Jolan's Path - Chapter 127


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 127


"The flowers have all been delivered, Jolan." Sam said, walking into the dining room, Jolan smiling at him, the two surrounded by tables of family and guests, everyone dining on a hearty breakfast, Sam's wife smiling across the table Jolan sat at, seated beside Shelley.

"That's perfect, Sam. I'll need a few strapping youths to help me carry them down to the beach." he smiled, looking towards Tyrone and Jonathan, the others at their table smiling.

It was just after nine, everyone seated in Sam's restaurant, the food and laughter flowing.

"I think we've just been volunteered, guys." Tyrone said, smiling at the young men seated around him, Jennie smiling at the black youth, Mathias at Tyrone's side.

"Jolan's love can make you do some wondrous things, guys." she said.
Everyone smiled, nodding, Tyrone looking towards Jolan.

"We'll help, Jo."
Jolan nodded, Lynn smiling at him.

Chace sat beside Jolan, the young man picking at his plate of bacon and eggs.

"You need to eat, son." his father Chris said, the man and his wife Dana seated across from Jolan and Chace.

"You look lost, Chacey!" his sister Candice said, smiling at her brother, she seated on his other side, her hand on his.

"I miss him so much." he softly said, Jolan smiling at Candice.

"You've only eleven more hours, Chacey." she said, Jolan's hand on Chace's shoulder.

"Why ever did we pick sunset to be married at? This day is going to be so excruciating!" Chace said, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"You chose it for the sunlit beauty of the sunset, Chace. You knew how much Josh loves sunsets."
Chace smiled, nodding softly.

"I know, Jo. I want it to be so special for him."
Everyone around the table smiled, Jolan's grey eyes meeting Chace's blue.

"Your love makes him totally happy. It will be special for that reason alone."

Chace nodded, seeing Jolan's total love shining.

"Have you talked to Jus or Josh, Jo? How's he doing?" Chace said, Jolan seeing the longing in Chace's blue eyes.

"He's doing alright, Chace. Justin told me he's been talking of you this morning as well."
Chace smiled, sighing softly.

"Now you need to eat breakfast, Chace. We don't want you fainting when you see Josh's beauty."
Chace smiled, picking up his fork taking a mouthful of eggs.

"His beauty always stills my heart."
Lynn smiled, seeing Jolan's calming love calming the young man.

She sensed Jolan would be working magic all day for this young handsome man.

Everyone smiled, breakfast continuing.


Justin smiled, staring out into the morning sunshine.

Josh was sitting in the frontal waves on the wet sand, Hayden in his lap, the boy screaming with laughter as the waves crashed into him and his Uncle Josh.

"Water's cold, Unky Josh!" Hayden screamed, laughing wildly.

Josh smiled, his wet body wrapped around the boy.

"It's morning water, Hay. The water's always cooler first thing in the morning."
The boy nodded, another wave washing over him, the boy giggling.

"Me likes water any ways, Unky. It so wet and cool!"

Josh laughed his head looking back behind him, Justin's smiling face meeting his.

Justin sat in a deck chair on the beach's edge, his nude torso taking in the morning rays, a cup of juice in his hand.

A blanket was spread out beside him, a small breakfast for his son and Josh all ready.

"You two fishies about done?" he smiled, Josh grinning at him, Hayden standing up in Josh's lap, looking back at his father.

"Me never tires of water, Poppa!"
"Which do you like more, Hay? Water or sausages?"

The boy grinned, moving out of Josh's lap and heading towards his Poppa, Justin got to his feet, a towel in his hands, the man laughing as the boy ran right at him, Josh smiling and standing up in the waves.

"Well, question answered." he laughed, Justin smiling towards him as he engulfed his son in the towel.

"We got sausages, Poppa?"
"Yes, Hay. Daddy sent lots of food for his growing boy."
Hayden grinned, Justin drying his tanned body.

The couple of days in the Hawaiian son had already started bronzing the boy, Justin realizing that he himself was bronzing as well.

His blue eyes looked towards the man walking out of the waves realizing that Joshua Chasez was a bronzed god.

Josh's skin and smooth muscular body were the color of soft copper.

Justin smiled, remembering the beauty of that bronzed god last night, and how he'd tasted every inch of him.

Josh smiled at Justin as the man handed him a towel as well, Hayden already on the blanket, his small hands each holding a sausage in them.

"Water takes a seat to food, I see." Josh smiled, Justin now wrapping him in the towel, beginning to dry his coppery skin.

"I'd say the same for you last night. My body was the food you needed."
Josh smiled, Justin smiling back at him.

"Thank you for being there for me, Jus."
"I couldn't--or wouldn't--be anywhere else. And I know Jolan realized that."
Josh smiled, his eyes going down the beach towards the resort.

"I'm happy he was with my Chace. Chace needed his love last night, I'm sure."
Justin smiled, nodding.

"I think Jolan was in tune with all of our feelings last night. I think we're in for a magical day, my Josh."
Josh smiled, looking towards the blanket.

"From him as well?"
"Yes. He sent Lonnie down with a basket first thing this morning while you were in the shower with Hay."
Josh smiled, knowing Jolan would look after all their needs.

"Well, let's eat. I'm famished."
Justin smiled, the two sitting down on the blanket with Hay.

The three ate heartily, Justin's eyes watching Josh's quietly.

He'd seen the man looking down the beach a few times, knowing the man was thinking of his Chace.

And of the length of time before he'd see him again.

"You see him later, Unky Josh."
Josh's eyes met Justin's, the two looking down at Hay.

"I miss him so much, Hay. Chace is my life, as are your fathers."

The boy smiled, looking up at his Poppa.

"Me knows, Unky. Me sees your love."
Justin smiled, as did Josh, the two looking at the boy.

"Your son's very bright, Jus."
Justin smiled, the boy smiling at him, eating a sausage.

Justin's mind focused on something else.

"Do you think Jo will be mad at me, Josh?"
Josh smiled, his arm going around his friend's nude torso.

"I think he'll see the love behind it, Jus."
Justin nodded, his mind on something he'd talked to Josh last night about, after their lovemaking.

"I love him, Josh. As much as you love Chace, maybe even more."
Josh smiled, his lips meeting Justin's, feeling the man's love for his Jolan.

"You forget. I and my Chace all feel your love for him. I think he'll like your surprise. If fact, I think he'll love it."
Justin smiled, looking down at his son.

"Let's finish breakfast. The guys are coming later with lunch and our suits." Justin smiled, handing Hayden two pieces of bacon, the boy grinning as he took them.

Josh smiled, Justin handing him the plate of pancakes.


Jolan smiled, watching Chace dive off the pool's diving board.

Jennie was in the pool with him, as were Britney and her boys.

Lynn's arm went around the young man, Jolan smiling at her.

"Looks like Jennie's keeping him preoccupied. That's good."
"Yes, very good. I can now sneak away with the guys and do the flowers."
Lynn smiled, nodding.

"Get cracking. Lisa, Randall and Shelley are going to tackle him next, a game of tennis I believe."

Jolan smiled, nodding.

He moved, quietly walking back into the resort, Lynn smiling after him.

Jolan met the young men as they were coming down the staircase; Athos smiling at him, Mathias, Sid and Isaiah, followed by Jonathan, Steve and Tyrone.

"Let's get moving guys. We have about an hour to carry the flowers down to the beach and set them up. I'd like to have your youthful opinion of what I did last night."

Athos nodded, Tyrone looking at Jolan.

"Last night? What do you mean, Jo? I thought everything was set up yesterday afternoon?"
Jolan smiled softly.

"I woke up early this morning. I had a refreshing idea. I spent a few hours setting it up. Come on guys. Let's meet Sam and pick up the flowers, then I'll show you."

The guys all looked at each other and grinned, eagerness showing on their faces.

Jolan smiled, the group following him towards Sam's office.


And hour and a half later, the group was walking back into the resort, Jolan walking behind the young men.

Sid had his arm around Isaiah, the young man crying into his chest.

"What's happened, Jo?" his mother said, Jolan smiling at her.

Melina was standing with Lisa and Ally, the three having just come out of the health spa.

"Nothing, Mom. Isaiah and the guys just got a little emotional." Jolan said, smiling at the youths.

Isaiah wasn't the only one that was misty-eyed.

Steve's eyes were a soft red, as were Mathias' and Tyrone's.

Isaiah broke from Sid's arms, walking up to Melina, the woman encircling her arms around the young man.

"It's. . .it's all so beautiful. . .all of Jolan's beautiful visions." he cried, Melina looking towards her son, the young man smiling at her.

"I now have my answer. Josh and Chace will love it."
Melina and the other ladies smiled, Ally walking up to Jolan, kissing his cheek.

"We can hardly wait, Jo." she smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Where's Chace?"
"They finished tennis about ten minutes ago. He said he was going to take a shower then meet all of us for lunch in the restaurant at twelve, that's in twenty minutes." Ally said, Jolan smiling.

"Well done, ladies. You're keeping him occupied, that's best for him today. I'll go see how he's doing. Meet you in the restaurant in a bit guys."
Everyone nodded, the younger men staring at Jolan, their faces showing awed respect.

Jolan smiled, taking the staircase.

The women looked at the young men, Tyrone smiling.

"It's all so beautiful. It's like a place of sandy love."

The women smiled, all their eyes taking in the man disappearing at the top of the staircase.


Jolan walked into his room, hearing the shower running.

He smiled, locking the door behind him, the man's clothing leaving his body as he walked across the room.

He walked into the bathroom as he tossed his underwear on the bed with the rest of his clothing.

He smiled, seeing Chace's steam-covered body behind the foggy glass shower enclosure.

Jolan opened the door, stepping in behind the naked man.

His arms went around his wet body, Chace sighing.

"Thank you, Jolan. For having everyone try to keep my mind off the day."
Jolan smiled, kissing the man's wet neck.

"A busy mind is a quiet one. Thoughts don't congeal when the mind's preoccupied."
Chace smiled, his body turning, Jolan pulling him against him.

"No matter how hard they tried I still can't stop thinking about my Josh."
Jolan smiled, his lips meeting Chace's, the man feeling his love.

"Nothing could ever change your love for him, Chace. You'll always think of him and love him. Especially on this day."

"I can't believe in a few hours I'll marry him, Jo. I've dreamed of this day for so long."
Jolan smiled, his hands soaping up Chace's smooth muscular chest, the man smiling at him.

"Dreams have a way of coming true, Chace. Just look at the four of us. All our dreams have come true."
Chace smiled, his arms wrapping around the younger man, pulling him close to him.

"Not all of our dreams, Jo. Your dreams of calling Justin husband are still to be realized."
Jolan smiled, thinking of that day ahead, of that day of beauty.

"That day will happen soon enough, Chace. Justin's and my love will be joined just like yours is going to be today."
Chace smiled, Jolan's hands washing his lower abdomen, Jolan smiling.

Chace's head rested against Jolan's shoulder, the younger man's arms wrapped around him washing his back.

"We have to get you all cleaned up. A nice light lunch, then we relax this afternoon."
Chace nodded, sighing against Jolan's chest.

"Can we just cuddle on the bed after lunch? Being in your arms will soothe my soul."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"Sure thing, Chace. I'm here for you until he's in your arms again."
Chace smiled, raising his head.

"So let's get me clean. And I'm surprisingly hungry."
Jolan smiled, Chace's eyes going down Jolan's body.

"Why do I feel like I'm a treat about to be devoured?"

Chace smiled, his hands going to Jolan's chest.

"I love treats." the young man said, a wide toothy grin on his face, Jolan smiling as the man's hands went towards his center.

"Feast away, Chace. I'm filled with your Josh's love."
Chace smiled, Jolan closing his eyes as the young man lowered himself.


The afternoon flew by, the two soon-to-be married men surrounded by friends and family.

Josh's parents visited him in the cottage, Roy and Karen Chasez filled with happiness for their son.

They brought lunch with them; Lynn, Lisa and Randall coming as well.

Lynn smiled, Hayden playing in Karen's lap, she smiling at Justin.

"You with a child, Jus. It's just so wonderful! I remember the boisterous energetic boy you once were. Here now you seem so happy, so centered. Jolan's a wonderful man. We all see your love for each other."
Justin smiled, Josh's parents like second parents to him.

"I am happy, Karen. Jolan and Hay's love completes me."
They all smiled, eating lunch together.

After lunch the boybanders arrived, Josh surrounded by his close friends.

They brought Justin and Josh's wedding tuxedos with them, the group talking of the wedding.

"Man, you getting married Josh? You were always the focused one. You never talked of marriage and family, only of your career." Chris said, smiling at his friend.

"Life changes, Chris. Our paths of life give us some wonderful surprises. Chace's love was just that. I now need him in my life completely, and he loves me. I'm happy, Chris. I think you know what that feels like."

Chris smiled, patting his friend's shoulder.

"Completely, Joshy. We've all changed so much. But our love for each other is still rock solid."
Joey smiled at Chris, knowing how hard it was for his friend to admit that.

Chris had always been the silent one of the group when it came to feelings.

He loved them all but didn't voice it much.

Here today those words were welcomed by all four of his bandmates.

"And look at Joey and Lance. And pretty boy Justy. We're all filled with happiness and love. Isn't life amazing?" Chris said, his eyes looking at Justin.

Justin smiled and nodded his head in agreement.

"We all have one man to thank for that. For our new souls of love." Joey said, Justin smiling at him.

"You know he doesn't like that, Joe." Lance said, Joey smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Yes, my Lance. We know Jolan doesn't like to be thanked. But I think today's surprises will show him how we feel. Right, Jus?"
Justin smiled, his four bandmates smiling at him.

"Thanks to agreeing to this, guys. I know he'll thank you as well. Especially you, Josh."
Josh smiled, he and his best friend smiling at each other.

"For him, I'll give all, Jus."
Justin smiled, Lance looking between the two men.

"Well then, let's get this organized."

Justin smiled, beginning to talk with his friends.


Jolan smiled, adjusting the tie on Chace's neck.

"There, perfect!"

Chace smiled, turning and looking at himself in the full-length mirror beside him.

"You look beautiful, Chace." Jolan said, smiling at him, his eyes scanning over the young man's suit.

Chace wore a completely white suit, a white vest underneath the jacket, a white tie and shirt covering his muscular physique.

"I know Josh loves white. It's a symbol of my love for him." Chace said, the man slightly trembling, staring at himself in the mirror.

Jolan felt his pre-wedding nerves, smiling at his friend.

"A vision of pure love wrapped in white. His eyes will be glued to you."

Chace smiled widely, his eyes meeting Jolan's grey.

The young man stood in a t-shirt and shorts, smiling at his friend.

"I don't know why my suit's been delayed, it should be here shortly. We've got lots of time." Jolan smiled, looking at his watch.

It was six-thirty, the wedding scheduled for eight on the beach.

Jolan's suit hadn't arrived with Chace's, Lynn making a few phone calls, she guaranteeing it was on the way.

Jolan had been calm about it, focusing on keeping Chace happy.

After their heated shower session, the two had dined with everyone at lunch, Jolan then taking his friend back upstairs, the man falling asleep in his arms in their bed, the afternoon passing quickly.

Jolan had awoken him at four, the two taking a stroll around the resort, then back to the room, the suit having arrived.

Chace and Jolan had taken another shower together, this one less intimate but no more loving.

Jolan had helped Chace dress, the two now admiring Chace's beauty.

A knock came to the suite's door, Jolan smiling at Chace and walking to the door and opening it.

Randall, Lisa and Lynn smiled at him; Jennie, Stevie and Jonathan in front of them.

Jolan's parents stood beside them, everyone dressed in suits and long gowns.

"Can we come in, Jolan?" Joel said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Sure thing, Dad." he smiled, the group walking into the room, all smiling at Chace.

Jennie's eyes were wide with love, taking in the vision of his white beauty.

"You look awesome, Chace!" she said, the adults smiling behind her.

"Yes, Chace. You look very handsome." Jonathan said, his face wearing a wide smile.

He knew of Jennie's deep love for the young actor, no jealousy in his heart.

He loved Chace as well.

"You look so beautiful, Jennie." he smiled, Jennie beaming.

Jennie wore a long white gown, a fleck of small blue roses showing throughout the fabric.

She carried a basket of blue and white roses, the young woman's black hair done up with blue and white flowers in it.

She was the flower girl for the two, an honor she deeply felt in her heart.

"Thank you, Chace. I am honored to guide your path to him."
Chace smiled, his famous blue eyes beaming.

Another knock came to the door, Jolan raising an eyebrow.

"My suit perhaps?" he said, Lynn smiling and answering the door.

Cory stood in the open doorway smiling, a garment bag in his hands.

In front of him stood Hayden, the boy's face covered in a wide smile.

The boy wore a small black tuxedo, two small red and white roses pinned to his lapel.

"Hi ya, Daddy!" he beamed, running into the room, Jolan going to his knees and swooping up the boy, Hayden kissing his cheek.

"Wow, my son! Don't you look handsome!"
The boy grinned, looking into his father's blue eyes.

"I going to be in wedding, Daddy!"
Jolan looked confused, looking towards Chace.

The man smiled at him, Cory walking up to Jolan.

"Your attire for the day, your lordship!" he smiled, a wide grin on his face.

"Thanks, Cory. It's about time my suit arrived. If you'll all excuse us, I need to get dressed and make sure Chace is perfect." Jolan smiled, everyone staring at him, no one moving.

Randall walked up to him, Hayden climbing into his arms.

Cory sat the bag down on the bed behind Jolan, the man smiling at him.

Jennie smiled at her brother, Jolan seeing a single tear falling down her face.

"I have something of love for you, my brother. He asked me to give it to you."
Jolan looked confused, Jennie walking up to him, taking a white envelope out of the basket she carried, the envelope having been hidden under the flowers.

She smiled, handing it to her brother, Jolan's eyes meeting hers.

Jolan's hand went slowly outward, taking the envelope from her.

He stared at its whiteness, seeing one word written across it.




Jennie smiled, stepping back, her parents' arms going around her, the three smiling at Jolan.

Jolan stared at the envelope, Chace's hand going to his shoulder.

"I think you need to open it, Jo."
Jolan looked up into his blue eyes, his fingers slowly opening the envelope, Jolan finding a single sheet of paper inside.

He unfolded the paper, his grey eyes knowing immediately the man's writing.

It was from his love, his Jus.

Jolan's eyes moved around, staring at each smiling face, Lynn's the last he met.

"Well don't just stand there, read it." she smiled.

Jolan's eyes went back to the letter, everyone waiting in silence.



My dearest Jo,

My wolfen beauty of unending love.

You gave me the choice of choosing the time and beauty of our uniting love.

Of the joining of that love in the sight of God and of love.

It's time, my angel.

I am ready, my love.


The last few weeks of watching our best friends' approaching moment of love

made me realize that I hunger for the same moment.

I need you completely, my love.

I want us to be husbands, partners of love forever.

I talked with our brothers of love and our Joshua came up with a wonderful idea.

Why couldn't the four of us join our souls together on the same day?

Here in the beauty of this Hawaiian paradise?

Two partnerships of love and beauty.

Josh and Chace have offered to share their day of love, my Jo.

That is our surprising gift of love for you.


So, my angel of beauty and loving soul.

I am asking you a final question this day, you surrounded by our families of love and happiness.

Will you marry me this day?
Will you join our love forever?


I await your answer with trembling hope, my Wolfy.

I love you now and forever.

Let this day be the beginning of our eternal love.



Your Jus.



Jolan was in tears, his eyes going to Chace's, the young man smiling at him.

"He loves you, Jo. We--my Josh and I--would love to get married with both of you."
Jolan began to cry, Chace's arm going around him, the young man's eyes raising and staring at his family and Justin's standing before him.

"Welcome to our family, Jolan. We want to welcome you to our family this day." Randall said, Jolan moving forward, the man wrapping his arm around him, Hayden now in Joel's arms.

Jolan sobbed against Justin's father's chest, Randall smiling at his ex-wife, Lynn smiling at him.

"Our son loves you, Jolan. We all see that easily. Today, he wants to join his love with you forever. And all of us accept that wish completely.  We all love you." Lynn said, Jolan raising his head, Lynn's arm going around him, Hayden kissing his father's cheek.

"No cry, Daddy! Poppa is going to be our family for real!"
Jolan smiled, kissing his son's cheek, Hayden's hand on his wet face.

Jolan took the boy into his arms, looking around at everyone.

"I. . .I don't know what to say! This. . .this is such a surprise!"

Chace smiled, walking up to his dear friend.

"I think you should say yes. Your Jus is awaiting that answer."
Jolan smiled widely, looking at his sister.

"Yes. . .a thousand times yes!"
Jennie grinned, whispering in Jonathan's ear, the man smiling at Jolan.

"Welcome to our love, my brother. I'll go tell him."
Jonathan hugged Jolan and Hayden, kissing both of their cheeks, the young man running out of the room.

Stevie ran up to Jolan, Jolan hugging the boy, the boy smiling up at him.

"You're going to be my brother now, Jo! I'm so happy!"

Jolan smiled, the two hugging again, Hayden grinning down at the boy.

"We be's family, Stevie!"

The boy and Jolan both smiled at Hayden.

Jolan wiped his eyes, Cory smiling at him, walking up beside him.

"I am honored to stand at your side when you accept his total love, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, Lynn taking Hayden from him, Jolan's arms wrapping around his best friend.

"Thank you, Cory. I love you. And I love my Jus for this moment of surprising love."
Cory smiled, patting his back.

"He knows that. Well, let's get you into your wedding suit. Justin picked it out to match his own."
Jolan smiled looking towards the bed, the bag laying there.

Jennie walked up to her brother, kissing his cheek.

"Justin and Chace both asked me to be the flower maiden for both of you. I am honored to guide my brother's path as well."

Jolan teared up again, hugging Jennie deeply.

"Chin up, my brother. It's your wedding day!"
Jolan smiled, his parents walking up to him.

"He's a wonderful, giving, loving man, Jolan. We welcome him into our family." Joel said, Jolan wrapped in his parents' arms of love.

"He loves you all, too, Dad. And I love him so much, Mom."
Melina smiled, kissing her son's cheek.

"We know, Jolan. Your love for him we all feel."
Jolan smiled, nodding and wiping his eyes.

"We'll let you get dressed, Jolan. We'll see you at the ceremony, son." Randall said, Jolan nodding, his and Justin's families giving him one final hug, all of them leaving the room.

Hayden ran up to the bed, climbing up and sitting down on it beside the garment bag.

"Me going to be ring bearer, Daddy!"

Jolan smiled, sitting down on the bed beside his son, hugging him to him.

"And you'll be the best ring bearer ever." he smiled, kissing his son's forehead.

Cory and Chace both smiled, Chace standing in his white suit.

"You knew all about this, didn't you? For how long?"
Chace smiled, winking at Jolan.

"For about two weeks. Justin came over to our place and laid it all out, wanting our approval. We agreed completely, our love needing yours here this day as well."
Jolan smiled, Cory picking up the bag off the bed.

"Shall we get you ready, our new groom of love?" Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

Cory zipped the bag open, pulling out the tuxedo, Jolan's eyes widening in surprise.

The two men smiled, Chace pulling Jolan up off the bed.


Everyone sat in stunned silence, taking in the beauty surrounding them.

Voices murmured, fingers pointing, everyone taking in the surprising visions before them.

To say it was a surprise that they walked down into would be an understatement.

The whole wedding area had been totally changed, new visions of love and flowery beauty taken in by everyone.

The main altar was the same as it had been yesterday, a wooden white painted platform with a domed gazebo-like design.

Baskets of blue and white flowers were surrounding it, the back of the altar open to the ocean behind it and the sun shining through its railings.

The altar was surrounded by rows of chairs in an oval design.

A central aisle went from the altar through the rows back to the entrance to the wedding chapel.

Anyone seated in any of the chairs could see the aisle and the altar.

At the back of the rows of chairs one aisle ran perpendicular to the chairs, the central aisle joining at its center.

The two grooms would walk forward to each other, then join walking forward down the aisle, followed by their parents.

Everyone scanned the area, taken in by its new beauty.

What took everyone's breath away were the sculptures on the left and right sides of the altar and all around the rows of chairs.

Each was a vision of beauty unto itself.

They were all made from soft white sand, the same sand that lay under their feet.

One depicted a tree of beauty, sand roses showing all over it.

Another was a large cross, etched with words of Godly love.

Another was of an angel, her hands extended, two rings laying in their palms.

Other statues of sand displayed images of love and beauty--a large musical note, a large pair of doves, their etched beauty so lifelike.

On the right side of the altar was a statue of Josh and Chace, the two holding their hands together, a replica of what would soon be shown before them.

Another angel stood on the left side of the altar.

"My God, it's so beautiful." Britney softly said, her eyes scanning each statue.

"How is this possible? They weren't here yesterday." Lonnie said, his eyes taking in their sandy beauty.

"Our Jo's magic, I believe." Ally said, seated beside him.

"He's amazing." Johnny Wright said as he sat down beside them, Joey having guided him to his seat.

Joey, Lance, Chris and Steve--Josh's brother--were ushers, guiding everyone to their seats.

A small platform was set up on the right side of the altar, a small band of musicians seated there.

Baskets of flowers were placed everywhere, their flowery beauty lending so much scented beauty to the moment.

On the left side of the altar stood another small platform, a table and chair on it, an open white book laying on the table's surface.

Here the twosome--now foursome--would sign their wedding affidavits.

Hawaiian law didn't recognize same sex marriages but that was no deterrent for our couples of love.

In the eyes of each other they would be married.

The same went for their home states.

The tide was cresting and one day their love and married souls would be lawful and just.

For this day was about the meaning of the vows they spoke to each other.

In their hearts and souls they would be one.

Everyone's eyes took in all the beauty, their voices chattering away happily.

It was close to the hour of truth, the four of married love about to enter.

Britney got up from her seat, smiling at Chris who stood at the end of the central aisle, the woman walking up to the band's platform, walking up onto it, taking a microphone offered to her by the guitarist.

She smiled, turning to the crowd, looking towards the central aisle.


On the right side of the chapel, behind the flowered walls that lined the back of the aisle stood Chace and Jolan, Chace's and Jolan's parents behind them.

On the left side of the chapel stood Josh and Justin, their parents with them.

A divider between the two groups kept the grooms hidden from each other.

"Almost time, Jus. I can't believe where we are." Josh said, seeing the tears in Justin's blue eyes.

"We're in heaven, Joshua. And our angels are flying to us."
Josh smiled, his mother kissing his cheek, Lynn kissing Justin's.

"It's time, our boys." Lynn said, her eyes filled with tears, Randall's hand in hers.

Karen and Roy Chasez were teary-eyed as well, the four parents staring at their sons.

"Go to him that loves you, my son." Randall said, Justin hugging his father, Randall patting his back.

Josh and Justin both took a deep breath, Josh kissing Justin's lips.

"See you on the flip side, Justy."
Justin laughed, Josh's mirthfulness calming him.

"Save a spot for me, Joshy."
Josh smiled, walking into the flowery chapel, heading down the back aisle.

Britney's voice of love filled the air, the song From This Moment filling the late afternoon sunshine.


Josh stopped, staring ahead of him.

On the other side of the aisle stood his Chace.

The white vision of love before him sent a shock of truth deep within Josh's soul.

Here across from him was his soulmate.

The second part of his soul.

Here was the man who wanted him forever.

Chace's blue eyes met his, both men taking in the vision of their soulmate's beauty.

Josh wore a navy blue tuxedo, its form molded to his muscular slim frame.

A rose of white was pinned to his lapel, the blueness of his suit reflected in his blue eyes.

Chace's lapel was donned with a blue rose, a symbol of Josh's blue eyes of love.

The two men walked forward, their parents following behind.

They stopped in front of each other, their hands joining in front of the central aisle leading to the altar.

Their blue eyes of love stared into each other's soul.

"You are so beautiful, my love." Josh whispered, Chace's eyes filled with matching tears.

"As are you, my beautiful Joshua."
Josh smiled, the two turning, beginning to walk down the aisle, everyone standing and staring at them with deep smiles on their faces.

Jennie walked before the two, the young woman throwing roses ahead of them on the aisle, her wide smile meeting Jonathan's, the young man lost in her beauty.

Their parents followed them, walking their children to their love.

The twosome of love walked down the aisle, the altar a short distance away.

The minister stood on the platform, his smile large and giving.

The man was Chace's great uncle, a relation of love to unite their love.

Josh and Chace stopped at the altar, the two looking at each other, the minister smiling.

"Stand to my left, my children of love."
Josh and Chace moved to his left, Britney smiling at them as she continued to sing the song.

Jennie smiled, walking back up the aisle.


Justin took a deep breath, the man walking forward onto the path of his future.

His eyes looked forward, the man stopping in his tracks.

Before him stood a vision of intense beauty and love.

His Jolan stood on the other side of the long aisle, the man wearing a black Armani tuxedo.

His tie and cummerbund were of a soft blue, to match Justin's blue eyes.

A blue rose was pinned to his lapel, his grey eyes staring at his Justin.

In those intense glowing grey orbs of love, Justin saw so much unbelievable love.

Jolan's own eyes were lost in the blueness and beauty of Justin's.

And in the identical vision of his beauty.

Justin wore a black Armani tuxedo as well, his tie and cummerbund a soft silvery grey to match Jolan's beautiful eyes.

A rose of silvery grey adorned his lapel, their beauty matching each other.

Their parents smiled behind them, the two men walking towards each other.

Hayden was walking in front of Jolan, the boy smiling towards his Poppa.

The three met at the central aisle, Jennie standing there and smiling.

Justin took Jolan's hand in his, the two staring into each other's souls.

"I love you, Jo. I'm glad you accepted my offer."
Jolan smiled widely, his eyes flecked with wetness.

"I love you, my Justin. How could I refuse since it was covered in surprise and love?"
Justin smiled, Lynn tapping her son's shoulder.

"I think you best be getting to it. Your love awaits."
Justin and Jolan both smiled, turning and looking towards their friends and families before them.

All their faces were showing smiles, Jennie beginning to walk down the aisle.

Britney's beautiful voice still sang the song, the sunlight streaming across all of them.

Hayden walked before his fathers, the young boy grinning ear to ear, carrying a pillow with four rings pinned upon it.

Jolan and Justin smiled, their eyes meeting their friends and loved ones.

The two walked forward, their tear-filled parents following.

The two reached the altar, Jennie taking Hayden's hand standing on the minister's left side beside Josh and Chace.

"Please, my children of love. Stand on my right side." he smiled, Jolan and Justin standing on his right, Cory smiling beside Jolan, his best man at his side.

The minister smiled at both couples, his blue eyes taking in the sand statues surrounding him.

He looked to his right, a soft gasp coming from the minister's lips, all the eyes in the congregation following his gaze, other gasps heard.

Where the statue of a sandy angel once stood now stood the statue of two men, their hands united, their faces covered in smiles of love.

It was the spitting image of Jolan and Justin.

And it matched Josh and Chace's statue in its stance of love.

"Remarkable. Simply remarkable." the minister said, all eyes going to Jolan standing beside Justin.

His eyes were softly glowing, their silvery light diminishing.

Justin stared up at the statue, his eyes then meeting Jolan's grey.

"Visions of love captured on the sands of time."

Justin smiled, as did Josh and Chace, all having heard his soft words.

The minister heard the words as well, smiling at Jolan.

"Dear friends and family, souls of love and worth. Welcome to this moment of changing love. My name is Reverend William Crawford. I shall be officiating this service of love this evening."

Everyone quieted down, listening to the minister.

"Today we gather to join two couples of love and destined happiness. Joshua Scott Chasez and Christopher Chace Crawford, my own nephew's son. And the other couple of love, Justin Randall Timberlake and Jolan Vilos Joelius Dragos. We--their family and friends--have watched their love grow, have watched the beauty of God's love shining out from all four. Two couples of love that have weathered paths of hurt, pain and sorrow. But those same hearts have gained so much more. They have gained the love, trust, beauty and happiness of the man they now love. Today is a uniting of that love. A uniting of that sacred love under the umbrella of God's love. The rains of life and sorrow shall be always protected by God's love."

Everyone smiled, the two couples staring at each other.

"This ceremony will be unique in many ways. But the core of all this will be the love we have for each other. The love we have for God as well. I'd like to start off by having Reverend Randall Timberlake--Justin's father--come up and recite a prayer of openness and love."
Randall stood up, walking up to the altar, Justin's eyes following his father.

Jolan smiled, squeezing Justin's hand.

Randall stood behind the dais, smiling at the other minister.

"Thank you, Reverend.  Hello everyone. I am Justin's father, and I am a man of God. I'd like to speak of one word. Fatherhood. A word woven in the fabric of society's conscience. It is a part of a man's destiny that one day he would see his own son married in front of God's love. Today, Joel, Roy, Chris and myself share that common joy. Our sons today embark upon the path that so many before them have walked. The path of joined love, trust and life. Each of us share a deep joy and pride within our soul knowing that our sons have chosen a partner of that same love, trust and life. All four of us know that our son will now be well looked after, loved and made happy. That is every father's wish. That their son reflects their own values, love and respect. I today see that look in my own son's eyes. Today my other three fatherly friends see the same look in their son's eyes. Today four men walk away from here united as two couples of married love. The path ahead for them may involve doubt and uncertainty and they shall have to face the acceptance of a world still grasping with this new reality of love. But the four shall have no worries. There is too much love in their own hearts, and in the hearts of their families, that they should never have to worry about the world's uncertainty. I love my son, and I love my new son. I and Roy, Joel and Chris welcome their new love into our families."

Justin's eyes were filled with tears, the other three men looking towards their fathers.

"Would everyone please bow their heads?"

Everyone bowed their heads, Hayden running over to his fathers, the boy standing in front of them, their hands going to his shoulders, the boy lowering his head.

"Father, our God and loving Creator. We ask this day for a blessing of protection upon the shoulders of our four sons of love. May their paths ahead be filled with joy, happiness, fatherhood and life. May the uncertainty of the world never shadow their souls of love. They walk forward with a courage of openness and love. And their families and friends walk beside them. May your love keep them devoted to each other, and to your teachings of your love. Bless these four and their uniting love. Amen."

"Amen," everyone said, the minister smiling at Randall.
Randall smiled, walking off the dais, hugging his son and Jolan, the man returning to his seat, three other fathers behind him and beside him smiling at their sons, all four with tears in their eyes.

"A father's love, a family's love. All four of you shall be blessed with both. The next part of this will be the stating of the vows before each other. Joshua and Chace, you may go first. Come before me."

Josh smiled, taking Chace's hand, the two walking before the minister, standing at the altar.

"These two of bonded love have written their own words of truth. They shall state that truth before each other. You may go first, Chace."
Chace smiled, looking into Josh's blue eyes, his voice filling the afternoon setting sun.

"Josh, my love and my soul. I love you. The first moment I looked into your blue eyes of love I became lost. Not in the depth of your beauty or your love, but lost in my own inadequacies. How could I, a young gangly youth capture this man's heart? I didn't believe I was worthy of it. But every day that I talked with you, that I loved you and joined with you, those thoughts evaporated. I do deserve your love. I need your love. I love you, Joshua. It's as simple as that. You complete me, and I complete you. We are now one forever. I love you."
Josh was in tears, Chace's arm going to his shoulder, steadying him.

"Moving words, Chace. You're next, Joshua."
Josh's eyes met Chace's, the young man staring at him with so much love.

"Music has been my life, Chace. It was always the heart of me.  I lived, breathed and wrote it. I never imagined that another would ever replace it. You have, my Chace. Your love has filled my soul. The music that once lived there has changed as well. It's joined with your love. Every song that I write from now on will be laced with it. That music will show the world my love for you. I love you, Chace. One day I thought that love was being ripped from me. That feeling was the worst feeling of my existence. I never want to feel that again. I never shall feel that again. For today I have that love now forever. I love you, Chace. Now and forever."
Chace was in tears, the two men staring at each other.

"Return to your places, gentlemen."
Josh and Chace smiled, walking back beside Jennie, the young woman smiling at them both.

"May I now have the second couple of love?"

Jolan and Justin smiled, walking up in front of the minister, Hayden running back to Jennie's side, the boy smiling at his fathers.

"Welcome to your vows of truth and love, Jolan and Justin. All written from your hearts. You may start, Justin."

Justin smiled, turning and looking into Jolan's grey eyes, their hands joining, Jolan lost in the love he saw shining back at him.

"Would you come here, Hay?" Justin said, the boy smiling, walking up to his Poppa, standing between the two men.

"I love you, Jolan. And I love our son, Hay. This child of love you let into my heart, Jolan. Your giving love gave me his love. You united the three of us in a pact of giving love. I love you so much, Jolan. Your love has captured my heart, from the very first moment I held an apparition of that love in my arms on that dark road. And every day since your love has grown inside me like a wildfire. The beauty of your touch, the softness of your kiss, the beauty of just holding you in my arms. Your love is a part of me and will always be. I love you, now and forever. You and Hay are now my life. My love is yours, always."
Justin leaned down, kissing Hayden's cheek.

"Love you, Poppa. You my father now."
Jolan was in tears, smiling down at his son, his grey eyes meeting Justin's blue.

The minister winked at Hayden, then smiled at Jolan.

"You have the floor, Jolan."

"I'd sooner have Justin."

Everyone surrounding them laughed, Jolan softly blushing, focusing on his Justin for a moment.

His eyes moved around the seated gathering, every set of eyes upon him, Jolan's grey staring into each one.

"I've walked into a surprising moment, a moment guided by my Justin's surprising love. By the love of a youth of mirth and bubbling happiness. The childlike innocence of a man of beauty, love and giving heart. I love you, Justin. I've said it a thousand times and each means the same. You are my everything. You are my son's everything. My Hayden loves his Poppa. I love his Poppa. You shocked me today, my love. You shocked me with the eagerness of your need for this moment. For the moment of our joined love before God. But I have a confession to make. I was even more eager. For I love you so much and need your love so much. Today you've given me the greatest gift. You've given me all of your love forever. Today I give you mine. I am forever yours."
Justin was crying, Hayden hugging his Poppa's leg.

Jolan's hands squeezed Justin's, the man gaining control of his emotions.

Not so evident were some within the crowd.

Justin's mothers were both crying as was Melina, their husbands' arms around them.

Others were crying as well, their tears of happiness and moving emotion showing.

"The final part of this is the vows of devotion and the rings of uniting love. Please join Jolan and Justin in front of the altar, Joshua and Chace."

Josh and Chace moved, standing to the left of Justin and Jolan, the twosomes' hands united.

"Would your men of steadfast love stand beside you both?"
Cory walked up to Jolan's side, the minister looking at him.

"Justin in Josh's best man, as is Josh to Justin, Reverend. Chace has me as his best man, Cory is mine."
The minister nodded, smiling.

"Saving on the extra groomsmen gifts, right?"
Everyone in the audience laughed, The four grooms smiling

"Now comes the vows of truth and devotion. May I have the rings?"

Hayden smiled, walking up between the two couples, all four smiling down at him, the minister looking at him.

"You're a going concern here today, young man."

Hayden smiled up at the man, the minister smiling back.

"I wants to be with the love."
The minister laughed, as did a few others, Hayden smiling up at the four surrounding him.

"Well you're right in the center of it, Hayden." the minister smiled, looking at Josh and Chace.

"Josh and Chace, take your rings of uniting love and place them on your groom's finger."
Josh and Chace both bent down, Hayden smiling as they both took their two rings, placing them on each other's hand, their hands remaining together.

"Jolan and Justin, take your rings of love from your son's offered pillow and place them on your groom's finger."

They both smiled, leaning down and taking their rings, placing them on their partner's fingers, smiling at each other, their hands remaining joined.

Hayden smiled, putting the pillow down on the sandy ground, sitting down on it and looking up at the four men and the minister.

"Go aheads, Daddy and Poppa and Unky Josh and Unky Chace. Me waits till you marries. Make it quick though, me's hungry."
Everyone in the chapel began to laugh at Hayden's innocence, the boy smiling up at his fathers.

"Well said, Hayden. It shall only be a moment." the minister said, laughing.

The boy smiled, the minister looking towards Josh.

"Repeat after me, Joshua. I, Joshua, take thee Chace to be my partner of love, companionship and trust. Our days ahead filled with love, beauty and life. We shall walk together on life's path, through love, hurt or sorrow, through sickness, pain and doubt, that path filled with our love for each other. We walk through life as one."

"I, Joshua, take thee Chace to be my partner of love, companionship and trust. Our days ahead filled with love, beauty and life. We shall walk together on life's path, through love, hurt or sorrow, through sickness, pain and doubt, that path filled with our love for each other. We walk through life as one."

The minister asked Chace to repeat the same vow.

"I, Chace, take thee Joshua to be my partner of love, companionship and trust. Our days ahead filled with love, beauty and life. We shall walk together on life's path, through love, hurt or sorrow, through sickness, pain and doubt, that path filled with our love for each other. We walk through life as one."

"Will you honor these vows, Joshua Chasez?" the minister asked, Josh smiling at Chace.

"I shall."
"And will you honor these vows spoken, Chace Crawford?"

"I shall."
The minister smiled, looking at both men.

"Then as a minister of God I now pronounce you married in his sight. You make seal those vows of love in your own way."
Josh smiled, pulling Chace into his arms, the two kissing deeply.

Applause filled the beach chapel, Jolan and Justin standing beside their kissing friends.

The two parted, their hands going together, smiling towards Jolan and Justin.

Josh's eyes looked towards the ocean, an orange sunset sinking over the water, Chace lightly kissing his cheek.

"The magic of life surrounded by our love."
Josh smiled, the two joined in their new love.

"And now comes our second twosome of love. Repeat after me, Jolan." the minister said, Jolan staring at Justin as he spoke the words.

"I, Jolan, take thee Justin to be my partner of love, companionship and trust. Our days ahead filled with love, beauty and life. We shall walk together on life's path, through love, hurt or sorrow, through sickness, pain and doubt, that path filled with our love for each other. We walk through life as one."

The minister asked Justin to repeat the same vow.

"I, Justin, take thee Jolan to be my partner of love, companionship and trust. Our days ahead filled with love, beauty and life. We shall walk together on life's path, through love, hurt or sorrow, through sickness, pain and doubt, that path filled with our love for each other. We walk through life as one."

The minister smiled again, looking at both.

"Will you honor these vows, Jolan Dragos?" the minister asked, Josh smiling at Chace.

"I shall."
"And will you honor these vows spoken, Justin Timberlake?"

Justin smiled, staring at Jolan

"I shall forever."
The minister smiled, looking at both men.

"Then as a minister of God I now pronounce you married in his sight. You make seal those vows of love in your own way. But it's not a competition, gentlemen."

Jolan laughed, Justin pulling him into his arms, their lips meeting.

Applause erupted again, the minister smiling at the two now kissing.

Justin broke the kiss when he felt a small hand pulling on his pant leg.

He and Jolan looked down, a small face smiling up at them.

"You married now, Poppa?"

Justin smiled, leaning down and picking up the boy.

"Yep, Hay. I'm now your real father."
The boy kissed Justin on the lips, Jolan tearfully smiling at both of them.

Hayden then kissed his father, Justin smiling at both.

"To the table, gentlemen, papers need signing." the minister said smiling, guiding the four and Hayden over to the table, the congregation watching and waiting.

The four signed their signatures, the paperwork done.

They stood up together, the twosomes united, Hayden in his father's arms now.

The minister smiled, looking out at everyone.

"Today is a day of God's shining love. His love now walks in all of you. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you two new united partnerships of love. Joshua and Chace Chasez-Crawford and Justin and Jolan Timberlake-Dragos."

Everyone stood on their feet, the applause and cheering deafening, the two twosomes smiling and walking down the aisle together, Jennie walking ahead of them, throwing roses into the rows of clapping people.

Justin and Jolan were smiling at each other, Hayden smiling from his father's arms.

Their eyes met, Justin staring into Jolan's grey softly glowing eyes.

As they walked down the aisles the sand statues surrounding everyone began to disintegrate, in their hidden centers large blossoming rose bouquets now shown to everyone.

Behind the foursome walking down the aisle their own statues gave way to two budding rose bushes.

The sun set behind them, the day's love now revealed.



End of Chapter 127


And so our foursome of love has now become two twosomes of married love.

I hope you liked Justin's marital surprise for Jolan.

I wanted it to be a surprise wedding, no time for Jolan to think upon other thoughts.


Their love has now been united, a family of three united as well.

I thought it a nice idea to have both married together, our foursome of love united together.


Let me know your thoughts.


Hugs, Angel.