Jolan's Path - Chapter 128


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 128


Cory was sobbing, Jolan's arms around his childhood friend.

"Oh, Jo! We're both now married! Did we ever imagine it would turn out this way?"

Jolan smiled, the young man kissing his best friend's cheek.

Jolan and Justin were standing outside the beach chapel, their families and friends surrounding them, they and Josh and Chace inundated with hugs and kisses from them all.

Hayden was beaming, now in his grandfather Joel's arms, everyone kissing his cheeks.

Jolan's eyes were constantly meeting Justin's, his husband in his parents' embrace.

"No, I never imagined the beauty of this moment, or the men we now love, Unky Cory."
Cory laughed then smiled, Simus' arm going around him, Jolan's uncle smiling at Jolan.

"Let someone else have a crack at him, my love." Simus said, Jolan smiling as Cory stepped back, Simus taking his place.

"Congratulations, Nephew. I and Cory wish you only the same happiness we now have." Simus said, the older man hugging his nephew tightly.
Jolan smiled, his uncle kissing his cheek.

"Thank you, Uncle Simus."
Simus smiled, stepping back, joining Cory again, the two in each other's arms.

Jolan was free for only a moment, his sister and new brother's arms going around him.

"Congrats, Bro!" Jennie beamed, Jolan smiling at her, Jonathan kissing his cheek.

"Welcome to the family for real now, Jo. My big brother of love!"
Jolan laughed, Jonathan grinning at him.

Everyone surrounded the two couples, the foursome congratulated by everyone.

Jolan and Justin finally joined again, their hands going together, their smiles matched in wideness.

Their eyes met again, Jolan leaning in and kissing his cheek.

"My surprising husband. Thank you for this day."
Justin smiled widely, kissing Jolan's cheek back.

"It's a wonderful day for me as well, my Wolfy. You're now mine forever."
Jolan teared up, Justin kissing him on the lips.

"Hey, save that for tonight, ya horn dogs." Chris grinned, his arms pulling Jolan into his, Jolan smiling as Chris kissed his cheek, Jolan seeing the redness of Chris' eyes.

"What? Chris Kirkpatrick in tears?? Call the Enquirer, Jus!"

Chris laughed, smiling at Jolan, his face taking on a serious look.

"Jo. . .I'm so happy Justin found you. That he found your love. My old friend is so happy!"

Justin smiled beside Jolan, Chris' eyes meeting his.

"He's a keeper, Jus. But those don't look like child-bearing hips."

Justin burst into laughter, Jolan smiling at Chris.

"Good one, my friend. I'm going to enjoy the rest of our friendship. It shall be long and mirthful."
Chris smiled, Britney's arms going around both grooms.

"A life of happiness and love I wish on you both!" she said, her eyes filled with tears, Justin's wet as well.

"Thank you, Bitzy!" Justin said, Britney kissing his cheek, Jolan receiving the same peck.

She hugged both of them individually, Joey and Lance walking up to the couple, having just congratulated Josh and Chace.

Jolan smiled at Lance, the man hugging him close.

"Congrats, Jo. My friend's never looked happier."
Jolan smiled, Lance kissing him on the lips.

"And neither have you, my friend." he smiled, Jolan tearing up.

"I remember that first day we met at the hospital, Lance. You said that day that all you wanted for Justin was a life of happiness. I'll always give him that."
Lance smiled, nodding at Jolan, Lance then hugging Justin, Joey's bearish arms going around Jolan.

"Lance is right, Jo. Both of you have never looked happier. And I know it's a look that will continue to grow throughout the years ahead. Congrats to both of you."
Jolan smiled, Joey kissing his cheek, smiling at him.

And so it went for the next half hour, their family and friends giving them words of congratulations.

Cory walked up to Jolan and Justin smiling, both men smiling at him.

"Pictures need taking, my friends. The photographer's ready for you in the chapel, then we'll do some on the beach."
The couple smiled, walking over to Josh and Chace, all four smiling at each other, Cory guiding them back into the chapel.

Their immediate family members followed the five, family pictures about to be taken.

The other guests were guided by Sam and Simus back up the beach into the resort, a banquet room organized for refreshments and the upcoming dinner.


Jolan smiled, seated in a plush wing chair, Justin standing beside him, Hayden in Jolan's lap.

Josh and Chace stood in front of them, the five waiting for the sign to walk into the banquet room.

It was almost eight, the guests all gathered in the room, the photographs finished, the four having a quiet moment before the next stage of the festivities.

The four grooms were waiting outside the room in the spacious resort's main lobby.

Jennie had walked into the room to make sure everything was ready.

They were waiting for her return.

Josh smiled at Jolan, their eyes meeting.

"With all the happiness and camera posing, the four of us haven't had a moment together."
Justin smiled, moving forward and kissing Josh's lips.

"I've never seen you so happy, Joshy. You're radiating happiness."
Josh smiled, Justin hugging both of his friends, kisses exchanged.

"I have my Chace forever, Jus. And I have both of you."
Justin smiled, Jolan smiling up at the three as well.

"We's be big happy family now, everyone!" Hayden said, all four smiling at him.

The boy smiled up at his Poppa and his uncles.

"Me going to have fun with your son, Unky Josh and Unky Chace."

The two men looked surprised, Josh looking at Jolan.

"My boy's got the touch of love's magic. He hasn't been wrong yet."

Justin grinned, his lips meeting Chace's.

"You'd both make great fathers. I can't wait! Right, Hay?" Justin said, smiling at his son.

"Right, Poppa! He going to be my friend!"

Jolan smiled, looking down at his son.

"How. . .how can that happen?" Chace said, Josh's arm going around his waist, both men now staring at Jolan.

"Love comes in many forms and in many moments of changing life. Let that love flow as it must."
Justin stared at Jolan, his husband standing up, Hayden smiling in his arms.

Justin smiled, the boy jumping forward into his arms, Josh smiling at Jolan as the man put his arm around his waist and his new husband's.

"Justin and I love you both. On this day of our joining love we both wish you the happiness we both now have in our hearts. Whatever the future holds it will be surrounded by all our joining love. As Hayden said, we'll be one big happy family."
The two men smiled, Jolan kissing each on the lips, Justin smiling at all three.

"But. . .kids? Josh and I?" Chace softly said, Jolan smiling and kissing Chace's cheek.

All three thought they saw a guarded look of knowing love in Jolan's silvery eyes.

"We'll love all of your kids, including you Chacy."

Justin laughed, Josh chuckling, Chace smiling.

The door of the banquet room opened, Jennie walking out, Lance at her side.

"Everything's set, brothers." she smiled, looking at Jolan and Justin.

"Me walks ahead of Poppa and Daddy?" Hayden asked, Justin smiling as he set the boy down.

Lance smiled, kneeling before the boy.

"Of course, Hay! You're your fathers' pride and joy!"
Hayden grinned, Lance kissing his cheek, standing up again, smiling at all four of his friends.

Jennie smiled, the young woman carrying her basket again, the white wicker basket filled with roses again.

"Ready, everyone?" she asked, the two couples joining arms, Hayden standing in front of Jolan and Justin.

"Ready for a celebration of love and happiness. Lead on, sister of love and beauty." Jolan said, Jennie smiling at her brother.

"I love you, Jolly and Jus. And I love my new brothers Josh and Chace. Let's head forward to our happiness."
Lance smiled, walking over to the room's door, standing at the ready.

The group lined up, Jennie at its head, Josh and Chace behind her, Hayden and his fathers behind them.

Chace leaned forward, kissing Jennie's cheek, the young woman beaming with happiness at his touching kiss, turning back and looking into his blue eyes.

"Lead our love forward, our beautiful angel."
Jennie beamed, walking towards the door, Lance smiling and opening it wide.


Lance walked into the banquet room, smiling at everyone now rising to their feet.

"Ladies and gentleman, let's welcome to our hearts our newly wedded friends, Joshua and Chace Chasez-Crawford."

Jennie walked into the room, followed at a short distance by Josh and Chace, people clapping loudly, Jennie smiling and throwing roses ahead of them.

Josh and Chace radiated happiness, their blue and white tuxedoes matched perfectly, their slim beautiful physiques shining with happiness, their hands together.

Their parents were teary-eyed, watching their sons walk the path of married happiness.

The clapping continued, the three walking across the banquet floor, everyone standing at tables on the right side of the room, a solitary table ahead of the grooms.

On the left side of the room a long banquet table was set up, awaiting the succulent dinner fare.

Jennie smiled, stopping in front of the head table, the young woman at its center, Josh and Chace standing on her left side.

Everyone was taking pictures and videos, their eyes on the newlyweds before them.

Lance smiled, seeing his friends smiling widely.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to our new threesome of wedded bliss--Justin, Hayden and Jolan Timberlake-Dragos."

The clapping and cheering began again, Hayden smiling as he walked into the room, the little boy looking so precious in his little black tuxedo.

He waved and grinned, everyone smiling and waving back, cameras going off, the boy walking on a path of happiness.

Sandra walked out from the crowd, a camera in her hand, the woman kneeling in front of her son.
Hayden smiled a wide toothy grin, his mother taking his picture.

She smiled at him, the boy beaming with pride, Sandra returning to Jessica's side.

A short distance behind Hayden walked his fathers, their arms joined, their smiles joined in happiness.

Their black tuxedos showed their masculine beauty, their faces beyond handsome.

Lynn stood, clapping, her eyes filled with tears.

Before her walked her son, the love of his life upon his arm.

She smiled, her mind going over the path these two men had walked the last few months.

She smiled within her heart, knowing she'd just gained a new son.

Paul smiled beside her, his arm going around her, Randall and Lisa at their sides.

On her other side stood Melina and Joel Dragos, their minds on the man walking beside their son.

Each of the bonded parents of love had now gained another son.

Lynn's eyes went to the wedding table, Jennie's smiling eyes meeting hers.

Lynn knew in her heart that she'd just gained a daughter as well.

Her smile widened, her eyes returning to her sons.

Justin and Jolan followed their beaming son, the three heading to the wedding table at the room's head.

Jennie smiled, the two grooms standing on her right, Hayden standing in front of his aunt, Jennie's hand going to his shoulder.

Lance walked down to the center of the room, smiling around at everyone, the clapping gradually dying, but cameras continuing to flash.

Lance held a wireless microphone in his hand, clicking it on.

"Good evening, everyone. As a dear friend of all four of our new grooms it gives me great pleasure to accept the honor of being master of ceremonies tonight. My love for all four shines as does yours."
Everyone smiled, Lance smiling at his friends.

"Please be seated, everyone, so we can get this evening started."

Everyone sat down, the two new couples sitting down at the wedding table, Hayden climbing into Justin's lap, Jennie and Cory sitting down on each side of them, Cory at Jolan's right, Jennie at Chace's left.

Justin and Josh sat in the middle of the table, their new husbands at their sides.

Lance smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Thus begins our night of festivities, a joining of our love for these four special souls. Everything going forward is an extension of our dear Jolan's giving love. As you all now know his Justin surprised him this day with this dual ceremony. The four now joined together as two couples of love. This evening's meal and reception are the creation of Jolan's love for all of us and for our first couple of love, Josh and Chace. But the beauty of that creation tonight shall double. For Jolan himself now sits with his new husband, their hearts filled with an equal happiness. Tonight we celebrate the doubling of the love we've witnessed today. Let us dine first on Jolan's banquet of delicious cuisines, and then dine on the love of all four newlyweds."
Everyone clapped, Lance smiling at all four at the wedding table.

"As wedding traditions go, there will be toasts during and after the meal, salutations of love. Jolan had talked to me this morning, the man filled with mischievous love and happiness. He'd given me some suggestions to curtail some old traditions. Little did the man realize that he'd be in the center of those old traditions. What he wanted to curtail for his friends may just come back to haunt him."
Lance smiled, Jolan blushing.

The doors of the room opened, waiters walking in carrying large platters and bowls, working at the large banquet table, a feast beginning to fill it.

"While the meal is readied, let's start with a special moment."
Everyone smiled, Lance smiling towards the wedding table.

"Two of Jolan's heart, two of his love, wish to say something from their hearts."
Jennie smiled, standing up, Hayden climbing down out of Justin's lap, Justin and Jolan looking at each other.

Jennie smiled at them both, guiding Hayden forward, the two walking up to Lance.

Lance smiled, Jennie taking the microphone from Lance, her blue eyes looking around the room.

Her and Hayden's eyes looked towards Jolan and Justin, the two grooms smiling at them.

"Tonight is a night of immense happiness in my soul and my nephew's. Tonight we feel the joining of our family's love. My brother Jolan today joined with our Justin, my brother giving him so much more today. Today Justin gained a son and a new sister. That makes both of us so happy. I love Justin as a brother of giving love. Hayden loves him as a father and playmate. The two of us have watched your love grow these past months, seeing so much radiating love coming back to us. We were both lost once, lost in the pain and hurt of lives of destined misfortune. My brother saved both of us, and gave both of us so much love. Those two pools of silvery love captured our souls. Today marks the cornerstone of our lives. Today Hayden and I have both of your love forever. Welcome to our love, brothers."
Jolan and Justin were both in tears, many surrounding them in tears as well.

Jennie smiled around, her eyes meeting her brother's.

"I didn't mean to draw at your heartstrings, I just wanted to state what this day means to both of us. Go ahead and finish, Hay."
The boy smiled up at his aunt, Jennie smiling down at him.

Hayden's blue eyes looked forward, meeting two sets of tearing blue and silver.

"Today's I happy. Today me gets my Poppa forever. And I gets family. I have my Mommy, my Daddy and my Poppa. And my Aunt Jennie, Unky Josh and Unky Chace. I have big family now. My dreams came true. Thank you Poppa and Daddy."

Jolan was in tears, Justin out of his chair, the boy running forward, flying into Justin's kneeling arms, everyone in the room clapping and on their feet again, also in tears.

Jennie smiled, walking forward as well, Jolan walking around the table, the four joining in front of it, all their eyes filled with love and tears.

They embraced with love, everyone around them still clapping and smiling, teary eyes everywhere.

The four broke their emotional embrace, Hayden smiling in Justin's arms.

"I'm hungry, Poppa! Words make me hungry!"
Justin laughed, as did others, the group returning to their seats behind the wedding table, Josh and Chace both hugging and kissing Jennie and Hayden.

Lance smiled, looking around the room.

"A moving tribute to a sister and son's love for their family."
Everyone clapped again, Jennie and Hayden smiling.

"Now back to the traditions. As I said earlier, toasts may and will be given. But Jolan's come up with a twist to the old tradition of making the wedded couple kiss during the meal. No tinkling of glasses please, those glasses need to be used for something more fun."
Everyone smiled, Joey yelling from his table to the right of the wedding table.

"No way, Lancy! We want them puckering up all night!"
Everyone laughed, Lance smiling at his Joe.

"Oh, they'll kiss, that's a guarantee. It's just we have to work to see the gift of their showing love. As I said, the tinkling of glasses will be ignored, only one way of making them kiss will be honored. To see love one must give love. Let me show you."
Everyone was staring at Lance, the man smiling around at everyone, Lance walking over to a table on the right side of the wedding table.

On that table sat a large basket of roses, Lance pulling a white rose out of the basket.

He smiled, walking in front of the wedding table.

"I'd like all four of our grooms to kiss their husbands. For this gift I shall show my own love."
The four smiled, Jolan winking at Lance.

Lance walked over to the first table on the right, pulling Joey up onto his feet, his lover staring at him with surprise.

Lance smiled, handing Joey the rose, pulling his man into his arms, kissing him deeply on the lips.

Everyone clapped and cheered, Joey looking lost when Lance pulled apart from him.

Lance's green eyes looked towards the table, the four grooms smiling, standing up and taking their husbands into their arms, kissing them deeply.

Everyone cheered, Joey staring at Lance.

"To see love, one must share love."
Joey smiled, the man heading for the basket of flowers.

Lance laughed, others joining in.

And so the dinner progressed, the four grooms shown the love of their friends and family.
Moments of love shown made them join in kisses of love as well.
Chris gave Britney a rose, their kiss mirrored by Jolan and Justin's.
Other couples walked up to the table, showing their love to make the two newlywed couples show theirs.
Everyone thought it was a beautiful concept, love shown igniting kisses of love.
After the meal was finished, speeches were given, the four grooms welcomed into the families of their new husbands.
Chris Crawford welcoming Josh, Roy Chasez welcoming Chace, the two deeply moved by their fathers' welcoming words of love.
Randall and Paul together welcomed Jolan into the Timberlake and Harliss families, Jolan's eyes filled with tears of happiness.
Joel welcomed Justin as his second son, Justin hugging the man tightly.
Morgan Dragos gave a toast to Justin, the patriarch of the Dragosan clan welcoming him into their fold.
Jolan and Justin both hugged Jolan's uncles, all four brothers joined in their happiness for the couple.
Cory was the last to make a speech, Jolan smiling at his childhood friend.
"Today I stood beside my best friend, watching him marry a man who's captured his soul. I remember our childhoods, the greatness of our friendship and love. The greatest wish I had for you, my friend, was that you'd one day find happiness and love. Today I see that wish realized. I see so much love and happiness shining in your silvery eyes, Jolan. And all that comes from the man you married today. I want to thank you, Justin. For making my best friend's dreams come true. I welcome you today as a brother and a dear friend. So I'd like everyone to raise their glasses and toast Justin's love. It will fill my dearest friend's heart forever. To Justin and Jolan!"
Everyone toasted them, Justin then Jolan hugging the young man tightly, Jolan's silvery eyes filled with tears.
"I love you, Cory. My friend of love." he said, Cory kissing his cheek, both their eyes filled with happiness.

After the speeches ended, the two couples walked around the room, talking and laughing with all their guests, the twosomes walking hand in hand.
The tables were cleared, the dinner over, everyone waiting for the upcoming reception.
Everyone smiled at the four, seeing their beautiful smiles.
After they'd made the rounds of their friends and family, Lance guided the foursome out of the room again, a short interlude given to the four before they'd join the group again to dance their first dance.
The banquet table had been removed, a platform set up for the musicians that would be filling the room shortly with music.
The four walked upstairs, entering the room Jolan and Chace had shared last night, Lance smiling at all four.

"Your attire for the evening, gentlemen." Lance smiled, the four looking at four garment bags laying on the bed.

"Attire? What do you mean, Lancy?" Justin said, Jolan smiling at his lover, kissing his cheek.

"This was to be my surprise for Joshy and Chacy. I see Lance has added to the happiness."
Lance smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"When Justin told me of his plans for today--for your surprise wedding--I knew that you and he needed to be matched to our first twosome of married love."
Jolan smiled, Lance winking at him.

"I'll leave the four of your to dress. See you in an hour."

"Have our volunteers started setting everything up?" Jolan asked, Lance smiling.

"Yes, Jo. It will all be ready fast."
Jolan smiled, Lance smiling at the other three, the man walking out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

The three other men stared at Jolan, their eyes looking towards the garment bags.

"Well, we're in Hawaii and it is your wedding day, Joshua and Chace. I wanted your evening reception to be more casual, more intimate and loving. I hope you'll like my ideas. I corralled all the younger generation yesterday to help get it all set up. I hope you'll like my surprise."

Josh and Chace smiled at Jolan, Josh walking up to his friend, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Your surprises always touch our souls, Jo. I know we'll love it. And you and Jus are now a part of it as well."
Jolan smiled, his eyes going to his Justin, the man's hand going in his.

Jolan smiled, his other hand going to his bowtie.

"First off we need to lose these suits of wedded love." he smiled, the other three smiling, their hands going to their ties as well.

Within a few minutes the four were standing in only their briefs, four smiling faces taking in the beauty of the other three.

"Maybe we should go in like this? That would create a stir!" Chace grinned, Jolan smiling at him, his hand gently slapping the young man's butt.

"No, our tiger of love. This vision here is for only us."
The four smiled at each other, their love flowing.

"So what's in the bags, Jo?" Josh smiled, Jolan's hand going to his smooth muscular chest.

"As Lance said, your attire for the rest of the evening. And Justin's and mine I guess as well."
Josh smiled, Jolan walking up to the bags, scanning each one, finding their names on them, handing the other three men their assigned bag.
"You first, Joshua." Jolan smiled, Josh smiling at the other three visions of beauty before him, his hand going to the bag's zipper.

Josh opened the bag, pulling out the garments within.

He smiled widely, Justin and Chace smiling as well.

In Josh's hands were a pair of light cotton white Capri shorts and a blue and white floral Hawaiian shirt.

"No way! You mean. . .?"
Jolan smiled, all three looking at him.

"A night of Hawaiian love, my angels. Get ready for a night of casual, exciting fun."
All three grinned, Chace opening his bag, finding the identical set of clothing as Josh's.

He smiled widely, Josh smiling at him.

"We'll be identical in our attire and our love." he smiled, Chace leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"There are sandals in the bottom of the bags to complete the ensemble."
The two men smiled, beginning to pull on the shorts.

Justin smiled at them, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"Go ahead and open yours, my love. I'm sure Lance has paired us up as well."
Justin smiled, opening his bag pulling out his clothing.

Justin and Jolan both smiled, seeing Justin's black and white Hawaiian shirt, with black Capri shorts.

"The colors of our wedding suits. Lance matched us perfectly." Justin smiled, Jolan opening his bag, finding the same outfit.

The four laughed and kissed, helping each other quickly dress, the four leaving the Hawaiian shirts unbuttoned, their hands gently caressing their soulmate's smooth chest.

Jolan smiled, picking up the last small bag that lay on the bed, smiling at all three.

"Our last item of Hawaiian love." he smiled, Chace grinning.

"Bikini briefs for the honeymoon?"
All four laughed, Jolan grinning, pulling out the bag's contents.

All four smiled, seeing four leis in Jolan's hands.

He smiled putting one over each of their heads, its floral whiteness filled with blue and red flowers.

"Awesome, we look like tourists now!" Josh said, the other three laughing.

Jolan smiled, pulling out the last of the bag's contents.

In his hands he held four orchids, two blue and two white.

"Our flowers of love." he smiled, Josh and Chace smiling as Jolan pinned the two blue orchids to their shirts.

The two white he and Justin pinned to each other's shirt.

"There, all set. Now we just have to wait till Lancy comes back." Jolan smiled, Josh leaning forward and kissing him on the lips.

"A wonderful idea, Jo. A party of Hawaiian happiness."
Jolan smiled, kissing Josh back.

"Wait till you see downstairs." he smiled, the three smiling at him.

"Come here, my love. I want to hold you in my arms for a while." Justin smiled, Jolan walking over to his lover, Justin sitting down on the end of the bed, Jolan sitting in his lap, their lips meeting in a kiss of new, married love.

Josh smiled, Chace's lips going to his neck.

"A few minutes of married groping. I'm all for that." he said, his voice soft and seductive.

Josh smiled as Chace's lips met his, the older man pulling his younger husband down on the bed as well.


The four stood up, hearing the knock on the room's door, Jolan bidding enter.

Lance walked into the room, his hand in Joey's.

The four husbands smiled, seeing Lance and Joey both in shorts and Hawaiian shirts.

"Welcome to Fantasy Island!" Joey said in boisterous Latin accent.

"Actually, welcome to island's night of love." Lance said, chuckling, the four smiling.

"Awesome guys! Two matching sets of studs!" Joey grinned, the four grooms laughing.

Joey and Lance both smiled, looking at their friends.

"Everything's ready, Jo. Let's get this show on the road." Joey smiled, the two twosomes joining hands.

"Follow us, guys. Let's walk the path of your united love." Lance said, the four smiling at him and Joey.

They followed Joey and Lance out of the room, all four smiling at what lay before them.

A path of white and blue rose petals started at their room door leading towards the stairs, disappearing down its steps.

"Flowers at our feet, love in our hearts." Jolan said, everyone smiling.

The two twosomes remained together, their hands entwined, following the other twosome ahead of them.

They walked down the stairs, Josh's quick eyes seeing that the path at the bottom of the stairs didn't lead towards the banquet room.

His head turned, looking at Jolan, his friend smiling.

"This path guides us to a different moment, my friends." he said, Lance and Joey smiling at him, the other three looking surprised.

"But the band was setting the banquet room."
Jolan smiled, kissing his Justin's cheek, he having spoken.

"A decoy to conceal the surprise. Lead on Lancy and Joe."
The two men smiled, the four following them across the resort's lobby towards a double set of glass doors.

The path of rose petals guided them, Joey and Lance both going to a door.

They turned, smiling at their friends.

"Let the light guide you to the music of your hearts." Joey said, smiling at his four friends, he and Lance both opening a door.

Josh and Chace smiled at them, walking through the door together, Justin and Jolan following behind them.

The four took in a lighted path before them, Tiki torches lining both sides of it, rose bouquets hanging from them.

They all smiled, now outside in the open air, following the path ahead.

Lance and Joey walked in front of them again, leading them on.

"We're heading down to the beach, Chace." Josh softly said, Jolan smiling behind him.

Justin's eyes met his, Jolan kissing his cheek as they walked.

They gradually walked down the slope in front of the resort, turning to the left, walking along the continuing lit path of love.

Joey and Lance stopped, the two turning and smiling at the four behind them, a large wall of hanging flowers in front of them.

It was about six feet high and twelve feet wide, the foursome unable to see what was behind it.

Joey and Lance stood beside each other, smiling at their friends, Lance's green eyes meeting Jolan's grey, the younger man nodding at him.

"Behind this wall lays a moment of love and beauty, and a night of music, love and happiness. This is another gift from he who gives so much."
The three men turned, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I love all three of you. You the most, my Jus. This is a wedding gift to you."

The three smiled, Joey lightly tapping on the wall of flowers behind him, everyone looking at the wall.

It started to separate, opening inwards, the three grooms realizing it was a flowered door.

It opened wide, Lance walking through it.

"Friends, loved ones and special guests. I give you our couples of love, our friends of love and married happiness--Joshua and Chace and Justin and Jolan!"

The four walked forward, applause greeting them, their eyes taking in the scene before them.

All the men surrounding them wore Hawaiian shirts, all the ladies wearing flowery dresses.

The four smiled, seeing before them a Hawaiian party.

Everyone was clapping, Lance and Joey guiding the twosomes before them, the four stopping in the center of a circle of flowery beauty.

Tiki torches were planted everywhere, large baskets of roses shown as well.

Tables were set up in a circle around the open center, the four grooms standing in its center, looking around at everyone's smiling faces.

The four men saw movement around them, all four smiling as they saw their parents walking towards them.

Each of their mothers carried a floral lei in their hands, their fathers arms around them.

Five sets of parents walked up to their sons and their new husbands.

Josh was in tears seeing the smiles on his father and mother's faces.

Justin smiled at his two sets of parents, Joel and Melina at their sides, all six smiling at both men.

Josh's mother walked forward, placing her lei over Chace's head, Chace's mother placing hers over Josh's, both kissing their new sons' cheeks.

Lisa and Lynn each put a lei over Jolan's neck, Melina placing hers around Justin's.

Melina smiled, kissing Justin's cheeks.

Lisa and Lynn both kissed Jolan's, the young man smiling at them with teary eyes.

"Wow! Two new moms! Double the love!"
The two women both laughed, stepping back, all the mothers smiling as the fathers embraced their new sons.

Lance smiled, the group of parents now surrounding the foursome in a circle.

"You now are surrounded by the happiness of parental love. New parents to love you, guide you and be there for you. Welcome now your new families of love."
Josh's brother Steve, Chace's sister Candice, Jolan's sister Jennie and his son Hayden as well as Justin's brothers Jonathan and Stevie all walked forward into the circle hugging their new brothers.

Their new siblings stepped back, the circle growing wider, everyone clapping and cheering at the new family surrounding the foursome.

"Welcome to your night of musical love, our brothers of married love. As is customary, I'd like everyone to draw their attention to the two couples now in their circle of love. It is time for their first dance of wedded love. And tonight some special friends want to serenade their new love." Lance said, pointing towards a bandstand set up across from the circle of family love.

The four grooms smiled, seeing Usher, Nick and Britney standing on the stage, the band behind them.

Britney smiled, looking towards her four friends.

"This song was Jolan's special request. It represents the truth of your souls. Tonight you dance into love, tonight you dance as soulmates forever. Destiny worked its magic today." she said, the four smiling at her.

Justin's eyes met Jolan's, his two married friends beside him smiling at him as well.

He smiled back, Josh taking Chace into his arms, Justin taking his Jolan.

The twosomes smiled at their soulmate, music beginning to play, Usher's voice carrying across the beach, Britney and Nick joining in on the chorus.



What if I never knew
What if I never found you
I'd never have this feeling in my heart
How did this come to be
I don't know how you found me

But from the moment I saw you
Deep inside my heart I knew

Baby you're my destiny
You and I were meant to be
With all my heart and soul
I give my love to have and hold
And as far as I can see
You were always meant to be my destiny

I wanted someone like you
Someone that I could hold on to
And give my love until the end of time
But forever was just a word
Something I'd only heard about

But now you're always there for me
When you say forever I believe

Baby you're my destiny
You and I were meant to be
With all my heart and soul
I give my love to have and hold
And as far as I can see
You were always meant to be my destiny

Maybe all we need is just a little faith
'Cause baby I believe that love will find the way

Baby you're my destiny
You and I were meant to be
With all my heart and soul
I give my love to have and hold
And as I far as I can see
From now until eternity
You were always meant to be my destiny


(*song credit-Baby You're My Destiny-Jim Brickman)


The four danced through the song, their eyes on the man in their arms, their families surrounding them.

Justin stared into Jolan's grey eyes, the words sinking into his soul.

Jolan was his destiny, his love, and now his husband.

Jolan felt the same within his soul.

Their love was destined for this moment.

And for all the moments of their lives.

The song ended, the two couples smiling at each other, a joined kiss uniting their love.

Everyone surrounded them, the clapping and cheering filled with happiness.

The four were instantly surrounded by their family and friends, Hayden running up to Justin, Justin taking him up in his arms.

Justin smiled, the boy wearing a small Hawaiian shirt and shorts, the shirt matching his fathers'.

"Me wants dance, Poppa!"
Justin and Jolan both smiled, the boy grinning.

"Poppa wants to dance with his son!" Justin said, Hayden giggling.

They were surrounded by everyone, music beginning to play again, couples beginning to dance together, the band's lead singer taking over for Usher, he and Nick stepping off the stage, Chris' hand joining with Britney's, she guided to the center of the dance floor.

Everyone danced, smiles and laughter filling the beach.

Jolan and Justin danced together again, Hayden in their center in Justin's arms, all three smiling.

Justin took in the surroundings, seeing the beauty of the streamers that hung everywhere, baskets of flowers showing, table centers filled with them.

A bar was set up to the right of the music stage, a large table of covered food on the left side, Jolan having taken care of every detail.

Justin smiled, looking into his silvery eyes.

"A wonderful idea, Jo. It's all so beautiful."
Jolan smiled, kissing his husband's lips.

"For our friends of love and for us I'd never give anything less."
Justin smiled, his arm tightening around his husband, his son snuggling against his chest.

Here now, in the sandy center of a Hawaiian island, his life was now complete.

After the second dance the two married couples walked around, hugging and kissing their friends, their love showing openly.

The music played, couples dancing, small groups sitting and laughing, the evening progressing.

A few more photographs were taken of the two couples, their smiling faces center in the pictures.

People laughed, danced and ate, an evening of happiness, partying and love.

The Hawaiian atmosphere drew the smiles and love out of everyone's souls.

All four grooms saw their families and friends enjoying themselves immensely.

The four danced with their mothers, their friends and family as well.

Jennie danced with Chace several times, her smile greeting Jolan's smile many times through the evening.

Josh danced later with Jolan, the singer smiling at him in his arms.

"Thank you, Jo. It's all so beautiful, so wonderful."
Jolan smiled, his arms going around his friend.

"For you and Chace, and for my Jus, it just had to be."
Josh smiled widely, Jolan's smile matching his.

"We love you, Jolan. I'm so glad you and Justin joined with us on this day. Your love makes this day so magical."
Jolan teared up, Josh kissing his cheek.

"I love all three of my soulmates. This day is special because of your love."
Josh smiled, the two dancing together, his head going to Jolan's chest, Jolan smiled with his friend in his arms.


The night progressed, everyone having fun.

But as always happens with nights of happiness, the time wound down, the evening drawing to a close.

Friends and family began to leave, people retiring to their rooms in the resort, the party winding down.

Jolan, Justin, Josh and Chace remained to the last, their smiles guiding everyone away.

The group dwindled down, the younger ones heading further down the beach, a smaller party around a bonfire beginning for them.

Lance and Joey walked up to their friends, Josh and Justin smiling at the two.

Lance smiled, kissing all four grooms, his Joey's arms around him.

Joey hugged them all as well, kissing all four.

"A wonderful day, guys." Lance smiled, Jolan kissing his lips.

"Thanks for everything, Lance. You made this day special for all of us."
Lance smiled, Joey smiling as well.

Both were showing a glossy festiveness in their eyes, Jolan smiling at them.

"Your teddy bear looks done in, Lancy. Time to take him back to the cave, he looks like he needs to snuggle."
Lance smiled at Jolan's words, his friends smiling at both of them.

Joey smiled, his bearish arms going around his man.

"I'm going to hibernate for days with my angel."
The four grooms laughed, their friends saying goodnight, walking back towards the resort.

Usher and Nick walked up to them, smiling and hugging all four.

"A beautiful end to a beautiful day, Jolan." Nick said, smiling.

Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek.

"It ends with love and happiness. As I'm sure your evening shall as well. Usher's so lucky!"
Nick beamed, Usher's hand going in his.

The two had been discreet with their love all day and evening, their lives requiring public discretion.

Here now with just their close friends they showed their love openly.

Justin kissed Nick's cheek, whispering in his ear.

Nick smiled, Usher looking at Justin.

Justin smiled back at the black singer, winking.

"I told Nicky that there's a bottle of bubbly left at the bar for both of you. Enjoy the ending of your night with love, Ush."
Usher smiled, Justin kissing his cheek, then Nick's, the two walking over towards the bar.

Josh smiled at Justin, his friend smiling back.

"Man, Nick's lucky. That black beauty's desires would be so amazing, I believe."

Jolan laughed beside Justin, lightly slapping his ass.

"You can't handle any of us three. He'd destroy you."
Justin laughed, as did the other two grooms.

Jolan leaned over, kissing Justin's cheek.

Justin saw no jealousy in his new husband's silvery eyes, his soul knowing that Jolan trusted him completely.

Justin smiled; Chris, Britney, Lonnie and Ally walking up to them, the four grooms receiving parting hugs from all four.


Justin and Jolan walked up onto the deck of the cottage, Josh and Chace walking behind them, the four smiling as they looked at the closed door of the cottage.

A large sign was covering the door, Jolan smiling, knowing in his heart who'd placed it there.

The four laughed, reading the words written across the sign.


                            Welcome Grooms of Love

                        Please wipe down the furniture

                                   In the morning


"Chris, you mirthful clown!" Josh laughed, Justin smiling at him.

"We'd better check the place over. He may have booby-trapped it." Justin said, knowing his friend's mirthful soul.

Jolan laughed, his silvery eyes glowing for a moment, then closing.

They opened again, Jolan smiling at his three soulmates.

"I've scanned the place, he has indeed laid some mirthful traps. He's sprinkled our bed sheets with itching powder, guys. And he's also filled the shower nozzle with blue dye. We'd all have blue faces in the morning for him to laugh at. The mirthful devil!"

The three laughed, Jolan's laughter joining theirs.

"So I guess the beds are out of the question then?" Josh smiled, Jolan leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"The doors lock my friends. None of our mirthful friends can bother us. I think a couple of blankets on the living room floor will satisfy us."
The other three smiled, Jolan walking into the cottage, the three following him.

Justin set the blankets down, Josh beside him throwing four pillows on top of them.

Chace and Jolan walked out of the kitchen, Chace carrying a tray laden with bowls of fruit, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Jolan carried a bottle of white wine and four glasses.

Josh and Justin smiled at their husbands, Jolan and Chace smiling back.

"At least Britney left us some treats. Or so her note of love said."
The four smiled, Chace setting the tray down on the end table beside their makeshift bed on the floor.

"Looks cozy, guys." he smiled, Josh smiling at his husband.

The four looked at the blanketed floor, four smiles showing.

Jolan looked at the other three, their blue eyes of love staring at him.

"I love you, Jus. Thank you for giving me your heart today, my husband."

Justin teared up, Jolan's hands going in his, his husband smiling at their friends.

"You and Chace have our love as well, Joshy. The four of us today united with our soulmate. That love we shall honor with our souls. But our combined love surrounds us as well."
Josh smiled, leaning over and kissing Justin's lips, his best friend smiling.

"Tonight on our wedding night, the four of us need only our soulmate's beauty and love. But the other twosome of our love shall be beside us. The singular love of our soulmate shall take us to heaven."

The three men looked at Jolan, his words steeped with love. Jolan pulled Justin to him, kissing him deeply, Josh pulling Chace into his arms, kissing him just as deeply.

The two men smiled, lost in the love of their soulmate and new husband.

Justin smiled, his fingers going to the Jolan's Hawaiian shirt, Josh's going to Chace's.

The two younger man smiled, their smooth torsos uncovered, their husbands' shirts joining theirs on the floor by the blankets.

The two couples joined, Justin and Josh gently pushing their husbands down onto the blanketed floor while kissing them.

Hands began to roam, clothing pulled off, four bodies of muscular beauty revealed, the twosomes' lips meeting continually.

Jolan felt all of Justin's love surround him, his lover's tender touch and kissing sending him to that place of desire he so loved.

Chace, beside him, felt the virility and desire of his husband above him, Josh's lips and hands trying to taste and touch all of the young actor's smooth body.

Chace moaned, Josh turning his head, sucking on his husband's earlobe, Chace's body trembling, his blue eyes moving to the left.

Two silvery grey eyes met his, Chace leaning forward, his and Jolan's lips meeting as Josh and Justin centered their bodies above them.

Chace and Josh felt their lover's hardness seeking its warmth and love.

They both moaned as they felt their lovers entering them, their eyes moving, meeting two blue eyes above them.

Josh and Justin began their rhythm, their young husbands below them lost in the desires flooding their souls.

Four sets of lips met, four hearts of love uniting forever.

One set of silvery grey glowing eyes was staring to the heavens, a young man's soul filled with the love he'd been denied all his young life.

And in the darkness of his mind Jolan cried for the love he now had forever.



End of Chapter 128



And so our couples are joined as twosomes of love.

And our foursome has joined as well.


Jolan now has the love he needs in his Justin, and his soulmates Josh and Chace.

The path ahead he can now face, his heart filled with his Justin's and his Hayden's love.


Up next: A surprise honeymoon for our four grooms.

I hope you liked the wedding and reception.


Hugs, Angel.