party.

"Can't wait, guys. It may give us some ideas for our day." Chace said, Jolan smiling at them.

"Well, I know you've picked the location and the venue. What else can Justin and I help you with? We'll need to get fitted for yours soon too. I know Joshy's dying to take my inseam."

Josh laughed, licking his lips.

Jolan and Justin laughed, Chace joining in, Jennie smiling at all four.

Josh's eyes went to Justin's blue, the man smiling, his hand going on top of Jolan's, Jolan smiling at him.

"Josh and Chace had picked the location, they just need to finalize all of it, including the hotel, area necessities, etc. I volunteered ourselves to help with that."
"That's cool, Jus. We'll have to do some online preparations, find out where Hawaii's best spots are. We should be able to wrap everything up this week." Jolan said, Josh lightly laughing, Jolan looking at him.

"Jolly, sometimes you have your blond roots showing." Jennie said, Jolan looking at his sister.

Everyone around the table laughed, including Hay, the boy smiling at his father.

"Did I miss something?" Jolan said, Justin leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"My love of clueless beauty. I meant you and I will be going to Hawaii with Chace and Joshy for a couple of days. Right after Tray and Cindy's wedding. We leave Sunday."
Jolan's eyes widened in surprise, Josh and Chace smiling at him.

"Well Chace and I can't do this alone. We need our best men to help us make it special." Josh said, Justin smiling at him.
"Oh, Jus. Hawaii? Just the three of us?"

Justin smiled, Hayden grinning at his father.

"No, Daddy! Me stays with Gamma and Aunt Jennie!"

Jolan looked at Justin, his lover squeezing his hand.

"Sandra and Jessica have volunteered to stay with Hay and Jennie here, Jo. I think the two of us need some alone time. You've recovered from your injuries, and our love needs to shine in blissful solitude."
Jolan softly smiled, Josh and Chace smiling at him.

"How can we have solitude when Josh will be spying."
Everyone laughed, Josh softly blushing.

Jolan laughed, smiling at his friend.

He looked around at everyone, looking at Justin, then Hay.

"It sounds wonderful, Jus. But. . .but that means I have to leave you for a few days, Hay."

The small boy smiled, climbing from Justin's lap into Jolan's, looking at him, his arms wrapped around his father's neck.

"You no leaves me, Daddy. You in my heart. Me be okay with Mommy and Momma and Auntie Jennie. Sparty with me too."
Jolan teared up, his son kissing his cheek.

"You and Poppa need to love alones, Daddy. Me wants you and Poppa happy."

Jolan smiled at his son, seeing no worry or loneliness in his son's blue eyes.

"Alright, Hay. But Daddy and Poppa will call you every day!"
Hayden smiled, kissing his father on the lips.

"Okay, Daddy. Me be okay!"

Jolan smiled, looking into Justin's tear-stained happy face.

"Yes you will, Hay. And so will Daddy."

Everyone smiled, Jolan's grey eyes meeting Justin's.

"Sounds like a plan, Jus. And it sounds so romantic."
Justin smiled, leaning over and joining with Jolan's forward leaning lips.

Jolan smiled, his eyes then going to Josh and Chace.

"Two days on an island with three hot men. This has the makings of a great book."
Everyone laughed, Jolan smiling.

His mind was thinking of a long lost recollection, his soul smiling.


Jolan smiled, pulling up the driveway, his rented van parking by the front porch.

He smiled at those in the van with him, four people walking down the steps.

Jolan climbed out, two arms pulling him into a tight embrace.

"About time you got here, Jo. I've been a bundle of nerves all morning!" Trace said, kissing his cheek.

Tray smiled at Jolan, Cindy next in line to hug him, Shelly and Henry hugging Lynn and Jennie, Hayden in Lynn's arms.

"Time's running out, Tray. You've only a few days to flee!"

Cindy laughed, Jolan's arms enveloping her in a warm embrace.

Tray smiled at her, her hand then going in his.

"I'll never run away from her love, Jo. She is my everything."
Jolan smiled, Tray and Cindy both smiling at each other.

"I'm going to need a spatula to skim off all this creamy love."

Everyone burst into laughter, Jolan's humor infectious.

Shelly and Henry both hugged him, Jolan smiling at everyone.

Spartacus ran around everyone,  the dog barking his greetings of happiness.

They all walked up onto the porch, everyone sitting down in overstuffed chairs.

"So where do we start?" Jolan said, Tray smiling at him, seeing his helpful love.

"Take it easy, tiger. Save some of that energy for your man coming tomorrow."

Jolan smiled, his grey eyes filled with love for his absent man.

"Man, one day away from him and you look lost, Jo." Cindy smiled, Jolan softly blushing.

"It's our first day away from each other. I thought I'd hid it well."
Everyone smiled, seeing Jolan's total love for Justin.

"Life gives us moments of separation, Jolan. Wait till you experience the reconnection of that love. It makes the separation bearable." Henry said, Shelly smiling at him.

Jolan smiled, Tray's hand going to his shoulder.

"After lunch we'll tackle the church. It needs decorating, and so does the hall."

Jolan smiled, everyone talking about the plans for the next two days.

His mind still lay upon his Justin on the other side of the country, his love in his soul.


After lunch, everyone drove to the church, decorations hung by Tray, Henry and Jolan, the women voicing their directions.

They then drove over to the reception hall, spending the afternoon decorating it.

Hayden ran up and down the hall, everyone smiling at his happiness, Spartacus at his heels.

After that they returned to Henry's place, Shelly and Cindy cooking them a delicious supper.

Just before supper another van pulled into the driveway, Trace's parents arriving.

They were introduced to everyone by Tray, Jolan smiling at both, seeing Trace's deep love for his parents.

His mother Belinda's arm was around Cindy, Jolan seeing their obvious love for the young woman.

His father Juan was smiling at his son, Trace smiling back.

Everyone relaxed and enjoyed a delicious dinner, Hayden seated in Jolan's lap.

Tray's parents smiled often at Jolan, Jolan certain that Tray and Cindy had filled them in on his involvement with their lives.

"So, where is Justin? We haven't seen him in ages." Juan said, Jolan smiling at both of them.

"He's in L.A. and will be here tomorrow." Jolan smiled, Hayden clapping his hands.

"Poppa be here soon." he said, Tray's mother smiling at the boy.

"Justin with a child. It's so amazing. I always said he'd make a wonderful father. His childlike happiness too infectious to remain his own."
Jolan smiled at her words, his thoughts on his man child.

After dinner the group sat in the living room, talk flowing about the wedding.

Jolan excused himself after an hour or so, saying he was going to go for a quiet drive.

Jennie kissed his cheek, Hayden in her arms.

Jolan smiled at both, walking out of the house.


Jolan drove around town, taking in all the quietness of the early spring-washed community.

He drove out of town, driving towards a spot from his past.

He stopped the van on a darkened road outside of Oberson Falls, bringing the vehicle to a full stop.

He climbed out of the vehicle, walking across the road towards a spot from his past.

He sat on an outcrop of wooden logs, his eyes scanning the area.

He sat near the spot where he'd first met Justin.

On that darkened road that night months ago.

His eyes scanned the surrounding forest, his mind on all that had happened since that night.

And on all that had happened before that night.

The two times were so different in contrasts.

A time of pain and hurt, then a time of unbelievable love and beauty.

His thoughts were on the one man who'd changed his life on this darkened road.

On that night he'd found the second part of his soul.

And days later he'd awoken from his coma staring into the man's blue eyes of love.

From that moment until now that man's love had filled Jolan's soul.

And here today his soul and heart were healed by that love.

He smiled, his thoughts on where he stood today.

"The present always holds a better claim to our hearts than the past or future."

Jolan's head turned, staring into the blue eyes of a vision of beauty.

"Hello, Great Grandmother."

Queen Alveena smiled, standing a few feet to his left side.

"Hello, Jolan." she said, her eyes scanning the area surrounding her.

"A walk on this path in a place filled with love. Why have you come back here, Jolan?"

"I feel like I've come full circle, Grandmother. My pain began here, my healed heart now sits here again."
The woman smiled, walking over to Jolan, sitting down beside him.

"Yes, Jolan. Your pain began close to here, but the moment of his love began here as well."
"My Justin?"

She smiled, nodding.

"I was lost in the shadows here that night, myself and others. We all saw the moment of love's eruption."


Alveena smiled, her eyes looking around the darkening forest.

"I'm sure Erasmus was here, as was the evil that followed you. This spot is a conduit to evil and love. A duality of truth against fiction. There are several spots on this earth that are drawing points for both."

Jolan's eyes looked around taking in the quietness of the spot, his mind on something else.

"Bolta Cerului is such a place as well, am I correct?"
The woman stared at him, her eyes lowering.

"It is that, Jolan. And it is so much more. I've spent two lifetimes trying to understand its significance. I feel in my heart the key to it is you. The key to unlocking its love and treasure is you."
"I saw my grandparents again."

Alveena smiled, looking into his grey eyes.

"How finds our dear Vilos and his loving she beast?"
"They are well, and they are in love."

Alveena smiled, her eyes meeting his again.

"Such is the beauty of destiny. No greater love did I ever see than theirs. Until now."

Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting hers.

"He is my love, my life and my happiness."

She smiled, standing again, looking down at Jolan.

"You have found the greatest treasure in his love, Jolan. It and your own magical strength will see you until its end."

"You know that they tried to capture me again?"

"Yes, Jolan. Evil's plans I believe you shall always thwart. Your intelligence and the magic's greatness will always protect you and those you love. Just remember that."

"I shall always protect those I love."
The woman smiled, her eyes looking at him.

"Era has left, Grandmother. He said that he was being called back."
Alveena's eyes showed their surprise.

"Who is or was he, Grandmother?"
"I do not know the true answer to that, Jolan. I've always believed that he is a personification of the goodness of our magic. Perhaps a guiding force that controls how we use it. That we only use it for goodness, for truth and justice."

"So then in truth he's not real? He's an apparition of magic?"
"I do not know, Jolan. Perhaps at the end of all this he shall show his worth. All I do know is that he helped myself and now you. The Shadowers of life hold their own secrets close."
"You yourself are an apparition as well Grandmother, as are my grandparents. You have all gone on to the light of the next life."
The woman smiled, her eyes meeting Jolan's grey.

"What of Spartacus, Jolan? Does not his love seem as real as ours? Does not his shining happiness in your son's eyes seem real?"

Jolan lowered his eyes, Queen Alveena smiling.

"Life is one step of a soul's existence, Jolan. God guarantees us his unending love through all the transitions of our existence. Some follow paths of God's choosing, others are called back to give their love where needed most. Consider that animal's returned love such an instance."

"I thank him for Sparty's returned love. It is as I always remembered it. He once sacrificed his life to protect me. His love then protected Jennie, and  now protects Hayden."

The woman smiled down at him, her eyes then looking around.

"The path is set, Jolan. It is locked on its set course. I sense in you your acceptance of that."
"I have accepted it, Grandmother. As I have accepted the love and magic that now fills me."
The woman smiled, Jolan standing up, sensing she was about to leave.

"There is one more thing that you shall receive shortly, Jolan. The final part of your joining existence. The love within you shall increase to its full value. And then the magic simmering within you shall join with it, and the greatest of your combined love shall be shown to all. You are a special child of love and giving soul, Jolan. He chose you well."

Jolan stared at his great grandmother, the woman's appearance softening.

"My love is with you always, Jolan. We shall meet at its ending."

The woman smiled, her beauty fading before him.

Jolan's eyes looked around the now dark area he stood in alone, the man smiling.

I have felt it grandmother, the love on the edge of its need.

I shall welcome it, for I long for its beauty.

I shall go forward with its shared love.

Jolan smiled, walking back to the vehicle.


Jolan smiled, rushing down the front steps, the vehicles before him stopping in the front yard.

Everyone on the front porch wore wide smiles, catching the happiness in the young man's face.

He rushed down the steps, the back passenger door of the first car opening before it had fully stopped.

Justin leapt out of the vehicle, his arms around his Jolan, their lips locked together as the two fell backwards onto the ground, Justin on top of his Jo .

It was the next day, everyone arriving for the wedding.

Josh smiled, stopping the lead vehicle, Chace at his side, both smiling at their friends' reunited love.

"One day and they're lost in each other's love." Lynn said walking towards the vehicles, smiling beside Henry and Shelly, Jennie at their side, Hayden in her arms.

"I told him the reconnection of lost love would make the separation bearable." Henry smiled, the others smiling as well.

The two vehicles emptied, everyone piling out into the late March sunshine.

"Man, you'd think they were apart for years. Come up for air Jus!!" Chris yelled, Britney shaking her head.

Justin and Jolan's lips parted their eyes joined in a locked gaze of love.

"I missed you so much, Jo." Justin softly said, kissing his lips lightly again.

"Absence does make the heart grow fonder, my angel. I want to make love to you for hours."
Justin smiled widely, Jennie walking up to the two, Hayden leaping down into Justin's opening arms.

"Hi ya, Poppa! Misses you!"

Justin beamed, kissing the boy's face several times.

"Missed you too, Hay. Poppa's here now."

Jolan smiled beside them, watching Justin's smiling face.

Jolan returned to his feet, Justin rising as well with Hay in his arms.

Everyone hugged everyone, Jolan smiling at all his family and friends.

Justin's complete family was here, as well as the boybanders and other friends.

Henry smiled widely, seeing the large group on his front steps.

"Come, everyone. Shelly and Daphne have got a late lunch ready inside." he smiled, Joey heading to the house at their lead.

Lance smiled, his arm around Jolan.

"Another weekend of revealing love." he said, Jolan smiling.

"Yes, Lancy. Revealing, uniting love."
Trace and Cindy smiled, Justin at his best friend's side.

Jennie stood beside Jolan, Jonathan's arms around her, the two having had their own private moment of rekindled love.

The group walked up the steps, heading into the house.

Jolan's arms went around his lover, Hayden in Justin's arms.


Everyone enjoyed the laid out buffet, the food delicious and plentiful.

They all sat around the living room, kitchen and on the front porch, renewed conversations abound.

Jolan smiled, walking from room to room, a plate in his hand, his Justin eating from it, his arm around his waist.

Everyone saw their bonded love, the long day yesterday forgotten, their love together.

They chatted with all their friends, the next day's event on most of their minds.

Trace and Cindy sat with smiles on their faces, Jolan smiling at both.

"If I could have everyone's attention, I'd like to reveal a little surprise." Jolan said, everyone coming in from the other rooms, smiling at Jolan standing in the living room's center, Justin at his side, Hayden in Justin's arms.

Everyone surrounded them, Jolan smiling at Tray and Cindy.

"I'd like the couple of the moment to step up here in front of us, please."

Tray and Cindy traded looks, both rising from their seats, joining their friends in the middle of the room.

Jolan smiled at both, his eyes going to Justin's, Hayden climbing into Jolan's arms, Justin moving behind him, picking up a gift box he'd moved to the mantle during lunch.

He smiled, coming back beside Jolan.

"Trace, and our new sister Cindy." Justin said, both smiling at him.

"Your friendship has filled my life with beauty, love and happiness, Tray. You've always accepted me for who I am, your love for only crazy ole me."
Trace smiled, his eyes brimming with tears.

"Tomorrow I stand beside my best friend as his best man of love and happiness. And that day I'll see him marry an angel of love, kindness and beauty."
Cindy smiled widely at Justin, Jolan smiled at both.

"Jo and I thought long and hard about what to give you for a gift on this day. For both of you have our love, friendship and togetherness. We decided on this. I hope it's what you want, both of you." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him as Justin handed Trace the gift box, a bright silver bow on its top.

Trace took the box, smiling at Justin and Jolan, Hayden grinning at him.

Cindy smiled beside her fiancÚ, Trace smiling at her as he gave her the box.

"Me has gift too, Uncle Tray and Aunt Cindy!" Hayden said, the two looking towards the boy, Hayden holding a small box in his hand, Jolan having pulled it out of his jacket pocket and given it to Hay.

Trace smiled, the boy stretching out his hand, Tray taking the small box, returning to Cindy's side.

"Open the one from Justin first, Tray. Then the other second. Both are from all three of us."

Trace nodded, smiling at Cindy, the young woman opening the box in her hands, taking off its lid.

Trace stood at her side, his arm around her, the other gift in his hand.

Cindy's eyes met Trace's, the young woman pulling out a folded bunch of papers from the box.

She handed Trace the papers, Jennie walking up and taking the box from her, the two concentrating on the piece of paper in Trace's hands.

They looked the papers over, both of their eyes widening in surprise, Trace's head raising, looking into Jolan and Justin's smiling faces, Justin smiling at his best friend.

"This. . .this is a deed. . .to a house in Los Angeles!" he said, everyone in the room looking surprised.

"Yes, Tray. It's the deed to the house across the street from our own. It went up for sale in January. We bought it for both of you. You were telling me at Christmas about moving to L.A., Tray. We thought we'd like to have our friends close by. If it's not what you want, you can sell it. It's yours to do as you wish."

Trace began to sob, pulling his best friend into his arms, Jolan smiling at the emotion on his friend's face, and on Justin's.

"Oh, Jus! Do you know what this means to me and Cindy? That you want us close to you!?"

Justin was crying, looking into his best friend's eyes.

"I love you both, Tray. You've been my dearest friend since childhood. I'll always want your love close."

Jolan and Cindy hugged gently, Hayden grinning at her, all their eyes on Justin and Tray's emotional embrace.

Everyone in the room smiled, seeing so much love showing in all five sets of eyes.

"You haven't opened the second gift, Tray." Jolan said, smiling at him and Cindy.

Trace wiped his eyes on his shirt sleeve, handing Cindy the small box.

Cindy smiled, wiping her own eyes, gently opening the small box.

She stared into it, her eyes raising in shock, Trace looking at her.

"Everything okay, my love?" he said, seeing the look of shock on her face, his arm going around her.

"Jo. . .how. . .how did you? You know?"

Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's tearful eyes.

Both smiled, Hayden smiling as well, now in Justin's arms.

"You lives across street from us now, Unky Tray and Aunt Cindy. Me be's best friend with your son!"

Trace looked confused, his eyes meeting Cindy's.

Cindy's hand went into the box, lifting out a silver rattle, her eyes glued to Jolan, the man walking up to both of them.

"When you go to your new home you'll find a room of beauty and love already prepared for him. It's waiting for your son."
Cindy's eyes filled with tears, Trace's filling with shocked wonder.

"That. . .that's impossible Jo! We just found out last week!!"

Jolan smiled, kissing Cindy's cheek, smiling at Trace.

"I felt the child's love the last time I hugged you, Cindy, at my birthday party. That child will have neighbors of love to protect and love them. Welcome to our neighborhood of love."

Shelly was on her feet, rushing to her daughter.

"For real, Cindy? I'm. . .I'm going to be a grandmother?"
Cindy was in tears, hugging her mother to her.

"We were going to surprise you after the wedding! But our angel of love as always is one step ahead of us."

Jolan smiled, Justin's arm now around him, Hayden grinning up at his father.

"I didn't want to spoil your surprise, Cynthia. Justin and I just wanted to welcome all three of you to our neighborhood."
Cindy smiled widely, pulling Jolan to her, hugging him tightly.

"It shall be a neighborhood of love. And it is a boy."
Jolan smiled, everyone around them moving to the couple, congratulations surrounding them.

Justin smiled at his lover, Jolan's arms going around him and his son.

"The love increases, Jo."
Jolan smiled, Hayden kissing his cheek.


Jolan walked up to Justin, handing him a glass of vodka.

Justin smiled, deep in conversation with Trace, Jolan smiling at both.

It was late that evening, the rehearsal over, a party in full swing at Henry's.

Toasts had been given, a smorgasbord of Domo's food spread out, everyone filled with happiness and love and food.

"Thanks, Jo. Tray and I were discussing the layout of the new house."
Jolan smiled, seeing the happiness in both men's eyes.

"What next, Jus? Making a tunnel between the two houses?"
Trace laughed, Justin giggling, Jolan rolling his eyes.

"I think I'm going to have three kids to deal with now. Soon to be four."

Trace and Justin both laughed, Jolan smiling and kissing Justin's cheek, walking away from the two plotting friends.

Joey walked up to Jolan, smiling at him.

"Great party, Jo. And a great surprise!"

"Well, there are a couple more houses around the neighborhood up for sale.  Care to join the community?"
Joey laughed, Lance's arm going around him, having walked up to him.

Jolan smiled, seeing a glassy look in Lance's green eyes.

"Looks like your man's feeling no pain, Joe."

Joey smiled, Lance's lips going to his, his hand going into Joey's shirt.

"And he looks a little flirtatious. I think you need to take him home to Shelly's."

Joey smiled, Lance's lips on his neck.

"I love my man so much! He's so hot!" Lance said, Jolan smirking, Joey smiling widely.

"You're in for a fun night, Joe. Enjoy the love."
Joey grinned, Jolan kissing both their cheeks, Joey guiding his Lance towards the door.

Jolan smiled, walking towards Justin's parents, Randall smiling at him.

"Great party, Jolan. Everyone's had a lot of fun."
Jolan smiled at Randall, Lynn's arm going around him.

"You're such a giving angel, Jolan. You've made Trace, Cindy and even our Justin very happy."
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek.

"I knew my Jus needed his friend close. They've been close all their lives, why change that?"
Everyone around them smiled, Cindy walking up to him.
Jolan smiled, she kissing his cheek.

"So true, Jo. Tray loves him so much. And we both love you."
Jolan nodded, Cindy smiling at him.

"I've already applied to a couple of L.A. elementary schools. Looks like we'll take you up on your gift."
Jolan smiled again, then chuckled.

"I never doubted that, Cynthia."

Cindy laughed, Lynn smiling at her.

"Almost the midnight hour, Cynthia. Time for you to part from your love." Lynn said, Cindy's eyes going to her Trace.

"Excuse me, everyone." she said, walking over to him and Justin, taking Trace's hand in hers.

Trace smiled, the two walking out of the room.

"Ah, the parting of young love. The dawning of married life." Randall smiled, Paul laughing beside him.

"Hey we've all been there, Randall." he said, Lynn chuckling as well.

"A cruel ritual, separating the soon-to-be married, but it makes the wedding night very memorable." she said, Jolan smiling.

"Tonight Tray will be surrounded by his friend's love. Tomorrow his life of bonded love begins."
Lynn smiled, Jolan walking back to his man, Justin's arms of love surrounding him.


Jolan smiled, watching the car approaching him, the young man standing on the church steps.

It pulled up in front of the church, Jolan walking down the steps.

Henry smiled at him, waving from the driver's seat.

He stopped the car, Jolan opening the back door.

He smiled into the car, extending his hand, helping Cindy climb out of the vehicle, her white dress revealed.

"You look stunning, our angel of love." he said, smiling at her, Shelly walking around the car.

Shelly wore a lovely blue dress, a large corsage on her left breast.

"Thanks, Jolan. I'm so nervous. How's Trace?"

Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek, Cindy looking into his grey eyes.

"He's with Justin, awaiting your vision of love. He's as nervous as you are. But seeing each other will calm your souls. Your love will calm each other."
Cindy smiled, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"Thank you. That helps."
Jolan smiled, taking her arm, guiding her up the steps, Shelly and Henry following, Shelly looking after her train of white silk.

They walked into the church, Jennie and Hayden smiling at them in the vestibule.

Hayden wore a small black tuxedo, the boy smiling widely.

"Me's ready, Aunt Cindy. Me leads your way!"

Cindy smiled, leaning down and kissing the boy's cheek, Hayden grinning.

Jennie smiled at him, Cindy gently pulling her into a hug, Jennie radiating happiness.

She wore a navy blue gown of shimmering silk, long matching gloves on her slender arms.

Light sprinklings of blue flowers were spun into her curly hair, the young woman a vision of youthful beauty, a bouquet of blue flowers in her hands.

"I guess I'm ready." Cindy said, Shelly kissing her daughter's cheek, the two women looking into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Cynthia. On this day I only wish you total happiness."
Cindy teared up, her mother crying, hugging her tightly.

"I love you, Mom. Thank you for your love and happiness. Your grandchildren will love you just as much."
Shelly wiped her eyes, Henry's arm going around her, gently guiding her into the church.

Jennie smiled after them, the young woman lining up Hayden in front of her, the boy smiling, a basket of flower petals in his hands.

Jolan smiled at his son, his arm going in Cindy's.

"It's time, Cindy. Your Tray is waiting for you. I feel his love from here."
The young woman smiled, pulling her veil over her face, Jolan smiling at her.

"Thank you, Jolan. For guiding our love to each other. Your destiny wraps us in love."
"You and Tray's heart found each other as you were always destined to. I'm just glad I'm here today to walk you forward to his eternal love. Come on, Cynthia. Let me guide you to it."
Cindy smiled, her eyes filled with tears of happiness.

Jolan nodded at Jennie, the young woman smiling widely.

Music began to play within the church, the four walking forward.

Justin smiled at Britney, the woman standing across from him and Trace, her beautiful voice--along with Usher's--filling the church.
The duo began to sing Endless Love, everyone in the church standing.


My love
There's only you
in my life
The only thing
that's right

My first love
You're every
breath that I take
You're every step I make

And I
I want to share
All my love with you
No one else will do
And your eyes

They tell me how
much you care
Oh yes
You will always be
My endless love

Two hearts
Two hearts that
beat as one
Our lives have just begun
And forever
I'll hold you
close in my arms
I can't resist your charms

And love
I'd play the fool
For you
I'm sure
You know I don't mind
'Cause baby
You mean the world to me
I know I've found in you
My endless love

Justin's face was covered in a wide smile, seeing Hayden walking down the aisle, the boy flinging white and blue rose petals before him, his small face covered in a wide smile.
Behind the boy walked Jennie, her smile equal to his, she a vision of loving beauty as well.
Justin's eyes went to Trace, seeing his friend's eyes glued to the vision behind Jennie.


Two hearts
Two hearts that
beat as one
Our lives have just begun
And forever
I'll hold you
close in my arms
I can't resist your charms

And love
I'd play the fool
For you
I'm sure
You know I don't mind
'Cause baby
You mean the world to me
I know I've found in you
My endless love

Cindy walked down the aisle, her arm in Jolan's, Justin's eyes now glued to his man.
His man wore a black Armani tuxedo, his grey eyes sparkling against the black, his beauty showing its greatness, matched with a wide toothy smile.
He'd never seen Jolan looking so happy.
Trace's eyes were on his Cindy, the beauty of her white silk gown radiating off her smile, it directed at only him under a veil of snowy white.
Justin leaned over to his friend, whispering in his ear, seeing the tears of happiness on his face.
"She looks so beautiful, Tray. Her love is shining for only you today."
Trace smiled, tears in his eyes, Justin's hand going to his shoulder, steadying him.
Jolan's grey eyes were focused on the altar ahead, his eyes scanning the man standing beside Trace.
Justin wore a black Versace tuxedo, his slim beauty shining under the sunlit stain-glassed window behind him.
Jolan felt a soft tremble in Cindy beside him, knowing the emotions running through her.
"A few more steps and you'll have him for always. I can see the tears of joy in his eyes."
Cindy smiled at Jolan's words, her eyes still on Trace, the two continuing down the aisle, their friends and families smiling at them from the pews.

Britney and Usher finished the last chorus of the song as the two reached the altar.

And love
I'd play the fool
For you
I'm sure
That you know I don't mind
'Cause baby
You'll be the only one
'Cause no one can deny
This love I have inside
And I'll give it
all to you
My love My love, my love
My endless love

Cindy and Jolan reached the altar, Reverend Fitzpatrick smiling at Cindy, the older man her family minister.
Jolan smiled, leaning over and lifting Cindy's veil, kissing her cheek, then guiding her to Trace's side, giving her hand to Trace, the two joining.
"Welcome, everyone, to a day of singular love. Today, we join together to watch the celebration of these two young people uniting in the joining love of marriage and faith. Please be seated everyone."
Jolan smiled at Justin, walking over and sitting down beside Shelly, the woman wiping her eyes with a Kleenex.
Hayden stood in front of Justin, his Poppa's hand on his shoulder, the boy smiling towards his father.
Jennie and Justin stood on the sides of the couple standing at the altar.
"Cynthia and Trace--children of love and faith--today you join together in the sacred bond of love, faith, hope and chastity. Are you both prepared to honor that bond of life, love and happiness?"
"Yes we are." both said, smiling at the minister.

"The first step of that bond is family acceptance. May I have the parents of the couple join us?"

Shelly and Trace's parents rose up, the three walking up to their children, standing at their sides.

"Surrounding you are your families, those that stood by you throughout your lives. Today they welcome both of you to their new families of love. Lean on them, love them and they shall love you as their own."
Cindy and Trace smiled, the three adults kissing both of their cheeks.

"And now--surrounded by that family of love--it is time to exchange your vows. For all those gathered here today, our couple of love wish to speak their own words of heart and love to each other. You may go first, Cynthia."

Cynthia smiled, handing her bouquet to her mother, taking Trace's hands in hers.

"My loving Tray. Today I give my heart and soul to you. A short five months ago I wheeled down my hallway at home and looked into two eyes of shining love. From that moment I was mesmerized by the love I saw flowing from there towards me. You loved me from that moment, never as the invalid I was. You never made that an issue against our love. You always only loved the real me. That made me love you even more. And then one day a loving angel healed me, myself seeing your unchanged love. We have been given so much happiness and love. We now will be one under that love. I love you, Trace. I pledge my love to you forever."
Trace was in tears, Justin standing beside him with just as many tears in his eyes.

His blue eyes moved to his Jolan's grey, their love spanning the distance between them.

"Your turn now, my son." the minister said, smiling at Trace.

Trace's eyes met Cindy's green pools, his face changing into a smile of love.

"I did love you from that first moment, Cindy. I saw in those emerald eyes so much giving, energetic love. And from that first day each day has been a new beginning, a new realization of the love I've so longed for. You wash my heart away with your smile, your touch, your kisses of love. I am lost when away from you and at home when I have you in my arms. That is love for me, Cindy. That is what you mean to me. A lifetime of love, happiness and just you. Today I pledge my unending love for you. I love you with all of my soul. I shall spend the rest of my life loving you. I love you."
Cindy was in tears, Shelly smiling at her daughter and the man she now loved.

The minister smiled at both, then looked at Justin.

"May I have the ring, please?"
Justin smiled, pulling the ring out of his jacket pocket, placing it on the bible the minister held in his hands.

"This ring symbolizes the joining of God's faith and your love. It is a bond given from a man unto his partner. It shall join your love in a bond of faithfulness; faith in God and faith in each other. Place the ring upon Cynthia's finger, Trace."
Trace smiled, picking up the ring and slipping it on Cindy's finger, she smiling at him.

"Do you, Trace, honor this bond with your faithfulness, your devotion through times of sickness and health, and your love for this woman?"
"I do." Trace said, Cindy smiling at him.

"And do you Cynthia honor this bond with your faithfulness, your devotion through times of sickness and health, and your love for this man?"

"I do." Cindy said, Trace's tearful face smiling at her.

"Then, as a servant of God, it gives me great pleasure to acclaim to all within this church that you are now married under the love of God. You may kiss your bride."
Trace grinned, pulling Cindy into his arms, their lips meeting.

The congregation rose to their feet, their applause deafening.

Justin's eyes met Jolan's, both seeing the tears of happiness in each other's eyes.


Jolan smiled, staring into two deep pools of blue, his man's arms around him.

The two were dancing together in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded on all sides by loving couples.

It was late in the evening, the dinner over, the reception ebbing towards its end.

The day had been a wonderful success, the wedded couple now on the floor as well, locked in each other's arms.

Jolan had danced with almost everyone through the evening, his love touching all of their hearts.

His Justin had done the same, special dances given to Jennie and Daphne, his new sisters of love.

Hayden had been a rambunctious boy, running throughout the day with his friends, everyone smiling at his happiness.

He now was back at Henry's, Britney and Chris taking all the kids back home to bed.

Jolan had chatted with everyone--his family and Justin's, as well as others.

The Dragosans had enjoyed themselves immensely, their acceptance now in all the hearts surrounding them.

Jolan had smiled at all his uncles and cousins, seeing all their faces filled with joyous happiness.

Uncle Simus had seemed to change overnight, Cory's married love revitalizing the man's soul.

"A wonderful day, my love. I sense your love flowing through everyone."

Jolan smiled, kissing his lover's lips, Justin sighing with happiness.

"It flows where it's needed, my angel. And it radiates out of your soul."
Justin smiled, Jolan's head going to his chest.

Justin's eyes went to Trace and Cindy, watching them dance slowly together, their faces showing their wedded bliss.

"Trace looks so happy. I can't wait until the day we dance together as they do."

Jolan smiled, his eyes looking up at Justin.

"Whenever you're ready, my love."

Justin smiled, someone tapping him on the shoulder.

Jolan's head raised, staring into Josh's blue pools of love, Chace in his arms.
"You two look too happy. Mind if we cut in?"

Jolan and Justin both smiled, Josh pulling Jolan into his arms, Chace's arms going around Justin.

"I want him back in one piece, Joshy!" Justin said, Chace pulling the man close to him, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"Play with Chace, Justy. Jolan's mine for a few minutes. I'll bring him back happy."
Jolan smiled, Josh guiding him away from his Justin, the man's dancing skills matching Jolan's.

"Beautiful moves, Joshua."
Josh smiled, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I haven't danced with you all night, Jo. I missed your loving embrace."
Jolan smiled, pulling the man against him, his hands going down his back, resting on his backside.

"It's always here whenever you need it, Joshua."

Josh smiled, the two dancing together, Jolan's head going onto Josh's chest, the man feeling the love surrounding him.

Chace and Justin both danced together, their eyes going to their men dancing together.

"Seems Josh is happy in my Jolan's arms."
Chace smiled, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"We all love being where we need to be."
Justin stared at the young man in his arms, Chace's beauty smiling back at him.

"Tomorrow we leave for Hawaii, Justin. I think it's going to be an unforgettable trip."
Justin looked towards his Jolan, Chace's lips kissing his cheek.

Across the dance floor two grey eyes stared into his soul, his lover's head on Josh's strong chest.

"I've had the same feeling, Chace. I think Jolan's love is flowing through all four of us."

Chace smiled, looking towards his lover.

"Josh loves him, Justin. Almost as much as you do."
Justin's eyes met Chace's, the young man smiling at him.

"And you, Chace?"
Chace's blue eyes staring into Justin's.

"Josh is my everything, Jus. But you are a close second. I love you, Justin."

Justin stood still as Chace's lips met his, Justin becoming lost in the kiss.

On the other side of the room Josh and Jolan stared at the two, then their own eyes going to each other.

"Our brothers of love are showing their love for each other, and for us." Jolan said, Josh's blue eyes staring into his grey, their arms around each other.

Jolan smiled, his head moving towards Josh, Josh backing up.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Jo. I. . .I can't kiss you right now. Not here." he said backing up.

Jolan remained still, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"You cannot stop love, Joshua."

"That's just it, Jo. I don't want to stop it."
Josh released him, the man turning to go, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder, their eyes meeting again.

"I love you, Joshua. You and Chace are part of my love."

"I'm sorry, Jo. I'm sorry that I. . .that I. . ."
"What's wrong, Joshua?"

"I love you, Jo. I love you so much! I think I'm falling in love with you. I think I'm beginning to love you more than I love my Chace. I'm. . .I'm sorry."
The man turned, walking away from him, Jolan standing in silence, his grey eyes softly glowing as he watched his friend walk out of the room.



End of Chapter 123


A surprising end to a day of wedded love.

I hope you liked this chapter of love.


What of Josh's truth at its end?
Is he now in love with Jolan?
What will Justin's reaction to this truth be?
And what is Jolan's?


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