Jolan's Path - Chapter 125


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 125


Moments of Love



Jolan Dragos sat on the sandy beach in the early morning sunshine, the man sitting alone.

The three of his soul had succumbed to sleep a few hours earlier.

Their joined needs had been quenched, the three lost in the love surrounding them.

Jolan hadn't slept much after the other three had fallen asleep, his mind and eyes going over the visions of beauty sleeping around him.

Their hours of lovemaking had been so beautiful.

In the newness of Josh's and Chace's love and beauty Jolan had felt his heart double.

All three were so alike in their touches, kisses, beauty and desires.

He'd quietly looked at all three, taking in their naked beauty.

He'd become lost in their uniqueness as well.

In the singular beauty of each one.

Josh--the oldest--was so needful, so needing of the love of all three.

All three had felt a need to give the man all he could take.

Chace--the most ardent--was so devouring in his need to give his love to each.

The young man had been insatiable in his desires.

His body had excited all of them and they'd given in easily to his needs.

Jolan had smiled, realizing the young man would be the tiger of the four.

But closely behind him was his Jus.

Justin's love was so playful, so needful and childlike.

His eagerness to explore every inch of the two new parts of his soul had made both tremble with ecstasy.

His Justin was a child with two new toys, both making him happy.

Jolan smiled, his own filled heart and soul surprising him.

In Josh and Chace, Jolan had found another two Justins.

Both were so giving of their love, so beautiful of their desires.

Jolan had given in to all three, his inner nectar of love devoured by all.

Josh had commented on it just before sleep had overtaken him.

The virility of Jolan.

The man had exploded numerous times, his juices devoured by all three.

Josh and Chace had found a new nectar of love to sate their own love.

Jolan as well had feasted on their offerings, each man a different taste, but each so delicious.

Jolan smiled, a soft breeze caressing his naked form on the beach.

The night of new love had ended with each twosome of love uniting in the love of their soulmates.


Justin had initiated it, his lips meeting his Jo's.

"I cannot believe the love I have felt tonight, the beauty and touch of our friends, my Jo. In all three of you I feel deep love."
Jolan had smiled, laying in the middle of the bed, Josh's head on his shoulder, Chace's arms wrapped around Justin, his body spooned behind him.

"We are one, my lovers. But you are my soul, my Jus."
Justin teared up, Josh lifting his head, his eyes meeting his Chace's.

"You are mine, Chace. I love you, my Chace."
Justin's eyes met Josh's, the two smiling at each other, Justin's eyes returning to Jolan's.

"Make love to me, my Jo. I need your love so much at this moment."
Josh's body moved, Justin moving as well, the two trading places.

Chace smiled, Josh's body going against his.

"I need you, Chace. I need your singular love to make this night end in total love for me."
Chace smiled, Josh moving onto his back, his shoulder touching Justin's, Jolan having moved on top of Justin.

Chace and Jolan looked at each other, Jolan leaning over and meeting his lips.

Josh and Justin smiled up at their lovers, Jolan breaking the kiss, Chace's blue eyes staring into his grey.

"Your Josh needs you, Chace. Feel the need within his soul. It is the need for your love of eternity."

Chace smiled, looking down at Josh, Jolan leaning down and kissing Josh's lips, Josh feeling his deep love.

"I love you, Josh. Chace loves you even more. And my Jus needs my love. Chace and I will show you the depth of your soulmate's love. And both of you shall see the love of our beauty."
Josh teared up, Chace's lips meeting his.

At the same moment Jolan's had met Justin's.

Both men felt the flood of their young lover's desires instantly.

Chace and Jolan moved their lover's legs, centering themselves within their lover's center.

Josh and Justin both gasped at the same time, the hardness of their young Adonis sinking within them.

They both opened their eyes, staring into the eyes of loving truth.

Chace began his rhythm, Josh's soul taken over by the need he and his lover longed for.

Jolan was doing the same, his Justin lost in the need filling him and his lover.

As they made love their lips met continually, their eyes roaming around the bed.

Justin watched Josh lost in Chace's love, seeing the young man's hardness sinking into his friend's center.

Josh's hand went out, wrapping around Justin's own hardness, Justin's reaching out for Josh's.

The two became lost in the needs of their lovers, Jolan and Chace taking all they could give.

Four souls of need and love exploded together but apart.

Two sets of soulmates felt the love of each other's soul as well as the love of the new twosome laying beside them.


Jolan smiled again, staring out into the dawning brightness of the sunlit ocean.

His mind cleared, the newness of the love of last night sinking into his soul.

His grey eyes closed, their glowing brightness seen under their closed eyelids.

He felt the tremble again, the same one he'd felt last night in the living room.

The whiteness appeared instantly, his naked body lost in its glow.

And the whiteness now surrounded him in his mind, Jolan's grey eyes opening.

He stared into the total whiteness, seeing nothing but white.

After a few moments of staring whiteness Jolan began to see a form materialize out of the blankness.

He stared as it took the shape of a man.

The man's youthful beauty was unnerving.

It seemed to be totally flawless.

His eyes were deep grey, much darker than Jolan's own grey.

They gave off a piercing intensity, as if they were seeing into his soul.

His face was as if it was sculpted out of marble, no flaws showing, the profile so masculine and beautiful.

Curly black hair cascaded to his shoulders, his body clothed in a long white robe.

Under that sheer robe Jolan saw a body of immense strength, musculature and beauty.

Jolan felt a familiarity in the man's form.

"Hello." Jolan softly said, the man's soft but strong voice cutting through the whiteness.

"Hello, Jolan."

"Who. . .who are you?"

The man smiled, his smile making his face double in its beauty.

"I am you and I am he, as well as they. I am the greatness of their love and the truth of your own."

"Do you know a man by the name of Erasmus? You riddle just like him."

The man laughed, his laughter rich and deep.

"What you just said, what does it mean?"
The man smiled again, his grey eyes scanning over Jolan's nude form.

Jolan softly blushed, the man's soft laugh echoing in the whiteness.

"Do not be ashamed of the beauty you've been given. Their three souls last night felt its strength, love and tenderness. You have made their hearts ring to the heavens with love."

Jolan stared at the man, his dark eyes staring at him.

"Are you an angel? Is this like a spiritual vision?"

The man smiled again, his grey eyes looking upwards.

"To walk in God's beautiful heaven would be a dream of happiness for me, Jolan. Unfortunately I have to wait for your guiding love to grant me that wish."

"My love? What have I got to do with you? I do not know you."
The man chuckled, smiling at Jolan.

"Soon you shall, child of giving love. The path leads you to that truth."

"The path? Are you part of my destiny? Or are you the cause of it?"

The man smiled, his hand moving forward, resting on Jolan's shoulder.

Jolan felt no warmth from that touch, his mind sensing this man was an apparition.

"Who are you? What is your name?"
The man smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's cheek.

Again Jolan felt no warmth from his touch.

"My name is Jolan. I am you, Jolan. I am the new you."

Jolan's eyes widened, the young man smiling.

"But. . .but you look nothing like me."

The man smiled, his hands folding in front of him.

"Our inner beauty shows us a truth within ourselves. That the man within us is more real than the man we are to others. Our souls and our hearts forge us into the man we really are. Behold the man you now have become. Their love has changed you. See before you you as you really are."

Jolan's head lowered, the man staring at him.

"I. . .I am not as beautiful as you make me appear to be."
The man smiled, Jolan's eyes meeting his again.

"Their love is now a part of you. And that combined love--along with his magic--will make you into a being of immense love, beauty and giving heart. It is time for you to take your path in life, Jolan. He awaits you at his end, as do I."

"He? You? What do you mean by that?"
The man smiled, his grey eyes staring at him with such love.

"He is he who has forged this path. You are the you you see before you. You have changed, Jolan. Their love shall be with you going forward. Many nights and days of their love shall feed your heart with happiness. And at the end of all this you shall perhaps find a greater happiness in the man you shall become. In the me you see before you. For I shall be shown in my beautiful glory. And their love for you will increase beyond this life and forever."
Jolan smiled at those last words, his self apparition smiling at him.

"I love all three, they are my everything."
"I know, Jolan. I am the creation of their love. It is time for you to return to them. And it is time for you to spread love. They that need it are far from you. It is time for you to join their love. You are the child of giving love. It is time they were given the love they need."
Jolan smiled, the apparition fading softly into the whiteness.

Jolan felt the whiteness lifting, his eyes opening, the vision of the ocean laying before him.

He smiled, his grey eyes softly glowing.

His mind felt a sudden clarity, his eyes closing again.

He felt his soul leave him, a trance of love enveloping him.

Jolan's own soul smiled, carried forward on the path to their love.


Mathias walked out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

His eyes scanned down the hallway, seeing the ancient beauty of his familiar surroundings.

The young man was in England, having flown back to Bloodstone Manor.

He smiled, remembering feeling the love of his man beside him all weekend.

Usher had surprised them at the reception, suggesting that Tyrone fly back to England, seeing Tyrone's love for the young Archanian had developed quickly.

Mathias' face had shown a look of completed happiness the next morning, Tyrone's coming home with him feeding his soul.

Here now it was the morning after their return, his Tyrone now in his childhood home.

Mathias smiled, heading towards his bedroom, the young man stopping by Tyrone's bedroom door.

He knew where Tyrone's room was, having walked the young man to his door the night before.

They'd kissed gently, their new love filling their souls.

The two had parted, Tyrone going into his room.

The two were falling in love, the distance no challenge to that increasing love.

They'd cammed, called and texted each other throughout their separation, the last few days in Oberson Falls making their reunion deeply moving.

Their love was steadfast, unchanged and solid.

Mathias stood in silence, his acute hearing catching a soft sound coming from Tyrone's room.

He walked over to his door, instantly realizing what it was.

It was the soft sound of someone crying.

Mathias' soul of love took over, the young man opening the door in a flash, rushing into the room, searching for his Tyrone.

He stopped, staring across the room at a sight of deeply moving anguish.

Tyrone sat on his bed, fully clothed, the look of the man's attire unchanged since Mathias had left him hours ago.

The youth's head turned towards the movement at his door.

His brown eyes were filled with tears, Mathias destroying the distance between himself and the young man.

He was on the bed, his arms were around him in an instant, Tyrone's body sinking into Mathias'.

"Oh, Matt! Why do you love me?" he sobbed, Mathias' arms encircling him.

Tyrone had started calling him Matt, the short name of love making Mathias' heart tingle.

"Oh, Tyrone. I love you for you. For the man of beauty and love that's captured my heart."
The young man's brown eyes raised, staring into Mathias' emerald green eyes, seeing so much love there.

"I'm not beautiful, Matt. I'm. . .I'm trash, used trash, a screwed up person inside. I've done things, so many disgusting things!"
Mathias' arms tightened around the young man, staring into his brown eyes.

"Then tell me, Tyrone. Tell me everything you've done. Release the pain within your soul so that I can love the real you. I love you, Tyrone. It's time you and I bare our souls. I'm ready for your love, and for the real you. Please tell me everything."
The young man cried, his head pressing against Mathias' chest.

The young man trembled, his voice breaking the silence.

For over an hour Tyrone told Mathias of his past, of the anguish, hurt and pain he'd endured with that gang, and within his own soul.

Mathias remained at his side, the youth pouring his soul out to him.

When Tyrone had finished, he'd told the young man holding him his inner truth.

Of the love he so longed for.

"When you kiss me Mathias, it goes right to my soul. It makes me feel so confused, so uncertain."
"What are you uncertain of, my Tyrone?"
The young man's eyes met Mathias'.

"I'm scared that you can't love me, Mathias! Why do you want to love me?"

Mathias smiled, his lips going to Tyrone's, the young man feeling so much love in that connection.

"I want to love you because I need you, Tyrone. In you I've found a connection of intense love, beauty and soul. You are the second half of my soul. The part of me that's been missing. You just emptied your soul to me, Tyrone. I now know everything about you, every hurt and pain, every beautiful part of you as well. I love you, Tyrone. I want to love you because I need your love. I want you to be my everything."

Tyrone's eyes were filled with tears, the young man pulling Mathias against him.

"Oh, Matt! I love you so much! I need you, too!"
The two held each other, their love surrounding them.

Mathias parted from the young man, Tyrone's eyes meeting his.

"Thank you for wanting to love me, Matt. I need your love so much. And please, call me Ty."
Mathias smiled, then lowered his eyes for a moment.

"You bared your soul to me, Ty. You need to understand now who I am. Who I really am."
Tyrone nodded, his eyes not moving from Mathias' beautiful face.

"I know your truth, Mathias. Jolan told me."
The young man's eyes raised, staring into the brown eyes staring back at him.

"Jolan. . .he told you of my heritage?"

The young man nodded, staring into Mathias' green eyes.

"He said something that went right to my soul, Matt. He said that your love would fly into my heart. That the wings of your beauty would wrap my heart in the warmth of your love. No vision or unearthly creature shall change my love for you, Mathias. I love you as you are."
Mathias teared up, Tyrone leaning forward and kissing his lips.

Tyrone smiled, Mathias staring at him as they broke their kiss.

"Oh, of course!" the black youth said, Mathias smiling at him.

"What, Ty? You look surprised by something."

The young man smiled, wiping his eyes.

"I just realized what Jolan was trying to say. You and I are so alike. I've been hurt by the pain of my own self-loathing of what I've let others do to me. You've been hurt by your self-loathing of who you are. We both need each other to make us accept ourselves."
Mathias smiled, looking into Tyrone's brown eyes of love.

"I love you, Ty. I don't care about your past. It's your future with my love that I need."

The young man smiled, leaning forward and kissing Mathias again.

"And I love you, Mathias. Your winged apparition will only seal your love deeper in my heart. Your beauty is mine."

The young man smiled, moving off the bed, standing up.

"It's time you saw the real me, Tyrone. I now see the real you."
Tyrone teared up, the man climbing off the bed, standing in front of Mathias.

Mathias pulled off his shirt, his smooth alabaster skin in full view, Tyrone taking in every inch of the young man's beautiful muscular chest.

Mathias closed his eyes, Tyrone's eyes taking in the revealing truth before him.

Two wings of membrane covered beauty opened behind Mathias' chest, expanding outward, Tyrone's eyes going over every inch of their sheer beauty.

Mathias' eyes opened, seeing Tyrone's eyes going over them.

"Behold my Archanian self, Ty. Behold my truth."

Tyrone's hands went out, his fingers gently touching the webbed membranes, feeling their strength and warmth.

"Jolan was wrong. This vision does change my love for you."
Mathias' face fell.

"It strengthens it."

Mathias looked confused, Tyrone smiling and leaning in, kissing Mathias' lips again.

"Wings of beauty on a vision of total beauty. They only enhance your beauty, my winged angel. It makes me feel so happy, knowing I have such a unique vision of beauty."

Mathias' face changed, a wide smile of beauty crossing it, his wet eyes staring into Tyrone's beautiful brown eyes.

"I cannot be matched by your beauty, Ty. Your body will only match your soul. Both are shining beauty."
Tyrone teared up, stepping back from the young man.

"I. . .I want to show you that, Matt. I just hope that you. . .that you don't want. . ."
Mathias' arms went out, pulling the man against him.

"I love you, Ty. I shall never use you like they did. I have another truth within me, Tyrone."
The young man's eyes met Mathias', the young man softly blushing.

"I'm a virgin, Ty. I've never. . .I've never been with anyone. I want you to be the first. . .and the only one."

Tyrone looked surprised, staring into Mathias' eyes.

"You. . .your beauty. . .no one's ever?"
The young man shook his head no, Tyrone's fingers going to his chin, stopping the motion.

"You are so beautiful, Matt. And I think I know how you feel. I've never been with anyone either. Anyone of love."
Mathias' eyes stared into Tyrone's, their brownness filled with love.

"Those men weren't real, Matt. They used me as an object, as nothing more than a hole to deposit their needs in. I've never made love to someone, or had someone make love to me. I want you to be my first. . .my first and only lover."
Mathias teared up, both men staring into each other's eyes.

"I want to make love to you, Ty. I want you to feel what real love is."
Tyrone was in tears, Mathias' hand going to his shoulder.

"Show me that love, Matt. Show me your love."

Mathias smiled, pushing Tyrone backwards, the youth's body falling onto the bed, Mathias joining him there.

Their lips met, Mathias' hands going to Tyrone's shirt, opening the buttons, exposing his cocoa brown smooth torso, two small brown nipples of hardened flesh showing.

Their lips parted, Mathias' hands now going onto Tyrone's chest.

"I love you, Tyrone. I shall always love you."
Tyrone teared up, his head moving upwards, their lips meeting again, their passion opening in their hearts.

The two men became lost in the other they touched, neither aware of a soft apparition standing in the bedroom's far corner.

Two grey eyes closed, a soft smile disappearing from the room.


Usher gasped, feeling the water cascade over his body, his hands against the shower's wall.

He moaned, feeling Nick's large hardness sinking into him, two strong arms wrapping around his chest.

Nick gasped, his lips going to Usher's earlobe, taking the nub into his mouth, Usher moaning.

Nick was lost in the tightness of the black man's center, each thrust sending Nick's mind on a path to ecstasy.

Nick's hands lowered, grasping onto Usher's large hard cock, the younger man stroking it.

Nick and Usher both moaned, lost in the desires flooding them.

The last three hours of lovemaking had been overwhelming.

It was after midnight, the two joined in an act of deep love.

The two hadn't reached this plateau of love until tonight.

The two had been joined together all weekend, their love for each other shown to all those surrounding them.

They'd flown back from New York to Los Angeles, the two feeling a sense of contented love in their souls.

The weekend wedding had pulled at the love strings of everyone's heart, love sinking into others.

Nick had driven Usher home from the airport, Usher inviting him in for a take-out supper, the younger man accepting heartily.

The two had dined on Chinese food together, then snuggled and talked all evening, small kisses of love exchanged, both contented in the other's arms.

"These last few weeks have been so unbelievable, Ush."
"Yes they have, Nickolas. I've never been so happy."
Nick smiled, Usher's beautiful smile meeting his.

"I want to thank you, Usher."
"Thank me? For what, Nick?"

Nick's hand went in his, Usher looking into his blue eyes.

"For having a soul of giving love and patience. Thank you for letting me go at my own pace, Ush."
Usher smiled, leaning in and kissing Nick's cheek.

"I know of the pain and hurt you've gone through, Nickolas. I can wait until you're ready to let all of my love in. I love you, Nickolas. I'll never be like those others. All I want to do is love you, and give you all of my love, physical and emotional. I love you, Nickolas Carter."

Nick smiled widely, Usher's smile matching his.

"I love you, Usher Raymond."

Usher smiled, Nick leaning in and kissing his lips, the two becoming lost in the uniting kiss.

Nick broke the kiss, Usher slowly opening his eyes, staring into his blue.

"I'm ready, Ush. I'm ready for all of your love."

Usher's eyes stared into his, the man squeezing his hand.

"I don't want you to. . ."

Nick's lips silenced Usher's words, the man feeling the love in Nick's kiss.

"I need you, Usher. I need you to show me your kind, moving love. I need to feel the beauty of your body and your soul."
Usher teared up, leaning in and kissing Nick again.

"I need you just as much, Nickolas. I need you to make me feel all of your love."
Nick looked surprised, Usher staring into his blue eyes.

"I've lived a life of idolized worshipping, of fawning, adoring fans. Everyone's always wanted something from me. No one's ever given me what I've needed. In your eyes I see what I've longed for. I need your love, Nick. Please give me your love."
Nick's arms went around the man's waist, pulling him against him.

"It is yours, Usher. Tonight, I give you everything."
Usher wiped his eyes, Nick taking his hand.

"I want to spend the night--and the rest of my life--with you, Ush."
Usher teared up, rising up, pulling Nick up with him, their hands remaining clasped.

The two said no more words, Nick following Usher up the staircase, the two walking into Usher's bedroom.

Nick looked around the room, seeing the openness and beauty of the furnishings, a large king size bed against one wall.

His eyes focused then on a man standing in front of him, a chocolate-colored muscular man of intense beauty.

"You are so beautiful, Usher." Nick softly said, Usher's hand still in his.

"So are you, my blond Adonis."
Nick softly blushed, Usher pulling the younger man against him.

Their eyes met, Usher smiling softly at him.

"I am yours to discover, Nickolas. Take your time, we have forever."

Usher moved Nick's hands to his chest, Nick feeling the heat coming off the black man.

Nick teared up, Usher softly kissing his soft lips.

"I need to be free of these clothes, my love. I need you free against me."
Nick smiled, his fingers going to the man's shirt, quickly opening the buttons, pulling it off the man's dark torso.

Nick's eyes took in every inch of Usher's buffed torso, each of his abs chiseled.

"Oh, Ush! Your body. . .it's so beautiful!"
Usher smiled, Nick stepping back, pulling his polo shirt over his head, his smooth slim chest on full display.

Usher's eyes went to its smoothness, Nick's body thin and swimmer like.

"You are so slim, Nick. I'll have to fix that. I like my man meaty."
Nick blushed, Usher smiling at him, Nick's feeling of inadequacy dissolving in the look in Usher's brown eyes.

Nick saw so much need and love shining there.

"Please, Nick. All of my clothes, now."
Nick smiled, his hands going forward, opening Usher's belt, pulling his pants open, the pants falling down his brown legs, Usher stepping out of them.

Nick's eyes went to the boxer briefs Usher wore, their whiteness gleaming against his chocolate skin.

Nick's eyes widened, seeing the largeness of the package showing.

"You do that to me, Nick. The beauty of you does that to me."
Nick smiled, his hands going to the fabric, pulling the last piece of clothing off the black sculptured Adonis.

Nick stepped back, taking in every inch of his man's beauty.

Usher's cock was large, hanging down, at least eight inches of uncut hardness.

"You. . .you are so beautiful."
Usher smiled, his brown eyes staring into Nick's blue.

"I am beautiful to touch, my love."

Nick moved forward, his hands going back to Usher's smooth now naked chest.

He felt the hardness but warmth of the brown skin, feeling every inch of muscular beauty on his torso.

"Please, Nick. I need to look upon your beauty as well."
Nick smiled, then softly blushed.

"I. . .I have a secret. . .a. . .a blemish. . ."
Usher's hand went to Nick's nude shoulder, the man feeling the warmth of the man's skin.

"There is no blemish within these eyes of love, Nickolas. You are beautiful to me in all ways."
Nick smiled, his mind filling with happiness, Usher's love brushing away his doubts of vanity.

Nick moved back a bit, pulling at his belt.

He opened the belt and pants, pulling them and his briefs downward, pulling them off his feet, discarding them on the pile of their joined clothes on the floor.

Nick stood erect, his eyes going to Usher's brown, seeing the widened eyes staring back at him.

"Oh my God, Nick! You. . .it's. . .wow! Are you sure there isn't some black in you?"
Nick looked surprised for a moment, the man then bursting into laughter, Usher's face changing into a wide smile, his laughter joining Nick's, the two smiling at each other.

Usher's eyes went to Nick's center again, staring at the large shaft pointed upwards to Nick's stomach.

It was at least nine inches in length, cut and thick.

"Wow, my man is so gifted!"

Nick smiled, his thoughts of uncomfortable weirdness brushed away by Usher's staring eyes, Nick seeing the hunger in them.

"I need you, Nick. I need all of you." Usher said, tears showing in his eyes.

Nick moved, the distance between them destroyed, their arms around each other, their lips united.

The two fell backwards, Nick on top of Usher, their centers joined.

Their hands were on the move, each man touching every inch of the other's smooth body.

Lips parted, tongues and lips moving, devouring that which had now ignited their souls.

They spent hours exploring each other, devouring the largeness of their desires, their needs heightening.

Here now it was hours later, the two now in the shower, Nick's largeness now sunk again within Usher's body.

"Oh, Nick! You. . .you are so wonderful! God that feels so. . .oh God!" Usher moaned, Nick pushing harder into the man, his rhythm picking up pace.

Nick had been so moved by Usher's giving into his needs, by the man giving him all of him.

In that moment of giving love Nick Carter's soul had healed, its depth finding a filling love, a love that overflowed its need.

"I love you, Ush! You are mine forever!" he gasped, his center reaching its peak.

Nick gasped, his cock exploding with the man in his arms, Usher feeling the heated love sinking into him.

Usher exploded at almost the same time, his liquid love flowing over Nick's hand.

Nick brought his hand up, lapping up the fluid on his wet fingers, tasting the love of his man.

The two sagged against the wall, water flowing down their bodies, the two lost in the afterglow of their love.

Usher eventually moved forward, Nick's shaft pulling out of him, Usher feeling the vacancy, but also the remaining fluid of Nick's love still there.

Usher turned, his arms enveloping the man before him, Nick's head going to Usher's chest, the larger man holding him close.

"Thank you, Nickolas. Thank you for needing me, for wanting me."
Nick's head raised, their lips meeting.

"I love you, Ush. You are my everything. This is only the beginning. I still haven't experienced all of you. I need you just as much as you need me."
Usher stared into Nick's blue eyes, their deepness showing so much love.

Usher hit the shower tap, the water stopping, his arms lifting the man before him upwards, Nick's legs wrapping around Usher's hips.

Usher moved, opening the shower's door, walking out of it, Nick in his arms.

He carried him out of the bathroom, their bodies still covered in wetness, the strong man walking across the bedroom, dropping his lover down upon the bed, Usher's body moving with him, now on top of him.

"I love you, Nickolas. I love you so much." Usher said, Nick smiling up at him.

"I know, Ush. I will have to thank Jolan for guiding me to your love."
Usher smiled, leaning down and kissing his lips.

"I owe him even more. His love has created our love."
Nick smiled, moving upward, his lips kissing the man's neck, his tongue licking at his ear, Usher trembling.

"Show me that love, Usher. Please make love to me. I need your love so much!"
Usher moved, his lips going to Nick, the man gently pushing the smaller man back onto his back.

Usher's lips moved downward, licking and kissing every inch of Nick's chest, centering on his nipples, Nick gasping at the wetness of Usher's tongue.

Usher moved upwards again when he felt Nick's trembling body, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Nick. I will now show you all of that love."
Nick's smile filled Usher's soul with utter happiness, the man's body moving downward again.

Nick became lost in the beauty of the man's touches, every inch of his body responding to his love.

And Nick's soul came alive when a hardness of giving love sank deep within him, that soul finally free of the pain, only now filled with so much love.

The love of his ebony champion.

The two became lost in the beauty of the one they were with, neither witnessing a disappearing apparition in the darkened shadow of the room's balcony, two grey eyes disappearing into the night.


Dominoso Sumsare stood on the balcony of the apartment he shared with Daphne located above his restaurant, the elder Sumsarian staring out into the darkness of the steel shadowed New York skyline.

The night's air was crisp, a chilled edge of waking sobriety.

Domo loved the springtime freshness of life.

The last breath of the March Lion leaving, the April freshness of life on the horizon.

He smiled, lost in his own thoughts.

His thoughts were filled with surprise.

His mind had been going over something Jolan had said to him in the final moments before his departure for Hawaii.

He'd spent an hour with the young man, he and the Dragosans talking of the coming months.

Domo had sat mostly in silence listening to his grandson's words of comforting acceptance.

The young man had smiled at him often, Domo sensing a lot of love in his glancing eyes.

Just before he and Justin had left for their flight the young man had pulled Domo aside, a look of immense love in the young man's grey eyes.

"I love you Grandfather. I know you shall keep a close eye on your great-grandson."
Domo smiled, seeing the young man's total devotion to the child, his sparkling happiness shown.

"I shall visit him every day, Jolan. For in his eyes I see your love. Your love I need to experience always."
Jolan had smiled, kissing his grandfather's cheek.

"My love is only one, Grandfather. It's time you followed your own soul. Renewed vision sees the love surrounding it. One needs only to see love to have it."

Domo's eyes had met the young man's, Domo seeing so much truthful love shining back at him.

His grandson had kissed him, leaving with Justin and his friends shortly thereafter.

"You knew, didn't you, Jolan?" he softly said, now staring out into the New York darkness, his mind's thoughts broken by another voice.

He turned, smiling into two violet eyes of sparkling warmth.

"I thought you might need a hot cup of cocoa before you retired, Dominoso. You'll catch your death out here." the woman said, Domo smiling at her.

"This old heart carries a lot of warmth, dear lady." he smiled, Vera Fontaine smiling back at him.

"Yes, I know it does, Dominoso." she smiled, warmed by his shining eyes.

"I trust your room is comfortable?" he said, the woman nodding.

"Yes, Dominoso. Thank you for the invitation. Daphne's room is quite nice."
Domo smiled, the woman walking up to him, handing him the cup of warm cocoa, another cup in her hand for herself.

"I am like yourself, Dominoso."
"Please, Vera. It's just Domo."
The woman smiled, looking into his blue eyes.

"Alright, Domo. I am like yourself. I love a cool night, the crisp darkness covering the world. It kind of freezes the soul. It numbs the pain of life."
Domo's hand went to the woman's shoulder, Vera's violet eyes staring into his blue.

"Life is lived, Vera. Pain is a part of it, unfortunately. I truly believe that's why God's given us the emotion of love. Life must be balanced. Pain equaled by love. No greater truth of that do we need than for us to look into my grandson's grey eyes. So many years of pain and loss now equaled by the love surrounding him."
"Yes, your remarkable grandson. A vision of giving love and meddling mischievousness."
Domo's eyes met hers again, the woman smiling.

"Before we parted in Oberson Falls he told me to follow my heart. His exact words were that the banquet of his love will be a feast I shall need to fill the table of my soul."
Domo looked surprised, the woman smiling at him.

"And he told me that the returned vision will see the love surrounding it. One needs to only see love to have it." Domo said,

The woman's eyes widened, the two staring at each other, their eyes looking back out into the darkness, the twinkling lights of New York sparkling back at them.

"He is most devious, isn't he?" she said, Domo smiling.

"His heart is a giving heart, Vera. His love is given to all of us."
The woman smiled, her violet eyes meeting his.

"Yes, we have his love. And perhaps we need so much more. I believe he knows, Domo."
Domo smiled, looking into her pools of love.

Their hands went out, joining.

"He's magic, and he's love. I guess our eyes of love gave us away."
Vera smiled, Domo's arm going around her, she sinking into his embrace of warmth.

"I never imagined that this late in life I'd find you and your love, Dominoso. I thought those days were long over."
"Visions of love at first sight give way to real love, dear lady. I fell in love with you so easily."
Vera smiled, leaning upwards, her lips meeting Domo's.

"Do you think they'll take to it well? To our new love?"
Domo smiled, kissing her forehead.

"They shall have to, my Vera. For our love isn't going anywhere."
Vera smiled, the two sipping at their drinks, their love warming their hearts more.

Neither saw a dark figure below them, two grey eyes staring up into their smiling faces.

Its shadow disappeared in an instant.


Jolan's form of watching love lit upon its feet, the young man's grey eyes lost in the shadowy darkness of the room.

He felt the coldness of the room's inner chamber, the semidarkness casting shadows on its bleak walls.

His vision adjusted, his eyes scanning the room.

One wall showed an opening, another room hidden behind it.

In that room against a soft light Jolan saw a lone form.

He stared through the doorway, watching the person staring into a mirror before them.

He saw the beauty of that person's face, a resemblance to someone in Jolan's memory flooding his thoughts.

Of course!

Why didn't I see the drawing line?

What are you doing here?

This seems like a prison.
Jolan's eyes stared at the person who had now turned towards him, his eyes going to theirs.

His eyes widened--life, truth and reality sinking into his soul.

For in those eyes he saw an instant familiarity.

A dawning truth washed across his soul, tears flowing from his grey eyes.

The person turned back to the mirror, their eyes lowering, a soft gasp escaping Jolan's lips.

The person was on their feet, walking into the room where Jolan stood, their eyes scanning every inch of it.

"I am alone in my heart and my mind. The voices of life are chiding me. I'm hearing voices now."

Jolan stared in silence, a tear falling down his cheek.

"The voices are life, dear one. If you hear me take that to heart. The path soon ends."

The person sat down on the bed in the corner of the room, staring towards the corner of darkness, seeing nothing.

"Please. . .please find him for me. . .he's out there. . .they've. . ."

"My love is here, as is his. I shall make this right. . .I shall honor your love."
The person smiled, staring right at Jolan, but not seeing him, only hearing the whisper of his voice.

"I knew you would come. . .I knew you would. I shall wait for the path to lead me on. Go with my love."

Jolan teared up, his apparition pulled back into the void.


Jolan was crying, two arms wrapped around him.

"Your love. . .it is so selfless, so strong!"

He opened his grey eyes, staring into two orbs of concerned love.

"Are you alright, Jo?" Justin said, his arm wrapped around his lover, seated beside him, naked in the sand.

Josh and Chace were standing in front of Jolan, both only wearing their boxer briefs, the four outdoors on the sandy beach.

"Oh, Jus. The love. . .the love and the need. . .oh God!" he sobbed, Justin holding him tight.

"What are you talking of, Jo? Is it something we did?" Chace said, Josh's arm around him, both staring down at Jolan.

Jolan's eyes raised, staring into their blue eyes of love.

"No, my lovers. Your love is my love."
Both smiled, Justin kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Was it a dream, my love?"
"No, Jus. It wasn't a dream. The power of his love showed its strength."

The three surrounding him exchanged looks, Jolan standing up, Justin at his side.

"I'm sorry for worrying you. I was just taken on a path of love."
"Taken, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, Josh. Taken by life and his magic."

"You're not making sense, my love." Justin said, Jolan smiling softly at him.
"I'm sorry, Jus. It's just deeply new to my soul. I can't talk of all of it but I can give you the gist."
The three nodded, staring at him.

"Remember last night when I was surrounded by white light?"

The three nodded, staring at Jolan.

"That was the white light of love. The light of our love. Our now joined love. That love became a part of me. And this morning that love showed itself in its truest form. That love is now me. And I am on a mission to spread that love. I followed the path of guiding love. And tonight I've made several people see the truth of their own love. My love has guided their love to each other. My love has awakened new love."
Josh smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"So your giving love has increased? Wow! Look out everyone!" Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I am love, Chace."
"Don't we know it, Jo." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him, Josh's eyes scanning over Justin and Jolan's naked forms.

"You said just before you opened your eyes that your love is so selfless and strong. What did you mean by that? Who's love, my Jo?" Justin said, Jolan staring into his eyes.

Jolan stood up, Justin rising to his side.

"The last place I went was to a prison, Justin."
"A prison, Jo?" Chace said, confusion in his voice.

"Yes, Chace. I met someone of surprising love. And I now know the truth of one part of this. I just have to make the final connection."

"What have you found out, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at his friend's need-to-know look.

"I have found the secret of the Black Wolf's magic."

"Yes, Josh. I now know the secret to stopping that man's anger."
Jolan's eyes looked around at the three.

"I'm sorry, my loves. This secret I must keep close to my heart, to stay the emotion and anger of another. The path shall reveal that truth at its end."
Everyone nodded, Jolan looking at all three.

"Alright, Jolan. We shall abide by your need for secrecy. We love you and walk with you. Our love is here for you in all ways." Justin said, Josh and Chace nodding their heads in agreement.

"Great. So who wants to brush the sand off of my ass?"
The three laughed, Justin's hand going to Jolan's ass, rubbing the sand off of it.

"That ass is mine, Wolfy."

Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Oh, I don't know, Jus. Josh and Chace may want a crack at it."
The two laughed, their eyes going to their naked friends' bodies on full display.

Josh and Chace's eyes met, their hands going to their briefs, pulling both off.

Jolan smiled, his eyes taking in their naked visions of beauty, Josh's face covered in a wide smile.

"Vanity be damned. I want to show all of you my beauty."
The three smiled, Jolan smiling at Josh.

"Okay, last one into the water doesn't get to wash the others!"

The three others laughed, heading towards the water.

Jolan smiled after them, not rushing.

Run my beauties, your hands I shall feel all over me.

Your love I already have.

His eyes teared for a moment, his thoughts on the person imprisoned in his vision.

Fear not.

The wolf's anger will dissolve against your love.

My brother shall love again.

Jolan smiled, walking towards the water, wading up to his waist, three voices of laughter surrounding him.

Their hands went to his body, his heart feeling their love.

His body feeling their needs.





End of Chapter 125


Jolan's been walking the path of love, spreading his love into other hearts.

I wanted to convey a joining of lost souls, an opening of new love.

I hope I achieved that.


Who was the person Jolan watched in the dark room?

Was it really a prison?

Who could it be?


As I've always done, and continue to do, you only have to look back to the past to see the future unfold.

I love hiding forgotten moments within the story.

What lays in the past has a habit of revealing itself in the future.


Aren't I a devil?



Hugs, Angel.