Jolan's Path - Chapter 124


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 124


Justin's blue eyes scanned across the airplane, staring at Jolan, the young man's grey eyes staring out the aircraft's window.
Chace sat beside Jolan, Josh sitting with Justin.

Chace sensed that Jolan's thoughts were on his son.
It was the next afternoon, the four heading for Hawaii.
They were on board one of the Dragosan streamlined jets, streaking across the American airspace.
Morgan had offered Jolan the use of the jet, knowing Jolan would want to return quickly to his son, and the four would want to forego the commercial openness of regular air flight.
Justin had felt the love in Jolan's soul when he'd parted with his son.
It was their first separation, Justin feeling just as lost without him.
"No worries, Jo. Hayden's in good hands." Chace said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.
"I know that, Chace. I know he's with Jennie and Lynn. I've only known him for such a short time, this our first separation. I miss him already."
Chace smiled, leaning over and kissing Jolan's cheek.
"That's called parenthood, Jo. I see the same look of fatherly love in Justin's blue eyes."
Chace's eyes met Justin's, Justin softly smiling, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.
The two lovers smiled at each other, their love for their son showing in their eyes.
Jolan's grey eyes then made contact with Josh's blue, Josh averting his gaze, staring out the window beside him, he across from Jolan.
The last twelve hours had been uneventful, few words spoken between Josh and Jolan since last night's final dance, and Josh's leaving.
Chace and Justin were clueless to anything amiss between the two, they dealing with their own thoughts and feelings.
After the reception had ended both couples had returned to Henry's, falling asleep in each other's arms, their minds clouded with confused love.
Throughout the morning the couples had stayed apart, showing their soulmate their own love.
Josh's eyes staring out into the blue sky, clouds covering the ground, his thoughts filled with so many questions.
Why did I do that last night?
Why did I tell him the truth?
Why does he keep staring at me with those soulful grey eyes?
I see so much love in them, so much unchanged love.
Why did I do it. . .to him and my Chace?
What will this mean for our love?

Josh's blue eyes looked again at Jolan, the young man staring right at him.
Josh lowered his eyes, Jolan looking at Justin who was talking.
"So where are we staying, Jo?" Justin said, the other two men knowing that Jolan had booked their reservations.
"I found a nice place near the beach. Seems like a really nice place. And it's close to the place you guys have settled on for the ceremony. I think it will be ideal for all your guests, Chace and Josh."
All three smiled, Jolan smiling at his Justin.
"That's great, Jo." Chace said, his eyes looking at Justin, Justin's eyes turning to Josh.
"Seems my man's got everything organized."
"Yes, my love. We'll have two days to explore and relax. A time for all four of us to reconnect our brotherhood of love."
Josh and Chace looked at Jolan, the young man smiling at both of them.
They both softly smiled, their eyes meeting.
"Let's trade places, Chace. I want to snuggle with my man." Justin said, Chace smiling, standing up, the two exchanging places.
Jolan's arm went around his Justin, Josh's arms going around Chace, the two snuggling against their lovers.
Jolan and Josh's eyes met, the two staring into each other's soul.

The jet taxied into a private hangar, the four men descending out of the jet's doorway, the steward smiling and saying goodbye to them.
Justin led the way, the man stopping on the bottom steps, staring at a man waiting for them on the tarmac.
"Sheriff Hobson?" Justin said in surprise, his Jolan walking past Justin, walking up to the man, a large smile on his face.
"Aloha, my friends." the man said, smiling at all of them, the man's eyes meeting Jolan's.

In the man's hands were four leis, the man smiling as he placed one over Jolan's head.

"Welcome to the islands, Jolan. It's nice to see you again." the man smiled, shaking Jolan's hand, the young man pulling him to him, hugging the man, the man smiling, returning the hug.

"A lot warmer than Oberson Falls, right Sam?"

The man laughed, patting Jolan on the back.

"You are correct, my young friend."
Jolan smiled, looking back at Justin and their two friends, Chace and Josh looking at the man in confusion.

"These are my friends Josh Chasez and Chace Crawford, Sam. And you already know Justin."
The man smiled, walking forward, shaking hands with all three, Justin smiling at the older man as he put a lei around his neck, doing the same to Josh and Chace.

"Welcome to Hawaii, gentlemen."
Jolan smiled, looking at his two friends.

"Sam here was the sheriff in Oberson Falls, guys. We became friends after that drama with the deputy."
"Friends, Jolan? You saved my life that day. You'll always be more than a friend to me." the former sheriff said, his eyes showing his friendship for the young man.

Jolan softly blushed, Justin seeing his usual self shining through.

"Sam retired shortly after we left Oberson Falls. He's now the owner of a beautiful resort here in Hawaii. That's where we'll be staying." Jolan smiled, all three of his friends looking at him with surprise.

"Wasagani Inn is a beautiful spot, everyone. I hope its happiness lightens your souls." Jolan said, Sam smiling at him.

"It is indeed, Jolan. My wife and I are beyond happy."

Everyone smiled at the former sheriff, the man beckoning them towards a large van.

"Come everyone, I know you need to relax after your flight." Sam said, everyone following him, Jolan's arm going around Justin as he picked up his suitcase.

"You never cease to amaze me, my love."
"Every detail of life I store within my mind. The recollection of Sam's friendship guided me to the perfect place for us to rekindle our love." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.

Behind the two, Josh's blue eyes stared at Jolan.

He and Chace followed them, Josh's heart sighing.


"Wow, Jo. This is unbelievable!" Chace said, standing on the shaded deck of a cottage located on a sandy beach, looking out into the blue water.

Josh and Justin were seated in lounge chairs, staring out at the soft sandy beach in front of them.

Jolan smiled, walking out onto the deck, smiling at all three.

"It truly is, Chace. I see now why you and Josh fell in love with this area. The beach and ocean are so beautiful." he said, the man walking up beside Chace.

Justin's eyes were on his lover, Jolan wearing board shorts and a wifebeater.

Chace wore an open Hawaiian shirt, as did Josh, Justin wearing no shirt, board shorts on all of them as well.

They were all now settled into their new surroundings, the four staying in a large two bedroom cottage located on the west side of Sam's resort.

The resort included twelve cottages, this being the largest and the most secluded.

There was also a main hotel housing a beautiful restaurant, gaming facilities and other amenities, including a large pool.

Sam had introduced them all to his wife Margaret at the main resort, the woman bubbly and outgoing.

She'd been awed by the celebrities surrounding her, the four men smiling at her.

But her eyes had been glued to the young man with the grey eyes, the woman hugging Jolan tightly.

"Thank you for giving my husband a second chance at life. The beauty of your soul I see shining so easily."
Jolan had blushed, Sam smiling at him.

"That is the past, ma'am. The future love we deal with now."
The couple had smiled, Jolan smiling at everyone.

Here now they were, an hour later, unpacked and relaxing in the cooling breeze of evening's approach.

Justin stood up, walking up to his man, his naked arms going around him, Chace staring at the two.

Chace's shirt was open, his smooth muscular chest on display.

"That water looks so inviting, Jo. Let's go for a swim." Justin said, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"I see the eagerness in your blue eyes, my love. Chace is showing the same look. Hit the water my beauties."
Justin grinned, Chace smiling as well, his shirt leaving his chest.

The two ran down the steps, heading across the sand for the water.

Jolan smiled after them, watching the two wading into the clear water.

"They're like two kids of happiness, Joshua."
Josh rose up from his seat, walking up to the deck's railing staring out at his lover and Justin, the two now diving into the water.

"They have always been souls of cheerful childish love, Jolan. It's what drew me to both of them."

"And what drew you to my love, Joshua?"
Josh's blue eyes turned, staring into Jolan's.

"I've felt your feelings, Josh. Let go of the hurt, of the worry. I do not hate you for what you revealed last night. You were speaking from your true heart of love. And I know you're wrong, Josh."

Josh's eyes lowered, Jolan staring at him.

"I made a mistake last night, Jolan. Please forget what I said. I won't hurt Chace ever. I love him."
Josh moved, walking down the steps, heading towards the two men swimming in the ocean, his shirt left on the deck's railing.

Jolan watched the muscular man walking into the ocean, joining Justin and Chace.

Jolan sighed, his grey eyes softly glowing, looking at all three.

Tonight love needs to be revealed, and destiny begins with my truth.

The young man removed his shirt, running down the steps and towards the three of his soul.


Josh smiled, sipping the glass of wine in his hand, staring at the three laughing men surrounding the table.

The swimming had been relaxing, their bodies content and relaxed.

Here now they sat in the main restaurant, their meal succulent and delicious, having just finished it.

Chace was diving into a large chocolate sundae, sharing it with Justin.

Jolan was smiling at the two, Justin snatching the cherry off its top before Chace could.

"No fair! I love cherries!" he said, Justin grinning.

"Yeah, so Josh tells me!"

That had started the laughter, Jolan smiling at Josh, seeing his friend now relaxed and laughing.

His inner soul was deep within thought, awaiting the coming moment.

"This place is great, Jo. The atmosphere, the view, the beauty." Justin said, his hand going on top of Jolan's.

"It is, Jus. Tomorrow we'll all scope out the area. I think it's a perfect spot for all your guests to stay in. I hope you don't mind that I've booked all the reservations for the wedding weekend with Sam?"

Josh and Chace both smiled, looking at Jolan.

"We had just discussed that between ourselves before dinner, Jo. We think this is the perfect spot."

Jolan smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"You work wonders, my love. You're so in tune with all of us."
Jolan smiled, his grey eyes meeting all three sets, lastly Josh's.

"You are my family, my loves and my brothers. I'll always share my love with you three."

All three smiled, Chace kissing Josh's cheek.

"We've also decided that this place will be ideal for the ceremony as well. The other place we had in mind doesn't measure up. That beach before our cottage is so beautiful. We want to marry there."
Jolan and Justin both smiled, Jolan leaning over and patting Josh's shoulder, the man looking at him.

"That's great, both of you. I'll let Sam know. We'll go over the details and setup tomorrow as well. You three head back to the cottage. I'll settle up the bill here and find Sam. Meet you back there soon." Jolan smiled, standing up and kissing Justin goodbye, walking towards the waiter heading towards them.

Justin smiled after his lover, Josh and Chace smiling at each other.

"He's amazing, Jus. His love knows no limits." Chace said, Josh staring after his friend, Jolan walking towards the exit, following the waiter.

"Did you sense it, guys?"

Chace and Josh traded looks, Josh staring at Justin.

"Sense what, Jus?"
"I sensed a centering within Jolan. As if he's resigned himself to something."
Josh's blue eyes widened a bit, looking at his best friend.

"What do you mean, Jus?" he said, a slight tremble going through him.

"I don't really know, Joshy. It's just a feeling I have. As if something wonderful is about to happen."
The three traded looks, Justin smiling at the other two.

"Let's head back to the cottage. I can't wait to have my Jo back in my arms."
The three stood up, walking out of the restaurant, Chace's hand in Josh's, Josh's blue eyes filling with doubt.


Jolan smiled, walking out onto the deck, his three roommates relaxing in the darkened beauty of the secluded beach.

Soft light bathed the deck, the three relaxing there, awaiting his return.

Justin was laying on a chaise lounge, smiling up at Jolan when he walked out of the cottage.

Chace and Josh were cuddled together in a large hammock, it gently swaying in the evening breeze.

"Everything's agreed upon, guys. Sam will meet all of us here tomorrow afternoon to go over everything." Jolan said, Justin patting the spot beside him on the lounge.

"Wonderful, my love. But I need my Wolfy."
Jolan smiled, going over to the lounge and sitting down beside Justin.

Justin wrapped his arms around him, kissing his neck.

"I missed you too, my beauty."

Josh and Chace smiled, Jolan looking towards them.

His blue eyes met Justin's, the young man then sighing.

Jolan got up, walking over to the deck's railing, Justin watching him, the man sitting up in the lounge.

"I wanted to thank you guys for inviting Jus and me here, to this place of love and beauty."
"You're welcome, Jo. We wanted you both here to share our planning happiness."

Jolan smiled at Chace's words, his grey eyes scanning all three.

"Yes, planned happiness. She was clever in her words of love."

"She? Who do you mean, Jo?" Justin asked, looking at his friends, then Jolan.

Jolan lowered his head, then sighed.

"I had a rendezvous with destiny in Oberson Falls, guys. I returned to that place of my past. To that road above Oberson Falls where you first met me, Justin. And there I meet my great-grandmother again, Queen Alveena."

Justin rose out of his chair, walking up to Jolan, his arms going around him.

"Is everything alright, Jolan?"
"No, Jus. It's not. Or rather, it's not complete."

"Complete? What's not complete, Jo?" Chace said, he and Josh moving in the hammock, the two now sitting up.

"I am not complete, Chace. My love is not complete."

The three looked at each other, Jolan's grey eyes turning to them.

All three saw the soft glow behind them.

"She said this to me: 'There is one more thing that you shall receive shortly, Jolan. The final part of your joining existence. The love within you shall increase to its full value. And then the magic simmering within you shall join with it, and the greatest of your combined love shall be shown to all.'  I think the all she spoke of is us four. It's time truth and love are shown in the open."
The four stared at each other, Josh and Chace rising up out of the hammock.

Jolan's grey eyes went to Josh's blue.

"It has to start with you, Joshua. It's time you freed your soul."

Josh backed up, Chace looking at him, then Jolan.

"Freed your soul? What does he mean, Josh?"

"We four carry feelings within our souls. Feelings that have to be revealed to find the love within our souls to go forward. It's time, Josh."
"No, Jolan. I can't do this!" Josh said, the man moving towards the cottage's doorway.

"To run from love is to walk with a hurting soul. I'll never let you do that again." Jolan said, Josh staring at him, then walking into the cottage.

Justin's arms went around Jolan, staring into his grey eyes.

"What's going on, Jo?" he said, worry showing on his face, Chace staring after his Josh.

"Life, love and truth, my Jus. It's time we all open our souls."

Jolan moved out of Justin's embrace, walking into the cottage, Chace and Justin exchanging looks, the two following him.


Jolan walked into the cottage, seeing Josh seated on a couch in the large living room, the room bathed in soft light.

"I don't want to talk about this, Jo. Not now."

Chace and Justin looked at each other again, Jolan walking across the room, staring down at Josh.

"Sit down guys. It's time we bared our souls."
Chace and Justin walked forward, Justin's blue eyes meeting Jolan's grey.

"Sit with Chace, Jus. Across from Josh."

Justin nodded, he and Chace sitting down on the couch in front of him.

Jolan's grey eyes looked down at Josh for a moment, then Jolan sat down beside him on the same couch.

"I said that it had to begin with you, Josh. But you are not the only one that has doubts within their soul. Your Chace, my Jus and myself all carry our own feelings."
Josh's eyes widened, their blueness meeting Chace's.

"You have doubts as well, my Chace?"
Chace's surprised eyes met Josh's blue, then Jolan's grey.

"I. . .I don't know what you're talking about." Chace said, his eyes staring at Jolan, not looking at Josh.

"I'm talking of life, love, happiness and truth, Chace. And the truth starts with your Josh. It's time for you to tell him the truth, Joshua."

Josh's eyes met Jolan's, seeing the determination and love shining in those glowing grey orbs.

Josh's blue eyes turned, staring into Chace's blue eyes of staring love.

"I. . .I've been so confused lately, Chace. I. . .I've been having these feelings. . .these feelings of crushing love." he said, lowering his eyes, Chace staring at him.

"You. . .you are doubting our love?"

Josh's eyes met Chace's again, tears now showing in them.

"No, Chace. I love you completely. I love you so much!"


Josh trembled, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"But. . .but I've been having these feelings wrapping around my heart. These feelings are for. . ."
Justin stood up, staring at Josh.

"Are you still in love with me, Josh?" Justin said, Jolan's grey eyes staring at Justin's changing face.

He saw the look he'd known would show through in his lover's blue eyes.

Josh's eyes met his friend's, as did Chace's.

"Josh has never stopped loving you, Jus. As his best friend and brother. It's not you he now has these feelings for. It's me."

All three sets of eyes turned, staring at Jolan who'd spoken.


Chace's eyes met Josh's, his lover's eyes filled with tears.

"You're in love with Jolan?"
Josh's head lowered.

"I. . .I don't know how it happened, Chace. We've. . .we've spent so much time together. . .he's so loving, so beautiful. I'm sorry, Chace. And I'm so sorry, Jus."

Josh lowered his head, Chace staring at him.

"I. . .my love. . .it isn't enough?"

Josh's head came up, the man moving, going to his knees in front of Chace.

"Oh my Chace! I love you so much! Your love fills my heart! It's just. . .it's just. . .I need so much!"
Chace stood up, Jolan's grey eyes on him as Josh stood as well.

He saw the soft flush of anger showing in those blue eyes.

"Getting angry isn't the answer, Chace. Josh hasn't acted upon those feelings."
Chace's eyes met his lover's, the man's eyes filled with tears.

"Is this about sex, Josh? Am I not enough for you?"

Josh's hand went to Chace's shoulder, Chace stepping back.

"Who are you mad at, Chace? Joshua or yourself?" Jolan said, Justin now standing as well.

Chace's blue eyes turned, staring at Jolan in confusion.

"I think it's time your feelings are revealed. You can't be angry at Josh when you hold the same longing in your heart."
Josh looked confused, his blue eyes staring at Chace.

"What's he talking about, Chace?"
Chace's blue eyes were staring at Jolan with surprise.

"How could you. . .did he?"

Jolan sighed, his grey eyes meeting his Justin's.

"I feel the love within all of you. Your heart's longing I felt easily, Chace. His love draws you easily to him."
Chace's blue eyes lowered, Josh's hand going to his shoulder again.

"We kissed last night, Josh. I felt so much love in that kiss. I. . .I wanted to. . ."
Josh's eyes widened in surprise, Chace's blue eyes now staring at Justin.

"I've felt the same doubting longing within my own soul the last few weeks, Josh. Your best friend's loving soul drew me so easily. I think I'm falling in love with you, Justin."
Justin's eyes went to his Jolan, the young man staring at him, a look of quiet calmness showing in his softly glowing grey eyes.

"Chace. . .I never. . .you must believe me, Josh. I would never. . ."
Josh's blue eyes were staring at Justin, seeing his friend's surprised face.

Josh's eyes returned to Chace's, his lover's blue eyes filled with tears.

"Jolan's right, Josh. I can't be angry at you when my heart's been wandering as well." he said, the young man sitting down again, lowering his eyes.

Josh and Justin remained standing, staring at each other.

"It took courageous love to show your soul, Chace. Your love I feel shimmering with youthful need." Jolan said, his eyes meeting Justin's blue, his lover having been staring down at Chace.

"Our friends have shown their souls, Justin. I think it's time we did as well."
Josh and Chace looked at each other, their eyes then staring at Justin.

Justin's blue eyes were staring at his Jolan, Jolan's grey eyes staring into his.

"You are my love and my life, Justin. But even you carry within you an iota of longing hope. I've felt it always. But it's never changed my love for you. I think you need to tell your friend the truth."
Justin's eyes lowered, then raised again, staring at Josh.

"My Jolan's love fills my soul, Joshy. But there's always been a deep part of it that's contained a small hope. A hope that one day I might be able to feel your real love, Josh. I've always loved you. I've always wanted you to love me."

Josh looked stunned, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"You mean. . .you wanted us to. . .to be together?"
Justin softly nodded his head, his blue eyes meeting Jolan's.

He saw no change in the love shining in Jolan's grey eyes.

"Another courageous soul opening its heart. The soul of my connected love. Your soul is now free of its secrets, my love. I guess the only one left is mine."

The other three men were staring at Jolan, the young man sighing.

"Please everyone, sit down."
Josh and Justin sat down again, Justin seated beside Chace, Josh across from them.

Jolan walked over to them, sitting down beside Josh.

The three men stared at Jolan, his grey eyes looking into each set of blue.

"I believe I am the one with the greatest doubt here. My doubt is my needing love."

The three men looked surprised, Jolan's eyes showing tears.

"I love you, Justin, with all my soul. You are my soulmate, you and Hayden are my life. But your love is not all of the love I need to complete me. I need another love as well. I need your love, Joshua. And I need your love, Chace. My truth is that I'm in love with all three of you."


The four men sat in silence, Jolan's eyes going around to all three.

"So the truth now lays in the open. All four of us have revealed ourselves, our inner love and longings. I now see what Queen Alveena was saying. What I need to be complete."
Josh's eyes met Jolan's, seeing so much love shining there.

"I need all three of you. Our brotherhood of love needs to be something more. It needs to be a complete bond of love."
Jolan's eyes met Chace's, the young man staring at him.

"You love Josh, don't you Chace?"
The young man nodded, staring at his lover.

"He is my everything, Jolan. His arms of love complete me."
Josh softly smiled, staring into his lover's eyes.

"And you, Joshua. You love your Chace?"
"With all my heart and soul. His love takes my breath away."
Chace smiled at him.

"But you also feel in your soul a deep love for me as well?"
Josh nodded, staring again into Jolan's grey eyes, his eyes then going back to Chace.

"And you, Chace. You feel a deep love for Justin as well?"
Chace's eyes left Josh's, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"Yes, Jolan. I feel a deep connected love for him."

Justin stared at Chace, seeing the love in the young man's eyes.

Justin's eyes then moved to Josh's blue pools, seeing his friend's loving still shining there.

"You and I love each other deeply, Justin. But I have felt your longing for our Joshua. For his loving embrace."

Justin's eyes lowered, Jolan's hand going out, patting his knee.

"Our hearts long for love, my brothers. Our bond of love that we created a short time ago has changed. The drawing closeness of our love for each other has drawn us to the deeper love within our souls. The four of us have drawn together, our souls of love finding totality in the new love we've been given. I accepted a long time ago that the four of us would become closer, deeply closer. And Queen Alveena has now confirmed what I shall be given. It's your total love. All three of you will be my soulmates."

The three stared at Jolan, the young man smiling at all three.

"Tonight I have been given the answer to my destiny. I have been given total love."

The three men stared at him, Jolan smiling at all three individually.

"I'll start with you, Chace. You love your Josh. But you also have a deep love within your soul for my Justin. I accept that love you have for him, Chace. His love is beautiful, and matches your Josh's."
The young man softly smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"In my Jus you see an equality, a mirror image of your Josh's. For they are so similar in their love."

Chace smiled, Josh and Justin looking at each other, both smiling.

"Next we have you, Joshua. You love your Chace and you've always loved your Jus. For he was your Jus before he was mine. But I hold no jealousy in my heart for that. For I, too, see the duality of your equal love. And I see why you now love me as well. For you see in me my true love. The same love I give Justin.  For I love you almost as equally as I love my Jus. I see the same thing Chace sees. I see your identical love."
Josh smiled, Justin smiling at Jolan.

Jolan's eyes met Chace's, the young man smiling.

"You've talked of your love for your Josh, and now for my Justin. What of your love for me, Chace?"

Chace smiled, lost in the grayness of love shining back at him.

"I do love you, Jolan. And I'm beginning to see the deepness of your love for me."

"My love for you has grown as well, Chace. The beauty of your love captured my heart easily."
Chace smiled, Jolan looking at his Justin.

"I love you, Justin. You have my heart and soul. But I've always known that Josh has had that special place in your heart. Just as Lance has. He always was your best friend as he now is my dearest friend. I feel your love for him. And I feel your growing love for our Chace."

The three smiled, Jolan's words so filled with love.

"What does all of this mean, Jo? I love my Chace deeply. But I feel this love for you. And now I find out Chace feels the same for Justin. And Justin feels the same for me. What does all of this mean?"
Jolan smiled, the three seeing his grey eyes softly glowing.

"It means that the four of us have a chance at something special. I believe we're being given a special gift."
"A gift, Jo?" Chace said, meeting his grey eyes, staring with wonder at the silvery glow in them.

"Yes, Chace. We're being given the gift of total love. Of bonded true love. The four of us I believe are becoming the Patru Din Dragoste."
"Patru Din Dragoste? What is that, Jo?" Josh said, staring into his friend's grey eyes, seeing so much love there.

Jolan leaned over, his lips meeting Josh's, the man becoming lost in the love he felt flowing through him.

Justin and Chace both stared at the two men, Jolan's lips separating from Josh's, the man's face showing a look of lost beauty.

"You just felt the love of my soul, Joshua. My love is yours. As is my love for your Chace and my Justin." Jolan said, the three staring at Jolan.

Jolan moved, kneeling in front of Chace, his lips meeting his.

Chace became lost as Josh had, feeling the depth of love pouring into his soul.

Justin stared at his lover, feeling within his own soul Jolan's love reaching out to his friends.

"I love you, Chace. As much as I love your Joshua. And almost as much as I love my own Jus."
Jolan stood up, standing between the two couches, his eyes meeting all three sets of blue eyes.

"The Patru Din Dragoste means The Four of Love. We four can be one. We four can be soulmates. It all depends on our joining love."

Josh and Chace stood up, Justin rising as well.

"You mean. . .we shall. . .love each other in all ways?" Chace said, stuttering, Jolan smiling at him.

"The four of us love each other. Tonight we spoke to each other from our souls. We told our lovers of the needs within us, the need for them and for the love of others. I want all four of us now to speak from our hearts. For this is the moment of our hearts."
Jolan's eyes met Josh's, the man smiling, tears in his eyes.

"You can start if you like, Joshua."
"I. . .I felt so much of your love, Jolan. When you kissed me I felt so much love. I felt my Chace's, my Jus' and your love centering within me. It was as if all three balanced."
Jolan smiled, looking at Chace.

"And you, Chace?"
Chace smiled, looking at his Josh.

"I felt the same, Jolan. My Josh's love hasn't changed. It's been equaled by your love. And I feel Justin's love there as well. I just need to know that he's okay with that." Chace said, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

Justin smiled, leaning forward, his lips joining Chace's.

Jolan smiled, sensing within his own soul Justin and Chace's love uniting.

They broke their kiss, Chace's blue eyes meeting Justin's.

"I love you, Chace. I feel your love equaling Josh's within my heart. And I feel the unchanged love of my Wolfy."

Jolan smiled, Justin's blue eyes of love shining back at him, then moving to Josh's.

"I love you, Josh. I always have. My Jolan's love fills my hearts, but so does yours. And now I feel your Chace's. The three of you now fill my heart."
Josh teared up, pulling his best friend into his arms, their lips meeting.

Jolan and Chace looked at each other, then at the two joined together.

The two parted, both in tears.

"I love you too, Jus." Josh said, wiping his eyes.

"Guess you've joined our love completely, my Jo." Justin said, his eyes going to Jolan.

Jolan's head was lowered, his body slightly trembling.

Justin moved, as did Josh and Chace, all three seeing the young man in distress.

"Jo, are you okay?" Justin said, his arms around him, Josh and Chace at his sides as well, their arms around him also, all three feeling the sobs beginning within Jolan.

"Oh, Jus! Oh Josh and Chace! My mind, soul and heart are awash with your love! I finally feel truly complete!" he sobbed, Justin pulling him against his chest, Josh and Chace rubbing his back.

Jolan's body began to shake, a visible tremble now showing.

He lifted his head, his grey eyes glowing brightly.
The young man backed up from his friends, the three staring at him with concern.

Jolan gasped, the three staring at him, seeing a soft white glow flood the young man's body.

Jolan let out a loud gasp, the man going to his knees, the glow instantly extinguishing.

Justin rushed to him, helping Jolan stand up, the young man's eyes opening, their usual sparkling silver shining back at him with a greater intensity.

"Are you alright, Jo?"
Jolan smiled, Justin lost in the beauty of the smile greeting him.

"Yes, Jus. I am completely alright. My heart is filled with the love I was always destined to have--yours and our Josh and Chace's."
Justin smiled, Jolan's lips meeting his, Justin feeling the greatly charged love flowing into him.

The same charged love Jolan had given Josh and Chace.

"We are one, my brothers. But that in itself now may change. For the four of us shall be giving of our love in all ways. We cannot call each other brother now. For tonight--if our souls agree--we become so much more."

Josh and Chace looked at Jolan, the young man taking Justin's hand in his.

They both walked up to their friends, Jolan smiling at both of them.

"We love each other, that I have shown tonight. But we also have had in our hearts a longing for each other. You have dreamt of me, Joshua. And you have dreamt of my Justin, Chace. And my Jus has had many dreams of you, Joshua. And I, I have had dreams of all three of you--my Jus, Joshua and Chace.  For our souls to be one we must make the dreams reality. Tonight I ask all three of you to give me the love I've so needed. And with that your own dreams will be fulfilled. What shall remain will be the love our Patru Din Dragoste shall be built upon."

The three men were in tears, Justin looking into his lover's grey eyes.

"I love all three of you. I hold no jealousy for who we've each longed for as should none of you.  It is up to all four of us to decide how much we want to give to the other three. I know in my heart I shall give all of you my deepest love. In all ways. Of body, soul and mind."

Josh looked into his Chace's blue eyes, seeing his unchanged love.

"You feel it don't you, Chace?"
"Yes, my Josh. I feel their love for me, their need for me. And I feel yours for all three of us."
"I love you, Chace. Always and forever my Chace. I feel their love as well."
The two smiled, kissing each other tenderly, both separating, their hands still together.

"We both love both of you. We want your combined love. We need both of you."
Justin and Jolan both smiled, Jolan looking at all three.

"We all four feel within our souls the locked love of our true soulmates. Josh loves his Chace, his Chace loves him. Soon they shall join in bonded life, myself and my Justin soon to follow. Our true soulmates our own. But also we soulmates shall have the love, beauty and need of the other two of our foursome of love. This isn't just about sexual gratification. It is the joining of our happiness, love and beauty which shall always shine in the others' hearts."

The three men were in tears, hearing the deep love in Jolan's moving words.

"You are forever my Jumpy, Jus. And Josh and Chace shall forever be a part of me as well."
The three smiled, Josh softly blushing.

"So does that mean we're going to get naked? I can't match the beauty of your youthful souls."

Jolan laughed, the other three laughing as well.

"Right to the good stuff, Joshy, eh?"
Josh blushed, his blue eyes staring at his Chace.

"I think it's getting late, my loves. I think we should go to bed." Jolan said, the other three looking at him with soft smiles.

Jolan walked up to Josh, taking his hand in his.

"Come with me, Joshua. Let me show you the way to our love."

Josh smiled, seeing so much calming love in Jolan's grey eyes, and so much giving love.

He nodded, letting Jolan guide him across the room, Chace and Justin following, looking at each other, their hands joined.


Jolan walked into his and Justin's bedroom, flipping on the light switch, the room bathed in soft light.

The air conditioning was on, the room at a cool temperature.

"Perfect for sleeping later." Jolan smiled, Josh softly smiling at him, Jolan seeing the blushing softness in his cheeks.

Jolan leaned forward kissing Josh's soft lips gently, his tongue lightly crossing them.

"You began this night with the clouded doubts of your soul of love, Joshua. Here tonight I and your other two of love want to wash those doubts away. We all love you. You will be the center of our love, our own dreams fulfilled by your guiding love. "
Chace and Justin both smiled, both having stood in the doorway, both now walking into the room.

They both stood on each side of Josh, both kissing his cheeks.

Josh felt the love surrounding him, his blue eyes staring into Jolan's.

"We love you, Joshua." Jolan said, Chace's lips going to Josh's, Josh feeling his lover's desires.

Josh felt Chace's lips pull away, another pair replacing them.

He felt Justin's love flowing into him, his friend's love filling him, his tongue now opening his lips.

Their tongues met, Josh tasting his friend's roaming need.

He felt two hands going to his Hawaiian shirt, the buttons opening, two hands running across his chest.

He also felt two hands on his back, moving downward, lips on his neck, knowing those touches were his Chace's.

Justin pulled back, Josh opening his eyes, staring into Justin's blue.

"I love you, Josh." he softly said, his head lowering, his lips going to Josh's left nipple, Josh softly gasping.

Josh's eye focused, staring at a vision before him.

Jolan was pulling off his shirt, the last remnant of clothing he wore, his smooth body fully revealed.

"We all love you, Joshua. We all need you. Prepare for our combined love."

Josh stared at Jolan's beautiful body, the large organ between his legs fully erect.

Josh knew that tonight he'd feel all of the man's beauty, and that of the two surrounding him.

Jolan moved forward, his lips meeting Josh's, Josh lost in the desire flooding his soul.

He felt the man's torso against his, the aroma of his heated flesh.

He felt Justin's lips lowering, the man unbuckling Josh's shorts, the material falling down his legs.

And then he felt lips on his legs and on his stomach, his Chace and his Justin tasting his sweaty lower torso.

Jolan's tongue was in Josh's mouth, the man lost in the intensity of the man's love, his fingers rubbing his nipples.

Josh gasped when he felt a mouth take in his hardness, knowing it wasn't Chace.

It was his Justin's, his own dreams being fulfilled.

Justin was tasting him, and Josh's heart was filling with desire, need and love.

He felt his body moving, hands guiding him downward, the man falling onto the bed.

Jolan's lips separated from his, Josh opening his eyes, staring into Chace's blue pools of love.

"We love you, Josh. I love you. Feel our love."

Josh saw Justin's head come into view, his lips meeting Chace's.

"You need to feel my love as well, my Chace. Let your dreams for me be realized. I love you."

Chace smiled, pushing Justin backwards, the man falling down beside Josh, smiling at him.

Chace's hands were going to Justin's shirt, opening it, his smooth muscular chest on display.

Chace's lips lowered, meeting Justin's, the two kissing deeply, lost in their own world of desire.

Josh stared at them, seeing the beauty of their desires.

He felt a wetness leave his center, Jolan's body now against him.

"Feel their love, Josh. It mirrors ours."
Josh teared up, Jolan leaning forward and softly kissing him.

Their lips parted, Jolan staring into his blue eyes.

"I am yours, Joshua. Feast on my love and theirs."
Josh moved, rolling Jolan over, his lips going to his, his hands beginning to touch the young man's muscular body all over.

Josh's lips moved, slowly going down Jolan's chest, Jolan's face covering in a soft smile of desire and love.

His head turned, staring into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the unchanged love shining back.

The two touched hands, the love surrounding them sending a spark of electricity through all four.

Jolan smiled, focusing on Josh's love.


Jolan stood on the deck, the darkness of the night giving way to a soft yellow on the ocean's horizon.

He felt the coolness of the morning's dawn across his body, the man standing naked at the deck's railing.

He heard sounds behind him, a door softly opening, soft footsteps walking across the deck, two arms encircling his waist.

"Come back to bed, Jolan. You need some rest."
Jolan smiled, turning and staring into two blue eyes of deep love.

"Yes, the beauty of my three's desires have sated me. You especially, my Joshua."

Josh smiled, his face taking on a deeper beauty in Jolan's eyes.

"I see the total love in your eyes, Joshua. Your heart is filled with the love you need."
"It is filled with my Chace's, and my Jus' and Jo's. It is all the love I shall ever need."

Jolan smiled, his lips softly kissing Josh's lips.

"We all were so incredible, Jo. It was so much more than just making love."
Jolan smiled, staring into Josh's blue eyes, then scanning over Josh's smooth muscular body.

The man was wearing his boxer briefs again, Jolan softly smiling.

"I've tasted you, Joshua. There is no need to hide your beauty now." he said, his hand going to the clothed center, Josh softly blushing.

"The newness of your and Justin's love still covers my soul with vanity, Jo."
Jolan smiled, his eyes scanning over his body again.

"You are as beautiful as any one of us, Josh. Your beauty is that of a muscled Adonis."

Josh softly smiled, his lips kissing Jolan's shoulder blade.

Jolan smiled, Josh's head going against his neck.

"It all was so beautiful, Jo. Your love and Justin's, and my Chace's beautiful love. I love all of you."
Jolan smiled, his arms wrapping around the man.

The night had been intense and sensual in their joining love.

Jolan had given in to all of Josh's needs, the older man worshipping every inch of his young body, feasting on the nectar of his love.

Jolan had felt the experience of the man's touches, kissing and wetness, his mind exploding with the love of this new part of him.

Josh was so like Justin in the way he drew the love out of Jolan.

Throughout Josh's loving him Jolan's eyes had gone to his Justin, seeing Chace drawing the same love out of his Jus.
Jolan had watched as the young man feasted on every inch of Justin's beautiful body, the young man lost in his lover's center, taking all of Justin's large shaft into his throat. Justin had seemed lost, every inch of his body trembling under the young man's desires.

Josh had watched as well, his body against Jolan's after Jolan had exploded in an orgasmic thrashing.

Josh had stared into Jolan's eyes, the young man smiling at him, his face given over to a soft look of satisfaction.

"He's loved you for so long, Joshua. Show him the love he needs."
Josh had softly smiled, moving towards Justin, the man's eyes opening as Josh's lips touched his.

"I'm here, Jus. Your Joshy's here. I love you."
Justin felt the man move against him, Chace still devouring his center, his blue eyes looking up at his Josh.

Justin gasped, Josh's lips against his again, his fingers on Justin's nipple, lightly squeezing.

"I have tasted your Jolan, Jus. He is delicious and loving. Now I want to give you my love."
Justin teared up, his body laying flat on the bed, Chace between his knees, Josh moving around onto his chest, Justin staring at his friend's body now on top of him.

He'd always loved the smoothness and warmth of Josh's smooth muscular body.

Jolan lay beside them, watching Josh lean down and kiss Justin, seeing his lover becoming lost in the love of the two with him.

Jolan smiled, watching love surround his lover.


Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's forehead, the two feeling the breeze from the ocean across the naked flesh.

"I see a new look in your eyes as well, Jolan. Your silvery centers seem to sparkle even more. It's as if the love within you has doubled."
Jolan smiled, releasing the man in his arms, his naked body turning towards the ocean.

"It's tripled, Joshua. I have four hearts of love within me."

Josh smiled, his eyes scanning over Jolan's nude body, remembering the warmth of it against him.

"Are the other two of us sleeping?"
Josh smiled, nodding his head no.

"They're deep within their own arms. Justin was going to come out to find you but I told him to stay with Chace. My Chace is so devouring."
Jolan laughed, Josh smiling.

"Yes, I know what you mean."
Josh smiled, remembering the vision of Jolan and Chace making love, their youthful bodies gleaming with sweat, he and Justin watching the two, enveloped in each other's arms.

The two sets of soulmates hadn't gone the final distance of true love.

All four felt within their hearts that that boundary couldn't be crossed yet.
That that was a moment of soul giving love, their soulmate the giver of that love.

"I feel so alive, Joshua. I want to wash in the beauty of our new love. I feel like a swim, Josh. Let them know I'm heading for the water."
Josh smiled nodding, his lips meeting Jolan's again.

"We'll all be there in a moment. I'll just pry those two apart."
Jolan laughed, the young man heading towards the beach, Josh watching his naked form cross the sand, his beautiful butt moving across it.

"I love you, Jolan. And I love my Chace, and our Justin. Thank you for all three of your loves now in my heart. I shall stand by your side along the path."

Josh smiled, walking back into the cottage.


Reinhardt Bachmann bowed his head, the young man standing in a carved hall of deep ivory granite.

He stood in the hallowed Archanian Chamber of Wings.

Its walls were lined with ancient paintings, the young man knowing the truth and history of each one.

The hidden lineage of the Archanian dynasty.

His eyes stared out into the mass of people seated before him, each staring into his blue eyes of deep truth.

"I come with news of destiny. He walks upon this earth. The joining one of lost myth. His grey eyes mark him as so much more. The ancient prophecy is at hand. The Wingshola walks among us."

The young man heard audible gasps, seeing some holding their hearts.

One older man stood up, his age and dignity marking him as one of the seven Councilors of Wing.

"Leader of Flight, that is impossible!" the man said, Reinhardt's blue eyes staring at him.

"Father of Truth, I believe it as truth. The man is magic, truth and love combined. He has found three of our lost children."
People murmured, the councilor staring at him.

"That is also impossible, Reinhardt. I as a Father of Truth know all the lineages of Archanian descent. No child is missing from that lineage."
The young man's blue eyes met the older man's.

"Then, as such a truthful expert of that lineage, answer me this. What of the children of Lenora Fontaine?"

The man gasped, his eyes widening.

"Your face marks the truth, truthful one. Jolan Dragos is the Wingshola and he has found the triplet sons of Lenora Fontaine, daughter of Vera Archania, last of the true lineage of Ravenia."

The older man sat down in his chair again, those around him murmuring again.

Reinhardt looked down at the man and the six other elders that sat at his sides.

"Speak, Aramis. Tell us their truth."
"The Councilors decided a long time ago that her children were to be hidden, to be unnamed within the Tomes of Heritage. They were to remain lost."

"Why, Aramis?"

The older man's eyes met Reinhardt's, the youth's steely determination awing him.

"For the prophecy's sake, Leader of Flight. For the coming of the Wingshola. And for his coming judgment."

Reinhardt's eyes stared into the eyes of all seven elders.

"What are you talking of? I have read the prophecy, there is no mention of them."
The eldest man stood, Luther by name, the man staring at Reinhardt.

"It is in the seventh line, Reinhardt."
Reinhardt's mind flew over the words etched in his mind, his eyes widening as the elder spoke the line.

"And he of the joining love shall lay waste to the sins of life. And a third child of flight shall take up his sword, that love sacrificed by his own hand." Luther said, his eyes scanning all those behind him, his eyes returning to Reinhardt's at the end of his words.

"The Wingshola shall be lost after his own sacrifice. And that sacrifice shall be his life. One of the last three of the lineage of Ravenia shall kill him."




End of Chapter 124


I hope I showed the love I felt Jolan needed from the other three of the Patru Din Dragoste.

The joining of the four of love.

I didn't just want it to be about the sex, more so about the love.

I hope I conveyed that.

Now the four are one--their love, lives and happiness given over to all four.

That love shall show throughout the rest of the story.


Ominous words after a chapter filled with new love.

A prophecy of death?

Will one of the three youthful Archanian cousins kill our loving Jolan?

Does Jolan know of this destiny?

I think you know in your hearts that I wouldn't let that happen.

But you never know, I can be a crafty devil at times.


Hugs, Angel.