Jolan's Path - Chapter 130


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 130


Jolan smiled, his eyes taking in the shadowy vision of the Swiss Alps before him, Justin's arm around his waist.

"It's so beautiful, Jus. So breathtakingly beautiful."

Justin smiled, kissing his husband's cheek.

"Wait till you see the chalet!"
Chace and Jolan both smiled, their husbands guiding them back into the cabin.

The four walked into the chalet, walking forward to a railed landing.

Jolan and Chace looked down from the second floor, their eyes taking in the inner wooden decor.

A large stone fireplace rose upwards on one wall, reaching the ceiling of the first floor, going upwards into the second floor of the cabin.

Before the downstairs fireplace were couches and chairs; creating a cheery, warm, cozy center to relax in warmth during the cold nights.

Justin grinned, taking Jolan's hand, guiding him down the stairs again, Josh and Chace following.

The walked around the first floor, Justin showing them the kitchen to the left of the fireplace, it large and filled with the latest amenities.

The refrigerator was well stocked, Jolan smiling.

"There's three bedrooms upstairs, a full bathroom including walk-in shower, bathtub and Jacuzzi." Justin said, Chace smiling at him.

"Downstairs--including this kitchen--are four rooms. One houses a full gym, weight room and exercise equipment. One is a dining room, and the final room is a games room, which has a full pool table, dartboards, and video games. We'll want for nothing, my loves."
The three smiled at Justin, his face covered in a wide happy smile.

"Let me show you all of them."
The three followed him, Justin showing them each room.

They all marveled at the cleanliness and beauty of each room.

The four knew in their hearts the next week would be wonderful and loving.

The four walked out of the games room, Jolan smiling at seeing a man standing at the front door's entrance, his arms filled with the last of the bags he'd brought in.

"So what do you think of the old place?" the man smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"It's truly beautiful, Bernard." Jolan said, the man smiling, setting down the bags, walking up to the four men.

"It's nice to meet you again, Mr. Crawford and Mr. Dragos." the man said, smiling at Jolan and Chace.

Jolan smiled, shaking his offered hand, Chace doing the same.

"And it's nice to finally see you. But actually it's Mr. Timberlake-Dragos." Jolan smiled, Justin's face beaming.

"And I'm Mr. Chasez-Crawford." Chace grinned, Josh's eyes on his beautiful face.

"But you can call us Jolan and Chace, Bernard." Jolan said, smiling at the man.

The older man smiled at him, Jolan's grey eyes taking in his rugged, handsome face.

Jolan's grey eyes met his husband's blue, Justin smiling at him.

"I take it Uncle Calen told you about this place, Jus?"

Justin looked surprised, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, Jo. He'd told me about it at Christmas. How did you know that?"
Jolan smiled, his eyes returning to Bernard's staring face.

"I feel the beauty, warmth and love of this place. Nestled in the pines and beauty of the Alps. And I know in my heart it is nestled in the hearts of my Sumsarian brethren."
Bernard's eyes widened a bit, Jolan smiling at him.

"The red mark of truth shines upon your brow, Bernard. Your Sumsarian heart shines for me to see."
The man looked surprised now, Jolan's three soulmates showing surprise as well.

"Welcome. . .welcome to my home, Jolan." the older man said, Jolan's hand going to the man's shoulder.

"You have lived here all your life?"
The man nodded, a smile of happiness crossing his face.

"Yes, Jolan. The mountains are my home."

Jolan smiled, the other three smiling at the older man.

"Your uncles have visited here often through the years. The Dragosan clan have stood by us forever."
Jolan smiled, patting the man's shoulder.

"It is wonderful to have brethren around me again."
The man smiled, nodding.

"Word of your truths and life have reached all corners of this world, Great One. I am honored to be at your service this week. Ask anything of me and I shall see it done."
Jolan smiled, looking into the man's blue eyes.

"I only ask for happiness, relaxation and joy. My husband and friends shall see to that. I am not that great of a one. But I welcome your friendship and warm smile."
The man smiled, Jolan hugging him, the other three smiling at the touching scene.

The older man smiled, feeling the warmth of Jolan's friendship.

"Your uncle was right, Jolan. He told me to be prepared for the warmth of your greatness. I see for myself the truth in his words. Welcome to the Bernese Alps."
Jolan thanked the man, Bernard smiling at all four.

"It is getting late. I must return to my own home on the western slopes. My numbers are on the listing on the coffee table. I am at your service--day or night--as I stated."
Jolan smiled, shaking the man's hand as he offered it again, the other three shaking it as well.

"We shall be alright tonight and probably tomorrow, Bernard. But the four of us want to explore this hamlet over the next few days."
Bernard smiled, nodding his head.

"The village of Kandersteg is only a mile below this mountain cabin. It is in walking distance. But whenever you wish to explore the farther area call me."
Jolan nodded, the older man smiling, walking out of the chalet.

Justin's arms went around his Jolan, Josh and Chace smiling at him.

"You are amazing, my love. You see so much."
Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I see before me three visions of beauty. And my three soulmates of honeymoon love. Who wants my freezing ass first?"
The three men laughed, Jolan's laughter joining them.

"Point taken! I'll start a fire in the fireplace. We want your ass warm for us. You three go explore the upstairs. The last room on the right will be our love nest." Justin smiled, Jolan kissing him.

"Be right back, my frosty lover."
Justin smiled, Josh and Chace both kissing his lips as well, the three heading for the stairs again, while Justin headed for the fireplace.


Jolan, Josh and Chace stood in the entrance of the large bedroom at the end of the hall upstairs.

In its center was a large king size bed, covered in a warm duvet of silvery beauty.

Many pillows were at its head, the three seeing the beauty of the surrounding furnishings.

A stone fireplace stood on one wall, an extension of the fireplace below them in the living room.

A large couch and chairs huddled around it, the three smiling.

On the left side were two glass double doors, the three walking up to them looking out.

A balcony was shown, the darkened sky giving them only a shadowy glimpse of the view laying outside.

"A beautiful love nest as Justin said." Chace said, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"We shall be beyond happy here. It starts tonight with our joining love." Jolan said, Josh's blue eyes meeting his.

"I should start a fire here as well, Jo. So that it's warm for us later." Josh said, Jolan's lips meeting his, Chace smiling at the two.

"The warmth in this room shall be our love, my giving angels."
Josh smiled, Jolan lightly slapping his ass.

"But our freezing asses do need fiery heat. Get to it, sexy."

Josh laughed, walking over to the fireplace.

Chace smiled at Jolan, the man's hand going in his.

"Let's return to the warmth of the downstairs. There will be time enough for the warmth of this room."
Chace smiled, Josh looking towards them and smiling.

"Let's get some food ready for our husbands. I so want to eat in front of a roaring fire." Chace said, Jolan smiling and pulling him out of the room.

Josh and Justin sat on one of the two couches they'd moved in front of the fireplace downstairs.

The fire was roaring in the stone center, its warmth filling the large room.

Justin's blue eyes were taking in its glowing beauty, Josh's arms around him, his lips kissing Justin's warm neck.

"You'd make a hell of a woodsman, Jus." Josh said, continuing to kiss his neck.

"It's just a fire, Joshy. I didn't build the place. But thanks for the compliment." he smiled, Josh's lips meeting his.

Justin felt the love and desire in Josh's warm lips, their need showing.

"Calmness, my angel. The boys are bringing us food. First we nourish then we love."
Josh smiled, his lips breaking from Justin's, the two smiling softly at each other.

"Did you ever dream it, Jus? That you and I would be here? Married, and loved so much."

Justin smiled, hearing the happiness in Josh's voice.

"Yes, Josh. I dreamed for quite a while that I'd one day have your love. I just never imagined that it would triple. That two others would fill my heart as you have. I've been triply blessed. My Jo's love the greatest. My dreams have tripled in their love."
Josh smiled, the two kissing again, Justin's hand going to Josh's chest, slipping under his shirt, their kiss intensifying.

"Hey, slow down horndogs! Don't deny us your love."
The two broke their kiss, their blue eyes going to Chace, he and Jolan smiling at them, both carrying trays filled with food.

Justin sat up, moving stuff off the large coffee table in front of him, making room for the food Chace and Jolan set down in front of them.

The two men smiled, seeing the feast before them.

There were four plates filled with delicacies, one for each of them.

Two other platters held extra food, Jolan smiling as he and Chace set it all down.

"There! Our banquet of honeymoon love." he said, Chace setting down his tray, a bottle of wine and four glasses included on it.

The two on the couch smiled, Jolan and Chace looking at each other.

"I guess we're stuck with each other, my Jo. My Joshy's been claimed by our Jus."
Josh smiled, his hand taking Chace's pulling him down on the couch into his lap, his lips meeting his.

Justin sat beside them, his eyes looking up at Jolan.

"Care to make it four, my love?"
Jolan smiled, the three sets of blue meeting his loving grey.

"No thanks, Jus. I know what Chace is like eating. I'd be covered in his lost food."
Justin laughed, Chace and Josh laughing as well, Chace sticking out his tongue, Jolan smiling.

"Save that delicacy for later. I still have rice on my ass."

The four laughed, Jolan sitting down on the other couch beside them, Justin joining him in a heartbeat, the two couples joined together in front of the food.

"Dig in, guys, while it's warm." Jolan smiled, handing Justin his plate, Justin snuggling against his Jo, Josh and Chace snuggled together, Chace laying across the couch, his body still in Josh's lap.

Jolan smiled, watching Josh feed Chace from his plate.

Jolan and Justin dove into the food, smiling at each other and their friends.


Justin sighed, snuggled against his Jolan, his body laying across the couch, his torso in Jolan's lap.

Jolan was rubbing his stomach, Justin contently smiling.

"I'm stuffed, and it's so warm and beautiful here, Jo." he softly said, looking around the room, his blue eyes looking into the fire.

"It is that, my love." Jolan said, kissing his lover's cheek.

"A wonderful idea, Justin. From sunny love to wintry love." Josh said, smiling at his friend.

The other two agreed, Justin smiling at their happiness for his surprise.

"I thought so, too. I've always loved winter."

The four smiled, sipping their glasses of wine, contented smiles on their faces.

Jolan stifled a soft yawn, Justin kissing his lips.

"You're tired my love?" he softly said, Josh and Chace staring at him as well.

"No, Jus. Just contented, and happy. And a little warm."
Justin smiled, Jolan's arms going around him more.

"You're sure you're not tired, babe? You were up early this morning."

"Let's see. I'm in a warm cabin in the darkness of a wintry landscape in the center of mountains. In my arms is the husband of my dreams. And across from me are two men of unbelievable beauty and love. They are now a part of me as well. I shall never tire of your love that surrounds me."

The three were smiling, soft tears of love showing in their blue eyes.

"You have such a beautiful way with words, Jo." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"And you have such a beautiful way with your love, Joshua. All three of us feel its beauty."
Josh smiled, Chace snuggling against his chest.

"Yep, we feel its total beauty." Chace said, Josh kissing his soft lips.

Jolan felt Justin's lips on his neck, sensing the love surrounding him moving to a higher stage.

Jolan smiled, moving a bit, Justin moving as Jolan guided him to sit up.

Josh and Chace broke their kiss, the two smiling at Jolan.

"Before our love opens to its total beauty--and the four of us are washed away by it--I'd like to voice my love."
The three smiled, Chace sitting up, Josh snuggling against him, the three sets of blue eyes staring at Jolan.

Jolan stood up, walking up to the fireplace, his arm going to the mantle, his grey eyes staring into the fiery embers, feeling the fire's warmth.

"I love all three of you. Equal love and beauty you show to my grey eyes. I've never been so happy. It's like I'm in the middle of a dream of total love."

The three teared up, watching the young man before them, hearing Jolan's love.

"The last two days have been so moving, so entrenched with your love." he said, his head turning, all three staring into his grey, softly glowing, eyes.

The three smiled at him, Jolan's face taking on a look of total beauty.

"It began with your surprise of love, my Jus. Your question written to me with love. You asked me to become a part of you forever. I now am. I am yours forever."
Justin stood up, walking up to his Jolan, his arms going around him.

"I love you, Jolan. Now and forever."
Jolan smiled, Justin lost in the beauty of that smile.

Their lips met, the kiss steeped in their joined love.

Josh and Chace sat on the couch, staring at their friend's love so openly displayed.

"You love is beautiful, Jus and Jo. Josh and I see its total truth."
The two broke their kiss, their eyes meeting the two on the couch, Jolan's face smiling at them with so much love.

"The second truth of these past days was the two of you. You offered your day of love to us. You let us join on that day of your happiness. Justin and I feel your love for us, that gift so easily given. We both have your love now. If the two of you will agree, Justin and I would like to have it forever."
Josh and Chace were in tears, the two standing up, walking up to the other twosome, the four staring at each other.

Three sets of blue pools of love looked into the two eyes of a grey-eyed man of total love.

"I love you, Josh and Chace. Your love is equal now to my Jus'. All four of us feel that truth."
The three smiled, their eyes filled with love and tears.

"I want to love you three forever. Would the three of you love me?"
"Yes, always." all three said together, Jolan smiling at his soulmates.

"Let's join hands, and bind that love forever."
Josh's hand went out, Jolan taking it, Justin's hand going into Jolan's other hand, Chace's hands going in Josh's and Justin's.

The four stood together, each looking at the other three.

"We shall love each other, now and forever. I love all three of you. My Jus, my Josh and my Chace. I am yours forever."

The three teared up, Jolan nodding at Justin.

"We shall love each other, now and forever. I love all three of you. My Jo, my Josh and my Chace. I am yours forever."

The other two gave the same words of love, Jolan and Justin smiling at them.

"We shall love each other, now and forever. I love all three of you. My Chace, my Jo and my Jus. I am yours forever."

Chace smiled at his husband, feeling no unchanged love in his soul for him, the young man smiling at the other two before him.

"We shall love each other, now and forever. I love all three of you. My Josh, my Jus and my loving Jo. I am yours forever."
All four smiled at each other, Jolan's grey eyes glowing more.

"We are four of love now, each other's forever. I seal this love with my soul."
Jolan leaned forward, his lips meeting Josh's, the man lost in the love he felt flowing through him.

Jolan broke the kiss, Josh's eyes closed, the love captured in his heart.

Jolan's lips then met Chace's, the young man feeling the same flowing love.

His eyes were closed when the kiss was broken, the love captured.

Jolan's lips finally met Justin's, Justin feeling the unchanged love that had fed his soul since the moment he'd first looked into Jolan's grey eyes. Now it was tripled in its beauty.

The two broke their kiss, Justin's eyes slowly opening, Josh and Chace's as well.

The three stared at Jolan, now seeing a soft yellow glow staring at them.

"Yesterday you revealed to the three of us your heart and your doubts, our Josh. Your doubts at what I might become."
Josh's blue eyes teared up, staring at the man of beauty before him.

"I see what you shall become now, Jolan. You shall become our love."
Jolan smiled, his yellowish eyes staring at Justin for a moment, then into Chace's and Josh's blue orbs.

"We are now four, four of love and beauty. And love begins with honesty, trust and truth. I shall not hide from you the beast that lays within me. I bare before you all of me, all of the inner truth that I am."

Jolan stepped back, breaking the contact with Josh and Justin, the three looking at him.

"I need you to love all of me, Joshua and Chace. Please love all of me as my Jus does." Jolan said, tears falling from the yellow glowing eyes staring at them.

Jolan's hand went to his clothing, his shirt leaving his body, his pants and briefs joining it on the floor.

The three stared at Jolan, seeing his revealed naked beauty.

Justin's eyes stared at him with love knowing the beast of his heart was about to show itself.

Jolan and Chace stared at each other, Chace smiling at him.

Josh's blue eyes met Jolan's, the two staring into their souls.

"I love you, Josh. And the beast wants to love you as well."
Josh teared up, staring at him, Jolan's physique beginning to transform.

Josh and Chace stared in shocked surprise as the beast appeared before them.

Jolan's body heightened, his muscular form changing; the beauty, strength and hairiness of the beast showing itself.

Josh stood in silence, watching a beast of beauty appear before him.

Each change, each muscular change of physicality showed itself, Josh watching the beast's transformation.

His blue eyes took in the beauty of the muscled animal before him, Jolan's body taller and more muscular.

Josh's eyes went over every hairy inch of the beast's body, his eyes focusing on the beast's center, seeing the largeness of that as well.

Josh's eyes rose, staring into two yellow eyes of unbelievable love.

In those yellow orbs Josh saw a deep intensity, a deep love. The beast's soul was drawing him to it through its eyes.

Josh saw so much love embedded there.

He felt an arm go around him, Justin now standing between Chace and Josh, seeing his two soulmates staring at Jolan with such wonder and awed love showing in their eyes.

"Behold the beauty of his loving truth. He is the beast of my heart. And he wants to claim both of you as well. He wants to possess your love. Do not be afraid of his love. It shall be so beautiful." Justin said, his lips going to Josh's neck, Josh feeling his love beside him.

"He. . .he's so beautiful. I. . .didn't expect this. . .this vision of muscular love. . .he's so beautiful." he softly said, Justin smiling, kissing Josh on the lips now.

"Go to him, Joshua. Offer him what he needs. He needs your love."
Josh teared up, his feet beginning to move, Justin's arm still around Chace, Chace looking into his blue eyes.

"He is so beautiful, Jus. I never imagined how beautiful he would be. I. . .I want to love him."
Justin smiled, kissing Chace on the lips, Chace feeling his love.

"Then love him, Chace. For his and my love shall be yours forever."
Chace smiled, the two kissing again, their eyes going to Josh.

The beast remained still, its chest heaving with every breath, its yellow eyes staring into Josh's blue.

Josh stood in front of the beast, taking in the closeness of its hairy beauty.

Josh stared up into the beast's yellow eyes, seeing the depth of the love burning there.

His hand went out slowly, resting against the chest of the beast.

Josh felt its instant warmth, strength and firmness.

A soft growl came from that chest, rising upwards and out of the beast's mouth.

The beast's head lowered, Josh's rising up again, the two staring at each other.

"I love you, Jolan. Both images of your love." Josh said, his voice filled with emotion.

The beast's arms encircled the man, Josh drawn against the beast's chest.

Josh was wrapped in a warmth of unbelievable tenderness and love.

His arms wrapped around the beast, feeling the heat of the animal's warmth.

Chace moved forward, walking up to his husband and the beast, the beast's yellow eyes staring at him.

Josh felt the beast release him, Josh stepping back, turning and looking into his husband's blue eyes.

"He is love, he is Jolan. The beast is Jolan's love and strength personified."
Chace smiled, the beast's arm going out, pulling the young man against him, their eyes meeting.

Chace was soon wrapped in the beast's arms, feeling the same love Josh had felt.

Josh stood beside them, Justin's arm going around him.

Their eyes met, Justin smiling at him.

"It is time my beast of love comes to both of you. It's time the four of us were together in all ways."
Josh teared up, the beast releasing Chace, the young man smiling up at him.

The beast's head raised, a loud howl filling the room, the three men staring at him.

The beast moved, running across the room, opening the front door, rushing out into the darkness.


Josh and Chace stared after him, Justin standing beside them.

"He left us, Jus." Josh said softly, Justin's hand going to his shoulder, the other to Chace's.

"No, my loves. Our Jolan just needs a moment to himself. He needs to fill his soul with the truth he just saw. He needs to wrap his mind around that truth."
"What truth, Jus?" Chace asked, Justin smiling at him, then Josh.

"The truth that the two of you still love him. That the two of you don't fear the beast, that you are attracted to his animal self."
"I don't fear him, Jus. I saw Jolan's love in the beast's eyes." Josh said, Justin smiling at those words.

"I'm glad, Joshua. I'm happy that you now don't fear the beast. He'll be back soon. Jolan will accept what lays now in his heart. That you and our Chace love all of him."

Chace and Josh both smiled, Justin leaning forward, his lips meeting Josh's.

Josh felt his friend's love deeply, Chace staring at both.

"I love you for loving my beast, my Josh. And you as well, Chace. We four now can be one forever."
Josh smiled, Justin's lips meeting Chace's, Josh's hand going to Justin's chest as he kissed his husband.

"Let's go upstairs, my loves. I'm not sure how long Jo will be. Let's love each other until he returns. And then our true love shall show itself."
Josh and Chace smiled, Justin taking each of their hands, guiding them towards the stairs.


Justin moaned, feeling the hands and mouths tasting his body.

Josh was in front of him, Josh's lips on Justin's right nipple, the nub in his mouth, his hand stroking Justin's enlarged shaft.
Justin was leaning forward, two hands rubbing his ass cheeks, a tongue licking deeply within his center.

"Oh, Chace! Oh God that's fantastic!" he moaned, Chace's tongue sinking deeper.

The three had gone upstairs, removing their clothing, their hands and lips tasting each other.

The three were now kneeling in bed, their naked bodies joined in love and need.

Justin was in the center of his friend's love.

Josh and Chace had lovingly removed every piece of clothing from his body, their lips and fingers sending him to heaven.

The two had removed their husband's clothing, the three joined on the bed, their bodies warming each other.

The flames in the fireplace in the bedroom provided a deep warmth in the room, the three softly glowing with sweat.

"Oh God, Joshy. Your lips and fingers are so electrifying." Justin moaned, Josh's lips meeting Justin's, Chace's body moving upwards, his arms wrapping around Justin's torso, his lips on his left ear, sucking the lobe.

The three stopped suddenly, hearing a steady footstep coming up the cabin's staircase, their eyes meeting.

The footsteps moved down the hall, the three holding each other, their eyes moving to the room's open doorway.

Justin's eyes met two grey eyes as they appeared in the room, Jolan staring at all three men.

Jolan was naked, his smooth body shown to all three.

Justin moved off the bed, walking up to his husband, Jolan's grey eyes filled with tears.

"We waited for you, my love. Our love isn't complete without you."
Jolan smiled, Justin's arms going around him.

"I love you, Jus. I love you so much!"

Justin pulled Jolan into his arms, Josh and Chace moving off the bed, the two men at their sides, their arms around Jolan as well.

"I love you, my Jo."
Their lips met, Josh and Chace smiling at both.

"I can't go through with it, my love. I can't unleash the beast upon them."

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"It's alright, my love."
"The beast's love is yours alone, Justin. Only yours. I cannot love the two of you as the beast, Josh and Chace. I'm so sorry!" Jolan said, a sob coming from his chest, Josh's arm going around him more.

"Oh, Jo. Chace and I love you. And we love the beast you showed us tonight. We love him because we knew it was you, an extension of you. An extension of your strength and power. I don't fear you anymore, Jo. Not when I've seen the beauty of the beast."
Jolan wiped his eyes, staring into Josh's blue eyes, Josh smiling at him.

"The beast of Badenwolf love belongs to only one. Justin is that beast's mate. Chace and I love you, Jo. And we respect the sanctity of your Badenwolf soul, and Justin's claim to it."
Jolan smiled, Justin's blue eyes filled with tears, their eyes meeting.

"You are my mate of Badenwolf love, Jolan. I shall be that beast's only love."

Jolan smiled again, Chace kissing his cheek, smiling at him.

"Thank you for showing us all of your inner soul, Jolan. Our love for you remains the same. The man of male beauty excites us and gives us so much love. Justin's soul lays claim to all of you. We love you and shall always love you."
Jolan teared up, Chace leaning forward and kissing Jolan's lips.

Josh smiled beside him, his blue eyes meeting Justin's.

"You gave us a vision of your inner soul, Jolan. Your inner strength and courage. We feel that protective love in our souls. We know in our hearts that beast will love us and protect us. But its heart remains Justin's."
Jolan smiled, Chace grinning.

"I'm not really into hairy guys anyway, Jo. All that hair in my teeth! Yuck!"

Jolan laughed, wiping his grey eyes, Josh and Justin laughing, smiling at Chace.

Jolan's grey eyes met all three blue pools individually.

"My love is here for all three of you. The wolf's love is only yours, Jus."
Justin smiled, seeing no yellow in Jolan's eyes.

"Tonight the four of us shall love each other. I need all three of you." he said, Josh's lips meeting Justin's.

Chace and Jolan looked at each other, their lips meeting.

Justin broke Josh's tender kiss, their blue eyes meeting.

"I need your love inside me, Jus. I need to give you your lost dream."

Justin teared up, Josh pulling him slowly towards the bed, Chace and Jolan breaking their kiss, staring at their husbands.

"Josh's love and need shall overwhelm him. It always has that effect on me."
"My love is just as needful, Chace." Jolan said, the young actor smiling at him.

"I love you, Jo. Please show me its need."
Jolan smiled, pulling the man towards the bed, the two joining their husbands on the bed.


Jolan sighed, his grey eyes taking in the rising sun.

He stood on the bedroom's balcony, staring out into the dawn's streaking sky.

His vision took in a scene of immense beauty and inspiring panorama.

Before him lay Oeschinen Lake, the blue water surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

He saw a soft glare coming off the lake, knowing patches of ice covered its top.

He smiled, his eyes taking in the forested slopes of the mountains, the view so beautiful.

He spotted patches of color on the meadow before the lake, flowers beginning to blossom with the spring's warmth.

He strained to his left, catching a glimpse of the small village below their chalet.

He stretched, moving his neck, his naked form feeling the morning's frosty air.

He heard the door behind him open, Jolan smiling and standing still.

Two arms wrapped around him, a set of lips kissing his neck.

"Good morning, my love. How long have you been up?"
Jolan smiled, turning around, Justin's arms wrapping around him.

"I was up all night. My lovers' passion so enticing."
Justin smiled, snuggling into Jolan's body.

"It's freezing out here, Jo." je said, Jolan smiling and wrapping his arms around his lover's nude body.

"Come back inside. I'll start a fire."
"The embers of your love have warmed my heart all night."

Justin smiled, sighing and cuddling against Jolan.

"I love your words, Jo."
"Thank you, Jus."
"For what, my love?"

"For this week, for the love I felt last night, the love the beast feels as well."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's lips.

"I can't believe I have its love alone. His love is so beautiful. It's matched by only yours."
Jolan teared up, his eyes looking into the bedroom beside him, seeing Josh and Chace sound asleep, Josh spooned against Chace.

"They were so giving last night, Jus. They gave us everything."
Justin smiled, remembering the passion and beauty of Josh's giving love, and Chace's energetic, tiger-filled desires.

"They were both so beautiful, so intense. It felt like I was making love to three of you."
Jolan smiled, nodding his head.

"I felt the same. But I felt a greater love in your need, my angel. Your making love to me at the end sent my heart into heaven."
Justin teared up, kissing his husband's lips again.

"I felt it too, Jo. What does it really mean?"
Jolan smiled, his head laying on Justin's chest.

"Their love is beautiful, but it will never be our love."

Justin smiled, looking into the room.

"We are soulmates forever, Jo. But I'll always love them as well."

Jolan nodded, taking Justin's hand.

"Let's show them how much we love them."
Justin smiled, the two walking back quietly into the bedroom.


Josh gasped, Jolan's grey eyes staring down at him.

Josh's head raised, their lips meeting.

Jolan was sunken deep within Josh, their bodies covered in sweat.

"Oh God, Jo. You are. . .you are so unbelievable!" he gasped, their lips meeting again, Jolan thrusting deeper within him.

The two had been making love for about fifteen minutes, their needs on the edge of eruption.

Jolan's hand was on Josh's hardness, its length enlarged and throbbing.

"Oh, Josh! You are fantastic! I love the need I feel within you!" Jolan moaned, his lips moving to Josh's armpit, licking the sweating pit.

Josh shuddered, Jolan's lips moist and cooling.

The two were alone, Justin and Chace in the bathroom across the hall, their moans heard by both men.

A shower of love and desire was flooding over their smooth bodies, the two enjoying their passion.

Jolan moaned, Josh sensing his abandon.

Jolan pushed deeply into him, his teeth going to Josh's neck, sucking on the skin.

That set Josh off, his orgasm cresting, exploding all over his chest and Jolan's, Jolan's hardness exploding deep within Josh.

The two men gasped, Jolan's body falling against Josh's.

Josh's arms wrapped around Jolan's sweaty body, the two holding each other as they came down from their orbital bliss.

"Oh God, Jo. That was amazing!" Josh softly said, Jolan's lips meeting his, a tender kiss of contented love given by each.

"You're pretty amazing yourself, Mr. Chasez-Crawford."

Josh smiled, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Thanks for the compliment, Jolan. I think I've lucked out in all three of you. Chace is so intense, Justin is so eager, and you, you're so intimate."
Jolan smiled, his hands going over Josh's chest, rubbing his sweat soaked skin.

"I love the beauty of a man's body, my hands and tongue seeking out all of it. Justin always said I was so passionate. I guess it's true."
Josh smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"It is, Jo. The beauty of your touch races my heart."
Jolan smiled, sighing, laying his head on Josh's chest.

"I never imagined I'd be so happy, Josh. That I'd have Justin's love, and yours and Chace's. I'm so happy. I want to stay here forever."
Josh smiled, running his fingers through Jolan's hair.

"Life doesn't work like that, Jo. After this week we'll have to go back to our lives. To our married, happy lives."
Jolan smiled, raising his head, kissing Josh on the lips.

"Life is life, Josh. Let's live each day as its own."
Josh nodded, Jolan licking Josh's left nipple.

"We're sweaty, Joshy. Let's go and see if our husbands will wash us. They must be finished their passion by now."
Josh laughed, Jolan climbing out of the bed, pulling Josh up with him, the two smiling at their naked lovers.

"I don't know, Jo. Chace can be very desirous."
Jolan grinned, kissing Josh's lips.

"Then we'll have to suck the desires out of him."
Josh laughed, Jolan pulling him across the hall.


The four men smiled, walking out into the afternoon sunshine.

They wore ski jackets, the late April air still chilly in the mountain climate.

They'd washed, ate brunch and cuddled for a few hours, now wanting to explore their domain.

"How about a walk down to the lake?" Josh had suggested, the other three agreeing.

Here now they began walking down the left trail from the front door, descending down to the lake.

The four spent a few hours walking its shore, Chace taking pictures of the lake, and of his three soulmates.

Couples walked hand in hand, snapshots taken, their smiles gleaming in the sunshine.

They sat on a wooden dock, looking out into the lake, seeing the deep blue cleanness of the crystal water.
"It's so clean, so inviting." Chace said, Justin smirking beside him.

"I'll give you ten bucks if you jump in, Chacey!"
Josh laughed, looking at his husband.

"Don't dare him, Jus. He is always game to take a bet."

Chace grinned, Jolan staring at him and Justin.
"That water is frigid! There's still ice on it in places. Your balls would be like crystal balls after."
Josh laughed, Chace grinning.

"Well I have three furnaces to stick them in."

The four began to laugh, Chace standing up.

"Ten bucks you say? Make it twenty?"

Justin grinned, Josh staring at his lover.

"Deal, Chacey!"

Chace grinned, then leapt forward, disappearing off the dock into the water.

The three men stood in shock, not believing the man would do it.

"Oh my God! Chace!" Josh screamed, the man disappearing under the blue water, coming up again a few moments later.

The young man gasped, his face showing total shock.

He began to swim towards the dock, his body sinking slowly under the water.

Jolan stared at his friend, seeing him struggling to stay afloat.

Jolan's body began to change, his clothes ripping off of him.

Justin and Josh stood in silence, seeing the beast appear before them, the Badenwolf rushing forward, diving into the lake.

Josh and Justin were frozen in place, looking at the scene before them.

The beast's long form was swimming below the surface, heading straight for Chace as the young man totally submerged.

The beast's head broke the surface, its large arms wrapped around the young man.

Its body turned, one powerful arm breaking the water, swimming towards the dock, carrying Chace with it.

Josh and Justin were on their knees, pulling Chace up onto the dock as the beast lifted him upwards.

The beast climbed out of the water, its hairy body soaked with dripping water.

A large gravelly voice came out of it.

"He needs warmth immediately! Move!" the beast said, stooping down and picking the young man up, Chace gasping and shivering in his wet arms.

Josh's face was flushed with worry, Justin's arm going around him, the two following the beast as it rushed up the trail towards the chalet.


Chace's blue eyes opened, Josh's blue eyes staring into his.

"Thank God, Chace. You've been out for half an hour." Josh said, his lips kissing the young man's, feeling their warmness.

"I'm so tired. What happened?"
"You went for a swim, Chace. But you're safe now." Justin said, the man smiling beside him.

Chace lay on a couch in the living room, the fireplace's heat hitting his face.

The young man's body was wrapped in several quilts, layers of warmth surrounding him.

"I'm so tired."
"Close your eyes, Chace. Go to sleep." Jolan softly said, the young man seated on the hearth of the fireplace in front of the three.

Chace smiled softly, closing his eyes.

Josh kissed his forehead, feeling the returned warmth of his skin.

"Sleep, my love. My baby." he softly said, tears showing on his cheeks.

Justin's arm went around Josh, the two holding each other.

Josh turned, his blue eyes looking at Jolan.

"He'll sleep for the rest of the day."

Josh moved, walking over to Jolan, kneeling before his seated form.

"You saved him, Jo! You saved my man!" he sobbed, Jolan's arms going around Josh.

"He's going to be okay, Josh. He's just tired and exhausted from the coldness of the water. He was close to hyperthermia. We got him just in time."

"We? It was you, Jo! If the beast hadn't shown itself. . .he'd be. . ."

Jolan's lips met Josh's, silencing his friend's worry.

"He's okay, Josh. That's all that matters. The beast will always protect him and you, my Josh. It will protect all of us."
Josh nodded, his head going against Jolan's chest.

"I almost lost him, Jo! I just love him so much!"
Jolan held Josh in his arms, his grey eyes meeting Justin's tearing blue orbs.

"No, Josh. Chace is going to be okay. I promise you this day that all four of us will love each other for a long, long time."
Josh broke the hold he had on Jolan, their eyes meeting.

"How. . .how can you be so sure, Jo?"
Jolan smiled, the smile on his face breathtaking.

"I have seen the future, Joshua. Our love will be forever."

Josh smiled, Jolan's words filled with such love and believable truth.

"I. . .I believe you, Jo." he softly said, Jolan smiling and kissing his forehead.

"I'm going to make us some supper, Joshua. How about you and Justin carry Chace upstairs to our bedroom?"

Josh nodded, Jolan releasing him, standing up and smiling at Justin.

"Love you, my beast of love."
Jolan smiled, leaning down and kissing Justin's lips.

"Wrap him in warmth and start the fire upstairs. He'll sleep in warmth."
Justin nodded, Jolan smiling and walking into the kitchen.

"Did you hear him, Jus? Did you hear the conviction in his voice? He sounds so believable."
Justin nodded, Josh kissing his cheek, his blue eyes looking at Chace's sleeping face.

"Jolan has never lied to us, Josh. I believe him with all my heart." Justin said, his face covered in a wide smile.

"Me too, Jus. Me too."
"Let's get Chacey to bed." Justin smiled, gently pulling the covers off the sleeping man.

Josh smiled, his arms enveloping his husband.


Jolan stood at the kitchen counter, listening all around him.

He heard Josh and Justin carrying Chace upstairs, the stair steps creaking with the weight.

He sighed, washing off the head of lettuce he held in his hand.

"To give them hope is to feed their hearts."
Jolan's eyes turned, staring at the person seated at the kitchen table.

"Sometimes all a man has is hope."

The woman smiled, Jolan smiling at her.

"Hello, Grandmother. Have your taken Erasmus' spirited place?"
Queen Alveena smiled, her blue eyes filled with love.

"The Shadower's path is his own. I was shocked to hear of his disappearance."

"He has gone back to truth and his own judgment. Or so he told me."
Alveena nodded, her grey eyes staring at her great-great-grandson.

"I heard your words and saw your courage, wolf of love."
Jolan lowered his head, sighing.

"I love Chace, Grandmother. I shall give my life for any or all of them."
Alveena stood up, smiling softly.

"A quartet of love. Quite remarkable, and unforeseen. You are very centered in your love, my grandson. And very determined on following your own path."

"I live with love in my heart. I shall give it to all."
Alveena nodded, her eyes going upwards.

"Passion, love and sacrifice are all parts of the bond of God's love."
Jolan nodded, leaning against the counter.

"I feel a pull of destiny, Grandmother. As if something is about to happen."
Alveena nodded, her arms folding in front of her, her hands joining.

"Time is closing in on you, Jolan. A short span of two months and then the path reaches its crescendo."
Jolan nodded, looking upwards himself.

"I want their love to survive, Grandmother. I shall need it for the second path."
Alveena stared at Jolan.

"The second path, child?"

"Yes, Grandmother of my brethren and Grandmother of my heart. I shall walk a second path."

Her grey eyes met his glowing grey.

"I know the truth of everything. I have reasoned out my destiny."

"And what is that truth, child?"
Jolan's head remained looking upwards.

"Life is nothing without love. He has to understand that."
Alveena looked confused.

"Who has to, Jolan?"

Jolan's eyes lowered, their grayness staring into hers.

"He that forged this path. He that I must save."




End of Chapter 130


Interesting revelation from Jolan.

Who designed the path he walks upon and why does he have to save him?


What lays at the end of that path, when the clans of magic and life join on the plains before the great city of Bolta Cerului?

What will the confrontation entail?
And who shall be victorious?


I hoped you like the night of honeymoon love.

I decided that the beast of love should remain just Justin's.

The strength of that wolf's love and desires given only to him.

A better forging of their two hearts together.

Josh and Chace will be their lovers, their friends and confidantes.

But their deepest love will be their own.


Up next:  The week of love continues, the foursome venturing into excitement and destiny.



Hugs, Angel.