Jolan's Path - Chapter 131


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 131


Chace's blue eyes opened, the man feeling the warmth surrounding him.

His head slowly turned to his left, Josh's head laying against his shoulder, the man's body snuggled against him.

His arm lay across Chace's naked chest, another arm crossing his.

Chace's head turned to his right, Justin's head laying in the crook of his armpit.

Chace lay in the center of their bed, surrounded by the warmth of his two soulmates, their lower bodies covered by a down filled duvet.

His eyes looked over towards the balcony doors, seeing the morning sunshine beaming into the room.

Chace's eyes teared up, feeling the love surrounding him, the warmth of life cocooned in his soul.

"No tears need shedding, Chacey. Our love is yours."

Chace's eyes went to the bedroom doorway, Jolan's form filling it.

Jolan was fully dressed, a large tray in his hands.

Chace softly smiled, Jolan walking into the room, placing the tray on the coffee table in front of the couch by the fireplace.

Chace saw a fire burning in the hearth, the room feeling toasty warm.

Jolan smiled, walking back out into the hallway, coming back in with another tray, steamy warmth coming off of it.

"I've fixed breakfast, you need energy." Jolan said, that tray joining the other, Jolan walking over to the bed, sitting down beside his sleeping husband.

"How do you feel, Chace?"
Chace's blue eyes filled with tears, Jolan leaning forward, softly kissing his lips, his hand going to the young man's forehead.

"Your temperature is normal, you look well. Our loving Chacey's back with us."
"How long have I slept?" he said, Josh's body moving against him, his arm tightening around him, Jolan smiling.

"You've been out for about twelve hours. Your body needed the rest."
Chace nodded, looking at the two sleeping against him.

"They've held you all night. Plus their body warmth keep you warm."
"And you?"
Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I've watched over all three of you."

Chace smiled, Justin moving a bit, Jolan's hand going to his naked chest, feeling his warmth.

"I'm sorry, Jo. I'm sorry I did such a stupid thing."
Jolan smiled, a set of lips kissing Chace's cheek.

Chace turned staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"It's okay. I love you, my Chace."
Chace teared up more, Josh's lips meeting his.

Chace felt his husband's love, Josh's smile entering his soul after they broke their kiss.

"Your youthful bravado and energy feed our hearts, Chace." he said, Chace staring at him.

"I'm sorry, my Josh. I'm sorry I worried you last night, I see the relief in your blue eyes."
"I was worried because I love you, Chace. You're my husband. Our love is our love."
Jolan smiled, watching the two kiss again, a hand going to his shoulder.

He looked to his left, Justin's blue eyes meeting his.

"Good morning, my love. I love you."
Jolan smiled, leaning forward, their lips meeting.

Their kiss broke, Justin's blue eyes turning to Chace and Josh, the two still kissing.

Justin's head moved forward, his lips kissing Chace's shoulder.

The two broke their kiss, two sets of blue eyes meeting Justin's smiling face.

"Our tiger is back with us, albeit a more quieted beast of love."
Chace teared up, looking at Jolan.

"Another beast of love I owe my life to. I love you, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, seeing the thankfulness in Chace's blue eyes and the love surrounding their young tiger.

"I love you also, Chace. And I love our husbands. I would risk my life and my love for all three of you."
The three teared up, Jolan moving forward, lightly kissing all three men on the lips.

"Right now I have to feed my men. My beasts of love need nourishment."

The three smiled, Jolan rising up, the three men sitting up in the bed, their backs against all the pillows.

Jolan returned carrying a tray, placing it over Josh's covered center.

He smiled, returning again with the other tray, placing it over Justin's.

The three smiled, taking in the mountain of food Jolan had prepared for all three.

"Dive in guys, while it's warm." he smiled, walking out of the room again, carrying another tray back into the room, this one containing a pot of coffee, as well as a pitcher of juice and glasses.

He set it on the nightstand beside the bed, pouring  juice for all three.

He smiled, handing Justin a glass of orange juice, his husband smiling at him.

"Sit down and join us, Jo."
Jolan smiled after handing Josh and Chace each a glass of juice, pouring a cup of coffee for himself, sitting down on the bed beside Justin's legs.

"I've been sampling all morning, I'm full Jus."
Justin smiled, handing Chace a plate of sausages and pancakes, the man smiling at him, the young man seated between the trays and his friends.

"So what's on the agenda today, Jo?" Josh said, eating a waffle covered in syrup.

Jolan smiled seeing all three enjoying his breakfast fare.

"Today's a day of relaxing, my angels. Chace needs to take it easy, and we three need to see he does."
The three men nodded, Chace smiling at all three.

"I'm sorry I've ruined the day, guys."
Josh leaned over, kissing his husband's cheek, Jolan and Justin both smiling at the young actor.

"Being with you all day--loving you and kissing you--now how is that a ruined day?" Jolan said, the young man smiling.

"Thanks, Jo. I love you three so much. What if yesterday. . .?"

Jolan leaned forward, kissing Chace on the lips, the other two watching them.

"Yesterday is the past, Chacey. Today is the present, the love is real. You're here for us to love, and for you to love us. That's what's important." Justin said, Chace smiling at him.

Jolan smiled, moving and pulling Justin's wallet off the nightstand, opening it and pulling out a twenty-dollar bill.

Justin smiled, Jolan handing it to him.

The two smiled, Justin handing the twenty-dollar bill to Chace, Chace looking confused.

"You won it fair and square, Chacey. But please don't ever do that again! Your being here to love is worth so much more." he said, Chace smiling, then laughing.

Chace leaned to his right, his and Justin's lips meeting, Josh and Jolan smiling at each other.

"That's a guarantee, Jus. I'll never do anything like that again."
Jolan laughed, Chace looking at him.

"You're our young mischievous tiger, Chace. You'll do some funny, wonderful--and yes--crazy stupid things. It's why we love you. And all three of us will be here to keep you safe."
The young man smiled, seeing all three smiling at him.

"I'm me, I guess. I love you for loving me, craziness and all."
The four smiled, diving into Jolan's warm breakfast.


After breakfast Josh and Justin guided Chace into the bathroom across the hall on Jolan's instruction, the two washing the young man in a shower of warmth and tenderness.

Chace smiled and sighed, their loving touch sinking into his soul.

While they washed, Jolan cleaned up the dishes and kitchen, the three now clean and casually dressed men walking into the spotless kitchen, Jolan just draining the sink.

"You're a clean god, Jo. The place looks spotless!" Josh said, sitting down at the kitchen table, Chace sitting down in his lap, Jolan smiling at their happiness.

Justin's arms wrapped around his husband's waist, Jolan smiling as he kissed his neck.

"So what shall we do now, my love?"
Jolan smiled, turning around, kissing Justin on the lips.

"Well, there's a fire burning in the living room fireplace, Chace needs some more warmth, his man laying with him there."
Josh and Chace both smiled, Chace's face radiating love.

"Awesome idea, Jo. I need to snuggle with my husband's love."
Josh smiled, the two getting up and walking out into the living room.

Justin smiled, looking after them, then his blue eyes meeting his Jo's grey.

"And what of us and our love, my angel?"
Jolan smiled, pulling his Justin against him.

"Well there's the Jacuzzi upstairs. I haven't showered this morning yet. Care to give me a bath?"
Justin grinned widely, Jolan seeing the love and flirtatious desire in his man's eyes.

"Awesome idea, my love. I love your naked wetness in my lap."
Jolan smiled, taking his husband's hand, the two smiling at each other.

"And after our bath of love, someone needs to call his son."
Justin smiled, Jolan kissing his lips.

"I feel your love for him. And I feel his love across the world for us."
Justin smiled, his arm going around his Jo.

They'd called him the night they'd arrived in Switzerland, and yesterday after supper.

"He'll be up in about two hours, due to the time difference. I know he'd love to start the day with his Poppa's love in his heart."
Justin smiled, walking out of the room with his husband.


And so the day continued, the twosomes of love enjoying the quietness of their surroundings.

Justin had called Hay, the boy's love filling his soul, both parents talking to the happy boy.

Chace and Josh had relaxed together on the couch and then upstairs in the bedroom, their love turning to desire, alone and together in their hearts.

Jolan and Justin had made love in the Jacuzzi, their desires showing as well.

Jolan had made them a light lunch, the four dining together in happiness and friendship.

After lunch they'd joined together in the games room, their afternoon filled with laughter and happiness.

They played pool, teaming up in different combinations, teams winning with seductive prizes rewarded.

Kisses and touches given to the victors.

They enjoyed the games and the loving warmth of their tight foursome of love.

Josh had volunteered himself and Chace to make dinner, Jolan smiling and relinquishing his claim to the kitchen.

Justin and Jolan had retired to the living room couch, the other twosome of love to the kitchen.

"A wonderful day, my love. Relaxation, love and happiness. And now our soulmates are making us dinner."
Jolan smiled, snuggled in Justin's lap, in front of the fireplace.

"A wonderful honeymoon of love."
Justin smiled, their lips meeting.

"Hayden sounded happy. His mother's love surrounds him." Justin said, Jolan smiling against him.

"And our love flows across the world to him. He loves us, and misses us." Jolan softly said, Justin kissing his cheek.

"And his Daddy misses him too. I feel your love for him, Jo. It matches my own."
Jolan smiled, nodding, his head against Justin's chest.

"Our love will flow to him from anywhere, Justin. And his is in our heart. He'll be back in our arms soon."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan again.

"I love him, and his sexy father."
Jolan smiled, his hands rubbing against Justin's t-shirt-covered chest.

"After dinner I'm going to show you how sexy his father can be."
Justin smiled widely, a soft voice breaking their tenderness.

"Dinner's ready, guys." Josh said, standing by the kitchen doorway.

"Leave us alone, Joshy. My Jo's tantalizing me."

Josh smiled, walking over to the couch, leaning down and kissing Justin on the lips.

"Perhaps I can tantalize you with a delicious meal first, Jus. Love you can have for dessert."

Jolan laughed, Josh smiling at him, leaning down and kissing his soft lips.

"You know my Jus so well, Joshy. You know the way to his heart is through his stomach."
Justin smiled, a soft blush on his face.

"When he's fed and full he's so much easier to catch."
The three smiled, Chace having spoken, standing at the end of the couch beside Josh.

"Well, our tiger's recuperating, so a slower prey will do well for him."
Chace laughed, Jolan and Justin standing up, smiling at their two friends.

"I'm starving, Joshy! Let's eat!" Justin said smiling, Jolan's hand going in his.

"Follow us, our angels." Josh said, Chace's hand in his.

The two couples smiled at each other, Jolan and Justin following Josh and Chace, the two heading for the dining room, not the kitchen.

Justin and Jolan both smiled, walking into the dining room.

The table was fully set, a red tablecloth covering it, lit candles in its center, dishes and flatware ready.

"It looks beautiful, guys." Justin said smiling, Josh and Chace pulling out a chair for the two men, Jolan and Justin sitting down across from each other, Josh and Chace smiling down at them.

"We'll be right back."
Josh and Jolan smiled, their hands reaching across the table to each other.

A few moments later, Josh and Chace walked in, carrying trays, setting down plates of food in front of the two seated men, as well as at their own places.

Chace's tray contained extra food and a bottle of white wine.

The four smiled, sitting down together, Josh smiling at the other three.

"I'd like to say grace."
The three nodded, smiling at him, bowing their heads.

"Thank you, God, for all we see before us. For the love in our hearts, for the beauty of our love and yours. The beauty of our hearts and our faces shine with your love. Thank you for what we have found in each other. For the love, the desires and the beauty of each other. Let us eat your bounty and love your beauty. Amen."
The four smiled at each other, quietly eating their delicious meal, their talk filled with love for each other, and for life.


Justin sighed, the last sip of his wine glass finished.

"An excellent meal, my angels. Your potatoes were scrumptious Chace. As was your steak, Joshy."

The two men smiled, Jolan offering the same thanks.

"I love to cook for those I love." Josh smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Know the feeling, Joshy. Tomorrow it's my turn to feed my angels." Justin said, the three smiling at him.

"Nice! It's been a while since I had hotdogs." Josh grinned, Chace laughing, Jolan joining him.

Justin blushed deeply, Josh leaning over and kissing his lips.

"Just joshing with you, Justy. I'm sure you've become a real chef with Jolan's teachings."
Justin smiled, looking at his husband.

"Well he does say I cook pretty good."
"I was talking about in the bedroom, lover."
The four laughed, Justin smiling at Jolan.

"On that note, it's time for dessert. Relax guys, we'll bring it in."

"Cool. What have you prepared?" Justin smiled, Josh smiling at him.

Chace leaned over, kissing Justin's cheek.

"It's a soufflé of love, my beauty." he smiled, standing up, picking up plates and putting them on the trays again.

Jolan smiled, Josh and Chace clearing the table, heading into the kitchen.

Justin sighed, Jolan's hand going across the table again, the two smiling at each other.

"I don't know if I can eat another bite, my Jo. I'm stuffed."
Jolan smiled, leaning across the table, their lips meeting.

"I'm sure this will be a dessert you'll hunger for."
Justin smiled, the two smiling at each other.

Soft music began to play in the room, the two looking towards the doorway.

Josh's hand was on the radio intercom on the wall, he having started the music.

In his other hand was a small tray, a bowl of strawberries and another filled with whipped cream on it.

His face wore a soft smile, the man walking forward towards his friends.

"Light fare for dessert, Josh." Jolan smiled, Josh setting the two bowls down on the table, smiling at both of his friends.

"This is just the accessories, here comes the main dish."

The two men smiled, Josh smiling and turning back towards the doorway.

All three gazed towards it, Chace walking into the room.

All three smiled, the young man a vision of masculine love.

He was nearly nude, his body only covered in a small black pair of trunk briefs.

All three smiled, taking in every inch of his bronzed, smooth muscular body.

"My husband said you'd have love for dessert, Jus. I shall be the dessert of your hearts."
The three smiled, Justin watching the young beauty sit down in Jolan's lap, Jolan's arms going around his back and chest.

"I wanted to thank all three of you for yesterday, for your love. And you for your heroic beastly strength, Jo. I love all three of you. I offer myself as the dessert of your needs. Relish my taste and my creamy goodness."

Josh started laughing, Chace smiling at him.

"Sorry, Chace. That was corny but beautiful."
Chace smiled, Jolan's lips going to his, Justin and Josh smiling.

"This is a dessert all three of us need to share." Jolan said, lifting Chace upwards, setting the young man down on the table, Justin moving the candles, setting them on the sideboard.

Chace smiled, his taut, smooth body laying now in the center of the dining room table.
His three soulmates stood around him, Jolan reaching for a strawberry out of the bowl on Chace's right side, putting it into his mouth, leaning down, the strawberry going into Chace's mouth as well, the two devouring its sweetness, their lips drenched in its juices.

Justin smiled, two fingers going into the whipped cream, those fingers going to Chace's left nipple, the creamy whiteness covering it, Justin's lips going to it, licking up the creamy topping, sucking the nub as well.

Chace moaned in Jolan's mouth, the strawberry gone, their tongues meeting.

Jolan's fingers were on Chace's right nipple, gently rubbing it, Justin still licking the left.

The young man shuddered, feeling two other hands rubbing his center, his husband's touch so well-known.

Josh was stroking his lover's hardness, its full length showing under the sheer fabric of the black trunks.

Chace was trembling, Josh's hands going to the waistband of the tight briefs, pulling them off his husband, Chace's hardness against his stomach.

Josh reached over to the bowl of strawberries, picking up two, squeezing them over Chace's nut sac, the juices dribbling downward over his balls.

Chace felt the coolness, Jolan still kissing him, lost in the passion of his soulmates.

Josh gently lifted Chace's legs, his tongue licking the juice off Chace's balls and down into his center.

Chace shuddered feeling his husband's desirous touch, Jolan finally breaking his own desirous kiss, his lips kissing Chace's neck, licking down his chest, Justin spreading more whipped cream across it.

Jolan smiled at him, Justin smiling back as Jolan dove into the white covered skin.

"I think I need a banana split." Justin said.
Jolan laughed, Chace's eyes meeting Justin's, the man's hand diving into the bowl of whipped topping, his white covered hand going to Chace's center, latching onto his hard shaft, coating it with creamy whiteness.

Justin smiled, diving into the center of that whiteness, the hard shaft going down his throat.

Chace gasped, his eyes closing against the passion, Jolan and Justin devouring the whipped cream all over his body, Josh feasting on the strawberry goodness at the center of his man's desires.

Chace felt his legs being moved, a weight coming onto the table.

He opened his blue eyes staring into the blueness of his husband's love.

Josh had shed his clothing, rising up on the table, joining with his husband.

"I love you, Chace. You are and always will be the dessert of my heart. Our brothers of love want me to have all of your richness. Guide me, Jus. Guide me to his warmth. Then my brothers of love can feast on our joined heavenly dessert."
Justin's hand had been on Josh's hardness, stroking it while the man centered himself on top of Chace.

Justin pushed that hardness forward, centering it at Chace's center, the shaft covered in whipped cream.

Josh leaned forward, his shaft sinking into his man's center, Jolan and Justin's whipped cream covered hands going to Josh's chest, covering it, their lips moving forward, each attaching to one of his nipples, Josh gasping as he sank into Chace's love.

Chace was lost, lost in the love of his soulmate, that soulmate lost in the love of his other two soulmates.

Justin's lips moved to his back, moving downward, diving into Josh's center, licking the excess whipped cream that was covering his balls and ass crack.

Jolan's lips were licking the whipped topping off Josh's chest, his head moving upwards, his and Josh's lips meeting, a kiss of deep love flooding them.

They broke the kiss, Jolan smiling at Josh, seeing the lust and love in his blue eyes.

"Finish the soufflé, Joshua. Your Chace needs you to taste all of him."
Josh smiled, leaning forward, his and Chace's lips meeting.

The two became lost in the deliciousness of their own love, Jolan and Justin rising upwards, staring at each other.

"Seems a shame to waste the rest of those strawberries and cream." Justin said, smiling.

Jolan smiled, his shirt coming off, Justin's joining his.


Chace smiled, feeling the warmth surrounding him.

It was a few hours later, darkness filling their bedroom of love.

He sighed, his contented tiger heart of love deeply satisfied.

Josh had made love to him on the dining room table, their bodies covered in white cream and strawberry juice.

Jolan and Justin had joined them, their tender kisses and touches feeding their love.

The four had then gone to the bathroom, joining under a spray of warm water.

Justin had made love to Chace then, entering the man from behind, Josh and Jolan in front of him, their caresses sending the young man into a convulsing climax.

They'd tenderly dried him after, guiding the young man to their bed of love, Jolan then making passionate slow love to him, Chace feeling all of his tenderness and love.

Beside them Justin had given in to his best friend's needs, making slow love to the singing mentor of his soul.

Justin had felt all Josh's love, his own dreams again realized.

He had his Josh's love and beauty in his heart.

Josh had cried after, Justin holding him in his arms, Chace and Jolan kissing him tenderly, the love flowing deeply between all four.

The night had ended with the four joining together in slumber, Chace wrapped in their love.

He looked downward, Josh's body laying on top of his, Jolan's at his left side, Justin's on his right.

The young tiger was healed, the love of his triad of love healing his soul.

He closed his eyes, the soft scent of strawberries filling his nostrils, his lovers surrounding him.

Chace smiled, his dessert of love completely devoured.

He felt into slumber, two grey eyes to his left opening.


Justin stretched, looking to his left side.

Chace and Josh lay sound asleep beside him, Josh laying on top of his man.

Justin smiled, lifting his body, looking to the right of them.

The rest of the bed was empty.

Justin sat up, looking towards the balcony, seeing the dawn's light already filling the sky.

A dark shape stood in the center of the balcony, looking out into the dawning day.

Justin rose up, grabbing a robe that lay discarded on the chair by the balcony door.

He wrapped it around his nude body, quietly opening the balcony door, walking out into the cool morning.

Jolan stood on the balcony, looking out towards the lake, two arms encircling his robed body.

"It's early, my love. Come back to bed. Your man needs your warmth."
Jolan turned, Justin staring into his grey tearing eyes.

"What's wrong, my Jo?" Justin said, his arms pulling him to him.

Jolan's head went against Justin's chest, his lover holding him close.

"I love you, Jus. For you and for them I'll risk everything."

Justin held his husband, not sure why Jolan was suddenly worried about something.

He remained quiet knowing his Jo would talk to him.

"Queen Alveena was here yesterday, Jus. While you and Josh looked after Chace upstairs before supper."
Justin nodded, staring at his Jo.

"Our foursome of love came as a surprise to her. She told me it wasn't written on the path of destiny."
"Is that a bad thing, Jo?"
"No, Jus. It just means that I am now on my own path. I have changed destiny."
"Changed destiny, Jo? Is that wise?"
"I love you three, Jus. I shall need all of your love on this path."
"You have it, Jo. I'll speak for all three of us."

Jolan softly smiled, their eyes meeting.

"What is the difference between the path of destiny and your own now chosen path, Jolan?"
"The difference is the reasoning behind what I've done."

"And what is that reasoning?"
"The original path was designed by one man. It was a path forged with a purpose."
"What was the purpose, my love? Who designed it?"

"That shall come to be known on the final day. And I've changed that path for my own reason."
"I love you, Jo. I want you to be truthful to me. What will be the outcome of that new path?"
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin on the lips, Justin feeling his love.

"Salvation and redemption, my love. I need him to see the realness of himself. Two parts of one soul need to join for that soul to find peace."

"Is it your soul, Jo? I thought my love healed it?"

Jolan smiled, kissing Justin again.

"It isn't my soul, Jus. It is the soul the Sun Child was destined to ignite. The maker of the path."

Justin nodded, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"And who is that, Jo?"
Jolan smiled, Justin seeing a soft smile of calmness showing now in his husband's eyes.

"Erasmus gave me the clue, Jus. I'm sorry but I can't reveal that soul's identity. They have to walk in Bolta Cerului clueless of what I've changed."
Jolan moved, his arms resting on the wooden balcony railing, Justin moving beside him, the two looking out into the morning light.

"And where does the path end for you, Jo? Shall you have to sacrifice all for your family?"
Jolan's arm went around Justin, feeling his lover's worry.

"I promise you here today that I shall not leave you, Jus. I love the three of you too much to ever deny you my love. I've righted myself to that fact."

Justin smiled, Jolan's lips meeting his.

"I love you, Jo. You and Hay--and our Joshy and Chacey--are my existence. I need your love so much."
Jolan smiled, kissing his lips again.

"We shall be with you for a long time, Jus. You'll never be alone again."
Justin teared up, Jolan's arms pulling him against him.

"So what's got you troubled my love? I feel a sense of confusion within you."
Jolan sighed, Justin staring at him.

"I have a sense of impending destiny, Jus. In a short two months that day will be upon us. It is time I took charge of that destiny. Took charge of the families of destiny. I've forged my path--my new path of love--and it's time I took charge of all of them. After our stay here, the responsibilities of my destiny will begin to consume me. I don't want the four of my heart feeling that I'm forgetting them. I want you to promise me that you--and our loved ones--will make me step back from that destiny whenever it consumes me. I'll need your love so much! It will energize my soul!"

Justin smiled, leaning forward, kissing his husband.

"We'll watch over you with deep love. We'll all be beside you, loving you."
Jolan smiled, his eyes looking outward, staring at the lake.

"Let's get breakfast ready for our angels, Jus. Then let's take a walk down to the village. The path begins."

Justin nodded, Jolan kissing his lips again, the two walking into the warm bedroom.


The four smiled, walking down the cobbled streets of Kandersteg.

The small village was nestled at the bottom of the mountain range, its buildings showing an old world visage.

The four had visited the local restaurant for lunch, feasting on the local cuisine.

They'd visited all the local tourist attractions, different flower gardens, inns and taverns, the four enjoying the local fare.

On several occasions the four had--singly and together--seen several people staring at them, Jolan remaining quiet against their stares.

Jolan had called Bernard, the man agreeing to meet them at the Ramshorn Inn in an hour.

The four found the inn nestled on a quiet street, a large outdoor patio on the inn's left side overlooking the Kander River--which drained into the Oeschinen Lake--centered in the mountain range in front of their chalet.

Bernard Sumsare showed up a few minutes later, the four greeting him with warm smiles and hugs.

"How do you find this village, my friends? Has our Swiss hospitality laid claim to your hearts?"
"Yes, Bernard. This area is quaint, beautiful and inviting." Josh said, a camera hanging from his neck.

"It is that, Josh. For me, it's just home."
Jolan smiled, a waitress coming to the table, five steins of draft beer set down on the table, Bernard smiling at her.

"Hello, Greta. How finds my brother?"

The waitress smiled, kissing the man's cheek.

"Father is well, Uncle. What finds you with these young gentlemen? A tourist job?"
Bernard smiled, the four smiling at the young woman.

"Hello, Greta. My name is Jolan Dragos." Jolan said, the young woman's eyes widening.

Bernard smiled at Jolan, the young man standing, his hand going to the young woman's shoulder.

"It is nice to meet another of my clan of brethren." he said, the young woman's blue eyes going to Bernard.

"Life gives us surprises and happiness, my niece. Inform my brother of our guest."
She nodded, looking at Jolan, softly smiling, a blush of redness on her cheeks.

The young woman disappeared into the inn, Bernard's eyes meeting Jolan.

"As I told you that first, night Bernard, the mark of the red crown shines for my eyes. I've seen it several times walking through this village. I've seen all my Sumsarian brethren staring at me. Word of my presence seems to have been dually noted."
Bernard softly blushed at Jolan, Jolan smiling at him.

"Your presence couldn't be ignored, Jolan. I had to tell everyone."
Jolan nodded, Bernard seeing the calmness of his smile.

"My family has lived here for generations, Jolan. Since the cleansing of the clan after the great war. We lay forgotten from the eyes of evil watching the world."
Jolan's eyes looked out into the midday sunshine, then looking at the man, smiling at him.

"Evil watches everywhere, Bernard. And soon it shall be called to reckoning."
Bernard smiled, his eyes looking at the other three men surrounding Jolan.

"To walk in this man's greatness must fill your hearts with happiness."
Josh smiled at the man, then at Jolan.

"His love fills our hearts more, Bernard. Greatness is only an illusion, it's the man within that shines best."

Jolan smiled, his friend's words of love so beautiful.

The inn's door opened, a large tall man walking out of the inn onto the patio, Bernard standing, hugging the man to him, the four smiling at the touching scene.

"You are devious, Bernie! Slipping a man of such wonder under my nose!" the large man said, his blue eyes staring at Jolan.

The large man went to one knee, bowing before Jolan.

"My home and my livelihood are honored by your presence, Great One." he said, Jolan softly smiling, standing up.

"Rise, brother of my clan. I am only great in the eyes of destiny. Here in your home I am of your blood, and your family. Hello, Ernest."
Bernard's eyes widened with surprise, Jolan smiling at his brother.

"How did. . .?"

"My magic and my love feels the beauty of my brethren's hearts. I feel your giving souls."
Ernest Sumsare smiled, rising to his feet, his eyes filled with wonder.

"Great are your words of friendship, Mr. Dragos."
"It's Jolan. And these are my friends." Jolan said, introducing his three companions to the large man.

The man stood at least six foot seven, his body large and muscular, broad and immense.

He was the epitome of a innkeeper; barrel-chested and tall.

"It is a joy to find such a man of destiny visiting my home. Our family has long waited for the coming of your greatness." he said, Jolan softly smiling, sitting back down at the table, Ernest joining them.

"I am all that I am destined to be. And in a few short months the greatness of your family shall be whole again. I am here to cleanse the evil from this world. That is the only greatness I shall show."

The two brothers stared in silence at Jolan, his words etching within their hearts.

The tall brother stood up from the table, Jolan looking up at him.

"I and my brother pledge our family to that fight, Jolan. We shall fight with honor and with hope."
Jolan smiled, standing again.

"It will be a fight we shall win, my brothers."
The two men smiled, Ernest grasping Jolan's arm, the two staring at each other.

"Tonight I invite you and your friends to my inn. A party of acquaintance I shall give. You shall meet all of the Sumsarian brethren of the Swiss Alps. We are many and we are strong."
Jolan smiled, looking towards his friends, all three nodding their acceptance.

"It is an honor I could never refuse. Family will always come first for me."
The two men smiled widely, the young waitress coming out of the inn.

"Another round for our savior, Greta!" Ernest said, with much joy, his daughter smiling at Jolan.

Ernest and his brother sat down again, Jolan softly blushing as he joined all of them.


Justin's lips were against Jolan's, the two standing at the front door, waiting for Josh and Chace to come downstairs.

It was late evening, darkness beginning to fall on their chalet of love.

"Josh always preens too much. He's always the last ready." Justin smiled, Jolan chuckling.

"Hey, you can't hurry perfection."
Justin and Jolan looked towards the staircase, Josh and Chace walking down the steps.

"My husband's perfect in my eyes." Chace said, kissing his cheek, Josh smiling widely.

They were all dressed in dress pants and white shirts, ties worn by Josh and Justin, Chace wearing a sweater over his silk shirt, its deep blue increasing the shine of his blue eyes.

Jolan smiled, he wearing black dress pants and a black silk shirt, open at the collar.

A black blazer completed the ensemble, Justin's contrasting grey shirt and pants making the two look quite handsome.

"Looking sharp, Joshy and Chacey. I'm so going to enjoy taking those clothes off you later." Justin grinned, Jolan lightly laughing.

"Come my angels. Let's head down to the village. My new family awaits."
The three smiled, seeing the happiness in Jolan's eyes at the upcoming meeting of his brethren.

The four walked out of the chalet, Josh locking the door, the four walking down the trail leading down to the village, Justin carrying a flashlight in his hand, the darkness beginning to thicken.

Within half an hour they were walking into the Ramshorn Inn, the establishment filled with people.

Ernest greeted them at the door, his loud voice echoing across the crowded tavern.

"My brethren of love! Welcome into our hearts our Dragosan Warrior. The Great One walks among us! His words and deeds of love come before him."
Everyone in the room began to clap, Ernest pulling Jolan into the center of the large room, his three friends given steins of beer by those standing around them, the three smiling widely.

"My brother, Bernard, our commander of faith and family wishes to say the first toast." Ernest said, his brother smiling, patting his shoulder.

His blue eyes looked at Jolan, smiling widely, everyone surrounding them staring at the young man.

"Welcome to the Swiss soul of your family, Jolan Dragos-Timberake, son of a Sumsarian mother. You are two sides of the families of truth and justice. Half Sumsarian and half Dragosan. You are he foretold and longed for. But my heart tells me you are so much more. I honor you here in the heart of your family. Welcome to Kandersteg and the heart of your brethren's love. Welcome, Jolan Dragos-Timberlake!"
Everyone cheered, raising their glasses, Jolan accepting the toast, raising his own glass given to him by Greta, smiling around at everyone.

"Thank you, my new family of Swiss love. Tonight I wish to meet every one of you. Tonight I shall bond my love with your kind souls. A man is nothing without family. For me tonight my family grows and my heart grows as well. I thank all of you!"

Everyone cheered, Jolan surrounded by everyone, Bernard and Ernest introducing him to many of his new surrounding family.

Josh smiled, his arm around Chace, Justin at their side.

"Looks like Jolan's going to be swamped for a while. Let's find a table outside in the coolness." Josh said, Justin agreeing, the three walking out to the patio, Greta greeting them.


The night was filled with revelry and happiness.

Justin met a lot of the Sumsarian brethren, Jolan at his side doing the introductions.

His large Swiss family were in awe of him remembering all of their names during his second meeting of them.

His magic within cementing all of them to his memory and soul.

They were his large family, and he would remember all of them.

Justin himself had a few moments of awed wonder, several of the younger female brethren--and a few male--fawning over him, his celebrity status drawing their worshipping gaze.

Jolan smiled, his arm around him always, Justin feeling his loving soul.

They dined on rich Swiss pastries and food, a buffet table filling all of their needs.

Music and dancing were started, Jolan joining his brethren, dancing with quite a few.

He also danced with Josh, Chace and Justin, the three of his heart never forgotten.

They all saw the look of happiness on Jolan's face, seeing what this night of welcoming family had done to his soul.

He was happy, and the three of his heart saw it clearly.

Jolan talked with all of his new clan, they leaving with souls of happiness, his words of history, truth and hope in their hearts.

One discussion with two of Bernard and Ernest's cousins brought a worried look from Jolan's three soulmates.

The two cousins were discussing with the brothers a revelation they'd encountered that morning.

"I say there's evil afoot, Ernest. The tracks don't lie. A beast walks around Kandersteg. We should ask Jolan his thoughts."
Jolan had been standing with his three friends, the four listening to the conversation.

"And what can I help you with, cousins?"
The older of the two men looked at the young man, Bernard and Ernest looking on as well.

"We found tracks on the shore of Oeschinen Lake this morning. They were the footsteps of a beast walking on two feet. They were large and deep, a weighty beast of evil."
Jolan folded his hands, looking deep in thought.

"You all know the history of your clan and the pacts that were given to other clans."
The four nodding at Jolan.

"The time coming is a time of the joining of those said clans again. Of the Sumsarian, Archanian and Badenwolf brethren."
The four looked surprised, Jolan's grey eyes staring at them.

"Before you stands the triad of that worthy unification. I am brethren to all three. The beast walking the lake's bed was myself. It was my Badenwolf self."
The four Sumsarians looked stunned, Bernard walking up to Jolan.

"You. . .you are that filled with magic? It. . .it is a sign of total magic!"
Jolan nodded, the four beginning to kneel.

"Rise, my brothers. The three parts of my soul are here for you in all ways. There is no reason for you to fear any of the three clans of goodness. Soon you shall be surrounded by the other two clans of magic. And I shall then show my greatness. Prepare for a sight of total awed magic and wonder. The hearts of all my brethren on that day shall be free of evil. The beast of all three of my parts shall show its worth."
The four nodded, soft smiles showing on their faces.

"On that note I'd like to dance again. Come with me, Jus."
Justin smiled, Jolan leading him to the dance floor, the four Sumsarian cousins staring after him in wonder.

"The man is nothing short of unbelievable. A Badenwolf within our midst. It is a sign of destiny." Bernard said, Josh's hand going to his shoulder.

"It is a sign of hope, love and truth. The man is all three."
The four smiled, walking off in different directions to tell their brethren of the greatness of Jolan Dragos.

As the night progressed the clan began to dwindle, their numbers leaving with Jolan's love in their hearts, his magic cementing his love to all of them.

They all knew that in a few months they'd meet him once again upon their sacred family lands in Moldavia.

They'd carry his love with them until that day.

Ernest and Bernard were beyond happy, the young man of truth and hope welcomed by all of them.

They both felt a deep bond of faith and love coming from this exceptional young man.

He truly was a vision of beauty, grace, love and strength.

They were awed by the glowing love they now held in their hearts.

It was a love filled with hope and destiny.

They parted from him with deep hugs of strength and love.

Bernard drove the four back up to their chalet at the end of the night, the four again alone.


Justin smiled, trying to pull off Chace's sweater.

Chace fell backwards onto the bed, Justin falling with him.

Josh and Jolan laughed, the two walking into the bedroom, having locked up the downstairs.

Justin and Chace were filled with an alcohol-induced frivolity, their hands roaming everywhere, Justin's body moving on top of Chace's.

"I'm going to rip this damn thing off if you don't get rid of it."
Jolan laughed, slapping Justin on his ass, Josh smiling as he slipped off his tie.

"Our little boys are hammered, Jo. They polished off a lot of beer."
Justin grinned, Chace grinning as well, the young actor pulling off his sweater, Justin pulling open his silk shirt, buttons popping off.

Josh and Jolan both laughed, their arms going around each other, watching the two smooth-bodied Adonises on the bed struggling to pull off each other's clothes.

"You know they won't finish this." Jolan said, Josh smiling.

"I know, Jo. Chace is already starting to close his eyes."
Jolan chuckled, looking at Josh.

"You know we could ravish them and they'd never know."
Josh laughed, looking at the two.

They'd removed their shirts, their pants unbuckled, half way down their legs, Justin now laying on top of Chace, both men's eyes closed.

"Nah, Jo. Let's strip them down and get them set for the night. Sleep's what they need most."
Jolan smiled, joining Josh on the bed, the two tenderly removing their husbands' clothing, centering the two under the covers, covering them and kissing their foreheads.

The two sleeping angels softly smiled, snuggling against each other.

"Shall we join them in slumber? I'm really not that tired." Josh said, Jolan's arm going around him.

"Let's ditch these clothes and take a shower, Joshy."
Josh smiled, his hands going to his shirt.

Within minutes the two were under the warm water, Jolan pulling Josh against him.

"I love you, Josh. I saw and heard your love for me tonight with my clansmen."
Josh smiled, kissing Jolan's lips as he washed Jolan's chest.

"I'll always stand up for you and let everyone know the greatness of your love."
Jolan smiled, remaining still as Josh cleaned his body.

His touch was gentle, caressing and loving.

The two kissed, touched and loved, the water warming their souls.

They dried off each other, putting robes on, walking across the hall again, seeing the unchanged position of their husbands.

"They're dead to the world." Josh smiled, Jolan's lips kissing his neck.

"And you and I are so alive, my angel."
Josh smiled, Jolan opening his robe, his hands going to Josh's naked chest, feeling its warmth.

"I love you, Josh. Tonight my love needs yours."

Josh smiled, his hands opening Jolan's robe, seeing the smoothness of his muscular body and the largeness of his raised hardness.

"I love you, Jolan. Let's go to the other bedroom. Our angels need their sleep and our passion may be loud."
Jolan smiled, taking Josh's hand in his.

"Take me to the center of your love, Joshua. I felt your Chace's today, I want to fall asleep in yours."
Josh teared up, the two walking out of the room.




End of Chapter 131



Chace is again healthy, his body and soul filled with the love of his three soulmates.

I hope you liked the dessert filled moments of their shining love.


And so Jolan's met another branch of his Sumsarian family.

There seems to be an acceptance taking over the young man's soul.

The path is now set by him for the final outcome.

It seems he's aware of what lays ahead.


Up next: The honeymoon ends and that final path of love begins.

I hope you'll let me lead you on that trail through danger, love, truth and surprising chaos.


Trust me to show you its wonder.


Hugs, Angel.