Jolan's Path - Chapter 126


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 126


Jolan went to his knees, the small boy flying into his arms.

"Hi, Daddy! Me's been good!"
Everyone surrounding the two at the doorway were wearing large smiles, seeing the happiness showing on the father's and son's faces.
Justin smiled widely, his eyes filled with tears, Jolan's lips kissing the boy's face as he stood up with him in his arms.
"You're my son. You're always good, Hay."
The boy smiled, leaning towards Justin, his Poppa kissing his cheeks.
"I missed you so much, Hay!" Justin said, his hand rubbing the boy's back, the boy beaming at him.
"Me miss you too, Poppa! Me have lots of fun with Gamma and Auntie Jennie!"
Justin smiled, looking towards his mother, Lynn smiling back.
"He was a complete angel." she said, Jennie nodded the same, the young woman now hugged in Justin's arms.
It was Wednesday afternoon, the foursome of love returned to New York.
The last three days had been days of love, happiness and beauty.
All four felt a contented happiness, their hearts given over to the new love surrounding them.
In the past three days they'd explored each other's beauty, love and bodies.
There was no longer any vanity or shyness between the four, their once dreams of longing now reality.
They were together completely.
"You four look extremely happy and tanned." Lynn smiled, Josh smiling at her.
"The sun was warm, the company fun and enjoyable." he smiled, Chace and the other two smiling at him, Chace's arms around him.
Jennie's blue eyes watched all four, the young woman smiling at all of them as she hugged her brother.
Everyone moved to the condo's living room, Hayden now in Justin's arms, the two talking animatedly.
Jolan smiled at the two, sitting down beside both.
"Everything organized for the wedding?" Lynn asked, smiling at Josh and Chace.
"Yes, Lynn. Jolan's found the perfect spot for everything--a beautiful beach for the ceremony, and wonderful accommodations. It's all so perfect." Chace said, Josh kissing his cheek, the two sitting together.

"Excellent, Chace. You have to tell us all about it." Lynn said, smiling at him and Josh.

The two talked about everything, Jolan and Justin smiling at both men, Hayden playing with his Poppa on the couch.

"Sounds like the ideal location, no one has far to travel." she said, Josh nodding.

"You'll all love it. Now comes a few weeks of intense planning. We've got so much to do. Joshy and I are flying out tomorrow to my Mom's, Josh's mother is meeting us there."
Jolan smiled at the two, both smiling back.

"Mothers always long for their child's wedding day."
Both men smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"It will go fast, my friends." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"It will, with our best men's help."
"You have it and our love." Justin said, Josh smiling at him.

Lynn saw the happiness on both men's faces, knowing that day would be so beautiful, especially if Jolan had a hand in it.

"Before I forget Jolan, Jordan wanted you to call him when you got back. He stopped by yesterday."
Jolan nodded, kissing Justin's cheek.

"I'll call him after lunch, Mom."
Lynn smiled, the group going over the wedding plans.

Hayden smiled, snuggled in his Poppa's lap.


Jolan set down the phone, Justin's blue eyes meeting his.

"Jordan was just calling to update me on everything."
Justin nodded, his lover sitting down beside him, everyone looking at him.

"There's been no sign of Nathan or Brandon. Jordan's people have investigated that lawyer Chamberlain as well. They were able to tail him to a mansion in upstate New York. After a court order, Jordan raided it. They found it empty. It's all led to a dead end. If Fagin was there he's now vanished. It appears that Fagin covers all his tracks, which doesn't surprise me. The man's remained elusive for decades."

"I'm sorry, my love." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

Hayden sat on the floor in front of them, playing with his trucks.

Lunch was over, the group relaxing.

"It's alright, Jus. I knew they wouldn't find him that easily. And I believe I understand what's happened."
"What's happened? What do you mean, Jo?" Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Fagin's pulled up stakes. He's returned to Europe. He's now on the final path. He and his minions are amassing their final stand. The path is set."
"You know that, Jo?" Justin said, worry etched on his face.

"Yes, Justin. I feel the coming of the end. And I feel their presence on the path. Evil is readying itself for its final stand. And goodness shall soon do the same."
Everyone nodded, Justin's hand squeezing Jolan's.

"I feel the acceptance in your heart, Jo. You seem calmed by this news."
"The path is going as planned, everyone. In a short few months it will all be over. And then we can go back to a life of happiness and love. I shall welcome that final day as the greatest day of my life. For that will be the final day of pain and doubt. After that day my life begins."
Hayden smiled up at his father, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his blue.

"We's be happy, Daddy. Lots of wuv coming."

Everyone smiled at the boy, Jolan's eyes meeting Josh's and Chace's.

"Yes, Hay. Lots of love coming. First off we have to get your two uncles married."
Josh and Chace smiled, Justin smiling at them as well.

"Yes, Jo. Three weeks and counting. Let's start the organizing." Lynn smiled, everyone beginning to talk about the wedding.

Jolan sat back, smiling and adding to their conversations, his mind on something else.

He hadn't told them of one thing Jordan had divulged.

Of what they'd discovered in that upstate mansion.

Bodies had been found buried there, that in itself showing the greatness of the evil of the man Fagin.

Rooms of torture, depravation and horrific pain had been uncovered.

Jolan knew in his heart the man was a monster.

But one other thing Jordan had mentioned had focused Jolan's mind on the white light of truth.

The policeman had told him of another room they'd found almost laying forgotten deep within the mansion's walls.

It was two rooms actually, one adjacent to the other.

One was a bedroom, one a bathroom.

Its stone walls gave off a coldness of confinement.

The room had looked well lived-in, the scarcity of its furnishing showing it as a hovel of loneliness.

Jordan had told Jolan that he'd thought it had all the features and looks of a prison.

Jolan knew it his heart it had been.

His mind focused on the face he'd seen within the walled prison of his dreams.

I am coming child of life.

Your pain and his soon shall end.

Forgive me for not seeing the truth of your love.

I shall join all of your inner circle, your love united.


The next few weeks were days of love and focused happiness.

Justin and Jolan had returned to Los Angeles, settling back into their home life.

The paparazzi were still evident, excursions outside their home followed by cameras.

The two lovers remained silent, their past drama still newspaper fodder.

What mattered to them was their home life, Hayden the center of that.

And their new twosome of love.

Many days and nights of wedding plans, private moments and giving love flowed over the weeks.

The twosome of upcoming uniting love spent a lot of time with them.

They talked, ate, swam, cuddled and loved together.

Jennie had talked privately with Jolan, and then with the other three, her love unchanged for all four.

They easily saw that she had figured out the newness of their love.

Jolan saw that the young woman was maturing into an intelligent, giving, beautiful woman.

His little Jennie was disappearing, replaced with a giving vision of love.

On the seventeenth of April, a week before Josh and Chace's nuptials, Jennie had flown out to Lynn's, she wanting to spend some time with Jonathan.

They would then all be flying into Hawaii the day before the wedding, as would all of their friends.

Hayden and his fathers had a few days to themselves, their love deepening.

Josh and Chace had foregone any bachelor party, the two stating they only wanted the happiness of that singular day.

Justin had whined, Jolan silencing him with a kiss.

"They are in love, Jus. And  they know all of us love them. Parties can't hold a candle to the intimacy of familiar love."
Josh and Chace had smiled, leaving that night to kisses of love from their friends.

Jolan had smiled at the doorway, Justin at his side, Hayden in his arms.

"I wish we could have had a wild party for them. My best friend's getting married."
Jolan smiled, kissing his lover's lips.

"I like Lance's idea better, my love."
Justin smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"We'll see their bachelorhood off in style, my angel. Only it will be sent off with just love."
Justin smiled, Hayden yawning in his arms.

"Hay needs sleep, my angel."

Justin smiled, heading for the stairs, Jolan waving goodbye to their two soulmates.


Josh pulled up in front of Jolan and Justin's home the next evening, parking in his usual spot.

Chace smiled at him, leaning over and kissing his lover's lips.

"So what do you think he's planned?" he smiled, Josh smiling back.

"You thought that too, eh?"
Chace lightly laughed, looking towards the house.

"When we put the kibosh on the bachelor party I thought I saw a sparkle in Jolan's eyes. I think he's planned something."

Josh smiled, kissing Chace's lips lightly, his blue eyes scanning the front drive.

"Well, there are no other cars, so I don't think we have to worry about a party. Jo said it was just a private dinner, just the four of us."

Chace smiled, Josh sighing, Chace's hand squeezing his.

"You wanted a party? Oh, Joshy! Why didn't you say something?"

"Not a party, my love. I just thought. . .well, I thought the guys would do something, ya know?"
Chace nodded, kissing his lover tenderly.

"People have lives and obligations, my love. But they'll all be with us next Saturday, when I marry their friend."

Josh smiled, hearing the love in Chace's voice.

"And their friend will be so lucky."
Chace smiled, opening his car door.

"We better go inside or we'll never leave this car."
Josh smiled, getting out of the car as well, the two joining hands when they met at the back of the car.

They walked up the steps, Josh about to rap on the door, the door opening.

"Well! About damn time! I was about to send Jus out to hose you two down!" Jolan smiled, his two friends smiling, Chace's arm going around Josh.

"Well, you know my Josh. His love overwhelms you."
Jolan smiled, kissing both on the cheek, the two smiling at the younger man.

"Looking good, Jo. Nice attire." Josh smiled, Jolan smiling back, the young man wearing a t-shirt and swim trunks, Jolan having told the two that the evening was casual.

A nice dinner, then swimming and quiet happiness.

Josh and Chace both wore t-shirts and trunks as well, the two smiling at Jolan.

"You'd like me better sans the t-shirt, you dirty old man." Jolan grinned, Josh grinning as well.

"I'd prefer you sans everything." Chace said, licking his lips, Jolan laughing.

"There's our flirtatious tiger. Come on out back, guys. Justin's manning the barbecue. It's just our love tonight guys."
The two smiled, following Jolan through the house.

"Where's Hay?"
"Sandra and Jessica have had him all day. He's staying with his Mom tonight."
Josh and Chace smiled, following Jolan through the kitchen, heading for the patio doors.

Jolan opened them, smiling at the two, letting them go out ahead.

Josh and Chace smiled at him, walking out onto the patio.


The two stepped back, staring in shock at their friends surrounding them.

Chris, Lance, Joey and Lonnie were all grinning at them.

Leo, Kelly, Britney, Johnny and Ally were all clapping, Usher and Nick smiling at them as well.

Justin was grinning ear to ear, the man running up to them, hugging both.

"Welcome to our send off guys! We couldn't let you go without showing you our love and happiness!" he said, Josh and Chace tearing up.

"Oh, guys! This. . .this is so nice." Josh said, tears showing in his eyes, Jolan's arm going around him.

"Your bandmates came up with this, Josh. Your brothers of music share in your happiness."
Josh was starting to cry, Lance walking up to him and hugging him, Joey's hand going to his shoulder.

"Our old man Joshy's getting hitched!" Joey grinned, Josh lightly laughing.

"Yeah, I am Joe."
Joey smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"I--and all of us--wish you a life of happiness, Josh. Your love more than deserves it." Joey said, his own eyes glistening.

Everyone moved forward, the twosome enveloped in kisses and hugs, Justin's arm going around Jolan.

"Lance had a wonderful idea, Jo. I'm glad we're all here tonight. It seems like old times."
Jolan smiled, kissing his lover's cheek.

"I'll start the barbecue, you play with our friends."

Justin smiled, putting his arms around Josh and Chace.

"By the way, how did you pull this off, Jo? I didn't see any cars outside." Josh said.

Jolan smiled, looking towards Lonnie.

"That was Lonnie's deception."

Josh looked over towards Lonnie.

"Wow, he did a great job! I'll have to thank him later." He said.

"You can thank his brother, too. He owns a mini bus company. Lonnie drove everyone over in one of his buses, dropping them off at the door. Then Lonnie parked the bus down the street, walking back. We had to have the element of surprise." Justin grinned.

Josh and Chace smiled at the large black man, the man talking with his Ally, Justin's arm going around Josh's waist.

"Oh yeah, wait till you see the cake! Jolan outdid himself!"

Josh and Chace smiled, looking towards Jolan, the young man smiling, heading towards the barbecue.


Josh and Chace stood arm in arm, staring at the cake now set on the table before them.

Dinner was finished, Jolan's cooking filling all of their hearts with contented happiness.

"Oh, Jo! It's. . .it's beautiful." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

Everyone was smiling, Josh and Chace staring at the cake.

It was in the shape of a large heart, red and white frosting covering it.

In its center was a picture of Josh and Chace, the two joined in an embrace of love, Jolan having taken the picture at Trace's and Cindy's wedding.

Josh smiled, reading the words written below.



                        Love begins with friendship

                            Love begins with truth


                               Josh and Chace

                                    Your love 

                                Begins forever



Justin smiled, standing up in front of his friends.

"I'd like to propose a toast if I may, before you cut the cake, guys."
Everyone smiled, taking the offered glasses of champagne Jolan was handing out, everyone standing.

Justin smiled around at everyone, his blue eyes meeting Josh and Chace's equally blue.

"In a short two days my best friend seals his life with happiness and love, Chace's love now forever etched in his heart. I can't believe that you're getting married, Joshy. Where has the time gone? Where have our lives gone? It seems like such a short time since we began singing together. Since our friendship began.  And every day that friendship grew to mean so much more. The five of us went through so much together, and the greatest blessing of that was the bond of friendship that now fills our hearts. We all love each other. And we all stand together here today with happiness and love in our hearts for you and your Chace, Josh. As Joey said, no one deserves his love more. So I'd like to propose the first toast. To Joshua and Chace. Friendship, love, trust and truth are the foundation of united love. To united love, may you both be blessed with it always!"

Everyone seconded Justin's final words, the twosome before the cake in tears, answering Justin's toast by raising their glasses.

The four boybanders walked around the table, all hugging Josh and Chace, Josh overcome with emotion.

"Guys, your love and friendship! I've cherished it and will always cherish it!"

Jolan and the others smiled, seeing the band's ironclad love showing.
"You are a quintet of love and friendship. A friendship that you will carry in all of your hearts for the rest of your lives." Jolan said, the five smiling at him, Chace kissing his Josh's cheek.

"You'll always be welcomed in our homes, guys. I'd like to think of you as brothers as well." Chace said, Chris smiling and hugging him.

"Careful what you wish for, Chace. Chris has been known to claim squatters' rights. You'll need a crowbar to get him out of your house."
Chris' eyes went up, everyone laughing at Jolan's words, the young man grinning at his friend.

"Ha. . .ha, Dragos. You should be honored by my presence."
"You brought gifts, Chris? Trying to buy our love?" Jolan said, smiling at him.

Chris' brow furrowed, his arms folding.

"You know what I meant!"

Jolan laughed, walking up to the man, everyone eyeing him with expecting mirth.

"Do you have the receipts, Chris? I'd hate to see that you got your love on sale."

Everyone started laughing, Chris blushing at being the center of Jolan's mirthfulness.

"Oh, my God! I've left him speechless!"

Chris stared at Jolan, the young man smiling, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"Yes, Chris. I know what you meant. I will always be honored to have your surrounding love."
The man softly smiled, looking into Jolan's grey loving eyes.

"Even if it's in a walrus costume."
That did it, Joey was roaring with laughter, others joining him, Chris staring at Jolan.

The young man smiled at him, Chris smiling back.

"Take a nice hard lick of my blubber, walrus groupie!"

Jolan laughed, his hand patting Chris' shoulder.

"Good one, Christopher."
Chris smiled, everyone laughing.


Jolan smiled, sitting down in the chair beside Josh, the man smiling at him.

They both wore only swim trunks, everyone else in the pool or lounging around it.

"Having fun, Josh?"
"Yes, Jo. I'm so happy everyone's here."
"You would expect less?"

Josh smiled, looking around at his friends.

"No, Jo. I love them and they love me."

Jolan smiled, looking into his blue eyes.

"Can I tell you something, Joshua?"

"Sure, Jo. There are no secrets between you and me."
Jolan smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"I know, Joshua. It's not really a secret."
Josh nodded, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Do you know why I asked you to be my familiar, Joshua?"
"Well, you said it was because of my intellect, my reasoning abilities."
"Yes that's true. But it was mainly because of what I've felt in you, Joshua."
"My love for you?"
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"Yes, that's part of it. And your love for everyone else as well. Your giving love almost matches mine, Josh. We are two of the same soul. The same giving soul."
Josh smiled, looking around at his friends, his eyes centering on Chace and Justin, the two in the pool, laughing with Usher and Nick.

"What is life without love, Jolan?"
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"And what is love without life?"

Josh's blue eyes stared at Jolan.

"After your honeymoon you and I will have to have a long talk, my friend of giving love. It's time the truth of the future was known to you."
Josh's arm went around Jolan, his friend staring into his eyes.

"It's alright, Josh. Nothing for you to worry about at all. In fact I think you'll be happily surprised by all of it."
Josh nodded, seeing no worry or fear in Jolan's calm eyes.

"Alright, Jolan. My love is here for you in all ways."
Jolan smiled, looking towards Justin.

"Yes in all ways." he smiled, kissing Josh on the lips.

"I think you need to play with Chace, Joshy. Justy's left him high and dry."
Josh smiled, looking towards his lover, Chace now seated on the far side of the pool, his feet dangling in the water, Justin no longer with him, the man now talking to Leo and Johnny at the pool's edge, Justin towelling his body off.

Josh smiled, getting up and diving into the pool, Jolan watching him swim towards Chace.

Jolan smiled, staring after his friend.

Soon, my friend of love.

Soon our love flows as it must.

Jolan's thoughts were broken, Britney sitting down beside him.

Jolan smiled at her, she kissing his cheek, the two talking with each other.

Jolan walked into the bedroom, a soft smile crossing his face.
Josh smiled at him, the man sitting nude on the front end of the large king size bed.
Jolan's eyes returned to the vision of beauty laying on the bed beside him.
Justin was laying on his back, Chace on top of him, the younger man's lips on Justin's chest, licking the sweat of the man's smooth pecs.
Jolan smiled, walking towards the bed, his own nude body taken in by Josh.
Jolan set down the tray he carried on the nightstand, smiling at Josh.
"They couldn't wait, I see." he smiled, leaning down and kissing Josh on the lips.
"You know our desirous two. They long for the embrace of love." Josh said, Jolan's hand brushing his cheek.
Chace lifted his head, turning and smiling at both, his hands gently rubbing Justin's nipples, Justin moaning softly, his own blue eyes on the two beside him on he bed.
The party had ended late, everyone wrapped in the love and happiness of the two soon-to-be-wed lovers.
The two had been hugged and kissed by everyone at the end of the night, a few of their friends showing their intoxicated happiness.
Here now the two were alone with the other twosome of their love.
It had seemed so natural for the two to remain at the house, walking upstairs with the other two, the four discarding their clothes and climbing into bed together, lips meeting, love shining.
"Jus and I wanted this night to end with our love, Joshua and Chace, loves of our hearts." Jolan had said, the two smiling at him and Justin.
"An end to an evening of familiar happiness." Justin said, kissing Josh's lips, Chace kissed by Jolan.
"I'll be right back, guys." Jolan had said, smiling and getting out of bed, three sets of blue eyes following his nude form as it left the bedroom.
Here now Jolan had returned, carrying a tray filled with a bottle of wine, four glasses, and several bowls of fruit, chocolate and whipped cream.
Jolan's lips broke from Josh's, the man's grey eyes looking at all three.
He smiled, moving to the nightstand, pouring four glasses of wine, handing one to each of the men, Chace moving off of Justin, sitting up, his fingers still attached to Justin's right nipple, Justin smiling at him as Jolan handed him his glass.
"Here's to love, our love and happiness. We love you, Chace and Joshua. Justin's and my love will be here for you always." Jolan said, the four smiling, drinking the crisp Italian wine.
"We love you as well, Jo and Justin." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.
"We see that, Chace. You're attached to our Jus."
Chace smiled, his blue eyes meeting Justin's.
"His love drew me to him, as did his beauty."
Justin smiled, leaning upwards and kissing Chace's lips.
Josh smiled at his Chace, no jealousy showing in his blue eyes.
"His beauty draws all of us."
The four smiled, gentle touches given, Josh's nude body sinking against Jolan's, Jolan's arm going around him.
"This was a wonderful night, guys." Josh said, Jolan kissing his neck.
"You should thank Lance. It was his idea."
"Yes it was, but I know you two created most of the food, atmosphere and the love."
The three smiled at Josh, his blue eyes looking at Jolan.
Jolan's eyes met Justin's, his lover smiling at him.
"Guys, Justin and I have a special gift for both of you."
Josh and Chace smiled, looking at their two friends.
"Your love is gift enough, Jo."
Jolan smiled at Chace's words, kissing his cheek.
"But what of our beauty, Chace?"
Chace smiled, looking over Jolan's nude body.
"That's a gift all its own." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.
His grey eyes looked at Justin, Justin sitting up, his arm going around Chace.
"We need you, Chace. And we need you, Joshy. We want to give both of you the gift of our complete love."
Josh and Chace traded looks, Justin leaning forward and kissing Josh.
"I love you, Josh. Please take all of my love. I need your love inside me. I need yours as well, Chace. I need to feel your love combined love possess me. I am yours and I am Joshua's. And Jolan is yours as well."
Both men teared up, Justin moving forward again, his lips meeting Josh's, the younger man pulling Josh back with him, his friend's body now on top of him.
Their kiss broke, Justin's blue eyes staring into Josh's.
"Love me, Joshua. Make love to me."
Josh's blue eyes turned, staring into Jolan's grey, then meeting Chace's blue.
"We love them, Josh. And we love each other. We need to show them all of our love." Chace said, Josh smiling at him.
He leaned over, kissing Chace, Justin smiling up at both.
They parted, staring into each other's eyes, their love of soul still connected.
Josh's eyes moved, meeting Justin's again.
"I love you, Jus. Prepare for the love you've longed for."
Justin smiled, Chace gently pushing Jolan backwards, the younger man now underneath him.
"And I love you, Jolan. Prepare for my love."
Jolan and Justin felt the men above them centering themselves, their hardness finding the hidden warmth of their new lover's centers.
Josh leaned forward, his hardness sinking into Justin, the younger man gasping, his head raising, their lips meeting.
Jolan felt Chace's hardness plunge forward, the two uniting, Jolan feeling his lips meet his.

The four became lost in the emotion of their joining love, their lips parting, their eyes meeting their soulmate's.

Justin gasped again as Josh began his rhythm, the older man sinking into his friend, his lips going to his smooth chest, Justin becoming lost in the passion flooding his soul.

The passion of his long lost dreams.

Jolan smiled, Justin's blue eyes meeting his.

They both felt Josh's love, Chace's lips going to Jolan's neck, his own hardness sunken deep within Jolan.

"Oh God, Jo! You. . .you're so tight, so warm! Oh God!" the young man said, Jolan's head moving, his lips meeting Chace's, their tongues meeting.

The two new twosomes became lost in the desires flooding them, the soon-to-be-wedded men taking all of their friends' offered love.

Josh moved out of Justin, his hard cock slapping against his friend's ass.

"Don't stop, Josh." Justin moaned, Josh leaning forward and kissing his old friend.

"Move to your Jo, Jus. He needs your lips of love."
Justin moved, his body turning over, his face going to Jolan's, their lips meeting, Chace still sinking into Jolan.

Justin's hand went out, taking hold of Jolan's hardness, Josh moving behind Justin, his hardness sinking back into Justin's ass.

Chace and Josh leaned into each other, their lips meeting, their hands going to each other's hardened nipples.

All four became lost in the desires and love flowing around them.

Jolan and Justin's lips parted, their tongues moist with each other's wetness.

Justin felt Josh's rhythm heightening, his head moving downward, taking in Jolan's hard shaft, devouring it.

Josh moaned as did Chace, both exploding at the same time, Jolan right after them, Justin feeling the heat flood his ass and the wetness flood his mouth.

Justin erupted unaided, the moment flooding his center, no control within him.

Chace and Josh fell on top of their friends, pulling out of them slowly, the two men suddenly wrapped in their friends' sweaty arms.

"Oh, Jo! You. . .that was amazing! So like my Josh."
Jolan smiled, kissing the young man's lips.

Josh smiled, his head on Justin's wet chest.

"Our love is identical in all ways, my loves. That is the gift Jus and I wanted to give you. We both shall be here for both of you. In all ways."
Justin smiled, Josh's head raising, their lips meeting.

"Jolan's right, Joshy. He and you two have made my dreams come true."

Josh smiled tearfully, Chace smiling at him.

"Does that mean I get a crack at you now, Jus?"
The three other men laughed, Jolan's hand going below him, taking Chace's hard shaft in his hand.

"Man! Our tiger's insatiable!"
Chace blushed, Josh leaning over and kissing him tenderly.

"Don't I know it! Finally! A rest!"

Jolan and Justin laughed, Chace smiling at his lover.

"No worries, my love. Your insatiable love always fills my heart with happiness. And Justin will know the same feeling Jo now does."
Chace grinned, Josh moving, laying on Justin's left side, Jolan smiling at Chace.

Chace moved, his body moving on top of Justin's.


Justin laughed, Chace's lips meeting his.

Josh and Jolan smiled at each other, their eyes taking in the beauty of their soulmate's igniting love.

Justin soon became lost in Chace's kiss, the younger man moving Justin's legs.

Jolan sat up, smiling at Josh.

"I need a shower, Joshua. Your Chace's love drew the sweat out of me. Care to wash me?"
Josh smiled, nodding his head, the two between them lost in their own world.

Josh and Jolan both moved, climbing out of bed, meeting at the head of it, staring at the two.

Josh's eyes went to the nightstand, seeing the forgotten dishes of dessert.

"Chace tastes so delicious covered in chocolate." he said, Jolan smiling.

"Wetness first, Joshua. Then dessert."

Jolan smiled, taking Josh's hand, the two walking towards the bathroom.

On the bed behind them, Justin gasped, Chace's love entering him.


"Watta lots of fun, Daddy!" Hayden said, running up to his father, Jolan seated on the cottage's deck.

"Yes, Hay. Lots of watery fun. But you don't go near it without someone with you, okay sweetie?"
"Me knows, Daddy. Me only have fun in water with Poppa or you!"

Justin laughed, the man standing behind Hay, having just taken him and Stevie down to the beach for a swim.

The two were in swimming trunks, the ocean's cool water beading over Justin's body.

It was Friday, early evening, the day before the wedding.

Everyone had arrived in Hawaii either last night or this morning, all the guests now settled in the surrounding cottages and the resort.

Jolan had smiled at the Oberson Falls reunion in the resort's main foyer that morning--Shelley, Henry and Cynthia hugging Sam and his wife--the two greeting everyone to the island and their resort.

By early afternoon everyone had arrived, the place filled with laughter and happiness.

The rehearsal had gone off smoothly after lunch, everything set and ready.

Everyone had met for dinner afterwards in the resort's main restaurant, a large room reserved by Sam for all of them.

Jolan had come up with some revealing surprises and magical touches, Josh and Chace moved by their beauty.

Talking and laughter had flowed, Josh and Chace's families surrounding them.

Jennie had been the focus of the maternal instinct flowing through the room, Jonathan at her side, the two passed around like new toys to all the loving mothers, kisses flowing.

Jolan had smiled at her, his sister smiling back, her hand in Jonathan's throughout the whole loving ordeal.

Josh and Chace had taken the surrounding love in good stride as well, the two fiancÚs hugged and kissed by everyone.

All the boybander families were present, their happiness for Josh showing in their smiles and laughter.

Jolan had finally met Josh's younger brother Steve, the young man smiling at him widely.

The young man was pulled into a circle of new friends, Jonathan and Tyrone talking animatedly with him.

Jolan smiled, watching them and his Archanian cousins surround the young man.

Simus walked up to his nephew, smiling at him.

"I remember when I was that age. The vitality and strength of youth."
Jolan smiled, kissing his uncle's cheek, Simus smiling at him.

"Oh, I don't know Uncle Simus. Cory says you've gained a youthful beauty since your wedding day."
Simus smiled, his eyes going to his husband across the room, Cory talking to Usher and Leo.

"His youth has regenerated my soul, Nephew. I've been blessed so much."
Jolan smiled, his eyes scanning those sitting down around him, dinner about to start.

Toasts were made during the dinner, the two smiling at their friends' and families' moving tributes.

The last to speak and give a toast was Jolan.

"My dear friends, family and loved ones. Tomorrow we join together to watch two souls unite in the bond of God's love. Their paths have been strewn with peril, hurt and emotional love. Here now we see before us two that have weathered that storm. Tomorrow their love joins forever in the eyes of God. And we, with our eyes of love, now see that beautiful love. I'd like to propose a toast to that spectacular love. It shines in all of our souls, given in love by its central twosome. Let's raise our glasses to their love. To Joshua and Chace, your love is true love!"

Everyone raised their glasses, the two men in tears, smiling at Jolan.


Here now it was after dinner, Justin and others having taken the kids for a swim.

Jolan grabbed a towel off the chair beside him, enveloping his son in its thick warmth.

"You're a wet little fishy." he said, Hayden giggling as his father dried him.

"What about me, sweetie?" Justin said, batting his eyes, his wet body dripping on the deck's smooth varnished floor.

"You're a dolphin, my smooth angel. That voice hits the high notes."

Justin laughed, a towel going around him, his blue eyes meeting Josh's blue, his friend rubbing his back with it, drying his torso.

"I don't know, Jo. I can't seem to find a blowhole."
Jolan burst out into laughter, Josh and Justin joining him, others walking up onto the deck, Chace smiling at the three.
"What's so funny, guys?" he said, smiling.

Josh smiled at him, their eyes meeting.

Britney walked beside Chace, her eyes looking at that exchange, hers meeting Jolan's.

"The water's so warm and refreshing, Jo. You should have come." she smiled, her two boys rushing up to Hayden, the three chatting away.

"Last minute things to take care of. Everything's as ready as it will ever be." he smiled, Josh and Chace smiling at him.

"We have so much to thank you for, Jo. It's going to be so beautiful." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Now none of that. Your love guided me to do it all. I just hope it will be okay." he said, Justin leaning down and kissing his lips.

"Knowing you Jo, it will be spectacular!" Chris said, his arm going around Britney as he pulled her down onto a chair with him, she sitting in his lap.

"Well, here's hoping Chris." he smiled, Chris smiling back at him.

"I've talked to the photographer, Chris. He's brought his wide angle lens."
Chris looked confused, everyone around him looking at Jolan with a smile.

"Well, you walruses take up so much room.  He'll have to expand his scope to take all your hairy beauty in. But there's a rock down there for you to sun yourself on."

Everyone burst into laughter, Britney joining in.

Chris blushed deeply, Jolan's wide smile greeting him.

"It was too easy, my friend. But the rock really is there."
Joey was falling on the floor laughing, Lance trying to hold him in his arms.

"Oh, Jo! That was. . .so. . ."

"Perfect, Lance?"
Lance began laughing, Jolan smiling at him.

Chris' eyes met Jolan's, the young man smiling.

"That rock will be a perfect place to snap a picture of you and your beautiful girl."
Chris smiled, Britney's eyes meeting his.

"A photograph of revealing love at the moment of dawning family love. Your new family shall cherish it."
Britney's eyes widened, as did Chris'.

"What? No way. . .you can't. . ." Britney stuttered, Jolan smiling at her.

"You forget the magic of my soul, the magic of my love. I see all that needs to be seen. I love both of you."
Justin looked confused, as did everyone else, staring at Jolan, and the two seated together.

Britney's eyes met Chris', the man sighing, Britney kissing his cheek.

"We didn't want to take any of the love away from your weekend of happiness, Joshy. But it appears that Jo's love surrounds all of us. And he knows all."
Jolan smiled, Josh nodding at Britney, still not sure what Britney was talking about.

Britney stood up, Chris rising as well, his arm going around her.

"Guys, we have some news." Chris said softly, Britney smiling softly.

"What is it, Chris?" Joey said, staring at his best friend.

"Well, the thing is. . .well. . .I'm going to be. . .well. . ."

Jolan smiled, walking forward, his hand going to Chris' shoulder, smiling at the man.

"No greater father in the world would a child have that a mirthful treasure like you, Christopher. His life will be filled with laughter, love and happiness."
Everyone looked shocked, Britney smiling at everyone.

"Chris and I are going to have a baby."
Justin shrieked, the man moving forward, taking Britney into his arms.

"Oh, Bitzy! I'm so happy for you!" he said, his voice filled with emotional happiness.

Joey's arms were around Chris, hugging his friend tightly.

"Oh, Chris! Jolan's right! You'll be the greatest dad!" he said, both men's eyes filled with tears.

"Who would have thought it? Me. . .a father! I'm still so amazed by it! And guys. . .Britney and I. . .we're. . .we're getting married!"
Everyone began to smile and cry, the two wrapped in everyone's arms, congratulations surrounding them.

The two broke free of their friends, Britney's eyes meeting Jolan's pools of love.

"You knew that too, didn't you?"
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek, then kissing Chris', the man staring at him.

"Yes, my friends. I felt it when you both hugged me this morning. I felt the joined love of your three hearts. Or should I say five hearts. Your boys will find a second father in Chris. And the two of you will have a lifetime of happiness and love."
Both teared up, Chris hugging Jolan tightly.

"You. . .you guided us to this love, Jolan. How can I. . .?"

"No thanks need saying, Christopher. Your love and happiness--and your friendship---are all that I need."

Chris smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Let's hope he doesn't have walrus whiskers."
Everyone began to laugh, Chris' the loudest.


The group sat around, Chris and Britney telling them how everything had happened--their finding out about the baby, Chris' romantic proposal over a quiet dinner together, the love of that moment shared with all of them.

"You old smoothie." Joey said, Chris blushing.

"Hey! She's my lady. I had to make it a moment of love." he said, Britney kissing his cheek, everyone seeing their total love.

Jolan's eyes went to Josh, the man's eyes staring at Chace.

Jolan looked at his watch, seeing that it was after eleven.

Justin walked out of the cottage, closing the door behind him, smiling at everyone.

"The kids are finally asleep. Three stories later."
Jolan smiled, Justin sitting down in his lap, kissing his cheek.

"An hour, Jus. I knew the kids were wired."
Justin smiled, snuggling into his man.

Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting Josh's.

"It's a beautiful night, Joshy. I think you and your Chace should take a nice stroll down the moonlit beach. Your time for parting is drawing close."
Josh smiled, Chace already on his feet.

Jolan smiled, having seen the look of love in both men's eyes.

"Thanks, Jo. That's a great idea. We'll be back soon, guys." Josh said, Chace's hand in his, the two walking off the deck and out into the darkness.

Everyone smiled, looking at Jolan.

"I felt their need to voice their love to each other in private, their time at hand. It's going to be a beautiful day tomorrow."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek, his lover's grey eyes meeting his blue.

"You'll see to that, my Jo."
"For them, I'll make it the greatest day of their lives."
Everyone smiled, Lance looking at Jolan and Justin.

Jolan met Lance's green eyes, Lance smiling at him.

"Something I said, Lance?"
"Those words mean so much truth to all of us, Jolan. You've made so many great days in our lives."

Jolan smiled, a soft blush crossing his cheeks.

"You're all my friends, I love all of you. Your lives I'll give over to making happy. It's the least I can do for your returned friendship. That fills my heart with happiness. A man's no one unless he has friends and their love."
Everyone smiled, tears showing in a lot of moist eyes.

"It's only been seven months, Jolan. Seven months and your love's sunk deep within all of us." Lonnie said, Jolan smiling at the large man.

"I know, Lonnie. To me it seems like a lifetime. As if I've lived a new life of love. I have all of you to thank for that. I'm going to enjoy being at every one of your weddings."

Everyone smiled, Steve and Tyrone walking up onto the deck out of the dark night, followed by Athos and Jonathan.

"How goes the bonfire, guys?" Jolan said, smiling at them.

"It's big, Jo. We just came up for some refreshments and snacks." Steve said smiling at him.

"Help yourselves, guys. There's chips and dips in the kitchen, as well as a couple of meat and sandwich platters in the fridge, plus soft drinks."
Tyrone smiled, leaning down and kissing Jolan's cheek.

"What? No beer?"
Jolan smiled, the young man smiling back.

"You can get drunk on your Matty's love, Tyrone. I won't have a bunch of hung over teenagers ruining Josh and Chace's big day."
Tyrone laughed, kissing Jolan's cheek again.

"Okay, Dad!"

Everyone laughed, Jolan smiling, the four heading into the cottage.

"You're always so organized, Jo. You were fully prepared for their needs."
Jolan smiled, looking out into the darkness.

"It's hindsight, my friends. The anticipation of all needs. It's a part of my magic."
Justin smiled, kissing his lips, Jolan smiling.

"How shall I ever get through the next twelve hours without you in my arms?"
"Hey, sorry. I'm Josh's best man tonight. And your Chace's."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

Josh and Justin were staying here at the cottage, Jolan and Chace staying in a room in the resort.

The tradition of separating the love before the wedded moment was being upheld.

"The sanctity of tradition, my love. Josh and Chace are going to be so needful tomorrow."
"We'll be here for them, Jus. In all ways."
Justin smiled, the others surrounding them smiling as well.

The four youths walked out of the cottage, their arms filled with food and drink.

"You guys coming down?" Jonathan asked, everyone nodding their affirmation.

"See you shortly, guys." Joey said, Lance snuggling against him.

"I think Josh and Chace had the right idea. A moonlit walk sounds so romantic." Ally said, Lonnie kissing her cheek.

"Excuse us, guys. Say goodnight to Josh and Chace for us."
Everyone nodded, the two standing and walking out into the darkness.

Couples looked at each other, Jolan smiling.

"Go ahead, guys. I'll give them all your loving goodnights."
All the couples smiled, getting up and leaving the deck, only Justin and Jolan remaining.

The two snuggled together, Justin closing his eyes, his head laying on Jolan's chest.

Jolan smiled, his eyes staring out towards the dark ocean in front of him.


A short twenty minutes later, Josh and Chace walked back into the light of the deck, Jolan smiling at them.

Justin was sound asleep in his arms, Josh smiling at Jolan.

"Your walk of love ignited the romance in other souls. Your friends say their goodnights of love. They'll all see you tomorrow."
Josh and Chace nodded, the two sitting down on both sides of the seated twosome.

"He fell asleep." Jolan said, Josh smiling, his hand going through Justin's soft curly hair.

"He can sleep anywhere, Jo. Always could."
Jolan smiled, Josh leaning forward and kissing Jolan's lips.

"Almost midnight, guys. Time for parting until the morrow."

Both nodded, Jolan lightly shaking Justin's shoulder.

Justin's blue eyes opened, the man stretching in Jolan's lap.

"Sorry, I fell asleep."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek, the man smiling at him, snuggling more into him.

"Time for me to go, Jus. And time for you to hit the hay."
Justin sighed, his arms going around Jolan.

"Let's not do this, guys. I want to sleep in your three arms of love."
Jolan smiled, Chace leaning down and kissing Justin's cheek.

"I agree, Jus. But Poppa Jo here doesn't. Who'd of thought he'd be the stickler for tradition?"
Jolan smiled, patting Justin's ass, pushing him upward, Justin reluctantly standing, a soft pout on his face.

"Hey, tonight that look won't work, sexy. Tomorrow night I'll lasso the moon for you if you look at me like that."
Justin smiled, Jolan kissing his lips.

"Time's up, guys. Come on, Chace. Our bed awaits."

Chace smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Is this like the night before the big game? No sex, coach?"

Jolan laughed, slapping the young man's ass.

"I might let you pinch hit. Or maybe I'll play catcher."

The three men smiled, Josh and Chace looking at each other.

Josh leaned over, their lips meeting, Jolan and Justin smiling at each other.

"I love you, Chace. I'll see you tomorrow, my love."
Chace was in tears, Jolan's arm going around him.

"I love you too, Joshua. You'll be in my dreams."
Josh teared up, Justin's arm around him now.

"He'll be in my arms of love until you see him again, Chace."

Chace smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"See you tomorrow, my love." Jolan said, kissing Justin tenderly.

The four smiled at each other, Jolan and Chace walking off the deck, swallowed by the darkness.

Justin and Josh smiled at each other, Justin's arm going around Josh again.

"I love him so much, Jus. I can't wait until tomorrow."
Justin smiled, his thoughts on his Jo.

"Know the feeling, Josh. I can't wait until tomorrow either."

Josh smiled, his arms going around Justin.

"I need your love tonight, Jus. I need you and them so much."
Justin smiled, his lips meeting Josh's, the man feeling Josh's need.

"I'm here for you in all ways, my Joshy."
Josh smiled, Justin's hand going in his, the two walking into the cottage.


Jolan stood on the balcony, the night's breeze cooling his warm skin.

He looked back into the room, seeing Chace sound asleep on the bed, his smooth torso revealed, the rest of his beauty covered by a sheet..

He smiled, remembering the emotion and need of the young tiger who'd finally succumbed to sleep an hour ago.

The young man had taken all of Jolan's offered love, falling asleep in his arms, the last soft words he'd spoken were of his Josh.

Jolan smiled, looking towards the south end of the resort.

He knew in his heart that Josh had probably been just as needful with Justin tonight.

Jolan smiled, feeling the love and happiness contained within his soul.

He'd been amazed at the love he'd felt from the new twosome of love now surrounding him.

The four had melded together into a foursome of love and togetherness.

No jealousy or unscrupulous desire was held in any of their four souls.

They all loved each other.

Jolan smiled, looking towards the south beach again.

He saw the soft glow of the dwindling bonfire, sensing the young ones were about to call it a night.

He looked at his watch, seeing three o'clock.

He smiled, his thoughts on the morrow.

Everything was ready, the day ahead a day for wedded bliss.

Jolan's eyes looked upwards, the large full moon beaming down on him.

He sighed, closing his eyes and focusing his mind.

His Badenwolf hearing zoned in on two people quietly talking below him, Jolan's eyes opening, a soft yellow sheen now shown in them.

Jolan remained silent, casting his eyes downward, their keenness spotting two people walking towards the resort down a path covered in vegetation.

Their faces couldn't be seen, but that was no matter for Jolan.

He knew in his heart who they were.

Jolan closed his yellow eyes again, a soft smile crossing his face.

The voices below him softly ended, their owners walking into the resort.

Jolan's eyes opened, the young man looking up again towards the white shining moon above him.

"Light of life and light of truth. I feel your pull of wolfen destiny. Soon mother moon. Soon the one wolf shall show all." he softly said, Chace in the room behind him moving on the bed.

Jolan turned, walking back into the bedroom, his naked form climbing into the bed.

Jolan settled down, Chace moving against him, Jolan's arms snaking around him.

He kissed the young man on the forehead, Chace softly moaning in his sleep.

Jolan's eyes went to the open doorway to the balcony again.

Time enough for truth and destiny later.

Tomorrow, I center the love.

Jolan smiled, closing his returned grey eyes.




End of Chapter 126


A chapter of centering love, a prelude to the love on the morrow.

Some surprising news from Chris and Britney as well.

Our foursome of love is now completely connected.


I wonder who the two were that Jolan was listening to below the balcony?

Seems he was happy about something.


Up next, the wedding of the first two of our foursome.

I'm sure I'll try and drop a few surprises in there.  lol.


Hugs, Angel.