Jolan's Path - Chapter 129


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 129


Jolan's grey eyes scanned the beach, taking in the dawning sun rising across the water's horizon.
He softly smiled, walking through the soft sand, his sandaled feet feeling its cool grains.
He had awoken early, his body wrapped in the arms of his husband, his two dear friends sleeping beside them snuggled together as well.

Josh's head lay against Jolan's shoulder, Jolan having smiled.
Their wedding night had been one of deep emotional desirous love.
Justin had made love to him, then his friends had joined with them, their touches and kissing sending all four into a deep satisfied sleep.
Jolan had only slept for a few hours, his mind awakening him in the soft glow of dawn.
He'd risen from their clinging embrace, the feat taking a good five minutes, his Justin not wanting to let him go.

Jolan had leaned down, kissing all three, then quietly walking out of the cottage onto the back deck, staring at the soft hue of the forthcoming sun.
He'd walked down onto the beach, his mind filled with a quiet happiness.

Here he now walked, taking in the sunrise.
No one was in sight, the young man walking along the water's lapping edge, its coolness meeting his toes, that waking his body and mind.
The dawn's early streaks of light made the sandy surroundings come alive in its rays.
He smiled, loving the whole area.
It was indeed a paradise.
He smiled to himself, wondering where he and his husband were heading to today.
Justin wouldn't give any details of that destination, he and Josh the only ones clued in to that surprise.
Chace had been very ardent in his need to know where they were going, his husband silencing him several times with deep kisses last night during the reception and later on their blanketed floor of love.
Jolan smiled, knowing wherever it was it would be beautiful and full of his soulmates' love.
Jolan walked on, thinking of his life ahead with his surprising Justin.
Moments of surprising love lay ahead.
He walked along the beach looking up at the resort, passing it and walking farther down the beach.
He caught a shape in front of him, smiling at the remains of a large fire pit.
The sight of last night's youth-surrounded bonfire.
He smiled thinking of all his young family and friends who'd enjoyed its warmth and bright glow.

He knew it would have been a circle of happiness and fun.
Jolan looked to the right of the pit, seeing a shape huddled against the bottom of a sandy knoll, his keen grey eyes making out that it was a young man.
He quietly walked over to the motionless shape, taking in a sleeping form laying on a thick blanket, another blanket covering it.
Jolan stopped about ten feet from the man, his face showing a soft smile.
The youth was sound asleep, covered against the early morning breeze.
Jolan saw another blanket strewn beside the sleeping form.
What are you doing out here alone, my young friend?
Where is the new love of your heart?
I can't see him leaving you here alone.

Jolan stood silently, his keen hearing picking up on a sound behind him, a fluttering of wings.
He smiled, remaining still.
"To hover above me is to be denied my love."
Jolan's head turned, looking up at the man flying above him about ten feet off the ground.
The winged Archanian slowly descended to the ground, Jolan smiling at his cousin.
His violet eyes stared at Jolan for a moment, then moved to the sleeping form.
"Good morning, Athos." Jolan said, a smile covering his face.
"Good morning, Jolan. What are you doing out here alone? Shouldn't you be with Justin?"
Jolan smiled, the young man staring at him, Jolan's silvery eyes looking around.
"My husband is sound asleep in bed, my cousin. I've always been an early riser. I just decided to take a walk along the beach by myself. I wanted to see the dawning beauty of this beautiful island. And now I see a youthful winged beauty shining in the sunlight."
Jolan's eyes took in the beauty of the young Archanian before him, Athos wearing only a pair of shorts, his Hawaiian shirt laying discarded on the second blanket.
Jolan smiled, his eyes watching Athos' eyes go to the sleeping form.
"I take it you and your friend remained out here in the beauty of nature last night after the others went to their beds? I still feel the newness of the love surrounding us."
Athos' eyes widened a bit in surprise, Jolan smiling at him, walking up to him.
Athos' wings retracted, disappearing behind him, his smooth muscular torso glowing in the rising sun.
Jolan pulled Athos into a warm embrace, kissing Athos' cheek.
"Jolan. . .I. . .we. . .you can't let anyone. . ."
Jolan smiled, his finger going to Athos' lips, staring into his violet eyes.
"Relax, my cousin. I am not a gossip. You and our friend's love is your own. Secrets of the heart are their own. My love--and silence--are yours."

Athos smiled, seeing the love in Jolan's grey eyes.
"Thank you, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, turning towards the new voice that had spoken, the sleeping form now sitting up, his blanket over his shoulders, staring at him.
Jolan smiled, looking between the two young men.
"I have felt your love the past two days. Its intensity and newness filling my soul with happiness."
Athos blushed, Jolan smiling at his cousin.
"And so the last of my loving cousins has found love. Isn't it grand, Athy?"
Athos smiled, looking towards the man staring at him, seated on the blanket.
The man's blue eyes were staring at Jolan in surprise, Jolan smiling at him.
"How. . .how did you know, Jolan?"
Jolan smiled, walking over to the young man, the man rising to his feet, staring at Athos, then Jolan.

Jolan hugged the young man, kissing his cheek, the young man softly blushing.
"I have the gift of sensing love, of feeling its radiating beauty. I felt it two nights ago. And truth be known, I saw the two of you walking up from the beach from my room at the resort the night before yesterday. I heard your words of love to each other before you entered the resort."
The two men looked at each other softly blushing, Jolan smiling.
"I wasn't intentionally listening, you just passed below my balcony. Your love is your own. But I did feel the intensity of its newness. I always sense love around me. I take it your parents and your brother don't know?" Jolan said staring at the young man standing on the blanket.
"No, Jolan. My Mom and Dad don't know yet. And neither does Josh."
Steve Chasez stared at Jolan, Athos walking up to the young man, his hand going in his.
Steve smiled, his eyes scanning over Athos' muscular smooth chest, taking in his beauty.
Jolan smiled, seeing the love sparkling in the two young men's eyes.
He also felt that the two young men hadn't progressed to the physicality of their love.

Steve was staring at Athos' beauty as if for the first time.
He smiled looking at Athos, his cousin staring back at him.
"I haven't told my brothers yet, although Isaiah has been staring at me. I think he feels the happiness in my soul. The three of us have always been in tune to each other's feelings."
Jolan nodded, looking at Steve.
"Your brothers love you, Athos. They both have new love as well. They'll be thrilled. And your brother has a giving, loving heart, Steve. He'll accept your love for Athos. I'm sure your parents will too, if their acceptance of Josh's marriage is any indication."
Steve smiled, Athos' arm going around him.
"I know they will, Jolan. It's just this is all so new for both of us. We didn't expect the quickness of our love. It was love at first sight." the young man said, looking into Athos' violet eyes, Jolan smiling.
"Know the feeling, guys. It was the same for Justin. But then, who wouldn't swoon at my beauty."
The two young men laughed, Jolan smiling at both, then looking towards the cottage he'd walked away from.
"I'll leave the two of you to your morning love. I'm here for both of you." he said, the two smiling at him.
Athos walked to his cousin, hugging him tightly, Jolan smiling at Steve.
"I've told Steve of my heritage, Jo."
Jolan smiled, kissing his cousin's cheek, seeing the happiness in Athos' violet eyes.
He saw Athos' happiness at Steve's love unchanged for him.
"As I told you and your brothers, on the first day of our meeting, the love within your Archanian hearts is worthy of the love of someone special. I believe I see that special love in Steve's eyes."
Athos smiled, Steve smiling as well.
"I must return to my own love. He hates waking up without me in his arms. It can be so tiring being a superstar's main squeeze."
The two men laughed again, Jolan winking at them.

"We'll see you at the brunch that I've organized for eleven."
The two nodded, Jolan walking back along the beach, heading back to his soulmates.
Steve's arm went around Athos, the two watching the man walk away.
"Your cousin is an amazing man, Athos."
Athos smiled, staring after him.
"That he is, Steve. That he is."

Steve smiled, his lips kissing Athos' cheek, the young Archanian looking into his blue eyes.

"His cousin is even more amazing."
Athos smiled, the two men's bodies and lips coming together.

Jolan gasped, feeling the hardness sinking within his center, his hands leaning against the shower's wall.

His body trembled, two arms wrapped around him as the hardness began a rhythmic thrusting.

Jolan moaned as he felt his own hardness engulfed in wetness, its own hardness at its full length and girth.

He was oblivious to the shower door's opening, Justin smiling at his husband.

"Why wasn't I invited to playtime?" the man said, a wide smile on his face.

Josh smiled over at his best friend, Josh's hardness sunk deep within Jolan's beautiful ass.

Chace's was kneeling on the shower floor, his mouth filled with Jolan's hard shaft, the young actor's hand moving outward, wrapping around Justin's enlarged organ.

Justin was pulled forward by the young man, Chace's lips moving off Jolan's erection, enclosing around Justin's.

Justin's lips met Jolan's, Justin moaning as Chace began his fellatio.

Josh smiled, continuing his rhythm, his left hand going to Justin's smooth butt, a finger going into the crack.

Jolan had returned to the cottage, finding his husband sound asleep on the blanketed floor, his body covered by blankets to ward off the morning chill.

He'd heard the shower going, seeing his two other soulmates missing from the warm blankets.

Jolan had removed Chris' blue dye prank from the shower head last night, cleaning it and reinstalling it.

Jolan had smiled, leaning down and kissing his husband's lips, Justin still sound asleep.

He chuckled at Justin's ability to sleep deeply, the young man shucking his clothing, walking towards the bathroom.

He'd opened the shower door, Josh and Chace's blue eyes meeting his, two smiles showing on their faces, Jolan scanning their beautiful bodies, closing the shower door behind him.

Within moments Jolan was in the center of their wetness, his two soulmates showing him their wet love.

Justin had awoken a few minutes later, now joining the three of his heart.

Chace rose up to his feet, moving Justin forward, the man standing in front of Jolan, their lips meeting, Justin pulling his man against him.

Chace smiled, his and Josh's lips meeting.

Chace then moved behind Justin, sinking to his knees again, Justin moving outward with his ass, Chace's hands rubbing all over it.

Justin gasped in Jolan's mouth when he felt Chace's tongue in his center, Jolan's hands going downward, stroking Justin while Chace rimmed his center.

Josh was licking Jolan's left ear, his shaft thrusting into Jolan.

Justin felt an emptiness when Chace's tongue left his center, that empty feeling felt for only a moment.

Justin then felt a warm hardness rubbing against him for a moment, then that hard shaft sinking within him.

His head fell to Jolan's shoulder, Jolan's hands stroking him and rubbing his right nipple.

The two husbands became lost in the beauty of their fellow soulmates' rhythms of desire and need.

Josh was the first to explode, his arms wrapping around Jolan, his juices filling Jolan.

Justin was next, his fluid erupting all over Jolan's own center, Chace right behind him, his liquid love filling Justin.

The three trembled against Jolan, the young man smiling as he watched the three coming down from their sexual high.

His hands picked up two soapy sponges, their wetness going to Josh and Justin's chests, Jolan soaping them up.

Josh smiled, pulling out of Jolan, Jolan's hand going to his still hard shaft, Jolan cleaning it.

Chace pulled out of Justin, their lips meeting, a kiss of love given.

Josh smiled at their tenderness, his lips meeting Jolan's.

"You haven't released your love, our Jo?" the man said, Jolan smiling as he soaped up Josh's center.

His grey eyes met Josh's blue, then the other two sets of blue love.

"It's alright, my loves. Your happiness is my release."

The three smiled, Chace's hand going to Jolan's hardness, stroking it.

"I'd love to taste you again, Jo." he smiled, Jolan smiling at the young man.

"You shall, Chace. All of you shall. Remember, today we're off on our secret honeymoon."

Justin smiled, kissing his husband, Chace and Josh kissing as well.

Their blue eyes met, Chace smiling at Josh, nodding his head.

"Guys, Chace and I have agreed on something."
Jolan smiled at Josh, his soapy sponge continuing to wash his friend's abs.

Josh smiled at Jolan, then Justin; Chace's arm now around his husband's naked waist, Jolan's hand scrubbing his washboard abs now.

"You two have given all of yourselves to us--your love and your bodies. It's time Chace and I gave you everything as well."

Justin smiled at Chace, then his Joshua, Jolan smiling at both.

"Our love is our love, my soulmates. Jus and I shall take all you have to offer. Our love reflects in all of our hearts."
Justin smiled, his hand going forward and squeezing Chace's left butt cheek.

"Sweet! I'm going to get me some actor ass!"
Chace laughed, all four chuckling.

"You'll hunger for it. My Josh always does." Chace smiled, Josh smiling his secret Chace smile at the young man.

"Time enough later, my loves. We need to clean up quick and head for the resort. Brunch awaits." Jolan said.

The four smiled, Jolan handing Josh a sponge.

"You take our Jus, I'll take our Chacey."
Josh smiled, Justin moving into Josh's wet arms, Chace smiling as Jolan pulled him forward.

Jolan and Josh cleaned their lovers, the four lost in their happiness under the spraying water.


The four walked into the banquet hall, clapping hands greeting them.

They smiled, seeing their family and friends' wide smiles, the newlyweds surrounded by their love.

A small missile of love rushed across the floor, Justin on his knees in a flash, his son jumping into his arms.

"Morning, Poppa! Aunt Jennie takes me swimming already!"

Jolan laughed, Justin rising up with the boy in his arms.

"That's great, my little fishy!" Justin said, the boy leaning over and kissing his father's cheek.

"Morning, Daddy! Miss me?"
"Yes, Hay. Daddy and Poppa missed you." Jolan said, a tear in his eyes, the boy smiling at him.

The four newlyweds walked up to the tables, everyone greeting them, Lynn hugging her two sons.

"You all look extremely happy." she smiled, Justin kissing her cheek.

"We're married, Mom. It doesn't get any happier than this."

The two couples walked around greeting everyone, smiles on their faces.

Jolan and Justin walked up to Joey's table, Lance, Chris, Britney, and Ally and Lonnie sitting with him.

"How do you old boys feel this morning? I'm itching to know." Chris said, Joey looking at him.

Jolan smiled at Chris seeing the confused look on his face.

"Never felt better. But then again, I'm a master at undermining devious shenanigans. I'm sure your compadre was in on it as well." Jolan said, smiling at Joey.

Joey softly blushed, Lance looking at him.

Jolan smiled, looking at Chris again.

"Your pranks of mirth held no chance against my magic, Chris and Joey. But we all felt the love behind them."
Britney smiled at Jolan, Chris' eyes staring at him, a soft smile going to his face.

Britney turned, looking at her fiancÚ, Chris softly blushing.

"Can't blame a guy for trying, Jo. It would have been great to see your blue faces." he said, smiling more.

Jolan smiled back at him, seeing a soft look of anger on Britney's face.

"I'd be more concerned about your own blueness, Chris."
Chris looked confused, Jolan smiling at him.

"You, my friend, may have blue balls by the look on Britney's face."

Chris looked shocked, Britney bursting into laughter, everyone around the table joining her.

Chris blushed deeply, now getting the joke.

Jolan leaned down, kissing Britney's cheek.

"Don't be mad at him. He's our mirthful clown. He'll always be the jokester we love."

Britney smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I'm sorry if he and my Joe in any way ruined your night." Lance said, Jolan smiled at him, leaning down and kissing his cheek.

Jolan stood again, kissing Justin's cheek, the two smiling at Lance, then at Joey and Chris.

"They didn't. They both actually gave us a good laugh. That in turn sparked our love. Thanks, Chris and Joe. You work better than any aphrodisiac!"

Everyone was laughing again, Chris blushing more, Joey showing a soft smile on his face.

"You're welcome, Jolan. I do hope you wiped down the furniture though."
Jolan laughed loudly, Justin and Hayden smiling beside him.

"We left that for you and Chris, Joe."
Everyone laughed, Jolan smiled at Chris, the man bowing his head to him

The newlyweds continued walking around, the two couples finally taking their seats at a table; Cory and Simus, Calen and his three sons seated with them.

Jolan smiled at Athos, the young Archanian smiling at him.


Everyone enjoyed a delicious brunch, the food plentiful, the company enjoyable.

After brunch, the two couples were pulled over to the large table in the corner of the banquet room, its top and sides filled with wedding gifts.

The two couples sat together, opening their gifts from their family and friends.

The traditional wedding gifts were given; picture frames, wine glasses, photograph albums, crystal and pewter treasures.

There were also a lot of donations given to the couples' own charities, that having been requested on the invitations by Josh and Justin, in lieu of gifts.

Hayden enjoyed himself, helping his Poppa rip through the wrapping paper, the boy grinning in his lap.

Jolan smiled, seated at their side, pictures taken by everyone, Lonnie videotaping all of it.

After the gift opening, everyone milled around, chatting in groups, talking and laughing.

The newlyweds were leaving that afternoon for their honeymoon, no one knowing of Justin's chosen destination, other than Josh.

Hayden would be staying with his mother and Jessica, the boy happy.

Sandra had smiled, seeing Jolan's love for his son's needs.

And for her own.

She and Jessica would keep the boy happy while Jolan and Justin were away for the week.

After everyone began to relax, the younger guests disappeared, a pool party organized.

Other couples and families began to disappear as well, the resort's beauty and amenities open for all of them.

Everyone would be leaving the next morning, this last day a day of private love and happiness.

They would all meet the newlyweds later that afternoon--in the resort's lobby--to see them off on their honeymoon.

The two couples and Hayden returned to their cottage, hugging their parents before they left.

Justin took Hayden down to the beach, Chace going as well, their husbands kissing them goodbye.

Jolan and Josh were in the bedroom, packing their bags, getting everything ready for the trip.

"So, I get no clue as to where Justin's taking us?"
Josh smiled, Jolan's lips kissing his, the man's hand on Josh's backside.

"It's a surprise, Jo. Seducing me won't make me divulge that truth."

Jolan hand went around to the front of Josh's pants, gently rubbing his center, kissing his neck.

"Stroke the bulge to divulge?" he smiled, Josh laughing at Jolan's rhythmic words.

"Rubbing the dick won't do the trick."
Jolan laughed, lightly rubbing Josh's center.

"Okay then. Keep your secrets. I'll get you back."
Josh smiled, licking his lips.

"I'm counting on it."
Jolan laughed, slapping Josh's ass.

The man smiled, walking out of the bedroom, Jolan smiling and following him.

A knock came to the deck's patio door, Jolan smiling towards it.

Steve and Athos stood on the deck, Josh smiling towards his brother, he and Jolan walking to the door, opening it.

"Hi, Joshy. Could I talk to you for a moment?" Steve said, Josh smiling at him.

"Sure, bro. What's up?"

Jolan looked at Athos, then smiled.

"Go out on the deck, guys. I've made up a pitcher of lemonade. I'll bring some out."
The three smiled, Josh stepping out onto the deck, he and the two young men going to lounge chairs, Jolan walking into the kitchen.


Jolan smiled at the three, setting down the tray with the lemonade pitcher and glasses filled with ice.

The three smiled, each taking a poured glass of lemonade from him.

Jolan sat down beside Josh, Josh smiling at him, then looking at his brother.

"Go ahead, Steve. What did you want to talk about? If it's personal, we can go inside." Josh said, smiling at his brother.
"No, Josh. Out here is fine. It is personal, but Jolan and Athos know already."
Josh looked confused, looking into Athos' violet eyes, then into Jolan's grey.

In Jolan's grey Josh saw a deep calmness, and also a judging love.

"Know what, Steve?"

Steve sighed, lowering his eyes for a moment, then raising their blueness, staring into his brother's identical eyes.

"I'm gay, Josh. I'm just like you."
Josh looked surprised, staring at his brother, the younger man lowering his eyes again.

"You're gay, Steve? What about you and Debbie? I thought. . ."
Steve's eyes raised again, staring at him.

"I liked Debbie, Josh. But the two of us will only ever be friends. I told Debbie the truth. I now have her as a wonderful friend. For the last year I've been fighting within myself. Trying to understand who I was, who I wanted to be. I can't hide the truth anymore. I'm gay, Joshy. Please be okay with that."

Josh moved, kneeling before his brother, putting his arms around him, hugging him close.

"Of course I'm okay with that, Steve. I love you, my brother. You were the first to accept my love for Chace. I'll be here for you in the same way. I'm here for you always."
Steve smiled widely, hugging his brother tight.

He stared at Jolan, the young man smiling at him, his eyes going to Athos.

Athos' violet eyes were on Steve, Jolan seeing his deep love for the young man.

Josh pulled back, kissing his brother's cheek, smiling at him.

"Have you told Mom and Dad?"
Steve shook his head no, Josh rubbing his shoulder.

"I'll be there also for you, Steve. They'll accept this just as they accepted me."
Steve smiled, looking into his brother's loving eyes.

"There's something else, Josh. I have to tell you something else."
Josh smiled, feeling the trembling in the young man's body.

"Is my little brother in love? Has someone captured your heart?"

Steve's eyes went up again, staring into his brother's blue, seeing a wide brotherly smile on Josh's face.

"I'm in love with your brother, Josh."

Josh's eyes turned, staring into Athos' violet eyes, the Archanian having spoken.

The smile went off Josh's face in an instant, the man standing up again, staring at the Archanian, then his brother.

"You. . .you're in love with him?" Josh said, pointing at Athos.

Steve looked surprised by the look on his brother's face, Josh still staring at Athos.

Jolan stood up, standing beside Josh.

Steve and Athos both stood up, their hands going together.

"Yes, Joshy. We're in love. I know it's fast, but our love just filled us so quickly. We fell in love at first sight." Steve said, Athos' smile meeting his.

Josh stared at his brother, Josh's blue eyes then going to Athos' violet.

"I don't think it's love that filled you, Steve. I think it's probably this man's seed. Did you fuck my brother?" Josh said, the two young men surprised by Josh's words.

Jolan's hand went to Josh's shoulder, Josh shrugging it off.

"Answer me, Athos? Have you slept with my brother?"
Athos stared at Josh, seeing the look of anger on his face.

"No, Josh. Steve and I haven't gone that far. The love in our hearts is all we can handle right now."
Josh stared at him, his face turning to his brother.

"Athos isn't right for you, Steve. I'm forbidding this."

Steve looked totally stunned, Athos showing the same look.

"What are you saying, Josh?" Steve said, the words finally coming to him.

"I'm saying that I don't want you with this man. You're going home with Mom and Dad. Put Athos out of your mind."
Athos' arm went around Steve, feeling his boyfriend's simmering emotions.

"Josh, I don't know why you're saying those hurtful words to your brother. But Steve and I didn't come here for your permission. We are in love. And no one--not even our families--will destroy that between us."

Steve looked into Athos' eyes, seeing so much love there.

He turned, staring into his brother's emotionless face.

"I love Athos, Josh. I won't give him up for anything."

Josh stared at his younger brother, then at Athos.

"I won't allow you to love him, Steve. Did Athos tell you what he is? That he's a freak of nature?"

Athos' face showed a look of deep hurt, of pain and disgrace, Jolan's grey eyes catching it immediately.

"Josh, that's enough!" Jolan said, Josh turning and staring at him.

"Excuse me." Athos said softly, walking quickly off the deck, heading off across the sand.

Steve stared after his boyfriend, his eyes filled with tears.

"How. . .how could you be so cruel, Josh? I know what Athos is. He's a beautiful angel of winged love. And he's mine!"

Steve began to cry, rushing off the deck, heading after his Athos.

Josh's eyes turned, staring into Jolan's grey judging eyes.

"Leave me alone, Jo. I can't deal with this reality right now."
Josh walked back into the house, slamming the door behind him.

Jolan stared after him for a moment, then looking out towards the beach where the two young men had disappeared.

Jolan sighed, his grey eyes closing.

Reality is for the moment, Joshua.

And right now we have to deal with your own soul.

Jolan opened the cottage door, going to find his soulmate.


Josh lay on the bed, staring at the window sill, the afternoon sun beaming right into his face.

"To stare into the light is to be blinded from love."
"Please leave me alone, Jo. I don't need your words of wisdom right now. I don't want to talk about it."

Jolan stood in the doorway for a moment, then walked into the bedroom, sitting down on the bedside, a few feet from Josh's body.

"I'm sorry, Joshua."
Josh's body trembled, his face remaining turned away from Jolan.

"I'm sorry I let the truth go on for so long."
"The truth, Jo?"
"I'm sorry I'm a freak, Josh. I'm sorry that I'm not good enough to love."

Josh turned, staring at Jolan, the young man's head lowered, tears streaming down his face.

Josh moved, taking the young man into his arms, Jolan sobbing against his chest.

"It's this magic within me, this damn magic! It makes me less than you deserve. I'm sorry I can't be the person deserving of your love. Deserving of all three of your love."

Josh tightened his embrace around the young man, his blue eyes tearing.

"Oh, Jo! I do love you so much. Your magic doesn't change the man inside. The man all three of us love."

"I'm the same as Athos, Josh! I'm a creature of magic. I've felt that truth within you, Joshua. I've felt your uncertainty of the future me. Of what I am and of what I may become. And you see that same uncertainty in Athos' love for your brother. You lashed out at him because of me. Because of this damn magic that surrounds us. I'm so sorry!"

Josh was in tears, his arms holding his friend in them.

"Oh, Jo! My loving, Jo. I love you so much."
Jolan wiped his eyes, staring into Josh's face, seeing the tears and hurt showing there.

"You just said you love me, Josh. Can you accept who I am inside? Who I am for real?"
Josh teared up, wiping the tears on Jolan's face.

"I'm sorry, Jo. You have nothing to be sorry for. You just laid the truth in my lap. You just saw the real me. You're right, I have been uncertain. Uncertain of the real you. The Wolfen and Archanian you. The magic and the destiny."
Jolan leaned forward, kissing Josh's lips, Josh becoming lost in the kiss.

The two parted, Josh staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"You just felt the real me, Joshua. I am love."

Josh teared up, lowering his head.

"You are love, Jolan. I felt that in every kiss." he said, his blue eyes meeting his grey.

"I'm sorry, Jo. I'm sorry for doubting your love. It's there, and it's real. I see it so clearly. I shouldn't have been uncertain of any part of you. Can you ever forgive my doubts?"
Jolan softly smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Tonight I want to show you all of me, Josh. My Wolfen and other selves. So that you can bury those doubts forever. I want your love, Joshua. I need it as greatly as I need my Jus'. He's accepted all of me. I want you and Chace to accept me as well. All of me. The magical and loving me. There will be no secrets or uncertainty between us."
Josh teared up, leaning forward and kissing Jolan again.

"I do love you, Jo. I can never doubt that. You are a large part of me now."
Jolan smiled, the two staring at each other.

"Why did I say those hurtful things, Jo? Why did I hurt my brother?" Josh said, sobs coming out of him, Jolan now wrapping his arms around him.

Jolan held his lover in his arms, Josh slowly crying himself out.

"I've hurt him, Jo. I've hurt Steve. And I was so hurtful to Athos. I don't hate him."
"I know that, Josh. I know you don't hate him for what he is. You lashed out at both of them because of your own doubts. Of the fear within you. I just want you to remember one thing."
Josh raised his head, looking into Jolan's loving grey eyes.

"No matter the depth of magic, of creaturely aspects of a person soul, or of the unknown you feel within your own heart, there is but only one thing to focus on. And that is the love."
Josh stared at Jolan, seeing the soft glow in his grey eyes.

"I've watched my cousin and your brother the last two days, Joshua. I've seen the spark of love ignite in their souls. Athos is a giving, loving, beautiful young man. Yes, he is an Archanian winged warrior. But he is also a man of giving love. And he's given that love to your brother. The spark of love shines brightly in your brother's eyes. It's a newness that he's savoring for the first time. And he's giving just as much love back to Athos. I see easily that the two of them are in love. I think perhaps you see that, too?"
Josh softly nodded, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I saw it when Steve was looking at Athos, Jolan. That one look released the doubts of my heart. I've hurt them both so much."

Jolan smiled at his friend, rubbing his back.

"Words can be taken back, their hurtfulness washed away by forgiving love. Your brother loves you, Josh. You just need to tell him why you said what you said. He'll understand your doubts. My cousin is a man of forgiving love also. I think you need to talk to both of them."

Josh nodded, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I think I should start that forgiveness with you, Jolan. I'm sorry that I doubted the truth within you. If your other sides are as beautiful as the man holding me then I am truly sorry."
Jolan smiled, taking Josh's hand in his.

"I love you, Josh. I only hope that you will love all of me."
"It's an easy thing to do, my Jo. I have seen all of your loving Wolfen self." a deep voice said.
Jolan turned, Justin and Chace standing in the room's doorway, their eyes filled with wetness.

"How long have you two been listening?" Josh asked, wiping his eyes.

"Long enough to know that we love all of you, loving and magical." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Athos and Steve are on the deck, guys. They told us what happened." Justin said, walking into the room, sitting down beside Josh, his arm going around him.

Jolan smiled at Justin, seeing his love showing in his beautiful eyes.

"I'm sorry I didn't know how you felt, Josh. I would have talked to you all about it. My Jolan is so unique, Josh. His love, his magic, his beastly self and his loving self, they are all facades of his love. I now love all of them. I'm not scared of his love, or his selves. I'm only scared of losing it."

Jolan smiled, tears in his eyes.

"Jolan is love, Josh. You, Chace and I, we've all felt that deep love. The other parts of Jolan make him the man he is. You should never doubt any of it. He is our love."
Josh smiled, Justin's words steeped in love.

"I finally realize that, Jus. And I now see what Steve sees in Athos. He sees the love as well. The man--or the Archanian--isn't all of it. The love is the greatest part."
Jolan smiled, seeing Josh had come to terms with his worries and doubts.

"I think you need to say that to Athos and your brother, Joshua."
Josh nodded, climbing up off of the bed, Justin and Jolan rising as well, their hands going into each other's.

Chace walked up to his husband, his arms going around him.

He kissed him deeply, Josh lost in his unending love.

They parted, Chace smiling at him.

"I love Jolan deeply, my Josh. I've accepted him for all that he carries within him. His love is greater than all his parts."

Jolan smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I know that now, Chace. I love him deeply also."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"What's not to love?"

Jolan smiled, his Justin's love surrounding him.

Josh smiled, walking out of the room, the other three following him.


Steve's eyes met his brother's, Josh walking out onto the patio.

Athos sat beside Steve, their hands together.

The three other newlyweds walked out onto the patio, sitting down on the left side, Hayden running up to Justin, climbing into his father's lap.

Josh sat down across from his brother and Athos, the deck filled with a quiet reflection.

Josh's eyes met Steve's, the two brothers staring at each other.

"I've forgotten that you're not a small boy anymore, Steve. I can't believe how much you've grown."
Steve stared at Josh, seeing the tears showing in his eyes.

"I guess I can't call you Steve any longer, Tyler."
Jolan's eyes went to Steve, the young man smiling softly.
"My name is Tyler actually, Jo. Josh started calling me Steve when I was young, because of his love for Steve Tyler's music. It kind of stuck. I've been Steve ever since."
Jolan smiled, looking at Athos, then at Justin and Chace.
He saw in their eyes that they knew this truth already.
Steve smiled, looking into his older brother's blue eyes.
"I've always been your big brother, Steve. But I see now that I need to be something else."
"What do you need to be, Josh?" Steve said, Josh hearing the emotion in his voice.

"I need to be your friend."
Steve stared at his brother, Josh getting up, lowering himself before his brother.

"I'm sorry, Steve. I'm sorry that I didn't have the love you have in your soul. That I didn't have the depth of love within my heart that you have for your Athos."
Athos stared at Josh, the man staring into his violet eyes.

"Forgive me for calling you a freak, Athos. You are far from it. The only freak showing here today was me."
Steve's hand went to his brother's shoulder.

"I love you, Josh. What you said hurt so much, hurt my Athos as well. He's nothing like you said he was, Josh. Athos is the love of my heart. I love him so much."
Josh smiled, looking at the Archanian.

"I know, Steve. And I know he loves you just as much. I need to tell both of you why I lashed out at you. It was because of my own doubts. My own doubts of who I wanted to love."
Athos and Steve both looked confused, Josh standing up again, walking over beside Jolan's chair.

"I lashed out at you both because of my own fear. My fear that you were going to love Athos in the way that I wanted to love Jolan. My own doubts clouded my love for him."
The two young men looked shocked, their eyes going to Justin.

The man smiled at them, his eyes on Josh and Jolan.

"You need to understand the situation of my love, Steve. I've fallen in love with three souls of love. But my heart was clouded with inner doubts of my love for one of them. That loving man today washed away those doubts. He did that by showing me the beauty of your love."
Steve and Athos looked at each other, Josh walking back to them, the two standing up.

"I'm sorry, Steve. And I'm sorry, Athos. I'm sorry that I didn't see the real love before me. I now see the depth of your new love for each other. It shines as equally as my  love for Jolan, Justin and Chace. Today you made me see what real love is. I'm so sorry for what I said." Josh said, tears rolling down his cheeks.

Athos moved forward, enveloping the man in his arms, Steve smiling at him.
"I forgive you, Josh. I want you to know I'll never hurt him. I'll only ever love him."
Josh nodded, wiping his eyes, the Archanian smiling at him.

"I'm sorry I lashed out at you, Athos. I see now the beauty and giving love of your heart. My brother will forever be happy with that love."
Athos smiled, Josh looking at Steve.

His younger brother was in his arms in a moment, those surrounding them smiling.

"I love you, Steve. I'm so happy you've found love."
"I love you, Josh. Now tell me all about this new foursome of love."
Josh smiled, his three soulmates smiling at him.

"Sit down, guys. You need to hear about Jolan's drawing love. It's magical." Josh said, smiling at Jolan, the young man smiling back.

Justin smiled, sitting beside Jolan, seeing the new look of total happiness in Josh's eyes.

His and Jolan's grey eyes met, Jolan's love sinking into Justin's heart.


"Goodbye, you precious angels." Auntie Gee said, her face covered in tears as she hugged Justin and Jolan together, the two smiling, Leo smiling behind her, his arm around Kelly.

The two were standing in the resort's lobby, Josh and Chace beside them, all four being embraced by their family and friends.

Hayden was in his mother's arms, Sandra kissing Jolan's cheek, Jessica kissing Justin's as Auntie Gee released them.

"Me be goods, Daddy. I'm going to have lots of fun!" Hayden grinned, Jolan laughing and kissing his cheek.

"I'm sure you will, my son. You be good and Daddy and Poppa will call you tonight, just before bed, okay?" he said, Hayden smiling and nodding.

"We will talks in our souls, Daddy! Me not be lonely, me with Mommy and Momma. You and Poppa have fun too!"
Josh laughed, Sandra smiling at him.

Justin was smiling, the man kissing the boy's cheeks repeatedly, Jolan's arm going around his husband.

"We have to go, Jus. We love you, Hay." Jolan said, Justin kissing him one last time.

"Me loves you, Daddy and Poppa. Me be okay."
Justin smiled, Jolan gently guiding him towards the front entrance of the resort.

Sam shook his hand, Jolan smiling at him.

"Thanks for everything, Sam. We'll definitely be back soon."
Sam smiled, Justin shaking his hand as well.

The man talked to all four, giving them his best.

"You're both welcome anytime. As are all your family and friends. Have fun, and come back soon."

Both men smiled, Sam shaking Josh's and Chace's hands.

The four smiled, looking around, seeing that everyone had left.

"I guess we've been ditched." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Not ditched, set up."

The three looked at him, Jolan smiling.

His finger moved, pointing towards the front doors.

On the other side of the doors stood all of their friends and family outside.

"Traditions, my friends. Prepare for rice and love." Jolan said, taking his Justin's hand, the four smiling and walking towards the doors.

They walked through them, their friends and family surrounding them, rice thrown at all four.

Leis were put around their necks, kisses of motherly love given to all four.

Chris and Joey were pelting them with rice, the four laughing, Chris pouring it down Jolan's shirt at the neck.

"Rice can itch too, my friend. Have fun, boys!" Chris laughed, Jolan feeling the rice go down his back and into his shorts.

Jolan laughed, Justin guiding him towards a waiting limousine.

The four waved goodbye among the shower of rice, climbing into the limo.

Jolan was flapping his Hawaiian shirt around, rice spilling all over the car.

The other three laughed, brushing it out of their hair.

Justin leaned over, kissing Jolan's lips.

"No worries, my love. We three will lick it all off of you."
Jolan laughed, feeling the rice slip into his ass crack.

"It's everywhere, guys."
The three grinned, Jolan laughing.

The limo pulled out of the resort's entrance, heading towards the airport.

"So where to now, Jus?" Chace said, Josh kissing his neck.

"To happiness and love, my angels."
Jolan smiled, snuggling against his man, the four smiling as they drove towards happiness.


Justin smiled, looking at his lover sound asleep beside him.

Josh was seated across from them, Chace laying across the couch he sat on, his head in Josh's lap.

Both young men were sound asleep, the flight's quietness lulling them into slumber.

Josh smiled across at Justin, his best friend smiling back.

The four sat on a sleek white jet, streaming across the sky, en route to their honeymoon location.

The jet's use had been a gift from Calen and the Dragosan clan.

It was one of their top jets, Calen giving Justin full use of it to surprise their Jolan.

Jolan had been indeed surprised when they'd climbed out of the limo in the hangar, the jet coming into view.

Jolan saw the logo on the plane's tail wing, identifying it as a Dragosan jet.

"Calen offered it to us, as part of their wedding gift. I wanted the element of surprise in regards to our honeymoon. He gave it with love. He wanted his favorite nephew surprised."
Jolan had smiled, the four climbing the jet's stairway.

Here now it was a few hours later, the group relaxing in the jet's comfort.

"I think they'll be greatly surprised." Josh said, Justin smiling at him from the seat across from him.

"I do hope so, Joshy. I want this to be so special for Jo."
Josh smiled, looking at his friend.

"Your love--and ours--will make it special."

Justin smiled, looking at his best friend.

"I saw the hugs your mother and father gave you, and Steve's as well. I take it your family meeting went well?"
Josh smiled, thinking about his brother and his parents.

The five had met, Steve divulging to his parents his truths.

"Steve's got a lot of courage in him. I remember how terrified I was when I came out to Mom and Dad."
"He comes by it naturally, as by his love. Your parents are just as loving."
Josh smiled, nodding.

"They welcomed Athos into the family with open arms. Just like they did my Chace."
Justin smiled, seeing the tears in his best friend's eyes.

"They'll love both of them, just like their sons."

Josh smiled, the two talking about the last few days.

A few hours later Jolan woke up, stretching then snuggling against his Justin.

"Are we almost there, my love?"
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek, handing Jolan a glass of orange juice.

Jolan smiled, looking across at Josh and Chace.

"About another hour, my love. But no peeking out of the windows. I had the stewardess close them all."
Jolan smiled, seeing the happiness in Justin's blue eyes, and the childlike mirth at being in on a big surprise.

"Okay, my love. But this better be good."
Justin laughed, Jolan smiling at him, sipping the glass of orange juice.

"So, anyone a member of the mile high club yet?" Jolan said, smiling at the three surrounding him.

Josh laughed, Chace grinning.

"No words need saying. You horn dogs." Jolan said, laughing.

Chace grinned, his head laying on Josh's shoulder.

"Hey, this young tiger wasn't horny. My Joshy followed me into the john. I was going on a purpose, he was going on a need."

Josh smiled, pulling his Chace tighter against him.

"I needed my husband's love. I'll follow him anywhere for that."
Jolan and Justin smiled, Jolan snuggling more into Justin.

The four smiled, lightly chatting, their happiness building.

Justin smiled, looking at his watch.


The plane touched down, taxiing into a hangar, coming to a full stop.

Chace smiled at Jolan, the four standing up when the plane stopped.

Justin smiled at the stewardess, the young woman smiling at all four.

"The items you've requested are ready, Mr. Timberlake." she smiled, Justin grinning widely.

"Thank you, Denise. Please bring them in."
The young woman smiled, walking back into the plane's kitchen area, returning a few moments later.

In her hand she carried two black swatches of cloth.

Jolan looked at Justin.

"Blindfolds, my love?"
Justin and Josh both grinned, the stewardess handing each man one.

"Total surprise, my love. Now please let me put this on."

Jolan shook his head, a smile crossing his face.

"Alright, my love. Guide me to your place of love."
Justin grinned, placing the black cloth over Jolan's eyes, Josh doing the same for a smiling Chace.

Denise smiled at the two men, walking back into the kitchen area, returning with four jackets.

"Stand still, my love. I have to dress you."
Jolan cocked his head, feeling Justin putting his arm into a jacket.

"Wow, Jus. This is a warm jacket. Are we somewhere cold?"

Justin smiled, kissing his Jolan's cheek when he finished putting the jacket on him.

Josh was doing the same for Chace.

"Must I cover your mouth too? Don't analyze everything, just go with the flow."

Jolan smiled, nodding his head, remaining silent.

Josh and Justin donned their jackets, both men thanking Denise, the stewardess walking to the plane's cabin door, opening it, dropping down the stairway.

Josh and Justin guided their men forward, Jolan saying thank you to the stewardess, Chace giving his thanks as well, Josh and Justin guiding their husbands down the steps into the hangar, a large black SUV waiting for them.

The driver nodded at Justin, Justin smiling at him.

Jolan remained silent, Justin guiding him into the waiting vehicle, its inner warmth hitting him immediately.

The four piled in, the vehicle taking off, driving out of the hangar into the late night's cool air.

The driver smiled back at all four, the vehicle driving through the moonlit late night.

Justin and Josh looked around, seeing the tranquil beauty of the surrounding scenery.

"How long of a car trip ahead, Jus? Who's driving?" Jolan asked, the driver smiling back at him.

"My name is Bernard, Mr. Dragos. I shall be your personal driver for the next week. I am at your disposal, day or night. Welcome to my home of beauty."
Jolan smiled, liking the man's voice.

"Bernard? Is that German?"
Justin laughed, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Nice try, sneaky. We're not in Germany."

Jolan laughed, Josh chuckling.

"Kudos, Jo. I'm totally lost at where we are. We could be in Minnesota, for all I know." Chace said, Jolan now laughing.

"Or in a cave one hundred miles below the earth. I guess we'll just have to let the kids lead us on."
Josh and Justin laughed, snuggling against their husbands.


The vehicle pulled into a driveway, Justin and Josh both smiling widely, the SUV coming to a stop.

"Welcome to your home away from home for the next week, gentlemen. May its beauty shine in your eyes. The view is quite spectacular."
Justin opened his door, climbing out of the vehicle, helping Jolan climb out.

Jolan felt the coolness of the air, taking in a deep breath.

"Wow, very cool. But I don't hear penguins."
Justin laughed, guiding his lover forward, Josh behind them, Chace's arm in his.

Bernard stayed at the vehicle, pulling out their suitcases, a wide smile on his face.

He smiled, pulling out the bags.

Justin put the keys in the door's lock, Bernard having handed them to him when they climbed out of the vehicle.

"We're going inside, then I want to guide you upstairs to a special place."
"Okay, my love. Lead on."
Justin smiled, opening the door, guiding his Jolan forward.

The four men walked into the house, Josh smiling around at its inner beauty.

"Wow! It's beautiful, Jus."
"Yes it is, Joshy. I love the furniture." Jolan said, Justin laughing.

"Soon my love. Let's just get the view over with." Justin said, guiding Jolan to the left, Jolan walking up the staircase Justin led him up, Josh and Chace following.

The four walked upstairs, Justin opening another door, Jolan feeling the cold air again.

Justin guided him outside, lining him up beside Chace, Justin and Josh on each side of the two young men.

"Alright, my loves. Welcome to our wintry heaven of love." Justin said, removing Jolan's blindfold, Josh doing the same for Chace.

The two young men rubbed their eyes, staring forward.

Their breaths caught in their throats, staring out at a snowy, beautiful scene of scenic love.

"Oh, Jus. It's. . .it's so beautiful." Jolan said, Justin kissing his cheek.

"From Hawaiian warmth and sunshine to Swiss landscapes of beauty and snow."
Jolan and Chace both smiled, looking around, seeing they were standing on the second floor of a large wooden chalet, nestled among a grove of large pines.

"We're in Switzerland, Jus?" Chace said in awe.

"Yes, Chace. The Bernese Alps to be exact. Before us is Oeschinen Lake, its beauty shining."
Jolan's grey eyes took in the vision of the beautiful dark lake nestled between the mountainous Alps.

"Oh, Jus! It's so beautiful!" Jolan said again, Justin pulling him into his arms, kissing him deeply.

"Welcome to our wintry honeymoon. Nights of warm loving surrounded by snow."
Josh and Chace smiled, the four men looking out on the snowy mountains, their hearts filled with happiness.




End of Chapter 129


And so Justin has led his soulmates to a wintry landscape of love.

Imagine the four of them in a cabin, alone with each other's love.

I'm hoping to make it romantic, with a little tawdriness thrown in for good measure.

Plus the usual surprises.


I hoped you liked the short drama with Josh and his brother.

I wanted to show that even a man in love may have doubt in his heart.

And a greater love made him look at himself.


Up next: Wolfen love shows itself, and two others fall in love with the Badenwolf beast.


Hugs, Angel.